Drug Addiction Clinics

Drug addiction clinics, also known as drug rehabilitation centers or rehabilitation clinics, or rehab, for short, are facilities that get people who misuse and abuse drugs and who become alcoholics treated by employing various methods. Such means include medication, therapy and counseling. When it comes to drugs though, a drug addiction clinic would fit the bill perfectly as this facility specializes in getting an addict recover from his or her drug infused haze. Such a facility also knows that an addict has a specific need when it comes to getting treated for his or her addiction.

During a patient's stay inside these clinics, his or her treatment will vary from other patients who are also staying within the clinics' confines. Treatment depends on the gravity of a patient's addiction, how long has he or she been hooked on this or that substance, how long will his or her stay be and what sort of counseling should the patient receive. Not only those though, these clinics also have outpatient options, wherein a patient does not stay within the clinics' walls.

While patients are within the drug addiction clinics, they will be attended to by a professional staff made up of nurses, doctors as well as counselors. The doctors will be letting a patient go through what is called drug detoxification, or detox for short. During this phase, a patient joins therapy sessions whenever necessary or is given the right medication to lessen the impact of his or her withdrawal from a substance. This phase is the most critical and the most crucial part of rehab but it is also the most taxing on a patient since he or she will go through very uncomfortable physical as well as behavior adjustments. Apart from drug detox, a key phase in going to rehab is also getting a patient's family, friends and loved ones involved as a patient's addiction not only affects him or her but also them.

Drug addiction clinics can and will help anybody who is addicted to drugs overcome their addiction. However, this can only happen when an addict realizes that he or she needs to check into such facilities and that he or she wants to be free from the grip of drug addiction. After all, drug addiction can be overcome once an addict comes to terms with his or her addiction and would want to change for the better, not only for him or herself but for others as well, especially those who he or she calls family.

Biologically Active Food Supplements – Part 2

More on What Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) Are

BAFS are made up of natural organic ingredients. These are classified in the United States as Nutritional Supplements, Organic Supplements, Natural Food Supplements, Organic Food Supplements, etc. They are considered “Biologically Active” as they have been produced using “cold” processes. There has been no heat or chemicals used in production that would degrade or destroy the nutrient value of the supplement. It is questionable whether those made with “hot” processes (as in boiling) can truly be considered as “Biologically Active” food supplements since the biological character of the product can be degraded or changed by heat.

They are derived from plants that grow in specific geographic areas where they have been used for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years. Some of these plants have been used by the common people as part of their local diet or culture; but most have been the province of “shamans” or “medicine men” for illness prevention, curing a variety of bodily problems, or enhancing certain physical activities.

BAFS are new to the United States only in name. They are also known by other names such as Biologically Active Dietary Supplements (BADS) or Biologically Active Supplements (BAS), among a number of other similarly descriptive names (and acronyms). These terms or related terms however, may be new to some users of these products in the US where they are more commonly known simply as “organic” products.

Uses of Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

Today, they are used by people to offset or prevent some of the problems encountered as a result of our dependency upon manufactured or mass produced food products – which are commercially produced, hormone enhanced, or produced for long term storage. Thus, some of these products may have taken on the appearance and use as a “medicinal” substitute.

It is wrong to consider BAFS in that regard. They should be used for what they are: as supplements to a healthy diet, not as a substitute nor as a medical cure-all for human problems.

These supplements can be extremely useful in maintaining a healthy body. If they are used as intended, they will indeed provide that which they are designed – the restoration and continuance of optimal health.

Medicinal Uses of Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

Please note that in taking these products, you should not ignore regular doctor’s visits, nor should you blindly replace any recommended treatment therapy that may be prescribed for you.

Rather, they can be used for preventive maintenance from illnesses and some of those things that might otherwise trouble you due to age or circumstance. It is definitely NOT recommended that you give in to assurances from amateurs or non-professional “medical” people that BAFS or other supplements will completely replace a medical recommendation or even a necessary operation. Before using any nutritional supplement, it would be wise to consult with a medical professional to determine whether any medical predispositions you may have or other medications you are taking would make it unwise to take it.

During recovery, certain supplements might be used as an additional means of therapy. Being natural and organic, they shouldn’t harm you. Again, you should consult your health professional before you decide to try them.

What Can You Expect When Taking Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)?

