Essential Functions – A Gateway to Calculus

Essential functions are a part of pre-calculus that is learned before getting into real calculus (derivatives, integrals, differential equations. These functions have to be familiar because they will occur often in the field. We are going to examine some essential functions and give an overview of how they are used in calculus

Linear functions: these are you basic straight line functions with the form y=mx+b. Where m is the slope of the graph and b is the y-intercept.

Polynomial functions; These equations will look like this; y=x^2+3x+1. where the degree of the polynomial gets higher as the power of x gets higher. Polynomials of degree 2 are quadratics, 3 are cubic, and 4 are quartic.

Power functions; these equations are written as x^a, where ‘a’ is some constant number. When a is 1 we have a straight line, when it is 2 a parabola.

Rational functions; Functions that are the division of two polynomials in the form f(x)=p(x)/q(x)

Exponential functions; These equations have the form of a^x, where a can be any constant. The most common value for a is Euler’s number, e, which is approximately 2.71828

Logarithmic functions; these are the inverse of exponential functions. These function have a base as well. Logarithms with base e take on the symbol of ‘ln(x)’.

So there is a review of essential functions for calculus. You will surely see them again when you start learning about derivatives, so it is important to know all these by memory.

Dog Vomiting: Causes And Cures

Dog vomiting is quite a natural canine behavior. All dogs do it, and some do it frequently, and for a number of reasons.

So before you grab your car keys to rush the dog off to the vet, stop awhile! In most cases, there is no need for concern. Vomiting is just a natural way in which dogs remove unwanted matter from the body.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you ignore it completely, because sometimes vomiting does suggest a more serious problem. But you’ll need to observe the dog for other symptoms, for example, diarrhea, loss of appetite and general listlessness.

If you notice these symptoms it’s time to visit the vet, although most likely it is still nothing to be overly concerned about.

Here are some common reasons why a dog may throw up;

Eating too fast – Many dogs tend to woof their food down, a throw back to the days when they could be attacked while eating. Feeding 3 to 4 smaller meals rather than one large meal may sort out the problem and will also protect against bloat, a potentialy deadly condition.

Consuming Grass – Nobody really knows why dogs eat grass, but many of them seem to love it. Some experts believe they eat grass to induce vomiting, while others say that eating too much grass makes them vomit. Either way, eating grass often makes a dog throw up.

Eating the wrong things – Dogs that are fed on junk food and table scraps, and dogs that make a habit of raiding the trash can, are always likely to throw up. A healthy diet and preventing access to the trash will sort this out straight away.

When should I be concerned?

Although vomiting is usually nothing to worry about, it should also not be ignored. The first thing you should be alert to is the frequency. Once in a while is not a problem, once or twice a day, merits a veterinary check up.

Also be alert for the symptoms I mentioned earlier, lethargy, lack of appetite, and diarrhea, as well as other signs, like blood, or unusual coloration in the vomit. In these instances, get the dog to the vet right away.

Vomiting may also be due to a more serious cause, for example your dog may have eaten a household poison, like a pesticide, or even a poisonous plant. If you think this may be the case then immediate veterinary treatment is called for.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Throwing Up

If you have a dog that throws up on a regular basis, there are a number of commonsense measures that you can put in place to reduce it.

Start by feeding your dog a healthy diet. Cut out all table scraps and junk foods and ensure that your dog cannot get into the trashcan. Feed your dog more frequent, smaller meals and add a fibre suppliment, so the dog is less inclined to eat grass.

These steps should be enough to reduce dog vomiting, but if not, it is advisable to speak to your vet.

Poison in the Food You Eat

Imagine this situation: You skipped lunch due to some office work that needs to be submitted and soon found yourself with your stomach protesting loudly by the time your job is over. You went home and saw a pizza on the table. It looks new and mouth watering but smells and tastes a little funny. You thought that maybe it is just the pineapple ingredient so you removed them and proceeded eating it anyway. What you do not know is you are already on your way to experience  poisoning  in your  food .

There are lots of ways that you can get  food   poisoning . It may be due to the ingredients of the food you eat, your hygienic practices, the hygienic practices of those who prepared the food you ate, or how the food was stored or kept. As you can see,  food   poisoning  does not always mean that somebody intended to add a toxic substance in your  food . In fact, most cases of  food   poisoning  happen by accident or carelessness.

