Itchy Skin

Definition of itchy skin: Itchy skin may appear in a variety of forms. These forms include the following: rash, bumps, scaling, flaking, red, or swollen. Itchy skin can be caused by numerous things, but most of the common triggers are allergies, poison ivy or oak, eczema, pregnancy, internal diseases, or menopause.

In order to diagnose this condition, it must be assessed properly. If the condition persists for longer than the period of five days or if the condition spreads through the body quickly, then medical attention should occur immediately. If there are other conditions, such as weight loss, nausea, or fever, occur with the itchiness, then there may be a defect internal issue, and medical attention should be seen immediately.

What is contact dermatitis? This is a skin condition that stems from an allergic reaction to the physical contact with some substance. The most common examples are poison oak and ivy, food, perfumes, jewelry, chemicals, and uncomfortable fabrics, such as wool. The typical treatments for contact dermatitis are creams, soothing lotions, moisturizers with oatmeal, and then with more serious cases, a doctor's prescription.

What is eczema? This skin condition is also known as dermatitis and is commonly first diagnosed in childhood. It may or may not recur through an individual's lifespan. Eczema is itchy, and it results in leathery textured skin. The treatment for eczema will begin with an allergy test, since it is often an allergic reaction to food or other substance. Allergy tests will show what are the triggering factors. Gentle treatments could involve moisturizers and corticosteroids, or luke-warm baths with baking soda or oatmeal. TIMs, topical immunomodulators, could also be prescribed, but in heavier cases.

Internal diseases and itchy skin: It is rare to have external symptoms of itchy skin if there is an internal diseases, meaning the skin may itch, but there are no bumps or rash. Liver disease, kidney failure, anemia, thyroid problems, cancer, and more are all examples of diseases that can produce itchy skin (Mayo Clinic).

What is Psoriasis? This skin condition is associated with scaly skin that is due to dead skin cells layering on top of one another. The most common treatment for psoriasis is corticosteroids.

Menopause, pregnancy, and itchy skin: Experiencing menopause and pregnancy both could result in itchy skin conditions. These can be soothed with an oatmeal bath or taking a bath with baking soda. Any ingredient sprinkled into a bath should be natural.

Brief summary: Itchy skin conditions can occur from a wide array of factors, both environmental and internal. By removing triggering substances, such as perfumed or chemical dyes found in detergents can help prevent breakouts. Pay attention to food allergens and do not wear rough clothing. A daily moisturizer with oatmeal, or cortisone creams, or corticosteroids may be of assistance in relieving itchy symptoms. If there is a full body itchiness, then contact a doctor immediately.

Male Skin Care – Ultimate Tips and Tricks

Men are actually very concerned about their physical appearance. The aging process takes a toll on men's skin as early as in their 20s. More than half of men worry about liver spots or age spots. Others have troubles with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone due to constant sun and weather exposure. Man skin care is now more important than ever to keep looking youthful and prevent other complications.

Where to Begin

Exfoliating is a male skin care technique that will help you begin to get rid of dead skin cell layers. Over time, damaged and destroyed skin cells can accumulate on your skin giving a flaky and dry appearance with discolorations. These can also clog pores leading to pimples, blackheads and other irritations. It is important to revitalize cells and enhance the growth and development of new ones. Some useful substances that can improve skin complexion include 1% to 4% retinol, Kojic acid and vitamin C. These eliminate age spots as well as discolorations too.

If you are using skin fading products during your man skin care regimen, it is important to stay out of direct sunlight exposure. You should also stay away from pollutants, harsh temperature and weather conditions.

Treatment will work better if you provide the right environment and avoid contact with irritants. Your skin is not supposed to produce more pigmentation during treatment. You can help achieve this by wearing sunscreen or sunblock with an SPF of at least 15. New natural skin cells will replace the wonderful ones after skin pigmentation returns to normal.

