A Uterine Fibroid Tumor


Fibroids are usually small and uterine fibroid tumors are common. Many women can have these types of tumors without ever knowing it, as they usually remain small enough not to cause symptoms. If these become larger, than they can cause you to experience some symptoms that could interfere with your daily life.


Imagine my surprise when I went for my annual check-up and actually got up the nerve to mention that there had been some new difficulties. I’m not sure why, but like everyone else, I actually don’t like admitting things to my doctor. Which is just silly if you think about it; how are they suppose to help if they don’t know what’s wrong. So anyway, I finally got around to saying that having intercourse actually started to hurt. It was a deep pain in the pit of my lower belly and it was enough to make me not want to have sex. We had tried a few different positions but they were all pretty painful. My doctor told me that it wasn’t really all that uncommon and it sounded like a uterine fibroid tumor. When he told me that there were prescriptions that I could take to help shrink the tumor and ease the pain, I was ecstatic. Not to mention how happy my husband was when it worked and the pain went away allowing both of us to enjoy sex again.


I know that it’s somewhat embarrassing to mention stuff like this to anyone, but take my advice and brave it out. Getting enjoyment out of intercourse with the one you love is worth a few minutes of flush cheeks at the doctor’s office.

Your Ferret and the Swine Flu

Did you know that you can give your ferret the flu? Did you know it can give you the flu? And this latest version, the swine flu, is no exception. The swine flu variation is, in fact, more of a potential problem than other varieties because it passes so quickly and easily from person to person and animal to person. Right now various countries around the world are tallying their number of sick people and their number of dead from this variation that has come to be called the swine flu.

You can make your ferret sick and it can make you sick, bottom line. It’s worse for your ferret because of the possibility of it turning into ferret pneumonia, which is often fatal.

How do you tell the difference between a cold and the flu? It is often confusing, but here are the basics: a fever accompanies the flu, but not a cold, and the flu grabs you quicker than a cold does. Of course, you don’t want to give your ferret a cold either, so it’s best to play it safe and wash your hands before and after handling ferret items, don’t sneeze or cough around your ferrets, and if you’re sure you have the flu it is best to get someone else to handle your ferret chores.

Another danger to your ferrets is that this flu might become ferret pneumonia. Some of the symptoms of ferret pneumonia are:

o Nasal discharge

o Difficulty breathing

o Increased respiratory rate

o Loss of appetite

o Lethargy

o Cyanosis (blue discoloration of the mucous membranes, such as the gums)

o Fever

Should you see these symptoms in your ferrets, take them to the veterinarian immediately. The prognosis is good if you get your ferret to the vet in time for treatment with antibiotics, to which they usually respond very well.

You have to be as alert and as knowledgeable as you can. The stakes are too high to just shrug it off. You can make your ferret seriously ill, and that can lead to death for your furry little buddy! Get serious: if you have the flu, go to the doctor and stay away from your ferrets. If they have the flu, get them to a vet right away before it turns into pneumonia.

Ferrets react to the flu just like humans do, and they are often used as test subjects for that very reason. The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), in north London, is one of only five World Health Organization centers for flu research. These scientists will receive live samples of swine flu that they can analyze and find a way to combat this latest menace. They will do their analyses in a high-level containment lab since it spreads so easily and quickly from person to person, ferret to person, and person to ferret. They will inject the swine flu virus into the ferrets and watch them as they build antibodies, just as humans do.

Hopefully their research will produce a vaccine or an antidote to help combat swine flu before it becomes a pandemic. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that certainly applies when trying to keep your ferrets healthy and happy.

Butterfly Milkweed

The scientific name of Butterfly Milkweed is Asclepias tuberose. This native perennial plant has several other common names, such as Fluxroot,   Pleurisy  Root, Orange Milkweed, Indian Posy, Canada Root, Indian Paintbrush, Chiggerflower, Orange Swallow-wort, Chigger flower, Silky Swallow-wort, Yellow Milkweed, White-root, Tuber Root and Windroot.

This member of the Milkweed family can be found in New England, Utah, south Arizona, Mississippi and Texas. It is a unique plant because it does not have any milky sap like other members of the same genus.


The Butterfly Milkweed is a plant that can grow to be heights of three inches. It might develop with a single central stem, mainly when it is young, and then branch outwards from the taproot, which can be quite large, to form a small bush. Older plants have multiple stems that emerge from the same large taproot.

The leaves are alternate and range in colour from yellowish green to green. They are slightly shiny even though they have tiny hairs on them. They are broadly linear or linear in shape and have smooth margins.

Flowers and fruits

Butterfly Milkweed flowers have quite a complex structure. Each flower is divided into five equal parts that have unique hoods that project upwards and the conventional petals are below this. The hoods are in the shape of small scoops and the nectar is released towards the inner bottom surface of each hood. These flowers bloom from around early to late summer based on the level of moisture there is and the blooming period is quite long lasting. The flowers do not have a floral scent.

These flowers produce pods that are filled with small, brown seeds that have a papery texture and silky white hairs on them. These pods split open on one side once the seeds reach maturity. The hairs help wind pollination of these seeds.


