Cost Effective and Efficient Dispensing Technologies

Dispensing technology has evolved over the years. The dispensing systems are configured based on the resin material used, the flow rate and shot size. These are some of the most important factors that are key to automating any dispensing application. A wide range of dispensing machines is used for different types of applications. From a table dispensing machine to automated turn-key solution lines with multiple operations, there are machines to suit every type of application. This includes standard meter mix and dispensing machines.

How dispensing systems work

Each dispensing machine is configured to meter mix and dispense any type of resin material based on the application. The resin and hardener are loaded in industrial syringes with barrel capacity ranging in volumes from 3cc to 55cc. These machines are easy to set up and can be ready for use within minutes. Most types of dispensing machines work on the time/pressure method where an increase or decrease in output can be achieved by an increase or decrease in time, pressure or both. A dispensing machine features air powered pistons that apply equal pressure throughout the material, which allows for consistent deposits. There is a wide range of dispensing tips from 14 – 32 gauges that allows the dispenser to achieve a variety of bead sizes. In conjunction with time, pressure and the right dispensing tip, the system has the ability to perform a variety of complex dispensing tasks.

The benefits of jetting technology

To meet the demands of automated adhesive application processes, several manufacturers use jetting technology. This type of dispensing technology offers numerous benefits. A jet has the ability to dispense material in smaller spaces. The process is also gentle on delicate assemblies. In addition, automated jet dispensers can apply a variety of viscosity ranges or specific fluids. It is also one of the most effective methods for high volume production and also offers low cost of ownership compared with some other adhesive dispensing methods. Current dispense jetting technology features mechanically, electrically, or pneumatically actuated pistons with a ball tip that dispenses fluid through a jet nozzle. As air pressure raises the piston, fluid flows into the nozzle. When the pressure is removed, a spring action returns the piston allowing the ball to shoot droplets fluid from the end of the nozzle.

A versatile dispensing technology

Jetting is one of the most versatile dispensing technologies that can dispense a variety of adhesives. The simple mechanism enables it to adapt to a wide range of adhesive fluids, dispense patterns and circuit board layouts.

This facilitates the implementation of multiple adhesive application processes with a single jetting dispenser. The mechanism requires less mechanical travel, which results in dispensing at much greater speeds. One of the biggest advantages of jetting is that it is a non-contact form of dispensing. This eliminates any risk of damage to the board or substrates. It is also most useful in applying adhesives to small spaces. Space constraints can pose a great challenge for needle dispensers to apply adhesives quickly, accurately and effectively, which can be easily overcome with jetting. Given these advantages, there is no doubt that the increasing demand for speed, accuracy, ease of use and reduced costs by the global manufacturing market makes jetting technology a viable solution for many types of applications.

How Doctors Remove Moles

There are many methods how doctors remove moles that can be very effective. The main issue with doctor assisted mole removal is that it can be very expensive. The other drawback is that it can leave unwanted scarring.

How doctors remove moles by excision:

• The mole and surrounding skin is frozen with a topical anesthetic to prevent pain.

• The mole and tissue underneath is cut out with a scalpel and the skin is stitched.

• The wound is covered with a topical ointment and a bandage.

This is one of the most common ways for doctors to remove moles.

How doctors remove moles by scraping:

• The mole and tissue surrounding it may be frozen or numbed with topical anesthetic.

• Using a sharp scalpel or blade, the doctor will actually scrape the mole off.

• This may cause profuse bleeding, and this is the main reason why you should never try to scrape a mole off yourself, at home.

• No stitches are required, however the wound is covered with an ointment and a bandage.

• Moles may grow back if certain tissue is not removed.

Another method for mole removal is laser treatments. The drawback to this treatment is that it requires repeated visits to the doctor and it is very expensive.

With these treatments, infections can occur if the wound is not properly cared for after mole removal surgery. Of course, the most common side effect of mole removal is scarring; however, there are natural treatments available that do not produce this unwanted side effect.

Mole removal surgery can be costly because it is considered a cosmetic and unnecessary procedure if the moles are not malignant. This is another reason why natural remedies are so appealing to people – because of their availability and their affordability.