Other male skin problems are wrinkles, heavy and fine lines, sagging skin and dark areas around the eyes. Those with dry skin may experience more pronounced signs. Moisturizers and nourishing eye creams are effective in eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Use tonsers to improve your complexion and skin tone. More obvious symptoms like drooping skin in the chin and throat area may not be as treatable.

Anti-Aging Man Skin Care Secrets

Men are just as prone to wrinkles, fine lines and age spots as women so you may find the importance of using anti-aging products in the form of gels, creams and lotions. These products typically contain a variety of natural ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium which improves the level of collagen and elastin.

You also need to invest in a good quality moisturizer, toner and cleanser. Choose the right type of product that matches your skin type. Review all ingredients and contents of products to check for possible allergic reactions. Using natural products will also minimize the possibility of adverse interactions.

More Male Skin Care Practices

Cleanse your skin once or twice a day using a properly formulated cleanser. Those with dry skin should only cleanse once a day after waking up in the morning. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen twice a day and tone once a day. Men should also try facial treatment once every 2 weeks or so to have their pores cleaned and get rid of dead skin cells. Men should stay away from alcohol, tobacco, very fatty foods and drugs since these can impede circulation and make skin look dull. Add vitamin and dietary supplements to provide the right essential nutrients to your skin. Keep your hands to yourself and avoid scratching your face.

Depression As A Misdiagnosis

Depression is a common mood disorder that a number of people seek assistance with. Unfortunately, some of these people end up misdiagnosed as depressed when they actually have bipolar disorder. Depression is a component of bipolar disorder. Although they are both mood disorders, they are strictly separate afflictions that require starkly different treatments. Misdiagnosis derails a person's wellness goals until it is corrected.

Psychiatric and medical professionals that do not have specific knowledge of bipolar disorder can easily overlook it. The reason is simple. A person that is depressed is going to understand how terrible they probably feel. They will visit their doctor, talk about their depression, how they're feeling, and hopefully be treated for it. The problem is that the depressed person does not always associate their mental upswings as a negative experience even if they are destructive. Anything is a welcome reply and positive so long as it is not the consuming void of depression.

Misdiagnosis creates a very drastic problem. The average treatment for bipolar disorder includes an antidepressant and a mood stabilizer. The antidepressant is meant to bring the lower end of the person's moods to a higher level. The mood stabilizer creates a ceiling that prevails the bipolar person from escalating. Treatment for depression does not include a mood stabilizer. A bipolar person that is misdiagnosed as depressed and is on antidepressants will just keep escalating until they finally hit their breaking point. The mood stabilizer is not there to provide the necessary ceiling. That is extremely dangerous. It has been resolved in suicides, homicides, institutionalization, and self-destruction.

There is good news and bad news! The good news is that the symptoms of the manic periods of bipolar disorder are fairly easy once a person understands what they look like. The bad news is that not a whole lot of people understand what Bipolar Disorder is as opposed to the mental image they have through the media or their own opinions.

The answer is in the question- how does the person feel when they are not depressed? Do they have unlimited energy? How about very scattered thoughts that either do not connect or are entirely erratic? How is the person sleeping? A manic bipolar can get very little to no sleep and still not be physically tired. Manic thinking causes a person to draw concluding and have thoughts that they normally would not. It is common for a bipolar person to look back on an unwell period and question why they ever would have performed an action that they did. Impulsive decisions and spending are also very common.

The most important question at the center of it all is simply, "Are the periods where I am not depressed just as destructive when I am?" A person that is answering yes to some of these questions should ask to be screened for bipolar disorder.

Depression is easily treatable for a number of people. People that have more psychological problems going on will have a much harder time of things. A depressive person struggling to find wellness for years should ask to be screened whether they feel they meet the criteria or not. A dual diagnosis of depression and some form of anxiety disorder is common. Manic symptoms are often mistaken for the signs of an anxiety disorder because they share many similarities.