Many of these shrubs spread using lateral roots, or rhizomes. This shrub grows as a single clump from woody rootstock. It is not invasive, which makes it a good candidate to have in home yards and gardens, as opposed to other milkweeds which are mainly invasive types.

This shrub is grown commonly in prairies and roadside habitat, usually during early summer. They are beautiful and a treat for the eye, and they also attract a large variety of insects such as butterflies, beetles and caterpillars.

Care Tips

If you’re thinking of growing this plant then you need to know that it is very sun-loving, so choose a full sun location in which to plant it, with preferably a sandy, slightly acidic soil. This shrub has the ability to grow in other types of soils as well, including rocky soil or those that contain clay, just so long as it is well drained.

You can know if there is too much moisture in the soil by keeping an eye on the colour of the leaves. If there is too much moisture, the lower leaves will become a yellow colour, and the tap root will also start to rot.

This Butterfly Milkweed shrub is quite easy to care of, and is resistant to many diseases and does not have many pests or other threads. It is a plant that is quite slow to develop, so don’t be alarmed if the growth is slow because it is completely normal.

Determining Skin Cancer Moles

People nowadays are likely to develop skin cancer moles because of long exposure to sunlight. The good news is that this type of cancer is the most curable if detected at the early stage. But if it is not treated, can result to death.

Moles are growth on the skin that is clustered and often brown, black or flesh-color and appears anywhere on the skin. The normal average of moles is from 10 to 40. However, an individual who have more than 100 moles are at risk to acquire melanoma.

Listed below are types of mole cancer:

• Basal cell carcinoma that is developed on skin that is sun-damaged which is likely to affect Caucasian.

• Melanoma which is the rarest form of skin cancer and if not treated will spread to the other parts of the body and will then lead to fatality and is blue in color.

• Squamous cell carcinoma is targeting fair skinned people but affects men than women.it can destroy tissues and is invasive. Causing health problems and if untreated will lead to death.

• Actinic Keratosis can lead to squamous cell carcinoma if not cured early. It affects fair skinned people, eyes that are blue, hazel and green and individuals who have blonde and red hair. People who have weak immune system are also susceptible to acquire this type of skin cancer. This mole is typically rough, pink or red patches and.5 inch in size.

• Actinic cheilitis or commonly known as “sailors lip” or “farmers lip”. The lower lip is affected and can lead to squamous cell carcinoma. People that are fair skinned, elderly, men and those that use tobacco are affected. The growth of this skin cancer is accompanied by cracking on the lips and dryness.

Here are the guides to be able to identify if the mole on your skin is cancerous. The ABCDE are vital in enabling you characterize the risky moles.

• A – Asymmetry. If the other half of the mole is not the same in size, color, thickness and shape.

• B – Borders. The edges are irregular, blurred, poorly defined and rough.

• C – Color. Uneven shades of brown and black or the mole has added colors of brown, red, black, blue and white

• D – Diameter. A mole that is greater than 6mm or the size of a pencil eraser.

• E – Elevation. Part of the mole is raised.

If you are suspecting that you have skin cancer moles, it is important to consult a dermatologist. They are the ones who are capable of examining the mole if it can cause health problems.

There procedures that can remove the moles that pose risk to your health. Don’t get sun exposure when the sun is shining at its hottest (10am-3pm) and apply sunscreen. Be aware of the changes and have a skin check regularly.

Chronic Flatulence – Steps For Preventing Chronic Flatulence Problem

In this article, I will discuss 5 important points on Chronic Flatulence and tell you how to cure Chronic Flatulence problems.

1. Chronic Flatulence can be embarrassing at the best of times, although if you are among friends it’s not uncommon for people to “let one go” with no need to worry about horrified reactions. Some people can even rely on a round of applause in the right situation. However, when you can’t be sure of holding in wind until the “right time”, it can be something of a troubling matter and it is only natural to want to find a reasonable solution. Some people will visit the doctor, and some will go for an over-the-counter product which will fix the problem by other means. But it is best to save the big guns for the big problems.

2. What starts out as mild flatulence can develop into chronic flatulence with little encouragement. Sometimes all you need to do is ignore the problem and it will develop into something more serious with depressing speed. When you have chronic flatulence and you need to visit the doctor, the solution they prescribe can be beset with problems of its own. It may be that you are prescribed laxatives, which have an effect on the digestive system that can be troublesome to reverse. In this case, it is well seen that the cure has problems which may be worse than the condition.

3. Stop Chronic Flatulence At The Source

It is often said, with good reason, that prevention is better than cure. You cannot prevent chronic flatulence that does not already exist, or at least it is tricky to pre-empt the possibility, but when you have the early warning signs that are attributable to poor diet or daily routine, you can at least get to the source and ensure that what has started ends with a whimper rather than a bang. This is why it is important to look to an anti-flatulence diet rather than considering the more drastic solutions that may come in pill form. Those solutions are there for more acute situations, and are best applied only when the choice between side-effects and a more severe problem has become too one-sided to ignore.

