Drug Use – Advantages and Disadvantages

Rampant, often unchecked use of drugs is a malaise that has been plaguing our society, and especially our younger generation for quite some time. It has grown quickly from a psychological bad malaise, a bad habit to a dangerous social evil, and in many countries, invite strict punitive action. Countries across the world try to combat this evil using combination’s of public awareness regarding the evils of drug use, severe clampdowns on drug usage/trafficking and penal impositions. However, this is still not enough as drug trafficking has proliferated across social strata, and is not limited to isolated groups of the society. So why exactly is drug usage considered to be one of the most debilitating and potentially dangerous of social evils?

One of the most primary reasons why consumption and business dealings on drugs are declared illegal internationally is because of the tremendous damage they cause to the human body. Drugs usually are of two kinds, and act as general nervous stimulants that can almost supercharge the brain and the nervous system for brief amounts of time. For that amount of time, the user has no sense of personal identity and this phase is usually described as a phase of euphoric detachment, while the user loses common consciousness. However, this effect is fleeting and does not last long. Drug-induced euphoria lasts for a very short time, usually culminating in sever hangovers and strains on the human body, which might manifest in physical and psychological reactions.

Drugs are generally hallucinogenic compounds that are primarily of two types, Organic and inorganic. Organic drugs are usually extracted from plants, and processed and consumed usually by burning them like tobacco. Inorganic compounds are much more difficult to obtain, as they are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories and are generally available in the form of tablets, pills and fluid solutions. Scientific studies have actually revealed that inorganic drugs/narcotic agents are more life-threatening and potentially debilitating in nature than their organic counterparts, even though prolonged drug use of either could result in serious consequences.

It might be said that drug use is actually dependent on more than one conditions and criterion. There are, in reality, numerous reasons that increase the usage of drugs within a particular demographic cross-section. These reasons could range from social, psychological, economical or just out of biological dependency. One reason why sustained usage of drug is deemed so dangerous to life and health is that it creates a sense of dependency within the user, who feels habituated by the use of drugs. Irrespective of the original stimulus, the consumption of drug becomes the primary objective in these cases, and the user often goes to extreme lengths to maintain the habit of drug use.

Presently, there are widespread efforts to contain if not eradicate drug use within a particular section of the society through governmental as well as non-governmental/individual efforts. General awareness, support groups, supportive rehabilitation centers and clinics that help drug abusers have now become popular, and much sought after to help individuals kick this habit.

GMP Auditing and Sports Nutrition Supplements

The sports nutrition industry is growing at a phenomenal rate as men and women look for ways to boost their energy and get better results without having to put in twice the effort. There are some certified products that can help athletes or regular gym goers before, during and after exercise however they are dwarfed by the number of illegal products which have not been through GMP auditing and as such may present a health risk to the people who use them.

However, there are signs that health regulators are now starting to turn their attention to the sports nutrition industry and many products are being investigated. If a product is found to be in compliance with FDA and GMP rules then the regulators would encourage the manufacturers to acquire the necessary licenses and permission necessary to market their products legally. When unsafe products are being manufactured knowingly and the public’s health is being put at risk all in the search for a quick buck, the producers will be heavily punished by the relevant authorities. This is the same as in the dietary supplements industry.

Most manufacturers of sports nutrition products are happy that the authorities are demanding better quality and GMP auditing will be used along the entire supply chain to ensure that every ingredient and process complies with the good manufacturing practices. The growth behind the industry comes down to a growth in the audience for the products themselves. Not long ago it was only bodybuilders and hardcore athletes who were taking sports nutrition products. Now, the regular gym goer and those who complete regular exercise are taking them as a way to boost energy and give their efforts better results. So long as GMP auditing and compliance is ensured, there is no reason why consumers should not use the products.

Hero Nutritionals Gummy Vitamins Review

When you seek to improve the quality of your life and your overall well-being, Hero Nutritionals Gummy Vitamins is a great option. This innovative company has created the most unique delivery systems in the natural products industry. With a full array of supplements to help you be at your best, you can easily maximize your wellness.

