Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury

Birthing a baby can be an incredibly beautiful and precious experience in your life. It is a moment that will no doubt stay with the mother and father forever. And many babies are born in hospitals. When mothers are expecting they choose a doctor carefully and a hospital that they are most comfortable with. But going to a safe hospital with doctors that will take the best possible care of you and your baby may be harder than we first thought. When your baby comes into the world, you want it to come into this world free of disorders and well…be has healthy as a newborn baby. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Oftentimes, the negligence of doctors can lead to serious birth injuries like Cerebral Palsy.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy affects the brain. Cerebral is related to cerebellum and palsy is indicative of movement. The majority of CPy victims are infants. It is often thought of as a number of disorders that affect the brain, causing problems with seeing, hearing, mental thought, and movement. CP often affects infants 2 years and younger. These defects in development aren’t usually obvious to parents right away and only show progression when the infant cannot walk, crawl, or sit up as easily as most infants.

What can be the cause of Cerebral Palsy?

Sometimes CP, unfortunately, is caused by the negligence of the doctor. The negligence of the doctor is considered medical malpractice that can dire consequences on your newborn baby.

Some of these cases of negligence are:

  • Leaving the baby in the canal too long.
  • Failing to recognize and treat seizures after birth.
  • Not noticing that the umbilical cord has wrapped around the baby’s neck, cutting off the oxygen to the brain.
  • Not initiating a cesarean section in time.

All of these negligent actions can lead to a case of cerebral palsy in a newborn baby. And what does CP entail towards how your baby’s life will be? Well each baby is different, but in general, the symptoms of CP are:

  • Tight joins that do not extend all the way because they are contracted. This is known as joint contracture.
  • Muscle weakness causing the inability to move those muscles, almost like paralysis.
  • Abnormal walk because the muscles of the legs do not function or bend correctly.
  • Hindered coordination
  • Very tight muscles that do not move or contract easily.

Unfortunately, CP has no cure and will affect your baby’s life forever. If your infant has suffered from CP because of a doctor’s negligence, you have a case for medical malpractice.

Health Care Marketing Series – Marketing MIRVs

MIRVs or Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles are the most powerful weapons in a military arsenal. They are typically multiple nuclear tipped missiles with each warhead programmable to a specific target.

If you have read our previous articles you should know by now that I like to use military analogies for describing marketing concepts. We have previously discussed how military strategy is applied to create a marketing campaign. Strategy development serves as the foundation for all of our marketing efforts.

Once research is done marketing strategy designed to position your strength against your competitor’s weakness can be developed. We talked about your strategy being like the warhead on a missiles and your delivery system as the actual marketing missiles. We then discussed how marketing metrics are used to determine both the effectiveness and efficiency of your individual marketing execution action steps.

In this paper we are going to discuss marketing MIRVs. Marketing MIRVs cluster together several marketing action steps that are designed to create a bigger response than any of the individual action steps might if implemented in isolation.

This example of our marketing MIRV will combine aspects of Buzz marketing, social proof, the educated expert model, public relations, mass media marketing and word-of-mouth.

Since I am specifically talking about marketing the professional healthcare practice let’s review the concept of a unique selling proposition or USP from the health care perspective. Your USP must be unique from a patient’s perspective. The question it must answer is how can it help the patient with his or her healthcare problem and how is it different (or better) than the competition?

Now if we were marketing a product on late night TV we might list one or more testimonials from people that have used our super shammy or whatever we are selling. As healthcare providers, however, we should be familiar with and capable of presenting case studies, not testimonials. Now the case studies should be actual patients from our office highlighting now our specific approach helped the patient with a specific condition. Make sure you obtain written consent from the patient before you publicly present their case study. These case studies should be selected based on a healthcare condition that our previous research has found has widespread prevalence within our coveted market demographic. While highly targeted case studies are much more powerful than testimonials, they still lack a certain amount of social proof. Social proof is an aspect of consumer psychology discussed in great detail by Robert Cialdini a professor at Arizona State University. To understand social proof read Dr. Cialdini’s book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (1)

(1) Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Robert B. Cialdini

I personally have had great success in treating patients with difficult neurological conditions. So much so that I began writing about the success my patients have obtained. In the healthcare arena, there is no greater credibility than having a scientific paper published in a peer reviewed medical journal that is indexed in the National Library of Medicine database. I happen to have multiple citations in the index of the National Library of Medicine. It is not an easy task. If it was, everyone would have citations. On average it took me two years of writing and defending my conclusion before one of my case studies was published.

See before an indexed journal article is published it must survive the rigorous peer review process. The peer review process consists of the article being reviewed by some of the top doctors in the world. They literally try to tear your article to pieces. To get the article published you must defend it, revise it and resubmit it time and time again. Most articles never survive the peer review process. This means they are never published or are published in a non-peer reviewed journal. Something like a trade magazine. The point of describing the peer review process and having your unique selling proposition include the fact that you have published your patient’s results in indexed journals is that it strengthens your credibility and garners social proof. You can not make wild claims about your results in a peer reviewed indexed journal article, unless or course you can absolutely positively substantiate your results.

Stop for a moment and consider a testimonial from Mark and Sally Jane talking about how wonderful you are versus several articles detailing your success with conditions like spinal stenosis, trigeminal neuralgia or neuropathy(severe medical conditions) published in medical journals indexed in the National Library of Medicine. This illustrates how we first develop a marketing strength and then use it as a positioning feature (strength) against your competition’s weaknesses. As we discussed in previous papers, matching your strength against your competition’s weaknesses IS marketing strategy.