4. The problem that occurs with a drastic solution to flatulence when a more refined solution would work is similar to the analogy of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Yes, the nut has been cracked, but there are other tools which would do the job and have considerably less chance of causing “collateral damage”. When you use a stronger solution designed for long-term chronic flatulence to solve a small problem, you risk a vicious circle where the side-effects make the cure less worthwhile.

5. An Inconvenient Truth

You may like your diet just the way it is, and it may be that you would miss the things that cause flatulence were you to stop eating them. The alternative, however, is that a few years down the line you will need to change your diet anyway, and the changes will be so drastic that you will suddenly find that nothing you enjoy is on the menu for you. In such cases it is wise to let your head rule both your heart and your stomach, and eat to avoid problems, rather than waiting for chronic flatulence.

DonJoy Knee Supports & Braces

Knee braces have been an essential part of protecting and healing knee injuries for years. DonJoy has created knee braces for all types of sports encounters and injuries, such as patella dislocation, tendonitis, meniscus injuries and tearing of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament. DonJoy has also developed knee braces for people suffering from arthritis to alleviate pain in day-to-day activities. Some braces have soft hinges, some have rigid hinges, but which one to choose? Physical therapist, sports trainers, orthopedist or general physicians can recommend the proper brace to be worn depending on the severity of the injury and the weakness of the joint to be protected.

DonJoy knee supports are very popular in the sports world. It is common to see professional athletes with a DonJoy brace strapped on their knees at professional sporting events. In fact, many members of the NFL and Olympic athletes rely on these braces to keep them in the game. Not only do DonJoy knee supports help these athletes alleviate pain during training, but also minimize the chances of the athletes suffering from a new knee injury.

DonJoy has established itself as a leader in the knee brace market by leading production innovation with technology that is designed to help protect and heal knee injuries. DonJoy offers two unique product features that provide patients even more protection from injuries: Four-Points-of-Leverage and the FourPoint hinge.

The Four-Points-of-Leverage technology is one of DonJoy’s most well-known product advancements. The Four-Points-of-Leverage was developed and patented by DonJoy and makes DonJoy braces the best knee brace on the market because its been proven to help prevent ACL injuries. Knee braces equipped with Four-Points-of-Leverage include special hinges and straps which protect the knee by placing all pressure and impact around the actual knee, in areas such as the front thigh above the knee, the back of the thigh, the shin bone and the calf. During flexion, the Four-Points-of-Leverage brace hinge will direct the pressure to the shin bone, and supported by the other muscles as previously indicated, pressure becomes located around the knee so that the knee joint ligaments, especially the ACL, are protected from the strain. Four-Points-of-Leverage braces should be used to protect a weak knee or a sprained ligament from further damage, pre-surgery and to help heal the soft tissues post-surgery.

Another unique offering provided by DonJoy Knee Braces is the FourcePoint hinge, which is a technology that heightens the level of protection for the ACL. The FourcePoint hinge is the only hinge design that is clinically proven to protect the ACL from injury. This special hinge works with a leaf spring mechanism. How this technology works is it applies resistance (1, 2, 4 and 6 lbs.) gradually when the knee is at the last 25° of extension, thereby reducing the exposure to injury in the at-risk position of 60° flexion.

Always discuss the purchases of knee braces or any other kind of sports medicine products with your physician or medical professional. Your health professional can suggest the right brace or support for you, depending on your status.

Dettol Antiseptic

Dettol is the name of the brand which is an antiseptic liquid disinfectant manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser and is one of the most popular hygiene products in the world. This antiseptic liquid is light yellow in color and turns milky white when dissolved in water. People generally buy dettol from any store which sells hygiene products as dettol products in form of soap, hand-wash, dettol liquid, dettol antiseptic liquid and dettol hand sanitizer.

Dettol acquires its antiseptic properties from an aromatic chemical compound known as chloroxylenol which is also present in all the dettol products but in varying quantities. The maximum concentration of this chemical compound is present in the dettol antiseptic liquid which also contains other ingredients like pine oil, castor oil and caramel many of which are insoluble in water. It is due to this reason that when a few drops of the dettol antiseptic liquid are added to water they form a white emulsion instead of dissolving completely. Another reason as to why people buy dettol is that not only are all the dettol products non-toxic in nature but are comparatively cheaper than most of their counterparts.

As hygiene products, dettol products can be broadly classified into two broad categories namely the products meant for home and the products meant for the family. While the first category include the dettol hand-wash, the liquid and the hand sanitizer, the second category includes dettol products which contribute towards one’s personal hygiene and first aid like the dettol soap and the dettol antiseptic liquid. The dettol hand-wash can be purchased in five fragrances namely moisture, nourish, refresh, soothe and cleanse and after being used it leaves the hands soft, moisturized and free from bacteria thereby making it ideal for being used in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms. The dettol liquid is a safe and effective concentrated antiseptic disinfectant which is ideal for being used in addition to one’s detergent while washing one’s laundry. This is due to the fact that it not only kills germs but can also be used as a disinfectant around the house.

Dettol is one of the world’s largest suppliers of hygiene products and hence featuring dettol products is in accordance with its reputation, image and philosophy. Individuals who wish to buy dettol products from outlets would find the dettol foam hand sanitizer along with a dispenser, a refill cartridge and a chrome hand sanitizing station.

