Choosing the Right Treatment for Your Cosmetic Problems

Laser therapy and skin restoration treatments are becoming popular by the day. There has been a steady rise in the number of people opting for such non invasive surgeries and treatments for enhanced aesthetics.

The costs of such procedures are not high and the benefits outweigh the cons. You could look into these treatments if you have some of the following symptoms and problems troubling you.


Laser therapy is a great way to deal with acne. Here, the aim is to kill the bacteria. Through this treatment, the acne settles down and the inflammation reduces. People have exhibited up to 87% improvement after going through laser therapies. Similarly, skin restoration treatments also include a new innovative technology called the hydra-facial. This is a medically administrated facial which deals with acne, break outs, black heads and other such skin issues.

Pigmentation, Acne Scars, Pregnancy Stretch Marks and Surgery Scars

If you have patchy skin, stretch marks or surgery scars that you want to get rid of, laser therapy is a great method to look into. Here, the target area is put under pressure with waves. This causes tiny steam bubbles to rise on the surface of the skin tissue giving it a grayish appearance that occasionally subsides. There may be some pigment alteration visible for a while which fades away after some time.

Patchiness, dullness and Skin Darkening

Daily exposure to heat, sun and pollution may often lead to patchiness, dullness and skin darkening. To rejuvenate your skin and give it a soft, supple look transdermal therapy, an injection free treatment is the best way to treat your skin. This treatment uses micro molecule hydrating serums and creams which give you much better results than a regular facial.

Puffy Eyes or Thin Lips

Volume fillers are an amazing cosmetic alteration tool that helps reset your age clock and making your lips look fuller. These highly advanced fillers help taking years off your face and instead of having constantly tired and bloated eyes, it makes you look much more relaxed.

Hair Loss Treatments

Non surgical aesthetic treatments such as meso-therapy help promote the growth of hair follicles. Nutrients and vitamins are injected in this treatment which help increase blood circulation and also in treating male pattern baldness.

For more information on the best cosmetic surgery treatments available the internet proves to be a great resource.

Seek the guidance of a reputed doctor before opting for any particular treatment. With a basic screening and a consultation with an experienced dermatologist, you will be able to find the best treatment for your problem.

How to Prevent Ankle Sprains – Methods That Do not Work (Part 7)

Ankle sprains are a very common problem for anyone who walks, runs or jumps. This is especially true for athletes who do all three. Because the problem is so common and can cause some serious setbacks in productivity there is great interest in reducing the occurrence of these injuries. There are several tried and tested methods which do this job very well. The three best searched and most reliable are ankle braces, taping, and exercises. However, there are a number of other methods which have been shown through clinical trials to be fairly useless.

Some trainers and others support the idea that warm-up and stretching before physical activity can reduce the likelihood that an ankle sprain will occur. This has been proven false repeatedly. While there is a lot support for warm-up preventing muscle strain it is questionable how useful stretching is before an activity. Certainly, there is no evidence to indicate that warm-up and stretching can prevent ankle sprains. One study included over 1,500 army recruiters who were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. Each group went through similar training exercises [1]. The intervention group underwent an extra 20 minutes of pre-exercise stretching for six leg muscle groups. Neither group showed a significant difference in the occurrence of ankle sprains.

Others have theorized that more cushioning in the shoe would reduce ankle sprains. There is actually evidence to show that more cushioning in the shoe increase the risk of ankle sprains. One study was done of over 10,000 recreational / elite basketball players to determine some ankle sprain risk factors [2]. They noticed a high frequency of players wearing shoes with air cushions in the heel portion. From this research they conclude that these air cushions increase the likelihood of an ankle sprain. The same may be true for shoes with energy return systems like Nike Shox or of cushioning insoles.

Some take the educational approach. The idea behind this is that if people had more information about risk factors and ankle sprain injuries, it could reduce their risk of suffering one of these injuries. Unfortunately, information was not enough. One study studied two groups after 1,000 hours of running [3]. One group had hours of instruction about exercises and ankle sprains. The other group was not educated in this way. At the end of the study there was no significant difference in the number of ankle sprains in each group.

When attempting to limit exposure to ankle sprains it is important to know the facts that will protect you from injury. A large part of that is to distinguish between methods that work and do not work. Remember, ankle taping, braces and specialized exercises are the best bet for ankle sprain prevention.

Contusion – Common Questions

What is a contusion?

In terms of sports injuries a contusion is not very serious or very complicated either. Basically a contusion is a bruise that is caused by a blow to the surface of the skin, and because of the blow the tiny blood vessels under the skin called capillaries break and leak blood. It is this leaking of blood which causes the black & blue color that can be seen shortly after a contusion.

