Brain Tumor – The Symptoms and Diagnosis

The signs of brain tumor depend on the size, location and type of tumor. Symptoms may appear whenever a tumor pushes a nerve or injures a particular area in the brain. They can also be caused if the brain enlarges or fluids build up in the skull.

Majority of the common signs of brain cancers are the following:

– Headaches (regularly worse at daybreak)

– Vomiting or nausea

– Problems in walking or balancing

– Changes in personality, mood or capacity to contemplate

– Memory problems

– Changes in vision, hearing or speech

– Muscle trembling or jerking

– Numbness or itchy feeling in legs or arms

If the symptoms indicate that there is indication of brain cancer, the doctor can do any of the subsequent procedures as basis of its diagnosis:

– Physical examination – the doctor examines general sign of health

– Neurologic examination – the physician checks the attentiveness, strength of muscle, reflexes, coordination and reaction to pain. The eyes are also examined to find out if there is any swelling due to the tumor pushing the nerve which attaches the brain and eyes.

– CT scan – an x-ray apparatus connected to computer which takes series of thorough pictures of a head. The patient is given an injection of special tint in order that the brain can be seen visibly in the picture. The picture may show growths or tumors inside the brain.

– MRI – a forceful magnet attached to computer which makes comprehensive pictures of sections in the body. These pictures are shown on a screen and can be printed also. Sometimes, a particular dye is inserted in order to help illustrate differences in the various tissues inside the brain.

The following tests are also considered to help diagnose brain tumor:

• Angiogram – a particular dye is injected to the bloodstream and runs in the blood vessels inside the brain in order for them to appear on x-ray. If a growth is present, it can be seen by the doctor.

• Skull x-ray – various forms of brain cancers cause calcium accumulation inside the brain or changes on the bones in the skull. Through x-ray, changes can be checked.

• Spinal tap – the physician may take a sample of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid – a fluid that fills up the spaces around the brain as well as the spinal cord). This is done with use of local anesthesia. The spinal tap can be done around thirty minutes. The patient lies flat within several hours after extraction of CSF to avoid headache. Laboratory test is done to check for the presence of cancer cells and other indications of problems.

• Myelogram – refers to the x-ray of the spine or spinal cord. Spinal tap is done by injecting a special dye in the cerebrospinal fluid. The patient tilts to let the dye combine to the fluid. This procedure assists the doctor discover cancer on the spinal cord.

• Biopsy – it is the removal of sample of tissue to search for cancer cells. The pathologist examines the cells under the microscope in order to verify abnormal cells. A biopsy may show tumor, tissue changes which might lead to tumor and other situations. This is the surest way in diagnosing brain cancer.

Causes of Cold Sores- Best Remedies For Cold Sores

What Causes A Cold Sore?

A cold sore is a fluid-filled blister which usually appears at the edge of the lips. It is an infection which is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) which is lying dormant in nerve cells supplying your lips and the surrounding skin. A cold sore is the herpes virus on your lip. Cold sore is contagious, meaning it can be can spread by direct contact such as a kiss, or through contact with an infected towel, toothbrush, food utensils, and any other shared things. It is painful, embarrassing and very frustrating. It also has a high tendency to come back or recur on the same spot. When you start feeling a tingle it means the cold sore is at the early stages. The next symptom of a cold sore is the open sore. It’s important to begin treating the area where the cold sore is forming, immediately.

What Are Some Remedies For Cold Sores?

One of the home remedies that can be applied to relive a cold sore is ice, hold ice or a cold drink to the area. Another natural home remedy to relieve a cold sore is the application of a tea bag, which contains tannic acid with anti viral properties. Both of the herbal antiseptics Sage and Tea Tree Oil and also the herbal sedative Violet has been suggested as a treatment for cold sores. Please remember that herbal treatments must be used appropriately, and therefore should only be used in response to a recommendation by a health care professional. There are over-the-counter treatments like Abreva, but who wants to spend that kind of money. In addition Zovirax is a well known treatment but it may not work for everybody.

Try using Aquaphor or a little bit of Carmex. I know some people who use Neosporin at night which seems to help. I have heard very good things about Olive Leaf Extract as well.


There is no effective preventative treatment for cold sores, although applying lip salve before going out in the sun may help prevent an outbreak. I have noticed that if I take lysine once a day it will help to prevent them. Actually lysine is one of the main ingredients in most cold sore treatments. Unfortunately, most of the time cold sore is annoying due to its ugly appearance, pains and discomforts. If the cold sore is not healing after 10 days, contact a doctor. Click on the link below for more information on natural remedies for cold sores.

Dangerous Allergies

As a boy growing up, I often sneezed for no reason and sometimes had a problem with my breathing. In college, to take advantage of a free screening program, I subjected myself to twenty patch tests. It turned out that I was allergic to house dust, phosphates, mold spores, mildew and of all things, my own bacteria.

