Treating Phobias With Acupuncture – Is There Any Point?

Many people may find it very difficult to believe that acupuncture is considered by some to be able to help treat phobias. This article investigates if there is any point in using acupuncture for phobias. Firstly let’s compare the difference between a phobia and a fear.

Phobia Definition

Originating from the Greek word Phóbos, which means either a fear or a morbid fear, a phobia falls into the scope of anxiety disorders and is different to a fear. A phobia is an irrational fear and is defined as:

"the manifestation of intense fears towards specific situations and objects, which in reality, produces minimal to no threat."

Fear Definition

Fear on the other hand is built into our natural survival response and is linked to the fight-or-flight response. All human beings and animals possess this instinct and it is crucial when dealing with a potential danger. It can help us escape or fight the danger that does exist in our current reality.

The Brain Plays A Starring Role

So fear is based in reality whereas a phobia is based only in the person’s perception. There are plenty of phobias that are commonly held amongst numerous people and there are also many different genres of phobias. Phobias can be social or specific. Yet like other types of anxiety and fear we know that there are several parts of the person’s brain which play key roles in the production of phobias, anxieties and fears.

Scientists study this starring role in order to understand how phobias and anxieties are created by the brain, so that they can be treated, as well as learning about the generation of new cells during a human’s life. Then it could be possible to stimulate new neuron growth for people with certain conditions, such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Amygdala And Phobias

Part of the limbic system, the amygdale is shaped like an almond and lies deep in the brain. It is thought to process and interpret incoming signals, trigger anxiety and fear responses to the rest of the brain and store emotional memories. Therefore it is currently believed that it plays a role in phobias such as spiders and flying.

Hippocampus And Phobias

It is the hippocampus that has the job of encoding threatening events into memories. Some studies have shown that the size of the hippocampus is smaller in those who served in violent combat, as well as child abuse victims.

Acupuncture And The Brain

As the brain plays a huge part in creating phobias and other types of anxiety disorders, if acupuncture can’t treat the brain then how could it have any real affect on a phobia?

Acupuncture can treat the brain as the acupuncture points relating to the brain can be found on the human body. So in other words without taking any drugs, acupuncture can stimulate a reaction in the relevant parts of the brain to start the healing process.

It is considered that acupuncture can have a positive effect on brain chemistry. At the beginning of a treatment the needles stimulate blood flow locally, which has the knock on effect of an increase in both nutrients and immune cells. During acupuncture endorphins are also released.

The treatment will generally strengthen the nervous system as well as the immune and hormonal system. It will bring the entire system back into a more balanced and healthier state of being.

Experienced qualified acupuncturists will take the time to diagnose their patients using a range of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) diagnostic tools and during this time will consider other relevant acupuncture points to needle. The root cause of the phobia plus any other knock on effects will be treated.

Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety and Anxiety Treatment

Have you heard of dog noise anxiety? Even if you have not heard it named this, you may have seen your poor dog fleeing for the nearest shelter at first sight of cloud or sound of thunder.

My dog, Macky, can often be a tough one to track down – with one exception. At the first crackle of thunder or lightning, I always knew exactly where to find Macky: nervously trembling and panting under the bed. A sad sight!

I tried to reassure her or pet her, but none of it seemed to relax her. Instead, her fear of storms seemed to be getting worse over time, and I'd heard that as dogs got older and started to lose their hearing, it could get worse still. The simple association of dark clouds in the sky could sometimes cause Macky to "bolt" under the bed.

Macky was confronting the serious problem of dog noise anxiety from thunderstorms. Many dogs react this way not just to thunderstorms, but other loud noises, like the reports of fireworks, vacuum cleaners, alarms and sirens. Wild animals hide from the noise, with the security of finding hide-outs, such as caves or burrows. But the dogs at home are limited and can not escape the noise. Some dogs can be especially affected by years of past experience.

It is fortunate that there are steps that can be taken, not to eliminate the noise of course, but to actually ease your dog's storm anxiety in a natural and safe way.

There will be no doubt in your mind when your dog has noise anxiety. Your dog may hide, shaking violently, bark and cower at the same time be destructive chewing the door to escape the security screen. "We have also heard of dogs that are so afraid," said Kat Hout, PHD in Veterinary Medicine, "that they jump through a window and then can be hit by cars." Noise anxiety, then, is a real problem demanding real solutions .

Before beginning the treatment of your dog, there are two steps to avoid these errors, that aggravate the situation. The first is "never scold or punish your dog for anxiety," Dr. Hout said, "because this will increase their anxiety." Remember your poor pooch is afraid and should not be yelled at for what he can not control.

