Bird Allergies – 5 Facts About Bird Allergies

With over 6 million pet lovers opening their homes to birds for a total of approximately 16 million birds, and considering over 50 million people in the U.S. alone suffer with allergies, it’s not surprising that pet birds and allergies find themselves on a collision course. Here are some interesting facts about bird allergies that may help you or another bird lover who suffers from allergies.

It’s not the dander it’s what’s in it.—-Many believe that it is the dander, dust, and feathers that trigger allergic symptoms. The fact of the matter is that it is the protein in these particles that is the true allergen. Breathing these fine particles over a prolonged period of time can cause symptoms that range from mild to life threatening in severity.

Dried fecal material is bad news.—–Cleaning the cage daily reduces the amount of dried fecal particles that can be sent airborne due to daily activity by the bird and humans. It contains the same allergen that dander, and bird dust contain, all of which can carry viruses and bacteria airborne.

Most of these viruses have potential to affect birds more than humans, but there are diseases such as psittacosis that affect humans as well. Thorough and regularly cleaning seems a small price to maintain the health of both birds and humans.

Symptoms can change.—–There are some people who have been exposed to birds all their lives without problems. Then suddenly without warning they exhibit very definite signs of being allergic when in close contact with the bird. This is not totally unheard of, and should this happen, great care should be taken to avoid more serious health problems.

Wheezing can be a serious problem particularly if asthma is an existing condition. Shortness of breath and/or a constriction of the throat are all serious symptoms and medical attention should be sought immediately.

Normal development equals dander.—-As long as you have your bird, there will be dander, dust, feathers, and fecal material. These are all a natural part of your bird’s growth and development. So if your condition is so severe that you are unable to be around the bird, unless you undergo allergy shots to reduce your sensitivity to the allergen, you will need to limit your time with the bird.

These things can help reduce allergens.—One of the best ways to reduce the allergens that birds create is to filter the air. Try using a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting vacuum that filters the air before sending it back into the room.

The same type of technology is available in air purifiers. By definition a cleaner that uses HEPA technology must be able to remove 99.97% of airborne allergens that are.3 microns or greater. This type of filter can easily remove bird dander, dust, dried fecal material and feathers from your air 24 hours a day in a cost effective way.

How Can There Possibly Be A Conspiracy Theory About Yeast Overgrowth?

A number of alternative medical advocates believe that yeast overgrowth is a systemic disease and the cause of many diverse, and non specific symptoms other than the apparent, typical symptoms of vaginal thrush, oral thrush and yeast skin infections. They have postulated the conspiracy theory relating to yeast overgrowth syndrome.

The collective name given to this group of non specific symptoms is yeast overgrowth syndrome, Candida hypersensitivity syndrome, yeast allergy, or gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth.

People who suffer from the overgrowth of yeast are most likely to be affected by toxins released by the yeast itself. Such toxins include ethanol and acetaldehyde which have a mild narcotic effect. These toxins, while produced in the bowel, can be absorbed into the bloodstream and affect the brain function, causing a variety of symptoms such as memory loss, a feeling of vagueness, irritability, moodiness, dizziness, spots in the vision or ringing in the ears.

These toxins negatively impact our cells by making it difficult for the white blood cells to fight infection, resulting in rashes, acne and the slowing of the healing process. It also affects the red blood cells ability to flow into capillaries, resulting in migraines, fatigue and muscle aches.

The following list includes many non specific symptoms thought to be caused by yeast overgrowth syndrome:

– abdominal bloating

– reflux and gas

– diarrhoea

– constipation

– migraines

– headaches

– asthma


– bad breath

– premenstrual tension

– muscle pain or stiffness

– fatigue

– depression

– psoriasis

– sexual dysfunction

– food intolerances

– and much more

Often these symptoms appear even when there is no clinical sign of Candida albicans, the most common cause of this overgrowth syndrome. While these sub-clinical infections and symptoms are not medically recognised conditions, treatment for systemic yeast overgrowth in these individuals has lead to permanent relief from symptoms.

Keep in mind that just because you do not have the symptoms of obvious yeast infection such as thrush, that this does not imply that you do not have yeast overgrowth. Thrush is just an external symptom, and you may be affected in other areas.

Some people become allergic to yeast and an allergic response can be triggered by the low number of yeasts which reside normally on your body. This is called Candida hypersensitivity syndrome or yeast allergy. Just if you had a allergic reaction to strawberries or penicillin your body will react by setting up either local or systemic inflammations causing any number of symptoms such as redness, itching, rashes, swelling or more serious symptoms.

With Candidiasis now affecting up to one third of the population, and the majority of the population at risk with up to 80-90% harboring the yeast Candida, why don’t doctors diagnose yeast overgrowth syndrome as a cause of many common symptoms and illnesses? Because there has been no action, the alternative medical proponents have suggested the possibility of a conspiracy theory.

There are many conspiracy theories about this subject, but these have not been readily accepted by the medical fraternity. There has not been sufficient medical research done on this matter. This has lead to the conspiracy theory related to yeast overgrowth especially since medical universities and medical reviews that bring doctors up to date are funded and controlled primarily by the large pharmaceutical corporates who are focused on the profits from the sale of their medications. If you look at an average medical review you will see that up to two thirds is dedicated to pharmaceutical products.

By prescribing a pharmaceutical cream or ointment for a yeast infection such as thrush, doctors see immediate results with their patients. But if treatment fails to cure the symptoms or if the symptoms recur, then the doctor may take samples to confirm the diagnosis and to check that the patient is not suffering from a more serious underlying disease such as diabetes. There is an issue with treating the symptoms and not finding out what the root cause of the infection is, because the yeast infection will come back in time. If you use the same medication again and again, the Candida may mutate and become resistant to the medications prescribed.

In a number of countries several of the medications available for yeast overgrowth can be bought over the counter and this has set up a culture where people self diagnose and treat their own Candida infections. There is a risk that the yeast infection is not properly diagnosed and treated correctly. It has also lead to commercial advertising of pharmaceutical medications to treat yeast infections.

Most doctors know about the alternative methods of treating and controlling yeast infections such as thrush. However they have been trained to follow standard protocols for the treatment of these infections. These protocols, in the main, have been established by the medical fraternity and have been confirmed by scientific research.That does not imply that doctors will not assist you to find some natural treatments for controlling recurrent thrush.

If you believe you are suffering from yeast overgrowth syndrome it is important to do research to find out more about this disease and the rationale behind the conspiracy theory suggested by these alternative medical proponents. You can talk to your doctor or do research on the internet. However the best proof is in the cure. Treat your Candida infection and see if your other non- specific symptoms disappear at the same time. It cannot hurt you and may even do you some good.

New Approach Shows Hope For Depression

Do you ever find yourself sad or unhappy and don’t know why? You’re not alone.

A recent study stated, that for every 100 women, nearly 37 prescriptions for anti-depressants are written yearly. Typically it takes ten weeks to be free of symptoms, but there is no end to taking the medication and many experience side-effects. The side-effects range from weight gain, to sex problems, to headaches and stomach aches. That’s not the worst of it; recent studies indicate that placebo sugar pills work almost as well the prescribed medications.

Why are you feeling sad? The answer may be as simple as a hormone called serotonin. Problems with the body’s serotonin system have been linked to depression as well as a host of other conditions including agitation, migraines, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. By “reprogramming” the message computed in the brain regarding serotonin, you can re-establish normal serotonin levels naturally — and regain a sense of wellness or happiness.

The serotonin treatment has its foundation in natural healing — where the body’s self-healing mechanism actually heals itself. The serotonin treatment takes 20 minutes. The patient is asked to avoid all medication and alcohol for 24 hours, and to return for a follow-up visit to ensure the treatment worked.

While it is true that depression is often caused by several factors, and the complexity of each individual can never be underestimated, I did a random sample of this natural holistic clearing approach to depression with twenty patients. Nineteen people responded positively within six sessions. After a one year follow-up, fifteen patients stated that their despondent symptoms had not returned.

Don’t allow life stresses and challenges to get you down. You can reach your goals. With the entrance of new approaches in the world of holistic medical healing there is an answer for people with sadness, grief and depression.

Commitment Phobic Men – Tame Them by Avoiding One Key Mistake

The Roots of Commitment Phobic Men Why won’t men commit? Unfortunately, many men are potentially commitment phobic. They are taught from a young age to be strong, ambitious and in control of their professional and personal lives at all times. These expectations result in a fierce independence. After all, how can men be in control while relying on other people? So even though women are as likely as men to have careers, the notion persists that men should fulfill the role of protector and provider. This mentality sets the stage for the common scenario that puts relationships on the fast track to futility.

