How To Keep Your Voice Healthy

Most people feel that speaking is as natural as breathing and they both happen automatically. It’s true that they are inter-dependent and most of the time they work without you having to think about it.

That is until you speak to loudly and lose your voice or you get a cold and find it hard to talk or have other more serious health issues that affect your sound. Where does your voice go? You are still breathing, however, the vocal folds are either strained or covered with excess mucous and can’t vibrate easily.

I feel that one needs to maintain good vocal health if you want your voice tone to sound vibrant, resonant, clear and engaging throughout your life. Here are some tips and life style changes you may wish to make.

Tips for Good Vocal Health

Keep your whole body in good general condition. Speaking is a physical activity and a healthy body creates a healthy voice. Get plenty of sleep, and exercise. Make healthy food choices and remember emotional attitudes directly affect the way you sound.

Reduce the stress in your life. Breathing is the key to self-healing.

If you become hoarse, immediately and drastically reduce your talking time. Save your voice for when it is necessary to speak. The same holds true if you’re sick, have a cold, allergies or any other affliction of the upper respiratory tract. Knowing how to use your breath correctly is a life saver during these difficult times.

Dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream all produce excess mucous and should be eaten in moderation. Before giving a big presentation, I would avoid them. The same holds true for products with excessive yeast in them, beer, etc. are mucous producing.

Red Wine can have an adverse effect on sinus tissue. Rose and white wines are better.

Cigarettes need to be avoided. They impair your breath control and can cause cancer of the throat, lips, etc.

Keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day: water, caffeine free teas and sodas.

Steam or dry sauna is relaxing to your body and voice after a long day of speaking. Using a bowl of steaming water with eucalyptus oil and putting your head over it and covering your head with a towel and inhaling deeply is a very cleansing.

You can also explore cleaning your sinuses with a nasal douche which uses a pharmaceutical saline preparation. This keeps the mucous from building up on your vocal chords.

Using a humidifier and air purifiers in excessively dry climates can keep your vocal chords and sinuses from drying out.

Keep your throat moist. Use cough drops. Avoid clearing your throat continually which can put excess stress on the vocal chords.

Ventilate your sleeping room with some fresh air.

Air conditioning and heating systems and plane air often can be filled with fungus and bacteria that affect your sinuses and lungs causing allergic reactions and breathing problems and therefore voice problems.

When one is exposed for a long time to mold, it can cause upper respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis, asthma, chronic sinus issues, all of which affect the quality of your speaking voice.



Divine Sanity

Mortals are insane simply because they are mortal, which is why there is such a great need for divine sanity in our world. How can I say that, you may inquire with shocked amazement? Simple, because fear is what has driven them all insane and that explains why mortals live in a fantasy world. Of course anyone reading this most likely considers themselves mortal and is stammering in objection and starch denial about now, gathering up plentiful justification for the defense of their mortality. This is to be expected because that is your fear talking and that is all you know, welcome to the mortal condition.

Even if there were an alternative to mortality you wouldn’t be allowed to know about it because those very defenses are what’s keeping it out. I could explain your Immortality to you with quantum precision and your denial would still find a way to justify your ignorance. Mortals are mortal simply because they insist on their mortality and until that changes then the insanity continues…

Surely you think there must be some exception to the fact that all mortals are insane but the Truth strikes at the heart of all your mortal fantasies because that is all they are. Are we without hope because we cannot attain divine sanity and still be mortal? Only if that is what you desire to be because like it or not; you want to be mortal because death is the only comfort fear has to offer. Did we mention that fear is what keeps you mortal and did that ring your bell by any chance? Do you want to know what you are really afraid of or shall we keep it a secret a while longer?

IT, sure would be a shame if the only guarantee that life offered was the end of days; but instead your thinking is what makes it so and that’s what is shameful! So have we made our point yet that mortals are insane, at least in theory, as a species bent on self-destruction? Or perhaps a little more ridicule of mortal futility is in order to motivate your appreciation of the Truth.

Let me indulge you mortals for a moment; before spanking your world, by asking a few questions and making some observations of my own, along the following lines of inquiry…

Do you know what you did tomorrow?

The same thing I did one second from Now; tried to leave this moment…

If space and time are infinite there is no need to pull God out of my pocket.

Tomorrow I sailed away to yesterday and when I got there realized it was still NOW…

The I that is We was wondering: “How can I judge you without first judging myself???”

I remember what I did tomorrow because I forgot who I was going to be yesterday.

When you can make the word water quench my thirst, then you will have convinced me that your definition of self is the real thing!

Who I think I am is what keeps you in bondage.

The game of life is not a contest but a race to see who can go nowhere first.

BLAH spelled backwards is who really cares.

I am all important in my world because I don’t have a clue.

Love is more real than fear because waking up ends the dream.

If Truth is unchangeable, and my idea of self is temporary, what does that say about me?

You consider me strange because I’m different, I consider you divine because we are all the same…

When you wrap your mind around infinity, your limitations no longer make sense.

If mortals weren’t insane they wouldn’t be mortal!

If mortal church Blasphemy were not the standard social operating system; that must mean the Church has finally Awakened to Christ in you as my hope of glory.