For your information, there are some foods that microorganisms love to thrive at such as egg. If the shell of an egg is broken, even if it is just a crack, salmonella can enter and live inside. The eggs that have been stored in the shelf for a long period of time may also be housing salmonella microorganisms. That is because the eggshells actually have pores which serves as portal for these sneaky bacteria to enter and invade the inside of the egg. That leads us to the thought that raw and half cooked eggs added to the food we eat like that in salad dressings or simply eaten as it is are actually dangerous practices. Continue doing it at your own risk of salmonella  food   poisoning .

Your hygienic practices can also save or push you to suffer  food   poisoning . We know the importance of hand washing and we even teach it to young children but sometimes, we ourselves forget to perform this very important preventive measure. What we held before we saw the tasty finger food that is being passed around might have harbored bacteria that were transmitted to you when you held it. The worse is, you saw the finger food and totally forgot about hand washing before popping it in your mouth.

So maybe you are very strict with your hygienic practices that you think  food   poisoning  cannot happen to you. You always have alcohol in your bag and you really cannot eat without washing your hands. You even make sure that all of your left over foods is stored in the freezer and you do not have pets as you believe that they carry microorganisms with them. The problem is, you like to order your food from restaurants. Even if you trust that the restaurant prepare their products hygienically, there is still a possibility that a worker handled your  food  improperly thus predisposing you to  food   poisoning .

Moreover, you can also get  food   poisoning  in a way just like in the situation at the beginning of this article. If you have not stored or kept  food  properly and there is an uncovered part, even if it is very small, if salmonella sneaked right in it, you are still going to suffer  food   poisoning .

How to Prevent a Peptic Ulcer

A proper lifestyle may reduce the symptoms of a peptic  ulcer , so we should keep ourselves away from spicy foods, coffee and alcohol, smoking, taking NSAIDs and paracetamol, lose excess weight if overweight.A certain medication will be prescribe by your doctor, in order to reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach.There are two kinds of medicine available to do this.One are so called H2-antagonists for example the ranitidine (Zantac) and cimetidine (Tagamet).The other known as proton pump inhibitors seems to be more powerfuly in reducing the production of stomach acid. These are omeprazole (Losec) and lansoprazole (Zoton).

If a person is found positive with H. pylori, she will need some prescribed tablets to get rid of it. In most cases the treatment is a combination of three drugs: a proton pump inhibitor and two antibiotics, taken daily for one week.The existence of persistent  ulcer  symptoms even after a test where H.pylori has not been found leads to further tests, such as gastroscopy or barium swallow.

There are also severe cases when the peptic  ulcer  causes serious problems, especially the perforation of the stomach or duodenum. A severe pain is caused and needs emergency treatment. A well known complication is the bleeding of the  ulcer . In this case appear the following symptoms:vomiting fresh, red blood, or vomit containing dark brown bits of older blood; blood which is usually dark red in the faeces and black,tarry faeces.

An anemia can be caused by a slowly bleeding  ulcer , where the red cells can be found in a small number, so are unable to transport oxygen around the body. The narrowing in the duodenum sometimes let scars produced by healed  ulcers .

Actualy surgery is very rarely needed for the peptic  ulcers .Severe complications may appear such as bleeding from the  ulcer  or perforation of the duodenal or stomach lining, which maybe resolvable by a certain surgery.The development of the peritonitis needs an emergency hospital treatment. Through a gastroscope certain operations in treating a bleeding  ulcer  is required, but a sedative can be given.

To avoid surgery and to protect ourselves from the appearance of a peptic  ulcer  we should pay attention to what kind of food we weat and also to have a proper lifestyle.

Combat Male Depression

Not only women are affected by depression but even men. Discover the best ways on how to beat this problem for better male enhancement.

Most of you will deny it but the truth is depression affects the males just as it does the ladies.

Yes, everyone has probably heard those jokes regarding the midlife crisis of men and self identity queries that usually go with this.

However, there happens to be a darker side as far as male depression is concerned. More than millions of people are taking their lives all over the world every year. In fact, American males are 3 to 4 times more likely to take their lives as compared to women. The truth is, American men of 20 to 24 years of age have suicide rate that is 7 times higher compared to the ladies belonging to the similar age bracket.

Depression and Its Symptoms

While not all of the depressed men will commit suicide, depression symptoms can affect the lives of men have a profound effect on their health, careers as well as loved ones. These symptoms can include feelings of helplessness, guilt or hopelessness, low mood as well as inability of feeling pressure, insomnia, and lack of energy.

Making the problem even harder is that men usually find it hard to ask for assistance and reach out when they feel that depression is closing in on them. For them, reaching out makes them weak and unmanly in the eyes of other people.