How To Dress Glamorous

We all want to achieve that glamour-puss look, every once in a while, think Marilyn Monroe, Brigit Bardot, Grace Kelly and Juliette Moore. It has a lot to do with confidence and attitude but there are also many tricks that you can pull off with your clothes to make doors start opening at your wake.

To go glamorous why not opt for that old-school sense like Sophia Loren, its all long ball gowns in opulent or pretty colours think, wine, poppy and emerald. Opt for thigh split dresses or sweet-heart neck-lines that show-case your sexy legs, collar-bone and neck. If you are young and have a figure to die for then why not opt for a short mini-dress that is sensual and shows off your gorgeous curves. Style with sexy stilettos, drop earrings and for the ultimate in sexy siren chic oft for a fake fur coat or stool.

Perhaps you would prefer to look subtler, a more urban sense of glamour think Audrey Hepburn, that wealthy New York kind of aesthetic. To get this look opt for bateaux neck-lines with pencil styles that fall just below the knee, think the new midi-length. Also pussy-bow ties and turned back-cuffs that give a real elegant, rich professional look that is very sought for the demure city gal. Go for a neutral, timeless colour palette that will never tire think black, blue, white, nude and khaki. Also precious fabrics are also very important, so think rich silk, eco-jersey and even a touch of cashmere. Maxi dresses are also a must-have for that casual sense of urban chic. Style with over-sized sunglasses, gorgeous silk scarves and look-at-me hand-bags.

In order to be truly glamorous you need to know what clothes look good on you. So don’t opt for sexy body-con if you’re a pear shaped lady, as this isn’t going to celebrate your assets. If you want to become a pro at glamour dressing than you will need to know about colour combining, its all about knowing what colours go together and what don’t. So think nude and chocolate, grey and white and black and white. Try not to go for the colour clash concept that it is big right now as this is not particularly flattering and is more trend-led. Its important to feel comfortable, glamorous clothes do not have to be eccentric, its all about good fit and proportion, so why not opt for made-to-measure.

Black Spots in the Eye – Cause and Natural Treatment

Black spots in the eye are pretty common and in most cases aren’t serious. They are otherwise known as floaters as they have the tendency to float around in and out of the field of vision. They are generally more noticeable when in a light environment (for example being outside in the sunshine) and when looking at light surfaces. The shape, behaviour and size of the floaters vary from person to person – some people have described them as being similar to roads on the map, whilst others compare them to a large number of small circular grains.

Whilst the cause of these black spots haven’t been proven despite many studies, scientists believe that the shadows or black spots that you see in your eyesight are caused by dead cells (including red and white blood cells) and small particles of vitreous protein that are dark enough to cast a shadow on the retina.

Seriousness of Black Spots in the Eye

In the majority of cases, floaters are nothing to be worried about and can be nothing more than a minor irritation. However, if you’ve suddenly experienced a rapid accumulation of black spots over a short period of time then some studies suggest that you may have more permanent damage such as a retina break or a haemorrhage in the vitreous body of the eye. In this case you seek the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist without delay.

In some instances the black floaters can be prominent enough to obscure the vision of an individual even to the point of disabling that person. Again, it is recommended that you seek professional advice regarding the condition just to make sure that you don’t a more serious underlying problem.

Options for Treatment

There are a number of things that you can do to remove the black spots from your vision. The most effective method is surgery however it is quite an invasive procedure, doesn’t come without risk, costs quite a lot of money and should be taken through private healthcare and requires substantial recovery time after the operation. I would only recommend that this option is considered if the black floaters are hampering your vision to the point of being a disability.

Natural means of removing floaters are being increasingly used and many people have reported good results from supplementation of various substances that are used within the eye to promote healing and the production of new tissue. The most successful results have been obtained by combining a series of eye exercises (usually following William Bates’ guidelines) with supplementation of substances like lutein.

In Summary

The large majority who suffer from black spots in the eye don’t have anything to worry about for the long term health of their eye or vision. If you’re starting to feel that your floaters are hampering your vision in certain situations then it’s certainly worth experimenting with natural ways to remove them as results can usually be attained within as little as a few weeks. More serious vision obscuring floaters that have appeared abruptly could well be a sign of an underlying retina break or haemorrhage and professional advice should be sought immediately.

Smoking-Related Illnesses

There is no doubt that smoking causes other illnesses that ranges from the minor sickness to the most fatal illnesses such as lung cancer and cardiac arrest. But despite of this, smokers worldwide continue to grow worldwide and tobacco manufactures continue to get rich. Smoking related illnesses would not stop smokers from puffing in the deadly substance in cigarettes and tobacco manufacturers will not stop from producing these deadly substances. Are the following smoking related illnesses not fatal enough to make a smoker stop the habit?

The most predominant smoking related illness is heart disease. The harmful substances inhaled by smokers harden the arteries which speed up the blood clotting. Once the arteries are clogged cardiovascular diseases called thrombosis which can either be coronary or cerebral. Coronary thrombosis leads to heart attack due to the clogging of the veins supplying blood to the heart. Cerebral thrombosis is caused by the clogging of the veins connected to the brain which can cause collapse, stroke or paralysis.

