Clinical Psychotherapy Treatment Modalities

Clinical Psychotherapy Treatment Modalities

By Beverly Howze, PhD

Treatment Modalities:

Individual Psychotherapy is a treatment modality where a patient and Beverly Howze, PhD talk together on aTreatment Modalities regular basis, looking at feelings and thoughts that are causing symptoms or problems in the patient’s life. During the treatment, the patient and Dr. Beverly Howze may explore historic and current relationships, transitions, phases of life issues and stressors. The treatment consists of using this information to understand ineffective or problem patterns of emotional and behavioral response and changing them for the better.

Dr. Beverly Howze  has found that Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a present-focused, relatively short –term psychotherapy. It has been empirically validated to treat a variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, and eating disorders. The focus of the therapy is on your thoughts (i.e., “cognitions”), behavior, and emotions. Though your early childhood experiences may help explain the origin of your present problems, CBT focuses on how you are thinking, behaving, and communicating today, explains Dr. Beverly Howze. It is a collaborative approach to therapy where together with Dr. Beverly Howze you will develop a list of targeted problems for intervention which you will work toward improving in session and through homework outside of session. Homework may include things like keeping track of your thoughts, moods and behaviors, scheduling and completing activities, challenging negative thoughts, practicing relaxing breathing (i.e., diaphragmatic breathing), changing how you interact with others or other individualized assignments. Research has shown that patients who do their homework achieve faster improvements and are better able to maintain their gains.

Medication Management is provided by a medical doctor and is focused on the alleviation of biologically based psychiatric symptoms that interfere with functioning, states Dr. Beverly Howze. After an individualized medication evaluation, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication(s), review and monitor the therapeutic effects and possible side effects. The doctor may also order appropriate laboratory tests and/or refer a client to other specialists for further medical evaluation and/or treatment. Medication management is often conducted in conjunction with psychotherapy, provided by Dr. Beverly Howze.

Nutrition and Food – Tips for Healthy Diet

What is a healthy diet? Is it what we have been lead to believe – milk for strong bones and teeth, protein in the form of lean beef or chicken and maybe a “healthy” microwave dinner if we are “on the go.” A healthy diet contains lots of fruit and vegetables; is based on starchy foods such as wholegrain bread, pasta and rice; and is low in fat (especially saturated fat), salt and sugar. This section contains details on what a healthy diet should consist of and why each vitamin and mineral is an essential part of staying healthy.

Maintaining a healthy diet is the practice of making choices about what to eat with the intent of improving or maintaining good health. Usually this involves consuming necessary nutrients by eating the appropriate amounts from all of the food groups including an adequate amount of water. Since human nutrition is complex, a healthy diet may vary widely, subject to an individual’s genetic makeup, environment, and health. For around 20% of the planet’s population, lack of food and malnutrition are the main impediments to healthy eating; people in developed countries have the opposite problem, and are more concerned about obesity..

Tips for Healthy diet

Maintain a healthy weight. The weight that’s right for you depends on many factors including your sex, height, age and heredity. Excess body fat increases your chances for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer and other illnesses. But being too thin can increase your risk for osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities and other health problems. If you’re constantly losing and regaining weight, a registered dietitian can help you develop sensible eating habits for successful weight management. Regular exercise is also important to maintaining a healthy weight..

Eat less high kilo joule foods-The total amount of energy-dense (high kilo joule) foods you eat may be as important as the total amount of fat in your diet. To reduce the energy density of your diet, you need to increase the amount of plant foods you eat. This will provide essential nutrients, help to make you feel ‘full’ and also reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

Milk and dairy foods-Milk and dairy products include cheese, yoghurt, milk and fromage-frais. They are rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Eat or drink a moderate amount of these foods – about 2 to 3 servings per day. These foods contain a good source of calcium, which is essential to our diet, but as these foods can also be high in saturated fats try to choose reduced fat versions when possible.

Limit fast food and other low-nutrient snacks, such as chips and candy. But don’t completely ban favorite snacks from your home. Instead, make them “once-in-a-while” foods, so kids don’t feel deprived.

Avoid stress while eating. When we are stressed, our digestion can be compromised. Avoid eating while working, driving, or watching TV (especially disturbing programs or the news). Also avoid confrontations, serious discussions or worry during meals. If you feel stressed or upset, stop eating and relax before continuing with your meal. Try taking some deep breaths prior to beginning your meal, or light candles and play soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Brief History of First Aid

The term “first aid” is now an accepted part of everyday language, and there is no doubt that it encompasses the help and assistance given to sick and injured people, but where did the term “first aid” originate and who were the original “first aiders”.