Hit the snooze button one more time because you don’t really want to Wake UP.

If you are not going to wake up the least you could do is learn how to dream…

If you are not dreaming of Love then you are trapped in a nightmare, even if it seems pleasant.

The ultimate nature of reality is that YOU are IT!

When you finally arrive at Source you will realize that you never really left.

BLAH, BLAH… BLAH!!! Think with the mind of God not your mortal mentality unless you enjoy your limitations so much you are willing to die for them.

Since I have said nothing, that must be enough…

Well I certainly hope you enjoyed that as much I did but I doubt it, so anyhow. Mortals are insane because they insist on being separated from God in some way shape or form. The Divine is like some big boogey man out there somewhere and you are all alone in here somehow.

What’s so crazy about that? It’s just the way it is you may say, well we are not talking to you mortal; we are just talking about you…

It doesn’t matter how we say it the fact remains that even if you wanted to seek God; you wouldn’t even know where to look. Unless of course you look and find a personal Relationship to the divine because that is as close as mortals are allowed to come. That also explains why relationship with god is a deception because you must first separate yourself and then relate as something different than self. That something different than Self is self ‘IMAGE; image is like reflection of, and the reflection and the thing being reflected being different, only One is real. Image of Self ranks right up there with the wetness of the word water, it can be a useful tool but it will never quench your thirst.

So enough about the mortal insanity already; what about that option to death: Divine Sanity? Well it’s about time we get to that isn’t it; because perhaps now you are ready to hear what we have to say. There is one common denominator to all mortal presumptions that is the source of all fear and death. Are you sure you are ready to hear what it is yet? Self-hatred is the source of all mortality. Here is how that all works: Self is Infinite but we HATE to admit it. That’s it, that’s how the whole thing works, Self is actually an Infinite and Absolute Value but you are afraid to admit it to yourself, so you build defenses to keep God separated from self at all times. Because you think God has left the building; He just went ahead and let you think so, what are you complaining about mortal you are getting your reward; rejoice in the futile vanity of your presumptuous blasphemy because that is all you get with mortal fantasy.

Self is Infinite but we hate to admit it, so how can we use this to abolish fear one might wonder??? Apart from the fact that there is a Quantum Covenant in Play in the Heart of every human heart even before we accept it, let us examine the subject of Self-definition. Every idea you will ever have will be some form of Self-definition. That is how you created your identity in the first place, are doing it now and so will it ever be. Your specific definition of self is how you create all the thoughts running through your head. Change the definition; change your thoughts…

Now ordinarily that is as good as mortals can get, arrange and tweak the definition but there is a definer involved who is like the one being reflected in all of these ideas. Here it is what you have been waiting for; everything you will ever need to know to escape mortality in one easy 5 word Sentence… “Self is A Transconceptual Reality!!!”

If you have ever heard the Gospel but still remain mortal then you have never heard the Gospel, if you have accepted Christ but still remain mortal then you have never really “Accepted Christ.” The Body of Christ is an Immortal Being and NOT an institution, if you are a part of this Body you can no more be mortal than a puppy can grow up to be a full grown cat. However you are free to think you can and therein lies all your mortal fantasies and the source of all fear. God is the One who made Us Immortal because He is the ONLY One who could. We didn’t do it we are just telling you about it. We recommend Believing God and taking hold of your Inheritance without delay or denial. Accept your divine Union and start out past where mortals are even hoping to get.

So now all that is left to say must be this: Have A GOD Day and welcome to SANITY my Immortal Friend, it is so Good to SEE the Christ in YOU Today!

Credit Crunch USA

One of the growing concerns of the US economy in today's scenario is the problem of credit crunch. Credit crunch is a term which is used to refer to the period of time when loans become difficult to obtain. What this essentially means is that where a majority of the loan applications were approved previously, only half or a lesser number of loan applications will be approved during this period. Currently, the US economy markets are undergoing such a period of credit crunch. This can be attributed to the global inflation of markets and the recession period.

In such a state of credit crunch, the condition of the borrowers becomes bad as the banks are reluctant to lend for fear of bankruptcies or default. This wariness of the bankers or lenders gives rise to increased interest rates thus making the acquisition of loans more expensive and hence more complicated. In the USA, this credit crunch has the most effect on the real estate business where loans are usually applied for a huge sum caused by the high rates of the real estate market. First time buyers and applicants for jumbo loans find it extremely difficult to provide a stable credit history which is required for the high interest rates.

Moreover during such a period of credit crunch, banks stress on a down payment prior to the issue of loans and this makes it even more difficult for applying loans. While hot shot real estate markets of New York and San Francisco are the most affected by this credit crunch with mortgage loans being hard to acquire, places like Sioux Falls are virtually unperturbed by this phase because of the slow growth in the real estate market. This goes on to show that the location of the properties also play an important role in the acquisition of loans.

As a result of such a crunch period, consumers are relying more on their credit cards to help them acquire these loans. This in turn forces the credit card companies to keep constant vigil on the credit card's activities. With such a situation, the credit limits of the credit card holders tend to go down causing their credit balance to dwindle drastically. Collection agencies are profited by such scenarios and their way of dealing with it is shocking beyond belief. To avoid all this, the credit crunch must be handled effectively by understanding the nuances of the economy and adjusting accordingly.

