Nursing Education – Patient Assessment Skills

Nurses are trained to learn and apply patient assessment skills. These skills are the cornerstone of being a proficient nurse. The knowledge and procedures for developing these skills are learned in the first two years of nursing school and honed in clinical as the student nurse takes on a greater patient load. The “Standards of Care” that are the basis of nursing include the following:

Standard 1. Assessment

In an assessment the nurse must use all of his or her senses. These include hearing, touching, visual, and therapeutic communication. The cephalocaudal approach is most always used. In other words, assessing a patient from head to toe. The nurse must self aware to be able to conduct a thorough assessment. Data collection forms the basis for the next step in standards of care which is diagnosis. A nurse must have all the necessary equipment, such as a scale, tape measure, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, a stethoscope and pen light. The setting is also very important in doing an assessment. If a client is nervous or anxious they may not be as willing to answer questions that the nurse asks or to be examined. Obtaining a quiet environment is not always possible, especially in an emergency situation. Therefore, the nurse must be very observant, and try to get as much pertinent data as possible to formulate an nursing diagnosis For example, when doing an assessment on a client that is complaining of severe stomach pain, asking them what foods they last ate would give the nurse more pertinent information than asking them how many brothers or sisters they have.

Standard II. Diagnosis

A nursing diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis. A medical diagnosis would be the medical condition of “Diabetes”. Whereas, a nursing diagnosis would be, “Altered Tissue Perfusion”, related to decreased oxygenation of tissues as evidenced by a pulse oximetry of 92% , secondary to the medical condition of “Emphysema”. A nursing diagnosis is a formal statement that relates to how a client reacts to a real or perceived illness. In making a diagnosis the nurse attempts to formulate steps to assist the client in alleviating and or mediating how they respond to real or perceived illness.

Standard III. Outcome Identification

In this process the nurses uses the assessment and diagnosis to set goals for the patient to achieve to attain a greater level of wellness. Such goals may simply be that the patient now comprehends the regime of testing their blood sugar, or perhaps a new mother gleans a sense of security now that she has been instructed in the correct method of breast feeding. The nurse must plan the goals that the client is to achieve around the clients ability. For instance, the goal that a client will walk normally after two days of having knee surgery is unrealistic, in the sense that the client’s knee will not be completely healed. However, the goal that the client will be able to demonstrate the correct use of crutches, would be more realistic. This goal is also measurable, since the patient will be in the hospital and the nurse can teach and observe a return demonstration. Therefore, the goals or outcomes for the client must also be measurable.

Standard IV. Planning

The planning standard is designed around the clients activities while in the hospital environment. Therefore the nurse must plan to teach and demonstrate tasks when the patient is free to learn. This would involve administering pain medication prior to learning to walk with crutches or waiting until after a patient has finished a meal before teaching on how to use a syringe. The atmosphere should be conducive for the client to learn.

Standard V. Implementation

This standard requires that the nurse put to the test the methods and steps designed to help the client achieve their goals. In implementation, the nurse performs the actions necessary for the client’s plan. If teaching is one of the goals then the nurse would document the time, place, method and information taught.

Standard VI. Evaluation

Evaluation is the final standard. In this step the nurse makes the determination whether or not the goals originally set for the client have been met. If the nurse concludes that the goal or goals have not been met, then the plan has to be revised and documented as such. Goals therefore should be timely and measurable. If the client’s goal was to use crutches successfully, and the client was able to perform a repeat demonstration for the nurse, then the goal was met.

The above standards are the cornerstone of the nursing profession. These standards take time and experience to learn and to implement. Experience is the best teacher, and a nurse should continuously strive for excellence in their care of patients, and recognizing how to help patients achieve a higher level of physical and emotional wellness.

Learn more about nursing education at The NET Study Guide.

Great Halloween Tips – How to Make Zombie Makeup

Halloween is coming and all of us are talking about how we will decorate ourselves on the Halloween party. We want to find something different this time. In the following article, I will share some tips on how to make zombie makeup.

Use the lightest foundation.

To make this zombie look last longer in the Halloween party, we need to apply foundation primer before the other steps. Then we should choose the foundation with the lightest tone because zombies are dead and lacking in fresh blood; this is exactly what we want.

You can apply the foundation with your hand or with a sponge. Both of them are OK because we don’t need very delicate effects. Try to apply 2 times more than the amount you usually use, which helps us create a pale look.

How about the wound?

Well, it’s very easy to make wound with toilet paper (washroom tissue). Stick some paper on the place you want. You can create the shape of wound you want by hand. The last step is to fill the wound with fresh tomato sauce.

Use lip concealer and nude lipstick.