Since the title of this article is marketing MIRVs, how do we multiply the bang from our published case studies? One way is to have your published articles professionally framed (the journal cover and title page of the article which our course includes the author’s name). These framed articles are then displayed in your waiting room. Also in your waiting room is a continuous loop video with patient case studies including those that were published. These include minimal one time costs and produce returns on your investment for years.

This creates Buzz in your office and also let’s patients know of all the different conditions you have had success treating and how effective your methods are. Buzz creates word-of-mouth advertising (WOM)..

But how can we enhance the Buzz and WOM?

Well you have patients that responded so remarkably to your treatment that their results were published in the National Library of Medicine database. Most likely these patients live in your neighborhood. Do you think their remarkable results might interest the local newspaper? How about the local health reporter?

In our office we were not only able to get our cases published, but once they were, we submitted news releases to the local print media, not pitching how wonderful we are, but the amazing results local folks had obtained and how their results made the National Library of Medicine.

The results: We had six television news stories about our patients, their results and our methods featured on the local television news. From a social proof perspective, the peer reviewed article might impress other doctors, but nothing impresses potential patients more than having a news story about your results appear on the evening news. One of the cases reported on the news produced more than 500 phone calls within the first 3 days after it aired. We we able to help hundreds of local patients and provide free information to many others living outside our demographic area.

The newspapers ran stories about our patients’ results and of course the news stories were added to our in office video and the newspaper articles were professionally framed and placed throughout the office.

People saw the dramatic results our patients were receiving and referred family and friends.

That’s not the end of our MIRV strategy either. We submitted several of our cases to conferences at major universities. The results: We were twice invited to present our results as poster presentations at a medical conference at no less than Johns Hopkins Medical School.

Which of course lead to more news releases, more Buzz and more WOM.

How far did our Buzz go? Just this week one of the top neurosurgeon’s at a local University Hospital called me. He read my peer reviewed indexed article and started referring me a trigeminal neuralgia patients.

Needless to say there is no shortage of new patients at my office.

This marketing strategy, to create a strong unique selling proposition and then featuring my strengths versus the weaknesses of the competition within my geographic area has paid off handsomely.

If you have read my other articles concerning return on investment and marketing metrics you’ll know that I loath spending even a dollar on inefficient and ineffective marketing campaigns.

As a healthcare provider, you should always keep in mind that your job is to help those suffering in your community. Even if you produce incredible results for your patients, no one will know about you until and unless you market your results to your community at large. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of suffering potential patients right in your neighborhood, you must let them know your solution to their problem. That requires getting the word out, which requires marketing which is best accomplished by using marketing MIRVs.

So how much did it cost me? Virtually only time and energy. I did have to make a couple of trips to Baltimore for my poster presentation at Johns Hopkins, but that was like a vacation.

The television news stories and newspaper articles were free. The journal articles were free. Although I did spend about $100 per article having them professionally framed in fine cherry wood.

One final word on creating the unique selling proposition or exceptional value statement. I’m not sure how or why Who’s Who organizations or the Consumers Research Council of America selects doctors for inclusion into their publications. Many people find these organizations to lack credibility. Once you have created your USP with strong credentials you’ll probably receive a letter stating that you have been listed with one or more of these organizations. If you have a very strong USP with strong social proof, why not tell potential patients about being included on these lists. The listing is free. You may even be able to include a link-back you your office website.

I hope after reading this article you can see how important the UPS can be and how you can cluster multiple action steps to create a nuclear marketing MIRV. It doesn’t matter if you are the most dedicated doctor who is caring and compassionate. If sick and suffering folks in your community don’t know about you or the results your patients obtain with your methods, you can’t help them. If you have answers to their health problems, then by all means let them know about it. It is the right thing to do.

Cold Sore on Lip? Say Good Bye With These Natural Cures

Have you ever had an annoying cold  sore  on lip? These little blisters hurt a lot and tend to burn even more when you eat certain types of foods or drink sugary drinks. A cold  sore , also known as a fever blister, can infect anyone. These types of blisters develop on children and adults and unfortunately the virus that develops them will be with the person forever.

Symptoms and Causes of Fever Blisters

There are several causes and symptoms that you should be aware of when diagnosing the herpes simplex virus, which is the virus that causes these types of  sores . More often than not you will develop a  sore   throat  and this soreness will follow by soreness within your mouth and sometimes even your lips. This usually occurs by stress so the less stress you have the better off you will be.

Another symptom to look out for is tiny little blisters on the corner of your mouth. You might miss diagnose this for pimples but a trip to the doctor might prove otherwise.

Natural Cures for That Cold  Sore  on Lip

Oil of Oregano: This is a remedy that many people do not know about. This seems to work quite fast as your blister will usually start to diminish after 24 hours. However, the downside to this remedy is that it does cause a bit of a sting so the earlier you put it on the less painful it will be. If your blister is already fully developed then this is not a remedy to go with.

Aloe: This is another well known plant that has healing abilities. The great thing about using aloe is that you can simply buy some aloe gel and take it with you on trips. Aloe Vera starts working right away and helps prevents baby fever blisters from blossoming.

The Uses Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has a history of over 2500 years and comes from China. It has now become very popular throughout Europe and Asia too.