I found out about phosphates the hard way. I read somewhere that bat guano made good fertilizer. If followed that the 20,000 bats that lived in our attic must produce plenty of fertilizer for my garden (four tomato plants). After ten minutes I collected about five pounds of “fertilizer” and two minutes later my throat closed up completely, cutting off my supply of air. I started for the stairs but fell as I entered the second step. Thankfully, my mother heard the bumping noise and came running. She breathed into my mouth and pumped my chest until I could breathe again. I later found out that the benefit of bat guano as fertilizer is from its phosphate content.

Just as serious was a bout of poison ivy. In the woods around our house grew poison ivy vines with trunks as big as my arm and extending thirty feet into the air. These mature plants produced small red berries in July. My brother and I used them as ammunition for our blow pipes, peppering the birds and cats and whatever else we could hit. The next day, my brother turned a brilliant red and itched all over. I had the same symptoms, but because I was allergic to poison ivy, my body broke out in the well-known vesicles. Every inch of my body was affected except my scalp and eyeballs. It took two months in bed sipping drinks through a straw and staring at the ceiling. At my weakest moment I contracted a case of   pleurisy  pneumonia. A new drug called penicillin saved

my life. At the end of the two months, my body gradually lost its swollen look and new, pink skin appeared. None of our guests recognized me when I appeared for the first time downstairs.

Ten years later, an Army sergeant told me to climb into the rafters of the radio building and vacuum the dust on the beams. My warnings of the danger to my health only convinced him that I didn’t like the job. Fifteen minutes later, he had to take me to the hospital.

A small, but sudden temperature drop at about sixty-five degrees triggers a catalyst in my blood causing me to sneeze. Usually I try to avoid going outside at dusk because that is when mold spores are released from the damp earth. But one time the mold and mildew spores almost killed me. A

few years ago my breathing ability started to decline. Over-the-counter medication alleviated the symptoms somewhat, but after a month of suffering, I admitted that I needed professional help. A short walk of only ten feet had me gasping for breath! A shocked allergist tried to admit me into the hospital but I wouldn’t go. She finally agreed to treat me at home and in her office on a strict regimen of steroids and rest. I required three weeks of treatments on a breathing machine before I could breathe normally. The cause turned out to be a water problem in the cellar where I worked. Continual dampness under the carpeting grew a huge colony of mold and mildew. The owners ripped out the carpet but I didn’t stay long enough to see it done.

Knowing the root of your allergy problems can go a long way toward living with them. If you are an allergic person, don’t put off having yourself tested for the exact cause. It could save your life.

Do Not Become Weary in Serving the Lord

The only hope we have to survive the present and coming moral downfall of society is to continue to serve The Lord, even though it sometimes feels hopeless.

The other day I watched the news on CNC. The reporter was attacking Governor Moore from Alabama, who is fighting to have the 10 commandments put back into the Court House. Governor Moore was standing up for God, and what is right, and he was being persecuted.

On the same channel, five minutes later, there was a report on a new movie coming out. The clip advertising the movie, contained the words, “Jesus Christ”, said as profanity! When I heard this I became discouraged. “Evil is becoming so common”, I thought, “How will we ever be able to keep goodness in the world? How will the Gospel of Jesus Christ ever survive?”

I got down on my knees and talked to my Father-In-Heaven and told him “the fight is too hard and I am so weak and how can I keep fighting against evil and continue to promote his goodness, with so much opposition?” It felt, to me, like those of us who believe in God, have no power, and that evil was just taking over.

As I pleaded with the Lord for answers, a thought came to my mind, which took away my worry and sadness and replaced it with a feeling of excitement, joy and of hope. I had a renewed conviction that I could endure and continue my fight for good!

The thought was this. ” You are on the right side, in the war of good and evil. You cannot loose! Remember this: Christ is coming again! You are being given the opportunity to prepare the earth for his second coming. Evil will not win out. With my help, good will win out, so keep fighting against evil and for the good. Keep doing what is right, with a sure knowledge you are doing what you should and that you will make a difference. You don’t need to worry. Good, which is God, will win out in the end. Satan is strong and having his time now, but he will be stopped, and when he is stopped, you will be on the right side, and you will know the Savior, when he comes.”

This answer to my prayer and the understanding I received from my Father-in-Heaven brought me comfort.

For those of you who do feel despair, do not become weary in serving The Lord. It is our only hope. I know God The Father and His Son Jesus Christ are in control and we don’t need to worry. We may find it hard to hang on and do the right thing but we must not give up, because God is with us and He needs our help. We are fighting for the right, and will have the strength and help we need to keep going.

With God on our side we can fight evil and bring goodness to our world. We can endure to the end and be numbered among the righteous who will be present at the Savior’s glorious return!

Cigarette Smoking and the Effects on Children

Today, children are at great health risk and danger from cigarette and tobacco smoke aside from the young teenagers and adults who are active as well as passive smokers. Children belong to a high risk group as they get exposed to passive smoke, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or better known as the second hand smoke. Cigarette smoking effect on children is very dangerous because at a very young age, they are still in the developing age and also their breathing rate is faster than the adults.

Children’s breathing rate is much faster than the adults. An adolescent or young adult breathes around 16 times in a minute while a child breathes way more than this rate. A normal 5 year old can breath more than 20 times a minute which can sometimes increase to 60 times every minute. As the breathing of children is more, the cigarette smoking effect on children becomes more intense as they take in more air that is filled with cigarette smoke. Because of this, the children’s lungs will receive a higher percentage of toxins and poisons than that of the young adults.

