Top 10 Myths About Weight Loss Diets

We all know that knowledge is the key to good health. And what about the wrong knowledge? It works the other way around. There are a number of myths abound weight loss diets. Some are really serious and affect not only weight but your overall health.

Myth # 1:

One should completely stop going to a fast food restaurant

Actually you do not need to deprive yourself of such foods. If you know what you eat and how many calories you intake, trust me on this, you can go to a fast food restaurant almost every day and still lose weight.

Just do not indulge in super size combo meals alone. Eat salad or a grilled chicken breast sandwich without or less dressing of mayonnaise, bacon or cheese. Do not eat French fries or fried chicken & drink water instead of soft drinks.

Myth # 2:

More protein means more muscles

Ian King, fitness trainer and author of a book Muscle explains Protein can actually curtail weight gain. He further explains, “Your body burns about 20 per cent of each protein calorie just digesting it; while for carbs it’s 8 per cent and for fats it’s 2 per cent. And if you eat more protein than your body needs, it will use the extra protein for energy”. Medical experts recommend, there is no point eating more protein diet because only at least 2 grams of protein per kilo of your weight is enough.

Myth # 3:

Crunches make for six-pack abs

Robert dos Remedios, an author of the best selling book Men’s Health Power Training is also the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, says, “Hundreds of crunches do not make a six-pack. It’s because that six-pack is already there hiding beneath a layer of that flabby chunk”. You first need to get your body fat down to 10-12 per cent.

Myth # 4:

Do not eat after 8 or 9 pm

The important thing about weight loss diet is how many calories you consume in a day or in a cycle period of 24 hours, not when you eat them. In a given day if you consume fewer calories during the day time, it is absolutely fine to eat late at night.

Myth # 5:

All weight loss diet herbal pills are safe as they are natural.

It is commonly believed that any weight loss diet pill which is labeled as natural is safe. But that’s not true. Ephedrine is a very famous drug for weight loss. However, it’s been banned by federal authorities because it has been researched & found to be unhealthy. So it’s always best to consult your physician about weight loss diet pills.

Myth # 6:

It takes 20-25 minutes of exercise to burn fat

There’s a very simple rule for burning fat with exercise-your body uses more energy when working out at high intense level. It means you do not need to exercise for 20-25 minutes to burn your fat; just an intense 10-12 minutes of workouts with short burst of high intensity movement will do the trick for you.

Myth # 7:

To lose weight fast, eat low fat diet

People on a weight loss diet usually follow a strict diet free of fat where in reality; the simple rule is that, if your calorie intake is more than your fat burning effort, you pile on the pounds. It doesn’t matter whether the calories are coming from fat, protein or carbohydrates. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fat, a type of fatty food found esp. in oily fish which do not lead to weight gain can be added to your weight loss diet.

Myth # 8:

You have to say No to sugar.

Again the same rule applies-if more calorie is coming in than going out, you gain weight. So it’s not sugar, it’s calories that are making you fat. Food may be sugar-free and still contain a great amount of calories and carbohydrates.

Myth # 9:

Maintain a strict diet

Maintaining a strict diet esp. eating only a particular food groups and completely eliminating other food groups is a very unhealthy diet. Doctors recommend eating a diet having entire food groups in order to maintain good health. This also boosts your metabolism.

Myth # 10:

You can lose weight with a pill

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to weight loss. No one can replace healthy eating and exercise with a pill. You might lose weight for a while after taking pills, but once you go off pills you quickly regain the lost weight. So it is always advisable to check with your physician before going for a weight loss diet pills.

Basic First Aid For Dogs

Dog first aid is not unlike first aid for humans, with some differences. For one thing, your pet can not tell you that it hurts, and so they may respond to pain by trying to bite you instead. You should really have two people when trying to treat your pet, you, and someone to keep them calm and to prevent the dog from biting you. The other difference between pets and people when it comes to injuries is that you can put a bandage on an injury with a human, but your dog is not going to keep it on very long, and they are prone to licking wounds.

One of the first things you can do if your dog gets injured, is to stay calm. You pet can sense your anxiety, and therefore get excited as well You should have a first aid kit prepared for your pet, with antiseptic wipes, bandages, and even some non toxic antibiotic ointment handy. You should include a muzzle of some sort, like strips of an old pair of panty hose to tie around the snout. You are going to need some tweezers, some hemostats, as well as a pair of blunt end scissors. You will need some oral syringes, a small one for medication, or for ears, as well as a large one for cleaning wounds. Also you are going to need some sterilized water, not just to keep your pet hydrated, but also to clean the wound out. You can buy assembled kits that include these and many other things you will need.

