Stages of a Cold Sore

Having oral herpes or more commonly known as cold  sores  can be both painful and embarrassing. The fact that the condition does not have a cure or even a vaccine can often make it seem hopeless. This however should not be the case and as with everything else, proper understanding of the condition may help people manage the problem and come to terms with. The best way of doing this is by knowing more about the condition and you can start this off by learning about the stages of a cold  sore .

Of the eight stages of a cold  sore , you have the Latent, prodrome, inflammation, Pre-sore, Open-sore, crusting, healing and post-scab. Let’s take a closer look into each stage for a better understanding.

The first is the LATENT stage where the virus is simply “hiding” and is kept in check by your body’s immune system. It may take weeks, months or even years before a person infected will show symptoms. When the virus finds an opening in your immune system however, the second stage begins.

The PRODROME stage comes next where the virus travels around your body and reproduces causing intense tingling or itching and the beginning of the third stage.

INFLAMMATION. This stage is what causes the cold  sore  symptoms where the virus arrives at the surfaces of your body and the natural reaction of your body causes it to swell and redden -the typical sign of cold  sores .

The fourth stage is the PRE-SORE stage where your body begins to form small red bumps that are painfully sensitive to touch. This opens the way to the fifth stage.

OPEN-SORE is the fifth stage and is the most painful and contagious stage. Those small red bumps break open and merge into bigger  sores  and depending on how severe the outbreak it may even cause you to have a fever.

The sixth stage, CRUSTING comes next where the  sores  begin to turn into yellowish crust or scabs. It’s still a bit painful at this point, however the seventh stage is in sight.

The seventh stage, HEALING. In this stage the cold  sores  finally heal from the inside out and though it may continue to itch, it’s a clear indication that the virus is retreating back to hiding and that the worst of it is over.

Eighth and final stage, POST-SCAB. This stage arrives and you begin to heal as normal. The scabs will be barely visible and will appear as red spots in your skin. All you have to remember now is that you’re still quite contagious until the red spots completely disappear. However, the worst is over and depending on your personal healing speed; you’ll be back to normal in a few days.

Remember that knowing the stages of a cold  sore  infection can mean the difference between living in misery with it and managing it properly in order to lessen the severity, discomfort and even the length of the cold  sore’s  duration.

The Five Most Common Types of Psoriasis

There are five commonly contracted forms of psoriasis. These are plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, and erythrodermic psoriasis. Mainly, most people suffering from psoriasis contract a singular type, though one type can alter into another type when stimulated by an outside influence, such as a stressful situation or an unrelated health concern. Childhood diseases such as measles, chicken pox, and mumps can be a trigger for psoriasis. Often diseases that overburden the immune system can set off a case of psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis (psoriasis vulgaris) is largely, the most frequently found psoriasis. Approximately 80 percent of psoriasis sufferers have plaque psoriasis. Signs that confirm a strong indication one is afflicted by this type of psoriasis are raised, red patches that will frequently display a white, shiny scaling. These distinct patches are referred to as plaques. The initial indicator of plaque psoriasis is the onset of small, red bumps developing erratically on the body. These plaques often have two separate pathologies. Often they continue to exist as individual, isolated areas. They are known to commonly merge together to create a bigger plaque. As a rule of thumb, the most common frequented areas of this type of psoriasis are the elbows, knees, and the lower back. Keep in mind plaque psoriasis is not limited to these areas. It can appear anywhere on the body, particularly the scalp. This is commonly referred as scalp psoriasis. One rare aspect of plaque psoriasis is that it rarely afflicts the face. Plaques can last for long periods of time. Eruptions are regularly attributed to an array of concerns, including stress.

Guttate psoriasis is the second most common type of psoriasis. Widespread tiny, red marks on the skin are clear indications of guttate psoriasis. Tear shaped spots may be seen during an affliction of this type. This skin condition is generally an acute condition often linked to a bacterial or viral infection. It usually appears on the trunk of the body and the limbs. This type of psoriasis generally is found in young adults and children. Many cases of guttate psoriasis are mild and will vanish without medication. More severe cases could indicate treatment and an appointment with your physician.