Best Ways to Fight Male Depression

  • The very first thing that you can do is talk to people. While discussing it out in the open might seem hard, chances are they will talk about symptoms related to depression that they experience, such as lack of energy and insomnia. Talking with your doctor can be a great place to start since he will be able to determine the cause of your symptoms.
  • Never keep your feelings to yourself. If you have an issue with a person, tell another about it. Learn to lessen the tension that might build inside you.
  • Stay active. Regular exercise benefits both your mind and body and this will not just give you better sleep as this is also a great way for relieving stress, not to mention that this can also help you shed of those extra pounds. There are studies that associate obesity and depression. Exercise will not only make you look better for chances are, this will also make you feel even better.
  • Practice relaxation exercises and techniques such as yoga. Go for a massage or you can also try aroma therapy. For instance, lemon oil is a proven potent anti-depressant and according to clinical studies, this also reduces stress.
  • Follow a healthy diet composed of vegetables and fruits. Some of the foods best for fighting depression include oily fish, leafy veggies, whole grains and brown rice. Herring, mackerel, sardines and salmon have high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Stay away from those processed foods as well as those with high sugar and fat content. Also, avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine that can only worsen your symptoms of depression.
  • Spend your time on good hobbies. The best way for fighting depression is doing something that you actually enjoy. Whether it is collecting stamp, golfing or any other hobbies, allot time for it. And having a hobby that you can do outside under the shining sun is definitely better.

Male enhancement can be greatly affected by depression. By combating this problem, you will surely get the kind of enhancement that you want.

Hernia – Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

A hernia may be likened to a failure in the sidewall of a pneumatic tire. The tire’s inner tube behaves like the organ and the side wall like the body cavity wall providing the restraint. A weakness in the sidewall allows a bulge to develop, which can become a split, allowing the inner tube to protrude, and leading to the eventual failure of the tire. Hernias may present either with pain at the site, a visible or palpable lump, or in some cases by more vague symptoms resulting from pressure on an organ which has become “stuck” in the hernia, sometimes leading to organ dysfunction. Fatty tissue usually enters a hernia first, but it may be followed by or accompanied by an organ.

Hernia occurs when the contents of a body cavity bulge out of the area where they are normally contained. These contents, usually portions of intestine or abdominal fatty tissue, are enclosed in the thin membrane that naturally lines the inside of the cavity. Although the term hernia can be used for bulges in other areas, it most often is used to describe hernias of the lower torso (abdominal wall hernias).

The femoral canal is the path through which the femoral artery, vein, and nerve leave the abdominal cavity to enter the thigh. Although normally a tight space, sometimes it becomes large enough to allow abdominal contents (usually intestine) into the canal. A femoral hernia causes a bulge just below the inguinal crease in roughly the mid-thigh area. Usually occurring in women, femoral hernias are particularly at risk of becoming irreducible (not able to be pushed back into place) and strangulated.

Signs and Symptoms of Hernia

Early on, the hernia may be reducible – the protruding structures can be pushed back gently into their normal places. If those structures, however, cannot be returned to their normal locations through manipulation, the hernia is said to be irreducible, or incarcerated.

The vast majority of hiatal hernias are of the sliding type, and most of them are not associated with symptoms. The larger the hernia, the more likely it is to cause symptoms. When sliding hiatal hernias produce symptoms, they almost always are those of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or its complications.

In developing baby boys, a hole in the abdomen allows the testicles to descend into the scrotum. In girls, a similar opening may exist even though the ovaries do not descend out of the abdomen. Normally, this hole closes before a baby is born. A hernia results when a sac protrudes through the opening and the lining of the abdominal cavity.

About five in every 100 children have inguinal hernias. Inguinal hernias in newborns and children result from a weakness in the abdominal wall that’s present at birth. Sometimes the hernia may be visible only when an infant is crying, coughing or straining during a bowel movement. In an older child, a hernia is likely to be more apparent when the child coughs, strains during a bowel movement or stands for a long period of time.

A hiatal hernia by itself rarely causes symptoms — pain and discomfort are usually due to the reflux of gastric acid, air, or bile. Reflux happens more easily in the presence of hiatal hernia, though a hiatal hernia is not the only cause of reflux.

Pain or discomfort in your groin, especially when bending over, coughing or lifting. A heavy or dragging sensation in your groin .Occasionally, in men, pain and swelling in the scrotum around the testicles when the protruding intestine descends into the scrotum

Stress and Tinnitus

The effects that stress has on the human body can debilitate. The ways that stress can affect a tinnitus sufferer are many, but thankfully the stress levels can be managed so that the symptoms of tinnitus aren’t aggravated as much. Research has proven methods that reduce stress and will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle and can aid a person that lives with tinnitus on a daily basis.

