3 Ways of Dealing With Social Anxiety

If you are shy and looking for ways of dealing with social anxiety, this article is for you. I’ll show you three different ways of overcoming your shyness and learning how to be a confident person. Here they are!

1. The radical way: the 30-day challenge

If you are really desperate, the fastest way to overcome your social anxiety is to start the 30-day challenge. Every single day for 30 consecutive days you’re going to start at least one conversation (the more, the better) with a random stranger. It requires time, but it’s the most effective way.

You can say “hi” to a girl on the sidewalk and ask her for the time or some directions, you can start a conversation with a shop assistant, have a chat with someone sitting in the park. The goal is to initiate a conversation and hold it for at least a while. You’ll definitely feel nervous, but you have to face your fears if you want to become confident around people.

2. The moderate way: take the opportunity whenever it presents itself

If you don’t feel comfortable in social situations, chance are that you always refuse when people ask you to go out. If you want to deal with your social anxiety, you have to start doing the opposite. Whenever someone asks you out, accept his/her invitation.

If you aren’t a social person and don’t have many friends, you probably don’t receive many invitations. Then you have to take action – invite someone else! Make it a habit to go out at least two times a week and soon you’ll get more comfortable around people. Sitting at home will only make your problems worse.

3. The slow way: step by step

This is the best way for analytical people. The idea is that you’re going to work on your shyness step by step, insecurity by insecurity. How to do it?

Note down all social situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Now that you have the list, ask yourself the following question: “Which of these situations make me feel the most uncomfortable?”. Leave them for later. Start with something easier and improve your confidence step by step.

If you are afraid of flirting with pretty women, start with asking them for the time or directions. Once you get comfortable with it, do something more difficult. Step by step you’ll get rid of your shyness!

Now that you know these three ways of dealing with social anxiety, pick just one and take action – no pain, no gain!

The Deadly Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep seems to be the most important indicator of how long you’ll live

That’s a comment by researcher William Dement, founder of the first sleep study centre at Stanford University, USA. Should I dare add that while it is the most important indicator of how long we live, it’s also a strong indicator of how well we live. Notice the difference? Sleep determines how long you live, but it’s not enough just to live another hundred years or more if they’ll be summed up in the four words “A life of Pain.” It’s important that you live well in your quest to live long.

Another researcher, Deborah Suchecki at a sleep study centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil comments – “If people knew what is going on in a sleep deprived body, they would think twice before concluding that sleep is a waste of time or just for the lazy”

Sleep deprivation is deliberate while insomnia is not. Sleep deprivation is when you don’t allow enough time to sleep. Insomnia on the other hand is your inability to sleep despite allowing enough time.

I think people just feel it’s smart, probably sexy to say “I can train myself to sleep 2 or 3hours a day and learn to get along” – after all, we’ve all been taught about the laws of attraction – creating a world you truly desire, setting goals and disciplining ourselves to achieve them.

I think it’s also stupid, probably dumb to try to live your life by the above standards. There’s really no gain trying to deprive yourself of sleep. Nobody ever told you that Mark Zukerberg; Facebook’s founder and probably the richest under 25 was sleep deprived before he made his billions. You’ve never read that Steve Jobs either [Apple’s superman] or Warren Buffet were sleep deprived before and within their great success.

If you’re as smart as using the attainment of goals to deprive yourself of sleep, maybe you might also have heard about the Pareto principle – the 80/20 rule. May I tell you to your face that just about 20 percent of your daily activities produce 80percent of your total results? The secret law to success is not in doing too many things at a time or depriving yourself of the sleep you need, it is simply in FOCUSING – focusing on the 20percent that counts.

When we are sleep deprived, it is like saying we don’t need food or we don’t need nutrients for our health. Sleep is essential to so many aspects of our life. It’s just normal to sleep, best of all, it’s smarter and sexier to get a good sleep.

Take a little study on what you incur to yourself when you’re sleep deprived.

SHORT TERM – you can experience this in as little as two days


-Sudden mood swings

-Loss of short term memory

-Loss of capacity to create, plan and carryout activities

-Loss of concentration



-Premature aging


-Increased risk of infection


-Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disease

-Chronic memory loss

Think about it. If you make your money, fame, recognition or whatever causes you sleep deprivation, then you get any of the above effects, [I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to elaborate on the points], what benefit is it to you?

Remember, what you truly want for your life is BALANCE. Frail health + anything [money, fame, wealth, recognition…] does not equal balance.

My advice? Try and work within the rules, the laws and the guidelines – the laws of wealth, of health, of prosperity, of abundance and of success. Nobody ever asked you to sleep 7, 8, 9, or 10 hours.

All About Medical Billing, Coding & Claims Modifiers

Importance of Using Proper Modifiers:

1. The physician performed multiple procedures

2. The procedure performed was bilateral

3. The E/M service was done on the same day of the procedure

4. The procedure was increased or decreased

5. The procedure has both professional and technical component

6. The procedure was performed by other provider (Anesthesiologist, Surgeon Physical Therapist, Speech Pathologists etc.)

7. Procedure on either one side of the body was performed

8. The E/M service was provided within the postoperative period

9. The E/M service resulted to Decision of Surgery

10. Unusual Circumstance

Maximize your reimbursement for bilateral procedures by using the correct modifier.

Bilateral Modifier (-50)

Depending upon the insurance payer, processing claims with bilateral procedure should be paid 150%

Medicare Part B requires one single line of bilateral procedure code with Modifier 50. They normally process the claim with 150% reimbursement. But again, you have to check on this in your state and in your region.

Some commercial insurance would prefer Two Lines of the same code, once with 50, second without 50. Then second modifier on the 1st line is RT or LT, modifier RT or LT on second line, with 1 unit of service each code. Must be reimbursed at 150%

Some commercial insurance would prefer two lines of the same code with modifier LT or RT on each line with 1 unit of service each code. Must be reimbursed at 150%

Always check on your Physician’s Fee Schedule if the procedure code is billable as bilateral J.

Using LT & RT modifier is used to specify which side of the body the procedure was done by the physician. Medicare Part B based on my experience requires specific modifier, either LT or RT. Example you may report procedure 64626 done on the Right C4-C7 Facet Joint Nerve Ablation as 64626-RT.

Modifier -26. Professional Component.

Example: Report procedure code 77003 – Fluoroscopic guidance and localization of needle or catheter tip for spine or paraspinous diagnostic or therapeutic injection procedures (epidural, transforaminal epidural, subarachnoid,, paravertebral facet joint, paravertebral facet joint nerve or sacroiliac joint) including neurolytic agent destruction) with modifier -26 to indicate the physicians Professional Component only reimbursement and not technical component. If the provider’s office owns the fluoroscopic equipment, do not append -26 modifier.

Modifier -25. Significant, Separately Identifiable Evaluation and Management Service by the Same Physician on the Same Day of the Procedure or Other Service.

Example: Report E/M code 99213 (Office or other outpatient visit for the evaluation and management of an established patient) with Modifier -25 for procedure code 20610 Knee Joint Injection done on the same day of the procedure. Modifier -25 indicates significance and separate identifiable E/M service outside the procedure done on the patient. DO NOT use modifier -25 to report E/M service that resulted for initial decision for surgery.

Instead use modifier -57 for Decision for Surgery

Modifier -24. Unrelated Evaluation and Management Service by the Same Physician During Postoperative Period

Example: Report E/M code 99213 with Modifier -24 if the patient came back during the postoperative period. The physician must identify this service as completely unrelated with the recent procedure done on the patient. A detailed medical documentation is a good support for medical necessity.

Modifier -51 for Multiple Procedures.

Modifier -59 for Distinct Procedural Service

Modifier-GP Services Rendered under Outpatient Physical Therapy plan of care

Modifier-GO Services Rendered under Outpatient Occupational Therapy plan of care

Modifier -GN Services Rendered under Outpatient Speech Pathology plan of care

Always check your up to date CPT Book. Check the CMS CCI Edits. Check the insurance payor’s policies and guidelines.


Vaginal Infections – What Stage is Your Infection at? Rumour About Vaginal Damage After Candida

Are vaginal infections something to fear? Not that I know of if you mean can you die from one? However, depending on the type of infection, the stage it is at and any complications if included then it is likely the problem can reach a stage where it’ is classed a more serious issue. It is usually the complications that pop up in an illness that give cause for worry. Some complications can be prevented if medical treatment is sought after immediately

Leaving a health matter to fester will make it more difficult to treat. Typical medications and treatments used for treating common vaginal infections will prove to be useful if the infection is allowed to continue damaging the body.

If you suspect something is not right in and around your vagina talk to your GP. An infection is better treated in its early stage, than it is in an advanced stage.

Why is it when we all know what rumour means (hearsay) and yet we still believe them? You are not to believe all you hear as it will only stress you out. Some girls believe the rumour that all vaginal infections badly damage the vagina to a point where child bearing days are over, while this is true, it only ever happens in unique cases involving certain infections which may have furthered into another stage and likely complications happened.

To put your mind at rest most vaginal concerns are treatable and curable

What stage is your infection at?

Yeast infection pertains to a sickness circulated due to a fungus generally in and around the vaginal region. This specific type of infection is commonly linked with stinging, itching or inflammation. It is the second most common sort of vaginal contamination. Yeast infection can occur through oral contraceptives, diabetes and pregnancy, and high carbohydrate intake. Other triggers suggested are toxic stimulants like cleansers and washing powder, and various other related products. Signs to say a yeast infection may be present are vaginal irritation, vaginal itching, a burning sensation when weeing; painful sex; white vaginal discharge; anal itching; redness, cracking/splitting or puffiness on skin.

