Metathione and Glutathione on the Skin

When I first heard about Metathione, also called Met Tathione, I didn’t think that supplements were in regular use that would lighten the skin. Being from a beach city, I’m used to people wanting a tan, not the other way around. So I did a little bit of research into metathione, mostly to find out if it was safe and beneficial to the skin and the main reasons people use it. I found out some surprising results. Not only is Metathione used to reduce skin pigmentation, it also has very powerful range of health benefits. Metathione has glutathione as its active ingredient. Glutathione is technically a protein, being made of 3 amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, which are produced normally by the body and have a very strong antioxidant effect. But more about that later.

Metathione has Glutathione in it, so they are very similar in nature, though depending on what you’re using it for, metathione might be more effective. Metathione comes in different forms including soaps, lotions, and pill supplements, and works by actually lightening the skins pigments and returning a lighter rosier complexion, which is thought to be more youthful and beautiful for certain skin complexions. Its active ingredient is L-Glutathione, and contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Cysteine, and Vitamin C. So you see that metathione is basically just an enhanced version of glutathione.

Here are a few of the reported benefits of Metathione, or Met Tathione:

Reduces Aging

Reduces Dark Patches

Reduces Skin Spots and Blemishes

Returns a Skin’s Natural Glow

High in Antioxidants

Aids Against Degenerative Disorders like Alzheimers and Parkinsons

Immune System Booster

Metathione has actually been used to treat some blood disorders and as a cleansing agent, supporting the liver and detoxifying it of heavy metals and other toxins. It has also been used by doctors to reduce the damage and symptoms of radiation exposure and chemotherapy for cancer. Metathione helps to shield cells because of its antioxidant powers and other health benefits. Dermatologists also prescribe metathione along with Vitamin C to reduce skin pigmentation. The average duration of use is 3-6 months in order to see effects.

Metathione, as we’ve already discussed, has glutathione as it’s main and active ingredient. So why is ALA the second ingredient? The reason is something you might not think. Glutathione has shown in clinical trials to not be very bio-available, which means that the digestive system can’t absorb a whole lot of it into the blood stream through supplementation. That said, the other compounds, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid are primarily in the composition because they encourage glutathione stimulation in the body. That’s why they’re in there. Instead of finding a metathione supplement or product, you should check out a straight glutathione supplement that has extra compounds in it like ALA and Milk Thistle, which will work together with the glutathione to raise the levels in the body.

It’s interesting, but pigmentation loss and skin whitening is actually technically one of the side effects of glutathione and metathione. Though many people, especially in countries like Japan and China, use glutathione to lighten the complexion of the skin and return a youthful rosiness to it, that’s actually one of the side effects of the supplement. It’s not a harmful side effect, mind you, but not the main effect that the body uses glutathione for. The body uses glutathione primarily as an antioxidant within the cell and as a detoxifying agent.

Bread Mold

Bread mold is a kind of fungus that is commonly found on bread surfaces. It takes food and nutrients from the bread and causes damage to the surface where it lives. It causes a bad taste to the bread also. But the mold has a place in the industry where it serves as a decomposer that can decompose decayed plants and animals.

Bread mold has a very simple lifecycle. It appears on the bread surface as a wind blown spore. With adequate moisture and nutrients from the bread, this spore sprouts and grows hair like structures on the bread surface. Once the mold attains a particular growth with paint brush like structures, it starts producing fruiting structures. These structures, sometimes called conidia, contain spores that are blown by wind and spreads to other bread surfaces.

Bread mold is found in different types, species, shapes, and colors. Some of the common bread molds are Penicillium, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Monascus, and Fusarium. Penicillium molds usually appear green and grey in color and Aspergillus mold appears similar to Penicillium to the naked eye. But both are different when examined under a microscopic. In the Aspergillus mold, the fine hairs contain large balloons with spores inside.

If you are interested to see bread mold you can perform a small experiment with bread. You can take a slice of bread and moisten it slightly. Then keep the bread for two or three days in a place where there is no chance of the moisture content drying up. You will see some mold growth on the surfaces.

As the spores of this bread mold are commonly found in the air, bread is easily spoiled. To prevent this growth on bread surfaces, the bread can be baked at a temperature of 400 degrees or preserve the bread with small amounts of chemical. The chemicals used are prop-ionic acid and acetic acid which are safe to be mixed with the bread during the making of the bread.

Could an Allergy Trigger Your Keratosis Pilaris?

If you are like so many Americans in the United States, you may be suffering from keratosis pilaris. Up to 40% of the population suffers from this skin condition, which does not have a treatment. Keratosis pilaris appears in the form of small bumps on the skin that have a white center, and they are often red and inflamed. The most common areas of the body for this skin disorder to occur are the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, and torso.

Although there is no cure for keratosis pilaris, there are many treatments available on the market to manage this condition. But which ones truly work? Many sufferers of this skin condition try treatment after treatment with no results whatsoever. The key element that they may be missing is detecting any allergens that could be further triggering this skin condition.

Many people are not aware of the fact that food allergens can cause further inflammation in the surface of the skin. There are also environmental allergens and pollutants to take into consideration, like pet dander, chlorinated water, dust mites, mold, fluoride toothpaste, or harsh chemical ingredients. Still many other people have reactions to cigarette smoke, perfume, and scented laundry detergents. All of these factors can contribute to the condition of keratosis pilaris in both children and adults.

For this specific reason, it is highly important to examine your environment to avoid the above allergens. Although you may not feel that you are allergic to any of these items, they could be causing further irritation in your skin condition. One of the first steps to take is in examining the skin care products that you are using. You may be using several exfoliation products designed specifically for this skin condition, but if they contain harsh chemical ingredients, then they are doing more harm than good. Furthermore, if any of your skin care products contain perfumes or fragrances, they could be causing serious inflammation in your skin.

Instead, take this opportunity to use natural and gentle ingredients in home remedies to manage this skin condition. This will also save you serious money in purchasing over-the-counter keratosis pilaris products, which can become quite expensive. Using ingredients that you find at home will give you the opportunity to gently exfoliate and moisturize areas of your skin that have keratosis pilaris, which will dramatically smooth and clear up this skin condition.

Last of all, it is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis, which will keep your skin hydrated and free from toxins. Keratosis pilaris is again often made worse by unwanted toxins in the body, but if you drink large quantities of water each day, it will gently flush out the buildup of toxins that can often affect your skin for the worse. As you can see, these simple changes make a serious difference in improving the quality and state of your skin as a sufferer of keratosis pilaris. Be radiantly beautiful!

The Nutritional Benefits of Potassium Citrate

Potassium citrate is a macro-mineral/ salt that can be found in many foods. The mineral helps to reduce the acidity of urine. It is often used in the treatment of kidney diseases and gout. It works by helping to transmit nerve impulses, improving muscle function, and treating various metabolic disorders.

The benefits of potassium citrate also help with muscle contractions, such as cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles. The mineral helps to produce energy and the production of nucleic acids. Potassium citrate is believed to maintain healthy cells and normal blood pressure.

Potassium citrate is generally taken in conjunction with water pills. The reason for this is that as excess water is excreted from the body, it is possible that, with it, might come a drop in some important minerals and nutrients, particularly potassium. It is not recommended to take it without a physician’s guidance.


Potassium citrate is responsible for regulating the water content within the human body, as well as helping with the support of effective nerve transmissions, regulating the electric impulses of the heart, thereby regulating ones blood pressure, and is also a very important, if not, critical factor in the body¹s use of carbohydrates and proteins.


For daily intake, men and women need at least 4.7 grams of potassium, or 2,000-4,000 mg. Women around the ages of 31 and 50 in America and the United Kingdom, consume less than 50 percent of the daily amount of potassium needed to maintain optimal health.

Men in America consume only slightly higher levels of potassium. Most American diets contain 1,500-5,000 mg of potassium daily. This is quite far under the recommended daily intake.