Today people are moving more away from western medicine and moving more towards acupuncture, mainly when western medicine has no answer to their medical ailment or they do not like the other options given them, be it surgery or drugs or even when they have been told that nothing else can be done. They turn to acupuncture for pain relief, for chronic illness, for acute injuries, for various side effects brought on by other medications, for incurable conditions, during cancer treatments etc.

The major use of acupuncture today is in the relief of pain. For example severe tension headaches, migraine, acute backaches, shoulder and neck aches, leg pains, trapped nerves, muscle related injuries, after surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, after sports injuries, menstrual pains, tennis elbow, tooth aches, abdominal pains, arthritic pains, rheumatic pains, sciatica and frozen shoulder.

Other than for pain relief acupuncture can be used for many other ailments as well. These include:

Menopausal symptoms and problems, hot flushes, endometriosis, infertility, premenstrual tension.

Bladder or bowel problems such as irritable bowel and irritable bladder syndrome and incontinence. Difficulty in urination or painful urination, urinary infections and cystitis.

Digestive disorders, which include nausea, indigestion, heartburn and diarrhea.

Respiratory problems, which include asthma, bronchitis, colds and coughs which persist, sinus problems, catarrh and tonsillitis.

Allergies and skin problems such as rhinitis, hay fever, prickly heat, rashes and ulcers, eczema, some types of dermatitis and psoriasis.

Conditions which include the eyes and mouth such as simple cataract, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, retinitis and toothache, pharyngitis, dry mouth condition known as xerostomia and post extraction pain.

Heart problems such as poor circulation, stroke recovery, hypertension.

It also helps in conditions like hiccough, gastritis, gastric ulcers, colitis, constipation, lack of energy and chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood swings, post traumatic shock, dizziness, in post operative treatment, in complaints that cannot be diagnosed, Achilles tendonitis and golfer’s elbow.

It can also help in addictions mainly to stop smoking.

In short, acupuncture can be used for almost anything and everything – it can control pain, it helps in addictions and addiction withdrawal symptoms, it helps in enhancement of health, it can help in recoveries after injuries like sports injuries, it can prevent diseases, strengthen the body and it can also be used and show results when all other types of medicines have failed.

Sometimes the acupuncture treatment, which is inserting needles into the body, is done in conjunction with other complimentary techniques such as herbs, massaging, cupping, moxibusion also known as warming, electro-stimulation and with laser devices.

Generally, most people react very well to acupuncture with a sense of well-being and being relaxed and also being able to sleep well and overall increase in energy levels and better digestion. Because acupuncture is a treatment using natural techniques, people rarely suffer from any side effects. It can also be recommended for people of all ages, that is from children to even the elderly.

Flax Seed Supplementation Helps Prevent Diabetes

Did you recently submit to a screening of your blood sugar levels? If the monitor obtained a reading of 70, but not more than 126 mg/DL, you are within a range that is categorized as normal blood glucose levels by the American Diabetes Association. Sadly, over nineteen million Americans a year end up being diagnosed with the metabolic disorder called type 2 Diabetes. Triple the numbers and you now have a rough estimate of the emerging medical condition called pre-diabetes that refers to elevated blood sugar levels running between 100 to 126 mg/DL. Quite alarming, do not you think? The typical American diet becomes the major culprit of it all. This is the reason why diabetics and pre-diabetics alike have been fervently encouraged to increase Omega 3 intake as an integral part of any diet change agenda related to diabetes control and prevention. To this end, Omega 3-enriched foods such as whole grains, fish oil andflax seed oilhave been prescribed as supplementation.

Among the food choices, flax seed has become a renowned resource for Omega 3, not only for being the richest plant source, but also due to a diverse range of health benefits that include lowering blood sugar levels, regulating metabolic functions, and promoting weight loss – physiological processes that are relevant to type 2 diabetes. The husk of the flax seed is packed with dietary fibers to aid in weight loss and digestive functions, while trapped inside the husk is flax seed oil, a substance richly concentrated with Omega 3, an unsaturated type of fat much needed by the body.

Omega 3 is a nutrient not synthesized by the body and should therefore be obtained from the foods we regularly consume. A century ago, diabetes was hardly a health concern due to the fact that people obtained a balanced proportion of nutrients from the diet. The same could not be said of our present food choices where saturated fats has taken deliberate control over total fat intake to exceed the ideal 30% proportion while Omega 3 uptake has been considerably reduced. Excessive deposits of fat lingering with the body can become the precursor to cardiovascular ailments and insulin resistance, the latter being attributed to the onset of diabetes mellitus. Moreover, the increasing presence of Omega 6 nutrients only undermines our nutritional position.

So what then becomes an ideal diet plan for diabetics or even non-diabetics for that matter? A moderate diet change would most likely suffice where regulated fat intake becomes the primary consideration. As a rule of thumb, unsaturated fats should comprise of at least 60% of total fat intake while an optimal ratio of 4:1 between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids should be sustained. And what better way to achieve increased levels of Omega 3 nutrients than through a daily supplementation of milled flax seed sprinkled over meals. Make flax seed a daily health habit starting today!

Can Diabetes and Eating Fruit Go Together?

 Diabetes  is one of the most dreaded diseases of the current generation. While for some,  diabetes  may not be as frightening as cancer or brain damage, it can indeed be a grave condition that could affect one’s life entirely. Such is why those who have  diabetes  cannot be too careful to adjust their lifestyles to keep the symptoms of the disease manageable. Some people even go too careful that they believe that they have to leave out so much of the things they enjoy in life such as eating sweet food. However, such is not entirely the case. Diabetic people can still take pleasure in certain foods to keep their sweet cravings at bay. One way of doing this is by eating fruits ñ Mother Nature’s sweet gift to people.