Is a contusion dangerous?

The answer is no a contusion is absolutely not dangerous. the only way that a contusion could become dangerous is if you suffer from a disease that slows or prevails your blood from clotting and stopping the bleeding. Also people who are on anticoagulants such as Aspirin need to be careful if they get a contusion because these drugs thin the blood and also slow the clotting process.

What do I do if I get a contusion?

really there is nothing you can do other than wait for the blood to clot and the vessels to heal themselves. Also there is really no trick to getting rid of the blue color after a contusion as you just have to wait for your body to get rid of the old blood on its own. Again the only time you would have to do something is if you are on anticoagulant drugs or if you have a disease that impairs your ability to clot your blood, in both of these cases you should seek immediate medical help.

Cheap Miami Flights For You

Traveling could be a lifetime experience if you have chosen the right airline for yourself. To reach the required destination, it is wise to consider famous airlines that offer discounts and other premium offers for your trip. It certainly is dependent on the fact whether the airline is offering the optimum deal. If you avail to the right opportunity, traveling could be much more fun. That is precisely why it is smart and safe to consider options available. Cheap tickets could mean less trouble for your wallet but it could also ruin your chance to enjoy the whole journey. Here are a few cheap Miami flights for your convenience.

Since Miami is the city of exciting nightlife, vibrant colors, thrilling events and unforgettable enjoyment, an easy way to get there is the first step to the best vacation ever. If you plan on spending your vacation in Miami, consult your travel guide for more information on cheap Miami flights. Always remember to check all details pertaining to the airline, fare and services available on each flight. No one would like to settle down for something inferior and substandard. Given below are a few cheap Miami flights.

American Airlines offer one of the best discounts on a Miami flight. Costing only an easy $189 on your pocket, this airline promises the lightest and most convenient trip to the city of the hip and happening. This flight will land you on the Southern end of Florida. Since it is close to Cuba, you will witness the most exciting and thrilling places of the world. American Airlines will ensure that you safely land the warm melting pot of culture and diversity of Miami. Services of the best kind are offered by the famous airline. From friendly air pilots to a well-maintained staff on-board, this airline provides premium quality at the lowest price.

Another desirable offer by the American Airlines is its $145 airfare for students wishing to go to Miami. With such a low price offered, many national and international students can enjoy this opportunity to enjoy and save at the same time. Lunch, breakfast and dinner are served depending on the time of departure. Amiable staff is present during the entire tenure. These flights usually take off on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. If you are a citizen of New York City, several airports offer this cheap and affordable ticket to Miami. These airports include Newark International, John F. Kennedy International, La Guardia Airport and Metropolitan Area.

US Airways also offers cheap Miami tickets. Ranging from an easily affordable $212 to a small-offer like $144, this airline is famous for its confident staff, smooth service and easy journey to the destination of your choice. In this case, Miami will be heaven since US Airways makes sure that it lands you the perfect spots of Miami. The southern-most tip of the state is where you will land. Full of vibrant nightlife and beach fun, this is the place you will enjoy.

Miami Airlines also offer perfect deals at the cheapest rates on different and special occasions like The Festival of Lights in Ontario. If you love lights and sparkling carnivals then Miami Airlines has the best offer for you. With a ticket at only $195, you can have an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the lights and the excitement in Canada at such a low rate. The departure usually is in the evening while the arrival takes place in the morning. Miami Airlines will take you to the city where over one million people drive through the display of dazzling lights.

Air Caribbean is famous for its cheap rates and good service. With cheap tickets to Miami at as low as $165, you could not ask for more. A friendly staff, adept air mechanics, smiling air hostesses and delicious food is provided at the lowest rate. Along with that, you will not have to face stops at different points during the flight. Air Caribbean realizes you want a smooth and uninterrupted journey. It will, indeed, make sure you receive such treatment.

Most cheap Miami flights could be the best offer you are searching for. However it is always wise to remember to consult local travel guides and airways for more information related to low-rate flights.

Liver, Sphinster of Oddi, and Gallbladder Disorders May Trigger Chronic Pancreatitis

A significant number of people suffering from acute pancreatitis, end up in the hospital. An episode of acute pancreatitis can include abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, fever, etc. The pancreatic bout can be sudden and painful. Having a swollen pancreas is not enjoyable. Once the symptoms and the episode have subsided, usually patients are discharged. Often, they are discharged without a game plan. They do not have a treatment plan nor do they know the underlying causes of their symptoms. Why they got sick remains unknown.