Your body may undergo a bio-correction when you start on them. These are potent products whose effects can usually be felt by someone new to organic supplements. If you’ve already been taking other natural products, you probably will not see that much of a reaction, if any at all.

It is recommended that you start slowly. Within 2-3 days you should be able to increase up to the recommended dosage. This recommendation is based on my experience of starting on completely natural supplements. It seemed as if they (or my body) needed time to adapt.

Try to recollect that at some time, perhaps you had a sharp change in your style of food – like when you were on a business trip, a tourist trip, or got sent to a war zone? Even with the best quality food available, for the first day or so, you might have encountered some physically uncomfortable sensations which cleared after a couple of days.

Similar subtle symptoms can be observed with the beginning of using biologically active supplements. It is not necessary to be alarmed at this because it not a deterioration of your condition. It is only the reorganization of your organism – and this to a better level of nutrition.

Also, when taking these products, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. For adults, not less than 1.5-2 liters of water per day and with children, it is dependent upon their size and age. The reason for keeping yourself well hydrated is that your body will begin to clear itself of impurities and water is that medium with which harmful substances are removed. As your body cleans itself, you may feel a bit off at first – but after that, you will very quickly start to feel noticeably better.

Official Positions on Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS)

BAFS have been in existence for years. Many companies produce them. There are good ones, a lot (perhaps most) that are not as good, and some downright terrible (and sometimes dangerous) ones.

A comprehensive governmental review is conducted by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation where registration certificates can be found for specific products. Preparations by manufacturers of products that have only ecological certificates have either not had the level of comprehensive testing conducted, or cannot meet the standards of the Russian Ministry of Health. This gives Eastern European consumers one central place to go to find out information about a product that they might be using.

A significant affirmation is when a supplement has passed testing by Olympic Committees and is recommended for sportsmen in competitions. This alone would give reassurances of product safety.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the final ruling on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Quality is defined as meaning “that the dietary supplement consistently meets the established specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and has been manufactured, packaged, labeled, and held under conditions to prevent adulteration under section 402(a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(3), and (a)(4) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act”.

Preparations marketed in the United States are supposed to meet the FDA’s GMP. In addition, they should have passed clinical testing and reviews by pharmacological committees and found NOT to be dangerous. However, US government agencies will not comment on the specific benefits of a product unless they have gone through a closely monitored testing and trial period. Benefits or claims by products are usually tested for by other parties such as universities or testing facilities. The results of these trials are usually found in advertising with appropriate disclaimers.

With the internet, conducting research into these products is very easy. You can check with the US FDA or the Russian Ministry of Health. The National and International Olympic Committees can be used for confirmation of a product’s quality. You can also do research into the companies that produce them. Most will have a section that mentions how they are made. I would be particularly watchful for mentions of heat or chemicals that are used in the extraction of nutrients. These would be a good indication that the product might not be at its full potential.

What Will Biologically Active Food Supplements (BAFS) Do For You?

BAFS provide the natural and organic nutritional supplements that may exist in deficient quantities in the human body. They are directed toward the general improvement of the body. Although specific effects may occur within a specific person using a particular product, with correct application, the results are very positive. You should also be aware that a particular person may have an existing pre-condition against a specific ingredient in a supplement.

These supplements normally do not contain any narcotic substances or tranquilizers. If they do so, they will not only be listed, they may also be controlled by the local national jurisdiction. As a result of using these products, many people fine that there is an apparent reduction in the need for fats, salts, and coffee. Many also find that alcoholic and tobacco dependence may appear to be considerably reduced.

In general, nutrition has a lot to do with the degree of happiness in your life. BAFS will improve your physical well being. When your body is healthy, your mind is happier. When your mind is happy, your disposition is better. When your disposition is better, you are very likely a pleasure to be around. Could you then say that BAFS will improve your disposition and make you a more pleasurable person to be with? You can only know this by your own personal experience. I can say that it is so with me.

Bosley or Other Clinics for Hair Transplants

For all those people who have considered hair transplant as an option, Bosley would have been a name that has popped up in your research. Bosley Medical is perhaps one of the biggest hair restoration clinics internationally. In the US alone they have consultation clinics based in almost every city. They have a massive advertising campaign and several qualified doctors on their pay rolls.

With all this as a given, one should understand that a hair transplant is similar to a surgery. There are of course risks associated with the procedure, but they are all the worst case scenario. Statistically speaking most hair transplant patients are satisfied with what they have got. There are of course a few who will come away unsatisfied.