Pustular psoriasis is a rare form of psoriasis, pustular psoriasis affects fewer than five percent of those unfortunate enough to contract psoriasis. Symptoms are raised pustules that are filled with pus. Methodological analysis indicates implies the development of pustules in hours of the skin becoming red and itchy. The typical skin eruption occurs in waves. This scenario is a progression of scaling and mending in just a few short days. Reappearance is the subsequent phase. Pustular psoriasis is generally prevalent anywhere on the body. Often it can be a limited occurrence found on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. This is known as palmar-plantar pustulosis. Pustular psoriasis is a serious condition that often can lead to some time in the hospital. This condition occur most often in adults. Confirmed triggers are the application of cortisone, streptococcal bacteria, and hormonal changes such as pregnancy. Patients that elect to pursue a natural healing path may experience an aggravation when eliminating medications that contain steroids.

Erythrodermic psoriasis quite frequently occurs in tandem with pustular psoriasis, while this is not always the situation. Symptoms are often more severe than other forms of psoriasis and display the typical red, inflamed, and scaly eruption. The intensity comes because this rash can encompass a sizable portion of the body. In a number of cases the entire body is engulfed. This type of psoriasis should be approached seriously, as it can be deadly in some cases. This particular psoriasis causes the skin to fail in its capacity to regulate temperature. Therefore, it becomes necessary to thoroughly keep an eye on the situation. Hospitalization should not be ruled out in severe cases. This is the most painful psoriasis that can produce life threatening situations owed to fever, infection, and dehydration. Erythrodermic psoriasis is usually cared with medicine of a topical and/or systemic kind.

Inverse psoriasis is often mistaken for a yeast infection (candida). This is because it involves the same typical vicinity of the body where there are folds in the skin. Some of the common areas affected are below the breasts, armpits, and the genital areas. Inverse psoriasis, also called flexural psoriasis, generally afflicts those who are overweight with additional skin folds that happen to become irritated from continual friction and sweating. Distinct from other varieties of psoriasis, the eruptions will be glossy and shiny with none the typical scaling displayed by other types of psoriasis. These patches are notably inflamed and tender.

On Treating Nail Fungus

Toe nail  fungus  infection is a common occurrence in people. Studies show that 3 to 11 percent of the population has them, and up to 50 percent has had this at some point in their life. In the United States alone, the figures state around 35 million are infected with it. Treating the problem is possible, but most treatments may take some time as well as a regular schedule.

Before anything else, one has to know how it thrives and where one can get this infection. Toe nail  fungi  thrive in a warm, moist environment and they do not need sunlight in order to live. The space under the nails is one of their favorite places to breed in, since this has the requirements that they need to live and multiply. One can contract this  fungus  in public baths, swimming pools, gyms and even at home. So one has to take preventive measures in order to avoid nail  fungus .

An odorous nail is one symptom of infection. It is also an embarrassing sight to deal with, especially if one is in a public place. It one does not act on it, it will cause more damage to the toe, making walking a painful ordeal. One may have to resort to surgical removal to correct this. There are medicines that are available for treating nail  fungus . Examples are:

1. Itraconazole (Sporonox)

2. Fluconazole (Diflucan)

3. Griseofulvin (Fulvicin)

4. Terfinabine (Lamisil)

These medications may cost quite a lot and there are some side effects that one should be concerned about. This will include stomaches, headaches, kidney and liver damage, to death in some rare cases. So people are quite weary of these internal medications.

You can also treat nail  fungus  with natural means. These might include the following:

1. Natural Oil – Using tea tree oil and lavender oil and spreading it around the affected nail. Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic, and lavender oil can help ease the swelling. This a very effective way in treating nail  fungus . However it doesn’t cure it immediately. It may take some days or weeks to see the results, and even months to completely be rid of nail  fungus .

2. All-Natural Treatment – One can also opt to get this in all-natural products such as zetaclear which not only contains the above mentioned ingredients, but also more. It also has jojoba oil as well as clove oil as its key ingredients, which are also proven to be effective in treating nail  fungus . These natural medications can speed up the curing process.

3. Home Solutions – Home remedies such as soaking in Listerine or vinegar have some positive effects on the infected nails. But these are 50-50 chances of effectiveness.

The Role of Prevention – It is also important to take preventive steps so that the  fungi  will not spread and get any worse. Wearing breathable, good-fitting shoes, absorbent socks are good practices to be maintained. Avoiding walking barefoot in public places is also needed. One it is contained, it will be easier job in treating nail  fungus .

Allergy Treatment

Are Your  Allergies  Seriously Affecting Your Life? It’s Time to Seek out Some Sort of  Allergy  Treatment

Having  allergies  can affect your life for the worst. Having migraines, stomach aches, sneezing, and coughing, constantly, can affect not only one’s professional life, but one’s personal life as well.

People with  allergies  sometimes just feel plain miserable. The main reason being, they don’t know what their  allergy  is and therefore; they don’t know what to do for it.

