How to Balance Hormones Naturally

More and more doctors are learning about nutritional and environmental medicine. If you speak to one they’ll often tell you that addressing underlying factors rather than using hormone replacement therapy (synthetic or bio-identical) achieves better results with fewer side effects, sustained symptom relief and overall improved health. Naturopaths are happy to see our colleagues starting to appreciate the benefits of the therapies we’ve been using for decades – dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplementation and herbal medicine where applicable, while addressing the whole person and not just one system or organ.

For many women and men, hormonal imbalances are a real hazard to their health and fertility. To name just a few; diabetes, hypo/hyper thyroidism, PCOS, luteal phase defect, endometriosis and benign prostatic hypertrophy can be successfully managed with natural medicine. For many women low progesterone or excessive estrogen pose a real barrier to a healthy pregnancy, while for men testosterone imbalance can disrupt healthy sperm generation.

Let’s have a look how hormones are made at the cellular level, to help you understand how diet and lifestyle tie into hormone production

For production of steroidal hormones the body needs:

– Cholesterol

– Protein

– Zinc

– Magnesium

– Iodine

– Vitamin C

– B group vitamins (esp. B6 and B3)

– Iron

– Selenium

That’s a long list of some pretty important nutrients. Most people are zinc and selenium deficient. Zinc requires an acidic environment for optimal absorption and competes with many nutrients. Selenium is simply not present in the abundant amounts it used to be due to soil depletion. Selenium is a crucial antioxidant important for cancer prevention. Constant stress, frequent colds and flu, alcohol, smoking and coffee will deplete vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin B stores. Iodine is abundant in seafood and sea weed and sea salt. However many people don’t eat seafood and fish much anymore, and most tend to use salt sparingly. As you can see it’s very easy to develop a hormone imbalance just from a nutrient deficiency resulting from poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices, inability to digest and absorb nutrients (due to gut inflammation from food intolerances and allergies).

Here we didn’t even look at further factors such as toxins from the environment, commercial cleaning solutions and personal care products, radiation from frequent flying, laptops, TV, mobile phones etc…

Sex hormone binding globulins (SHBG) are required for production of estrogen and testosterone. Studies have found that SHBG levels are influenced by insulin resistance (diabetes) and thyroid hormone imbalance (hypothyroidism).

Gut and Liver Function and Excess Estrogen

Our liver not only makes hormones but also breaks them down and is in charge of getting them into a state in which they can be excreted from the body. However if we don’t have enough friendly bacteria in our gut (probiotics: acidophilus, bifidus, bulgaricus etc…) than the not so friendly bacteria will take over – this is called   Dysbiosis . Flatulence, diarrhea and constipation are just some of the symptoms of  Dysbiosis , or overgrowth of bad gut bacteria. These bacteria produce an enzyme which converts the estrogens prepared by the liver for excretion, back into a form which can’t be excreted, so they end up circulating in the body creating an estrogen excess.

The liver uses two steps to detoxify and clear toxins and excess hormones from the body. They are: Phase I and Phase II. Not to bore you with technical terminology, I’ll explain the function of each phase in very simple terms. Phase I converts toxins and hormones into very toxic substances and Phase II makes these substances water soluble so that they can be excreted with urine.

Many drugs interfere with either of the two phases of detoxification. Vegetables which have been shown to promote estrogen clearance and Phase one liver detoxification, are cruciferous vegetables such as; broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. For Phase two among other things, the liver needs lots of folic acid and B12.


Pesticides and some plastics in our body will mimic estrogen and dock on the same receptor sites, reserved for the real oestrogen. This is another way in which excess estrogen accumulates in the body resulting in fibrocystic breast disease, PMS, benign prostatic hypertrophy, menstrual migraines and endometriosis.


Excessive stress combined with ovarian decline results in poor luteal phase function and progesterone deficiency. High doses of vitamins B, C and magnesium are useful for adrenal function to help your body cope with stress better.


Diets high in saturated fats and low in beneficial omega 3 and 6 result in excessive production of pro-inflammatory hormones and not enough anti-inflammatory hormones. This can result in period cramps and predisposes the body to inflammatory conditions.