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

Some of the symptoms of potassium to be noted are: tiredness, high and low blood pressure, acne, dry eyes, irritability, irregular or rapid heartbeat, muscle weakness, depression, confusion, anxiety, insomnia, frail skeletal structure, bone and joint pain, decreased reflexes, constipation, high cholesterol, and water retention. Respiratory problems, excessive thirst, evidence of protein in urine, less than adequate growth, infertility and headaches are other symptoms of potassium deficiency.

Clearly, if you want the benefits of potassium citrate and you struggle getting the mineral in your daily diet as is easily done as shown above, then looking into a potassium citrate supplement becomes very important to your health.

Do you need to supplement with Potassium Citrate?

Let’s look at some points that may that may increase your need to get the benefits of a potassium citrate supplement.

Generally, people might be of a higher risk for potassium deficiency if they exercise excessively, this is due to the loss of body fluid through perspiration. Because of this, there may be a significant loss in this particular mineral.

Women should note that they may be susceptible to osteoporosis through a loss of calcium which can be because of a potassium deficiency.

Another factor to note is that people, who suffer frequent diarrhea bouts, are at a higher risk for potassium deficiency. If you suffer from irritable bowl syndrome, then a quality potassium supplement may have benefit to you long term.

Some western medications that are prescribed may create a possible potassium deficiency, as may a poor un balanced un nutritional diet, or any activity or condition that results in a large loss of bodily fluids.

High Potassium foods for the benefits of potassium citrate

Even though you might be a person who should look into a potassium citrate supplement for the benefits of potassium citrate, eating foods high in potassium should not be ignored. Too many people think they can cure their nutritional needs and bad diets by just popping a supplement of some kind.

For this reason we have compiled a list of some foods you may take for effective potassium citrate consumption, here is a brief list of some foods high in potassium so that you can hopefully avoid a potassium deficiency:

orange juice, bananas, boiled chard, mushrooms, raw, fennel (bulb), romaine lettuce, raw celery, boiled mustard greens, raw cauliflower, raw broccoli, all varieties of summer and winter squash, ripe tomatoes, cooked turnip greens, raw carrots, boiled collard greens, raw cabbage, eggplant, cantaloupe, boiled beets, papaya, snap and string green beans, yam, fresh kale, and Brussels sprouts.

Overdosing on Potassium Citrate?

There are people who don’t really need a potassium citrate supplement.

People with kidney disease or kidney failure should stay away from potassium citrate supplements. They could end up doing more harm than good.

Also, those people consuming potassium-restricting medications should not take potassium citrate supplements unless their physician has given the all clear.

Do not take salt products, either, because these products often contain higher levels of potassium.

Some symptoms to be aware of from excessive potassium consumption in the body, include stomach upset, and may alter your heartbeat and also your blood pressure.

For those people taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, they should stay away from potassium supplements, except if their physician has said otherwise or that it is ok.


You must take some precautions when taking potassium citrate. Tell your doctor immediately if you have kidney problems, heart disease, or Addison’s disease. If you have drug allergies or high blood pressure inform your doctor of these as well.

Another precaution when taking potassium citrate is to not use salt substitutes or low salt milk. The reason for this is that these products will likely contain potassium. This could cause an accidental excess of potassium and you could suffer the side effects or potassium citrate or an overdose. Follow your physician’s directions and take it exactly as prescribed.

Known Side effects from taking Potassium citrate

There are some side effects with the use of potassium citrate. They include stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, and/or loose stools. If these get really severe you need to contact your physician. Somewhat more serious side effects include, muscle weakness, mental changes, rapid/irregular heart beat, tingling or numbness of hands and/or feet. If stools are black and tarry, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, or nervousness, call your doctor or head to the nearest emergency facility.

In the event of an accidental overdose, you should call your local poison control center, or emergency facility, immediately and follow their instructions. Symptoms of an overdose include weakness, sluggishness, confusion, irregular heart beat, and possibly fainting. Since the symptoms of an overdose are similar to the symptoms of side effects, seek attention immediately. As with anything, do not add anything to your medications or diet without the approval of a physician. Doing so could very well put your physical health at a very serious risk.

Tips on Choosing a Potassium Citrate Supplement

1. Nutritional Supplements are largely unregulated in the US, and don’t just take our word for it, you can read an article on the industry wide problem here. Many health supplements have been found to harbor dangerous contaminants in them, but what’s more worrying to us, is that consumers only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product which contains what is actually stated on the label.

For the above reasons, we always advice people to buy nutritional supplements from pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities, such places adhere to the strictest standards in the world for the manufacture of dietary supplements. You can be sure your product will be contaminant free if you buy from such a place.

Make sure the company you purchase your supplements from has a certificate of analysis on file confirming the active ingredients are what are stated on the product, and also, to confirm the potency of them.

2. Be sure that your potassium citrate supplement does not contain any fillers or additives (examples include: sugar, starch, gluten, silica (sand!)) or any artificial colors or flavors of any kind.

Depressed Inventors, Innovators, and Creative Geniuses – More Common Than You Know!

Not long ago, a gentleman from contacted me about an article I wrote, as he was researching issues concerning depressed inventors, innovators, and highly creative genius level individuals. So, is the stereotype type true? Are those who are so highly creative really mentally problematic, and often suffering from depression? Well, it turns out that is not typically the case, but there are still a higher number of depressed creative people by percentage than in the overall society as a whole.

So, when we talked about “Depressed Inventors” – I asked him if he himself was depressed? Why you ask? Well, because it seems that with brilliance often comes baggage. I’ve read several books on creativity of some of the greatest geniuses of all times, it seems this is quite common, but those innovators which succeed the most seem to have very mild depression (if any) and then hyper-manic states. Interesting isn’t it?

Indeed, I asked my acquaintance; “what have you learned on this topic in your online personal research?” Turns out there is not a lot of relevant information on the topic, but there is some, in fact, I have studied this dilemma the prior, perhaps we need more research on this. Maybe rather than giving depressed folks pharmaceuticals, we might instead test them for creativity, and move them into some sort of creative study, at least when it comes to kids in school. It’s a thought.

Interestingly enough, as a coordinator for a think tank which operates on the Internet, I’ve run across some wicked smart people, and some truly genius level creative types, and I have noticed at least some which do have mild depression now and again. It seems it may be something that just goes with the territory sometimes, and that’s why we have the stereotype, that we’ve all come to believe in. But, I’d warn the reader from buying into this line in every case, because, I’ve also observed folks who seem very even keel, and are definitely genius level innovators.

You see, stereotypes are fun to contemplate, and they are also worthy when profiling, but, they can be damaging too, and quite problematic. Therefore, be careful if you think that all creative geniuses are manically depressed, it simply is not so, in fact the chances are greater that they are not. However when pitted against over all society in percentages it is true that there are more chronically depressed or mildly depressed artists, painters, musicians, which fall into the genius category spectrum. Please consider all this.

Panicking in the Middle of Nowhere? 7 Quick Tips to Calm the Fear of Getting Lost While Driving

Getting lost. It’s probably one of mankind’s oldest phobias. We associate being lost with danger, abandonment and helplessness. They even named a TV show after it.

Modern technology has greatly reduced the chances of getting lost, or at least STAYING that way very long. Yet it’s still a common form of driving phobia. Some people will absolutely not drive through unfamiliar territory, especially at night. Like agoraphobia, the fear of getting lost can feel like being metaphorically chained to your comfort zone.

Getting truly lost in a car on a road in the 21st century is pretty unlikely. The problem isn’t so much getting lost, it’s your REACTION to it. Use the 7 tips in this article to help short-circuit a panic attack if you do get lost. It’s actually easier than you think.