In general, eating fruits can be good for people because fruits are great sources of many essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that provide a lot of benefits to one’s health. However, diabetics might be concerned whether fruits can increase their blood sugar levels or not. The quick answer to that is a simple yes. Fruit, like any other food that contains sugar does increase one’s blood sugar. Moreover, fruit can increase blood sugar as fast and as high as other types of food with the same amount of sugar. But does this mean that a diabetic patient has to avoid eating fruits in the same manner as avoiding candy? Not entirely.

Missing out on fruits is not a good idea for diabetics, or any other person. The many benefits that fruits give are very important. Compared to cakes, candy, and other sugar-rich foods, the calories provided by fruits are not empty. Add to this the fact that the concentration of sugar in most fruits is not as high as those in sugar-laded food items, thus eating a piece of apple would not increase blood sugar as much as eating a slice of chocolate cake. The key here is moderation. Of course one would expect to have a great rise in blood sugar after eating a basketful of grapes, but who can eat that big amount of fruits in one sitting? The truth is, one can only eat so much amount of fruits because they can provide satisfaction quicker than sugary snacks.

People are also not created equal. One’s reaction to a certain type of food might be different from another’s response. Thus, it might take two bananas to increase the blood sugar significantly for one person, but for another guy, the same increase might happen after just eating one banana. The responsibility of the diabetic patient therefore is to find out how his or her body responds to the fruits being eaten. This can be done by monitoring one’s blood sugar levels.

When monitoring one’s sugar levels, it is important to be honest regarding the serving sizes one consumes. A very large apple may not count as just one serving, thus it is important to honestly judge whatever amount is taken in. One can then have a blood sugar level test an hour or two after eating fruit to see how high or low the fruit has increased the glucose in the blood. Monitoring is very important for one to know how the body gets fruits in. Once a good understanding regarding the relationship of fruits with one’s glucose levels, one can then have pretty much a good knowledge of how little or how big fruit servings should be.

Diabetics can indeed eat fruit, and eating fruits may be a great way for them not only to meet the body’s nutritive requirements, but also to manage those sweet cravings. By knowing how the body reacts to the fruits one consumes, one would certainly know how best to enjoy fruits, making help one enjoy life as well.

Obesity – How to Stop Obesity in 28 Days

Every obese person knows who they are. Most of you have a reason for being so big and you also know, deep down, what that is. If you stop being negative and start being creative, you can turn this terrible state you are in around. If you really want to live a better life and achieve all those goals you have had in mind, listen to your heart and, yes you can, does apply to you.

 Obesity-How  to stop  Obesity  in 28 days.Here are several tips to help you.

  1. Challenge yourself to find out what your #1 obstacle is and start looking at ways to attack this head on. You are big for a reason that no one else knows but you. If it is medical, get help. If it is mental, get help.If you simply love to eat all the wrong foods and you know it, you need to start helping yourself. In 2010, make this new year the one you decided to change your life forever.Challenge yourself, body, mind and spirit.
  2. Develop a plan. Their is lots of information on the Internet and many world leading authors about the subject right here on EzineArticles that can answer most questions you have and give you direction. It has taken you all your life to get obese, take 28 days and commit these days to finding a path you can follow and stick to it.
  3. Identify the culprit(s). Look into and study as much information as you can on your own about all the foods you think are preventing you from losing weight. Go to Google and ask what are the benefits and the dangers(side effects) of all those products. You know what the products are but do you really know what they are doing to your body? You are the master of your body, your mind is in your control.
  4. Start walking. Walking around the block can save your life. Your body needs to move. Your heart needs to pump more oxygen to all those big limbs. Just walk from your sofa to the kitchen can be hard today but just take 1 extra step for 28 days will create something in your brain that you will not believe. Start today, one more step is all you need everyday and your will be a living “miracle”.
  5. Have faith in yourself. I believe I am the most important person on earth. Are you? I did not have any faith in myself when I was obese and that energy wasted was all my fault. I spent so much time eating that my brain was on hold most of the time. Become the most important person in your life and tell yourself so every night as you fall asleep and first thing every morning when you get up.

Accepting to challenge yourself is the first step. You can overcome anything you put your mind to.

Food for thought. Start today, get ready, your 28 day challenge is right in front of you.

What Does A Shingles Rash Look Like?

A shingles rash is a painful manifestation of the virus which causes shingles. This is a condition wherein the skin develops painful rashes which turn into blisters which have fluid in them. Caused by the same virus which causes chickenpox, it is a condition which is not easily transmitted from one person to another, but is rather developed by the body as the dormant chickenpox virus reactivates and goes from the body’s nerves to the skin.

Shingles rashes normally turn up on one side of the body only. However, the rashes do not turn up immediately, so the patient would most likely feel pain even without the manifestation on the skin. As the rashes start to show up, they will be shown as small blisters that are reddish in appearance. The blisters will increase in number and will be more evident from three to five days.

The rashes follow a linear path which may appear as dots on a single line. This is because the infection follows nerve paths. They can also create rays and bands as patterns on the skin, again following the patterns of the nerves. Shingles commonly occur on a single nerve level, but in rare cases manifest in more than a single nerve.