Ocean City, Maryland Restaurant Reviews

Ocean City offers a wide variety of dining choices. My favorite restaurant is the Marina Deck located at 306 Dorchester Street. Try their cream of crab soup for a taste of true Maryland cuisine, or select from any of their seafood dishes, everything is very good. As with any restaurant, house specialties are always the best so don’t go to a seafood restaurant expecting great ribs. Marina Deck is a must visit while in Ocean City.

If you’re in the mood for ribs or beef I would suggest Nick’s Original House of Ribs located at 14410 Coastal Hwy, or Bull on the Beach with 2 locations, one at 94th Street & Coastal Hwy and one just outside Ocean City on Route 50. While Nick’s has the best ribs, Bull on the Beach has the best pit beef in Ocean City. Many visitors and locals consider Bull on the Beach a must place to eat while in Ocean City and their bar is a relaxed gathering place for locals. JR’s used to be the place to go for ribs but I have gotten some bad reviews about service the last few years and I have not been overly pleased with their service.

When you’re in the mood for Italian head downtown to Adolfo’s Italian Restaurant located at 806 S. Baltimore Avenue. Their food is excellent and highly recommended by locals, however; the best doesn’t come cheap so be prepared to pay top dollar to eat here. For very good Italian food at family prices try Salvatore’s Italian & Seafood Family Restaurant located just outside of Ocean City on Route 50. I don’t consider Salvatore’s a step down from Adolfo’s, just a different menu with a more family friendly menu and reasonable prices.

The Japanese steak house, Sakura, is one of my family’s favorite places to eat. Located in the White Marlin Mall just outside of Ocean City on Route 50 it offers some excellent beef, poultry, and seafood dishes all cooked in front of you by some talented chefs. Wait times are not too long, but keep in mind that parties of less than 6 will be seated with other small parties. This is really fun and gives you a chance to meet other couples or families. While I’m not into Sushi, I’m told theirs is very good. Sakura’s is a must visit while in Ocean City. Unfortunately there is no one Chinese restaurant that I can recommend over another, so this will have to be a try it and see selection. I always suggest you try new restaurants at lunch or at early bird dinner hours when the prices are usually much lower.

On days when all you can think about is dinner I recommend going to a buffet. This has become a popular dinner alternative in our area because you can really get a good value for your dollar when you’re super hungry. If you mainly want crabs or crabs and shrimp my favorites are Waterman’s located on Route 50 just outside of Ocean City and Higgins Crab House with two locations; 31st & Coastal Hwy and 128th St & Coastal Hwy. Both of these are, in my mind at least, must visit restaurants. Crab feasts are the most economical way to get crabs but buying them by the dozen allows you to get larger crabs and take the leftovers home to eat later. Both of these restaurants have carry-out as well as eat in and all you can eat menus. If buying crabs to go I always recommend buying them by the ½ bushel or whole bushel, because you get more for your dollar. When you’re in the mood for more variety the best buffet is at The Bonfire located at 71st St & Ocean Hwy and the Embers Restaurant located at 24th Street & Coastal Hwy. Both of these offer prime rib and seafood buffets that are the best in town.

Tired from being at the beach all day? Try Ponzetti’s Pizza located at 144th Street & Coastal Hwy, this is a non-chain pizza parlor with very good pizza, an amusement area, and a full service bar. There are many pizza places in Ocean City but Ponzetti’s, Lombardi’s located at 9203 Coastal Highway, and the Dough Roller with 4 locations; 70th & Coastal Highway, 1125th Street & Costal Highway, Division Street & Boardwalk, 213 North Atlantic Avenue, are, in that order, the best in my opinion. If you’re in the mood for a sub try Fat Daddy’s located at 216 S. Baltimore Ave. Of course all of the fast food chains are represented up and down Coastal Hwy, but I really think you will like our local restaurants and Deli’s much better for close to the same cost.

As stated earlier; try unknown restaurants at lunch or for their early bird dinners to see if they are worth spending your hard earned money on. Like all resort areas there are what I call “rip-off” restaurants that appear for a summer or two and then vanish. You may have noticed that several of the restaurants I recommend are located just outside of Ocean City, but all of them are less than 5 minutes away. Every restaurant I recommend is frequented by locals and is open year-round with the exception of the Marina Deck which has a smaller restaurant in Ocean Pines that is open year-round. Almost every question I am asked about restaurants starts with; where do the locals eat? The restaurants listed here are where my family and friends eat that is in or near Ocean City.

The History of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach used by psychotherapists to influence a patient’s behaviors and emotions. The key to the approach is in its procedure which must be systematic. It has been used successfully to treat a variety of disorders including eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and personality disorders. It can be used in individual or group therapy sessions and the approach can also be geared towards self help therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a combination of traditional behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. They are combined into a treatment that is focused on symptom removal. The effectiveness of the treatment can clearly be judged based on its results. The more it is used, the more it has become recommended. It is now used as the number one treatment technique for post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and bulimia.