The second most predominant smoking related illness is cancer which does not only affect the lungs but the throat and mouth as well. Lung cancer is the deadliest smoking related illness of all and will most likely affect smokers than non-smokers. Statistics show that 90% of smokers develop lung cancer and 1 out of ten moderate smokers and 1 out of five heavy smokers will die of lung cancer. A scary thought indeed which should be enough to discourage smokers from continuing the habit. But apparently not enough. Aside from lung cancer, other smoking related illness causing cancer can also be developed due to smoking. This includes cancer of the bladder, cancer of the kidneys and cancer of the pancreas.

Another smoking related illnesses which is getting rampant among smokers is the chronic pulmonary diseases which is due the blocking of airflow and causes difficulty in breathing. Two of the most common chronic pulmonary disease is emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema is a deadly smoking related illnesses which is due to the damage brought about by smoking to the air sacs. While bronchitis is a smoking related illnesses which is characterized by continuous coughing with mucus for several months. One thing to note about chronic pulmonary diseases is that they occur during the later ages of a smoker’s life.

Other smoking related diseases are not as rampant as cancer, heart or pulmonary disease but they are nonetheless fatal and enough reason to quit smoking. These smoking related illnesses are high blood pressure, fertility problems, asthma, and eye damages such as cataracts and lost of eyesight, dental problems, ulcers, and over all physical appearance.

Lastly, smokers are not the only people susceptible to smoking related illnesses. Second hand smoke or those people who are exposed to the smoke breathe out by smokers are can also develop smoking related illnesses which can be as fatal with that of the actual smokers. Babies and young children with smoking parents are the most affected by second hand smoke.

Dental Clinic in Dubai

For many years now, many are already relying on medical tourism for cost-effective cosmetic surgery. After that, medical tourism has further expanded its wings and now cover non-cosmetic areas like orthopedic, hernias, cataracts, heart surgery, dentistry and a lot more. Medical tourism hubs offer high quality medical treatment at a very reasonable price. Its offered practicality makes this medical buzz a growing trend all over the world. Its very unique nature is actually attributed to the merging of the health care industry and also the tourism industry. So what really makes medical tourism really popular? The main reason for its popularity is that offers topnotch medical services at affordable budget. If you are itching to know the countries that known for medical tourism, then be glad that Dubai is included as the fast emerging sought after medical tourism destination.

So if you are currently enjoying the sights and buildings in Dubai, then you can also visit the other clinics in this city including the dental clinics. Dubai is rich in professional and good dentists that will sure lighten your worries regarding many dental problems. It is common that people especially the children are afraid of visiting a dentist. Rest assured that while in Dubai you can find the best dentists in town. You can even ask locals for feedback regarding the best dental clinic in Dubai. Ask for dentists that would take care of all your dental needs and if you have found the right dentist for you, then you can’t go wrong. You can now smile all your dental problems away.

When looking for a dental clinic in Dubai, there are several factors you need to consider first. For a start, you need to know the educational qualifications of the dentist. Most clinics display where a particular doctor graduated. If you think that this doctor is reliable enough, then you have accomplished your first task in finding the ideal dentist for you.

The main reason why dentists are feared by many because of the pain associated with every dental procedure. Every person has different levels of pain tolerance. Because of this, sedation dentistry has helped you lessen the pain for every procedure. Sedation dentistry is really important especially if these factors are present: long procedures, involuntary movements of patients, young patients and those that easily suffer from panic attacks. The sedatives used to have a painless dental procedure can be oral, topical, or intravenous. So, if you have low tolerance to pain and to any dental procedure, then you need to find a dental clinic in Dubai that offers sedation dentistry. A capable dentist will know first if the sedative would fit the procedure and also you. Right away tell the dentists if you have any allergy so the dentist will know the solution.

If you are bothered with your dental problems while on a visit in the magnificent city of Dubai, also take time to visit the dental clinics in this city so you can mix your pleasure and at the same time address your dental needs.

Fitting in Fitness

Congratulations. You have kick-started or geared up your exercise program. But how do you retain this newfound fitness when you go back to your daily routine? Do you have what it takes to keep up with the life enhancing habits that you are now becoming accustomed to? I hope that some of these simple tips will be useful to you to assist you in maintaining your fitness program. Of course, always honor your body and make any modifications or adjustments to these fit tips that are appropriate for you. Feel free to flex your creative muscles by coming up with your own fit tips and be sure to share them.

It is great if you can get to a gym and workout for an hour a day, five days a week. But sometimes in the real world, your schedule or perhaps even your energy level may not permit logging in hours at a gym. That is why it is so important to make a habit of incorporating fitness into your day. Even five or ten minute increments of exercise done five or ten times throughout the course of your day will result in increased fitness levels. When you couple this with a brisk walk, a weight room workout or stretch class, all the better for you.

In order to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy cardiovascular system you must increase your heart rate. Try to do something that makes you break a sweat every single day. A cumulative time of thirty minutes or more is better, but if you can only fit in ten, at least you get that.

    * Make a habit of parking at the end of the parking lot and walk a little faster to your destination.

