Vaginal Irritation After Sexual Intercourse – Why It Occurs, How to Minimise It and Heal It

Irritation After Sex Due to Chafing

Did you know that often irritation after intercourse is actually caused by pubic hair chafing the delicate genital skin? Hair rubbing against the fine skin and mucous membranes of the vaginal areas during sex causes tiny abrasions. The best way to prevent this chafing is by removing the offending hair. Please note: hair removal is not going to be effective unless your partner does the same! After all – his pubic hairs can cause at least as much chafing as yours do. And being male, his hairs are likely to be thicker and stronger than yours. The hair that will need to be removed is the hair immediately around the vagina and the penis including any stray hairs that grow on the inside of the labia and on the shaft of the penis.

Vaginal Hair Removal Options

There are many hair removal options available including laser hair removal, waxing and shaving. Hair removal can help to decrease the abrasion caused by pubic hair during sex which leads to sore and irritated vaginal tissue.

Irritation After Sex Due to Infection

Sometimes we have an overgrowth of fungal or bacterial microbes in our vagina without really noticing any symptoms. We may only notice the irritation and discomfort after sex and wonder what the problem is.

On closer inspection we may discover a white, curd-like or “cottage-cheese” discharge which is indicative of a Candida Albicans (yeast infection) overgrowth.

We may notice a smelly, yellowish discharge which is indicative of a bacterial overgrowth.

If you notice any unusual vaginal discharge after unprotected sexual intercourse, it is possible that you may have picked up a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Please consult your doctor if you believe you may have contracted an infection. Fungal infections, bacterial infections and most STIs can be treated by your doctor, but need to be correctly diagnosed first.

Irritation After Sex Due to Latex Allergy

If you notice irritation after sex where a condom was used, it is possible that you are experiencing a reaction to latex (the most common material that condoms are made from) or to the lubricant on the condom. You may like to try a different brand of condom next time or find one that is made out of polyurethane instead of latex.

Irritation After Sex Due to Vaginal Dryness

Many women experience soreness and irritation after sex due to insufficient vaginal lubrication.

Sometimes a lack of vaginal lubrication occurs because a woman is not fully aroused prior to intercourse. Extending the amount of time spent on foreplay may help.

Menopausal and post-menopausal women are particularly vulnerable to vaginal dryness because vaginal secretions decrease when oestogen levels drop, as they do at this particular phase of a woman’s life.

Sexual Lubricants

There are many products that have been specifically designed to provide sexual lubrication. These products are generally colourless and mimic the consistency of a woman’s natural lubrication. Sexual lubricants can be purchased from pharmacies and chemists, supermarkets, sex stores and online.

Irritation After Sex Due to Emotional Barriers

Some women think of sexual intercourse as wrong or dirty. Emotional issues around sex make it very difficult for a woman to enjoy sex and to be relaxed during sexual intercourse. If you are not relaxed during sex, your vagina is likely to be dry and difficult to penetrate. This may lead to vaginal abrasion and discomfort after sex.

Sex Therapy

Women who do not enjoy sex due to social or cultural conditioning or a prior damaging sexual experience should consider consulting a qualified sex therapist. Sex therapists can counsel or suggest cognitive techniques to help overcome barriers to sexual enjoyment.

Soothing the Vaginal Irritation

Irritated vaginal tissue can become very sore and even itchy. Apart form the comfort factor, healing and soothing your irritated vaginal tissue is important because raw, irritated vaginal tissue provides the perfect environment for pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes to grow.

A Cream to Relieve Vaginal Irritation

A new product that has been developed especially to soothe and heal irritated vaginal tissue, “LadySoothe” is 99% natural and contains tea tree oil – a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. The inclusion of tea tree oil in the formulation helps to disinfect the vagina and labia, helping to prevent opportunistic infections from occurring in the raw and irritated areas. LadySoothe is safe to use both inside and outside the vagina to relieve the symptoms of vaginal irritation – the itching, soreness and discomfort. LadySoothe has been created for women by women especially for this embarrassing women’s problem.

Cure for Psoriasis

What follows is the true story of how I cured my psoriasis by using a simple, well-known nutritional supplement.

I was diagnosed with psoriasis about five years ago. It was plaque psoriasis, and all references in this article to psoriasis apply only to plaque psoriasis. In my case, it manifested itself in thick, scaly, inflamed patches of skin. It was all over both hands, arms and elbows. It was on my legs, in misshapen fingernails and toenails and on my face and genitals. I have seen photographs of people with severe psoriasis that covers most of their body. That was not me. Mine was a serious, but moderate case of psoriasis. But it was real. And it was a nightmarish experience – not only the disease itself, but the whole idea of being the victim of something whose origins are unknown and from which there is no escape.

During the five years or more that I had active psoriasis, I tried some of the topical treatments – including steroids and coal tar. But steroids over long term have undesirable metabolic effects, and coal tar stinks you, your clothing and everything around you. I stopped using both. I tried phototherapy, but after months of going twice a week and standing in a UVB light booth, there was no change. I decided not to try any of the biologics or systemics, as I do not like to put inside me drugs that can cause additional problems. I just decided to manage my psoriasis the best way I could.

But I continued to search the internet looking for other answers. I found nothing. Then I came across a nutritional supplement called N- Glucosamine; its full name is N-acetyl glucosamine, GlcNac, shortened to NAG. This is not regular glucosamine, but a relative. It is a sugar molecule, a derivative of glucose, and is useful in some autoimmune conditions. Multiple sclerosis, for instance, is an autoimmune disease, and in at least one scientific study, N-Glucosamine was shown to suppress multiple sclerosis attacks.

Since psoriasis is believed to be an autoimmune disease, I decided to try and find out what else N-Glucosamine might be able to do, and on one of my searches, I discovered that some unknown company had filed for a patent on the use of N-Glucosamine to treat psoriasis. Lightbulb. Whoever got to the point of filing a patent for this must have observed results that were positive, I reasoned. They must have known that N-Glucosamine could be a treatment for psoriasis, so I decided to try it. It was entirely an act of faith on my part, as I had no knowledge of what would happen. I was the lab rat.