We all know that zombies are not live anymore, so their lips must be pale. Usually, a nude lipstick can’t 100% cover our original lip color, so we need lip concealer. Apply the lip concealer to your dry lips and pat it until it is absorbed, then apply the nude lipstick. You can also add some red lip gloss to the corner of your mouth.

Wear grey contact lenses.

Grey contact lenses will make you look like dead people. When you are wearing grey contact lenses, eye contact between you and others will be immediately horrible and scary! You can also choose red contact lenses to make your eyes even more evil.

Use dark eyeshadow for your eyes.

We want to create dark circles around the eyes, so we need dark eyeshadow. When creating dark circles, avoid using eyeshadow which contains glitter. We should choose eyeshadow which is totally matte. What’s more, don’t forget to darken the skin around your mouth.

The keyword is always “gross”.

Remember, the only keyword of this zombie style is “gross”. You have to make everything on your face as gross as possible. For better effects, you can hold a fake bone in your hand and apply red paint on your clothes. My imagination is so limited that I can only come up with these ideas and I’m sure you have smarter ones, right?

Well, all the above are my ideas on how to make zombie makeup for an unforgettable Halloween party. I sincerely hope they are helpful to you.

Getting Fired Or Laid-Off – 7 Things to Say Or Do for Your Friend Who Has Been Fired Or Laid-Off

Last fall (2007) there was a CEO succession at the company where my husband and I work. In November, my husband, who was in upper management, was the first to be laid off. In a nanosecond, not only does your work network crumble but so does your social network. What do you say or do for your co-worker and friend who has been fired or laid off?

Whenever there is a change in management, employees become afraid. Your job feels very insecure; you become defensive, protection your position. With a change in management, there is usually some form of change coming down the pike. When a company brings on a new CEO, it may well mean changes in top management. For example, Jach Welch became president of GE (General Electric) when GE was in trouble. He was know by the nickname “Neutron Jack” because many folks lost their jobs. However, he turned the company around to be viable in today’s world, thereby saving and creating jobs. That is great for those who stay or get hired, and not so great for the ones who lose their jobs. That scenario happens every day in companies all over the county. What do you say or do for your co-worker who has been laid off.

1) When you see your friend, say “Hi, I am sorry to hear about your job.” Loosing a job isn’t leprosy. I can’t tell you the number of our friends that wouldn’t, couldn’t or didn’t know how to talk to us. They would avoid us by looking at their shoes and walk away. Just say “Hi!” The friendship and support is needed and much appreciated. Just keep in contact.

2) Do activities with your friend. Go to lunch or dinner with them, play golf or cards or go to a show. You don’t have to fix the situation, just be a friend.

3) Listen. Your friend will need to sort things out and make plans for the future. It is easier and nicer to have a friend walk the path with you.

4) Encourage your friend through the process of the job search, It can be very lonely and frustrating to look for a new position. It is very important to be positive during this time. You are much more likely to land a new job with a positive , upbeat attitude. Call your friend, frequently to see how he/she is doing and how the process is going.

5) Depending upon the circumstances, the friend may have to move. Stay in contact with your friend during the process. It there are ways to help, do so if your are able. Having your friend over for a simple dinner is a wonderful gesture.

6) There will be a whole host of emotions that everyone will go through during this process. You don’t have to get stuck in “life sucks” conversations. Simply recognizing the emotions of anger, disappointment, sadness, and grief may be all that you need to do. Then you can get on to what is right and good in the new opportunities that present.

7) Be a “Friend.” Be present and available to the extent you can. You never know when this person or another friend will need to be there for your. “Pay it forward,” if you will.

Getting fired or laid-off is not the worst thing in the world. Learn from the situation and grow. It is a doorway to new opportunities that await you and your friend. Celebrate the friendship you have had. You are both better for having known each other.

A Deadly Killer – Keeping Your Baby Safe From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is something that should not be taken lightly as this can seriously affect everyone in the family, especially your baby. A buildup of this deadly gas can occur when gas, wood, coal, and kerosene are burnt in an area that is not well-ventilated. This gas is colorless and odorless, which makes its presence hard to detect. However, if your stove is working properly, the carbon monoxide produced is at a level which is harmless to people.

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

There are certain signs or symptoms which can help you identify if you or a family member is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Some symptoms however, may be associated with symptoms of the flu so it is still best to consult a medical professional when in doubt. Keep in mind though that the higher levels of this gas that are present in the air you breathe, the worse the symptoms will be.

• Headache

• Nausea

• Dizziness

• Irritability

• Shortness or difficulty in breathing

• Fainting

There are also other symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning like increased heart rate or mental confusion, etc. People who are at a higher risk of suffering from serious side effects and even death include babies, pregnant women and the baby in her womb, elderly people, and people who have suffered from respiratory illnesses in the past.

