Lymphoma in Dogs: Prednisone Treatment

Lymphoma in dogs is a cancer of lymphoid cells. As these cells circulate throughout the body via the lymphatic system, lymphoma can develop on any part of the body. Tumors can occur in the lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract, chest, skin, spleen, liver and bone marrow.

The condition can be found in dogs of various breeds and ages. It is however most common in certain breeds such as Airedale Terrier, Basset Hound, Boxer, German Shepherd and Rottweiler. Lymphoma tends to occur in middle aged or older dogs.

Treatment for Lymphoma in Dogs

Chemotherapy is the main treatment for lymphoma in dogs.

Prednisone therapy is the other dog lymphoma treatment. Prednisone is a corticosteroid that can kill tumor cells. However, it is not as effective as chemotherapy for treating lymphoma in dogs. Prednisone is primarily used to manage symptoms of the disease.

When to Use Prednisone as Treatment for Lymphoma in Dogs

The decision to use prednisone for treating lymphoma in dogs depends on a number of factors. The main one is cost as it tends to be less expensive than chemotherapy.

Some pet owners are not in favor of chemotherapy due to its toxicity. They may opt for prednisone therapy as it can help to relieve symptoms and make their dogs more comfortable in the short term.

Side Effects of Prednisone

Like most drugs, there are some side effects to using prednisone for treating lymphoma in dogs. Interestingly, some of these side effects are similar to those experienced by humans who also use the drug.

The side effects of prednisone include:

– Increased thirst and hunger: Dogs will eat more than usual and urinate more frequently due to increased water intake.

– Diabetes: Prednisone can cause insulin resistance. This results in high glucose levels in the blood that can eventually cause diabetes.

– Loss of hair and changes in coat: Hair loss is a frequent side effect of using prednisone on dogs. In some cases, not only does the dog’s coat become thinner, the healthy sheen also disappears. Some dogs will also develop hard to heal skin infections.

– Gastrointestinal problems: These include diarrhea, stomach ulcers and even vomiting.

– Cushing’s disease: This condition can be quite serious. Canine Cushing’s disease results in an overproduction of cortisone. This hormonal imbalance has a number of symptoms, such as an impaired immune system, weight gain or loss and increased thirst.

– Changes in behavior: Prednisone use also results in dogs becoming restless and even aggressive.

Dogs treated with prednisone alone usually live for 2-3 months only. When prednisone is given in combination with other chemotherapy drugs, the expected lifespan is about a year.

About Bodybuilding

Body building involves intensive muscle hypertrophy to enhance your body modification. The art of body building became quite popular in the 1950s and 1960’s. Finally in the 70’s this art gained much publicity and popularity. Contests were also held to promote it as a sport however, in the later years to come, the sponsored contests also saw a decline. The period also saw the rise of the use of anabolic steroids both in sports and body building. Though this form of art is no longer that popular, people still resort to body building till today in order to keep their body in shape. And knowing the proper exercise, work outs, supplements, weight lifting, and Fat burning tips will be helpful in developing your body into the perfect shape.

Choosing an outstanding recommendation, considering the authenticity of the information, from among the many bad advices can be a difficult task. It is quite a challenge to decide from where to start. You must have already read various books, magazines, articles and personal trainers about the endless techniques, methods and philosophies of body building. Often you might have realized that this information often contradicts one another. At the end of the day we find ourselves in a state of paralysis by analysis, unable to decide upon which one to follow. So here we are to guide you through the basics of body building. Get to know some of these tips to have a great body.

There are just three basic philosophies of body building which you must bear in mind. The first philosophy is there is no easy way out to build your body and there is no single way out to gain that perfect body. So the best way out is to try out different work outs at regular intervals and see the changes that comes over. The need of breaking some of the rules might also arise and in the process you might discover a new technique which could be even more effective than the previous techniques. Almost all ways of body building are effective provided you team it up with the appropriate context and the outcome.

The second philosophy projects the need for potential to achieve the desired results. Each program when practices with enthusiasm and potential bear 90% specific results. Size gains, improvements in conditioning, better muscle recruitment, greater lactic acid tolerance, and jumps in strength, better management of fatigue, higher work capacity and flexibility enhancement can all be achieved by setting up potential for results. So the best way is to focus on a particular program for a specific time period before you move on to the next program.

The last philosophy is to understand that you cannot just kick start a program and rush to get the results. It is a slow and steady process which demands a lot of endurance. You might find it difficult to follow the programs for 2-3 months but after getting used to regular work outs your body will be adapted to the programs. And when the body gets adapted to a particular schedule, changes tend to cease. So the only solution is to change the work outs every after 3-4 weeks for continuous progress.

Diet After Gallbladder Surgery – What To and Not To Avoid

Your diet after gallbladder surgery must be highly monitored due to the potential adverse effects of a wrong diet to your over-all recovery. Diet after gallbladder surgery is a vital part of your recovery process. Some patients had to make big changes on their diet plan to cope with the lack of gall bladder and in most cases, it’s the wrong type of diet that causes the removal of this organ in the first place.

During the first few days, it is advisable that you only eat several meals a day instead of eating big meals thrice. It will reduce the body’s need for bile. The main goal of your diet after gallbladder surgery is to limit your fat content.

Your diet after gallbladder surgery will have to start with a liquid diet. Since your digestive tract is still healing from surgery, you need to slowly incorporate solid food in your diet to avoid sudden vomiting and nausea. Diet after gallbladder surgery will gradually changed from liquid to solid in a matter of days post op or as tolerated by the patient.