With a variety that includes options for the whole family, it’s easy to get everyone in your household on the right track to stay healthy. Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins are bursting with fruit flavors, are easy to chew, and gluten-free. It’s easy for adults to be at their healthy best with these supplements. For children, there are Yummi Bears and Yummi Bears Organics. Yummi Bears Organics are the first and only organic gummy vitamin on the market today. Either of these children’s vitamins are a great way to get your little ones to gladly take their vitamins. They taste so good, they’ll be asking for vitamins!

Hero Nutritionals are the first company to create gummy delivery systems for vitamins. These innovators in the natural products industry are committed to giving you the very best quality supplements and vitamins in a unique delivery system. Perfect for those who have trouble with swallowing pills or for people who just want to add something new to their routine, Hero Nutritionals Gummy Vitamins are a great way to enhance your overall well-being.

For anyone who wants to be at their healthy best, these gummy vitamins have the very best in supplements and vitamins. With a variety of products for everyone in your household, they offer a unique and innovative way to take your vitamins. Perfect for reluctant children, the array of children’s vitamins will have them begging for their vitamins. Whatever your preference, Hero Nutritionals has a vitamin you’ll love.

Where To Go For Medical Bill Help

There are some things that you just can not foresee. Even when people try to load up on vitamins and live healthy lifestyles, sickness is sometimes just not avoidable. Some circumstances are really beyond our control. Getting sick or getting injured from accidents are among these instances. If you're confident of your ability to pay off medical bills then all well and good. However if you're not, then you will want to look for medical bill help. And if you're like most people you will not know where to go. So here are a few tips on how you can find the help you need.

Medical bills are rarely cheap. And you'll want to find help as soon as possible. Luckily enough the first place you can go for help is at the hospital. The hospital's staff are usually knowledgeable when it comes to outside organizations that offer financial assistance for people with unpaid medical bills. Be open with the hospital staff and they'll be able to advise you regarding where to go for more help. The hospital's billing department can also arrange for an extended payment plan to give you more time to pay the hospital bills.

Another option you could try is applying for a medical loan. There are a lot of financial institutions out there that offer this service.This option is something that may not appeal to most people because of the need to pay interest. But if your loved one is in serious need of medical help this is probably the quickest way to acquire the necessary finances. Sure paying interest may be a burden in the future, but helping your loved one should be a priority too. So you might want to take this into consideration.

You could also trying going to a government assistance center for help. The Department of Health and Human Services actually provides assistance to people who are in need of help with their medical bills.

If the particular medical treatment that you or your loved one needs is costly and you're dealing with limited resources you might want to consult a lawyer for more options. Experienced attorneys will know about how and where to go for financial assistance for bills as well as how to avail of these services.

When confronted with the problem of paying for bills do not let your worries cloud your judgment. There are a lot of places to go to for assistance. It's simply a matter of knowing where to go.

How to Enjoy Air Travel

Traveling alone is interesting at the best of times and one learns very quickly how to cope with the experiences of flying no matter how long the journey. The very first thing is learning not to mix boarding times with departure times! It is very embarrassing to hear your name called over the airport public announcement system. Then having to appear as the last passenger to board and walk down through all the faces that express their disapproval for having had to wait for you!

Before you even reach the boarding stage there are things that you may like to consider to enhance your experience on an aircraft and on your journey. Start with your attitude, when traveling there are sometimes events that are out of your control, take the weather, traffic problems, airport delays, any number of reasons, there are security issues as well as customs to negotiate. Sometimes you just have to let go and go with the flow. Raising your blood pressure from stress, and taking out frustrations on other people who to all intents and purposes may not be able to change any thing is a pointless and damaging process, mostly to yourself and those around you!

Maintaining some control is achievable by becoming proactive and working out what you can control. Confirming flights both a week before, and twenty-four hours prior to your trip will ease concerns. Staff will give a guide as to check in times, you will need to have all documentation ready with correct dates and times. You will have weighed your luggage and be aware of how much you are allowed to carry on board with you and what needs to be checked into the airline as baggage for the hold. This varies on what airline you are traveling with and in which direction you are traveling.

Medications for you or family members may need a doctor’s certificate. Having been the victim of many DVT’s I cannot travel with out having medication syringes with me at all times. There has not been a problem looking like a junkie as long as the information is available to border officials. Always have medications with you in case your checked baggage goes missing or is sent onto another destination. Yes, it does happen although not as frequently as it seemed to in the past.