Candida is yeast already sited in the body. And if this becomes imbalanced then it can cause problems. The bacteria can grow out of control and take over microorganisms. Candida can locate itself in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals. If it works its way into the bloodstream it can make holes in the intestinal tract. This bacterial yeast infection consists of five stages.

Candida Infection Stage 1

In this stage, mucous membranes such as the mouth, vagina, and nose have the bacterial yeast developing inside. It can also grow in the respiratory system at this point In females, severe menstrual cramping, heavy bleeding, vaginal infections and rashes that cover a small or large section of the body are known. The early stage is a vital time to work to destroy the flora, which allows Candida to grow in the body.

Candida Infection Stage 2

This is when you are likely to feel pain in the muscles and joints, fatigue, suffer from nail infections, and psoriasis or arthritis.

Candida Infection Stage 3

Stage three includes the neural system. Candida may become harder to treat as time goes on. It often starts with the inability to contract or read a book or watch a film. It can develop and cause confusion, forgetfulness, and on a more serious note, memory loss. Not in all patients, but trouble with sleeping, fear, panic attacks, twitches, violence, epilepsy and seizures, as well as aggression are other symptoms.

Candida Infection Stage 4

The fourth stage begins to close down the processes of body organs and makes them more prone to infection. Fever can occur, while hands and feet usually remain cold. If the yeast has reached the lungs it may be hard to speak. During the fourth stage, the immune system can weaken leaving the body vulnerable

Candida Infection Stage 5

Candida stage 5 can be a life threatening time. Death can happen if the yeast takes hold and shuts down the immune system, preventing organs functioning properly If Candida sites itself in the bloodstream things can get pretty serious for the patient. “Sepsis” is the concern if the yeast is in the bloodstream. What is Sepsis? It is a condition where the whole body becomes inflamed. Sepsis is treated with IV fluids, antibiotics, and close monitoring of organ function. Do not let it get to this stage and act fast, as it might just save your life.

Treatment of Candida

Stage 5 is scary to say the least, and this is why treating Candida early is vital. Seek treatment immediately so the bacteria do not overrun the body. Candida is normally treated with prescription antibiotics in its beginning. As with lots of conditions, treatments may vary. Candida in some patients may require anti-fungal topical ointments for body rashes.If you ignore the infection you could possibly end up as an inpatient in hospital where IV medication may be necessary to cleanse the body from infection.

Avoid an overnight stay in a hospital bed by doing the right thing and get help today because tomorrow never comes.

How Long Does Lower Back Pain And Spasms Last

As you grow older, you tend to develop lower back pain or lumbago. Seven out of ten people will experience it at some time in their lives The risk increases if you inflict strains and sprains through incorrect lifting or awkward movement. Exercises can also injure your lower back. If your work regularly involves lifting, twisting, bending, and reaching, you can injure your back.

Studies show that people between 19 and 45 years old suffer from disability due to back ache. After the age of 45, the condition can become severe.

Usually when you impose injury on the muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints in your back , you jeopardize your back. The painful back also shows that the tendons or discs are damaged. You can feel the discomfort anywhere on your back, in between the bottom of the ribs and the top of the legs. You may find it difficult to move around and stand upright.

Usually, the pain will last from a couple of days to a few weeks. Most of the times, it will go away after six weeks. If you endure the pain in less than three months, you then have an acute condition. Once the condition extends to over 12 weeks, the condition becomes chronic.

Most of the acute cases happen because of a trauma to the lower back or a disorder such as arthritis. Sometimes, a sports injury or a damage on the spinal bones and tissues due to accident can result in acute back pain.

When the disc is damaged, the muscles on either side of the spine are in spasm. Straining of back muscles can lead to spasm. The discomfort usually go away in one to two weeks.

If a specific disorder contribute to your lower back pain, by applying treatment on that disorder may solve the problem.

To relieve pain, you can rest in bed for a few days. But don’t rest for more than two days. When in bed, lie on the back with a pillow behind the knees with your head and shoulders elevated.

You can also buy over-the-counter or prescription non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to minimize inflammation. Muscle relaxants can also soothe muscles spasms. During the period of recuperating, wear a back pain support if you continue with any back-stressing tasks.

If you sit for a long period or lift heavy object in a job, consult an occupational therapist to suggest upper limb exercises and safer revisions on performance of such job.

Back pain can interfere your life and work. Fortunately, in most cases, it will go away on its own. If the pain persist too long, then you need to consult your doctor to diagnose your condition. You will then be given an appropriate treatment based on the underlying cause.

The Mystery of the Blood Covenants

You can never understand covenant until you get discernment of the mystery of the blood trail with the three blood covenants God made with man. Make no mistake about it, the Jews always knew that God would present the unblemished lamb that would become our redeeming savior. But they had become so dependent upon the law and legalism and passing their sin onto the red heifer once a year that when their appointed time for final redemption came in the form of a servant they had a hard time believing that he would have to become sin for them in the nature of a common criminal and hang on a cross, cursed. They expected a King to relieve them of the oppression from Rome.

You see, Christ’s blood could not have become light had he not become as a humble servant,overcome the world and take upon himself sin and suffer and have to spill his blood on a cross. You can’t change how the light is to come, that is a set given with the essence of God’s being. The Jews were expecting a King to come out of no where and, that he would be royalty without the price of pure unblemished (righteous) blood that ignites light. It is to our fortune and the whole world’s really that the Jews rejected Jesus because God then blinded their spiritual eyes and for a time so the whole creation could have a chance to be saved. We are living in a set time where we are beginning to witness the blinds being lifted from the eyes of the Jews. A mass movement of Messianic Jews have arisen in the world and huge organizations of Christians and Jews have formed alliances.

Now I’m going to take you into each blood covenant and I’m going to show you how they all unveil the mystery of the blood and how God operates as he revealed his end time plan beginning in Genesis and comes full circle in Revelation. You will then see clearly what a veil of blindness the Jews have been under and what it means to the Gentiles and how it is going to work into a great Jubilee of the natural branch being en grafted back into the root and how and when the fulfillment of the number of the Gentile Christians is to occur.

Lets take a look at how God orchestrated this magnificent plan to be reconciled to his beloved and at the same time blow Satan’s mind in the process. If you are not in love with Jesus and coming into the presence of the King of the Universe by the end of this article then you need to get yourself to the altar and pray the sinners prayer until you weep with humility and a contrite heart. God began with the law and he ended with capturing our heart through the son showing us the Father’s great love by becoming flesh to save us and reconcile us back to him from the fall of Adam.

The blood has been a mystery since the beginning of time, but most importantly it has been a mystery to Satan. Remember, blood means life, a pure light source. God required a pure or unblemished life force in order for sin redemption, or to be able to come into His presence. The High Priest had to go through a cleansing process before he could step behind the curtain to present the offering. If he wasn’t righteous he would drop dead and that meant no sin redemption, so the people would gather outside of the Tabernacle and listen to see if the bells stopped ringing on the hem of the Priest’s garment.

When we think of the first sin, we automatically think of Adam but the first sin was not committed in the Garden of Eden. It was committed in heaven by Lucifer, also known as The Morning Star. The sin committed was pride. Lucifer was called a Son of God. (Job 38:4-7). Ultimately, he defiled the throne of heaven and was cast down with a third of the angels with him. Now, it is interesting to note that in Revelation Jesus is referred to as The Morning Star. Morning star means son, and Lucifer lost that status when he thought he could be as big as God.

Jesus said in Luke 10:18, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven.”

Still defiant after defiling the throne of Heaven, Satan intervenes in God’s creation to subdue mankind. So after Satan tempts Eve God lays out the foundation of redemption but withholds the mystery of the blood from Satan. He’s really mad now because God calls mankind his sons. Lucifer was no longer part of God’s family.

The fight had begun for dominion of the earth and mankind, and the throne (or the temple) of heaven is the central stage and as it was in the beginning, the battle of Armageddon will begin with the ultimate Holy War for the throne in Jerusalem between to two Princes, the son, Jesus and the Satan’s Prince, the Anti-Christ.

But the blood is still an issue. So let’s clarify how the blood has played out so far and how it will again in the end in this heavenly war against Satan over God’s authority over his creation.

After the sin in the Garden of Eden man was cut off from the tree of life and a curse was handed down to man separating him from his creator. God did not want this, but sin will not stay in his presence of pure light. (Genesis 3:15) God said to the serpent, “I’ll put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers. He will crush your head and you will bruise His heel.” The “He” that God is referring to that would crush Satan’s head is Jesus, so we know from this that God is referring to a singular seed, not many seeds.

The ultimate blood sacrifice and God’s word ‘come in the flesh’ had been released in the Garden of Eden. The seed of God’s word, Jesus, was hidden in the woman. (Luke 1:30-35). From that point God made the blood a mystery unto Satan. That truth of God becoming incarnate in the seed of a woman and in the flesh of Jesus baffled even the Pharisees, and Satan never saw what hit him. Because the blood of Jesus would ultimately purify the heavenly altar that Satan had defiled. Now if Satan had known this mystery of the blood he would have never killed Jesus. (1 Corinthians 2:7,8).

As soon as the blood of the slain Lamb of God spilled and his death occurred the host of angels swooped down on that concrete, makeshift altar and rushed that pure blood life force up into the heavenly throne and poured it onto the altar. Jesus resurrected from the same power God used to create the earth, a spoken word and to us a Kingdom was established, with all the power and authority invested in Him by the Father as our final High Priest and redeemer. He then went to the depths of hell and took from Satan the keys of death and the power of sin that had separated us from our creator. The arch angel swooshed down to the earth and clothed him in his high priest garment and he ascended to the throne where he sits at the right hand of God interceding for us. He will return the same way he left, full of glory.