The different cigarette smoking effects on the children and there children are numerous. In detrimental effect is that babies who are born to mothers who smoke during her pregnancy are much more prone to be born below the normal weight than those who are born to mothers who do not smoke. Cigarette smoking significantly affects a baby’s weight because of developing a less resistant body. Another cigarette smoking effect on children is high percentage of occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome to be suffered by babies whose mothers are smokers. Likewise, babies win smoking mothers are at greater risk of suffering from learning disabilities and cerebral palsy.

In the case of young children, one cigarette smoking effect on children is the development of the condition of respiratory difficulties and illnesses such as asthma. If children are already asthmatic, it can get worse by second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is one of the leading causes of new asthma cases and other respiratory complications every year. Another very serious cigarettes smoking effect on children is the development of pneumonia or pulmonary bronchitis. In the United States alone, many pneumonia sufferers caused by cigarette smoking are children.

Other cigarette smoking effects of smoking on children are as follows:

Children have increased water or fluid in the middle ear, developing in a hearing and even speech problems.

Children’s lungs function less efficiently. Likewise, their immune system becomes less strong and protective than that of young adults.

Another cigarette smoking effect on children is the inability of the child’s body to develop fully; his height and weight development is adversely affected. The child exposed to cigarette smoking has a great tendency to not fully achieve his over-all physical and intellectual development. Babies whose mothers smoke during their pregnancy are born with a deficiency in height and weight.

Failure As a Bodybuilding Step

When you are into bodybuilding, a time comes when things turn against you. Many people tend to regret and anguish over their predicament rather than find a lasting solution. Anguish does not help but worsens the situation, making it even difficult to handle the rest of the recovery process in bodybuilding. Many people will then sit and ask how one is supposed to handle failure while the experts tell you handling failure is simple through taking it as it is.

If it is an injury, definitely concentrating on the recovery process is the right way. Check out all the possible strategies, which will contribute to healing. It hardly matters the type of injury you might have gone through whether a bruise, bone break, neck twist, dislocation or any other of the sort. All types of injuries are fatal and if they are not handled appropriately, they can easily lead to serious trouble. Take time to consult physicians where they are required to perfect that recovery process.

Handling failure as it is might mean quitting bodybuilding. This does not mean ‘fully quit’ the muscle build up process, but when injuries are worse and cannot allow you to continue with any routine, you have to call it off and probably think of better strategies. Such strategies will involve keeping the body fit other than stressing it with strenuous and explosive trainings.

Failure also comes in bodybuilding when you engage in competitions and lose to an opponent. Mostly, many competitors worry about what they might have done wrong in the competitions taking everything doubtfully. Some blame the posture, physique or even the judges and this is what prospective body builders must avoid. You have failed and in every competition, there can never be many winners. Take it as it comes and not your chance and get back to business highly psyched up to make sure you outshine the rest in the next competition.

Failure does also manifest in the process of training. This is where people try out different workouts and they end up failing to complete them either because of being too difficult or much involving. It is not time to regret and quit the process because of such outcomes. In fact, this should serve as a lesson to you within the profession so that next time when you do not know the right way to train, you can involve a professional trainer to guide you in the art of bodybuilding.

Understanding is the key ideal when it comes to failure. Many are the times when bodybuilders do not want to be told why they fail and this is a weakness as a body builder you should avoid. Learn why you might have failed in your routine so that you can have the right changes in place. If it means changing a diet to make it up for bodybuilding, do it and stop arguing.

Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder dislocations commonly seen in young individuals occur as a result of direct or indirect impact over the shoulder joint. There are two broad types of dislocations described; based on the position of the Humeral head.

Anterior dislocations are more common. Posterior dislocation are a rare entity; often seen in epileptics. After an impact, the patient feels sudden give way in the shoulder joint followed by inability to move the upper limb. This is associated with pain which becomes worse with attempted movements.

The common scenario is a patient supporting his affected upper limb by the other hand.

Early of a shoulder dislocation is of paramount importance. If a shoulder dislocation is neglected, it may lose its vascularity and become necrotic.

Careful clinical assessment is required to confirm the type of dislocation.

The mechanism of reduction is to reverse the order of the deforming force.

In 90 percent of cases, a shoulder dislocation may be reduced without requiring any form of anesthesia. In some cases, a mild sedative helps reduce the patient’s apprehension. Rarely an open reduction is required and particularly in patients presenting late to the clinic.

Patient’s co-operation is of utmost importance.

Every shoulder dislocation has a risk of re-dislocation with similar or less severe impact. This happens due to laxity of tissue surrounding the shoulder joint.

After a dislocation has been reduced, the patient must be forewarned about this complication. The risk of re-dislocation may be substantially reduced with supervised physiotherapy and avoidance of the precipitating forces.

In a fresh dislocation occurring in a young patient; after performing a closed reduction, the shoulder joint should be splinted for a period of 2-3 weeks. In elderly patients, early passive exercises are allowed for fear of causing stiffness of immobilization.