First Aid

If you suspect that you, your baby, or anyone in the family has been poisoned with carbon monoxide, it is imperative that you get out of your home or the affected area immediately, and proceed to a well-ventilated place or even outdoors with fresh air. Long term effects depend on how long you or your family members were exposed to this gas, including the level of the gas present in the air. Proceeding to the emergency room of the nearest hospital or calling 911 is also a must for severe cases.

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Buildup in Your Home

• Getting a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home is necessary if you use gas or coal at home, but isn’t a necessity if you use electricity for cooking your meals and for all the appliances in your home.

• You should have all of your appliances which operate on gas checked or serviced by a qualified person annually to make sure that they are working properly. Remember, if all of your appliances are working properly, these will still emit carbon monoxide but at a level which is harmless to everyone in the home.

• Do not leave your car running idle inside your garage – the carbon monoxide will build up in the garage and seep through doors, windows, and other open spaces inside your home.

• Always make sure that your fireplace or chimney is well ventilated before you use them.

Acid Diet and Cancer

Is there a relationship between diet and risk of  cancer ? You bet there is. Are  cancers  acidic by nature? Yes. Will high acid foods lower your body pH and cause  cancer ? ppH INo. Unfortunately, there is a lot of press on the subject of acid foods promoting tumor growth but it is not true. Usually the promoting web site is also seeking to sell treatments for your body’s acidic pH. They offer pH strips for you saliva and promise to decrease your risk of  cancer  if you take their alkalinizing tablets. Although  cancers  are acidic, there is no basis in fact for the assumption that taking alkalinizing agents will prevent or treat  cancer . In fact, the American Institute of  Cancer  Research in their May 2008 newsletter stated “it’s time to set the record straight” regarding the myth of acid-base balance, foods and  cancer 

The pH is a measure of the balance of acid and base. A lower pH corresponds to more acidity and a higher pH means more alkaline. The pH in humans is kept constant at an average of 7.4. When the pH is out of the normal range, people become very ill. It is through our kidneys and lungs that the acid-base balance of the body is maintained. At varying times, the urine will be more acid or alkaline or carbon dioxide will be expelled through your lungs to expel excess acid. So measuring the pH of your urine or your saliva only demonstrates that the system is working and rest assured your body pH is still 7.4. Diet cannot change the pH of your blood because of this system. In fact, taking alkalinizing tablets will not change your blood pH, but it will alkalinize your urine and saliva. 

So what is the pH of the blood of  cancer  patients? The theory would have you believe that the blood is acidic in  cancer  patients. There have been many studies regarding this issue early in the 20th Century. Many of the studies had conflicting results either showing no difference or a tendency for the blood of  cancer  patients to be more alkaline. Horace Millet presented his data on this subject in 1929 in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. He used an accurate glass electrode and did not demonstrate any difference in the blood pH of  cancer  patients compared to normal patients. 

What is the connection of  cancer  and acid?  Cancers  are acidic. The acidic nature of  cancers  may serve a purpose. The internal pH of tumors helps to make them resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy ( Cancer  Drug Resistance, Humana Press 2007, Int J Rad Onc Biol Phys, September 1996). The reason behind the acidity is due to how the  cancers  utilize energy. Studies by the German scientist Otto Warburg in 1930 demonstrated that tumors have an abnormal metabolism compared to normal cells. Normal cells metabolize glucose through a process called oxidative phosphorylation. This system maximizes the production of energy in the form of ATP but also requires oxygen. This is how humans get their energy. We breathe in oxygen and the byproducts include energy (ATP), carbon dioxide and water. When oxygen levels are low, such as during vigorous exercise, the system switches to another system called glycolysis or anaerobic metabolism. Without oxygen, the system does not produce as much energy and has lactic acid as a byproduct. When people exercise beyond their limit, they get energy from this system and then are left with sore muscles from the lactic acid buildup. Dr. Warburg found that  cancer  cells preferentially use the glycolysis (low oxygen) form of metabolism. The reason is twofold, first  cancers  tend to outgrow their blood supply causing the center of the tumor to be low on oxygen. Second,  cancers  need a lot of energy to grow and the glycolytic pathway is the quickest way to make ATP energy (J Natl  Cancer  Inst 2004;96:1805). The downside of this form of metabolism is that it is a wasteful way to make energy.  Cancer  patients lose both fat and muscle because the tumors are eating excessive amounts in order to grow. Finally, lactic acid is a byproduct of glycolysis and this makes the inside of tumors acidic. That is why tumors are acidic and your diet does not promote  cancers  by making your blood acidic.   

Is there a problem with the alkaline diet? If you review the alkaline diet, it contains healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It also encourages us to avoid coffee, alcohol and processed foods. These are not bad suggestions. The problem is that certain acid foods have substantial anti-cancer effects. These include soy, blueberries, cranberries, prunes, whole grains-barley, wheat, oats, beans, walnuts, and fish. All of these are beneficial to your health and should not be avoided in the diet in an effort to remain alkaline. 