You may be pondering, why didn’t God just send Jesus after the Garden of Eden? Let’s look at an analogy of just what a Father is and how he thinks about his children for a minute. God had created the angels for his pleasure and Lucifer was the most beautiful angel he had, and was called a Son of God. He had authority in heaven. He had God’s presence and his ear. Lucifer was the worship leader and it is said that his voice sounded like the 7 musical keys when he spoke. He had pipes coming out of his chest when he worshiped before God. That’s why King David was a man after God’s own heart, he knew how to worship and please the Lord. Lucifer had it all and failed God because greed and pride.

So God said, I’ll create my own family. He created Adam from the dust and breathed life into his nostrils. We all have God’s likeness in us and he weeps for that communion with us, but sin separates us from his glory. Adam failed him also, ah but Jesus, he sealed the covenant, a man without sin and he took the burden of sin on his shoulders. Yes, you were bought with a heavy price. Righteousness always has a price.

God wanted to commune with his creation again. The flesh has to be subjected to the spirit for righteousness and communion with God to come and the regeneration of the blood is the only thing that will work to accomplish that. He wanted that part of us back that was made in his likeness. He began his plan of reconciliation through covenants. It’s all about free will that he gave us and if love has to be forced then it is not effectual. On the other hand God could not commune with man in sin. His righteousness, holiness, light and life force cannot mesh with darkness and sin.

A covenant is a contract and within a contract you have commands and then you have blessings. We are going to learn just how God has a relationship with us through our covenant with him; how he operates, his seasons, his patterns and just how Holy He is. Our minds cannot even comprehend the enormity of who our God is and the power and blessings he gives us through our blood covenant. But you can get a glimpse of his majesty and what His presence is like through the tabernacle tent right and at Calvary’s Cross.

You have to understand that when God makes a redemptive covenant he always seals it with pure blood. First we will look at God’s first blood covenant after the destruction of mankind that had left only Noah, while Enoch was resurrected into heaven. God promised to never destroy his creation again. However, it is important to remember God’s wrath in Noah’s day for He will display that wrath again in the end, not by flood but by fire. I see the world rampant with sin and dishonor of his word, immorality and idolatry just as in the day of Noah and in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.


The first blood covenant God made was with Abraham. You may be asking, why did God choose Abraham? It wasn’t because he was an elite tribe, or even the largest. There was something very unique about Abraham. He was an inquisitive man, and although he had grown up around idols and idol worship, he began to question that kind of worship. How did it benefit man?

At the core of his soul he knew there was a living God, and he diligently sought the living God. God saw this longing and character in Abraham and he chose him to make known himself. God did not choose him because he was a Jew. Noah was a Gentile. As Abraham developed his relationship with God and God spoke to him, God saw a thirst, faithfulness, and truth seeking substance to Abraham. It was for these reasons, especially after Abraham passed the test of faith that God made a covenant with him, and sealed it with blood through the blood letting of circumcision of every new born male child at eight days old, and promised him that he would become the Father of nations.

Abraham thus became a God-like figure. He would do something that later God would have to do himself; sacrifice his own son. A foreshadowing of God’s final redemptive plan. Abraham was the only man that ever lived that got a glimpse of the pain and despair that it took to sacrifice the loved and promised son. When Jesus hung on that cross suffering and near death, and called out, “My Father why have you forsaken me?” God had to look the other way for he could not look upon sin or bear the pain to see the unblemished son’s suffering. So never think that sin doesn’t hurt God, for it takes his family away from him.

It is hard to imagine the sin of the whole world upon one man who knew no sin. God could not look upon the incomprehensible burden Jesus was heavy-laddened with. That’s just a peek of how dirty sin is to our Father in heaven. Still Jesus took that dirt upon his life and was obedient unto death. He could have called ten thousand angels. But Jesus was obedient till death. So never think that obedience is not necessary for a righteous life. Jesus knew that if he called upon the Angels with the power of the spoken word, Satan would win.

Jesus had spent a thousand years in heaven with the Father as one with him. Reconciling his creation that he had breathed his very life into was a fixated desire of God, and Jesus made that possible. So never wonder why Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father, given all authority and power over God’s creation. It is for this reason that he is the only one worthy to open the book of life and to be the Prince of Peace and High Priest seated on the throne and to speak our futures at the Great White Throne of judgment. He is the only one who truly understands mercy and justice and that is what he will judge us on.

Isaac became a chosen to inherit that promise and to inherit the land of Canaan which is Israel today, which includes Jerusalem. I’m going to prove this to you as I discuss further the journey Abraham took to sacrifice Isaac.

I certainly understand why Abraham did not announce that he was about to take his son upon a high mountain and kill him for the living God. These ex-idol worshippers would have assumed he was gone mad. When God calls man to do something, it never makes sense to the carnal mind.

Now Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. God also blessed Ishmael and promised to make him a mighty nation. But Ishmael was not the son to inherit Israel or the promises. (Genesis 17:19-21) God did not make a blood covenant with Ishmael, in spite of Abraham asking God to do that before Isaac was born.

The covenants that were sealed in blood were made with the Jewish patriarchs that carried the scepter to the everlasting throne in Jerusalem. To have discernment about the end time Holy war with the Anti-Christ and Jesus over the temple throne in the battle of Armageddon you have got to understand the blood line. I pray my fellow Christians for you not to be ignorant of this truth for it is the unveiling of the mystery of the blood that always confused religious folks and Satan. The Anti-Christ will lie to cover up this truth in the end time.

The seed of the woman carries the mystery of the blood and that trail leads to the savior coming from the stump of Jesse, the young David. (1Samuel 16:12.13) You will see as we go along here that God stayed with only one certain bloodline that led to Jesus being a direct descendant from Judah.

Now King David purchased the city of Jerusalem where His throne will never end, because Jesus, his descendant is the King of Kings forever. When King David killed Goliath, who was a seed of Satan, he dragged the head of the giant 16 miles to Jerusalem, to the hill we call Calvary or Golgotha Hill (hill of the skulls) where Jesus’ blood dripped onto the evil seed and took away the sin of the world and stripped Satan of his power. David purchased Mt Moriah (Jerusalem) where his throne will be forever and Jesus will reign. But let’s get back to the promise for a moment.

God promised Abraham that he would be the Father of Nations and he clearly showed him on Mt. Moriah that Abraham saw far off, into a three-day journey, the unblemished Lamb of God that was to come. Mt Moriah is the temple mount in Jerusalem. (Genesis 22:14). The ram’s horn became a symbol of the coming of Christ and was blown at the gathering of the people on the Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish New Year, called Sukkot in Hebrew, and was a sign of the coming Messiah. The ram’s horn is called a shofar. In fact Jesus was born during this feast time. On our calendar it is October.

The stipulation of the covenant with Abraham was for the people to put no other God’s before them. Idols and idolatry was forbidden. God’s jealousy is not the same as ours. Our jealousy causes strife, but God’s brand of jealousy is to bring us in line with him. So when he displays his jealousy it is to correct us and bring us back in line with him and he desires for us not to be led by things that lead us to death and away from the source of light that leads to life.

God also established the first fruits law through Abraham, that is the tithe. Abraham took a tenth of all he had to the High Priest Melchizedek. He was to perform a bloodletting on every first born male by circumcision of the foreskin, and it was to be a sign of their blood covenant with God.

With every blood covenant God made he appointed a High Priest as well. God anointed Melchizedek to be the first High Priest in the covenant with Abraham. Melchizedek had no history and there was no beginning or end to him.

He is the foreshadowing of Christ’s High Priesthood. Melchizedek was told by God to take bread and wine to Abraham which represents blessing and the the bread of life and the fruit of the land as well as the foreshadowing of Jesus who said, “I am the bread came down from heaven and no one goes to the father except through me, meaning his blood, the wine.


The second covenant God made was with Moses, a Christ-like figure who freed the Israelites from bondage. God set his word down to Moses to give to the chosen people to be the keepers of His Word and commandments. God took Moses upon Mt. Sinai and there he showed him the Heavenly Temple and told him to build it and he would bless them and his presence would dwell among the people. The heavenly temple reflects the tent tabernacle, its dimensions, divisions and furniture. The Ark of the Covenant is in Heaven and the temple is the throne. (Rev. 11:19)

God instructed Moses to appoint the Levites as priests of the tabernacle in the line of Arron who would be the High Priest. The High Priest was to sacrifice a bull and a red heifer once a year at the Feast of Tabernacles ( Yum Kippur) for redemption of the people’s sins. An unblemished lamb was to be sacrificed at Passover each year. Passover is God’s favor to smear you with his purified blood over your dwelling so death and the evil one can not pass through. Now, you get a glimpse of the power of Christ’s blood over you.

In Revelation, Jesus’ feet is described as brass, which is representative of the brass basin in the tabernacle, the water represents Jesus’ knees, his waist is represented by His spirit in the Holy of Holies, and His Head is the Holiest of Holies. His right hand outstretched represents the Jews and his left hand outstretched represents the Gentiles. You can clearly see the trinity in the tabernacle lay out.The female cow represents the Bride of Christ. The red heifer ashes symbolize purity, the crucifixion of Christ (the scape goat for sin, Numbers 19:2)

Rabbi Richmond who has a weekly Torah teaching from the Temple Institute says there’s no way to understand the mysterious purification of the red heifer but that it means a final redemption, and they believe Israel will be redeemed during the month of Nissan (Passover). Some Orthodox Jews believe the red heifer will play a role in the purifying of the 3rd Temple that is to come. The cost of a red heifer was 30 pieces of silver, the same that was paid for Jesus to Judas. (Lev. 27:4) In Hebrews 9:13-14, Paul refers to the burning of the ashes as a symbol of Jesus.