The Commitment-Robbing Scenario The modern woman relishes her socially accepted right to ask out the man of her choosing. Despite this, the man, armed with romantic initiative, usually makes the first move in the realm of romance. He pays for the first date, then the next few. As the relationship evolves, he delights in, if not insists on, becoming the go-to guy for his woman. Need your car fixed? Got it covered. Need that bookshelf assembled? I’m your man. Want your surround sound hooked up? Allow me. Being problem solvers comes naturally to men and feeds their innate need to protect and provide for their partner. Women understand this and play the role of damsel in distress, not because they are helpless, but because they believe it is what their man wants. Besides, isn’t it the natural and expected role of a boyfriend to take care of these kinds of things? For most couples, yes. But here’s the irony of it all: men often become overwhelmed by the extra responsibilities they have chosen to take on. They begin to feel the strain of added financial and time constraints levied by the relationship, which threatens their cherished independence and freedom. Unfortunately, men aren’t always adept at exploring their feelings. They sense that something is wrong but fail to see the connection between their choices and their feelings. Rather than remaining committed to the relationship, they begin pulling away and soon want out. The women involved are confused and interpret these actions as signs of commitment phobia.

Taming Commitment Phobic Men Balance is the essential key. Accept opportunities for your guy to be the strong, chivalrous knight in shining armor he craves to be, but not all the time. Graciously decline some of his offers of help. Arrange for your car to be fixed on your own. Take a taxi rather than relying on him for a ride. Offer to pay or help pay for dating expenses on occasion. If he objects, casually say, “Oh, I can take care of it this time,” or, “I’d really like to contribute.” He may not realize it, but you are protecting him from overextending himself and preserving his sense of freedom. Moreover, most men respect and appreciate a good measure of independence in their women, even if they don’t admit it.

For Ever – Anxious Fear And Eternity

When I wrote ‘Eternity Has No End’ I hadn’t realised how many people have deep anxieties about this subject. And that many people who are troubled this way also think it’s a medical health issue that may be helped like more common phobias such as claustrophobia or social phobia. In this article, I will try to show that anxiety about eternity is a whole lot more than a general medical health issue. I look at some of its roots and offer secure hope. Here is a brief, and I hope straightforward look at what is without doubt a deep subject.

– BAFFLING – Here we are in a baffling and vast cosmos, having at times an awareness of a strangely mysterious significance, at other times doubting we have any meaning at all! Is there a ‘big picture’? Where do we fit into it, or is it all without meaning? We need someone with ‘insider’ knowledge, who knows the final scheme, who is willing and able to tell us what it means, otherwise we are left guessing hopelessly. The big picture I am commending to you fits the picture at every point. And there is no attempt to skew the evidence to suit the solution! A popular contemporary solution attempts to interpret our human condition by a model which sees solutions in terms of medical or psychotherapeutic practice. This is clearly unsatisfactory, as among other things, it cannot explain or deal with real evil – the sheer callous evil we see today needs more than medical, therapeutic-based solutions.

– BIG PICTURE – Fear, a sense of utter meaninglessness, grips many people as they wonder whether they will one day face God, when time is no more. The thought of eternity is intolerable and awesome – something they would love to erase from their minds. But the more they try to suppress or forget it; it reappears as an unwanted visitor. How do we explain this? Ultimately, one claimant able to give us meaning is the source of final meaning. The one unifying truth that pulls together the whole of reality is not an elusive equation, but a Person – the Lord Jesus Christ. The New Testament is clear that Christ, (with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit), is Creator and Lord of the entire cosmos. He created our humanity – uniquely to communicate freely with the personal, living God, to love and obey him for ever – a supreme honour. But a terrible rift took place, and sin entered, and with it, confusion, hatred, disease and death. While God’s revealed truth was universally rejected, we still retain some knowledge of eternity. How is that? – ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart…’ (Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 3:11). At least, now we know some of the causes of anxiety about eternity.

– ETERNITY AND JESUS – Jesus entered time, and willingly subjected himself to some its constraints. He also never ceased being the Logos (the ‘Word’), through whom all things were made (John 1:1-3). He also confirmed, ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega’ (Rev. 1:8). He is the first and the last – Lord of all, before whom earth and sky will flee away! He is the one who came to deal with that awful rift and he did so by taking our humanity and in his humble, sinless deity paying the supreme price by dying for our sins. On the third day he rose triumphant and soon after ascended to glory. And when time is no more, in eternity we shall all be called to give an account to him as the Sovereign Judge. Very many people are deeply anxious about this and with good reason.

– PEACE – OVERCOMING ANXIETY – Much of the obsessive fears about eternity are rooted in the awesome thought of facing God but being completely unprepared. People feel devastated by the thought of meeting God because they lack the secure peace and assurance of God’s loving forgiveness. Sometimes this lack of peace drives people to sustained religious devotion and church attendance – but alas such good works, while sincere, are driven by fear and do not get to the heart of the problem. Neither does looking for relief through stress-reducing methods offer real peace, they only mask the deeper issues. The way to peace with God accepts, without reservation, his wholly undeserved way of reconciliation. Own up, directly to God, that we are fearful, guilty of disobeying him, that we are in awe of his holy majesty and that we have strayed from him like lost sheep, and we are appealing to his love, which we do not deserve. We confess our sins in light of their offensiveness to God and also the wonderful truth that Jesus, the eternal Son of God, received in his death what others justly deserved. We grasp that now this free acquittal is all of God’s undeserved favour. We embrace this trustworthy truth that ‘Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God’ (1 Peter 3:18). He suffered the loss and grief of being cut off from God. He shed his precious blood as a perfect sacrifice to God. And he did this in boundless love and mercy for others as their Substitute.

– TODAY – Come to him today. Come his way and leave your anxious fears about eternity with him as you receive peace with God through faith in the finished sacrifice of Christ. Deep-seated fears may take time to subside as you discover your new identity and know for sure that in Christ you become a much-loved child in the family of God. Then live for him. One final, vital point: never think this way is merely a ‘fix’ for your fears! They are troublesome symptoms, but the big issue is to be reconciled to God himself. Come today.

Michael J. S. Austin, Ph.D.

Why Do You Snore And Two Solutions To The Problem

Snoring can be a very disturbing sound, and it is a result of sound waves we produce. When you sleep, the airflow going through your nose and throat can vibrate resulting in a loud raucous sound. Everyone snore from time to time regardless of their age or gender. However, if it happens regularly, it can be a sign of other impending problems.

If you sleep and snore regularly, you may be causing problems for your sleeping partner or anyone that can hear you at nights. In fact, you may also decrease the quality of sleep that you get. This may result in you being moody and sleepy in the daytime and could also result in poor concentration and fatigue. Some studies also suggest that regular snoring can also lead to a poor sex drive in men. Although not many studies have been done to confirm this hypothesis, it should be a warning sign to attack the snoring problem sooner than later..

Typically you do not usually know when you snore. You may find out when you wake up in the mornings and your sleeping partner told you that you kept them up all night. That’s right, while you have having your beauty sleep you may be causing irritation and insomnia to the people around you. This means that it’s time to find a solution to the problem.

But First, What Factors Contributes To Snoring?

It is sometimes caused by an improper sleeping position. Sleeping on the back is the most popular position that leads to your ‘loud noises’ in the nights. When you are in this position, the chin is pressing on the chest and thus restrict airflow movements in your throat, resulting in more vibrations.

Solution: by simply elevating your head and sleeping on your sides or even your chest can dramatically reduce the problem. Some experts recommend placing a tennis ball in the back of your shirt while you sleep. This way when you role over on your back you’ll feel uncomfortable and forced to change your sleeping position.

Drinking and smoking can increase your problems with snoring. Smoking reduces your respiratory capacity and drinking causes your throat muscles to relax. Usually, this reason is not listed on a ‘why to stop drinking and smoking list’, but it has a surprisingly big effect on whether or not you are a snorer.

Solution: reduce your alcohol intake especially a few hours before bed. It’s also advisable to quit smoking as well. This may be hard starting out but if you make a concerted effort and reduce how many cigars you smoke a day, overtime you’ll see great improvements.

If you are snoring regularly, you could potentially suffer from sleep apnea. People who suffer from sleep apnea are at a higher risk for developing major health problems, including those relating to the heart, circulation and more. Snoring may or may not be as simple as allergies or sleeping on the back instead of the side, but it may also be an indication that a medical condition is developing. If you follow the tips above to no avail, it may be time to speak with your doctor.