There are numerous brands of N-Glucosamine on the market. I chose one made by Jarrow, a respected nutritional supplements company with its roots in science. Nothing happened for about two months, but somewhere in the third month, I started to see changes: Patches of psoriasis on my hands and elbows, began to disappear. Over the next month or six weeks, more and more lesions disappeared, until by somewhere around four months from the time I started, they literally all were gone. My fingernails that had been distorted, grew in normally, and the skin lesions on both sides of my hands, on my arms and elbows and on my legs all were gone.

It was like a miracle.

Truly, it was something that had to be seen to be believed. I am not prescribing N-Glucosamine or offering advice about it or endorsing it. I am simply telling you what happened to me. If you would like to check out the Jarrow 700 milligram version, the same supplement that I took and still am taking, click on the link on my webpage – ( and it will take you to the page for the supplement.

Need an Over the Counter Nail Fungus Treatment? Read This First!

The causes for nail fungus include molds, yeast, and/or dermatophytes. The infection in one nail can extend to other nails if not treated right away. Toenail fungal infection can also be due to poor foot hygiene and nail damage. As a result, an effective over the counter nail fungus treatment is necessary.

Onychomycosis is the medical term for a fungal disease which occurs in the fingernails and toenails. This condition affects people of different ages, genders and races. Symptoms of toenail fungus include nail flakiness, foul odor emanating from the nails, a dry or ashy appearance and the presence of yellowish spots on the nail bed. Other manifestations of nail fungas includes thickened nails, cracked nail edges and overgrowth of keratin.


The typical over the counter nail fungus treatment is packaged as an ointment or liquid treatment. Most liquid nail fungus treatments can be brushed or dropped onto the nails. Antifungal ointments such as Futspa contain antifungal and antibacterial ingredients like lavender and thyme. Apply these ointments onto your toenails daily.

Lotrimin and Lamisil

Antifungal creams such as Lotrimin and Lamisil can help reduce fungal levels and treat symptoms like smell and discoloration. These creams contain Miconazole and econazole. They can also treat other infections caused by other strains of fungus like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and yeast infections.

Oral and Topical Medications

Doctors can also prescribe oral and topical medications which are much stronger than over-the counter creams and ointments. Therefore, if your nail fungas is not affected by an OTC cream, you can ask your doctor for prescription. OTC creams will work only on mild cases of fungus infection and they are effective if used consistently and as directed.

Nail Fungus Natural Treatment

Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil for nail fungus can also be used for treating fungal nail infections on fingernails and toenails. They can kill the bacteria and fungi which cause the problem.

Pour a few drops of tea tree oil into a cotton swab and wipe the swab over the affected nails two times a day. If using apple cider vinegar, soak the affected nails in a container with a 1:2 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. You can add a few drops of lavender oil in order to increase the solution’s effectiveness.

Tea tree oil can be purchased from a health food and organic stores and apple cider vinegar is available in most grocery stores.

Top 4 Alternatives to an Over the Counter Nail Fungus Treatment

For some people, OTC nail fungus treatments just aren’t as effective as they only deal with the problem on a superficial level without targeting the internal problems as well. Here are the top four most effective alternatives to topical nail fungus treatments.

Dust Mites And The Allergies They Cause

Dust mite allergy or intolerance is one of the most frequently found healthcare determinations most medical doctors make throughout their practice as an allergist. These are amazingly small to medium sized members of the Arachnid class and Acari subclass, similar to spiders and “other relatives” to head lice and ticks. Individuals with this type of allergy are allergic to both the termite and its waste material. The indications involve scratchy and drippy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and dry out, itchy skin.

Would you have Dust Mite Allergy? Whenever you could have allergy signs and symptoms around dusts in the house, additional probable sources of allergy consist of cockroaches, household animals, mouse and rat dropping, and molds. A person will even most likely discover important amounts of pollen in house dust during season when allergies are prevalent. This is exactly why it’s critical for you for getting skin testing accomplished by an allergist to help pinpoint the source of your allergic reactions. Using this method, when you go to the difficulty and expenditure of environmental prevention, you can prevent the particular things to which you have allergies.

Medical doctors have experienced clients who gave away the family cat and then discovered it was a dust mite allergy that was getting their child unwell, or other people who have gone through rigorous dust mite prevention procedures only to find out they weren’t hypersensitive to mites in any way. Right after having the skin testing, patients identified with a dust mite allergy are usually defensive about their housekeeping habits.

With a tiny effort, you can significantly decrease your exposure to these mites and subsequently decrease the allergy signs and symptoms ensuing from exposure. However to beat the dust mite, we must first realize how it exists and thinks. Termites love our skin. Believe it or not, these enjoy feeding on our skin, especially the skin cells which we normally get rid of and which fall off our body.

Termites will not be air-borne. This is principally since they are overweight but also mainly because there is no foodstuff (i.e. dead skin) in the air (until you have incredibly bad dandruff or flaky body pores and skin. Therefore, we come across high levels of activity in bedding, in apparel, in upholstered household furniture, and, to a lesser extent, in carpets. Jumping up and down on the mattress or substantial cleaning may for a limited time send the termite adrift inside your home (giving those with a termite allergy a great excuse to go to the beach while another person with no mite allergy is vacuuming and/or other anti-dust mite activity).

Mites just like to reside where there’s considerable foodstuff, dampness, and warmness. For mites, this usually means our bed. Our bed is the best location for dust mites in a number of exactly the same ways as it is for people: most of us like to sleep there simply because it’s warm and toasty! And also, we as people tend to get rid of most of our skin in the bed. And that’s great news for our eager dust mite bed companions. But dust mites proliferate wherever there is warmth and moisture, not just your bed. That may be why when you open a house that’s been shut for a very long time, you may encounter a few violent sneezing and wheezing.