If your dog is choking, then you will need to perform a dog Heimlich procedure on him. Regardless of the size of your dog, the first step is to check and see if you can dislodge the object from their mouth and upper throat area. If your animal is unconscious, grab their tongue and pull it forward to try to get the object out. If it is awake, be careful not to get bitten. Stick your finger in their mouth and in a sweeping motion, try to get the object out. If you can not then you need to move on to the next step. If your pet is small enough to pick up, place their spine against your chest, place both hands under your dogs waist, just below the rib cage, and put your hands together, one in a fist, just below their last rib. Thrust upwards quickly about five times, making sure it's not hard enough to injure them, then look again for the object in their mouth. Keep doing this until the object is dislodged.

For larger pets, if you can not get the object out, then lift them up by the hind legs and see if that works. If it does not, then place your pet in a standing position and with the palm of your hand, give 5 sharp blows between the shoulder blades, and check them again. Continue doing this until the object comes out. If they are unconscious, then lay your dog on its right side, and kneel with its legs towards you, place your palms on each other just under their rib cage and give five thrusts in and upwards. Check then to see if the item came out.

C-Section Recovery Begins In Hospital

C-section recovery is not something to be taken lightly, a c-section is major abdominal surgery and after it you immediately have a new baby to care for. To ensure the best recovery it's important to take special care of yourself, and this begins straight away in the hospital.

After a c-section you will usually remain in hospital on average three to five days before going home. There are things you can begin doing during that time to get your c-section recovery off to the best possible start.

Straight after the surgery you will probably feel a bit out of it and possibly nauseous. Even so making the effort to get up and go to the bathroom as soon as you can after surgery is a good idea. The first time you get up you will need someone's help. It's also very important to move slowly supported by someone else. Because your wound is so new you do not want to risk reopening it.

Anything that creates tension in the abdominal area will probably be painful at first, that means laughing, sneezing, crying as well as moving. This will gradually improve day-by-day and it's important to be attentive to just how much your body is able to do. You can use your hands or a pillow to support your incision when you cough, sneeze, or laugh.

Wearing a belly binder will be an enormous help for all of these simple acts. Imagining if sneezing or laughing will hurt, gives you some idea what picking up your baby and getting out of bed the first time will be like! Wearing a belly binder will remove the worry of your incision tearing and reopening, as well as reducing pain and allowing you to move with ease and confidence.

If you are going to breast feed (and why would not you?), It is good to start straight away in the recovery room. At first the best way to nurse is in the side-lying position or using the football hold. This way there's no pressure on your incision. A nurse should be able to help you to do this. After a c-section wearing a c-section support belt will help with improving breastfeeding position options because breastfeeding can be a bit more challenging because of the pain from the healing incision and the physical demands of holding baby.

If you do have questions or run into any difficulties, ask to see the lactation consultant straight away. If the hospital does not have a lactation consultant, ask for the nurse who's the lactation expert. It's part of their job to help you, they want to help you so do not shy about asking.

While you remain in hospital your physician will visit to see how you are each day, and that the incision is healing properly. It is very common to feel numbness or soreness around the incision. As the cut heals the scar will be slightly raised, puffy, and darker than your other skin tone. This will change over time.

During the few days in the hospital take gentle walks to get your blood and lymph circulating again. Sitting and rocking in a rocking chair will also help give gentle exercise. Simple forms of exercise like this will help the healing process and help with the inevitable gas after the surgery.

After a c-section, pain is normal and you will be given painkillers. This can leave you groggy and be a hindrance in those important first days of bonding with your baby. Some women are afraid that the painkillers will get into their breast milk, but in the first few days the baby is drinking colostrum because the milk does not come in straight away.

Belly binding after a c-section is a very effective form of pain management and it's use in c-section recovery will reduce or even do away with the need for painkillers.

For several days after your c-section delivery there will be heavy bleeding. This happens because your uterus is shrinking back to its normal size. This heavy flow of bright red blood will go on for up to six weeks post-surgery. It's not advisable to use tampons during this time, instead, use extra-absorbent menstrual pads or special postpartum pads. Gradually the bleeding will change to a pale pink or dark red color, and eventually to a yellowish or light color.

During these few days in hospital it is a good idea to sleep as much as possible and a good time to get into the habit of sleeping, or at least resting when baby sleeps. At home you will have a new and longer phase in your c-section recovery.

Direct Mail For Doctors

Direct mail campaigns have been used in the health care industry by doctors and for doctors. While in the former instance, mail targeting has proven to be less than effective, with most people who are targeted with a message discarding it instantly as spam or something that they do not need at that point and therefore as something that does not concern them. In the latter case, where mail advertising strategies are used by drug companies to contact doctors with an alternative drug or medical instrument, there has been an increasing discomfiture among the medical community about the public circulation of material that was essentially part of a private and confidential medical consultation.

The lack of impact through methods of by direct mail campaigns used by doctors to target wider populations with promises of specific and personalized medical care have meant an increase in newer and innovative methods of direct mail targeting. Direct mail campaigns used to target doctors, on the other hand, raises a whole lot of issues pertaining to the ethics of this profession.

When doctors receive direct mail communication from drug representatives and salespersons, they are immediately alerted to the uncomfortable fact that what has been the subject matter of a private and confidential medical consultation is effectively in the public domain as a result of drug manufacturers colluding with data- mining companies to get information that is essentially strictly in the private domain.