The final thing to look for is a pattern. Bipolar Disorder typically emerges during puberty. The Bipolar person's manic unwell periods follow a certain pattern. An event will trigger them, they will begin to escalate, their mind will gain speed until it reaches the peak, and then they will plummet down into a deep depression much worse than what they normally deal with. The next few days after that the person will feel pretty good but not to unhealthy extent. Finally, they will settle back to whatever their baseline mood is. This pattern will have repeated itself several times over the course of the person's life.

Misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder as depression ensures that the bipolar person will not find wellness.

Panic And Symptoms Of Anxiety Because Of Your Sleeping Position?

Many people know me as 'The Anxiety Guy' but I have to admit this new connection between sleeping on your stomach, and heightened symptoms of anxiety such as lightheadedness and fatigue was something I had to look further into. For me at least during my battle with anxiety a few years ago, it made total sense, how could I not have seen the connection?

Dizziness Due To Shallow Breathing

When your stomach pushes on your lungs it becomes harder to breathe. When it becomes harder to breath and the symptoms of anxiety such as dizziness kicks in, it's a sign that your breathing has become shallow whether you're conscious of it or not. Strangely I get at least 10 emails per day asking me 'why do I wake up in panic?'

This Could Be The Reason

When you wake up in the morning and you're a stomach sleeper, there's a good chance that you've been breathing so shallow for so long during the night that your dizziness is already there in the am. The next step in the panic cycle in the morning is when you REALIZE that it's there, and your natural reaction, which is to fight turns on.

At This Point The Morning Panic Cycle Is Now On Course

It's important that you experiment with this new idea, for a week do your best to sleep on your back. Not only is this much better for your spine and neck, you may feel like your breathing (although still slightly faster and shallow during sleep) is less restricted. This could be a massive relief for you the panic and anxiety sufferer, especially if your symptoms of anxiety are more present in the am.

Even if your anxiety is not at its worst during the early hours of the day, you should always do your best to practice good breathing through the day. Make sure you exhale all the air out when breathing, because it's in the exhale that is the most important part to combat anxiety. Steady work on your 4 seconds in, pause, and 6 seconds out breathing rhythm whenever you get the chance.

Remind yourself that when morning panic strikes and you begin getting the thoughts' of 'what if' (worst case scenario), this is only happening because your body has switched on its fight or flight response. This is simply firing up your nervous system, and increasing your respiratory rate. The worst will not happen. So tonight when you lay your head to sleep, turn over and begin sleeping on your back instead. Your mind and your body will thank you very much for this new habit.

Always Remember: Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.

Home and Herbal Remedies for Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are due to muscles being rolled suddenly. The joints get twisted and pain occurs. Sprain is stretching or teasing of ligaments (these are bands of fibrous tissues that connect one bone to another). They generally affect the ankles and knees. A strain involves the stretching or teasing of muscles or tendons. Hamstring and back injuries are some of the most common strains.

There is rapid swelling when sprains occur. An injury is sever when the pain and swilling is more. In the case of severe strain, the muscle or tendon is torn apart or ruptured. It could cause a lot of boring, swelling and bruising around the muscle, leading to malfunctioning of muscle. How to get over these sprains and strains?

Home Remedies for Sprains and Strains

  • Resting helps. One should avoid any kind of activity to allow the muscles to recuperate
  • Ice pack helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Keep it on affected area for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat it every 2 to 3 hours to reduce the pain
  • It is good to use compressions as they tighten the sprained or strained area to prevent further injury
  • Keep the injured part elevated to decrease the swelling
  • One can add pineapple to one's diet as it contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps in the healing process. It should be stopped if there is itching.
  • One can take aspirin or ibuprofen for the swelling and pain
  • The affected area can be massed with comfrey oil or cream to lessen the pain
  • To reduce boiling five drops of thyme oil diluted either in bathwater or some other oil can be used as a compress
  • Arnica balm or ointment can be applied as cream or a compress on the affected area
  • Horse chestnut gel can also be applied every two hours till the pain goes

Herbal Remedies for Sprains and Strains

  • One can apply comfrey oil infusion on the affected area. Massage it well
  • Thyme (5drops) in bath or diluted oil and can be used as a compress
  • Arnica cream or compress
  • St. John's Wort is also useful. Its oils and tin can be used

One can sprain or strain one's ankle or legs while playing games or while exercising. There are remedies to treat these conditions. These are within one's reach. Not very expensive either, but very useful as a cure.