As the infection matures, the blisters will pop and ooze liquid. A scab would then be formed on the wounds, enabling the infection to heal. Shingles can manifest in a person’s body from three weeks up to a month since the reactivation of the infection. In some cases, the rashes and the blisters do not appear, but the pain is present.

It is therefore important to see a doctor and consult about pains of which causes are not easily identified. You might already have developed shingles and have not known it yet. It is important to take utmost care, especially when dealing with other people, since it is contagious to people who haven’t had chickenpox yet.
On the other hand, it cannot be passed to a person and immediately develop as shingles as well.

If a person who hasn’t had chickenpox catches the infection, he or she will develop chickenpox and not shingles. They will be at risk to developing the condition only after the virus has become dormant, meaning the chickenpox is already cured.

People who already had chickenpox are immune to the virus already, but they can develop the infection since they already have the virus in their bodies. To prevent shingles, vaccines are available and are given as a one-time dosage.

Cold Sore Treatment – Potent Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Cold sore treatment is necessary for millions of people every day. That is why you will find many cold sore treatment remedies at the store. The demand for relief is great.

But, do not expect the drug store cold sore treatment products to speed the healing of your cold sores, oral herpes or fever blisters. They just simply have not been shown to do so.

Here are five cold sore treatment options that are cheap, easy and quite powerful. Watch your cold sores and oral herpes lesions just melt away.

1. ACIDOPHILUS. Friendly bacteria that can help resolve cold sores and oral herpes quickly.

Raw yogurt is rich in acidophilus but commercial pasteurizing kills it. You can purchase live acidophilus in capsules in the refrigerated section of a vitamin or health food store.

Acidophilus works best when taken with milk or other dairy product. You can put live acidophilus back into yogurt by dumping the contents of three or four capsules into a container of yogurt and stirring well.

Leave sit in the fridge for a day and you have a powerful cold sore remedy. You can eat it, and dab it on your cold sores. This one-two punch is quite powerful as a cold sore treatment.

2. GARLIC OIL. Garlic is powerful first aid for any virus, bacterial infection or fungus. As a cold sore treatment, the oil of garlic is very concentrated and an excellent topical remedy for cold sores.

The herpes simplex virus that causes cold sores (oral herpes) will flee from garlic oil. And, it helps keep the scab soft. This avoids painful cracking of the crust and the resulting delay in healing.

Bottled garlic oil works fine. You can find it at health food stores or better vitamin stores. But, fresh oil from crushed garlic is best – and most recommended. You can even cut a clove and rub it on the sores.

Also, eating fresh garlic will help immensely. Even the odorless garlic capsules will help. The combination of internal and external garlic cold sore treatment will give you the best results.

3. B VITAMINS. Also known as the stress vitamins, B vitamins (and vitamin C) are essential for your body to cope with daily stress.

Stress is the number one trigger for cold sores and oral herpes outbreaks. Continued stress also makes it difficult to heal these sores quickly.

You can purchase a stress formula or take a good daily vitamin that contains 50 milligrams or better of B vitamins, and 500 milligrams or more of vitamin C. Some take up to 2000 milligrams of vitamin C during an event.

Taking a daily dose of B and C vitamins has dramatically reduced the quantity and duration of cold sores for many sufferers. And you will enjoy better over-all health to boot.

4. MINT. Herbal mint seems to perform as an excellent cold sore treatment. Some nutrients in mint have a very strong anti-viral action.

Many herbal teas contain mint. Drinking mint tea during an outbreak will help greatly. Applying the tea directly to the sore with a tissue will help also.

Many people also apply the warm mint tea bag to the sore with excellent results. You can expect to reduce the duration of cold sores and oral herpes by 50% or more with this remedy.

5. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Keeping cold sores clean is essential for fast recovery. Hydrogen peroxide is the best choice as a cold sore treatment for this purpose.

Hydrogen peroxide kills germs as well or better than alcohol. In addition, it contains additional oxygen molecules that it leaves behind. This can speed healing a lot.

Also, peroxide raises the pH level at the site. Cold sores do best in a low pH (acid) environment. By raising the pH level to an alkaline state, you discourage the herpes virus (that causes cold sores and oral herpes) from further activity.

Hopefully you will find the above cold sore treatment methods useful. These are some of my favorites, but there are many more. Keep searching and testing. They don’t all work the same for everybody.

Most folks find ultimate success by combining two or more of these remedies to create their own personalized cold sore treatment plan.

Psoriasis Treatment Help

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which needs genetic, immunological and environmental factors. Stress, certain drugs and infections are one of the environmental factors which can trigger psoriasis.

Knowing your triggers might mean you can avoid a flare-up of psoriasis. When a flare-up strikes, write down when it occurred and include information about what was happening at the time that may have triggered the psoriasis. Keep in mind that psoriasis may flare after even 10 to 14 days.

Psoriasis is a lifelong condition, unfortunately, but once psoriasis remedies are used on the skin, it can cause the psoriasis to go into remission. The goal is to heal the skin rash free and make remissions as long as possible. When psoriasis is in remission, the lesions are no longer visible and symptoms are absent. Remission can last months or even years without a flare-up.

If you suspect you have psoriasis symptoms, then don´t panic and go to see your doctor as soon as possible. It is important to start treating the first signs now, not to wait until the entire skin has a rash.

There is a wide range of creams and lubricants. Using them correctly will give good results with few side effects.