Cognitive behavioral therapy first began to be used between 1960 and 1970. It was a gradual process of merging behavioral therapy techniques and cognitive therapy techniques. Behavioral therapy had been around since the 1920’s, but cognitive therapy was not introduced until the 1960’s. Almost immediately the benefits of combining it with behavioral therapy techniques were realized. Ivan Pavlov, with his dogs who salivated at the ringing of the dinner bell, was among the most famous of the behavioral research pioneers. Other leaders in the field included John Watson and Clark Hull.

Instead of focusing on analyzing the problem like Freud and the psychoanalysts, cognitive behavioral therapy focused on eliminating the symptoms. The idea being that if you eliminate the symptoms, you have eliminated the problem. This more direct approach was seen as more effective at getting to the problem at hand and helping patients to make progress more quickly.

As a more radical aggressive treatment, behavioral techniques dealt better with more radical problems. The more obvious and clear cut the symptoms were, the easier it was to target them and devise treatments to eliminate them. Behavioral therapy was not as successful initially with more ambiguous problems such as depression. This realm was better served with cognitive therapy techniques.

In many academic settings, the two therapy techniques were used side by side to compare and contrast the results. It was not long before the advantages of combining the two techniques became clear as a way of taking advantage of the strengths of each. David Barlow’s work on panic disorder treatments provided the first concrete example of the success of the combined strategies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is difficult to define in a succinct definition because it covers such a broad range of topics and techniques. It is really an umbrella definition for individual treatments that are specifically tailored to the problems of a specific patient. So the problem dictates the specifics of the treatment, but there are some common themes and techniques. These include having the patient keep a diary of important events and record the feelings and behaviors they had in association with each event. This tool is then used as a basis to analyze and test the patient’s ability to evaluate the situation and develop an appropriate emotional response. Negative emotions and behaviors are identified as well as the evaluations and beliefs that lead to them. An effort is then made to counter these beliefs and evaluations to show that the resulting behaviors are wrong. Negative behaviors are eliminated and the patient is taught a better way to view and react to the situation.

Part of the therapy also includes teaching the patient ways to distract themselves or change their focus from something that is upsetting or a situation that is generating negative behavior. They learn to focus on something else instead of the negative stimulus, thus eliminating the negative behavior that it would lead to. The problem is essentially nipped in the bud. For serious psychological disorders like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, mood stabilizing medications are often prescribed to use in conjunction with these techniques. The medications give the patient enough of a calming effect to give them the opportunity to examine the situation and make the healthy choice whereas before they could not even pause for rational thought.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven effective for a variety of problems, but it is still a process, not a miracle cure. It takes time to teach patients to understand situations and identify the triggers of their negative behaviors. Once this step is mastered, it still takes a lot of effort to overcome their first instincts and instead stop and make the right choices. First they learn what they should do, and then they must practice until they can do it.

Healthy Diet For Teens

A healthy diet for teens should meet their daily nutritional needs, which can be greater than those of an adult.

Unfortunately, typical diets for teens do not include many healthful food choices. Most food choices are comprised of the worst foods to eat.

Most teens know that fast food is bad for them yet they eat unhealthy foods all the time.

What should a teen eat and how can they change their eating habits?

Best Foods To Eat

A natural healthy diet, including diets for overweight teens, should be heavy in raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains. However, this does not mean they must eat a strict raw vegetable diet.

Good health foods can be found in these food groups while still allowing some fast foods and sweets to be consumed on a limited basis.

This is really not difficult because a healthy diet for teens also contains whole grains. Luckily, whole grain products are easily substituted for many of the foods teens commonly consume.

Whole grain bread, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, cereal (both hot and cold cereals), bagels, English muffins, etc. are readily available in supermarkets. Even restaurants and fast food joints have caught on to the trend of more folks eating a greater amount of whole grain products.

If you are not familiar with whole grains go to the supermarket and peruse the shelves. You'll be surprised how many are readily available for your consumption.

A healthy diet for teenagers is not difficult. Nor is it troublesome to change poor diets into wise eating habits at this age.

Omega 3 For Weight Loss

Omega 3 for weight loss is not just any other good news that we are talking about; it is actually a truth that is being disclosed.

There are basically 3 major types of fatty acids – alpha linolenic acid or ALA, docosahexaenoic acid or DHA and eicosaptenaenoic acid or EPA. While the first of its kinds, which is ALA, can be derived from vegetable oils, soybean, flaxseed oil and olive oil, the other two, which is DHA and EPA can be derived from fish oils.

Apart from all he essential benefits of these fatty acid its weight loss phenomenon is excellent. If you want to loose wight and stay healthy use Omega 3 for weight loss.

Omega 3 for weight loss – how dose it work?

It is true that eating excessive oils and fats can lead to weight gain. Hence, people who want to lose weight must cut down on the fats and oils in their diet. However it is only the harmful fats or the saturated fats that are harmful, and can cause several health problems, such as rapid weight gain and other diseases. When essential fatty acids are concerned, these not harmful for human health; rather these fatty acids are essential or health and nutritious at the same time.