My advice is to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, omega-3 fatty acids and chicken or fish. Foods to limit include red meat, processed meat, animal fats, dairy, processed food, alcohol, and sugar. Drink plenty of water but don’t be afraid of coffee or tea. They contain polyphenols and have beneficial health effects. Finally, forget the notion of acid foods and  cancer , don’t measure your saliva pH, and don’t take alkalinizing tablets to prevent  cancer 

Veterans and Surviving Spouses – The VA May Owe You Money

Nearly 2 million veterans or their widows are missing out on as much as $22 billion a year in pensions, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has had only limited success in finding them. Widows are hardest hit. According to a VA estimate, only one in seven people who probably could qualify for the pension actually receive the monthly checks. A VA study said, that veterans generally “are completely unaware that the program exists.”

If you served during World War II, Korea, Vietnam or the Gulf War or are the surviving spouse of a veteran of one of those conflicts:

  • You may qualify for a VA Pension without having a service connected   disability .
  • You could receive a pension that could be as high as $1950 per month for a married couple or $1100 per month for a surviving spouse, all TAX FREE.
  • You may receive help to pay health insurance premiums, including Medicare Part B, or money to have friends or relatives provide home care services.

A third of all senior citizens in this country may qualify for this little known veterans  disability  income benefit called Pension. Pension is also called the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit. This benefit can pay up to $1,950 a month to qualifying veteran households to cover the cost of home care, assisted living or nursing home care. The income is paid in addition to all other household income to reimburse the family for their long term care medical costs. If younger than 65, the veteran must be totally disabled. If age 65 or older, there is no requirement for  disability . There is no  disability  requirement for a single surviving spouse.

There are estimated to be about 7.1 million living veterans over the age of 65 who served during World War II, Korea, Vietnam or the Gulf War. In addition there are approximately 4.4 million surviving spouses of these war veterans over 65. The veterans could be eligible for Pension and their surviving dependents may be eligible for Death Pension as well. To receive a Veterans Pension Benefit, a veteran must have served on active duty, at least 90 days, with at least one day during a period of war. There must be an honorable discharge.

There are about 11.5 million potential beneficiaries for VA pension benefits in this country. The Census Bureau estimates there are approximately 35 million seniors over the age of 65. Comparing those who could receive pension over the total number of seniors means that about 33% of all seniors could be eligible for this veterans benefit income. Yet, according to government census statistics, only about 4.7% of the 11.5 million or so seniors who could qualify are actually receiving Pension or Death Pension.

For more detailed information on the VA Pension benefit, including detailed charts and downloadable forms, please visit the Smart Consumer Group VA Pension Page

Gain an Understanding of Homeopathy Remedies

The basic principle concerning Homeopathy remedies is “Like Cures Like”, which means all the medicines in small doses cures the diseases or symptoms, which they produce when taken in large doses. For example, ARSENIC produces diarrhoea, vomiting, extreme prostration, burning, unquenchable thirst, anguish. If these very symptoms occur in the patient without taking ARSENIC, they shall be cured by giving him ARSENIC, but in very minute doses.

The second Principle of Homeopathy remedies is “Minimise the dose to increase its curing power”. Dr. Hahnemann mixed the medicine with non medicinal substances such as alcohol, distilled water or sugar of milk. By a special procedure, not only the dose was minimised but it was also dynamized, ie as the molecules of the medicine were divided and subdivided, their curative power was increased.

This can be easily explained in accordance with the atomic theory. Hence the minimised doses, though termed dilutions in the early stages, were named as Potencies later on. The potencies are of two types: X Potency and C.

X potency is prepared by mixing well one part of the original medicine with 9 parts of Vehicle, i.e alcohol or distilled water or sugar of milk in cases of solid drugs. Similarly, C Potencies are prepared by mixing one part of original medicine with 99 parts of vehicle.

“Homeopathy doesn’t treat the disease, but the patient, instead”

This pertains to the idea that any certain disease will manifest so many symptoms that you can’t prescribe just one medicine for it. For example, if our lungs are affected we call it Pneumonia, if there is chill or fever we call it Malaria. If there is pain in the heart we call it Angina, and so on.

But it should be clear that even in one disease, for example, in Pneumonia you’ll discover that a few patients become restless and have high fever and get thirsty, but other patients have neither. Some will not be able to lie down on their left sides, while at the same time other folks will feel uncomfortable when lying on the right side.

These different symptoms are what Homeopathy remedies depend on. Therefore to select the right homeopathy remedy, we have to note the location of the disease, the sensation of the patient, the aggravation of the troubles.