The Dangers of Formaldehyde in Everyday Products

Formaldehyde is an odorless and tasteless gas that does not leave a smell and this makes it extremely difficult to locate. This gas tends to collect in homes and causes a range of medical problems, from eye irritations to respiratory problems, but most people do not even know it’s there. So, how do you find out whether this toxic gas is secretly entering your home? Simply turn to the products in your kitchen or your bathroom; chances are you are buying it and bringing it in.

Formaldehyde: the Toxic Gas Used to Manufacturer just about Anything

The gas that sends chills up most people’s spines is used in so many different manufacturing processes that it can now be located in everything from the furniture in your home to the shampoo you use. The glues that are used to put furniture together contain Formaldehyde, and so do many paints that are used on walls. When it comes to products in your home, if it does not say “biodegradable” on the product, then you are probably exposing yourself and your family to this toxic gas.

Formaldehyde in the Kitchen

If you cook on a kerosene, gas or wood stove, this gas is being released in your home without your knowledge. Unfortunately, there are not many ways in which you can prepare your food without creating some form of this gas, and so the best way to prevent a buildup of this gas in your home is to keep your house properly ventilated, especially during the winter when you tend to keep your home insulated from outdoor elements.

The Toxin with Many Names

Manufacturers have become crafty when it comes to hiding the toxic chemicals used to manufacturer their products, and so it might not always help to look to the label to find out whether the product contains Formaldehyde or not. Manufacturers who want to hide the fact that this toxin is being included in the manufacturing of their products simply rename the toxin, so when you read words like “Formalin”, “methanal or “methylene oxide”, you should be cautious about purchasing it.

The Health Implications of Formaldehyde Exposure

Constant expose to this chemical can cause a range of health problems, from eye and skin irritations to respiration problems. Lethargy, nausea and headaches are also common issues related to Formaldehyde exposure, but the severity of the reactions will range from mild to more severe, depending on the individual in question.

Limiting your Exposure to Formaldehyde

There are various ways in which you can limit your exposure to this chemical, but proper ventilation is one of the most effective ways. Being cautious about the products you purchase is also extremely important, and you can make sound decisions concerning the purchasing of everyday products by being aware of the items that contain Formaldehyde and all chemicals that are associated with it.

The department of health and safety in the U.S provides guidelines for people who want to make themselves aware of the products containing this gas, and it is worth going through the list to make sure that you are not putting yourself or your family at risk.

How To Select The Best Pain Relief Spray For Painful Muscles and Joints

The use of pain relief spray as a form of at home therapy has increased in popularity in the last few years. This article will detail how to select a good product. This type of spray is most often used for muscle and joint issues, such as pain or swelling. One easy thing to look for is that your product does not have any harsh chemicals and is all natural in it’s ingredients list. Usually you can choose between a spray or roll on form. The odor and the greasiness of the product are other things to keep in mind.

It is important when looking for the best pain relief spray to view the key ingredients. We will cover 2 main ingredients used for their anti-inflammatory properties and pain relieving abilities. These are Boswellia Serrata which is a herb and Methysulfonlymethane (MSM). A list of the common issues relieved by these sprays will conclude the article.

MSM should certainly be part of the ingredients in your pain relief spray. It is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that assists in forming muscles, hair, nails and skin and builds health cells in the body. What is great about MSM is that it’s ability to relieve pain comes without any serious side effects. This is because it is not a drug it is a nutritional supplement. MSM stops pain transmission along nerve pathways resulting in an analgesic effect. It can also lessen inflammation and muscle spasm. Plus it increases blood supply and softens scar tissue.

A common ingredient in pain relief spray is also Boswellia. Boswellia is known for its analgesic and anti arthritis effects. It does this by affecting the cycle of inflammation and therefore results in anti-inflammatory activity. It also does this by COX-2 inhibition and unlike pharmaceutical equivalents does not cause any gastric issues. It can also assist in helping levels of synovial fluid and soothes the joints aiding their movement and rotation. Boswellia is great for pain, musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, backache, stiff joints and joint inflammation.

Problems such as tendon strains or tendinitis, muscular sprains and arthritis tend to respond well to pain relief spray. If the pain in your joints has come on suddenly or you have other associated symptoms be sure to seek proper medical attention. Overuse or not warming up properly can cause muscle problems, as can more serious conditions like arthritis or rheumatism. These are all the types of problems that are well treated with pain relief spray. Niggling injuries that are hampering your golf or tennis hobbies or exercise workouts are also good types to treat.

Pain relief spray can be a helpful treatment for muscular and joint aches and pains. From a sore muscle due to overwork or a bit of tendinitis from a sporting injury. Be sure to look for a natural product that has key pain relieving ingredients. This way you can be sure that it will do the job and you will get the most benefit from it and stop your pain.

Arnica Gel – Erase Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

The skin under your eyes is thin and delicate. At times, lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, age, smoking and/or drinking can cause this skin to trap fluid. This can cause bags or dark circles. Dr. Lisa Masterson, OB/GYN from The Doctors television show, recommends Arnica Gel for relief of these dark circles and bags under the eyes.

It has enjoyed success mainly in reducing inflammation and pain. Therefore, it’s not a big leap to believe it will reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. Natural herbs often have the same benefits as those expensive eye creams. I believe natural herbs should always be used before resorting to man-made products.

What Is It?

Arnica is an herb that belongs to the sunflower family. It grows mostly in western North America, Canada, and Eastern Asia, but angustifolia and Montana are two species that are native to Europe. Montana and chamissonis contain helenalin, a sesquiterpene lactone, which is a main ingredient in anti-inflammatory treatments. It is also by the names Mountain Tobacco, Leopard’s bane, and Wolfsbane. The Scientific/Medical name is Arnica Montana.

What Does It Do?

The Montana species that is native to Europe, Has been used for inflammatory ailments for many years. The roots contain derivatives of thymol which is used as a fungicide or preservative. It is currently used in liniments and ointments that are used for strains, sprains, and bruises. It is commonly used by professional athletes for these symptoms. In many cases, it has provided relief of back and hip pain.

The Creams available are generally formulated using the mother tincture rather than a dilution and therefore, contain measurable quantities of the herb.

How well it works will depend on two key ingredients, sesquiterpene lactones, a chemical found in plants that are known to help reduce inflammation, and flavonoid glycosides, also a chemical found in plants, which are molecules that are known to be antioxidants.

There are about 32 different species of this herb. The flower and rhizome are often used in herbal remedies. It is used in Homeopathic preparations for wounds, infections, and inflammation. It is promoted for use on the skin to help soothe and heal wounds, bruises, sprains, muscle strain, inflammation, irritated skin, insect bites, burns, arthritis, ulcers, acne, eczema, chapped lips, sore throat, and it is believed to help heal bacterial infections. It is also an ingredient in some herbal skin care products and shampoos. Arnica ointments usually contain up to 15% of arnica oil or 25% of a tincture of arnica (the herb mixed with alcohol). Blistering and inflammation may be more likely if very strong solutions are used on the skin. It is a good idea to use a gel with no more than 25%. It is mostly well-known for reducing inflammation and pain.

Is There Evidence For Its Use?

The thymol in the roots has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing blood vessels. A study of this herb in healing wounds after surgery found a reduction of pain and bleeding following surgery. Dr. Lisa Masterson from The Doctors television show, recommends Arnica gel to decrease dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Many women use it as a moisturizer.

It boosts the normal healing process which will ease the flow of blood and body fluids. It helps reduce the dark color of bruising.

Many medical publications and magazines have given this gel some excellent reviews and ratings. It’s one of the most preferred gels by Americans for day-to-day injuries and bruises. It’s not greasy or sticky and very easy to apply.

Is It Safe?

Arnica contains the toxin helenalin, which can be poisonous if large amounts of the plant are eaten. Just be safe, as you would with any aging skin care product, keep it on the skin. If it is taken internally, it is diluted to the extent that there is almost none of the active ingredients remaining. Homeopathic solutions of 24X or more are not toxic as there is only a tiny amount of Arnica left after the dilution. If the herb itself is taken by mouth, it can be poisonous. It has caused a number of serious reactions, including allergies and at least one death. Small doses of the herb are considered safe to use on the skin. Individuals who are allergic to sunflowers, Echinacea, marigolds, chamomile, or ragweed may be more likely to be allergic to Arnica.