Prehistoric man, by necessity developed methods to treat the illnesses and injuries that befell him. It probably didn’t take long for them to realise in most cases that plugging an open wound would eventually stop bleeding, or by lashing a tree branch to a broken leg would allow the casualty to hobble around and would help healing.

The first recorded history of first aid dates to 1099, when a religious order of knights trained to administer medical treatment was formed. The Order of St John –to which the modern day St John Ambulance organisation traces its roots- specialised in the treatment of battlefield injuries during the crusades and are the first recorded example of people trained to administer first aid.

In 1792, the French Army Surgeon General, formed the first official army medical corps. People were trained and equipped for working away from the field hospitals. Their task was to administer first aid on the battlefield and where necessary remove the casualty to the field hospital by carrying them or on carts.

During the 1860’s the first Geneva Convention and the International Red Cross came into being to protect and deal with sick and injured soldiers on the battlefield. Both resulted from the work begun by Henry Dunant, a Swiss man, who had witnessed soldiers of both sides, being left to die with horrific injuries during the Battle of Solferino in 1859. A short time later, an army surgeon first came up with the idea of training civilians in what was termed “pre-medical treatment”.

The late 1800’s saw drastic changes with the formations of what we now know as the modern day British Red Cross (1870) and St John Ambulance (1877). In 1878, the term “first aid” first appeared in Britain and is thought to be derived from “first treatment” and “National Aid”.

Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd and a Doctor Coleman ran the first public first aid course at Woolwich Presbyterian Church, London in January 1878. Dr James Cantile later published Shepherds lesson notes from that course as First Aid To The Injured. It wasn’t long before St John Ambulance was running other public courses in cities throughout Britain.

Britains first official ambulance crews were trained for use in the mines and on the railways. The attendants were trained in the most basic first aid and equipped with handcarts, although a vast improvement on the facilities previously available, they were little more than a transport service. As late as 1897 saw the formation of London’s first full time ambulance service which was set up by the Metropolitan Asylums Board.

During the First and Second World Wars, the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance joined forces to form the Joint War Organisation and played a major role in support of the medical services, both on the battlefields abroad and in Britain.

The National Health Service Act of 1946 – which came into effect in 1948, laid down a statutory requirement for ambulances to be made available for callout by anyone who needed them, which is the NHS ambulance service, as we know it today.

Modern day first aid training stems from the early work of the Red Cross and St John Ambulance, and in principle has changed little since the early 1900’s, although, looking back through early training manuals reveals some practices, which today are rather amusing.

100 years after the first public first aid course, when training classes are made up of both male and female students, you would encounter problems if you attempted to enforce single sex classes, but, in 1908 it was accepted as the norm and “Mixed classes of men and women are on no account permitted” was printed in the front of training manuals. Further examination reveals the course to be divided into 5 lectures, lectures 1 to 4 are standard for male and female, whereas there is a lecture 5 for males dealing with the stretchers, carrying and the transporting of patients, whilst the female lecture 5 deals with preparation for the arrival of casualties, bed preparation, removal of clothing and preparations for surgeons.1

An early treatment of hysteria, declares the patient will usually be a young girl…and suggests: 1. Avoid sympathy with the patient, and speak firmly to her. 2. Threaten her with cold water douche, and if she persists in her “fit”, sprinkle her with cold water. 3. Apply a mustard leaf at the back of the neck. 2

Modern day pre hospital treatment of the sick and injured, has in recent years advanced at an unprecedented rate due to the latest medical research and equipment such as AED’s and high tech ambulances, but the basic aim of first aid today is exactly the same as that of the 11th century medical knights.

1.First Aid for the Injured. 24th Edition. 1908.Page 9. St John Ambulance Association
2. First Aid for the Injured. 24th Edition. 1908.Page 133. St John Ambulance Association

Information About the Different Kinds of Hospitals

There are a lot of different types of hospitals around. Many people tend to forget about them as they don’t look at the varieties until a situation is put in their path and they are forced to do so. Here we will learn a bit more about the various types that there are in this country.

Community hospitals are the most well known kind in this country. Most people use these facilities when it comes to getting the care they need. They are not very large in size but they can facilitate the needs of those that come into times of crisis. Most common surgeries and other routine treatments are the things that this hospital types will accommodate. Most of these work as a not for profit type of hospital as well.

The teaching hospital is another commonly found hospital in the States. Many people that are pursuing a medical career find that they are a great way for them to learn what they need to know about the career that they have chosen. Many people can get an idea as to what they are like from some of the most famous television shows that have aired.

The people that get looked after at a hospital that teaches are very lucky as they are often the ones that get to experience some of the most modern advancements in the medical world. Many times the new concepts are tested at the teaching facilities and the patients there are proxy to being used in this way.

