Best Home Remedy for Diabetes

Diabetes has become a very common health problem. It can damage the kidneys and leads to many serious problems like- nerve damage, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc. Today we are dependent on medicines but there are many simple solutions for this type of diseases.

Do you know you can solve your diabetes issue within a few weeks in your home? There has a simple home remedy for that. You need only a vegetable, which is Bitter Gourd. You have to follow the process step by step.

Step 1: Buy 0.5 kg fresh Bitter Gourd from the market. Rinse them well in water.

Step 2: Slice them in a round shape. Take the sliced Bitter Gourds in a grinder. Add some water and grind them to a smooth juice.

Step 3: Remove the juice in a big dish and keep it on the floor.

Step 4: Sit on a chair and place your feet on the juice. Stir the juice with your feet. Continue it for 15 to 20 minutes.

You will feel the bitter taste in your mouth after 15 minutes. Actually, you have to stir continue until the taste comes to your tongue. Normally it takes almost 15-20 minutes. But it will take almost half an hour if someone has a higher sugar level.

Step 5: Continue the process thrice in a week. And after one month check your sugar level. I am sure you will see a reasonable change in that. It will decrease your sugar level almost 50% within 5-7 weeks.

But obviously do not forget about your general care about Diabetes, like:

1. Eating Healthy food: Healthy foods are not the high-calorie foods. It is the balance of all Protein, Fat, Vitamin, Minerals and Water. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

2. Regular exercise and physical activity.

3. Reducing stress levels: Generally, we don’t care about this factor.

4. Neem, bitter gourd juice, Fenugreek seeds, Basil leaves, Cinnamon, Aloe-Vera, Mango leaves, Guava etc. These are the most effective items for Diabetes.

This process is actually described in Ayurveda, which is derived from Hindu mythology, but in the modern age, this type of home remedy is gaining popularity which is very simple to implement and very cost-effective. Obviously, you are trying a lot to control your sugar level, but I will recommend to you to try this. You will feel the effectiveness within a few weeks. This is the best home remedy for diabetes.

The Countdown – 5 Disadvantages of Obesity That Would Inevitably Affect the Obese

Obesity is a big problem affecting several million people all over the world and in countries such as the US it is steadily increasing. It is an epidemic and one that must be contained before the lives of the many people affected take drastic turns. There are numerous disadvantages of obesity ranging from serious to very scary. Most of the disadvantages of obesity would fall somewhere in one of the 5 points listed below which could be called the 5 disadvantages of obesity.

5) Goals are harder or impossible to accomplish:

Obese people depending on what they desire, have a much tougher time when it comes to achieving success. Obesity plays a big enough factor to undermine or stagnate progress as a whole. Let’s say for example that an obese guy named Mr. X wants to pursue a career in a sport such as football (soccer). Mr. X wants some action on the field to play a part in a team and try to win some games. Unless his skills are far superior to the other normal weight players on that team or rival teams and has the speed to match, chances are that dream will never become a reality since its mandatory that you are in a fit state. Many sports, whether the games are casual or competitive won’t take him or anyone obese for that matter. His only hope is to either slim down or find a group that caters to the obese.

4) Social Problems:

One of the major disadvantages of obesity is that the obese are generally looked down upon, made fun of or scorned by many in society. They’re usually the subject of “fat jokes” from those who seem to forget that they are human beings and human beings have feelings. Relationships can be pretty shaky for an obese person who’s partner doesn’t really find them desirable anymore and wants out.

3) Sexual Issues:

Many studies have shown there is a relation to obesity and sexual ineptitude. It’s common for obese individuals of both sexes to suffer from lack of sexual enjoyment, performance or desire. If the individual never cared for sex to begin with, this won’t be one of the disadvantages of obesity for them.

2) The Feeling of Depression:

The obese will either show depression outright, show a hint of it or conceal it. At this point they are very aware of the many disadvantages of obesity plaguing them. They know how they look, they know the prejudice they have to endure, they know there are serious medical conditions associated with their weight, they know they can’t accomplish certain goals or have a higher hurdle to jump to do so. It’s very frustrating and stressful for them.

1) Health Deterioration:

The health hazards linked to obesity are innumerable and the more obese you are the harsher they are. These obesity related health hazards include Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Pregnancy Issues, Breathing Issues, Sleeping Issues, Heart Problems, Stroke risks, Abnormal Cholesterol Levels, Movement Problems not to mention the risk of contracting several types of cancer. The serious nature of those issues makes health deterioration one of the main disadvantages of obesity.

