How to Heal Neck Pain Using Only a Tennis Ball!

There is almost nobody in this world who goes days or weeks without some form of neck pain. Your head is roughly 8 pounds, which forces your shoulders, neck muscles, balance, etc .. to all be in tune in order for you to maintain your post and head position. After several hours of this, let alone a full day depending on what you do for a living, your neck will most likely be sore at some point.


For me personally, I work on a computer 14 hours a day and when I have time, I like to play golf. This creates a forward head motion, and my shoulders tend to roll forward because of years and years of golf muscle memory. Thus I often have daily neck pain. I have seen chiropractors, massage therapists, and more to help relate my problems. Unless you are rich or have a great health insurance plan … its not feasible for the average person to visit these practitioners on a daily or weekly basis.

So Simple, A TENNIS BALL !!!

What I am about to tell you can be done with a simple tennis ball, or if you want to get more advanced you get buy a foam roller. You can find these at Walmart, online, or any fitness store.

Often times, neck pain is not present because of actual problems in your neck, but because of issues surrounding your shoulders, trapezius muscles, or what I have actually found in my arms and / or deltoid muscles. The pain you often feel IS in the muscles in the neck, but not unnecessarily the cause.

How I pinpointed the cause of my neck pain

When doing pull ups, I absolutely found the muscles on the outside of your arms, near your shoulders were the cause of some of my neck pain. The solution is to literally roll on a tennis ball in those areas. If side neck pain you are experiencing is bad, I am willing to bet the more sore you are in arm / shoulder area.

Great example on YouTube

This video on YouTube is for shoulder pain, but the tennis ball location is almost the exact location I want you to target. It may take a few times finding the sore points … but if its SORE, you want to work on it. The more sore it is, the more you need to work it. Do not be afraid of some pain. If its excruciating … obviously do not do it or find a way to apply pressure lightly at first.

> Here is the video I recommend you watch: I only care about you watching the part where the guy is lying down with the tennis ball under his arm.


After performing that tennis ball exercise for a few days, you should start feeling some relief with your neck pain. It is not instant, so do not expect a result in 1 day. This is a solution I personally have found to be helpful in relieving my neck pain. I can not promise it will work for you, as many other factors could be involved as to why you have neck pain (medical conditions, car accidents, etc …) so if your situation is unique, always consult a physician before trying to treat it.

Also consider other environmental factors that are reasons for neck pain. For me, trying to work on my posture, moving to a flat pillow, and doing various stretches everyday have significantly improved my neck pain.

I hope this article has been helpful and please let me know if it helps your neck pain!

Sore Penis or Penis Fracture – Here's How to Know

Many men know the feeling of a sore penis. It usually happens after an extended or rough sex session, when the penis skin is irritated from constant friction. A sore penis can also result from a variety of other causes (none of which are nearly as much fun!). This may include rigorous exercise, wearing a new style of underwear, masturbating too often or even sleeping in an awkward position. Good penis care is usually all it takes to remedy the problem of a sore penis rather quickly.

Sometimes a penis can become so sore that it makes a man wonder if he has suffered a punishment fracture. This cringe-worthy injury involves serious damage to the penis as a result of significant trauma, usually during sexual activity. Just how clear is the difference between a sore penis and a penal fracture?

Sore penis or penis fracture?

Make no mistake: If it's a punishment fracture, there will be no doubt. A sore penis, no matter how bad the soreness might seem, is a leisurely walk in the park compared to a penal fraction.

A sore penis often has other signs associated with it. There might be redness and dryness, irritation, and even peeling of the penis skin. There could be some abrasions as well. Slight swelling and some very sensitive and tender areas are also hallmarks of a sore penis. In most cases, it will be evident why the soreness is there – such as an adventurous evening with an enthusiastic partner.

A penis fracture is much more serious. That seriousness is often immediately immediately, as there will be a 'pop' or 'crack' sound accompanied by excruciating penis pain. An erection will immediately vanish, but may be replaced by significant and painful swelling. The penal might also bend to one side or the other.

The fraction usually happens when the penis slips out of the partner during sexual activity, and then winds up bending against the pelvic bone on the next thrust. Too much pressure and a fraction is the result.

But how can it be a fraction? After all, there are no bones in the penis!

Here's what happens: The penis becomes hard thanks to blood flow through two cylinders of spongy tissue known as the corporal body. The pressure of the blood in the corporal body is what keeps the penis rigid during an erection. The corporal body is encased in the tunic, a tough protective outer membrane.

When a penal fracture occurs, that 'pop' is the tunic rupturing. As soon as that happens, the corporal body loses the ability to stay firm, which leads to a very quick loss ofection. The penal might bend at the area of ​​the fraction. It may also lead to immediate and serious bruising – or even some bleeding, if the fracture is sufficient enough.

Cures for sore penis or penis fracture

A penis fracture is a medical emergency. When it happens, go straight to the emergency room. Remember that the pain can be severe, so it might be best to ask someone else to make that drive to the hospital – blacking out behind the wheel would definitely make a bad situation much worse! In most cases, surgical repair will be necessary to help ensure proper sexual function in the future.