A patient with history of shoulder dislocation should be kept under close observation. If there are lesions in the glenoid labrum (bankart’s lesions) or the Humeral head (Hill Sach’s and Reverse Hill Sach’s lesions), sometimes an operative intervention may be required in patients presenting with recurrent dislocations or shoulder instability that interferes with daily routine activities. The risk of dislocation reduces with increasing age.

Indications and Contraindications for Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a popular method of treatment for chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical care providers. It involves transferring sound waves with frequencies greater than the human sound spectrum (above 20 kilohertz) into a patient. The energy that is transferred with the sound waves can be used to treat focused, isolated areas of tissue to help with relieving pain in affected areas of the body and to speed the recovery process for injured muscle or other tissues.

When to Use Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound can be used to create a deep heat effect for relief of pain, muscle spasms and in cases where joints have been tightened over a prolonged period of time – joint contracture – as in cases such as spastic cerebral palsy or in work-induced environments.

Some of the most common medical problems that warrant the use of ultrasound therapy are adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”, or pain and stiffness in the shoulder caused by inflammation), calcific bursitis (the calcification of bursa sacs due to prolonged inflammation, usually in the shoulder), inflammation of the skeletal muscles (myositis), and soft tissue injuries from sports or other causes. Ultrasound therapy is also used to treat tendons that have been shortened from untreated scar tissue or past injuries. Ultrasound can be used to overcome capsular tightness or scarring, which often result from surgeries such as breast augmentation.


There are many situations for which the typical ultrasound therapy treatment using equipment such as the Intelect Legend or TranSport series from Chattanooga is not recommended. Ultrasound should not be used to treat local pain without the patient first receiving a thorough diagnosis, and the cause of the pain has been confidently determined. It should not be used when there are cancerous lesions on or near area to be treated. If a patient shows symptoms of carrying serious infectious diseases or in cases where the patient should be avoiding excess heat or fevers, it is not advised to use therapeutic ultrasound.

Other conditions governing the use of ultrasound therapy include avoiding particular parts of the body that may be susceptible to negative side effects from the treatment. It should not be used in areas where bones are growing. If a patient uses a pacemaker, it is not recommended to use this kind of treatment in the thoracic part of the body, as the pacemaker may be affected in those cases. Ultrasound devices should not be used where a fracture is healing, it should not be applied close to a patient’s eyes, and it should not be used over the uterus region of a pregnant woman. Therapists should be careful not to use ultrasound in patients who suffer from vascular disease and who have ischemic tissue. In this case, cells could die because of the blood supply’s inability to keep pace with the increased metabolic demand from tissues affected by the treatment.

Other situations that prohibit the use of ultrasound therapy include the spine area of patients who have had spinal surgeries such as Laminectomy, anywhere on a patient where anesthetics are being used, or any kind of disposition to bleeding excessively.

Competent medical professionals should be well-informed of when ultrasound therapy should be used, and under what circumstances it should be avoided.

How to Find Wigs by Face Shape

A lot of people look for medical hair wigs, men’s wigs and human hair hairpieces for women so that they appear more natural than others. Here are a couple of ideas on what to look for based on how to find wigs by face shape.

For your chin, people whose face is round, using less volume around the face makes it appear more flattering. So medical hair wigs or human hair hairpieces for women that takes away some of the roundness. Certain styles of wig hair cuts look better than others, and your face shape requires a cut that hits the chin or one where the layers are graduated so the face appears thinner.

Some wigs offer tapered ends, and even bangs are a great idea but they should be side swept or as long as the face to look idea with round faces. Do not get blunt cuts or curly short ones, because they will add roundness to the face. Some people with faces like yours are Oprah Winfrey, Cameron Diaz and Fergie.

Those with a square shaped face should try to get attention away from the jaw. There are a few men’s wigs and women’s wigs ideas that include textured ends, short spiked hair and curls or even a long cut that has layers beginning near the jaw that are ideal for this face shape.

Square faces should try to stay away from bobs of one length, as well as straight across or blunt bangs. These can make your face look more square than it is. Some people that have square faces include Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosario Dawson.

Those with oval shaped faces are the most versatile over all others in hair design. This shape would look nice in short or long bobs with curly or straight hair designs. For the most flattering overall appearance, look at your favorite features or what you think is your best feature and find a wig cut that accentuates it. For example, accentuating the eyes could mean using side swept bangs or for the chin, an angular bob.

Some people that share this shape of face are Jada Pinkett Smith, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. This face shape should try to avoid hair cuts that are short with layers, as this makes the head look even longer. If the wig is curly, you should avoid getting blunt cuts as this could make you look like a pyramid. Curly hair wigs should be worn long enough that the curls stay weighted down to avoid frizz and bouncing.

Those with an oblong face could use bangs that reach the eye brows, and bobs that are at least chin length so that width is added to the face. Curls or waves are ideal, as they also add width. Long hair styles will cause your face to appear much longer, so long layers should have 3 stopping points: nose, your chin and collar bone. One style that looks great on this shaped face is a V cut where the length in the rear is a bit longer than in the front and sides.

