Best Shampoo For Hair Loss – Paul Mitchell, Pantene, Kerastase, And Dove Thinning Hair Products

When looking for the best shampoo for hair loss you will be faced with many choices. We all know how big of an effect baldness can have on any man, especially when you hair starts thinning in the top and the forehead. No one wants a huge forehead, but if you are using the right kind of shampoo you can slow down or even stop baldness. Today I will talk about the best shampoo for thinning hair. Since there is such a variety to choose from, it can be difficult for you to know which one will be best for you.

Best natural shampoo for hair loss

There are lots of natural shampoos for hair loss. You can find the best ones on the Internet or in your local health store. Do not ever buy them from a grocery store or pharmacy because you should always be super picky when buying natural products. If you buy on the Internet you should make sure that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for at least 30 days. If they are a fly-by-night company that does not back-up their claims then you, and your credit card, should stay as far away from them as possible.

Paul Mitchell Hair Loss shampoo

The Paul Mitchell Hair Loss products are first of all the most expensive. Paul Mitchell is a huge brand in hair products, but not necessarily when known to stop baldness. This is probably the best shampoo for baldness if you want the most effective shampoo on the market. There is a slight smell that some users have complained about, but that is the medicinal things that work on your hair follicles. Other than the smell, this is a decent shampoo for thinning hair.

Pantene Hair Loss shampoo

Pantene baldness shampoo is also a highly effective baldness shampoo. Although it is not the best shampoo for hair loss, it is definitely the best smelling. You can definitely use it to help against baldness, but it will not be as effective as the other shampoos. Use this one if you are especially worried about smelling bad. Actually, a lot of women prefer this shampoo if they are just experiencing mild baldness. If you are a women who is experiencing thinning hair then you should go to the doctor as soon as possible because it could be the result of a serious medical condition.

Kerastase Hair Loss shampoo

Kerastase thinning hair shampoo has the strongest medicinal smell out of all the thinning hair shampoos. This one definitely works, but it's almost like you are not using shampoo, but just rubbing medicine into your hair. Therefore, it will help you with your baldness, but no one will want to be around you. You need to think about which is more important to you, having hair or smelling good. I personally would like a little big of both, but if you are truly serious about keeping your hair at all costs to your and your social life, then definitely go to the super market and pick yourself up a bottle of Kerastase.

Dove Shampoo for Hair Loss

Dove shampoo for hair loss is a very popular shampoo because of its brand name. When most people think about Dove they think about moisture. This is why I prefer this product because it makes your hair look the best out of all of them. This shampoo makes your hair look really shiny. However, if you do not have a lot of hair to begin with then you should not use this shampoo. You should be more concerned with keeping the hair that you have and also, possibly being able to grow some of the hair back that you have lost. The best shampoo for hair loss is dove shampoo.

How to Overcome Stammering Fast

When you speak out loud, you are overcome by fear all of the time. You try to get the words to come out but you trip over them and they do not come out right. Then you hear people snicker and giggle around you because they think it is kind of funny. Little do they know, you have a stammer or a stutter and it is a serious condition. Even when you try to speak clearly, you can not do it. All you want is for your stammer to go away so you can be normal.

Stuttering and stammering are big speech impediments that people all over the world have. If you have a stammer, then you know how difficult life is and how hard it is to feel comfortable in public. You hate meeting new people because when you meet someone new, you are nervous and when you are nervous, your stammer worsens. All you want is to overcome stammering so you can speak with ease and confidence.

Thankfully, there are small steps that you can take at home that will help you to get rid of your stammer. For example, reading out loud can help to weaken your stutter. When you read out loud, you start to practice how words should roll off of your tongue. The more you read, the better your speech will become. Another way to overcome stammering is to not make direct eye contact with the person you are talking to. When you make direct eye contact, you get nervous so look at the bridge of their nose and you will be able to focus on your words.

Causes and Symptoms of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common skin condition that affects the scalp. The term dandruff, medically referred to as pityriasis capitis, is usually used for the appearance of dry skin flakes, which are actually the shedding of dead skin cells.

The epidermal layer of our skin continuously gets exfoliated as old skin cells die, making way for new cells. Our skin sheds dead cells continuously, but we cannot see them as the process is slow and the flakes are too small to be seen by the naked eye. The process which usually takes a month under normal conditions is hastened in the case of a person affected with dandruff. In such cases, new cells are produced and shed within a period of 2 to 7 days. The dead cells appear in the form of clumps of white flakes, occurring in patches on the scalp and lay scattered all over the head. These flakes often form oily clumps as dandruff is usually associated with excessive secretion of sebum (an oily substance that moisturizes the skin) by the sebaceous glands.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin disorder affecting the high sebum secreting areas such as the scalp, centre of the face – especially around the nose, chest, ears, occasionally on the groin and skin folds. Severe dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp, accompanied by the formations of red lesions, itching and burning sensation. Usually, thick, greasy, reddish patches appear, which have a dry scaly appearance. Moisturizing them only enhances the condition. Seborrheic dermatitis may appear in infants in the form of ‘cradle cap’. It generally subsides as the child grows and may reappear as dandruff when adulthood sets in.

