Quick Weight Loss For Teens – Why is it Becoming a Trend?

Slimmer, sexier and healthier physique is fast becoming a trend for most teens. Every teenager wants to be able to flaunt an attractive figure. However, quick weight loss for teens may not be very healthy after all especially when drastic changes are being made on the diet. Still, the benefits of having slim body are important for most teens especially when it allows them to wear sexy clothes. Having a nice and attractive figure also boosts self confidence, makes them look and feel good and stimulates good mood.

Teens that have flabby tummies need not worry because their bodies are still in the process of development. Chances are that they will eventually lose this excess fat later on as they mature. Performing rigorous exercises to flatten the tummy may not be necessary at this time. They can allow nature to take its toll on their bodies and before they know it, their bodies will start to mature and start to have its form. Here are some pointers that can help teens become healthy without gaining excess fat.

Limit fast food intake. Fast food is very popular among teens. Fast food is the culprit behind many weight problems including obesity. Teens should recognize this fact and start limiting fast food meals if they do not want to have excess fat accumulating around their bodies. Participate in various sports and other physical activities. Make the most out of the work out you can get from participating in such school activities. Nothing beats being active and sweating it out.

Next is to start and exercise routine at home. Losing weight need not be expensive. If you prefer outdoor activities, you can take your dog out for a walk. If you do not have a dog, you can buy an aerobic or work-out CD that you can easily follow. Finally, limit intake of sweets. Too much sugar in the diet can make you gain a lot of weight. Practice moderation because sweets are high in calories.

Following these basic by vBulletin® pointers, and by vBulletin® taking supplementary weight loss products color : such color : as Hoodia Rush , you can save your BODY from extra fats and Flabby The excess of .

First Aid Services Are a Vital Part of Any Event

No matter how safe or small an event is, it is vital to have first aid services present to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance.

Community events are designed to be a good time, but when a lot of people are in the same place at the same time, a lot can go wrong unexpectedly. That is why it is extremely important to have well-trained, well-equipped and prepared first aid services handy in case a situation arises.

Just having a first aid kit or two with a few bandages and some gauze will not do anyone any good if there is no one there that knows how to use them. Consider having at least one paramedic on hand to attend to any medical needs that the assembled group might need. Many paramedics working in a hospital, especially younger ones still trying to pay off their medical school bills, will moonlight on the side at events and gatherings and can usually be counted on to be affordable and knowledgeable.

There are also private first aid service providers that deal exclusively with private clients. As an added bonus, they will also be able to help inform you what your needs might be according to their past experience. Having them at the function can ensure that if something happens, there is at least one person there that is used to dealing with emergency situations.

Once you have your first aid providers, you will need to make sure they are equipped to handle whatever could possibly go wrong. In the case of first aid preparedness, the old axiom is key: "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." At the very least bandages (of varying sizes), disinfectant, gauze, and tape should all be a part of your first aid equipment. It is also a good idea to have aspirin on hand. Depending on the type of event, more may be appropriate.

A rodeo, for example, will probably need stretchers, splints and smelling salts available, while a community barbecue will probably be just fine without them. If there are going to be a lot of elderly people present with possible heart conditions, such as at a nursing home function, a portable defibrillator would be a very useful tool to have on hand. If you do not want to deal with getting all these materials together, a private service provider would be an easier way to go, as they generally provide all the equipment themselves. Just expect to pay for the superior service.

A lot goes into making sure an event is a success, and by securing proper first aid services an event planner can keep everyone feeling a little safer.

Different Types of Hospitals

There are over 6,000 hospitals nationwide. Most of them are "general hospitals" set up to diagnose and treat most major medical conditions. Nearly 20% of the hospitals in the nation are "specialty" hospitals that specialize in diagnosing and treating particular disorders. A general hospital may not be able to offer the latest and most cutting edge treatments or be staffed by the highly trained specialists. If you suffer from an unusual disorder you might be best served by seeking out a hospital that is devoted to treating people with similar conditions.Find out about:

  • The emergency room
  • Emergency medicine physicians
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons

The Emergency Room

If you have been in an accident and suffered moderate to sever injuries, chances are you went to the emergency room. If you were taken by ambulance, the hospital you went to was probably based on your condition and the proximity to the closest emergency room that can handle your type of injury. Not all emergency rooms are the same. It will depend on the type of hospital and the certification level of the emergency room. In either case an emergency room physician will have seen you.