Since many people do not know why they were sick in the first place, subsequent episodes of pancreatitis occurred. Statistics note that individuals who have experienced more than one acute bout of pancreatitis tend to develop chronic pancreatitis. Symptoms reappear along with more pain, but still these people have no idea what is causing chronic pancreatitis. Without knowing the root problem or having a treatment plan, people do not know what to change. Some will keep unhealthy foods or continue to drink alcohol.

Chronic pancreatitis is not trivial. Individuals who suffer from chronic pancreatitis need to take action. What is pancreatitis? How is their liver? What lifestyle changes required to be made so that they can have a healthy liver, sphincter of Oddi, gallbladder, and pancreas?

The liver, gallbladder and the pancreas go hand in hand. In fact, the entire gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) works as one cohesive, well-synchronized unit. The organs of the upper GI tract (the stomach, the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas, and the duodenum) all work seamlessly together. If one works improperly, the unit unit is adversely affected. Digestive hormones and the nervous system are also vital to the proper functioning of the GI tract. They, too, are affected by any adverse conditions that are occurring to the liver, the gallbladder, and pancreas.

The liver is as important to the body as a quarterback is to a football team; it has huge responsibilities and essential tasks to perform. Without a doubt, the most important job of the liver is to produce and secrete bile. Bile is a key player in the digestive process. All food that is consumed makes its way to the gut. In the duodenum with the help of the bile, fatty food converts into the small particles that can be absorbed by the body; These vital nutrients are needed to sustain our cells and overall health.

Let's zoom in to see how the liver, the pancreas and the gallbladder work harmoniously together. It starts with the cells in the liver that secure bile into a network of small ducts. These small ducts converge at the common bile duct, which carries bile from the gallbladder and liver to the duodenum. Common bile duct and pancreatic duct combine before reaching duodenum. The pancreatic duct carries the pancreatic juice containing pancreatic digestive enzymes.

Both bile and pancreatic ducts go into a small cavity called the Ampulla of Vater. At this joke, it needs to be pointed out that the pressure inside the pancreatic duct needs to be higher than the pressure within the common bile duct. Bile should not reach the pancreatic cells because it may create premature activation of the digestive enzymes and self-digestion. Therefore, a blend of bile and pancreatic juices goes through the Ampulla of Vater into the duodenum that is the beginning of the small intestine.

In the duodenum's wall, there is a muscle valve called the Sphinster of Oddi. The Sphinster of Oddi controls the secretions from the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas into the duodenum. The Sphinster of Oddi works one-way-it keeps moving the bile and pancreatic juices onward to the small intestine. When digestion does not occur in the duodenum, the Sphinster of Oddi remains closed. No bile or pancreatic juice should move back and try to re-enter the pancreatic duct.

What if the Sphincter of Oddi does not work properly? If this sphincter experiences spasms or blocks, pancreatic juices and bile may back up. Increased pressure within the pancreatic duct follows. Pancreatic digestive enzymes that are now stuck may start to digest pancreatic cells. This scenario is not good, and it can lead to congestion, inflammation, pain, cysts and even the death of pancreatic tissue. It is chronic pancreatitis.

Gallbladder stones can impede bile flow. The pressure within the Ampulla of Vater can increase due to the back-up of pancreatic juices. This condition medically is known as biliary-pancreatic reflux. As there are some possible culprits, which can cause bile to solidify, so there are many possible reasons for gallbladder stones. Poor eating habits, whole body acidity, hormonal changes, lack of exercise, being overweight or being obese can all be potential triggers. Gallbladder stones can range in size from a grain of sand to a golf ball.

Illnesses and diseases that affect the liver, the gallbladder and the pancreas are difficult to treat solely with conventional Western Medicine methods. Since pancreatitis can shorten one's life expectancy, it is crucial to tackling pancreatitis with a full arsenal of treatments that have proven to work.

Along with Western Medicine practices, complementary non-drug therapies can reduce the symptoms that accompany chronic pancreatitis and improve a person's quality of life. Many of these non-drug, alternative medicinal modalities and methods can also decrease the build-up of internal pressure in the pancreatic duct, alkalize bile and pancreatic juice, encourage better digestion, reduce infection, and less pain. Some of these alternative medical treatments include:

– A prescribed alkaline diet and healing foods

– Herbal medicine

– Acupuncture

– Nutritional supplementation

– Abdominal manipulation and chiropractic adjustment

– Drinking Karlovy Vary mineral water made from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt

– Relaxation techniques, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis by using a customized CD for home use

– Colon hydrotherapy that restores friendly intestinal bacteria

– Anti-Candida program

Most of these alternative medicinal treatments work effectively alongside prescribed medicines, surgeries, endoscopic operations, physical therapy, etc. Although medical professionals will look at chronic pancreatitis from many angles to pursue treatment methods, pancreatitis remains a challenging illness to treat. Often, liver, gallbladder, sphincter of Oddi and bile ducts disorders are direct links to pancreatic illnesses and diseases. To really help a person suffering from pancreatic disorders, the liver and bile need to be focused.