As a solo older age traveler, I have learnt to be careful with bags. I travel with a bag that I can manage and lift easily, without having to be dependent on others. In today’s world I doubt there are many travelers who do not have a bag with wheels, they are a godsend. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate help on some occasions! A sore back and muscles make for unpleasant travel companions.

Many people handle their bookings online themselves these days. Prior to making a firm booking with an airline, check their seating and its suitability for your flight. The space between seats, the pitch of the seats, there are many variations some of which will be comfortable and some that may spoil your journey. Length of journey is also important. While you can put up with uncomfortable on short, cheap trips, a long haul flight-sitting bolt upright in small seating is a disaster. I prefer bulkhead seats, as there is generally more room for taller people. Unfortunately, that is where the baby cradles are located, but if there are seats available worth a try. If you do not want to be disturbed, avoid seats at the back of the aircraft close to kitchens and toilets. Despite being close to the kitchens, staff often serve the meals last to clients in these seats. Avoid a seat with a back that is close to the wall, as you will be unable to lean it into the reclining position.

Do you suffer the likelihood of frequent toilet visits? Choosing an aisle seat is a good choice, for both you and your fellow passengers. Planning to get some shuteye, a window seat may fill the bill allowing you to rest your head against the window. Traveling with children, the central bulkhead seats are probably the best, with room for kids to move and the inability to kick the seats in front can relieve the constant stress of worrying about upsetting others. Although when I have been traveling, it seems some parents really do not care about the comfort of others. With the right attitude though,even the worst parents in the world will not spoil the wonderful privilege of air travel.

How To Prevent Cold Sores

If there's one thing that cold sufferers can agree on, it's that they're mighty annoying! Many people do not even want to leave the house when they have one – it's easy to become self-conscious about your appearance when you do. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to heal your cold sores quickly and prevent new ones from forming.

As is the case with many illnesses or ailments, it's a lot easier to get outbreaks when your body is worn down or under a lot of stress. If you are under a great deal of stress or have not been living as healthy of a lifestyle as usual, it's a lot more likely that you will see a cold sore pop up.

Obviously you can not just automatically turn stress off! There are times when you are going to be in that situation, however there's plenty more you can do to prevent cold sores. Here are some simple tips to make sure your skin stays clear of them.

1) Get Your Rest! – Your body needs a good sleep to stay in tip-top shape, and there has been plenty of studies that have shown that cold sores are much more likely to appear on someone who is lacking sleep. There are going to be days when you do not get as much sleep as you might like – that's perfectly fine. Just try to have a regular sleep pattern and get the proper amount of zzz's you need each night.

2) Make sure you wash your hands frequently – Studies have also shown that there certain types of bacteria that can lead to cold sores. The most common place to find this bacteria is on your hands – obviously you do not want to be transferring this bacteria when you touch your face! Simple solution – wash your hands often.

3) Keep your lips moisturized – This can be a huge help in preventing cold sores. You want to keep your lips well moisturized throughout the day. Try to always have lip balm or chapstick on hand and apply it regularly. It will make a big difference.

4) Wear sunblock around you lips when the sun's out – UV rays have been shown to be a contributing factor in the formation of cold sores, so you will want to wear a sunblock so that your lips are not exposed to them in the summer time.

These tips might seem incredibly simple, but when you use them together they will not only make a huge difference in how long your cold sores take to heal, but they will drastically cut down on the number of cold sores that you get.

Painting – Different Paint Stroke Techniques

While it is true that there is no right or wrong way to express your talents through art, there are however, paint stroke techniques that one can use to create amazing results. Here are the five most common stoke techniques used with most paint mediums.

Under-painting – Under-painting is used in almost all paintings. Apply a color or variety of colors and later you will build upon this initial base. When you under-paint you simply apply color to the canvas with a large brush. Use any direction of stroke and any brush. This layer of color is just the base.

Dry-brush – Apply paint to a dry bristle brush. Use a small amount of paint at first and add more as you feel comfortable. Rub or scrub the brush where you want a weathered or shaded appearance. The idea of a dry-brush stroke is that you do not completely cover what ever is underneath.

Scumble – Apply paint to a bristle paint brush. Tap the bristles to the canvas to create foliage. It is easy to over do scumbling. I suggest to tap, tap, then step back and look. Keep this in mind so that you don’t end up completely blocking in the area. The area that you don’t paint is called negative space. When doing the scumble technique, remember what you don’t paint is just as important as what you do paint!