Obviously a sore penis is a much easier situation to handle. A high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help reverse the damage and turn irritated skin into the smooth, supple skin it was meant to be. This can be achieved through powerful vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, D, and E, applied directly to the skin in a strong moisturizer, such as Shea butter. Continue using the penis health crème on a regular basis after the skin has returned to normal – this will ensure that the penis stays as healthy as possible.

Pastor Anniversary Scriptures and Themes

Creating a pastor anniversary theme can be intimidating, overwhelming and sometimes over thought. Selecting a theme for your pastor is nothing more than creating a sentence based on the direction or progression of his ministry. The theme should also have some type of deep meaning in some cases, with a clever underlining thought.

First, let’s discuss where to get theme ideas from that will help you create the theme for your pastor’s anniversary. Firstly, I always look in the Holy Bible as there are countless examples of themes for a pastor. The idea is to pick a scripture that has a word of encouragement and direction from God. Not every scripture is the same and not every scripture communicates the message that is needed to convey the overall thought of the message.

Here is a list of scriptures that directly speak about honoring your pastor:

  • Jeremiah 3:15– And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
  • Ephesians 4:11– And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ
  • I Thessalonians 5:12-13– And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; And to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. And be at peace among yourselves.
  • I Timothy 5:17– Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine.
  • Hebrews 13:17– Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

Using the wording within the scripture you can create topics or themes that will be more than appropriate for celebrating your pastor’s anniversary.

Here is a List of example pastor anniversary & pastor appreciation themes that was created using the wording in the scriptures.

  • Jeremiah 3:15– Honoring Our Pastor’s Spiritual Knowledge and Earthly Understanding.
  • Ephesians 4:11– Perfecting the Saints for the Work of the Ministry.
  • I Thessalonians 5:12-13 – Celebrating the Laborer that Dwells Among Us.
  • I Timothy 5:17-Giving Our Pastor Double Honor for His Labor in the Word.
  • Hebrews 13:17– Recognizing the Leadership that Watches Over Our Souls.

With just a little creative thinking you can create a theme for your pastor’s appreciation service, day or month. There are other ways to come up with a theme, you can use titles from: songs, books, movies, scriptures or even famous quotes by legendary people. There are many ways to create the perfect theme for your pastor you just have to be creative and put a little work into it.

Here is a list of example pastor anniversary & pastor appreciation themes that was created using songs, books, movies, scriptures and even quotes.

  • Spiritual Guidance That Propels Us Forward
  • The Audacity of Faithful Leadership
  • Sacred Teaching for Earthly Living
  • Divine Council for the Multitude of People
  • Celebrating God’s Man for His People
  • Celebrating God’s Woman for His People
  • Shaping Lives to be Good Stewards
  • God’s Chosen Vessel for His Purpose and Direction
  • A Spiritual Briefing for the People of God
  • The Gift of Giving For No Recompense
  • Appreciating the Giver of Spiritual Knowledge
  • Illustrating Holy Living Through Precept and Example
  • Celebrating Victory in God’s Holy Word
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness

As you prepare your celebration activities and appreciate your pastor takes some time to really seek out the right message for the overall theme. The members of your church will be delighted to help find a scriptures that corresponds to the message.

Brain Based Therapy and Tourette's Syndrome

Tourette's syndrome or TS for short is a one of a group of conditions known as movement disorders. As a group, movement disorders are characterized by uncontrollable involuntary movements. We have all seen someone who has struggled with things like tremors. Tremors like Tourette's syndrome, are also a movement disorder. Unlike tremors, the movement disorder associated with Tourette's Syndrome manifest as twitches of the muscles. A unique feature of the Tourette's movement disorder is a "vocal tic". Tourette's syndrome is a genetic disorder and because of this, the involuntary movements of Tourette's usually start in childhood. Recent research in this disorder has uncoformed some of the underlying causes of Tourette's Syndrome and offer a potential avenue for treatment. The part of the brain associated with most movement disorders is called the basal ganglia. The classic movement disorder associated with malfunction of the basal ganglia is Parkinson's Disease. Although Tourette's Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease are both associated with problems in the basal ganglia, the fundamental defects in the basal ganglia are quite different in these two conditions. For example in Parkinson's Disease, certain cells and sections of the basal ganglia degenerate and die off. Unlike Parkinson's Disease, the basal ganglia in children with TS does not typically degenerate, but rather goes out of balance. This difference, degeneration as occurs in Parkinson's Disease versus imbalance which is more common in TS, may explain why, in general, patients with Parkinson's diseases usually get worse with age and why most Tourette's symptoms get better and lessen over time.

Some exciting research that has been recently published suggests that part of the basal ganglia has spikes of excessive activity in patients with Tourette's Syndrome. This excessive electrical activity in the brain, produces the involuntary tics and twitches seen in Tourette's patients. The more conscious, upper part of the brain, functions to suppress this abnormally increased activity in the lower parts of the brain at the basal ganglia. Researchers believe that this top down suppression of over activity may explain why the tics of Tourette's Syndrome usually occurs when the child is at rest and rarely are seen with conscious physical activity. The researchers believe that this top down suppression of the over activity is the brain's way of compensating for and historically reducing the symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome. So as the child's brain ages, the brain can compensate for the abnormal activity responsible for the tics of Tourette's Syndrome.