Natural Bruise Remedy

Looking for a natural bruise remedy? You're not alone. Everyone on the planet has had a breeze at some point in their lifetime, there is no way to avoid them. I guess the only way one can avoid bruises is if you wrapped yourself in a foam or bubble wrap and walked around in that manner. When we were kids we did not care if we got a breeze, we maybe demanded asked our mommy to kiss it and make it better then we went back outside to play again. As adults bruises may be a problem and they are not very flattering. If you are a woman and wear skirts to work do you really want a huge bruise on your leg showing? I doubt you do.

Some of the ways to get rid of a breeze the natural way are: Arnica. What is Arnica? It is a European plant for in the mountains that is a know remedy for healing bruises. If one applies this 3-4 times a day the bruise will heal much quicker. BUT research, research, and research before applying products like these and understand what ingredients are in them. A basic way to heal a breeze naturally is apply to ice to the brised area, elevate the area if on a leg, apply a warm compress a few times a day.

Also remember bruises look much worse before they start to get better. Bruise treatment should start right away before the bruises begin to form, this will reduce how "ugly" it looks. Your body will react differently to methods of natural bruise remedies so try more then one if you must.

Plastic Surgery for the Face

Plastic surgery is an option for those who want to turn back the hands of time, at least in terms of the way they look. As people get older, their skin will change. They find themselves with more sagging and wrinkles than they ever had. When you couple this with the frustrations from sunspots and weight gain and loss, you may not even recognize yourself any longer. If you want to improve the way your face looks, a few procedures can help with that.

Improving the Entire Area

One of the plastic surgery options for those who are dealing with all over concerns on their face is the facelift. This procedure works very effectively to tighten up the wrinkles located throughout the structure of the face. It can help with those lines around your mouth and eyes. It can help with mid-face sagging. It can even give you a tighter chin. It is more invasive than other options, but it can be the best solution for those who have concerns through their face.

Dealing with the Eyes

For some, the only problem is with the eyes. In some situations, the skin of the eyelid or above the eye can lose its shape and become droopy. When this happens, it can impair a person's vision. It is also possible to remove some of the puffiness located under the eye or to minimize the lower eyelid's presence. These conditions are all made through specialized and specialized eyelid surgeries.

Dealing with the Neck

As you get older, even if you maintain a healthy way, you may notice what appears to be a double chin forming. The jowls can begin to hang, due to the loss of collagen in the skin. It is possible to fix this problem, though. A neck lift is less invasive than a total facelift, but it will pull up the skin and tighten it significantly. This can take years off your profile.

Battling the Nose

If you do not like the way your nose looks, there are many ways to change this. From changing the bridge to adjusting the size of the nostrils, that is something you can have done. You can also have it tightened to avoid any sagging that occurs around it. Many people find that nose procedures are the most important to them because they do not like the overall shape of their profile.

Which type of plastic surgery is right for you and your situation? If you are not sure, consider seeking out a surgeon. Having a consultation is the first step to determining what type of treatment is right for your situation.

How to Treat Duodenal Ulcers?

Treatment for duodenal ulcers has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. Whereas fifty years ago, most patients with duodenal ulcers had to have their abdomens cut open and surgery performed, today most patients are treated by a combination of drugs that reduces the exposure of the stomach lining to acid. Among the most effective are drugs known as H2 Blockers, which can effectively block the production of acid in the stomach. The H2 Blockers, of which there are several on the market (such as Cimetidine, Ranitidine and Famotidine), are ex-pensive, but they have revolutionized the management of stomach ulcers.