Before discharge, your doctor will give you a list of foods to avoid and intake. The first on the list would be fatty and oily foods. Because the primary function of your gall bladder is to store the bile produced by your liver, it is important to lessen or cease your fat intake. Your bile is needed by the body to absorb and break down fats. Eating fatty and oily foods will just increase the liver’s workload to produce bile to digest fats. Supposedly, your gallbladder lessens the workload of your liver but now that its been removed, your liver will have to work alone.

The main diet after gallbladder surgery would be low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

Foods that cause intestinal gas must also be avoided. Examples of these are radishes, cabbages, turnips, sweet potato, cauliflower and some others. Other than that, patients must maintain a diet that doesn’t include food or beverages that may irritate your digestive system. Its important to note this because one of the most common side effects of this surgery is diarrhea. In line with this, you must avoid drinking caffeinated beverages, barley, alcohol and chocolate. High fiber diet may not be advised during the first week after surgery as to avoid triggering diarrhea.

Your digestive system may not recover immediately. In fact, it may take about a few days or weeks before you could fully recover and adjust to your new diet plan. Some patients are having a hard time adjusting to the new diet plan and may need a nutritionist to guide them through it.

Best Orthopedic Physical Therapy Programme

Different types of physical therapy programmes help patients in regaining their fitness and in returning to their day-to-day activities. Physical rehabilitation centres offer best solutions to the patients worldwide, at nominal expense.

Back treatment offers complete relief to back pains. Such treatments are offered by experts after diagnosing the root cause of such pain. Some of the common symptoms of back pain include- acute and chronic back pain, weakness, stiffness, numbness, radiating pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction. Physical therapists provide a painless and non-surgical method of treating back pain. The chief factors that contribute to the onset of back pain are mainly- anxiety, stress and depression. Various physical therapy programmes enable effective treatment of such problems. The cost effective procedures can be availed easily at minimal expense. Physical therapists treat different types of bone or muscle injury using latest technologies and techniques.

Five most common physically areas include neurological, pediatric, orthopedic, geriatric, cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. These therapies improve mobility, function and body strength and helps in leading a healthy life style free of all disorders and diseases. Orthopedic physical therapy offered by orthopedic specialists helps in treatment of various orthopedic disorders or diseases in ligaments, joints, muscle or tendon. basically orthopedic injuries causes difficulty in mobility due to fracture or trauma of tissues. Proper and timely treatment is essential in curing deformity of limbs, swelling or inflammation of joints, alleviate walking problems, etc.

Besides, geriatric physical therapy programme includes complete treatment of musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction in old people by gait, balance and functional training. Arthritis, incontinence, balance disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, osteoporosis, etc are some of the old age problems which can be easily treated by this therapy.

Testing For Eczema Symptoms

Is your skin showing some eczema symptoms? If so, you need to get an appointment with a professional likely to be a skin specialist to see what your diagnosis is.

There are some common medical tests to help the skin specialist determine whether you have eczema or some other dermatological condition. In many cases, the skin specialist can simply look at the affected area and make a diagnosis based on what it looks like. “Eczema sensitive areas” are where the skin specialist will look first. These areas include the chest, skin creases, and the face. If these parts of your body are experiencing redness, itchiness, are swollen, or are extremely dry, then your skin specialist may believe that you have eczema symptoms.

There are additional ways that your skin specialist will diagnose for eczema symptoms as well. He will take a detailed history of your life to help him make his diagnosis as well. A detailed family history will also be taken to rule out allergies, asthma, or hay fever.

You will also be asked questions about your diet, allergies, lifestyle, prescription medications that you are taking, and whether or not you work or live around any chemicals or other hazardous materials at home or at work.

You should also tell the skin specialist when the skin condition first appeared, what it looked like and felt like when it began, and whether you have noticed that things like stress, sweating, dry air, etc. make it worse.

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your eczema symptoms when you visit your skin specialist. However, keep in mind that he is only asking so that he will get a better idea of your diagnosis and the key to your skin flare-up. It may be helpful to write down all these answers before visiting your skin specialist so that you do not forget anything.

Your skin specialist may suspect that your eczema symptoms are caused by an allergen or irritant that you have come into contact with. If so, he or she will probably ask for a blood test to see if there are any antibodies in the blood and to check the number of a variety of different cells.

If you have eczema symptoms, then your “IgE” (or eosinophilia) will be raised. Your blood may have to undergo a test called a Radioallergosorbent Test (RAST) or a Paper Radioimmunosorbent Test (PRIST). This test is completed by mixing your blood with a variety of allergens separately to try to determine whether you have an allergic reaction to them. The test determines this by the number of antibodies that the blood creates. A high number of antibodies means that you have an allergy to that specific allergen.

Your skin specialist may decide to order a test called a skin patch test. This test is usually ordered when the skin specialist suspects a specific irritant or allergen to your eczema symptoms. For this test, they simple take some of the suspected irritant, press it to your skin, and hold it there with an adhesive patch. Then he places an adhesive patch without an irritant near the same area for him to compare to. These patches are left on from one to two days and then removed at the skin specialist’s office. If the skin where the irritant was is inflamed, red, and/or itchy, then you probably have an allergy to it.

A skin lesion biopsy is sometimes ordered. This test consists of removing a small part of the skin and then viewing it under a microscope. This kind of test and the blood tests are not ordered for every suspected case of eczema, but if your eczema symptoms are very severe then they may be ordered.

Home Remedies For Sore Throat

Sore throat is so common a problem that has the potential to bring life to a half. Sometimes it can lead to severe cases like rash, blood in saliva, high fever, excessive drooling in children, etc. Medical attention is a must in such cases.