This face shape should avoid any extreme hair cuts, and never let hair fall longer than the collar area. Some people who have face shapes like this are Sarah Jessica Parker or Liv Tyler.

How Body pH Can Affect Your Energy Levels


In order to accomplish all the many millions of complex functions that occur over the course of the day, your body has to be able to communicate with itself… all the way down to the cellular level. And do you know how it does this? Through pulses of electricity. That’s right, electricity.

Your body operates on an electro magnetic current. Believe it or not, all of the organs in your body emit these fields of electrical current. In fact, nerve signals are nothing more than electrical charges.

What creates this electrical power in your body is a very fine balance that exists in your bio chemistry. And of all the systems in your body that depend on this delicate, bio chemical balance, one of the most important is your blood stream. This is where pH comes into play. But what is pH?


PH is a scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The scale ranges from 1 to 14 with 1 being very acid, 7 neutral and 14 very alkaline.

So what does pH have to do with you and your blood? Well, the pH of your blood is extremely important. The ideal pH level for your blood is right around 7.35 and your body goes to enormous lengths to maintain this level.

Why? Because if your blood pH were to vary 1 or 2 points in either direction, it would change the electrical chemistry in your body, there would be no electrical power and in short order you would drop dead. As you can see, maintaining the right pH level in your blood is pretty important!!

With this in mind a good way to avoid upsetting this delicate bio chemical balance would be to take a look at those things that can compromise the maintenance of the ideal pH level in your body. And what is the main culprit in this case? The answer is the creation of acid in your body.

Before we look at what causes acid, here’s a graphic example to give you an idea of what can happen in the blood when your pH drops to less than ideal. Red blood cells are how oxygen is transported to all the cells in your body.

As red blood cells move into the tiny, little, capillaries, the space they have to move through gets pretty small. In fact, the diameter of the capillaries gets so small that the red blood cells sometimes have to pass through these capillaries one red blood cell at a time!

Because of this, and because it’s important for the red blood cells to be able to flow easily and quickly through your body, they have a mechanism that allows them to remain separate from each other. This mechanism comes in the form of the outside of healthy red blood cells having a negative charge. This causes them to stay apart from each other, sort of like when you try to push the negative ends of two magnets together. They resist each other and stay apart.

Unfortunately, acid interferes with this very important mechanism in a pretty frightening way. Acid actually strips away the negative charge from red blood cells. The result is that your red blood cells then tend to clump together and not flow as easily. This makes it much more difficult for them to flow easily through the bloodstream.

But it also makes it harder for them to move freely through those small capillaries. This means less oxygen gets to your cells. Acid also weakens the red blood cells and they begin to die. And guess what they release into your system when they die? More acid.

I could describe a whole list of processes that occur when your system becomes and remains acid but I think you get the idea. The point is that aside from the acid that is secreted into your stomach to aid digestion, acid in your body is bad. Really bad.

In regard to producing energy in the body, here’s an easy question for you. What do you think happens to a person’s energy level if over time their system becomes more and more acid, their biochemical balance is disrupted and their red blood cells can’t deliver oxygen and nutrients as efficiently to all their cells? The answer is simple. Their energy level drops. Dramatically.

Are you beginning to get the picture here as to the importance of pH in your body? Good. Now let’s take a quick look at what causes acidity in your body and then look at steps you can take to get your body pH back to an ideal level.


The primary cause of an acidic condition in your body is from what you put in your mouth. In other words, what you eat and what you drink. And it isn’t how “acid” something may seem when you eat or drink it. It has to do with what is left over when you digest it.

Specifically, does eating or drinking something leave behind an acid or alkaline “ash”. For example, I don’t know about you but I love seafood. Scallops are one of my favorites. However, when your body digests scallops, it leaves an extremely acid ash. In fact, scallops are one of the most acid foods you can eat.

Unfortunately, a lot of the things most people put in their mouths create an acid ash. These include alcohol, coffee and a lot of flesh protein in your diet. Interestingly enough, stress also tends to create an acid condition in the body.


Fortunately, it is pretty easy to immediately change your pH for the better and make it more alkaline. The first step is to understand which of the foods you are eating and the drinks you are drinking are acid and which are alkaline. Then it’s simply a matter of eliminating some of the more acid foods you are eating and adding in more alkaline foods.

However, before you start, it’s important to get a baseline of what the pH is in your body so that you can see how you are improving or if you need to continue to eliminate more acid foods and add in more alkaline ones.

You can do this by testing the pH of your saliva on a regular basis. This is really simple to do. More details on how to do this are provided on some web pages I have created for you to help you out. A link to these pages is provided below.

In addition to decreasing the amount of acid foods you eat and increasing the amount of alkaline foods you eat, one of the best ways to immediately begin changing your pH is to drink “green drinks”. You can make these by simply adding a powder that is made up of a whole host of vegetables that are highly alkaline to a glass of water. Information on suggested green drink powders to use is included on pages that I have a link to below.


Clicking on the following link will take you to some pages I created that have more information on alkaline and acid foods, how to test your own pH and what to look for in green drinks.

Start taking the steps described above and you may very well find your energy levels increasing over time. Mine certainly have.