Most patients who are shown to have an ulcer on gastroscopy are prescribed a course of H2 Blockers, usually for four to six weeks, and this usually heals the ulcers. But the drugs alone are not enough – certain measures which are known to stimulate acid production by the stomach have to be avoided. Cigarette smoking, stress and certain pain-killing drugs known as Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) are all known to increase acid production, and at least until the ulcer heals, they should all be avoided. Meals should be taken at regular hours, and long periods with the stomach empty should be avoided. To prevent recurrence, it is best if one can give up smoking and the use of NSAID drugs altogether, and cultivate an attitude of mind and a life-style that diminishes stress.

There are other drugs that help in treating peptic ulcers, antacids like Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesia that act by chemically neutralizing the acid and protective agents such as Sucralfate that coat the ulcer and prevent further damage by acid. Obviously, one's own doctor, who knows the history of the illness and the particular nature of the patient, would be the best person to decide which particular drug or drugs would suit an individual.

If a person suffices from a recurrence of ulceration, the time has come to decide between starting on a permanent course of drugs (which can be expensive) or undergoing surgery (which nowdays, without one sufferers from other diseases, is quick and safe). Duodenal ulcers are said to be more common in the hardworking, intense type of person, so if you are one of these, and have not yet been experiencing pain in the upper part of the tummy, now is the time to have your doctor check it out .

Ovarian Cyst Signs and Symptoms – Natural Treatment For Ovarian Cysts

Most women with experience bouts with ovarian cysts at one time or another in their life. Most women will not even know they have them because they will not show any symptoms. Although some woman will experience quite a bit of pain and bloating. What's great is that there is natural treatment for ovarian cysts that can keep them at bay for good!

I did not know a thing about ovarian cysts, but one night six months ago I had quite the experience. A bunch of my friends and I were out on the town. We were all out having a great time. I was the 'single guy' and was introduced to this 'knock out' of a woman named Tracey; she was a true natural beauty! We hit it off right away and started to dance the night away, I turned my back to her and did one of my patented moves (or what I thought was cool) and when I turned around she was bent at the waist and I saw a look in her eyes of pain that shocked me!

We stopped dancing and went to the bar area and we asked for a water. The pain persisted for the next hour and she decided to call it a night and head for home. The 'ego' part of me thought she was just trying to find a way to get away from me. The next day she did call me and said she had gone to 24 hour emergency where she found out she had a large cyst that was pushing against her ovaries and causing her ton of pain.

Tracey said she had a feeling of a dull pain in her abdomen for about two months and it gave her a slight pain in the lower back as well. She wrote it off to her back being out of alignment and was going to head to the chiropractor. The doctor told her she had and insulin imbalance that was causing the ovarian cysts to grow.

Tracey was consistently against medications and determined that she was going to cure the cyst naturally. She decided to find the root cause that was causing the insulin imbalance.

Tracey started to change her lifestyle. A big change she immediately incorporated was she cut out all carbonated beverages and any fluids that contained sugar. She started drinking six 8 ounce glasses of water daily and added some herbal teas to her daily drinking schedule. The extra fluids and natural herbs she was getting from the teas were helping to detoxify her body. She also decided to add a stretching routine to her 5 days a week she was at the gym and two core workouts a week. The last time I spoke to her she was taking mediation classes as well. She moved to California, so at least I got to make a new friend!

Mouth Yeast Infection Home Remedy – Getting Rid of Thrush

If you're suffering from a mouth yeast infection then you're likely in agony or at least in a state of serious discomfort! A mouth yeast infection, also known as thrush, can cause pain and irritation that makes it difficult to eat, talk and even sleep.

Before getting into an effective thrush home remedy, it should be noted that thrush almost exclusively occurs in infants or in adults with a compromised immune system and any adult with a mouth yeast infection should there before be seen by a doctor in order to diagnose the illness that has led to the disease.