In conclusion: as you can see, your diet and lifestyle are of utmost importance. And it’s impossible to isolate just one system when treating hormonal imbalances as so many organs from different body systems are involved in ‘hormone management’. What you put in your mouth will be broken down into individual units and used by the body for creation of hormones and cells. If what you eat is unhealthy, processed, full of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, saturated fat, pesticides and herbicides you shouldn’t be surprised if you have sub optimal health and hormonal imbalances. Harsh but true. You are what you eat, so make wise choices, you health is in your hands. Make healthy choices based on common sense and do your own research. My recommendation to all my clients – eat as fresh as possible, organic where possible, in small amounts every three hours.

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Signs of Infertility in Men and Women – An Overview

Although there are no noticeable physical signs to indicate that you or your partner may be infertile, the first indicator of infertility – based on medical definition – is that you still can’t get pregnant after a year of regular unprotected sex done during your fertile days.

There are certain symptoms or risk factors though that may hint a potential infertility obstacle. For those who have any of these indications or signs of infertility, you should arrange a visit to your doctor or a fertile specialist before you waste a year trying to conceive.

Irregular menstrual cycles or not having period

This is a predictive clue of infertility in women. An abnormal cycle, which can be unusually short (less than 24 days) or prolonged (more than 35 days), or perhaps unpredictable, may be a warning of ovulation issues.

In case you are not getting your menstrual periods (amenorrhea), this also suggests possible infertility issue or other medical problem. Unless you happen to be taking contraception pills that may take several cycles for your period to return to normal, you’ll need to pay a visit to your doctor to rule out any underlying medical ailments, including polycystic ovarian syndrome or malformed reproductive organs (e.g. ovary is twisted or not positioned at the right place).

Have had over three consecutive miscarriages

While infertility is normally construed as the inability to become pregnant, a woman who suffers from recurrent miscarriages can also be regarded as infertile after she has experienced three repeated miscarriage.

Presence of medical conditions in the reproductive system

Any of these problems might give rise to infertility, and they call for medical treatment before you are able to get pregnant:

* Endometriosis

* Pelvic inflammatory disease

* Narrowing of the cervix

* Uterine fibroid

Additional risk factors or indications of infertility

* You’re over 35 years old – at age 30, a woman’s chance of conceiving during any one cycle is 20%, and by age 40 the odds plummet to a very low 5%. Should you be more than 35 years old, it’s best to find help if pregnancy does not take place after 6 months of unprotected sex.

* You’re either underweight or overweight – Overly thin or overweight often leads to infertility problems.

* You or your spouse smoke or consume alcohol – these unhealthy habits have been connected to men and female infertility.

* You have a history of sexually transmitted disease (STD) – STDs, including chlamydia or gonorrhea, can result in blockage of the fallopian tubes, causing pregnancy either impossible or escalating the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

* Your partner has an ejaculatory problem – Sexual dysfunction is usually a red flag for male factor infertility. However this does not necessarily reflect low sperm counts or inhibited sperm motility, which can only be determined with a sperm analysis.

* You or your spouse were treated for cancer in the past – cancer treatments, particularly radiation therapy surrounding the reproductive organs area, can be a cause to impaired fertility.

For the risk factors and signs of infertility mentioned above, a few of them inevitably warrant medical treatment or surgical procedures to have them eliminated, while some could be overcome with a holistic healing approach, which consist of eating a properly balanced diet, performing suitable exercise, making use of Chinese medicines, herbs and also acupuncture.

Various Methods For Skin Tag Removal

A skin tag, or skin   polyp , is an abnormality that results in a small dangling piece of flesh. They are harmless most of the time. However, on rare occasion they are associated with diseases like poly cystic ovaries. Many people consider them to be very unattractive. This is the reason they will actively look for solutions or skin tag removal help.

Animals can also get  polyps , but it is humans that get them more frequently. They are overweight or sometimes pregnant. Other cases are associated with disorders of the metabolism, like diabetes. In a few cases heredity is the cause. However, sometimes the cause can be unknown. Roughly half of the entire world population gets them with men and women divided equally.

Unlike warts,  polyps  can be easily removed without worrying about them coming back. Warts will usually grow back after they have been removed if the seed is not completely eliminated. In addition, nothing suggests they can be spread from one person to another like warts. Warts originate from a virus, which makes them contagious. Furthermore, the  polyps  can often go unnoticed until something like clothing begins to irritate them.

There are dozens of home remedy and ancient ways to rid the body of them. One older method is to use string or thread and tie them at the bottom. Eventually they will fall off by themselves because the blood supply is gone. They simply shrivel up and die. This technique can even be performed on animals and children successfully. A few people say dental floss is successful. However, there are some more ways to remove them if the person has the strength to do them.