It may also appear in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or people having immuno-deficiency as in the case of HIV infected people.


Skin infections accompanied by hectic lifestyles often give rise to dandruff. Some other causes can be listed as:

• Over secretion of sebum – Over active sebaceous glands that secrete an excessive amount of oily sebum often give rise to dandruff.

• Dry skin – Exposure to extreme temperatures often result in dandruff. Dandruff commonly appears in winter months when the skin is dry. People with dry skin are more susceptible to dandruff.

• Fungal infection – The yeast Malassezia furfur is a major cause of seborrheic dermatitis. It metabolizes the triglycerides in the sebum, which produce oleic acid as a by-product. This oleic acid acts as an irritant and produces an inflammatory response which manifests as Seborrheic dermatitis.

• Hectic lifestyle – Stress, lack of sleep and wrong diet are some other major causes of dandruff.


The major symptoms of dandruff are:

• Appearance of white flakes and clumps all over the scalp and in between the hair

• Itching and burning sensation

• Appearance of red, greasy, flaky lesions

• Sore feeling of the scalp

• Scaling and crusting patches (cradle cap in children)

Dandruff is a fairly common skin condition and can be treated by using good quality anti-dandruff shampoos, though extreme cases may require medical supervision. So, as soon as you notice any one or some of these symptoms, consult a dermatologist to find the actual reason of dandruff and use prescribed medications to get cured.

Broadcasting Schools Teach On-Air Skills

Tucson broadcasting schools can head into on the real fast-paced job within the radio scene. This city includes distinctive musical preferences, and a variety of radio stations and even some broadcasting industries that can aid you to be familiar with the strings for the broadcasting business. When you already have a bit knowledgeable or with some experience with radio, or in the event that you are just starting to go around this business, having the exact and mandatory training is just important.

Many people are searching to penetrate into broadcasting are intrigued in having their particular radio show, either like a step on their particular way in order to the profession in television, or as an end within itself. Today more than ever, there's a huge variety of on-air talent positions. There also exists "shock jocks" for example Don Imus and Howard Stern who claim in a jet-set and debatable issues. There are as well as traditional news anchors and weather forecast hosts – exquisite training in the event that you're up for considering to enter the world of television news. Other on-air talent involves sportscasters, talk show hosts, and voiceover performers. Each requires its own set of talents and abilities, ones which can be learned as well as perfected at Tucson broadcasting schools.

As on-air talent you are, very first as well as foremost, a performer. Broadcasting schools shall offer you with proper voice training, vocal and breathing drills to possess your "tool" – your own voice – in the best shape. It somehow depends on what kind of show you wish to make, you are able to learn regarding how to go over with the interviews, read some commercial copy, ad-lib, have an investigative reporting, as well as even to create an audition demo . It can be crucial that you should know FCC rules and regulations so that in turn, you will not end up having a fine – or be terminated – for relaying the incorrect idea on-air.

So, what is the particular top way in order to learn how to have your personal radio show? An appealing alternative to many these days is seeking out apprentice programs in their local area. This then eradicates the common need to change to some other place for schooling, also their expenditures of a traditional broadcasting school. It also allows for more scheduling flexibility in the event that you require to fit your radio training around a full or part-time job. Such kind of program availabilities bring you outside of the classroom and take you within the particular reality of radio stations, acquiring the necessary tools from a business professional who is having then having the task you'll want to possess someday. Not only does this particular hands-on training give you the prime education, but it also gives you the opportunity to work with field insiders who are in a prime position to guide you obtain a job once your program is completed. Be certain that the Tucson broadcasting schools you're choosing can give you such alternatives you can ever have.

How Alternative Therapy Can Help Reduce Stress

Stress is an undeniable facet of life which exhibits various harmful effects on the human body. When our body is under stress, it starts releasing stress hormones that increase heart beat, respiratory rate and provide a burst of energy. Stress can exhibit worst effects on the human health and may cause headaches, stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain, upset stomach, back pain and insomnia. Stress can also lower the immunity of the body and reduce the ability to fight off certain health concerns. Furthermore, it makes your body depressed, tense, and irritable that ultimately affects on your daily activities and lowers your efficiency.

Alternative therapy is a natural healing approach to get rid of this worst health concern. It includes a number of treatment techniques that work best for treating the whole body systems. In this article, I will describe how alternative therapy helps treat stress and how alternative treatment techniques heal.