Secondly, trying to pet or cuddle your dog might just reinforce the behavior. Although your dog needs lots of love, in this situation it can be a sign that you like this behavior and want the dog to persist with it – in this case, his anxiety, which we're trying to cure. Even though it might be tough to resist this impulse, finding the real cure is better for your dog in the end.

One step is to take your dog to the vet. Sensitivity to noise may be due to various medical conditions. Unfortunately, vets may too often provide drugs for the problem, such as Clomicalm. These drugs can come with all sorts of side effects which you should research before leaving your dog in their influence – and they also come with a high price tag. An alternative is certainly desirable, so let's explore some like I did for Macky.

Some online retailers have started selling specialized "dog anxiety shirts." They claim to help dog anxiety in two main ways:

1. Offers a gentle physical sensation that distracts the from focusing on their storm anxiety, and

2. The shirt's equal pressure gives your dog a sustained sense of security and comfort.

Shortly after introducing one, your dog should relax as mine did. Many dogs can then handle the storms and weather conditions with little or no noise more symptoms of anxiety. At the very least, it's safer and cheaper to try than using drugs.

Whatever method you use, however, the key to any noise anxiety relief is that it's never too early to start. "Do not wait until June's Thunderstorm Season," said Benway. Begin in January. For something like the thundershirt, this means simply acquainting your dog with the sensation before hand.

After trying these methods, your dog's anxiety may finally be cured, and you can sit together on the couch and ride out the storm in peace.

Insomnia Sleep Disorder – A Common Problem

Close to 40 million people in the United States have some sort of chronic and long-term sleep disorder. Another 20 million have problems with a sleep disorder from time to time. It is important to get enough sleep if you are going to be healthy but medical experts and scientists do not really know what the connection between sleep and health is. Sleep disorders come in many forms, including an insomnia sleep disorder.

People who suffer from insomnia have a difficult time falling asleep, something most of us have had experience with from time to time. However, the insomnia disorder is so severe that it disrupts your life and causes constant fatigue, as well as anxiety about the fact that you are not sleeping. The causes of insomnia can include drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, stress and anxiety, or emotional issues. Sometimes, an underlying medical condition is the cause. Not sleeping is not enough to be called a disorder but the constant lack of sleep can affect your entire body including your immune system.

There are three types of insomnia and they are predisposition, precipitation, and perpetual. Predisposition insomnia is related to genetic factors that a person has that make him likely to have insomnia sleep disorder. Precipitation insomnia has to do with specific situations a person is going through that are causing him to have trouble sleeping. That could include a dramatic change in a person’s schedule at his job or jet lag from taking a long flight for vacation or for business.

Perpetual insomnia is related to types of behaviors that reinforce the insomnia and cause people to sleep poorly and rely on drugs or alcohol to cope. Things like abusing alcohol, smoking excessively, and other unhealthy behaviors can cause perpetual insomnia and people often turn to sleeping pills to cope. That will only work for a little while, though. It won’t cure chronic insomnia sleep disorder.

The way insomnia is treated varies and involves psychological treatments and medical treatments. The best thing someone with an insomnia sleep disorder can do is try to develop healthy sleep habits including going to bed when he is tired, only falling asleep in bed and other things that can be done to improve sleep. Other things that help people with insomnia sleep disorder include going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, staying away from caffeine and nicotine, avoiding alcohol, working out regularly, and using relaxation techniques to calm themselves before going to bed.

Does Vicks Help Foot Fungus?

Athlete’s Foot is a very painful, unsightly, and unforgiving fungus of the foot. It is called “Athlete’s Foot” because it is usually spread by bacteria found on gym floors, in gym showers, and on gym equipment. A good way to avoid it is to never go into a gym barefooted, and always wear shower shoes or flip-flops in the shower and locker room. So, does Vicks help foot fungus, or is it a myth?

Toe Nail Fungus is No Fun

The condition is related to ringworm of the foot or, “tinea pedis”. Common symptoms include scaling, itching, flaking, and peeling between the toes and also red, dry soles. If you were unfortunate enough to have caught it, you might be trying to find a cheaper, more natural solution than an expensive prescription or over the counter drug with artificial ingredients.

Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies

There are many natural home remedies to treat Athlete’s Foot. Some suggest soaking the feet in a mixture of one part vinegar to four parts water twice a day while other recommend spraying the infected area with hydrogen peroxide twice a day for four or five days depending on severity.