How do these people find an  allergy  treatment?

An allergist can find what you are allergic to by way of testing. Thus, he/she can find out what your  allergy  is and what treatment might best combat your  allergy  symptoms.

An Allergist Has the Answers

Being allergic to something can be difficult as you are trying to find out exactly what you are allergic to.

If you constantly have a reaction after breakfast, and you drink orange juice every morning, then you may be allergic to citrus. Only your allergist will know for sure what your  allergy  is. Your allergist can do several tests on you by injecting your skin with several substances. When red or inflamed skin results, then an  allergy  is present.

This is the best way for you to find out exactly what you are allergic to and then begin a regime of treatments suggested by your allergist to help you.

 Allergy  treatments will vary depending on your  allergy . Your allergist is familiar with various methods of treatments, which include both over the counter and prescription strength. Hopefully, these might alleviate your symptoms completely, or lessen them so you will lead a normal life soon.

Broke and don’t have the money for an allergist? There is always the use of the Internet. By conducting some research, you should be able to find out more about your  allergies  and the symptoms. This knowledge will help you to know if you can find something that you will take to better yourself. A word of Caution: Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new treatments. Your life is worthy of living well.

Prank Calls – Highly Amusing and Bordering Irritability

Prank Calls or Prank Phone Calls are most deduced to be a practical joke that is thought to be extremely amusing by the people and is done with the use of telephones. The culture basically started gaining popularity in America but has now been extremely popular in other countries as well.

Popular story

There have been three accounts of extremely hilarious funny which have been done to extremely prominent people mostly leaders of their specific countries. For instance, Elizabeth II was the victim of one such prank call as a DJ called her posing to be the Canadian Prime Minister of that time and asked her to make a speech on Canadian Unity. Other two people who were victimized were Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro both presidents of Chile and Cuba respectively.

Funny Calls as Practical Jokes

Basically, the culture of funny calls became popular when many online radio sites started broadcasting such funny calls on their radio stations. This was a cause for a lot of humor and people started taking it as a source of humor. Funny calls became more and more popular among the people but yet as such calls grew the amusement behind them started vanishing as immoral people started taking out their frustrations through such calls abusing the people over the phones and threatening of raping them as well.

A lot of people all over the internet have been duped by such prank calling sites which call unsuspecting call receivers to damage their own property as well as hotel properties by informing them about various dangers that they would put themselves in if they did not do so. Not only this, but an anonymous funny calling website has been doing such fraudulent activities for a long time and has been responsible for a lot of property damage of the people.

How to Avoid Disturbing of it

Prank Calls cannot be avoided however, threatening funny calls can be traced through caller IDs. Such callers can be reported to the law enforcing agencies that can warn or arrest such callers on the basis of the nature of their prank calls.


One has to conclude that though prank calls have been truly amusing when having the only purpose of confusing the recipient by the art of changing the voice and posing as an extremely important personality. However, when the purpose diverges to misleading of people and causing them to get tensed over the phone by threatening them or informing them about fake bomb placements then the fun is lost. One should always be careful in drawing a line between being amusing and being outrageous. One can only hope that people all over the world use that type funny calls just for the purpose of amusement rather than to create or bring upon large scale destruction.

History of Clinical Depression

There are several things you inherit from your parents the color of your hair and eyes, your skin tone, even your height. You inherit these traits because you have genes and these genes make up your DNA. Unfortunately, you also inherit predisposition to certain diseases and even mental illness. Researches have recently shown that  depression  could actually be inherited. It simply means that if someone in your family is suffering from clinical  depression , then there is a very high probability that you too could become depressed.

Years ago, scientists did not really know where  depression  came from. The environment was always identified as the primary suspect as the cause of  depression  in general, but more recent studies show a strong evidence that clinical  depression  such as depressive disorder, manic  depression  and dysthymia is actually caused by chemical imbalances, the predisposition to which is inherited.

The results of recent studies show that if you do have a parent, an uncle, a brother or a sister who is suffering or has suffered from clinical  depression , you have 1.5 to 3 times more chances of developing the same condition than someone who does not have such a condition within the family.

Recent researches have not really been successful in trying to narrow down the research to specify which gene actually causes clinical  depression . Different studies have yielded different results. It was hypothesized that the gene may be different from one family to other, but this has never been proven to date.

So there is no actual conclusion as to which gene is the culprit that causes clinical  depression . But there is very little debate about the fact that clinical  depression  is hereditary. It is nothing to be ashamed of in fact,  depression  is so common that it affects more than 19 million Americans each year. However, less than half of the people suffering from this mental illness acknowledge it and seek treatment. If you or someone in your family may be experiencing  depression , consult a psychiatrist immediately.

