Androhair – What You Should Know

Thinning and balding hair is a problem that many men face. The most common cause of this is androgenic alopecia, or male pattern hair loss. This is a hereditary condition. It is caused by an overproduction of DHT in your body. This attacks the hair follicle making it weakened and thinner. This is what makes the majority of men's hair thin, which leads to balding. The good news is that there are many different treatments available to help with this problem. One of these many products is Androhair. It is a laser comb that is used for hair loss. If you are considering using Androhair, it is important to understand how it works and what you can expect to see from using this product.

Androhair is a laser phototherapy solution for your hair loss. It allows low level laser therapy is applied directly to your scalp. All you have to do s brush with this comb three times a week for about ten to fifteen minutes. The comb has two sets of teeth and a laser behind them. The light helps to increase blood flow to your hair follicles. This is important to make sure that the hair follicle receives the proper tuition that it needs in order for the hair growth process to continue, as it should. It is also important because it allows the hair follicle to become wider, which means that the hair will come in thicker. This light has also been shown to block the DHT at the hair follicle. This will help the keep the hair follicle from being attacked by this hormone, which leads to baldness.

You can expect great results from Androhair. Within months you will see that your hair has come in thicker. You will notice that your hair is not falling out any more than what is average with the normal hair growth process. You will also see your hair have more volume and be healthier as it is finally being able to receive the proper nutrients to make it look its best. The great thing is that this product can even help with dandruff and itching, which can be quite bothersome.

Androhair is great because it gives you all the benefits of laser therapy you would get from your hair loss doctor in a comb that can be used in the comfort of your own home. This will save you money and time on having to drive for expensive treatments. It is important to make sure that you know what the cause of your hair loss is. If you are suffering from a medical problem that is causing you to lose your hair, you will not see the same benefits. This is because you are only treating a symptom of the hair loss and not the cause itself. Your doctor can run tests to figure out the cause of your hair loss issues. He or she can even tell you if Androhair is a good choice for you. If it is, you can be sure that you will get great quality laser hair treatment that will be convenient and affordable.

How 5 Alpha Reductase Affects Hair Loss

Almost 30% of the populations in the world are experiencing one common problem and that problem is hair loss.

Both men and women will try anything to prevent loss of hair and though there are several solutions available for this issue, majority of the affected people will not get the result they were looking for. An enzyme called as 5 Alpha reductase is produced from the adrenal glands as well as scalp that will metabolize DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from male hormone testosterone. In hair issues, the most common problem that is faced by both male as well as female is baldness. In medical term, baldness is known as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and overproduction of 5 alpha reductase causes AGA.

One of the main causes of thinng hair and the loss of hair in men is when the DHT is created, this is an unwanted reaction between 5 alpha reductase and testosterone and has bee proven to result in DHT formation. DHT will result in severe baldness and males are affected more when compared with female although women carry a smaller amount of the male hormone testosterone. In most cases, females are affected with baldness or thinning hair due to menopause but can certainly be affected by DHT.

Treatment for 5 alpha reductase:

There are several methods included for 5 alpha reductase treatment. Some of the treatments available for baldness or DHT are Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride etc. From all these treatments, Minoxidil is most effective treatment for DHT or baldness and patients should apply it on the scalp. Minoxidil should be applied in the scalp for at least a 6 months in order to get effective remedy for hair loss. Although Minoxidil does not block DHT it will increase circulation at the scalp. Finasteride and Dutasteride are prescription medications that come in a pill form and are used for inhibiting 5 alpha reductase and it prevents DHT formation but there are side effects from these types of hair loss treatments. Preferably you will want an all natural DHT blocker and an increase of hair loss vitamins as these can help to stop from further hair loss.

Plastic surgery or surgery implantation has to be done for effective treatment of DHT for some people because the hair at the back of the head are immune to DHT. For the treatment of baldness and thinning hair in females, it is a little more complicated and further treatments should be carried out only after consulting with a physician.

Some nutrients including phytosterol complex, green tea extracts and saw- palmetto etc are the natural inhibitors of 5 alpha reductase and will be ingredients in most hair loss treatments. These nutrients will also prevent the metabolizing of testosterone. It has been proved that Saw- palmetto is one of the most effective natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitors that are needed to be included in any proven hair loss pills.

Alpha reductase 5 blockers can be stop or control the production of DHT. For a list of proven products visit my number 1 resource.

Hydrocephaly and What it Tells Us About the Human Mind

What is hydrocephaly?

Hydrocephaly or hydrocephalus -also known as ‘water on the brain’ is a brain disease that affects 1 in every 500 births, making it one of the most common developmental disabilities – more common than Down syndrome or deafness. It was first described by Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician. It wasn’t until the 20th century that effective treatments were developed for it, and there is still no known cure.

