Autism – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by problems with social interactions, impaired verbal and non-verbal communication and a pattern of repetitive behavior with narrow, restricted interests. Boys are more likely than girls to have autism. Though the exact cause for autism is unknown, genetics plays an important role, and environmental, immunological and metabolic factors may have a contributory role.

Behavioral therapy, coupled with specific education, and periodical assessment by a multi-disciplinary team, form the mainstay in the management of children with autism. Additional Ayurvedic herbal treatment can be given to reduce troublesome symptoms and improve cognition. Herbal medicines can be given safely for long periods even to children, and therefore, this therapy is specially beneficial for children with autism.

The brain tissue can be treated by correcting the metabolism of the “Majja” dhatu in the body. Medicines useful in this condition are: Pancha-Tikta-Ghruta Guggulu, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) and Musta (Cyperus rotundus).

In addition, Ayurveda mentions a category of medicines known as “Medhya”, which improve the working capacity of the brain. This category includes medicines like Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra), Guduchi, Padma (Nelumbo nucifera), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Vacha (Acorus calamus) and Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis).

Normally, a combination of several medicines is used in the treatment and management of autism. In addition to the two categories of medicines mentioned above, other medicines like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) are also used routinely. Autistic children usually require a high dose of herbal medicines to get good results.

In addition to oral treatment, autistic children benefit from massage treatment all over the body using medicated oils like Chandan-Bala-Laxadi oil and Mahanarayan oil. Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedures like “Shirodhara” and “Nasya” are beneficial for the problems related to autism, but may be more suitable for older children and adults.

Treatment has to be tailor-made for each child according to the severity and presentation of symptoms. In addition, different children may respond differently to the herbal medicines. Parents should avoid the temptation to treat their children on their own.

Improve or Remove Diabetes Symptoms Using Brainwave Entrainment

Diabetes is the most common disorder of the endocrine system and is emerging as a pandemic and a major public health problem.

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because cells do not respond to the insulin produced.

High blood sugar produces the classical symptoms of frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger.

Prevention of diabetes may be possible in the future but there is considerable potential now to utilize treatments like brainwave entrainment to reduce diabetes symptoms and complications.

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that introduces specific sound waves to the brain with the intention of alter its state of consciousness and frequency. The brain naturally mimics anything that is rhythmic and repeated so quickly synchronizes its brainwave frequency to that of the entrainment.

Listening to and allowing your brain to entrain to a recording that reduces stress and stimulates the pancreas, can be an effective complementary therapy for diabetes.

How Diabetes Manifests

In the initial stages of diabetes, you develop insulin resistance-your insulin is not working as efficiently as it needs to so your blood sugars rise.

During the second stage, when the pancreas has been overworked for decades, starts secreting less and less insulin.

Now, when you need more insulin because of your lifestyle choices, the pancreas can’t make enough and in some cases, actually starts to die off.

Diabetes has now manifested at this point, and you will either have to take an oral insulin replacement or needle injections of insulin.

How Lifestyle Can Strengthen Diabetes

Living in our modern world is very stressful, and if you don’t have a way to alleviate and process that stress, you will compromise your body.

Your brain reacts to excessive stress by releasing stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenalin which aggravates insulin and glucose levels.

Reducing the release of these neuro-hormones through brainwave entrainment will help balance glucose and insulin in the blood.

Entrainment helps to normalize metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

When you are stressed out, your brain signals you to overeat and crave carbohydrates and fats.

Cortisol especially kicks in at night, making it overwhelmingly difficult not to raid the fridge before you go to bed, or even in the middle of the night.

Eating at night is lethal for diabetics triggering insulin resistance and raising blood sugars. On top of that, there is a natural five minute spike in HGH, a growth hormone at 3:00 a.m. which leads to a temporary increase in insulin resistance and blood sugar. You now have really high blood sugar levels.

Stress makes diabetes worse. If you are under constant stress and not processing it properly, your body never has a balanced state or homeostasis, increasing further damage on the pancreas and other organs like the kidneys.

Emotional or psychological stress can also mess with your sleep patterns, which in turn, has your brain release more stress hormones, affecting your diabetes even further.

Brainwave entrainment can significantly decrease insulin resistance which means that your blood sugar levels will be more level, you won’t be so viciously hungry, and you’ll pee less.

Entrainment, using a specific deliberate brainwave pattern, will stabilize sugar levels, decreasing fluctuations.

High fluctuations in blood sugar levels equals fatigue and reduction in mental clarity.

Brainwave entrainment can create balance at the deepest level of physiology, in your consciousness.

At that level, profound changes can occur that can alleviate or eliminate diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes is a serious disorder that affects your life.

Brainwave entrainment can stop the destructive effects of diabetes.

Childhood Obesity: Physical Effects

Obesity can be a problem as early as kindergarten for some children. Children who suffer from obesity will most likely endure a lifelong struggle with physical and emotional consequences.

Physical effects of obesity in children include difficulty keeping up with physical activities, problems sleeping, and trouble with breathing. Not only are obese children more often affected by asthma, they also have problems with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is being recognized with more frequency as the incidence of pediatric obesity rises. Clinically significant effects on learning and memory function have been documented in children with obstructive sleep apnea as a consequence of obesity. (Must, Aviva, Ph.D., ET AL, 2003 “Effects of Obesity on Morbidity in Children and Adolescents” Nutrition in Clinical Care, p. 8).

Childhood obesity clearly impacts the health of the growing child. Furthermore, it is considered an important disease because of its link to long-term health problems including type II diabetes, hypertension, some forms of cancer, lack of energy and asthma. The incidence of type II diabetes in children is expected to grow in parallel with the rise in obesity. Onset diabetes in childhood is a predictor of early onset of diabetes complications including cardiovascular disease, kidney failure and amputations (Must, p. 131). Approximately 60% of overweight five to ten year old children experience at least one associated biochemical or clinical cardiovascular risk factor, such as hyperlipidemia, elevated blood pressure, or increased insulin levels, and 25% have two or more (Koplan, JP, Deitz WH., “Calorie Imbalance and Public Health Policy” The Journal of the American Medical Association, 1999. p 1579).

Children from lower income families are at a greater disadvantage because the majority of this population resides in neighborhoods with intimidating playgrounds. Concerned with street safety, children are often kept inside by parents and they tend to spend more time in front of the television or playing video games.

Playgrounds in lower income neighborhoods tend to be filthy, with broken bottles, trash and graffiti covering the park. Although the playground has basketball courts, swings and jungle gyms, they are generally not child friendly. The parks are usually populated with young adults hanging out, intimidating the younger children. This is not a safe environment for children to play in and not one in which children could safely play unsupervised.

Schools are contributing to childhood obesity by failing to make physical education an important part of the curriculum. Children don’t get enough exercise at school. Time allotted for gym is inadequate and infrequent. Teachers can try to compensate by providing their classes with additional outside play time. The physical education program is extremely vital and deserving of more attention.

Implementation of after school programs that emphasize physical activities such as kickball and basketball should be a priority. There is a need for an after school athletic program at the elementary level to augment the physical education program and provide a safe, healthy environment for lower income children as well. This would be a benefit for children as well as parents, and an important factor in reducing obesity in children.

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Probiotics Information And Side Effects

There are a few side effects associated with probiotics. The side effects have not really been scientifically studied so it is hard to say if some side effects are more common than other side effects while using probiotics. It is reported that side effects are a rare occurrence when taking probiotics.