Here Are 7 Ideas to Help You Stay Calm if You Get Lost While Driving

  1. Take a moment: Remember that old Monty Python song, “Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s revolving… ?” Stop for a moment. Remember you’re standing on a planet that’s been photographed, scanned, and catalogued for decades. You may not know where you are, but the chances are high that finding out quickly is within your grasp.
  2. Use your phone’s GPS: The next obvious step is to use the GPS tracking in your cell phone to figure out where you are. You should have some kind of mapping application you can consult. Your “map app” will immediately pinpoint your location.
  3. Use a map: Don’t have a cell phone? Check the glove box for an old-style paper map. It’s less important to figure out exactly where you are than to feel in control of the situation. Just know that you will soon be back on familiar ground.
  4. Take charge: Imagine that you’re a grown up who’s found a lost child. What would you do to get him or her back to their mommy? What if you were that child? Who would you call?
  5. Call for backup: If you’re really freaking out, call someone you trust and talk with them for a bit. Ask them if they know the area and if they can point you in the right direction. Even if they don’t know, just hearing a familiar voice can help calm you down.
  6. Back-track your trail: Another option when you don’t know where you are is simply turn around and go back the way you came. Drive back along your trail until you see something you recognize
  7. Ask for help: Unless you’re doing some serious off-roading, there are probably people somewhere around. Asking for directions when you’re lost is still a perfectly OK thing to do!

No one enjoys getting lost while driving, but it’s really nothing to be afraid of. It happens to the best of us, even with all our modern whiz gadgets. Being lost isn’t really your enemy; your FEAR of being lost is the real problem. You’re probably holding the tools to get yourself unlost in your hands right now.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Treatment – How to Eliminate Sexual Performance Anxiety Safely

There are effective sexual performance anxiety treatments that can help you permanently eliminate your fears and anxiety of engaging in quality sexual activities with your partner. So, if you are afraid or always embarrassed to have sex with any woman or you are deeply concerned you may not satisfy your lover very well or are concerned about your erections or you even feel embarrassed because of ejaculating too quickly, know that you will be able to quickly end your cycle of anxiety whenever you want to have sex with your partner without the risk and side effects of powerful antidepressant drugs or alcohol, once you are willing to open your mind to learn new things.

Why you should consider an effective sexual performance anxiety treatment that is right for you? This is because you need to quickly restore your relationship, self-esteem and confidence before you cause serious damage to them.

And why you should start a natural treatment for sexual performance anxiety? Most men quickly ejaculate the moment they see the beautiful thighs of a lovely woman; not once but every time. In fact, they get invitation from beautiful and even wealthy women willing to sleep with them but they give all kinds of excuse and even run away like little kids for fear of embarrassing themselves.

Most men take to massive alcohol consumption and antidepressants thinking that they will help to make them last longer in bed to their utter disappointment. These drugs have various side effects. Let us take a good look at some of the common side effects of antidepressant drugs we sometimes use to enhance our sexual performance.

Dry mouth, erection problems, bladder problems, weight gain, blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness, increased heart rate, nausea, nightmares, constipation, insomnia, heart palpitations, agitations, headaches and nervousness.

Other side effects include confusion, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, kidney problems, stiffness of the muscles, liver and heart problems.

However, an effective treatment to naturally and safely eliminate sexual performance anxiety works by creating a natural equilibrium in the brain chemicals called neurotransmitters associated with anxiety and fear. These chemicals are known as serotonin and norepinephrine. Your brain controls how well you perform in bed with your partner. Learning the right techniques to balance these chemicals will help your body to overcome any form of performance anxiety.

Here’s a simple trick to help you learn how to eliminate sexual performance anxiety safely and naturally.

Imagine a sexual experience that makes you feel happy and confident. Dwell on a sexual experience where you felt confident, calm, and in control. Feed that successful sexual accomplishment into your subconscious mind by reliving it repeatedly in as vivid detail as possible in your conscious mind. This experience will be recorded as a command by your subconscious mind to repeat the success experience in your next sexual encounter.

Before you engage your partner in bed, ensure you close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax. Deep breathing is a powerful way to deal with sexual performance anxiety and relaxes both your mind and your body, giving you greater control and preparing you to be at your best when you want to have sex with your partner.

When you do deep breathing, ensure you fill your lungs completely so that you can feel them pressing on your diaphragm. Hold this breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly. Repeat this exercise 7 times and you will become completely calm and anxiety-free. Your mind and body will become relax. You will then be in a good shape of mind to program yourself for how you want to perform in bed and for how long. In short, you will become a completely new person.

Try this technique today as your first sexual performance anxiety treatment and you will be amazed at how well you become.

Adrenal Fatigue: How it Affects Your Life and How to Heal it

80 % of American society is afflicted with adrenal fatigue at some point in their life yet most are unaware of the problem. They simply know they don’t feel well or perhaps symptoms lead them to explore other disorders; we do know that often symptoms denote multiple possibilities and sometimes overlap disorders. Do these symptoms apply to you?

♠ Weight gain, especially in waist or stomach, and it stubbornly sticks to you

♠ Fatigue ~ lack of energy ~ lethargy

♠ Insomnia

♠ Brain fog ~ concentration difficulty

♠ Morning sluggishness ~ need for stimulants to get you moving

♠ Constipation

♠ Nervousness ~ anxiety

♠ Mild depression

♠ Dry skin and hair

♠ Arthritis

♠ Pain in upper back and neck

♠ Unexplained hair loss

♠ Cold hands and feet ~ or just plain cold

♠ Allergies ~ both inhalants and food

♠ Low body temperature

♠ Reduced sex drive

If you said “yes” to several of these symptoms there is a strong possibly that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. If you said “yes” to half or more, your adrenals are fatigued.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is simply the allowance of stressors to influence and perhaps take control over your life. Stress is a big issue in most people’s lives and all too often the person has no idea how to deal with the stress. The result is adrenal fatigue as well as many other imbalances within the body, mind and spirit of the individual. Stress has many faces such as:

Anger ~ fear ~ guilt

Not enough sleep ~ chronic fatigue

Chronic illness

Chronic infection

Too much exercise

Improper diet

Gluten intolerance

Worry ~ anxiety ~ continually focusing on negative aspects and events

Exposure to large amount of toxins



Excess sugar

Digestive imbalances

What happens when your body becomes stressed?

Your adrenal glands are located directly above the kidneys which are found in the back of you right above your waist. In this tiny gland is the most abundant hormone in your body – DHEA. Cortisol (often referred to as the hormone of death) is also found in your adrenal glands. The adrenals main purpose is to be a stress regulator. Here’s an example.

You are traveling down the road and someone pulls out in front of you. You slam on your brakes, maybe say a few choice words, and are grateful that you avoided an accident. In the meantime you had probably stopped breathing momentarily, at the very least you only took shallow quick breaths. Your heart probably began racing and felt like it would pop out of your chest and maybe even your head started throbbing. What you probably don’t know is that your cortisol also shot up to accommodate for the demand put on your adrenals. This is what we term flight and flight, and it is beneficial when something like this occurs. However, when our life becomes a continual fight and flight atmosphere, we can easily develop adrenal fatigue. The adrenals kicking in for a sudden trauma is meant to be temporary. From the stressors already mentioned, it is usually a combination of various stressors that create this syndrome for you.

As a result of continuous stress to your body, your cortisol remains elevated and thus the symptoms begin. It is very likely that at the same time your DHEA is declining, and if you are 40 or older, it is doing so naturally. We know that hormones do decline with age, but if we are stressed they will decline more rapidly. All of this not only tears down your health but ages you faster both internally and externally. And who wants to age faster!

As a result of experiencing adrenal fatigue, most individuals reach for stimulants to get and keep them going – coffee, sodas, pills, alcohol, chocolate, nicotine, etc. They are masking their problem and it continues to grow worse without their awareness due to the cover-up.

Here’s the importance of cortisol.