Tinnitus alone can cause undue stress for those who have to deal with the constant ringing or other kinds of noises that tinnitus makes. One of the best treatments for those living with tinnitus is to keep a lid on the stress in their life. Stress has been found to be one of the worst irritants of tinnitus. Some people have found that when they learn to keep down the side effects of stress, their symptoms of tinnitus are less also.

The human body reacts to tinnitus as an intruder and the results are the related conditions from stress like depression, anxiety, and sleep loss. Stress will cause the symptoms of tinnitus to worsen. When stress gets to be a problem from any source, bad or good, the natural reaction in the human body is the constriction of blood vessels, a rise in blood pressure and increased heart rate. All of these stress related reactions will cause the noises of tinnitus to be louder than ever! High blood pressure is one medical condition that can actually cause tinnitus.

Learning how to lessen the stress caused from tinnitus is one way to control its symptoms. Tinnitus alone can cause someone to go batty with the sometimes constant ringing, buzzing, and hissing noises. A person who starts the symptoms of tinnitus may the most level-headed person ever until they have to deal with tinnitus for just a day. The results even on that kind of person can be a monumental level of stress that would end up causing a whole set of problems!

If you are one of those out there that are experiencing stress related problems due to tinnitus, finding ways to get out from under the pressures of that stress is imperative!

One the first things you should do is take a look at your diet.

• Don’t eat foods that are high in salt content.

• Salt will cause the symptoms of tinnitus to worsen because salt can affect your blood pressure.

• Do eat foods that are high in the B-complex vitamins that directly contribute to your body’s defense system.

• All of the B-complex vitamins are geared to aid the body in fighting the direct effects that stress has on your body.

Get your body in tune with your mind. Learn to relax by taking time out to just sit in a quiet place and focus on being calm and strong. The effects meditations have already shown amazing results in some tinnitus patients. Learning to breathe deeply and to take things in stride will greatly reduce the stress of tinnitus and its symptoms. Talking to your family members and friends about how you are feeling will help a lot.

Don’t let tinnitus make you feel like an outsider. Seek the help of your doctor if the stress gets to a point that you don’t think you can handle it and remember that you are not alone in hearing these noises. Over 50 million people in the United States alone are affected by tinnitus. Your doctor may be able to recommend a support group in your area of other people who are trying to come to grips with tinnitus.

Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Having a high cholesterol level is a problem faced by many people. This is due to unhealthy lifestyles that so many of us lead. From consuming junk foods that contain high level of fats to other bad habits such as drinking and smoking. All contribute to higher cholesterol levels in the body. Consequently, this can lead to the increased risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. No wonder that heart disease is the main cause of death in many developed countries.

Fortunately, heart disease can be quite easily prevented by using natural remedies to lower cholesterol levels in your body. Actually, all it really takes to prevent heart disease is to lead a healthier lifestyle. For example, you can start eating a balanced diet to lower your cholesterol levels, instead of the greasy foods that are clogging up your arteries. Following a low cholesterol diet is an extremely effective way to control and maintain normal cholesterol levels in the body. To do this, you simply have to start eating foods that are low in cholesterol – such as fruits, vegetables and soy products. Eating foods that are high in fiber can also help fight bad cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

Apart from a healthy diet, you should also do some regular exercise if you really want to lower your cholesterol levels. Remember, by exercising regularly, it can help increase the number of good cholesterol high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in your body. Exercise also helps to strengthen your heart muscle, keep your blood pressure normal and shed unwanted fat off of your body. Taking dietary supplements is also one of the best natural ways to lower cholesterol – especially those that contain lecithin oil, pumpkin seeds oil, D-limonene and pythosterols. The combination of these ingredients will not only help to balance the cholesterol levels in the body, but also maintain them as you get older.

In addition, taking these supplements will help improve the function of the liver and remove gallstones. There are many natural cholesterol-reduction supplements on the that you can choose from. But most only contain one or two of the essential cholesterol fighting agents that your body needs. However one brand, which is made in New Zealand but can be obtained in the United States, contains all of the nutrients in just the right concentrations. They can help you to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol and increase the good HDL your body needs to prevent heart disease and strokes.

Lowering cholesterol is really about changing unhealthy habits and adopting new and healthier ones. Living a healthier lifestyle that includes exercising, not over-indulging with drinking and smoking, and following a high fiber diet that is low in cholesterol and fat will help to balance your cholesterol levels. If you would like more tips on natural ways to lower cholesterol, take a look at my website.