Cat Vaccinations Side Effects

Cat vaccinations are a great way to protect your cat from contracting feline diseases. Following your local veterinarian on the schedule of vaccinations for kittens and the subsequent vaccinations for booster shots, you will be saving time and money from bringing your cat to the cat clinic more often. This will also lessen your cat’s exposure to the clinic especially if it does not particularly like the place.

Though cat vaccinations are generally helpful, they can also bring risks to your pet. Side effects from these vaccines will go away in time but some can be fatal if not treated. Cats will not be able to tell you when they feel something bad so you have to take the time and observe your pets especially after getting vaccinated. Some of the common side effects are listed below. Read through and be prepared to look out for them when you get your cat vaccinated.

• More often than not, cats will feel discomfort on the vaccination site. They will feel sore on the place injected with the vaccine and redness, irritation or swelling may also be observed. The cat may even limp is the vaccine is administered near the limbs. Vets may prescribe pain relievers to cats that are experiencing severe pain.

• One mild side effect of getting vaccinated is the decrease in appetite and physical activity of your cat. Lethargy accompanied by a slight fever may be expected and will eventually go away on its own after a couple of days. Chlamydia psittaci is a bacterium that causes Chlamydiosis in felines that causes eye and lung problems. The vaccine for it causes lethargy, appetite loss and fever which may last for a few weeks. Some cats manifesting these side effects may need treatment with corticosteroids to alleviate the symptoms faster.

• Cat vaccinations may also result to a type of cancer. Sarcomas or benign lumps may develop in some cats on the area where the vaccine was injected. A sarcoma will invade the deeply into the underlying tissue. Some benign lumps will not be harmful and will eventually disappear, but if a lump grows more than two centimeters and persists for more than three months then you should consult your veterinarian about it. Just like in humans, removal of a sarcoma is surgical and may need chemotherapy or radiation.

• Allergic reactions from cat vaccinations can also be experienced by cats. These include itching, redness, hives, and swelling round the lips, eyes and neck. These moderate signs still need to be checked by a vet. Severe allergic reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and a sudden drop in blood pressure that may cause fainting. These symptoms need immediate care from a professional.

• Another risk connected with allergic reactions is an anaphylactic shock. This is an adverse and fatal reaction to cat vaccinations that can result in shock, cardiac failure and ultimately, death. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock include swelling of the face, pale gums, cold limbs, and a fast heartbeat. Immediate care from a physician may include administration of intravenous fluids and epinephrine.

Cervical Cancer Statistics

It is normal to want to find out about the statistics of something, especially cancer, if you, a friend or a family member has been recently diagnosed. Well, the fact is, first of all, you, or that person, where not the only ones today to be diagnosed. In the United States alone, 11,150 women this year will be diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. That is roughly 30 females a day, every day, for a year, in America alone.

In the United Kingdom, the statistics of diagnoses in 2003 where 24,105, which is double the American count in 2007. The following year, the number increased to 2,726, causing the UK to account for about 2% of all female cancers, and making Cervical Cancer specifically the twelfth most common cancer in women.

As far as death goes, in 2005, there were 1,061 deaths from Cervical Cancer in the UK. So out of the roughly 60 women who were diagnosed in one day, only 2 did not make it, which is not bad. From 1955 to 1992 the death rate has dropped slowly from 74%. Women are going more regularly for Pap Smear tests, which reduces their chances of dying from cervical cancer. The earlier the cancer is discovered, the higher the rate of getting rid of it. Currently the death rate of cervical cancer is on 4%.

The chances are higher that you will be diagnosed during your midlife. About half of woman will be diagnosed between the ages of 35 and 55. Because, as women get older they do not realize that their risk of getting cervical cancer is still high, slightly over 20% of women over the age of 65 get diagnosed . In the UK, 91% of all cases of diagnosed Cervical Cancer are of women who are under the age of 45, the peak incidence being in the 25 to 29 age group.

The two factors that come into play when beating cancer are the stage of cancer they are at and the person's age. If the cancer is diagnosed in what is known as the pre-cancerous stage, which is when the abnormal cells of cancer are discovered, but have not turned cancerous yet, almost every women will be treated and cured. Statistically, it is a 92%. From a medical viewpoint, this is called a "5 year survival rate". This does not mean that the women who were diagnosed lives for 5 years and then dies, but that the woman lives at least five years after their initial treatment.