AIDS Rash – Early Symptoms of HIV and Importance of Testing and Treatment

For some individuals, two to three weeks after a person has been exposed to AIDS they may see skin eruptions. Not all people will experience this and sometimes the rash appears much later. For some who develop it within a few weeks, it may subsequently disappear only to reappear in future. Remember that AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a late stage of HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus but sometimes people incorrectly see these as identical. The Hiv infection may not lead to AIDS and by taking care of one’s immune system from the beginning you’ll have the best prognosis. Everyone’s body is different and has various challenges with the virus.

If you experience small dark bumps that are raised off the skin slightly that appears on your chest, back, face or neck, it can be a possible sign of this. When people have very light skin, the may be a deep red color or reddish brown hue. Remember that there are hundreds of rashes and that you shouldn’t reach conclusions without testing.

Other symptoms usually accompany the aids rash, such as aches and pains in the muscles, diarrhea, a fever, headache and thrush (Candida albicans yeast attacking the mouth). Not everyone though will have these additional symptoms.

In a week or two an aids rash generally goes away on its own. However if you have an underlying cause which is the virus, you still have the the HIV virus. Some find that drinking low sugar elderberry syrup is helpful because it exhibits antiviral qualities.

When a physician fails to determine the cause of any rash, they generally with prescribe corticosteroids. These block histamines and stop allergic responses. This can help inflammation but may not be the correct treatment for one’s rash depending on the underlying cause.

Because there are many various types of rashes, testing is the only way to know if you have the HIV virus. People can even get stress rashes just from worrying about a medical diagnosis. In certain cases where the rash is a circle that radiates outwards that’s a kind of ringworm fungus which is called Tinea Corporis. It’s very similar to the fungus that causes athlete’s feet, which is called Tinea Pedis. All of those are treated with antifungals. Rashes can be caused by fungus, yeast or bacterial infection such as impetigo or strep rash. There are also viral rashes such as herpes zoster which is shingles and due to the chicken pox virus one had in the past. Stress can also effect our bodies and we can get rashes from anxiety.

Don’t assume if you’ve been exposed to someone with HIV that you have the aids rash. If you do have a rash though, seek medical attention to get it diagnosed. Living in fear is very stressful and fortunately there are very effective measures now for treating the HIV virus enabling people to live long and productive lives.

The 5 Most Common Penis Problems Can Be Avoided With Proper Health Care

Men are often hesitant to talk to their health care providers about penis issues, but most men are affected by common penis problems such as red penis; loss of penile sensitivity; itching; dry, flaky penis skin; irritation; painful intercourse; and unpleasant odors. Using a moisturizer or penis health crème containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals as part of the daily cleansing routine may provide important penis health benefits. The following discussion provides important information on the most common issues that can affect the penis and what can be done to prevent them from occurring.

The 5 most common penis problems – what causes them and how to treat them

• Diminished penis sensitivity: The friction caused by dry masturbation, aggressive sex, or overly-restrictive clothing can cause deadening of the nerve cells near the skin’s surface, as well as toughening the outer layers of skin in a similar manner to the callouses that form on the hands or feet but to a much lesser degree. These issues can lead to reduced penis sensation and a subsequent loss of sexual enjoyment. This distressing problem can be avoided, or even reversed, by keeping the outer dermal layer well-moisturized with a healing crème that contains vitamins D and B5, which have important skin-rejuvenating qualities.

• Dry penis skin: Dry rubbing, frequent sex, and even sensitivity to soaps or detergents can cause drying of the penis skin, leading to flaking, soreness during masturbation and intercourse, and an unattractive reddened or wrinkled appearance. Avoiding dry penis skin is as easy as treating the penis with effective, all-natural moisturizers such as shea butter and vitamin E.

• Itchy, red, penis skin: Redness, flaking, itching and soreness of the penis can be caused by multiple penis problems, including psoriasis, fungal infections, sensitivity to harsh soaps and chemical detergents, as well as more serious problems such as STDs. The best way to prevent red, itchy and flaky skin is to maintain the integrity of the outer dermal layer by treating the penis with a preparation containing nutrients such as vitamins A and C.

• Sore, overly sensitive penis skin: An overly-sensitive penis is often caused by vigorous sex or frequent masturbation; bacterial infections may also cause redness, inflammation and pain. Certain nutrients, such as vitamins E and A, as well as amino acids such as acetyl L carnitine, have been shown to prevent soreness from occurring, as well as inhibiting the development of infections, which are often the result of bacteria entering the body through microscopic fissures in damaged skin.