So what is it?

Our brains are suspended in a bath of fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. In hydrocephaly, pockets of this fluid in the brain called ventricles expand like balloons, pushing into the brain tissue. It can cause convulsions, mental retardation and death. In the worst cases 95% of the skull is filled with cerebrospinal fluid and all that is left of the normal 1.5kg brain is a thin layer of 50-100g rind pressed up against the skull.

The British neurologist John Lorber documented over 600 scans of people with hydrocephaly, and he made an extraordinary discovery. Among those in the most severe category of 95% or more fluid, half were severely retarded. But the other half were found to have IQ’s greater than 100. One young man in the category of ‘virtually no brain whatsoever’ was recorded to have an IQ of 126. He got a first class honors degree in mathematics.

What explains hydrocephaly? Brain plasticity?

Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize itself – forming new brain cells and connections and new functions for brain cells (neurons). Brain plasticity is adaptive – enhancing function, or compensation for lost function. The jury is now in that the brain is capable of remarkable widespread growth and adaptation throughout the lifespan – not just in childhood.

Brain plasticity comes into play whenever we form a new long-term memory, learn something new or develop a new skill, new neurons and new brain circuitry comes with it. With each new skill grows a new network of brain tissue. Cortical hemispheres change their circuitry with long term meditation practice. Focal points of cortex expand as you learn a new musical instrument.

Many neurologists feel that these extraordinary cases of hydrocephaly are a tribute to the brain’s incredible plasticity. Does brain plasticity explain hydrocephaly?

In a sense brain plasticity is obviously at work here. Obviously these people’s brains have reorganized themselves massively – almost beyond recognition. But are the principles of this re-organization understood? The answer is no. While growing extra neural connection strengths or new neurons as a result of learning can be explained in terms of brain plasticity, the kind of colossal transformation we here goes far beyond what fits comfortably into standard scientific theories about brain function.

Patrick Wall, professor of anatomy at University College, London believes that talking as though these cases are explained by the brain’s plasticity ” is a cop-out to get around something you don’t understand”. I’m with him.

Hydrocephaly and the power of the human mind.

In my view, hydrocephaly shows us that our MINDS can determine the neurobiology of our brains. By this I mean that these remarkable individuals with almost no brains are best understood by figuring out how mental causes cause and re-organize brain processes – rather than our usual way of thinking about it: that brain processes determine our mental life. The fact that these individuals with only a small fraction of the normal amount of brain tissue have normal or exceptional minds defies conventional neuroscientific explanations of behaviour. Getting an honors degree in mathematics with a 50 gram brain can only be explained if we accept that mental life in some important sense transcends our biological life: there must be emergent properties that are fully MENTAL which end up rewiring the brain in ways that defy our current scientific understanding.

Many of these individuals describe themselves as strong-willed and stubborn. I am going to propose a hypothesis: EVERY SINGLE ONE of these cases we have looked at has a strong mind. They are determined, stubborn, focused. If they took personality tests, these qualities would be revealed. They have minds that defy the odds. With a strong and determined mind, individuals with hydrocephaly prove that you only need a brain the weight of a large coin to get a first class honors degree in mathematics! Imagine what is possible with a strong mind and a 1.5kg brain like most of us have?


Roger Lewin, “Is Your Brain Really Necessary?” Science, 210, December, 1980, page 1232.

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What is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a defect of speech whereby the person’s normal patterns are interrupted by steadily repeating or drawing out certain sounds, syllables and words. Occasionally, this makes it almost impossible to even begin a sentence.

Apart from trouble talking, this affliction is commonly accompanied by raid eye blinks, quaking of the lips or jaw and upper torso. Tension causes the situation to become even worse when the person is called to address a large crowd or speak on the telephone. Nevertheless, this can change when one is either singing or speaking aloud with no one else around.

Such a disorder is also known as stammering. Please be clear that this is dissimilar to other speech impediments, such as cluttering or spasmodic dysphonia to name but two.

Reports indicate that upwards of three million Americans stutter. This typically starts around the age of two to six, about the time they’re still building up their language skills. This ratio of boy stutterers to girl stutterers is nearly three to one. The favorable news is that many children outgrow this with only the smallest percentage of sufferers continuing into adulthood.

To prove a point, some of the world’s best speakers stuttered as children, including Bruce Willis, Carly Simon, James Earl Jones and Mel Tillis. Yes, it’s difficult to believe, but each one of these people overcame this challenge.