10 Most Common Phobias

These are the ten most common  phobias  across the world. Chances are that almost everyone you meet will have experienced at least one of these  phobias .

  1. Agoraphobia

    This is usually expressed as a fear of open spaces, but sometimes it can also be a fear of crowded places. It can manifest itself as panic attacks.

  2. Arachnophobia

    This is the fear of spiders. It’s so common, they’ve even made a movie of the same name. Despite the fact that most spiders are not harmful, we seem to have a collective fear of them.

  3. Acrophobia

    The fear of heights. Maybe it’s standing close to the edge of a cliff, or looking out of the window of our hotel room. Fear of heights manifests in lots of ways. At it’s extreme, it may even mean that we can’t take a ride in an glass fronted elevator.

  4. Claustrophobia

    The opposite of agoraphobia. This is the fear of confined or enclosed spaces. This is often accompanied by a fear of being unable to escape from the situation. It can be experienced in elevators, trains or planes.

  5. Aviophobia

    The fear of flying. Even though flying is one of the safest forms of transport, people are often afraid of flying. It’s often a combination of several other  phobias , including not being in control and a fear of having a panic attack.

  6. Dental  Phobia 

    It is estimated that up to 15% of the Western world are afraid of dentists. This could be partly due to fears about needles, dentist’s drills and even white coats.

  7. Social  Phobia 

    This usually manifests as a fear of some social interaction. Some of the biggest fears included in this are the fear of public speaking and interview anxiety.

  8. Mysophobia

    This is the fear of germs. It can be related to obsessive compulsive disorder. Mysophobia is often accompanied by repeated hand washing and an avoidance of anything that is viewed as unclean.

  9. Aquaphobia

    The fear of water, often accompanied by a fear of drowning. Up to 1 in 50 people are estimated to have a fear of water.

  10. Fear of Commitment

    This often refers to the avoidance of marriage or other long-term partnership. Strictly speaking, it’s not a medical  phobia  but it definitely ranks up there with other  phobias  in terms of how common it is.

So there you have them, some of the 10 most common  phobias  in the world.

Anxiety Relief!

Anxiety relief can be obtained from many sources. Some people who are experiencing acute or chronic anxiety may go to a doctor to receive specific medication. Medications for anxiety relief include tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and sometimes anti depressants. The problem of these types of medication is that they address the anxiety, which is only a symptom of emotional unrest, without achieving relief from the fundamental causes, nor do medications per se help with changing people’s responses to chronic anxiety provoking situations. For anxiety relief, a person can also go to natural therapists who offer extracts from natural herbs and plants which include chamomile, St John’s Wort, valerian and many other herbs.

Symptomatic relief from anxiety can be obtained from the many services offered by allied health professionals which services include massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture and therapies include art, or dance, and music therapies.

Often exercise provides a measure of anxiety relief, and much is said about endorphins which are released by the body when exercising – chemicals which create a euphoric feeling known as a runner’s high and make people feel good and relaxed. For most people there is probably no need to go to the extremes of athletic endeavor and great benefits can be obtained from modest amounts of regular exercise which is well within your individual capabilities. There is no doubt that many people who go frequently to the gym, are using it as a means of stress relief, and perhaps for many “gym junkies”, it could be that they could consider using other means to bring down their levels of stress, as there is little point in exchanging one type of obsessive -compulsive behavior merely for another.

People who suffer from excessive anxiety really need at some point to address the factors which cause it as obtaining what is merely relief from anxiety is not as satisfactory in the long run as finding for yourself a cure.

Obtaining permanent relief from circumstances which presently cause and will continue to cause high levels of anxiety can be achieved by techniques which delve into the causes of your stress. Perhaps you are not seeing the whole picture, perhaps misunderstanding facts and the actual motivations of people who appear to be causing you stress. Often looking at the situation with the help of a trained counselor or mentor can help you to see another person’s point of view, or help you to adjust and adapt better to difficult life situations that you may not be able to change in the immediate or long term future.

Changing your expectations of a situation can often reduce your levels of anxiety and stress. The biggest motivation for finding ways and means to obtain stress relief is that chronic stress and high levels of anxiety are known to cause and contribute to physical illness and disorders in the body. Anxiety and resultant stress is often a cause of eating high calorie “comfort” food which can in turn lead to obesity. Not only does obesity put additional stress on other body organs, it can promote chronic inflammation of the body tissues, leading to serious illness. No matter what the causes are of a person’s anxiety, there is no doubt that if they are feeling ill and depressed, their capacity to deal with the anxiety, and have the energy necessary to go out and make changes, is severely compromised. If people do not take care, the cycle of anxiety and using inappropriate means to resolve it can rapidly lead to a cycle of ill health and depression.