The question becomes what, if anything can be done to either

1. directly suppress the abnormal electrical hyperactivity in the basal ganglia that is associated with the symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome or
2. Enhance the higher parts of the brain that compensate for the abnormally elevated electrical activity and suppress it?

Various researchers have used either deep brain or vagal nerve stimulation to reset the electrical activity in the brain and to suppress the symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome in patients who failed to respond to any other type of therapy. Unfortunately these brain stimulation techniques are invasive and carry great risk. However other researchers in Germany demonstrated that non-invasive brain stimulation might be possible through simple electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve on the outer aspect of the ear. This means that the abnormal electrical activity in the brain that produces many of the symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome may be reduced or modulated by a mild external electrical stimulus delivered to the skin around the outer ear. Furthermore, techniques of chiropractic neurology may offer methods that may enhance the top down suppression of this abnormal electrical spike activity. These techniques are essentially brain exercises that have the potential to enhance the upper brain's natural ability to suppress the hyperactivity of the lower parts of the brain that are responsible for many of the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome.

Learn How to Treat Hernias With the Belt

Hernias are a few of the few medical problems that can come about when we least expect it. They do not always pose a risk and in certain cases that they are nothing but an infliction to people. They are induced when items in the stomach are being press out through a weakened region in the abdominal wall.

It can create an uncomfortable feeling and through out time a bulge will probably come out when the individual is sitting or standing in a certain position for long periods of time. But it ordinarily causes almost no pain – which makes it simple for the person to treat. There are operations that have the ability to be utilized – which will serve to remove them or you will be able to use something that is easier and more low-priced.

The hernia belt is a unique garment that was made to put on force to the abdominal hernia. For various people it can aid to reduce pain and to force the bulge back where it belongs. When put on every day it can assist to trim the risk that it might become complicated. Remember that only surgery is able to care for it. This is only fashioned to control it.

The belt has been constructed to push the tissue that is falling out and push it back iin the belly. Physicians can urge the patient to put it on in order to control it till they have the surgery repair or even to avoid a surgery. It will allow the individual to feel more comfy and to do regular things.

You will have the ability to purchase a few of these hernia belts at a drug store or you may acquire one through your doctor's office. They will assist to recommend a brand and the type that you should be utilizing. There are a few that come available with removable padding that will increase or decrease the pressure utilized to force it back inside.

The Simple Solution For Back Pain Relief – Get Your Body Back In Alignment

Every day thousands of thousands of people visit a doctor, chemist, chiropractor or physiotherapist for back pain relief. Thousand upon thousands search the internet for the magic elixir that will remove their pain.

If you've got back pain, probably as not you've got a vertical stacking problem.

Vertical stacking simply means how your joints relate to each other.

Here's an example of vertical stacking.

Can you stand with your back to a wall, calves, bottom and shoulders touching the wall. When you are looking straight out at the wall in front of you is your head touching the wall? If there is a gap between your head and the wall then your body is vertically out of alignment.

Tight calves, hamstring and buttock muscles have tilted your pelvis back causing your head and shoulders to move forward.

Standing in the same position, put your arms back against the wall in the surrender position. Can you get the backs of your forearms and fingers against the wall.

If you can not, it's those tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles have tilted your pelvis back, with the shoulders (and head) going forward to compensate.

Chances are that the muscles around your shoulders are also tight. Most people do not have a shoulder strength and flexibility training program. I fact they severely use their shoulders at all from one week to the next.

Think about it, how often do you raise your hands above your head? The only time most people do is when they hang out the washing, and if you live in a unit you probably do not even do that, you just chuck the washing into the dryer. Putting food into your mouth and a phone to your ear are about the only reasons for lifting your hands about your shoulders.

If you've got sore shoulders and you do not have a good shoulder strength and flexibility training program you're suffering from motion starvation.

But as well as the work to be done on the muscles around your shoulders, when it's all boiled down you've ended up with a sore neck and shoulders because you are not vertically stacked in the way nature in tended.

It's ironic that most therapists will work on your neck and shoulders, forgetting them the cause of the pain lies further down the body.

You can save yourself a lot of time, effort and money by doing a set of exercises to loosen off tight calves, hamstrings and buttock muscles and get your body back into better vertical alignment. Head and shoulders go back to where they should be. Problem solved. Pain gone. Simple. Cheap. Effective.

But it's not just your neck and shoulders that are put under pressure it's also your lower back. When the pelvis is tilted back, the beautiful 'S' shape in your spine turns into a 'C' shape.

It's personally generated by sitting down for long periods of time in the 'slump dog' position. To avoid getting into that position you need to be sitting up straight at your desk, back of the chair upright and pushing in up under your shoulder blades and abdomen pressing into the desk.

It's critical that your abdomen is pushing into the desk. Look around any office and you'll see that very few people with their abdomen touching the desk. They're setting themselves up for crook backs, shoulders and necks. Next thing you know they'll have sore wrists as well.

The good news is that being personally generated you can personally ungenerate these dysfunctions.