Food Additives That Cause Insomnia, Restlessness and Anxiety

So you think fresh fruit and vegetables are great for your health? Perhaps not. There are many food additives that are actually harmful and can lead to insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and many other problems. And some of them are used on fresh fruit and vegetables. But that’s not all. There are a range of food additives that have been isolated that can cause insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, depression, wakefulness, irritability etc.

Australians Sue Dengate and Dr Howard Dengate have researched food additives and food technology for many years. The following information and statistics come from their DVD “Fed Up With Children’s Behaviour.”

Firstly let’s look at Sue Dengate’s term “Food Intolerance” because it is not the same as a food allergy. Some of the symptoms are the same as allergic reactions, but can include other symptoms such as irritable bowel symptoms etc. Many food intolerance’s have a delayed reaction time (2 – 3 days), some are accumulative, and many are very difficult to isolate and identify. Most people have no idea of their food intolerance’s!

There are no scientifically proven tests for food intolerance. Reactions can sometimes take weeks to get over. That is why we need some expert help on this subject.

In the 1950s 20% of our food items were controlled by the supermarkets, now the figure is about 80%. It is increasingly important to know what you are eating and how it is affecting your health, mood, sleep, skin, behavior, headaches, bowel movements etc.

Migraine sufferers have tripled since the 1970s with over 20% of households now containing at least 1 migraine sufferer.

The prevalence of eczema has increased 2-3 fold since the 1970s. About 1 Australian in 3 is affected at some stage in their lives.

Irritable bowel syndrome is now thought to affect about 20% of people living in developed countries compared with almost zero in countries with traditional eating habits.

Asthma has risen from about 10% in the 1970s to about 30% today. Asthma is the leading cause of school absence. Most sufferers react to one of two food additives. 20% of sufferers are affected by salicylates. The majority can be helped by avoiding food additives. Even the asthma medications themselves contain additives that adversely affect sufferers!

Since the 1990s there has been a dramatic increase in the use of anti-depressant medications, including for young children, and including 3000 prescriptions to babies under 12 months of age in the USA alone! There has been a 10 fold increase in major depression since 1945.

Since the 1970s rates of autism are thought to have increased 10 fold in the USA.

Just because a food additive is called ‘natural’ doesn’t mean its safe!

So here are some examples of nasty food additives to avoid if you’re having difficulties sleeping, waking in the middle of the night, waking too early, feeling anxious, overly tired, depressed, stressed, etc:

o The common bread preservative (or mould inhibitor) 282. Calcium propionate (282)’s symptoms (from eating quantities of bread) can include difficulty getting to sleep, night walking, night terrors, unexplained tiredness, depression, irritability, growing pains, bed wetting, nasal congestion and restlessness;

o Wakefulness, depression, restlessness, irritability (320 BHA Buylated Hydroxyanisole antioxidant – banned in Japan and may be unlisted in products containing less than 5% vegetable oils);

o Salicylates. There’s a factsheet on salicylates that includes information relevant to tinnitus, reversible hearing loss, vertigo, symptoms of Meniere’s Disease, insomnia, changes in children’s behavior. Of particular interest here is the information on how ‘good old fruit and vegetables’ are not always good at all. Find out about low salicylate fruit and vegetables vs. high salicylate fruit and vegetables, and how to control your intake;

o Wakefulness in young children (102 Tartrazine colouring and 110 Sunset Yellow colouring);

o 621 Monosodium Glutamate flavor enhancer MSG. Restlessness, wakefulness and irritability; and

o 951 Aspartame artificial sweetener – banned for US air pilots. Mood alteration (anxiety, agitation, irritability, depression), insomnia, fatigue.

It’s also very unfortunate that some nasty food additives do not have to be declared on the product labels – so you will need to investigate further to find out exactly which breads are the ones that don’t have the food additive that in linked with depression, etc. There’s also information on hair spray and air fresheners, it’s a must-read.

Sue has developed the Failsafe Diet to help people eliminate the nasty food substances from their system.

So if you find this article alarming, we’ve presented something valuable. Your responsibility is to research further to ensure that you, your children and loved ones aren’t diminishing their vitality by shopping carelessly. If you’re not already doing it, start reading the labels. And what’s more, if you do have a sleep disorder (or any other medical problem), you need to look further – because maybe there’s an additive in your food that doesn’t even have to be declared by law to be included on the label.

Research Paper About Depression

Depression is a common disease affecting people from all ethnic groups, ages and professions. It is caused by the unbalanced chemicals in brain called “neurotransmitters”. It is diseases which cause you to feel sad and gloomy and create a feeling of hopelessness about future. This feeling prohibit the person suffering from it to enjoy his routine life, hobbies and things which he loves to do normally. The most common problem about depression is that many people leave it unnoticed and untreated. Some people are ashamed of having depression just because they do not want their weak point to get exposed in front of others. People with little knowledge of depression take it as a normal mood swing but it is not. This feeling of sadness or despair is not normal as it does not go away or come with normal incidents that are meant to cause these reflexes. A person may get depressed even when there is no reason of being sad.

People suffering from depression say that “it is a black curtain of despair coming down over their lives” ( This feeling of worthlessness and despair often takes the patient to a point of no return where he could only think about ending the worthless life by committing suicide.

The disease is directly associated to unbalanced chemicals present in the brain. The human brain is a gigantic messaging system which controls everything from heat beat to the breathing, skin functions, organ working and reflexes. The brain is made of millions of nerve cells called neurons. These neurons send and receive messages from rest of your body through neurotransmitters present in the brain. These brain cells are responsible for emotional states of human being. When an unbalanced chemical reaction occurs in the brain cells the messages are not delivered correctly and disrupt the communication resulting in causing depression.