Glazing – Applying a thin watered down layer of color over a dry surface is glazing. Sometimes you need a color slightly darker or you need a variety of color here and there. Simply use a very thinned or watered down paint and apply where you need the change. Always start light and see if you get the results you wanted. If you are not satisfied, its easy to simply darken the mixture and reapply.

Hake or Blender Brush Blending – Sometimes you want to create a very soft gradual look of colors. For example you created as sky that is blue near the top and gradually turns to red and orange near the horizon. You’ve applied all the colors but there are brush strokes that you are not happy with. When using acrylic or oil paint you can use a soft – dry hake or blending brush and gently use criss-cross strokes to blend the colors together. Use a paper towel to continually dry your brush off as you work.

Using these paint stroke techniques should improve your results. It’s important to not become frustrated because if you are teaching yourself art, you will need to experiment and practice. These and other techniques will become second nature to you as you practice.

Dream Interpretation – Support For the Victims of Terror and Violence

Unfortunately the human being is a wild animal, whose human conscience is under-developed, while the biggest part of his brain belongs to the wild side of his conscience, which is primitive, evil and cruel.

When the anti-conscience, the demonic wild conscience of the human being, manages to destroy the human side of his conscience, he becomes a wild monster without human feelings. This is why he starts doing terrible things against others.

The domination of the anti-conscience provokes all existent mental illnesses.

Therefore, if you are a victim of terror and violence, you have to understand that the people that harmed you were dominated by the craziness contained in the wild side of their brain. They did not understand what they were doing, because they did not have any human sensitivity, and their rationalism was completely damaged with the invasion of the absurd content.

Write down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method, and you'll start receiving the free psychotherapy of the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to protect you from your wild side. You have it too, so you should not condemn the others, as if you were perfect.

The unconscious mind will show you how you can become intelligent and self-confident, curing all the traumas provoked by the terrible actions of your enemies.

You'll be transformed into a real human being, with balance and sensitivity. Your actions will be always wise and characterized by goodness and compassion, and this is how you'll live far from craziness and despair forever.

I have very much simplified the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, which is the only correct one, as I prove in my work. I continued his research into the unknown region of the human psyche and related his statements to various discoveries in different scientific fields that happened after his death, proving that his discoveries were real.

After collecting all the discoveries of biologists, neurologists, and other experts, along with Jung's observations and findings, I discovered a lot more myself.

This is why I was able to simplify his method and provide you today with a very simple guide that you should follow in order to translate your own dreams yourself, without going anywhere or paying anything to the wise and saintly doctor that keeps sending you precious messages everyday. This is free and safe psychotherapy from the best existent psychiatrist for you!

Forgive all human sins, because the human being can not control his behavior and he inherits too much absurdity in his wild side, which occupies the biggest part of his brain.

You'll find support and relief in the wisdom of the unconscious mind and forget all the terror and the violence that marked your life. Then you'll begin another life, and finally find peace and happiness, after suffering so much.

Choosing a Clearinghouse – Billing For Mental Health Providers

Choosing a clearinghouse for your electronic billing process is quite a maze to navigate. Here are a few tips to help you select one.

Payer Participation List:

A clearinghouse that does not participate with the insurance panels you are billing will not do you much good. The clearinghouse website should have a list of payors posted to view before you enroll in their service. If they do not, move on.

Practice Management Software:

Most clearinghouses are compatible with the majority of the software packages out there. If you are using a custom solution, a simple mapping of your electronic claim form should make your system compatible. Jennifer-Mills can help you determine if you are compatible and, if not, help you through the mapping process.


The clearinghouse will furnish you with status reports on your claim submissions. If they do not, move on. You will want to see the report dashboard to make sure that you will not need NASA training to obtain your reports. Also, make sure that the reports are detailed and easy to read. Many clearinghouse reports are very reader-friendly, and it saves valuable time.

Long Term Contracts:

Clearinghouses should be able to offer you a month to month plan for their services. If not, they maybe desperate to lock clients in. If you are sold on their services, be cautious and read the fine print. If not, keep shopping.