Treating Nail Fungus

Another viable solution is to use Vick’s Vapor-rub that will answer the question, “Does Vicks help foot fungus?”. Most households have this to treat sore throat, cough, and allergy symptoms. Vick’s has been associated with many crazy remedies, including eating a scoopful when feelings of a cold come up. Using it to cure Athlete’s Foot will probably be easier to swallow, pardon the pun. The recommended way to use Vick’s to cure fungus nails is to coat the infected area with a thick spread of Vick’s: wrap in a plastic wrap or cotton wrap, secure tightly, and wear for a few hours. This process should be done twice a day until the infection is gone. Reports show that the infected area may discolor, especially under toenails, but do not be alarmed, that is the Vick’s killing the infection. It should take up to a week to start seeing results.

Toe Fungus Treatment that Works

Some speculate over what is in Vick’s to cause the healing of the infection. The three main ingredients are: camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. Since the biggest way to irritate athlete’s foot is to let it breathe, it may be the menthol which is the biggest help, since menthol opens up the pores and allows air to pass through.

Need an Over the Counter Nail Fungus Treatment? Read This First!

The causes for nail fungus include molds, yeast, and/or dermatophytes. The infection in one nail can extend to other nails if not treated right away. Toenail fungal infection can also be due to poor foot hygiene and nail damage. As a result, an effective over the counter nail fungus treatment is necessary.

Onychomycosis is the medical term for a fungal disease which occurs in the fingernails and toenails. This condition affects people of different ages, genders and races. Symptoms of toenail fungus include nail flakiness, foul odor emanating from the nails, a dry or ashy appearance and the presence of yellowish spots on the nail bed. Other manifestations of nail fungas includes thickened nails, cracked nail edges and overgrowth of keratin.


The typical over the counter nail fungus treatment is packaged as an ointment or liquid treatment. Most liquid nail fungus treatments can be brushed or dropped onto the nails. Antifungal ointments such as Futspa contain antifungal and antibacterial ingredients like lavender and thyme. Apply these ointments onto your toenails daily.

Lotrimin and Lamisil

Antifungal creams such as Lotrimin and Lamisil can help reduce fungal levels and treat symptoms like smell and discoloration. These creams contain Miconazole and econazole. They can also treat other infections caused by other strains of fungus like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and yeast infections.

Oral and Topical Medications

Doctors can also prescribe oral and topical medications which are much stronger than over-the counter creams and ointments. Therefore, if your nail fungas is not affected by an OTC cream, you can ask your doctor for prescription. OTC creams will work only on mild cases of fungus infection and they are effective if used consistently and as directed.

Nail Fungus Natural Treatment

Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil for nail fungus can also be used for treating fungal nail infections on fingernails and toenails. They can kill the bacteria and fungi which cause the problem.

Pour a few drops of tea tree oil into a cotton swab and wipe the swab over the affected nails two times a day. If using apple cider vinegar, soak the affected nails in a container with a 1:2 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. You can add a few drops of lavender oil in order to increase the solution’s effectiveness.

Tea tree oil can be purchased from a health food and organic stores and apple cider vinegar is available in most grocery stores.

Top 4 Alternatives to an Over the Counter Nail Fungus Treatment

For some people, OTC nail fungus treatments just aren’t as effective as they only deal with the problem on a superficial level without targeting the internal problems as well. Here are the top four most effective alternatives to topical nail fungus treatments.

Sprained Ankle – A Basic Guide

What is a sprained ankle? Well a sprained ankle is when you damage the band of ligaments that connect the bones together at the ankle. A minor sprain is when a ligament is stretched or partially torn; a severe strain is when the ligament is completely torn. A strain however is slightly different. A strain occurs when you stretch or pull a muscle.


The causes of an ankle sprain are often when an unnatural twisting motion occurs, for example when the foot is planted awkwardly, when the ground is uneven, or when an unusual amount of force is applied to the joint.

The most common type of ankle sprain is called an inversion sprain. Half of all ankle sprains happen when participating in sport. They are more common in sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball as these involve running and jumping, landing from a jump, fast changes in direction or lots of stop-starts.


When a sprain occurs there is sometimes a snapping or popping sound or a feeling of your ankle "giving way" as a ligament is torn. A sprain is often very painful, with the pain gradually getting worse when you move your ankle. With a severe sprain, you may not be able to bear weight on your leg.

You may well suffer with swelling and bruising. Although bruising can take up to 24 hours to manifest itself, the swelling usually happens soon after the injury. The swelling around your ankle can make it difficult to move your foot, and your ankle may feel unstable. You may also find that the area is warm to the touch.


