A Life Steering Act

“It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” William Ernest Henley

What would it be like if we were to imagine ourselves steering our way through life, setting goals as if we were a captain at the helm of a ship? We could control and navigate the ship across ocean or sea waters skilled at facing from mild and calm, severe and harsh to wet and cold weather. Some might say we can do this travel alone or have done it alone, but even a captain needs help with actions and tasks before setting out onto open waters.

We have read story books about ships that sailed the many seas around the world and heard the myths and legends built famous on superstition.

With a sea map in hand, the captain’s duty is to make it across waters safe and with smooth operation, securing the ships seaworthiness, meeting conditions even those potentially hazardous.

Think about our life map and how prepared we are to adjust and meet head on the task or situation that tests our abilities whatever life throws at us.

What is a Life Steering Act?

A Life Steering Act is about being the captain at the wheel of our ship in life. As captain, we are in charge of the movement of the ship’s rudder and the direction in which it is going. Similar to life, we address our life map regularly and make a commitment to plot our goals in such a way to get us a desired result in our daily life.

Keeping track of goals is never an easy momentum to maintain. We can reinforce the skill of steering in the direction we want to go by relying on either mechanical equipment or the tools to aid us.

The values we live by are important to help us understand what we deserve, especially to know our worth and usefulness and where all the stuff of life we are needing or wanting is coherent with our values. Also, to live and learn is by managing what we want or what we need and aim for the most important to us based on what are our life’s priorities.

A ship’s construct differs significantly from a human body. However, let’s casually liken a human skeleton to a ship’s parts and connect them both as requiring a skill to operate that offers a miraculous ability to manage or guide someone or something.

Our physical form for example is the mechanism that gets us to sit or stand, walk backwards or forwards. A ship has it various sizes but able to float on some of the deepest ocean waters. It too has it various structural components to get it to do what it does – float and with the human – it moves.

Someone has to be present with the knowledge on how to reach a place or get something. And to get our brain and physical body in motion to steer into the channel to act the way we want to, can be a feat in itself.

Our Will In Action

Victorian Poet, William Ernest Henley aptly writes in his last line of his poem Invictus, “I am the captain of my Soul.” This poem was life affirming for Nelson Mandela. He used it to keep himself alive during his 27 years in prison. Mandela suffered incarceration. He lived with tuberculosis and during this period of solitude he had to grieve being unable to attend his son’s funeral. All this took place before becoming South Africa’s president. His force of reckoning got him to leading a nation out of apartheid and into democracy.

Another person with a will-in-action-of-another-kind is high-wire performer Nikolas Wallenda, the first accomplished aerialist who performed a tightrope walk over a 1,500-Foot Grand Canyon Gorge. Who would plan and scheme for such a feat let alone imagine ever doing it but instead succeeding at it non-fatalistically.

Our Emotions

Curiosity leads us to think what does it take to undertake such an astounding task. Wallenda is master of the all pervading emotion “fear” and he appeals to the crowd’s obsessiveness: how does he obliterate fear from knocking out his knees?

What might have been the optimism pumping through Mandela’s blood which gave him the fortitude to prevail over the depravity he felt in his prison: within the walls and within himself?

As captains of our soul, we ensure our vessel has prudent conduct and does what is needed to adhere to the discipline and stand by go in the path that is most compelling in us to get us there.

Our Getting Unstuck

We do not need a brand new year to get ourselves revved up, ready to contemplate the list of goals for what we need and what we want. The crunch comes when we think and feel and dig deep into the essence of who we are and to who we know ourselves to truly be. Go ahead and pull out the pieces of our own scheming, whatever these may be, and add them to the list.

Get ready to boot-camp ourselves into realizing goals and making it a time of completion.

  • Who will make the changes in us whatever we think are the most important at work, at home, emotionally, physically or spiritually?
  • What is it we need and what is it we want that will bring us to a place to take better care of ourselves?
  • Why do we avoid that dreaded state of non-functioning and delay the leap to make changes without or with help.
  • When do we know it is time to get started on the almighty task list of wants and needs and succeed at attaining them?

In answer to these, we may find ourselves overcome by a whirlwind of thoughts that bring us to a full stop and get nothing done. The scenario replays itself over and over in our head and we anoint ourselves number one procrastinator and stay stuck there.

How to be Captain of Our Soul?

These things we are trying to get done or balance out, whatever we define them to be, are they calling out from under the despair of procrastination or from a depression creating a behavior to prevent us from achieving our aim.

Dr. Timothy A. Pyschyl explains the relation of Depression and Procrastination in his article of the same, that these are two common problems or experiences that people share – depression and procrastination — and that they are related. And, he teaches us that procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which “needs” to be accomplished. We get into this mode of procrastination because we prefer to be doing the more pleasing things in place of ones that are not so pleasing or are easier to tackle.

It is vital to ask ourselves what is in the way of meeting our needs and our wants and how come we are not the captain of our soul, the captain of steering our own life map?

Our human vessel is sensitive during times of e.g. loss of a parent or a child, being fired or laid off from a job, uncommunicative relationships or physical illness. The system shuts us down and emotional exhaustion tears away at the tendons; exercise or practice of some sort to get to the bull’s eye of the matter of identify these needs and wants becomes just another four letter word in our minds.

Psychologists report procrastination and depression are related. And, if we are poised for awareness of these, then we can apply managing tools so that we can feel better. At the same time, we can zero-in and identify what are the priorities, the goals we want and need to set for ourselves, and steer toward it all within our choosing based on our values that matter to us the most.

Taking action to steer our life in the way we want it to go is to know what it is we need or want simple as that. True, maybe we already know like Mandela knew or Wallenda knows (true Captains of their Souls). Maybe we need or want specific things we haven’t yet been able to navigate onto the right course to bring to us what exactly we need or want right here, right now.

For us to make it a time of completion, i.e. a time of letting go of procrastination, talking to a doctor and getting assessed for depression is a magnanimous move forward to where we need to start off for a restored life map.

Taking a Life Steering Action

Find a quiet place to sit or take a a meditative walk to think about what are the things in life that matter the most that are a want or a need and matter the most?

Write a list down of the multitude things that need to get done or want to get done – just write it down and hold yourself back for shoving this task aside.

Answer the following as truthfully as you can?