New Hampshire State, for example, became the first to ban the use or sale of doctor's prescriptions for commercial or marketing purposes reserving the use of the option for research, law enforcement and patient education. Data mining firms contended that the New Hampshire law was unconstitutional as it hampered free speech. Finally, in a federal district court ruling, New Hampshire's law was overruled; the court held that the ban on direct mail campaigns curbed "commercial speech" and restricted the transmission of truthful information among companies and doctors.

More importantly, it held that the State did not have a substantial interest in preventing the dissemination of truthful information when remedies such as putting out alternative information were available to it. More than a dozen states, however, have considered passing similar legislation and are in different stages of progress on the matter.

Direct mail campaigns, doctors contend, involves not just a severe breach of privacy but also has the potential to alter the pattern of drug prescription among doctors, who might be influenced to prescribe more expensive drugs that might not necessarily provide better treatment than less expensive ones . In a country where millions find the private healthcare system already expensive and beyond their reach, the direct mail culture is only further commercializing an already highly commercialized arena and might become an added disadvantage especially in the current economic climate, and could, in the long term , lead to much social discontent.

According to doctors themselves, direct mail campaigns, do the work of distorting the patient-doctor relationship and in effect drives up costs. However, in a situation where the largest national body of physicians in the US makes millions of dollars each year by helping data-mining companies link prescriptions to individual physicians by allowing them access to their databases, the community of physicians needs to voice their concerns more vociferously than ever and launch a campaign against direct mail campaigns.

Canadian Preparation H For Acne Scars

Not too long ago, a friend told me that they were using Preparation H to clear wrinkles under their eyes. This sounded strange to me, so I thought that I would investigate. How can a cream made for hemorrhoids give you clear skin? With a little research, I found astonishing facts about a substance called Bio-Dyne that is only in Canadian Preparation H.

About twenty years ago, Preparation H in the United States of America was the same as the Canadian product. They both contained two main ingredients, Bio-Dyne and shark liver oil. After just a few years on the market, the Food and Drug Administration reviewed the ingredients of Preparation H and decided that some ingredients needed to be changed. This was because of the shark liver oil, not the Bio-Dyne. The American manufactures of Preparation H were forced to change how they made their products, while the Canadian ingredients stayed the same. Now back in present day, the Canadian Preparation H is the only product with Bio-Dyne.

What does Bio-Dyne actually do? It is now known that Bio-Dyne is biologically active on skin cells. The Cincinnati Burn Unit and Oregon University School of Medicine have both done studies showing that Bio-Dyne speeds wound healing in burns. The process that the body uses to heal burns is identical to that of scars. By applying just a little Canadian Preparation H to an area of your body that has acne scars, it is easy to see results in just a week. While the results may not be permanent, it is still possible to enjoy clear and smooth skin.

Digital Doctor

Steve Lohr in "The New York Times" refers Dr. David Blumenthal, statement as; "The evidence worldwide suggests that electronic health records are seen as part of the long-term answer to improving care and controlling costs."

The researchers observed that overall, 44 percent of physicians have implemented EHRs and 56 percent still use paper based records. The survey reports also revealed that appropriate use of electronic health record systems have brought great improvement in health sector by redefining the medical practices' usual routines.

Furthermore, the condition, for the use of specific measures, to have the CMS incentives has played a great role in the appropriate use of Electronic Health Record System.

Few years ago, the worst part of a visit to a doctor was to wait in a reception room among the other sick patients. The new healthcare innovations have streamlined it, and now it is far easier to make patients' advanced appointments and they can know how much time the doctor may take before clearing up into a waiting room chair.

Electronic Health Record has emerged as a good time management tool in multiple ways eg by giving patients, an access to their online medical records through patient portal or patient health record system. The PHR (Patient Health Record) has reduced a huge number of query calls to practices. They can now access their basic information, family history, medications, allergies, immunizations, diagnosis and lab results directly. Each patient is given a unique ID by the practice which enables the patient to access the records by signing in to the system.

On the other hand, the physicians are also looking for EHRs for a way to save time and money. The shift from paper based to digital system has been proved economical with less use of paper, less staff and availability of patient records with few clicks. In addition, the features like vitals, problems, medication history, allergies, patient charting, Lab Results, family history, social history have made the data access and review very simpler. The providers do not have to go through the whole file at every visit, scrolling few links brings forward the whole patient history.

Another great feature of EHRs is use of electronic prescriptions. Physicians can transmit the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy easily in access to the patient. This helps in preventing medication errors. Usually providers used to give handwritten prescriptions to the patient or fax it to a pharmacy. Pharmacist also used to have difficult time reading handwritten prescriptions and may have little or no information about the patient's condition for which the prescription is written. Therefore, e-prescription plays a major role in reducing the incidents like drug duplication by alerting providers and plays a vital role especially with regards to controlled substances.