Abdominal discomfort is one of the most common side effects that is reported when using probiotics. People sometimes report feeling bloating after taking probiotics. Bloating happens when the digestive process produces excess gas. Feeling extremely full is a sign of bloating. Pain in the abdominal region is another side effect that users report while using probiotics. People need to see their doctor if they experience any kind of abdominal discomfort after they use the supplement.

Not only are abdominal pains and bloating some reported side effects but headaches are also commonly reported side effects of using probiotics. People who suffer from headaches after using probiotics should lower their dosage. Some people say that their headaches go away once their body becomes used to taking the probiotics supplement. People should contact their doctor if their headaches do not get better over time or if the headaches become severe.

Some reports of probiotics say that a small number of people should not take the supplement because they could become more prone to catching infections, mainly fungal infections. Sometimes the infections can happen more often due to the immune system being compromised. Intestinal infections are other types of infections that can occur as a result of taking probiotics. Anybody who gets symptoms of infection after taking the supplement should call their doctor.

Diarrhea has been reported as one of the side effects of using probiotics. Diarrhea has not been a commonly reported side effect and probiotics are also used to treat diarrhea.

Skin rashes are rare when using probiotics supplements but rashes have been reported in some cases.

A person who experiences any abnormal changes in their body after taking probiotics should contact their doctor and make an appointment to see them.

Side effects are quite rare when using probiotics but they do happen once in a while.

Probiotics Supplements

Probiotics supplements are sold in many different places. A lot of probiotics supplements come in pill form but sometimes the supplements come in liquid form too but pill form is the most common form the probiotics come in. Powder form is also a popular form that it comes in. The powder is simply stirred into a drink such as water and then consumed by drinking it.

Probiotics supplements are made by many manufacturers. Research on companies and manufacturers of probiotics is needed when a person decides to buy the supplement because some probiotic supplements may be better than others as some manufacturers may use slightly different ingredients than other manufacturers.

Many manufacturers will make their own recommendations on when to take the probiotics supplements. However, most companies recommend taking probiotics supplements before breakfast with a glass of water. After taking it, a person should wait around twenty minutes before eating because this will help a person get the full benefits of the supplement. The probiotics supplements should not be taken within three hours of consuming an antibiotic.

Almost every single company will recommend taking probiotics right around meal time, most likely breakfast time.

Side effects are usually mild but there are rare cases where the supplement has been linked to major side effects.

Probiotics Benefits

There are many positive benefits of taking probiotics. There are some reports that say that one of the benefits of consuming probiotics is an enhanced immune system response. Sometimes antibiotics can cause negative side effects but probiotics can reduce those negative side effects.

A lot of people experience colon inflammation after a surgery. Probiotics actually helps treating the inflammation as well as preventing it.

Eczema is a nuisance for many people but youths can take measures to prevent eczema. Eczema is a nasty rash that can cause severe itching. The skin condition is something that is very hard to treat. However, one of the measures that can be taken to treat eczema is probiotics supplements. Eczema prevention is one of the benefits of taking it.

Another benefit of probiotics is that a person can expect to digest food better because their ability to digest food will increase.

The overall immune system gets enhanced too and this acts as a therapeutic for viral tract infections.

Lactose intolerance is reduced when taking probiotics. Incidents of vaginitis, yeast infections and candidiasis are also reduced when taking the probiotics supplements. Women love taking it because of these benefits. Many women do not know how to effectively reduce incidents of yeast infections and vaginitis and taking probiotics is one of the best things to take to reduce such incidents.

Probiotics also help with bad breathe. Bad breathe is a very common problem among many people. Bad breathe causes thousands and thousands of people embarrassment and shame. Many do not know how to battle bad breathe. There are way too many remedies out there that claim they battle bad breathe but often people are let down by such products making such claims. However, many people believe that the best remedy for bad breathe are probiotics supplements. There are many reports out there that show that probiotics work very well in preventing and even curing bad breathe.

Probiotics may help with preventing cavities. Preventing cavities is something that many people try to do. Brushing teeth and using mouthwash are both great ways to prevent cavities but taking probiotics is possibly another way to prevent cavities. There are not a lot of studies out there to back up the claims but many people do believe the good bacteria can prevent cavities. There is a small amount of studies that do claim certain strains of probiotics can prevent cavities.

Probiotics are also great for digestive disorders. Digestive disorders such as IBS, diarrhea and constipation are some common forms of digestive disorders. These disorders are uncomfortable and can cause a person to feel a lot of abdominal pain. A lot of people feel helpless when they suffer from digestive disorder symptoms. However, probiotics alleviates disorders such as diarrhea, IBS and constipation. The benefits are usually noticed shortly after consumption. Many elderly people seem to have issues with constipation and this is why they love the benefits of taking probiotics. A lot of elderly believe that the symptoms of constipation are reduced shortly after taking the probiotics supplements.

There are a lot of men and women who encounter bladder infections. Bladder infections can be treated with different types of medicines but the treatments may not always be effective. People who suffer or experience bladder infections frequently should give probiotics a try because there are many studies out there that show they are effective at relieving symptoms of bladder infections and sometimes even curing them too. Men and women have reported positive improvements in bladder infections’ symptoms shortly after taking probiotics.

There are some studies out there that show that probiotics promote healthy bacteria in the colon. This is great news but it is amazing news for men because a lot of men suffer from problems relating to the colon but probiotics help lower the conversion of bile into carcinogens in the colon. Colon cancer is one of the leading cause of deaths in men.

Probiotics increases the availability of vitamin K as well as fatty acids and lactase. They also produces very important enzymes.

Allergies affects millions of people all over the world. Allergies are sometimes hard to deal with. However, there is some good news for people who suffer from mild or severe allergies. A lot of people find that taking probiotics help relieve allergy symptoms.

Chronic fatigue suffers also can feel the benefits. One of the benefits of the probiotics supplements is that it helps relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue. People find themselves more energized and able to stay awake more shortly after consuming probiotics.

Nutrients such as vitamin B and calcium are affected by probiotics. Vitamin B is easier to synthesize because the supplements increases the ability to do so. Calcium is also absorbed easier because probiotics increases the ability to absorb calcium.

Cholesterol is something that affects all types of people and sometimes lowering it can be a difficult task. Probiotics actually can lower cholesterol in people. There have been many people who have said that their cholesterol have been lowered as a result of taking probiotics. Reducing blood pressure is another claim that is made by quite a few people who take probiotics.

Parasites are also something that a lot of men and women have to deal with. Some parasites can be harmful to the body and cause serious problems. Not only are probiotics good for types of fungal problems but they are also good for treating people with parasites and can sometimes prevent people from getting parasites. Parasites are often eliminated completely soon after consuming probiotics supplements or food with probiotics in them.

Stress is something that almost all people deal with. It does not matter how old somebody is or what their sex or race is, stress is something that is unavoidable at times. There are people who suffer from stress more than others and they find it hard to relax and relieve stress. Although there are not many studies about the positive benefits that probiotics have on people who deal with stress, there are a few studies that say probiotics actually help people who suffer from stress. Some foods and probiotics supplements boosts peoples’ overall moods and helps them cope with stress a lot easier.