• Penis circulatory issues – including dysfunction, unsightly capillaries on penile skin, curved or bent erect penis: Over time, rough treatment such as dry masturbation can cause damage to the tiny capillaries directly under the surface of the penile skin, leading to numerous problems, including collapsed blood vessels which present a spidery appearance under the skin; circulatory issues that can lead to diminished sensation and even reduced erectile function, and a painful condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which causes the penis to bend and curve when erect. Regular moisturizing and use of a high-quality lubricant can help to prevent these unpleasant conditions from developing.

How to avoid these common penis problems

In order to avoid these common men’s issues, health professionals recommend treating the penis skin with a specialized penis health crème (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that can help to prevent problems such as dry skin, red penis, penis rash, irritation and itching, circulatory problems, and diminished penis sensitivity. The benefits provided by the penis-specific ingredients, which include several essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, can boost the body’s natural healing ability and keep you feeling great and performing at your best.

The Power Of Affirmations Used To Heal Psoriasis

Psoriasis And The Healing Power Of Positive Thinking

Daily affirmations may sound like an old witches story, but it is truly amazing when we get rid of the negative energy and replace it with positive.

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and what it can do. Self talk that is full of negative thoughts are what keep people in the emotional and mental state they’re in. It’s a given that illness and disease are out there and are going to occur. What can be changed however is our negative thoughts and emotions that can keep us from how to cure psoriasis at all.

If you wake up one morning and decide that it’s a better idea to stay in bed that morning and not get out then this is where it might start. Constant negative self talk will lead to you and people that you associate with most also believing those thoughts. These negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and these lead to negative actions.

If you’re thinking that the upcoming promotion at work is just beyond your reach and that you aren’t smart enough or skilled enough to get it, yep you guessed it.. When the cookie crumbles, you’re not going to be first on the list.

Your negative thoughts and poor attitude will not give you the drive or strength to even apply for the promotion. Even if you don’t make it, at least you gave it a shot.

The road to cure psoriasis naturally isn’t just about taking biologics or going to see your dermatologist.

It’s about convincing your subconscious that you’re going to be alright. It’s saying that you’re not going to let your disease take control and have any power over you. You might have a disease, but your psoriasis is not you!

When you use affirmations, you’ll be able to see that they are quick and easy as well as a way to commit to take back your life.

Make yourself a daily success bible. Fill it with pictures that represent you overcoming your illness. Put pictures in it of the things you will be able to do once you are free of your psoriasis.

It’s not just about pictures though. You’ll need to put motivational uplifting phrases that represent your healing. Things such as “I am perfect and well” or “I have beautiful soft skin “. Put photos of your family in there too. Each day when you wake up, review your daily success bible. Keep your affirmations going through your head throughout the day.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you need to spend heaps of cash on CD’s that teach you how to be a spiritual healer or anything like that.

You’ll be happy to know that you can make your own daily affirmations to treat psoriasis naturally like what I’ve shown you above. The trick is to ensure you go through your affirmations daily even when you really don’t want to at all.

Some other ideas for affirmations are “Every day in every way I am getting healthier” “I feel full of energy and light with each passing day”.

Instead of having a daily success bible, you might choose to put these in your bag or wallet, or even stick them up on your mirror where you get ready each day or even in the car.

Ringworm is a Fungal Infection

It is not always easy to know whether a rash on your skin is fungal or bacterial. It could be neither. Fungal or bacterial infection is just one type of rash. There are others not caused by infection, like eczema or dermatitis. Eczema could be hereditary or caused by contact with a skin irritant, and they are not contagious. When you are having an outbreak, it could be an allergy or caused by a virus.

Knowing the difference is important because what it is determines the type of treatment required.

Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes. It usually occurs on the feet (Athlete’s foot), around the inner thighs or the groin (jock itch), on the nails (tinea unguium or onychomycosis), other parts like the back, arms and legs (tinea corporis), and on the scalp (tinea capitis). Women are also susceptible to yeast infection, which is caused by an overgrowth of the fungus known as Candida albicans.

Ringworm is a highly contagious disease. It passes easily from humans to humans, humans to animals and vice versa. Skin fungi can also be acquired from the soil. It takes about 10 days from exposure to the fungus before rashes appear. By the third to fifth day, it becomes unbearably itchy, causing one to involuntarily scratch the rash which then spreads it to other parts of the body.

Rashes like ringworm caused by fungus are usually treated by over-the-counter medicine that contain 1% clotrimazole like Lotrimin and Mycelex, and 1% terbinafine like Lamisil. These are commonly sold as creams, though some antifungal medicine is made into lotion, shampoo and pills.

Bacterial infection is caused by streptococci or staphylococci germs. These types of rashes are usually treated with antibiotics. Bacitracin and Neosporin to treat bacterial infection are also available at the drugstore without prescription.