Electronic lab reporting systems with EHR have also brought forward focused and expected improvements to the completeness and timeliness of reporting. Eventually, the purpose of introducing EHR into healthcare was to facilitate the patients and providers with accurate reporting, by giving them an easy access of data and its availability, to have an economical solutions, and time management with the use of technology and ultimately survey reports prove a successful achievement of the set goals.

Dr. David J. Brailer, former national coordinator for health information technology in the Bush administration, states "The real gains come from improving the quality of the information that the doctor receives, so it is more accurate, complete and timely."

Herbal Energy Supplements – Understand the Risks and Benefits

In the market, there are many types of herbal energy supplements. If you are considering taking these read all the risks and side effects. There are many herbal energy supplements, which promise to increase stamina. Since people are living a fast past life, they may feel tired and stressed during parts of their life. With the pressures of family and children as well as work and school, many times, you may crash during the day.

Often we are able to get just hours of sleep at night and have to drink coffee to wake up, so when working you feel tired, fatigued and sluggish. If you are considering taking herbal additives to boost your power levels, then you should start by researching their risks and side effects first.

You can look on the web and in magazines however you may want to start with your doctor. Explain to your general practitioner about your symptoms and possible forms of supplements that you should take or avoid. The doctor may give you other ways of boosting your stamina and endurance.

If your doctor allows you to take herbal energy supplements, make sure you choose one wisely. Instead of assuming a false sense of enthusiasm, you can take the nutritional additives before or after meals that provide your body with certain nutrients and power boosters throughout the day.

Many times the meals you eat may not give you enough of these vitamins so they take enhancers which are rich vitamin B. Many energy complements encourage your brain to produce stamina automatically on its own. It will help fill in the gaps with minimal side effects and give you natural vigor.

Many people take enhancers which have ginseng which can increase your stamina, emotional and mental stability. It is derived from a Japanese mushroom which helps resist stress. Other ingredients found to reduce stress include bee pollen or licorice. Most of the best power boosters will have an adequate combination of herbs, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that can fight off fatigue.

Before taking any supplement, it is necessary to study all of the ingredients because there is a possibility that you could be allergic to certain ingredients. Even if they are natural, they may make you sick. Many people used to take a substance called ephedra. However it has been banned by the FDA for causing dangerous side effects including an increased risk of heart attack.

Read all the risks and side effects, which will be located on the bottom to make sure they do not make you sick. If the supplement makes you ill, then you should stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor. Also you should try and make certain lifestyle changes to eliminate the stress and give you more power. This includes decreasing your stress, sleeping eight hours a day, and eating a balanced diet.

If you are considering taking herbal energy supplements, make sure you read the risks and side effects so that you do not get sick. If you make a few lifestyle changes, then you may also gain vigor naturally.

What is Liver Failure?

The liver has many important functions and when something goes wrong with this organ then it can be potentially fatal. Liver failure is a life threatening condition and needs to be taken care of as soon as symptoms have started and a diagnosis made. Of course preventing failure of the liver is also important and there are many easy things to do that can help you avoid future difficulties.

Liver failure is basically a condition in which much of the organ has been damaged and it is no longer possible to repair it. Once this happens, the liver is no longer able to function. Noticing and correctly identifying the symptoms of liver failure is not always easy, because they can come gradually or acutely and are often mistaken for other diseases. Some of the first symptoms of a failing liver include fatigue, diarrhea, nausea and loss of appetite. These often are not diagnosed, but as the liver further degrades the symptoms also become more severe. You will them experience jaundice, sleepiness, bleeding and mental disorientation. Besides that you may also fall into a coma or have a swollen abdomen.

Once diagnosed, liver failure can be treated in most cases and the cases where the damage is too extensive, then a liver transplant is necessary. If a virus is the reason for the condition then the liver often recovers without medical help or medication can help. In the early stages of liver failure due to an overdose of acetaminophen not only is the condition treatable, but even the effects of the deterioration can be reversed. If the failure is already too progressed then only the parts of the organ that are still undamaged will be treated in order to save them.

There are many possible causes of liver failure, but also many things that can be done to prevent it. The most common causes of chronic liver deterioration include Hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, malnutrition and long term alcohol abuse. In acute cases of rapid failure a virus is often the culprit, but also poisonous mushrooms, a reaction to medication or a Tylenol overdose. Prevention is best done by not consuming too much alcohol for a long period of time, proper hygiene, eating balanced meals and keeping up to date on hepatitis vaccines.

Digestive System Diseases and Nervous Disorders

Conditions which affect the stomach, esophagus, bowel, colon, liver or pancreas are considered digestive system diseases and disorders. Many people wonder about nervous disorders that affect the digestive tract and conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and emotional trauma may all aggravate symptoms, but it is unclear whether any of these cause digestive system diseases and disorders. In fact, in most digestive system diseases and disorders the causes are unclear. There are only theories about what the causes may be and what may worsen the conditions or aggravate symptoms.