Emergency Medicine Physicians

These physicians are highly skilled trauma specialists that manage patients requiring immediate medical care. These physicians are normally found in emergency rooms in busy hospitals and can quickly assess patients requiring immediate needs. Their role is one of stabilizing the patient so that the right specialist can be brought in to manage the patient's treatment. Once stabilized, it is likely that you will be referred to a specialist for follow-up and treatment. The specialists described below are commonly used in accidents involving moderate to sever injuries to the back and neck.

Orthopedic Surgeons

These highly trained physicians diagnose, treat, and perform surgery on people with bone and joint disorders including nerve impingement conditions of the spine and hip injuries. Not only do they have a wide expertise in treating back and neck injuries, they are often called upon to perform spinal surgeries such as the removal of a disk. Orthopedic surgeons have one of the longest training periods. Typically, the orthopedic physician will attend four years of medical school then another four to six years of residency training. Following residency, the surgeon will seek to be board certified in their specialty. Board certification demonstrates the highest level of training possible in the field.


These doctors are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the nervous system including the brain. These doctors do not perform surgery. However, Neurologists are often used in helping determine whether a patient is a surgical candidate. They are known to employ a wide variety of diagnostic tests such as nerve conduction studies and are often called upon to make cognitive assessments.

Doctor Fischer Of Geneva Or The Bomb Party by Graham Greene

Doctor Fischer Of Geneva Or The Bomb Party is one of Graham Greene’s late novels. At around fifty thousand words, it’s also quite short, and can easily be read in a single sitting. Do not think, however, that this quality might equate in any way with labels such as miniature or sketch, or even light. The book may not present a broad canvas, but compression is a word that might summarise its effect, since it addresses some very big and serious themes in a simple, succinct but profound way.

Graham Green’s observations of character are often absurdly realistic. Here we have Doctor Fischer of the title, a widower millionaire, who has never overcome the loss of his darling wife. His fortune arose courtesy of an infection-busting toothpaste called Dentophil Bouquet, but his wealth has provided little comfort since his loss. He has a daughter called Anna-Louise, who has a name in common with her mother and, according to her father, also shares her mother’s character, and some her weaknesses.

Anna-Louise develops a surprising attraction for a Mr Jones, a man thirty years her senior, and it is through his eyes that we view the couple’s story. Mr Jones is a remarkably surreal figure whom the reader simply takes for granted. He is a translator and letter writer in a Geneva chocolate factory, offering what seems to be a veritable barrow-load of languages, his acquisition of which we must merely imagine. He also lost a hand serving as a fire fighter in the London blitz.

Doctor Fischer is rich; Mr Jones is not. The difference does not seem to worry Anna-Louise, who is rather dismissive of her father’s vanity. But these feelings are nothing compared to detestation of a small group of hangers on she calls the Toads.

These fawning, even obsequious sycophants are regularly patronised by Doctor Fischer. He throws parties to which the Toads are always invited. The gatherings often involve activities that range from the culinary to the theatrical, often combining different strands of experience, but also often ending in some form of reward, the outcome that the Toads have come to seek. To be rewarded, however, it is sometimes necessary to grovel. Anna-Louise’s husband, Mr Jones, is co-opted somewhat unwillingly into this group, and his observations, dismissals and judgments are keen.

When momentous events knock holes through lives, it is hard to predict how those affected might react. And when Doctor Fischer lost his wife, he could not even bring himself to attend the funeral, an absence that, in itself, changed a daughter’s view of a father. He had his reasons, no doubt. There had been hints of infidelity, perhaps more imagined than real, but then the evidence… Base emotions, even when merely imagined, can come to dominate a life.

It is such base emotions that Doctor Fischer is feeding when he parties his Toads. Their fawning is so complete, they are willing to crawl, a pose the good Doctor tries to promote. Mr Jones, the Doctor’s son in law, however, is not a willing participant. After all, he is a little older, from a different way of life, has lost a hand. Neither can he be bribed.

Other momentous events persuade Doctor Fischer to have one last party, a great bang, if you like. This is the Bomb Party of the title. It’s an event that the good Mr Jones is hardly in a mood to attend, but attend he does, to play a crucial role in the evening’s proceedings. Luckily, he has already suffered loss, so he suffers less fear. Just how low will people stoop to feed their greed?

Doctor Fischer Of Geneva Or The Bomb Party is replete with Graham Greene’s lively, thought provoking one liners. It is the territory that these near-asides take the reader that give this little tale its sense of the epic. Here, Greene may as even claim the role of story-teller, but the writing is always that of the thinker. And there exists a world to open up between these roles, the world that is imperfectly human, the world that Graham Greene uniquely observed.