  • What is I WANT now? – to have a desire to have or do (something); wish for.”I want an apple” synonyms: desire, wish for, hope for, aspire to, fancy, care for, like. Explore the WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHO?
  • What is it I NEED now? – to require (something) because it is essential or very important. “I need help now” synonyms: require, be in need of, have need of, want; WHAT? Start off by working off Deviations: regroup/ replenish/restore and look at real issues that have made you deviate from getting things done or simply procrastinating and feeling less than.
  • What are my Life Steering ACTION Goals? – To get us to identify what we need and what we want within the realm of our Life Steering Action Goals we may examine our life skills and how comfortable we are with our emotional; physical; spiritual, financial, relationships and work life. We prioritize the identified wants and needs in these areas and place them in the order of our choosing to gather them into our life.
  • HOW? – Change Environment/perspective – e.g. Change Beliefs – better nutrition, more exercise, develop meditative/spiritual Practice, play and have more fun.
  • WHY? Embrace/expand Strengths – e.g. Lesson learned and opportunities or any violation to your values that may have been experienced.
  • WHO? Partnerships/collaborate – e.g. do I need further tools, more training/education, need to go for a routine check up or ask a family member, or friend for a shoulder to lean on?

Many services are available for people to work on setting life goals and support for overcoming the debilitating affects of depression.

Everyone is different! We are our own captain steering our own life-ship.

Life coaching is available to give supportive listening – without attempts to repair but help resolve some strong feelings may arise in the writing of your lists. A life coach offers strategies to help map out a life plan and to get beyond depression and work at meeting life goals based on a new method of managing simple life skills. Other service helping professionals are available, keeping in mind giving up is never an option, and seeking self-love and understanding or getting what help is needed to bring added success to anyone courageous enough to live life being “Captain of My Soul.”

Outdoor Wall Plaques – Inspirational and Informative Decoration

Throughout my home, from the library to the bathrooms, the walls are adorned to exhume beauty and uniqueness. As a home designer I have had the good fortune of creating my habitat from all that my imagination holds. Living in the Midwest there are an abundance of months that you are held captive inside your quarters. Being in this environment has clearly given me the opportunity to have my place just the way I wanted it to turn out. Having lived in California my heart yearned for the seasons to change. I needed to see new growth form on the trees and to hear the birds chirp again. I desperately desired to make my outside come alive just like the inside.

As the season finally changed to sunshine and warmth, I could actually feel my body and soul uplifted. I ran around the entire house opening all the windows while humming and smiling thinking of the projects that I could hardly wait to start. There was the entire outside area that waited for my hands and thoughts to work their magic. I could hardly wait to get started.

First things first. I needed to remove all the dead leaves and brush that had accumulated over the winter months. Next I went all around searching to see what survived and what needed help with some tender loving care. Gently and lovingly working many hours I revived some plants and added many different kinds of colorful flowers and vegetation.

After completing this task my front and back yard shined with brilliance and beauty but it still felt like something else was needed. Looking around, my walls and fence seemed to be dull and bare. How could I make them part of this theme and complete the picture that I was after? Realizing that inside my home I had adorned the walls with numerous wall décor, why couldn’t I continue with the same artistic qualities outside.

Trying to decide what type of wall decor would blend and ablaze the yard with beauty was relatively easy. It came to mind almost instantaneously. Wall plaques would dramatically fulfill the outcome with their words and statue. They tend to add dimension to any bare area they cover.

Decorative outdoor wall plaques are unique accent pieces that adorn your patio, garden or other outdoor area. Most outdoor wall plaques are flat plates or disks which are beautifully chiseled, ornamented or engraved. They can be used as a decoration, information or identification. Best of all, you can mix and match materials and styles to ensure a look that is unique to your home.

Whether you prefer elegance, artistic or modern, there are an abundance of styles to match your own. The themes range from animals, nature, floral, sun, moon, to inspirational words. They are available in materials such as: wood, stone, pewter, crystal, glass, and ceramic, marble, iron and resin. Resin seems to be the most popular for today’s garden style. It is most affordable, light weight and is highly resistant to wear and tear for the extremities of weather conditions. You can locate wall plaques that are hand made, hand painted, sculptured or custom made to your specifications.

One of my favorite outdoor wall plaques is a simple design that I have placed on my white PVC fence in the center of the yard. It is made of wrought iron and has the words Live, Love and Laugh. They add visual interest and inspire me daily. The other wall plaque that I am quite found of is one that was custom made. It resides above my entry way and has all of our family names upon it. Below it also states our address and I get comments on it whenever a new person visits.

If you’re stumped for a unique gift, this is one of-a-kind and will be cherished for life especially if he or she is a garden enthusiast. Have an inspirational saying with the persons name engraved and you will be remembered always.

Whatever outdoor wall plaques you choose, I can assure you it will add color, spice up the property surrounding your home and be appreciated by all for many years to come.

Did Goliath of the Bible Suffer From Gigantism?

The story of David and Goliath found in the Bible is probably one of the most well-known and often-told stories from the Old Testament. It carries with it a wonderful lesson – that no problem is too big in the eyes of God. If we see everything in the same perspective as God, huge problems and situations that seem impossible can be seen more clearly. We can deal with them more effectively, especially with God on our side.

According to the Bible, Goliath was a member of the Philistine army that was waging war against the Israelites. He was over 9 feet tall and was clad in armor from head to foot. The Israelites were terrified of Goliath and none would fight him. Meanwhile he continued to mock Saul, the King of Israel, and his men, daring them to fight him.

A teenage boy name David put his fear aside and, armed only with a bag of stones and a sling, challenged Goliath by saying “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty.” As Goliath began to attack, David used his sling and a well-aimed stone to puncture a small opening in the forehead of Goliath’s armor and immediately kill him.

Certain scientists have taken a keen interest in the events leading up to Goliath’s death. Neurologists theorize that Goliath may have suffered from a disease that causes the pituitary gland to produce excessive amounts of growth hormones. The disorder is called acromegaly and is more commonly known as gigantism. This condition can cause people to grow to abnormal heights. So, according to this theory, Goliath was suffering a disease that would have, at some point, caused his premature death either way.

But why was David so easily able to sneak up on the giant in order to kill him? Scientists explain this by saying that a side effect of gigantism is partial blindness or tunnel vision. The secretion of excess growth hormones by the pituitary gland is normally caused by the formation of a tumor. This tumor could have compressed the giant’s optic chiasm, the part of the brain where the optic nerves cross. With impaired sight and no peripheral vision, David could easily have gotten close enough to Goliath to get off the fatal shot.

Finally, many ask how did one small stone in the head drop such a fierce giant? This is also explained by the existence of the tumor. If the rock hit directly on that tumor, this may have caused the tumor to burst and bleed and in turn caused the death of the giant, Goliath.

If Goliath did indeed suffer from gigantism, this by no means detracts from the faith of the young David. No soldier at the time could have known the cause behind Goliath’s size, let alone a teenage shepherd. The lesson speaks down through the ages that what appears to be impossible can be made possible with God at our side.