– Andy Long

The World’s Most Dangerous Reptile – Sea Snakes

Sea snake

They are have always caught the frenzy of all most all of us at least for some time in our lives.

As you must know there are numerous kinds of these dangerous reptiles, we take this space to enlighten you on the basics of sea snakes and how they live in the sea and their attributes in the sea life.

There are the noxious elapid snake which survives in marine environments throughout the world.

Though their evolution dates back to the days of their ancestors, they have more or less adapted themselves in the sea life and are even unable to move in the land except for the genus, Latisauda, which inherited some characteristics from their ancestors and the same allows them for a limited land movement.

Basically they are found in the warm coastal waters of Indian Ocean to the pacific.


They have a paddle-like tails and many have crossways dense bodies that give them an altogether look.

Unlike fish and other sea animals, the snakes do not boast of having gills and surfaces to the surface frequently to breathe in.

Amazingly, They are amongst the most complete marine vertebrates. Amongst this cluster of air-breathers is class with some of the most compelling toxins of all sea snakes. Several sea snakes also have gentle temperaments and nibble when forced to do so, but others are more than belligerent on an average.

They have the most venomous toxins as only one drop of the same would be suffice to kills three people at the drop of a hat.


The colors are of multiple colors. Off those, They are mostly of two colors, like the yellow-bellied like the one found in huge numbers in Hawaii.

It has yellow and black stripes along its body. To sum up, most of the sea snakes’ colors are of multi-color stripes that changes along the end of its tail.


Most of the snakes food includes fish, especially eels. The bitten things die within seconds. They mostly rely on prawns and fish of various dimensions even eggs to survive.


Though many methods are employed by sea snakes to fertilize but the primary among them are internal fertilizations. This is done by means by paired, forked hemipenes, which are stored, nourished in the male’s tail.

Most species of snakes lay eggs, but most of the snakes abandon the eggs after laying them shortly.

However, many of them live in the vicinity of their hatching to preserve and protect the same from predators. They sometimes even enjoy eating their very own eggs.

Interaction with Humans

There have been myths concerning the idea that sea snakes does not bite. But the same is not true as they very much bite if provoked aggressively.

Fundamentally, when the They bite, the victim does not feel any pain in the smitten area for the first 30 minutes. After the passage of these 30 minutes, the affected limb begin to experience pain of extreme to severe to unbearable scale and area gets stiff and finally leading to nervous breakdown and respiratory failure resulting in unnatural death.

Let’s see the early symptoms of Bite.

The symptoms in an affected person can appear to begin in a minute to 8 hours after the bite.

The poisoned person can experience nausea, vomiting, thick tongue, difficulty speaking and swallowing, blurred vision, weakness, stiffness and numbness.

More severe reaction also includes paralysis, drooping eyelids, lockjaw, dark brown urine, blue lips and tongue. Death might follow too.


• Use pressure immobilizations in the case of sea snakes bite

• Affected area shall be wrapped in a bandage in a chic just like wrapping an affected ankle.

• Firmly bind the limb, but make sure the blood circulation is not blocked and also it shall be ensured that fingers and toes remain as pink.

• Avoid movement

• Leave the bandages intact till the administration of medical treatment is done.

• Do not cut in to the wound or suck the affected area as the later activity can affect an unaffected person with venom of the snake


The name sea snakes seem pretty cool. Most of the sea snakes can swim but they are more or less like lazy reptiles that prefer staying inside the water. Since they are air-breathers, they need to come out of the water every hour to breathe.

Well, it’s amazing to observe that sea snakes can hold breathe for so long!

There are 30-40 different types of sea snakes that belong to the family of cobras. See snakes are very toxic. The most venomous amongst them is the beaded sea snake.

Just a drop is enough to kill 8 people!

They don’t bite unless provoked!

Most of the sea snakes are not under the list to be protected. Only one species of them called Laticauda crockery has been found to be vulnerable and efforts are on full swing to reproduce many more of them and saving of them overall to maintain the ecological balance in the sea life in the deep blue water of the sea.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Recovery

It’s hard to put a definitive timetable on gastric bypass surgery recovery. Patients recover at different rates, often depending on a variety of factors that include the specific type of surgery performed, the health condition of the patient prior to the surgery, and the complications that may arise afterwards depending on the surgeon’s proficiency and experience. All in all, a good estimate would be in the 3 to 4-month time frame but even this is only a rough guestimate of the time that it may take for a specific patient to fully recover from a major gastric bypass procedure.

The whole journey from operating table to full recovery requires that the patient has to follow a definitive set of steps that determine his or her progression through the recovery cycle. A good barometer of this process is the diet that the patient is subjected into at various times during the recovery. Therefore, to understand the gastric bypass surgery recovery timetable, it may help to analyze a patient’s post-surgery diet in more detail.

Phase 1 – This phase takes about 3 to 7 days following the procedure. During this period, a gastric bypass patient is not allowed to take in any food, even liquids, so all nutritional requirements are met intravenously. In many cases, recovery can be as quick as 2 to 3 days, enough for the gastric bypass surgery wounds to heal allowing for liquid food intake. If this is the case, the patient will be restricted to drinking liquids like unsweetened fruit juice during regular intervals to satisfy a patient’s daily dietary requirements.