But what induces people to stutter? There are many forms of stuttering. Some scientists believe it’s genetic but not developmental. Other people contend that it’s neurogenic whereby signal problems between brain and nerves cause this phenomenon. Because of this, the brain is unable to properly coordinate different speech components. A stroke or other form of brain injury can also cause this to happen.

Stuttering might even originate in one’s mind, what is known as “psychogenic”, though this only accounts for the smallest number of sufferers.

The best person to diagnose a stutterer is a speech language pathologist (SLP), even if the impediment is quite obvious by the way you speak. An SLP is trained to carry on an assortment of tests making it somewhat easier to prescribe suitable treatment.

Presently, there is no ready remedy for stuttering. Treatment only improves the person’s condition given that the majority of stutterers are “behavioral” in nature

The majority of treatments are intended to help the patient monitor the rate at which they speak. They will additionally learn to speak words slowly, commonly short phrases initially until such time they are able to speak longer sentences much faster. Follow up sessions are necessary to preclude a relapse, potentially making this a life long problem.

Apart from the patient, one’s parents should likewise be educated to know what to do when their child stutters. It’s in everyone’s best interests to provide a laid-back home environment where the child is allowed to speak his or her mind. Should the child stutter, parents must abstain from criticism for fear of causing a more negative impact. Parents can even assist by talking slowly, in a relaxed manner that can be easily followed and understood.

A few medical professionals utilize medications and electric shock therapy to treat stuttering. Regrettably, using drugs many times causes side effects and electric shock therapy should only be considered for use in the most extreme cases. That said, rest assured that the medical field takes stuttering very seriously and is working diligently to minimize the affects on the afflicted.

Dior Homme 2011 Spring

Kris Van Assche has a very specific aesthetic that he has to combine with Hedi Slimane’s archetypal look of modern masculinity or androgyny if you may say.

In this collection for Dior Homme, Van Assche combined his sensibilities for something more conceptual and less fussy, but the structures of the pieces are never lazy. For example, take a voluminous jacket on one side that transforms into a cape at the other side. There is drama going on with the collection and he worked the fabrics with ease.

The accessories are a big part of the collection. This season, sandals are at the centre stage. Dior Homme’s sandals are exquisite and practically the most wearable of all. Bags are slouchy and oversized representing oversized shopping totes in leather.

The clothes have an ease to it, the shirts are cut in the bias creating a very dynamic look. Deep V-neck shirts are also present as well as pants with a very prominent ease to them. Black and white is the prominent colour story for the collection.

The Dior Homme collection is much laid back, full of energy and dynamism. You might not be able to wear ultra voluminous suit capes but you can surely extract amazing shirts, footwear, pants and bags to add to your collection. The colours were muted but there is a light and airy feeling in the collection as the models trudge along across a white, graphic and circular runway.

There are reliable pieces that can be extracted, but all in all, there is a specific market that will work for the collection, surely European and Japanese markets are surely waiting for the pieces to sell very soon.

Fundamentals of Academic Transcription

Transcription companies normally offer services to various academic institutions like schools, universities and colleges etc. There is an increased demand in the services and training courses have been moving to the forefront recently. Academic transcriptions come in handy for a number of educational speeches, group discussions, dictations, seminars, lectures, sessions, events and so forth that need to be documented in text format for a number of reasons.

Mostly, academic transcription assists to transcribe basic audio or printed versions of dissertations or thesis into digital versions depending on the clarity and quality of the recording. Academic transcription services are usually required by any educational institution who want to preserve, maintain and organize educational records, reports and any printable information, spoken words, oral communications and conversations.
Students and professors are the most important public that is found in any academic institution as most of the constructive communication usually happens between these two. It is therefore very important to make sure that the information shared out during class sessions, lectures, group discussions, lectures, speeches, etc are not lost into thin air. The academic transcription services normally handle the documenting services to ensure that all the spoken conversations are retained so that they can be used for future studies, analysis, research and allusions as ready reference for both the professors and students as well. Most of the time, the transcribed data is normally distributed to the students. This helps to motivate them to perform better and be updated in the specific area of ​​study.

Transcription Academic services Also come in handy for the WHO COMPLETE students have hearing impairments can color : as they 're thru . Read and comprehend all the sessions are On That they 're in thru the documented copies. Research scholars also find this very important as they constantly need to refer to things that have been put down while they are researching on their topics. They also need to attend a number of functions where they can record the information and have it transcribed for later reference.

Academic transcriptions also help students when they are sitting for exams and final dissertations submission. This is because the documents are normally clear and they can be used to grasp various concepts of study. It is important to note that the quality of the transcription usually depends on the quality of the recording that is in use. Great recordings are easy to work with where the professionals can take up little time to come up with the text documents that will be used.