If there are complaints about the results of the procedure, then they are often related to hair growth not being as expected. Since this is a surgery, the scalp does undergo some trauma and will take a while for the yield to begin. Some patients also suffer from an irregular hair line growth or even a scarring. There is no clue as such that will not have its quota of patients who are not satisfied with what they have got.

If you plan to get a hair transplant, Bosley is when of the well known places that you can head to. However, you have to be very clear about what your expectations are. It is hair loss that you are looking to stop? Or are you trying to increase the growth of your hair and the spread on your scalp. Speak to your doctor and tell them exactly what you want from the procedure. If you are given the option of simulating what you will look like after the procedure, it would be a good idea to take it. You should not be under the false impression that all your hair will come back.

You have to remember that no matter which clinic you go to, there is never a guarantee on the final result of the hair transplant. Irrespective of whether the clinic is Bosley or any other, the main thing for you to do is the research on what is best suited to you. Talk to multiple doctors and get their opinions. Speak to people who may have got the procedure done for themselves and learn from their experiences. Check into the reputation of the doctor handling your case. These are some of the ways in which you can help yourself.

Cure Disease – How to Cure Any Disease

There is one simple elemental truth when it comes to curing disease. Every illness is caused by something. Normally what is causing an ailment in the body is disharmony. Disharmony mentally, as well as physically, can cause the body to acquire "dis-ease". In order to illness we have to be able to restore the bodies harmony and get it back into balance. This can be acquired and accomplished through many means. Some people believe that drugs are necessary to heal.

Other people believe positive thought will help heal us and even more believe that a combination of both will help restore balance. Other people think that healing has to do with herbal supplements being used in conjunction with alternate healing methods like acupuncture or aromatherapy for healing. Maybe many of you have tried all of these methods to cure disease and have not found any relief? Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction, or maybe you are just fed up and confused about how to find relief from the symptoms that are so troublesome. Maybe you just have not found what you are looking for, as far as a solution is concerned. Maybe it just has not been YOUR time, until now.

Now you can find a cure for any disease within minutes by following one common principal. It is not any one practice, it is a combination of many methods that have been proven to heal illness. This revolutionary new information is not mainstream media and it not know to the general public. Only this information is known to people who attract this type of healing into their lives. To cure disease, you must have the desire to eliminate the disease and disharmony in your life, and with your search have come up with the cure. This is where and how you will heal yourself and live abundantly.

The Path to Crystal Clear Health

Alternative medicine has provided the world with a vast ocean of methods to heal people. Many of these methods involve using nature’s own raw resources in specific techniques to unleash a lot of healing powers. One such method is crystal healing.

As evident from the term itself, crystal healing involves using crystals to ease different predicaments in the body. As crystal healing is a holistic technique, it believes in the balance of physical and mental energies for overall Well-being.

Crystal healing is an ancient method that has featured in a variety of cultures- Indian, Chinese and European healers in the past have all regarded Quartz as a significant rock, that holds many mystical properties. In order to understand crystal healing in its true depth, one must first understand the concept of Chakra.

The Seven Chakra systems

Most schools of thought consider the following areas of the body as chakra points: the crown/tip of the skull, the eyebrow region, the throat, the heart and lungs region, the stomach and lower abdomen, the sacral, and the root nodes.

Crystal healers believe that a person is ill primarily because his chakras are not well balanced. There is a distortion in certain nodes. To overcome these distortions, special crystals can be placed at these nodes, and in the process, energy will be supplied to these regions. In this way, crystals can be used to restore balance and revive health. Many gems and stones are used in crystal healing, but the most effective is quartz.

Mysteries of Quartz

Even though quartz and other crystals are inert, they resonate with the fundamental source of life. Let’s take the fact that our bodies are majorly made of silicone and water. We have a natural affinity with crystals. It’s natural to believe that crystals can act as an energy intermediate.

Nature has configured quartz with many special properties. It’s unique angles allow it to reflect many different sources of energy at different frequencies. In fact, quartz is a professional favourite in not only crystal healing but in sound healing techniques as well.