In Homeopathy, diseases are Acute or Chronic. Acute diseases or conditions are short or sharp, and the whole body is not necessarily affected. In chronic conditions the body’s vital force gets disturbed to their depths and the disease keeps recurring.

Their treatment should be left entirely to the doctor. Every chronic disease often begins as an acute one. Acute diseases are of short duration, i.e., they begin and end within days or weeks, such as cholera, malaria, fever, cold, catarrh, measles, etc. Chronic diseases are those whose duration extends to months and years, such as asthma, cancer, T.B., piles, etc.

“Build a symptom picture to cure the disease”

Homeopathy remedies are not prescribed for a disease or a single symptom but we take into account all the symptoms of the patient. We compare them with the symptoms or characteristics of the medicines and then prescribe one single medicine for the totality of the symptoms. Symptoms are Physical or mental.

Physical symptoms include temperature, pulse, variations in behaviour, excretions from the body like stool, urine, sweat, vomit, phlegm, etc. The mental symptoms include patient’s appetites, cravings, feelings of anxiety, apathy, anger, etc., his dreams and also his aversions.

Therefore, in Homeopathy every patient is treated individually according to the symptoms of his ailment, and if carefully selected remedies are administered in the initial stages, many chronic and serious diseases can be avoided. The Homeopathy remedy thus selected acts upon the vital force and gives it the right guidance. It is this vital force that eradicates the symptoms and restores the patient to normal health.

Rash Guards Provide Martial Arts Protection

Choose Your Weapon:

There are many varieties and styles of martial arts and each one involves some kind of physical contact. Whether you are interested in the fast combination kicks and punches of karate or prefer the sweeps and throws of judo, a  rash  guard is an excellent accessory and should even be considered a required piece of equipment.

 Rash  Guard Basics:

 Rash  guards are protective shirts. They usually come in long sleeved versions for the most protection and are tight fitting. The fabric and design allow for easy movement, something which is very important in martial arts. Although  rash  guards are not limited to martial arts and are in fact more commonly used in other sports such as surfing, they are becoming quite a popular addition to the protective gear used in these sports.

The protective fabric of the  rash  guard is ideal for sparring. It allows the user to avoid painful  rashes  caused by scraping skin against the floor, concrete, grass or even exercise mats. It also keeps the fingernails of your opponent from scratching you during a grappling session.

When used in martial arts, the  rash  guard is worn under the gi to comply with the rules that most dojos have regarding uniform. A gi provides a certain amount of protection, but the  rash  guard is an extra safety measure, like a mouth guard. You can choose a color that fits with your gi or your belt, if you like, for added aesthetics.

If a gi is not required, using just the  rash  guard gives you a more streamlined body, because of the tight fit and smooth fabric. This can make it more difficult for an opponent to get a good hold on your body and also allows for more aerodynamic movement. The sleek design makes for easy movement and plenty of flexibility, both extremely useful qualities in sports clothing.

Other Benefits of  Rash  Guards:

 Rash  guards also have built in SPF, generally very high, for ultimate outdoor protection. This UV protection is quite useful for outdoor presentations and practices. The SPF of the  rash  guard material is not affected by water or sweat and offers SPF150+ protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They were originally intended for beach and water use, which is why they have the SPF built into the fabric.

Practicing katas and movements in a  rash  guard allows for little air resistance and is often preferred by those who do their movements outdoors, as with tai chi. The UV protection combined with ease of movement is a big plus for anyone interested in practicing their sport outside.

While most  rash  guards are meant to be tightly fitted, some are designed for maximum breathing and are a little looser. The fabric is specially designed to allow sweat to escape and to keep the body ventilated. This has obvious advantages in a sport as intense as martial arts. These  rash  guards are not used as often because the regular  rash  guards cling to the body and provide a more streamlined surface.

 Rash  guards are commonly referred to as swim shirts because of their aquatic origins. Many people still believe that they are only good only for water sports, but the truth is that they are commonly used for many sports, both in and out of the water. Anywhere that you need minor protection against  rashes  and skin irritations, or heavy duty UV protection, a  rash  guard can be used.

What Do You Know About Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Duodenal switch surgery is also known as vertical gastrectomy. It is considered as one of most difficult weight loss surgeries. There are two surgical techniques in duodenal switch surgery. One is known as restrictive and other one is malabsorptive. Reducing the size of stomach is included in the restrictive component. Surgeon will remove some portion of the stomach through the surgery.

Malabsorptive surgery aims to reduce the nutrients and calorie absorption of the body. Through this surgery, the flow of food from the flow of pancreatic juices and bile are separated. The small intestine is rearranged and thus digestive juices and food interact only in the lower 20 to 24 inches of intestine. Thus only a few amounts of calories are absorbed by the body. This operation helps individuals to maintain long-term weight loss.