It normalizes blood sugar ~ When a stressor occurs the cortisol increases the blood sugar level in your body, working with the pancreas to provide enough glucose to provide energy for your cells. Continuous increased blood sugar levels creates a blood sugar imbalance which can lead to multiple physical disorders such as diabetes.

Anti-inflammatory ~ Cortisol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. When trauma happens to our body the cortisol is released to reduce the swelling and repair the injury. Too much trauma produces too much cortisol. There are many disorders associated with inflammation such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis.

Immune system supporter ~ Cortisol influences most cells that participate in your immune system’s regulation. Chronic high levels of cortisol suppress the immune system allowing an individual to be more susceptible to illness, especially to viruses.

Stress balancer ~ Cortisol helps to balance your stress reactions, but if stress becomes chronic then it can no longer maintain the balance. The result can be weight gain that is difficult to reduce, high blood pressure, estrogen dominance that can lead to uterine fibroids and even breast cancer, and much more.

So you can see how easy it is to find yourself in the throws of adrenal fatigue and yet suspect other disorders. I personally believe, as do many health practitioners, that it is imperative to repair your adrenals no matter what illness or disorder you have because the adrenals will always be affected if there is imbalance anywhere in your body.

Steps to repair your adrenals

1. First of all understand this. Traditional medicine testing cannot detect adrenal fatigue unless it has become severe. That’s why so many physicians tell their patients – and you may have been one of them – to go home and relax or give them a prescription drug for anxiety to help. That’s simply a band-aid approach and resolves little if anything, and it definitely doesn’t cure the problem.

2. However, there is a saliva test that holistic practitioners and doctors are using that has excellent results in measuring your cortisol and DHEA levels. It is called the ASI, or Adrenal Stress Index. Although nothing is ever 100% accurate, this has very high accuracy. The reason is that your saliva is part of your tissues and can relate to the lab technicians what is being absorbed within your body as well as the level of your hormones.

3. Realize that all physical disorders have emotional cores. You may be able to “fix”

your adrenal problem temporarily by making some lifestyle changes, but if you don’t release the negative emotion that underlies your stress it will simply come back again, perhaps in another form. We are multidimensional beings and it requires a balance in all four areas to be healthy. One tire on your car can cause quite an imbalance if it loses enough air. So it is with your body and health.

4. Remove your stressors. You might be laughing right now as you’re thinking I don’t know what your life is like and what you’re going through. You might be surprised just how much I do understand. And yes, you can successfully become stress free. You see, I’m a recoveree of adrenal fatigue and had been experiencing it for decades but didn’t know it. I gave birth to and raised five children, worked all through those years, was driven to succeed in my work, began having big health challenges, divorced, experienced major financial struggles for several years, found myself in a potentially destructive business arrangement from which I finally detached, and so on. We all have our stories but you don’t have to stay in them. I left my old story and created a life free from stress and its affects on me. You can do it too! The key is in how you respond to the stressors. If you want to know more about how to live stress-free, click on my website on the home page, and order my free eBook entitled Stress Free Living. There are many other products and services listed on my website that may help you as well.

5. Get enough sleep! This can be a real problem for many people. So many come into our health store begging for something so they can sleep. Insomnia often accompanies

adrenal fatigue yet it is most necessary for repair. 7-8 hours or more are necessary for healing and the adrenals repair most from 11pm – 1am. (some say the repair begins at 10 pm) So that means that you night owls might need to make some changes. I had to do this as well. Melatonin, 5HTP, herbs, magnesium, warm baths, reading before retiring, working with a coach to learn new ways to respond to your stress, listening to soft music, are all possible was to help you sleep. It is also essential to clean your liver and digest your food well to sleep well. Guides for this are mentioned below.

6.Change your diet. Follow these guidelines to allow for adrenal repair:

♦ Eliminate sugar, caffeine, and alcohol – these fight against adrenal repair

♦ Consider adding salt to you diet – but only Himalayan or Celtic types

♦ Consume many organic vegetables, at least 6 every day

♦ Consider juicing veggies several times a week for cleansing your body

♦ Drink 1 mug of warm water on empty stomach every morning with ½ organic

lemon squeezed in it – cleanses the liver easily and naturally

♦ Exercise, but only moderately at first. Rule of thumb is to stop if tired.

♦ Eat regularly, at least three meals per day – may benefit from 5-6 small ones

♦ Eat plenty of good protein as amino acids found in protein help restore adrenals

♦ Progesterone cream – promotes healthy adrenals and thyroid glands, helps to

balance estrogen overload

♦ Supplementation – this is an individualized process – there is no one protocol that works for everyone and what works for one can be toxic to another. Below are some suggestions but please do your own research and seek the help of qualified

practitioners for your repair process.

Note: When your adrenals are fatigued the immediate craving is for sugar, yet ironically it is the worst thing you could consume as it furthers the adrenal fatigue. Individuals who crave sugar or carbohydrates often find that adrenal fatigue is a root cause of their cravings.

Adrenals will be better served with organic vegetables, the darker and brighter the better, plenty of good quality protein to ensure enough amino acids, plenty of water and the inclusion of beneficial oils like refined, organic extra virgin coconut oil. This kind of coconut oil can actually cause weight loss and provide the good fats necessary for the conversion of ALL hormones in your body.

Supplementation that can support adrenal repair:

♦ Vitamin C and bioflavonoids – 1000 mg to 5000

mg daily, divided doses

♦ B-5, pantothenic acid, or panethine gelcaps – 1000 – 1500 mg daily, divided

♦ Vitamin E, mixed tocopherols – 400 iu’s

daily, one gelcap

♦ Magnesium – citrate good form, 500 mg or

more daily, powdered form good

♦ Natural progesterone cream – men can also


Also may be beneficial:

♦ B complex, 50 – 100 mg 2 x’s daily

♦ Multi-vitamin/mineral – once daily

♦ Antioxidants

♦ DHEA – be careful with this, especially

women, as only a little is needed to help

♦ Natural hydrocortisone – caution here as

well – prescription only

Additional suggestions:

Since most individuals with adrenal fatigue have compromised digestion, it is vital that they can digest food and supplement intake properly and have a good intestinal flora balance. You might want to include the following in your daily diet to assist in adrenal restoration:

♦ Probiotics – 2 – 3 times per day

♦ Digestive enzymes – with every meal

♦ Eating raw fermented vegetables – daily

Note: Often less is best, at least to begin. If your body is not functioning optimally, it may be necessary to introduce supplements and changes slowly so as not to “shock” the body or overload it. Of course, in the case of serious disease, it is often beneficial to saturate the body quickly to detoxify and ensure healing. Baby steps do best and know that adrenal restoration takes time, from 3 months to as much as two years, according to the severity of your adrenal fatigue.

Here are some websites that provide lots of good information on adrenal fatigue and a healthy lifestyle…


6 Instructions That You Must Follow When Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Are you also fed up of trimming, tweezing or waxing unwanted body hair every week and planning to undergo laser hair removal? Wait! Effectiveness of laser hair removal depends a lot on how properly you prepare yourself for the treatment. Experience of your doctor, no doubt, plays a key role in determining the efficacy of the treatment, but pre- and post-procedure care is equally important.

Here is a list of pre-procedure instructions that will help you to prepare well for laser hair removal and get the maximum out of every session.

1. Stop tanning at least a month prior to the treatment:

Lasers work best on light skin. An ideal candidate for laser hair removal is the one with light skin tone and dark hair. So, if you tan in the sun or use sunless tanners to get that attractive brown skin tone, stop doing so at least 4 to 6 weeks before laser hair removal. When going out during day time, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or above on the hair you wish to treat.

2. Refrain from waxing, threading, and tweezing at least 4 to 6 weeks before treatment:

Laser works by targeting the root of the hair that you want to be removed. But plucking, waxing and threading all remove the hairs from their roots and it takes them 2 to 4 weeks at least to regrow from the hair follicle. This will reduce efficacy of laser hair removal. Shave the hair to maintain your personal hygiene but stop removing hair from root at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the treatment. Also, do not bleach the hair, as laser does not work well on bleached or grey hair.