How to Boost Your Immune System to Fight Off Colds and Flu

If you would like to learn about how to boost your immune system then you’ll want to read this article. Did you know that that there are more than 200 viruses that can cause a cold. Some of the more common ones include rhinovirus, corona virus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu) and para-influenza, and the most famous one as of late is the swine flu virus, each one with their own severity.

Influenza which is commonly mistaken merely as a severe cold due to their similarities of symptoms, is one of the more serious and contagious viruses around. Many viruses can cause a cold but only a few can cause flu. Contrary to popular beliefs you cannot catch flu from cold temperatures. The Flu is more serious than a cold as it has the potential of leading to other complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection and even meningitis. A person with severely weakened immune system death is even probable.

Our immune system is a network of specialized cells that work to clear infection and to protect our body from the millions of bacteria and viruses we may be exposed to every day. Therefore it is best, if our immune system is at its strongest and performing at its best possible level, to be able to fight the many different types of bacteria and viruses no matter what its origin.

Due to the sheer number of viruses, currently there is no medical cure for colds. Therefore preventative measures that will strengthen your immune system have proven significantly successful and is generally the recommended route.

Our bone marrow produces immune cells which is called B-cell lymphocytes. These produce antibodies and attach to any foreign bodies in our system ready for their destruction. While T-cell lymphocytes, which are produced in our thymus attack and destroy any diseased cells and foreign bodies until any infection is cleared.

When our immune system is not working correctly due to poor nutrition, alcohol and drug abuse or exposure to toxins, its ability to fight off infections and diseases is greatly compromised. To ensure our immune system has the strength it needs to keep our body healthy and functioning optimally, we need to obtain all the nutrients we need to sustain good chemical, nutritional and hormonal balance, giving our natural defenses the tools and weapon it needs to combat any destructive foreign invaders within our body.

Common sense dictates that first we need to adopt good healthy eating habits. Eating processed foods have no nutritional value that can provide our bodies useful tools and immune weapons, so to speak. Only by eating the right kinds of foods and you know what I am talking about, can we give our body the helping hand it needs to boost our immune system.

Now, it would be great if we can get all the nutrients our bodies need from the foods we eat everyday but we know that is not reality. Therefore the only way to make sure we get the most optimized nutrition is to incorporate quality supplements into our diets. Supplements that contain essential minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and specialty nutrients are vital in boosting and maintaining a strong immune system.

Conclusion: Catching a cold or even flu for most of us is inevitable. But by creating a strong immune system we can be assured that our body’s defense system can almost handle anything thrown against it thus improving our quality of life. Isn’t that what we are all after?

To learn more about the quality supplements I recommend see the resource below.


Pill-Free Fever Buster

For those of you who have children, you’ll completely understand my next statement… “There is nothing more frightening than watching your child burn up with a high fever in the middle of the night.” If you don’t have children, you probably don’t get it. But think about it for a moment… a child with a fever over 104 degrees (up to 102 or 103 is common in small children – not so in adults), anyway, that child would be hot to the touch, listless, and could have seizures – and doctors’ offices are closed! I think the most frightening part to parents is that they have no control – they can’t fix it.

Generally, conventional medicine directs parents to uncover the patient, perform ice baths, and take ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Further, they direct parents to “let the fever take its course.” What? Sit back and let a fever ravage my child’s body?

An adult with a fever (theirs rarely go above 103) is not susceptible to seizures, but will still feel listless, often accompanied by headache. Adults usually have to take care of themselves and really don’t feel like moving; therefore, adults become dehydrated quickly. Dehydration gets ugly:

  • Lack of sweating – which leaves the patient in a predicament – if the patient can’t sweat, how will he/she reduce the fever?
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Low blood pressure
  • Rapid breathing
  • In severe cases, delirium

When I was growing up, I always took fever-reducing medicines, placed ice packs on my neck, wrists, and chest, and waited it out. The aggravating thing was that the fever would drag on for days. When I was older, I began seeing a naturopath and she recommended “The Wet Sock Treatment.” Let me tell you my family laughed about that for weeks. But one winter, my nephew was about 19 and developed a fever that stayed at 104 for several days (close to a week). He had become listless, couldn’t eat, and began having hallucinations. I suggested the Wet Sock Treatment to my sister. We chuckled about doing such a thing to a sick person. But she said that they had done everything conventional and nothing worked.

She called me up the next morning and said, “It’s a miracle. I would never have believed wet socks would do anything – but his fever broke in the night and he’s up celebrating Thanksgiving with the family.” I asked if he minded the treatment – considering how sick he was. She said two things:

  1. He said he was so out of it, he really didn’t care what was done; and
  2. He said the cold wet socks actually felt so good. He said his skin had felt like it was on fire… the socks just felt good.

So what is this crazy, miraculous treatment? It’s called The Wet Sock Treatment for a reason… it involves wet socks. Read on…

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • thin cotton socks
  • thick wool socks
  • ice water
  • a warm bed

Follow these steps to implement this treatment and get great results:

  1. Verify that the patient has completely dry feet.
  2. Take a thin pair of cotton socks and put them in the coldest, iciest water that you can access.
  3. Wring out the socks and place them on the patient’s feet
  4. Immediately place THICK WOOL socks over the wet socks.
  5. Tuck the patient in bed – covered well with sheets and blankets.
  6. Allow the patient to sleep, preferably through the night
  7. In the morning, check the patient. You SHOULD find that the patient’s fever has broken AND that the patient is drenched with sweat.
  8. You should also find that the wet socks are completely dry

How or Why Does This Work?

The Wet Sock Treatment is a natural method of stimulating the immune system to battle the flu (or fever-causing infection). Basically, this treatment is a heating compress; this means that the body has to work to warm the cold socks. The cold shocks the immune system into action. “The body reacts to the cold socks by increasing blood circulation, which also stimulates the immune system. You have to ‘rev up’ the immune system, so it’s ready for battle against the affliction or condition,” according to Jamey Wallace, ND, clinic medical director at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

A nice side effect of the treatment is that It seems to have a sedating action; many patients indicate experiencing deeper sleep during the treatment.

This treatment is free and safe for all ages. It can be repeated three days in a row to continue to gain benefits. However, the added benefits will most likely pale in comparison to the drastic initial response.

So this winter, put down the bottle of pills or syrup and pick up a pair of wet socks!

Steam Bath Healing And Health Benefits Fully Explained

The positive effects of steam bathing have been understood for thousands of years. Hippocrates found that fever could cure many diseases, and steam baths and saunas have been producing ‘simulated’ fevers ever since that time and maybe even earlier than that.