Dealing With Wernicke Korsakoffs Syndrome

There are many serious health consequences associated with alcohol abuse. If a person is unable to control their alcoholism, they could develop very serious health problems later on in life. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, it is very important that they seek medical intervention as soon as possible. Without the help of an alcohol detox drug treatment facility, it is very unlikely that a person will be able to get over their addiction to alcohol. With the help of a detox and medical professionals, a person will be able to take their lives back.

Who It Affects

Wernicke Korsakoffs greatly affects the memory as well as vision. This condition is the conglomeration of both diseases. Wernicke Korsakoffs is also known as wet brain, Korsakoffs psychosis, Wernicke’s disease and encephalopathy. This disease occurs due to a thiamine deficiency. Thiamine is vitamin B1 or beriberi. This is due to alcohol abuse as well as severe malnutrition.

Physical Disorder

Wernicke’s encephalopathy is characterized as confusion, involuntary eye movement; impaired eye movement, ataxia, sluggish papillary reactions, coma and sudden death are possible if left untreated. Korsakoff’s psychosis is characterized by anterograde amnesia which is the inability to form new memories, the loss of existing memories which is retrograde amnesia, confabulation, or false perceptions or memories, as well as hallucinations.


Wernicke’s occurs first and then Korsakoffs follows. It can also be brought about following severe malnutrition. When it occurs in alcoholics it is attributed to the infarction or atrophy of specific regions of the brain, most notably the mamillary bodies. Other effected areas include the thalamus which causes the amnesic symptoms, as well as the medial dorsal thalamus, the raphe nuclei, and the basal forebrain. Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome is normally found in those who are classified as chronic alcoholics. It is a result of a thiamine deficiency.

Memory Loss

In terms of memory, short term memory may be affected severely, and often only long term memory is recalled, however it depends on when the degeneration began. Some may really believe that the date is actually ten years off because that’s all they remember. The symptoms of this syndrome will include muscular issues, involuntary eye movements, confabulation regarding questioning, memory issues, and an individual suffering from this co-morbid disorder may avoid sunlight. They may prefer to spend their time in dark rooms.

Treatment Options

Treatment for Wernicke Korsakoffs includes the quitting drinking right away. It also consists of reversing the thiamine deficiency that has caused the disorder. This is done by giving supplemental thiamine. This is more often than not done with an initial IV dose or an intramuscular dose which is then followed by oral doses. However, it is important to note that once amnesia and psychosis have developed a complete and full recovery is very unlikely.

How To Determine If You Are Having A Heart Attack

Over a million Americans will suffer a heart attack each year. While over half of the victims will die, the survivors will be forced to live with permanent heart damage. The important factor that must be considered, when someone is experiencing heart attack symptoms is immediate medical treatment. If treatment is not rendered immediately the risks of death will increase with every minute that passes.

If you reside with someone, who has been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, you should immediately arm yourself with all the information that you can possibly find about this condition. Most heart attacks are linked to a coronary thrombosis (blood clot), which will block the oxygen rich blood flow from reaching the heart.

Inadequate oxygen enriched blood flow to the heart will lead to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and the most common type is atrial fibrillation. Anticoagulants or blood thinners are prescribed to treat A-fib.

The symptoms of a heart attack include angina (chest pain), pressure or discomfort on the left side of the chest. While the symptoms may subside after a few minutes, they will reappear. The victim may also experience radiating pain, which may involve the left side of the neck, jaw, upper back, abdomen, and both arms. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is very common and may be linked to the inadequate blood supply to the lungs. Nausea, vomiting, vertigo (dizziness), and fatigue are also symptoms that the victim may or may not experience.

If you or someone else exhibits signs of a heart attack, you should immediately dial 911. If treatment is not rendered within 1-2 hours, death may be inevitable. It is important to get regular checkups, so your physician will run several diagnostic tests, which will determine if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Coronary heart disease is a condition that involves plaque build-up in the coronary arteries. If a piece of the plaque breaks off from the artery, it can travel to the lungs or heart. The clot will cause a blockage of blood flow to the heart, which will lead to a heart attack.

The most common cause of heart disease is cigarette smoking. Illicit drug use such as cocaine is another factor that is linked to coronary artery spasms, which can lead to a heart attack. Other causes are extreme anxiety, hypothermia, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, and severe pain.

By losing weight the healthy way with a diet and exercise regimen will decrease your risks of cardiovascular diseases. If you need a boost in attempting to lose weight or just to get started working out daily, you should lean on your friends and family for moral support.