You can’t use the plant directly on an open wound. This is why medical companies researched and discovered Arnica Gel. Many homeopathic companies sell it as a gel, oil, or tablets. The gel is the most popular because it is easier to apply. If you price eye cream, you’ll find that this gel is just a fraction of the cost. With so much success behind it, it makes sense to try it yourself. You’ll be very happy you gave it a chance when you see how well it works on those dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids – The Solution

Many sufferers of hemorrhoids will not follow up their case of hemorrhoids until they are in a lot of discomfort, or are displaying serious symptoms – bloodloss is such a symptom. Bloodloss is indicative of a worsening condition, but it’s in your best interests never to get to this point. This piece will explore the symptoms of bleeding hemorrhoids. (This is a common spelling but it should really be spelt ‘Bleeding Hemorrhoids’). Blood loss is started by internal and external hemorrhoids alike. But what really creates this frustrating condition?

See below, for the the different symptoms leading up to blood loss:

The Different Faces of Piles/Notes:

  1. Hemorrhoids spring to life generally as a result of your lifestyle – your eating choices, your daily activities and your general health. All of these factors culminate in the strain that is placed on your varicose veins – examples could be recently giving birth, your diet, your weight and whether your suffer from bowel problems (constipation).
  2. These elements cause the veins to swell and grow into hemorrhoids – Can be either internal or external
  3. With unrelenting pressure the vein expands so much that after forming into a hemorrhoid, it can’t do anything but effectively ‘explode,’ thereby starting to bleed and become sore.

Most often, piles can be healed far before the point of bleeding. However, what can you do if you realise you have hemorrhoids after you begin bleeding? If you are that person don’t be too concerned. Early symptoms of hemorrhoids can easily be mistaken as other concerns. 9 times out of 10, you’ll be surprised to discover that hemorrhoids ‘lurk in the dark’ before letting you know they are there – usually with a jolt of pain. And if you’re someone who quietly knew there was something not quite right but didn’t have the courage to confront your doctor, also don’t worry.

Natural Cures For Bleeding Hemorrhoids:

Choices For Cures/ Further Reading

  • Comfrey – Comfrey is a popular herb that heals wounds and regenerates new cell growth.
  • Mango Seed (Dried) – Not only is this great for you but it tastes delicious with honey. 1/2 gram is the ideal amount to have at once.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – You could do a lot worse than having apple cider vinegar with meals.
  • Cotton Ball Douse In Vinegar – Apply this to lessen itching and burning sensations.
  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory you can apply to the soreness for pain relief.
  • Witch Hazel – Witch hazel is a also very good for inflamed areas of your body.
  • Dry Figs – Drenching dry figs in water over night and consumed on an empty stomach in the morning is a good home remedy.
  • Herbal Sitz Baths – If you was to try any ONE remedy for hemorrhoids I would recommend you to try this option – and I daresay your physician would too. Effective and well proven.
  • Kegel Exercises – Age, surgery, pregnancy, being overweight and specific health conditions can cause muscles in your pelvic area to lose their form. Kegel exercises have been gaining in popularity as they build the muscles around the pelvic area. This leads to better urine retention and wards off hemorrhoids.
  • Lastly, eat your fiber!

Other Approaches/Notes:

  • Surgery – Surgery should always be the last option when it comes to curing hemorrhoids. For this article, surgery is too big of a topic to give it justice here.
  • Creams/Ointments – These are often the first choice for people when they come down with hemorrhoids. Namely, because they are available over-the-counter and many don’t require a prescription from your physician. Once again, this topic is fairly large but you can find other articles online easily enough if you wish to explore further.

Bleeding Detailed…

  • Habitual Constipation – Constipation is a large factor for people suffering hemorrhoids. Over time the results can be compared to pregnancy, which I outline in just a minute. It boils down to excess physical stress.
  • Giving Birth – As noted above, the culprit here is strain. There is always a lot of physical strain throughout child birth. However, Women have evolved to be able to cope with this kind of stress. But only up to a certain point. There are limits to what we can do and the birth of a child is one of natures challenges of putting us to the test.
  • Little Exercise – I suspect that this is the main reason for people coming down with hemorrhoids in the first place. By the way, I’m not referring to that day you missed a trip to the track and field with friends. I would argue that unless you make daily exercise a part of your daily routine, it’s benefits will be wasted on you. Enjoy it! It can be a lifestyle you’ve designed at work or it can be a habit you’ve developed in going to the gym 5 times a week. Whatever it is, it’s so important exercise becomes a lifestyle for you, not just a one-off wonder.
  • Bad Circulation – Bad circulation has more than one negative consequence. It causes pain in your fingers and toes, it slows down your reflexes, and your muscles deteriorate over time. Of course, poor blood circulation can also result in hemorrhoids but you can alleviate the issue with prescription drugs by seeing your physician.

Other Tips:

  • Drink more water
  • Wear clothes with plenty of give
  • Stand up every now and then if you are sitting down for long periods of time; especially on the toilet. Being on the lavatory for a long time puts more pressure on the rectal veins than normal sitting – this increases the chances for piles!

Symptoms That Lead To Rectal Bleeding:


  • Veins (varicose) – Piles can be prompted by over-stressed varicose veins, as I’ve already explained.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease – 1) Diverticulitis, the formation of intestinal pouches or pockets. 2) Colitis, pain and bleeding result from ulcers formed due to the eroding away of the rectal/colon wall.
  • Celiac Disease – The small intestine is damaged leaving nutrient intake difficult.
  • Fistulas – A fistula is an unusual relationship between two cell-lined vessels or organs that don’t normally connect. The best solution to these is to change your eating habits but see your doctor first is there are any issues.
  • Fissures – These are deep furrows within the mucous membrane of the innermost intestinal lining.
  • Polyps – These are potentially cancerous growths within the body.
  • Prolapses – External hemorrhoids and prolapses are one and the same. The varicose vein becomes set under so much strain it’s retraction is lost and it dips to a level where you can actually see it in the flesh.

I won’t be looking farther into these but if they concern you, a quick search on Google will find a wealth of helpful guidance. If you are on concerned with piles, however, focus your energies on varicose veins and prolapses alone. The best course of action for bleeding of an unknown kind is to see your doctor first and foremost.

Indication of Strictly Female Anatomical Diseases in Astrology

The strictly female anatomical organs include the ovaries, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva and the breast.

The primary function of these organs is the reproduction; disorders affecting these organs may often result in infertility and impotency.

Female anatomical disorders are very common; many women will develop the symptoms of one or more of them during their lifetime.

Causes of female disorders: Age, genetic factors, hereditary factors, sexually transmitted diseases, hormone imbalance, infections, malnutrition and obesity.

Early astrological detection is imperative in the success rate of recognizing and treating all female disorders.

Factors responsible for female disorders

· Ascendant: general vitality

· 6th house: diseases

· Venus /7th house/ sign Libra: indication of uterus and ovaries, inflammation of uterus and ovaries diseases of ovaries, venereal complaints, typhoid, diseases of generative organs, diabetes, hormonal disorder genital troubles, venereal diseases the internal parts of the generative organs, produces complaints caused by excesses sexual pleasures.

· Moon/ 4th house:Moon: Brest, womb, blood, glandular system, tumours, female reproductive organs,diabetes, anaemia, nervous, asthma, menstrual disorder, diseases of uterus, and hormonal problems due to ovary hormones.

· 8th house/ sign Scorpio: death, trouble in womb and ovaries, chronic incurable diseases.

· Jupiter: significator of tumours and a cancer, arterial system

· Saturn: obstruction, acids, chronicity, incurability, glandular diseases, depression, injuries sustain from the fall, different forms of cancers, tumours.

· Mars: bleeding, inflammation in body, haemoglobin, injuries, infection and contagious diseases, haemorrhoids, diseases of uterus, miscarriages and abortions.

· Rahu: contagious diseases, undignostic diseases, intoxication, worries, phobia, psychological disorder

· Ketu: injuries, accidents, fevers, infections, mysterious diseases, surgery.

Different astrological combinations for female disorders

Common female organ disorders:

Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis PMS, menstrual disorders

· Saturn in sign Scorpio, placed in the 8th house will give diseases of reproductive organs throughout life.

· Affliction to Moon and Mars in a female astrology chart create disturbance in menstrual cycles

· Afflicted 8th house/lord and sign Scorpio indicate generative organs problems

· Mars afflicting 7th /8th house and Moon induces endometriosis

· Venus square Mars gives congestion or the surplus blood being stored in the walls of the uterus or endometriosis

· Moon and 8th house/lord afflicted by Mars indicates excess bleeding in menstrual cycle and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

· Malefic aspects on lords of 6th and 8th houses, guarantees the presence of venereal diseases or some other disorders of the genital system

· Mars and Rahu posited in 7th indicates excess bleeding

· Moon and 8th house/lord afflicted by Saturn indicate scanty flow in menstrual cycle with severe pain

· Mars in the 6th house is an indication of acute illness of the genitals (bleeding and inflammation)

· Venus posited in 6th/8th/12th house indicates common female genitals disorders

· Lord of ascendant/6th, conjunct with Mercury and Rahu is the sure indication of female disorders

· 7th house/lord afflicted by Mars stands for inflammation and endometriosis

Ovaries disorders:

Include ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome and ovarian cancer.