Phase 2 – This phase of the gastric bypass surgery recovery allows a patient to eat semi-liquid foods, normally 1 to 3 weeks after surgery. Semi-liquid foods are essentially foods that have been pureed to assume a baby food-like consistency. Common examples include mashed fruits and vegetables like carrots. Small meal sizes are still recommended and feeding can be done every 2 hours to ensure that the patient gets his or her fair share of nutrition throughout the day.

Phase 3 – The next phase in the gastric bypass surgery recovery will allow the patient to eat semi-solid foods or food that is soft including casseroles, crackers, and bread. Lean meat and fish meat are also allowed. This period spans about 1 month to 3 months in the recovery cycle depending on the patient’s specific response to the food consistency. A key concern is to avoid putting strain on the digestive tract so as not to re-open the wounds.

Phase 4 – Essentially the end of the gastric bypass surgery recovery period, this phase will allow the patient to resume eating solid foods but at more frequent intervals and smaller portion sizes. Common food examples include yogurt, bread, chicken, fish and lean meats. Emphasis on the smaller portion sizes is required since the reduced volume of the digestive tract is only able to safely handle around two ounces of food at any one time.

Gastric bypass surgery recovery is a painstaking period that has to be managed carefully. However, when done properly, it can free up the patient to a life of health and wellness, reversing old eating habits that led to weight gain and disease. The diet during gastric bypass surgery recovery is a great introduction to the new concept of healthy eating and is the ultimate secret to discovering a new life free from the shackles of poor lifestyle choices and bad eating habits.

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Back Pain from Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation

Solihull Back Pain Clinic Osteopath reviews sacroiliac joint inflammation and its role in low back pain

Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation

The Sacroiliac joint is a common cause of low back pain and often mistaken for problems in the low back such as sciatica, disc bulges or slipped discs. Radiating pain can travel into the buttock and upper thigh and even affect the testicles on males.

The sacroiliac joint is a pelvic, not low back problem and will appear to affect the lower back. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe and will affect mobility.

What is a Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joints are located at the bottom of the back. You have one either side of the spine. The sacroiliac joints help make up the rear part of the pelvic girdle and sit between the sacrum, which is the wedge shaped bone at the bottom of your spine and the pelvic ilium bones.

There are torsional or twisting forces applied to the pelvic girdle when the lower limbs are moved.

These limbs act like long levers and without the sacroiliac joints and the pubic symphysis (at the front of the pelvis) which act like expansion joints and allow movement, the pelvis would be very likely be subject to a fracture.

These joints can often get stuck, or in some cases one half of the pelvis may glide forwards or backwards, which is often described as a twisted pelvis. When this occurs it often irritates the iliolumbar ligament which results in inflammation and pain. This is usually indicated by tenderness around the bony lumps which you can feel if you place your thumbs either side of your lower back.

Inflammation of the sacroiliac joints and associated ligaments are very common, especially following pregnancy where the hormone Relaxin is released resulting in a relaxation of ligaments in preparation for childbirth. In most cases the causes of sacroiliitis are mechanical, however there may be other medical inflammatory conditions present such as Ankylosing Spondylitis which will need attention.

Symptoms Include

Pain usually one sided, located either to the left or right of your low back. The pain may range from an ache to a sharp pain which can restrict movement.

The pain may radiate out into your buttocks and low back and will often radiate into the front of your groin. Occasionally it is responsible for testicular pain in males.

Occasionally there may be referred pain into the lower limb which can be mistaken for sciatica.

Classic symptoms include, difficulty turning over in bed and often this movement wakes you from sleep. Struggling to put on your socks and shoes and throwing your legs in and out of a vehicle when moving in and out of the car.

Stiffness in the low back when standing from sitting or getting out of bed in the morning.

Aching in low back when driving long distances

Treatment for Sacroiliac Joint Inflammation

Ice the area over the sacroiliac joint to reduce pain and inflammation. Use an ice pack wrapped in a damp teatowel and apply for 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off and then a further 10 minutes on. Do this 3 times daily.

Sleep with a pillow between your knees to ease the stress on the pelvis and sleep on your side.

Seek help from someone who understands the sacroiliac joint well. At Solihull Back Pain Clinic we see approximately 5 patients every day with this condition and have experience in diagnosing the causes, which can be many and varied. In order to resolve the complaint it is important to accurately diagnose the problem and have the correct treatment plan available.

Most cases are resolved within 6 treatments at Solihull Back Pain Clinic by our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists

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By: John Alan Williams

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Cefaly For Migraine Headache Treatment

Cefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapy device, complete with an advanced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment and an ISO medical certificate. Cefaly can also help relax people suffering from the painful discomfort of trigeminal neuralgia and frontal sinusitis.

Headaches are not specific to a particular age group and Cefaly is known to act on the physiological mechanisms that are not age reliant. Therefore, Cefaly aids in alleviating symptoms and preventing them regardless of age. Moreover, Cefaly is suitable for children 8 years and above, provided it is used under adult supervision.