The tag can be cut off using a sharp pair of scissors. Having anesthetics is optional. This is not something for the weak or the squeamish to perform. The smaller sizes do not have nerve endings therefore cutting them will not hurt. The larger ones may have developed sensation. It is best to use a local anesthetic when cutting them. Depending on location, it becomes wide to let someone else do the cut.

Another method is to freeze them off by using nitrogen. This method is similar to wart removal. Nitrogen is naturally a very cold substance, which causes the  polyp  to shrivel up and die. However, this method is not always reliable and has some drawbacks. For instance, there is sometimes a temporary discoloration at the site or the  polyp  can return.

Some of the best methods are natural products. They can easily be found on the Internet. These methods are both safe and effective because they were developed by doctors. Purchasing them is simple and the products are easy to use. Simply fill out the form and then get the stuff sent directly to the address.

Anytime  polyps  are discovered around the mouth, the eyelids, the ears, or the nose, it is best to seek the help of a physician. That have the training and the necessary tools to safely and effectively remove them.

In conclusion, natural skin tag removal techniques are safe and easy to use. They can be ordered from the Internet is a few simple steps. When the  polyp’s  location is in question, be sure to check with a doctor.

Fly-Agaric Mushrooms – Uncover the Healing Properties of Them

Fly-agaric mushrooms are poisonous; therefore you should use them with caution. I would advise you to get used to the mushrooms gradually. The dose and treatment course involving fly-agarics might be individual depending upon the peculiarities of each organism. Consequently, you should listen to yourself. However, before performing any healing procedure you should talk to a doctor.

Greater celandine or fly-agarics extracts in a vodka solution have been used as great remedies to treat tumor, myoma and mastopathy since ancient times. However, you should use these remedies with caution due to the fact that they are poisonous.

  1. Collect caps of fly-agarics and clean them, but do not wash. Reduce them to small pieces and put in a bottle. Pour vodka over them to cover mushrooms completely and cover it up. Earth the bottle for 12 days. The tincture is intended for both external and internal use. Rub the affected areas with the tincture or take few drops it per day.
  2. Collect caps of new fly-agarics, and dry them in a windy and shady place. Infuse 5-6 caps with 0.7 liters of vodka and leave the tincture to brew for a month in a dark place at a room temperature. Take a teaspoon of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening till the bottle is empty. At the very beginning of the treatment course you should take only few drops of the tincture by increasing the amount you intake gradually. You should perform the procedure once a year.
  3. Mix equal quantities of fly-agarics juice and vodka to get the tincture. Take a drop of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening on the first day. On the second day you should take 2 drops of the tincture twice a day – in the morning and evening. On the third day repeat the procedure, but increase the amount of the tincture you intake to 3 drops. Continue increasing the amount of the tincture you consume till the moment 25 drops are taken. Then you should reduce the amount of consumed tincture in the same sequence. Perform the course of treatment 2-3 times a year. Mix the tincture with water and use for compresses.
  4. Infuse 3-4 fly-agarics with 2-3 liters of boiling water. Leave the mix till it becomes cold. Use it for compresses or wash the bad areas with it when dealing with gout.

When performing any procedure involving fly-agarics, you should wear rubber gloves. Afterwards, remember to wash your hands thoroughly. If you wish to preserve fly-agarics juice, you should observe the following proportion – 500 grams of juice and 200 grams of vodka.

An Ovarian Cyst Cure – Does it Exist?

Does an ovarian cyst cure exist? This is a question many women are anxious to find out the answer to. Can anything relieve the pain and bloating that a you feel because of your ovarian cysts? We will give you some options later on in this article.

Ovarian cysts can be very painful and potentially threatening to your health. In most cases the cysts are non-cancerous and of no immediate threat to the woman. For this reason most cysts are left to go away on their own or with treatment by birth control medication. In some rare cases the cysts are surgically removed.

One option for relieving the pain while you find an ovarian cyst cure is to heat. The simplest way to utilize heat is with a heating pad. Any woman who has suffered from menstrual cramps is probably familiar with a heating pad. You just plug it in and place it on the location of the cramps. The same holds true when treating a cyst. A word of caution when using a heating pad is to always place an item of clothing or a blanket between you and the heating pad to avoid burns.

Another great treatment for the pain of an ovarian cyst is a warm bath. If you can squeeze this into your nightly routine a bubble bath not only relieves the pain but also serves as a stress reliever and is very relaxing. The best part is that you can really enjoy this method when the cyst are gone.

