Which Vitamins Are Particularly Useful In The Treatment For Uterine Fibroids

You can easily bring fibroids under control with help of natural uterine fibroid treatment methods. Trust me nature has made us like that. Our bodies are equipped to remove harmful toxins and abnormal cells when it is out of balance.

Any type of treatment for uterine fibroids must specifically include certain vitamins and minerals. In this article I am going to share some of the vitamins which are absolutely a must if you desire to get rid of fibroids naturally. The best vitamins for fibroid cure are Vitamin A (Betacarotene), Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin A, also known as Betacarotene, is essential for fibroid treatment. It is helpful in protecting the body cells against damage and also assists cells to reproduce normally. Secondly red blood cells production is dependent on adequate supplies of Vitamin A. This vitamin also controls heavy bleeding, a common symptom of fibroids.

Vitamin C is essential to absorb iron in the body. Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids helps in strengthening our body’s capillaries. This is again effective in reducing the heavy bleeding caused by fibroids.

Vitamin E is effective for painful periods (dysmenorrhea) caused by fibroids. Dysmenorrhea can be primary or secondary to endometriosis or fibroids. Vitamin E combats fibroid symptoms like bloated feeling, nausea, breast tenderness, diarrhea and headaches.

The refereed vitamins must be used in combination with other natural supplements in treatment for uterine fibroids. Needless to say, any uterine fibroid treatment method must be multifaceted with these vitamins being one of the important aspects.

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Used EKG Machines Are an Asset to Your Practice

Someone has a heart attack every twenty seconds in the United States and only 62% of these individuals survive. The odds of experiencing a heart attack increase significantly if you have family history of heart disease, are overweight, or have had a heart attack before. An electrocardiogram machine (EKG or ECG) is an important device that helps monitor the activity of the heart and can help doctors diagnose and treat this condition. These machines are very important for clinics and private practices but are often very expensive. Used EKG machines function at the same level as new machines and are much more affordable.

These machines are very helpful in determining if a heart attack is occurring or has recently occurred. A patient who may be experiencing heart attack symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and nausea, is told to lie down on an examination table. Electrodes are placed at various points on the body in order to gather the information needed for the EKG to create a graph of the heart’s activity. An EKG measures the strength and the timing of the electrical signal that causes the muscle to squeeze and pump the blood throughout the body. This test usually takes no more than twenty minutes and is painless.

EKG machines are used to test for many different types of heart conditions, not just heart attacks. It can detect whether the heart is beating irregularly, and if it is too fast or too slow. Along the same vein, it can determine if the heart is not pumping forcefully enough or if there is a lack of blood flow back to the heart muscle. Individuals who have family history of heart disease should get a EKG test done before they experience any problems to determine if there are any birth defects, any disease in the heart valves or chambers, or if parts of the heart muscle are too big. This preemptive test can help diagnose a potential problem and doctors can then offer suggestions in how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Heart attacks cause twenty percent of the deaths that occur in the United States every year. It would be a great asset to look into purchasing used EKG machines for your practice. Patients will appreciate getting tests done at an office in which they are familiar, as opposed to traveling to a better equipped facility. These machines are examined multiple times and certified by experts to ensure you that they are still in great condition. Purchasing perfectly functioning refurbished medical equipment does not need to put your office into debt and it is a great investment for your practice.

Alcohol and Smoking Causes Heart Attack

Through associated with lung cancers and breathing problems, the most important threat factor of alcohol consumption and smoking is the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, mainly heart attacks and strokes. For many people, quitting smoking and keeping away from alcohol is the best thing they can do to improve their heart and artery health.

Cigarettes have injurious multiple poisons, especially addictive nicotine, hydrogen cyanides, tars, carbon monoxide along with thousands of varying chemical toxins and 43 deadly carcinogens that together increase the risk of peripheral vascular and coronary heart diseases. When compared to non-smokers, smokers have more than twice the risk of heart attack. In both men and women, smoking alone increases the risk of fatal and non-fatal heart attacks. It increases blood pressure and consequent heart problems as it decreases the amount of oxygen rich blood to heart that lead to coronary heart diseases. Smoking causes damage to the tissues and cells of our body and also decreases the production of high-density cholesterol known as good cholesterol that is needed for the body for normal heart functioning. Furthermore, cigarette smoking acts with other risk factors that significantly increase the risk for coronary heart disease.