Also, instead of contributing to body weight, omega 3 enables fat loss by stimulating the fat burning mechanism of the body. Some studies have revealed that DHA can actually escalate the fat burning process to enable fast weight loss. Furthermore, fish oils can also improve the effects of aerobic exercises, which is indeed an added advantage. As fish oils have the ability to activate the fat burning enzymes in the body, it becomes much easier for the body to burn fat.

Studies have proved that omega 3 for weight loss is effective when used in combination with aerobic exercises. This will increase metabolism and contribute to rapid weight loss. Fish oils often act as appetite-suppressants which help in preventing hunger pangs and controls body weight subsequently. On the contrary, it is also believed that fish oils an increase the blood vessel elasticity, thereby promoting proper blood circulation to all the muscles during exercise. This would in turn speed up the fat burning process.

Omega 3 for weight loss – not like many other wight loss product.

Nowadays, there are countless wight loss product in the market. many of them are very effective in the short term. the problem is that some of them can actually damage your overall health because of deficiency in certain critical nutrition while try to eat less. in the long term you might actually gain more wight because your body would not function properly to help help you stay fit. When using Omega 3 for weight loss, not only you will use loose wight, you will also boost your brain power, improve your immune system, improve your heart health and your overall well being.

Dose this mean i should eat fish all the time?

When using Omega 3 for weight loss, It is best advised not to consume it by eating fish. It is much more effective to take omega 3 capsule. capsules are moleculary distilled and are free from toxin, there fore are much more affective for wight loss and overall health.

Overall, omega 3 contained in fish, is the most natural and effective in ingredient that can help you in losing weight and keeping it off at the same time.

Importance of First Aid Kits

Everyone must be aware of the necessity of a first aid kit in their home and car. Businesses corporations must have necessary first aid supplies, located somewhere in their facility. If the building is large, they should have separate kits in each section.

It is important to have first aid kits, because they allow someone who is injured, to be rapidly treated with basic first aid, before they can be properly treated at the local hospital. Therefore in emergency circumstances, someone should know where the nearest first aid kit is located and how to use the contents within it.

First aid kits are designed to treat non-emergency situations that do not need a doctor and to provide instant care in emergency situations. Kits can be small or large and the size of the pack is generally determined by the number of people who may access it over time. But every first aid kit has basic items that are used to treat minor injuries and hopefully stop or reduce the chances of infection.

There are also first aid kits for burns, kitchens and special industries. Having one first aid kit with you does not mean that you are waiting for an accident to happen. Accidents are a reality in life, so whether we like it or not, it is always best to be ready.

First aid kits for the office or home should be purchased in a size that meets the requirements of the number of people potentially using the kit. It can be large or small, but should always have crucial first aid items. The kit can provide you with the assurance that minor injuries can be dealt with in a quick manner.

Hospital Air Conditioning

Retrofitting a Hospital Air Conditioning System

Hospital HVAC design is a complex matter to begin with. When you attempt to retrofit a hospital air conditioning system while a hospital continues to operate it becomes increasingly complicated. Special attention needs to be paid to areas where construction and renovation are taking place to ensure the health and safety of patients is not put at risk.

The new hospital design should account for potential disruptions to power and water during construction. It should also account for the presence of dust and air born contaminants that are invariably part of any renovation. Efforts need to be taken to minimize the presence of infectious contaminants that could threaten the health of patients.

Taking Proper Hospital HVAC Design Precautions

Retrofitting a new hospital air conditioning system can involve the demolition of walls or other internal structures that can pose particular dangers. If not properly coordinated it can lead to the disruption of critical hospital functions. The demolition and removal of an existing hospital air conditioning system can also introduce contaminants into the air. Your HVAC hospital design team needs to work closely with the hospitals infection control unit to minimize the impact of the renovation. Together they can create a hospital design than incorporates contaminant barrier and control techniques. Barrier precautions include:

• Separating construction areas from other areas with temporary partitions that prevent the spread of dust
• Closing off areas to foot traffic where renovations are taking place
• Isolating ducts that connect construction areas with patients
• Installing supplemental HEPA filtration units into the hospital air conditioning and filtration system

Hospital HVAC design must also account for the possibility of accidental disruptions to hospital services during the renovations and take measures to minimize that possibility. The hospital design team should be well versed in the existing building systems and make an evaluation as to what the impact of a renovation project may be. This should include a thorough inspection of the hospital and all it's systems including plants and rooms.

The hospital's facilities management team should be able to provide access to the building's systems. Relying on existing plans and blue prints is insufficient because they may not be accurate. The hospital HVAC design team should identify which areas in the new hospital design may be the most affected by the hospital air conditioning renovation and take the appropriate precautions.

A hospital air conditioning system is an essential part of its operation. Be sure to work with a qualified HVAC company that's well versed in the unique challenges related to a hospital air conditioning retrofit.

Dealing With Mom’s Doctor

Getting older is a complicated journey. So, it is older patients and their family members who have to undertake the training of their doctors.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like doctors. I do. However, look at these facts. Over 65 percent of all admissions to hospital among elders are due to the medications they take, not to their illnesses. The average elder is taking anything from 6 to 14 different medications.

Your Mom needs a good doctor. One who sees her as an individual person. Beware of the word “patient”. Statistically, it is the IMpatient, the feisty, challenging and questioning person who survives longest and best.