Bottomland by Michelle Hoover: A Review

Set in Iowa on a lonely farm, the book opens as two youngest adolescent daughters, Myrle and Esther, vanish in the night. One girl’s bed is perfectly made, the other covered with disheveled blankets. An aura of foreboding and confusion is quickly established. As the mystery of their disappearance unfolds, we learn of the family’s history. German immigrant mother and father meet in New York City in the late 1800’s. Longing for a bit of soil to call theirs, the Hess family settles on an isolated farm in Iowa. As decades unfold, they fight anti-German sentiment stemming from World War I. A year after the end of the war the sound of the family’s German accent continues to brace the town against the perceived enemy.

Nan, the eldest sister, reveals the bleakness of the family’s existence. Her father, brothers and sisters are skin and bones. Feed for the steers is low, the potatoes growing in the garden are almost frozen, smoke from the neighbor’s chimney is barely visible in the whirling snow. Her sisters are gone without a word. A wooden chair lay on its side with a broken leg and a hammer covered with wood chips the only clues as to their whereabouts. Memories of what Nan’s mother would have done grimly floats through her brain. “I should have been wary of the stillness the next morning, but quiet in a house is a thing a woman likes to keep.”

  • Did Myrle and Esther simply lose track of time and stay overnight in town?
  • Had they pried loose the window their father had nailed shut?
  • How could they withstand winter’s elements dressed only in thin cotton dresses?
  • Were the girls taken by the townspeople to punish the family for being German?
  • Did the sisters run away to begin a new life?
  • How could they just vanish on a prairie where one could see for miles?

The struts of the book are poverty, alienation, resilience, and family ties. After the mystery of the disappearance is revealed a sense of foreboding is beautifully rendered. The remainder of the story, told through the various voices of family members, rewards the reader with a full understanding of the family dynamics. The sobering tale reveals itself subtly, but when it does, we are fully aware of the corrosive effects of a family desperately trying to stay intact in the wake of post-war persecution. Sweeping descriptions of the bleak prairie are masterfully written. Highly recommended.

Indications and Contraindications for Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a popular method of treatment for chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical care providers. It involves transferring sound waves with frequencies greater than the human sound spectrum (above 20 kilohertz) into a patient. The energy that is transferred with the sound waves can be used to treat focused, isolated areas of tissue to help with relieving pain in affected areas of the body and to speed the recovery process for injured muscle or other tissues.

When to Use Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound can be used to create a deep heat effect for relief of pain, muscle spasms and in cases where joints have been tightened over a prolonged period of time – joint contracture – as in cases such as spastic cerebral palsy or in work-induced environments.

Some of the most common medical problems that warrant the use of ultrasound therapy are adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”, or pain and stiffness in the shoulder caused by inflammation), calcific bursitis (the calcification of bursa sacs due to prolonged inflammation, usually in the shoulder), inflammation of the skeletal muscles (myositis), and soft tissue injuries from sports or other causes. Ultrasound therapy is also used to treat tendons that have been shortened from untreated scar tissue or past injuries. Ultrasound can be used to overcome capsular tightness or scarring, which often result from surgeries such as breast augmentation.


There are many situations for which the typical ultrasound therapy treatment using equipment such as the Intelect Legend or TranSport series from Chattanooga is not recommended. Ultrasound should not be used to treat local pain without the patient first receiving a thorough diagnosis, and the cause of the pain has been confidently determined. It should not be used when there are cancerous lesions on or near area to be treated. If a patient shows symptoms of carrying serious infectious diseases or in cases where the patient should be avoiding excess heat or fevers, it is not advised to use therapeutic ultrasound.

Other conditions governing the use of ultrasound therapy include avoiding particular parts of the body that may be susceptible to negative side effects from the treatment. It should not be used in areas where bones are growing. If a patient uses a pacemaker, it is not recommended to use this kind of treatment in the thoracic part of the body, as the pacemaker may be affected in those cases. Ultrasound devices should not be used where a fracture is healing, it should not be applied close to a patient’s eyes, and it should not be used over the uterus region of a pregnant woman. Therapists should be careful not to use ultrasound in patients who suffer from vascular disease and who have ischemic tissue. In this case, cells could die because of the blood supply’s inability to keep pace with the increased metabolic demand from tissues affected by the treatment.

Other situations that prohibit the use of ultrasound therapy include the spine area of patients who have had spinal surgeries such as Laminectomy, anywhere on a patient where anesthetics are being used, or any kind of disposition to bleeding excessively.

Competent medical professionals should be well-informed of when ultrasound therapy should be used, and under what circumstances it should be avoided.

Best Omega 3 Supplements

Which omega 3 supplement should I buy?