Can Eating Fish Lower Your Cholesterol and Help Heart Disease? 5 Ways That Really Work

Are you feed up with the fish diet to reduce cholesterol and decrease your risk of  heart   disease ? Most people are. It can be pretty dull yet the alternative is drugs with side effects ranging from sexual dysfunction to liver disease. Is it time you looked for a better answer than a drug or just eating fish and salads to live longer.

While opinions differ one thing is certain there are five steadfast rules to lower cholesterol and treating  heart   disease .

1. It is important to determine why you have high cholesterol. Is it because of lifestyle choices or stress? Perhaps it is both. Western medicine would have you believe genetics play a major role. Ask yourself if your have the same eating and exercise habits of your parents. If you do is it likely these play a part in your health. On the other hand are you easily stressed and is that a family trait?  Heart   disease  is the leading cause of death in the USA and often stress couples with poor lifestyle are the major factors not genetics.

2. Diet does matter but it doesn’t have to be all fish and salads. The Mediterranean diet is one of the best and while it includes fish you can enjoy low-fat recipes with chicken, veal, and even red meat. As an alternative physician I often recommend changing eating habits to alleviate present illness and prevent future health problems.

3. Are you having a hard time climbing the three flights of stairs at work? It is possibly those extra pounds not age. Losing weight even a few pounds can improve bad cholesterol. You don’t need to become a body builder to make changes in your cardio workout. One of the best things to do is take a twenty minute walk after dinner. This walk also relieves acid reflux, bloating and other health problems.

4. Herbal remedies have gotten a bad rap lately. When used appropriately herbs heal. One of the top herbal extracts comes to you through Ayurvedic medicine. Many of my clients have used Guggulipid successfully. One patient reduced her cholesterol levels so signify that her medical doctor didn’t place her on Lipitor. When looking for herbal remedies remember that they are not created equally. My clients speak with me first before I decide that this formula is right for them and then I have only found one botanical mixture that works well and it’s only available through a health provider like myself. Don’t waste money or your health.

5. As you age your body stops producing enzymes that help you digest food. By age thirty you are producing less than half the enzymes you need. It’s no wonder that you gain weight and begin to experience heart and digestion problems. To avoid these problems you want to look at using proteolytic enzymes that promote healthy digestion and a healthy heart. Also vitamin B3 helps with bad cholesterol and pantethine which is found in vitamin B5 helps both high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Now for the fish diet. Yes eating fresh fish is very good for you but the amount we need to eat is a lot so supplementing with a full spectrum fish protein with Omega-3 fatty acid is ideal. Many clients have told me over the sixteen years I’ve been in practice that AminoGest is the best. It includes Deep ocean white fish protein, Rosemary and Lemon extract all of which support the heart, digestion and the immune system.

So what can you do today to start lowering your cholesterol?

Take an honest look in the mirror and see if you would like to trim a few pounds and start a walking or other cardio program. Watch what food choices you prefer and even purchase the popular Mediterranean Diet recipe book you can find online.

Add proven herbal remedies like Core Guggulipid and supplement with top grade vitamins enzymes and fish oils. Likely you will reduce your cholesterol levels, improve your digestion, lose weight, and avoid  heart   disease . Now all you will have to do is decide how you want to spend the new found energy and time. Perhaps travel or fun with friends and family is in your future.

Advantages of Milk Processing

Raw milk obtained from cows and goats contain a high amount of pathogens and bacteria that make it unfit for drinking. Processing is a procedure by which the milk is heated to a temperature at which these pathogens are killed thereby making it safe for drinking for adults as well as children. Numerous advantage of this processing includes.

1. Destroys Bacillus Cereus and Brucella – Bacillus Cereus and Brucella are infectious pathogens causing diarrhea and fever respectively. They are present in the raw and unprocessed milk. These pathogens are destroyed by the processing procedure.

2. Destroys Mycobacterium   Tuberculosis  – Mycobacterium  Tuberculosis  is notorious bacteria causing  tuberculosis  in humans. It is present in high quantity in raw and unprocessed milk. The bacteria cannot withstand high temperatures and is completely destroyed during the processing procedure.

3. Destroys Campylobacter Jejuni – This pathogen causes diarrhea, dysentery, cramps, fever and body pain in humans. It is present in raw milk of cows and goats and is killed during the pasteurization process.

4. Shelf life is increased – When the bacteria and pathogen count is reduced, the shelf life and the refrigerated shelf life is enhanced. Shelf life is the duration until which it remains fresh. The shelf life of raw milk is less than 2-3 days whereas the processed one has a shelf life up to 2-3 weeks. The shelf life depends on the type of method used for processing and the type of packaging used. It depends wholly on the percentage of bacteria present.