The most common bacterial infection is impetigo, which affects children more than adults. Impetigo usually appears as blisters on the face, arms or legs. Another form of bacterial infection is cellulitis, which tend to be swollen and tender blisters appearing on the legs. Fever and headache are also symptoms of cellulitis.

Erythrasma is a bacterial infection that can look like jock itch. It appears on skin folds, but unlike jock itch can be found not just on the groin but also under the breasts or around the armpits. They manifest as pale pink or brown skin patches that tend to grow larger if left untreated.

Paronychia is a bacterial skin infection that could develop when there is a fungal infection on the fingernail or toenail. They appear as pus-filled abscesses that are painful. This sort of infection also requires antibiotics along with antifungal treatment for the nail.

Though self care can work, it is always best to consult a doctor when dealing with rashes. If your choice of over-the-counter treatment is not working within two weeks, it is time to stop guessing and get a skin biopsy. This is the safest way to treat your skin infection because bombarding your skin with a succession of medicine is not only expensive but more importantly, could lead to complications that only worsen if not treated properly.

How to Know When You Are Allergic to Your Girlfriend

Sometimes a man can feel extra sensitive to his partner. In rare cases, this is actually true and it can be said that he is allergic to his partner. After intercourse men can break out into rashes, hives and itching which can be localized either on the penis skin or on various other parts of the body. For some men this is a minor irritation and in others it’s a major health issue. Penis-specific vitamins and minerals, skin crèmes, and allergy testing can go a long way to restoring sexual harmony. In some cases a man may have to avoid contact with his partner for extended periods of time or during certain times of the month. If symptoms persists then visit your healthcare practitioner without delay.


The symptoms experienced may vary, but should usually begin during or directly after personal contact with a partner. Symptoms may include:

  • itching
  • inflammation
  • swelling
  • pain
  • hives

If the inflammation or itching is chronic, it may not be an allergic reaction at all but a condition known as balanitis; a form of contact dermatitis that affects the penis. If there is discharge coming from the penis then infection from bacteria, viruses or yeast is also a possibility. If symptoms become worse or progress to the point where breathing becomes difficult and/or the inflammation spreads then seek medical attention immediately.


In 2005 the Daily Mail published a news report concerning a man who was diagnosed as being allergic to his girlfriend. After ruling out various skin products doctors determined that his body was producing antibodies to particular hormones in his girlfriend’s skin and bodily fluids, during particular times of the month when her hormones were changing. However this type of allergy is extremely rare and in the majority of cases the reaction may be caused by something else entirely. Lubricants, spermicidal gel, latex, skin care products, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, shampoos and laundry detergents are all possible allergens.

The problem may also be a food allergy. Doctors from St Helier Hospital in England published a case study in 2007 of a woman who was allergic to Brazil nuts and would experience skin reactions after having intercourse with her partner. Interestingly, it was not only the seminal fluid she reacted to but also the sweat and hair of her partner. Although this was a case of a woman with an allergy to her male partner, it is of course possible for a man to experience an allergy to food proteins in a female partner’s bodily fluids and tissues.


Treating a man who is allergic to his girlfriend is not easy. If the problem is hormonally related and interacts negatively with his girlfriend’s cycle the symptoms of allergies can be almost completely avoided by reducing physical contact during the days of the month when hormones are fluctuating. Using polyurethane condoms, and switching to low-allergenic skin care products intended for sensitive skin, may also help considerably.

However if the reaction stems from foodstuffs the girlfriend is eating it won’t make any difference which products are eliminated or what days of the month you spend together. Allergy tests such as hair analysis, skin pricks and EAV electro-acupuncture testing can be very effective in diagnosing food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.

Health Crème

Health crèmes are natural products that can help to treat inflammation, itching, hives and allergic reactions on the penis skin. Containing natural vitamins, antioxidants and oils that benefit tissue integrity and immune health, health crèmes can be applied to speed the recovery of skin cells and may calm hypersensitive tissues. Specialist formulas (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) contain vitamin C as a natural anti-histamine and immune support, vitamin E as an anti-inflammatory, alpha lipoic acid for penis nerve health and shea butter for anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

Symptoms of Fibroids – 10 Fibroid Symptoms You Should Be Wary Of

Uterine fibroids are very common in women of childbearing age, but most do not even know they have them as the symptoms of fibroids can easily be mistaken for something else. 50% of women with fibroids have no symptoms at all, and only now they have fibroids during a pelvic exam, or when they are having problems conceiving.

Here are some common symptoms you need to be aware of, so you know when its time to take action.