A person having depression feels sadness, helplessness and worthlessness. Some authors says that feeling depressed or in a low mood increase the ability of a person to cope with tough situations. Depression may happen in life as a normal phase when it is backed by certain types of life occurrences like sudden death of a loved one, divorce, loss of status or death of spouse child. Depression may be an aftereffect of any disease like influenza or flue.

Depression may also be due to some psychiatrist disorders like Bipolar Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa etc. Symptoms of psychological disorders are dullness, chronic sadness never seems to end, obsession, shakiness when feeling most down and mood swings. The cure to psychological disorders is constant therapy and responding to the disease well in time.

As mentioned earlier most of the people do not know that they have been suffering from depression. This is due to lack of information about this common problem amongst people. The first thing is to identify whether you have depression or not. The next phase is to get to a physician. In case of depression both the things are difficult for a person who is suffering from the disease. This is because the patient is already down in mood and is never ready to rectify any wrong done to him. The patient is already having sad feelings about himself which forbid him to take any measures to get to solution. This worthless feeling if not identified well in time can push a person to end his life. In some cases the patient often get irritated to that extent that he never hesitates to harm those who he love the most and this is done under the immense pressure of depression that a person feel upon himself. It is like no dawn forever and no way out. The second phase is how to get out of depression when you have done diagnosing that you actually have depression. This phase is easy for some people and is extremely difficult for some people. In such case it is the collective responsibility of the family members or relations of the person to convince him to visit a doctor.

People suffering from depression need sympathy and need extra attention from those who are around them. This is kept in mind that in today’s hectic world where everything is traveling very fast, a struggle between individuals to reach the top has created things worse. The fight for needs is converted into fight for wants which is creating unwanted problems for the society. In such case depression is becoming a global issue which is affecting every social group of every race and ethnicity. The solution for the problem is addressing the problem before it becomes a serious problem. Adopting healthy and natural life styles, living close to the nature and by avoiding unnecessary and complex life styles can reduce the problem of depression.

People should not take depression lightly as it is a catalyst which speedups the process of disorders which are virtually not affecting the person in normal life. Identifying the problem and consulting a physician can reduce the risks involved and can improve the quality of life of the patient and helps him recover and pursue his course of life in the normal manner. Eliminating gloominess, despair and worthlessness from the patient’s life.

Fear of Moths – How to Overcome Phobia of Moths Easily

It isn’t surprising that many people have a deep-seated fear of moths. Something about the way the ragged, soft wings of these creatures flap so slowly as they circle through the air can appear nightmarish to many people. The way that moths’ bodies are soft and easily crush into a kind of paste can make many people panic. The moth flies slowly and makes a very visible silhouette when it lands. Plus, moths fly in seemingly arbitrary circles, and appear to make no attempt to avoid humans. Something about that dark shape triggers a primal reaction in many individuals: the fear of the living non-sentience of nature. Often, people with a general phobia of insects have a specific terror of moths, those dark, little-understood cousins of butterflies.

Typical Cures For Moth Phobia

What should you do if your aversion reaches the level of an obsession–where you not only run out of the room when you see a moth, but constantly feel pursued by imaginary moths, or can no longer live in your house during the summer because dark, slow, winged creatures are always flying in from outside? Most people whose suffering reaches this point go into traditional therapy to try cure their phobia.

Traditional therapy involves delving into your past in the company of a trained psychologist. Over the course of long conversations (perhaps aided by hypnosis), you’ll try to find the early incidents that have shaped your brain such that it enters “panic mode” whenever you see a moth. Maybe you were chasing after one of these creatures and were unexpectedly stung by a bee. Or maybe you were just thoughtful, sensitive, and imaginative as a child, and started getting nightmares about moths because these creatures are inherently scary.

Why Traditional Therapy Might Not Work

These methods of curing your phobia may not work, simply because it’s possible that there was no one, clearly defined traumatic incident that caused it. It is true that, a very skilled therapist can talk you out of your phobia even if there wasn’t an obvious cause. However, this process can take a long time, and is far from guaranteed.

A More Effective Shortcut To Overcoming Fear Of Moths

Fortunately, there’s a shortcut to overcoming phobias, one that has been discovered by studying the techniques of some of the world’s most effective therapists. That shortcut is through a system called NLP, which stands for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP works quickly because it circumvents the need to discover your phobia’s roots in the past. Instead, it focuses on your present.

How NLP Helps

NLP works so well because most phobias are conditioned responses. Pavlov’s dogs always had the same instinctive reaction when they heard the ringing of a bell. Similarly, the phobia sufferer always has the same instinctive reaction when he or she sees the triggers of his or her anxiety. The panicked thoughts follow a clear, unvarying pattern.

What NLP does is teach your unconscious mind new thought patterns. With the help of NLP, you will learn to isolate and recognize the irrational reaction in yourself. Then, using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques, you will learn to retrain your mind to form new associations. So, for example, instead of associating moths with panic, you will learn to associate them with calmness and joy. In this way, you will easily be able to cure your fear of moths. 

Stranger Anxiety

Stranger anxiety first occurs when we are young, at about the time that we realize that we are a separate person from our mother and that there are other people than mother, father and our immediate family in the world. There comes a sense of fear when someone new appears in our life, and it will depend very much upon how we are introduced to the “stranger” as to how we react. If we are used to being held and looked after by only a few people, we may be terrified to find ourselves left with a complete stranger, with no previous warning or time to get to know them Being left with no one but a strange baby sitter can be a frightening, anxiety provoking time for an infant.

In some ways, stranger anxiety in adults reflects a similar situation, in that we find ourselves with a person, or a group of people about whom we know very little, when we are accustomed perhaps only to being with close friends and family, all of whom we are on intimate terms with.

Stranger anxiety in adults is similar to xenophobia which is a generalized fear of outsiders and foreigners to our community and way of being. Stranger anxiety may be similar to social phobia if the person concerned has led a socially restricted life and feels comfortable only with close friends and family. Stranger anxiety might extend to just about everyone for a person who is, for one reason or another, extremely socially isolated.