Alternative Therapy – The Whole-Body Systems Approach

Alternative therapy is a natural and holistic approach that encompasses a number of hands-on techniques that activates the internal healing system of the body. It includes various holistic approaches like physical therapy, massage therapy and various integrative manual therapies that are performed by a professional and trained physical therapist or massage practitioner to correct the health conditions that are created due to stress. A physical or massage therapist provides a gentle body touch with his skilled hands that activates the natural healing system of the body and provides a sense of well-being.

Massage Therapy – Relaxing the Mind, Body & Spirit

Massage therapy is a holistic and natural way to treat stress related conditions of the body such as high blood pressure, back pain, stomach disorders and emotional disturbances. It effectively relaxes your mind, body and spirit and promotes a feeling of calm, peace and comfort.

Integrative Hands-On Techniques – Promotes Emotional Calmness

Since alternative therapy includes various integrative hands-on techniques that effectively induce relaxation responses ie promote muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure, normalize respiratory rate and ultimately promote emotional calmness, reduce stress responses and maintain overall wellness.

Alternative Therapy – Helps Relieve Stress

Physical therapy is a type of alternative therapy that offers strengthening, stretching and stress relief exercises to promote mental and physical wellness of a person. A physical therapist gently provides breathing and relaxing techniques that induces mental relaxation. Gentle and effective body movements stimulate the receptors in the nervous system to decrease the production of stress hormones which ultimately relax muscles, improve flexibility and normalize the breathing pattern of the body.

In a nutshell, alternative therapy is really effective for both mind and body and proven to be highly effective for alleviating stress and other stress related conditions. Indeed, it is a profound and natural approach to provoke a gentle feeling of calm, relaxes your mind and promotes mental and physical health. It is a natural way to cope with the worst effects of stress and provides you a stress-free life.

The Healthy Diet Diary

We may call it ‘diet journaling’, our ‘fat burning journal’ or simply our ‘healthy diet diary’ , but there is power in the concept and implementation of keeping a healthy diet diary. Sounds grandiose maybe for some of us, or even too much trouble in these days of looking for instantaneous results from minimal energy expended.

It is at this moment we must stop and ponder. It is here that we must be careful not to throw out that proverbial baby with the bathwater or taking the more anonomously written proverb, ‘ how significant in size does the key have to appear that turns the lock that opens the door of permanent change?’ (Sounds like Confucius may have said that.) We may have never considered keeping a healthy diet diary to be such a key, but just maybe it is indeed the key that will open the door through which we long to run and feel the wind upon our faces, while enjoying the effortless motions of complete and utter freedom. The fact is journaling is a gift given to us. It is a doorway to freedom.

When journaling we do not have to pretend or impress. It is for us alone. It is between us and our diary. Herein we create a sacred place to go to express our thoughts and lay them out for us to behold in all honesty. There is something wonderfully liberating about it. Our very own Kingdom of Expression.

In this day of being fed images and thoughts from so much of the media , this kind of journaling gives us such a sublime taste of the freedom we crave, especially if we are to journal about what is holding us or affecting us or simply rejoicing in a present victory. The key to keeping a healthy diet diary as well as any other form of journaling is ‘to thine own self be true’ . The truth will set us free. This is indeed a wonderful medium to make such truth about ourselves tangeable.

All this might sound like bunk to the uninitiated, but it is to you that I make this suggestion. Just do it. Be honest in what you write and just do it.

Taking a second look for the reason why we should even consider keeping a healthy diet diary is going to be worth our precious time. The golden key that opens the door to the gilded cage to set the songbird free? How long have we been captive? We try this diet and that diet and forget to breath in our frenzy for release. Our culture has thus dictated. Through the power of keeping our healthy diet diary, we can escape all these demands to find the place we long for.

So the big question is ‘Are there benefits to journaling in general?’ Those who have been there will say ‘Too numerous to mention’. There is a key laying in front of you. Pick it up and put it in the lock . Now turn it to open the door.

Hoodia Weight Loss Pills

I decided that I had to try them because my weight was getting out of control. I weighed 252 pounds and there was no sign that this was going to stop any time soon! I was literally pilling on more than 4 pounds a week every week, and I just could not seem to stop whatever I tried. I had lost my job and I was feeling down, working in an MP3 player shop and then guess what? The shop goes out of business and then …

Theirs me, on wealth fare and with not a cent in savings! So I sat at home every day for 6 months and any money I did have – I spent on food. You see when you have no money your diet goes down the drain. You feel like foods like vegetables are just a waste of money. Post why? Because they are when you can not afford them. So I would sit at home and eat rubbish 15 hours a day, watch TV, go to sleep and, wake up eat rubbish … I am sure you get the picture, but the fact is that I needed to act fast. I needed to get a job and I also needed to lose weight.