There are many digestive system diseases and disorders. Some are very common and easily treated, while some are more serious, difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat. There are some nervous disorders that affect the digestive tract. These are sometimes classified as symptoms or related conditions and sometimes as possible causes of digestive system diseases and disorders, because in some cases it is unclear which came first, the digestive disorder or the nervous disorder.

The most common of the digestive system diseases and disorders is heartburn. Heartburn affects an estimated 25% of people in the United States on and other western countries on a monthly basis according to a study from the Mayo Clinic. In contrast only 11% of those living in Eastern Asian countries have heartburn once or more per month. Excess stomach acid is what causes heartburn, but stress and anxiety are nervous disorders that can affect the digestive tract and increase stomach acid. Heartburn is a symptom of another of the common digestive system diseases and disorders; acid reflux.

Acid reflux or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms include heartburn, difficulty swallowing, regurgitation of stomach acid and/or food, hoarseness, coughing and irritation of the larynx, throat and/or esophagus. This is one of the digestive system diseases and disorders that can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated. For example, acid reflux or GERD is one of the major risk factors for esophageal cancer. As with heartburn, anxiety and stress are nervous disorders that affect the digestive tract and can aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

Ulcerative colitis is another of the digestive system diseases and disorders. This one can be very serious and when symptoms are severe may require surgery to remove diseased portions or the entire colon. Anxiety, stress, depression or emotional turmoil (all nervous disorders that can affect the digestive tract) are often experienced by people with ulcerative colitis and can worsen symptoms. It is an inflammatory bowel disease, similar to Crohn’s disease. Whereas irritable bowel syndrome is not considered an inflammatory disease, but because the names are similar, people sometimes get them confused.

Irritable Bowel System or IBS is one of the common digestive system diseases and disorders. Somewhere between 25 and 55 million Americans suffer from IBS and most of them are women. IBS is not life threatening and it does not lead to other more serious digestive system diseases and disorders, but it can still be hard to live with. IBS and nervous disorders that affect the digestive tract, such as stress and anxiety may cause a vicious circle in a person’s life. Meaning, IBS may make a person anxious about when he/she will have to find a bathroom and the anxiety can aggravate symptoms of IBS, which increases anxiety, etc.

These are only some of the many digestive system diseases and disorders and while nervous disorders that affect the digestive system are not believed to cause any of these conditions, it is possible that they may aggravate symptoms, particularly when it comes to stress and anxiety. Eating too fast, too much, on the go, in the car, in front of the TV or computer are all poor eating habits that are very common. When treating digestive system diseases and disorders like IBS, acid reflux and heartburn, doctors typically advise that these eating habits may worsen symptoms. It has been shown that by slowing down and reducing stress in one’s life, many of the symptoms of the most common digestive system diseases and disorders may be reduced or prevented entirely.

For more information about digestive system diseases and disorders, visit

Health Problems in the United States Today

In the USA in this, the twenty first century, health problems have turn into the figurative elephant int the room. Or, if you are considering health problems triggered by obesity, they’ve come to be the literal elephant within the room. Mainly because the simple truth is that most Americans are overweight, plus a significant proportion of Americans are outright obese. And when it comes to modern health problems, few have much more far reaching and costly consequences as obesity.

Obesity is insidious in that not just does it kill you, but it kills your pocket book, too. You’ll wind up wasting too a lot funds on too a lot food that you just do not eat. That type of wasting, which occurs across a great swathe from the population, leads to overproduction of certain foods and crops, too because the slashing and burning of forest land to create much more grazing land for cattle. This becomes a long-term expense as the climate alterations perceptibly, acquiring warmer because there’s much less forest land globally to absorb the heat from the sun and course of action greenhouse gases.

It’s a systemic, around the world difficulty that needs being fixed. And diet pills aren’t the method to do it.

Now, obesity doesn’t just result in global health problems. It also causes individual health problems. The most prevalent that can be linked directly to obesity in America are diabetes and heart disease. Both of these are inflammatory diseases, each are treatable but each are also very generally fatal. And there’s no reason so a lot of Americans need to be suffering from these health problems.

So if you come across yourself in the overweight or obese group of folks, you need to take a very good appear at your diet and workout routines. The very first thing you ought to do is regulate your portion manage. Adult males will not need a lot more than two thousand calories a day. To put that into perspective, a Big Mac is about 550 calories. Add fries along with a coke, and you’re more than 1 thousand calories for the day.

So be smart about what you eat. Rather than going with the oversized, deluxe order of beef with fries, get a piece of chicken or fish (not fried, by the way) plus a salad or some sauteed vegetables.

You should also function out often. Begin slow, performing maybe twenty minutes of cardio three or four periods per week. As you get more fit, you’ll be able to bump it as much as extra times per week for a longer, or additional strenuous workout. For me personally, I’ve discovered that eating a balanced healthy eating plan and getting in typical exercise has helped with several of my health problems, from arthritis to chronic fatigue.

The Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Guide

Congratulations! You just decided to quit drinking and taking drugs. But what is the next step?

Enter a treatment center.

You have other concerns like your painful and grueling withdrawal experience, cravings and negative feelings due to substance dependence. Though you have decided to stop taking addictive substances, your body and emotions are not ready to take the challenges of the steps to full sobriety. For these reasons, full assistance from the experts is necessary for you to have a safe, uncomplicated and comfortable transition from addiction to sobriety. It will be beneficial to have a checklist that will guide you in finding the most comfortable and effective treatment center to take care of your concerns.

20 concerns involved in picking a treatment center:

1. Cost of care and extent of insurance coverage- Choose a treatment center that you can afford. Check if it is included in your insurance plan. Inquire about the total cost including the medicines and professional fees.

2. Detox treatment – Ask about the detox medications, the professional health care providers who will supervise the detoxification and the place where it will be conducted.

3. Client to staff ratio – This is to ensure that you will receive the appropriate attention for speedy recovery.

4. Qualifications of the staff – You will be confident in the treatment process if the members of the team are certified professionals.

5. Treatment programs offered – This is the most important factor to consider. Your recuperation largely depends on the kind of program you will undergo.

6. Twelve -step based program used – This is a highly valuable program in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. You should also ask if they implement holistic care.

7. Individualized treatment plan – there is no perfect treatment plan applicable to all. It is important that you will receive health care management suited to your needs.

8. Psychiatrist – Since alcoholism and drug addiction are associated with depression and other psychological problems, it is important to receive the professional help from a psychiatrist.

9. Visitors policies – Inquire about the treatment center's policy regarding your visitors as well as the family support groups available.

10. Length of stay – The duration of your treatment will play a major role in your transition from addiction to sobriety as well as the cost of the programs.

11. Fun activities – Inquire about group and individual activities that will promote socialization and sense of achievement like sports and similar leisure interest.

12. Foods served – This is essential especially if you are a vegetarian or your religion forbids some foods.
13. Physical exercises – Exercise is important to keep you fit and mentally alert.

14. Spirituality – It is believed that a person will easily recover from addiction with the development of spiritual consciousness.

15. Success rate – This will help you evaluate if the services of the treatment facility are effective.

16. Case studies – Check the verity of the testimonials and ask for the opinions of its former clients to ascertain if the facility can really help you recover from substance dependence.

17. Treatment center rules – It is better to know about the rules as early as possible to avoid regrets in the end especially when it comes to financial matters.

18. Disciplinary measures for violating rules – Be sure to ask about punishment / penalty for violations of the rehab's rules before you enroll.

19. Room accommodations – Some people prefer to be alone and some want to be in a group. Check their room policies and the cost for your preference.

20. Accreditation by JCAHO or CARF – These are two national organizations that carry a lot of weight within the recovery industry. Treatment centers with these accreditations are a big plus.

It is difficult to put a paradigm in finding a treatment center that will exactly meet all your expectations. But the above-mentioned concerns will help you find a rehab that will give you the best programs and living conditions for a comfortable recovery. The most important advice we can give it to ask plenty of questions before making a selection.

For a comprehensive directory of drug and alcohol treatment centers, visit or call our toll-free numbers at the top of page of our website to connect to a professional recovery specialist 24/7.

Computer Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Fix

Computer Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a critical problem in Microsoft Windows operating system. The BSOD is one taking full size of your screen with complete blue color indicating an Error Code. It often automatically restarts your machine. Random appearing of BSOD results in frustration for the user because any unsaved data is lost and the system may permanently crash.

If you are a victim of computer blue screen of death then here are some solutions for you. Do the below steps one by one until you found the problem is fixed.

1. Check Memory

2. Check the Data Cables of your Hard Disk

3. Scan and Fix the Registry Problems

4. Check and Fix the Bad Sectors on your Hard Disk

Check Memory

The primary memory of a computer is the Random Access Memory (RAM). Its importance in the working of your computer is huge. Unforeseen situations like the problems with your memory result in computer BSOD.

1. Click Start button on the Taskbar.

2. Type Windows Memory Diagnostic and press ENTER.

3. Click the option Restart now and check for problems (recommended) to immediately start the memory diagnostics test.

If any irreversible problem was found with your memory, replace that defective with a newly purchased memory.

Check the Data Cables of your Hard Disk

The hard disk has two cables connected, viz. the Power Cord and the Data Cable. A malfunctioning or loose data cable may result in BSOD problem.

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Open the CPU Cabinet.

3. Remove the Data Cable and the Power Cord of your Hard Disk.

4. Properly connect both the cables again.

Scan and Fix the Registry Problems

The information filled in the registry is frequently accessed by your operating system and the installed programs. Any outdated, incorrect or misleading information may result in the runtime errors with respective procedures. The computer blue screen of death problem may occur if the major or sensitive portion of your registry is improperly modified.