    * Increase your stride – take longer, quicker steps everywhere you go.

    * (Assuming you are in a safe place), take the stairs instead of the elevator. You might even want to try to walk up two steps at a time instead of just one.

    * At your office building, take the stairs up a flight or two to use a restroom on a different level.

    * If you are at the mall, park near the store the farthest from the one you want to go to. Every step counts.

    * If you take a bus or train somewhere, get off a stop sooner and walk the rest of the distance.v
    * Brown bag a healthy lunch and enjoy it at the park after a brisk walk.

    * Instead of lounging in the pool, why not do some water aerobics. Sit on a noodle; move your legs like you are bicycling around the pool. There are an endless number of exercises you can come up with. Flex your creative muscles at the same time.

    * Volunteer to walk the dog (or your neighbor’s dog – you can make a new friend in the process).

    * While watching television, spend a couple minutes marching in place, doing knee-kicks or half-jumping jacks.

    * Turn the radio up and dance around while you are cleaning the house. Really exaggerate your movements and allow your body to feel good.

You also want to be strong, increase your bone density and rev up your metabolism by participating in strength training. Hand weights can be purchased very inexpensively or you can use water bottles, books or many other items found around your home or workplace for resistance. Isometric exercises (where you tighten a muscle and hold the contraction) are also very effective and you do not necessarily need to use weights at all. The following are some ideas to help you slip some body toning exercises into your daily routine. When performed with very light or no weights, these exercises can be performed on a daily basis. Many of the following exercises can be done in public places. In certain instances you may want to be alone when performing these exercises or at least inform any observers that your are fitting in fitness into your daily routine and invite the to join you. If you have a question about the proper form of any exercise, please speak to a qualified fitness professional.

Lower Body:

    * When you go to sit down in the chair, just before your bottom touches the seat, hold for a second or two, then sit down.

    * If you are walking down a long hallway, perhaps at work, at an appointment or in an apartment building, do lunge walks. (Take a step with your right leg, bend the left knee straight down towards the ground, straighten the left knee, and step the left foot forward to meet the right. Repeat taking a step with the left leg and allowing the right leg to lunge. Build up to walking the entire length of the hallway.)

    * While in (or waiting for an elevator) take the opportunity to do some squats or lunges.

    * Holding onto a reception desk, or the back of a chair or do not hold on to anything at all if you want to work on your balance: bring the leg forward and bend and straighten the knee – feel this in the front of the leg; bring the leg behind you and bend and straighten the knee; you can also point the toe and/or turn the toe out to the side and lift that straight leg behind you – feel this in the back of the leg and gluteal area; lift the straight leg out to the side and make circles in each direction – feel this in the hips; lift the legs out to the side to work the outer thighs and across the mid-line of the body to work the inner thighs. You should notice that the standing leg is also getting a great workout. Make sure you do this on each leg.


    * During every other commercial on television for a one hour period of time, get down on the floor and do a different core building exercise such as abdominal crunches, holding a plank pose, side crunches, walking with the legs in the air, get on your hands and knees and alternatively lift the right arm and left leg and then the left arm and right leg, etc. You will be in great shape in no time.

    * Just getting down on the floor and then getting back up may be a challenge and is a good test of your physical fitness. Take some time each day to get down on the floor. Make it a game and play with your kids or grandkids or a pet.

    * While seated in a chair, (at work, in the kitchen or maybe while your are sitting in a booth a your favorite health food restaurant) support your lower back by placing your hands by your side and either hold your legs straight out in front of you or you can challenge yourself by making a walking movement with your legs.

Upper Body:

    * When you are down on the floor during a commercial on television, you might as well do a set or two of 10-12 push-ups. Modified push-ups (the ones where you bend your knees) are okay too.

    * You can also sneak in some push-ups against a wall or using the edge of a desk or table.

    * You can use a dictionary or a jug of water instead of a weight to add resistance when doing a bicep curl (hold a book with both hands, arms are straight down, keep your elbows close to your body, bend the elbows so the book goes from mid-leg to upper chest.) Start out with two sets of 10-15 repetitions.

    * Holding a book or a bottle of water in each hand, with your arms out to the side, the elbows bent and your hands about the height of your ears, push the arms straight up to the ceiling (but do not lock your elbows) then slowly bring the arms back down to return to the starting position.

    * Work your triceps with the help of a stable chair or a desk or table. Sitting on the edge of the chair bring your hands to the edge, right next to your thighs with your fingers pointing out. Move your bottom off of the chair and then bend and straighten the elbows.

Yogic activities including stretching, breathing and a concentration or meditation practice will help you to relieve stress, improve mental focus, enhance your flexibility and develop your balance. Again, it is best to learn about correct form from a fitness professional. Trust your own instincts and get to know what is good for your body and then do it!


    * You can point and flex the feet and circle the ankles in each direction while lying down, sitting in a chair at work, chatting with a friend over cards or while standing up and getting a balance challenge at the same time.

    * Stretch the back with a pelvic tilt when lying down. You can also get on your hands and knees and round and release your spine. From a standing position, lean forward with a flat back and slowly roll up to a stand, one vertebra at a time, neck is last.