Do not Let Public Speaking Nerves Get the Better of You

If you have not done much public speaking before, standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people can be terrifying. The room is silent and all eyes are on you. There is an air of expectancy. That's when public speaking nerves kick in.

Your mouth feels dry. Your palms start sweating. Your hands begin to shake and your knees start to tremble. Your heart is pounding so hard you are convinced that everyone in the room can hear it. You wish beyond all else that the floor would open up and swallow you. You are terrified to open your mouth because you are not sure what kind of sound will emerge. It could be a squeak, or a guttural noise that people often make when they are asleep and dreaming and try to talk.

Here's the explanation: You've got stage fright! But happily, it is possible to overcome and control.

These are some of the things that you can do to control your nervousness:

o Practice speaking often, using different topics to increase your versatility.

o Study the topic you are going to talk about so that you are well versed in it.

o Plan well to be sure you know what you are going to cover in any speech.

o Make sure you know how to pronounce any technical words or proper names (for people or for places).

o Learn how to breathe correctly to improve the tone of your voice.

o Learn how to breathe correctly because it will also make you feel more relaxed.

Remember that confidence is a great companion. If you are well prepared and know what you are doing, you are already half way there.

And the wonderful thing is that once you start to talk, your confidence will usually take over, and the stage fright will vanish.

Now here are a few more helpful tips to help you get through the talk, because there will inevitably be times that your nervousness will reappear. Expect it. For instance, you may suddenly become aware of the fact that yours is the only voice you can hear. Well you ARE the speaker silly! But this realization can be off putting, even when you talk to a small group of people. It's the same concept. You are the target of their attention and there is that same air of expectancy. Not everybody finds this easy.

But again, if you are well prepared then you will find you can get over it. So:

o Always make sure you check out the room you are going to speak in beforehand. If you are using a microphone, check that it works. If you are using a screen for images, check that it works. Do not leave anything to chance.

o Try to relax before you have to start speaking. Chat to members of your audience – that way it'll feel more like you are addressing friends, because their faces will be happily familiar.

o Keep a glass of water close to where you will be when you talk. If your throat gets dry, you'll need it.

o Run through your notes or keywords just before you start speaking. Then focus.

o If your hands are shaking, put your note cards on a table near to you so that if you need to, you can pick them up when you settle down and stop shaking.

o Once you start, keep on talking and get to the end – even if it does not seem to be going exactly as planned.

o Do not stop and apologize for stammering or saying um. Just try not to do it again.

o Look at your audience, but focus on those friendly faces that you recognize.

o Make eye contact with several people in the room. Do not just talk to one person.

Good luck!

Best Jobs Ever – Video Game Tester

How great would it be to get paid for just playing video games? Interestingly enough, such jobs actually exist. Video game testers, as they are called, have the assignment of ensuring that products are completely flawless before being released to the market. As the game industry has boomed over the last few decades, the role of testers in the development process has grown increasingly more significant.

Although being paid to test out video games may sound fun, it is still quite a job in its own right. Video game testers perform what is known as quality assurance. This is a very thorough and tedious task that involves testing every single portion of a video game. Video game testers in charge of software are responsible for trying everything out in a game to ensure that it yields the desired output. They do this to check for flaws in the code written to create the game, which can cause things as blatant as the game crashing to undesired outcomes as subtle as stuttering in sound.

Hardware game testers, on the other hand, are in charge of the various components of the physical game itself. The primary objective for hardware testers is ensuring the quality of the controller. This task includes testing out all the possible combinations of keystrokes, as well as reporting on how comfortable the controller is to hold. Hardware game testers may also be assigned to test out how different components, such as memory sticks and video cards, affect gameplay.

Communication is vital for a tester. As a member of the development team, it is essential that a video game tester reports any bugs or flaws in a game to the other members of the team promptly. If a game is released before it is fully debugged, the company can take a significant downturn. In addition to the cost of creating fixes and offering refunds, consumers will be less likely to purchase games from the company, costing them future sales.

Anyone interested in the field of game testing ought to check the classifieds for work first. People serious about a position ought to treat it as a career in quality assurance, and not just a summer gig to earn some quick bucks. A prospective tester needs to present to his or her potential employer credentials, like a college degree or a technical certificate, to show his or her interest in the field. The key to success in video game testing is simply to treat video game testing as the professional work it is.

Horde Power Leveling Spots

When it comes to leveling a Horde toon , there are so areas of the game that are better than others for more reasons than one – especially when you are trying to power level. Most veteran players of World of Warcraft know which areas to hit and which they should not worry about, but most new players do not. So, this article is to help those new to World of Warcraft know which areas in the game are the best to hit for your Horde toon.