There are many ovarian cyst treatments out there and most of them involve medications or invasive surgical procedures. This may keep the cysts under control but, if you are looking for a natural, non-invasive ovarian cyst cure, it does exist. It will not solve your problem over night but, with a little effort and time it will work.

For more information about this natural ovarian cyst cure please visit this informative site.

Ovarian Cyst Removal

Thrush Cure

Maybe the most important question is: how would you know if you are suffering from thrush? The most prevalent sign of thrush is when you see white blisters in your mouth with a bad smell. It is usually painful and has a burning sensation when you eat because of the spots. Crust forming in the corner of the mouth is also a sign. Read spots on the roof of the mouth, throat, tongue and gums are also indications. This may be due to poor oral hygiene or poor diet. Scientifically, it is caused by a chronic yeast infection. Thrush in women are revealed because of the vaginal discharge that look like cottage cheese accompanied by a burning or itching of the female genitalia area or swelling of the lips of the vagina. Thrush cure or remedy is very important. Research have shown that an estimated 75% of women in the world experience thrush once in their lifetime.

Thrush can lead to a major discomfort and if left untreated, can lead to a much serious condition. That is why anyone who finds out that he or she has one of the symptoms is encouraged to immediately seek thrush cure. Natural remedies are available and since thrush is due to the weak immune system, it is best to cure the infection naturally. Taking care of the immune system and finding ways to boost it is the best way. Eating a low fat diet and adding a lot of vegetables to your meal can be done. Fruits are also very helpful. Taking multivitamins is also advised to boost the immune system. Stress reducing activities such as exercise, getting some sun, and other activities that you feel reduces your stress is also encouraged.

Over the counter drugs are also available for thrush cure. Creams or ointments are directly applied to the affected area. Oral tablets may also be used but should be consulted to a doctor first to avoid side effects and making the condition worse. For home remedies, rinsing vinegar diluted with water helps get rid of the burning sensation and killing the fungus. Probiotic yogurt is also very helpful to reduce yeast in your body. Adding yogurt to your meal can help a lot. Tea tree oil is also thought to be powerful anti-fungus. It should be diluted with water also to prevent irritation in the mouth. It is also very effective in treating vaginal yeast infection.

Hepatitis C – Caused by the Hepatitis C Virus

Hepatitis C or HVC is a serious form of hepatitis that is caused by the hepatitis C virus and causes the liver to become inflamed. Most individuals who acquire HVC will experience no symptoms from their infection and will not be diagnosed until it has caused damage to the liver which then causes the symptoms that lead them to seek medical treatment.

While there is no cure for hepatitis C, some individuals may not need treatment and will only be monitored for any changes that may affect the liver. However, in some more severe cases when HVC is not treated, this can cause cirrhosis to occur in the liver and possibly liver failure.

Causes and Symptoms of Hepatitis C

An individual can become infected with the hepatitis C virus when they come into contact with the blood of another individual who has been infected. Prior to the year of 1992, this was possible when an individual received an organ transplant or blood transfusion due to the fact that screening tests for this virus were inadequate, however, now there are better screening tests in place to stop the potential of unknowingly becoming infected with HVC.

The highest risk factors for becoming infected with HVC virus include those individuals who are in the health care industry that are exposed to human blood and needles, and those individuals who use illicit drugs and participate in the sharing of needles among other drug users.

There are typically no symptoms when an individual first becomes infected with HVC and they may not experience any symptoms at all unless the virus begins to damage the liver. If individuals do have symptoms of hepatitis C, they may be mild and have the characteristics of the flu and may include loss of appetite, nausea, fever, fatigue, joint or muscle pain, and a tenderness or soreness in the area where the liver is located in the body. If an individual has had HVC for a long period of time, other symptoms will occur that are caused by the virus causing damage to the liver.

Treatment and Prevention of Hepatitis C

While treatment is not always necessary for some individuals who have HVC, others who have more serious and chronic hepatitis C infection will be placed on antiviral medications in an attempt to rid the body of this virus.

Blood tests will be done after all of this medication has been taken and if the virus is still present, more antiviral medications may be prescribed for a second attempt, however, these medications have the potential for the development of serious side effects and a patient may have to discontinue taking them or stop altogether.