By far the best mouth yeast infection home remedy has to be yogurt that contains live bacteria. This is a remedy that can be consumed to help kill the overgrowth of yeast in your body and it can also be used inside the mouth to help provide relief from the uncomfortable symptoms that accompaniment an infection of the mouth. All you need to do is place a spoon full in your mouth and hold it there for a few minutes. It should not be too cold, but a little cool will feel great and offer a faster relief. Adding this type of yogurt to your diet is a good idea as is an acidophilus supplement.

Since thrush is most commonly the result of a severely weakened immune system, it's a good idea to do all that you can to help get your immune system as strong as you can by eating a well balanced diet that is high in fruits in vegetables. Staying as active as you can will also help to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy overall. All of these things will go a long way in helping your home remedy work quickly and effectively.

What Is A Liver Infection?

A liver infection is a liver problem that can destroy liver tissue and compromise metabolic function to a significant degree. If a liver infection goes undetected or untreated, it can ever result in cirrhosis, which can extremely be life-threatening.

When you have a liver infection, your liver becomes inflamed due to a number of possible causes. The most common of these is hepatitis, which occurs in a variety of forms. Hepatitis is a word that comes from Greek and it literally means "liver inflammation."

Hepatitis can result from dangerous threats like a viral infection, fungi and parasites, a transfusion of impure blood, or toxins in the bloodstream. But hepatitis can also be caused by seemingly helpful medications, vitamins and supplements which are overused or abused. Finally, there can be dangers from physical diseases and disorders, including liver cysts, abscesses or swinging near the liver from bile duct obstructions or gallstones.

Liver infection symptoms usually do not present themselves when the infection is mild or just starting. But acute hepatitis, or chronic hepatitis that has advanced to a certain stage, will cause certain symptoms to appear. The most predominant of these is a condition called jaundice. Jaundice occurs when you have too much of a pigment called bilirubin in your blood. The excess bilirubin causes your skin and the whites of the eyes to look yellow. Jaundice is a classic symptom of liver trouble.

Other symptoms of hepatitis include abdominal pain and swelling and changes in bowel movements. Liver problems often produce light or slate-colored stools, along with diarrhea or constipation. Changes in urine color will be noticeable too – urine will become darker of cloudy in appearance.

People with a liver infection often experience a reduced appetite. There is usually an unexplained weight loss, which may be caused in part by occasional nausea andomiting. A fever is also common in those who have an infected liver. Fatigue, weakness, depression and lack of libido are very much.

Treatment depends on the undering cause, of course. Treatment is not required for some forms of hepatitis, but medications and antiviral agents including ribivirin and corticosteroids are commonly prescribed for others.

Lifestyle changes may be necessary to treat a liver infection, or to prevent occurrences in the future. A healthy, low-fat diet is also important because a lot of rich fatty foods make it more difficult for the liver and gallbladder to function.

Anyone with a liver infection must stop drinking all forms of alcohol. Alcohol is toxic to the liver, and even small amounts can greatly exacerbate any liver problems you have. Furthermore, consult with your physician before taking any kind of pain medications or drugs. This does not just mean prescription drugs. It means medications and pain-relievers that are available over the counter. Never assume all vitamins and supplements are safe. Taken alone or in safe combination's, they may be harmless and even beneficial to your health. But certain vitamins or supplement combination's can be dangerous to your liver. Always check with your doctor first.

Cure Kidney Stones After Surgery

It is a well known fact that even after the kidney stones surgery, there are many patients who again suffer from this particular problem within 5 years. Therefore, to avoid this problem in future, you should follow some preventive measures. Doctors always advices that all the patients must have urine output of 2 liters especially those who suffer from stone disease. Therefore, a person should take fluid about 3 liters per day. This rule becomes more important if the climate or a person's occupation involves too much sweating. Sufficient measures should be followed to correct the cause which leads to formation of the stone. A person should avoid the foods having vitamin D and should reduce the intake of milk.