There are excellent healing attributes of both saunas and steam baths but the steam bath is especially good for respiratory troubles like bronchitis, asthma, and allergies the since it offers an elevated moisture content. The steam bath is also useful for cleaning and toning the skin surface. The increased volume of sweat that is induced by the steam bath and sauna leaves the skin soft and supple while the bathers are left feeling re-energized and recharged.

Steam Baths – Special Benefits

As previously discussed, a steam bath is excellent for respiratory ailments since steam can remove allergens and mucus from the lungs. Doctors have been advising that patients breathe steam for various respiratory problems for a long time now. The steam bath allows the user to inhale a larger concentration of steam than by using a vaporizer. This allows maximum benefits to those with breathing problems.

Steam has a soothing quality for the breathing passages since it raises the moisture level in the lungs, throat and nose. People that suffer from the problems of asthma or the common cold will find they feel much better after indulging in a steam bath.

No matter how good the sauna bath might feel by relieving symptoms it is not cure for respiratory diseases. The temporary benefits of relief from the symptoms are good enough that many sufferers go back to the steam bath again and again.

Skin Benefits

A good sweat is excellent for healthy skin. Dermatologists understand the benefits of steam to create a beautiful, healthy glow. Serious sweating washes the skin better than soap and water since it unlocks the pores and lets deep-seated grime along with dead cells to be washed out. Also a steam bath increases the blood circulation to the skin contributing to a healthy, glowing manifestation, you will glisten!

Pain Relief Benefits

Heat is a useful tool for management of muscular pain. Taking a steam bath after a substantial bodily workout is an excellent method of speeding up the healing progression of hurt tissues and muscles. Heat allows the blood vessels to enlarge which boosts the blood circulation, letting increased oxygen to arrive at injured parts of the body. This has the twofold effect of pain reduction and improving the healing speed.

Relaxation Benefits

Deep sleep is one of the best medicinal ways to heal the body. Our contemporary life is filled with daily stresses, and these stresses will build up over time and can induce stress linked illnesses such as high blood pressure and hypertension. A sauna bath is a excellent method of unwinding and help relieve the daily stresses. The heat of the sauna allows the muscles to loosen up, and the steam makes available a comforting atmosphere for calming the mind.

You will discover that a steam bath ahead of bedtime is an excellent method of promoting a deep restful sleep. You come out of the steam bath experiencing a relaxed and calm state. When you take a steam bath on a regular basis, you will reap remarkable benefits for your health and your state of mind.

So, go ahead and indulge yourself and reap the rewards of a sauna bath. You will be pleased with the results of regular sauna baths for your overall health and mental state.

Acid Indigestion – Popping Pills May Have Harmful Side Effects – Simple, Natural Ways to Spell Relie

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it ISN’T! Billions of dollars are spent in antacids each year. For example, Nexium is the third best-selling drug in the world, with annual sales exceeding $5 billion. Priolsec is the #1 selling drug in the world making over 6 billion dollars a year. But antacids and drugs do not fix the cause of the problem and there are reports of harmful side effects.

What causes acid reflux and acid indigestion?

The acid from the stomach may force open the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), allowing acid to flow into the esophagus, resulting in heartburn and indigestion. In other cases, this sphincter becomes flaccid and acid splashes into the esophagus. If this indigestion happens more than twice a week, it is time for you to seriously digest information on how to heal this situation now.

What is so wrong with having acid indigestion?

The technical name for persistent heartburn and/or the stomach contents regurgitating up into the esophagus is called gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD. “Chronic GERD has the potential to scar and damage the lining of the esophagus. It can also lead to a condition called Barrett’s esophagus, which carries the risk of developing esophageal cancer” (Rubin, 2003).

“People with chronic heartburn can develop painful ulcers in the esophagus, and in rare cases, some can end up with damage that can lead to esophageal cancer” (Yu-Xiao Yang, MD, MSCE, et al., 2006).

Also, throat and breathing problems may be made worse by acid indigestion. Some people may actually think they have allergies, since they have inflammation in their sinuses or throat, when acid reflux is the real culprit.

There are many other challenges. Even “dental enamel exposed to acid from acid reflux will cause dental erosion. The enamel dissolves when exposed to a pH of less than 3.7” (Freund, M.D. and Rejaunier, 2003). Neutral pH is around 7.

Doctors are not sure exactly why this is so, but almost half of asthma patients also have acid reflux.

Why popping a pill can be harmful.

If the warning light in your car goes on, would you simply turn off the light, and never bother to check under the hood? Sooner or later you will have more serious problems with your car by ignoring it’s warning signal.

The same is true with just taking a pill, and not addressing the fact that your body is telling you that something needs your attention. Just taking a pill is like turning off the warning light that your body is giving you, and doing nothing about the cause.

Pills and antacids have reported side effects. Neurologist Dr. Daniel Purlmutter stated on The Oprah Show, “Antacids block B6. Many people are taking antacid medications and the problem is that when they block stomach acid, they block the absorption of B6 and that can damage the brain.” (Oprah, 2006.)

Dr. Sherry Rogers saw many complications with her patients who took Mylanta. “Quite simply, as Mylanta sopped up acid that prompts indigestion, it also depleted the same acid we need for absorbing minerals. Without a sufficient quantity of minerals we are vulnerable to many diseases, from depression to cancer.” (Rogers, S., M.D., 2000).

A study of 145,000 seniors showed heartburn drugs can increase risks of broken hips. These drugs can block absorption of calcium, leading to weaker bones and fractures (Yu-Xiao Yang, MD, MSCE; et al., 2006). The drugs causing the most problems in this study were Nexium, Prevacid and Prilosec.

“(Tagamet or Pepcid) are some of the worst drugs that you could possibly take.

They significantly reduce the amount of acid you have, inhibiting your ability to properly digest food. Reduction of acid in the stomach also diminishes your primary defense mechanism for food-borne infections and will increase your risk of food poisoning… I can assure you the number of people who actually need this drug is less than one in 100 of those taking it. In other words, people are being prescribed drugs for heartburn when it is one of the easiest medical problems to treat” (Mercola, J., M.D., 2006).

Chronic use of aluminum containing antacid products may be detrimental to the body. “Research has shown that at least 10 human neurological conditions have been linked to toxic concentrations of aluminum” (Gasdorph, H. and Walker, M., 1995).

What can create acid indigestion?

It is best to look at what you are eating or what is “eating you,” since foods and emotions can cause acid indigestion. Eating too many processed, acidic foods and soft drinks and/or emotions of fear, anxiety or anger can trigger acid indigestion.

Being over weight or pregnant may also contribute to acid indigestion, since possibly the added weight may put pressure on the sphincter, allowing it to open. Some people may also experience indigestion when lying down or bending over.

Natural ways to spell relief.