Abdominal swelling – if your belly is bulging out, but it feels hard when you touch it, this is a common symptom of fibroids. Many women with fibroids look pregnant when they are not, and find that the swelling gets worse over time.

Heavy menstruation – if you find that you’re constantly having to change your super plus tampons, or night time sanitary towels are not enough during your period, this is also a sign that fibroids are causing abnormal bleeding. Some bleeding can be so bad that blood transfusions are needed.

Abnormal bleeding – in addition to heavy bleeding, you may find that you’re spotting in between periods, or your periods are lasting 6 or more days. Some women also pass lots of heavy black clots in their menstrual blood.

Vaginal bleeding after menopause – women who have gone through menopause may experience bleeding after several years of not having periods. This is another indication of fibroids becoming out of control.

Back pain, or pain in the back of the legs – women with fibroids sometimes experience pain in seemingly unrelated places. This is because the nerves that link the uterus to the brain are located near the nerves for the back and legs.

Cramps – fibroids can cause strong spasms, as the uterus recognizes them as foreign body that it needs to expel. It can feel to some women like they are going into labour, and the pain can be so bad that painkillers will not take it away.

Pelvic pain – this can come in the form of a constant dull ache, to sharp pains, depending on the type of fibroid. Some fibroids can compress other organs, and cause them to feel under pressure as well.

Urinary problems – women with large fibroids may experience frequent urination, as the fibroid presses on the bladder, or difficulty urinating, if the fibroid is blocking any part of the urinary system. Frequent urinary tract infections are also linked to fibroids interfering with the functioning of the urinary system.

Constipation – fibroids pressing on the colon can prevent regular bowel movements, cause painful digestion, and are easily mistaken for irritable bowel syndrome. If you’re in a relationship, fibroids can also cause painful intercourse, depending on where the fibroid is located. Being in constant pain, or feeling exhausted because of anaemia or fibroid symptoms can also lower the sex drive, causing relationship difficulties in some couples.

Infertility and miscarriage – fibroids can get in the way of conception, and having a healthy pregnancy. They can block fallopian tubes, prevent implantation from taking place, or in pregnant women, interfere with fetal development, or cause the uterus to spasm and miscarriage.

The most important thing to note is that it’s essential to take action to shrink your fibroids now, rather than waiting until later. Even if your fibroids are small and they are giving you no problems, they can grow very quickly, and can have serious repercussions on the health of your other organs.

Remember for every woman who looks 6 months pregnant because of her fibroids, or is bleeding so badly she’s having blood transfusions, there was a time in her life when her fibroids were very small, and were not giving her any problems. This is why its so important not to procrastinate.

Difference Between Psychotic and Neurotic Depression

There are so many forms of depression. Neurotic depression is another form of depression that is observed in people. It is also known as dysthymia disorder. It is a chronic form of depression and is distinguished by the frames of mind that are constantly low however it is not as severe as the other forms of depression. Psychotic depression is the most dangerous form of depression. People that suffer from this form of depression experience the problems like Hallucination and Delusions. Hallucination causes problems in vision and hearing problems. Delusion causes fears and development of negative thoughts in human minds.

Difference between Psychotic and neurotic depression

The cause of Neurotic depression is completely unknown. So many researches have been done to identify the reason of neurotic disorders but none of the research has been successful. This form of depression is not as severe as other forms of depression. It causes depressed mood, hopelessness and despair almost everyday. It is mostly observed in women as compared with men. It can also occur in children as well. The cause of Psychotic depression is also unknown. However few researches have shown that it has something to do with hormonal changes. Hormone named Cortical is the main cause of psychotic depressions that normally leads to stress. It is also not a severe form of depression but should be cured in time. Neurotic depression generally affects four to five percent of general population. It can easily be cured by the help of medicines prescribed by the specialist. It may persist for years if not cured at the right time. In case of this type of depression consulting with a specialist is a wise decision.

Other causes of Neurotic depression

1. Appetite problem, you tend to overeating or less eating.

2. Sleeping problems

3. Your energy level gets low.

4. Ability to Concentrate gets affected

5. Poor self admiration.

Other causes of Psychotic depression

1. Sleeping problems

2. It plays a huge role to get you in the state of Anxiety.

3. You tend to loose the ability to move.

4. Your ears and eyes do not work normally.

Neurotic depression can be cured easily both by medicines and psychotherapy. Medicine that is frequently used to get rid of this disorder is Fluoxetine (Prozac). Along with medicines talk therapies are also very much used to cure this disorder. It has been observed that the interpersonal and behavioral therapies have been a great help in Neurotic depression. Psychotic depression can be cured by antidepressants. Antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants are greatly helpful in the treatment of this type of depression. Trained professionals also use ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) technology to treat psychotic depression. People have found it really very good that have been through ECT. The recovery from psychotic depression takes more than one year time, but the result is always satisfying. Neurotic depression also takes almost the same amount of time. The results in case of neurotic depression are also very good.