You should reduce the content of calcium until the quantity is very high. Reduction of calcium may lead to weakened the bones. The excretion of Citrate is increased by the daily intake of potassium bicarbonate and potassium nitrate. In an alternate way, lemon can also be considered as a good dietary source. Diseases known as the Hypokalaemia can be prevented as it in turns lead to a reduction in the excretion of citrate. After the kidney stones surgery, the patient should avoid the foods and liquids that are rich in salt like tomatoes, strawberries, tea, chocolate etc. People who have passed many uric acids get benefits from allopurinol, if taken daily at a quantity of 100- 300 mg which depends on the renal function.

The calculi which contains phosphate are formed in the alkaline urine, so acidifying it by giving ammonium chloride can be really effective. As a contrast, the stones named as the urate and cystine stones can be prevented or can also be dissolved by giving a perfect amount of sodium bicarbonate which makes the urine alkaline and also makes sure that you have an urine output of 2-4 liters in a day.

Symptoms of a Stomach Flip in a Dog – Learn How to Recognize This Life Threatening Condition

As a life threatening emergency often misdiagnosed by dog ​​owners Stomach Flip may cause much hardship for both dogs and their humans alike. Every year far too many dogs die because their stomach has flipped. It can happen to any dog, but large and middle sized individuals bear a greater risk than smaller and miniature sized canines. Very often dog owners do not know the signs of a flipped stomach which leaves them in a position where they can not help their four legged friends successfully. As a consequence the life threatening dynamics of the stomach flip just take their course and often their dogs life.

The sad story of a friend of mine suggests that sometimes even veterinarians do not recognize what is happening. My friend, a very experienced breeder was on holidays with her dogs when one of her bitches displayed all the symptoms of Stomach Flip. The veterinarian she consulted did not recognize them, telling my friend that things would improve with time and maybe her bitch had just eaten too much. Even when the things got worse he would not do anything for her. My friend had never experienced a case of Stomach Flip and was far too nice to look for another vet.

Even so she was very worried she trusted this man. Her bitch died a horrible and needless death. Later on the vet assured my friend that most dogs do not survive surgery anyway. This is of course not true as the lives of many dogs who came through illustrates. Whether a dog survives surgery depends primarily on the amount of time which has passed since the beginning of the catastrophe. If left too long even the best surgeon will not be able to save a dogs life. A general rule of thumb says that surgery should not be left longer than two hours after the onset of symptoms.

Signs to put you on RED ALERT are:
All of a sudden your dog starts to vomit. He wants to bring something up but due to the fact that his stomach is closed nothing comes up.
Usually there is some saliva and your dog pumps heavily in order to free his stomach but he does so without success.
His general condition starts to deteriorate rapidly
Your dogs belly starts to swell and becomes rock hard. As the size of his abdomen increases he may start to look like a bar on legs.
Your dog starts to pant heavily as he is trying to breathe.
The lining of his eyes and gums become pale.
His pulse rate increases.
In order to breathe he may lie flat on his chest with outstretched elbows.
He is obviously in great pain and very frightened which may show up as listlessness.

What can you do in such a situation?
The most important thing is recognizing the symptoms for what they are and making your way to the surgeon immediately.
Phone a veterinarian at once and ask him whether or not he does do surgery on dogs.
If yes, tell him you are coming.
If no, do not waste any time but ask him for the number and address of the nearest vet surgeon.
DO NOT take your dog to a clinic unless they offer surgery for dogs.


Stomach Flip is a killer and your dog does not have any time to waste.

Apart from rushing him to surgery what else can you do to help your dog? The most important thing is recognizing the symptoms for what they are and making your way to the surgeon immediately. Talk to your dog and reassure him. Let him choose the position he wants to be in – he knows best. Never lift him up under his tummy – the increase of pressure will cause his stomach and spleen to rupture. If possible transport him on a sliding plane so the back part of his body is lower than the upper part. Transport him in a well aired or air conditioned car so he can get as much air as possible. Try to be calm so you do not to frighten him even more.