Some home remedies for sore throat

Drink salt tea. Prepare tea as usual, but replace sugar with salt. Drink it a few times to cure sore throat.

Gargle with warm salt water.

Chew a betel leaf with licorice.

Boil 2 tsp fenugreek leaves in water and gargle with it while slightly warm.

Take one or two cloves of garlic and some cloves. Make them into a paste and eat it with two tsp honey.

Tulsi leaves (holy basil leaves) chewed fresh or drinking water with a few leaves boiled in it is also good cure for sore throat.

Water boiled with sage leaves, drained and cooled is another option you can try.

Drop two drops of tea tree oil in water and drink it.


Drink plenty of water. It may feel difficulty drinking water while you have sore throat. Drink water warm to avoid the difficulty drinking water.

Never take cold food as it can act as a stimulant for the throat to respond unfavorably. Take food moderately warm.


Properly cover your throat when going out in cold climate. Don’t go out in hot climate too. That too is not good for persons suffering from sore throat.

Avoid smoking (and smokers) – active and passive smoking is harmful.

Poke Weed – Great for Weight Loss and Depression

Phytolacca Decandra, also known as poke or poke weed, grows wild where the ground has been disturbed.It has has dark purple, flattened berries and all parts of pokeweed are toxic including the raw above ground leaves which sprout in the early spring.

The most poisonous parts are found in high concentrations in the rootstock and less in the mature leaves and stems, and least in the fruits. The young leaves, if collected before become a red color, are edible if boiled for 5 minutes, rinsed, and reboiled.

The berries are toxic when raw but if cooked the juice is edible but the the seeds remain toxic after cooking.

The entire plant has medicinal properties:

  • The berries are used to make juices
  • the leaves can be mashed into poultices
  • the root, which is the most diverse portion of the plant, can be used to make teas, tonics and tinctures.

Poke weed like many other poisonous plants is often used as a homeopathic remedy. It is usually indicated for the severely depressed. This herb has also been prescribed to treat antisocial behaviors such as a lack of desire for social interaction and complete disregard for normal life functions and social etiquette. These behaviors are often associated with a general lack of interest in life.

According to ABC Homeopathy, Phytolacca Decandra is also used to treat glandular swelling with heat and inflammation. Poke weed has a powerful effect on fibrous tissues, muscles and scar tissue. Swelling is a key indication of poke with glandular conditions including swollen tonsils, tonsillitis, ulcerated and sore throat, chest and breast inflammation, burning and painful areas of the skin, lymph node swelling or soreness. Poke is specific for a congested lymphatic system with hard, swollen lymph nodes.

It is often included as part of a weight reduction regime because it works well on people who have a tendency to be large, flabby, slow moving, tired and often an indifference to life or social etiquette. Another reason Phytolacca Decandra is also indicated for weight loss in that is has a profound effect on promoting the removal of catabolic wastes from within the body. This improvement in elimination improves overall health but it also means certain skin conditions that are caused by internal infection, such as boils, can be treated with this herb. many common conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be remedied by taking approximately one to 10 drops of the extract one to three times daily.

Phytolacca Decandra is often used to to treat different types of pain, including shooting pains in the right shoulder, specifically when followed by a stiffness and difficulty raising the arm, weakness and dull pain in the kidney region, lower back pain and stiffness associated with wet weather. Shocking pains throughout the body are also relieved with the use of Phytolacca Decandra.

Phytolacca Decandra has been shown to cure tonsillitis. There is a sensation of lump in the throat. Pain at the root of the tongue, pain shoots from throat into ears on swallowing. There is irresistible desire to swallow with severe burning pain. Cannot swallow even water. Pains flies like electric shocks, shifting in nature.

Phytolacca Decandra has shown very good reults in helping rheumatism especially of right shoulder. Stiffness in arm with inability to raise arm. Pains flying like electric shocks, shooting, lancinating from one place to another. Also pain under the side of thighs. Sharp cutting pains in hips, legs drawn up. Cannot touch the floor.

In terms of side effects Phytolacca leaves can cause skin irritation with long-term exposure to the plant. Poultices should never be left on the skin for extended periods of time. In addition Herbal Transitions report that excessive amounts of the extract will lead to nausea, vomiting, oral and gastric irritation, drowsiness, weakness and reduced blood pressure. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use poke weed.

Obesity – Natural Remedies

Obesity or Weight Gain is a leading health problem in the world and it is associated with many serious diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, fatty liver syndrome, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and many other metabolic disorders. Obesity leads to increased body mass index (BMI), which increases the risk of several cancers like breast, renal, gallbladder, leukemia and prostate cancer. Weight loss can delay or prevent some of these diseases.

The main cause of Obesity is due to consumption of too much of fat enriched foods and not having enough physical activity to burn off the excess calories consumed. Mental and Emotional Imbalance such as stress and anxiety, also sometimes leads to obesity. Hormonal imbalances, hypothyroidism and even some medicines like birth control pills or anti-depressants causes weight gain. By correcting these imbalances, by lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and decreasing calorie intake we can prevent obesity. The most commonly used methods for weight loss includes surgeries (Bariatric surgery, liposuction or modern endoscopy) or the use of drugs (orlistat, sibutramine and Xenical), these methods reduce appetite and inhibit fat absorption. However, all of these treatments have serious side-effects like increased blood pressure, headache, constipation, insomnia and psychological problems. These results lead to the research on natural weight management ingredients, some of the well-studied natural agents are as follows

Ginseng: It is used in the preparation of teas, and the root is used in capsules and powders. Ginsenosides are active compounds that are found in saponins, in the roots of the plant. Saponins from this plant inhibit pancreatic lipase activity, inhibit the increase of plasma triacylglycerol, increases insulin secretion. It lowers sugar levels, decreases fasting blood glucose and HbA1c, improves glucose clearance and reduces body weight.