To tie back pain, neck and shoulder pain takes and hour or two each evening on the floor in front of the TV loosing off those tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles with a simple set of exercises. You do not have to do anything, just spend the time allowing muscles to gradually loosen off themselves.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and remember, it's a big ask expecting to get back pain relief having someone do something to you; sooner or later you have to do something to yourself.

John Miller

Two Engines Power 2010 Mazda B-Series Trucks

Mazda B Series trucks include their engine size as part of their name. For example, the Mazda B-2300 regular cab pickup has an engine displacement of 2,267 cubic centimeters which is 2.3 liters. Continued over from previous years, this engine is a double overhead cam (DOHC), inline, four cylinder front engine that has an 87.6 mm bore and a 94 mm stroke. The compression ratio is 9.7 to 1. With four valves per cylinder, the 2.3 liter engine deliveries its 143 maximum horsepower at 5,250 rpm. Its maximum torque is output at 3,750 rpm. The multi point fuel injection helps the truck rate a fuel economy of 21 miles per gallon (mpg) city, 26 mpg highway, and 23 mpg composite. It carries a maximum payload of 1,200 pounds and can tow 2,260 pounds.

The other B series truck, the Mazda B4000 features a 4.4 liter, six cylinder engine that serves up a maximum 207 horsepower at 5,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 238 foot pounds at 3,000 rpm. It also is equipped with multi point fuel injection. The EPA mileage rating for this engine is 15 mpg city, 19 mpg highway and an average of 16 mpg. The maximum tow weight for this vehicle is 3,140 pounds.

In North America, the B series trucks are the same as the Ford Ranger pickup. Most automotive critics point to the small engine offerings of the B series, saying that the truck is under powered. The B series was discontinued at the end of the 2009 model year, but it's alter ego, the Ford Ranger continues to be available.

How to Treat Herpes Zoster / Shingles Naturally and Permanently

Besides the two major types of herpes– simplex virus-HSV 1 and herpes simplex virus-HSV2, there is yet another type of herpes. It is called herpes zoster or shingles. Herpes zoster may cause severe pain in people over 60. It may last very long and may not be evaluated by pharmaceutical medicines.

The virus of herpes zoster actually has no relationship with the virus of herpes 1 or 2 although it also bears the name of herpes. Its virus owes its origin to chicken pox that usually attacks young people especially children.

As is well-known, chicken pox usually appears and goes away after a certain duration with or without treatment.

But while the overt symptoms of chicken pox disappear, its virus places in latent form in the body of the patient and reappears at some later stage absolutely without any fore-warning.

It may appear even after decades when the person may even have crossed the age of seventy or even more and forgotten all about the chicken pox. It takes you off-guards and shocks you out of your wits.

The new avatar of chicken pox is called herpes zoster or shingles.

It appears as rashes generally on the right side of the chest and travels below the arm and reaches over to the back opposite to the affected chest area. Of course, it may appear on other parts of the body also.

The rashes aggravate into lesions or blisters and cause severe pain when they burst.

When it attacks you and by the time you collect yourself, react to it and decide to consult your doctor, it takes a serious turn. The itching rashes become dense and deep and start developing into blisters within a period, say of 48 hours. What happens if you are traveling and can not show yourself to a doctor?

The first remark a doctor may make on seeing you may generally be that you are a bit late.

Allopathic prescription for the rashes is generally the same as that of herpes 1 and 2. It is Valtrex, Famvir and Acyclovir capsules or tablets.

The symptoms disappear within a week or fortnight. But the real problem begins when you suffer from post herpetic neuralgia-a very painful condition.

As mentioned above, if you have an attack of shingles when you are past 60-70, your suffering may show no end because the immune system of old people generally becomes quite weak. And unless your immune system becomes strong, which may take quite some time and effort, you will not be able to get substantial relief from neuralgic pains unless you take pain killers on a daily basis.

But do not panic. You can cure shingles permanently through natural, herbal and or homeopathic treatment. For example, the leaves of a popular Indian plant called neem – Azadirachta indica – have amazing curative properties for diseases like shingles.

An Overview of Kernicterus: Clinical Stages and Consequences


Kernicterus is a chronic neurologic condition caused by the neurotoxic effects of bilirubin on the brain tissues of neonates. This occurs when bilirubin, a byproduct of the breakdown of red blood cells, is present in abnormally elevated levels in the newborn. Kernicterus is preventable as jaundice, the term used to describe the clinical presentation of yellow skin and eye sclera, can be treated. Additionally, risk factors for development of this devastating neurologic condition can be identified and should prompt close surveillance of total bilirubin levels in the serum of the infant who is at risk for development of one of the acute clinical phases of neurologic damage that combine the syndrome of bilirubin induced neurologic dysfunction.

Kernicterus is a reliably rare cause of severe lifelong disability in infants who are otherwise normal, but it can be prevented. Severe or extreme levels of bilirubin in the serum cause an encephalopathy and bilirubin have been long recognized as a neurotoxin that results in the death and destruction of brain cells.