Generally, if a person lives for 5 years without the cancer recurring, the chances of it coming back are very small. The overall statistic is that 7 out of 10 women will survive the 5 years. In low developing countries where Pap Smears are not regularly done; the survival rate can drop down to 40%

The one-year survival rate in the UK was just over 40% a decade ago. The five-year was not that much higher. In comparison, for women diagnosed in 2000, the odds have been increased by 20% to 60%. In the last 7 years, their chances have just been improving further.

Every year the statistics are getting better and compared to other cancers, cervical is becoming less and less of a concern as the general awareness of it grows. It might seem just another thing to do every year along with the local visit to your GP and the dentist, but the Pap Smear does not take that long. Especially it you consider you've the rest of your life as the reward for doing it.

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a common genetic chromosomal syndrome among the population in the world. It is about 1 in 800 liveborns in the population with Down syndrome. This syndrome is starts to be described by a physician named John Langdon Down who published an article in 1866. He stated that there are some children with common characteristics but distinct from other children with mental retardation. He described this syndrome as "Mongoloids". He used this unfortunate name just because of those children looked like people from Mongolia. The "Mongoloids" was dropped from scientific use since 1960s to stop the ethic insult.

About 95% of all patients with Down syndrome have a 47, +21 karyotype. Among these cases there is a small group with familial translocation involving a chromosome 21 and another chromosome with balanced rearrangement. There are some very rare instances of direct transmission of the additional 21 from a Down syndrome mother or father to a Down syndrome child.

Down syndrome patient looks almost alike to each other. We can simply identify the Down syndrome patient by just looking to their physical outlook. However, a confident clinical diagnosis might be difficult early after birth, especially in prematures. Some of the useful diagnostic signs are brachycephaly (flat-head), small ears, Brushfield spots (brown spots on the periphery of the iris) and low iliac and acetabular index in pelvic radiographs. Congenital malformations are frequent in Down syndrome patients too. Thyroid dysfunction is also significantly associated with Down syndrome and might be the cause for developmental delay. Mentally retardation is the most common feature among the Down syndrome patients.

Generally, female menarche occurs at normal time and pregnancies are common among the Down syndrome patients. However, there is hypogenitalism and hypogonadism among the male patients. Therefore, the male with Down syndrome usually is infertile.

In conclusion, Down syndrome patients need to be taken care as there are various specific problems throughout their life. I will write more about the guideline for optimal medical care on these Down syndrome patients later.

Common Skin Diseases in Children

Children are prone to certain types of skin diseases in their childhood since their skin is relatively tender as compared to adults. Also, since they tend to get dirty soon and play in the soil, they get affected easily.

The following is a list of common skin diseases found among children.

Hand foot mouth disease: This disease causes rashes on skin and is accompanied by fever and cough, sore mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, headache and sore throat. It can be prevalent anywhere between three to six days.

Red patches are seen in gums, tongue, mouth and even the throat. It then turns into blisters and can also form lesions. The rashes are also found to appear in legs, hands, toes and fingers. The disease is quite contagious and can spread easily by direct contact.

Children with this disease should wash their hands frequently and also drink plenty of liquids. Consult the doctor on what medication should be taken for this disease.

Scabies: This disease is caused by mites. They result in extreme itching that can be quite uncomfortable for the child. It is extremely contagious especially in case of direct contacts. Severe itching may be experienced in legs, arms, neck, head, soles and palms.

Scabies is common where there is a large group of children like day-care centre and pre-schools. The disease can be cured only by appropriate treatment by a skin specialist.

Scalp ringworm: This is a fungal disease that causes mild infection in the scalp. This contagious disease can spread through direct contact or through pillows, combs and caps.

Acupuncture and Herbal Formulas to Treat Epilepsy!

There are many clinical research trials showing the benefits of acupuncture for epilepsy. Early diagnosis and treatment of acupuncture in children can produce remarkable results. There are indications that in order to achieve long term relief that the treatment needs to be continued on a regular basis for a period of two years. Scalp, body and auricular acupuncture are successful in treatment of epilepsy. Quantum Brain Healing often uses acupuncture points in treating epilepsy and the range of seizure symptoms. Eastern medicine can treat many diseases successfully that remain unresolved with Western medicine. Some types of seizures disorders with unknown origin can be treated or cured with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most of this type of seizures are treated with little success by allopathic medicine. Epilepsy is not cured overnight and often herbal formulas are used on a long term basis.