The last red heifer that was sacrificed was just before the destruction of King Herod’s temple. The Talmud (Jewish bible) states that the High Priest would stand in the temple facing the Mt. Of Olives when he sprinkled the blood 7 times. The Menorah had to be brought out when sprinkling the blood, (the seven spirits of God in Revelation).

So, yes there is discernment of the mystery of the red heifer and those whom the Holy Spirit gives discernment has no problem seeing that Jesus became the symbolic red heifer, and in the third temple he is the only one that can purify it from the abomination of desolation. The word says that 1/3 of the Jews will see that clearly when God opens their blinded eyes. Unfortunately, and it was to the distress of Daniel when Christ showed him how 2/3 of the Jews will perish for their obstinate unbelief and like a third of the angels that fell from heaven, that 2/3 will perish at the hands of the enemy that will form against Jerusalem.

The 1/3 remaining that run to the hills will survive and there will be a great repentance with weeping and wailing for Jesus, and all of Israel will be saved. God will split the earth and swallow the armies that come against Israel and onto his Holy Mountain. He is beckoning his enemy now in this day that we live, the enemies are forming and God is moving his people from the four corners of the earth.

It Was Through Abraham That Our Inheritance Came

It is through Abraham that our inheritance was established and through this red heifer that we can see a far off (as Abraham did) the sacrificial blood of Christ. The New Covenant earns us the presence of the Living God, dominion in the earth as the children promised to Abraham.


In the Jewish feasts there are lots of mysteries to be discerned. Lets take a look at the 7 Feasts and how the timing of these feasts reveals the first and second coming of Christ. Three of the feasts are appointed times God calls us before him. The first is Passover, then Feast of Weeks (first fruits or Pentecost) and then Feast of Tabernacles (atonement). The Passover is called Yum Kippur in Hebrew. The feast of weeks is called Shavuot in Hebrew. The Feast of Tabernacles is called Sukkot in Hebrew.

The first four of these feasts were fulfilled by Christ’s first coming and represent his shed blood. The final 3 feasts will be fulfilled by the return of Christ. The trumpets represent his return, atonement will complete his judgment at the Great White Throne and the tabernacles represent the gathering of the Bride. The last three means royalty, a king coming to claim his Kingdom. (appointed times Lev. 23).

God is a seasonal God and he hands down blessings in His seasons, not ours. Passover is a time to celebrate the risen Christ and the redemption His blood gave to us, when he took us from darkness to light, from bondage of sin to freedom, more importantly it gives us entrance to the Holiest of Holies. The feast of weeks, or first fruits is a time when we give to the widows, the homeless, the alien and to the priests that minister to us. It is a seed principle that you must put into practice if you are to receive the blessings and promises. The feast of tabernacles, which is known today as Sukkot, is called the season of our joy.

I believe Jesus was born during the season of Sukkot. He obviously was not born in December, for Luke 2:8 records that at the time of Jesus’ birth there were shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. From the biblical times to the present the shepherds of Israel leave the cold of the open fields when the winter season begins.

In conclusion, the patterns of God were established long before man had a revelation of them. I think a lot of times with Christians it is not that we are doing something wrong as much as we are not doing enough of what is right and required by God – understanding the precise patterns and seasons of God.

God has instituted principles for your victory and a wealth of promises, peace, protection, and everything to meet your needs. First fruits in Hebrew is “bikkurim” and literally means “promise to come.” First fruits is a principle of faith and obedience that God established from the beginning, it is an eternal law and it’s one of the most life-changing principles in Scripture. You can plead promises all day long with no results when you violate God’s principles and His appointed seasons for the latter and former rains.

When people don’t see God’s fullest manifestation of blessings it is because they are not following God’s ordained patterns for blessings and provision. (Lev. 23) This divine establishment of God’s order is actually the root, the foundation that governs the rest. “For if the first fruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branches.” (Romans 11:16).

We have to understand God’s never-changing principles and seasons for possession to occur, we must work in the divine order, governed by the truth of the Word of God. When you are obedient to God’s commands and appointed feasts these are the promises of your inheritance: Exodus 23:20-31 lists the blessings, read them and receive them in God’s seasons.


1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul

2. Keep the Sabbath Holy

3. Pay a tenth to the Lord

4. Love your neighbor as yourself

If you do these four commands then you will not break the others.

Furthermore, there were 7 commands established for the Gentile believers. In the council of Jerusalem, only 7 commands were laid out for the Gentile believers. They were called the Noahide laws. These stipulations permitted Gentiles to worship with the Jews without having to do animal sacrifice, which was their blood covenant, and the Abrahamic circumcision, which included ritual cleansing laws. The law of Moses never became moot and Jesus said, “I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill, or do away with the feasts but to fulfill it.


Galations3: 8-29

The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham (through the sacrifice of Isaac). God told Abraham, “All nations will be blessed through you.” So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law and traditions that actually keep us from attaining true righteousness.

Jesus redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit. No one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this case with the blood of Christ. So, know what your covenant is through the blood.

The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. The scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to Your Seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ. The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise to Abraham and his seed. Inheritance does not depend on law. Otherwise the promise would be no good, but God did give it to Abraham through grace.

The law was given for transgressors to be redeemed from their sins through blood sacrifice until the seed to whom the promise referred had come. Righteousness cannot come through the law. The law is a guide to show us how far off we are to righteousness and how impossible it is to attain through dead works. So we are all sons of God through faith in Jesus Christ. There is neither Jew or Greek or Gentile, male or female, slave or free man, for we are all one in Christ and heirs to the promise.


Dueteronomy 28:1-14

Read them all, they are important for things to go well for you.

Tips on How to Treat a Pores and Skin Allergy

Considering that the epidermis is known as the major organ inside the body, it really is popular for several allergens to lead to a negative reaction to the skin. A skin color allergy is one of by far the most prevalent difficulties reported by allergists, but it remains one of essentially the most confusing diseases to diagnose. From inflammation to hives and drug-related rashes to eczema, epidermis allergies come in various forms and give out unique signs and symptoms.

The symptoms of skin allergy might involve one or additional on the following physical signs – rashes, hives, swelling, itching and skin color dryness that results to cracking with the skin. By far the most frequent areas affected by epidermis allergies are the arms, hands, face and neck because they’re exposed most of the time each day. However, no part of the epidermis is immune from these allergens.

When your pores and skin become irritated with an object mainly because of direct contact with an allergen or the source of allergy, you might be experiencing a problem called “allergic get in touch with dermatitis”. About the other hand, if a pores and skin irritation is brought on by make contact with with a harsh substance without allergies and affecting the immune system, this problem is known as “irritant speak to dermatitis”.

Speak to dermatitis is by far the most frequent sort of skin tone allergies mainly because the allergens exist anywhere – ranging from your bathroom cabinets to rubber latex gloves, cosmetics, nickel and chrome in jewelries, toiletries, hair items, fabric softeners and quite a few much more. Just being outdoors can expose you from distinct kinds of skin allergies, including allergen sources from poison ivy, poison oaks and poison sumac.

Eczema, on the other hand, is another kind of epidermis allergy with unknown origins. Signs and symptoms of eczema incorporate red, scaly, itchy and dry patches generally affecting the arms, legs, scalp and face. Just like other allergies, eczema has no regarded cure. Instead, you have to treat this skin allergy by regularly moisturizing the epidermis to avoid irritations, prevent itching and promote a healthier pores and skin.

Despite the fact that it can be important to identify the most accurate lead to of allergic contract dermatitis and eczema, epidermis allergy could be brought on by numerous allergens that you happen to be exposed to every single day. For this reason, it truly is challenging to point out the exact culprits of your issue.

Although a doctor can help you with temporary remedies for your skin color allergy, the key to determining the result in and giving appropriate treatment to pores and skin allergies would be to observe and take note of where you may have caught the negative reactions. The location of the hives, rashes, swelling and itch could assist you to figure out the cause of one’s condition.

Natural Treatment for Ovarian Cysts – Discover a Fast and Natural Way to Treat Your Painful Cyst

If you are battling a cyst on your ovary, then you know how difficult the struggle is. More than often, the ovarian cyst is the victor and leaves you feeling an incredible amount of pain that is often indescribable. All you want is for your life to return to normal. All you want is to get rid of your cyst.

Thankfully, there are some ways out there that can help you in getting the relief that you are so desperately searching for. It is time to stop worrying about the pain and to take action against it.

Instead of going under the laser and getting surgery done to remove your cyst, there are much simpler methods available to you. There are natural treatments for these cysts that you should definitely try, as most of them are proven to work in as little as a few days.

The reason why natural remedies are so effective and popular is because the side effects are very minimal. The best part is that they use your body’s natural energy and healing power instead of forcing your body to take some sort of medication and heal against its will. Natural remedies are very safe and also very cheap. You can get relief from your cyst and you can get it now.

One of the best natural ways to treat a your cyst is to use ice. We often always ice a joint or a muscle when it is sore or inflamed. Ice helps to reduce pain and inflammation very quickly. It can have the same effect on your ovarian cyst. Icing your lower abdomen allows the ice to penetrate deep into your body, and to start attacking the cyst. You will notice a huge difference in the pain almost immediately. Most importantly, ice helps to “zap” the cyst, keeping it at the size it is and preventing it from worsening further.

Another easy and very natural treatment to break down the cyst on your ovary is to drink more herbal tea. Drinking herbal tea helps to reduce the acidity in your body. This will assist in breaking down the cyst and helping to remove it from your body completely. Your cyst thrives in a high acidity environment, so you need to consume alkaline-based foods and drinks if you want to change that.

You don’t have to feel like a victim anymore. You can get the relief that you have been looking for and you can stop the pain from the comfort of your home. Use these easy and safe natural treatments for your ovarian cyst today.