I know quite a few dogs who suffered from stomach flip and did pull through after all. Thanks to their informed owners that they were treated quickly and successfully. Keeping yourself informed about serious diseases like this is the best way to safeguard your best friend.

Food Delivery Service Is Popular

When we are craving something and do not really want to go get it, we can call and have it brought to us. Food delivery has become quite popular. Delivery might be free at some places but other ones may charge a small delivery fee. Many people will pay it because of the convenience to have it brought right to your house. Several types of companies will deliver it to your house.

It is common for certain restaurants to deliver only in the city in which they are located. There are a few that will deliver in other areas. This will depend on what the policies of the company are. They might even make exceptions if the order placed is big enough.

Ready to eat foods are not all that is offered for delivery. Frozen items are also sold by the delivery method. Some people will place an order ahead of time and then it is delivered on a certain day. Others just have a scheduled day that they show up and you have the option of buying foods that are on their truck.

Catering is also a type of delivery. You choose where and what food you would like and they bring it all to that spot. It is normally prepared for a special occasion, such as a company picnic or a party. They will bring the right amount as long as they are told how many guests will be attending. By using a caterer, you can save some energy and time on getting the rest of the activities planned.

It is very important they you give the correct address when you want something delivered. A phone number is also good to give them as well. This way if they cannot find your house, they can call you. It can be very frustrating for the driver if the directions are wrong. It is also possible that you may not get hot food like you were expecting also.

When you order, they should be able to tell you approximately when they should be arriving with it. Customers get upset if they are not there when they were told so most of them are on time. Frozen items are usually delivered on a truck. It should have some type of cooling unit so the food stays cold. It is important that the food is kept cold at all times.

One day per week or month may be designated as the day that a company like this will show up. They can bring an order that you have placed previously or you can buy another item that they have in stock. The foods are generally the same every week.

These services have become a popular way of life because of our busy lives. If work keeps us late, we just call and order something for dinner. The bring it right to us. People who have health problems and have a hard time getting around may enjoy this convenience also. This might be an option the next time that you do not want to cook dinner.

A Brief Explanation About Duodenal Ulcers

A person gets a duodenal ulcer when the duodenum in the stomach is affected by the H. pylori bacteria. One of the ways to get treatment is by taking a course approximately 1-2 months in duration that provides you with certain medications or other methods to lower the production of acid in your stomach. An additional week may be necessary during which the patient will take medication along with antibiotics in order to lower acid levels. Doing so will rid of the H. pylori bacteria from the duodenum. This treatment is also issued so that the ulcers do not return.

What Are The Causes?

Knowing about duodenal ulcers and their causes is important. Acid is produced by the stomach to assist with food digestion and bacterial removal. However, this acid can also destroy the stomach lining and the duodenum if an excess amount is produced. Once this lining is damaged, it forms a duodenal ulcer.

Another cause that is much more uncommon is the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Once again, stomach acid is produced in excess but other factors such as alcohol abuse, smoking, and stress contribute towards the development of these ulcers.


The symptoms are often associated with upper abdominal pain and pain under the breastbone. This pain only appears periodically. You may even feel pain before eating or sometimes when you become hungry. One way of getting rid of the pain is to eat, while another is to take antacids.

Vomiting, bloating, and nausea are additional symptoms. In some cases, food consumption leads to pain. What you should also know is that serious complications can arise from a duodenal ulcer such as bleeding ulcers. The duodenum wall can also suffer from perforation, causing severe pain that requires patient to get medical attention immediately.


Surgery was often used as a means of treating these ulcers. However, once it was found that H. pylori bacteria was causing this condition most of the time, acid-suppressing medications suddenly had been the preferred treatment.

The number of people getting diagnosed with ulcers is steadily growing. Implementing the right duodenal ulcer diet is one way of slowing down the condition while also helping the medication you are taking to be more effective. Any beverages or foods that raise the amount of acid in the stomach are to be avoided when planning such a diet.