People seek relief from anxiety in an inappropriate manner when they resort to the use of excessive alcohol, smoking tobacco or by using recreational drugs. There are many dangers in using substance abuse as a means of anxiety relief. No one doubts that in the very short term these methods are effective, but there is a negative side to drug use, a major point being that once addictive drugs are introduced, even more intense symptoms of anxiety can be expected to occur with any level of withdrawal.

What Exactly Is Sleep Insomnia?

What is sleep insomnia? How do you know if you have insomnia? Well, if you have insomnia, you are either obtaining inadequate or poor quality sleep. This may occur in a few different ways. You may have difficulty falling asleep, or you may have difficulty staying asleep, or you may awaken too early in the morning and be unable to go back to sleep. As a result of your disrupted sleep, you are tired during the day.

Here’s a little fact: Insomnia is very common. Every year, about one in three adults are affected, and about 10-20 percent of these cases are considered severe. Insomnia also takes a physical toll on the person’s body. It is believed that it can increase the risk of heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, obesity, and diabetes.

But FEAR NOT! Almost everyone has occasional problems with their sleep. Some types of insomnia, such as insomnia from hearing the noise of a thunderstorm, are relatively brief. However, insomnia that lasts from a few days to a few weeks is termed transient. When the bouts of insomnia happen from time to time, they are called intermittent. Insomnia that continues for a month or longer is considered as chronic. People with chronic insomnia usually spend a good deal of time worrying about whether they will be able to get the sleep they need, and that only adds to their insomnia problem.

Causes and Risk Factors of insomnia

In actual fact, older adults are at a greater risk for insomnia. This is due to their natural ability to be more sensitive to noise whereby it allows them TO awaken more easily. Great for catching burglars, but not for ENERGIZING oneself!

Recent research has shown that as people age, they are more likely to have trouble falling into the deeper stages of sleep, and there is a good chance that they will have a medical problem or be on a medication that may disturb sleep. It is often said that the need for sleep decreases with age. But that is NOT true! Rather, as we grow older, we tend to lose the ability to sleep as well as we did when we were younger.

In addition, insomnia may also be caused by a number of other factors. Women, especially women passed menopause, at a higher risk than men. It is well-known that hot flashes disrupt sleep.

What are the different types of sleep insomnia?

Do you know what causes transient and intermittent insomnia? Well, transient and intermittent insomnia ten to be the result of stress, extreme temperatures, environmental noise, time changes, and the side effects of medication, particularly drugs containing caffeine.

Chronic insomnia is more multifaceted and may have a number of contributing factors. A frequent cause of chronic insomnia is depression. Other causes are heart failure, asthma, anxiety, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, arthritis, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, Parkinson’s disease, and narcolepsy.

I hope that I have provided relevant answers that answered your question on what is sleep insomnia. If you have any questions on sleep insomnia, click the link below and subscribe to my newsletter to get it answered.

The Top Three Nail Polishes

A girl wearing nail polish is one of the sexiest things she can do. It gives her a very cute and feminine look. That is why picking a high quality polish is so important!

These are some of the top selling nail polishes today, as well as some information about them, and my personal opinion on them.

Every polish brand listed below is a top seller in America. They have some crucial differences, but they are all of high quality. All of the brands have lots of different colors to choose from, dry quickly, and are resistant to chipping and smudging.

So without further ado, here are the top sellers:


OPI is the number one brand in America. Ladies love it because it continues to look as good as the day you applied it for weeks on end, and it almost never chips. Plus it has a ton of fun colors, and the names of the colors are awesome! Here are some examples:

Social Climber
Casting Call
On Stage
Dear Diary…
Arm Candy
High Maintenance
Don’t go there
Charge it!
Domestic Goddess
Ms. Can’t be Wrong

And so many more!


Another solid brand is Essie! Like OPI, it lasts a long time on your nail without any signs of wearing thin. It has much more traditional “girly” colors, mostly shades of pink and red. Its a little more subtle than the OPI collection in terms of flashiness, but still an excellent product overall.


This is another great brand of polish, sharing a lot of the great qualities found in OPI and Essie. However, there is one key difference: it is free of DBP.