When an injury occurs you should always follow the price protocol immediately to help ease the pain, and help reduce any long term problems that may occur. The price protocol is

– P – pressure
– R – rest
– I – ice
– C – compression
– E – elevation

After a few days (only once the swelling has abated should this be done) it may be soothing to apply heat to the injured ankle as this will promote blood flow to the area.

Over the counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce pain and swelling.

If however after two to four weeks your ankle still remains very painful and swollen and you still can not bear any weight on it, then you should seek medical advice as soon as you can.

Sprain Prevention

A good supportive ankle brace can be worn. Make sure you can still move your ankle so you do not become reliant on the support, as you also want to strengthen the muscles.

Alcohol Treatments – Alcohol is a Miracle, But NOT For the Reason You Think!

What Really Are The Top Alcohol Treatments?

Who would have ever thought that something capable of ruining your life actually has some good in it? Yes, alcohol is a miracle, well, it could be, but not for the reason you think. If you are in need of alcohol treatments, and by treatments, I literally mean alcohol treatments; here are some alternative uses for alcohol – uses besides drinking. As you read these think about when you drink what you are really putting in your body. If you struggle with alcohol abuse I think you will find this strangely effective at changing your dependency on it.

Treatment # 1: You can burn it.

Methanol and Ethanol – the scientific names for alcohol, can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels as they tend to burn very cleanly and produce nothing else but water and carbon dioxide. Ethanol is also considered as a renewable fuel as it is known to be made from renewable sources such as sugar cane. Ideally, the ‘burning it’ option is great for countries with no oil industry as it reduces their independence upon the importing of fuel.

Treatment # 2: You can wear it.

Ethanol is known to be the least toxic of all alcohols so it is often used perfumes simply to stop plant and animal extracts from going off. The amount of alcohol added depends on whether it’s a perfume or cologne being made.

Treatment # 3: You can use it as a pain reliever.

That’s right. Alcohol can in fact be used as a pain reliever. Talk about alcohol treatments. The most common pain it is used for is a toothache.

Treatment # 4: You can use it as a soother.

Whether you have a nice shiner or a bruise, you will be pleased to know that alcohol can be used as a soother. Alcohol basically acts as anti freeze.

Treatment # 5: You can clean with it.

Methylated spirits contain Ethanol and Methanol. This mixture is highly poisonous and should not be consumed. However, this can be used to clean those hard to scrub areas in your home and garage.

Treatment # 6: You can use it to kill germs.

Mouth was is yet another one of the many alcohol treatments out there. You may not know it, but mouth wash contains alcohol. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go and drink your mouth wash. Instead, if you run out of mouth wash and you have some alcohol at hand, why not gargle some? After all, this is good for fighting germs.

Treatment # 7: You can use it to clean your vomit.

As weird as this may sound alcohol can be used to clean vomit. So, if you have had enough alcohol to make you vomit, remember to keep some so you can use it to clean your vomit off the carpet the next morning.

Treatment # 8: You can wash your hair with it.

Lay down on the Vodka and orange juice and instead, have a Vodka and shampoo. By adding a little vodka to your shampoo when washing your hair, you will most certainly enjoy a deep cleanse like never before. Alcohol can also help remove toxins and oil buildup in your hair.

Treatment # 9: You can use it for dissolving purposes.

As Ethanol is known to be the safest of alcohols, it is often used to dissolve certain chemicals that are insoluble in water alone.

Some other alternative uses for alcohol may also include:

– Disinfectants

– Cultural Ceremonies

– Solvents

– Euphoria

As you can see, there are several other uses for alcohol besides drinking it. Therefore, alcohol is a miracle, but not for the reasons you think. These alcohol treatments can be used in everyday life and even make a positive impact instead of having a negative impact. This being said, use these alcohol treatments wisely and safely and ask yourself before you drink, do you really want to put the same chemical used in these applications actually in your body.

Bleeding Ulcer, or What can Happen if You Don’t Treat a Simple Ulcer

Ulcer is a disease that unfortunately makes more and more victims each year, because modern lifestyle helps this disease to appear and advance. Ulcer is caused by a bacteria called Heliobacter Pylori, which billions of people are carrying. If a person that carries this bacteria lives a stressful life and eats a lot of spicy food (factors that help the bacteria quickly evolve) then he/she will most likely suffer from one of the many forms of ulcer. Ulcer occurs because this bacteria slowly eats the protective membrane around the lining of the stomach and exposes the sensitive tissue beneath it to the dangerous gastric acids inside the stomach. Therefore, ulcer causes an open wound in the stomach, esophagus or duodenum.

If someone has discovered that he or she is suffering from ulcer then the treatment must start as soon as possible because if the disease is left untreated severe complications can appear. The treatment is simple, the patient is prescribed a series of medication depending on the type of ulcer and how advanced it is.