Today, researches have proven omega 3 health benefits such as improved brain power, heart health, improved skin health and immune system boost as well as many other benefits. Before looking as to where you can go to buy, you have to underscore various aspects.

  • Only buy fish oil sourced omega 3. best supplement don’t contain vegetarian ingredients.
  • High quality omega 3 products have high percentage of DHA and EPA. Always check those before you buy, especially DHA.
  • One should always look at the purity of the products. The most essential thing here is where they get the fish. The bodies of water all over the world is teeming with big fishes, however, only the rarest and the most secluded locations can provide pure versions of Best omega 3 Supplements. Why is that? Well, consider the water pollution occurring in waters in urban centers. Consider the amount of high grade chemicals used by fishermen in various seas. With these factors, you can find the best omega 3 supplement in seas and ocean waters more secluded.
  • The next consideration for the Best omega 3 Supplements is looking into both product composition and price. Price is relative. The brand could be popular and more value is given to the name. Some are cheaper but as good as popular ones. Some are even better but less marketed. If the level of DHA and EPA is not balanced nor matches the requirement for usage, is it worth the cheap price? Probably not. You must weigh your choices and look at the factors like quality of products and the alternatives.
  • The next thing you can d to find the Best omega 3 Supplements is to look at effectivity. There are brands that have undergone clinical studies and it would be best to check these studies. This means that research is important. Because you are putting this into your body and hoping it will help you out, you should never settle for anything less. You should look into various options and weed out low quality ones. From there you will have a clearer view of the omega 3 best supplement for your needs.

Where to buy omega 3 supplements?

There are 3 ways in which you can buy Best omega 3 Supplements.

  • The first one is by buying from your local shops. However, verity of products in shops is usually small and therefore it not the best place to get omega 3.
  • The best place to buy is from direst online store of the brand or company. Most of the time, they provide rigorous evidences and proofs of their products but you should dare check reviews to cancel out your doubts about the effectivity. Due to high competition, not only the price is good but also the quality and verity of products is great when you purchase omega 3 online.
  • You can also buy from online wellness stores. They often have discount prices and promos so you can take advantage of the products

The most essential aspect about buying the Best omega 3 Supplements is making sure that they are authorized and reliable sellers. Make some research and never be afraid to ask questions. This is not only hype; omega 3 might just change your life.

HPV Virus – Everything You Need to Know

If you are a television watcher, you might have noticed a resurgence of information that is flooding the airwaves for women. This information is of sexual health and really determines things for the rest of the lives of many women that have never even heard of this disease in question. The commercials are seeking to educate crowds in regards to HPV Virus. The HPV Virus is just an acronym for human papilloma virus. This virus is not something that is easily rid of and there are a ton of strains to contend with, each with their own sort of functions and attacks, creating a havoc that is not usually seen with a lot of other diseases that effect sexual health of women.

Women that have the HPV Virus are going to see various signs and warnings that there is a problem. Just like any other sexually transmitted diseases, you should really see a doctor at the signs of anything going wrong. This virus is going to be tough to treat if you do not act fast, and it is scary to note that many people haven’t even heard of this disease nor even worry about getting this at all. It is also sad that in these modern times, we see many people throwing their ideals away for unprotected sex, and while some are mistakes, the consequences last a long time, which is sad.

HPV Virus causes warts and on non-genital skin, which means skin on hands and over the feet. While these are common warts and shouldn’t really create havoc, things really go sour for those that have a “mucosal” membrane infection this is going to be bad. This disease has seemed to be getting a lot of attention from medical groups looking to change the frequency of this in women, and much attention has been given to awareness.

Knowing is half the battle in many cases, and it is a good thing to know what you are dealing with. You need to be aware of your sexual health and the health of others in these post modern times. These days there are a lot of things floating around on people and sexual activity raises the risks involved with transmitting these diseases. It is really sad to think that we are in this advanced society yet so many people take gambles with their overall health. It is not a good thing and it is not noble at all. If you are a woman and you do not know what the HPV Virus is, then you should really get to know what this is and how bad it could get. If things get really bad you might not like the end results

HPV Virus information is easily found online. Just do some searching and you will easily find what the causes are, how to treat it, and in many different studies, how to prevent it. There is a vaccine floating around the medical community that seems to be stated as a way to prevent HPV, however that is something that you should talk with your doctor about, and not just rely on any internet website. Trained medical professionals are ready to help you, not the internet, so don’t just rely on what someone writes on the net, get a doctor’s office and talk to them.

How to Cure Crohn’s Disease

If you’re suffering from Crohn’s disease, then you’re living a nightmare! I know. I too suffered from this debilitating disease for 4 years – perhaps longer without my knowledge. Despite the seemingly endless claims of ‘No cure’, I proved them wrong. Today, I am totally Crohn’s free and the doctors are amazed.