For those of you that don’t know, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) is a toxic chemical that’s purpose in nail polish is to make it last longer. Other popular brands (like OPI, Essie, and Sally Hansen) contain small amounts of DBP in their nail polish. In Europe, they forced companies that were manufacturing nail polish with DBP to discontinue using it because of the potential risk associated with exposure. However, with such small quantities of DBP found in nail polish, actual risk due to exposure to DBP in nail polish has never been proven. It is still debated whether there is a true risk, but many pregnant mothers or mothers with newborns choose to use a polish that does not contain DBP.

If DBP is something that concerns you, Zoya is a great polish that doesn’t contain DBP.

Those are the best three nail polish brands in America. Pick any of those, and you can’t go wrong. Good luck maintaining those pretty toes!

Nail Fungus Home Remedy Made Easy

Fungal infection of the nails is highly contagious and caused by different clans of fungi. The most common of which are the dermatophytes. Some groups like the Candida and nondermatopytic molds are also known pathogens especially in hot, humid, tropical and sub-tropical areas. The fingernails and toenails are the usual affected areas. However, a nail fungus home remedy that uses common grocery items, can be found inside your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and can provide an easy, convenient, and less expensive method against nail fungal infection will be shown below. But before that, let us first try to learn more about this type of infection.

Clinical manifestations

Initially, white spots appear on the nail’s skin edges. As it becomes intrusive, it attacks the nail beds, and in severe forms, the soft tissue nail beds. Its hallmark appearance of yellowish-whitish color, rough, crumbled, brittle texture with jagged edges develops as infection worsens. In advance stages, the nail becomes dislodged and could produce a distinct foul smell, and may be accompanied with pain. In severe cases, pus develops and the nails become gangrenous. Anxiety can also occur through fear of possible ridicule and embarrassment because of the appearance.

Risk factors and Preventive measures

Onychomycosis, the medical term for nail fungal infection, can develop from different conditions. Non-modifiable factors include genetics, aging and humid climate. Modifiable factors are poor health condition, distorted immune system, and poor hygienic and sanitary practices. The best defense is prevention. Fungi multiply well in warm and humid conditions. The key here is to maintain a clean and dry environment. Keep your feet clean and dry and the nails well-trimmed and short. Socks made from cotton are highly recommended because it absorbs the moisture in the feet, while synthetic fiber socks retain humidity and provides poor ventilation. Wear footwear that allows air to flow freely, and avoid tight shoes. Before wearing socks, make sure that the feet are thoroughly dried. Wipe with clean, dry towel or use a fan or blower for faster and best drying result. When going to a stadium swimming pool or a group sauna bath, never use someone else’s towel and personal effects, and do not lend yours as well.

The use of ordinary grocery items as home remedies

Treatment can be multi-faceted. Oral anti-fungal medications and topical ointments, creams and paints can be prescribed. For faster results, lasers are used by physicians. However, due to rising medical costs and the associated undesirable side effects, more and more people turn to a nail fungus home remedy as an effective alternative approach against Onychomycosis.

Lavender oil, oregano oil (thyme oil) and Tea tree oil. These essential oils have antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. The usual preparation is to use either one of them or combined mixture of equal parts plus with olive oil. Apply to the affected area and the surrounding skin with a cotton ball up to three times every day. Leave the concoction overnight. However, oregano oil use should not for more than a period of 3 weeks.

Listerine and Vick’s Vapor Rub. These ordinary household items may look insignificant, but most people do not know that they contain a powerful antiseptic substance called Thymol. Simply soak the toes in a tub with Listerine for 20-30 minutes for at least twice daily. For maximum result, mix it up with equal amounts of apple cider vinegar for the same duration and interval. For Vick’s Vapor Rub, simply apply a thin strip, leave it for 30 minutes, and then wipe it dry.

Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy. It’s high acidity level kills off fungi and inhibits their population growth. In a basin of warm water, put equal parts of it, and then soak the feet for 30 minutes, for a frequency of two uses every day. As an alternative, distilled or white vinegar can be used. Observe the same preparation and use with that of the apple cider vinegar.

Fighting off nail fungal infections with seemingly ordinary grocery items at home can provide excellent home remedies. They are affordable and easy to apply with. However, it takes time to neutralize fungus and for the nails to fully rejuvenate and grow. For your nail fungus home remedy to work you will need to repeat this steps as described on a regular basis (every day unless stated otherwise). As mentioned, it will take time but the end results are rewarding and well worth the effort.