In the book, “Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies” by Richard Gerber, some fundamentals of quartz healing techniques are elucidated. Quoting from the book,

“When utilizing a single quartz crystal in meditation, it should be held in the left hand. The reason behind this practice is that the left hand is neurologically connected to the right cerebral hemisphere. The right hemisphere, in turn, seems to be attuned to the higher dimensional fields of consciousness, of the Higher Self because the right brain has unique crystalline connections to the pineal gland.”

This is one of the many ways that crystals can specifically target and cure.

Customized Crystal Healing

Perhaps the most unique part about crystal healing is that each crystal has a specific function. An expert healer will first observe his client’s ailments in detail, view the general energy state of the client and supervise the type of crystals that are required for the healing procedure.

There are many different systems of stones and different healers will adopt their own understanding of these stones. Each stone of different colour is intended for a specific purpose. For example, the heart region generally requires Green or Pink crystals, and this can range from rose quartz to Esmerald.

A client is required to observe his stones, and there is usually a trial period where the healer will determine what stones the client is most sensitive to. These stones will turn out to be the most effective crystals. The client is then made to lie down and the crystals are placed at his vital points. As time passes, the crystals absorb certain frequencies and transfer this energy to the spots, resulting in a balance in chakra.

Crystal healing, like most holistic techniques, requires a little faith in the healer. It’s a method that has been fruitful for multiple ancient civilisations, and continues to be a popular choice. The key is to approach an experienced healer.


Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies, by Richard Gerber

Encephalitis-Definition -Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Encephalitis literally define as an inflammation of the brain, but it generally belongs to brain inflammation produced by a virus.This severe and potentially life threatening disease is uncommon.

Encephalitis is a viral infection may be caused by a mosquito borne or a tick borne virus.Some parasitic protozoal infestations such as toxoplasma, can also result encephalitis in people with in whole or in part immune systems. Brain damage results as the inflamed brain pushes against the skull, and can cause death.

Encephalitis is seditious diseases of the membranes that enclose the brain and spinal cord and are produced by bacterial or viral infections .Viral meningitis is normally known aseptic meningitis to indicate it is not the result of bacterial infection .Using antibiotic is not the treatment to cure it as it is not effective against viruses.


Encephalitis can be caused by many kinds of germs, the infection can be multiply in number of different ways.One of the most perilous and the most common cause of encephalitis is the herpes simplex virus. It is the same virus that produces cold sores, mumps, measles, and chickenpox, but when it attacks the brain, this results the brain to swell. The combination of infection and immune response cause the typical symptoms of viral encephalitis. The major risk is permanent brain damage .Encephalitis can be a complication of Lyme disease moved by ticks, or of rabies spread by rabid animals.

The illness appears in two ways:

  • Primary stage.
  • Secondary stage.

The primary stage of the disease is more serious, while the secondary stage is more common. But because of the milder nature of secondary encephalitis, doctors generally see more cases of primary encephalitis. Symptoms

Symptoms in milder conditions of encephalitis generally include such as fever, headache, low appetite, saps of energy, sick feeling.

In some more complicated condition of encephalitis, a person is more likely to experience high fever and any of a number of disorders that relate to the central nervous system including such as severe headache, nausea & vomiting, stiff neck, confusion, disorientation, personality changes , seizures, stiff back, problems with speech or hearing, hallucinations, memory loss, drowsiness, paralysis, coma.

It's difficult to detect some of these disorders in infants, but there are still some important symptoms to look for including such as vomiting, fontanel, un appeasing crying that does not stop or that seems worse when an infant is handled in some way or picked up.

There are some of the symptoms of encephalitis include:

  • Acute fever.
  • Headache.
  • Vomiting.
  • Photosensitivity.
  • Impaired judgment.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Weak muscles.
  • Unsteady gait.


It is recommended not to use antibiotics to treat encephalitis because they are not effective against viruses. However, antiviral drugs can be taken to cure some condition of encephalitis, especially the kind caused by the HSV. Corticosteroids may also be taken in some condition to mitigate brain swelling and inflammation.

Unlike bacteria, viruses are complicated to kill. Antiviral treatments only act on some kind of viruses. Treatment aims to ebb the severity of the symptoms and can include such as pain killing drugs, drugs to prevent vomiting, drugs to ebb fever, such as paracetamol, drugs that are anti convulsive, intravenous administration of carbohydrate solutions to help mollify brain swelling, anti dehydration fluids.