In most cases sun is very good for psoriasis. You may also consider going to UVB light therapy and use natural remedies to fight psoriasis.

As sun exposure is associated with skin aging and skin cancer, it is much safer to use light therapy in the clinics where it is controlled by specialists.

Unlike UVA, UVB radiation does not penetrate into deep layers of the skin and therefore does not damage skin and cause complications.

UVB phototherapy is a very good psoriasis treatment, especially for long-term control of psoriasis. I dare to suggest that because it made my skin clear. Whenever I feel that my skin is starting to itch, I go to get the UVB therapy and the itching stops right away. That is how I keep my psoriasis in remission.

Whatever treatment is used You should always be using skin moisturisers. Natural creams are a good alternative when it comes to psoriasis treatment. Psoriasis is so unpredictable condition, that it is an elusive target for even the strongest modern medications. This disease has led many people to develop their personal natural remedies to fight it rather than experiment with any other potentially harmful drugs.

I have good experiences with emu oil, aloe vera and Dead Sea products.

Research has shown that emu oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the inner layers of skin. It doesn’t contain any harmful hormones or antibiotics and provides the necessary fats that are required for normal skin cells function.

Emu oil can also be used internally which helps reduce skin inflammation and psoriasis symptoms from the inside out.

Aloe Vera has been used since ancient times to treat and cure a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis. Aloe vera creams and lotions are a natural choice for treating psoriasis.

To get long-term relief it is necessary not to treat only the symptoms on your skin, but also treat psoriasis within and support your immune system. For instance, I have tried taking aloe vera juice and emu oil capsules. Both worked well for me.

There have been many people claiming almost miraculous improvements with psoriasis as a result of swimming in the Dead Sea or using Dead Sea products. Although Dead Sea salts cannot cure psoriasis completely it can definitely help reduce symptoms and make psoriasis barely detectable. You can choose to utilize this ingredient through creams, or muds or bath products.

Having psoriasis might mean that your body feels you are running somewhere too fast and you need to make changes in your life. Think about it. Scientific studies confirm that stress can worsen psoriasis and increase itching. Some people can even trace their first outbreak to a particularly stressful event.

If you stay relaxed and learn about this disease, to avoid common psoriasis causes, You can take control of it. If You feel that the treatment you are using, does not work, use another one until you find something that works

There are many healthy ways to relieve stress, for instance meditation, exercise, doing something you enjoy, listening music or joining a support group.

Some nutritionists and health care providers recommend eating more of some foods and less of others to reduce the inflammation associated with psoriasis.

It is important to drink lots of water because that helps hydrate the skin and makes it less prone to irritation. Drink at least 2 litres a day.

If You follow Your psoriasis treatment plan and have a healthy lifestyle, then everything can only go better. Psoriasis lesions are just a temporary condition that go away if You live Your life and don´t worry.

Stressing is the only thing you can do wrong. Psoriatic, I have realized that in the end it is as easy or as hard as you take it.

How Do You Get Foot Fungus And Nail Fungus?

 Fungus  is almost everywhere around us. But it is mostly found in places which are warm and moist like shower rooms and locker rooms. Even your shoes are good places for  fungus  to dwell in. It’s dark, warm and moist at the same time and this is what the  fungi  are looking for. Many women can also pick up fingernail  fungus  from the beauty or nail salon if the instruments are not auto claved or wiped down with alcohol.

Usually  fungus  creeps to your skin through unnoticeable cuts and skin trauma. It can also make its way to your nail bed through the small space between it and the nails. When your skin and toes are perpetually open to a warm and misty environment you will likely get an infection. You will first notice perhaps a very small white or yellowish speck on your nails. When you see such sign, it is important that you immediately treat your nails. If you don’t, the nail  fungus  could worsen until your whole nail will thicken and go brownish. It could also spread to your skin on the fett or hands causing athletes foot issues

Nail  fungus  usually starts at the feet because they are usually enclosed by your shoes, a place conducive for fungal infection. It is warm, it is dark and long hours of wearing shoes causes your feet to go moist from sweat. That is why you should keep your toenails short and clean. With short nails, the  fungus  will have a lesser place to sneak into and to hide. Clean the spaces between your toes too. It would be good if you take off your shoes during the course of the day to provide ventilation to your feet. You should avoid cotton and wool socks because wearing them makes your feet extra warm. It would cause them to sweat more. You should change socks every day. It would be nice if you could wear open toed shoes from time to time. If you go to public pools and you frequent public lockers and shower rooms, always wear slippers.

Another possible way you can get nail  fungus  problems is when you have a decreased blood circulation to the feet. As you know communication is passed through the circulatory system and so lesser blood circulation means lesser ability of the immune system to see the toe  fungus  starting to infect your skin or your nails. The  fungus  is therefore allowed to thrive in your foot or you nails until they create a problem we know as nail  fungus  and doctors refer to as omnychromosis.

Dealing with Dog Allergies

Dog  allergies  are very similar to human  allergies  and also produce the same symptoms as human  allergies . There are 5 types of dog  allergies : food  allergy , flea  allergy , bacteria  allergy , contact  allergy  and atopy. Here are some basic facts about each of these  allergies .

Food  Allergies 

The most common symptom of food  allergies  is scratching, due to skin irritation. Dog foods contain a host of ingredients which can cause an allergic reaction to your dog. Some of these ingredients are:

Meats: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Fish, Eggs

Diary products (Milk)

Grains (Wheat, Whey)


Most dog owners often scold their dog for scratching too much. Any obsessive behavior your dog demonstrates, such as constant scratching, chewing, licking, requires immediate attention. Never assume that this is just a new habit your dog picked up. Dog  allergies  can make your dog very uncomfortable.