“Eat whole foods, eliminate processed foods, exercise and relax and enjoy life.” Yeah, yeah, we have all heard that. But, the reason why we have heard it so many times is because it works. Here are some more natural ways to help with indigestion:

• Scientists have shown that there is a strong correlation between obesity and GERD. If you are overweight, losing weight would most likely help relieve the symptoms of acid indigestion and heart burn.

• Many health professionals feel the bacterium H. pylori that lives in the stomach can be a contributing factor in acid indigestion. Blood tests and stool tests will be able to diagnose if you have H. pylori. There is a tea from South Africa that is guaranteed to get rid of H. pylori (http://www.ulcer-cure.com). I am still investigating this – so check my web site for further information. There are herbs from the rain forest that are also supposed to eradicate H pylori. (And no, I do not get affiliate fees or kick backs for any product mentions in this article.)

• Stop drinking sodas as they are much too acidic for the body.

• A Japanese folk remedy is to use ¼ teaspoon of alkalizing umeboshi plum, which is available at heath food stores.

• The use of herbs may help: “Dandelion, fennel, slippery elm and Irish moss function as antacids.” (Tierra, 1990).

• Drinking fresh vegetable juices, especially red cabbage juice in this situation, would be alkalizing and helpful to restore balance in the body.

• Taking enzymes may help to break down food in the stomach. In a double-blind study pancreatic enzymes were shown to reduce gas, bloating, and fullness after a high fat meal (Suarez, F. et al., 1999). The enzymes I think are great are Wobenzym (http://www.wobenzym.com). Wobenzym empowers the body to heal itself. It has been sold to millions of people all over the world and has 25 years of research behind it. It is recommended to take Wobenzym on an empty stomach away from supplements and medications. If you are on blood thinning medications, please consult your doctor before taking these enzymes.

• Probiotics are helpful.

• Eat s-l-o-w-l-y. Quickly wolfing down too much food may cause indigestion.

• Meals are not a surprise. Planning meals will help to avoid eating those culprit, acidic on-the-run foods.

• Eating smaller portions always helps one’s digestion.


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The information is intended to help you make informed decisions about your health, not to replace your medical care. Elaine Wilkes’, N.C., M.A., recommendations are NOT intended as a cure, diagnosis, prescription, or treatment for any disease; physical, emotional, spiritual or mental, and are not a substitute for regular medical care.

Psychic Vampires/Energy Vampires: What Are They and How Do You Protect Yourself From Them?

How can you tell if a person is a Psychic Vampire or Energy Vampire?

You will feel very tired and drained of your energy after being exposed to a Psychic Vampire or Energy Vampire. You will feel like all of your positive energy has just been zapped out of you. You may feel heaviness, depression, paralysis, or very unmotivated.

Some people get a headache or feel very hot when around a Psychic Vampire.

The best way to tell if an individual is a Psychic Vampire or an Energy Vampire is to stay in the present moment and in touch with your feelings.  Don’t listen to the person’s words, but instead watch their actions.

If you watch their actions, you will find that they take much more than they give. Often they are very jealous of other people’s success. They will put other people down in order to build themselves up.  Psychic Vampires often times will contradict everything you say and have an opposing opinion to your every idea.  They tend to blame their problems on the world and everyone in it. They often recognize what is wrong or missing in every situation, person, and condition.

Are Psychic Vampires “bad” people?


However, until you have attained a certain level of spiritual awareness, Psychic Vampires can prove to be self defeating in your journey toward self awakening. The savior must save himself or herself first.  I believe in the beginning of our spiritual journey, we have to be very conscious of whom we choose to closely associate with.

In my experience, I have found Psychic Vampires are just very misguided souls that have failed to recognize their true nature.

Often, Psychic Vampires are people that entertain excessive negative thoughts, are misidentified with their body, love relationships, possessions, and or accomplishments.

Many Psychic Vampires have low self esteem and see their good as coming from outside of themselves. Due to their state of inner disconnection, they have become giant sponges soaking up everyone else’s positive energy.

In a nutshell, they are controlled by their “Ego Mind” as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, the Course in Miracles, and Eastern Thought define it.

How can I protect myself from psychic vampires?

Turn your own inner light on; be the light of your world! When you can stay centered in love and light, people like this they will either change or fall out of your world!  If you are vibrating at a high vibrational level, you will not find people like this in your world.  If you are noticing that there are many Psychic Vampires in your world, then it is a sign that you may need to uncover some more light in your own consciousness.

In the beginning, however, until you can get your own light shining very brightly, I recommend that you avoid or limit exposure to Psychic Vampires.

Do you think other psychics and writers are dramatizing the dangers of Psychic Vampires?

I definitely do believe that other psychics and writers are over dramatizing the dangers of Psychic Vampires. I think they are mainly coming from the idea of scarcity.  The fear based idealism that believes there is only so much energy to go around, and we have to protect what we have. They are also coming from the point of view that others have the power to hurt you. It is really only what you think and feel that creates your reality for you.  If you believe that others have the power to hurt you, then they can because you believe that they can.

When you turn the light on where does the darkness go?  When you turn on the heat where does the cold go?

This metaphysical truth is simple; there is light or there is “no light”; there is heat or there is”no heat.”  Darkness is simply an absence of light and not a reality of itself.

The most precious resource we have is oxygen.  Wouldn’t it be silly to go around fearful that another is going to take up to much of our oxygen?  Unless you have a breathing condition yourself you do not have to be consciously concerned about the oxygen levels of the places you go or how much others take.

Similarly, you do not want to excessively fill your mind with the ideas and pictures of “Psychic Vampires.” Engaging in this will only attract them into your reality (law of attraction).

Instead, focus on being and expressing more light and re-align your conscious mind with your true self (the perfect self god created in you).  Daily meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and sea salt baths are one way to do this.  I have other articles that give detailed instructions for this and free Kundalini Yoga video classes posted on my website.  When you begin to tap into the infinite source of all positive energy and power, an Energy Vampire cannot drain you because your supply is infinite.

In short, don’t focus on the problem, but move toward the solution which is found in daily spiritual practice.

How to Give Yourself a Testicular Self Exam

Testicular cancer primarily strikes men between the ages of 20 and 34, with Caucasian men being the most vulnerable. Though it’s not a particularly common disease, testicular cancer does kill about 300 men every year. Approximately 7,000 men will develop a testicular malignancy this year alone.

Fortunately, this cancer can be detected early through self-examinations. When treated promptly, it has a 93% cure rate. Catching testicular cancer early is absolutely crucial. You want to prevent the disease from spreading beyond the testicles.