There are also hospitals that are owned by the government that are referred to as public hospitals. Many of the people that are down on their luck or have very little money will use these facilities. The medical funding that these people get from the government is what keeps these places in operation, which is a good thing as we all deserve to get medical care that we need, no matter what our finances are.

Sometimes people have mental conditions that need special care. This is where we find that a psychiatric hospital may be in order. They specialize in looking after people that suffer from various conditions. Here they can access psychiatrists and other specialists that can help them get better, or at least be able to function in a more normal way.

A long term care hospital is one more that is showing growth in the number of people that need to use it. People that have been left in various states can be found to reside in these facilities. There are also the ones that cater to the needs of the elderly as they sometimes become senile or suffer from other conditions that do not allow for them to look after themselves any longer. As we know there is a growing number of the elderly in this country as we can see with the baby boomer age getting on in years.

With all of these to choose from when it comes to the need for a hospital there is bound to be a solution that will fit the dilemma that you are facing. Taking time to look through the choices that are located in the area you live is as far away as the nearest computer as you can find out a lot more on the internet.

Webcam Doctors

Are you feeling low? Do you have any health problems? Do you not have the time or are you unable to visit a Doctors office when you are not well? If your answer to any or all of the questions is yes, the solution to all your problems is the Internet. Yes, it’s true, you can check all your health related problems either personal or general through online internet services. There are many advantages to online health information & health services like ease of convience, online prescriptions or by reading reviews about the medicines you take, but one of the best ways is through Webcam Doctors. You can discuss your health problems privately with a Doctor via the webcam (ONLINE HOUSE CALL VISIT). Well, to do this conveniently one needs to have a basic webcam that has audio capabilities and internet access. Generally the way you discuss with your Doctor through webcams regarding your health, one has to follow certain guidelines to get it right. 1 To contact an online Doctor, the patient should select a site that provides him secure online services. 2 A patient should have a complete knowledge about what he or she wants to ask a Webcam Doctor online before contacting online. 3 Via webcams the patient and the doctor, both feel the presence of each other and thus the patient can discuss his health problems with the Online Doctor without hesitation and most comfortably (as if you are personally in the Doctors clinic) but with the privacy of your home. 4 The Doctor understands the patient’s problems, reviews his records, diagnosis and lastly prescribes, everything is done online! The Webcam acts as a great mediator between the patient and the doctor. 5 The patient who is consulting with the Webcam Doctor needs to know the charges or the fees they are supposed to pay after consultation. Usually the Webcam doctors charge per minute, some per half hour secession. Most Webcam Doctors will give you 3 – 4 minutes FREE to go over your records or for a new consultation. 6 The Webcam Doctors consultation charges may vary depending on a number of things like a) The specialist that the patient chooses. b) If the patient wants an immediate consultation instead of waiting for next opening. c) The time period spent with the Webcam Doctor right from discussing your health problem till you are prescribed for medication. d) The number of visits with that particular Webcam Doctor or re-visit charges paid after consultation that are normally lesser than the first visit. For all this, the entire billing process is automatic, right from presenting the billing code till the reimbursement done by the patient who needs to pay through his credit card which is again an online transaction. If you are tired of traveling long distances to reach your doctor and waiting for long hours, your problem is solved. Just log on and discuss your health problems with your Webcam Doctor who is always at your service. (but not a major one like heart problem, neurological disorder etc, where obviously a personal visit is recommended) you are just a click away from your Online Webcam Doctor.

How to clean a biohazard spill

Working with bio hazardous materials can be a risky job. Almost every job, there is bound to be an accident or two, but if you are working with bio hazardous materials you need to learn how to clean up the spill the proper way. You will most likely be trained on how to clean up these spills, so do not worry. As long as you follow the steps, you are in good condition. There are basically a few steps to follow in order to properly clean up a bio hazard spill. First, you will need the right protective equipment. You need to protect yourself from these materials, so wearing the appropriate equipment such as gloves, masks, shoe covers, and so forth will help you do so.

Next, you need to contain the spill. You should block off the spill or use absorbents to help contain it. The last thing you want is the bio hazard spill to spread. Keeping it contained and marked off will help you clean it up much faster.

The third step is to contain the objects in the spill, such as needles. There are usually special containers for these objects, that keep the materials out of harms way. If you do not have a special container, make sure you dispose of these objects in a safe manner.

The following step you need to clean the surface. You can use basic cleaning supplies for this job. You can even use soap and water, as long as you make sure the surface is completely clean of all materials.