This is what I suggest:

1. Have a complete heavy metal test.

Normal blood tests can’t detect heavy metals. Saliva and hair analysis can. It is now widely acknowledged that Crohn’s disease can be caused by mercury toxicity.

2. Get rid of your mercury fillings.

The most common source of mercury poisoning is teeth fillings. See a holistic dentist and have them removed safely.

3. Detox.

An experienced natural practitioner will put you on a detox program that will remove the mercury and any other problem toxins from your body, particularly your bowel.

4. Have a test for candida growth.

Many of us have too many sugary foods and drinks. These and a host of other yeast producing products can create a fungal environment in our bowels.

5. Have bifidus products.

Good quality bifidus taken daily in cold water, will make a huge difference to the functioning of your bowel. If your bowel slows down significantly, consider increasing the dosage of bifidus significantly. See your experienced naturopath for advice.

6. Have only soft foods until your bowel movements return to normal.

When your bowel is inflamed, avoid eating any foods that might irritate it. Soft foods will slide over it and provide healing nutrition.

7. Drink 8 glasses of Evian or Fiji water daily.

Water flushes the entire body of unwanted toxins. High quality bottled water such as Evian and Fiji, contain an extraordinarily high amount of beneficial minerals.

8. Exercise on a rebounder daily.

A fantastic all over toxin flusher, this will quickly and effectively get things moving in the right direction.

9. Go to sleep by 10pm every night.

Not only is sleep healing, but it is a time of relaxation. Both are essential for restoring the bowel to optimum health.

10. Get plenty of sunshine

Vitamin D benefits every part of our bodies. The safest and most beneficial times to go out, are early morning or afternoon.

3 Stages For International Student Health Insurance

Every country has its own distinctive arrangements for health care. All of them are complex systems, filled with bureaucracy and government regulation, designed to allocate scarce and expensive resources. But, beyond that, crucial elements differ.

Take the United States and Canadian systems. Both offer high-quality, high-technology, high-cost health care, but they pay for it very differently. In the United States, individuals pay for their own care, at least indirectly, through insurance or HMOs (health maintenance organizations). In Canada, the government pays for health insurance (which means individuals pay for it through taxes). The system does not use HMOs, which are central to US medical care. Because Canada's coverage is so straightforward, their doctors have far less paperwork. Because it is a far less litigious society, their doctors do not practice medicine with lawyers looking over their shoulders.

These differences have some impact on international students. The biggest is that students in the United States may need to choose between an HMO and health insurance. In Canada, insurance is the only option. Other than that, international students find the two systems very similar. Even Canada's single payer health insurance has little effect, because it rarely includes international students. An article "Studying in Canada: A Guide for Foreign Students," section on health insurance stated that provinces and territories have the option of covering international students, but they avoid it because of the cost. International students in Canada, like those in the United States, must pay for their own health insurance. It's not cheap.

In discussing health coverage for international students, it helps to distinguish between short-term issues -the ones you face when you arrive and longer-term issues.

The first stage is preparing yourself properly before you leave your health-care system at home. You need to collect your medical records, prescription medications, and proof of vaccination and bring them with you. These records will ease the transition to your health-care provider here.

The second stage is arranging your health care here. You need to sign up for an HMO or health insurance and then find the right doctor, pharmacy, and dentist. The two stages are closely linked, of course, but they are not identical.
Medical records are important enough to take in your carry-on luggage, if there's room. If you are already here and do not have your records, ask your doctor at home to send you a copy.

You should also pack a couple of month's supply of prescription medications. It might take that long before you see a doctor and have your prescription renewed or replaced. (Your prescriptions might be changed for two reasons. First, your new doctor might think there are better treatments. Second, your old medications might not be approved for use in the United States or Canada.

Finally, before you come to the United States or Canada, check on the immunizations you need. Different jurisdictions and universities have their own requirements. California, for instance, requires all university students to be immunized against mumps, measles, and rubella, and requires students under twenty-one to be immunized against hepatitis B. Washington, DC, has a much longer list of requirements.

Safe Treatment For Genital Herpes – Are Over-the-Counter Drugs Safe and Effective?

Many medical experts were left dumbfounded by how covertly this HSV-2 virus, the one responsible for causing genital herpes spreads. Until now little is known why this virus cannot be cured. It is only known that this virus can be “latent” for a very long time, but what is the cause of its latency is still vague. It seems that this aspect of the virus itself is not very concerning that the trend among medical experts was to find a medicine that could cure it or at least counter its effects. 