Fear of Insects – How to Overcome Phobia of Insects Easily

People have an instinctive fear of insects. There’s an evolutionary reason for this. Our bodies recoil at the sensation of tiny legs swarming over them, or tiny probosci feeling our skin. If they didn’t we’d have long died out. The human race would have succumbed to innumerable insect-borne illnesses. One of the evolutionary functions of bugs is to help spread small organisms. Bugs are the number one carriers of infection in the world.

Aversion Turns To Phobia

However, for many people, trouble begins when their natural aversion to creepy crawlers turns into a full-blown phobia of insects. A phobia is an intense, pervasive, irrational reaction of panic in response to a particular trigger or stimulus (in this case, bugs). People who suffer from this kind of reaction to little critters that fly and crawl find themselves leading lives of terror. For these unfortunate individuals, picnics pr relaxing walks through the woods are often ruined by the sight of harmless bumblebees. For these people, there aren’t any quiet days of reading at home–not if they see a spider making a web in some out-of-the-way corner.

Fear Ruins Lives

In extreme cases, people who suffer from insect phobia refuse to go outside altogether, for fear of encountering the loathed creatures. Others find themselves unable to go to sleep, as insects will begin to haunt their nightmares. Some people are so consumed by their fears that they imagine that insects are crawling all over their bodies the moment they lie down in their beds. This is a phenomenon known as formication (from the Latin root for the word “ant”). There have been reports of emergency room patients who have shredded their own skin to ribbons, trying to scratch away at imaginary bugs.

You must seek help. If you have an irrational terror of bugs, don’t let it progress to this point. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques out there that can help you reduce (or even altogether cure) your phobia.

Cure Your Fear Of Insects With NLP And Hypnotherapy

Among the most powerful techniques to overcome your phobia are hypnotherapy and NLP (which stands for “neuro-linguistic programming”). These powerful, irrational fears often work like a simple computer program, embedded deep within your mind. Ordinary, conscious thought processes (such as when you’re, say, trying to figure out what you think of a novel you just read) work in a complicated way. Each conscious thought process is a different and unique progression of thoughts and neurological impulses. By contrast, irrational phobic reactions are usually comprised of just one pattern of thought, repeated each time you see whatever triggers the phobic reaction.

What You Will Learn

NLP can teach you to recognize the unconscious pattern of thought that leads to fear. The NLP therapist doesn’t care why you think this way. He or she only cares about teaching you to recognize these thoughts. Having learned to do this, you can learn to use a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to replace these unproductive, irrational fearful thoughts with more rational ones. In this way, these powerful techniques can help you conquer your fear of insects and begin to lead a normal life.

Do Orgasms Relieve Anxiety?

Great sex on a regular basis can, in fact, relieve or eliminate stress and anxiety. Sexually active adults are generally less stressed, calmer, and happier. Why? Sex causes a release of oxytocin and endorphins, similar to those released during exercise. The release of these chemicals helps bring about a sense of calmness and clarity. But here’s the ironic truth, or shall we say the “catch-69”: although a hot sex life can help relieve stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety can kill a hot sex life.

For many adults, going without sex can lead to the buildup of even more mental tension, which, if left unchecked, can ultimately bring about a lessened sense of self-worth. Once that occurs, the sex machine inside you can shut down completely, blocking you from the benefits of this very natural and beautiful act. Furthermore, according to a study sponsored by the University of Gottingen in Germany, sex-less people often take on more work to compensate for their frustration. And taking on the increased labor results in – you got it – even less sex.

For you sexless adults, this isn’t to suggest that you rush out the door and find any willing libido to help kick-start a sex life for you. Selectiveness is key. It also doesn’t mean that staying home and using self-satisfaction techniques (masturbation) is an equal substitute to getting it on with someone special. Actually, if you can achieve orgasm alone, but cannot through sexual intercourse, you could have performance anxiety. Most doctors agree that the positive effects of sex on anxiety are magnified when you do it with someone who plays an integral role in your life. Often, just seeing someone you love and trust with your feelings is enough to provide relief from anxiety.