Probiotics Yogurt

The good bacteria is also found in yogurt. Different strains of the good bacteria are found in different yogurts. This means that all yogurts are not created equal when it comes to probiotics. Some strains of the bacteria are considered to be more beneficial than others, so it is important to read the labels on yogurt carefully. Read on and find out the different types of strains that are found in some types of yogurts. Almost all yogurts have some form or amounts of probiotics in them. However, probiotic yogurts have many more beneficial probiotics in them, and this is why they are called probiotic yogurts.

One of the most popular strains of the bacteria is Lactobacillus GG (or LGG) and it is found in many yogurts. LGG in yogurt has been shown to help people reduce the effects of diarrhea and atopic eczema in kids. LGG is also shown to reduce illness in kids who attend day care. LGG is the most studied strain of probiotics and is thought to have the most benefits. This is why LGG is found in many yogurts. Bifildobacterium is another strain that is commonly found in yogurts. Both of the strains are similar to good bacteria that is found naturally within the body.

There are many different brands of probiotic yogurts. Before discussing the types of brands who market probiotic yogurts, lets discuss how safe these types of yogurts are. Side effects of consuming probiotics were discussed earlier in the first paragraph and some of those side effects can occur due to eating probiotic yogurts. Read on and find out what possible side effects can occur from eating probiotic yogurts.

Although rare, bloating and gas is a reported side effect of eating probiotic yogurts. Bloating and gas are the two side effects that are most commonly reported after consuming probiotic yogurts. Gene transfer is another side effect that sometimes occur due to eating probiotic yogurts. Unhealthy metabolic activities is another side effect that is sometimes due to eating the yogurts. Sometimes another ingredient in the yogurt could be the cause of certain side effects and not the probiotics causing the side effects. A person should see a doctor if they experience any severe side effects or side effects that don’t go away within two or three weeks.

Now lets discuss the different types of yogurt brands that have probiotic yogurts on the market today and what kind of reputation they have. Activia is considered to be the most popular brand that makes probiotic yogurts. Activia products contain bifildobacterium. Activia is said to improve digestive health and is considered to be a functional food. The brand has a wide selection of probiotic yogurts to choose from and can be found at virtually any grocery store. The brand of yogurt is available in more than thirty countries including the UK, Russia, United States and France just to name a few.

Yoplait is a very popular brand that produces probiotic yogurts. Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are the two main live microorganisms that Yoplait uses in their probiotic yogurts. Yoplait is not quite as popular as Activia is but many people do claim to experience great benefits in regards to their digestive system. Yoplait is said to be one of the best yogurts with probiotics in it because hundreds of people have claimed that Yoplait yogurts have helped their digestive system as well as making their bowels regular. Yoplait is very popular among the elderly and kids.

Stonyfield is a producer of probiotic yogurts too. The company creates some of the best selling probiotic yogurts in the United States. Their yogurts contain a few types of probiotics and there are a lot of positive reviews about the yogurts that the company makes. Stonyfield is very popular for a reason and one of the main reasons is that the benefits people feel are extraordinary. The company also uses many natural ingredients in their products and they are strong believers in using organic ingredients in all of their products.

Gerber is also a good brand that produces probiotic yogurts. Gerber has many different types of yogurts but all of the yogurts are rather healthy. Gerber has yogurts specifically made for toddlers, infants, women, pregnant women and more. The yogurts are packed with beneficial probiotics. The yogurts are popular among all types of people. Gerber is known for producing quality probiotic yogurts and they can be found in stores all over the world. The brand is known for producing yogurts that do not cost a lot of money to purchase. There are a lot of positive reviews about the yogurts that Gerber produces.

When it comes to probiotics in yogurts, some of the best ones can be found in the yogurts that Nature Valley produces. The company makes great tasting yogurts that are filled with quality probiotics. People who want to improve their digestive systems love Nature Valley yogurts because the yogurts can do just that.

EasiYo is a company that a lot of people have not heard of but the company is one of the best companies that make yogurts. They have a large line of probiotic yogurts. The yogurts are known for having a rich thick taste as well as a smooth taste. The probiotics in EasiYo yogurts help regulate bowel movements and are great for the digestive system. A lot of people say that they can feel the benefits of eating the yogurt shortly after consuming them. The probiotic yogurts that EasiYo has are also high in calcium and protein. The yogurts are affordable too and can be found all over the world.

Probiotics Brands

There are tons of probiotics brands on the market today. Some brands are better and more well known than other brands. Knowing which brands to get probiotics from is very important. Some probiotic brands have better probiotics than other brands. Choosing the right brand can help a person get the most benefits from the probiotics. Lets discuss some of the top probiotics brands on the market, so a person can make a wise decision when they want to get their hands on a brand that has the best probiotics in their products.

Align is one of the top probiotics brands on the market today. Align has capsules available. The capsules are taken just once a day. A person can expect to be able to build and maintain a healthy digestive system when they take the probiotics from Align. The capsule that Align has is very easy to swallow and it does not take long to start feeling the benefits of the supplement. Most people who take probiotics from Align start to feel and see the benefits just a few weeks after starting the supplement. A lot of people also say that they feel less stressed out while they take probiotics from Align. It is very easy to see why Align is one of the best probiotics brands on the market. The brand produces quality products that are affordable. The brand has also received a lot of positive feedback from many satisfied customers.

Activia is one of the most popular probiotics brands. Their major product line is a line of yogurts with probiotics in them. Activia offers customers many different types of flavors. The brand’s yogurts contain quite a bit of probiotics and they have yogurts that all kinds of people will like. Young and old love the benefits that the yogurts Activia produces offers them. People usually have to eat two or three yogurts a day to start feeling the positive benefits of the probiotics in the yogurts. The company’s yogurts are inexpensive and the brand has yogurts in stores all over the world. It is no secret why Activia has a solid reputation for creating quality yogurts that contain many good probiotics.

Florastor is considered by many to be one of the top probiotics brands. Florastor is another brand that produces a probiotics capsule which is extremely easy to take. The pill is easy to swallow. A person may not want to swallow the pill, and if that’s the case, then they can even crush the pill and place the powder in their food. The capsule is taken just once a day. Florastor is unique because it does not take long to feel the benefits of the brand’s probiotics. Kids can also take the brand’s product. The product can be mixed with liquid and given to kids. Kids as young as two months old can also take Florastor’s products. There are many benefits of taking Florastor and many people experience benefits in as little as two weeks. A lot of customers say that they feel healthier after being on Florastor’s product for just a few weeks. Many customers report being in better moods, feeling stronger, taking regular bowel movements and suffer from less indigestion after taking probiotics from Florastor. The brand can be found at many pharmacies throughout the world and the product is very affordable.

Garden For Life produces quite a few products with probiotics in them. Garden For Life has products that are meant just for kids, women and even men. The products are designed to offer the best benefits to men, women and kids in a short about of time. Just one capsule a day is all that is needed in order to start feeling the benefits of what the probiotics have to offer. The Garden For Life probiotics supplement is not only easy to take but the formula is very healthy for people. Customers claim that the probiotics by Garden For Life helps them with their immune system, bowel movements and overall moods, just to name some of the benefits they experience. The brand offers other products but one of the most popular probiotics product they have is called Primal Defense, which is a capsule. The capsule also contains other important nutrients that the body needs and should have. The company also has a powder, which is great for people who do not want to take a probiotic in pill form. Garden For Life is a reputable company and they have more happy customers than unhappy ones.