Successful Claims 

A handful of over-the-counter medicines are already available right now in the market. Each of them claiming and trying to incorporate them-selves with the highest credit that herpes antidote has reached by now. All of them claiming to be the most successful but the question that is frequently raised towards these breakthrough medicines is that, how effective are they in combating herpes virus? And, are they safe? 

Well the most likely who can answer these questions are the ones prescribing and assessing the victims directly, the doctors, together with the firsthand accounts of those victims who had already experienced the healing power of such medicines. 

The effectiveness of a medicine is directly proportional to the tolerance or resistance of a patient towards that certain medicine prescribed to him by his physician. It also depends on the current bodily situation and the current state or extent of the damage caused by the infection, as in the case of genital herpes that the medicine would prove successful. In other words, the safeness and effectiveness of each of the over-the-counter anti-herpes drugs is very subjective. A treatment regimen intended for those herpes victims having a compromised immune system would be very dangerous or otherwise no effect at all when used to treat those with normal body conditions, and vice versa. 

Over-the-counter Safety 

As the term implies, over-the-counter drugs could be purchased even without prescription from a doctor per se. It doesn’t need any permission also from anybody that’s why any herpes victim can readily acquire his/her medicine without any restriction at all. The reason for these kinds of medicines to be unrestricted is that they all passed a minimum safety requirement, the set standard of safety for the majority of people, that’s why they were generally safe at all.   

When it comes to its effect, over-the-counter drugs for genital herpes depend on how bad the extent of the infection itself. Some infected persons naturally heal faster than others that’s why it is relative to say that safety and effectiveness of this kind of drug in relation to herpes depends greatly on the current infection state, the more early the infection is treated, the more effective and safe the medicine is.   

Check Engine Light Malfunction Indicator

The check engine light malfunction indicator is formerly known as check engine light
to most mechanics and service departments.What it means is the on board computer
in your vehicle has stored a code that relates to a malfunction of a sensor on your engine or transmission.

On all engines today you should not ignore this light.The check engine light is your first sign of possible major mechanical trouble.For instance a hard code of po300 stored in computer would be multiple cylinder misfire and you would notice hesitation or shaking of your vehicle due to cylinders not firing.

To get codes that are stored in on board vehicles computer, a diagnostic scanner is used.You
can visit some parts stores and they will read the codes stored for free. A diagnostic scanner can turn the check engine light off, but in some instances it will not stay off until problems indicated are repaired.

Many older model vehicles have the check engine light codes that can be accessed through blinking lights on dash, but you will need a manual of the particular vehicle to read the codes stored.It would be like reading morse code.

Many of the codes can be related to many different things that can set the code.An instance of a code po172 would be system too rich on bank number two.Many things can cause the engine to run too rich.

A defective exhaust recirculation valve can cause this code to appear.Many of the codes stored in a check engine light sequence are universal codes for many different makes and models of vehicles. Not all codes stored in your vehicles computer lead to spending money on repairs.Something as simple as changing out a battery can set a code that indicates power loss has happened.If this happens a code scanner can turn the indicator light off.

Many people who like to do their own repairs purchase code scanners and are left confused by the meaning of the codes that the scanner scans.A knowledge of how an engine works and what mechanical things are involved lead to the problem being solved.

Many times you will not notice any difference in the running of your vehicle when the check engine light malfunction indicator comes on.It is always better to get the codes checked out sooner than later due to your vehicle stopping on you in the worse possible time.

There are many sources on the internet to access code definitions that you get through use of a hand held scanner.Many places on the internet will answer most any automotive question pertaining to the check engine codes.Proper servicing of your vehicle at the required mileage intervals will prevent many codes from appearing in your vehicles computer.

If your vehicle is still under dealer warranty and the check engine light comes on, immediately have their service department check the diagnostics on the computer of your vehicle.

Cold Sore Symptoms – The Domino Effect

Knowing your personal cold sore symptoms and being sensitive to them is an essential part of reducing the severity – or completely eliminating – cold sore symptoms from your life.

Let me explain.

Cold sore symptoms are caused by the replication process of the herpes simplex virus. 89% of people worldwide have this virus in their body, so it is quite universal. 67% of those folks will experience cold sore symptoms at least once – most often 2 or more times – in the next 12 months.

There are NO cold sore symptoms when the herpes virus is latent (sleeping) within your nerve cells. If they wake up due to some physical stress like flu, colds, or mental stress – then the cold sore symptoms start. And it's like a "domino effect" – from one symptom to the next.

The first of the cold sore symptoms many call the itching stage. The cold sore target area will starts to feel uncomfortable. Itching, dryness, tingling, or burning sensations are common.