    * Open your hips by coming to the front of a kitchen or office chair, cross one leg over the other, so that the outside ankle of one leg comes to the knee of the other, then lengthen through the back as you lean forward.

    * After spending time holding the phone up with one shoulder, counter balance by stretching the opposite ear to the opposite shoulder as the one that you were holding the phone with.


    * First thing in the morning, before getting out of bed, take several breaths, visualize what you want to achieve then focus your mind on having a great day.

    *Before you accept a phone call, take a long, deep breath and then exhale with a sigh (Aaaahhhh).

    * From time to time during the course of your day, just stop. Take a moment to be in the present. Taste what you are eating, feel what you are touching, notice what you are thinking.

    * If you are sitting in traffic (you might want to put the car in park first), take a deep breath in, as you exhale, roar like a lion (Rroooaaaarrr) while at the same time splaying open the fingers, open your eyes really wide, open your mouth and stick out your tongue.

    * Take a break. Find a serene place and just spend a couple of minutes being grateful.

    * Before bed, just allow your mind to be quiet. Allow your awareness to follow the breath in and out, like a gentle wave on the shoreline. Silently repeat a positive affirmation and program yourself to sleep well.

Aerobics, strength training, flexibility training and relaxation are all key components of fitness. It is important that you find the right balance for you. Find different activities that you enjoy and do them every day. Change up your routine from time to time so that you stay motivated and help your body to stay fit. Find ways to sneak fitness into your daily schedule and you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier life.

Herbs Glossary

There are several types of herbs. One of the most common classifications is according to their use. We can have aromatic, culinary, ornamental and medicinal herbs.

Below you will find a list of medicinal herbs and their benefits. You can use them as a guide so that you know what to do with them or just to pick which one you could plant in your backyard.

Here is the list:

o Angelica: Digestive. Good for acid stomach.

o Anise star: Antispasmodic. Carminative. Antiflatulent.

o Anise seed: Flatulence. Digestive. Antispasmodic. Menstrual cramps. Bad breath. Increases secretion of maternal milk.

o Cumin: Carminative. Diuretic. Increases maternal milk production.

o Dill: acidity. Carminative. Gastroenterology.

o Echinacea: Increases defenses. Flues. Colds. Anti-inflammatory medication.

o Eucalyptus: Bronchitis. Colds. Whooping cough. Chronic catarrh.

o Ginkgo biloba: Circulatory stimulant. Arteriosclerosis. Senile dementia. Alzheimer’s disease. Varicose. Phlebitis. Hemorrhoids.

o Ginseng: Anti-stress. Aphrodisiac. It’s invigorating. Revitalize. Increases physical and mental endurance.

o Guarana: Anti-stress. Revitalize. Energizing. Afrodisicao. Immunostimulant.

o Fennel: Carminative. Bad breath. Increase production of breast milk. Anti-inflammatory medication.

o Hamamelis: Antihemorroids. Varicose. Phlebitis. Astringent. External use for sprains and bruises.

o Hyssop: Expectorant. Carminative.

o Joint grass: Purifier. Diuretic. Cystitis. Urethritis.

o Juniper: Diuretic. Rheumatism. Gout. Antiseptic.

o Lavender: Expectorant. Fortifying.

o Chamomile: Antispasmodic. Decongestant. Sedative.

o Melissa: Antispasmodic. Insomnia.

o Mint: Carminative. Antispasmodic. Bronchitis. Sinusitis.

o Mustard: Asthma. Rheumatic pains. Neuralgia. Aphrodisiac.

o Nettle: Blood purifier. Diuretic. Treatment of hair loss.

o Rosemary: Strengthens memory. Digestive tonic. Dandruff. Hair loss. Dermatitis. Eczemas.

o Rue: Stomach and intestinal stimulant.

o Thyme: Colds.. Sinusitis. Antacid. Migraines. Dizziness. Nausea. Capillary stimulant. Skin infections. Sores, chilblains, ulcers, dermatitis. Bronchitis.

o Valerian: nervous sedative. Insomnia. Depression, anxiety, nervous tics.

Singers Should Be Aware of the Causes of a Sore Throat

We singers often worry about the causes of sore throat. And generally, we have to think more than most people do about preserving our voices.

I know only too well the disappointment that comes with feeling that telltale tiny spot of pain starting in my throat.

For me, the inflammation usually begins on the left side – near my tonsil and the soreness gradually spreads across the nasal area to the other tonsil. At some point, day two or three, the soreness usually stops and “the cold symptoms” (runny nose, sneezing etc.) begin…

What are the causes of sore throat? And what are some of the well-known (and less well known) sore throat remedies?

In most cases, a sore throat is caused by a virus that soon goes away without any drugs. But there are many causes of sore throat. Some of them, including strep throat, need to be treated by a doctor.

From a Singer’s Perspective

I am not a medical doctor (although my mother-in-law calls me “Dr. Tuna” due to my great interest in health), so my intention is not to give you medical advice. Instead I am going to tell you what I know about virus-caused sore throats from my long years of experience as both a professional singer and a teacher.