Smoking can also lead to risks of blood clotting as well as building up of cholesterol fats in the arteries- thereby increasing blood pressure, damage of arteries and heart disorders. The risk of heart disease increases with prolonged use. Patients who smoke after bypass surgery have increased risk of recurrent strokes. Frequent exposure to cigarette smoke is also bad for heart and artery health. In addition to heart disease, tobacco use also increases the risk of stroke, bronchitis, emphysema, osteoporosis and cancers of the lung, kidney, bladder, pancreas, lip, cervix, mouth, larynx, tongue, esophagus and throat. When the person stops smoking, the risk of heart attack and other diseases decrease significantly. Quitting smoking all of a sudden is not an easy task, though numerous aids and medications are available.

Alcohol consumption is one of the main reasons behind immature death caused by cardiovascular diseases. Consumed in moderate amounts, alcohol can prevent heart attacks. However, heavy drinking leads to various malfunctioning of our body such as increase of LDL cholesterol and decrease of HDL cholesterol, decreases coronary blood flow, decreases estrogen hormone level, induces blood clotting and increases aggregation of platelets. Excessive amount of alcohol also leads to increased blood pressure and consequently increases the risk of a heart attack. Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is a cardiovascular disease caused by the toxic effects of alcohol on human heart wherein heart becomes enlarged and weakened. Heavy drinking gives rise to congestive heart failure, increased triglyceride level and stroke.

Alcoholism is characterized by an unsatisfying urge to go on with drinking. Though alcoholic people are aware of the ill effects of alcohol, they are often unable to quit the bad habit completely. Quitting of alcohol requires moral and mental support along with medical supervision and medications. There are also various health supplements available today that can help in removing the toxic effects caused by smoking and alcohol consumption in the body. Such heart support supplements consist of ingredients that not only protect heart from future disorders, but also nourish heart and artery health.

Dermoid Cysts – the Facts

Of the different kinds of ovarian cysts, the most grotesque and bizarre are dermoid cysts. They are a benign form of teratoma. Teratoma is Greek and means “monster tumor”.

It’s due to this freakish aspect that many misconceptions over the condition have come about. A medical decision about your health should never be based on misconceptions but rather, the facts. In this article, I will deal with 3 common questions that get asked about dermoid cysts.

1.) What are dermoid cysts?

Dermoid cysts may consist of any type of human tissue. This includes teeth, bone, nails, hair, cartilage, nerve tissue, skin, blood, fat, eyes, thyroid tissue and sweat glands.

This is due to the fact that these cysts arise from germ cells that are undifferentiated. These germ cells have the capacity to grow into any of the different tissues that are present in the human body.

2.) Who can be affected by dermoid cysts?

Dermoid cysts on the neck, face, and scalp can afflict anyone regardless of their age or sex. These cysts may be present at birth. But dermoid cysts in the ovaries usually affect women between twenty years of age to about forty. Only one ovary is normally affected but they can grow on both ovaries fifteen percent of the time.

3.) What are the health risks?

Although they have a frightful appearance, dermoid cysts are almost always benign. If the cyst has distinct features such as hair, teeth, etc., there is very little chance of it becoming malignant. These rare cancers will normally affect women in their forties and older.

Health complications of benign dermoids are dependent on cyst size. Small cysts normally present no symptoms and are detected during a medical examination. An MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, or CT scan may be used to diagnose the cyst as dermoid.

If the cyst gets too big, it can become inflamed. It can also cause irritation of the abdominal cavity, a condition called peritonitis.

More commonly, the cyst may get twisted and cut off blood flow to the ovary. There is also the possibility of rupturing with the release of its contents into the abdominal cavity. If a cyst grows too large it can push against and impair the function of the surrounding organs.

Because a dermoid cyst doesn’t go away by itself, surgery may be necessary if any complications arise. However, regardless of size, dermoid cysts need to be closely monitored by your doctor.

Male Infertility – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

To be fertile, a man must be able to deliver an adequate quantity of normal sperm to a woman’s vagina, and sperm must be able to fertilize the egg. Conditions that interfere with this process can make a man less fertile. The various causes of male infertility and their Ayurvedic herbal treatment are discussed here.

The most common male infertility factors include azoospermia (no sperm cells are produced) and oligospermia (few sperm cells are produced). Sometimes, the quality of sperm cells is very poor, resulting in poor fertility. Treatment depends upon the identifiable cause.