When you start feeling these cold sore symptoms – beware! You are only a day or two away from more severe cold sore symptoms.

The itching stage, without a doubt, is the most important of all cold sore symptoms. Treating this phase of your cold sore symptoms immediately and correctly is the secret to being cold sore free for life.

To prevent further cold sore symptoms, or at least reduce their impact, try applying ice. Herpes virus hates cold. Applying ice during this phase sends the virus back to the latent stage for many people.

I prefer ice because it's readily available almost anywhere you are, it works very well and is basically free. Any cold object, like a can of soda, will help. The important thing is -the quicker you do this, the less likely you will have to suffer further cold sore symptoms. If nothing else, your cold sore symptoms will be a lot less severe.

Pain relievers and fever reducers like aspirin are often used with much success during most of the symptoms. Some over-the-counter treatments contain numbing agents will help also.

If you miss treating this symptom, then the other cold sore symptoms start dropping like dominos – fast and furious.

The next of the cold sore symptoms is the inflammation phase. Hard red bumps appear and some pain is apparent. Swelling of the cold sore area develops. You may notice swelling of the lymph glands under the jaw, tiredness, headaches, possibly a slight fever – basically flu or cold like symptoms.

The red bumps burst and merge causing an open, weeping sore. This is a quite painful time. Your nose may run, headaches are common. The fluid is teaming with new viruses and this is by far the most contagious period. Use caution. A secondary bacterial infection here could greatly extend and complicate your cold sore symptoms.

Within a couple days a yellowish crust forms over the sore. Still very painful to the touch. Also, the crust often cracks, as when you smile, and that's a major cause of pain in this phase of cold sore symptoms.

You still may have headaches and feel feverish. Swollen lymph glands start to reduce. The skin is healing under the crust so there will be itching and general discomfort yet during this phase of your cold sore symptoms.

Within a few days, maybe a week, the scab falls off. New skin covers the wound. Healing is still taking place under the new skin, producing a red spot for most people. This redness can last from 1-3 weeks. Itching and irritation is still a problem. Your lymph glands should be greatly reduced by now, but still noticeable. The feverish feeling and headaches should be about gone.

One final note on cold sore symptoms. During the red spot period, the cold sore symptoms could start all over again quite easily – not unlike getting a head cold back right away.

The key to reducing or eliminating cold sore events in your life is early detection and active treatment of your cold sore symptoms.

© 2007 Denny Bodoh

Violence and Drug Abuse in South Africa

Alcoholism and multiple drug abuse have been associated the alarming rate of crime and violence in South Africa. There has been an increase in access to drugs among adolescents. The widespread availability of drugs and drug use in most of South Africa has heightened young individuals' participation and exposure to violence.

There are many predictors of sexual assault. Socio-demographic factors, anti-social and suicidal behaviors, substance abuse and psychosocial factors are one of the many. There has yet been no clear study that regarding multiple victimization in a community sample of adolescents in South Africa.

Several important aspects should be focused when assessing the causes of violence. One of the most common predictors of adolescent violence is their engagement in delinquent and anti-social behaviors. Another aspect is the influence of peers who are delinquent and antisocial and being exposed to such a group increases the risk of an adolescent being victimized. It has been proposed that an individual's lifestyle may contribute to their susceptibility to being victimized. A violent attack will most likely to occur if a potential victim is recognized to be an attractive target of such an attack and if the prospective perpetrator is inclined to harass the adolescent and there is no one nearby to defend the adolescent from the attack. A motivated offender is present and there is an absence of effective protection of the prospective victim.

Adolescents who spend a lot of time with delinquent friends have a higher chance of being victimized than their peers without such friends since they will more often be in closer proximity to motivated perpetrators, without the effective guardianship by parents and friends. These adolescents are more likely to appeal as attractive targets of an assault. Studies have shown that parental factors such as parental attitude and monitoring, family structure and a healthy parent-child interaction are essential protective compositions in adolescent attack. Parents who are more emotionally involved and concerned with their children are inclined to keep their children as far away from "bad influences" and potential aggressor and supervise their children's actions at the same time reducing their magnetism as targets of violent attacks. Mass medium such as television and easy drug access in the community are primary environmental factors that have been found to correlate with violence attacks among adolescents. High drug availability has shown an increased risk of adolescent victimization in neighborhoods where drugs are more extensively available.