1. The Barrens – for those levels 12-22, there is no better Horde leveling zone. There are tons of quests here, and all of them have you kill multiple mobs for quests. You can do 3-6 quests at a time here as well, plus there are three instances, or dungeons, in this one zone with good quests and good xp rewards. Also, this is one of the richest mat areas in the game for any gathering profession. Almost all of the quests here involve some type of animal mob that can be skinned. Players can actually run around, skinning behind other players as they kill mobs. There are great herbs that are all over the areas as well, and they respawn fast, so you can double your gathering and up your skill quickly. Also, there are many different mountain areas and hills that spawn great mining nodes. So, any gathering profession will be upped as you power level through this zone.

2. Thousand Needles – for Horde players levels 27-33 this is another place that you must hit, for the same basic reasons as the Barrens. There are several quests here that have you kill multiple mobs to complete the quest, and you can do them all together. Plus, the mining here is awesome. This is one of the best places in game to mine for copper, tin, and iron. Also, this area is about 95% animal mobs, so you can skin until your heart is content here. There are also some great herb here, and they do respawn pretty fast as well, so you can fill your herb pouch while you are power leveling through 1K Needles.

3. The Swamp of Sorrows – while this place is just yucky, it is a great leveling zone in the World of Warcraft. Plenty of good quests here that have you kill lots of mobs for drops and xp, and the herbs here are great and sell extremely well on the auction house. Also, there are tons of animal mobs here, so skinning is good as well. You will also find the Sunken Temple here, which is a great instance to level up in, as it is a long one.

Of course, once you hit level 58 and you are able to hit the Outlands, there is no better spot to be in the World of Warcraft, as the xp, loot, and gathering increases at a phenomenal rate. The find out all To of the great power 's Horde leveling spots in the World of Warcraft, get your copy of Flamewater's Horde Leveling Guide the Power and the find out what power 's leveling Those companies do not want everyone to know.

Nursing As a Profession

The nursing and health care industry is growing at an alarming rate. Finding a nursing school that best meets your needs can be a daunting task. Whether you're looking for an advanced degree or an LVN which is a licensed vocational nurse there are many choices for your education. The nursing field is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years. Making an excellent career choice for anyone looking for job stability and a long-term satisfying career.

There are several things you will want to consider before choosing a school or a program that is best for you. Do you want to attend school locally or perhaps relocate? In the United States there are hundreds of programs that offer full-time training as well as those that offer part-time training and some offer accelerated training where a student can get a nursing degree in as little as 8 to 12 months. If you do not have a local training program a student can not even get training online. It does not get easier than that! One of the things to consider when looking for a college or university for training is your schedule many universities only offer registered nursing training once a year. If you need to start sooner or if you work and your schedule does not coincide with your local college then there are several websites and online schools that have the added benefit of your around training. If you have a few local options for training it is best to thoroughly check out all of your potential options.

I would recommend you go to the school and visit the admissions department to get an idea of ​​costs scheduling and the type of training available. This also gives you the added benefit of talking with teachers and or students to get a better feel for the school and your training environment. If you do not have the time or opportunity to drive to your local training programs I would recommend a phone call at the very least. You just want to make sure that the program is going to meet your needs and your personal criteria. Many of the nursing programs offer varying degrees of training whether you're interested in entering the surgical field, newborn baby delivery or perhaps an emergency room nurse and even elderly care there are so many options in the health care industry for a nurse it is difficult to count so you want to be sure you choose a career that is right for you. Another thing you want to take into consideration is relocating. Do you plan on relocating at some point in the future?

If so, that is another thing you will need to consider. Specialized nurses are limited to large cities and metropolitan areas where registered nurse or general are RN can work in multiple capacities just about anywhere in the country. Nursing Is a terrific and flexible career offering you many options. Whatever location you choose is a rewarding high paying career with excellent benefits and terrific long-term stability that will always be in high demand.

ADHD Natural Treatment – Music Therapy

Most children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder go through traditional cognitive and behavioral therapy so they can readjust to the social world around them. However, behavioral therapy is not the only program that can rehabilitate children with behavioral disorders. Consider giving your child music therapy, a creative and popular approach that uses the therapeutic power of music to teach children appropriate behavior, mental skills, and avenues for expression.

It seems rather unconventional, but music therapy is a legitimate health profession backed up by scientific research and practice. Since it was first developed by Michigan State University in 1944, music therapy has helped a host of individuals overcome conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADHD. Children with ADHD and similar disorders have been able to harness their creative energies and skills to make positive changes in their behavior and overcome their symptoms. Music therapy can help set these changes because it uses a very effective medium – music. Music is a recognizable, non-threatening language that can establish a familiar environment conducive to learning, expression, and change. Children hardly expect to enter a doctor's office to find out that they'll be playing with music. The medium easily captures and sustains their natural curiosity, and they will start working on improving themselves without being aware of it.