But what happens if a person is not aware that ulcer is affecting him/her or if he/she simply leaves the disease untreated? Well an untreated ulcer can turn into a much worse form of ulcer – bleeding ulcer. It’s called bleeding ulcer because loss of blood occurs due to the fact that H pylori keeps eating the tissue until it reaches the blood vessels and blood starts to enter the digestive track.

Someone that has bleeding ulcer will start vomiting blood, have black, loose stools, will start to experience pain in the abdominal area and indigestions will often follow a meal. In extreme cases, if nothing is done about the ulcer it will eventually lead to death, so bleeding ulcer must be treated immediately after it’s discovered or its consequences will be felt in the entire body. Bleeding ulcer is treated through surgery in most cases, but surgery is not required if the illness is detected early. It is hoped that in the near future ulcer and bleeding ulcer treatment will be much easier because new medical tehniquies are researched intensively every day, since this disease affects more and more people and the situation is becoming alarming.

In conclusion, if you suspect that you have ulcer or bleeding ulcer pay a visit to the local doctor and ask for his advice as soon as you can, because in the early stages both ulcer and bleeding ulcer are treated with just a few pills, which is of course much better that going through surgery and suffering life-threatening complications.

The Female Athlete Triad


The female athlete triad refers to the interrelated problems of disordered eating, amenorrhoea and osteoporosis as determined by the Task Force of the American College of Sports Medicine in 1992.

Those at risk of developing the triad are adolescents, women under stress and athletes. In the athletic world, young female athletes appear to be most at risk as they are driven to excel in their chosen sport and pressured to fit a specific athletic image in order to achieve their goals. This puts them at risk of developing disordered eating patterns, which may lead to menstrual dysfunction and subsequent premature osteoporosis. It is thought that the underlying cause of this problem is not exercising or participating in sports but rather the drive of girls and women to be unrealistically thin by restricting caloric intake in a misguided attempt to improve performance.


Disordered eating, which includes skipping meals, eating less, vomiting, the use of laxatives and the use of diuretics, varies from mild to severe. Severe disordered eating can lead to the clinically recognised eating disorders of anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Sports where disordered eating is prevalent include gymnastics, dancing, figure skating, long distance running and where the athlete is judged by appearance or low body fat is seen as an advantage.

As athletes with disordered eating tend to be secretive about their behaviour, friends, parents, coaches and physicians must remain alert, looking for changes in behaviour such as eating alone, making trips to the bathroom during or after meals, or the use of laxatives. Symptoms may include fatigue, anaemia, depression, intolerance to cold, lanugo (down like hair that appears all over the body to act as insulation in the absence of body fat), eroded tooth enamel from vomiting, dry skin and hair loss.


Amenorrhoea is a spectrum of menstrual irregularities which may be seen in female athletes, the three principal types observed being anovulation, luteal phase deficiency and athletic amenorrhoea.

Anovulation is characterised by low progesterone levels, although the levels of oestrogen are adequate, resulting in no ovulation. Luteal phase deficiency is a shortened luteal phase and insufficient progesterone. The total menstrual cycle is usually of normal length making the deficiency difficult to detect.

Athletic amenorrhoea is classified as primary, whereby puberty is delayed and menses has not occurred, and secondary, whereby menstruation has stopped for 3 months, if cycles were regular, or 6 months, if irregular.

Athletic amenorrhoea is thought to be hypothalamic-induced: production of the hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) is reduced, leading to a reduction of oestrogen and progesterone release from the ovaries.

A decrease in GnRH levels has been linked with higher levels of cortisol in amenorrhoeic athletes. Although of possible short-term benefit, long-term elevated levels of cortisol accentuates loss of calcium from the bone, leading to a possibility of osteoporosis.

It is important to note that menstrual irregularities can also occur in the absence of an eating disorder. This may occur when demands for energy are high due to exercise, and the athlete may be energy deficient even though she may be consuming meals that would be considered normal for a healthy sedentary woman. This has been observed in vegetarian athletes. Furthermore, menstrual irregularities can occur before any substantial weight loss or in the presence (versus absence) of body fat as the threshold for onset of menstrual disturbances varies from person to person and from sport to sport.

Athletic amenorrhoea is said to usually be reversible when the stresses responsible for its development are eliminated. However, prolonged amenorrhoea may result in a shortfall in bone density, not necessarily restored after resumption of menses.