Antiviral treatment may be recommended for herpes encephalitis or other dangerous viral infections. Anticonvulsants are taken to avert or cure seizures .Soporific treatments may be needed for irritability or restlessness.

Edan Instruments Expand Medical Diagnostic Capabilities

Edan Instruments, Incorporated is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical equipment based in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. This company produces medical equipment that is used by family practice doctors as well as medical specialists in the fields of prenatal care, neonatology, cardiology, veterinary care and vascular disease. These devices enable medical practitioners to deliver diagnoses of considerably increased accuracy.

The wide range of prenatal care equipment includes fetal Doppler, ultrasound machines and fetal / maternal monitors for in-room instant monitoring and larger models which can be mounted on a cart for extended monitoring. The fetal / maternal monitor is utilized when monitoring is required for the fetus as well as the expectant mother. The monitor assesses the heart rate of both patients and can be used to monitor contractions during labor and for stress test evaluation. Complications can be anticipated before they even occur, making for much safer conditions for the obstetric setting.

The electrocardiograph machines are available for two specific testing environments to include resting and exercise modes. Portable and mounted options are available for in office, in hospital or in home use. These machines can be used to print out results or digital readings can be loaded and analyzed on compatible software. Accurate diagnosis can be determined and shared at a much more efficient rate, promoting better care in general.

Patient monitoring equipment includes portable and permanent models for measuring blood pressure, pulse, temperature and blood oxygen saturation. These monitors can be used with a variety of accessory cables and implements to include multi-sized blood pressure cuffs and temperature probes. Audio and light alarms can be used for patients whose vital statistics are outside of safe parameters.

Ultrasound and vascular machines are available. These machines should only be operated by certified medical professionals in order to reduce the exposure risk to patients. The ultrasounds can be used for a variety of medical issues to include prenatal care, fetal development scans, gynecological health and vascular system health.

Edan Instruments, Incorporated also produces a full range of veterinary medical equipment in the same categories listed above. These models are specifically manufactured to complement the size and anatomy of small to medium sized animals.

Information about the models manufactured by Edan Instruments can be obtained easily via telephonic or electronic orders through a number of businesses. A representative will assist you in determining the most suitable equipment for your needs and can fulfill your order upon agreement.

E.coli and Phages

E.Coli and phages have co-existed for probably billions of years and are

Nature's way of maintaining a balance.

When Mankind attempts to steal a march on Nature, we often come

unstuck. A classic example is the antibiotics debacle.

All those billions of pounds spent on compounds that the clever little

bacteria simply side-stepped around.

Nature has shown us the way when it comes to tackling bacterial

infections, so why not get Nature on our side and beat the bacteria at

their game, safely and efficiently. Unless, that is, there's no money in



'How now, brown cow?

Your mince is so tasty,

I'm eating it now,

in a fat juicy pastry.

But alas, all that glitters

may not be gold,

for in that gentle brown beastie

lurk dangers untold.

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing,

or a Trojan Cow, I fear,

the E.Coli you give me

may cost me dear.

But, what's this, my saviour I spy,

all is not lost, I'm not going to die.

My friend the E.phage joins battle with zest

and lays low the foe, without breaking sweat.

Now I feel better, and stronger and fit,

no more beef burgers and no more squit!

Against poor Daisy I bear no grudge,

just thankful for phages in seawater and sludge. '

Can You Give a Dog Aspirin?

A Google search of “what can I give my dog for pain” will result in millions of pages of information; some educational; some not so helpful. It’s difficult when your dog is in pain and you don’t know how to fix it. Unfortunately, dogs can’t sit us down and tell us what ails them. So, in the absence of an immediate vet, we’re often left to our own devices, and the plethora of conflicting information we find on Google, to help us with a solution.

You might be tempted to give your dog medicine from your own cabinet. Sometimes that might be a viable option but not always. Aspirin is one of the cases where it’s best to stick with vet-approved medicines.

Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, commonly called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). These drugs help to control signs of arthritis, including inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and joint pain in humans. There are also NSAIDs for animals which have been tested for specific animal breeds (such as your ailing dog).

Human approved pain-relief products are not good alternatives to approved veterinary pain-relief products. Many human-approved drugs, such as aspirin, can be toxic to animals. The use of approved animal NSAIDs is always preferable because the FDA has reviewed data establishing the safety and effectiveness of the animal product for its labeled use.