Aside from scratching, some of the other symptoms dogs can experience are:



eye and nose discharge

Itching around the anus

hair loss

loss of appetite

pawing at their ears or head shaking



breathing problems

Isolating the allergen which causes the  allergy  is not easy because the dog is usually allergic to one specific ingredient in the food. Therefore, it is a matter of isolating that ingredient. You can try doing this with an elimination diet, which most people don’t have the time or energy for. The elimination diet requires preparing specially-cooked meals consisting of a more exotic meat, like rabbit or venison, mixed with rice or potato, which wouldn’t normally be found in dog food.

An easier and more modern approach to test for the presence of a food  allergy  is to try a dog food which contains hydrolyzed proteins, such as Purinas HA or Hills z/d. Hydrolyzed proteins are broken down into molecules so small, they can’t affect the immune system, which is what causes the  allergy . If the  allergy  goes away while your dog is on this diet (which would take about 8 weeks), then he most likely is suffering from a food  allergy . At this point, you would start to re-introduce the possible allergens one by one (individual meats, wheat, corn, milk, etc.) for a period of two weeks each. If the symptoms return, it is most likely due to the ingredient being introduced at that time. You should look out for that ingredient on dog food labels in future purchases.

Atopy (inhalant  allergy )

Atopy is the most common of all dog  allergies , which is caused by environmental factors, such as dust mites, molds, house dust, human dander, feathers or pollen.

Signs of atopy include excessive chewing, licking and scratching at the face, paws, abdomen, armpits and genital area. Evidence of this behavior can be found in examining your dog’s paws, armpits and genital area. Reddish-brown stains develop in these areas due to excessive licking. This may not be evident in dogs with dark coats.

Atopy is not easy to diagnose due to other dog  allergies  having the same symptoms. Once these other dog  allergies  (food, flea and contact) have been ruled out, your vet can proceed with testing for the root cause of the atopy. The most accurate method of testing for atopy is Intradermal Skin Testing.

There are many different treatment options for atopy. The best treatment would be avoiding the allergen altogether. If this is not feasible, other treatments include cool water baths with medicated shampoo, antihistamines,  allergy  shots, corticosteriods or a diet rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Flea  Allergies 

Dog  allergies  to fleas are not caused by the flea itself, but rather the flea’s saliva. A common symptom of flea  allergies  is scratching at the tail area which causes hair loss, scabs and sores. Your vet can easily diagnose a flea  allergy  by checking for the presence of fleas in the coat. Fleas can be seen by the naked eye. Intradermal Skin Testing can also be used to test for this type of  allergy . The most effective products for eliminating fleas are:

Advantage – Flea control for your Dog & CatFrontLine – Flea & Tick

Medication for your Dog & Cat

Capstar- Flea infestation on Dog and Cat

K9 Advantix Flea and Tick Medication (based on dog’s weight)

Bacterial  Allergies 

A dog’s skin normally harbors Staph bacteria. Usually, this bacteria does not have any affect on your dog but some dogs develop a sensitivity to it causing an allergic reaction. Your dog may develop crusts on the skin and patches of hair loss due to scratching, similar to ring worm. If these patches become infected, your dog will need to be treated with antibiotics.

Contact  Allergies 

Contact  allergies  are the least common of all dog  allergies . This type of  allergy  produces swelling, redness, itching and hair loss. Common contact allergens include flea collars, plastic food bowls, pet sweaters, plants, grass or wool bedding. The best way to diagnose this  allergy  is if the symptoms continue after ruling out all other  allergies . If this is the case, then you must pinpoint the allergen and remove it from your dog’s environment.

This information is NOT intended to replace the advice of a veterinarian, dog trainer or pet care professional.

Taking a Body Break

I’m in the middle of doing a bunch of new stuff with my business and website. It’s all very exciting and good, but it is requiring a lot of creativity at the moment. My house is littered with post-its containing snippets of ideas. When I’m at the grocery store, I find myself pausing to email myself ideas. I spend long minutes staring into space while my creative brain does its thing.

In my line of work, I’m usually creating something. I adore creating. Yet, I’ve noticed that when I create something this large, I tend toward, let’s say, a little irritability. Certain members of my household have even used stronger language, like “grumpy.” And other words.

The other day, when I found myself being annoyed at my dog for sitting there and looking cute, I knew I needed to do something. What is it about this process that brings out my inner… er, grouch?

So, I got out my trusty mind-body journal again. I sat down and had a conversation with my body, emotions, and soul. I needed to know what was going on, and where I was getting off track.

Here’s what my body said:

“This creating is great, but please stop %$#@ sitting so much!”

Here’s what my irritability said:

“Space! Create space! There’s not enough space for this process!! ARGH!!!”

Here’s what my soul said:

“You need the space to create, and then you need breaks away from it, for the gestation process to happen. Schedule large chunks of time for creating, and then also get away.”

I immediately followed all the instructions. I scheduled creative work blocks in my week. I instituted “body breaks” into my day. And I planned some social activities that have nothing whatsoever to do with coaching, writing, or websites.

I felt better. Having the creative space gave my brain a sense of relief. It could stop trying to create all the time. I also created some meditation time, away from everyone, including my dog. I realized just being alone is something I crave.