Now you know the statistics. If you’re a man reading this article right now, there’s simply no reason that you shouldn’t learn how to give yourself a testicular self-exam, or a TSE. My motto has always been “better safe than sorry!”

The best time to perform a testicular self-exam is during or after a warm shower, when your scrotal sac is relaxed. You want to check one testicle at a time. Put your index and middle fingers of both hands under the testicle, and rest your thumbs on top.

Gently roll the testicle between the thumbs and fingers and feel for any small lumps. Also feel for swelling or hardening of the entire testicle. These lumps can vary in size, and are usually always present on only one testicle. Though it’s common for one testicle to be larger than the other, take note if one seems unusually larger than normal.

If you find that your testicles are tender or overly sensitive, that’s another sign which must not be ignored. It might only be a hernia that you’re experiencing, but you still want to get it looked at by a professional.

Also, be on the lookout for any discharge emitting from the penis. This could be the result of an STD (sexually-transmitted disease) and not testicular cancer. Regardless, you need to get it checked as soon as possible.

Other signs to watch out for: a dull ache in the lower abdomen or groin, pain or discomfort in the testicle or scrotum, or fluid in the scrotum. If any of these symptoms last more than a few days, call your doctor.

If you need any further information on testicular cancer, you can call the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4-CANCER (Cancer Information Service). You can also call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345. They have a 24-hour hotline and are there to address any concerns you may have.

Will They Ever Find a Herpes Cure?

Herpes, the painful skin blisters, that once acquired, are with you for the rest of your life! It’s definitely not the best news and it can be emotionally and physically devastating. Having the virus is something that can be lived with but precautions need to be taken to prevent or minimize further outbreaks. As of this date there is no cure, and it’s doubtful that they will ever find a herpes cure, but there are many things you can do to control outbreaks and prevent spreading the disease to others.

There are three types of herpes virus that are the most common:

Herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) is the typical cold sore variety that normally breaks out on the lips, mouth and face, although the virus can break out on the fingers, or in the eye causing “pink eye” or conjunctivitis. The virus can also (rarely) extend into the brain causing encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. The virus does spread by contact, either the sore or the fluid contained in the sore are highly contagious, although the virus can spread without any visible signs of a sore. It used to be thought that a person had to have an active case of herpes, but it was found not to be true. This virus can also cause genital herpes.

Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2) is the virus that usually causes genital herpes and is spread by sexual intercourse. The blisters erupt in the genital area leaving an ulcerated open sore, but symptoms vary from person to person. Condoms can reduce the risk of infection but not eliminate it. Blood tests are available but the most positive way to find out if you have genital herpes is to be seen by a doctor at the time of an outbreak. A sample can then be taken from the sore and it will be diagnosed in a lab.

Herpes zoster is the virus that causes chicken pox and shingles. Shingles usually develop in the adult years with people who have had chicken pox as a child. The virus is dormant in the body after chicken pox has long gone and then suddenly shows its face years later when you are suffering extended stress, using corticosteroids or using a class of drugs called immunosuppressants. These types of blisters cause long-term nerve damage and are usually found around your mid-section, lower part of your body, stomach area, or lower body; they can however show up in other areas of the body.

There are other types of the herpes virus but they are not as common as herpes simplex type 1 and 2. There is no medication available that can actually kill the virus in the nerve cells. Research is being done and the only prescription drugs available are acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir, denavir, famvir, penciclovir, valtrex and zovirax. These drugs are not a herpes cure, but shorten the duration of the outbreak. The common drug side effects are upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, agitation, joint pain, hair loss and vision changes. More severe side effects are hives, rashes or blisters, itching, difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs, hoarseness, seizures, loss of consciousness, rapid heartbeat, trouble sleeping, fever, sore throat, chills, cough, abnormal bruising or bleeding, blood in the urine, stomach pain or cramps, bloody diarrhea, decreased urination, headache, hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that are not real), confusion, aggressive behavior, difficulty speaking, numbness, burning, or tingling in the arms or legs, temporary inability to move parts of your body, and, last but not least, uncontrollable shaking.

Taking these types of medications is not a herpes cure and they have an abundance of side effects like every prescription drug. To top it off, these drugs have the same success rate natural herpes remedies do as far as controlling and lessening the time of outbreaks. Also, after you no longer take these drugs it does not stop future outbreaks, these are lifelong medications.

The best way to prevent an outbreak is to strengthen your immune system. There are many people giving recommendations on various message boards which are worth a try because many of them work. Just also remember that everyone is different so it may take you awhile to find your pre-herpes regime. Remember, your body is your temple! Treat it well, and it will treat you well.

Basically the top recommendations and the closest thing to a herpes cure:

Eat a healthy diet, avoiding sugar, chemical sweeteners and alcohol. They suppress the immune system!

Take L-lysine 1000mg three times per day and eat foods high in lysine and low in arginine. Most vegetables and fruits, meats and fish are good choices. If too much arginine is consumed you most likely will have an outbreak. Foods highest in arginine which should be avoided are seeds, soy protein isolate and egg whites.

Reduce stress and anxiety. Many people feel a herpes attack coming on when they are very tired or stressed for a lengthy period, lowering your immune system functioning. As soon as you feel an outbreak coming, start the lysine, other supplements and a topical treatment. Try meditation, yogi, deep breathing, laughing, and listening to music, a massage, or a warm bath, before and during an outbreak.

Use herbal remedies topically which are antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in nature like tea tree oil, neem oil, and clove oil. If they seem too strong and sting when applied, mix a drop with neutral oils (like almond) or a q-tip soaked in water which will dilute the concentration enough so as not to irritate.

Corn starch will help dry the herpes sores, by absorbing moisture and stopping them from draining. Just dip a cotton swab into the corn starch and dab it on. Also, a warm epsom salt bath will soothe and dry the herpes sores. It can also help relieve itching and soreness.

Flu Like Symptoms and PMS – Comparing Flu Like Symptoms and PMS

It is absolutely mind-boggling that something like mood swings can be a symptom of a whole host of health conditions. For this reason, Flu like symptoms and PMS symptoms will be reviewed and compared. We will briefly discuss treatments for both as well.

It should be noted that not every person will have the same symptoms nor will they have same intensity of symptoms as others.

Flu Symptoms

Not all of the symptoms of the flu appear in each case. Symptoms of the flu include a stuffy nose and chest discomfort and coughing. Coughing can be mild to moderate and occurs quite commonly. Coughing and chest discomfort and a sore throat are considered severe and considered fairly common as well. Fever over 99 degrees up to 102 F. Headaches are common with the flu. Fatigue and weakness are common with the flu and can last up to three weeks. Extreme exhaustion may occur early and be present through the duration of the flu.