5. Protein remains unaffected – A myth prevalent among consumers is that in processed milk the protein content is reduced to less than half. In actual, the sterilization process does destroy some essential components present, but the nutrient contents remain almost the same.

6. Inactivate enzymes – Processing inactivates the enzymes such as lipase and protease thereby enhancing the overall quality. The lipase enzyme has the power to degrade the fat making it off-flavor. Protease destroys the protein content giving it a bitter taste. Presence of protease spoils the texture of the cheese as well.

7. Vitamins remain unaffected – Riboflavin is the main vitamin present and it is needed on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body and mind. It remains unaffected by the processing. Negligible loss of vitamin A, C, B is witnessed during this process.

Milk processing is done in numerous ways such as ultrahigh pasteurization, steam pasteurization, ultra pasteurization, etc. The main aim of all the processing methods is to make it hygienic and free of disease causing bacteria and pathogens without affecting the actual nutrients present.

Tomatoes With Curled, Gnarly Leaves?

When gardening fever strikes, most folks test their skills with tomatoes first. The Garden Writers Association Foundation estimates that more than 41 million U. S. households grew a vegetable garden in 2009. That’s 38% of households in the U. S. They also estimate is that tomatoes are grown in 85% of those gardens.

With home gardeners, also known as hobby gardeners, tomatoes are the hands down favorite, followed closely by cucumbers and peppers. The naïve, uninitiated gardener buys a tomato plant in a peat pot at the local big box store or retail nursery, digs a hole, fills the hole with potting soil, fertilizer and water, then sits back and waits for the bumper crop of tomatoes to grace his kitchen.

Most novice gardeners overwater and over fertilize their plants. If a little water is good, then a lot of water is great! High nitrogen fertilizer will grow their plants quickly according to the not-so-experienced sales person at the big box store. So the new gardener follows the sales person’s instructions and thoroughly waters his tomato plants each day, and applies a high nitrogen fertilizer each week or so.

At first the results are incredible. The plants shoot up quickly and put forth deep green leaves. The excited garden novitiate is pleased with his results and thinks “It ain’t so hard to grow vegetables”. He promises himself that next year he will plant more…maybe even do so later this summer, so he can have fall tomatoes.

Then one morning, he goes to visit his tomato plants and finds that some of the new, tender leaves are a pale yellow starting at the leaf stem and moving up into the veins of the new leaves. The store sales person told him that the nitrogen fertilizer would make the leaves “green up”. So the hobby gardener thinks if they are yellow they must not be getting enough fertilizer. He mixes up a batch of Miracle Gro, adding more than the recommended amount of the fertilizer and waters the tomatoes until the water-fertilizer mixture creates rivulets as it runs off the soil around the plants.

Two days later he checks his tomatoes again. He is horrified to find that even more leaves are yellowing and the new growth doesn’t even look like leaves. The new growth looks like spindly little shoots that are not forming leaves at all. And when the new growth does look like a leaf, it is curled and gnarly, reminiscent of what herbicides do to unwanted weeds. Of course, to correct the situation, he adds more water.

Do you see a pattern forming here? I hope you do, because this is one of the most common experiences for the new tomato grower: over watering and over fertilizing. If this practice continues, the plants will be stunted, produce few if any tomatoes and will expire early. The novice gardener will say he has a brown thumb and will never attempt to garden again.

This gardener’s anguish and the early demise of his precious vegetable plants could have easily been avoided by using a soil moisture meter. These devices range in price from five dollars to a couple hundred dollars. Digital versions in the $12 to $25 range are entirely adequate for the hobby gardener. There are a number of manufacturers and the moisture meters are available online or at your local big box store…the same place you bought your tomato plants in the first place!

The cheaper ones are entirely satisfactory and will give a reading from 0.0-10. A low reading (0.0 – 1.5) indicates very dry soil that should watered immediately. A reading near the top end of the scale (9.0 – 10) indicates a very wet soil that should be allowed to dry out significantly before adding more water. Most vegetable plants should be maintained in the 2.5 to 5.5 range for optimum growth and production.

Get yourself a moisture meter, avoid those curled and gnarly leaves on your tomatoes, and enjoy one of Nature’s very best homegrown fruits.

MRI – Defining a Brain Tumors Presence

My wife recently had cause to have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination (MRI) of the head, which resulted in the detection and successful removal of a non-cancerous meningioma and I was amazed at how this testing works and how detailed it can be.

Detailed MR images allow physicians to better evaluate parts of the body and certain diseases that may not be assessed adequately with other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound or computed tomography (also called CT or CAT scanning).