As beautiful and satisfying as the act of sex can be, it is but a crescendo or journey to that final, often euphoric resting place called orgasm. It is the conclusion of the plateau phase of intercourse. For women, there is some debate surrounding the pleasure and effectiveness of clitoral versus vaginal orgasms. Fact is they both feel great and provide anxiety-reversing results. Here are some of the physical and mental reactions that occur during orgasm:

  • Breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure continue to rise during sex.
  • Muscle tension and blood-vessel engorgement reach a peak.
  • Sometimes orgasm comes with a grasping-type muscular reflex of the hands and feet.
  • An abundant release of oxytocin and endorphins occurs.
  • Following orgasm, a reduction in baseline blood pressure happens.
  • Ultimately, tension is released producing an unrivaled relaxed state of mind

When the sexual crescendo concludes, the recirculation of blood back through the brain and the balance of the body brings on a momentary sense of welcomed weakness followed by a restoration of clarity, calm, and newfound confidence (especially if your partner achieves orgasm too). It feels like all your fears are literally lifted and taken away.


Relationship experts recommend couples have sex at least 2 to 3 times per week. Of course, singles might see numbers double or even triple those for couples. Some people have short sexual breakaways during the day, affectionately referred to as “quickie sex”, and report seeing dramatic improvement in confidence, pep, and life accomplishments. Regardless of how often you do it, structure your goal around eliminating the anxiety first and then see if the great sex comes around. Anxiety can be dangerous, sometimes resulting in death. Aside from medicinal approaches, there are many alternative ways of effectively treating anxiety. Read articles and reports on Natural Anxiety Relief Options.

Natural Cure For Insomnia-Sleep With Sex And Exercise

Since sex and exercise are both so much a part of being human, it’s not surprising that each can affect sleep for better or worse. They key to sleeping well is when and how we engage in these activities. Exercise during the day or early evening will make you more relaxed at night and help you sleep better.

So will vigorous sex. Later at night, soothing gentle sex is an excellent sleep promoter. But rigorous physical or sexual activity before bedtime will leave you more alert and may make falling asleep much more difficult. In general, you should avoid such activities during the 4 to 6 hours before going to sleep.

When we exert ourselves physically over a sustained period of time, the brain release compounds called endorphins that invigorate us and the same time produce a pleasurable sensation. When it comes to sleep, however, endorphins can prove to be a problem. By simulating the nervous system, they make us alert and the alertness can take 4 to 6 hours to wear off. When the endorphins finally do wear off, however, the brain releases sleep promoting compounds to help us rest from the exertion. This “rebound” effect is why regular exercise or vigorous sex can be helpful to sleeping well.

Clearly, using sex and exercise at the right time can help us sleep. Ideally, you should combine physical activity with sunlight exposure. The body’s natural sleep wake cycle is intimately tried to cycle of light and darkness. We produce melatonin in response to light and release it, as a sleep promoting agent, in response to darkness. By engaging in aerobic activity in sunlight, we get the advantage of two natural sleep promoting agents together.

Soothing, sensual sex with minimal aerobic activity can be a great sleep promoter. Likewise, vigorous sexual activity during the day promotes sleep for the same reasons that exercise during the day promote sleep. When the endorphins leave the system, the “rebound effect” releases a compound in the brain that actually promotes sleep. They key, then, is not abstaining from sex, but simply doing the right thing at the right time.

How Poorly Fitting Shoes Can Lead To Foot Problems

If you think the only consequence associated with ill-fitting shoes is occasional pain, think again. This is because ill-fitting shoes can result in a variety of conditions that will not only make your foot look unattractive, but will also cause it to be in pain for a much longer period of time, whether the shoes are on them or not. This article will discuss the common conditions that can develop if a person continuously wears ill-fitting shoes.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia is a set of tissues that are located on the bottom of the foot. Usually these tissues do not cause a person any problem, but when one wears tight-fitting shoes for too long they can develop plantar fasciitis. With this condition the area becomes inflamed because the plantar fascia becomes stretched out. Heel pain can also be a problem since the condition can result in too much weight being placed on the heel. The best solution for healing for plantar fasciitis is for a person to stay off their feet, (especially if they like to walk barefoot). They should also make sure they do not continue to wear ill-fitting shoes.


Bunions are fluid-filled bumps that form in the joints of the big toes. Although they may not be painful, they are an eyesore as they make the foot look unusual. They can be fixed through orthopedic shoes with a wide toe box and/or surgery.

Corns & Calluses

Corns are an accumulation of dead skin cells found on the toes or the top or side portions of the foot. They are painful since they can expose the nerves of the foot. Calluses also produce similar symptoms as they are also an accumulation of dead skin cells, yet there’s still a difference. With calluses the dead skin cells get accumulated on the bottom of the foot.