You need to fix hidden problems in your registry. Doing so is possible manually and using a registry fixing software. The former is a more complex and time consuming way whereas the latter is a safer, quicker and recommended way to fix the registry.

Check and Fix the Bad Sectors on your Hard Disk

The hard disk is a medium of storing all your information, including the system files. Frequent power cuts, improper ways of shutting down your computer corrupt the hard disk. The bad sectors on your hard disk make it difficult to retrieve and modify the files. In the same sense, when a system file is unable to access the computer blue screen of death may appear. So, fix the problems with your hard disk.

1. Open My Computer.

2. Right click a drive. For example, the drive C.

3. Select Properties.

4. Click Tools | Check Now.

5. Follow the instructions on your screen.

High Priority Solution

In most cases, the BSOD is the outcome of incorrect information in the registry. Any compromise with your registry may result in severe damage to your system and the data stored in it.

Edgar Cayce's Apple Diet

One of the most popular and well-known health recommendations in the Edgar Cayce readings is the apple diet. But make no mistake, Cayce did not intend this three-day regimen to be a weight-loss strategy. The "diet" was recommended as a detox or purification routine that could make one feel more energetic and vital in a short period of time. It was particularly noted as a way to alkalize one's system and help relieve oneself of chronic aches and pains. Overall, the apple diet seems to be almost a must for us all a few times a year, if for no other reason than it quite thoroughly cleanses and detoxifies the system.

Searching the Cayce readings on "apple diet" yields a mere twenty-four documents. Interesting that it has become one of the most well-known and applied of the Cayce "remedies." I attribute this to the fact that it is an "easy" routine to follow and IT WORKS! Through the decades I believe that Cayce's apple diet has enjoyed a tremendous amount of word-of-mouth endorsement from one individual to another. I personally do the apple diet three to four times a year. I actually enjoy the mental discipline it requires – and the feeling of health and "lightness" that results.

The first step in the diet is to get your apples! The readings identified the "jenneting" varieties of apples to be best for the routine. Two easily obtained apples within this category are Jonathan and Delicious. As I wrote this article, I decided to do a little research on "jenneting." What exactly does the term mean? Basically these apples are those that ripen early in the season. The term jenneting is derived from the name Jean or John and is so named because these apples ripen on or before St. John's Day, June 24! I love tidbits of information like this as much as apples!

The readings actually state that raw apples should always be eaten alone – never with other foods and never in conjunction with castor oils packs (some people have come to believe the opposite through misinformation – so please heed this admonition). As you can see from this quote, it's an important one: "Do not attempt to use the Apple Diet as a cleanser, if using the Oil Packs." (543-27)

Basically, the diet is simple. Three days of apples (the right apples as mentioned above), plenty of water, and rest. Here's one reading on the apple diet:

"It would be well for this body, even after this, to have a three-day apple diet, even in its weakened condition we need to clear the system. For this will get rid of the tendencies for neuritic conditions in the joints of the body. Also take the Olive Oil after the three-day diet. But do not go without the apples – eat them – all you can – at least five or six apples each day. Chew them up, scrape them well. Drink plenty of water, and follow the three-day diet with the big dose of Olive Oil. " (1409-9)

The dose of olive oil is at the end of the diet. Two to three teaspoons is the general recommendation. Cold-pressed olive oil is much more palatable, so you should be sure to have that available. If you are on an oil-restricted diet, you can extend the apples for four to five days. I have never done this myself, but I imagine that the results would be quite noticeable and effective.

As mentioned above, rest is important during the apple diet. A "regular Apple Diet would be well for the body – but do not try to work like a horse when you are on the Apple Diet! Or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!" (307-14)

What to Expect

Most people report that the first day is the most challenging in terms of appetite for other foods. A few others seem to feel a bit more challenged on the second day. Just about everyone, however, reports that on day three the feeling of lightness and energy is well worth the effort. So, here's to your health. Let us know your experiences and results.

Glucose (Blood) Tests-Drug

How the Drug Works

Specially treated test strips indicate the blood glucose concentration. Regular monitoring of glucose aids in the control of diabetes. It will help determine medication, dietary and exercise needs and help decrease the complications (eg, neuropathies, retinopathies) and problems during pregnancy.


To monitor blood glucose levels In diabetics. To aid in control of the condition.

To aid in determining medication regimes, diet, and exercise programs for diabetics.

To help prevent development of complications during pregnancy.

Specimen Collection and Handling: All blood glucose test strips require a finger or earlobe stick. An automatic lancet device punctures the skin to obtain a single drop of blood. A manual lancet is more painful and laceration size and puncture depth cannot be predicted. These are important because they control the volume of the drop of blood. The size of the test pad varies among manufacturers. It must be completely covered with blood.

A single drop of blood is placed on the test strip. Begin timing when the test pad is covered completely. In some tests, the blood drop is wiped from the test strip at the end of the timed period. Timing is critical. The wiping or blotting technique and the recommended tissue paper or cotton for blotting may vary by manufacturer. The test strip is placed in the glucose meter. The results are read from the meter display. The visual test is read against the color key.