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and uses magnetism instead of x-rays to build a detailed picture of your head. My wife advised that it is in no way painful and the only discomfort is in the fact that you will be asked to lie very still for what will appear to you to be a long period of time, anywhere between 25 and 45 minutes.

What appears to make some people apprehensive is:

a) A feeling of confinement or claustrophobia.

b) Normally you will be in the room all alone.

c) The noises from the equipment i.e. a succession of clicks and bangs.

d) Drinking a small amount of contrast material or taking an injection intravenously.

None of these matters need to be a worry as long as you know about them before hand: The MRI unit is positioned pretty close to your body, you will be alone when the unit is active or everyone would have to abide by the strict restrictions connected with the MRI unit. The noises only appear loud because you are alone and they are not scary and the contrast allows the radiologist to have a clearer, more defined image.

Like everything else – we fear the unknown. You are not really alone during the Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination because your progress will be monitored by a technician throughout the examination and they will be able to hear and see you. There is also a two way intercom and therefore if you speak you can attract attention.

Do’s and Don’ts for MRI Examinations


1) DO ask if you are ok to follow your regular eating and drinking routine prior to the exam – this is usually the case, however, a hangover is not recommended.

2) DO advise the radiologist if you have allergies. if contrast material is to be administered they will wnt to know.

3) DO advise the radiologist if you are pregnant or suspect you may be.

4) DO take with you your own favourite CD or you may find yourself listening to something so boring it makes the time go even slower. Hint: Rock and Roll or Saturday Night Fever is not conducive to remaining as still as possible.

5) DO leave all jewellery at home as it interferes with the magnetic field of the MRI unit.

6) DO relax and try to stay as still as possible. The tenser you are the more difficult this is and you may end up suffering cramp and having to go through it all again.


1) DON’T put any type of hair pin or clip in your hair.

2) DON’T sneak your hearing aid in to listen to that CD I have just told you to bring along – Not allowed. Hearing aids will also interfere and are not allowed.

3) DON’T dress up because MRI examinations give you the opportunity to try out the latest creation in hospital gowns together with your best underwear. Thongs are not recommended for males or females!

4) DON’T forget to leave all removable dental work at home.

5) DON’T fidget – it will be over before you know it.

6) DON’T whine if you are a grown up – be brave – there might be a 5 year old waiting his turn outside.

It is important that you remain perfectly still while the images are being recorded, which is typically only a few seconds to a few minutes at a time. Tapping and knocking sounds will be heard when images are being recorded. You will be able to relax briefly between imaging sequences.

The benefit of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination is that this technique is non-invasive and does not involve any exposure to radiation. Where brain tumours are concerned the MR images are the most sensitive examination method as they are usually clearer and more detailed.

How Do You Treat Dry Red Eyes?

Finding a suitable treatment for dry red eyes may seem like an easy task, but once you start sorting through your treatment options, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

What everyone who suffers from an eye condition really wants is fast, soothing relief from the many symptoms associated with dry red eyes. These symptoms can range from mild irritation, dryness, and noticeable redness in the eyes, to excessive watering and itchiness of the eyes. The best type of treatment will help relieve all of the symptoms at once.

The following treatments are available to help ease the irritation of dry red eyes:

Cold Compress

Eye Drops Allergy

Eye Drops

Artificial Tears

A cold compress can be made simply by wetting a washcloth in ice water or by wrapping some ice in a dishtowel. You can hold the cold compress against your eyes to provide some relief from the irritation and itchiness, as well as the redness in your eyes. While the cold compress can help ease the irritation and itchiness, it does not “treat” the actual condition.

Eye drops are mostly used to “get the red out” of your eyes. But, like a cold compress, they do not “treat” the actual condition. You can use eye drops in addition to other forms of treatment. Allergy eye drops are used for those individuals who are suffering from an eye condition that is associated with allergies.

The use of artificial tears is one of the most common forms of treatment for dry red eyes. Artificial tears are moist eye drops that help relieve the redness and irritation. But not all artificial tears are the same and using the wrong kind can lead to more eye issues and problems.

Artificial tears are a basic support in the foundation of treating numerous eye conditions. Many people, however, say they are easily confused about the best ones to use and are overwhelmed by the amount of choices. Please look through my free e-guide, Dry Eye Relief Doesn’t Come in a Bottle, to learn more about how to select the right artificial tear product for you. This e-guide will help you gather pertinent information so that you may make the best decision possible about the artificial tear treatment that’s right for you. Furthermore, you won’t have to go through the overwhelming process on your own.

As with any medical condition, it is very important to consult a physician before pursuing any form of treatment. Although this free guide is full of useful and reliable information, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.