Aside from making children more open and receptive to therapy, the approach itself can rehabilitate the brain. Both hemispheres of the brain work together to process auditory stimuli, and the mental activity involved facilitates cognitive functioning and corrects speech or language deficits. Depending on the program, music therapy can even re-train your child's auditory receptive processes. The rhythmic component of music will also give the child a structure that organizes movement and participation, which will improve focus, impulse control, and group cohesion.

One of the misgivings parents have about music therapy is that they fear a child can only benefit from it if he or she is musically inclined. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Most children who succeeded with the help of a music therapist can not play a single note on the piano or carry a tune. Aside from the benefits outlined above, this type of therapy gives children an avenue for creative expression when they have difficulty expressing themselves through verbal language. As for ADHD children who do have hidden musical abilities, music therapy can bring these out and encourage these children to develop their talents. But hidden talent for music or no, every child can benefit from music therapy.

Music therapy for ADHD can be done in one-on-one sessions with a therapist, or in small groups. In both instances, a music therapist will use song, instruments, and other music activities to engage a child in a structured, systematic manner. The structure of the program is important to cultivating the desired behaviors, responses, and goals. While this is happening, the program gives your child a familiar environment that encourages positive interpersonal reaction and expression. Consider using music therapy to help your child overcome ADHD naturally.

Healthy Diet For Seniors

A healthy meal is a balanced meal. And it is required in old age as much as it is in any other phase of a person’s life. For senior citizens eating well can be the key to staying mentally sharp, emotionally balanced and energetic, with a strong immune system and a positive outlook. A healthy diet in old age can:

1. Increase mental acuteness

2. Increase resistance to illness and disease

3. Lead to higher energy levels

4. Lead to a more robust immune system

5. Lead to faster recuperation times

6. And better management of chronic health problems.

Why people don’t eat properly in old age

1. Slow metabolism: the metabolism of the human body starts slowing down after the age of 40. So eating the same quantities and types of food that a person ate in his young age is not possible. And even if a person does he/she tends to gain weight.

2. Loss of taste and appetite: with age a person’s sense of taste diminishes. So the person either chooses to garnish his/her food more or doesn’t feel like eating. And the appetite is also lost with time because of the slow metabolism.

3. Improper digestion: in the process of getting an older a lot of changes take place in the digestive system. As a result of which a person produces less amount of saliva and digestive acids. This makes it difficult for the body to digest certain vitamins and minerals. And hence leading to digestive problems.

4. Health issues: sometimes medicines and illness also have a negative affect on the appetite. A person should talk to his physician to overcome this problem.

5. Low activity level: with old age physical activity level starts coming down. Seniors often cut back on activity for physical and medical reasons. And when the body doesn’t exercise it doesn’t feel hungry.

6. Emotional reasons: loneliness and depression can also affect a person’s appetite and the diet. Sometimes seniors don’t eat just because they don’t want to eat alone. Feeling depressed also leads to loss of appetite and sometimes it leads to overeating.

Senior citizens need to overcome all these problems to have a healthy and golden old age. Some help from the family members and a good physician can help the senior come out of these problems. These days even Elder day care companies arrange for services like cooking, taking out to meals and provide company.

The healthy diet of old age must have

1. Reduced amount of sodium (salt) to help prevent water retention and high blood pressure.

2. Reduced fat intake in order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

3. More amount of calcium and vitamin D for bone health

4. More fiber-rich foods(roughage like fruits, salads etc) to prevent constipation

5. Reduced intake of sugar and dry foods

6. Must contain the recommended amount of important vitamins and minerals

7. Increased water intake

8. Regular physical activity

Top Weight Loss Pills

Obesity refers to a state of being over weight. It not only is hazardous to your health but also a major reason for many psychological problems. According to a study of International Journal of Obesity bias based on the obesity of a person is stronger than any other bias and unfortunately it is more socially acceptable.

Weight pills or obesity drugs are the most sought way to loose your extra pounds. Weight loss pills are the pharmacological substances that help you loose weight.

Broadly speaking weight loss pills available in the market can be categorized in two main sub categories:

1. Prescription Pills: Prescription pills are those for which you require your physician prescription. They are recommended in case of clinically obesity as they are intense in action than OTC pills. However they have advantage over OTC weight loss pills in the sense that they are clinically tested and the results they claim are proven.