I set an alarm to ring every two hours throughout the day. When it goes off, I get up and do something physical for a few minutes. I ask my body what it wants to do. It has asked for everything from a couple yoga poses to running up and down the stairs to lying backwards over my exercise ball. It also requires daily walks right now.

I am back to enjoying my dog. I have not bitten anyone’s head off in at least 3 hours. I feel more sane. I’m having more fun creating.

What’s the moral of this story?

To me, it’s yet again the wisdom of the body. Listening to it, following its advice, and tending to its needs is making me more creative, more productive, and less stressed. From this vantage point, I look back to those years of chronic pain and my struggle to learn to listen to my body, trust its messages, and live my life based on body wisdom. Just think – what if I hadn’t learned that? Where would I be today? I don’t know, but I do know I’m grateful for the experience.

So, if you’re feeling a little off today, ask your body for some advice. Maybe you need body breaks, too. (I’ve noticed mine are really fun! And I get great ideas during them.) Maybe you need something else. All I know is, your body will tell you.

How to Ask:

Here’s an easy way to do it. Draw a quick outline of your body with your left hand. (Kind of like a chalk outline around a murder victim. Yes, I might have an addiction to detective shows.) Still with your left hand, draw a symbol, design, word, or whatever you’re called to draw inside the body outline. Let this depict any areas of physical tension or emotion.

Then, have a written conversation with your body. Use your dominant hand to represent you, and your non-dominant hand to represent the area of tension/emotion in your body. Start by asking, “What are you here to tell me?” Then, switch the pen to your non-dominant hand and answer in the voice of your tension/emotion. Depending on the response, you might need to ask further questions to clarify. Just ask whatever you feel like asking, continuing to switch the pen back and forth during the conversation. Before long, you’ll know exactly what your body is trying to tell you!

Back to School, Depression

A student feels depressed in school for many reasons, some of them are:-

  1. There are colleagues who bully me
  2. I don’t feel confident among my peers
  3. There is a teacher who don’t like me
  4. I have no friends
  5. There are students who are better than me and I like to be the best
  6. My heart is broken because my crush is seeing another person

Depression symptoms are as following:-

  1. You feel you want to sleep and never wake up
  2. You feel you want to keep playing games unstoppably
  3. You feel your stomach start aching
  4. You listen to sorrow songs and start crying
  5. You forget to eat or take a bath
  6. You feel lonely and misunderstood by others
  7. You might feel that you want to commit suicide

School is the first place to help you learn how to be professional doing something that’s why you must have a future vision so that school can be a help for you and here comes the answer for your depression, let me begin telling you my story.

I never had a future vision when I graduate from school till my dad convinced me that engineering college is a reputable college to graduate from. Since then I drew a future vision to graduate from engineering which helped me a lot with my depression.

I started drawing a future vision for myself to be an engineer, the grades at school that I should get to join engineering college, which university I will graduate from and what will be my career after having a job and every little detail for my life after I graduate from engineer college.

Everything around me was the same but what made me happier going to school was the vision I drew to myself, this helped me decrease my depression.

The same go for you in the following:-

  • If you feel depressed when your vacation comes to an end
  • If you feel that school forces you to do homework that you don’t like
  • If you feel that you must study hard subjects that you don’t like
  • If you feel that school compel your lifestyle

Then what you need to do is to have a huge vision after you graduate from school to join the college of your dreams.

This vision can be to join a certain college, to join a certain university, to be professional in something, to be successful in life, you name it.

To have a vision and work towards it will help you look that homework will make you study hard, will make you feel that every class is an added value for you, and will help you feel excited to start a new school year.

You just need a huge vision to work for so that you don’t feel depression.

Phone Phobia – Fear of Talking on the Phone

There are a lot more people with a phone phobia than most people would assume. Unfortunately, most people never realize that they actually can do something about it – they never take notice of the fact that there is something they can do to overcome their fear of talking on the phone. In this article you will learn about three things you can do to get rid of your telephone phobia.

Before you take any step to overcome this fear, take some time to figure out what it is exactly that you are scared of. For example, some people are afraid that they will be misunderstood on the phone. Some people are afraid of calling someone – while others are afraid of taking a call when the phone rings. And some are afraid of both. Some people are afraid that there will be a confrontation on the phone. Some people are afraid that they will talk with the wrong person – or that their conversation might be overheard by someone who should not know about this.

The first thing that you can do to overcome your fear of the phone is to just think about a phone call that you ought to make, but are scared of. And then just pick up the phone and pretend as if you would be making the call – but do not actually dial the numbers. But have the phone conversation, and just imagine what the other person would answer. Actually do play out the whole phone conversation. And then, after you have finished it and hung up the phone, ask yourself: “what could I have said differently to make this a better phone call?” And write that down. This way, you can practice your phone conversation skills and become better at it, and that will bolster your confidence.

Another thing you can do to overcome your fear of talking on the phone is to roleplay – find a friend and ask him or her to practice a phone conversation with you. Make sure that this friend understands the details of the situation, so that they can be as realistic a conversational partner as they are able to. After the phone conversation, ask yourself what you could have done better, and write down a couple of words. Then, ask your friend for feedback, and write down that too, and then practice it again.

But finally, in the end, the human mind is a funny thing – it doesn’t work with rational reasoning, especially when you have to deal with such a thing as a phone phobia. That is why you might consider hypnosis to get rid of your fear of talking on the phone.