Five Ways To Train Mom’s Doctor:

1. QUESTION your doctor about every proposal of change in your mother’s health routine. Write down the answers, because in the stress of the moment, you’ll forget exactly what they were.

2. RESIST pressure to sign up for surgeries, especially those involving general anesthesia. Ask for a second opinion and, if the doctor gets miffed, change doctors.

A good doctor talks things over with you and your Mom. Is happy for you to have a second opinion from an expert to help you get ready for the right choices. When you get that second opinion, ask if there are less invasive treatments to try first before surgery.

3. REMEMBER the obvious. Doctors want to use their own special expertise. Surgeons want to cut — it’s their nature. They don’t want you to deal with your back pain through homeopathy, chiropractic, biofeed, relaxation, exercise. Don’t be intimidated.

4. RESEARCH health conditions yourself. These days, it is the patient who needs to learn the most about the whole picture of his or her condition.

Get completely informed about any health condition from as many informed resources as possible. Look into alternative approaches and see if any of them seem sensible and something your Mom could easily try.

5. MEDICATIONS: read up on them, ask your pharmacist about them, get on the Internet and find out what the side effects really are.

Make notes on your Mom as she starts a new medication regime. Be prepared to push your doctor to find something without unpleasant side effects.

Dr Joe Graedon, Harvard-educated Pharmacist and writer, is extremely alarmed about medication and their effects on elders.

He suggests, unless you have a rare condition from which you’ll die without that miracle drug, go for a drug on the market for at least 3 years.

Don’t accept that handful of free samples your doctor kindly gives you to try. They’re usually new and untried.

Be sure also to get a drug review of all your Mom’s medications on a regular basis. Some will have been shown to be ineffective or too toxic. Others will not go happily with other medications. Learn about medications.

Sometimes you may want your Mom to balance out the gains and losses and decide what you both want to do. Yes, your doctor has had a lengthy education in the health of the body, but YOU are the experts on you.

That makes your family the ones who have the right to decide what you want to do. Because your doctor will not do your living and dying for you.

The best doctor for any elder is the one who respects you have a right to your choices, whether or not finally that doctor always agrees with them. You even have a right to be wrong.

Dr Carey A Reams – A Bio

Carey A. Reams (1903-1985) was a man ahead of his time. Trained in mathematics, biophysics, and biochemistry he made many discoveries in the fields of human health, plant growth, energetics, animal health, and soil restoration. These findings were later codified in an overall view of life and energy known as Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Reams summarized his beliefs by saying:

“God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, energy is the basis of matter.”

Over the span of more than 5 decades Reams worked as a consultant, researcher, and lecturer. A significant milestone in Reams’ life occurred in 1931. Due to a “friend in need” Reams spent 3 days fasting and praying trying to figure out how to help this friend. During this period of prayer and fasting Reams received a divine revelation of the numbers for humans in perfect health. Reams strongly believed that if you know what perfect is then you know how to get there. You can change an imperfect chemistry to perfect only because you now know what perfect is.

Foundational for Reams’ life and success as a scientist was his faith in God. As a disciple of Jesus he sought to live his life according to the biblical standard. Everything he taught about the health of the people of the world had its foundation in the Bible. Dr. Reams only taught the Biblical Health Message, cleanse the Temple, eat only the appropriate foods, have a good attitude, remineralize your body, exercise; and you could be healthy.

As a mathematical genius Reams was very familiar with Einstein’s energy equation and understood its significance. During his many years of friendship with Albert Einstein he once chided Einstein saying “you know how to take matter apart but you don’t know how to put it back together again.” Einstein immediately shot back that figuring out how to do that was Reams’ job. And that’s exactly what Dr. Reams did.

According to Reams, “Ionization is God’s laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion.” Biological Ionization is the study of how energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy on a continual basis. According to Reams, RBTI offers a way to measure the energy in elements, compounds, and biological systems including humans. The loss of energy in all life is the beginning of dis-ease. This loss of energy is what is seen as the difference between what perfect health is and what your personal urine/saliva analysis results are. Each person has a different loss of energy, no two are the same. Therefore, the way to achieve perfect health for each person is different.

Ream’s contribution to human health was just as significant as his contribution to agriculture. Reams taught that the functional foundation of nature is electromagnetic forces and that chemistry of nature is secondary to electromagnetism. Reams applied this concept to plant growth. He maintained that plants grow through the process of ionization, similar to an electroplating machine, just as all other life does. Reams approached soil fertilization from an electromagnetic perspective through balancing the positive and negative charges of the soil and atmosphere surrounding the plant.

It should be common sense that if the soil does NOT contain the nutrients needed to be “healthy,” then what is grown in the soil will not have them either. This is why it is so vital to consume food grown in nutritionally balanced, healthy soil. The more high quality, high brix food you consume, according to the findings of Carey Reams, the less supplementation you will require to be healthy.

When Dr. Reams died he left the legacy of his discovery to the students of the world. Anybody is welcome to learn this method of testing your urine and saliva to find out what’s wrong so you can compare it to perfect and move your health forward toward perfect health.