According to the FDA, even if data show an NSAID, such as aspirin, is safe and effective in people, the drug may not be safe and effective in dogs because the drug may:

* Last longer

* Have a higher absorption rate in the stomach and small intestine

* Reach higher blood levels

Dogs metabolize aspirin more slowly than people and these differences may lead to toxic effects in pets, such as bleeding, ulcers, gastrointestinal upset, and kidney damage. It would be difficult to determine the correct aspirin dosage to give your dog even if doing so for a very short amount of time. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some dogs given aspirin at some point that lived to tell about; it may have even relieved their pain. However, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

A main benefit of an FDA-approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug for a specific animal breed is that it has been shown to be safe and effective in that species when used according to the label. Pain relievers meant for people do not have the same assurances of safety and effectiveness in pets. Arthritis in dogs is a leading cause of pain so there are medications specifically targeted to decrease their pain allowing them to move more easily. In addition, the use of dog steps can help prevent unnecessary stress to their joints.

Remember to always check with your veterinarian before giving your pet medications, particularly those coming from your own medicine cabinet.

Case Against Alternative Medicine

Today, the average person in the world has the best medical treatment in history and the quality of the overall available medical treatment is only getting better. Granted, many of the poor countries can not offer their citizens adequate health-care, but more people than ever have access to exceptional medical treatment of their choosing.

There is a common divide in the Western world over the type of medicine is better. Some people think that the scientific approach and modern Western medicine gives better overall care. Others believe that Western medicine is too driven by money, and causes as many problems as it cures. For the ladder reason, many people are choosing alternative treatment over traditional medicine.

A big problem with alternative treatments is a lack of quantification. Doses are poorly measured, no clinical trials are performed, and side effects are generally little known and unpublicized.

Scientific medicine, on the other hand, is typically under such scrutiny that by the time a treatment of any sorts hits the consumer market, side effects are pretty well known, doses are measured with extreme care, and the consumer is generally more aware of the types of benefits he or she is able to reasonably expect.

Another benefit of Western medicine is that the course of treatment is usually more thorough than alternative approaches. Western doctors are taught to systematically approach problems and iterate on possible diagnosis testing and cure attempts. Additionally, prior to treatment, Western medicine has far surpassed any alternative approaches in diagnosis of the problem. There is nothing worse for the patient than being treated for a problem they do not have, and having the original problem go untreated and actually get worse.

While there is a lot of room for alternative medicines within the overall treatment cycles, the consumer is probably best off in trying both, alternative and western medicines, although in my opinion, western medicine should be attempted first.

What Vitamins Improve Libido and Boost the Female Sexual Life

You might be asking, "What vitamins improve libido?" Indeed if you would want to obtain higher performance and achievement in bed, there should be something that you can take to significantly enhance your libido as a woman as this will not just boost your sexual energy but will as well affect your confidence.

What vitamins improve libido? They are mentioned below:
Vitamin A – this vitamin helps in the regulation and production of the sex hormone progesterone. Including this in your diet will make you a potent sex partner. There will be guarantee that you will be an exciting partner in bed; at the same time, full of energy.

Vitamin B1 – also known as Thiamine. It promotes energy, liveliness and nerve transition. These factors are very important in the woman's sexual life. They help in maintaining the sexual driving force in you.

Vitamin C – helps boost the synthesis of the essential hormones that influences sexuality and fertility. These hormones are progesterone, estrogen and androgen.

Vitamin E – this is a very potent anti-aging vitamin which also protects the cell membranes of the body; promotes vitality and youthfulness. It is essential for the synthesis of prostaglandins and other sexual hormones. It is also a very good antioxidant. This vitamin will help in preserving your gratification in sex.

The vitamins which are mentioned above are very potent and they will help in enhancing the female libido. Not just that; they would also help in keeping you strong and physically fit. By taking them regularly in your diet or supplements, they will not just give sexual wellness but they will boost your wellbeing as well.

If you wish to improve your sex life, make it a point to always take these vitamins. Make them a part of your lifestyle and there is a promise of a happier relationship between you and your partner.
These vitamins together the Getting with libido Boosters is now made ​​more convenient with the help of special sex products color : such color : as HerSolution Pills and HerSolution Gel.