· Afflicted sun/moon in sign Scorpio indicates ovarian disorder

· Venus affliction or Moon Square Mars can bring ovary complaints or trouble

· 7th house/lord aspected afflicted Moon/Venus can give the polycystic ovary syndrome.

· 7th/8th house/lord and Venus afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates ovary cancer

Uterus disorders:

Include fibroids, uterine polyps, prolapsed uterus and uterine cancer.

· 8th lord /house is malefic in nature/ posited in inimical sign/debilited/ set/ hammed between malefic/ conjunct and aspected by malefic, indicate uterus problems

· Lords of 6th and 8th related to each other indicate uterus disorders

· 8th lord/house and Moon are afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· Lord of 8th placed in 6th/12 house and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· 6th lord is placed in 8th/12 and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicate uterus cancer

· Moon /8th house/sign Scorpio afflicted by Ketu indicate uterus fibroids

Blocked fallopian tubes

· Venus/Moon being afflicted by Saturn/Rahu indicates blockage in fallopian tubes.

· 7th/8th house afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates obstruction in fallopian tubes

Breast disease:

Breast cancer/tumours/lumps

· Moon/sign Cancer being afflicted by Saturn indicate lumps in breast

· Moon/4th house/sign Cancer badly afflicted by Ketu indicate lumps in the breast

· Moon /4th house associating with weak Jupiter indicate the symptoms of non cancerous tumours on the breast.

· 4th house/lord being afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicates cancerous tumour in the breast

· Moon/sign Cancer is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu indicated breast cancer

· 4th lord posited in 6th/8th/12th house being aspected by Saturn/Rahu indicates breast cancer

· 6th/8th/12th lord placed in 4th and aspected by Saturn and Rahu indicates breast cancer

Vaginal/ bladder / urinary tract infection

Women are more prone to these infections because the female urethra is shorter than the male’s and bacteria/virus/yeast can move up to the bladder/vagina more quickly in women.

· Lords of 4th and 7th posited in 6th/8th /12 house indicates urinary tract infection

· Lords of 4th and 7th are placed in an inimical sign and aspected by malefic indicates urinary tract infection.

· Mars in Libra/7th house may cause inflammation of urinary tract by infection.

· Lord of 6th/7th placed along with lord of 12th and aspected by Saturn indicates venereal infection

· 8th house/lord and Venus afflicted by Rahu indicates venereal infections

· Any affliction to Libra/ 7th house or lord by Saturn gives rise to diseases concerning kidney, bladder and the pelvic region

· Afflicted Venus in Libra may cause suppression of urine and uraemia.

· Moon, Venus and lord of ascendant combine with the Sun and Rahu; the native may suffer from syphilis

· Malefic aspects of Saturn, on Scorpio /8th house, are a predisposition for a bladder stone

· Sun in 6th being aspected by Saturn indicates loss of vitality due to excess sex


Although not a disease restricted to females, osteoporosis seems to prey most often women over the age of 60.Osteoporosis is caused by low amounts of phosphate and calcium in bones, causing them to be porous, brittle and more apt to break.

· Afflicted Saturn /sign Capricorn indicates osteoporosis

· Afflicted Sun/sign Leo or Jupiter / sign Sagittarius indicate low bone density

· Sun posited in 6th/8th/12th house, debilited, conjoined or aspected by malefic planets, gives bone weakness.

How to Tell If Your Vagina is Perfect – The Ideal Vagina Has to Be This?

What gives me the impression that your here because you are concerned you may have an abnormal vagina or you know someone that has (girlfriend.) Before going further let`s put you out of your misery. There is no such thing as an abnormal vagina. Abnormal is a word which refers to something that is not considered “usual”, see the way I evaded the word “normal” and used usual because the same applies. What is meant here is the vagina may look different (not abnormal) that`s all. So no you don`t have an abnormal vagina but maybe one that is different.

What should be your concern is having a healthy vagina. Think about it; look at the women with different shaped faces, body size and hair color, which of these are considered normal “none” because this is how we were all born with differences. Nevertheless if you`re not swayed by the facts and still worry then let us explain using the words normal and abnormal.

Unless your vagina turns penis then this is not accepted as normal. What is normal anymore when you see some people changing their gender choosing the penis over the vagina? How can the vagina ever be perfect with foreskin.

The odds of your vagina being different to that of the next woman`s is very slim. Differences only occur if the pubic hair is colored styled or shaved. Keep your vagina healthy to have peace of mind. Poor genital hygiene causes other vaginal issues. Overall health of the entire body will contribute greatly towards keeping the vagina in good shape. Bathing is important to tackle build up of sweat and greasy skin oils round the genitals which can lead to vaginal infections and odors. Some women find this advice somewhat misleading as to what is the best solution because, too much bathing is not good, and to less is not good either. Only you know when water and soap is needed. No need for harsh elbow grease because the vagina is a self cleaning organ and is also odorless. If your vagina smells then it is caused by something other than the vagina itself. More women think they are doing themselves a favor by douching, well you`re not. While a douche removes “little” bad bacteria, it at the same time takes more good bacteria away. Douching can cause inflammation (vaginitis).

If you are sexually active then use condoms because these too help keep the vagina clean. Condom use is needed for preventing an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. If you have genital discomfort go commando if possible (knicker-less) if this suggestion unnerves you then avoid nylon material, no matter how sexy the thong or other, opt for cotton briefs. The vagina/anus needs room to breathe, so let it. Women experience vaginal odor at the time of menstruation, the solution is to remove sanitary protection regular (tampons and pads.)

There is much debate over what is the “perfect vagina?” and the argument is normally fought among women themselves. In my opinion a perfect vagina is a healthy one. Every woman differentiates greatly i.e. shape and size and because of this the vagina is affected, meaning, if you `re fat then the vagina looks spaced out and wide too but this does not insinuate the vaginal entrance is big. In fact the big woman`s vagina may be tighter that the skinny woman`s.

A healthy vagina is as clean and pure as a carton of yoghurt says Dr Hillier from the Magee-Woman`s hospital in Pittsburgh. The vagina is by no means dirty as some would have it. A healthy vagina is a self regulating system and would you believe is cleaner than the mouth and bum. The vaginal ecosystem is a jointly beneficial partnership between the vagina itself and the micro-organisms that exist here. The vagina is filled with bacteria, however all good and destroys the bad bacteria out of the reproductive system. The good bacteria known as lactobacilli are the same organisms contained in yoghurt. In a healthy vagina these lactobacilli maintain an acidic environment – around 3.8 – 4.5 pH.

Vaginal mucus is not a very nice word but one used and appropriate to help with vaginal explanations. Vaginal mucus is “made up and akin to the things found in blood serum, the lucid, thin, sticky fluid that stays behind when the solid components of blood, like clot issues, are separated away. Vaginal discharge consists of water, albumin – the most copious protein in the human body – a few lost white blood cells, and mucin, the oily matter that gives the vagina and cervix their greasy sheen. Discharge is not a toxic waste product of the body in the sense of urine and faeces.

Is the vagina abnormal because it smells, certainly not? A healthy vagina will however have a “slight” odor but nevertheless if “slight” turns strong (fishy odour) then this is usually a sign that the delicate balance has been upset and the Lactobacilli is not doing the job it should..

If the balance in the vagina is upset it can cause the vaginal infection “bacterial vaginosis.”

Sufficient bathing for the vagina`s outer part “labia,” should be done twice a day with cold water. Cold is best because the genitals is already moist and warm which is a problem for allowing bacteria to grow. Scented products can cause vaginal thrush. Pelvic Infections can lead to vaginosis. Candida is a condition where the vagina becomes too alkaline, primarily brought about by diet, oral contraceptives even stress. Pregnancy and the resultant change in your hormone levels can cause thrush. Antibiotics although given for curing and healing along with oral contraceptives and can lead to vaginosis. Low levels of lactobacilli leave particular women more susceptible to infections because they may have fewer robust lactobacilli. How to maintain a healthy Vagina

Forget cleaning the inside of the vagina, it is not necessary. Your vagina will be no less healthy from not doing this. The vagina regularly flushes itself out. Avoid particular soaps because they can upset the natural balance of substances. You are at risk of developing a vaginal infection through specific product misuse. Do not douche. The only exception to this rule which may be acceptable for douching is if you`re trying to conceive or trying to alter your vaginas pH for a greater good. Do it as little as possible and increase the number of lactobacilli in your diet. Add yoghurt to your daily diet or take acidophilus tablets. Consult with your doctor over issues about pregnancy and suggested medicines.