Osteoporosis is a disease characterised by low bone mass, bone fragility and subsequent increase risk of non-traumatic fractures often associated with postmenopausal women. The diagnostic criterion for osteoporosis is bone mineral density (BMD) more than 2.5 standard deviation below the mean of young adults, as measured by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry. Osteopenia describes BMD between 1 and 2.5 standard deviation below the mean of young adults. As this condition is significantly more prevalent than osteoporosis, it is suggested that osteopenia, and not osteoporosis, should be among the criteria for defining the female athlete triad syndrome.

Bone mass is accumulated in the first three decades of life although peak mass is thought to be reached around 18 to 20 years. The lack of oestrogen in young athletes with primary amenorrhoea puts them at risk of osteopenia as a consequence of inadequate bone formation.


Any athlete presenting with any one of the disorders should be screened for the others. Treatment lies in prevention and requires a multidisciplinary approach which includes psychological support and a reduction in training.

Nutritional education is relevant to coaches, athletes and family members. The disadvantages of inadequate eating should be emphasised:

Most weight loss is due to loss of muscle tissue

Low levels of lean body tissue makes training ineffectual

Carbohydrate is essential for muscle glycogen stores

Low energy intake depresses resting metabolic rate

Eating orders may lead to amenorrhea and possibly osteopenia

Research has shown that nutrition may counteract or override the effects of an oestrogen deficiency on bone turnover. Women with anorexia nervosa have been seen to have a gradual increase in bone mineral density with feeding, even without resumption of menses.

Although studies differ on whether exercise alone is responsible for menstrual dysfunction, it is clear that athletes with an eating disorder, or not eating enough to meet energy demands, and following a strict exercise regime are at high risk of developing a menstrual disorder which may result in osteopenia.

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What is Colocteral Cancer?

You have obviously heard about breast cancer, being the most famous type of cancer. Colorectal cancer, is also known as bowel cancer. It is the most common cancer affecting men, as compared to breast cancer affects women most. Like most cancers, early detection is extremely vital. This could mean a difference between a life saved and a life lost.

Colon cancer originates in the tissues of the longest part of the large intestine while rectal cancer is found in the tissues of the rectum. The colon makes up the first six feet of the large intestines. Meanwhile the rectum makes up the last six inches. Cancer begins with a growth, in this case. It is called polyp on the inner side of the colon. This polyp can range from the size of a pinhead to as large as a golf ball. Note that some polyps are benign (not deadly) while others are malignant (deadly and can cause death).

Who are at risk for this cancer? Although it is more prevalent in men statistically, it is imperative to know that everyone is at risk too. Majority of colon cancer sufferers have no known risk factors. Although experts are still uncertain of the exact cause of colon cancer, there are some factors that have been overruled and made official as signs for this colorectal disease. Note that like all cancers, our colon is also susceptible like other parts or organs of our body. We humans are still in the process of advancing towards better medical technologies.

Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets – Full Review

In this article you will get an in-depth look at Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets, a step-by-step system that teaches you how to relieve the pain and eliminate your cysts permanently, without using harsh prescription drugs.

About The Author

Laura Hennings, the author of Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets, isn’t a professional writer or a medical doctor. She simply is a woman who conveys an emotionally-charged story about her own personal battle with cysts for six painful years. Her frustration with conventional treatments prescribed by her doctors, that oftentimes caused unpleasant or harmful side effects and provided little or no relief, sent her on a mission to seek her own solution, and what she discovered was a powerful system that virtually eliminated her cysts in seven weeks, something her doctors weren’t able to accomplish over six long years. In her book, Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets, she reveals the exact methods she used.

Has Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets Actually Worked For Other Women?

In order to confirm her theories, Laura conducted a test involving 23 women over an eight-week period. Incredibly enough, all 23 women reported that the system described in Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets had entirely eliminated their cysts, that their cysts had quickly shrunk, the pain was gone within a few short days, and not one person experienced a recurrence.

Just A Glimpse At What Is Contained In Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets

  • One critical thing that most women are doing that, when eliminated, reverses over 70 percent of all ovarian cysts.
  • A simple but little-known secret that restores hormonal balance.
  • Seven important things you should know about the food you consume that will not only help treat your cysts, but will help in the treatment of essentially all diseases.
  • Why you’ll never get the complete truth about your condition from any doctor.
  • Learn the truth about ovarian cancer as it relates to cysts — and the shocking statistics.

And there’s tons more valuable information contained in this very cleanly-formatted book that can be quickly and easily downloaded right to your computer. Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets is written in very basic, easy-to-read terminology — no complicated medical terms to research.

What’s The Downside?