Cefaly employs sophisticated state of the art technology using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy in a patented device that is lightweight, easy to use and effective.

This device uses gentle electric impulses that act on the nerve cells that are responsible for the pain and various other sensations, most associated with migraine and headache. However, Cefaly is most beneficial when pain is located in the front half or the skull. Through the electrode, Cefaly transmits detailed electrical impulses that manipulate the trigeminal nerves. This prevents the brain from registering pain signals, and stimulates endorphins.

Worn like a pair of spectacles, Cefaly is designed to prevent and treat chronic and recurrent headaches and substantially reduce and prevent stress and anxiety. During the 20 minute Cefaly treatment session, a pleasant tingling sensation is felt. The intensity of this sensation can be adjusted to personal preferences. The treatment can be repeated as required. However, Cefaly does not benefit the pain located at the back of the skull or in the lower part of the face below the eyes.

How is lifestyle affected?

Although nasty, painful and debilitating, most headaches are not life-threatening. However, they can diminish a person’s quality of life as severely as serious medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Medical studies reveal that people who suffer from regular headaches face severe limitations in their ability to function. Many people are even forced to stop work and non-work activities as well as experience significantly reduced productivity in all activity domains. Chronic headaches have a marked negative influence on patients’ lives, compromising their sense of well-being and their day-to-day functioning. In fact, the highest decrease was seen in their physical role, vitality and social functioning.

These studies are alarming because the headaches are most prevalent among people between the ages of 25 and 55, which is the time of life when most people are at their economic peak and in the midst of raising their families.

Furthermore, medical research has revealed that more than 70% of sufferers experience impairment in interpersonal relationships, including work relationships, has increased incidence of depression and loss of short-term memory.

Headache prevention

Headaches affect nearly 90% of men and 95% of women. Persistent headaches can even alter a person’s personality. A bad headache lowers productivity, can you irritable, and drains you both mentally and physically. However, there are several ways to prevent headache. Some of them are:

o A good night’s sleep; make sure that your environment is peaceful.

o Stay away from incense the smoke contains a lot of alkaloids which, when inhaled can cause a rapid changes in your blood flow, causing a headache.

o Inhale steam or menthol vapors. Stand in a hot shower or dissolve menthol in hot water and inhale. This clears out sinuses and helps prevent a sinus headache.

o Dink plenty of water; it is the elixir of life. It helps keep the body running properly. Disrupted water balance can lead to terrible headaches.

o Use cucumber slices to cool the eye muscles.

o Do not sleep with hair gel on; hair gel is full of chemicals and mild perfume that can cause headaches after inhaling them all night. These chemicals will also clog the pores in the scalp, preventing the skin from being able to breathe.

o Avoid fermented or pickled foods as well as foods that contain monosodium glutamate and caffeine. These foods affect the blood flow in the body causing headaches.

o Stretch your body frequently; this helps keep the muscles loose.

o Eat organic foods as organic foods contain no foreign chemicals, which restrict blood flow.

o Practice Yoga; the benefits of yoga are plentiful. It keeps the body, mind and spirit relaxed, refreshed and stress free.

With a little extra effort each day one can drastically decrease the recurrence of headaches, allowing a person to lead a happy life.

How to Carry Out Sore Throat Tests

A  sore   throat  test are very important to establish how healthy your throat is. There are many reasons as to why you should go for this examination. You have to bear in mind that the earlier you go for the treatment the better is for you. You should ignore the symptoms especially if they take time to clear. One thing you should is that a  sore   throat  can affect anyone independent of the age or gender. This makes it paramount to have the condition examined by a professional if you want to avoid such an infection in future. Children are prone to infection as they play as they will encounter various substances that can affect them. Kids tend to react to the weather strongly. In a case where there is a change of temperature, you will realize that cold temperatures will cause them flu and other infections that can lead to a  sore   throat . If you are smoker, you consider going for the test. It will help you to begin any kind of treatments as early as possible. There are some throat infections that point out to a bigger problem. With smokers’ risks, they have to get the test done from time to time.

If you been exposed to some substances that you do not understand or which is known to be toxic, go for this test. There are some things that you inhale and they affect your throat immediately. You should have a doctor examine you so that the right treatment is recommended. There are some persons who have a low immunity due to their state of health. You should have this test done. There are very many reasons as to why you should see a doctor for the throat test to be done. You will be surprised by the helpfulness of the test. Most people do not understand what the test is all about. It is a simple procedure that you should not make you tense. A visit to the doctor for a treatment that you have not had before makes you feel tensed.

The tests are tarried in the same for any patient in spite of the age. The doctors who carry these tests are known as ear, nose and throat specialists. They will not only look at your throat but they will also take interest to know how your ears and nose are doing. Some of the infections can affect your ears and nose as well. The doctor will be looking for these issues. The doctor will get some fluid from your throat for further testing. A swab is used and this is painless procedure. This is taken to a laboratory where tests are done. Some times these test have to take several hours before the results are released.

The results will indicate whether you have an infection and tell what kind of allergies that you have. This is the best way to ensure that you get the right diagnosis. This will ensure that you are well treated.