Medical researchers from the Medical College of Ohio showed that acupuncture produced autonomic changes in animals and biochemical changes in the central nervous system. They believed that these changes correlated with the improvement in seizures, paresis, and paralysis treated with acupuncture. Vagal nerve stimulation and neurotransmitter changes explain the effects of acupuncture on brain on epilepsy. This is also the biochemical mechanism of VNS. Acupuncture points on the body, face, ear, scalp, and lower extremities activate the vagus nerve through reflex actions taking place in centers receiving several converging inputs within the brain stem. These points appear frequently in treating epilepsy. Dr Bob Flaws offers a great book on treating brain illness with acupuncture. Herbal Formulas to treat epilepsy can be found in a great book by Honora Lee Wolfe. They are the best available and can be found online at Blue Poppy.

Shen Men is an acupuncture point on the ear which has received extensive examination. Its location on the ear lies within the zone of the concave surface of the pinna supplied by the auricular branch of the vagus nerve. Electro-acupuncture is electrical stimulation applied to an acupuncture needle. Auricular electro-acupuncture stimulation decreased epileptic activity in the cortex of the brain. Electro-acupuncture decreased levels of excitatory neurotransmitters in the hippocampus and increased the inhibitory neurotransmitter levels of glycine, taurine, and GABA. Quantum Brain Healing has found herbal formulas and acupuncture to successfully reduce and stop seizures. Always discuss any new medications or recreational drugs that are being used as these may trigger seizures in some people.

Stimulation of acupuncture points on the extremities results in stimulation of the vagus nerve. The anti-epileptic effects of these VNS and electro-acupuncture target the same part of the brain. Taurine supplementation increases the effectiveness of electro-acupuncture to protect against induced seizures. Some Chinese herbs used to treat epilepsy have relatively high amounts of taurine. Electro-acupuncture applied to body points in rats with pilocarpine-induced epilepsy levels found that electro-acupuncture reduced epileptiform discharges in the improved cognitive deficits and prevented shrinkage of areas within the limbic system of the brain. Electro-acupuncture functions as a neuro-protectant. It is likely that acupuncture and electro-acupuncture reverse signs of brain aging and mental decline.

© Dr R Stone, MD India

The Paralysing Stroke

The numerous arteries, veins and capillaries running through our body make a unique picture, similar to the worldwide map of the rivers and their tributaries. Just as the river courses through its winding road – gushing and gurgling in a natural manner, sweeping away all minor snags and obstacles, the blood does the same in our body. It carries the good and the bad depositing each at its designated place. Thus, the system is operating normally and the person is healthy and hearty.

This happy disposition is abruptly halted when a minute clotting in the blood can not get through an arterial pass and is stuck. Immediately, message is transmitted to the brain and help is rushed to the spot, much like our emergency system. Unfortunately, the passage is too small and thus the blood can go no further. Which means, stop of blood supply and the essential oxygen to the brain. No oxygen, no functioning and that part of the brain, starved of oxygen (its food) become inoperative. This means, that part of the body this particular portion of brain manages becomes listless, paralyzed. Now the question is where and how did this clotting happen?

A tiny air bubble or a minute fat deposit in the blood system could encourage the clotting and it can grow in size if your atrial fibrillation is high, which means, you have a high tendency to clot too soon when you cut yourself. Though this is better than bleeding away inconsistently, it can have a negative effect inside the blood vessel. It is advisable to check your atrial fibrillation. Besides, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, high intake of alcohol and heart problems can also trigger a stroke One aspirin a day helps to decrease your chances of a stroke, but should be taken only under a doctor's advice. The clotting of blood in the blood vessel and thereafter a stroke is the most common type of stroke, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the cases. It is called the ischemic stroke.

The gushing river, when massively obstructed, can break its banks under pressure and go wayward. Similarly, the other type of stroke known as hemorrhagic stroke is the bursting of a blood vessel, thus stopping the normal flow of blood to the brain.

Like the river, our arteries too need to have a clean, snag-free path to accomplish its duties – which is primarily reaching oxygen and blood to the brain. There are numerous projects all over the world to keep the rivers clean and healthy, thus avoiding so many rippling effects of a dried river, over flooded river and so on. You can do the same to keep your heart healthy by following a few rules in life. Lead a healthy life style, have good eating habits and keep the body working, keep it normal and natural as you were meant to be.