In more serious cases where the infection has caused serious and permanent damage to the liver, a liver transplant may be recommended, however, this is not a cure for HVC and the patient must continue taking antiviral medications as HVC has a tendency to reoccur even after a liver transplant.

In order to prevent HVC, it is essential that you protect yourself if you use illicit drugs by getting help for your addiction or not sharing any drug paraphernalia or needles with other users.

You should also be cautious when having any body piercing or tattooing done and only use a professional or reputable place ensuring that their equipment is clean and that the needles they use are sterile. Unsafe sex is also a high risk factor in becoming infected with hepatitis C, therefore, you should use caution by always using protection and avoiding unknown or multiple sexual partners.

Gallbladder Attack Remedies – Pass Your Gallstones and the Pain

If you are suffering from a gallbladder attack, you do not need to get your gallbladder removed to treat this painful disease. Have you considered gallbladder attack remedies that work to help you dissolve and flush the stones?

About a half of million people in America will get their gallbladder removed this year because of the pain associated with this disease. And yet only a few tens of thousands will pass their gallstones using alternative treatments.

In this article, you will learn some simple gallbladder attack remedies that have worked for hundreds of my customers.

Are you having a Gallbladder Attack?

Knowing where to locate your pain is important. If you have recurring bouts of pain just below the rib cage on the right hand side or mid center below the rib cage, this is more likely gallbladder related.

The gallbladder sits on the right side behind the liver. Mid-center and behind the right shoulder blade are the two areas the pain will usually reach. The pain is most likely caused by a swollen gallbladder. The gallbladder is most likely full of stones, sludge or bile that cannot be flushed. It is important to always see a physician to be diagnosed properly. If you have a fever, you should immediately see a physician.

Other symptoms that usually accompany a gallbladder attack are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, cold sweats, chills, and/or fever. Burping and loud belching may also be associated with the disease.

Simple Gallbladder Attack Remedies that Work

The body is made up of many systems which work together to make a healthy you. The gallbladder is one of those systems which need to be supported with a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few remedies you may wish to try to remedy your gallbladder attack and flush your stones.

1. Some of our customers recommend juice therapy! Juice therapy is becoming more and more popular with the growing interest in natural health. One juice therapies you may wish to try is to juice some beetroot with beet greens and carrots. You should take a few sips every 15 minutes. The high fiber concoction will help begin the flushing process of the gallstones.

2. Tea therapy has also become more and more popular. You can make a tea by boiling 1 tablespoon of flaxseed in 2.5 cups of water for 5 minutes. Steep for 10 minutes and strain. Drink up!

3. Safflower seed oil is thought to stimulate the gallbladder too! When combined with essential fatty acids (found in flaxseed oil and fish such as salmon and tuna), safflower seed oil is very efficient at eliminating toxic build up (gallstones or sludge) in the gallbladder. Supplementing using 2 teaspoons twice a day is recommended.

Bachelor Degree – Math

Why anybody would want to get a bachelor degree in math is a mystery. When you think about it, when you get out of college with a bachelor degree in math, what can you possibly do with it besides teach? You’re certainly not prepared for any practical applications. Sure, you could get a job as an actuary but is that REALLY why you majored in math in the first place? Well, for those of you who still want to get a bachelor degree in math, hang onto your hats because the ride you’re in for is far from easy. What follows is pretty much what you can expect to go through.

Math is probably one of the hardest disciplines anybody could possibly want to go through. The math courses alone are so hard that no other courses are needed to make your four years of college a living nightmare. Think we’re kidding? Take a look at just the math curriculum itself and then decide if this is something that you think you can tackle with no sweat.

Your first two semesters of college math throw you right into the fire. This is where you learn   Calculus . The courses are usually  Calculus  I and II.  Calculus  is probably one of the most difficult courses ever devised by man. How anybody even thought of this stuff is a puzzle. Talk about math that you’re never going to use in your life unless you become a scientist or an engineer.

Your next two semesters, or year two, give you a break from  calculus . This is where you take Advanced, or Abstract Algebra. This is where you learn about matrixes and things like that. This is more math that you’re never going to use as long as you live. Engineers don’t even use most of this stuff.

Now you’ve reached year three and you’re back to  Calculus  again. This is where you finish up your training in  Calculus  with  Calculus  III and IV. The concepts in these courses are so abstract and so far removed from any real world math, you’d have to be a near genius to understand this stuff.