In gastric surgery, weight loss is attained by reducing the hunger of individuals. Due to this, gastric surgery may cause dumping syndrome in individuals. The quick entry of food often cause dumping syndrome. All these drawbacks are eliminated in duodenal switch surgery. But duodenal surgery also possesses some potential complications. Duodenal surgery is quite similar to a surgical procedure called biliopancreatic diversion.

Biliopancreatic diversion involves many adverse effects like complicated protein-calorie malnutrition and ulcers. Duodenal procedure leaves a vast portion of stomach intact. This portion include pyloric valve too. The pyloric valve is the main part that controls the discharge of stomach content into the small intestine. After this surgery, a small portion of the   duodenum  is also kept in the digestive system.  Duodenum  is a main part of the small intestine that is located between jejunum and stomach. After the surgery, the stomach will obtain the shape and size of a banana. The right side of the stomach is kept intact with pylorus.

A pre-surgery consultation is essential for duodenal switch surgery. Physician will analyze the health condition of heart and lungs of the patients. The mental health of the patient is also evaluated. Physician will conduct endoscopy on some patients to verify whether there are any polyps, ulcers or tumors in their stomach. Doctors will make a clear analysis about the medication, herbal treatments, vitamins and minerals that the patient is taking.

Weight loss surgery is the most effective solution for individual suffering from morbid obesity. But you have to undergo weight loss surgeries only after trying all other natural and simple forms of weight loss. A good fitness plan and healthy life style will reduce the body weight to a great extent.

The Power of Probiotics

With all the nonsense we’re seeing now with yogurt companies developing their own strains of supposedly “healthy” bacteria, I thought it was time to clear the air and give you the goods. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials from yogurt companies with their bacteria called “B.L Regularis” and “Casei Defensis.”

Just look at the name of these probiotics. Do you think anything in nature would exist with such ridiculous names – “regularis” implying that it will make you regular and “defensis” implying that it will keep you from getting sick!

I mean it’s absolutely criminal! Remember, if it doesn’t occur in nature, your body is better off without it. Probiotic supplements are simply supplements that contain “friendly” bacteria that you want in the digestive tract in large numbers.

Prebiotics [ie. fructo-oligossacharides (FOS), short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate, and inulin] contain the nutrients that these bacteria need to grow and thrive.

There are over 400 different types of these friendly bacteria in your colon that serve to complete the digestion of undigested foods, keep pathogenic bacteria and yeasts in check, add bulk to your stool, and produce vitamin K and some of the B vitamins. Until recently, the importance of a healthy and balanced gut flora (bacteria) has been neglected, but thankfully much research has shown its importance not only to the health of your colon, but to your overall health.

Dysbiosis, the imbalance between healthy and unhealthy flora in the colon, is very common in today’s society considering how much we abuse our digestive system. If you ever experience intestinal gas, bloating, stomach upset, allergies, or constipation, then you will definitely benefit from probiotics.

The key probiotic bacteria that you want to look for are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Within these categories are many strains but the most helpful for the health of your colon are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Streptococcus faecium.

Naturally, yogurts and kefir are good sources of probiotics. However, since I don’t endorse the consumption of dairy, the best alternative is to find a high quality probiotic oral supplement. A good probiotic supplement should contain a wide array of bacterial strains, with the 3 mentioned above being the most prominent. Most importantly, ensure that your probiotic supplement contains a suitable number of microorganisms.

In general, choose a probiotic supplement that contains anywhere from 6 to 10 billion microorganisms and take the dosage once per day. Good probiotic supplements will also often contain adequate amounts of prebiotics to promote the proliferation of healthy bacteria. In most cases, it’s best to take your probiotic on an empty stomach. I find just before bed works best for me.

Incorporating probiotics into your diet will make marked improvements in your digestion, elimination, and overall health. You will notice your bowel movements improve in consistency and regularity, you will help lessen the risk for the development of allergies, and you will dramatically improve the health of your colon and the rest of your body.

These friendly bacteria are truly amazing!

How to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is the most common type of sexual concern for many women. FSD does not imply a single problem; it is a combination of 4 issues that can prevent you from enjoying sex:

  • Low libido
  • A feeling of sexual coldness
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Pain during intercourse

The first problem itself can bring on the rest. If you don’t have the desire for sex, nothing on earth can arouse you sexually and take you to a pleasurable climax. Lack of sexual desire is medically called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). This condition occurs mostly because of lack of testosterone production in the body. Surgical removal of your ovaries can suddenly decrease testosterone production, leading to desire problems and eventually to female sexual dysfunction. Testosterone is the hormone that regulates your libido and overall sexual responses and behaviours. When you are starved of this hormone, particularly at a young age, your sex life is likely to go for a toss.