Some recommendations from the medical world, which are also useful in avoiding other ailments, are – maintain a diet rich in fish / fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids), fruits and vegetables (potassium, antioxidants), beans and oatmeal (soluble fiber ), food rich in calcium, soy products and soymilk. Go slow with salt and sugar intake; avoid alcohol as far as possible, stop smoking (it reduces the stroke risk immensely) and generally lead an active, healthy life.

A stagnant river is dirty, infested with disease and germs and harmful. So is your body when it is inactive. You must do minimal exercise on a daily basis; it helps to keep up the blood circulation going. A sedentary life-style is not healthy – period. Walk, run, jog, or go to the gym, – anything that suits your life style and circumstances. The point here is not to get into a habit of inaction.

Stress, worry and anxiety are also indirect causes for a stroke. You can make a conscious effort to de-stress yourself, avoid worrying and getting unnecessarily anxious. It helps to keep active – mentally and physically in a positive manner.

Exactly Why You Abuse Your Body and How to Stop Doing it Right Now

You might be in a bad situation since you abuse your body, but at least you have my guidance, which comes from the wisdom and the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I’m going to show you everything I know about the human brain and the human behavior.

First of all I have to explain to you that when you interpret the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you try to understand the meaning given by the unconscious mind to all the parts of the dream, the same way that you interpret a literary document, trying to understand the meaning that the author gave to his work and wanted to transmit to his or her readers.

By translating your dreams you have an internal vision of your psyche, which means that you penetrate into your own mind and you examine it as an observer. When you learn how to translate the dream images into words and you finally understand the dreams’ meaning, you’ll see that the unconscious mind follows another logic, totally different from the logic of our human conscience.

Our conscience is selfish and ignorant, while the unconscious mind is wise and generous. There are many differences between their logic.

Why did I start giving you this lesson?

Because when you understand the difference which exists in the way you think, depending on which logic you follow, you’ll be able to understand the difference which exists between mental health and craziness.

You may believe you know the difference, but you are far from the truth…

The logic you follow is absurd, while you believe that it is right and that you know what you are doing. You are following the absurd logic of your one-sided human conscience and the absurd logic imposed by the animal and evil part of your human brain.

How do I know that your logic is absurd? How can logic be absurd?

Logic reflects the way you organize your thoughts, and the importance you give to the reality where you are.

If you cut and burn your own body, this means that you are following an absurd logic. An absurd logic is camouflaged craziness; in other words: it is absurdity that has the appearance of something that can be justified and understood, while it is totally crazy.

The absurd logic of the mentality of your time is also another factor that makes you believe that your mistakes are correct and doesn’t let you see the real truth, which is based on the reality as it is, and not on your suppositions.

Everything I have told you up to now was an introduction, so that you may understand what your position should be and what you have to pay attention to when you examine your own thoughts and your own behavior.

You have to understand what it means to have a primitive conscience in your brain, working in parallel with your human conscience, and trying to destroy your humanity, so that it may completely control your behavior.

Your primitive and evil conscience that didn’t learn the meaning of goodness gives you an absurd personality that follows an absurd logic, and this is why your behavior is absurd, but you cannot see that.

You believe that everything that exists inside your brain belongs to you, without perceiving the existence of the anti-conscience, which is an independent conscience that works as if it didn’t belong to the same brain where your human conscience exists.

I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience after fighting against craziness when I was 15 years old and I suffered a tragic accident, becoming neurotic, and also observing the behavior of my schizophrenic father, who had two personalities. But I didn’t know what exactly I had discovered then.

Only after studying the meaning of dreams and again fighting against craziness many years later, could I really understand that the anti-conscience is an independent part of our brain, that doesn’t belong to our human conscience, and works against our human side.

This discovery will put a definitive end to all mental illnesses when humanity will realize its importance.

I hope that you’ll understand its importance today however, and stop cutting your body right now, since you know that it is not your human personality the one who is deciding what you do when you harm your own body.

This notion must help you stop, or at least help you accept doing something drastic like going to a hospital. You have to put a definitive end to this absurd tendency before it kills you completely.