By year four, if you’re still a math major, you’re down to what they call “Independent Research” where you basically are on your own, but under the guidance of your advisor. You’ll do some kind of major paper on math principals or maybe even Newton for all you know. The good thing is, what you write on is up to you. The bad thing is it has to be approved by your advisor.

And if all of this isn’t bad enough, you’ve only taken 8 of your 32 courses. You still have 24 more courses to fill in your time with. Because you’ve chosen one of the science majors, you’re also going to have to take at least two semesters of either chemistry, physics or some other related science. Yes, we are talking about some more ridiculously hard material.

So if you really want to be a math major, just remember one thing. You will most certainly earn your bachelor degree in math. If you survive it.

Cat Poisoning – 7 Reasons Not To Induce Vomiting If Your Cat Is Poisoned

The usual cat poisoning symptoms are vomiting or diarrhea. Unfortunately, not all symptoms become immediately apparent. Often the affects of her consuming something poisonous to cats are not revealed for several weeks. If you suspect cat poisoning, there are several situations when you should not induce vomiting.

Sometimes a cat is poisoned, but never swallowed a toxic product. She may have inhaled or come in contact with something poisonous to cats. A good example is carbon monoxide poisoning in a poorly ventilated room using a propane heater.

In most cases of cat poisoning, getting your pet to vomit is the most important thing that you can do.

To induce vomiting, give hydrogen peroxide at 1 teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight. If your cat does not vomit in 10 minutes, repeat again. NEVER do more than two treatments of peroxide.

However, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING if your situation matches one of these:

Situation 1: Is unconscious

Situation 2: Is having seizures (convulsions)

Situation 3: Has already vomited

Situation 4: Been in contact with the poison for 2 hours or more

Situation 5: Has swallowed acid or alkali product, cleaning solution or petroleum product

Situation 6: Has swallowed an object

Situation 7: Consumed something caustic such as drain cleaner or bleach

Generally, if your cat is exhibiting these symptom your cat may be poisoned.

  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Having diarrhea
  • Swelling of the tongue or other mouth tissues
  • Staggering
  • Excessive salivation

If you suspect your cat has inhaled, absorbed or otherwise ingested something toxic DO NOT WAIT for cat poisoning symptoms to appear. Call your veterinarian immediately or call the ASPCA Poison Hotline at 1-888-426-4435.

If your cat is showing symptoms of cat poisoning, it is important that she is examined by your veterinarian and treated appropriately. Some toxins can progress and lead to severe seizures. If you suspect antifreeze poisoning your cat must be treated within four to six hours or she will experience irreversible kidney damage.

Effective treatment depends on immediate treatment and knowing what the substance is — bring it with you. Take samples of diarrhea or vomit too. If you can’t take the suspected substance, write down the contents, manufacturer and any phone numbers.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Animal Poison Control Center can help too.

In 2007, the ASPCA Center assisted 7,200 callers with concerns involving common household cleaners. Gastrointestinal distress and irritation to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract may be possible if a curious animal has an inappropriate encounter with such products. If you have not had a chance to look at the ASPCA video on poisoning take a minute to check it out now at the links below.

Food Borne Illnesses – Watch What You Eat and Drink

Food poisoning. We all know the symptoms of something we ate that we should not of, or not been careful about. Certain tips we know that are tried and true. For example you may have been told to stay away and be careful about potato salad at buffets in restaurants or at all in one inclusive hotel resorts. Similarly you may have been cautioned when traveling abroad away from the US and our modern municipal water and sanitation systems not to drink the water, down to being careful of ice cubes in your alcoholic beverages, the ice cubes being made from untreated water. Still what is food poisoning and basic run of the mill food borne illness and illnesses?

Food borne illness as well as food borne illnesses affect a myriad of sufferers be it at home in a local restaurant or away from home traveling on a vacation. It can happen in corner diners, it can happen in posh restaurants, it can happen on expensive cruises. Sometimes it’s the fault of the restaurant or food service or caterer. Sometimes it’s really nobody’s fault. Food poisoning can occur in the cleanest of establishments and food service operations, with the best systems for no reason at all altogether. The true story is told of a smaller Winnipeg Manitoba local eatery which was attacked and infested with a pathogen on some ordinary lettuce.

The health inspectors did their job in follow-up in reports from patrons who were affected with severe food borne illness. It turned out in effect, that no lack of cleanliness or food handling procedures had occurred in any manner or forms what so ever. Yet the word had gone out of this plague which had affected the patrons who ate at this establishment. The business of this local restaurant was done to a trickle. Yet the food inspectors held no one at blame in any manner. It could have happened to any restaurant under their charge indeed that were following procedures and cleanliness procedures to Bristol standards.