Use condoms to keep the vagina clean and healthy and for protecting against unwanted pregnancies or STDs.

Wear cotton underwear – to allow good air flow.

Avoid using perfumes/sprays round the genitals.

The way to avoid excess bacteria developing round the vagina/urethra is change motion when cleaning after bowel movement Clean from the front towards the back. Clean the anus last as contamination can spread doing otherwise. Vaginal discharge is a necessary part of the body’s regular function, however if it shows different have yourself checked over. Should the change in discharge be caused by infection then soap and water will not cure it, it will need antibiotics. Vaginal discharge is normally clear to white; changes in consistency and color are signs to say to call on your GP. Swap tissue to clean the vagina after urinating with a damp cloth. Using tissue has one tend to give a quick wipe, whereas with a cloth it urges the person to wash.

Good cleansing will see less chance of urinary tract infections (UTI’s) happening.

Chaste Tree – Medicinal Uses, Interactions, Side Effects, Dosage

The dried fruit or berry of the chaste tree is often referred to as Monk’s pepper or chasteberry; it was historically thought to reduce libido or promote chastity. Chaste tree is also commonly referred to as vitex.

Uses and Benefits:

Standardized extracts of the chaste tree berry are popular in Europe, and now in North America, for a variety of women’s problems primarily related to the menstrual cycle. These disorders include menstrual cycle irregularities, the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cyclic breast pain, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and infertility. Historically, vitex has also been used for inflammatory conditions, diarrhea, flatulence, insufficient lactation, and menstruation induction.

Adverse Effects: Vitex appears to be very well tolerated. Reported side effects in the clinical studies are rare and transient (often similar in frequency to placebo), and primarily include mild gastrointestinal complaints, allergic reactions, or headaches. A single case of unexplained nocturnal seizures in a patient taking chaste tree berry, black cohosh, and evening primrose oil has been reported ; a cause-and-effect relationship with vitex is doubtful.

Side Effects and Interactions:

There are no reported interactions with vitex. Due to its potential effects on dopamine and prolactin, it is relatively contraindicated with other drugs that are dopamine antagonists (e.g., bromocriptine, metoclopramide, antiparkinson’s drugs).


Use during pregnancy and lactation should generally be avoided, although vitex has been employed to enhance fertility and stimulate lactation. In a case report of a woman undergoing unstimulated in vitro fertilization treatment, a combination herbal preparation containing vitex was associated with folliculogenesis and increased FSH, LH, and progesterone levels. In addition, the patient complained of symptoms suggestive of mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Preparations & Doses:

Vitex preparations and doses vary considerably; only the standardized European products have been demonstrated to be effective. In the German clinical trials, small doses of standardized extract preparations are equivalent to about 30-40 mg of dried or crude herb, and are usually administered each morning. Agnolyte is marketed in the U.S. as Femaprin (Nature’s Way), and is usually given as one 4-mg tablet or 40 drops of extract per day. Herbalists in Britain and other English-speaking countries tend to use much larger doses of noncommercial preparations, equivalent to about 500-2000 mg/day of dried herb, often in liquid extracts and tinctures. A more recent European product is equivalent to about 120-240 mg of crude herb.

A Psychological Profile Of Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Biographical Overview

If ever there was a guitar player who redefined this instrument for anyone who has ever played it before or since, it would be Jimi Hendrix. Jimi’s exceptionally creative, powerful, psychedelic licks helped him reach a musical standard that has never been duplicated, and in his four short years as a recording star he established himself as a musical legend without equal. His performances at the Monterrey Pop Festival which established him as a star, and later at Woodstock were some of the most awe-inspiring in the history of live music, and history will remember Jimi Hendrix as one of the most influential albeit enigmatic and mysterious musicians who ever graced the stage.

Jimi Hendrix was born John Allen Hendrix on November 29, 1942 to James (Al) Hendrix and Lucille Jeter in Seattle, Washington. Jimmy’s father Al, who would be his primary parental force throughout Jimi’s life, was in the Army when Jimi was born. Fearing that Al would go AWOL to go see his newborn son, the army placed Al in the stockade on “general principle” where he stayed for over a month until the army saw fit to release him.

Back in Seattle Jimi’s mother Lucille quickly grew tired of being a single parent and virtually abandoned Jimi during his first few years of life. Jimi, then known as Johnny, first lived with Lucille’s family, but was then placed with a woman named Mrs. Walls who took Johnny in and cared for him.

Al was finally released from the Army in 1945 when Jimi was three years old. Upon arriving back in the United States, Al regained custody of Johnny and promptly named him James after himself. Originally Jimi was known as “Buster” by his family, but at the age of 6 everyone began calling young James “Jimi” which would stick with him for the rest of his short life. Between the ages of 3 and 6 Al raised Jimi with the assistance of Lucille’s Sister Dolores, and Jimi became very close to her children who were being raised in the same home.

When Jimi was 6, his mother briefly came back into Jimi’s life when Al and Lucille attempted a reconciliation. Because there was little work in Seattle at the time, Al joined the Merchant Marines, and while he was away Lucille returned to her old carefree lifestyle, and was kicked out of the housing the Hendrix’s were residing in for having inappropriate male visitors. Upon his return from the Merchant Marines, Al and the family reunited, and Lucille eventually had another son Leon in 1948, who had Asian features and was clearly not Al Hendrix’s son. Lucille eventually had another son Joey by still a different father, and Al eventually divorced Lucille in 1950 as a result of her lack of stability.

Over the next few years Al raised Jimi and Leon with the help of his relatives, and Jimi briefly had another maternal figure “Edna” enter his life, who he grew close to but who was eventually forced to leave the Hendrix home to make room for other relatives. Lucille popped in and out of Jimi’s life during his formative years, and would make extravagant promises to Jimi that she would not follow through on. On February 2, 1958, following many years of hard drinking and frivolity, Lucille passed away at the age of 32 which deeply saddened Jimi.

In his teen years Al Hendrix bought Jimi his first electric guitar which Jimi became so attached to that he slept with it on a nightly basis. Jimi was eventually recruited by a man named James Thomas, and Jimi then became a member of James Thomas and the Tomcats. During this same time frame, Jimi, who had grown disinterested in school, dropped out of Garfield High, and also got in trouble for being in a stolen car. Jimi eventually joined the Army during this period, and decided he wanted to be a paratrooper in the Screaming Eagles like his father before him.

Jimi met Billy Cox while in the Army and the two of them had a great deal in common including musical tastes. While in the army they begin to play a little together, and they formed a friendship and partnership that would later be rekindled when Jimi formed the band Band Of Gypsies.

Following his stint in the Army, Jimi moved down south and began playing the “Chitlin” circuit where he used the stage names “Maurice James” and “Jimmie James” and had some success as a guitar player. Jimi would even play backup on a Supremes record, and in 1964 he played with the Isley Brothers who were also very popular at the time. It was during this period when Jimi met Little Richard, who was a bit of a narcissist, and felt that Jimi’s guitar playing upstaged him and took the focus off him which he felt was a necessary component of the act.

Jimi eventually split with Little Richard and moved to New York City where he at first had little success. After spending some time in Harlem, Jimi settled into the Greenwich Village neighborhood, where he formed a new band called Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. Jimi’s unique improvisational style alienated a number of his fans, while others thought they were witnessing the birth of a genius. One of these people was Chas Chandler, who formerly played base for a band called the Animals who knew when he saw Jimi that he had discovered an amazing new talent. Chas convinced Jimi that he would have more success in England than in the United States, and in 1966 Jimi packed his bags and left the US to live in London.

While in London Jimi met Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, and the three of them formed the band The Jimi Hendrix Experience and begin touring around England. Jimi dazzled the English crowd, who were alternately shocked and amazed by Jimi, and he was described in the English papers as “The Wild Man of Borneo” which was a kind of racial slur against Jimi’s heritage. The group was very successful, and their first album Are You Experienced produced the songs Hey Joe and Purple Haze which were both big hits on the English rock charts.

Jimi’s breakthrough performance came upon his return to the Unites States at the Monterrey Pop Festival where his use of distortion and feedback on the guitar helped him create a sound previously unheard by American audiences. With the crowd already in a frenzy over his performance, Jimi set his guitar on fire at the end of his set, which further electrified the crowd and created a buzz about Jimi Hendrix that would propel him to the top of the music world.