The next step is to disinfect the area. Make sure that the area is completely cleaned before disinfecting it, in order to get the proper results. Do not try to disinfect the area in place of cleaning it, as it will not completely be decontaminated.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to dispose of the bio hazard materials. Make sure you follow your state rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of these materials. No matter what you do, do not throw them in the trash, as it is a federal violation.

If you follow the steps above you will be sure to have the bio hazard spill cleaned up in no time. Cleaning up these spills the proper way can not only keep you safe, but it can also keep the people around you and the environment safe as well.

Rehab Therapy Staffing Services

In the rehabilitation industry, rehab therapy staffing services are offered by reliable service providers in the United States. These agencies help qualified and experienced rehab professionals to build up their career in the best way possible. Jobs in rehabilitation therapy assure total job satisfaction in addition to the great pay and associated benefits.

Rehabilitation Services – Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Patients

Therapists are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of patients by

• Conducting an evaluation to identify the specific disorder
• Developing a treatment plan
• Implementing the treatment program in collaboration with therapy assistants and aides
• Monitoring and documenting the patients’ progress
• Recommending therapeutic exercises and techniques
• Teaching them how to use the equipment

How to Step into a Rehab Therapy Career

The healthcare sector is looking for qualified rehab professionals to address the rehabilitative needs of patients in the U.S. With a master’s degree in the specified therapy and a state-issued license, you can start work as therapist. To embark on a career as a therapy assistant you need to have an associate degree or certification program in rehab therapy. With a high school diploma, one can work as an aide and acquire on the job training.

Candidates with the essential qualifications can work in various healthcare environments, be it hospitals, rehab centers, multi-specialty centers, in-house treatment centers or any other. Various job positions are available with flexible time schedules.

Reap the Rewards of a Therapy Career

A job in the rehabilitation sector helps you meet your career objectives as well as personal goals. Employment in this sector brings great benefit packages, which includes help in immigration processing; travel expenses; housing expenses; medical benefits; Section 125 Cafeteria plan; additional state license expenses; healthcare insurance; short term disability insurance; 401(k) retirement savings plan and continuing education. Salary package may vary with rehab industry knowledge and experience.

Opportunities are Made Known to the Jobseekers Via Placement Providers

If you are seeking an entry level rehabilitation job, then submit your complete resume to an employment staffing agency that enjoys good reputation. They will find you the best match, whether you are new to the industry or an experienced professional.

Dietary Supplement Pros And Cons

The Acai diet supplements harvested obtained from the fruits of palm tree, planted in Northern Brazil serves good for health. Many fruits when removed from the tree lose their medicinal properties and they are not fit for use. In contrast to this, Acai fruits retain their medicinal value when frozen and dried immediately. However the verve of fruit is only for 24 hours and it is recommended to use within this time period after harvesting. They are not transportable due to the preservation of therapeutic and nutrient properties. Most of the house wives, sports person lose their energy due to excessive and continuous work. The best dietary supplements for those people are Acai berry power 500. The primary function of this add-on is to prevent ageing, limit the weight and to enhance energy. Any medicine has its own pros and cons. The pros in taking Acai power 500 berries are vast. They are nothing but organic Acai and the general populations of South America are inhabitants of this berry. It is a primary dietary add-on and also provide as source of food.

Recent scientific study shows that person who consumes enough amount of organic Acai; extracted from the fruit of purplish berry enhances the immune system by offering fuel resource for the body. At the same time they also render removal of metabolism from human body. The antioxidants of Acai freely circulate the circulatory system and prevent the distortion of brain cells due to toxins.

When Acai berry power 500 is taken as dietary supplement it empowers the human libido. On the other hand this claim is sketchy to some extent. Study by the expert reveals that any problem from the respiration to digestive tract of human directly or indirectly leads to the sex drive. Whenever there is some advantage; to destroy it some disadvantage come into role. Like such the medicinal value of Acai power 500 also possess some cons. It can be used only to relieve the drinker to superior health. It is neither a medicine for curing disease nor a solution to remedial condition. Taking Acai tablet ought not to be a substitute to usual medication; and it must not be a reason not to appoint the physician when we require medical support. Similar to the conventional medicine Acai medicine might or might not respond to health care. Certain people are susceptible to allergies and adverse reaction caused by berries. Since there no remedies for the allergy caused by them; they cause harmful risk to health. Some people behave like mentally retarded after the injection of Acai capsule and consumption of its juice. The berries when frozen, loses its medicinal value after 24 hours. In order to overcome this they are converted into additives, hence they can be used along with any ingredients without trailing behind its health properties. In addition, since there appears to be a set of earnings to be prepared in the support of Acai-based foodstuffs, more and more corrupt individuals or commerce entity are annoying the money in.

What are Clinical Nurse Jobs?