The next day a photo of the inspectors dining at this restaurant along with an explanatory tale appeared on the front page of a major local newspaper. Lo and behold tons of former patrons of the restaurant, and even non- patrons appeared in virtual scores on the weekend to save this restaurant from oblivion and extinction. It was a case of standing room only in the line up alone from people who came to support the restaurateurs.

Yet the story of food poisoning and food poisonings is not always such a good and positive one. Many people, who suffer food poisoning, do not realize what they are affected with. They may pass it off simply as the “flu” or “stomach flu”. At one time or another most of us had probably had a food borne illness. We may not have known what it was or chose to let the flu and its symptoms ride it out. While it is true those symptoms of food borne illnesses and food poisonings may be mild and simply disappear in a few hours or at most several days. (The classic description of the standard 72 hour flu comes to mind). Yet in other cases food borne illnesses can result in hospitalization and even be fatal especially in the young, the elderly and those with serious illnesses to begin with.

Which brings us to our summary of food borne illness and illnesses and the perils of apparent food poisonings? Watch what you eat especially when traveling. If you appear to have the flu – then monitor your symptoms. If you are ill with another illness or a number of serious illnesses then pay particular additional close attention. If your symptoms continue and do not subside promptly seek medical attention.

How to Treat Mouth Ulcers

If you have painful, white lesions inside your mouth, then most probably you have what is called mouth  ulcers  or canker sores. Usually, this does not need treatment as they often go away on their own. However, simple things like talking, brushing the teeth, and even eating can become a painful experience if you have mouth sores.

Stress, smoking, hormonal changes, and deficiency in vitamins such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and cobalamin (Vitamin B12) are common grounds for getting canker sores. Sometimes, this can also be attributed to viral and bacterial infections and certain medicines that you have or take.

However, being one of the easiest to treat diseases, mouth sores can be treated using home remedy options or through oral medication. Gargle with tomato juice at least three times a day to eliminate your mouth  ulcers . If preparing the juice is a hassle, try biting or eating one. You still get the same result. Chewing on guava leaves also provides the same effect. In just a few days, your canker sores are gone and talking will be a breeze again.

Another herb that is known to cure mouth sores is basil leaves. Chew about 5 leaves at least three times a day. Do this together with water and in a short span of time, your canker sores are gone. Another thing about basil leaves is while it is treating your canker sore, you also get fresher breath. Alternatively, gargling with warm water with salt also relieves you of the pain mouth sores bring. Somehow, the salt solution numbs the sores and will make it easier for you to eat and talk.

Sodium bicarbonate is another option. Combine a small amount with water and gargle with it at least three times a day. If you have peppermint oil at home, apply a small amount directly on the white patches and your mouth  ulcers  will be gone in no time. Canker sores normally heal within two weeks. If it goes beyond that time frame, go see your doctor for further analysis of your canker sore. Your doctor will most probably advise you to apply corticosteroids or paste treatments for the swelling.

Neither harmful nor contagious, mouth  ulcers  can really be very painful especially when you accidentally hit them with your teeth or bite them. Do any of the above home remedy solutions or opt for over-the-counter medication and relieve yourself of the discomfort.

Heartburn Relief

Heartburn relief is a release of an incredible burning sensation that consumes the abdominal area and around the heart. If u have endured heartburn or go through it on a daily basis like millions of Americans, then read this important article. It is important to establish a knowledge base about our digestive health and this article is an integral part of this process.

What Is Heartburn?

Heartburn is feeling of utter burning, an incredibly intense feeling that travels upward from your mid section upwards and can centralize above the heart. In addition, a very bitter or sour like taste may travel up the throat and into the mouth. For most people, what usually initiates heartburn is either consuming a large meal and then lying down right afterwards. The heartburn feeling that follows can last a few minutes or even several hours. There are a variety of medications and treatments for heartburn, but some basic methods can be implemented to bring heartburn relief.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Be Made to Manage Heartburn?

*Stay away from alcohol

*Lose some weight

*Stop smoking the active ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine can actually weaken the sphincter muscle or lid that controls the opening between the esophagus and the stomach. The role this lid has is to keep the acid forming contents of the stomach from causing acid reflux in the esophagus.

*Eat slowly don’t eat in a hurry.