Red Penis Prevention: Avoiding Balanoposthitis

A red penis can be a funny thing: when it resembles a healthy red glow, it indicates a member that is in a high-functioning state. However, when the redness is more like an inflammation, it may very well be a sign of a penis health issue. For men who are intact, that redness may be a symptom of balanoposthitis and good penis care requires that attention be paid to this possibility.

What is balanoposthitis?

Many men have heard of balanitis. This is an inflammation of the glans, or head, of the penis. Fewer men are familiar with posthitis. This is a condition only found in intact men, in which the foreskin is inflamed. It is not uncommon for balanitis and posthitis to occur at the same time; when this happens, the condition is referred to by the join term balanoposthitis.

What are its symptoms?

Although inflammation is often mentioned when discussing balanoposthitis, there can be more signs of the condition than just a red penis. Among the other common symptoms associated with balanoposthitis are:

– Soreness and tenderness in the area, especially when touched. This can often interfere significantly with a man’s sex life.

– Subpreputial discharge, which is a wetness, often thick and sometimes odorous, which is found underneath the foreskin.

– Phimosis. This is a tightness of the foreskin such that retraction is painful and/or difficult.

– Open sores in the area.

– Lower back pain.

– Tiredness.

– Rashes on the foreskin and/or glans.


There can be any number of causes of balanoposthitis, both infectious and non-infectious. Some of the causes can be serious. For example, it’s one of the side effects of STIs like chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. Herpes simplex and lichen planus, an abnormal immune system response, are also possible culprits. However, most doctors report that balanoposthitis is more commonly the result of dermatological issues, such as inadequate hygiene, contact dermatitis or psoriasis. Candidiasis, or thrush, is also a common cause of balanoposthitis. Thrush is a yeast infection which is often accompanied by serious itching and rashes.

Prevention and treatment

Balanoposthitis can cause significant discomfort, especially when it presents with phimosis. Because of this, taking steps to treat or prevent it is recommended.

Treatment depends on the root cause of the balanoposthitis. For example, when an STI is involved, that condition will need to be addressed immediately. Antibiotics, antifungals and steroid creams may be recommended by a doctor in some cases.

One of the most effective ways to prevent this condition is to practice good hygiene. This includes washing the penis regularly, using a mild cleanser that does not irritate the skin or contain harsh chemicals and/or fragrances. It’s important for intact men to wash under the foreskin as well as on top and to gently dry the entire area. Washing soon after engaging in sexual activity is also a good idea.

Other preventive measures include always using a condom when engaging in partner-based sex and discussing sexual histories with partners.

Fighting balanoposthitis and the resultant sore, red penis also requires maintaining overall penis health. This is easier to do if a man regularly includes a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) in his daily penis health regimen. The soreness that often accompanies this condition can be soothed by using a crème that properly moisturizes the penis skin. To achieve that, search out a crème with a potent combination of natural hydrating agents, such as vitamin E and Shea butter. Providing adequate vitamin support to the penis is also essential, so a crème with a range of vitamins is advised. Read the label to determine if A, B5, C, D and E are all contained in any possible crème choice. This combination ensures that the penis gets the supplemental health benefits that it needs to stay in peak condition.

Disadvantage of Taking Psychiatric Drugs

The Psychiatric Drugs

Desiring optimal health, people frequently turn to drugs to alter their physical and mental health. Surveys show that many Americans regularly use some type of psychiatric medication such tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants. Easily obtained in today’s market, these drugs are used to treat a wide variety of symptoms from anxiety and difficulty sleeping to decreased energy levels, disorientation and depression.

Although these are serious health issues, the treatment of these disorders is often misunderstood and abused. Not without consequence, the use of any mind-altering substance must be prepared by thorough research and careful evaluation.

Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills

Today’s hectic schedules and external pressures put great strain on the human body, often resulting in stress and agitation. Surveys show that 15.6% of people use tranquilizers to relieve anxiety. Of this percent, 39% use them daily, and 78% admitted to taking tranquilizers for more than a year. Most tranquilizers belong to a chemical family called benzodiazapines, although more common names include Valium, Librium, Xanax and Halcium. Sleeping pills, another common type of tranquilizers, include sedatives known as barbiturates, buspirone, Diphenhydramine, Hydrozyzine and Meprobamate.

Although confirming their popularity, studies question the efficacy of tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Evidence suggests that even the most potent tranquilizers are ineffective after periods of four months and sleeping pills have been shown to lose efficacy after only two to four weeks. In addition to limited performance, tranquilizers and sleeping pills can cause a multitude of side effects, such as low blood pressure, hip fracture, liver disease, allergies and breathing problems. Mind-altering effects include decreased mental functioning, forgetfulness, withdrawal syndrome and lack of coordination. Alarmingly, approximately 16,000 auto accidents each year are attributed to the use of psychoative drugs such as tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

Studies also shows that tranquilizers are unnecessary under most circumstances. In fact, in many studies, patients responded to placebos as well as they did to actual tranquilizers, proof that the therapeutic effects of tranquilizers don’t merit their harmful effects. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “anxiety is a normal response to stress, and only when it is severe and disabling should it lead to drug treatment.”

Antipsychotic Drugs

Antipsychotics drugs are another example of treatment clouded by misconception and misdiagnosis. Although intended to treat only serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, an estimated 750,000 people over the age of sixty-five regularly use antipsychotics drugs. This figure is alarming considering that approximately 92,000 people over the age of sixty five have been clinically diagnosed with schizophrenia. Experts believe that many people wrongly turn to antipsychotic drugs after experiencing symptoms similar to schizophrenia, such as hallucinations and confusion, when in many cases, these symptoms are side-effects induced by other drugs the consumers take regularly.

Adverse effects of antipsychotic drugs include nerve damage, tartive dyskinesia (difficulty in chewing or swallowing), loss of balance, muscular fatigue, delirium and Parkinson’s disease. One study found that 36% of patients with drug-induced Parkinson’s had been using antipsychotic drugs when diagnosed with the disease. Assuming that the patients had classic Parkinson’s, doctors tried to treat the illness with another drugs, rather than stopping the antipsychotic drugs causing the symptoms.


Although a very real illness, the cause and symptoms of depression are also frequently misunderstood. As with other mental disorders, many cases of depression are actually caused by drugs used to treat other ailments. Depression is associated with a long list of medications, including, barbiturates, tranquilizers, corticosteroids, diet drugs and painkillers. Other types of depression may be triggered by thyroid disorders, cancer, hepatitis or other form of illness. It is critical to define the underlying causes of the depression before administering treatment.

Adverse effects of antidepressants include low blood pressure, irregular heart rate, enlarged prostate, nausea, blurred vision, worsening of glaucoma, dry mouth, disorientation, loss of memory and fatigue. The safety and efficacy of an antidepressant can only be determined after obtaining both a careful and detailed history of the patient and a complete knowledge about the available medicines and their indications.

In Conclusion

The human mind is the body’s powerhouse, the controller of both thought and action. For this reason, the brain must be carefully nurtured and protected from harmful substances. The science of nutritional immunology advocates a diet rich in phytochemicals, which help strengthen the body’s defenses and prevent the need for serious medical treatment. Whether used to relieve simple stress or to treat a more serious mental disorder, psychiatric drugs can have a detrimental effect on both the physical and mental well-being of the body. Before consuming psychiatric drugs, it is imperative to consult a physician and conduct personal research to determine the necessity and consequences of the drugs in question. A willingness to do so may prevent critical health blunders and change minds for the better.

Top Ten Famous People Who Were Homeless Once

According to William James, “Need and struggle are what excite and inspire us”. One of the worst combinations of struggle and need is homelessness. Few, have nerves to go through such crisis, and yet come out as successful individuals. Here is a list of ten famous people who successfully faced homelessness at some point during their lives.

1) Halle Berry

Halle Berry might be one of the most highly paid actresses in Hollywood, but she wasn’t always like this. At the age of 21, her mom refused to support her, forcing her to take refuge in a homeless shelter. In an interview she said, “When I moved to Chicago, she (mom) drove me there, but I don’t think she ever thought it would pan out. After a month or two, I ran out of money and called her. I said, “Mom, I hate to ask you this, but could you send me some money? I just have rent money; I can’t eat this week.” And she said, “No, I’m not going to start this calling home, asking mom for money thing. No, figure it out or come home.” I was so mad; I didn’t speak to her for a year and a half.”

Halle did not remain homeless for long. Soon, she started getting roles in movies and rented an apartment. Halle has now made peace with her mom, she thinks that her mom’s refusal to support her made her tough and gave her the ability to deal with harsh circumstances.

2) Chris Gardener

Chris Gardener, a millionaire entrepreneur, became famous when his book of memoirs was made into a super-hit movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Although, Gardener currently owns a successful stock brokerage firm, but in early 1980’s, he had to face homelessness with his son. He came to this stage of poverty, because he invested all his life savings to buy portable X-ray machines which he thought he would be able to sell on high profits but he failed, even to reach breakeven. Consequently, he was unable to pay his rent and was kicked out by the owner. Before they could move into a homeless shelter Chris and his son had to sleep in a public toilet for few days. Chris, later on found a Job in a stock brokerage firm, and moved to an apartment with his son.

3) Hilary Swank

There are only 38 people, in the history of Hollywood, who have won Academy award for Best Acting, more than once. One of them is Hilary Swank. With her sizzling performances in “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Million Dollar Baby”, she proved her mettle. And yes, she was homeless once. Reader’s digest quoted her story saying, “In 1989, when she was 15, Swank and her mom packed up their Oldsmobile Delta 88 and, with just $75, headed to Los Angeles. They lived in the car, until a friend gave them a place to stay”. In an interview with CBS news she said, “We had a friend, who was selling their house. And so they said, “You know, there’s no furniture, but you can stay there at night. And then, during the day, you have to leave so we can try and sell it out. So we got air mattresses, blew them up, slept at night and left in the morning.” Hilary and her mother remained homeless for couple of months, after that she started landing roles. However, her hard time was not over until she got the leading role in “Boys don’t cry”.