That is when I started out on all these crazy diets that my friends had been telling me about. Their was the Atkins diet and all that, but it just did not work for me. I tried exercising but the fact is that when you are fat exercising is much harder than when you are thin. You see, how can you run on a treadmill when you weigh 252 pounds and you are under 5 foot and 5 inches! The simple answer is that you can not. For me Hoodia diet pills were the answer, however this may not be the case for everyone. My problem was that I quite simply did not have the willpower.

First Aid Training Programs For Your Medical Career

The emergency treatment or First aid is a standout amongst the most fundamental expertise of a man. On the off chance that you have the capacity to give CPR when it is obliged, then this would be your greatest points of interest for your whole life. It is not only a grateful ability; it is truly exceptionally supportive for everybody in each field. In the event that you will consider taking the First Aid Training then you would have the capacity to handle each sort of therapeutic crisis circumstances effectively.

A man with the first aid aptitudes can be truly exceptionally accommodating by and large and such individual can be the person who can profit the chance of truly sparing numerous individuals’ lives in crisis circumstances. The significance of this ability can’t be disregarded at all and there are different points of interest of this expertise which rolls out huge improvements throughout your life. Thus, here I am imparting to you probably the most widely recognized advantages of having First Aid help capacity in you. This will help you to comprehend why you ought to give it your fitting consideration and higher inclination.

First aid preparing projects for the most part concentrate on one part of emergency treatment consideration, for example, wild medical aid or preparing for expert crisis responders. Numerous projects lead to medical aid affirmation.

First Aid preparing projects are normally accessible from associations, for example, the American Red Cross and National Safety Council, and from colleges and wild preparing schools. The quantity of preparing hours needed for every project fluctuates, and projects are accessible for wellbeing work force, non-crisis experts and the overall population. A few projects likewise prompt school credit at particular colleges. While on location preparing is the most widely recognized internet learning may be a possibility for some preparation programs.

General public can take up that first aid preparing program which teaches and prepares to manage regular wounds, for example, cuts, blazes, back wounds and head wounds and the likes. Pet owners can take a course that shows them to treat basic wounds and crises influencing puppies and felines. People treating in Emergency cases can select in a program that shows them to manage traumatic wounds, use CPR and the likes. These Projects are additionally accessible to instruct people to anticipate and handle sports wounds, and react to crises that happen in remote areas and the wild.

Once a candidate completes the preparing projects, he or she can win medical aid certificate that is substantial for a long time. People must consent to the recertification prerequisites of the association supporting the project.

Following are the top six types of courses that are given by various training institutions in the UK and in different parts of the world:

  • First Aid for Babies and Toddlers
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid – All Ages
  • Sports First Aid
  • First Aid for Health Professionals (Verifiable CPD)
  • First Aid for Children and Teenagers

While considering these courses it should be kept in mind that they meet the required necessities and also are completely authorized by HSE Approved EFAW courses and also comply with the latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council (UK). One can also select from particular courses for a wide range of Sports Organizations, Schools and Nurseries and Medical Professionals.

These courses will outfit you with the abilities and certainty to recognize what to ought to the unforeseen happen. These courses don’t only educate methodically, but utilize shifted and useful instructing methods with genuine illustrations, to help you to comprehend what you have to and why you have to do it.

Major Hospital Facilities in Melbourne

Health is an important issue in every society which is why hospitals, clinics and other facilities to ensure proper health and provide health care are established and built in almost every region. In Victoria, Australia alone, the government's Department of Human Services manages about 30 hospitals in the Metropolitan area of ​​Melbourne, plus another 13 health services organizations.

The oldest among all hospitals In Melbourne is the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). Aside from being among Australia's leading public hospitals, it is also a major teaching hospital for tertiary health care focusing on clinical research. It was originally named as Melbourne Hospital back in 1848 when it was established. In 1935, it gained its present name and relocated to Grattan Street, Parkville. The main site of the hospital located between Flemington Road and Royal Parade is focused on providing acute tertiary referral services while the one on Royal Park site provides treatments for aged care, rehabilitation, ambulatory care and residential and community services. The largest Emergency department is found at the RMH which has 2 dedicated Trauma bays, 7 resuscitation dedicated cubicles, 25 general cubical beds, and 17 short stay beds. For instances when a patient needs to be transferred immediately to RMH, the hospital has a helipad to accommodate airlifted patients. majority of the medical and surgical facilities are at RMH like the Victoria Infectious Diseases Service. It is acknowledged internationally for its clinical researches about oncology, neurosciences, infectious diseases, diabetes colorectal cancer and mental health.