Hoodia: products are sold in various forms like capsules, tea, protein shakes, syrups and diet fruit bars. Steroid glycosides (H.g.-12 and H.g.-20) reduce food intake and body weight. H.g.-12 increases cholecystokinin release from the intestine, through the activation of TAS2R7 and TAS2R14 receptor in the and there by inhibiting the food intake.

Coltsfoot: Flower buds of Coltsfoot have suppressive activity on DGAT1, a key enzyme in triglyceride synthesis, a proposed drug target for treating type II diabetes and obesity.

European ash: European ash seed extract helps in weight reduction by reducing fasting blood glucose levels and plasma insulin levels. Demonstrate the anti-obesity effects by controlling glucose and insulin levels. It also protects against obesity linked fatty liver syndrome.

Elderberries: Elderberry juice enriched with flower extract is commonly recommended for weight reduction. The body weight, blood pressure, the quality of life had considerably improved. The efficiency and acceptability of the Elderberry treatment is very good.

Green Tea: The Polyphenols present in Green tea extract decrease lipid levels in the blood and increases lipid homeostasis by effecting fatty acid synthase expression. It decreases insulin, serum TG, leptin and cholesterol levels.

Gymnema: The leaf extract, mainly contains a peptide called ‘Gurmarin’, which has the ability to inhibit the sweet taste sensation. Gymnema extracts reduces sugar levels by mechanisms like decreasing absorption of glucose in the small intestine, by enhancing glycolysis, gluconeogenesis and glucogen synthesis and stimulation of insulin production from islets of Langerhans. It also helps in significant decrease of fat digestibility. It can be used to treat obesity and to reduce cholesterol levels.

Fenugreek: The ratio of fat reported energy intake to total energy expenditure is lowered fenugreek seed extract. It decreases insulin and glucose ratio. The repeated intake of a fenugreek seed extract reduces dietary fat consumption.

Bitter orange: Bitter orange extract has p-synephrine which is commonly used in weight management and weight loss. It lowers the blood glucose levels and increases the level of glutathione (GSH). Bitter orange sometimes increases blood pressure, heart rate or causes abnormal heart beat.

Garlic: It decreases body weight and reduces blood triglyceride and glucose levels. It helps in the management of obesity and associated metabolic syndromes via suppression of lipid levels. It reduces lipid accumulation in fatty livers by suppression of enzymes expression, which is involved in lipid metabolism.

Garcinia cambogia: Garcinia extract reduces the body weight gain, visceral fat buildup, blood and hepatic lipid levels, and plasma insulin and leptin levels. It can inhibit the high fat diet stimulated changes in the expression pattern of epididymal adipose tissue genes. It has positive effect high fat diet induced obesity.

White Bean: White bean extract is a starch blocker, it inhibits the breakdown of carbohydrates into sugar and helps in preventing the weight gain.

These natural supplements were found to be effective in the weight management. They control weight gain by lowering blood sugar levels, Low-density lipoproteins, total cholesterol, serum leptin, triglycerides levels and by increasing high-density lipoprotein levels and excretion of urinary fat metabolites. The natural products are effective, less expensive and safe for weight reduction. By using Natural products you are not exposed to the adverse side effects of weight loss pills and better than crash dieting, which is harmful to your body. How ever the scientific evidences are still incomplete for most of the plant products.

What Are the Main Causes of Diabetes?

Research into diabetes is increasing all the time. Despite this no one actually knows what specifically causes diabetes. This has led to a number of rumours circulating some which are partially true and others which hold no truth at all. In this article I will be discussing what is known about the causes of diabetes.

1) GENERAL CAUSES:- We know that diabetes develops as a result of your body’s cells not getting enough insulin (a hormone which helps convert blood sugar/glucose into energy). This is usually because your pancreas fails to generate enough insulin or because your body’s cells start to resist insulin. Although we know what leads to the development of diabetes we do not currently know why this happens in certain individuals and not others.

2) GESTATIONAL DIABETES (GDM):- Again we do not know the exact causes of GDM although it is strongly linked with hormonal changes that occur during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. During this time the placenta releases hormones which block the normal action of insulin to ensure that the growing baby gets enough glucose. This causes pregnant women’s insulin needs to increase by two or three times the normal rate. Failure to meet this need leads to the onset of GDM. Approximately 5% of pregnant women develop GDM and although we have a good idea of what causes it, we do not know why it affects certain women and not others. There are a number of associated risk factors but currently no definitive reason.

3) TYPE 1 DIABETES:- Type 1 diabetes is caused by damage to the pancreas as the result of an auto-immune attack where the body’s immune system starts to attack the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. Once more, whilst we know what causes type 1 diabetes we are still unsure what triggers this response. A number of suggestions have been put forward (including viral infections and faulty nerves) but currently none of these suggestions can be applied universally.

4) TYPE 2 DIABETES AND PRE-DIABETES:- Pre-diabetes is an early form of type 2 diabetes and the causes of each are very similar. Type 2 diabetes develops when the body stops responding to insulin. The pancreas reacts by producing additional insulin and the liver responds by releasing extra glucose. Over time this limits the effectiveness of the pancreas and further increases insulin resistance in the body. As with the other types of diabetes we do not know what causes the above reaction. However, there is very strong evidence that type 2 diabetes is linked to age, ethnicity, family history, inactivity and obesity.