Nutraelle claims that their products deliver over one billion beneficial bacteria to their customers’ intestinal flora. The company recommends that a person takes one pill a day in order to start reaping the benefits of the supplement. One capsule a day is suppose to help improve a person’s immune system and even help people with diarrhea and help people who have constipation. The supplement is very easy to take and many people consider Natraelle’s supplement to be much better than yogurt when it comes to providing them with probiotics. Vegetarians also love to take the company’s probiotics supplements because the product does not contain any gelatin. There is also no calories in the supplement, which is good news for people who carefully watch their calorie intake. The product also does not contain sugar or sodium.

Culturelle is one of the most popular probiotics brands out there because they have affordable products and their products are known to work very well. Culturelle offers customers an easy to take capsule that is taken just once a day. Just like other brands out there, Culturelle has capsules that are specifically made for men, women and even kids. Many customers feel benefits such as a healthier digestive systems, stronger immune system, healthier bowel movements and more. Culturelle supplements are usually a big hit with people of all ages and sexes.

Puritan’s Pride is a probiotic brand that has been around for many years. Puritan’s Pride produces some of the most affordable probiotics on the market today. The brand is known for only using quality ingredients that are needed, and they avoid using any unnecessary ingredients. The brand offers a few supplements to customers, as well as a chewable tablet that is very easy to take. There are many positive reviews about the brand.

Threelac is one of the most prominent probiotic brands. The brand produces probiotics that comes in the form of a powder. The flavor is a fruit flavor and is mixed in water or even food. The product is great for kids too because sometimes kids do not like to take capsules. Threelac has three important probiotics that are resistant to acid in the stomach. The product helps people maintain a healthy immune system and helps people with their digestive system. The brand’s product may not be considered cheap in price but the product is a high quality product.

Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics are named after himself and he created his probiotic brand using fermentation techniques used in Japan. The probiotics have won many different types of awards. Twelve beneficial strains are used in Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics, and one of the strains is E. faecalis TH which is considered to be one of the strongest types of bacteria. The capsules are easy to take and only one capsule a day is needed. A lot of customers claim that they feel relief from heartburn and other digestion problems shortly after taking the capsules. The supplements are very affordable and are known all over the world.

Yakult is a great company that produces a probiotic formula that was created after a great deal of research was done. The product is a beverage that a person consumes once a day. The brand sells their beverage in many different countries and the beverage also contains an exclusive strain of bacteria. The brand’s beverage is great for men, kids and even women. Yakult’s beverage tastes great, is affordable and very easy to consume. Many customers say that the brand’s beverage tastes excellent and works very well. The brand is popular among many different types of people. Yakult has many positive reviews about their product.

Probiotics Foods

There are many different types of probiotics foods out there. A lot of people are not aware of what types of foods have probiotics in them. Some foods are very common and then there are foods that people may not have even heard of. Lets discuss some of the foods that have probiotics in them and which foods people should be eating or at least try for a few weeks.

One of the best foods to eat that has probiotics in it is Natto. Fermented soybeans is what is used to make Natto. The food has bacillus subtilis in it. Natto has a distinguished taste to it but the beans are easy to chew and swallow, although the beans are a little bit sticky. Natto is very high in protein and is also high in vitamin K. Natto provides many different types of benefits, including benefits that have already been talked about previously in this article. The food is inexpensive and can be found at Asian stores worldwide. Many other types of stores may have the food but Asian stores are commonly the stores that sell the food.

Kimchi has lactobacillus kimchii and other probiotics in it. The food is beneficial to peoples’ immune system, intestinal health and bowel movements. The food is typically used as a condiment. Kimchi can be bought at a lot of specialty stores located throughout the world. A lot of people actually make their very own Kimchi but it is very inexpensive to buy. Customers love the food because it tastes great and the benefits are amazing. The largest exporter of Kimchi is Japan but is more of a Korean dish.

Miso is a food with probiotics and is a seasoning that is used in many Japanese dishes. The food is fermented with a wide range of ingredients such as soybeans, brown rice and barley. Miso is said to have a buttery taste to it but very easy to consume. Miso is available worldwide and is very cheap to buy. Miso is great for overall health and is very high in vitamin B12.

Yogurt was already discussed earlier on but almost all yogurts have probiotics in them. Yogurts are sold all over the world and there are many different types of yogurts available to people. Yogurt is one of the most commonly consumed food with probiotics in them.

Tempeh is high in protein and is easy to eat. Tempeh can be eaten cooked or uncooked but usually people boil it. The food is derived from soybeans that are fermented. The food originates from Indonesia. The food kind of resembles a cake. Tempeh is sometimes stirred into veggies too. Tempeh is also eaten as a meatless burger too. The food is inexpensive and can be found in many supermarkets throughout the world. It is also available at many different health stores too.

Kefir is another great probiotics food. It has a similar texture to yogurt and can be bought in many different supermarkets. Fermented grains and goat milk make up Kefir. Not only does Kefir contain probiotics but it is also a great source for antioxidants. It tastes great and is inexpensive, and that is why the food is extremely popular among people.

When it comes to healthy food, many do not consider chocolate as being a source of healthy nutrients. However, dark chocolate actually has probiotics in them. Dark chocolate actually has quite a few probiotics in them and has more probiotics than a lot of dairy based products. There are many different types of dark chocolate and it can be bought almost everywhere and anywhere throughout many stores worldwide.

Microalgae is a food that is not known to many people. Microalgae refers to plants that are ocean based, such as blue-green algae. The food is popular and has a unique taste to it.

Pickles are not something that is often considered healthy, let alone a good source for probiotics. Pickles are actually an excellent source of probiotics and they can be found and bought at many places. A lot of people also make their own pickles. Pickles provide people with many benefits that can have a positive impact on their health. Pickles also taste very good and they do not cost a lot of money to buy.

Cheese tastes good and can be used on many different types of foods. Cheese is often used on cheeseburgers, ham sandwiches and eaten alone. Cheese is a great source of probiotics. However, aged cheese is the best type of cheese to eat when one wants a good source of probiotics. There are different types of cheese but most cheese provides people with the benefits that probiotics are known for. Cheese can help a person maintain a healthy immune system as well as help with diarrhea.

Many types of beans, especially soybeans, have good amount of probiotics in them. Beans are consumed by many people around the world and are very common. Beans can be served alone or on top of foods. Beans are beneficial to people with irregular bowel movements because beans are extremely beneficial for bowel movements, thanks to the probiotics in them. A lot of elderly and kids love beans because of how easy they are to swallow and most beans have a taste that is easy to get use to. Anybody who wants to feel the benefits of probiotics should get their hands on some beans.

Traditional sourdough breads are an excellent source of probiotics. Grains are also good for probiotics and cereals with grains in it are some of the best sources for probiotics. Cereals that are grain based are often eaten by kids because of the other nutrients that are found in them. However, the probiotics in grain cereals provide kids and adults many great benefits. People often feel better, less stressed out and have regular bowel movements when they consume grain cereals on a daily basis. Grain cereals can be bought in virtually any supermarket throughout the world. The cereals containing probiotics are inexpensive and easy to find.

5 Frequent Penis Problems That Can Be Avoided With Proper Health Care

For the average guy, talking about penis care is not at the top of the list of conversational topics; yet most men experience penis health issues from time to time that lead to discomfort, irritation, soreness, and loss of sexual pleasure. Fortunately, many of these problems can be prevented by, daily treatment with a formula containing vitamins and minerals with specific penis health benefits. The following information describes some of the most common penis problems and how they can be avoided or treated.