2. Over the Counter (OTC) Pills or Food Supplements: OTC weight loss pills on the other hand are not that intense in action but they are not tested for the claims they make. A large number of people who use OTC weight loss drugs are those obsessed with cosmetic weight loss syndrome as the wish to have a model figure is a pandemic phenomenon nowadays.

However, both prescription and OTC weight pills have their side effects which vary from headache to life threatening conditions.

How the weight loss pills actually work is attributed to the function they perform in your body. It may be one of the following three ways:

1. Suppressing Appetite: Appetite suppressers are also called the anorectics and composed of agents like sibutramine. They are widespread in use and are the oldest of the kind dating back to 1950s. Appetite suppressers are a proven yet short-lived solution to obesity. Majority of them are prescription drugs and usually combined with diet and exercise plans. They directly affect the sections of your brain that control appetite. Hence, the side effects may range from headache, dizziness, nausea, hair loss to high blood pressure and strokes also.

2. Changing your Body Chemistry by Altering the Processes: Body process altering pills are those which work by affecting your metabolism rate. These drugs are usually made of substances like rimonabant though this agent is mainly an appetite suppresser. High rise in body temperature, stomach problems are the typical side effects of metabolism enhancers.

3. Inhibiting the Absorption of Certain Nutrients: Absorption inhibiting agents may be further classified in three categories:

a. Fats Blockers: Fats blockers are substances like orlistat that restrain the absorption of the fats in body. They are the most neutral long term weight pills. But they are the prescription drugs due to their unnatural origin. Side effects may include disturbance of digestive system like oily and loose stool and nausea.

b. Fats Burners: Fats burners are the most popular solutions meant for short-lived effect. Nervous system problems, heart palpitations and high blood pressure may be the side effects of fats burners. Examples include thermogenesis and lypolisis.

c. Carbohydrates Blockers: Carbohydrate blockers are usually meant for those already suffering from diabetes mellitus type 2. Examples include metformin.

Do the weight pills really work? The answer of the question is manifold. A certain pill may prove to be a magic pill for one person and it may do nothing for the other. Reason for this is attributed to chemical construction of the body, genetic factors, stress level, dietary habits and body metabolism.

Does weight loss pills are really effective depends upon how effectively you take them. Certain elementary precautions that need your attention before starting a weight loss program are:

* Seek the advice of your physician

* Discuss the side effects and immediately consult your physician in case of any

* Strictly follow the instructions which come with the weight loss drugs

* Do not overdose – it may lead to lethal outcomes

* Change your dietary habits and follow an exercise program

* Keep evaluating your weight; do not use the drug over a long period of time; you may become addicted to it

Choosing the best weight pill for you from the umpteen number of weight loss solutions in the market is not the whole thing, it’s just a start; you will loose weight only if you are committed to yourself. It needs a viable change in your dietary habits and a strict exercise plan to help you have your ideal weight otherwise the problem will resurface soon after you stop intake of weight loss pills!

Your Sports First Aid Kits

In any case the world of sport is facing setbacks in the results. Bad outcome of today's competition may be different. One of them was badly saved injury received in past competitions. To avoid such cases had developed special sports first aid kits.

Sport first aid kit was developed specifically for sports activities and has separate compartments. Everything that you need to help when someone is hurt. It contains latex-free elastic bandages, instant cold compresses, wound care supplies, antiseptics, moleskin, and a variety of other first aid needs.

Sports First Aid Kit Includes:

1. Large Hard Case
2. First Aid Guide
3. 6 "Cotton tipped applicators
4. Exam quality vinyl gloves
5. Scissors
6. Tweezers

7. Antiseptic cleansing wipes
8. Antibiotic ointment packs
9. Ibuprofen tablets
10. Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets
11. Adhesive plastic bandages 3/4 "x 3"
12. Curad fabric bandages 1 "x3"

13. Fingertip fabric bandages, large
14. Knuckle fabric bandages
15. Elbow & knee plastic bandages 2 "x 4"
16. Moleskin squares 2 "x 2"
17. Large Butterfly wound closures
18. Finger splint 6 "x 3/4"
19. 1/2 "x5 yd. First aid tape

20. 4 "x5" Instant cold compress
21. 1-1 / 2 "x10 yd. Porous cloth athletic tape
22. Gauze dressing pads 4 "x 4"
23. Trauma pads 5 "x 9"
24. 3 "x4" Non-stick pad with adhesive edges
25. 3 "x5 yd. Elastic bandage wrap
26. 2 "x4.1 yd. Conforming gauze roll bandage
27. Sterile eye pad

The team kit has been developed specifically for athletes who need first aid. The assistance provided first aid is the key to success in the following competitions.