You are not abusing you own body because you decided to do such a horrible thing against yourself, with the excuse that this behavior will give you some relief. You are abusing your own body because your mind and your hands are being controlled by the primitive animal from which your human conscience is derived.

A Realistic Therapy For Depression

Your depression is a sign that you are sensitive. You understand that many things are not as you wish they were because the world is cruel, many life experiences are painful, and you do not know how to behave.

Depression has a healthy side because you are in a depressing world where terror, poverty, immorality, and many other horrors torture the human race. You should really be very sad because you are in such world.

As a matter of fact, those who indifferently try to be happy in a world where so many people are suffering are visibly sick.

Indifference to the human pain is a mental illness. Almost everyone on earth suffers from this mental illness because everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience.

We are so insensitive that we do not understand our own cruelty. We believe that our coldness is 'normal', while we are in fact disconnected with those who are around us. This is why we are so violent. We do not feel other people's pain.

What is the difference between a rational and an irrational animal if both are indifferent and violent?

Are we intelligent when we are indifferent, violent, and cruel?

When we are violent and insensitive, we are as idiotic as irrational animals.

You will clearly understand this fact when you will translate God's words in your dreams. You will pay attention to many other facts that today you disregard.
You will realize that you are nearer mental health when you are depressed than an indifferent person who is trying to be happy in a living hell, and following the lies of the commercial world.

The attempts of persuasion used by the commercial world make you believe that you should try to be happy no matter what, even though you are in a world where justice is merely a game, and you have numerous psychological, social, and existential problems.

The hypocritical world is giving you false knowledge and distorted information, besides camouflaging terror among frivolity and hypocrisy.

The meaning of your dreams will help you understand the truth about the world, the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and many other things that you can not imagine now that you are so ignorant.

Today you believe that you must respect scientists more than anyone else because you feel that they have the answers for all questions, but the truth is that the knowledge that the human race has today is not based on real facts. You must surpass your historical time thanks to the information you will find in your dreams.

We are underdeveloped primates. Our conscience is rudimentary. We have a huge wild conscience that remains in a primitive condition and has satanic characteristics. This means that we are mentally ill from birth.

We should stop admiring our intelligence and recognize our idiocy. The knowledge we have today is as incomplete and deficient as the knowledge of our ancestors.

Our mental disorders are not formed during our lives. They already exist in our psychological system. Our environment is not responsible for their existence, even though it can increase the effect of the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience to our conscience. Our environment merely helps the demon existent into our anti-conscience control our mind and our behavior.

Our traumas and deceptions open the doors for our anti-conscience because they give it the chance to send us many absurd thoughts. The anti-conscience generates a mental illness within our conscience with its absurd reasoning.

You will have this vision by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

Dream therapy is a depression therapy based on a mind empowerment method, which also works like spiritual purification. This therapy cures all your wounds, showing you how you can become a hero.

How to Avoid a Hangover After a Night of Partying

While the only sure fire way not to get a hang over is to stay away from alcohol all together, if you're reading this article, chances are that is not going to come into play. This in mind, there are things you can do to minimize your chances for getting one. Here are some tips on how to avoid a hang over that have proven to be successful.

The reason you get a hang over after a long night of binge or excessive drinking is that you have depleted your body of liquid. It may sound funny; you put a lot of liquid in, so how could you possible have depleted it, right? Although alcohol is technically a liquid, it dries you out. When you drink large quantities of alcohol, you dehydrate your blood and your brain.

One way to keep from getting a hang over is to drink a full 8 ounce glass of water for every alcoholic beverage that you drink. If you're pounding down over sized glasses of booze, you probably should drink more than 8 ounces. Try 10 or 12. This will keep your body hydrated and help minimize the effects of the alcohol to your system. You'll still get the experience that you're looking for but you're more likely to feel better about it tomorrow.

Make sure you eat something before you start drinking alcoholic beverages. Food will absorb the alcohol in your system and help you metabolize the chemicals quicker. You should also make sure to take plenty of Vitamin B and C, not just when you're going to party, but every day. Alcohol eats these nutrients from your body and makes you feel weak.

Another way to avoid a hang over the day after is to avoid mixing alcohol. Pick what works best for you and leave the rest alone. Do not mix different grain alcohols; especially not inexpensive ones, this will give you a major headache. The best way to avoid a hang over is to be sensible, do not binge drink. Eat, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest and you'll have a great time!