The 5 most common penis problems – what causes them and how to treat them

• Diminished penile sensitivity – Reduced penis sensitivity affects men of all ages; more than 85% of all men report decreased penis sensation by age 39, often starting as early as their teenage years. Penis sensation is often affected by desensitizing of the skin due to constant friction, which may result from frequent masturbation, aggressive sex, or restrictive clothing. Men who treat the penis skin with nutrient formulas containing vitamin B5, which is noted for providing nervous system support and contributing to the regeneration of damaged nerve tissue, may be able to prevent or reverse loss of penis sensation.

• Dry penis skin – Dryness of the penis skin can lead to irritation, itching, flaking, and an unattractive appearance. This common penis problem is generally caused by dry rubbing in men who masturbate without the use of a personal lubricant. In addition, the chemicals in many cleansers and detergents can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause drying and discomfort. Using a rejuvenating moisturizer containing shea oil and vitamin E restores hydration and creates a protective barrier which prevents excessive drying and leaves the penis skin soft and supple.

• Itchy, red, penis skin – Itchy and reddened penis skin can occur when overly aggressive masturbation or sex causes drying and minor skin lacerations; this in itself causes the penile skin to feel irritated and uncomfortable, and the tears in the skin’s surface also permit fungal and bacterial infections to develop. Keeping the skin smooth and boosting its healing ability with rejuvenating vitamins such as A and C can prevent redness, itching and irritation and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

• Sore, overly sensitive penis skin – Frequent masturbation can lead to pneis skin that is sore, inflamed and sensitive to the touch; without treatment, irritated skin can toughen – much like the skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet – eventually resulting in loss of penis sensation. To prevent soreness and discomfort during masturbation and sex, use of an all-natural lubricant is recommended; in addition, keeping the skin naturally hydrated and supple through use of penis nutrients such as vitamins E and D can protect the delicate dermal tissue and boost its healing ability.

• Penis circulatory issues – including dysfunction, unsightly capillaries on penile skin, curved or bent erect penis – Circulatory problems of the penis are some of the most common penis issues experienced by men of all ages. Poor circulation can lead to erectile dysfunction, as well as preventing proper hydration of the skin cells. In addition, circulatory issues are indicated in the development of Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the penis curves or bends during an erection; this disease can be extremely painful and may even prevent sexual activity. Nutrients such as L-arginine and vitamin C are known to provide circulatory system support, maintaining healthy veins and maximizing blood flow to prevent broken capillaries, erectile problems and disfiguring penis conditions.

How to avoid these common penis problems

Proper nourishment of the penis skin can help men to avoid the most common penis problems and maintain a youthful-looking penis that is responsive to sexual stimulation. The penis benefits provided by nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as important amino acids and high-end moisturizers, can be most easily obtained through use of a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), which is applied topically and absorbed directly into the penis skin for maximum effectiveness.

Good News – Not All Genital Warts Are Caused By STDs

When a man who is not active sexually finds that he has warts on his penis, he may be confused and panicked. But, most people don’t realize that warts on your penis may not be caused by an STD. It is possible that they are caused by one of several skin conditions.

These nonvenereal warts often look exactly like sexually transmitted warts. Often, warts on the penis are caused by HPV, or papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease. A layman can’t tell the difference, but any dermatologist can tell you which is which.

Psoriasis is a skin condition where warts and lesions appear in certain areas of the body due to dry skin. You will often find these warts on the scrotum, penis itself or rectal area, the same places sexually transmitted warts appear. You may also experience itching and skin irritation around the wart. You may notice that the itching comes and goes. If you suffer from psoriasis, you probably will have other similar lesions on other parts of the body. Most commonly these are found on the back, knees or elbows.

Lichen planus is another non-sexually transmitted condition which may produce warts on the penis. These have a certain look; they are often flat on top, polygonal and slightly scaled. As with psoriasis, those who suffer from lichen planus often have similar skin trouble on different parts of the body.

These conditions are usually harmless and the warts usually disappear by themselves without treatment. But, in certain cases, they may become more numerous. If this happens, you should definitely talk to your doctor about treatment. Often, the same kinds of treatment are used for both venereal and nonvenereal warts such as these. The options are the same; chemicals, surgery or laser treatment to remove the warts. The main point of this treatment is to simply reduce the discomfort on your penis.

There are also medications which may be prescribed by your doctor for you to treat your penile warts by yourself at home. These are almost always used by prescription only. There are also over-the-counter drugs used to treat warts, but most doctors recommend not using them. If used incorrectly, the result can be serious pain and worsening of the problem. When you are being treated for penile warts, or during times when you are suffering from an outbreak, you should always wear loose clothes and cotton underwear. This will keep the affected areas from becoming irritated, and it goes for both HPV and nonvenereal warts.

If you aren’t a sexually active person, but you find that you have warts on your penis, talk to your doctor about treating the problem. Don’t be ashamed and feel like you picked it up somewhere. Cases of non-venereal genital warts are quite common.

Remedy For Thick Toenails – Remedies That Work to Cure Thick Toenails

Thick toenails are often associated with toenail fungus. This is often the case however it is not always the case. Symptoms to determine whether thick toenails are a result of a toenail fungus are discoloring of the nail, fogging of the nail, brittleness, pain, or chipping of the nail. Any of these symptoms point to a good indication that you may be suffering from a toenail fungus.

Thick Toenail Remedies

If your thick toenail has come about from a fungus there are several ways to treat it. Some of which are ineffective, others which are dangerous, and others which take a little determination but show remarkable results.

Over the counter topical solutions for curing nail fungus are generally ineffective because they fail to deliver treatment directly to the fungus and fail to penetrate the nail. Prescription drugs can be quite expensive and include countless side effects. These side effect include liver damage which can result in death. Your not even guaranteed treatment with these ingested drugs.

One of the most effective methods I found for curing my thick toenail fungus was using a combination of techniques. It took sometime to get the remedy down to something that actually worked for me. I started off by shaving my infected nail down just a little bit. I did this after I took a nice hot shower so the nail would be easier to shave. Be careful to not shave off too much. Just shaving the surface of the infected nail will do.

The next part of my treatment was dipping my feet in regular old store bought beer for thirty minutes each application. I did this twice a day. After I finished this treatment I started using a natural topical treatment.

After a few weeks of applying this treatment I began seeing a gradual healing of the nail. Obviously this takes a little bit of work but it was the safest most effective method I could find.

Coping With an Itchy Penis – Could It Be an Allergic Reaction?

Men who have allergies – whether to nuts, insect bites, plant materials, or any other substance found in their environment – are often at risk for allergic skin reactions which can result in an itchy penis, swelling, and a world of pain and misery. Avoiding these substances is, of course, the first line of defense in dealing with a penis allergy, but this is not always possible. When an allergic reaction occurs, some penis care tips can help to soothe the pain; and being aware of some common culprits when it comes to allergies can help men to steer clear as often as possible.

Latex – the top contender in the penile skin allergy category is latex, which is found not only in condoms, but also in many articles of clothing; latex and similar substances are often added to other material to help prevent stretching and loss of shape of a particular garment. Even men who have not previously experienced allergic reactions to latex may develop an immune reaction to this material. For those who experience itching, redness, swelling and irritation of the skin, an alternative condom material such as polyurethane may be a better choice.