One treatment method for the liver, gallbladder and pancreas problems has existed for hundreds of years. There is a mineral spring in a small town in the Czech Republic called Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).

European doctors have been sending patients to this mineral spa to drink the spring's healing mineral water for 250 years. For those patients who could not travel to the spring, they used the at-home kit. The mineral spring produces salt. This vaporized mineral salt was shipped through Europe. The person would dissolve the recommended amount of mineral salt into warm water and drink it according to the doctor's orders. Czech scientists and doctors who studied this mineral water determined that the same healing that occurred directly at the mineral spring in Karlovy Vary also occurred with the at-home kits. It was a win-win for everyone.

As this treatment method has been around for a long time, it has also been studied for a long time. Many articles and studies in Czech, German, and Russian were published. Since most of these finds were not printed in English, this healing mineral water has remained relatively unknown in North America.

Karlovy Vary healing mineral water stimulates the stomach and small intestine (duodenum) to release digestive hormones. These digestive hormones manage the entire digestive process, promote secretion and release of bile and the pancreatic juices, and regulate the proper function of the gallbladder, the pancreatic ducts, and the sphincter of Oddi.

This healing mineral water also supplies the pancreas with key minerals, trace elements, and bicarbonate, all of which are main ingredients of the bile and pancreatic juice. Karlovy Vary mineral water tackles two major problems: pancreatic inflammation and pancreatic deficiency.

European doctors and scientists also noted that this healing mineral water benefits everyone, from those who have chronic pancreatitis to those who are healthy and well. In all the studies and tests performed, Karlovy Vary healing water increased not only the amount of pancreatic juices and activity of digestive enzymes, but also reduced the pressure within the pancreatic duct, and it promoted the secret and increased activity of pancreatic enzymes. This healing spring water from Karlovy Vary helps the pancreas work well no matter how a person's health is.

The information in this article is presented for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.

Pregnancy Symptoms And Labor Signs

For most women pregnancy is the most exciting time in their life and the symptoms begin for some women immediately after conception in different ways.

However, there are signs and symptoms to watch out for which include include missed menstrual period, frequent urination, temperature changes, food and smell aversions, body discomforts, fatigue and tiredness, breast tenderness, constipation, darkness of areola, morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) ). But the best sign that a woman is pregnant is a positive pregnancy test taken anytime from 3 – 4 weeks after the last ovulation to avoid false negative.

Pregnancy symptoms can be confusing in some cases prior before this test and my advice is that if you are not sure whether you are pregnant, do not hesitate to see your doctor for medical advice.

Labor signs

Labor is the process when contractions of the uterus tends to push the baby down through the birth canal. It is important to know that every labor is different in duration and progress from woman to woman and from birth to birth.

Many women, especially those with their first baby do not actually know when they are in labor, but understanding the typical signs of labor will certainly help them know what to expect as the due date approaches.

We have two types of labor pains

I, False labor pain

This pain usually occurs before 36 weeks of pregnancy and it sometimes include the following:

– Discharge of watery fluid from vagina

– Discharge containing thick mucus or slightly bloody

– Constant severe pain

– Painful back ache

– Irregular menstrual-like cramps

– Feeling as if the baby has settled deep into the pelvis

II, Active labor pain

This occurs when the patient is experiencing persistent contractions

– If contractions occur at regular interval

– If contractions last for more than 60seconds, at every 5 -10 minutes

– If contractions are regular, severe and radiate through the abdomen

– If membrane is ruptured "water breaks" resulting from continuous contractions

Suggested pain relief methods during labor

I, Natural pain relief – some women choose to deliver their baby without using any pain relief medication. They sometimes rely on advice recommended by midwife, loved ones, learn relaxation techniques or find comfortable position.

II, Medical pain relief – here we have a number of medical options which your doctor / midwife normally decide based on the present health condition of the patient.

a, Intravenous analgesic – this involves drugs being administered to the patient to help relief pains during labor.
b, Pudenda block – here numb medicine is injected into the vagina and pudenda nerve to reduce pains and keep the patient alert.
c, Epidural anesthesia – this is injected in the lower spinal to block pains of contractions and pains from other parts of the body. It allows most patients to be wake and alert with little or no pain during labor.
d, Spinal anesthesia – this is mostly used during cesarean sections, and is injected in the spinal to numb the entire body for immediate relief.