4) Shania Twain

Five times Grammy awards winner, Shania twain was also homeless at one point in time. She spent her childhood in extremely miserable conditions and often starved for days. At the age of thirteen she convinced her mother to move to Toronto where there were many homeless shelters. In an interview with Reader’s digest she said, “My mother was very depressed at the time — she wasn’t getting out of bed. I decided that I had to convince her to take us to Toronto, where they have a lot of good programs for desperate families. We were living in this small town which didn’t have anything. I was 13 then and told my mother to get in the car, the next day, when my dad was gone. I said, “All you’ve got to do is, drive.” I don’t know why she listened to me. I think she was numb. We drove to Toronto and went to a shelter. We finally got fed every day.”

She started her professional singing career in Toronto and later on she became one of the most popular female singers of her time. Her album Come On Over sold 39 million copies worldwide.

5) Colonel Sanders

Seeing, Colonel Sander’s pictures and statues on every KFC outlet, one assumes that he must’ve had invested millions of dollars to make such a large network of fast food restaurants. However, it’s not true. Colonel Sanders, who started Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) in 1952, had to experience homelessness for a long period during his childhood. His father died, when he was five and his mother quickly remarried. At the age of ten, he decided to leave his home because his step-father used to beat him. After that, he remained homeless for a long period of time and did many jobs, during that time. It was not until the age of forty, that Colonel found a proper home and a Job as a cook in a restaurant and started working on his own Secret recipe, which would later on become the main item on KFC menu.

6) Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was not just an Oscar-winning actor, director and author. He was also one of those famous people who faced homelessness. According to his autobiography Charlie’s parents separated before he was three. Throughout his childhood he lived with his mother, except for a small period of time when he and his brother moved with their father and his mistress. At the age of 12, Charlie’s father died of Cirrhosis and soon after that his mother became mentally ill and had to be admitted to a hospital. This left Charlie homeless and he had to go to a workhouse in London. He spent the rest of his childhood moving from one charity home to another. Charlie continued his struggle until he reached United States in 1912, where he started getting roles and acted in major silent films.

7) Adolf Hitler

In his book Mien Kampf Hitler said, “I owe it to that period, that I grew hard and am still capable of being hard.” Here Hitler is referring to his period in Vienna where he had to face four years of homelessness from 1909 to 1914. After the death of his parents, he came to Vienna to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. However, he failed in the entrance exam of Vienna school of Fine arts. Eventually, he ran out of money and was forced to live on streets. Afterwards, he found a homeless shelter and spent his nights there until the beginning of World War 1 in 1914.

During his homelessness period Hitler used to sell his own paintings to get enough money to eat. It was during this time that he developed anti-semantic sentiments, which would later on become the fundamental principles of Nationalist socialist movement.

8) Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the most powerful nation in the world (USA) and one of author of American declaration of Independence, also went through a rough patch when he had no home to live in. In his birthplace Boston, Benjamin worked as an apprentice to his brother who published a Newspaper named “New England Courant”. Benjamin wrote certain materials in that paper which were not liked by the authorities of his time so they banned the “New England Courant”. However, Benjamin continued to publish against the government without the consent of his brother. This raised a quarrel between the brothers and Benjamin ran away to New York. It was in New York that he had to face homelessness because he had very little money and he knew nobody in the city. However, Benjamin remained homeless for a short period of time and found a Job after moving to Philadelphia.

9) Buddha

Buddha was among those who voluntarily adopted homelessness for a purpose. He was the heir to the throne of his father. After seeing the suffering of ordinary people he decided to give away the luxurious life and adopted ascetic way of living. During his ascetic time he lived in streets and begged for food. His purpose was to achieve enlightenment, and he achieved it in form of the ‘four truths’. During his struggle for enlightenment and even after that, Buddha never had a shelter to live under.

10) Jesus Christ

Although Jesus spent most of his childhood in Nazareth and he had a home there, but after being baptized at the age of 30, Jesus started a campaign to spread his teachings. For that purpose he had to move from one place to another and during that period he did not have any proper home. In New Testament, Matthew and Luke narrated incidences which prove Jesus’ homelessness. Following, is one such incidence;

“Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:19-20)

Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It

Do you have a fear of flying? Here are some tips so that you can overcome your fear of flying. In today’s fast-paced environment, every one of us has to travel by plane for business or for personal reasons, some time or the other in our lives even if we detest and are utterly scared of flying. Stagecoaches are old fashioned. Ships are outdated except when they are used to transport cargo. And trains, though still in vogue, may be on their way out in certain places. Besides, you can’t let an assignment wait because you are afraid of flying. If you do that you might lose a valuable client and with it, a valuable contract and along with that, your job whether you are working in a company or whether you are managing your own business.

So if you have a fear of flying, what you have to do is not to avoid flying but to overcome your dread and fear of flying. Here is how you go about it.

Take the Bull By the Horns – Board A Flight: Consider taking a flight for your next vacation. If you are on a business assignment, ask your secretary to book a flight ticket for you. If you are running your own business this should not be a problem. But if you are an employee in a company, you’ll get an air ticket only if you are a high ranking officer. In any case, do not shun flying. That will not help you to surmount your fear of flying. Try to board a plane for fulfilling an assignment, for closing a deal or if your objective is to enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Fly Light: Do not carry much luggage with you. Try to go for a short trip. At the most, you can carry one hand luggage and one main luggage, which will go into the cargo hold of the plane.

Ensure that You Have Time: Check in, into the airport a couple of hours before departure so that there is enough time for security and baggage checks. Reaching the airport at the last moment can add to your anxiety and fear of flying if security personnel take long to get you through, choose to frisk you thoroughly.

Follow Airport Instructions: Start walking towards the departure gate as soon as you hear the announcement made by airport officials that instructs passengers sitting in the departure lounge to walk towards the departure terminal. Get into the bus that will drive you to your plane or get into the aerobridge attached to the deck of the plane.

Smile: Smile at the airhostess or flight steward who will greet you as soon as you board the plane. Smiling will make you feel lighter, happier and will help you to disperse your fear of flying.

Avoid Flying Off the Handle: Try to find your seat yourself or ask a flight steward or an airhostess to direct you to your seat. Sitting on the wrong seat can lead to unnecessary scuffles with other passengers and can demoralize you before your flight takes off. I must warn you of one thing beforehand. Air travelers are not very well-behaved people.

Your Fears are Baseless: Sit back and relax. You can pray a little if you want. But it is not compulsory because the plane WILL NOT CRASH. Remember one thing. The probability of an air crash is extremely low. But air crashes, whenever they happen, are blown out of proportion and are exaggerated into interesting media accounts and movies. In reality, the probability of a car or road or railway accident is much higher than the probability of an air crash. If you are that apprehensive on a plane, you should be even more apprehensive when driving a car or riding a train or when you are walking on the street. Because real statistics show that accidents on the road are not only far more likely than accidents in air but also that the total number of road accidents across the world exceed the total number of global air accidents by hundreds of thousands! So there is no substantial basis behind your fear of flying!

Don’t Panic: When the plane starts moving, don’t get panicky. Tie your seat belt properly. If you are a first time flyer, let me tell you that tying your seat belt is the easiest thing in the world. You just have to take one end, put it around your waist, and fit it into the locker of the other end. You will hear a ‘click’ when that happens. Ask a steward or an airhostess to show you the way if you start fumbling. In any case, flight attendants tell you how to put on your seat belt while they are explaining the emergency exits to you. And besides, it is also mentioned in the chart (we shall deal with that in the next point). Accept the scented towel that the airhostess gives you and press it close to your face. The smell of the perfume in the tissue or the towel is so captivating that it will distract you from your fear of flying.

Relax; it is Just a Routine Matter: Try to look at the flight attendant while they are instructing you on emergency exits. A chart will be given to you regarding emergency exits, oxygen masks, how you will tie your seat belt, what to do in case of an emergency, etc. This chart will be in the pocket that is fixed to the back of the seat in front of you. You can refer to the chart while following the airhostess’s instructions. But let me tell you that this is a routine procedure. The purpose of the chart is not to augment your fear of flying. DO NOT MISINTERPRET THE AIRHOSTESS’S INSTRUCTIONS AS A WARNING AGAINST IMMINENT DANGER. Do not ever assume that you have to be extremely well-versed with the instructions because your plane will crash. NO. YOUR PLANE WILL NEVER CRASH. It is just a procedure that the flight attendants have to tell you about, so that you are prepared if the worst comes to the worst. God forbid, that will never happen to you. So you can follow what the airhostess is saying if you want to or just casually glance at the chart. However, if you are a heart patient or suffer from asthma or breathing problems, you should know how to install the oxygen mask at a moment’s notice. But this i.e., your problem of requiring oxygen if you are a heart or an asthma patient, is something you would have to be alert about even if you are traveling in the hills, or by car or by train. It has nothing to do with traveling in air or an air crash.

Be at Ease: Rest back. In any case, while taking off, the plane will compel you to rest backwards. Do not gaze out of the window. If you are prone to jitters, you might get butterflies in your stomach if you stare out of the window.