5) RUMOURS:- Since the exact cause of diabetes is unknown, there are a number of false suggestions floating around. These include diabetes being contagious (there is a hereditary element but it cannot be passed directly from person to person), diabetes being caused by sugar (excessive sugar consumption does not cause diabetes but is linked with obesity, a diabetes risk factor) and stress causing diabetes (stress can aggravate the condition in diabetics but there is currently no evidence that it causes diabetes).

Currently, we have a general understanding of what happens inside our bodies to cause diabetes. However, the trigger behind these causes is still a mystery. Perhaps the strongest link is that between inactivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes but even this does not fully explain why some obese individuals never develop the disease. As research into the causes of diabetes continues, the best advice is to try and keep your blood sugar levels within a normal range. Keeping your weight under control, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can all play their part in this process.

Every intention has been made to make this article accurate and informative but it is intended for general information only. Diabetes is a medical condition and this article is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner. If you have any concerns regarding any form of diabetes you should seek the advice of your doctor immediately.

Obesity and Health Risk

Are you not satisfied with your look because you are overweight?  Obesity  and overweight have always been associated with human appearance and physical beauty. Most of the time overweight people are considered unattractive and in worst cases they turn into laughing-stock in the society. There are many occasions in the life of an obese person when he is ashamed of his own physical appearance and suffers from inferiority complex. At times he does not even have a social life. But the curse of  obesity  does not end with the deformation of a body.  Obesity  or being overweight is not just a matter of physical beauty; it has the power to have a menacing affect on your health that may be life-threatening.

Yes, this is true!  Obesity  has the power to succumb your health condition. You will be horrified if I tell you that according to CDC researchers, an estimated 300,000 American deaths per year are related to  obesity .  Obesity  experts say that the patients with morbid  obesity  which is of BMI 40+ or malignant  obesity  of BMI 50+ remain at a high risk of premature death.

Let me tell you about the diseases which come along with  obesity ;

· Stroke and Heart Disease

· Diabetes Type 2 or noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

· Cancer of Colon, Rectum, Prostrate, uterus, gallbladder, cervix, ovary and breast

· Osteoarthritis

· Gout

· Gallbladder Diseases

· Sleep Apnoea

Obese or overweight people are more likely to suffer from the above mentioned diseases twice as compared to people of normal weight. Moreover there are certain other diseases that are very closely related to  obesity ; i.e. deep vein thrombosis, breathing problems, chronic venous insufficiency, fatty liver disease and health risk of expectant mother and baby etc.

There are certain symptoms that signify greater risk hence it is important for every obese person to have knowledge about the same. In case of central or abdominal  obesity  there is a higher risk of weight-related physical problems. Abdominal  obesity  is a warning sign of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance syndrome.

Again, women with waist circumference of about 35+ inches and men with waist measurement of 40+ inches are endangered with more susceptibility towards diseases. You can also check your waist-hip ratio in which a woman with a waist-to-hip ratio of more than 0.8 or a man with waist-to-hip ratios of more than 1.0 are considered “apples”. This is a condition of bigger health risk owing to their body fat distribution.

But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You can reduce the chances of developing heart disease or a stroke by losing just a small amount of weight. A 10 percent reduction will be enough to improve your heart function, blood pressure, and levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Many researchers have proved that you can develop your health condition just by losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds. Is not it an easy answer to your  obesity  induced health problems?

Check your BMI and tighten your belt. It is your time to shed a few kilos, if not for beauty, may be you will do it at least for the sake of your health. Get set go!!


Best Rash Vest Reviews For Watersports

Rash vests, also known as rash guards, are staple equipments for surfers. The main objective of a rash vest is to prevent a surfer from getting a rash. Rubbing against the board will result to chaffing without adequate protective gear. It also serves as protection against the sun. When you’re spending that much time on the beach, sunburn is an imminent threat. A rash guard also provides warmth and can be used by scuba divers. Although not as good an insulator as wetsuits, a rashie still gets the job done when you are diving under warm water.

The best tip when it comes to buying a rash vest is to consider the UV protection. Another is the size, you must ensure that the vest fits perfectly with your physique otherwise water will get inside the suit. Below is a short list of some of the best rash guards available on the market today:

Body Glove 6oz. Basic Lycra Short Sleeve Shirt

Body Glove’s 6 oz. short sleeve shirt offers SPF UV protection. This means that you don’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful rays from harming your skin. This is especially good for fair skinned people which are most sensitive to the sun’s rays. By itself, it offers enough warmth for diving under warm water. For colder water, you need to use a wetsuit on top of this rash guard to added insulation.

Quiksilver – Cypher PS + Heat Vest System

Perhaps one of the most innovative rash guards currently sold today is Quicksilver’s Cypher PS with a Heat Vest System. Unlike most rash guards and wetsuits, the Cypher PS is equipped with a battery operated heating system that uses infra red technology. With a push of a button the Heat Vest System maintains your body’s temperature which means you can last longer in colder temperature.

The vest itself is suitable for surfing and scuba diving. It can be worn on its own or under any wetsuit. The vest is made from lightweight polypropylene which so your body will not be restricted from any kind of movement.

The heating system is placed in a pad on the lower part of the vest. It has two heat settings: low and high. Press it once to get to the high setting; the red light will let you know it’s on high. Press it twice for low setting; the green light will tell you it’s on low. Hold the button for 4 seconds to turn it off.