A clinical nurse is another term used for registered nurses who, as the term implies, work in actual clinic settings. Clinical nurses are also called nurse practitioners. Clinical nurse jobs are very flexible in nature. Clinical nurses can work in various types of clinics, and can enter various specializations, given the right qualifications.

The fact that clinical nurses span specific medical fields makes the number of clinical nurses quite huge. Most nurse practitioners fall under the clinical nurse category. Several subcategories also fall under it. The clinical nurses who achieve and complete the qualifications for specializations in specific areas are called clinical nurse specialists. These nurses can specialize in various fields of health and medicine such as midwifery, psychiatric or mental health, geriatrics, pediatrics, among many other fields. These nurses also claim specific titles such as mental nurse, maternity nurse, and theatre nurse. A clinical nurse can also specialize in the surgical section, or the emergency room and accidents section. Some clinical nurses can also be stationed in the Intensive Care Unit. Aside from these specializations, clinical nurses can also work as a general staff nurse or administrative nurse in hospitals and clinics.

This wide variety of options when it comes to specializations and areas makes clinical nurse jobs a very common type in the medical and health field. Aside from that, given the large number of hospitals and clinics, and each one needing several nurses for every particular section, clinical nurse jobs are quite in demand nowadays.

There are also several levels in the hierarchy of clinical nurses. There are simply clinical nurses, while there are also clinical support nurses. Then, as mentioned, there are clinical nurse specialists, who work in specific areas. There are also chances for career advancement in being a clinical nurse. You can move on to become a clinical nurse advisor, a clinical lead nurse, or a clinical nurse manager. This further increases the types of jobs available to those interested to pursue a career in the nursing field.

Clinical nurses have varied responsibilities. The mix of duties typically depends on the specialization or the area they work for. However, other factors can also affect the weight of responsibilities of a clinical nurse. Depending on the size of the organization, a clinical nurse can have more or less responsibilities than is normal. However, the responsibilities of clinical nurses mainly revolve around clinical practice, which summarizes the act of providing nursing care to patients. Although it is summarized in a single term, the word clinical practice deals with a lot of things and is the main focus of the nursing field. However, aside from clinical practice, they can also be faced with responsibilities to do conduct research, and to handle consultations and management responsibilities, among some others.

The clinical nursing field is up and running nowadays. The need for clinical nurses is constantly increasing, and nursing jobs are now speedily rising towards the top of the charts. More and more incoming college students are advised to consider a career in nursing. A lot of people veer away from clinical nurse jobs because they don’t think they have what it takes. They are quite mistaken. With the various options and specializations when it comes to being a clinical nurse, any skill can come into play. Those interested to pursue the nursing path can choose from amongst the rich number of options to find the one that best suits their preferred area, their knowledge, and skills.

Paget’s Disease – Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Paget’s disease is the second most common bone disease. Paget’s disease is a chronic bone disorder that is due to irregular breakdown and formation of bone tissue.The disease occurs worldwide, but is more common in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand — where it is seen in up to 5% of the elderly population. Paget’s disease can cause bones to expand and weaken and may result in bone pain, arthritis, bone deformity and fractures. Men and women are approximately equally affected. The prevalence of Paget’s disease ranges from 1.5 to 8% depending on age and country of residence. The prevalence of familial Paget’s disease (where more than one family member has the disease) ranges from 10 to 40% in different parts of the world. It is usually localized to one bone, but can involve many bones. The actual cause of Paget’s disease is not known. Paget’s disease is also known as osteitis deformans. The disease may localize to one or two areas within the skeleton, or become widespread. Frequently, bones of the pelvis, leg, spine, arm, or the collar bone are involved. The effect on the skull may enlarge head size and cause hearing loss, if the cranial nerves are damaged by the bone growth.

Paget’s disease may affect only one or two areas of your body, or may be widespread. Paget’s disease tends to appear in families. It can be present in as many as 25 percent to 40 percent of the relatives of someone with the disease. It is also more common in people of Anglo-Saxon descent. Many patients do not know they have Paget’s disease because they have a mild case with no symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms may be confused with those of arthritis or other disorders. Symptoms can arise from the effect on calcium levels in the blood stream. When Paget’s disease is active in several bones, the overactive osteoclasts can release enough calcium from the bone as they break it down to cause an elevated calcium level in the blood. This rare complication might cause fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, or constipation. A doctor can also detect Paget’s disease from its effect on the heart if excess blood supply is shunted to overactive bones in severe cases. When pain is severe and unrelenting in an area affected by Paget’s disease, the disease may have degenerated into a bone cancer. Paget’s sarcoma (Figure 6) occurs in only about 1 percent of patients with Paget’s disease. These patients are usually older than 70 years of age. This type of malignant bone tumor is very aggressive and carries a poor prognosis.