One important ally Jimi made during this time was Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones, who introduced Jimi at Monterrey and was one of Jim’s first important fans in the world of music. Following his performance at Monterrey, Brian introduced to Jimi to a lot of important people in California, which culminated in The Jimi Hendrix Experience being signed to go on tour with the Monkees who were one of the top drawing bands in the world at this time.

Jimi’s wild style and sexually explicit actions on stage were not well suited to the Monkees crowd, and soon this tour dissolved and The Jimi Hendrix Experience began touring on their own. Over the next two years the band became hugely successful, and in addition to Hey Joe and Purple Haze, produced songs such as Castles Made of Sand, and Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, which were all big hits for the band. The band eventually produced three hit albums, Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold as Love, and Electric Ladyland which all were huge successes. The band was not without its difficulties however, as Jimi and Noel Redding had difficulties agreeing on several issues related to the band, and in the summer of 1969 the band broke up despite the fact that they were at the peak of their commercial success.

Some speculated that Jimi broke up The Jimi Hendrix Experience because both of his bandmates were white, and that he was receiving pressure from the Black Panthers to make a statement about Black solidarity. Although Jimi did have an association with the Panthers in the 1960’s, he used the standard “creative differences” approach to explain the band’s breakup. But in any case it was apparent that he was hurt by all of the negative press he received following this incident.

Following the breakup of The Jimi Hendrix Experience Jimi began heavily using drugs, and a major turning point came in his life when he was arrested on May 3, 1969 at the Toronto airport for possession of Heroin and Marijuana. Jimi adamantly claimed the drugs were not his, but was rightfully disturbed at the prospect of facing seven years in prison, and thought a great deal about his legacy following his arrest. Jimi was eventually cleared of these charges, but still faced a great deal of inner turmoil as a result of this experience.

In the summer of that year, Jimi put together a group of musicians to play with him at Woodstock, and his performance there was one that helped cement his legend as one of the truly inspired live performers in the history of music. His Star-Spangled Banner on guitar was a huge hit with the fans, and would later become one of the featured scenes in the Woodstock film recordings that were produced at the festival. Later that year Jimi would also play at England’s answer to Woodstock, called The Isle of White Festival, where he also dazzled and amazed his English fans, many of who had been with him from the beginning.

At the end of his life, Jimi reunited with his old army buddy Billy Cox, and they formed the Band of Gypsies, which would be Jimi’s final group. This group had some success, but Jimi was beginning to become fatigued from years of working almost constantly, his continuing drug use, and the anxiety he felt arising from battles with his management, and earnings in the millions that he could not account for.

In September of that year, as the group was touring Europe, Jimi Hendrix was found dead on his hotel room floor as a result of an overdose of sleeping pills that caused him to choke on his own vomit. Jimi’s death was highly controversial however, as some claim he was mishandled by paramedics which caused him to eventually suffocate on the way to the hospital. Jimi’s death has been thoroughly investigated and researched, and despite all of the claims, a coroner’s report confirms that Jimi had been dead for some time when he was eventually found on the morning of September 18th.

The legacy of Jimi Hendrix endures, and many still consider him to be the most unique guitar player that ever lived. His estate has made millions of dollars following his death, most of which was originally hidden from his father by unscrupulous managers of Jimi’s affairs. Al Hendrix and his family eventually won back Jimi’s legacy with the help of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Allen would eventually go on to build a Jimi Hendrix museum called the Experience Music project, which is a major tourist attraction in Seattle Washington.


Gender Role Preparation perceived through Gender Guiding Lines and Role Models

Though his interactions with his father, Jimi learned the values of hard work and perseverance that would guide him throughout his life and career. Although Jimi was occasionally portrayed as a spaced-out wild man under the influence of LSD, he was in fact an extremely hard worker who produced an amazing amount of material in his short career.

Jimi’s father also instilled in Jimi the value of perseverance. Through all of his struggles with his wife Lucille, job difficulties, prejudice, etc, Al Hendrix continued to soldier on and raise his boy Jimi, and this lesson was not lost on his young son. This value of perseverance was so strong in Jimi that he practiced his guitar so often and so much that he eventually became a virtuoso. With no ability to read music and no real training, Jimi still managed to teach himself to play the guitar with his right hand despite the fact that he was born left-handed. All of these obstacles must have made the guitar very difficult for Jimi to learn, but through watching his father Jimi learned a man never gives up, and he therefore continued to work tirelessly at learning to play his guitar.

Jimi’s female gender guiding line was much more complex. Although Jimi loved his mother, she disappeared often in his life, and Jimi was well aware of her infidelities towards his father. Later in his life Jimi’s interactions with women appeared to be unstable, and his fear of commitment with women may very well have arisen from watching his mother’s irresponsible behavior.

Jimi’s mistrust of women is interesting to consider with regard to one of the women he was the closest to named Devon Wilson. Devon was a former prostitute, heavy drug user, and party girl who had also been romantically linked to Mick Jagger during the late 1960’s. Devon lived with Jimi at his New Your apartment, handled many of Jimi’s affairs, and was even the subject of one of Jimi’s songs called Dolly Dagger. Like Jimi’s mother Lucille, Devon would often disappear for days at a time and then come back when she was done with her extended binge. The fact that, despite Jimi’s access to so many women, he trusted a clearly irresponsible woman like Devon Wilson to get closest to him, seems to suggest that he may have chosen her because her behavior was so much like his mother’s growing up.

Interpersonal Style perceived through Experience of Family Atmosphere

On the subject of Jimi’s mother, she and Al fought often while Jimi was growing up, and the Hendrix household was often filled with storm and strife when Lucille was around. Watching his mother and father fight so often appeared to affect Jimi’s own relationships with women, as he was on several occasions verbally and even physically violent with women during periods of confrontation.

Jimi also lived in a number of different homes and places growing up, and in this capacity learned not to get too close to people as they may abandon you at any time. One poignant story Jimi himself related involved meeting his father for the first time at the age of three and taking the train from Berkeley to Seattle. Jimi recalled how much he wanted to return to the only “family” he had ever really known, and how odd it was to be taken on a train by some strange man he had never met. This sense of instability was reinforced often throughout Jimi’s life, as a number of people would be significant in his life for a couple of years and then simply disappear, and this appears to have affected Jimi’s ability to trust and get close to people.

Because Jimi was unable to achieve a sense of stability, he developed a shy and introverted personality that caused him a great deal of loneliness. Jimi dealt with painful feelings through artistic expression, and the ultimate capacity of his talent may have been a reflection of the intensity of his painful feelings.

Personal Code of Conduct Perceived through Acceptance / Rejection of Family Values

The family values in the Hendrix household involved obedience to authority and a healthy respect for one’s elders, and although Jimi had respect for his father, he came to distrust authority in his own life. There are many different versions of Jimi’s life with Al Hendrix, many of which paint a picture of a very unhappy home life where Al constantly reminded his children of the sacrifices he had to make for his children. In Al’s own autobiography My Son Jimmy (1999) he talked about how Jimi used to escape responsibility for his actions by blaming misdeeds on an imaginary friend named “Sessy” who Jimmy would evoke when he felt he had disappointed Al. It certainly must have been difficult for Al to raise Jimi by himself, and given the economic climate in Seattle at that time, there’s no doubt that Al must have had to make some great sacrifices for Jimi. Perhaps Jimi’s creation of an imaginary friend was a psychological defense against Al’s disappointment, which seemed to be yet another factor in Jimi’s unhappy childhood.

Another family value that Jimi seemed to reject concerned the family’s views on religion. Although Jimi was raised by a church-going family who believed in worship, Jimi came to believe that his music was a form of great spiritual expression. Jimi rejected the stifling versions of Christianity he learned as a young man, and instead felt music was the way he could connect to the mystical and spiritual side of life.

Music also offered an escape for Jimi from his problems, and was certainly a positive adaptation for him to an unhappy childhood. Jimi often described how music would compose itself in his head, and his unparalleled talent in music may have been a result of this intense desire to escape his emotionally painful cognitions.

Perspective on the World perceived through Experience of Psychological Birth Order

As the first born son in the Hendrix household and the only son sired by his father Al, Jimi developed a sense that he was particularly special when he was a young man. Although Jimi’s younger brother Leon spent a great deal of time with Jimi and his father growing up, he was also often shipped to another family during difficult times. The fact that Jimi was always the one that remained with his father must have made him feel like the “chosen” one much of the time, and he appeared to develop a sense that he was something special. This is not an uncommon reaction from a first born child, as they often receive more attention than their siblings do when they are born, as they become literally the center of their parent’s universe.