XCEL Hooded Polypro

Know for producing quality wetsuits, XCEL has another addition to their collection: the XCEL Hooded Polypro Vest. If you have a wetsuit without a hood, this one’s especially for you. The hood is lined with Titanium which prevents any water from entering your suit and fits perfectly to the contours of your face.

Like every wetsuit made by XCEL, the vest itself is comfortable, flexible and warm. The collar around the vest can be worn both inside and outside of your wetsuit but to ensure that no water enters your suit, it is recommended keeping it outside. Not only is it a quality rash vest, is reasonably priced as well.

Cold Sore Cures – What Can You Do To Cure A Cold Sore

Cold sore cures are now big business. Why? Well because cold sores can be a big problem at the best of times, but it is even worse if they are chronic and re-occurring regularly. And, have you noticed that cold sores always seem to pop up when there is an event happening in your life, like a new date or a wedding day or job interview. Not only can you feel embarrassed, but also these cold sores can be really, really painful. And when they do occur most people just want to get their cold sore cured asap. Now, obviously if you have cold sores you want to be able to find an effective cold sore cure at once, but there are so many drug companies out there trying to get your business that they can confuse the heck out of you, and then when you throw in some of the myths about cold sore cures it gets even worse. So lets have a look at what cold sores are and what we can do to quickly cure one if needed.

Cold Sores

Well, as you are probably well aware, a cold sore is a painful, fluid-filled tiny blisters that appear on the lips and around the nose. Now although these are part of the herpes family it does not necessarily mean you have caught it through sexual activity. In fact children under the age of ten are known to have cold sores. And please do not feel to embarrassed if you do have one as they are very common indeed. Now when you get a cold sore it can last anywhere up to two weeks and sometimes longer, and during this period the cold sore is very contagious and can be passed from person to person through skin contact by things like kissing, touching or oral sex. Also, something else to be aware of is they can spread through non skin contact by sharing eating utensils or even things such as towels or pillows. So please remember that a cold sore is very contagious and act with a little bit of caution for others that you may have close contact with. Also bear in mind that once you are infected with it, the virus remains with you for a life, so effectively you can only treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Cures For Cold Sores

So, if you find yourself with a cold sore and you want to cure it quickly, then it is best to get your hands on some kind of cold sore cure at once. Now, as I have already said, there is no permanent cure for cold sores, however, there are remedies you can use that will reduce the severity and frequency of them. Of course, when a treatment can do this it is bound to be greatly in demand. And, the good thing is if you give immediate treatment to you cold sore, it should ( fingers crossed ) only take a matter of days before cold sores are healed. So when you start feeling that there is some pain and discomfort, then the very first thing you can do to slow it down is to put ice on the affected area. Once you have done this then you need to get your treatment going straight away.

Find a Psoriasis Treatment Today!

Presently there’s no substitute for seeing a medical doctor or skin doctor regarding help in receiving a prognosis and acquiring treatment assistance for the purpose of  psoriasis . Nevertheless, because there are variety of reliable remedies out there, a lot of individuals can certainly attempt to treat their  psoriasis  by themselves. How is this possible? Through informing themselves about the assortment of readily available  psoriasis  treatments and then caring for themselves by means of a careful trial and error process. Despite the fact that there is actually still not any easy cure designed for all  psoriasis , many people can obtain help or possibly complete clarifying of their skin by checking out available treatment alternatives.

In this part – explaining the healing of  psoriasis  – we will lightly evaluate a few of the much more popular and effective therapies, some of which often entail employing prescribed or OTC drugs, in addition to others that are much more purely natural. However, before explaining these kinds of therapies we will quickly assess just what exactly causes skin  psoriasis .

What Causes Skin  Psoriasis ?

 Psoriasis  is generally known to be a dysfunction of our immune system, and is without a doubt recognized as an auto-immune problem. In  psoriasis  one’s very own immune system, and in particular, an individual’s T-helper cells, wrongly attacks one’s own personal skin cells. Nearly all  psoriasis  remedies center on handling this specific immune system response, frequently through controlling the immune system, by removing the cause or even a connection of the immune response, or perhaps by addressing the particular signs or symptoms on the epidermis. Okay, now we will go onto a quick overview of a number of of the more standard  psoriasis  treatment.

Treating  Psoriasis 


Biologics are a brand new class of medicines intended for dealing with more critical instances of  psoriasis , and normally include Amevive, Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, and more recently Stelara, along with a few others some others. Amevive helps by simply hindering the T-cell immune response, and Enbrel, Humira, and Remicade give good results by simply obstructing an additional major factor in the immune reaction, which is actually referred to as TNF-alpha. Stelara, the most recent to become authorized, functions simply by preventing the activation of a number of of the interleukin chains throughout the immune response. The biologics have offered optimism to numerous people with moderate to extreme  psoriasis  which weren’t previously helped by different remedies. Having said that, biologics also have a greater hazard of occasionally critical uncomfortable side effects, such as microbe infections. Other drawbacks are: need to get applied by way of injection or infusion, do not work for everyone, usually are exceptionally high priced, and the signs or symptoms of skin  psoriasis  in most cases come back as soon as therapy stops.