Fetal Head Injuries During Birth

When you are preparing for the birth of your new baby, you are probably excitedly outfitting an infant’s room, purchasing teeny-tiny socks, and colorful baby toys. While most babies are delivered with hardly any problems, some suffer from head injuries due to the negligence of doctors and nursing staff. There are several different types of fetal head injuries that can occur and affect your baby for life.

First, many people associated baldness with older men. However, during the birthing process, your baby’s scalp can be injured so that he or she will have a permanent bald spot, called alopecia. In most cases, alopecia arises when a vacuum is used during a difficult birth. Because of the vacuum’s powerful pull on the baby’s scalp, it can damage the part of the skin that is in charge of growing hair. While this may only be a temporary loss of hair, the damage can also be so severe that your child will have a permanent bald spot.

Next, cephalohematomas do not typically cause long-term injury, but they can contribute to unsightly bumps that may take months to go away completely. With a cephalohematoma, trauma to a baby’s head during delivery causes the blood vessels that supply the scalp to tear, so that they bleed. The blood collects under the scalp, forming a large lump. Although these aren’t inherently dangerous, they can mark the site of a skull fracture, which your doctor should be sure to check and see if the cephalohematoma covers a truly serious underlying issue.

Additionally, doctors and nurses who do not handle a baby with care after it is born can contribute to abusive head trauma, commonly known as shaken baby syndrome. A newborn does not have the neck strength to hold its head steady while it is being handled. Thus, if a doctor or nurse handles the child too roughly or accidentally drops it, the motion can shake the head around. With this, the brain slides around inside the skull, which causes the brain to bruise. This can cause sensory problems such as blindness or deafness, as well as developmental delays, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy.

Doctors and their medical staff have the responsibility of keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm. If your doctor has handled forceps or vacuums with too much force during delivery, resulting in a birth injury to your child, you should consult a birth injury attorney about your rights.

Hair Loss Tendencies Come From the Mother

Androgenetic alopecia among men or male pattern baldness is quite prevalent. When a person has this condition, hair loss begins as early as the age of twenty. Sometimes, the onset of baldness might come even during the patient's teenage years. Hair loss usually begins with receding hair lines. As such, the frontal hair line becomes higher. In addition to that, hair shedding becomes excessive and the hair at the back portion of the head becomes thinner. Based on some researches, the person who just inherited the hair loss condition might suffer either a greater or lesser hair loss. Unfortunately, there has been no efficient cure for an androgenetic hair loss condition. Scientists noted that continuous research on the cause of hair loss condition should be made.

In pursuance to the goal of devising a cure for hereditary hair loss conditions, many studies have been made in order to identify the specific gene which is involved in the occurrence of hair loss. Fortunately, a recent study has reaped significant results. Researchers headed by Professor Markus Nöthen of the Life & Brain Centre of the Bonn University Clinic and Dr. Roland Kruse of the Skin Clinic of Düsseldorf University Clinic announced that they have discovered one of the genetic factors that are responsible for hair loss.

Background of the Study …

Researchers conducted a study among several men which had androgenetic alopecia. The criterion was that alopecia should run in the family. As such, several male family members should be experiencing hair loss during the study period. After the researchers were chosen, blood samples were taken from the respondents. The researchers then used the blood samples in order to look for "candidate genes". In their initial step, they successfully identified a series of chromosomes that might be the culprit for hair loss. Professor Nöthen points out that "one variant of this gene was found among men who suffered from premature balding at a very early stage."

Further Explanations …

Axel Hilmer, one of the researchers says that the genetic variant that promotes hair loss might be caused by the presence of high levels of androgen receptors in the scalp. He explains that based on the study findings, "Either more androgen receptors are formed among the men affected, or the variant of the receptor which develops as a result of the genetic change is more stable and is not broken down so quickly." Such occurrences may account for the increased amount of androgens, which in turn promotes hair loss.

Researchers say that the findings of the study showed not only why hair loss potentially happens. Rather, it also explains how hair loss is inherited. They discovered that the gene that serves as an androgen receptor lies on the X chromosomes. Based on initial studies, the X chromosome of males is always inherited from the mother. As such, the study implies that men usually take on hereditary characteristics from their grandfather on their mother's side.