The essence of stranger anxiety is that as we don’t know much about this person, or this group of people, then they may be harmful to us and as such a certain amount of fear and anxiety surrounds their existence. There is a component of paranoia in stranger anxiety, because for a person ready willing and able to meet with new people, embrace new cultures and concepts, there is little anxiety or fear, simply an enthusiasm to know more about them and embark upon an exchange of information in the hope of finding common interests and themes.

Paranoia is a natural human function which operates when a person is faced with something, presumed to be a threat, until they can find out more about it. Paranoid thinking thinks of every possible meaning, every possible construction, every possible connection or motive in a situation until it works out what is going on and decides upon its meaning. Such thinking is very useful when hearing a twig snap in the jungle, ones very life can depend upon coming up with the full meaning of it, and very quickly. Obviously we do not go through a similar process in all of life’s situations, in most cases we are completely familiar with our community and the people in it, very rarely do we get that feeling of – hello, what is this, what is happening here, with all our senses alert.

However, when people are unused to changes or lack experience in dealing with novel events, confrontation or meeting with strangers arouses some level of fear, and quite literally such people are at a loss to know how to deal with the situation. Stranger anxiety is based upon our fear that something bad will come of the encounter and is essentially self-protective. Stranger anxiety can exist at a high level in relatively isolated communities, it can occur at a national level as well, encouraging an “us” and “them” mentality which essentially maintains barriers.

For people who find they are experiencing stranger anxiety, the remedy is mainly to try and become less insular in your way of thinking. Find out more about the world, about the person or group you are meeting with, about them and what they do, and their beliefs and values. Direct your communication towards finding out more about them, and above all else – relax.

Should Insomnia Sufferers Consdier SAMe Supplements?

SAMe supplements have been in use in Europe for a while, but have become increasingly popular in the US. There is still much scientific review of the supplement currently underway, but many recent studies have shown some good results. SAMe may help a variety of issues including sleeplessness.

SAMe, the short name for S-Adenosmethionine, is a compound that the body uses in a number of ways. It is involved in cartilage building, DNA manufacture, immune system function and the production of neurotransmitters. It is this last one in the list of benefits of SAMe that is important for insomnia sufferers.

SAMe supplements have been prescribed by doctors in Europe for years to treat depression and similar mental issues because of the profound effect it has on neurotransmitter production and function. In a similar vein, people with insomnia can often benefit from increases in certain neurotransmitters.

The benefits of SAMe for sleeplessness lie in two main functions. First, SAMe helps in the creation of serotonin. Serotonin is necessary not only for improvements in mood, but is later converted by the body into melatonin, a brain chemical that helps you sleep. Second, SAMe is also involved in the process of converting serotonin into melatonin. Using SAMe supplements can help ensure your body has enough to not only produce the precursor serotonin, but also help the body convert enough into melatonin and help you get to sleep easier.

The benefits of SAMe seem to help not only general insomnia, but may help with things like chronic fatigue syndrome as well. Studies looking into this are positive so far in their results and more are underway.

It is important though to make sure you do not take too high a dose. Taking too much SAMe can produce an opposite effect and keep you awake due to too much serotonin as well as give you headache, restlessness, etc. Proper management of your intake is critical so make sure you discuss this with a doctor who is familiar with and has experience with SAMe supplements before adding one to your diet.

That said, the benefits of SAMe can be as powerful as many prescription medicines without the serious or life threatening side effects that drugs tend to bring. SAMe works more naturally with the body and its systems and provides other benefits to the body that you can’t get with drugs.

While SAMe supplements are not a cure-all, they are a powerful tool in helping the body overcome a host of issues including insomnia. It is natural and fairly safe to use under proper direction. It should definitely be considered by anyone who is battling insomnia or depression before using heavy medications. There are many reputable manufacturers out there who can provide quality supplements containing SAMe. Finding one is worth the sleep.

Why Nurses Are Prone to Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is one of the most common fungal infections that can afflict the human body. Also called tinea pedis, this fungus is found in many public locations such as gym floors, locker rooms, swimming pools, nail salons, and airport security lines. In fact, all public flooring on which individuals may walk barefoot is a prime source of fungal infection. Once an individual’s body has been infected, personal socks and clothing can harbor the tinea pedis fungus. Studies have found that nearly 70% of the population will experience athlete’s foot at some point in their life.

Once acquired, athlete’s foot can become a chronic condition, especially for nurses. The foot fungus grows in the warm, moist environment of feet encased in nursing shoes. All nurses will attest that the extreme amount of time spent walking during a nursing shift leads to “warm feet”. This heat builds up in nursing shoes and has little outlet for venting. Nurses who wear pantyhose instead of socks experience more heat buildup and moisture in shoes as the synthetic hosiery material does not wick moisture that is generated during prolonged walking away from the foot.

The replacement of the traditional nursing uniform dress with the more comfortable uniform scrubs has led to a decrease in nurses who wear pantyhose. Socks have now become a staple nursing uniform accessory. However, socks made of synthetic materials pose the same problem as the previously used pantyhose. To ensure maximum wicking of foot moisture, socks should be constructed of 100% cotton or of specially engineered moisture wicking materials.

Because of the large amount of moisture generated during a typical nursing shift, nurses need to ensure that their nursing shoes “air out” for at least 24 hours and are completely dry before putting them on again. A disinfectant spray to the inside of uniform shoes after each use is recommended to kill bacteria in between wearing. Having two pair of nursing shoes and alternating their usage is a good way of letting nursing footwear completely dry.