Taking Off: Every plane starts moving in the same manner before taking off. It starts to run on its wheels on the tarmac very slowly at first until it comes to the final stretch of runway. Here, the plane accelerates until it starts racing down the runway at a speed of about 400 to 500 miles per hour. Trees whiz past and the tarmac starts disappearing. The very atmosphere outside becomes filmy before a sudden jerk tells you that you have been lifted into the air at an acute angle. The plane tilts heavily. At this point, it is advisable for people like you not to glance out of the window because you might feel giddy. In any case, the fast disappearing city and airport beneath will all appear to you to be slanted and will make you feel dizzy unless you are a seasoned flyer. Even seasoned, daredevil flyers with no fear of flying feel sick at this point of time. This is because the sudden jump into the air is accompanied by a change of air pressure within the plane that tends to make lots of passengers want to vomit. So, just shut your eyes and wait patiently until the plane starts flying horizontally and normally. Again let me repeat, there is nothing to be frightened of. The nausea and the whirring in your ears are things you will get accustomed to, soon enough. And in any case, if you feel like throwing up, it does not mean that the plane will crash. You can always vomit into the airbag fixed to the pocket in front of you.

Medicines to Take On the Fly: I have advised many people who suffer from the ‘fear of flying’ syndrome to swallow a digestive-cum-anti-dizziness tablet before embarking on an airplane journey. It helps to quell the feeling of nausea when you are taking off. Different brands of prochlorperazine generally suffice for this purpose. Prochlorperazine is sold in different nations under different brand names such as Compazine, Stemetil, Stemzine, Buccastem, and Phenotil. Any one of them will do. But do not buy medicines off the counter. Please ask your doctor before you purchase any medicine that will help you to restrain nausea when you are flying. He or she will probably prescribe you one of the five brands mentioned above but you must ask him or her before you buy the stuff.

The Lighter You Are, the Better You Can Fly: I also advise people to eat lightly before they board a plane. If you have had a heavy meal, there is more chance that you will feel sick while flying than if you have had a light meal. As the plane speeds through the atmosphere amidst clouds and with fluctuating air pressure, you might feel some churning in your stomach if you have eaten a heavy meal before getting into the plane. Also, take some cotton wads with you so that you can plug your ears with them when taking off. Lots of folks cannot stand the whirring in the ears that they suffer when there is a sudden alteration in air pressure, when the plane is taking off. You can also ask the flight attendants for cotton but it is better you take them with you so that you do not have to wait for the attendant to get you a piece of cotton.

Fly High with Music: Music is a great healer. It can also help you to conquer your fear of flying. As soon as the plane starts flying in the air normally, take out the cotton and put the headphone instead to your ears. How will you know that the plane is flying normally? As soon as there is an announcement from the cockpit telling you that you may unfasten your seatbelts, you will know that the plane has begun to fly normally. This announcement comes typically 15 to 20 minutes after the plane has started its motion. Most airplanes provide headphones to their passengers nowadays. So instead of sitting and staring blankly into space, make use of the headphones. Listen to your favorite numbers, tracks and albums and forget that you are hanging in mid air. Listen to Mozart’s sonatas and symphonies, Beethoven’s symphonies or the beats of Elvis, Abba, Enrique, and Britney to keep your terrors at bay.

Watch TV: Most international flights come with TV facilities. So, you can easily watch the film that is being shown on the main TV screen hanging in front of you, a few seats ahead, or watch your own TV that is attached to the back of the seat in front of you. Planes nowadays have become havens for movie buffs. You can watch any film that you want while flying because TV sets in planes are loaded with films of every genre and type.

Bon Appetit, Bon Voyage: Eating while flying will definitely wipe away your fear of flying. Remember, I said that it is not recommended that you board a plane immediately after eating a heavy meal as this can give you airsickness? But there is no harm in eating once you are aboard. In fact, meals served in airplanes are strictly light so that passengers don’t feel like vomiting or going to the bathroom too often. Eating, at the best of times, is a great pastime. And it is all the more pleasurable in a plane as there is nothing much for you to do there. So, look forward to your meals with appetite and gusto. I can tell you that airplane food is delicious. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner that they serve you, it is yummy and delectable and will erase your fears of flying away. I have coached many people who had deep-seated fears of flying. I told them to forget about dieting and weight problems while flying and to eat heartily as eating is the best therapy for such people. Sure enough, all of them have overcome their fears of flying, initially, by eating well on planes and finally, through intense counseling and frequent flying. Eating a good and tasty meal can really be entertaining. You can stick your headphones to your ears while you are munching your sausage, bacon, ham, or potato chips but I suggest that since eating is a better therapy than listening to music, remove your headphones during your meal and eat wholeheartedly. Food is always served neatly on flights in little packed trays where the cereal (bread or rice or noodles), the meat, and the dessert are given in separate containers. Cutlery comes in another additional little pack. Airplane food is served this way so that passengers find it convenient to handle the food when they place the trays on the flexible tabletops while they eat. Flexible tabletops may be unscrewed from the back of the seat in front so that you can place your tray of food on the tabletop. You can ask the flight attendants for juices and cold drinks as you eat. Alcohol and energy drinks are also served on international flights, but I do not recommend them. They might affect you adversely and then you might attribute your uneasiness in the air to your fear of flying instead of the alcohol. Enjoy the taste of the rice or the soft bread or the steak or the fish to the full and forget everything about what may happen if you crash land. Drink your fruit juice or soft drink to the lees and celebrate life!

Remember flying is all about celebrating life, not thinking of disaster and death. The airplane is an answer to one of humankind’s oldest cravings, the craving to fly like a bird, the craving to go places in a short time, the yearning to master the skies, the desire to prove that humans are the most resourceful and powerful animals on Earth. So enjoy every moment of your flight by gorging on scrumptious food, listening to heavenly music and watching blockbuster cinema and reading magazines.

When You Fly, Time Flies: Whether your flight is a two-hour, a four-hour, a six-hour, or a twelve-hour flight, you’ll find that time flies while you are in the air. The longer your flight, the more chance you’ll have to eat mouthwatering food and listen to lovely music and watch all time great movies. Snacks are always sumptuous experiences beginning with tea, coffee, cakes and sandwiches and ending with ice creams. Flying at night can be a peaceful experience. Most of the lights in the plane are switched off except for the night lamps and blankets are distributed so that you can sleep comfortably. Some watch movies through the night. But I would advise you to sleep and relax. There is nothing to be tense about, nothing to worry about. Besides, dying in your sleep can be the best way to die. Hey! Hope you didn’t take that one seriously. Just pulling your leg. What I mean is that sleep is good for you. It can assuage all your fears of flying. Do not be anxious. You will always wake up alive and kicking and relaxed and in no other state but this. Sometimes, even if you want to take a nap, your sleep may be cut short. This happens when flight attendants serve food through the night. Some find this thrilling and some find this disturbing. But there are planes that really want you to have a good time while flying and so they serve food through the night – dinner, supper, beverages, drinks, snacks…..and breakfast. Another reason why you may not be allowed your beauty sleep when you are flying is when you have to stop at an airport in between to catch a connecting flight. This often happens when you are flying across continents. You might have to stop at the Dubai International Airport to take a connecting flight if you are flying from Asia to Europe or at an European airport in order to board a connecting flight if you are flying from Asia to the Americas. This disruption can cause a break in sleep but do not lose patience. You can take forty winks as soon as you board your connecting flight unless the flight attendants on the connecting flight start serving you food too.

It is Not the Time to Worry When You Are on Cloud Nine: Lots of people get alarmed when their planes cut across clouds. If the plane is going to pass through a mass of clouds, you will be informed of it in advance through announcements from the cockpit. You will be told to sit in your seat and have your seatbelt on so that you don’t lose balance and fall while the plane is slashing forward through a cloud. There is no need to tremble and quake while your plane is bumping through a cloud. Flying through masses of wooly clouds is an everyday thing for pilots though it might be new to you. All you have to do is to sit still in your seat and wait patiently to be out of the cloud. There is no reason for you to get the heebie-jeebies. Your plane will never crash whether it is in or out of the clouds.

The Joy of Landing: Before touchdown, once again, you shall be asked to don your seatbelt. The plane will start losing height so you can have a prochlorperazine pill so that you do not feel the ill effects. Buildings, roads, trees and vehicles will gradually come into view like objects on a game board about half-an-hour before you land. But if you still have a fear of flying, do not look downwards. Just sit back and close your eyes in your seat during landing until you feel the wheels hit the ground suddenly and forcefully. For most people who have a fear of flying, this is a moment to cheer. When the wheels hit the tarmac, they almost always breathe a sigh of relief and open their eyes wide with confidence for the first time. Okay, quite natural. The funny thing is that while they hated to open their eyes when the plane was racing down the tarmac before taking off, they seem to love to open their eyes and stare at the trees whizzing past and the ground speeding by, once the plane has landed. I know that you too feel the same way and that you too shut and open your eyes in the same manner because you have a fear of flying. But if you have flown at least once, you will know that there is really no cause for alarm. All the same, I don’t want to take away your fun when the plane finally lands, when the airhostess makes an announcement about the weather outside and hopes that you had a happy journey. I don’t grudge the joy that you feel for having landed safely or laugh at you because you thanked the Lord for your safe journey because I guess that we should be thankful for the smallest things of life.

Fear of Flying Graph: By the time, it is your second flight, you will become definitely more adventurous. By the third flight, you shall become confident. By the fourth flight, you might be able to help other passengers with their seatbelts. By the fifth flight, you may actually want to pursue a career in flying and piloting or regret not having been a pilot if you have passed the age. By your sixth flight, you will get so addicted to that soaring feeling that you shall actually begin to love flying. By the seventh flight, you will still feel heady but will start to find flying routine. By the eighth flight, you might get a trifle bored unless you eat or listen to music or watch TV constantly. By your ninth flight, flying will be a means by which you can relax between hectic conferences and meetings. And by your tenth flight, when you have shed the last traces of your fears of flying, flying will seem no different from your daily work, habits, etc.