Live An Addiction Free Healthy Lifestyle With The Help Of The Best Drug Rehabilitation Centers

There is a huge difference in the types of drug rehabilitation centers. What may be the best drug rehabilitation center for one person may be the completely wrong center for someone else.

However, some of the centers have something in common in that they are judged effective by many different people and have low relapse rates. Those who choose to use different reviews of these centers is one of the ways that may allow you to find the best centers.

Facilities that have an onsite detox is one of the things that individuals can find when looking for the best drug rehab centers. Look for the amount of individual attention that is given to the patients.

The treatment centers that have been the best reviewed are those that give personal attention. The centers that are located in the Sunbelt states of Florida, Arizona and California, are rated the best treatment centers in the United States, and may well be some of the best drug rehabilitation centers in the world.

Find the Best Rehab Centers

Look the program length and aftercare. Successful facilities have an adequate program length and have aftercare services. Individuals having graduated from the program will have regular monitoring perhaps consisting of people that have graduated from the program.

The right programs also have the best ancillary services. It may have stable medications, proper treatments and ancillary service. Family programs are also important in the best rehab centers, and most of the best rehab centers offer programs for those who are closely associated with the addict. This can be an essential part of treatment and recovery.

Check Listings Though SAMHSA

Check the listings that are located through SAMHSA National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment services. This is not are referral options, but they do have a online directory of licensed drug rehab facilities. The facilities are usually classified as short term residential options, long term residential or can also be outpatient options.

Choose The Right Rehab Center

Those that are considered to be the best facilities in the world will provide a combination of treatment modes, therapies and medications as well as ancillary services that will fit an individuals unique needs and circumstances. This is probably the way to find the facility that will best meet your needs. Choosing the right rehab center is one that should take a good deal of time to evaluate all the potential alternatives.

Another thing to consider when considering the best treatment center is the ability to treat co morbid occurring disorders such as in the category of dual diagnosis. It is no wonder that many addicts start drinking or drugging in the first place as they may have underlying mental health issues. A great treatment facility that can help address these issues is worth its weight in gold.

Read reviews of the treatment centers you are interested in, and make a decision as to which center best fits your needs. This is the way to find the centers that will most benefit you and your drug or alcohol problems. Call our facility to help conquer your substance abuse problems.

Some Facts About Diet Supplements

Diet supplements are those products which contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, plants, or any combination of these ingredients.

These products can be found in the form of pill, gel capsule, liquid, or powder.

Before taking any dietary supplements, it is really very important to always check with your doctor or a dietitian. Be sure to watch for warnings signs that indicate problems, if you begin taking supplements.

Stomach discomfort, pain, headache, rashes, tiredness and dizziness are some of the warning signs to watch out for. Supplements do not have to go through any kind of testing that usually the drugs undergo.

There are some supplements which may be harmful under some conditions and they not meant to be food substitutes.

There is always confusion on identifying the difference between foods, over the counter medicine or diet supplements because the resemblance of all these products are in the same form as tablets, capsules, energy bars or drinks.

Supplement facts label is the best way to look out to know whether it is the medicine or the supplement.

Due to active ingredients, any supplements can have strong biological effects in the body which makes them unsafe in some situations and complicate your health. Usage of these products together with medication can be harmful and can result life-threatening.

This can also increase the potential for internal bleeding or stroke.

Numerous resources such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, store clerks, friends, family, or the internet provides information about many health supplements.

The importance of questioning the recommendations from people who have no formal training in nutrition, or medicine may seem to offer misinformation or inaccurate information.

It is always advisable and highly recommended to take advice from healthcare team which always gives reliable information.

Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, and pharmacist are the team working towards a personalized health plan that is required to take such supplements.

Many weight-loss products claim to be natural or herbal which does not make them safe always.

The products ingredients may include drugs which can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions.

So, the term 'natural' is not always safe.

There are many factors which play a significant role in deciding which supplement is right for us.

They are supplement to diet and not to cure, prevent or treat diseases. A brief explanation and fast facts are always advisable.

A person is advised a diet supplement who has busy lifestyle; who is on a very low-calorie weight loss diet; who is elderly and not eating as much as it is required; who is a strict vegetarian; who can not drink milk or eat cheese; or for pregnant woman.

Mayo Clinic Diet Plan

The Mayo Clinic Plan is a diet program based on the clinic's healthy weight pyramid. The Mayo Clinic is considered by most top dietitians and health experts as one of the most credible health resources. They have partnered their program with E-Diets to bring their version of weight loss to the on line world.

Food Guidelines
The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid heavily emphasizes vegetables and fruit – and says these foods may be eaten in unlimited quantities. Grains, an example of another carbohydrate, play a far lesser role on the pyramid. Consuming ample amounts of vegetables will not only provide a nutritionally rich diet; but will also lead to the desire to eat less sugary and fatty foods. The Mayo Clinic's diet program is one of the most healthful and natural diets you will ever find.

Sample Meal Plan
The following is a 1200 calorie meal plan based on the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid.