Nurses, for whom it is impossible to alleviate heat and moisture generation in their nursing shoes, it is important that steps to control and/or prevent athlete’s foot are practiced. These steps include:

• Wash the feet daily

• Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, with a clean towel

• Always use a clean towel and never share towels

• Use antifungal sprays on feet and shoes

• Spray shoes with a disinfectant and allow to dry before reuse

• Go barefoot at home as much as possible

• Avoid wearing synthetic or tight footwear that don’t allow the feet to breathe

• Wear sandals to protect the feet from contamination in public areas such as gyms, swimming pools, and public showers

• Wear socks made of 100% cotton or moisture wicking materials

• Wear clothing, particularly scrubs that are made of 100% cotton or cotton blends that are not tight fitting causing moisture to trap in groin and waist areas

• Change your socks if they get damp, or at least once a day

• Keep home, and particularly bathroom surfaces clean, especially showers and tubs

It is important to control Athlete’s foot as this fungus can spread to other areas of the body, including hands, mouth, scalp, vagina and groin If you have Athlete’s foot, dry all other areas of the body after a shower before drying your feet to avoid spreading the fungus to other vulnerable areas of the body. It is possible to treat Athlete’s foot yourself at home by using nonprescription medications such a Lamisil, Tinactin or Micatin. Other home remedies such as foot soaks of vinegar or Clorox solutions have also proved effective in some cases. In conjunction with the tips outlined above, it is possible to control chronic foot fungal infections and minimize discomfort.

Funginix Vs Zetaclear – A Comparative Review of Two Popular Nail Fungus Treatments

Today the over the counter market is crowded with a multitude of products formulated for treating nail fungus with all of them claiming to be the best or most effective. One debate between two such products, Funginix vs. Zetaclear, which have become rather popular amongst consumers, is especially worth noting due to numerous reports of favorable results using either brand.

Although the name Funginix is new, the actual product is not as it was previously sold under the name Fungisil and during that time, thousands of people said they have used it for successfully treating their nail fungus. And Zetaclear has been on the market even longer than Fungisil or Funginix and has become incredibly popular since then with countless reviews and testimonials touting its effectiveness.

But, with both products sharing relatively equal amounts of praise from consumers, how can one sort out contradicting reports regarding their relative effectiveness and ultimately know which one will work best for them?

Funginix – A New Name for an Established Treatment

Made by The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, a reputable company active in the field of treating nail fungus as well as skin care and beauty products, Funginix, was first released under the name Fungisil in July of 2008. This over the counter product designed for treating nail fungus was rebranded under the name Funginix in May 2010 although the ingredients remain unchanged.

Our extensive research along with comprehensive tests on Funginix and consumer reviews concludes that the product is one of the leading treatments for nail fungus and many are recommending it as their preferred treatment of choice. In our tests, 36% of people reported seeing an improvement in their nail fungus after two weeks and within six to 12 weeks, more than 80% reported clear, shiny nails. Within three to six months, most of those suffering from more severe cases of toenail fungus said their nails were finally clear.

Funginix, which contains no harsh chemicals and causes no side effects, is very easy to apply with the included brush applicator and contains known natural anti-fungal agents blended together in therapeutic dosages for the maximum effectiveness. Some ingredients within Funginix include clove, jasmine, lavender, rose hip, sweet almond, and tea tree oils, all used in specific amounts, along with vitamin E, bearberry extract, camphor, cocoa seed butter, and menthol.

The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation offers a 60 day money-back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with their product for any reason along with delivering unrivaled customer service making Funginix definitely a viable option to consider for treating nail fungus.

Zetaclear – A Leading Treatment for Nail Fungus Since 2007

First released in September of 2007, Zetaclear is a topical treatment guaranteed by Health Buy, a company listed in the Natural Product Association and creator of more than 80 alternative medicines, to treat unsightly nail fungus.

In addition to many reviews recommending it as the number one treatment for nail fungus, one of our own recent studies on this homeopathic treatment concludes that Zetaclear is indeed one of the most effective means of eradicating toenail fungus, and like Funginix, the company boasts consumer satisfaction rates of more than 80%.

In our tests, about 40% of Zetaclear users reported seeing some improvement after only one week’s time and within six to 12 weeks more than 80% said their nails were clear, shiny and noticeably improved. And, those with the most severe cases of toenail fungus say they were cured of their problem within three to six months.

Zetaclear’s unique two-part approach is incomparable with similar products and includes a topical gel treatment applied directly to the affected nails with the included brush applicator along with a homeopathic spray that is used orally for treating nail fungus both from the inside as well as the outside of the body. Consumers have the option of using the topical treatment alone but it is advised to use it in conjunction with the spray that must be administered under the tongue. The ingredients in the spray are designed to boost the body’s immune system, giving it the added strength to fight the internal causes of the nail fungus whether it is imbalances within the digestive system or perhaps a systemic yeast infection.

Some of the ingredients in Zetaclear’s proprietary blend of nail solution include almond, clove, jojoba, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, and vitamin E oils along with undecylenic acid, which is derived from castor oil, alcohol, and purified water. Zetaclear’s homeopathic spray contains sulphur for its antiseptic and anti-itch properties and mancinella, a natural substance coming from the manchineel tree, which grows only in the Caribbean and is used for treating burning and dryness of the feet.

Neither the Zetaclear homeopathic spray nor the topical gel contains any harsh chemicals to cause worrisome side effects and Health Buy offers a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Why Funginix and Zetaclear Are So Popular

Nail fungus is undoubtedly a common if not often discussed problem with many people wondering how they will treat and successfully cure this stubborn condition. When it comes to Funginix vs. Zetaclear, both products have an impressive reputation and offer excellent customer service along with a solid money-back guarantee.

Both Funginix and Zetaclear are approved by the FDA and each includes all natural ingredients without the worry of harmful health effects, a definite plus in comparison to the bevy of prescription drugs that can cause many rather serious side effects.

And, according to our proprietary research on both OTC products, each have remarkably high cure rates at more than 80% with Zetaclear slightly in the lead at the time of this writing, although additional feedback may change this in time. While the positive testimonials on Funginix and Zetaclear are in abundance, keep in mind that no one treatment can offer a guarantee of 100% for each and every single person who uses it, but both offer good results which means the vast majority of nail fungus sufferers should see a definite improvement with these treatments.