Coal Tar

A well used and everyday form of therapy put to use to help manage slight instances of skin  psoriasis , coal tar is used in hair shampoos and creams. Although coal tar may well reduce irritation and redness for quite a few people, it is only somewhat helpful, is certainly messy, can easily bother the skin and in substantial concentrations can end up being poisonous and also possibly carcinogenic.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is actually getting more attention recently as a therapy for  psoriasis  victims, both as a dietary supplement and also as a skin salve. Coconut oil consists of elevated quantities of lauric acid, which often is known to help destroy candida in our digestive tract, therefore healing one of the potential underlying origins of skin  psoriasis . Coconut oil has additionally shown to cut down inflammation, equally while used as a vitamin supplement or even whenever hand-applied to the skin.


Cyclosporin is an immunosuppressant and is actually effective at lowering psoriatic conditions since it reduces and depresses the immune system. For the same exact reason, however, cyclosporin possesses a higher threat of unwanted effects and is solely prescribed by doctors for much more critical conditions of skin  psoriasis .

Diet Plan Modification

Adjusting your eating habits can certainly be the best form of managing  psoriasis . Why? There is rising proof that by-products coming from food may perhaps be the triggers for the immune reaction which usually leads to  psoriasis . Several researchers have proposed that “leaky gut syndrome” (also termed intestinal tract hyper-permeability) may well be to blame for the “leaks” of food-dependent agents out of the intestinal tract directly into your bloodstream. Consequently, diet plan modification may possibly aid simply by way of treating a person’s digestive tract, possibly by fighting an overgrowth of candida, which is definitely one probable cause of leaky gut syndrome. For people who are interested in curbing their  psoriasis , but do not want to spend a lot of money and want to avoid unwanted side effects this is the best option. Some well-known food triggers are: dairy products, very acidic foods, fermented food, alcohol, sugars, nuts, wheat, gluten, nightshades, and a number of others. Then again, it is without a doubt important to note that each person may have many different food triggers – one really needs to experiment. In addition, as well as doing away with certain items, plenty of people have benefited from including things to their diet, like: coconut oil, fish oil, folic acid, zinc, antioxidants, Vitamin D and probiotics.

Dithralin (Anthralin)

Dithralin is a synthetic form of an extract out of the bark of the South American araroba tree. It is often helpful, and succeeds by blocking cell proliferation. It normally takes a long time to begin working and also can stain and upset your pores and skin.

Dovonex and other sorts of Vitamin D analogues

Dovonex, the brand name for calcipotriene, is without a doubt the most renowned and trusted kind of the Vitamin D analogues which often are used to care for  psoriasis . Others are Vectical and tacalcitol. Dovonex is a synthetic variety of Vitamin D3, and operates by inhibiting skin cell growth and proliferation. A number of individuals report decent benefits with Dovonex, and the side effects are generally low – still – it requires several weeks to take effect and some folks do not respond at all. Fairly recently, the Vitamin D analogues have additionally been manufactured with hydrocortisone.


Similar to cyclosporin, methotrexate is a systemic medication having far more potentially serious unintended effects, but which can also offer relief for more serious cases of  psoriasis  as well as extreme instances of psoriatic arthritis. Methotrexate functions by inhibiting cell growing, and was at first intended for use as a chemotherapeutic for cancer. The the majority of considerable complications associated with taking methotrexate is liver damage, and its use is must be supervised by medical professionals.


You will find several varieties of skin lotions to take care of  psoriasis . Some happen to be beneficial simply because they can calm the skin and reduce itching, plus they could also help get rid off the top stratum of scales, allowing some other agents to more readily access and start treating the underlying skin cells. Oatmeal soaks, salicyclic acid, epsom salt bathing, saltwater baths, and a wide range of oils are just a couple of countless moisturizing treatment options. Some skin lotions, such as coconut oil and ocean or brine, could perhaps work by lessening inflammation in addition to basically lifting scales and soothing pores and skin.

Omega 3’s (Fish Oil)

Dietary supplements, like fish oil, made up of Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to decrease inflammation and several reports point to improvements.

Phototherapy, Natural light

There are actually several kinds of phototherapy used to control  psoriasis , which work by decreasing skin cell growth. While typically powerful, phototherapy symptoms become worse before they get better, and the possibility for overexposure adds a carcinogenic danger, hence the great importance of medical oversight when deciding upon phototherapy.


Topical retinoids like Tazorac are available in ointments and gels, and are a artificial form of Vitamin A. Tazorac is the brand name pertaining to Tazoratene, and is also employed to care for acne breakouts. Skin irritation is definitely one side effect, and it commonly will take 2-12 weeks to observe results.

Topical Corticosteroids

The most well-known form of therapy. Topical steroids such as hydrocortisone are utilized in a range of varieties and applied to the skin. They work by reducing the inflammation reaction. Topical steroids will usually supply short-lived reduction and lessen inflammation, scaling and itching, but, they usually do not target the root origin of the symptoms, and because of side effects are generally advisable for temporary use only.

If you suspect you might have  psoriasis , reviewing  psoriasis  pictures may help you confirm your suspicions.

Fungus Treatments 101

Well there are a few things we need to take into consideration before we look at anything anti-fungal:

1- If we have immunity problems or conditions that encourage a fungus problem in the first place then treating the problem is going to be very difficult.

2- If we ever do get rid of it we can never guarantee that it will not come back. It is not really that you are prone to it (some people are) but because we are walking fungal food it is likely that we can get it many times.

3- Your toenails grow at a really slow rate- about 12-18 months from base to tip. So if you apply anything or take anything then nothing is going to happen anyway for a long time, because you can only see a difference when the nail grows. So watching your nail daily will not produce anything.

4- Tablets are much more potent treatment method than anything else because of the ability to get straight to the matrix. But they have to be potent and taken for a while so that the nail can grow with the treatment. The downside of this is that your Doctor will need to monitor your Liver for any concerns (rare but present) and you can get stomach upsets.