3. Shave the area 24 hours before the appointment:

Shave the areas that need to be treated 24 to 48 hours before the appointment, or as instructed by your doctor during the pre-procedure consultation. Trimmed hairs are also okay for treatment but longer hair make the treatment more painful as they burn on the surface of the skin by absorbing heat energy from the laser beams and some of the heat energy is also passed on to the skin.

4. Keep your skin free of cosmetics, lotions or creams:

Your skin must be free of any cosmetics, or moisturizing creams and lotions at the time of treatment. You can always clean the area at the treatment site. If you have applied any antiperspirant, remove that prior to the treatment.

5. Wear loose fitting clothes on the day of treatment:

On the day of treatment, come to the clinic in loose fitting clothes that leave treatment area exposed or can be easily removed to expose the area of treatment. Remember, the same rule applies for the pre-treatment consultation; otherwise your physician will not be able to assess your hair and treatment area properly.

6. Share your pain threshold with the doctor before the procedure:

Laser hair removing is generally performed without anesthesia. A generous amount of cooling gel is applied to the area of treatment and hand piece is moved over the skin to pass laser beams. But if you are overly pain sensitive, discuss with your physician and he may prefer applying a numbing cream to the treatment area. A numbing cream needs at least 30 to 40 minute to work, so your doctor should know your pain threshold to plan things accordingly.

Ozone Autohemotherapy – Hype Or Hope?

Ozone Therapy

Have you ever noticed the peculiar smell of a thunderstorm? The cause of that smell is ozone.

Even though it was discovered a long time ago — in 1840, it remains the subject of multiple arguments and disagreements. It protects us as an ozone layer around the Earth from ultraviolet radiation. We would be dead without ozone over there. On the other hand ozone as a component of smog is damaging to human’s lungs. It is like people: there is no absolutely good or absolutely bad person. Each individual has his own good and bad features.

Even though ozone is not endorsed for medical use by any of the English speaking medical societies or official agencies, it is believed to be beneficial in many countries by many doctors and this is why: Soon after its discovery in 1956 in Europe they started using ozone to sterilize surgical instruments because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. Later, Europeans began using it to sterilize drinking water.

What about US? Was it behind Europe? Not at that time.

1885 – Jacksonville, Florida. A local Florida medical association published “Ozone” by Charles J. Kenworthy, M. D., M.R.S.V.. What it meant was this: At the time, doctors in the US had been widely using ozone medically without any restrictions. What was once the subject of publication in prestigious medical journals, and what was being used to treat people a mere 60 miles from Florida in almost every Cuban hospital, is now cause for arrest in the state of Florida. In 1999, Kenneth R. Thiefault and his wife, Mardel Barber (formerly of Jupiter Florida) were sent to jail for a total of 8 years for marketing and selling ozone generators. But it was in 1999. Fortunately or unfortunately doctors a hundred years earlier did not know about it and continued to treat people with ozone.

1892 – England. The prestigious medical journal Lancet publishes an article about using Ozone as a tuberculosis treatment.

1916 – World War I. Multiple people are injured and in need of treatment. Doctors used ozone because of itsantibacterial properties to help heal wounds and treat infections. At that time, a prestigious Lancet report by Major George Stoker, MRCS was published stating the following: “The accompanying tabulation statement of the results of the first 21 cases treated by ozone at the Queen Alexandra Military Hospital “England” cannot be regarded as anything but satisfactory from every standpoint, be it humanitarian, scientific or economic. The cases were, for the most part, those of cavities and sinuses in the femur and tibia. It is the great experience of those who have seen a great deal of war surgery that such cases obstinately resist treatment and are apt to remain unhealed for months and years… I have failed in only one case… the properties of ozone which have a wonderful healing effect are… an increased flow of blood to the affected part… as a germicide it destroys all hostile micro-organic growth… as the French chemist Hennocque has shown it has great powers in the formation of oxyhaemoglobin… at present our knowledge of the effects of ozone is but small, but later I hope to bring before the medical public further satisfactory facts with reference to its working and results”.

Wait a second, the FDA claims: “Ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy. In order for ozone to be effective as a germicide, it must be present in a concentration far greater than that which can be safely tolerated by man and animals.”


1991 – Canada. The HIV epidemic was raging and no effective treatment was available. Inspired by German reports about ozone autohemotherapy about successful treatment of HIV, the Canadian hospital is given the green light to go ahead with zone autohemotherapy. Unfortunately it was never actually proven effective against HIV. However, it was proven to be safe by multiple European studies. Maybe ozone from Europe is safer than that from America? Does not look like it.

2000 – US. The International Society of Hematology Published the research group report from the Scripps Research Institute, California, USA: “Ozone autohemotherapy has been considered a form of alternative medicine and has not yet been subjected to the rigors of well-designed clinical trials. Despite encouraging anecdotal reports regarding the use of ozone in various disorders, there has been a concern that ozone per se may adversely affect red cell membranes and metabolites. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the effect of ozone administration at a concentration commonly used in autohemotherapy on a panel of red cell enzymes and intermediates, as well as its effect on red cell integrity. Since these parameters were unaffected by ozone, we suggest that clinical trials for the use of ozone autohemotherapy should be encouraged.”. The same conclusions were made by Japanese, Israeli, Polish and Italian studies.

But where are more studies besides Scripps from the US? They do not exist. Maybe they have better equipment in Europe and Japan? Or maybe they are better funded? Or maybe ozone is very cheap and readily available in contrast with pharmaceuticals?

It would appear that there were two groups of experts: pro and contra. The first group thinks, that ozone is a poison and cannot be used as a drug. The second group believes, that ozone can be used as a drug. Like Angiotensin Converting Enzyme blockers — lisinopril, enalapril, captopril, etc. These originally controversial medications were all inspired by snake venom, but now it would be next to impossible for medical practitioners to imagine life without them. Or not have accessibility the blood thinner Coumadin, inspired by rat poison, that is now saving lives.

The war between those two groups became even crueler because of the successful union between ozone therapy and autohemotherapy, which European doctors were using successfully for more than 50 years. The main problem was that nobody wanted to pay money for controlled studies over the gas, which is very cheap and cannot be patented.

May 2005 – Department of Physiology at the University of Siena, Italy. A physiology professor by the name of Dr. Velio Bocci is sitting at his desk. However, the paper he is writing is not about physiology per se. The subject of his paper is ozone therapy because in addition to his work in physiology, Dr. Velio Bocci is the world a recognized expert in it’s uses. He decided “to dispel misconceptions and skepticism regarding ozone therapy and to clarify the biochemical and pharmacological mechanisms of action of ozone…”. According to his review article ozone, given in small doses, does not cause damage by generating free radicals. Instead it stimulates our body’s response, giving us protection against them. Moreover, it stimulates our immune system by cytokines release. Also ozone promotes generation of nitric oxide, which is indispensable for circulation improvement because it opens up our vessels. This is how nitroglycerin or Viagra works. Those facts support that almost no side effects were reported after using ozone autohemotherapy and gives us the scientific basis to explain why it is beneficial for the human body.

As per Professor Velio Bocci, MD ozone autohemotherapy can be beneficial in treating the following:

1. Acute and chronic infectious diseases not responding to conventional treatments such as parasites, herpes, infected wounds, osteomyelitis etc.

2. Living with ischemic diseases that cause poor circulation in the brain or in the heart like coronary artery disease etc.

3. Auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid otitis etc.

4. Degenerative disorders like dementia.

5. Certain lung diseases.

6. Chronic fatigue syndrome.

7. Dentistry to treat infectious lesions.


Of course Ozone autohemotherapy is not for everyone. It is not a magic pill, but it might be considered when traditional treatments have failed.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions here do not reflect the opinion of American Boards of Medical Professions, FDA or other government agencies. This article is not intended to medically advise individuals and should only be used for informational purposes. In addition, this article is not intended to make any health statements. Please consult your primary physician before making any medical decisions.