It was in 1871 when The Alfred Hospital was established, the second oldest in Victoria and the second oldest in all of Australia which still operates on its original ground of foundation. Also called Alfred Hospital or simply The Alfred at Commercial and Punt Roads Prahran being one of the major hospitals in Melbourne offers specialized and highly technological services treatments of cancer, asthma, psychiatry, and allergies, in cardiology, and in neurosurgery. The Alfred has the largest intensive care unit in all of Australia. One important credential of The Alfred is that in 1957, it was the first hospital in Australia to have performed a cardiopulmonary bypass as treatment for a patient's complex cardiac lesions. These days, some of the specialty units housed in The Alfred include Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, Infectious Disease Unit, Lung Transplant Unit and the largest Hyperbaric unit in all parts of the Southern globe. In addition to the medical facilities, The Alfred also has a state of the Art helipad. The Alfred and RMH are the two major trauma centers in Victoria.

Australia's largest specialist women's hospital is located in the Parkville neighborhood and is called The Royal Women's Hospital. It was established on August 19, 1856 at Eastern Hill by two doctors Richard Tracy and John Maund. It is equipped to provide wide ranging medical services for women like maternity, gynecology, neonatal care and women's health. Other additional complementary services are offered in this hospital like community work and physiotherapy. It has Infertility and Endometriosis specialty clinics and is a major teaching hospital to the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University. After the hospital's relocation and renovation to Parkville, it is now equipped to handle about 6,000 births annually.

Medical Advice: How to Talk with Your Doctor about Embarrassing Medical Problems

The realization hit Natalie like a ton of bricks. Her mother, Joann, had literally died of embarrassment! Joann had noticed blood in her stool almost a year before she was diagnosed with colon cancer. At first she told herself it must have been those beets she ate. Then she thought it was most likely her hemorrhoids, although she had not had a flair-up of hemorrhoids since Natalie’s birth 52 years earlier.

The truth was that Joann was embarrassed to talk with her doctor about private topics such as her bowel habits. She didn’t raise the concern with her doctor until she had bloating, cramping and abdominal pain. This led to the diagnosis of colon cancer that ultimately took her life. Natalie’s brother-in-law, who was a nurse, wondered whether Joann would still be alive if she had told her doctor about the blood in her stool when she first noticed it.

Let’s face it; certain topics are embarrassing to talk about with your doctor. I call them the 5 P’s:

o Peeing

o Pooping

o Paying

o Procreating

o Psychic moaning

Although at first blush the challenge of talking with your doctor about embarrassing medical topics seems simple enough, for some people, it can cause significant suffering.

Hillary, for example, had what’s now called a shy bladder. She had not used a public restroom in over 20 years. She was too embarrassed to talk with her doctor about this; instead, she remained a prisoner to her bladder.

Ed was laid off from work and could no longer afford his asthma medications. Instead of talking with his doctor about it, he decided to do without He wound up in the emergency room with an asthma attack that could have been avoided with regular medication.

Tom had some sexual side effects from his blood pressure medicine. Instead of talking with his doctor and getting a different medicine, he just stopped taking it. The doctors wonder if this might have contributed to his heart attack.

Jerry noticed his loss of appetite and sleeping problems as his caregiver responsibilities for his aging father mounted. He wondered if he might be depressed, but dismissed the thought because real men don’t get depressed.

Imagine how each of these stories might have been different if these individuals who suffered in silence could have talked with their doctors.

Here are 6 tips that can help you talk with your doctor about embarrassing medical topics:

1. Own the embarrassment.

Say to your doctor, “This is a taboo topic in our family, so it’s hard for me to ask. Is it normal to have a funny smell coming from your belly button?”

2. Find the words.

Your doctor speaks a specialized language acquired through years of training. Sometimes patients are embarrassed because they don’t know the “right words” or

have a hard time describing the problem.

Remember that your job is to communicate. You don’t need to know the fancy words to do that. If a patient said to me, “Dad had an operation on the dingle-ball thing at the back of his throat”, I would know just what he meant. And, the patient would seem relieved when I said, “Oh, you mean the uvula.”

The best way to make sure you and your doctor understand each other is to use anatomically correct words. Get a basic anatomy atlas. Use anatomically correct

words with your children.

3. Practice saying the words.

Sometimes embarrassing words can be hard to get out of your mouth. Gertrude, a 90-year-old patient said to me, “You youngsters don’t understand how much things have changed. When I got breast cancer in the 1962, the words ‘breast’ and ‘cancer’ were not uttered in polite company.” Some words are still embarrassing to say. Practice saying these words out loud when you’re alone! That will make it easier to say them at the doctor’s office

4. Find the right person to ask.

You may have an easy rapport with the nurse or physician’s assistant at your doctor’s office. You can bring up the sensitive topic with them. Say, “Trish, could you please give the doctor a heads up. I want to know why I should say no to those steroids my buddies at the gym are offering me. I would love to look like they do.”