PMS Symptoms

PMS – premenstrual syndrome can be attributed to either of two causes. Low levels of Serotonin. Mood swings, fatigue irritability, and anxiety and depression may occur.

Food cravings may be experienced and your appetite could be affected. Anger and aggressive behavior as well as concentration and sleep problems may happen.

PMS symptoms may also be related to hormone levels that can trigger headaches including migraines. Sore breasts, back pain and weight gain are also symptoms of PMS. Feeling bloated may also be experienced. There are many more ‘complaints’ that can be associated with PMS.

Flu like Symptoms and PMS

Both the flu and PMS have headaches, fatigue, and body aches as part of their symptoms. Irritability, anxiety, and depression may appear in both as well. In the flu though, the symptoms are likely to be milder if they occur.


Flu treatments may include flu vaccines, antiviral medications, and antibiotics. There are over the counter treatments that can be used to treat the flu. There are non-medical treatments for the flu that can both prevent and treat the flu: these include washing your hands especially after you sneeze or cough and using a tissue. The tissue will collect the germs from a sneeze or cough and can be disposed of immediately.

PMS treatments include prescription medications to treat PMS and PMDD (premenstrual dysphonic disorder). Anti-depressants have been used in treating PMS and even out mood swings. Pain relievers and other over the counter treatments are available.

PMS/PMDD can be treated also with natural products such as herbal supplements. Herbal remedies for PMS of a higher quality are rigorously tested. At the molecular level the metabolic paths of the ingredients are examined. Also observed during testing are the interactions of the ingredients. They are also manufactured according to pharmaceutical grade standards. This helps to guarantee that the ingredients listed on the product label are actually in the supplements.

Their purity, safety and effectiveness are ensured by these processes. The quality of each capsule/tablet is the same for each dose. This helps to enhance the effectiveness of the supplements. Some of the herbs known to benefit PMS include Black Cohosh, Chasteberry, and Red Clover among others. Chasteberry is also a natural anti-inflammatory.


Flu like symptoms and PMS symptoms are very similar including headaches, exhaustion, and irritability. The flu is treated with anti-virals, antibiotics, over the counter treatments, and non-medical options. PMS is treated with anti-depressants, pain relievers, over the counter medications, and possibly herbal supplements. The flu may also be able to be treated with herbal supplements.

Fruits for Diabetic Patients, Which Fruits Prevent Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be well controlled by maintaining a balanced diabetic diet. Inclusion of fruits in diet plays a vital role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Which all are the favourable fruits for diabetic patients? What is the amount of sugar concentration in them? How will the intake of fruits in diet affect a diabetic patient’s life? These all are the frequently asked questions by a diabetic patient. Now let’s find answers for these commonly asked questions. As per the studies made on diabetic patients, health practitioners prefer including more amount of fibre rich fruits in their diet. These fruits with low sugar concentration helps in controlling blood sugar level to a maximum extend.

Moreover, intake of fibre rich fruits helps in maintaining cholesterol level which in turn normalizes the metabolic rate of the body. It is better to prefer fresh fruits other than dry fruits for maximum utilization of food intake. Apple, pear, peach, orange, kiwi and plum are fruits favourable for diabetic patients. These fruits are rich with high protein concentration than sugar concentration.

Extracts from some fruits like guava helps in lowering blood sugar level. Grape fruit coming under citrus fruit family is yet another favourable fruit helping for maintaining controlled blood glucose level. Intake of these fruits promotes insulin production there by managing diabetes. Certain fruits are rich with more carbohydrate concentration than protein. Consumption of these fruits creates a negative impact on diabetic patients. It will be better to limit or avoid these fruit items with high sugar level in diet. Jackfruit, raisins and apricot are some examples of fruits with high sugar concentration.

Fruits like cherry, papaya and pineapple are equipped with a moderate level of sugar concentration. Certain chemical substance present in some fruits enhances insulin production. Anthocyanin is an example for this. Anthocyanin equipped in fruits is a chemical substance helping in insulin formation. Fruits like cherries are blessed with a rich concentration of anthocyanin promoting low blood sugar level.

Have you heard about jambul fruit? Jambul is mainly seen in India is an ideal choice of fruit for diabetic patients. Nutritionists prefer core portion or inner portion of jambul fruits for controlling diabetes. Seeds of these fruits are famous for controlling blood glucose level. Ashes of jambul tree are given as medicine in high diabetic case. In many ayurvedic treatments, jamun seed powder mixed with water is given to diabetic patients in specific intervals of time. Jamun seed is a rich source of vitamins, calcium and potassium and its seed powder boosts the performance of pancreas.

Making awareness about disease and favourable fruits helps to a great extend in controlling diabetes. Patients should maintain their diet in accordance with their blood glucose level. Never intake fruits in bulk quantities, take only the required amount as per diet. Always keep checking blood glucose level after food with the help of continuous blood glucose monitoring. Fruits are commonly available in market as fresh, frozen or as canned products. Make sure to buy fruits with low sugar concentration so as to control blood sugar level.

Reduce Weight With a Indoor Cycling Bike

Being overweight is one of the most alarming health problems. More and more people are suffering from this problem. Overweight or obesity can cause lots of diseases. People keep on searching for various ways to get rid of this problem. Indoor cycling bikes are one of the best ways of getting rid of overweight or obesity issues. Mostly every doctor or health specialist would recommend you to go for cycling for getting rid of this problem. Through this article, we will discuss how indoor cycling bikes can help us in reducing weight.

There are numerous ways of getting rid of overweight but regular cycling is one of the best ways of getting rid of this problem. Like all other exercises and yoga, daily cycling for around 30-40 minutes can reduce your weight and will also help in reducing heart diseases. Within last few years, lots of people are moving towards indoor cycling bikes as they need not to bother about going outside for cycling. This way of exercising has lots of advantages as you need not to worry about outside weather. Cycling is a fantastic way of maintaining good health, increasing stamina and reducing several disorders caused by obesity. By cycling, you can burn thousands of calories depending upon time you invested on it. You need not to know any special skills for doing this and it can be done by people of all ages at any time.

If you are extremely over weight and you don’t know how to ride cycle, indoor cycling bike is an amazing solution for you. You need not to go outside for cycling. Just stay where you are and keep on doing cycling till you want. There are unlimited reasons why people are opting for this style of cycling rather than going outside. You will always feel like riding actual cycle without taking tension of traffic and accident. This workout also helps in maintaining muscles of hips and thighs.