Fabrics – Aside from fabrics containing latex, other materials used in clothing manufacture may cause symptoms such as an itchy penis, redness and swelling. Synthetic materials such as nylon, Spandex, and other petroleum derivatives are often irritating to delicate skin; and aside from the fabrics themselves, many men experience reactions to dyes and other chemicals added to the material. Furthermore, natural fabrics such as wool can be highly irritating, even if the reaction does not constitute an allergy, and should never be worn directly against the penis.

Personal Care Products – Personal hygiene products like shampoos, conditioners, soaps and deodorants often contain combinations of chemicals that can cause severe reactions with sensitive skin. Men who experience symptoms such as rash, itchy penis, dry skin, swelling and burning on the skin following use of a personal care item may consider switching to a hypoallergenic formula.

Environmental Irritants – Plants, household dust, pet dander, insects and other things found in the environment can cause immune reactions in sensitive individuals that can lead to severe discomfort and irritation. Avoiding toxic plants such as poison ivy and poison oak, using a home air filter, cleaning frequently and avoiding areas where insects swarm may help to prevent painful allergic reactions.

Vaginal Fluids – Although it is highly uncommon, there have been cases reported where men experience allergic-type reactions following contact with a partner’s bodily fluids. Fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels can create an environment that is harsh on highly sensitive skin. It is important when such a reaction occurs to see a doctor for skin testing, in order to rule out any other substances that might be causing the problem. In some instances, men may need to avoid contact with a partner during certain times of the month.

Soothing an itchy, inflamed penis

The first step in coping with a penis allergy is to remove the offending material. When an allergic-type reaction occurs, the affected skin should be rinsed carefully and thoroughly with lukewarm water in order to wash away all traces of the allergen. A hypoallergenic cleanser may be used on sensitive skin, but ordinary soaps and shower gels should be avoided, because they often contain chemicals that can exacerbate the problem.

Afterward, a cool compress may be applied to help reduce swelling. At this point, it is good idea to consult a doctor about what to do to relieve the aftereffects and prevent further occurrences. Some physicians will recommend an antihistamine or a cortisone cream; while a doctor’s directions should be followed, it is worth noting that long-term use of cortisone creams may result in thinner, more fragile dermal tissue. No creams should be applied to affected skin without the recommendation of a trained medical professional.

After the skin has been restored to normal, many men find that applying a penis health cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) fortified with targeted vitamins and other nutrients for penis health helps to improve the tone and texture of the penile skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and responsive.

Having Hypoglycemia Without Having Diabetes

A growing number of people are starting to show sympotoms of hypoglycemia, but don’t have diabetes. Is this a possibility? The answer is yes. Hypoglycemia, which is also called as reactive hypoglycemia, is more like a sensitivity to sugar in the blood than it is a diabetic response due to improper insulin levels. When persons suffering from hypoglycemia without diabetes don’t eat or have poor eating habits, it can cause dips in blood sugar and erratic levels, which can initiate a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms including symptoms like dizziness, headaches, irritability, fainting, and many more. It has been observed that with blood sugar levels, how quickly the blood sugar levels change can actually matter more than the overall levels. So in some cases, if the blood sugar has spikes and dips within normal ranges, yet the time frame is quick, it can cause symptoms to arise.

Different people have different nominal blood sugar levels. Not just that, but symptoms that arise from low blood sugar are much more intense in some persons than in other people. And in a sense, all of us suffer from hypoglycemia. Anyone with low blood sugar is going to exhibit some symptoms show up. They’ll probably feel light headed, fatigued, dizzy and irritable. But for many, their blood sugar dips lower than most and the corresponding symptoms that arise are also more serious. These people are more likely to be true victims of reactive hypoglycemia.

Reactive hypoglycemia is generally set off by a couple of factors. One is consuming foods high in starches and simple carbs. A second is having poor eating habits, like going many hours without a meal, or skipping a meal. These things can cause reactive hypoglycemia to start and a range of miserable symptoms to happen. If you read stories from people who suffer from hypoglycemia, you’ll start to see a common theme that the medical community doesn’t generally diagnose people who have that condition. They generally tell them that there’s not really anything wrong or that there isn’t much they can do. If this sounds like your situation, then there are a couple of things you can try.

So in some ways, it is up to you to find out how your own body operates and reacts to the foods that you eat and to your eating habits. Many people try using food journals. They’ll write down the things they eat, how much and how often they eat, and how they feel throughout the day. By keeping a food journal, it does not take long before you start figuring out which foods are bad for them and which foods are helpful. In addition to this, many people try experimenting a little bit, especially with breakfast. Breakfast is particularly important for sufferers of hypoglycemia, and what you eat for breakfast and how much you eat can definitely get you off to a good start and can make a big difference in how the remainder of the day unfolds. However, if you start the day poorly, it can take a long time to get yourself feeling normal and good again.

Depression is Caused by Ignorance, Not Brain Disease

I am a board-certified cognitive behavioral therapist so people ask my advice about depression all the time. I heard from a man recently whose wife is suffering from depression. She is on medication and is quite convinced by her doctor that she needs it to remain comfortable. She just wanted a suggestion for some meditation or hypnosis tapes so she could relax better.

The man said that his wife was helped by my website but had never read either of my two books, and was not interested in reading any more information about depression.

He asked my advice and I said to just get her some meditation or hypnosis tapes as she had obviously (to me) decided to be emotionally dependent rather than be a free person who was in charge of her own mind, as evidenced by the fact that she was not interested in any more information.

Perhaps that was a little harsh on my part (maybe I was miffed that she had dismissed my books), for the man quickly responded that she was a very intelligent woman who had a professional career.

I think he said that to convince me that her position about the necessity of her struggle with depression and being on medication had to be legitimate, and must be respected, because she was so smart, and therefore didn’t need any more information.

Being depressed is not a matter of intelligence. It is a matter of education and mind set. If you are ignorant about how your own brain works, you will unwittingly be giving it wrong instructions when you are in the throes of a deep depression, or under great stress. That’s because if you don’t know how the brain works, you will be convinced that you have to BE depressed, or stressed and you will keep on thinking about your depression and your stress.

You will not believe that you can simply direct your brain to think some other thoughts besides depression and anxiety, and if you think some other non-emotional thoughts, both depression and stress will go away. This is because the brain always follows the direction of its most current dominant thought. And by changing your thoughts, the brain will stop following the depressive or stressful neural patterns, and start following the new more productive neural patterns you have chosen. Then depression and stress will stop.

It is a fact of life that a lot of intelligent people are depressed. Similarly, a lot of smart doctors and surgeons, before a doctor’s assistant named Semmelweiss tried to change their minds in 1847, did not believe they should wash the blood off their hands between operations.

Semmelweiss tried to convince the doctors and surgeons in his hospital to wash their hands and maintain antiseptic conditions during surgical procedures. Although he never saw any microbes himself, Semmelweiss deduced, from mere personal observation, that blood seemed to be a carrier of disease. Semmelweiss used to yell at the doctors parading in their bloody aprons from patient to patient “You are killing the patients.”

What did the doctors do about this upstart? They had him committed to an insane asylum where he subsequently died.

These doctors were not stupid. They were uninformed, ignorant, (ignorant is not the same thing as unintelligent) and convinced in their minds that bloody aprons were not dangerous, but rather a badge of honor for their profession. They were the authority of medical knowledge, and coming from their great position of authority as chief surgeons, etc., they also came from a position of certainty.