I guess really the only negative thing about Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets might be that Laura isn’t a true medical professional, as I mentioned. No initials behind her name. Her methods are based entirely on her own extensive research and testing, her own experiences. But whether that’s viewed as a positive or negative factor would probably vary greatly from person to person.

Free One-On-One Consultation For Three Months

Along with four other bonus books that you’ll receive when you order Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets, Laura also will provide you with her personal e-mail address and will be giving free one-on-one support, advice and guidance, something that most authors will typically charge extra for, sometimes a considerable amount extra. It kind of sounds like this particular bonus is only being offered to a limited number of prescribers, so I don’t know how much longer it will be available for free.

Will Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets Work For You?

Unfortunately, you’re the only person who can be the judge of that. But as a side note, Laura is so confident in her product that she’s offering a 100-percent money-back guarantee if for any reason you’re dissatisfied. The guarantee is backed by a long-standing, reputable company who handles both the payment and refund process, and I know from past experience that the refund process is handled painlessly and quickly.

Yeast Infection – Treating Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is the occurrence of white lesions inside the mouth including the tongue, inner cheeks and throat. The lesions may cause pains and difficulty swallowing. If not treated the infection may spread down to your esophagus causing more serious health issues. Before it becomes a chronic problem, you need to know the effective ways of treating oral thrush.

Oral thrush is one of the most common yeast infections suffered by most people. The Candida fungus which is normally present in our body is responsible for the occurrence of the infection. The fungus thrives in wet warm areas of the body like the mouth or oral cavity. When the balance around the oral cavity environment is disturbed, the fungus grows faster causing oral yeast infection. Treating oral thrush as early as possible is important to avoid other health concerns.

People who wear dentures are prone to oral thrush. The infection is also common to newborn babies. People who are taking antibiotics and those who have weak immune system are all at risk to oral thrush.

Here are some tips in treating oral thrush:

It is important that you seek medical or professional advice in treating oral thrush. Laboratory tests and analysis will be helpful to know the severity of your infection.

Stop the growth of Candida by starving the fungus. Sugar feeds the fungus so avoid sugar or sweetened foods. You should also avoid foods with yeast like bread, beer, etc. Eating raw garlic or garlic capsule can help stop the growth of the fungus because garlic has antifungal properties.

Good oral hygiene. It is important to have a good oral hygiene for treatment. Brush your teeth after meals and floss once a day. If you are smoking, this is the time to learn to quit smoking.

Antifungal medicines. There are over the counter and prescription antifungal medicines. There are many types of antifungal medicines like creams, medicines taken by mouth and injections.

Improve your immune system. As mentioned above, those people with weak immune system are highly at risk to the infection. Boost your immune system by avoiding stress, getting enough sleep and eating the right kind of food.

Natural remedies. Natural remedies are gaining popularity now because they are safe, effective and inexpensive. If you have tried almost everything but failed to get rid of the infection for good then natural remedies is another option.

How to Do You Get Hepatitis?

Your liver helps your body digest food, store energy and remove poisons. Hepatitis is a swelling of the liver that makes it stop working well. It can lead to scarring, called cirrhosis or to cancer.

Hepatitis is a deadly infection which affects the liver causing it to become inflamed due to certain viruses. While there are five types of hepatitis the three major ones are A, B, and C. Basically, all them are contagious, some of them like the B-type can be spread by touching an infected person.

Hepatitis is caused primarily due to alcohol. Due to this, the liver gets scarred severely; a condition known as cirrhosis which results in hepatitis disease in most cases. Even if a healthy person gets within close range of someone who is infected, these lethal viruses can spread to the other person. Viruses of hepatitis can also be spread by sharing food or utensils with an infected person; furthermore, it can be spread by having unprotected sex with an infected person. Another way hepatitis is spread is through blood and blood products, and sharing needles and razors. Additionally, some hepatitis viruses can be passed through the stool or urine; so being near a sewage area while eating or drinking can put a person at risk of contracting the virus.

Hepatitis A can be spread through contaminated food or water, unprotected sex, sharing needles, and even body contact can spread the virus from one person to another. It can also be spread through blood and blood products. However, there is a vaccine for hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B can also be spread through sharing needles, blood or blood products, sexual contact with an infected person. There is a vaccine for hepatitis B, when getting vaccinated be sure to get all three shots. Hepatitis B cannot be spread through casual contact.

Hepatitis C is most commonly spread through injection drug use. But it can also be spread through blood and blood products, from mother to child through birth, tattooing, body piercing, organ transplant, and sexual contact. Presently, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C, making it a very serious and incurable disease that damages the liver causing cirrhosis which is scarring of the liver. Additionally, if you had a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992 it may not have been tested for hepatitis C. if you received a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992 you may want to be tested for hepatitis C.