In conclusion, since pregnancy symptoms and labor signs are vital in women anatomy I always advise the patient to consult an expert for final assessment.

Same-Polyp Intervention? Turn to 45383 and 45381

As a gastroenterology coder, you may find yourself bowled over by coding situations such as these: The olympus scope was passed in the transverse colon. Outstanding prep. The lesion itself was at about 9 centimeter in the rectosigmoid or upper one third of the rectum really. With the rotatable snare, the base was encircled, and the polyp removed, and then one more small piece that was still on the wall was removed, then, removing the entire lesion. This was retrieved, and put in a pathology bottle. After this, the area was re-examined. Since there was a diagnosis of dysplasia, it was elected to use the APC with 360 head post polypectomy setting which was done, and the entire area was APC'd under narrow band light. This was removed, the Argon removed, and then a tattoo was a SPOT material was used and photographs were clicked.

As such, what codes should you use to report this procedure?

Well, it appears the snare and APC intervention are on the same polyp / lesion. According to the report, the scope was passed only to the transverse colon; as such, if the procedure was planned as a sigmoidoscopy then you would use CPT codes from the flexible sigmoidoscopy family of codes even if the scope went beyond the splenic flexure. If the procedure was planned as a colonoscopy, then you should bill these codes on your claim:

  • For code 45383 – Colonoscopy, flexible, proximal to splenic flexure; with ablation of tumor (s), polyp (s), or other lesion (s) not amenable to removal by hot biopsy forceps, bipolar cautery or snare technique.
  • For code 45381 -Colonoscopy, flexible, proximal to splenic flexeture, with directed submucosal injection [s], any substance.

You should not go for 45385 (Colonoscopy, flexible, proximal to splenic flexure; with removal of tumor [s], polyp [s], or other lesion [s] by snare technique) as correct coding initiative edits bundle this code into 45383. The relative value units for 45385 (15.69 relative value units for non-facility) are lower than that for 45383 (16.72 relative value units for nonfacility); as such using the litter code will bring you more reimbursements: $ 568.09 (relative value units) multiplied by 2011 conversion factor of 33.9764). In this situation, you can not unbundle the edit by using modifier 59 since interventions are on the same polyp. You'd bill the tattooing with 45381.

For more on this and for other medical coding updates relating to gastroenterology coding, sign up for a good medical coding guide like Supercoder.

Discover the 7 Effective Natural Remedies for Fibroids

If you belong to the 75% of women who have fibroid problems, then this article is for you. In this article you will discover 7 of the best natural remedies for fibroids that you can apply to your daily life and dieting. So read on and be informed of the best ways to approach this ailment naturally.

It is important to keep in mind that the main cause of developing these tumors in the uterus is the hormonal imbalance that takes place inside a woman’s body. A high level in estrogen production makes you prone to this illness and a continuous increase in the supply of this hormone in your body feeds the tumor and increases its size more and more. The best natural approach therefore is to minimize the sources of this estrogen element so as to be able to shrink the lumps naturally. So here are the top 7 natural remedies for fibroids that you can take immediately to relieve the symptoms of tumor growth and menstrual pains.

1. Superfoods. This includes broccoli, spinach, alfalfa, barley, spirulina, cauliflower, cabbage and other green vegetables. These so-called “superfoods” are known to provide the body with the essential nutrients that are necessary for self-healing.

2. Berries. This includes goji berries, acai berries, strawberries, black berries, cranberries, blue berries and raspberries. All kinds of berries are natural anti-oxidants and are extremely helpful in shrinking tumors and mass growths inside the body.

3. Herbal Teas. The age-old belief that herbal teas have many healthy benefits to the body remains to be true today. And herbal concoctions like green tea and white tea remain at the top of the list as healthy beverages that you should add to your daily diet.

4. Fiber Foods. This includes oat meals, whole wheat bread and certain fruits like mangoes, oranges and apples. As these act like a sweeper of impurities and toxins in the body, it results in a more balanced level of hormones.

5. Organic vitamin supplements. You can also take supplements like vitamin B Complex and vitamin E as these are known to breakdown and normalize the levels of estrogen in the body.

6. Healthy oil. This includes olive oil, sunflower oil, omega oil and flaxseed oil. All of these are sourced from natural ingredients that are low in fat and sodium and are therefore natural combatants to all kinds of diseases including growth masses and lumps.

7. Water. Never underestimate the healing properties of clean and pure water. It is actually one of the most powerful cleansing agents that we have easy access to. By drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, you will be detoxifying your body from all types of harmful chemicals that have accumulated in the cells to cause all sorts of different ailments.