1 banana

1 cub of bran cereal

1 cup fat free milk

Herbal tea


Tuna sandwich made with ½ cup water packed tuna, chopped celery, leaf lettuce, 1 tablespoon of low calorie mayonnaise, and 2 whole grain toast slices

2 cubs of raw baby carrots

1 Apple



Cod with lemon and capers

¾ cup steamed green beans

½ cub sliced ​​beets

Salad made with Boston, butterhead or leaf lettuce, ½ cup of cherry tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil.

Sparkling water with lemon.

Is not the Mayo Clinic Diet a fad ?
For a lot of years, people have been using a crash diet referred to as the "Mayo Clinic Diet" – despite the diet having no connection or endorsement with the actual Mayo Clinic. The crash diet was low calorie and nutritionally unbalanced. The fad diet everyone was on bears no resemblance to the official Mayo Clinic diet program.

Mayo Clinic Diet Goes Online
It was a revolutionary day for weight loss and nutrition when a partnership was formed between one of the most respected health institutions and one of the most popular on line diet websites. This makes the Mayo Clinic an outstanding program. E-Diets adds to the Mayo Clinic by offering a vast array of weight loss tools to go along with the Mayo Diet guidelines, this also includes extensive community help and support.

Crohn’s Disease – Symptoms and Treatment

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the digestive tract. The disease is also called granulomatous enteritis, colitis, regional enteritis, regional ileitis, ileitis, or terminal ileitis and it causes ulcerations of the small and large intestine. The disease can affect the digestive system anywhere from the mouth to the anus, but distinctively affects the terminal ileum as well as demarcated areas of large bowel. The disease is named after the American physician, Burrill Bernard Crohn (1884-1983), who described the disease in 1932.

Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

Crohn’s disease symptoms may include:

  • Chronic diarrhea & disrupted digestion: It becomes difficult for the patients in the acute phase of the disease to eat and/or digest food.
  • Painful and debilitating inflammation
  • Fistulas of the colon
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Lipid absorption problems
  • Anemia: Persistent rectal bleeding may lead to anemia.
  • Bruising of the shins.
  • Fever, pain and psychological damage in many cases
  • Crohn’s disease in children may cause delayed development and stunted growth.

Crohn’s Disease Treatment

Crohn’s disease treatment may include medication, surgery, dietary advice and Helminthic therapy (current research).

Medication Treatment

Acute treatment: steroids are used in the initial stages. Long-term steroid therapy is discouraged because of their side effects. Corticosteroids like prednisone are traditionally used medications. The side effects of steroids may include insulin resistance and frank diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), glaucoma, osteoporosis, severe psychological issues etc.

Chronic treatment (Steroid-sparing): The treatment may include Salicylates – 5-ASA derivates – 5-aminosalicylic acid compounds such as sulfasalazine (Azulfidine®, Salazopyrin®), mesalamine (Pentasa®, Asacol®), olsalazine, and balsalazide. Immunomodulating drugs such as azathioprine, 6-mercaptopurine and methotrexate are given mainly in moderate-to-severe cases. Infliximab (brand name Remicade®) is given in patients with therapy-resistant or fistulating Crohn’s. Adalimumab (brand name Humira®) has been used in patients who show allergic reaction to infliximab. The drugs like thalidomide are under study trials.


In the case of widespread intractable Crohn’s colitis, the colon and rectum (protocolectomy) are removed by the surgery ileostomy. Surgery is generally avoided, as this does not cure the disease. Crohns disease can recur at the site of the anastomosis or ileostomy.

Dietary Advice

Crohn’s patients should avoid the following foods and liquids:

  • Dairy foods
  • High fiber foods should be avoided during flare-ups.
  • Hot spicy foods
  • Alcohol & caffeine
  • Foods containing saturated fats, found in meat and dairy products. However some fats such as in fish oil may actually be helpful.
  • Products containing corn or gluten, those made from wheat, oats, barley, or triticale
  • Foods, such as soy, eggs, peanuts and tomatoes
  • Gas-producing foods such as cabbage family vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts), dried peas and lentils, onions and chives, peppers and carbonated drinks
  • Foods that may irritate the intestine (particularly the cabbage family vegetables)
  • Simple sugars
  • Dried fruits or high-sugar fruits, such as grapes, watermelon, or pineapple
  • Sorbitol (an artificial sweetener)

Beneficial Foods:

  • Fluids to keep the body hydrated and prevent constipation
  • Fruits may be protective
  • A high protein diet with lean meats


  • Eat small frequent meals
  • Prebiotics such as psyllium may help in the healing process.
  • Probiotics may also be helpful in aiding recovery of the intestines.

Helminthic Therapy

Recent studies have come up with a promising Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis treatment. Helminthic therapy is a new treatment that has shown impressive results in clinical trials. It argues that the absence of intestinal worms (due primarily to higher hygiene standards) from the human intestinal tract may cause the immune system that is not evolutionary adapted to this condition, to over-react causing inflammation and other negative effects, and that reintroducing helminths through ingesting eggs of a certain species (which is not dangerous to humans) can help down regulate and normalize immune responses.

Helminthic therapy like the fecal bacterio therapy induces a characteristic TH2 white cell response in the diseased areas which seems to be the key in achieving and maintaining remission, and may prove to be of key significance in further research.