There are various types of indoor cycling bikes available in market. You can find both computerized and none computerized bikes but those who really want to lose weight must go for computerized indoor cycling bikes because these bikes come with lots of additional features which will help you in controlling your body fat. You will be able to see your heart rate and calorie meter on exercise machine. They are pretty much accurate and you can trust them while doing cycling. I would recommend you guys to do this work out under guidance of proper trainer because this form of cycling requires lots of bone exercise. Your main aim is to take control over your excessive weight and extra flash. Experts can guide you regarding various positions on these bikes through which you will take control over your weight very soon. This exercise is very effective for people suffering from overweight. I would recommend you guys to try this at least once before going for other means of weight loss. This will not only help in reducing weight, it will also help in increasing stamina.

Penis Symptom Checker – Common Penis Symptoms and Causes

Doctors and urologists often hear from male patients who are concerned about penis symptoms such as irritation, rash, itching and swelling. While these symptoms can be a sign of a more serious problem, most of them are related to minor issues and can be treated easily. Cleansing and applying penis vitamins and moisturizers is often all that is needed to keep the penis healthy.

For men with concerns about penis problems, the following list of penis health issues can help. However, it is important to remember that men who have a sore on the penis that does not heal, or symptoms that are accompanied by severe pain, fever, headache, nausea, or an erection that does not subside after four hours should seek prompt medical attention.

1. Contact dermatitis– The penis is often exposed to chemicals and other substances that are known to cause irritation. Penis symptoms such as redness, soreness, flaking or peeling skin, and rash can often be the result of contact with, for example, latex condoms, spermicides, fragrances (found in cleansers, deodorants, lotions and laundry detergents) and personal lubricants. Contact with the body fluids of a partner can also cause irritation and soreness following intercourse.

2. Poison ivy, oak or sumac– These environmental irritants can cause some alarming penis symptoms; even if they do not come in direct contact with the penis skin, the oils from these plants can be transferred from other parts of the body or the clothing and cause symptoms such as mild to severe itching, rash, redness, dryness and peeling of the skin.

3. Fungal infections– Fungal infections can affect men of all ages, even those who are not sexually active. Yeast infections, which can be easily transmitted between sexual partners, often present as severe itching or burning, redness, swelling (especially of the foreskin), a whitish, lumpy discharge, and dry, peeling skin.

4. Dry, irritated skin– Penis symptoms such as itching and peeling, and even minor rashes, can be caused by simple friction burns caused by masturbation or sex. If dryness and irritation occur following intercourse or manual stimulation, it is best to abstain for a short time to allow the skin to heal.

5. Bladder infections– Bladder infections do not only lead to urgency in urination; they can also cause pain or burning at the opening of the penis (the urethra). Men who suspect a bladder infection should have their urine tested for diagnosis, as antibiotics may be required to eliminate the infection.

6. Skin cancer– Small lesions, sores that do not heal, or skin tags or moles that change in appearance may be signs of skin cancer. Unusual markings or sores, especially those do not heal over a period of weeks, should be checked for the possibility of skin cancer.

Home treatment for penis problems

At the first sign of penis soreness, pain, itching or other uncomfortable or unattractive penis symptoms, men can follow the steps listed here to calm the skin and alleviate the effects of minor penis conditions:

· Wash the area with a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Avoid soaps, as these can cause drying and tightening of the skin and lead to further irritations and discomfort.

· Rinse thoroughly to make sure all traces of cleansers, as well as other possible irritants, are removed.

· Dry the penis and surrounding area carefully before putting on clothing.

· Wear loose-fitting, natural fabrics such as cotton to allow the skin to breathe – oxygenation helps the healing process.

· Abstain from masturbation and sex until the symptoms subside.

· Apply a moisturizing vitamin cream. Look for a penis vitamin formula that contains all natural ingredients only (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Natural moisturizers such as shea butter are best for sensitive skin, while vitamins and other nutrients speed healing, promote the formation of healthy skin cells and connective tissue, and boost the body’s immune response to fight off foreign invaders. Regular treatment with penis nutrients can lead to an improved overall look and feel to the penis.

Red Penis Alert – How to Soothe a Throbbing Manhood

After an enthusiastic romp with a partner or an aggressive solo session, a sore, red penis should not be a surprise to any man. However, when it does occur, most men are understandably concerned and may worry that they have done some permanent damage to their favorite tool. Fortunately, in most cases, the problem is superficial and will heal quickly, without any long-term side effects. However, to eliminate some of the discomfort and worry while healing takes place, a little extra care can go a long way. Following these steps can lead to immediate and ongoing penis relief.

Stop the action

This may seem like simplistic advice, but when men are in the heat of a passionate moment, it is easier to say than do, even if they do feel pain in their more tender body parts. The pleasurable sensation often overcomes the effects of a sore penis, and many men tell themselves they can finish up and then worry about the source of the discomfort.

But a little bit of pain can turn into a bigger problem if a guy chooses to keep going in spite of the body’s internal warning systems, so it really is better to call a halt to the proceedings and attend to the matter right away.

Assess the Damage

Once a man becomes aware of the sensation of pain, it is important to identify the cause, if possible. Some possibilities include lack of lubrication, sensitivity to a condom or lotion being used, or excessive thrusting or rubbing. Abrupt bending or twisting of the equipment or impact against a partner’s pelvic bone can cause the penile tissues to rupture – a problem that needs immediate corrective action. Men who experience severe pain, swelling, bruising, or other obvious signs of trauma should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Soothe the Burn

Once the triage stage is complete and a man has a general idea about what is wrong, some relief of the pain is called for. For some men, this might mean taking a brief pause to get a bottle of lube; while for others, an end to the festivities is warranted while they seek soothing measures. For a red, throbbing, aching member, an ice pack is a good idea. Applying ice can help to reduce swelling and ease the pain. If a lotion or lubricant, or some other substance, is causing the problem, then it should be washed away thoroughly to prevent ongoing damage. It is not a good idea to apply numbing creams to the penis, but a natural soothing agent such as aloe or Shea butter may help to relieve the soreness.

Ask for help

If the damage to the penis seems to be more than just on the surface, men should not be afraid to get the help they need to get better. While the average guy may find it embarrassing to show off his package or to reveal his exploits to a stranger in a clinical setting, it is important to get the right care as soon as possible, so it is best to keep in mind that doctors are professionals who have seen this kind of thing before and are only there to help, not judge.

Nourish and support

Once the fire has been put out, so to speak, and the damaged tissues are in healing mode, men can provide extra support for rapid repair of the penile skin and nerve cells. The right combination of nutrients is an important part of the restoration process, as the penile tissue relies on certain vitamins and amino acids to renew itself.

A penis vitamin creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is just what the doctor ordered in this respect, as it contains ingredients that specifically target the male tissue. A creme that also contains natural emollients like Shea butter is ideal, because the moisturizing properties allow for faster healing, as well as protecting the skin from further damage in the future.