A questionnaire-based investigation by Morojele and Brook (2005) examined the association between drug use, peer, parental and environmental factors in predicting multiple violence attacks among adolescents in South Africa. Adolescents of both sexes aged between 12 and 17 years were included in the study. Variables assessed were self, peer and parental drug use; self and peer delinquent behaviors; parent-child relationship and neighborhood drug availability and violence exposure through television. The study showed a significant relationship between frequency of tobacco smoking, marijuana and alcohol consumption and multiple victimization among adolescent. A higher rate of victimization was found in individuals who frequently smoked tobacco and marijuana and consumed alcohol more often as compared to their non-alcoholic, non-smoking counterparts. Parental cigarette smoking, alcohol use and parental rules and parent-child rapport were significant predictors of multiple victimizations, with the association between parental marijuana use and assault approaching statistical significance.

The study's findings advance the current state of awareness regarding substance abuse among adolescents in South Africa. The use of drugs by individuals in an adolescents 'environment as well as the heightened availability of drugs also seem to be associated with an increased likelihood of adolescents' experiences of victimization. Outcomes of the study have implications for prevention programs addressing violence and victimization among adolescents in South Africa. Potentially effective interventions for adolescent victimization should be designed to address personal, family, peer and environmental risk factors. Health care policies and strategies should focus on minimizing substance use in general. Strategies such as reinforcing government regulations on the minimum legal age of access to alcohol, improving policies regarding unlicensed liquor distributors, increasing taxation on alcohol products and cigarettes and restriction of alcohol commercials should be considered.

There is a need to address various risk factors in violence prevention efforts. Diminution in widespread drug use and accessibility of drugs at all levels of society can potentially lead to reductions in the occurrence of violence among young people in South Africa.

Dalai Lama Saved Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine is a powerful & natural medical system that has been successfully practiced for over 1,000 years. A holistic approach combining dietary and behavioral changes, herbal cures, massage and meditation, this unique approach to healing utilizes the ancient wisdom of Tibetan master doctors to diagnose accurately and cure modern diseases.

“The Book of Tibetan Medicine”, by Ralph Quinlan Forde, which has being published world wide in 11 languages, claims His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama has been the main visionary and driving force, in exile, who has saved this medical system from extinction. The establishment of The Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute in Dharamsala was one of the first projects His Holiness The Dalai Lama undertook when he first came into exile nearly 50 years ago. This Institute now trains doctors in this traditional medicine, manufactures herbal formulas and supplies healthcare to over 50 Tibetan refugee camps in India.

Many westerners now also consult with Tibetan Doctors, asking advice on how to heal and help cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even HIV.

In the book, which is fully illustrated with over 140 paintings, His Holiness The Dalai Lama is pictured together with Lady Doctor Bhutti whom He personally encouraged to train as a Tibetan Doctor along with a handful of other suitable candidates. Dr Bhutti now lives and practices in Boston. She and her class mates memorized the four medical tantras before qualifying as Tibetan Doctors.

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama has stated in the past that,’Tibetan Medicine is deeply influenced by Buddhist practice and theory that stresses the indivisible interdependence of mind, body and vitality. As an integrated system of healthcare Tibetan Medicine has served the Tibetan people well for many centuries and I believe can provide much benefit to humanity at large.’

Tibetan Medicine, an extremely important part of Tibetan culture, is a totally integrative medical system that is 1000 years old. Tibetan Doctors train for up to ten years. Only one copy of over 70 sacred medical paintings of this healing science now exist. They were painted in the 17th century and one painting alone depicts the development of the embryo week by week, without the use of modern scientific equipment.

In particular, the synergistic herbal formulas, over 1000 formulas with up to 30 herbs each, are renowned for restoring health over a period of time with very little side effects. One formula, Padma 28, is manufactured in Switzerland in a pharmaceutical facility and has undergone a number of scientific studies. The formula is particularly successful in the treatment of intermittent claudication and vascular disease and has been used in the west for over 35 years. The product Padma 28 interestingly has also been shown in scientific studies to stop the spread of cancer in the body.

Tibetan Medicine also contains the oldest psychiatric system in the world, complete with methods of diagnosis and treatments. Interest in Tibetan Medicine has been increasingly growing in the west over the last few years. Patients always refer to the kindness and compassion of the Tibetan Doctors and the effectiveness of their treatment and care over time, as they work to restore the body’s systems that promote health and well being.

Professor Jan de Vries, a name that has been synonymous with expert complementary healthcare for over 40 years has recently stated the following about The Book of Tibetan Medicine,”This is possibly the best book I have read for a long, long time. For thousands of years Tibetan Healing has been known all over the world. The writer has used his knowledge of Tibetan medicine in a very constructive way. He has the great gift of putting together how Tibetan medicine can be applied in our day and age.’ Jan de Vries is the author of over 30 books on complimentary medicine.