When people come from a mind set of certainty, they do not bother with any information to the contrary of that position of certainty. This is the case of people that are convinced they cannot control their own depression, anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia, mania, etc. And most medical doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists feed this belief. Indeed, one has to assume that they believe it as well themselves rather than they are just trying to make money from other people’s agony.

I don’t know why some people are open to new information and other people are not. It is a complete mystery to me. Those who educate themselves can learn how to get out of depression, anxiety, insomnia and a host of other things that people who think they have enough knowledge already, thank you very much, will be taking medication for for the rest of their lives. Perhaps this is a harsh thing to say but there is nothing more harsh than suffering helplessly from depression and anxiety when you can educate yourself out of that helplessness by learning how your own brain works.

How To Fix Commitment Phobia In A Relationship

Are you having commitment phobia in your relationship?

In these modern days, many people tend to have relationships that do not involve any commitment. It is only based on mutual understanding and common desires of both parties without the true essence of a committed relationship. These couples may have what the experts termed as ‘Commitment Phobic.’ Now let us unravel the factors behind people who have fear of going steady with someone and discover some ways on how to fix commitment phobia in your relationship.

Often time when you have a great life, a stable job and a good circle of friends, you will have a second thought of giving all that up for someone. In fact, this is a common question that goes into people’s minds when they meet someone special. Usually couples who are having commitment phobia spend a great deal of time considering about this. Most likely these couples ended up not willing to give their freedom away for their partners.

It is the fear of losing all the freedom that inhibits a person from getting involved in a committed relationship. You may feel trapped when commitment is present in your relationship. Thinking that you need your partner’s consent in your decision-making and your decision may affect your partner somehow does not sound very appealing to you.

Your fear of “what if” questions e.g. what if you have decided on taking a holiday but your partner does not agree to it and you still plan to go ahead with your holiday, will your partner be upset? Somehow this fear of yours will hinder you from committing yourself in your relationship. Hence, you rather not commit so that you will not face with this kind of situation.

Many experience commitment phobia because of their interpretation of commitment like a bond in a relationship. With this bond comes along the duties, responsibilities and obligations. Your fear of these duties and responsibilities has caused commitment phobia in you.

Remember that duties and responsibilities are part of life regardless of who you are and what kind of relationship you are in. If only you change your mindset and see the positive side of a committed relationship, you will be able to see the beauty of it. One of the many benefits of being in a committed relationship is you get to share these duties and responsibilities with your partner. Think of the beauty of having someone special sharing your sorrow and happiness, and loving you for who you are. Discovering how to fix a commitment phobia is not an issue if you understand the concept of ‘Self Love’ and ‘Unconditional Love.’ Instead both of you will be enjoying working towards a blissful committed relationship.

Calcium Carbonate for Treating Anxiety

Calcium Carbonate otherwise known as or Cal Carb, Calcium Carbonate, Oyster Shell, Mother of Pearl or Carbonate of Limeis is the mineral that all sea shells are made of, and is not too different from the calcium in human bones. The homeopathic remedy is made only from Oyster shell with the mother-of-pearl removed. They are then triturated with lactose sugar and what remains after the thorough and very careful preparation is calc carb.

Its chief action is cantered in the vegetative sphere, impaired nutrition being the keynote of its action. It is very often used to treat the symptoms of depression and hypothyroidism.

The profile of the Calc Carb person will be the shy and sensitive type. These people are rather contemplative in nature but have an easily agitated side to them. They will become excitable in the face of cruelty as they have no tolerance for it. They tend to be forgetful in nature and often lack energy, and may even come across as clumsy. They rely on security quite heavily throughout their daily lives.

Calcarea Carbonica is indicated for people who suffer from anxiety and phobias. The following symptom are often treated with the remedy fear of failure, restlessness, anxiety, night sweats, obsessive or compulsive behaviour or related feelings and emotions, acute or chronic disturbances in sleep, forgetfulness, confusion, low-spirit.They tend to be worry warts and need constant reassurance and often drive their close friends and family to distraction by talking too much about their problems and concerns.

When ill they can become extremely lethargic and tend to self pity. The smallest exertion can leave them weak often close to collapse. They cannot stand the cold but if they overheat just a little it enervates them to the point that they must rest.

Calcarea Carbonica can be taken whenever there is a lack of Calcium in the body and one of the chief indications is Discharges that smell sour.

Apart from emotional symptoms this homeopathic remedy is often used to treat a variety of other problems including.

  • Stomach acidity
  • Menopause – helpful to a woman with heavy flooding, night sweats and flushing (despite a general chilliness), as well as weight gain during menopause.Bronchitis – especially after a cold. The cough can be troublesome and tickling, worse from lying down or stooping forward, worse from getting cold, and worse at night.
  • Pituitary and thyroid dysfunction
  • Constipation – often feel more stable when constipated, and experience discomfort and fatigue when the bowels have moved
  • Eczema – suited to people who are chilly with clammy hands and feet, and tend to develop eczema and cracking skin that is worse in the wintertime.
  • ear infections that result in discharge that is sour in smell
  • Tonsillitis
  • Eye infections
  • Malnutrition
  • Neuralgias
  • Anaemia
  • Gallstones – the abdomen may feel swollen on the right and be very sensitive to pressure, with cutting pains that extend to the chest and are worse from stooping
  • Backache – useful for low back pain and muscle weakness, especially in a person who is chilly, flabby or overweight, and easily tired by exertion
  • Joint or bone pain
  • Fractures that are slow-healing
  • Some digestive problems
  • Slow bone or teeth development.
  • During periods of physical exertion
  • Mouth ulcers – when infants and small children have recurring canker sores
  • Thrush – this remedy is indicated, burning and itching feelings may occur both before and after the menstrual period. Discharge from vaginitis is milky and acrid or thick and yellow.
  • Acne -with frequent pimples and skin eruptions is chilly with clammy hands and feet, easily tired by exertion, and flabby or overweight
  • Varicose veins – veins that hurt while the person is standing or walking may respond to this remedy.

Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse

  • Cold
  • Damp
  • Exertion
  • Climbing stairs or hills
  • Before menstruating

Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms include

  • Warmth
  • Rest
  • Dry Weather
  • Mid day

Calcarea Carbonica is sometimes used in combination with other homeopathic remedies or in herbal tinctures to produce the desired effect.

Understanding and Recognizing Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia is a sort of cancer of the blood and marrow. The disease is characterized through the overproducing of immature blood cells (stem cells) that aren’t able to fully develop and carry out the activities of normal blood cells.

Each type of mature blood cells has specific traits and roles inside the body. White blood cells or leukocytes have an important role in the immune system, contributing to overcome infections. White blood cells also help in healing flesh wounds and cuts. Red blood cells or erythrocytes contain hemoglobin, which has a great importance in transporting oxygen to the cells within the organism. Red blood cells are vital for the process of cell respiration, carrying oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide from them. Platelets have an important role in repairing damage at the level of blood vessels, accumulating to seal any cuts or tares.

Leukemia leads to the accumulation and crowding of diseased stem cells at the level of the bone marrow, which decreases the normal production of healthy blood cells. The lack of normal blood cells leads to the appearance of leukemia symptoms. It is important to understand that despite the fact that leukemia causes an over production of white blood cells, these cells are immature and can’t substitute for normal blood cells. Due to this, the body is exposed to many forms of infection.