Singers get sore throats most often due to:

– a virus

– over-singing (singing too much)

– singing badly (for example: pushing the chest voice too high for too long, screaming etc.)

– shouting at events (which can cause a sore throat or laryngitis)

Over-singing and Shouting

In the case of over-singing and shouting, vocal rest is imperative. Do not sing or talk much for a day or so until your throat feels better. And try not to over-sing or shout very often.

If you consistently get a sore throat with normal day-to-day singing, you need to look carefully at your technique and find ways to relieve throat tension, and/or correct a wrong use of registers (pushing your chest voice too high and/or straining your head voice etc.).

But there really is nothing like the sore throat that comes with a virus because when you feel that particular pain developing, you can often expect to be out of commission for a week or so. (If the soreness persists much longer than a week, you should see a doctor.)

But sometimes you really have to perform. And the question arises… Should I sing even though I have this sore throat?

I suggest to my students that if their throat is sore due to a virus, (and we all know what that means), that they should not sing at all – but wait until the soreness has gone and the virus has progressed to the “Ok. Now I have a cold” stage before trying to sing again. And then sing only if you really need to.

When you sing with a sore throat, you risk bringing on laryngitis. And that can put you out of singing condition for much longer than a cold.

So how do you treat a sore throat due to a virus?

A doctor will not prescribe any drugs. S/he will tell you drink plenty of fluids (warm water is best) and rest as much as possible.

What Are Some Other Sore Throat Remedies?

Here is what I do:

– As soon as I know that I have a sore throat due to a virus, I start to gargle with warm salt water 2 – 3 times a day. (A teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of warm water.)

– I usually take pain killer – tylenol or ibuprophen – once or twice a day when the pain it at its worst.

– I put 5 or 6 drops of Oregano Oil (found in health food stores) into a teaspoon of olive oil and gargle with it once or twice a day.

– I also steam my face a couple of times a day. Pour boiling water into a large bowl or pan. Place your face over the pan. Use a towel to keep the steam going in the direction of your nose, taking care not to burn yourself. Breathe in those vapors for about 10 minutes.

– I forgive myself and relax about having a cold. I cancel all singing for a couple of days and get a lot of extra rest.

Over the years, I have found that these simple things have shortened the duration of my cold symptoms and sore throats overall, and made the cold process much less severe.

Keep in mind that you are likely to suffer fewer such problems if you eat well, sleep well and cut down on stress.

The Causes Of Halitosis Unveiled!

It’s that repulsive oral odor. It’s that stinky smell coming out of someone’s mouth, maybe even your own. Yes I am referring to that culprit commonly known as bad breath. Bad breath is not a simple condition that you can easily shrug off or ignore. Although it does not always cause serious dental and medical conditions, it can bring you more trouble than you expected. Bad breath is a major source of embarrassment and a condition that can damage your confidence. It comes wafting out of your mouth and the whiff causes the people you talk to in close proximity to cover their noses, or back off a bit. It is not only embarrassing but disturbing as well. If you’re a perpetrator, this unfortunate condition can cause you to feel psychologically and emotionally dejected.

If you’ve been on the receiving end, you will know what it’s like when you’ve come across or even know someone who suffers from this curse. Maybe it is the person you are in a relationship with. It could be someone who is a dear friend, a colleague or an acquaintance. Bad breath is arguably a problem of epidemic proportions. But how does this personal and social nuisance come about in the first place?

Why Bad Breath Occurs

The most common cause why bad breath (medically referred to as halitosis) comes about is due to food particles that linger in the mouth. These become trapped in between the teeth, and the debris in the lining of the mouth and on the tongue. There are bacteria that function to prevent bad bacteria from forming. However, when you don’t clean your mouth and teeth to get rid of these particles, bad bacteria known as sulphur compounds start to build up and multiply. These sulphur compounds cause your breath to smell foul and wreak its havoc on unfortunate others.

Lack of water intake is another cause for bad breath. “Dry mouth” is where bad bacteria multiply themselves because of a lack of saliva inside the mouth. The function of saliva is to assist in the natural cleansing of the mouth. Without it to keep the sulphur compounds at bay, the mouth is defenseless against an assault by the offending bacteria.

Smoking also causes your breath to smell bad. It does this because it deprives the mouth of oxygen. In addition, nicotine and tar form on the teeth, and inside the mouth, including the gums and tongue. Not only that, smoking can cause tartar and plaque to build up and this is another reason why a smoker’s breath smells so bad.

Another reason for bad breath is due to infections such as tonsillitis, sinusitis, and other similar conditions. Infections themselves are carriers of compounds which are absorbed in the mouth and cause the breath to smell bad. Aside from this, there are certain medical conditions that trigger halitosis such as kidney problems, diabetes, periodontitis, and others.

In addition, a person taking prescription drugs can be a candidate for suffering from halitosis. There are a wide variety of prescription drugs, which when taken orally, cause the breath to smell bad.

Knowledge Is Power!

So we can see how much of a problem bad breath is and why it happens to unfortunate people far and wide. We can also better understand what particular conditions and habits can enable a bad breath problem to flare up. Thankfully there are products out there that can help alleviate and cure chronic bad breath problems.