Paget’s disease occurs most frequently in the spine, skull, pelvis, thighs, and lower legs. Paget’s disease may be caused by a slow virus infection (i.e., paramyxoviruses such as measles and respiratory syncytial virus). Paget’s disease of bone, though they have discovered several genes that appear to be linked to the disorder. Hereditary factors seem to influence whether you’re susceptible to the disease. Environmental factors may also play a role. Several studies have postulated that viruses, particularly paramyxoviruses such as canine distemper or measles virus, play a role in pathogenesis, but definitive evidence for this is lacking. Presumably, the declining incidence of Paget’s disease reflects a decline in one or more as yet unidentified environmental influences. The SQSTM1/p62 protein is a selective activator of the transcription factor NFB, which plays an important role in osteoclast differentiation and activation in response to the cytokines RANK-ligand and interleukin-1.Mutations in the SQSTM1/p62 gene are therefore a plausible cause of Paget’s disease. Germline DNA mutations (present in every osteoclast) cause bone disease that is focal in nature.

Medical are generally treating Paget’s disease. Treatment include is aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications, pain medications, and medications that slow the rate of bone turnover, such as calcitonin (Calcimar, Miacalcin), etidronate (Didronel), alendronate (Fosamax), and pamidronate (Aredia). Surgery is used mainly to treat the complications of Paget’s disease. A newer drug, risedronate (Actonel), appears to have a powerful effect against severe Paget’s disease. Miacalcin is administered by injection; 50 to 100 units daily or 3 times per week for 6-18 months. Didronel (etidronate disodium) — Tablet; approved regimen is 200-400 mg once daily for 6 months; the higher dose (400 mg) is more commonly used; no food, beverages, or medications for 2 hours before and after taking. Fosamax (alendronate sodium) — Tablet; 40 mg once daily for 6 months; patients should wait at least 30 minutes after taking before eating any food, drinking anything other than tap water, taking any medication, or lying down (patient may sit). Eating a healthy diet with sufficient calcium and vitamin D and getting exercise are important components in maintaining skeletal health and joint mobility.

Remedies for Mouth Blisters

Mouth ulcers, sometimes called canker sores, are a common affliction. Often they are simply caused by trauma and heal quickly on their own. The recurrent, bothersome form is known as recurrent aphthous stomatitis or simply aphthous ulcers.

Blisters in the mouth are common among children and can also occur in adults.
It is usually a harmless condition, even though it can be unpleasant.
The blisters might appear periodically and disappear by themselves. It is not known what causes them, but they can often be associated with eating sweets and chocolate.

Characteristics- These lesions are almost always found on the “loose” tissues of the mouth; i.e. the cheek, inner lip, tongue, soft palate, floor of mouth, and sometimes the throat. They are usually small, less than one half centimeter in diameter. A reddish halo usually surrounds them. A less common form, major aphthae, can get quite large and take very long to heal. An even rarer form is the herpetiform ulcer, characterized by multiple tiny ulcerations in many parts of the mouth at once, including the firmer gum and palate tissues. Herpetiform ulcers are uncommon and often mistaken for herpes outbreaks (below).

Once you’ve discovered that you have a sore, you know you will be uncomfortable for days to come. Keeping teeth brushed well and using antibacterial mouthwash helps to reduce the frequency of an oral mouth sore, but not much will prevent the onset of a fever blister. The severity of fever blisters can be lessened by getting a prescription for penciclovir, acyclovir or famciclovir as soon as the area begins to tingle or burn in the least. Taking one of these prescription medications immediately will help to reduce the length of time that the fever blister will remain and the severity or size of the blister.

Possible causes of symptom: Mouth ulcers: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Mouth ulcers as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

·  Mouth injury
·  Viral infection
·  Oral candidiasis
·  Herpes simplex
·  Aphthous ulcer
·  Anemia
·  Chronic infections
·  Dietary deficiency

Treatment options for mouth sores
Home care remedies for mouth sores include:
·    Avoiding foods or beverages that may aggravate the mouth sores. This includes foods that are spicy, acidic (e.g., citrus fruits or fruit juice), sharp/crunchy (e.g., pretzels, potato chips) or too hot. Consuming alcohol or caffeine may also irritate the lining of the mouth.
Using straws. Drinking through a straw may prevent liquids from coming into contact with sensitive areas of the mouth.

Remedies for mouth blisters
The kind of blister that results from the symptoms that you have described is very common and is nothing to worry about it. You can get burned like when you drink something very hot such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Many people also get such blisters or burns in their mouths, especially on the roof of their mouths, when they eat very hot food like pizza. The best way to deal with mouth blisters like this is to give it some time to heal on its own. Because of how easily an infection can be contracted through food, the mouth is amongst the fastest healing parts of the body.