Home Remedies and Exercises For Neck Sprain

Many a time you woke up and feel a hurt in the area of your neck, the reason behind this may be sprain in your lower back area of neck and this can be caused by bad sleeping posture. This can also be happen while lifting any heavy weight. Neck sprain is called irritation in muscles, tendons and ligaments in upper back and also in neck area. It is an irritation in the tissues of neck.

To get rid of this neck pain is not a very difficult task you can get rid of neck sprain by using some natural home remedies. Whenever you feel a sprain in your neck in a busy day, you may try to diagnosis the reason of pain. If the problem is caused by sleeping position, you should apply ice to the painful area for about 48-72 hours. This is the easiest way to get rid of inflammation. To practice this treatment, you can fill a bag with crushed ice and place a towel around the area of neck. Now, put this ice bag on the towel. This method will help you to get rid of pain.

Rest or relaxation is vital for speedy recovery. Placing the neck in an elevated area such as pillows, during rest is helpful. Simple exercises, which include tilting the neck in the front and back and movement from side to side, prove beneficial. If pain reaches to chronic level, you should avoid doing exercises.

To get rid of neck pain, you can use some simple exercises at home, which may provide relief in pain from neck. You can practice an exercise, which includes moving of shoulders, and turn your head side from left to right, as this may help in providing relax from the pain. You can make a bandage with the black coffee on the neck sprain.

You can take a massage therapy to avoid pain in neck. The massage should be very gentle during the first few days as it may reaches to the worse condition. You may even choose to wait until the acute phase of the injury has past. Massage therapy will help to move fluid around as this may help to prevent scar tissue. After the first few days, massage can help work out tension and knots in your muscles.

Clinical Studies With Arnica

Arnica Montana is one of the most popular alternative remedies used by consumers today. This remedy is commonly called leopards bane or Arnica. Arnica is a plant that blooms around July throughout Europe.

Arnica Montana is touted as a remedy that can reduce soreness, bruising, traumatic injuries and sprains. Arnica comes in two forms. A herbal form and a homeopathic form. Arnica in the herbal form is basically extracts of the blossoms made into a liquid, ointment, gel or cream. Many times this extract may be combined with alcohol and shaken vigorously. This combination of extract and alcohol is called the mother tincture. Homeopathy may call this 1X or Q potency. Most gels, creams and ointments are made from the mother tincture. This remedy is rubbed into your body where the injury has been sustained. The herbal form or homeopathy tincture is not to be digested as it will cause nausea and vomiting.

The homeopathic form of Arnica is diluted in water or alcohol. The homeopathic form is safe to eat since the dilutions have weakened the side effects of this remedy. The dilutions of Arnica vary. The more diluted Arnica is used to treat more traumatic injuries. Less diluted Arnica is used to treat less severe injuries. A potency used to treat a severe injury would be Arnica 30C. A potency which helps less severe or chronic injuries would be 6C.

We are going to examine several trials with Arnica gel. In the first trial with Arnica, we are going to look at a trial with carpel tunnel release surgery. This trial actually uses both homeopathic Arnica tablets and Arnica gel. This study compares how much bruising is experienced post carpel tunnel surgery. These medicines are compared against a placebo group. 37 adults participated in this trial. The results showed that grip strength and wrist circumference were exactly the same as the placebo group after surgrry. However, perceived pain was significantly less in the Arnica group. It is difficult to determine in this trial if the Arnica gel had an effect or the homeopathic Arnica tablets.

A small study done in Miami looked at arnica gel to see if it would reduce bruising after laser surgery to the face compared to a placebo. There were 19 participants. They were divide into two groups for making a comparison. The study found Arnica gel to be no better than a placebo at reducing bruising after surgery.

Another trial examines Arnica gel trial for treating osteoarthritis in the knee. In this study, 26 men and 53 women were given herbal Arnica gel. The participants reported significant reductions of pain with the gel. The study did not have a placebo group so the trial was far from conclusive.

The final trial compares Arnica gel to Ibuprofen in a double blind study. This study compares 204 patients with osteoarthritis in their hands. The study had 2 groups. The study compared pain intensity and hand usage after 21 days of using an Ibuprofen gel and Arnica gel. The study found that Ibuprofen and Arnica were both equally effective in treating osteoarthritis in the hands.

More studies are needed on Arnica gel to see if it is effective. Most studies are too small to draw any definite conclusions. However, there seem to a few positive studies suggesting Arnica gel is effective in reducing pain and swelling.