Acute Bilirubin Encephalopathy

Acute bilirubin encephalopathy is characterized by elevated bilirubin that has crossed the blood-brain barrier. When diagnosed clinically, the presentation of symptoms is wide-ranging and includes feeding problems, lethargy, hypo-or hypertonia, opisthotonus, fever, seizures, a high-pitched cry and spasmodic torticollis.
Acute bilirubin encephalopathy has three clinical phases that each has distinct characteristics. The first phase occurs with a few days after birth and symptoms include stupor, hypotonia, and poor sucking. The second phase is characterized by hypertonia, with arching of the trunk (opisthotonos) or retrocollis, which is backward arching of the neck. Infants who reach this stage develop chronic bilirubin encephalopathy. The third phase occurs after a week and the hypertonia disappears. There is rigidity of the muscles, paralysis of upward gaze, periodic occlusionric crisis, and, in the terminal phase, irregular respirations are prominent. At this third phase, four percent of affected infants die.

Chronic Bilirubin Encephalopathy

Chronic bilirubin encephalopathy is also known as kernicterus. The term reflects to the lifelong disability resulting from bilirubin induced neurologic dysfunction. Kernicterus is characterized by poor feeding in the first year. A high-pitched cry is another characteristic of kernicterus.

Infants with kernicterus will have hypotonia but will retain good deep tendon reflexes. There is presence of a tonic neck reflex and righting reflex. Motor skills are delayed, with some children walking at age 5.

After the first year of life, clinical features that are predominant in children with chronic bilirubin encephalopathy include extrapyramidal disorders such as tremors, dysarthria, athetosis and ballismus. There is damage to the cochlear nuclei in the brainstem that results in hearing loss, and there is usually a limitation of upward gaze. Athetosis usually develops at sometime between the age of 18 months and 8 years. Some children only experience hearing loss and have no other symptoms.

Imaging Studies in Diagnosis of Kernicterus

When kernicterus is investigated, high serum bilirubin levels are present in most cases. Imaging studies that are most useful are MRI. On magnetic resonance imaging, there is often increased signal intensity in the globus pallidus.

How Common is Kernicterus?

In the United States, there is a voluntary kernicterus registry and 90 cases were reported during the time period from 1984 to 2001. Since all cases are not reported, the true accident is not known.

Kernicterus is Preventable

Kernicterus is very preventable when high-risk infections are closely monitored and treated aggressively. Without treatment, however, jaundice from elevated bilirubin can result in persistent brain damage and some children may develop cerebral palsy, dental enamel hypoplasia and mental retardation as a result. Unfortunately, although neonatal jaundice is common, extreme hyperbilirubinemia is less common and the assessment of this condition has frequently been inadequate.

Recommendations by JCAHO in their Sentinal Event Alert of 2001

JCAHO is the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and in April of 2001 they issued a 'Sentinel Event Alert' on kernicterus. They compiled a root cause analysis and identified four patient care processes that failed in cases that resulted in the development of kernicterus. These included:
– Patient assessment
– Continuum of care
– Patient and family education
– Treatment

With respect to patient assessment, JCAHO noted the failure to measure bilirubin levels in jaundiced infants within the first 24 hours, failure to recognize jaundice or its severity based upon visual assessment, and unreliability of visual assessment of jaundice in newborns with dark skin. The continuum of care was inadequate in cases of discharge before 48 hours without follow up within 1 to 2 days, particularly in infants less than 38 weeks gestation. Failure to provide early follow-up and physical assessment of infants with jaundice prior to discharge and failure to provide continuing lactation support to maintain adequacy of intake in breast fed newborns were also identified as problems in the continuum of care. Patient and family education was found in cases when appropriate information was not provided to parents about jaundice and when doctors failed to respond to parental concerns about a jaundiced newborn, problems with lactation or changes in the activity and behavior of the newborn. Treatment failures occurred by failure to recognize, evaluate and treat total bilirubin levels that were rapidly rising and by failure to treat severe hyperbilirubinemia aggressively and quickly with intense phototherapy or exchange transfusion.

Recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics

The Clinical Practice Guideline Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn Infant 35 or More Weeks of Gestation was published in Pediatrics in 2004 and key recommendations including support of successful breastfeeding, establishment of protocols within the nursery for identification and evaluation of hyperbilirubinemia, measure of total serum bilirubin or transcutaneous bilirubin levels in infants who present with jaundice within the first 24 hours of life, and recognition that visual assessment is inadequate. Further, the Academy recommended that all bilirubin levels be interpreted using a nomogram which allowed an interpretation based upon the hours of life, that infants born at less than 38 weeks' gestation were at higher risk of development of some hyperbilirubinemia and that those infants who were breastfed were at higher risk. The Academy recommended that a systematic assessment should be performed on all infants before discharge to determine the risk of severe hyperbilirubinemia and that parents be provided with both written and verbal information about neonatal jaundice. Follow-up should be arranged at the time of discharge and risk assessment and newborns should be promptly treated when treatment indications are evident, using phototherapy or exchange transfusion.


Adherence to these clinical practice guidelines can prevent lifelong disability and although kernicterus is reliably rare, newborn jaundice is common and should be thoroughly assessed in light of risk factors and measurement of total serum bilirubin or transcutaneous bilirubin. Prompt treatment is essential.