But all is not that bad as yet. Female sexual dysfunction can be treated in a number of ways, including medication, oestrogen therapy, or psychological counseling. In HSDD, you can try transdermal testosterone patches to get this all-important hormone delivered to your bloodstream. The Intrinsa patch have created a buzz of excitement among women who suffer from lack of sexual desire because of testosterone deficiency. These patches are touted as artificial libido enhancers and have generated a lot of enthusiasm among sexually active women who waited long for their version of Viagra. But it is only logical to say that Intrinsa is not the female Viagra because it does not work in the same way as Viagra does, or with the same objective as Viagra has.

Female sexual dysfunction treatment has become very convenient and discreet after the invention of testosterone patches. You can wear an Intrinsa patch on your lower abdomen, shoulder or arms for 3-4 days and go about your daily tasks as normal. Clinical trials have shown that women using Intrinsa patch continuously for 4 weeks have experienced significant boost in their sexual desire. Long-term studies have revealed that women using the patch for 5 months can enjoy sex 3 times better than before. To make it work best, wear it on dry areas of your skin and never wear 2 patches on the same area. If you experience itching or any other skin conditions after using Intrinsa, remove it immediately and talk to your doctor.

Intrinsa patches are available only on prescription. So when you want to buy them online, you need to visit a registered online clinic and take a medical consultation. Based on your current and past health conditions, a doctor will decide if testosterone patches are suitable for you. Menopausal women should not use Intrinsa patches, neither should women who suffer from heart conditions or had breast cancer in the past. You may experience side effects such as nasal congestion, body aches or anxiety, but worry not, none of them should be a major cause for concern for you. Talk to your doctor if any side effect continues to bother you for long.

Pneumonia Treatment – 7 Ways to Banish Pneumonia

Natural pneumonia treatment should aim to boost the immune system in order to fight off the microbe causing the infection. Natural treatment can help relieve coughing, breathlessness, fever, fatigue and sore lungs. It can be safely combined with conventional medication if required. Here are 7 ways to fight pneumonia naturally:

1 – Rest Your Body

It is vital that you rest your body when you are struck down with an infection. It is advisable to avoid going to school, college or work in order for your body to get the rest it needs.

You should aim for 8-10 hours of deep, unbroken sleep a night. A daytime nap is also beneficial. Some people, particularly children, will want to sleep all the time. That’s fine. Just listen to your body and sleep as much as you need.

It is during deep sleep that your body produces growth hormone – your body’s repair hormone. Quality sleep is one of the best natural pneumonia treatments.

2 – Drink Plenty Of Fluids

When fighting an infection you need lots of fluids in order to keep your body hydrated. Aim to drink 2-3 litres a day preferably as hot lemon drinks, herbal teas, broths, freshly squeezed vegetable juices or pure water. Please avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and soft drinks which can act as diuretics and immune suppressants. Drinking enough water is an essential part of your pneumonia treatment plan.

3 – Eat Properly

The right diet to support healing should include lots of fresh vegetables, low carb fruit, quality proteins and healthy fats and oils. Protein is important for your immune system and can be sourced from lean red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes. Vegetarians may need to look into using a protein powder based on soy or rice protein.

During pneumonia treatment avoid the foods that can trigger mucous production, inflammation and poor immune function. These foods include sugar, white flour, excess dairy and processed foods.

4 – Take the Right Nutrients

Supplements play a central role in effective pneumonia treatment. They can help to boost your immunity, repair damaged tissues and get you feeling better faster. Some of the basic nutrients to use are vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, selenium, the B complex and the essential fatty acids.

5 – Add Some Healthy Herbs

There are some very powerful herbs that can help with natural pneumonia treatment. For children, the herb echinacea is a good starting point. For adults, herbs like olive leaf extract, garlic and astragalus are excellent.

6 – Steam Inhalations

To relieve congestion and coughing, steam inhalations are invaluable. Simply cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam from a bowel of steaming water. Adding some essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree or lavender will make this pneumonia treatment even more potent.

7 – Local Heat Treatments

Application of heat to the chest and throat can bring relief to lung discomfort and promote healing.

Place a heat bag, hot water bottle or hot flannel over the chest and throat area. Alternatively a hot bath or shower directed on these areas will help.

If you or a loved one are suffering from this nasty infection, then there is a lot you can do with natural therapies. Natural pneumonia treatment can quickly relieve the pain, discomfort and congestion, and get you back on your feet faster.

Cold Sore Quick Remedy

A cold sore is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type-1 which cannot be cured. Herpes is a virus that remains in the body forever. Once it is healed, the virus retreats back into the nerve cells. It is an extremely contagious disease, it can be spread by direct contact such as a kiss, or through contact with an infected towel, food utensils, cups and any other shared things. It is painful, irritating and embarrassing.