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What You Need to Know About Physical Therapy

Read this article to get complete information on “what you need to know about physical therapy.” To start with, here’s the definition – it is a treatment procedure to preserve, restore and improve physical function and movement threatened or impaired by injury, disability or disease that makes use of physical modalities such as electrotherapy and massage, therapeutic exercise and patient training and education instead of surgery and drugs.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation – The Initial Evaluation

When a patient arrives at a PT’s (Physical Therapist’s) office, the PT would carry out a detailed assessment of the patient’s mobility, range of motion, functional movements and strength. The basis for these assessments is the individual’s complaints. The treatment strategy would incorporate therapeutic exercise, manual therapy and modalities such as heat, mechanical spinal traction, electrical stimulation and ice to achieve the patient’s treatment objectives and help him get back to a favorable level of function.

Therapeutic exercises are of different types depending on the nature of the problem. This includes exercises to increase endurance and improve balance, and exercises for strengthening, stretching and post-surgical rehabilitation. The exercise plan for a particular patient is determined again based on his individual complaint. Manual therapy involves application of the hands on areas of the patient’s body with the intention of increasing mobility and reducing pain. Soft tissue, joint and nerve mobilizations are some examples of how manual therapy is used to improve joint mobility, loosen and stretch muscles and reduce nerve irritation such as that observed in sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal conditions that may lead to tingling and numbness in the arms or legs. The physical therapist might additionally use modalities to assist with the reduction of swelling, pain and inflammation.

Ailments Treated

People suffering from any of the following conditions can benefit from the treatment:

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Rehabilitation following surgery

• Balance problems

• Cardiac rehabilitation

• Stroke rehabilitation

•   Hip   fractures 

• Neck pain

• Muscle strains and sprains

• Arthritis

• Constant respiratory problems

• Ankle, knee or foot problems

Finding the Right Professional for Physical Therapy Treatment

If you think you could benefit from physical therapy services, the first thing you should do is find yourself a good physical therapist or a multi-specialty healthcare center where these services are offered. You primary care physician, friends, colleagues or relatives might know of some good practitioner or two. Look for websites pertaining to these professionals, information about their qualifications, reputation and experience and prepare a shortlist. Get in touch with these practitioners and use your judgment to determine whether a particular practitioner would be suitable for your requirement.

What Is a Hormone?

Animals have two types of hormones namely the exocrine and the endocrine hormones. The exocrine hormones are first secreted into a duct before flowing into the blood system. On the other hand; the endocrine hormones directly enter the bloodstream after secretion.

What are the effects of hormones in the body?

Hormones have the following effects in our bodies:

* They are useful in the psychological preparation for fighting, mating fleeing and other activities.

* Physical changes and development during various stages of life e.g puberty and menopause.

* Inhibition or stimulation of growth.

* Activation of the inhibition of the immune system.

* Change of moods.

* Regulation of the metabolism rate.

* Sexual arousal.

* Control of the reproductive cycle.

In general, hormones play many vital roles in our bodies.

Different Classes of Hormones

We have three classes of vertebrate hormones. These are:

* The peptide hormones (made up of a chain of amino acids).

* Lipid hormones (derived from lipids and phospholipids.

* Monoamines (derived from the phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine.

Important Hormones and Their roles in our Bodies

As we’ve already seen, hormones play very vital roles in the human body. Let us now have a look at some of the most important human hormones and the specific roles that they perform.


This hormone is secreted from the outer adrenal cortex by the adrenal gland. It plays a key role by promoting the re-absorption of sodium in the kidneys, increasing water retention in the body and promoting increase in blood volume.

Anti-diuretic Hormone

Also known as the ADH, this hormone originates from the pituitary gland. It helps in the vasoconstriction and water retention in the kidneys.

Cholecystokinin (CCK)

Cholecystokinin is secreted in the duodenum. This hormone helps in the production of the digestive hormones, suppression of hunger and drug tolerance. Its main role is to ensure a proper digestion and satisfaction of cravings.

Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

FSH is secreted in the anterior pituitary gland. It plays a very crucial role in the maturation of the female productive system (the graafian follicles). It is also responsible for some physical changes that occur during puberty.

Growth Hormone

Commonly referred to as GH, this hormone originates from the anterior pituitary. Its main role is to trigger cell production and regeneration. It strengthens the muscles and the bones as one grows. It enhances protein synthesis thus increasing one’s bulk of muscles. Basically, it controls the growth of all the body organs except the brain.


Last but definitely not least is the insulin. This hormone is produced by the beta cells found in the pancreas. Insulin is very vital in maintaining the blood sugar levels. It is also involved in several other metabolic processes.

Just to summarize, the concept of hormones is really wide and detailed. However, I hope that this write-up will provide you with good background knowledge on the same.