For Jimi this situation did not unfold exactly like this, as his first three years were filled with a great deal of moving around that must have confused and frightened him at such a fragile age. The two women that adopted Jimi in these years both referred to his “specialness” however, so one can assume this was something he felt that was further reinforced when Al eventually came and got him following his release from the Army.

Jimi’s biographers (Hendrix 1999) discuss how it was clear to Jimi that his younger brother Leon had a different father than him, and although Al certainly loved and cared for Leon, he must have felt some resentment from having to raise another man’s child. Jimi therefore was the “favorite” growing up, and developed a sense of his own uniqueness that instilled in him a great deal of confidence in his abilities. This confidence was especially relevant in the early stages of Jimi’s career, where audiences often disliked and were unable to understand his unique style of music. Although many artists would have become discouraged in this situation, Jimi was convinced of his own talent, and much of this resolve appears to have its roots in Jimi’s early childhood experiences.

Self Assessment Perceived through Genetic Possibilities

Jimi Hendrix came from a talented family with a long history of performing in front of groups. Jimi’s grandmother was an entertainer who traveled and worked as a singer and performer before her son Al was born, and even prior to this generation music was a strong part of the Hendrix tradition. Jimi’s father Al and his uncle Leon both showed musical talent at a very young age, and both of them could play the piano, sing, and also dance at a young age, and often did so growing up. Jimi therefore appeared to have a predisposition to music that was inherited from the talented Hendrix family.

Jimi developed a stutter at a young age however, and was not confident as a singer and a dancer like the rest of his family. Therefore when Jimi did find a musical instrument to play, it appears that he compensated for his stutter by practicing a great deal on the guitar in an attempt to belong with his otherwise musical family.

Jimi also felt a strong identification with his family’s Cherokee heritage. The extent of Jimi’s Indian blood has been misrepresented often in several biographies that mention the subject. Jimi’s father Al (Hendrix 1999) eventually clarified that Jimi’s great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee, but Jimi did feel a strong identification with this portion of his ancestry. Al Hendrix explained that when Jimi and the other children played games like Cowboys and Indians when Jimi was a kid, Jimi always wanted to be the Indian as it helped link him with a part of his Heritage. Jimi created a great deal of art as a child that depicted the Indians conquering the cavalry, and he even discussed later as an adult how he felt a sense of power that came from his Indian blood.

In considering this idea it is fascinating to examine the lyrics from one of Jimi’s big hits, Castles Made of Sand-

“A little Indian brave who before he was ten, played war games in The woods with his Indian friends, and he built a dream that when he Grew up, he would be a fearless warrior Indian Chief. Many moons passed and more the dream grew strong, until tomorrow He would sing his first war song,

And fight his first battle, but something went wrong,

Surprise attack killed him in his sleep that night”

Reading the lyrics to this song which Jimi wrote, one can’t help but wonder how much it reflected both Jimi’s dreams as well as his disappointments. In many ways this song demonstrated the conditions of Jimi’s life, as, despite having “conquered” the music world, he still was very anxious about his life circumstances as a result of his arrest and also the large amounts of money he was missing. Much like the little Indian in the story, Jimi had been blindsided by events in his life, and this song seems to reveal the depths of his unhappiness.

Openings for Advancement perceived through Environmental Opportunities

One important adaptation Jimi made as a young man concerned the first guitar he ever received which Al purchased for Jimi for the price of 5 dollars. Jimi, who was born left-handed but learned to do most things right-handed, changed the strings around on this right-handed guitar and instead played it left-handed which was an adaptation that would eventually have a direct impact on his future musical genius. Jimi learned that by manipulating the instrument like this he could get different sounds out of it, and later as an adult he played his guitars both upside down and backwards which helped him carve out his own unique sound that no one else was readily able to replicate. Because Jimi made this adaptation at such a young age and practiced so excessively, his technique became something that was uniquely his.

Another early experience that shaped the young Jimi Hendrix was seeing an Elvis Presley concert while he was growing up in Seattle. Jimi became fascinated by Elvis’s showmanship, and much of his early artwork produced flattering pictures of the King. Although Jimi was somewhat shy throughout his life, on stage he truly had no inhibitions, and at least some of this he learned from watching Elvis when he was a young man. The impact of seeing Elvis live seemed to awaken in Jimi a sense of the heights a person could reach through playing music, and this rare opportunity was for Jimi a tipping point that helped give birth to his eventual persona as a stage performer.

Range of Social Interest perceived through Other Particularities

One barometer of a person’s mental health can be observed by examining their relationships and interest in the welfare of other human beings. Jimi Hendrix, who appeared to have abandonment issues related to his childhood, and who had also been betrayed by several business associates, therefore seemed to have trouble developing a profound sense of social interest. Although Jimi was often approached about social causes, he seemed to be most comfortable letting his music do his talking for him, and didn’t feel as comfortable as an advocate and leader to promote social change as many of his 60’s counterparts.

In this capacity it is interesting to consider Jimi’s relationship with the Black Panthers as well as the larger issue of racism in the life of Jimi Hendrix. Growing up Jimi watched his father experience a great deal of racism related to finding jobs, etc. and this must have affected the young Jimi a great deal, as a lot of his early artwork depicts struggles for equality and justice. Jimi also experienced racism following his release from the Army when he went to play the “Chitlin” circuit in the Southern United States, where there was clearly different treatment for white and black musicians.

Jimi was eventually discovered a white man Chas Chandler, and found fame and acceptance with two white musicians who were of course Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell. Although Jimi found success in the UK with these two men, he was still mocked by the British papers as “the wild man of Borneo” and with other racial epitaphs that appeared to alternatively mock and praise Jimi. Jimi eventually became known for playing “white” music by some of the more extremist black national groups in the United States, and many speculate it was the Black Panthers who pushed Jimi into eventually disbanding the Jimi Hendrix experience to form an all-Black band. Although there are widely varying accounts as to Jimi’s relationship with the Panthers, it seems clear that Jimi was heavily conflicted about the issue of race.

In terms of social interest, Jimi’s use of escapism through music is also interesting to examine. Music appeared to be the one thing that let him escape painful thoughts and feelings, and it was only when he had to quit playing and deal with other human beings when he seemed to be unhappy. People certainly took terrible advantage of Jimi throughout his life, as he died with only 21,000 thousand dollars in his banking account as a result of people pilfering millions from him over the course of his career. Jimi’s lack of social interest therefore appeared to be based on very real experiences with people in the world, as his early home life and professional career were filled with repeated abandonment, disappointments, and betrayals from those that he thought he could depend on.

Jimi also had a great deal of narcissism, much of which contributed to the development of his music, which was also a defining characteristic of his personality. Many people who had experienced the kind of rejection Jimi had at the beginning of his career would have simply returned to playing mainstream music, but Jimi truly believed that his music was something special despite the negative reinforcement he had received from the New York crowds. A narcissist will often believe his or her own way is not only special and unique, but also better than the way anyone else is doing it, and this was very much demonstrated by Jimi’s creation of his own music.

Although narcissism is often malignant, many exceptionally talented people demonstrate high levels of this trait in their dealings with others, which was certainly true in the case of Jimi Hendrix. When someone disagrees with or challenges someone who is malignantly narcissistic, their reaction may be extreme irritation, and Jimi’s interpersonal relationships seemed to represent this idea. His habitually abusive behavior towards women showed Jimi had a very low tolerance for frustration, and when others, and particularly women disagreed with him, his response to this frustration was very often physical violence.

Jimi’s violence towards women may have also arisen in part from his interactions with his mother Lucille, as Jimi never seemed to develop a healthy respect for women throughout his life. His lack of a consistent feminine presence and maternal gender guiding line growing up must have created some anger in Jimi, and hearing his father’s descriptions of his mother’s life may have also contributed to this dynamic.

Jimi’s life was therefore empty of the kind of social interest in others that many felt was a larger part of the idealism of the 1960’s. Although Jimi participated in some of the causes and issues of his times, his involvement was often at the recommendation of those around him. Jimi’s lack of trust in other people, which had its roots in childhood patterns, was reinforced often throughout his life, and Jimi overcompensated for his lack of interest in others by developing a truly awe-striking ability that allowed him to escape from the world. Although this talent was extraordinary, it seemed to be in part created through the sublimation of his personal pain, and this left Jimi without a path other than music in which to actively experience joy in his life. Jimi’s gift of music to the world was and is a lasting contribution that influenced thousands of musicians both before and after him, but was also in many ways a reaction to a troubled history, and this was the sadness and irony of this truly unique musician.

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