We hope that when it comes to sport and to ensure the safety of you will always be fully staffed sports first aid kit, through which any injury will be served on time!

The Journey to Hospital Operational Excellence

Root Cause

Back in 2006, the Presbyterian ED recognized the obstacles before them-too many patients and too little patience among a stagnant staff, many of whom were discouraged and negative to change. With the volume steadily increasing and no additional rooms in sight, patient throughput issues had become more apparent. Earlier hospital-wide attempts to make quality improvements were generally unsuccessful.

Following the arrival of a new department director, John Schooley, in May 2006, managers began attending regular off-site retreats to identify the issues and barriers that existed to providing excellent patient care and a great place to work. The retreat’s action plans spawned several random quality control and process improvement efforts, but they had little success because the staff was not engaged and the data needed to make process improvements was not readily available.

Looking to Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvement

To help the ED leaders facilitate the process improvement work, variation reduction and the needed culture change, the hospital imbedded me as the operational improvement and Lean Six Sigma advisor within the department in late 2006. My time was dedicated to helping make the ED a better place to work and to receive care through Six Sigma and also to use Six Sigma to generate virtual capacity in order to handle the growing volumes.

My initial efforts were spent obtaining the necessary data to guide process improvement efforts before engaging the staff. Together with ED leadership, we reviewed data from the previous months and years looking for trends and patterns. Baseline data was established for benchmarking, as well as value stream maps, to determine where to focus efforts to improve patient flow and reduce length of stay-two things that would help the overcrowded ED and the frustrated staff.

The Data Collection Process

The ED leadership and I used statistical processes to produce a series of correlation studies in early 2007 to determine what was driving the high rate of patients who left without being seen (this was at the time about 7 percent), aside from simply a high volume of patients in the ED.

After considering many correlations-including things that seemed to make sense and things that did not-we finally realized that the number of patients sitting in the waiting room at 3 p.m. every day actually was the greatest correlation to the left-without-being-seen rate. As intuitive as it might sound, that correlation was important because it allowed the team to focus the first improvement efforts on being more productive during the first shift so the flow of the next shifts would be improved as patient volume increased during the day. Arrival-to-room time was tracked as a key performance indicator.

I slowly began to engage staff members in process improvement by asking them what they felt caused their delays each day. I collected all that data and created Pareto charts, allowing daily challenges to be analyzed and prioritized. The results included answers such as the inability to handle the incoming volumes, radiology department turnaround times and insufficient staffing. The interview process also allowed for the development of a trusted relationship between ED staff and myself, perhaps the most important piece of this successful process improvement effort.

Knowledge Sharing for Lean Six Sigma

Rather than being resistant to change, the staff was beginning to come to the table, helping to propose ideas and solutions and then implementing the changes. By design, process improvement teams included staff members who wanted to embrace change and also those who were resistant but were among the social leaders within the organization. Soon staff members began to urge each other to embrace the efforts to make changes.

The ED staff started looking at the patient flow process in segments-from door to room, room to doctor, doctor to disposition, disposition to discharge. Process improvement teams systematically went down a list of projects, taking on one at a time that would make the biggest impact, then watching for sustainable results. The teams utilized the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), a four-step process for problem solving generally used in quality control, to analyze their efforts. If there were no sustainable results, they readdressed the project until they found the right solution.

There were 10 major projects, along with other smaller continuous improvement efforts, that were undertaken during 2007. Incremental changes began occurring over several months along with a couple major breakthroughs. More projects continue in 2008, along with the introduction of 5S throughout the department to support Lean improvement efforts.

Achieving Continuous Improvement

The staff’s new willingness to accept process improvement changes was essential to the department’s evolving continuous improvement culture. Staff members also began to understand the value of data to help guide change. They watched it, monitored it and got excited when it moved in the right direction. Color-coded charts showing how many patients left each day without being seen; data in the form of control charts, Pareto diagrams and mind maps were posted in break rooms and hallways in the emergency services area, along with patient satisfaction scores and other charts and graphs. The ED is now a visual department.

As the workplace culture in Emergency Services has changed through continuous improvement, so has the level of care that patients receive. The average patient walkout rate was cut by almost half, from 7 percent to 3.9 percent during the last six months of 2007. Accordingly, patient satisfaction scores also jumped. Employee turnover was cut by more than 50 percent, from 43 percent in 2006 to 18 percent in 2008.

The number of patients who seek emergency care at Presbyterian Hospital is expected to continue increasing. Construction is underway on a 31-bed addition to the hospital’s ED, and the existing 43 beds are being renovated. The multi-year building projects will create even more opportunities for change. But with a strong foundation in process improvement, leaders and staff members in Emergency Services are better prepared to deal with these and other future challenges.