Treating it with these quick remedy will give you quick and lasting relief. Read this informative article right now. Whenever you feel it is coming, you can take action quickly and this will help reduce the amount of time you’ll have to put up with it.

Over the counter medication is only for temporary help. They help to relieve the discomfort.

Ice is believed to minimize the size of the sores and reduce of the outbreak. The herpes virus hates cold. Ice, when applied to cold sore will help to discourage the herpes virus from replicating. Ice helps in relieving the pain, reduce the swelling as well as restrict the herpes virus from spreading. Ice treatment should be commenced when the itching begins.

Applying aloe and tea bags are other common remedy. Aloe is available in bottles so that you can carry with you in case cold sore outbreaks. This quick remedy is most effective if used at first sign. Aloe may reduce the inflammation and possibly increase the speed of the production of new skin cells.

Quick remedy works well because it is so effective in healing cold sore. They are easy to find almost at anywhere and aren’t expensive. Most of this remedy will helps a lot to relieve your pain.

Bronchitis Symptoms Can Look Like a Common Cold

Bronchitis symptoms normally start out as common cold symptoms. That means common upper respiratory symptoms such as a cough, which may be dry or moist, and a stuffed up nose with catarrh.

This normally then progresses to your chest, as the lungs become congested. Then your cough is wet, moist or rattling. The mucus can be muco-purulent or purulent. But you often can’t bring it up, despite the cough. And you are short of breath, because the presence of so much mucus in your lungs stop them working efficiently.

As the condition worsens, you tend to become weaker, sleeping more.

What this means is that your immune system is so compromised, it can’t stop the condition getting worse.

But there is help at hand. There is a wonderful homeopathic medicine which can help you. But you must know how to ‘read’ your symptoms. Your symptoms are unique to you, not to the disease label. If you can work out what your unique symptoms are, then you can use homeopathy effectively.

So let’s have a look at the homeopathic medicine Antimonium tartaricum (Ant tart for short) and the symptoms you need, for it to work for you.

  • a rattling cough
  • one where you just can’t bring up the mucus
  • when you feel better sitting rather than lying
  • with weariness
  • and you are prone to this condition, especially in winter

These are exactly the same as the common bronchitis symptoms.

This medicine is particularly good for those symptoms when they occur at the extremes of life – in new-borns and the elderly. Bronchitis symptoms are much more common in new-borns and the elderly. An elderly person who is failing, tends to have what is often referred to as a ‘death rattle’.

All this means is that they have a rattling respiration.

How to Know If You Have a Broken Toe

At some point or another we have all walked into a table leg or chair leg and stubbed our toe. WOW the pain is intense and we often wonder if the toe is actually broken. It certainly feels that way. Those digits are so flexible it is not easy to tell, and at the moment all we know is that it hurts and you cannot touch it or stand on it. Is there such a thing as broken toe symptoms?

The symptoms of a broken toe are: swelling, discoloration (sometimes the toe will turn black and blue), and pain when walking or running. If you think you have broken your toe it is imperative that you see your doctor or healthcare professional immediately. Your toe will have to be X-rayed so that the proper treatment can be given to it. In addition to the symptoms we have mentioned, there may also be bleeding, weakness, numbness, tingling and the toe may be somewhat misshapen.

There are some things you can do to treat a broken toe until you are able to get a doctor appointment. Stay off the toe and elevate the foot. Placing an ice pack on the foot every ten or fifteen minutes every hour while it is elevated will help. Do not place too much ice on the foot as you can potentially inflict frostbite on the possibly broken toe. This kind of treatment will help keep further swelling down and the ice will ease the pain a little. Definitely do not force yourself to walk on it until you’re 100% sure you do not have a broken toe.

If for some reason you are not able to see your doctor or healthcare professional then you will have to “help yourself”. There is something called the Buddy Wrap that you can use to help your broken toe. You will need gauze, a Popsicle stick or cotton ball and medical adhesive tape. Wrap the gauze around the broken toe and around the toe next (pick the neighbouring toe that is larger); the Popsicle stick or the cotton ball should be placed between the toes as this will help the toe heal straight; now wrap tape around the gauze to keep the entire bandage in place.

Don’t walk or stand for any significant amount of time for at least two weeks while the broken toe is healing and wear comfortable shoes. Women should avoid wearing high heels as they distribute your weight on the toes. Keep the foot elevated (preferably chest high). Keep in mind that broken toes heal differently depending on which toe was broken. You big toe supports the majority of your weight, especially when you walk, therefore, it will take longer to heal and will have a greater effect on our healing then if you had broken one of the other smaller toes.

When you feel you are able to see the doctor then do so as soon as possible. The toe, whether still painful or healed, should be looked at and X-rayed in order to ensure that there are no other complications that are likely to arise. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially dealing a broken joint that could cause some nasty long term side effects if allowed to heal improperly.