Storage and handling: A bottle of test strips can be used for 4 months after being opened. Always write the date the bottle is first opened on the bottle label. Never use the test strips past the expiration date indicated on the bottle label or foil packet. Use of strips beyond the expiration date may yield inaccurate results.

Keep unused test strips in the original bottle with cap tightly closed. Always replace the cap immediately and tightly. Never transfer test strips to another bottle. Leave the drying agent in the bottie. The drying agent absorbs moisture and keeps the strips dry. Never put cotton or other material in the bottle. Do not use discolored strips. Keep your fingers or other objects from touching the test pads before testing. Touching the pads could cause inaccurate test results.

Keep strip vial away from small children. A child could choke on the cap or drying agent, which could be harmful if swallowed. Store at room temperature (59° to 86°F). Do not store bottle in direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Do not store in cabinets with bleach or products containing bleach.

Drug Interactions:

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or planning to take any overthe-counter or prescription medications or dietary supplements while testing for blood glucose. The following drugs and drug classes may interact with the test to cause questionable results:

Acetaminophen (eg, Tylenol)


Aspirin (large amounts)

Methyldopa (large amounts)

Dopamine (large amounts)

Vitamin C

Guidelines for Use

Follow instructions on the label exactly.

Monitor blood for glucose as prescribed. Monitor urine ketones if your blood glucose level has been greater than 300 mg/dL for 2 consecutive blood glucose determinations.

Blood glucose monitoring is recommended to achieve normal blood sugar levels. Keep track of your blood glucose results so that adjustments in your treatment program can be made more easily.

Participate in a thorough diabetes education program so that you understand diabetes and all aspects of its treatment, including diet, exercise, personal hygiene and how to self-monitor blood glucose.

Apply the blood drop, time the reaction, blot the test pads and read the test results the same way each time you do the test.

Diabetics – Monitor glucose: When you have a cold, the flu or any other kind of illness. When you “feel” the signs of low or high blood sugar (greater than 240 mg/dL) or when your blood sugar is well over the range your doctor has set for you (if you do blood glucose monitoring). When you are under unusual physical or emotional stress. During pregnancy or after a testing pattern has been established with your doctor or educator.

Have all the materials you need before beginning the test: Test strips, timer (stop watch or watch with a second hand), sterile lancet, cotton or rayon balls, alcohol wipes, and glucose meter.

Color vision is needed to properly read visual, but not meter, test results. Have someone else confirm the visual test results if in doubt.

Quality control and sample tests may be required before testing.

If test results seem questionable, check expiration date on the label, repeat the test using a new test strip, run controls, check glucose meter and check procedure (timing).

If you are unable to identify the cause of a low or high test result, contact your doctor or diabetes educator. Know the symptoms of hypergly cemia (high blood sugar), which include thirst, hunger and frequent and excessive urination and those of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which include trembling, sweating, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, and tingling or numbness around mouth or fingertips.

If you experience stomach pain, vomiting or difficulty breathing, contact your doctor immediately.

Individuals with high uric acid, bilirubin cholesterol, triglyceride or hematocrit levels may have lowered glucose levels.

Diabetes education may be obtained through your local chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

Why to Choose Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Many homeopathic professionals have admitted that there are numerous homeopathic options to treat high blood pressure or hypertension. High blood pressure results in heart attacks and other stress related problems. Blood pressure problems are mostly caused because of bad eating habits like junk food, standard of living problems and habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. The result of all these activities leads to high blood pressure which in turn results in heat attacks.

In the field of heart related problems and hypertension, homeopathic medicines are doing very well. People have gained awareness regarding the importance and effectiveness of these medicines. These medicines remove the root cause of any disease thus eradicating the disease successfully. Apart from removing the root cause one major advantage homeopathic medicines is that they do not have any side effects. This means that the person who consumes these medicines will not have to deal with any other major organ problems related to kidneys, heart and also liver. Homeopathic medicines for high blood pressure have become the trend these days and the number of consumers of such medicines is only growing in number. They are not getting any lesser.

The most common method of homeopathic treatment for high blood pressure is the use of dietary supplements in order to control and encourage the heart and also vascular health. Also herbal medicines are used in the homeopathic medicines. This is a very interesting fact as herbal medicines are very advantageous considering the long term cure and the lack of side effects. These medicines have an enormous amount of advantages which cannot be overlooked or undermined.Apart from being effective these medicines can be used for a very long period of time. They have a very good storage capacity which means they can be stored for a very long period of time.

If a person apart from consuming homeopathic medicines consumes a good and a balanced diet, half of his problems will be solved effectively. He will just have to give some time for the medicines to kick in and once these medicines kick in everything will be solved. In the world of health care there is nothing better than homeopathic treatment. This is the reason why the demand for homeopaths is increasing as the years pass by. Apart from having such long term effects they are very easy to consume and also have a good taste associated with them.