The most common leukemia symptoms are: anemia (insufficient number of red blood cells in the bloodstream), risks of bleeding (insufficient number of platelets in the bloodstream), nose bleeding, bleeding of the oral cavity, predisposition to bruising, high exposure to infections due to lack of white blood cells, improper healing.

Other leukemia symptoms may be fatigue, lack of concentration, poor psychical performance, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss.

In the case of chronic leukemia, which facilitates the accumulation of diseased blood cells in different places inside the body, the leukemia symptoms may be migraines, insomnia, decreased vision and hearing, loss of balance, faints and seizures. Some of these leukemia symptoms need immediate medical intervention, as they may lead to further complications.

Sometimes people with leukemia may have enlarged liver and spleen, causing abdominal swelling or enlarged lymph nodes. The body glands of the organism can also be affected by leukemia.

Leukemia symptoms have a non-specific character. This means that they can be misleading in establishing an appropriate diagnose, as they may also occur in the cases of other diseases. Medical professionals are the only persons able to distinguish leukemia from other illnesses with resembling symptoms. Proper diagnose is very important in order to quickly begin the administration of specific treatment. Blood analysis and careful body examinations can reveal the presence of leukemia. Leukemia is considered to have a high rate of mortality and although the disease can be overcome through treatment and therapy, it can cause death if its presence is not noticed in time. Therefore, prompt intervention is required for leukemia, regardless of its type.

Custom Shoes – For the Problematic Feet

There are a lot of foot problems that can make life difficult for people, which is why custom shoes are so useful. Given the busy schedules and the amount of multitasking everyone does in their day to day life, missing a single day’s action whether it is at office or even for a housewife at home, could be very difficult. In such scenarios, trouble from problematic feet, be it through bunions or big toe pain, could be a major hindrance to movement and even effect your ability to complete daily tasks.

Why Custom Shoes?

Common issues include sore or infected feet, acute pain in the legs, foot problems arising due to diabetes, problems related to the arch or gradual heel pain, swelling of the bursa, bunions or Athlete’s foot. Each of these problems could be painful and if work doesn’t go away, custom shoes provide a great relief to reduce the discomfort while walking. Custom designed shoes with orthopedic considerations are helpful for those who have to walk a fair bit, stand around or even just to go out for an hour or two.

Attributes of Custom Shoes

There are a wide variety of custom shoes available for the problematic feet. In fact, custom shoes for foot problems are not just for the old people but also for the young working people who are very fashion conscious. These comfortable custom shoes are stylish and provide a balanced posture with a steady heel to the user. Custom shoes are also designed with toe boxes for comfort for the toes especially when users are suffering from big toe pain, due to constant pressure on the toes from the stylish shoes with tapering toe ends. Interestingly, these custom shoes are comfortable not only due to their design but also because they come with removable footpads which provide extra padding and comfort for the heels and the arch of the person suffering with pain in the feet due to various reasons.

Techniques Used

Custom shoes are made of fine quality materials including uppers which are sometimes made of highly comfortable calf skin. What makes these custom shoes special is the fact that they are specifically designed using the perfect blend of sophisticated techniques and traditional methods to ensure that the design is inch-perfect for the person suffering from foot problems. In fact, in most scenarios, custom or bespoke shoes are manufactured by making a three dimensional mold from the shape of the foot. Hence, shoes are not about the traditional two dimensional measurements anymore. Custom made shoes with a straight last are good for people who overpronate; the shoes with a semi-curved last are specially for those who have neutral feet and another curved last for people who have highly rigid arches.

Uniqueness of Custom Shoes

There are some shoe manufacturers, who are so diligent and pay so much attention to the details that they take a tracing of the foot along with various measurements of the foot in different directions. They manufacture shoes which not only support the feet perfectly but also provide great comfort and relief for those suffering from Morton’s toe, bunions or corns and still have to walk or stand. Custom designed shoes do as you would expect – fit like a glove, perfectly on the feet. Such shoes are also of great help for those with big toe pain or bunions and have trouble finding the right shoe that doesn’t trouble or aggravate their pain in the toes, heel or arch even more. One can also go online to find bespoke shoes where you can actually try out different sizes and dimensions, to find out what suits you best, especially when your feet are not average or ordinary. Some of these handcrafted custom shoes are designed beautifully to ensure external beauty and internal comfort at the same time.

Thyroid in Relation to Fungal Infection

One of the most common disorders that people complain of is that of the thyroid. Either they could have an undeveloped or an underdeveloped thyroid gland. And there are others whose thyroid glands produce a lot more of the hormone than necessary making the person hyperactive or restless. Thyroid nodule is another issue among some people.

There are other medical fallouts that a person suffering from thyroid disorder should be concerned about. The human immune system falls prey to common ailments among such people. Fungal infections are rare, but they do affect a sizeable population of people with thyroid trouble. Underactive thyroid gland could cause fungal infections of the scalp. This could lead to hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff, and even psoriasis in some uncommon cases. Sometimes, this excessive loss of hair is what leads a person to believe that he or she is suffering from a low thyroid condition. People who have leukaemia or auto-immune disease are more likely to have hypothyroidism and hence fungal infections.

Fungal infection could also affect nail, skin, and the mucous membrane. Redness, flaking, and severe itching could be some of the symptoms of fungal contamination. The person has very low tolerance to diseases caused by Candida albicans and in extreme cases this could prove to be fatal. There could be a rash on the skin and it could even be discoloured. If it’s a simple skin infection, then topical solutions and ointments are recommended. To guarantee that there are no other major associated complications, the doctor could advise Thyroid function tests such as TSH and Total T4. Sometimes, even low vitamin A, increase in the carotene level, or abnormally high cholesterol could indicate hypothyroidism. This in turn would make the person more prone to fungal infections. Fungal infections affect the endocrine organs and also the metabolism rate. This is why a person could become tired very easily. Some fungi cause thyroid enlargement and due to the obstruction of the trachea, fatal respiratory failure could also occur. Normal functioning of the Pancreas could be hindered.

Anti-fungal medicines, those against yeast, could lead to hypothyroidism being cured. In such cases, thyroid supplements in the form of desiccated thyroid, glandular thyroid extract or even thyroid drops could make the condition better. Goitre generally caused by iodine deficiency is aggravated by fungal infections. It’s vital that the thyroid problem is identified early on; with medical supervision that includes special medication and a diet plan, this condition can be overcome. Especially since the immune system becomes weak and fungal infections could set in, it’s all the more important that thyroid disorders are overcome.

Food that could be affected by fungi should be thoroughly cleaned. Any food that has run out of its shelf life must be discarded immediately. Biscuits, cereal, pickles, and even vegetables that have been stored for too long must not be consumed. This is also why you must exercise care when you’re getting food items from the supermarket; check to see if they are beyond the expiry date. Iodine must be consumed as a supplement if you aren’t getting enough of it in your food. There are diets that have been devised for people who are suffering from thyroid conditions due to fungal infections. Organic and fresh vegetables and fruits help as they are least likely to be affected by fungus attacks. Some additional intake of minerals and vitamins may be advised.

Even though the effects of fungal infections on thyroid behaviour are being studied, it’s obvious that a dysfunctional thyroid has negative implications on the human body; it’s thus sensible to keep fungal diseases at bay.