However, researchers also pointed out that hair loss conditions are not only caused by just a single gene. Rather, they stress out that their studies show that there are also other genes that might be involved. These genes are independent of the gender of the patient. Therefore, hair loss might also be inherited directly from a father to a son.

Getting to Know the Long Haired Chihuahua

Getting to know your dog starts by getting to know its breed, and that includes getting a better idea about its appearance, personality, and health requirements. Here's what you need to know about the long haired Chihuahua:

Known as the smallest of all breeds, the Chihuahua is a popular breed, partially due to commercials and celebrity ownership. Originating from Mexico, this breed is also known for its longevity, living upward to 18 years or more. Interestingly, the Chihuahua dates back to Aztec royalty but over time, it was taken into Mexico by the Spanish settlers and then on into the United States. Although this history is what the majority believe, a small number of historians favor the story of the Chihuahua coming out of Egypt, then making their way into Spain, followed by Mexico.

Today, you will hear terms such as "teacup" and tiny toy, "which are not actually hybrids of the Chihuahua but definitions of size. Therefore, if you were to visit a breeder to find the dogs advertised as" teacup breeds, "you would know there is no such thing. In addition, terms such as "deer face" or "deer head" are used to describe the apple shape of the head. The Chihuahua is small but generally a healthy breed although there are some special things to consider.

Physical Appearance

For the long haired Chihuahua, there is a smooth undercoat with a long overcoat. Some people mistake this particular breed of Chihuahua with that of a Pomeranian. Keep in mind that both the longhair and short hair versions of the Chihuahua are recognized by the American Kennel Club. In addition, the Chihuahua has an apple or dome-shaped head, with large eyes and erect ears.

Because height is so varied, this recognition usually includes only weight with overall body proportions being considered. For instance, a Chihuahua could be anywhere from 12 to 15 inches tall. However, dogs used for show would only weight six pounds or less although they can go down to around four pounds. Dogs not used for show could be much heavier, going up to 10 pounds.

Just as the height and weight vary so does color and color combinations. The following are examples of the different options for the Chihuahua:

* Solid White

* Solid Black

* Fawn (cream to light brown)

* Chocolate (light brown to rich mahogany)

* Blue Gray

* Tri-color (chocolate and blue or black, with tan and white markings)

* Silver

* Merle

* Brindle

Temperament and Personality

Without doubt, the Chihuahua is one of the most loving and devoted of all breeds. This breed is very smart, alert, and often comical. The small size of the Chihuahua means it does not require much exercise although it is a playful breed. Because of this size, you find the breed a perfect choice for the elderly, the disabled, people living in apartments or high-rises, those with small yards, and so on. Unfortunately, this breed also has the reputation of being high-strung and difficult to train but with good socialization and training, the Chihuahua makes an excellent pet.

A Chihuahua is typically better with adults although they will tolerate older children without much trouble. Just keep in mind that because of the small size, the potential of injury when handled by a small child could be significant. Therefore, most breeders do not recommend the breed for households where small children live.


Because of the small stature, the Chihuahua is very sensitive to cold weather. For this reason, you will often see this breed in coats and sweaters during the wintertime, and even sometimes in the summer, to keep body temperature comfortable. Other important things to consider when buying a Chihuahua is the need for good dental care, and pregnancy and birthing can be difficult.

In addition, this breed will on occasion suffer from neurological issues specific to seizures and epilepsy. A Patella Luxation is another concern, a problem that develops with the kneecap. A collapsed trachea is somewhat common, causing a coughing and almost choking sound. If treated with surgery early on, the problem can be corrected without too much difficulty and in some cases, various types of medication can be used to help with the symptoms.

This breed is born with an incomplete skull. In other words, unlike other dog breeds, the Chihuahua has a soft spot in the skull called the Moleras. Although this area will grow together as the dog ages, special care needs to be given during the initial six months. Eye infections are another possible health concern because of the large round shape. However, proper cleaning and being aware of the risk are usually the best forms of prevention.

Finally, the Chihuahua falling within the Merle color family tends to have far more health problems than other colors. Somehow, genetics play a role, creating a variety of health problems to include deafness, blindness, sterility, hemophilia, among other things. Therefore, when buying a Chihuahua, this information should be considered.

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