5. Find the right way to ask.

Maybe it’s easier for you to drop a note or a cartoon to your doctor rather than ask in person. Find the style that works best for you.

6. Remember that your doctor is there to help you, not to judge you.

Your doctor has heard it all before. I promise! Your doctor will not think less of you for asking an embarrassing medical question; in fact, your doctor with think more of you for overcoming your fear and helping you take charge of your health.

Brand Yourself As an Artist on Twitter

My teenagers were mortified to find me on Twitter. First blogging and now this! But, do not allow yourself to underestimate the power of social media and micro-blogging services. Twitter is one of the quickest ways to build brand recognition for you and your art business.

What do I mean by branding? The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. "

A strong brand is invaluable and serves to communicate credibility to your prospective customers and business associates. You want your brand to reside in the hearts and minds of your clients, collectors, prospective customers and competitors. Twitter is the perfect site to begin branding yourself online. It is true that some people do use (or misuse) Twitter as a way to share their mundane lives with us. However, many intelligent minds are sharing links, news, photos, websites, blog posts, videos, podcasts and more. Finding and networking with like-minded individuals is a great advantage.

Here are important branding tips to think about: Please add your suggestions by commenting below …

1. @Name: Your name is the first thing that people will see on Twitter. Used the name you wish to represent your artist brand. When I first started on Twitter I used only my name, but I quickly added the word 'artist' at the end of my name and gained followers rapidly. It is easier for people to associate me as an artist this way. Also, when people search 'artist', my name appears.

2. The Profile & Bio: Choose your profile wisely. This is a great opportunity to brand yourself on Twitter. These few words will say a lot to the world about who and what you are. Make it 'catchy', this description says a lot about you which helps people make the choice to follow you or not. A custom page is a good way to immediately grab attention.

3. The Profile Picture: Remember you are building your artist brand. It is noted that most people relate to and want to see a friendly face. If you are not comfortable with this, then pick a great image of your art that represents you and grabs attention.

4. Your Website: Do not forget to add your website to your profile. Make sure your portfolio is visible. Twitter will drive traffic to your site.

5. Best Time of Day to Tweet:

12:00 midnight – 4:00 am PST: up to 6 tweets per hour 12:00 midnight – 2:00 am PST: 3 tweets per hour 8:00 am – 12:00 noon PST: up to 8 tweets per hour 12 : 00 noon – 4:00 pm PST: up to 6 tweets per hour 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm PST: 2 – 3 tweets per hour 8:00 pm – 12:00 midnight PST: approximately 1 – 2 tweets per hour

6. Be a Good Follower: Next, follow people and organizations that could help your art career and are of value to your business. I suggest you follow galleries, museums, collectors, art coaches, fellow artists, and others you would like to be seen by. Do not underrate the average Joe or the newbie tweeter … he might be your next big collector! It is good to learn how to be a better follower as well as to follow interesting people from all walks of life.

7. The Tweet: Tweet, re-tweet or post high quality content that adds value for your followers. Remember, this is micro-blogging. People are looking for something of value to read and share or "re-tweet" with their followers.

On Twitter, at times I will share aa photo using Twitpic to post a new finished painting or one in progress. This is a great way to get feedback and spark interest in your work.

I like to share my favorite quotes, knowledge and art tips. And, at the end of each Tweeting session, I leave a 'tweet' that has something of value to share.

Keep in mind what kind of personal information, links, resources and promotional materials you plan to post.

I read somewhere that a good rule of thumb for tweeting is – one personal tweet for every 10 informative tweets. Sometimes it is tempting to get something off your chest or share some exciting news as I did when I taught a plein air workshop in France or when a black bear jumped in front of me on a dark trail. A little of this goes a long way, but it also shows a real human side to you.

Also, tweet frequently to build your following and brand recognition. This way, you can grow a small community of people with similar interests and who recognize your name and your brand. Having said that, do not bombard Twitter with numerous tweets & updates. You will find what works for you … and your followers will let you know if they do not like it.

8. The Retweet / RT @: Re-tweeting is a great way to capture the attention of an art organization, gallery or someone you would like to have 'follow' you. The re-tweet shares valuable information with other like minded individuals.

9. Etiquette: Do not forget to thank people for Re-tweeting or replying to your 'tweet'. Oh, and do not worry if you lose a follower or two … this happens every day and is the name of the game.

Be a human being, not a marketing drone. Otherwise you will be considered a spammer if you are constantly direct messaging to your URL or product line.

And finally ……….