Herbs, The Foundation of Medicine: Treating Summer Heat

Overheating in the summer is something we all have to be cautious of. Excessive heat due to overexposure to the sun or being in a hot room without adequate ventilation can cause problems such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and / or heat stroke.

If you are working outdoors the best way to prevent these situations from occurring includes: proper scheduling of working hours, having a shady and cool place for rest breaks and lunch, and wearing light colored clothing and a hat. If you are indoors, use a fan or an air-conditioner to circulate the air. Heat cramps are due largely to loss of salt from the body in sweating or inadequate intake of salt. If you perspire a lot remember to drink adequate amounts of healthy fluids to replace your body fluids and salt loss. You can also take electrolyte powders or tablets that are found in health food stores.

Western herbal medicine does not have specific herbs to treat problems due to summer heat. Ancient Chinese herbalists not only recognized the health problems associated with excessive temperatures in the summer but found specific herbs to treat them. These herbs are categorized as summer heat clearing herbs. One of these herbs is known by all of us because we do not generally think of it as an herb. The herb?
Watermelon. Watermelon (Chinese: Xi Gua ) is a summer heat clearing herb in Chinese medicine and is described as having a cool nature and a sweet taste. While it does not take a master herbalist to figure that out, you probably do not know that it enters the Heart, Stomach, Lung, and Kidney channels. Watermelon's action is to relieve thirst and act as a diuretic. It is mainly used to treat Heat problems in the summer such as oliguria (diminished amount of urine formation), thirst, and irritability. The diuretic action of the white part (that closest to the rind) is the strongest. While almost all herbs have a common dosage, watermelon does not. You can eat all you want.

Another herb which we know commonly as a food is Mung Bean ( phaseolus mungo ). This small green bean is commonly used for sprouts. Its main action is to Clear Heat and Detoxify. Detoxify refers to its use for skin infections, boils, carbuncles, and furuncles. It also could treat eye irritation, thirst, and oliguria . Once again there is no special common dosage. In China a summertime drink is made with the Mung bean. It is apparently good for keeping you cool and is said to be a tonic. Here are some general directions on how to make it. Take the Mung beans and boil them for one to one and a half hours or until the beans are soft. Strain the beans out, add a sweetner such as honey, and drink. You can eat the beans if you want since they are cooked. Keep the leftover tea in the refrigerator so it does not spoil. You may need to experiment a little to get the right taste for you.

A third summer heat clearing herb is a little harder to get. This herb, Nelumbo Nucifera , is more commonly known as the Lotus. The flower is used and is collected in the summer. It has three traditional actions. They are:

1). Clear Summer Heat. It treats cold symptoms with sore throat in the summer. It is often used for this purpose with bamboo leaves and the white part of the watermelon.

2). Harmonizes the Stomach. It treasures nausea and vomiting.

3). Circulate Blood and Relieve Bleeding. It is good for coughing up blood and nosebleed. It could also treat uterine bleeding.

The common dose is from 15 to 30 grams.

These three herbs: Watermelon, Mung bean, and Lotus flower combine the most important herbs of the summer heat clearing herb category. Watermelon and mung bean are easy to find. The Lotus Flower can be found at (search for nelumbinis on their website). Of the three it is my guess that everyone will be getting a good dose of watermelon this summer. Enjoy it!

Tonsillitis – Symptoms, Treatment, Cause And Prevention

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are structures located on either side of the tongue at the back of the throat. They form part of the body's defense system. They become inflamed when they are infected by either viruses or bacteria.

When tonsils become inflamed they enlarge, produce pain on swallowing, produce fever, bad breath and can make the neck lymph glands to become tender. Patients often complain of feeling unwell, reduced appetite and painful mouth opening. The tonsils often became covered with whitish exudates at later stages.

Who can get it and how it is spread?

Tonsillitis is a common condition affecting all age groups. It is especially common in children.

It is thought to be spread by air borne droplet infection and close contact.

Causes of Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis can be viral or bacterial in origin. Viral tonsillitis is more common than bacterial.

The bacteria most commonly associated are Group A Streptococci. A wide variety of viruses have been implicated, in particular Ebstein Barr virus (causing Glandular Fever or Infectious Mononucleosis) is frequently mistaken for bacterial tonsillitis. The other viruses implicated are influenza and para- influenza viruses.

In the past, bacterial infections like Diphtheria and Scarlet fever are used to cause tonsillitis, but it has become rare in the developed countries due to immunization and early treatment. In the developing countries cases of tonsillitis due to diphtheria and scarlet fever are still being reported.


Sore throats are mostly caused by viruses which do not respond to antibiotics. This is a self limiting disease, but paracetamol and / or ibuprofen can be taken to alleviate the symptoms. Please read the manufacturers instructions before taking any medicine. Typically, ibuprofen is to be avoided if you have a history of bronchial asthma, stomach ulcer, indigestion, in pregnancy and kidney disease.

Bacterial Tonsillitis responds to antibiotics and shortens the course of the disease. Your doctor may choose antibiotics depending on your particular circumstances. Generally, penicillin or erythromycin (if you are allergic to penicillin) is used. If the tonsillitis is severe, then you may need hospitalization and antibiotics through your vein.