Fundamental Facts of Liver Cancer

Tumors of the liver can be classified as primary or metastatic. Moreover, primary tumors can be benign or malignant. These benign tumors are quite rare, but have been reported with increasing frequency in women taking oral contraceptives for long periods. Most benign tumors have no symptoms and may regress when the oral contraceptives are discontinued. Liver cancer is more common than benign tumors and you must have the knowledge about this in order to know what you can do to prevent it or manage and treat it.

The predisposing risk factors of liver cancer which led to its development are chronic liver disease from hepatitis, alcoholic and post necrotic cirrhosis, long term androgenic therapy, long term use of oral contraceptive and exposure to inorganic arsenic, vinyl chloride, and various pesticides which are harmful to the liver. These risk factors are somehow linked to the development of liver cancer.

Primary liver tumors may originate in the liver cells, bile ducts, or both. The lesions may be singular, nodular or diffuse, and may involve only a lobe or the entire liver. The malignant cells compress the surrounding normal liver cells and may spread by invading the branches of the portal vein, causing the liver to be enlarged and misshapen. Hemorrhage and necrosis are common. Direct extension of the tumor to the gallbladder, mesentery, peritoneum and diaphragm is also possible too. Primary liver tumors commonly metastasize to the lung and also metastasize to the portal lymph nodes, adrenal glands, spleen, kidney, ovaries and pancreas.

Liver cancer symptoms may be absent, minimal, or severe depending on the tumor size and the hepatocellular damage. It can be manifested by weight loss and hepatomegaly with pain or tenderness in the right upper quadrant. Other common findings include a mass in the liver, blood tinged ascites and cachexia. Jaundice is uncommon until the terminal stage of the disease.

Prevention of liver cancer is directed at those factors that have been identified as predisposing individuals to risk. The potential for controlling this type of carcinoma through prevention of chronic liver disease from cirrhosis and hepatitis is excellent and deserves special attention. Immunization against hepatitis B virus is an effective method of prevention and should be used at a personal and community level as indicated.

Long term survival of patients with malignancies of the liver is dismal. Treatment is supportive and similar to that of patients with cirrhosis. Surgical resection is considered when there is no cirrhosis, the lesion is located in a surgically accessible area and is not multicentric and there is no spread to adjacent organs.

Other treatment modalities have been used but are only palliative. Intra-arterial infusion of chemotherapeutic agents to deliver high concentration of drugs to the tumor with fewer side effects than systemic chemotherapy can be opted. Hepatic artery embolization which reduces the blood flow to the tumor has only a short term effect due to the rapid development of collateral blood flow. Radiation therapy is also used to reduce the size of the tumor.

These are the basic facts that you need to consider when it comes to cancer of the liver. Knowledge about this kind of condition helps you think what actions that you must do in order to take care of the liver and prevent cancer.

How to Pass a Kidney Stone in 24 Hours

It’s very important you learn how to pass a kidney stone if you are personally going through the pains that comes with this medical condition. You will learn and how to safely and easily pass a kidney stone here. To be able to successfully pass a kidney stone, its important you first learn a bit about what a kidney stones is and how it occurs.

A kidney stone is painful solid mass in the kidney or urinary system caused by the solidification or the precipitation of dissolved substance in the human urine. It’s also said to be a solid or hard piece of material that forms from crystallization of excreted substances found in the urine.

It’s also called renol calculi. It’s a very painful condition for the sufferers. Many people going trough this pain sometime compare the pain to being pierced with a knife and then the knife being twisted for a few seconds time and time over. This shows how painful it is. It’s something no one should have to go through; luckily, it’s a condition with a remedy.

Why is it such a painful condition? Why should you quickly learn how to pass a kidney stone? It’s painful because the solid material called the stone usually has razor sharp jagged edges and when it tries to pass through the kidney ureter, it causes extreme pain which could actually damage the organ.

This is why it’s so vital to do something about it. Now what can be done to pass out this stone fast? You can do the following things, start by drinking a lot of water.

How much? Enough to produce about 2 to 2.5 liters of urine in a day. Drinking enough water helps keep the urinary tract clear of impurities. Drinking of a simple beverage which contains enough phosphoric acid in it would help. That is the acid which gives many drinks their citric taste.

This helps ease the stones out in cases where water can not bring them out. You could drink about two liters worth of such a beverage which will permeate the kidney with enough acid to dissolve the kidney stone.

Having the right step by step knowledge on how to pass a kidney stone will help you quickly gain relief from the pain of this serious condition.