Homeopathy for Real Life: What Can I Do When I’ve Overdone It?

We’ve all been there. We were feeling festive, restive, or something else intense, and we had too much. It might have been too much wine, cream sauce, or even something that seemed like a healthy idea at the time, like too much exercise. Too much never feels good afterward.

In this article we’re going to look at some simple, effective helps for these situations, especially homeopathic remedies. After all, to err is human but so is getting away with it to a certain extent.

First we’ll look at one of the most common excesses in our culture, too much alcohol. The headache, the nausea, blech: Much of the symptoms of a hangover are due to dehydration. So after a night on the town or a birthday celebration when you didn’t show your usual restraint, make sure to drink lots and lots of water before you finally go to bed. Follow that with a single pellet of the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica 30c, and you’ll be the better for it in the morning.

Nux is available at almost all health food stores and can be a real hero the morning after. This homeopathic remedy can improve many symptoms, including feeling “thick headed”, oversensitive to light and sound, feeling emotionally irritable and nauseous.

“But how much water should I drink,” you say? Take your body weight in pounds. Drinking that many ounces of pure water every day is a healthy goal. So go for at least that much. A healthy electrolyte drink can be a good idea, too. If it has corn syrup, sucralose, or Nutrasweet in it, it’s not a healthy electrolyte drink. Also, skip the morning coffee as it is dehydrating.

If you are still feeling bad after all this, you can dissolve another pellet of Nux into a water bottle and sip on it whenever you start feeling ill, giving the water bottle a few shakes between sips.

Of course, Nux is not something that you should not be using every weekend or even close. You already know this. Long-term overindulgence in alcohol is a literal killer. So use your head. The people who love you will thank you, and there are likely to be a more of that kind of people if you do.

While homeopathics are actually used sometimes as part of treatment in forward-thinking rehab programs, that’s an article for another day. The average social drinker may be very glad indeed to have Nux vomica on hand every once in a while. Minimizing suffering is very nice thing.


On to the next delight: too much rich food! How this feels in your body can be a little different depending on your particular genetics and strength of digestion. However, if it’s cream sauce or other fatty, rich foods in which you’ve bathed your innards, the first remedy to consider is Pulsatilla nigricans 30c. The symptoms which Pulsatilla can help are a hard, swollen belly, revolting burps, and indigestion where it feels like there’s a rock in there, possibly with stomach cramps and/or nausea.

Another homeopathic to consider for overindulgence is Calcarea carbonica. A bloated belly with rumbling sounds and heartburn, perhaps with nausea and/or a feeling of looming diarrhea can be helped by a dose of Calc carb 6c. After your first dose, if you feel relief then you can take another if symptoms become worse again.

Nux vomica 30c can also be helpful for overeating or when foods disagree with you. Relevant symptoms include a sensation of weight and pain in the stomach and the feeling that if you could just vomit you would feel better. If that’s what you’ve got going on, Nux may help a lot.

If you get no relief from a homeopathic remedy after giving it a few tries (no more than three) then it’s not the right remedy. You should consider another. This is a good general rule whenever working with homeopathic remedies on your own.

Another big help can be digestive enzymes. The little beauties go to work digesting your food for you when the digestive powers of your body are not enough, and you get to absorb all the nutrition as if your body did the work itself.

Quality varies a lot in this type of product, and many of the brands available in stores do little good. However, if you’ve got some BioSET © enzymes (my favorite, but available only through health professionals) or another good brand of enzymes with lipase/amylase/protease, you should take a dose as soon as you realize your body is going to need some help with that special occasion dinner.

You must know that chronic, recurring indigestion is different from a belly ache after the occasional overindulgence. A recurring problem like that means that your body needs some attention. Particularly if you have severe, chronic heartburn, you should be checked out by your MD to rule out serious health problems. However, for the vast majority of people that’s not what is going on.

For some folks the underlying issue might be a food sensitivity, like wheat or dairy intolerance. It could also be an inability to process fats, proteins, carbs or even particular nutritional components like B vitamins. Sometimes chronic indigestion or heartburn can be traced to an emotional issue, such as grief or fear that hasn’t been fully processed.

A Certified BioSET practitioner can help you to resolve these kinds of problems without needles or drugs. BioSET integrates traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure together with homeopathy and contemporary approaches to applied immunology and nutrition. The BioSET System employs three basic treatments:

  • Organ-specific detoxification
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Desensitization.

Left alone, chronic indigestion can lead to inflammation of the digestive tract and other body tissues. This is bad news over the long haul, because chronic inflammation is linked to depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and pretty much all the big killers in the Western world. However, there’s no need to wait until things get serious to get some help.


Even if you never overindulge in food or drink, you might be causing yourself some occasional pain with this vice: exercising too much. Yes, it’s a vice, and maybe you even know what it feels like. After a weekend of active fun or training for your next big event, you could be sore until at least Wednesday. Your pushed-to-the-limit body can benefit from the right homeopathic remedies.

The number one remedy to consider after over-exercise is Arnica montana 30c. That’s because it reduces pain and speeds healing from trauma and inflammation. Particularly, it seems to speed absorption of blood and body fluids from bruising and micro-tears. If you have strained muscles, and it hurts if you try get up and use those muscles again, Arnica is for you. Even better, if you take Arnica immediately after your extreme exercise you may be able to avoid the sore muscles all together.

Arnica is also helpful when you’ve experienced sudden impact with an immobile object, for example, a tree or the corner of the coffee table. If you have reason to suspect a bone fracture after such an event, of course, you should see your doctor or go to the hospital right away.

Arnica is familiar to some people as a healing herb used in ointments. These ointments are helpful if you’ve got a relatively small spot that is swollen or bruised. It’s a bit trickier to get good results if you’re sore all over, or the bruising or micro-tears are deep.

Most people find it easier and more effective to simply pop a tiny pellet of homeopathically prepared Arnica into their mouths and let it dissolve. The homeopathic preparation process actually changes the way that the medicine works, making it both gentler and deeper acting in the body.

Arnica will be less helpful if your weekend warrior session leads to injured or strained tendons and cartilage. The remedy to consider first for these is Ruta graveolens. Pain with our without numbness that feels sprained and weak are symptoms that Ruta can often help. That’s why Ruta has so many fans among athletes.

For a true sprain with swelling and heat around the joint, Arnica and Ruta should be used one after the other to speed healing and reduce pain. If you want to use ice, too, that’s fine. But it is usually not necessary if you take the homeopathic remedies very soon after injury.

Even with the right homeopathics and smart self care, you will still have to rest and recover for a while. There’s no substitute for that.. Trying to return to intense physical activity before your body is ready never goes well in the long run. However, homeopathy can usually get you back on your feet, your bicycle, or your skis a lot faster than you could otherwise, giving your more time for good times.

Why Should We Maintain Good Lymph Circulations Against Toxins?

Lymphatic System in your body

The lymphatic system is a complex network of conduits and nodes that carry a fluid called lymph. Lymph is a clear to yellowish watery fluid which formed in between cells of the body. This watery fluid travels in the lymph channels, through various lymph glands and eventually drains into the bloodstream. It is formed when interstitial fluid (the fluid that bathes cells and tissues) enters the conduits of the lymphatic system. The interstitial fluid is in turn formed because of filtration of blood. This clear fluid contains white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, along with a small concentration of red blood cells and proteins. Because white blood cells are smaller than red blood cells, they can pass easily through membranes which red blood cells cannot penetrate. It circulates through body tissues picking up fats, bacteria, and other unwanted materials, removal of excess tissue fluid, filtering these substances out through the lymphatic system to produce immune cells such as lymphocytes (antibody producing plasma cells) and monocytes.