You have just discovered 7 of the best natural remedies for fibroids. If you follow this guideline in your diet and way of living, the lumps and cysts in your uterus will gradually shrink and disappear.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts

The worst part about having an ovarian cyst is not the scare when you realize you first have one, it is the pain. The pain a woman feels from having an ovarian cyst is unmatched by anything else. This pain starts in the lower abdomen and it is so powerful that it radiates through the entire body. If you are a woman who has an ovarian cyst, you know that you are in of a solution.

When the doctor is supposed to be your medical savior, he or she falls short this time. You really wanted a magical pill that was going to help you to get rid of the pain, but you were in no such luck. All the doctor offers to you is surgery. He or she claims it is the only way to really get rid of the pain. Although it would be great to permanently remove your cyst, you know you can not afford it. You need something better. You need some natural ways to get rid of ovarian cysts.

Thankfully, you are in luck. You can get rid of your cysts on ovaries from home and live pain free. A great treatment that you can start to use immediately is heat. Applying either a warm compress or hot towel on your lower abdomen will work wonders for the pain. Almost immediately, you will feel the tension soothing and the pain vanishing. Most importantly, the heat helps to increase circulation to your cyst which actually helps to heal it.

Oral Thrush Treatment

Oral candidiasis also known as thrush is common in lots of people around the entire world and if you have it then you need to make sure you treat the problem before it becomes worse. The problem if you do not treat the oral thrush as soon as you identify the problem is it can move through your esophagus and cause even more problems for you down the road.

In order to identify the problem you will need to check your mouth when you're brushing your teeth in the mornings. If you have white deposits on the top of your mouth, cheeks or tongue then you may have oral thrush. The candidiasis may also seem more red then the rest of your mouth and could be sore. When you have oral thrush you need to be careful that you do not irritate the area because it could begin to bleed in your mouth and become really sore.

You can treat thrush using the 12 hour cure for yeast infection as it also helps prevent and get rid of any candidiasis in your mouth. The product is available online and they are so sure that the product will help you get rid of thrush that they offer a full money back guarantee if the treatment does not work for you.

If you have been trouble swallowing then you may also have thrush in your esophagus already and this could be the reason why you're experiencing pain when you swallow. It is not fun to have a sore throat all the time so make sure you try the treatment. I know a lot of friends who have used this treatment successfully and I feel safe recommending it to anyone who suffers from this disease. It's very easy to treat once you learn how and you'll experience a lot less pain in your mouth.

Hepatitis B


I know you might be wondering, what again about hepatitis B? Everywhere you go they are talking about hepatitis B. It might interest you to know that for all the "noise" that is made, it's worth it because viral hepatitis B kills more than 1.5 million people worldwide each year and that it is as many people as HIV / AIDS. (WHA)

From the world health organization fact sheet on hepatitis B, I will highlight the following:

Key facts

• Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and chronic disease.
• The virus is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person.
• More than 780 000 people die every year due to the consequences of hepatitis B.
• Hepatitis B is an important occupational hazard for health workers.
• Hepatitis B is preventable with the current available safe and effective vaccine.

So I ask, a disease of such high impact and mortality rate, what are we doing about it?

You should know that vaccine for hepatitis B has been available since the year 1982. Hepatitis B vaccine is 95% effective in preventing infection and its chronic consequences, and was the first vaccine against a major human cancer.


Hepatitis B virus can cause an acute illness with symptoms that last several weeks, including yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), dark urine, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Hepatitis B prevalence is highest in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia. Most people in these regions became infected with the hepatitis B virus during childhood and between 5-10% of the adult population is chronically infected.

For transmission, in highly endemic areas, HBV is most commonly spread from mother to child at birth, or from person to person in early childhood.

Perinatal or early childhood transmission may also account for more than one third of chronic infections in areas of low endemicity, although in those settings, sexual transmission and the use of contaminated needles, especially among injecting drug users, are the major routes of infection.

The hepatitis B virus can survive outside the body for at least 7 days. During this time, the virus can still cause infection if it enters the body of a person who is not protected by the vaccine. The hepatitis B virus is not spread by contaminated food or water, and can not be spread casually in the workplace.

The incubation period of the hepatitis B virus is 75 days on average, but can vary from 30 to 180 days. The virus may be detected 30 to 60 days after infection and persists for variable periods of time.


Most people do not experience any symptoms during the acute infection phase. However, some people have acute illness with symptoms that last several weeks, including yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), dark urine, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

In some people, the hepatitis B virus can also cause a chronic liver infection that can later develop into cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer.