And the Winner Is…

The real winner is you, the nail fungus sufferer who has the ability to choose between these two effective treatments, both with a solid reputation behind them and an established track record of results. With that being said, it is most important to educate yourself on all options as new ones are being developed and released regularly that may offer an even better alternative to treating your toenail fungus. Also, staying abreast of the latest consumer data helps to shed some light on these products and enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best treatment for your nail fungus.

Why Rest Alone Will Not Heal a Sprained Ankle

Thousands of people from all walks of life twist and sprain their ankles every day.  Whether you tripped on a sidewalk or landed on someone else’s foot in a basketball game, a sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries around.  Of course, everyone knows they typical advice: R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation).  In other words, most people will advise you to just lay in bed as much as possible and ice your ankle until the swelling goes down and you can walk again.  Fortunately, a new understanding of the body reveals this is not the best way to heal such an injury.  In order to understand why, you need to know a little bit more about how the body works.

When you have an injury, the body immediately tries to protect that area to prevent further injury.  Inflammation is one of the body’s best ways to protect the injured area from further movement and harm.  So, in the case of ankle sprain, you will find a lot of inflammation, which means you will barely be able to move your ankle at all as the joint swells up to a softball.  And it will take many weeks if not months for the inflammation to slowly decrease enough for you to walk normally again.  But, as the inflammation decreases, another phenomenon will occur.  Your body will produce scar tissue around the injury.  Your body does this to help strengthen and protect the weakened joint from future injury.  This is the body’s natural response to injury if you just rest.

But, there are a number of problems with the natural healing process left to itself.  One, it takes a very long time.  Inflammation goes down very, very slowly and does not readily allow for the flow of fresh blood and nutrients into the injured area.  It is also very hard to remove the waste from the cells in the injured area.  So, although the inflammation protects the area from movement, it takes a great deal more time to heal the injury, because the ligaments and cells cannot get fresh blood and nutrients and also cannot remove waste efficiently.  In other words, the inflammation blocks the free flow of healthy blood into the area as well as blocking the free flow of waste products produced from the injury out of the body.  In addition, the development of scar tissue inhibits the movement of a joint, which means that in the future, your joint will be much less flexible and capable of strengthening itself. 

In a nut shell, the body, if left to just rest, will heal itself as best it can, but will actually keep your ankle weak and inflexible which puts it at greater risk of injury in the future.  So, here is how the body generally heals itself if left on its own:

1) Inflammation response – to protect the area from further injury which is very slow to fully heal and reduces the flow of blood and fresh nutrients into the area.

2) Produces scar tissue around the injury to help protect the injured area in the future, but also dramatically reduces flexibility and strength in the joint.

Rehabilitation, on the other hand, still allows the body to rest most of the day, but also actively moves the joint to help dramatically reduce the inflammation and avoid the build up of scar tissue.  That means that the ligaments will heal much faster and better, because they get fresh blood in and can move the waste out.  Also, the movement will help reduce the adhesions developed by scar tissue which will significantly strengthen your ankle joint and keep it flexible. 

In fact, most people find that with proper rehabilitation, their ankles are far more flexible and strong then before they injured their ankles in the first place.  Of course, this puts you at a much lower risk for injuring it again in the future.  Remember, it is not working against the body, just helping the body to heal more efficiently.  Joints that only rest and do not move get rusty and an injured joint, such as a sprained ankle, needs to continue to be moved, stretched and strengthened to retain it’s flexibility.  For example, if you were to dislocate a finger, your doctor will tell you to keep moving it (one common exercise is to make a fist and then open it and spread your fingers out as wide as possible in a sink filled with warm water).  They will explain to you that rehabilitating your finger is the key to insuring you maintain its flexibility and strength in the future.  But, for some reason, when you twist or sprain an ankle, everyone just says to rest.  It is bizarre that people recognize that rehab is important for one joint but not another. 

So, if you sprain an ankle, I strongly recommend doing a good rehab program.  I developed a program that specifically works to heal your ankle within a week by significantly increasing the strength and flexibility in the joint.  It also dramatically reduces inflammation, scar tissue and the neuromuscular damage done by the injury.  Thousands of others (including professional athletes) have quickly and effectively healed their ankle injuries with it and I welcome you to learn more about it. 

Understanding Inner Thigh Chaffing And How To Prevent It

Are you looking to prevent chafing between thighs? Chafing might indicate numerous factors as will be evident via the chafing explanation in almost any dictionary, however in the situation of health-related or healthy skin care one could determine chafing in mention of skin irritation as well as soreness that’s caused by friction, for instance when rubbing both hands jointly, or along the inside thighs while running. It is therefore an coarse situation. Chafing signifies inflammation as well as itchiness of your skin brought on by rubbing. This particular friction might be brought on caused by rubbing connected with a pair of body parts, clothing and so forth. A number of people are under the wrong notion that it’s a signal of losing weight. Many people typically experience chafing around the internal thigh, underarms, nipples, groin areas etc. Although anybody can currently have this condition, it really is seen specially in fat men and women in addition to pro athletes. Prevention is best way to address chafing.

Anyone who’s over weight is particularly at risk of chafing when traveling, although walking isn’t the sole process that causes chafing involving the legs. Chaffed skin may very well be a result of virtually any action that is a source regarding recurring or maybe extended friction among skin surfaces, especially around the inner thighs. Chaffed skin can also occur in the region of the underarms plus the bosoms. From time to time the original source regarding rubbing might not always be among two skin surfaces, but between skin and improperly fitted or perhaps poor quality clothes and fabrics. Chafing however presents no advance forewarning and you will probably abruptly inevitably be assaulted having a uncomfortable burning or stinging discomfort in the area. Even though it is not necessarily intimidating the situation associated with chaffed skin is unquestionably unpleasant and may help make monotonous day-to-day actions tedious and hurtful.