The better services out there will include unlimited technical support at no additional charge. If you think about it, only those that are confident in their products will offer free support, and probably do not get many calls. Also, call the technical support department prior to enrollment and make sure they are accessible. You may use the "electronic claim mapping" issue as the reason for your call. Then, email a similar question and track the quality and promptness of the feedback. Kinks in the system will be made apparent before you invest your time in that company.


Good clearinghouses cost around $ 75 – $ 100 per month per rendering provider. Some of the best will charge $ 100- $ 135. Anything over $ 150 is on the high end, and a better deal can be gotten elsewhere.

Additional Options:

The better clearinghouses will offer services in addition to claims submission. It is beneficial to look at those that will give you access to other cost effective services, such as benefit verification, paper claim processing, and patient balance billing services.

Natural Products That Block DHT

It has been accepted that the main cause in 95% of hair loss cases is due to DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a byproduct of Testosterone that attacks hair follicles and prevents growth of hair. The attacks made by DHT are mainly on the follicles that are located at the crown and temples. Once DHT forms and bonds to hair follicles, it becomes more difficult for the follicles to continue their normal growth cycle. Because our bodies need Testosterone to stay fit and healthy, one way to fight hair loss is by blocking the enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT. After DHT has been eliminated from the scalp, hair follicles will then begin to grow naturally again.

Both women and men have DHT hormones and can suffer from hair loss. Because men have higher levels of testosterone in their body, hair loss is more common in them than in women. There are many products available on the market today to assist in blocking DHT. Natural DHT blockers are made up of natural ingredients that have been researched for their hair loss halting properties. These ingredients stop the enzyme that converts testosterone in DHT which then leads to lower levels found in the body. Natural DHT blockers are not only effective but are also safe alternatives to drug treatments.

Natural DHT blockers

Zinc: Zinc is considered to be the best natural mineral DHT blocker and is available in nature. There are many natural foods that are rich in zinc that can help to block DHT naturally. Oysters, shellfish and wheat germ are just some of those foods and provide a great source of zinc. Many nutritional supplements and vitamins contain zinc.

Saw Palmetto: This extract is very effective and acts in lowering the body's DHT by blocking the 5 alpha-reductase and receptor sites found on cell membranes. Saw palmetto berries and saw palmetto extract have shown promise for a variety of male health issues, and have little or no side effects for most men.

Pygeum: Pygeum extract helps to reduces levels of DHT and the number of androgen binding sites that DHT can attach to on the hair follicle. This natural plant product extracted from a tree bark is well tolerated by most people.

Nettles: Stinging Nettle root blocks the 5 -Alpha-Reductase enzyme that causes testosterone to convert to DHT.

Pumpkin seed oil Inhibits the chemical reaction of testosterone that produces DHT.

Green tea: This type of tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces DHT. Drinking this tea may stop hair loss and encourage re-growth. Substances in green tea called catechins are believed to be largely responsible for its myriad health benefits besides its effect on hair.

All of these natural herbs and minerals have been studied for their effects on DHT. They are largely free of side effects, and represent a good alternative to prescription medications, particularly for men in the earlier stages of hair loss.

Men That Have Suffered Hair Loss Can Achieve Hair Growth Naturally

Men Can Achieve Hair Regrowth by Simply Using an All Natural Supplement

Many men begin experiencing hair growth problems as they get older. Although many factors can contribute to the problem, male pattern baldness is by far the most common culprit. Scientifically known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness causes existing hair to fall out and for hair growth to slow or stop completely. The problem occurs in many different ways; some men experience a receding hairline, while others end up with a bald spot on the crown of their head. No matter how it manifests itself, male pattern baldness is a very real problem and thousands – even millions – of men have sought a cure for it for years.

Getting To The Bottom Of Things

Understanding male pattern baldness is not terribly difficult. Basically, it refers to a condition where levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body escalate. DHT then binds itself to androgen receptors in the scalp, causing hair follicles to shrink. When that happens, existing hair begins to shed and new hair growth becomes stunted. All of that adds up to receding hairlines, balding crowns and many other signs of hair loss that make men incredibly self conscious. If DHT is to blame, though, how does it get produced in the body in the first place?