Diagnostic Surgery

There are many ways to detect or confirm a suspicion of the presence of a cancer. Microscopic examination of biopsy samples is the ideal way that a positive diagnosis of cancer can be made. This procedure involves physically removing all or part (tissue, cells, or fluid) of a suspected tumor and examining this material under a microscope. The purpose of a biopsy is to identify the histologic type of cancer and possibly stage of disease.

Diagnostic surgery is used to get a tissue sample to identify your specific cancer and make a diagnosis. The diagnosis of cancer often can be confirmed only by looking at the cells under a microscope. Several surgical techniques can be used to obtain a sample. These are surgical biopsies.

The biopsy technique varies according to the organ concerned and the type of cancer. Several quality criteria should be respected.
The biopsy
·    uses an instrument which does not cause any crush nor coagulation of the sampled tissue (cold lancet, biopsy forceps),
·    should be pertinent and should represent the whole tumour,
·    suould avoid haemorrhaging, necrotic or infected zones,
·    should concern junction zones between healthy tissue and tumour (for instance the implantation foot of polyp tumours),
·    Should avoid any bleeding or abscess which would slow down further treatment,

Impact of long waiting lists for diagnostic surgery, x-rays, on patient referrals
National and provincial surveys report lengthy delays in access to diagnostic imaging and surgeries for cancer diagnosis.  When this results in delays to referral to specialist oncology consultation, there can be a significant, negative impact on the emotional well-being of patients, the initiation of cancer therapy and on cancer control outcomes.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists supports the mandate of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control to suggest national strategies for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.  CARO will work within this and other initiatives to identify and correct the gaps in the current system and to improve access to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Other Surgery
Palliative surgery is used to treat complications of advanced disease. It is not intended to cure the cancer. It can also be used to correct a problem that is causing discomfort or disability. This may require surgery for effective relief. Palliative surgery may also be used to treat pain when it is hard to control by other means.

Supportive surgery is used to help with other types of treatment. For example, a vascular access device such as a catheter port can be placed into a vein to help deliver chemotherapy treatments reducing the number of needle sticks needed.
Restorative (or reconstructive) surgery is used to restore a person’s appearance or the function of an organ or body part after primary surgery. Examples include the use of tissue flaps, bone grafts, or prosthetic (metal or plastic) materials after surgery for oral cavity cancers.
Debulking (or cytoreductive) surgery is done in some cases when removing a tumor entirely would cause too much damage to an organ or surrounding areas. In these cases, the doctor may remove as much of the tumor as possible and then try to treat what’s left with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Online Pharmacies vs. Local Pharmacies

There are advantages and disadvantages to patronize either an online or a traditional pharmacy. The advantage of an online Canadian pharmacy becomes most apparent if you have some form of physical disability which impedes your ability to get around. For someone in that situation, especially in a deprived area, it makes sense to shop for your prescription medicines online, rather than expose yourself to possible harm by making your way to the neighbourhood pharmacy. With an internet connection, one can place an order anytime of the day, year round with the purchase arriving directly at your doorstep. Many people also choose to have an online account as a backup in case of unforeseen circumstances interfering with their supply of medication. Even if you’re not physically impaired, buying your medication online can be much easier and hassle free than making a trip to your local pharmacy. Medication purchased from a canadian mail order pharmacy is usually cheaper than its equivalent from its neighbouring US counterparts, considerably so in the case of prescription drugs. The geographic location of where one purchases medications can also impact the cost of the drug as every country has a different pricing structure in different brands of medications. An online pharmacy also has a much lower overhead than a traditional pharmacy, and these savings can be passed on to the customer for both generic and over-the-counter, brand-name products. Compare prices between different online pharmacies and your local drugstore, prices for both brand name and generic drugs are quite shocking. Ask your healthcare professional if they approve a generic substitution instead of the higher priced brand name medication as it can further drive down your prescription costs. Price tags are an important consideration in these times of economic stringency and soaring cost of healthcare where every dollar on a prescription order is important. Of course there are some advantages to shopping for drugs in the real world, such as the personal face-to-face contact with a pharmacist and getting a prescription filled in an hour. That is not to say that there isn’t professional help and advice that is also offered at legitimate online pharmacies as well. If a person needs the same ongoing medications, online ordering in advance saves both time and money. Take some care in selecting an online source for your medications as there are many untrustworthy sites promising cheap brand name drugs with no accreditation or secure payment methods. Do they have customer support or an easy return policy, these precautions would separate the trustworthy companies from the ones who are only there to make a quick buck.