Windex and Food: Imperfect Together!

As tempting as it may be to use, Windex or any similar type product can be a hazard to use in the vicinity of food products, particularly cutting boards. If you do not have the proper sanitizer available, a certain “secret” common household item will suffice. Please read on to find out how you can keep your guests safe!

Our web community for business flight attendants can be frequently found discussing proper food handling and food safety tips. One lively discussion a few years back surrounded the proper way of cleaning a cutting board. Might I add that the food preparing area of the typical business jet galley is about the size of a two-by-four? Thus, food can easily get into contact with the wrong products if extra care is not taken.

In the conversation, one of our members remarked that she had cleaned her cutting board with Windex. Well, the ensuing responses to her comment nearly caused an online riot as many of our veteran fliers responded by emphatically stating that products such 409, Fantastik, and Windex can all be harmful if ingested. These and similar products contain high levels of white spirits or similar type toxins, something you never want your guests to come in contact with. These products typically carry warning labels that say something like the following, “Do not ingest even in small quantities. Non-food safe.”

Our beloved and uniformed newbie member was aghast, not at the replies, but at realizing that she had cleaned her cutting boards not once, not twice, but at the very least four or five times using Windex! Although no illnesses were reported because of her error, she quickly amended her cleaning methods from that point forward to use a special sanitizer designed for the safe cleaning of her cutting board. Naturally, all of our members were thankful that she was no longer a potential poisoner of the jet set crowd.

So, just what is that little “secret” common household item that can be used when the proper cleaning agent is no longer available? Actually, there are two: diluted white wine vinegar or . . . vodka! Yes, vodka can be used, but it does have the tendency of altering the taste of subsequent dishes . . . not necessarily a bad thing, but it does leave a residue. The recommendation, of course, is to have white wine vinegar on hand if a sanitizer is not readily available.

Please, please use the previously recommended cleaning agents only on surfaces that do not come into contact with food. You may not kill your guests, but you can certainly make them very ill by using the inappropriate products.

Turmeric to Spice Up Your Health

Various Traditional cultures have always known that food can be medicine, when used wisely. For instance, the Chinese and East Indian cuisine is loaded with heavenly spices that not only taste good but are also good for many common ailments. In addition, science is now suggesting that these very spices may actually prevent many chronic disease as well as possibly some cancer.

Turmeric, also known as cumerin, has a long history of use in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Used for centuries to treat inflammation and swelling, it was incorporated into East Indian cuisine as a major component of curries and spices of the region. Having a rather strong, pungent, peppery flavor, it is popular even today in western cultures. Western medicine has only recently begun to study this yellow spice.

Turmeric and Arthritis

Turmeric contains curcumin and curcuminoids, which are powerful anti-inflammatory phytochemicals that act as natural cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors in the body, and inhibit the production of the prostaglandins that cause inflammation and swelling. Indian researchers found that tumeric relieved joint pain and swelling in people with arthritis every bit as well as prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) without side effects such as abdominal bleeding or stomach upset. Unlike the drugs, which are associated with significant toxic effects (ulcer formation, decreased white blood cell count, intestinal bleeding), curcumin produces no toxicity.

Clinical studies have substantiated that curcumin also exerts very powerful antioxidant effects. As an antioxidant, curcumin is able to neutralize free radicals, chemicals that can travel through the body and cause great amounts of damage to healthy cells and cell membranes. This is important in many diseases, such as arthritis, where free radicals are responsible for the painful joint inflammation and eventual damage to the joints. Turmeric’s combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects explains why many people with joint disease find relief when they use the spice regularly. In a recent study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, curcumin was compared to phenylbutazone and produced comparable improvements in shortened duration of morning stiffness, lengthened walking time, and reduced joint swelling.

Turmeric and Cholesterol

Curcumin may be able to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the body. Since oxidized cholesterol is what damages blood vessels and builds up in the plaques that can lead to heart attack or stroke, preventing the oxidation of new cholesterol may help to reduce the progression of atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. In addition, turmeric is a good source of vitamin B6, which is needed to keep homocysteine levels from getting too high. Homocysteine, an intermediate product of an important cellular process called methylation, is directly damaging to blood vessel walls. High levels of homocysteine are considered a significant risk factor for blood vessel damage, atherosclerotic plaque build-up, and heart disease; while a high intake of vitamin B6 is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.

In research published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, when 10 healthy volunteers consumed 500 mg of curcumin per day for 7 days, not only did their blood levels of oxidized cholesterol drop by 33%, but their total cholesterol droped 11.63% , and their HDL (good cholesterol) increased by 29%! (Soni KB, Kuttan R).

Turmeric and Neurodegenerative Disease

Growing evidence suggests that turmeric may afford protection against neurodegenerative diseases. Epidemiological studies show that in elderly Indian populations, among whose diet turmeric is a common spice, levels of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s are very low. Concurrently, experimental research conducted recently found that curcumin does appear to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s in mice. Preliminary studies in mice also suggest that curcumin may block the progression of multiple sclerosis. While it is still unclear how it may afford protection against this degenerative condition, one theory is that it may interrupt the production of IL-2, a protein that can play a key role in the destruction of myelin, the sheath that serves to protect most nerves in the body.

Turmeric and Cancer

Epidemiological studies have linked the frequent use of turmeric to lower rates of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer; laboratory experiments have shown curcumin can prevent tumors from forming; and research conducted at the University of Texas suggests that even when breast cancer is already present, curcumin can help slow the spread of breast cancer cells to the lungs in mice.

Curcumin, a phytonutrient found in the curry spice turmeric, and quercitin, an antioxidant in onions, reduce both the size and number of precancerous lesions in the human intestinal tract, shows research published in the August 2006 issue of Clinical Gasteroenterology and Hepatology.

Previous observational studies in populations that consume large amounts of curry, as well as animal research, have strongly suggested that curcumin, one of the main ingredients in Asian curries, might be effective in preventing and/or treating cancer in the lower intestine. Similarly, quercetin, an anti-oxidant flavonoid found in a variety of foods including onions, green tea and red wine, has been shown to inhibit growth of colon cancer cell lines in humans and abnormal colorectal cells in animals.

Prostate cancer-the second leading cause of cancer death in American men with 500,000 new cases appearing each year-is a rare occurrence among men in India, whose low risk is attributed to a diet rich in brassica family vegetables and the curry spice, turmeric. There is even evidence that a diet rich in turmeric may decrease the risk of childhood leukemia.

While simply consuming curry, broccoli, cauliflower and onions may not be a diet for everyone to enjoy, you can now reap the benefits of turmeric by taking it as a supplement. Because it is a spice, it can be safely consumed in supplement form.

This spice is delicious on healthy sautéed apples, and healthy steamed cauliflower and/or green beans and onions. Or, for a flavor-rich, low-calorie dip, try adding some turmeric and dried onion to creamy yogurt.

Whether you choose to take your turmeric as a supplement or a food enhancement, spice up your life and improve up your health!

The Signs of Heartburn

You may recognize the signs of heartburn, but sometimes it is hard to recognize what caused the heartburn. The first thing you may think is “what did I eat?” In some cases, it may not be food causing heartburns and/or indigestion. It may be beverages or stress. It may not be what you eat, but how much you eat. While spicy foods may bring on signs of heartburn. It may be hard to avoid eating spicy food, causing heartburns and indigestion.

Typical signs of heartburn include a burning sensation in the back of the throat. The burning may be lower, closer to the top of the stomach. It may start as a feeling of being overly full. A warm feeling in the stomach may accompany a tickle in the throat. Some people only feel the tickle and the tickle may lead to coughing. You may or may not feel bloated. The burning sensation may be accompanied by burping or passing gas. Any of these may be signs of heartburn or indigestion.

Once you notice the signs of heartburn, identifying the food causing heartburns may be the last thing on your mind. Typically, you just want relief, but it could be important to help prevent future attacks to at least make a mental note of what you ate or drank in the past hour or so. Some people are bothered by nighttime heartburn. Sometimes the signs of heartburn do not wake the person up, but acid and gas in the esophagus can interfere with respiration and lead to breathing difficulties, even bringing on asthma attacks. There are specially designed foam wedges for those who experience the signs of heartburn at night. By sleeping in a reclining, rather than a prone position, stomach acid is less likely to leak up into the esophagus. People who eat late meals or go to bed soon after dinner are more likely to experience signs of heartburn while sleeping or trying to sleep. Sometimes the symptoms and signs of heartburn are enough to interfere with a good night’s sleep, which in turn leads to reduced energy levels during the day. Studies have shown that people who drink soft drinks before bed are more likely to have signs of heartburn or acid reflux at night. Carbonated and caffeinated beverages often bring on or increase signs of heartburn. The carbonation may help you burp, which gives a feeling of temporary relief, but soft drinks are highly acidic. Anything that increases stomach acid can increase the symptoms and signs of heartburn.

The innocent tomato is a food causing heartburns in many people. Tomatoes are highly acidic food. Eating one with your dinner salad may not cause a problem, depending on the other vegetables and the type of dressing used. If you can achieve a balance of foods that are less acidic with foods that are more acidic, then you may be able to prevent the signs of heartburn. Another food causing heartburns is oranges. Oranges and other citrus fruits are highly acidic. So adding mandarin orange slices to your dinner salad may seem healthy, but can increase likelihood that you will experience signs of heartburn. On the other hand, baked or grilled chicken is typically not a food causing heartburns. So, use the tomatoes, lettuce, skip the oranges and onions and add warm grilled chicken strips to your salad. Choose to use little or no dressing, oil and vinegar are both highly acidic, try just some salt and pepper and maybe a little ginger. Gingerroot is commonly used in natural products to relieve the symptoms and signs of heartburn.