More than 90% of healthy adults who are infected with the hepatitis B virus will recover and be completely rid of the virus within 6 months.

Prevention and Treatment

I would like very much like to talk about prevention before treatment. It is very preventable; avoiding sexual contact without protection and especially health workers who work with blood should also avoid handling blood samples unprotected.

Most importantly you have to get screened to determine whether you are free of the virus or not. Laboratory diagnosis of hepatitis B focusses on the detection of the hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg.


For this reason, several health centers around the world most importantly herbal or traditional medicine centers have all taken up the fight against this disease in this part of the world.

At Health for all Herbal Research Center we are working on the increased awareness of the disease and screening people and giving the vaccine to protect people from the infection.

As part of this, for the 25th and 26th of July this year, the clinic is embarking on a Hepatitis B awareness campaign and screening to coincide with the World Hepatitis Day on the 28th of July, 2014.

The role of herbal medicine in the healthcare of the nation can not be underestimated neither we will try in any way to overemphasize it but our nation need a blend of traditional and orthodox medicine to serve our citizens healthcare needs better.

Bringing science and modern pharmaceutical techniques to bear, both in the practice and the production of the herbal products is the hallmark of the clinic.

Vaccination is the mainstay when it comes to preventing this infectious disease.

The complete vaccine series induces protective antibody levels in more than 95% of infants, children and young adults. Protection lasts at least 20 years and is possibly lifelong.

All children and adolescents younger than 18 years old and not previously vaccinated should receive the vaccine if they live in countries where there is low or intermediate endemicity. In those settings it is possible that more people in high risk groups may acquire the infection and they should also be vaccinated. They include:

• people who frequently require blood or blood products, dialysis patients, recipients of solid organ transplantations;
• people interned in prisons;
• injecting drug users;
• household and sexual contacts of people with chronic HBV infection;
• people with multiple sexual partners, as well as health-care workers and others who may be exposed to blood and blood products through their work; and
• travelers who have not completed their hepatitis B vaccination series should be offered the vaccine before leaving for endemic areas.

The vaccine has an excellent record of safety and effectiveness. Since 1982, over one billion doses of hepatitis B vaccine have been used worldwide. In many countries, where 8-15% of children used to become chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus, vaccination has reduced the rate of chronic infection to less than 1% among immunized children.

Do not get it all wrong, hepatitis B is a serious disease, its spreading and we all need to take action to prevent getting it and giving it to others. Protect yourself, protect others.

Cirrhosis of the Liver Can Be Prevented

Your liver is an extremely important part of your body. Your liver weighs about three pounds and performs many functions that are vital for life. When your healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue, this is called cirrhosis of the liver. There is no cure for cirrhosis, so taking precautions now may help prevent you from having this disease in the future. You will need to take special care and health in home of Illinois to prevent this disease.

Your liver does many amazing things. It helps your blood to clot and transport oxygen. It also helps by storing nutrients which it later releases back into the bloodstream. The liver also breaks down saturated fat and cholesterol in the body. Most people easily recognize that the liver rids the body of drugs and alcohol. When your liver becomes damaged it slows down how the liver processes these toxins. Since the liver has the large responsibility of ridding the body of toxins, cirrhosis of the liver is the 12th leading cause of death by disease in the United States.

Cirrhosis is mainly caused by alcohol abuse, hepatitis C and a fatty liver caused by obesity or diabetes. While men may have to deal with a Da Vinci Prostatectomy, women who drink excessively are more likely to have cirrhosis than men. Cirrhosis has many different symptoms. Loss of appetite, lack of energy, itchy skin, jaundice, bruising easily, weight loss, swelling and fever are just a few.

If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your liver, you should consider getting a physical exam. Your doctor can feel your liver and detect if there are any noticeable changes. If your liver has any damage, it will feel bumpy rather than smooth. If your doctor is concerned about the condition that your liver is in, he might recommend a blood test for further information. You may also need to have a CT scan or ultrasound for a better picture. Your doctor may also decide that some sort of surgery is the best way to go. This may involve a biopsy where your doctor will take a small sample of liver tissue using a Da Vinci robot.

While there is no known cure for cirrhosis, there are many things that can be done to slow or stop the progress of the liver damage. Medication can help with some of the cirrhosis symptoms. A diet low in sodium can reduce the swelling of your body. Quitting drinking can also stop the deterioration. If these are ineffective, a liver transplant may be needed.

How to Deal With Kidney Failure

When the kidneys stop functioning, the medical condition is called Acute Renal Failure (ARF). This requires immediate medical attention. The kidneys cleanse the blood and excrete liquid waste through the urine. Prolonged failure or malfunction will result in fatal blood infection.