Drug Addiction vs Drug Abuse

People use drugs for a variety of reasons – mostly, though, to numb the pain of everyday life so they don’t have to face it.  Eventually drug use turns to drug abuse and finally to drug addiction.  Most people use the two terms interchangeably, but the truth is there is a difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.

Drug abuse is the use of illegal drugs or the inappropriate use of legal drugs.  People who abuse drugs are using them to obtain a specific feeling – a "high" – that they can’t get from other substances.  Often drug abuse is recreational with the drugs being used to loosen a person up and make them feel like they fit in with the crowd.

Drug addiction, on the other hand, is the uncontrollable use of drugs and the inability to stop using drugs in spite of health or social consequences.  People with a drug addiction are physically and emotionally unable to stop using drugs.  Their bodies have become used to having the drug in the system, and stopping the drug use brings about often painful physical and psychological symptoms.

Drug addiction does begin with drug abuse when an individual makes a conscious choice to use drugs, but addiction is not just "a lot of drug use." Recent scientific research provides overwhelming evidence that not only do drugs interfere with normal brain functioning creating powerful feelings of pleasure, but they also have long-term effects on brain metabolism and activity.

At some point, changes occur in the brain that can turn drug abuse into addiction, a chronic, relapsing illness. Those addicted to drugs suffer from a compulsive drug craving and usage and cannot quit by themselves. Treatment is necessary to end this compulsive behavior.

Many people view drug abuse and addiction as strictly a social problem. Parents, teens, older adults, and other members of the community tend to characterize people who take drugs as morally weak or as having criminal tendencies. They believe that drug abusers and addicts should be able to stop taking drugs if they are willing to change their behavior.  This just isn’t true.

People from all walks of life abuse drugs and become addicted.  We can start combating these problems if we educate ourselves and each other about drug abuse and drug addiction.  It is an ever-growing epidemic that doesn’t have to take hold of people or society.  Drug abuse and drug addiction can be stopped, but only if we start with education.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B Complex

There are eight B vitamins in vitamin B complex as well as several related substances. The eight vitamins are thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), cobalamine (B12), folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin. The other related substances include choline, inositol and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA).
Although each individual vitamin or related substance performs a different function in the body, they all work together to maintain good health and vitality. A well balanced diet should provide us with all the B vitamins we require, but because they are water soluble and therefore not retained by the body, we need a daily dietary source.
The majority of multivitamin and mineral supplements contain B-complex vitamins as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Since multivitamin/mineral supplements are more complete than B-complex vitamins by themselves, multivitamin-mineral supplements are usually recommended to prevent deficiencies over individual vitamin supplements.

The Vitamin B Complex is essential for correct RNA and DNA synthesis and cell reproduction. As our Skin, Hair and Nails are constantly growing and renewing themselves we need the following B vitamins to ensure the good health of these structures – Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Choline. Deficiencies of any of these B Vitamins can lead to dry, grey skin, dermatitis, wrinkles, acne, rashes, falling hair and weak, splitting nails.

B1, known as thiamine, serves as a catalyst in carbohydrate metabolism and helps synthesize nerve-regulating substances. Deficiency can cause heart swelling, leg cramps, and muscular weakness. Rich food sources high in thiamine include liver, heart, and kidney meats, eggs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, legumes, berries, wheat germs, and enriched cereals. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is 1.5 mg. Some believe thiamine helps protect against alcoholism and that it is good for depression, stress, and anxiety. It is also said to improve mental ability and to help indigestion.

Most B-complex vitamins work together in synergy to provide a number of health benefits for the body. In general, they have been shown to enhance the nervous system and immune function, bolster metabolism, promote cell growth and division—including red blood cells which prevent anemia, and maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. They also work together to help combat stress, fatigue, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

The B-12 vitamin is of note because it is not available from plant products, making B-12 deficiency a concern for vegans. Manufacturers of plant-based foods will sometimes report B-12 content, leading to confusion about what sources yield B-12. The confusion arises because the standard US Pharmacopeia (USP) method for measuring the B-12 content does not measure the B-12 directly. Instead, it measures a bacterial response to the food.

Chemical variants of the B-12 vitamin found in plant sources are active for bacteria, but cannot be used by the human body. This same phenomenon can cause significant over-reporting of B-12 content in other types of foods as well.

The age of an individual will determine how much vitamin B complex they will take. There are several good benefits you can receive by taking vitamin B complex. Nervousness and pressure can be lessened if you take vitamin B complex. If you suffer from tiredness this can be reduced by taking vitamin B complex. In addition, a regular intake of vitamin B complex can help individuals recover sooner from sickness.