Lymph glands that are near each other often form into groups or chains such as the sides of the neck, the armpits, and the groins and many places in body. Lymph and lymph glands are major parts of the immune system. They contain white blood cells (lymphocytes) and antibodies that defend the body against infection. Damage or interruption to the lymphatic system can result in a range of medical conditions. Small lymph glands (sometimes called lymph nodes) occur throughout the body.

Check time bomb in your body

Lymph glands are normally pea-sized. You can sometimes feel some under the skin. Lymph glands under the skin become more noticeable and easier to feel if they swell. Swollen Lymphatic gland can swell to the size of marbles or even bigger. But, you cannot see or feel lymph glands deeper in the chest or abdomen even if they swell.

Causes of swollen lymph glands:

1. Infection – the most common

The lymph glands near to an infection swell quickly and become tender as the immune system ‘fights off’ infecting germs such as bacteria, virus, etc. The lymph glands usually go back to their normal ‘pea size’ when the infection is over. It can take a week or so for them to gradually go back to normal after the infection.

Common infected areas are:

– Throat infections and tonsillitis may cause lymph glands in the neck to swell.

– Skin infections of the arm may cause lymph glands in the armpit to swell.

– Infections of the leg or genitals may cause lymph glands in the groin to swell.

– Virus infections such as glandular fever affect the whole body. You may then develop swollen lymph glands in various parts of the body such as the neck, armpit and groins.

2. Cancers, lymphomas and leukemia – less common

A cancer can ‘seed’ (spread) to nearby lymph glands. The cancer then grows in the lymph gland and causes it to swell. For example:

– Breast cancer may seed to the lymph glands in the armpit.

– Throat cancer may seed to lymph glands in the neck.

– Lung cancer and gut cancer may seed to lymph glands that you usually cannot see or feel in the abdomen and chest.

– Cancer of the lymphatic and blood systems (lymphomas and leukemia) can cause many lymph glands to swell.

As a rule, swollen lymph glands develop slowly to become cancers, lymphomas and leukemia than those cause from infections. And they are painless at the beginning.

3. Other causes -rare

Reactions to certain drugs, glycogen storage diseases, Kawasaki disease, sarcoidosis and certain forms of arthritis.

Check your lymph glands

Swollen lymph glands due to virus infections are common. For example, lymph glands in the neck may go ‘up and down’ if you have frequent throat infections. This is of little concern. Swollen lymph glands are more of a concern if there is no apparent reason for them to swell. Consult your doctor if:

– You find swollen lymph glands and you do not know why they have swollen if you do not have an infection.

– Swollen lymph glands due to an infection do not go down again within two weeks.

Bring Your Beauty Salon Home

There are some types of bodywork such as Lymphatic massage and Galvanic Spa System are designed to promote healthy circulation of lymph to encourage drainage and healthy tissues. Go for a lymphatic massage, you need to book for an appointment and spend few hours in the beauty salon which is costly in terms of time and money. But now, you can just buy a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa and start your home spa treatment today.

Bring Spa Results Home

With the stress of modern life, spa treatments have become more than just occasional pampering, they are a requisite for looking and feeling great. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System brings the day spa home to you. Using the cutting -edge and patent-pending technological Galvanic Spa 2, no beauty salon appointment is necessary. For over 50 years, spa professionals have used galvanic current in customized treatments to refresh and energize the skin. Through a gentle massaging action, this current helps focus cellular energy and improve lymphatic circulation. Now you can get these same beneficial treatments in the convenience of your own home with the Galvanic Spa System.

Feel The Galvanic Differences

This patent pending, wireless handheld device uses self-adjusting technology, low level galvanic (electric) current to facilitate the transport of key ingredients into the skin for improved cleansing, hydration, circulation and radiance. The gentle massaging action of each of the four attachments (face, treatment, body, scalp) combined with galvanic current machine, can improve blood circulation and draws vital nutrients to the outer layers of the skin. Studies have shown that a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa II Treatment may enhance active ingredient delivery 70% or more for up to 24 hours post-galvanic treatment. It is safe, effective and convenience. Research shows when Galvanic Spa II Body Shaping Gel is used twice in the same day, the benefits are cumulative.

Lymphatic massage with Galvanic Spa System

For Lymphatic massage, use the body conductor, apply more Body Shaping Gel on areas which you want to reduce the accumulation of fluid with bacterial agents and toxins in body. Featuring Theobromine and Golden Chamomile, this advanced treatment helps decrease fat storage and activate fat breakdown, and to promote healthy circulation of lymph glands.

Tips on Lymphatic massage with Galvanic Spa System II

Stay on lymph glands for 20 seconds (you will hear 1 beep sound). After massage for first 1-2 minutes, if the gel turns to thick white fluid, it shown that there is some drainage in lymph glands. Wipe away the while fluid and apply new gel again. Somebody might take few times to have clear fluid depending on individual health condition. If the gel turns to yellowish fluid, it shown that the toxin and inflammation of the infected lymph glands are being drained with the galvanic current. Sometimes, people will feel painful or found bruise if blockage is serious. Wipe away the dirty gels and continue massage with the Galvanic Spa System II with new gel. Tolerate the pain and it will gradually less painful when your internal situation is improved. Some reddish on skin is deemed to be normal and it will disappear later.

Your Own Health iPod at Home

Galvanic Spa System is one of the anti aging solutions. Healthy medication such as lymphatic circulation; release painful (like painful feet, painful lymph nodes, painful joints, painful lump in armpit, tennis elbow), body relaxation, improvement of veins problem, fine lines and wrinkles, reduce laugh lines and eyes lines, rejuvenate your face complexion, slim your face, revitalize your scalp and regrow hair, renovate your body, reduce belly fat, cellulite removal, reduce underarm fat, shape up your body, build up your bodyline, etc. It is a 4 in 1 Health iPod, Medical iPod, Beauty iPod and Anti Ageing iPod. Everybody should own a private iPod for personal hygiene concerns.

Hemorrhoids – Exotic Natural Cures and Treatments

Although hemorrhoids are a common First World human condition they are rarely openly discussed. It has been reported that that between 50% and 85% of the developed world’s population will be affected by hemorrhoids at some time in their life. But interestingly the condition is rare in developing countries and almost unknown in tribal communities.

There is an intriguing correlation between the refined diets and modern toilets of the western world and the more unrefined, natural diets and squat toilets of developing countries and tribal communities and the incidence of hemorrhoids.

So when you are wondering how to cure your hemorrhoids, it may be worth considering going back to our natural basics.

There are a number of intriguingly named natural treatments for hemorrhoids including Slippery Elm Bark, Barberry, Butcher’s Broom, Horse Chestnut, Neem and Witch Hazel.

Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva) apart from being a very nutritious, simple food it was traditionally used by Native Americans as a poultice for boils, ulcers and wounds and to heal internal or external inflammation.

Slippery elm is an effective remedy for many internal conditions including duodenal ulcers, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and heartburn.

The many, and diverse, medicinal properties make the slippery elm tree a truly special plant.

Barberry (Berberis Aristata) is a blood purifier that has also been used to treat hemorrhoids. The unique qualities of berberine-rich plants lie in their ability to promote healthy intestinal microbial balance.

Barberry, found in the Himalayan regions, has played a prominent role in herbal healing for more than 2,500 years. The plant is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-septic and laxative.

It is also used to treat many other conditions including eye diseases, peptic ulcers, dysentery, heartburn, indigestion, eczema, and psoriasis. An infusion of root is used in the treatment of skin diseases, diarrhea and jaundice.

Butcher’s Broom (Ruscus Aculeatus), the vein-narrowing qualities of Butcher’s Broom relieves the discomfort associated with venous problems varying from varicose veins to hemorrhoids. It is also useful in other cases where the veins and capillaries need strengthening. It may also be used as a mild laxative and a diuretic, resulting in its use for jaundice, gout, as well as kidney and bladder stones.