With these products, having a low libido would not at all serve as a problem among women because help can be achieved in an instance. Taking them will supply your body with the needed vitamins mentioned above while at the same time, making you enjoy your sexual life more. They contain first class and special ingredients including what vitamins improve libido.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Medical Practice by Using an Online Appointment Scheduling System

Competition is heating up in the health-care industry. With many medical practices are trying to compete with each other by trying to provide only the best medical care and service, one of the best ways to improve the quality of your medical practice is by using an online appointment scheduling system.

When you have an effective online appointment scheduling service in place, you can be sure that your medical practice is already ahead of your competition. Using the system, you can save both your office time and labor, making everything run more efficiently in the office. Your medical staff will be able to devote more time toward patient care, instead of being burdened with mundane tasks, such as taking calls.

The use of an online appointment scheduling service can benefit any types of medical practices. This is a highly sophisticated system that can result in an improved communication between patients and doctors, as well as in an enhanced office efficiency and productivity.

One of the newest features that such system has is the ability for patients and doctors to customize the online appointments. Apart form naming the appointment and defining how long the appointment will be, doctors can now design a customized question list to ask patient questions relating to the appointment. When patients can provide more details prior to seeing the doctor, the time spent on each appointment can be cut down significantly. Doctors will also be able to provide a more accurate advice and medical care to the patients. This makes the online appointment scheduling service a win-win solution to both parties.

The online form that the patients can fill out will be sent to both the doctor and the patient as email attachment. Since everything is done automatically, there is very little chance of any mistakes from occurring. The information will be accurate, so there will be none of the inaccuracies that usually arise from hand-written notes.

At the end of day, technology can simplify the many processes that your medical practice usually go through. Do not be afraid to embrace it, especially one that can make your medical office run more effectively and efficiently. The use of an online appointment scheduling service will make sure that your patients receive the best medical care and service. When your patients are satisfied, you can be sure that it will affect your bottom line positively. Investing in such system is no longer an option, but rather a necessity.

Chinese Medicine Colleges: What Do They Teach?

Find Chinese Medicine Colleges in the United States and Canada. While Chinese medicine may be considered “alternative” medicine in the West, it is an accepted form of conventional medicine in Eastern cultures – Chinese medicine colleges are trying to change this Western mode of thinking by researching, teaching and administering comprehensive training in this unique healing art.

Whether you’re interested in an introductory class in herbal medicine or are more seriously considering a long-term career in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, one of several Chinese medicine colleges can help you advance your personal and professional goals.

Today, Chinese medicine colleges provide a diverse assortment of certificate and degree programs. One of the more popular courses afforded through Chinese medicine colleges is the Masters in Oriental medicine. Class and clinical training in this program will often include human anatomy and physiology, basic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories, acupuncture, Oriental bodywork, Tai Chi, meridian therapy, moxibustion, Qi gong, and a vast assortment of related studies. Students who have enrolled in a number of Chinese medicine colleges will also learn that they can achieve their Doctorates in Oriental medicine as well.

Aside from learning how to become a licensed acupuncturist, most Chinese medicine colleges frequently offer fundamental studies in the Chinese language to better understand and identify common Chinese medical terms. Additionally, Chinese medicine colleges integrate Eastern philosophies in their teachings, as well as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theories.

In many Chinese medicine colleges, students will be able to engage in certificate programs that teach herbal medicine, Chinese medical massage (Tuina), and other Oriental bodywork therapies. Students who wish to become licensed acupuncturists and practicing Oriental medicine doctors must understand that many Chinese medicine colleges regularly require certain prerequisites prior to enrollment. In many cases, these requirements include extensive education from an accredited university or college. It is always beneficial to review all curriculum requirements at your choice of Chinese medicine colleges so that you are fully prepared to start your educational passage. In addition, students attending Chinese medicine colleges and who are enrolled in more intricate courses (i.e., doctor of Oriental medicine, etc.) will be expected to pass a series of rigorous examinations along the way. These tests will validate comprehension in fundamental knowledge and critical skills in the practice of Chinese medicine.

While there are several varieties of techniques and methods that are facilitated in Oriental medicine, Chinese medicine colleges may slightly differ in independent teachings and length of study. Depending on which course you elect to enroll, training programs in Chinese medicine colleges may vary from mere months to several years. The prospect for success for graduates of any number of Chinese medicine colleges is virtually unlimited.