Tonsillectomy (surgical removal of tonsils) is considered for recurrent attacks of tonsillitis.

How can it be invented?

The bacteria and viruses (germs) causing tonsillitis are easily spread form person to person. Therefore avoid sharing utensils or toothbrushes with someone suffering from tonsillitis. Frequent hand washing results spread of germs.


o Gargling with aspirin or a pinch of salt is often helpful and eases sore throat. Sucking Lozenges help alleviate the symptoms. Aspirin is generally not given to children unless on the advise of your doctor.

o Soft food, warm drinks and drinking plenty of fluid help alleviate the soreness and prevent dehydration.

o Adequate rest aids in the recovery.

Bodybuilders Nutrition

There are many people out there that aspire to have a body that can turn heads just by walking down the street. Some people want to be the biggest and the best while other people may only want to add just a little muscle to their body. Even so, a bodybuilder has to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. They must train hard and rest well but one of the most important parts (if not the most important) is a bodybuilders nutrition.

Here are some important things to know when it comes to a bodybuilders nutrition whether you are trying to bulk up, lose fat or maintain weight and muscle.

1) There are calories in the things we consume. Calories are energy for our body. They’re what gives us the fuel to keep our body working the way it should be.

2) Each person has their own basic metabolic rate. This is the amount of daily calories needed in order to maintain their weight. Consuming more than the basic metabolic rate will result in weight gain and consuming less would result in weight loss.

3) Take note of the fat, protein and carbohydrates in foods. These are known as macro nutrients. There are 9 calories in 1 gram of fat, 4 calories in 1 gram of protein and 4 calories in 1 gram of carbohydrates. Macro nutrients are key for working out a bodybuilders nutrition.

3a) Fat is also known as stored energy. In order to keep your body fat percentage low, you should also keep your daily fat intake low. Despite this, you should still consume some healthy fat. Healthy fats are found in foods such as peanut butter and avocados.

3b) Protein is what enables your muscles to grow. When trying to gain or maintain muscle mass, it is important to consume a high amount of protein. Some studies recommend to have 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight in order to gain muscle e.g. A 150 pound person should have around 225 grams of protein per day. protein is found in meats, eggs and beans.

3c) Carbohydrates are also known as instant energy. In order for your body to perform properly, you should make sure that you have enough carbohydrates each day. once you know how much protein and fat you are going to consume each day, make up the rest of the calories needed for your particular diet with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are found in rice, pasta and potatoes.

4) When sticking to a bodybuilders nutrition, you should eat little and often. Divide your daily food requirements into 5 or 6 meals a day. One reason for doing this is so you won’t get bloated by eating large portions of food in one sitting. Another reason is that you will always have a steady supply of fuel which will prevent using muscle as fuel.

5) As well as having a good bodybuilders nutrition, make sure you work out hard and rest well. Without working out, your muscles will simply have no reason to grow. Without rest, your muscles will have no chance to grow.

6) Be consistent! Once you have your bodybuilders nutrition and other things in place, you need to stick to it in order to see results.

Type 2 Diabetes – A New Herbal Composition Shows Promise in Controlling Diabetes

According to scientists at Sheba Medical Center in Israel, a new botanical composition shows promise for controlling Type 2 diabetes. Their study, reported on in September of 2018 in the journal Integrative Medical Research, tested an herbal supplement designed at the moment, as SR2004. It includes herbs with Latin names …

  • morus alba,
  • artemisia dracunculus,
  • urtica dioica,
  • cinnamomum zeylanicum, and
  • taraxacum officinale.

A total of one hundred and three people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes received SR2004 along with their usual treatment. After 12 weeks their …

  • average HbA1c level went from 9.0 percent to 7.1 percent.
  • average fasting blood sugar decreased from 211 mg / dL to 133 mg / dL (11.7 mmol / L to 7.4 mmol / L).
  • total cholesterol went down 13 percent to 184 mg / dL.
  • blood fats went down 40 percent.

Of thirteen Type 2 diabetics who took insulin at the start of the study, five reduced their insulin requirements by 30 percent and five took only oral medication by the end of the 12 weeks. Two of the diabetics shown improvement in their retinas, at the backs of their eyes. Unfortunately, twelve of the participants had no response to the supplement.

Further research is needed to learn whether the results can be repeated. A study with a control group not given supplement would help confirm or deny the purported effects of the supplement.

Morus alba is also known as the white mulberry, a tree native to China. Its bark has been used to treat …

  • a cough,
  • wheezing,
  • swelling,
  • fever,
  • a headache, and
  • red, dry, sore eyes

Artemisia dracunculus, a relative of the sunflower, is also known as tarragon. Its leaves can be sprinkled over food as an herb like parsley or mixed into green salads. It is occasionally used to treat …

  • insomnia,
  • indigestion,
  • poor appetite,
  • water retention,
  • a toothache,
  • menstrual problems, and
  • depression and anxiety

Urtica dioica, also known as stinging nettle, is a native of California in the United States and is also found in other parts of North America. It has been used to treat …

  • painful muscles and joints,
  • eczema, and
  • benign enlarged prostate.

Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark, or cinnamon, is a common flavoring sometimes used to lower blood sugar levels. Other folk medicinal uses include treating …

  • diarrhea and gas,
  • indigestion,
  • infection,
  • menstrual cramps,
  • the common cold, and
  • influenza

Taraxacum officinale, better known as the dandelion, is used in green salads, and to treat …

  • diabetes,
  • urinary problems,
  • liver disease,
  • certain cancers,
  • upset stomach,
  • gallbladder disease,
  • intestinal gas,
  • joint pain, and
  • muscle aches.

Growing research does suggest some herbs may be helpful with Type 2 diabetes and used in combination with traditional methods to give relief from many symptoms.

Drinking Water – Does it Lower Blood Pressure?

Sometimes when reading tips for reducing blood pressure, drinking water is recommended. However, authority websites including the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the Mayo Clinic do not mention drinking water, when discussing treatments and lifestyle changes for hypertension.

Why should some articles say that drinking water lowers blood pressure?

The idea that drinking water will lower blood pressure seems to come from the idea that when lots of water is consumed, that sodium will be flushed out of the body and consequently pressure will drop.

After all, several classes of diuretics are very effective at reducing pressure. These diuretics function by increasing the loss of sodium from the body and an increased volume of urine. Both the loss of sodium from the blood and decreasing the blood volume result in decreased blood pressure.

So, if drugs, that effectively lower blood pressure in most people, work by increasing the volume of urine and the amount of sodium in the urine, then drinking more water should do the same thing?

Unfortunately, there is a problem with this reasoning. To understand why, it is necessary to understand that the body very tightly controls the levels of fluid and ions such as sodium and calcium. For optimal functioning, the body has evolved a wide range of control processes that are involved in keeping many ions and fluid levels within a narrow range.

Diuretics act on parts of the system that control sodium. For instance thiazide diuretics bind to, and inhibit, a protein called the Na/Cl symporter (Na=sodium, Cl=chloride) that controls the amount of sodium that is reabsorbed back into the blood from the urine that is being formed. The result is that the body recovers less sodium from the urine as it is being formed, and so more sodium is lost in the urine and there is a slight increase in volume. So diuretics affect the regulatory system and change a part of this.

Water has no impact on the sodium or fluid control system so it will not change the total amount of sodium in the urine, or change the blood volume. Drinking more water will increase the volume of urine as the body regulates fluid levels, to keep the blood volume stable. Additionally, the same amount of sodium (and other ions etc.) in a bigger volume will lead to the urine being more dilute.

Think about the color of urine. If not much fluid has been consumed, or there has been a lot of sweating, there will a small quantity of urine with a strong yellow color (from urobilin). If a person is well hydrated, there is more urine with a pale color. Same thing with sodium. In a healthy individual, the greater the volume of urine due to increased fluid consumption, the lower the concentration of sodium.

So the bottom line is that, generally, increasing the amount of water that is consumed will not increase the amount of sodium lost by the blood, so blood pressure will not be lowered.

In fact, drinking water can actually cause a very short term increase in blood pressure in some people, particularly those with some types of very low blood pressure. This is only temporary and has no long term impact on blood pressure.

Keeping hydrated is good for health, but overhydration has no benefit for lowering blood pressure.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Fixing Your Smile

There are a range of popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available today thanks to new and emerging technology. Tooth whitening is just one of these procedures. Dentists fit your teeth with a custom-made tray to get the shape of your mouth and then give you the fitted trays to take home so you can apply the whitening gel at your leisure. This procedure takes up to two weeks or as long as it takes for you to achieve your desired whiteness.

Veneers are another popular form of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are slim, tooth-colored shells that are developed and shaped to bond to the front of your teeth. They are often used in place of a crown if your tooth is strong and healthy. They are a great way to treat chipped or discolored teeth and will give your smile that stunning factor. The procedure involves removing a small layer of your tooth and an impression being taken then the veneer is applied. Veneers can last many years if good oral hygiene is maintained.

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth with convincing carbon copies. The procedure includes putting a titanium post in your jaw. The replacement tooth is then attached to the titanium implant. This cosmetic dentistry removes the need for removable dentures. You can get implants in a number of combinations including a single back or front tooth a group of back or front teeth. Not only will implants improve your smile they will also make chewing easier.

A new and improved way of treating tooth decay is Healozone. You will not have to suffer through drilling, pain and nasty side effects or bad reactions. It is the easiest and gentlest way to take care of your tooth decay with 99% of bacteria being destroyed in 10 to 40 seconds.

Bridges can fill in the space of one or more missing teeth. They are attached and secured to the teeth on either side of the space. The bridge is shaped to fit these teeth and also to perform the duties the original tooth would normally do. Fixing or replacing ruined or missing teeth is a great way to improve your look and will help avoid problems such as bad bite and being unable to chew properly.

Laser treatment is an excellent form of treatment that helps you avoid the needles, drilling and other invasive procedures. It involves the projecting of a beam of light energy into your mouth and is commonly used for cavity diagnosis and removal. Root canal treatments, ulcer treatments and periodontal procedures can also incorporate the use of laser dentistry.