5- Anti-fungal paints applied to the nail need to be applied as per instructions from the manufacturer- some present with toxicity if not used correctly and also you don’t want to be doing this for years on end… what is the point? Different paints give different results per different patient- not everyone is the same. Applying the paints for a year at 2 week intervals is common. Patients dropping the treatment regime because they are bored or can not be bothered is also very common. If you stop the treatment for a month, more than likely the fungus takes hold again and the treatment regime has to start back up again.

6- If you have Athletes Foot that needs to be treated as well with different medications or else the fungus from the skin will go into the nail.

7- Are you sure you have a fungus nail to begin with? Many people do not and antifungal treatments don’t work because there wasn’t a fungus to start with. Unfortunately many medical professionals do not know the difference and usually test the nail before treatment commences. However this in itself can lead to negative results because of preparation and storage of the sample is flawed. Going off the Internet as a diagnosis is wrong as well. Sometimes nails are just thick because of trauma or some growth problems… not a fungus in sight.

8- Fungus are notoriously hard to eradicate, and it might come back. Also research has found a bolus of fungus, a “motherload” under the nail which prevents treatments from working as effectively and quickly as we have liked.

Some people will say “tablets, paints… I heard Vicks can take care of my fungus”. Well this was one of the main reasons for me to write this article.

What we have read so far states that you either have to attack the fungus from the matrix from where the nail grows from. Or keep on attacking the nail until the fungus disappears and the nail grows out fungal free.

All types of paint and rubs and anything that you put onto the nail relies on you, the patient, to actually do it for a long period of time. Studies have shown time and time again that nails are slow growing. If you apply something you have to wait fro the nail to grow to see if it has worked whatever treatment that you use, especially topical medicament’s. The Vicks study only used 18 patients, showed slight healing in a certain portion of patients after 40 weeks, but never showed their age of the severity of the fungus before hand (heavy fungus will take longer to treat).

But people believe in the “gone in 48 hours” theory or that something in your medical cabinet is the golden bullet. It’s not. It just a different way, a different bullet that does exactly the same job in exactly the same way. Choose your bullet but just make sure that you follow the very laborious treatment methods.

But now we have Laser. This technically “cooks” your fungus. But as will all the points above they can flow directly into this treatment. You have to wait for it to see whether it worked. And there is the cost… which is very expensive for something that has very little effect or seriousness to warrant such expense that other medicaments can’t be more useful for.

Allergy Solutions For Airborne Allergies

Air allergies are very common, and the solutions devised for them are both chemical and mechanical. Before discussing that statement, let’s first have a look at the type of so-called air allergies from which up to 20% of the world’s population suffer. First, there is no such thing as an air allergy: nobody is allergic to air! Imagine the consequences! No, it is what the air that you breathe contains that is allergenic. Any anti allergy treatment you receive has to be effective against the allergens, and in order to answer the question that you are about to ask, an allergen is a substance that initiates an allergic reaction from your immune system.

Whenever your system recognizes a foreign body it your immune system initiates a sequence of defense reactions against it. That foreign body could be as large as a transplanted liver or as small as a pollen grain or tiny dust mite.  The reaction is the same. Invaders such as bacteria and viruses initiate a much more severe reaction than airborne triggers such as dust mites, molds, pollen and pet dander; but even these air allergies can be very unpleasant and demand specific solutions.

The most common air allergy is commonly called hay fever, caused originally by the small particles of chaff, or hay particles, generated during the cutting of hay, and also by the pollen released from agricultural crops.  Today in many areas these are released from the thousands of square miles of rape flowers, but also by cereal and other grass crops. Other allergens include dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold and mildew spores, and airborne chemicals.

These airborne pollutants tend to be very small, and are able to penetrate deep within your nose, throat and pulmonary system, and to initiate a reaction by your immune system that nature devised to protect your body from attack. Among the symptoms you can experience as a result of your body’s protective action are:

1. A runny nose, designed to wash the nasal intruder out, and paradoxically, a stuffy nose to trap it where it is, and then be expelled as part of nasal phlegm.

2. Sneezing, to expel the foreign body from the nose.

3. Coughing, to expel intruding particles from the airway.

4. Watering eyes, to wash air allergies from the eye, often associated with conjunctivitis, which is a more severe reaction of the immune system to infection of the eyes by what is perceived as bacteria and molds.

5. Itchy eyes and nose, which are a deeper and more biochemical reaction to invasion beneath the skin.

The question you might be asking, however, is not so much the cause or its effects, but what can you do about it.  

There are chemical or medical treatments you could use, such as antihistamines, and herbal remedies such as chamomile and eyebright, but you can’t control the pollen count, and you can’t stop pets from shedding hair, dander, and dust. Since your main problem is the air that you breathe, then cleaning your air is sure to help.

In fact it seems to make some sense that air allergies could be avoided by breathing cleaner air. We all hear that prevention is better than cure.  You could use allergy bedding and so on, but that doesn’t overcome the main problem: allergens populating the air that you breathe.

It makes sense that if your allergy is caused by particles in the air that you breathe, then if you clear the air, you would remove the cause. Makes sense? Of course it does. So how do you go about this air replacement or air purification? In fact the solution is fairly simple.

And even though the concept might be simple,  the technology involved is not. It involves air filtration to a very high degree, and normal filters would not be capable of capturing the very fine irritants involved.  Technology has come up with a solution to your air allergies:  one that tackles the problem at its source. Such filters are known as High Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) filters, and can capture even sub micron pollutants.