The Connection Between DHT And The 5AR Enzyme

DHT is a byproduct of the interaction between testosterone and the 5AR enzyme. Many hair growth products have tried – but failed – to stop DHT production once it has already started. Procerin is a new hair loss treatment that nips the problem in the bud by inhibiting the effects of the 5AR enzyme. By cutting off the source of DHT production, men can more successfully stop hair loss and hair thinning, and can achieve hair growth more effectively. All natural Procerin is one of a kind for tackling the problem in this way.

A Dual Approach To The Problem

Unlike many other hair growth treatments, Procerin goes after the issue in two very effective ways. Its oral supplement contains the ingredients that stunt the effects of the 5AR enzyme; its topical serum creates an amenable environment for hair growth on the scalp. By using Procerin as directed, men halt further hair loss and promote new hair growth. With time, a fuller head of hair can be attained – all without side effects or a prescription. Procerin has already helped countless men with their hair loss problems; it can surely help you, too. More information on For Procerin and how it can help you, visit Www.procerin.com .

Benefits of Good Communication

People who are good communicators understand people and interact with them in a meaningful way. They are sincere, knowledgeable about what they are communicating, have respect for who they are communicating to, and have the ability to express thoughts clearly and politely. There are many benefits to communicating effectively. You can inspire people to the greatness in which they are called to, direct them when they are lost, strengthen their self image and boost confidence, help find solutions to their problems, help them become successful, give them peace, save them time and money, and basically make a big difference in their life.

This is a mutual benefit for a good communicator as you will help people in ways you may not even dream of when communicating effectively and in turn you will achieve your goals and be rewarded with the rich life you have communicated to others.

Most successful leadership comes through effective communication and the same holds true with personal leadership also. Business leaders tend to use communication more actively which attributes to so much of their success. We all have the capability within us to do so also.

With the job market today, successful communication is a must. Getting across who you are and what your experience is needs to be achieved so both parties know if it is a mutual benefit and fit. The benefits are not just in business. They also include your spouse, child, church, and any groups in which you belong to. Communicating is both written and verbal. It can be documents at work, notes left at home or a speech, phone message, or meeting. These are ways to give information, express an emotion, build people up, and influence.

Communication can make such a difference in every situation and relationship if done effectively. Anyone can be a successful communicator when given the right information and tools to do so. It does not matter if they are blind or have speech impediments as communication comes in all forms and there have been many people in history who proved this to be true.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery For Men

On one hand, the male chest is similar in structure to that of a woman. There is a nipple and areola that make up the visible part of the contour created by glands, fat and muscle. However, the male chest has a distinct look given the more visible muscle and less prominent glands. Many men seek cosmetic breast surgery to make their chest appear more masculine. The following outlines the most common procedures.


There are several medical conditions resulting from both genetics and from injuries which can result in underdeveloped or unevenly developed pectoral muscles. These abnormal physical appearances can negatively affect a man’s self esteem. Other men may become frustrated in being unable to achieve his desired physique with diet and exercise alone. Pectoral implants or pectoral augmentation, is a cosmetic breast surgery procedure available for these males.

It may be difficult to find an experience surgeon for this unique procedure but it is important to take the time to do so. Once inserted through an incision through the armpit, the implant must be sculpted into the most aesthetic position and secured in place with sutures. There are also several complications which can occur, among the most common being infection and the movement of the implant from its original position.


Males who have a condition called gynecomastia have excess fat and glands in the breast that create a more feminine appearance. The condition affects an estimated 40% of men although in most cases there is no known cause. A surgeon can treat the problem by removing the excess fat and glands through an incision in the areola.

In some cases, additional fat may be removed with liposuction. The surgery is generally not performed on obese men, who are encouraged to first correct the problem with exercise or weight loss. Some men may benefit simply from the removal of excess skin and loose tissue which causes a sagging or drooping look to their chest.

The uniqueness of the male form makes body contouring in men different for women so candidates must select a doctor carefully. Carefully interview them in regards to how they plan for male cosmetic breast surgery and review plenty of before and after photos to ensure you like the results.

In all cases, carefully evaluate your motives for seeking surgery. The most satisfied cosmetic breast surgery patients are usually those who have done the most research and have the most realistic expectations.