Externally Butcher’s Broom can be used for all cases of venous deficiency and is often included in preparations to help with the symptomatic relief of hemorrhoids, to relieve itching, swelling and pain.

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastanum) extract increases the strength and tone of the veins. It has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It may be used internally to aid the body in the treatment of phlebitis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Externally it may be used to treat the same conditions as well as for leg ulcers.

Horse Chestnut seed extract is widely used in Europe for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a syndrome that may include leg swelling, varicose veins, leg pain, itching and skin ulcers. Although Horse Chestnut is traditionally recommended for a variety of medical conditions, CVI is the only condition for which there is strong supportive scientific evidence.

Neem (Azadirachta Indica, Margosa), in the Ayurvedic tradition Neem is recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It has been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Neem helps to prevent hemorrhoids by promoting the elimination of waste and avoiding constipation. Neem extract applied to external hemorrhoids soothes and helps control bleeding and itching.

Neem seed oil would be a dream come true for the traditional “snake oil” salesman…101 uses out of a single bottle. But, unlike “snake oil” many claims made about Neem are scientifically substantiated.

The bark, leaves and oil of the Neem tree have been used in India for several thousand years. Indians call the sacred Neem tree “the village pharmacy”, and have unlimited faith in its abilities. About 75% of Ayurvedic remedies contain some form of Neem.

Witch Hazel (Hammamelis viriniana) is a natural astringent used to reduce swelling and inflammation. It is effective in stopping the flow of blood and in reducing secretions and may be considered the “baking soda” of skin care: a simple, all-purpose, old-fashioned product that’s been used for generations.

Besides its use externally for hemorrhoids, witch hazel lotion is useful on rough or swollen hands. It can also be used internally to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids or a prolapsed uterus.

Witch hazel is an important botanical for controlling bleeding. It can reduce bleeding when applied topically to a wound or used internally for bleeding ulcers or bleeding gums.

Hemorrhoids are best treated by using a holistic natural and healthy lifestyle strategy that deals with both the causes and the symptoms.

Although the herbal substances mentioned in this article are generally not known to cause serious side effects, their effectiveness has not been substantiated by scientific research. Consumers should check labels carefully, since herbal products that are not used appropriately or correctly diluted can contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions or side effects.

10 Do’s and 5 Don’ts to Prevent Losing Your Voice

Have you ever had the awful experience of losing your voice? Of having to miss out on conversations, make people wait while you scrawl out words on paper for them to decipher, or cancel events, work and classes?

I had laryngitis once when I was a kid, and once was too much!

Here’s how it happens: the vocal cords create sound when they come together and vibrate; when they can’t come together in a healthy way, you have less sound.

If the vocal cords (aka vocal folds) are irritated and strained, they can get inflamed and tense to the point that the muscles overcompensate, cramp up and stop the vocal cords from coming together.

Laryngitis is basically a vocal cord cramp.

The more you strain your throat muscles to create sound, the higher you increase your chances of getting laryngitis, vocal nodes or polyps.

Vocal nodes are like calluses that can grow on your vocal cords if they are slammed together too tightly and too often – for instance if you constantly clear your throat.

Vocal polyps are like blisters filled with fluid that can burst.

Vocal nodes and vocal polyps can create chronic breathiness, pain, loss of range and fatigue.

What can you do instead to consistently keep your voice healthy, clear and strong – especially when you need your voice in order to make income, create music, save a life, or connect with someone you care about?

10 Do’s to Prevent Losing Your Voice

  1. Learn physical and vocal warm-ups that help to relax your throat and vocal cords
  2. Learn to keep your throat and vocal cords relaxed at every level when you speak or sing
  3. Take care of your back and neck so that they are aligned (alignment helps keep your throat open and relaxed, and your breathing easy)
  4. Drink lots of water (8 or more glasses a day is recommended)
  5. Sip warm healthy liquids like teas and soups (for most people, I recommend hot water, honey, lemon, with 4 slices of fresh ginger)
  6. Protect your immune system and emotional health with healthy foods and vitamin supplements – especially vitamins C and B12 (I follow Dr. Jonny Bowden’s recommendations and also eat healthy Korean foods)
  7. Take care of health issues such as viruses, bacterial infections, allergies, acid reflux, etc.
  8. Use a humidifier, or steam with essential oils
  9. Use a natural throat spray, natural throat lozenge, or Vitamin C drop that will help heal, moisturize and clear your throat before speaking or singing
  10. Clear your sinuses of bacteria and snot with a neti pot

5 Don’ts to Prevent Losing Your Voice

  1. Avoid strained yelling, screaming, singing, speaking or whispering (there are healthy ways)
  2. Avoid smoking and second hand smoke (all smoking – including cigarettes, pot, cigars and pipes)
  3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, ice, dairy and nut butters 4 hours before speaking or singing
  4. Avoid antiseptic menthol throat sprays and lozenges that numb and dehydrate
  5. Avoid clearing your throat (try a swallow, small cough, or warm liquids)

Learning to take care of your voice with these healthcare and voice training tips will help you prevent vocal health issues, so that you can make sure you’ll be able to use your voice every day to fully live your life and do your work.

Healing Ovarian Cysts With No Surgery And Drugs

Healing ovarian cyst is a common goal shared by women affected by this condition. There are medications and surgeries recommended by doctors to get rid of cysts, but these artificial and invasive methods can often lead to adverse effects. Thus, women are looking for non-medication and non-surgical methods to cure ovarian cysts.

Lots Of Water

Natural treatment of cysts begins with flushing out toxins from the body. This can be achieved easily by making sure you drink plenty of clean and refreshing water. Water can help eliminate buildup of toxins from the liver, kidney and other body organs. Toxins may have caused formation of cysts when the organs filtering estrogen cannot function properly due to excessive toxin accumulation. Cysts are formed when there is high amount of estrogen in the body that the organs are not able to metabolize. With toxins gone, the organs can once again perform its normal functions, thus helping your cysts to shrink.

Proper Dieting

Proper dieting is also another influential factor in getting rid of toxins. With proper dieting, it means that you need to reduce or eliminate dairy foods, processed foods and white flour. To eat more healthily, you need to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals. These foods can provide lots of nutrients that will further help the body to heal itself naturally.

Taking Supplements

There are available vitamin/food supplements that you can also take to promote healing of ovarian cysts. Oil of evening primrose, for example, has loads of gamma linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that can help regulate hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is what causes ovarian cysts to form. Omega-3 and vitamin E also have potent properties against inflammation that encourages healing.

Herbal Remedies

There are also lots of herbs that can help heal ovarian cysts. Black cohosh is an herb that can powerfully balance hormones. Chasteberry is an herb that is commonly used to treat cysts as it can also work on hormonal imbalances. It can normalize and stimulate the pituitary glands. Chasteberry works on regulating hormones required for normal menstruation cycle, fertility and ovulation.

The traditional her, false unicorn, has been used since the colonial period to bring back female reproductive system to its normal state. Uterine pain and cysts of the ovaries are effectively treated with wild yam, an herb with antispasmodic effect. Red clover can help thin out the walls of cysts to encourage it to rupture. It is also believed to contain plant estrogen that will stimulate ovaries.

The use of herbal remedies, however, should be used with caution. Women who are breastfeeding and pregnant should not use these herbs. People with some serious medical conditions should also take heed in using herbal remedies and should be supervised by healthcare providers.

Flower Essences

There are also flower essences that can help balance your reproductive system and treat ovarian cyst. Examples of flower essences are wild oats, red chestnuts and honeysuckle.


Homeopathy also offers another natural method of ovarian cyst cure. The principle behind homeopathy healing is like can treat like. The body is helped to heal and to restore with a certain level of energy. There are homeopathic cures such as apis mellifica and bellis perennis that help shrink ovarian cysts.