Although the situation connected with skin chaffing is probably not threatening it is important that you do not ignore it because the irritated and very sensitive surface skin can in fact get badly bruised as well as rubbed away, causing the spot to ooze and jeopardizing infection. Despite the fact that prevention is easily the most useful answer, should the challenge occur, chafing treatment is uncomplicated and effective. Furthermore, there are plenty of natural chafing cures and anti chafing creams that ought to help to make your lifestyle simpler.

Though preventing inner thigh chafing preventing inner thigh chafing can be extremely effective at avoiding the condition, there are particular situations during which chafing might happen in spite of your efforts to avoid it. Besides it might not continually be sensible or achievable to stay away from activities which can cause chafing. Specified skin conditions that creates abnormal dryness or even environmental conditions could give rise to the development of chafing. Such as, chafing is a lot more likely to exist in winter months as a result of increased amounts of dryness, meaning there’s a larger likelihood of rubbing with skin contact. Using lotions and following a great skin care schedule can assist in such a predicament nonetheless. Situations like jock itchiness can nevertheless cause intense itching and irritation that may also be associated with genital chafing.

Omeprazole Side Effects When Treating Chronic Acid Reflux

The simplest way to describe chronic acid reflux would be to call it a more severe case of reoccurring heartburns. There is a lot of acid and pepsin in the stomach that is used for the digestion of food. Sometimes there is even bile that moves backwards into the stomach from the duodenum. Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter at the top of the stomach opens and allows these liquids to come back up into the esophagus. This coming back up is what is called the reflux. When this happens, the esophageal wall is inflamed and this is where the burning sensation comes from. The recommended treatment of this is therefore Omeprazole but like with every other drug circulating the globe today the Omeprazole side effects are issues that have to be kept in mind at all times.

Chronic acid reflux hurts so much because first of all, the liquid being regurgitated contains acid. This acid stays in the esophagus longer than any of the other components in the liquid just eating away at the esophageal lining. The end result is esophagitis. The body’s natural way to prevent things from getting to this ugly stage is to find a way to neutralize the acid and this is through the bicarbonate in the organism’s saliva. Omeprazole is therefore made from sodium bicarbonate which works to neutralize the acid. The Omeprazole side effects that almost every person with chronic acid reflux should expect to get are diarrhea and vomiting on varied scales.

The problem with chronic acid reflux however is, not that it is impossible to treat; it is that you can hardly permanently treat it. It keeps reoccurring after a couple of months. Since it keeps reoccurring then one is more prone to Omeprazole side effects as a result. Omeprazole side effects have been seen to occur more often when the patient has to be on the drug for a prolonged amount of time. For instance if the patient was to use the drug for curing chronic acid reflux which will need about 40mg of Omeprazole for more than two months he is more likely to have the Omeprazole effects than a person treating stomach inflammation for two weeks.

The Omeprazole side effects that one will encounter depend on a large number of variables because not all our organisms work in the same way. A pregnant mother who has her hormones elevated will be more prone to Omeprazole side effects than a middle aged man who has been living healthy. The numbers of variable factors are a myriad. The effects of Omeprazole that come from prolonged usage of the drug attack different systems of the body because of all these different variables. As a result, each individual can have a unique set of Omeprazole side effects.

On the body’s metabolic system, a couple of Omeprazole effects can happen. The first and most common would be hypoglycemia and elevated uric levels. Weight gain is also one of the very common Omeprazole side effects to the metabolic system. The rarest side effect on the metabolic system would be a gout attack but this is not seen in many cases.

Omeprazole side effects on the gastrointestinal system are the most widespread because of the way the drug works. The drug works increasing the pH of the gastric juice. The gastrointestinal Omeprazole side effects would be from the common diarrhea and vomiting to constipation and flatulence.

No matter what Omeprazole side effects one will be faced with, the key importance is to make sure that if they persist, you seek professional help as soon as possible.

A Healthy Menstrual Cycle And Endometriosis

Every woman has a menstrual cycle once a month whether they like it or not. A healthy woman might not realize she has endometriosis until she wants to become pregnant. One symptom, though, is severe periods that can actually put a woman down in bed for days because of the pain. No matter if she drinks those hot toddies mom makes, a heating pad or pain pills the pain can stop you in your tracks. It is a medical malady that can start as early as a young lady starts her periods. It is when the cells come and grow outside of the uterus; it can be found in one ovary or both.

Endometriosis will become more severe with time, as the woman gets older and has more periods, she will have more cysts develop and sometimes surgery is required. It will show up during the child bearing years and can be found in the first period a girl has. Symptoms vary from female to female and the most common complaint is pelvic pain when having a period. Many mothers think that their daughter is just having bad periods but it could be something much more severe so please take them to the doctor and let them run tests to find out.

The pain of endometriosis is bad, there is no doubt about it. It can start as leg pain and work itself up to lumbar region. Some doctors will tell you that endometriosis does not really start until the girl has had about a year of periods and then the symptoms start to get worse every year or possibly every month. I had endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy in my late twenties, so please have your daughters checked out before this happens. Although some women have no pain or little pain it is still wise to get to the doctor if she feels anything is wrong. Women know their bodies and when something is wrong it should be checked out, even it ends up being nothing.

When a woman has extreme pain while having sexual intercourse she might have endometriosis and needs to have her doctor run some tests. Having endometriosis can cause a woman from being able to have children. If caught early she might have a better chance of conceiving. Many women will have pain in their legs that with each period it seems to get worse. Or going to the bathroom to urinate is painful and sometimes she just can not go. Some say the blood clots is the problem and if a woman has a baby or two this will go away, they are very wrong. A woman that has endometriosis will have endometriosis all of her life until she does something about it. It can be life threatening if not taken care of. So please if any woman that reads this is in a lot of pain while she is having her periods, seek out medical help immediately.