Glass Panels Vs. Steam Panels

This is perhaps one of the most debated upon topics in general aviation. In the early years of aviation, all the pilots could use to learn to fly is a steam panel. However, advances in aviation technology have led to the development of a whole new type of trainer aircraft: the glass panel aircraft. If you're still on the planning stage of your flight lessons, you would certainly touch upon this subject. Which one should you use to learn how to fly an aircraft? Should it be the glass or steam-panel aircraft?

Now, make no mistake about it. Each type of trainer aircraft has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Armed with the right information, however, you can easily make the decision as to which of these two are you going to subscribe to for your flight lessons. To do that, you'd have to first understand the drawbacks and benefits when you use a glass or a steam panel for your flight lessons.

A Steam Panel

A steam-panel trainer aircraft relies solely on old school aircraft instruments that rely on steam systems and rely less on electronics that are otherwise the trademark of the other type of trainer aircraft. You find a lot more of these aircraft than glass-panel aircraft used in flight lessons because they do not charge as much as glass panel aircraft do. There are less electronics to maintain and take care of so obviously it's not as expensive.

The biggest drawback to a steam panel, however, is that certain aspects of flight lessons have to be done manually like the use of an E6B flight computer and the use of paper maps to know the diagram of the destination airport. You could say learning to fly using a steam-panel could be a bit daunting because of the amount of workload a student has to process.

A Glass Panel

A glass panel, on the other hand, is an electronics-dominated machine. The G1000 trainer, for example, is an example of a glass-panel installed in a trainer aircraft. Learning using this type of trainer could be a bit faster than when you use steam panels, since the onboard computer does much of the work for you. You can access almost all information with the press of a button, as long as the memory cards are updated.

However, a glass-panel trainer can be expensive to own or even to rent because of high maintenance costs aside from the rental and fuel fees. Aside from that, student pilots might end up relying more on the computer and learn less about the manual tools used in aviation like the flight computer.

Online Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

The role of occupational therapists is to help those people with disabilities – physical, mental, or emotional to regain their mobility so as to carry out their day to day activities with ease. They work on enhancing their productivity, both at home and work by increasing the strength of their muscles and flexibility in physical movements. However occupational therapy is different from physical therapy in its aims. While physical therapy is generally focused on enhancing muscle movements, occupational therapy aims at dealing with the physical, physiological and to an extent their psychological aspects of the patient. In that sense it is more holistic in its approach and treatment.

Occupational therapists and assistants instruct and back patients as they work on learning fundamental skills required in daily life. This requires the therapists to make use a large variety of, equipment and tools which will assist the patients in becoming increasingly independent. It is the occupational therapist who is in charge of carving out a plan of treatment for every patient. The job of an occupational therapist can be extremely taxing. However the job satisfaction is even high as it is rewarding to see the improvement in the patient’s abilities and independence.

Online Associate’s Degree

It is necessary that the occupational therapists and their assistants be licensed. Those who intend to be occupational therapist assistants require an associate’s degree from an accredited school offering an occupational therapy program. An amalgamation of theoretical studies and practice, occupational degree is most definitely a valuable degree if one intends to build a career in the field of health care. It is one of the most sought after occupations as occupational therapists are hired by not only hospitals and health care centres but also other institutions like special schools, foster care homes, and even those in sports to an extent. Given the wide job opportunities, you may take a first step towards their career by start with an online associate’s degree.


Apart from general education, in subjects like English and mathematics, the core of the curriculum is constituted by courses specific to occupational therapy like research methodology, occupational therapy management, and theoretical basis of this field.

Fieldwork and internships form an integral part of the learning process and to graduate from the degree program. Thus students are expected to complete an internship or a certain amount of fieldwork. To qualify for the associate program, you must hold a high school diploma.

An associate degree can be completed in a period of two years. Graduates also must be prepared to appear for the national exam which is required for licensure.

The Attributes of Online Courses

Online education is one of the most convenient formats to graduate in occupational therapy. It offers flexibility in schedules, facilitating interaction with co-students and instructors. Students not only save up on the travelling expense and time, but also save up on the course fees. Now that it is possible to complete an occupational therapy degree online, it makes it easier and convenient for students to pursue their careers within the area of healthcare. A number of institutions offer an occupational therapy degree program online. Universities like Keiser University, Brown Mackie College, Wallace State Community College, Herzing University, and New England Institute of Technology offer an online associate’s degree in occupational therapy.

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