Morton’s Neuroma Metatarsalgia

With this condition the metatarsal area of the foot becomes inflamed. This is an area that is around the ball of the foot. What happens is the bones in the area squeeze the nerves, resulting in a lot of pain. Sufferers need to wear shoes that have both a wider toe box as well as extra arch support.

Hammertoes and Claw Toes

Hammertoes is a condition that causes the toes to elevate to a position that is not normal. The only toe that cannot be affected is the big toe. Either way, it can result in a lot of pain for the sufferer. Claw Toes are similar to hammertoes except that it can result in ingrown toenails, a condition that makes the health of the foot even worse. With an ingrown toenail, the toenail grows into the skin rather than outside of it, (which is what a toenail is supposed to do). This results in very intense pain as well as the possibility of infection. And if infection happens, the foot condition can become very serious, which is why it’s very important that ill-fitting shoes are avoided both during the infliction and after.

Bid Adieu to Thickened Nails With Toenail Softening Creams

Are your thickened nails giving you trouble while clipping them? Then here is a solution for you – toenail softening creams. These creams will moisturize your toe nails from deep within and help in softening them. Get toenail fungus creams to deal with fungal infections that might lead to thickened nails.

Thickened nails are not uncommon! However, most people assume that fungal infection is solely responsible for thickened nails. If you too thought the same, then it’s time to change your tune, for there are several other reasons that could also contribute to thickened nails. For instance, an inadvertent damage to your toenails may also make your nails thick or it may be a result of aging too. No matter what causes thickening of nails, the use of an effective toenail softening cream can work wonders in softening your toe nails.

Simply applying toenail softener on your toe nails will indeed prove effective in softening them. However, here are a few tips that can help achieve better results.

  • Begin you toenail treatment by adding 2 ½ tbsp of table salt into a tub of warm water.
  • Soak your feet in the warm water mixture for at least 30 minutes. If your nails are very thick, then maybe you should soak your feet for some more time until they become soft.

Use a towel and pat dry your feet. Follow it with applying toenail cream on the affected nails. Of course, you can apply the nails on other nails too! Your nails will now be soft enough to make clipping easier. For more effective results, leave the cream on your nails overnight.Toenail softening creams work by reducing protein buildup in your nails. Most of these toenail creams come infused with moisturizing ingredients to keep your nails healthy and clean. When applied, the moisturizing ingredients will penetrate the nails and act from deep within. So the ultimate result is soft and pliable nails.

Not just thickened nails, fungal infections are also a major problem that most of you would have come across. Your feet are more prone to fungal infections if you will wear enclosed shoes for a considerably longer period. If not treated, these fungal infections can lead to thickening of nails. There are toenail fungus creams that work extremely well in dealing with fungal infections. These anti fungal creams hinder the growth of fungus, which means your feet will be protected from any further damage.

Best Ankle Braces For Sprains

How do you know if you have an ankle sprain? You will feel the obvious pain as well as experience bruising and swelling.

How do you sprain your ankle? There are a variety of ways in which you can sprain your ankle. It can happen by simply getting out of bed in the morning and stepping the wrong way. It may happen if you step in a hole or while playing sports like basketball. Or it may happen from twisting it on uneven surfaces.

When you roll your ankle, a sprain occurs. When you step awkwardly or twist the wrong way this can cause a sprain.

What is a sprain? This injury can occur when the soft tissues in the ankle (consisting of muscles, tendons and ligaments) stretch more than they should. The soft tissue becomes inflamed, and this causes the swelling and pain you feel.

How can you help relieve the pain from a sprain? One of the best things you can do is to get a brace. Ankle braces for ankle sprains are made to keep your ankle stable. They also help prevent against further injury too.

They can help relieve chronic (long term) or acute (short term) pain from injuries. They can improve the function of the joint, reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication. And improve your performance levels in sports and activities by providing extra support.

There are 3 types of sprain: the inversion sprain (twisting the ankle inwards), the eversion sprain (twisting the ankle outwards) and the rotation sprain (twisting the ankle around too far in a circular motion).

Popular ankle braces for ankle sprains such as these include: the McDavid Ankle X Hinged Stirrup, the Mueller Hg80 Rigid Brace, and the AirCast AirSport Brace. The prices of these braces range from $ 32.95 to $ 49.29.

The McDavid brace seems to be one of the most popular of these braces for sprains. While it is the most expensive of the braces, it may provide the best support. The McDavid brace can be used to treat and prevent injuries. This includes high ankle sprains as well.

There are many different types of ankle braces for ankle sprains to choose from. They provide different levels of support – from level II to level IV. The level of support you need will depend on the state of your ankles and whether you need help healing or preventing an injury.

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