There are even more changes that should be made but they are found along with a possible method to relieve heartburn symptoms down in the resource box located below.

Heartburn relief can be a reality if you implement the correct methods for correcting this digestive disorder.

*Important notes*

The older we get the less acid is being produced. As a result, the food we eat doesn’t digest properly. If the food we eat doesn’t get broken down enough then we feel bloating, gas, indigestion and even heartburn. In relation to heartburn relief a combination of Amylase (breaks down starches , Protease (breaks down protein), and lipase (breaks down fats). Also, bromelain is a substance that works in conjunction with the normal production of acid to build up more acidity in the stomach. Located in the resource box is a website that has within it Amylase, Protease, Lipase, bromelain and even more. Heartburn relief can be realized if the correct methods are in place to bring this about.


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How to Tell If You Have an Autoimmune Disease

There a lot of symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases. Some may appear to fall under the same category as autoimmune disease, but they are really unrelated. If you every have any doubts, seek out the care of physician to get the best diagnoses. Many times one or two of these symptoms, or other problems, will come up. It is usually only a real issues when you have more than one at a time or they reoccur often.

Yeast infections can occur in the mouth or in the vaginal region of women. Candida yeast infections are pretty common. It is characterized by white spots coating the mouth or tongue, or the vaginal region of women. Yeast infections can be a sign of many autoimmune diseases, but in more cases than not it is simply an infection that will go way with some medication.

Depression and emotional problems are issues in and of themselves. Everyone experiences depression at one point or another in their lives. Too much stress, feeling helpless or overwhelmed, and life in general can bring us down. Depression can also be a psychological problem stemming from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression can also play a part in autoimmune diseases when the disease affects the brain or the hypothalamus of the brain.

Fatigue is a common problem for people everywhere. We all get so busy we forget to let our body relax and sleep. We allow ourselves to become run down, tired, and over exerted. However, if you have been getting plenty of sleep each night and have a good balance between work and play and still feel completely drained, this may be a much bigger problem. Autoimmune diseases can affect the flow of oxygen, increase toxicity, or cause infections that leave you tired.

Symptoms of allergies like dry eyes, dry mouth, light sensitivity, headaches, and swollen glands can also be symptoms of an autoimmune disease. That doesn’t really make detecting an autoimmune disease very simple. However, if you experience allergies for six months out of the year, each year, around the same time, then it is most likely just allergies. If for any reason the symptoms show up unexpectedly, then it’s time to see a doctor.

You are the best judge of your health so pay attention when you feel something is “off” and go see your doctor.

Fastest Way to Get Rid of a Cold Sore and to Stop Them Coming Back

What is the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore? And how do you stop them from coming back?

There are two very different questions which have two completely different answers. Let’s deal with them in order!

The fastest way to get rid of a cold sore is to begin treating it at the first sign of an outbreak. Don’t wait for them to form. The moment you feel that horrible tingle and notice the redness of an emerging sore is the time to start treating it.

Your approach will deal with the swelling and the pain, but it will also deal with the life cycle of the sore itself.

Take an anti-inflammatory pill such as Advil, and keep taking those to control the inflammation and swelling. You will probably end up needing to take these for up to three days.

Also take L-lysine. If you’re already taking that daily, increase the daily intake to 3,000mg. You can take it all at once, or you can spread it out. You will continue taking this at the high dose level until the cold sore is completely gone.

Apply a salt-based solution (equal part salt and warm water) and allow this to dry itself. And also use an over-the-counter cream like Abreva.

On the second day, you can ramp up the treatment once the sore has opened. Apply liquid peroxide carefully to seal the sore and stop oozing, which can cause secondary outbreaks.

Once the sore begins healing, help it along with hydrocortisone cream. Keep this up until the sore is completely gone. Using this approach should clear up the sore in about three days.

The approach to stopping outbreaks altogether is a little more involved. This is a two-pronged approach. Simultaneously, you need to address both the triggers for your cold sores and also your metabolic balance.

Addressing the triggers is fairly self-explanatory, but what do I mean by metabolic balance? The Herpes virus prefers to reside deep in the nervous system. When it is triggered to activate (which you can control by natural means) it surfaces and how long it stays active depends on the environment it finds. By adjusting your metabolism, you can make it inhospitable for the Herpes virus in which case it will tend to deactivate and return to the nervous system.

So now you understand the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore and have been introduced to the approaches needed to stop sores coming back.