The first step for doctors is to identify the cause of failure. There are several types of ARF and there are responsive solutions.

Pre-Renal ARF

This one is caused by lack of blood flow in the kidneys. The kidney runs on low power (blood carries oxygen to it) and often fails. This may be caused by blood loss or dehydration.

For dehydration, oral or injected rehydration salts is needed. Blood transfusion should immediately be done on blood loss patients. Restoring water and blood levels will help the kidney work again.

Post-Renal ARF

This kind of ARF is caused by bodies separate from the renal system. These bodies block urine passageways, causing the failure of the organ. The common culprit is renal calculi or kidney stones. A swapping prostitution gland may also cause the problem. Motor accidents may also clog the tubules for urine.

The treatment is to remove the obstructions. Blocked or damage tubules can be cut and grafted to restore urine passage. As for kidney stones, oral medication can be used to dissolve them. If the stones are too large, the doctors may perform open surgery. Modern treatment uses shockwaves to destroy the stones, without performing incisions.

The usual first aid for severe cases of ARF is percutaneous nephrostomy. Doctors make an opening of the skin near the kidney. Then, the urine is drained through this cut.

Yorkshire Terriers – How To Care For Your Yorkie While She Is In Heat

When your Yorkshire terrier goes into heat, you will need to give her some special attention. She will display a change in temperament during this time and will not seem like the sweet and loving Yorkie you know and adore. Here are some tips on how to care for your dog while she is in heat.

  • During the time your Yorkshire terrier is in heat, give her some extra care and attention. Especially if you have other pets, make sure that you spend some time every day alone with her, even if it is only for five or ten minutes.
  • Your Yorkie will have some days when she does not feel well during this period. She may vomit or have diarrhea and may also feel more tired. Make sure that she does not receive any table food during this time. You may want to reduce the amount of food you give her and increase the amount of water. Also, make sure she has a quiet place to sleep that is away from any other animals, children or other distractions.
  • Your dog may also exhibit aggressive behavior during this time, especially if there is a male dog that has not been neutered also living in your home. If she continues to be out of sorts, call or visit your veterinarian.
  • If you do not plan on promoting your Yorkshire terrier, you may want to consider having her spayed once she is no longer in heat. Consult your veterinarian about the best time to have this procedure done.

These are some tips on how to care for your Yorkie while she is in heat. If you need more information on training and caring for your small dog I encourage you to find out more.

Fun With Foodies

Do you love food? It is official: I love food, so I thought a great way to spend my "free" time, would be to pay a visit to all of my favorite chefs, foodies, and restaurants. This way, I get to taste all their amazing food, and share all the latest food trends, and tastes with you. I have invited my brother-in-law, Pepe, to join me on my adventures.

Firstly, he is French, and we all know that French people love good quality food. Secondly, he is a specialist cheese maker himself. Finally, everyone that meets him, loves him. He is a typical Frenchman, round and robust. He is passionate about everything he does, and thoroughly enjoys sharing cheese making and his food knowledge.

We are going to be visiting a variety of people and places, ranging from chefs, to restaurant owners, to food manufacturers, to food growers, to wine masters, and loads more. Pepe and I will be interviewing all of these interesting and amazing people. We will be sure to keep writing articles to keep you up to date, and we will tape Pepe's interviews, and make videos for YouTube. After all we all love listening to a French accent.

We all seem to be becoming more and more interested in food. Cooking has become a pastime for many of us, and recipe books are like our new Bibles. I will be keeping my eyes open for all things trending in the food world. If you have any ideas of people that would be interesting to meet, and interview, please let us know.

Below are some interesting trends at the moment:

West meets East (Western dishes flavored with Eastern spices)

Simple menus (offering fewer choices on menus)

Genetic modification

Clean food (no sugar, artificial flavors, or addeditives to food)

Pasta, and endangered species (more restaurants are serving baby marrow and
vegetable ribbons, or pasta made with chic peas, or quinoa)

Hot is no longer hot enough (chili, turmeric and peri peri are being added to far more dishes

Experiential meals (including carb-free eating. There are many ways of substituting carbs, with one being swapping mashed cauliflower for mashed potato.)

Cooking with fire (we call it braaing, but the rest of the world call it grilling or barbecuing)

Inspired ice creams (Ranging from healthy ones to pure decadent cocktail ones)

And here are some of the foodies that we have lined up to interview:

Cheese maker
Mushroom forager
Wine maker
Coffee Connoisseur
A couple of well known Chefs
An assortment of restaurant owners
Craft was maker
A cookery school owner
Ice cream maker