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A Question And Answer Guide On The HIV Home Test

HIV infection is rampant everywhere in the world. It is a sexually transmitted disease that can also be spread through blood transfusion, breast milk or needles. It is very important to know your status if you often find yourself having vaginal intercourse with different people or anal intercourse with men. The latter is usually a case of a man getting intimate with a man anally. If you are feeling shy or fearful, you can do a HIV home test.

What is the test about?

People have this option now and it has helped very many know about their HIV status without facing a doctor directly. In the US there is a HIV home test called OraQuick that is recognized by the FDA for over the counter use. It is an in-vitro investigative home use testing kit for HIV-1 and HIV-2. The user must test their oral fluid for antibodies. OraQuick should not be used with plasma, vaginal fluid, sweat, blood, semen, breast milk or urine.

For this HIV home test to work as intended, it should be used as instructed.

When should you check your status?

Perhaps you are wondering when to test for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus at home. The best time to use a recommended HIV home test kit such as the one mentioned above is at least three months after a suspected infection. This is why the doctors recommend getting regular tests if you often have intercourse without protection. Also those who share needles or syringes with other drug users should get tested often.

Women who suspect they are pregnant should attend all ante-natal clinics. HIV can be detected early enough in their body fluids and actions can be taken to protect the fetus. A HIV home test must be taken as soon as the risk event occurs. The risk event is defined in different ways as shown below.

• When a man or a woman has had intercourse with many people.
• When one has had intercourse with a person whose HIV status is unknown to them.
• When a person has gotten intimate with a person who is HIV positive.
• When two males have had anal intercourse.
• When people have injected their skin with illicit drugs via needles / syringes.
• If one does intercourse with strangers in exchange for money.
• In case you have been treated for other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea, and hepatitis and so on.

Who else should use the testing kit at home?

Perhaps you are humbly married but for some reason you are suspecting that your spouse is seeing other people. Knowing your status via a HIV home test will be very important. Maybe you are pregnant and you just want to know you are healthy to protect your baby. Could it be that you are 17 and over teenager who is sexually active? Getting tested is a must-do thing in your case.

When will using a HIV home test be unnecessary?

If you feeling scared or anxious about being tested, or testing yourself, leave it for a while until you calm down. Some tests can be ineffective, especially; if the seal appears to have been tampered with. A broken seal may mean that some necessary contents are missing or destroyed. It is obviously unnecessary to use a HIV home test if you already are HIV positive. It will not reverse your status. Check the outside of the box for the expiry date of the kit. An expired testing system is useless. Are you sixteen or younger? If so you should avoid using the testing system.

First Aid for Bleeding

When someone experiences a cut or any form of bleeding you might start to panic and worsen the situation if you don’t know what to do. Every second counts in a situation where blood loss is rapid. Here are simple steps to take to see to the safety of the victim by acting diligently.

What to do:

1. Control the loss of blood from the circulation – the loss of more than 2 pints, especially in a short time, can have serious effects.

2. For external bleeding, apply pressure over or round the wound. For a nosebleed, pinch the nostrils.

3. For internal bleeding, keep the victim quiet and still while someone else calls a doctor or an ambulance. Do not give the victim anything to eat or drink. Even if he asks for it.

Minor bleeding usually stops in its own accord, but it can be controlled by pressure from a pad or dressing, or even the bare fingers. If the bleeding is severe, make the victim lie still while an ambulance is called. If the wound is in an arm or leg and no fracture is suspected, raise the limb above the level of the rest of the body. Apply dry dressings to the wound. If they become soaked with blood, do not remove them but press more on top.

Internal bleeding

This may be revealed by paleness, breathlessness or restlessness. Blood may be coughed up, vomited or passed in the stools or urine. Internal bleeding can be treated only by a doctor.

Bleeding in the tissues causes bruising, such as that which sometimes accompanies a closed fracture.

If the victim is vomiting, lay him in the recovery position on his stomach with his head turned to one side and the arm and leg of that side drawn up; otherwise lay him in as comfortable a position as possible. Loosen all tight clothing and get him to hospital as quickly as possible, preferably by ambulance which will jolt him less than will other forms of transport.


Sit the victim with his head forward and over a bowl. Pinch his nostrils together firmly for up to ten minutes. By that time the bleeding should stop. If it does not, pinch the nostrils again for another five minutes. If that does not stop the bleeding, get the victim to hospital.

If the victim loses more than half a pint of blood, consult a doctor.