10. The Golden Rule of Twitter: "Tweet others the way you want to be tweeted."

Over the Counter Drugs and Amphetamines

Amphetamines are a group of synthetic psychoactive drugs called central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. Medications containing amphetamines are prescribed for narcolepsy, obesity, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

When amphetamine was first synthesized in 1887, by the German chemist L. Edeleano, the stimulant effects were not noticed. In the early 1930s, when amphetamine’s CNS stimulant properties and use as a respiratory stimulant were discovered it was marketed as an inhaler for nasal congestion (Benzedrine©). Benzedrine is the trade name for the drug amphetamine; dextroamphetamine is marketed as Dexedrine. Methamphetamine, a potent stimulant marketed as Desoxyn, is the most rapidly acting amphetamine. Now such inhalants have been banned because of their toxicity but are still available by prescription for limited uses.

Amphetamines may produce acute systemic effects, which includes cardiac irregularities and gastric disturbances. Chronic use frequently results in insomnia, hyperactivity, irritability, and aggressive behavior.

Abuse of amphetamine began rising during the 1960s and 1970s with the discovery that the intravenous injection of amphetamines (particularly methamphetamine) produced enhanced euphoric effects with a more rapid onset than oral administration. Amphetamine is also popular with athletes in training because of the enhanced performance consequent on increased cardiac output.

Popularly known as bennies, crank, speed, pep pills, wakeups, or uppers, amphetamines are easily addictive and abused. Users run the risk of becoming psychologically dependent on the drugs and, developing a tolerance for them. This results in the requirement of increasingly larger doses for the same effect.

Addiction could end in psychosis or death from hyper-exhaustion or cardiac arrest. Amphetamine-induced psychosis shows remarkable similarity to schizophrenia, with paranoia and hallucinations.

There are no known over-the-counter drugs that contain amphetamines though a number of such drugs test false positive for amphetamine.

Ginko Biloba and Green Tea As Anti Aging Supplements

There have been many interesting studies concerning ginko biloba and green tea. These and other herbal supplements are widely used, because they are available for purchase over the counter, regulated as dietary supplements, rather than drugs. What concerns many researchers is this:

There are compounds within the herbs that have medicinal activity. They could interact with prescription medications, causing toxicity or unwanted side effects. They could also decrease or increase bioavailability.

The bioavailability of a drug, herb, nutrient or other compound has to do with the body's ability to absorb it through the intestinal tract. Many factors combine to determine bioavailability, including the effect that stomach acid has on the compound, the size of its molecular structure and the inclusion of other compounds that help the body to absorb them.

A recent study concerning ginko biloba and green tea showed that they increase the bioavailability of certain drugs, which would mean that a person taking that drug would need a lower dose. For anyone that is wary of talking to your doctor about the herbal or other dietary supplements that you take, this is another good reason to discuss it.

Herbs react with drugs in different ways. There is at least one drug, a cancer drug, which is rendered inactive and therapeutically useless by the catechins found in green tea.

The interactions between drugs and herbs have not been completely studied. There are hundreds of possible interactions. The interaction could be beneficial or negative. If you are currently under a doctor's treatment, be sure to list the herbal remedies and dietary supplements that you take along side any medications that you are currently taking.

If you are a relatively healthy individual, the benefits of ginko biloba and green tea are to your brain, your heart and your long-term health. The supplements combine to improve alertness and the ability to concentrate. Gingko increases the amount of oxygen that is present in brain cells. Both of the herbs improve circulation and have antioxidant activity.

Antioxidants are nutrients that protect our body from reactive molecules commonly referred to as free radicals. There are lots of different radicals in our bodies. They are byproducts of many cellular processes. Some antioxidants act as reducing agents to convert them to innate substances, like water. Others stimulate the production of antioxidants within cellular DNA.

Those antioxidants protect the DNA strands from mutation and damage that can lead to cancer. The antioxidants in ginko biloba and green tea are relatively weak. They are simply reducing agents like vitamin C. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant. It is one of the few that are known to stimulate the production of antioxidants within the cell.

Health experts disagree on many issues. But, there are two subjects that they agree upon. Discuss your health supplements with your doctor and increase your daily antioxidant intake, either by eating more antioxidant-rich foods or by taking a well-designed health supplement. Some of the best supplements contain ginko biloba and green tea, along with dozens of other nutrients that protect our current and long-term health.

Guys Learn How to Get the Love of Your Life Back

Guys I’m here to tell you my story about me and my ex girlfriend and how in my attempts at trying to win her back, I actually made every single mistake imaginable and lost her. If you want to learn how to get the love of your life back, read on and do the exact opposite of almost everything I did.

It all started off one night, we decided to go for a drive and hang out. When we arrived at a nearby park, we got out of our car and went to the swings. While we were there, she seemed very distant, but I just thought she was tired or wasn’t in much of a mood for talking. Then she dropped the bomb on me. I’m breaking up with you. This seemed to come out of nowhere, to me at least. She had apparently been thinking of about this for awhile, but I was blinded by our relationship, I just stopped noticing certain things. The reasons for the break up aren’t important here, it’s how I reacted after the breakup.

She told me that she still wanted to be friends, well for any guy that has just had his heart ripped out of his chest, this is now a marching band stomping all over it. I don’t know why women say this, they never truly mean it, but I go on.

The next few weeks completely changed me, I didn’t sleep, I hardly ate, I did go to work however. A lot of people when feeling the pain of a breakup, avoid social interaction and become shut ins, missing work and any thing else that may take them out of the comfort of their own homes.

I am here to say, that I made every mistake imaginable in my attempts to win back the love of my life, I called her non stop, back in the day there wasn’t text messaging yet, but I sure as hell did rack up the minutes on my cell phone calling non stop. I am not very proud to admit this, as I don’t think anyone including my ex knows this, but I parked out down the street from her house (stalking) hoping to catch a glimpse of her. I was even so desperate to call her house while parked down the street, when I knew she was home because of her bedroom light on. When her roommate would tell me she wasn’t home, it just made me even more mad, because I knew she was.

I was losing myself, I know every thing that I had done so far in may attempts weren’t working, and only annoying her even more. Yes I even talked to her mother, seeing if she could plead my case for me, I thought that if anyone could convince her it would be her mother. No dice.

Eventually, I cut down on my efforts, and slowly as time went on and I wasn’t constantly making attempts to win her back, my pain started to subside. I found myself not thinking of her as much as I did before.

Until one day, while I was working, she stopped in for a visit. I couldn’t believe it, here was whom I thought was the love of my life, standing before me. She initiated this, not me, then the feelings started to come back. They were different though. I found myself, wondering why she was here. She said it was because she wondered how I was doing.

I was now in an interesting situation, I didn’t know how I should feel or react. We talked a bit, then she went about her day. Guess what, a week later she called me and asked if I wanted to go play some pool with her.

This sort of sounded like a potential date to me. Now I was really confused. On one hand I had the love of my life, whom I wanted to know for so long how to get the love of your life back in my life, and I also had the memories of how much losing her hurt.

I’m not going to tell you how this story turns out, that part isn’t important, but what is important is that no matter what I did, no matter what I thought I should do while trying to get her back in my life, none of it worked. It wasn’t until I stopped making efforts and allowed some time to go by without any attempts, did she come knocking on my door.

So, if I can give one piece of advice when trying to find out how to get the love of your life back, it would be to simply do nothing related to the relationship at all. As tough as it sounds, you must forget her. Get on with your life, and if she wants you back. She’ll be back, she’ll find you.

Health Information Technology – The Safer Future in Healthcare

From the past 20 years, information technology has brought many major transformations in almost all fields of the world and healthcare is simply not an exception. While the revolutions of science are ruling on all parts of our lives, it has also brought a positive change in medical and healthcare by introducing health information technology.

Health information technology has absolutely changed the notion of addressing the healthcare issues. With the help of the transformation of information technology in health section, you will get benefit in your overall healthcare circle including relationships of your doctors, your hospital records, your pharmacy and other important medical information. Like all other information technology systems, the health IT system also needs proper configuration, network security consulting, solution & specialist to make the workflow risk-free.

Benefits of Health IT

The smart and efficient exchange of healthcare information through information technology is advantageous and beneficial in many ways. Following are some of the benefits that healthcare IT can offer:

Better information means quality healthcare

Better and effective exchange of information means safer and quality healthcare. With the help of electronic health records and information exchange, practitioners will be able to review the complete picture of patient’s medical history which eventually improves health care quality. With detailed health records, the risks of improper medications can be avoided and chances of medical errors will be reduced.

Assurance of efficient and accurate treatment

Once the health information technology has the complete medical record of the patient, it will assure that the treatment will be provided faster and efficiently. It will be easier for practitioner to decide tests based on the prior provided information. The clearer picture will help the consultant to give more accurate prescriptions and reduced unnecessary medical tests.

Ease up the administration

While compiling and managing the paperwork is certainly a tough call, healthcare IT makes the things easier. With the help of electronic medical records and management system, the administrative tasks have become hassle-free and efficient, which has subsequently lower down the administrative costs. However, to ensure the authenticity of information, administrative bodies have to be particular about network security consulting, solution & specialist.

Ensure the security of information

While the health information technology has reduced the burdens of paperwork, it has also ensured the safety and security of medical records of the patients. With the help of healthcare information system, all the medical records and relevant information can be saved and secured, as unlike the conventional paperwork system, electronic health records are safe and easy to transferred and accessed electronically. Though, paperwork of medical records are unrecoverable in tragic situations, but one has to ensure proper network security consulting, solution & specialist to ensure the security of electronic health records.