Conditions that increase the temperature of the testes greatly reduce sperm quantity and quality. Undescended testes should be treated medically or surgically before the age of two years, to avoid permanent damage. Varicose veins of the testes can be treated using traditional Ayurvedic formulations like Punarnava Guggulu, Kankayan Vati, Arshkuthar Ras, Suranadi Vati, Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) and Kakmachi (Solanum nigrum). Working in an environment of high temperature, and exposure to chemicals and other industrial toxins should be best avoided. The damage done by these factors to sperm production, can be treated using medicines like Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens), Vasa (Adhatoda vasika), Vidarikand (Ipomoea digitata), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Safed Musli (Asparagus adscendence), Samudrashok (Argyreia speciosa), Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra) and Pippali (Piper longum).

Hormonal disorders may also interfere with sperm production. Hyperprolactinemia and other pituitary gland disorders may be treated using Kanchnaar Guggulu, Panch Tikta Ghruta Guggulu, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Mogra (Jasminum sambac) and Musta (Cyperus rotundus). Hypothyriodism may be treated using Arogya Vardhini, Kanchnaar Guggulu and Punarnava Guggulu. Hypogonadism may be treated using Kapikacchu, Ashwagandha, Bala, Vidarikand, Safed Musli and Shatavari. Disorders of the adrenal glands may be treated using Gokshuradi Guggulu, Gomutra Haritaki, Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Saariva and Deodar (Cedrus deodara).

Mumps, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases can affect sperm production by causing inflammation and obstruction in the male genital tract. This condition may be treated using Aswagandha , Shatavari, Yashtimadhuk ,Pippali , Guduchi, Kutki, Punarnava, Kaishor Guggulu and Triphala Guggulu. Medicated oils like Mahanarayan oil (containing mainly Shatavari), Mahamash oil (containing mainly black gram) and Saindhav oil are used for local application on the scrotal skin.

Genetic disorders, use of medications and recreational drugs, exposure to radiation, smoking, and the excessive use of steroids and alcohol can also affect male fertility.

Some men do have a sufficient quantity of sperms, but are infertile because of the inability to achieve or have sustained erection (called erectile dysfunction or impotence). This condition may be due to physical causes like inadequate blood flow to the penis, diabetes, neurological defects and hormonal problems. Erectile dysfunction may be treated using medicines like Agnitundi Vati, Vishtinduk Vati, Tapyadi Loha, Trayodashang Guggulu, Abhrak Bhasma, Kapikachhu, Bala, Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Triphala (Three fruits), Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Musta and Kutaj (Holharrhina antidysentrica). These medicines may also be used to treat retrograde ejaculation, in which the sperm goes backwards into the bladder, instead of coming out of the penis. Psychological inhibition can be treated by using medicines like Jayphal (Myristica fragrans), Talimkhana (Asteracantha longifolia), Parsik Yavani (Hyoscyamus niger), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and Vacha (Acorus calamus).

This is, thus, a short description of the various causes of male infertility and their Ayurvedic herbal treatment.

The Phantom Growth of China’s Ghost Cities

Bloomberg has a new video series out called “China’s Ghost Cities.”

The reporter, Adam Johnson, describes how the Chinese government is building massive cities that no one lives in yet. The expectation is that China is going to “grow” into these cities.

A remarkable idea, really. The authoritarian planners in Beijing or wherever decide it would be good if, say, a million people or more could relocate to a pre-planned area.

Then they build out the infrastructure — or rather the entire metropolis, skyscrapers, stoplights and all — and wait.

Stop for a moment and ponder how nutty this is. The last time your editor checked, central planning was not a huge success. According to history, bureaucrats wielding directives over long distances tend to allocate resources poorly.

But are ghost cities a recipe for a bust? Some say no. The Bloomberg reporter, for instance, assures us that China’s economics are different — that is to say, “it’s different this time.” (Where have we heard that before…)

It is supposedly OK that these ghost cities, built for millions of inhabitants, have only tens of thousands of people living in them — because all that deserted square footage will eventually be put to good use.

As a bonus, building ghost cities is great for economic growth.

Via running superhighways out to the middle of nowhere, erecting steel and glass towers in the boondocks, China generates new jobs in construction, civil engineering, city planning and the like. All this construction looks fabulous on paper. The ghostly infrastructure gets counted as productive output, and the super-aggressive GDP target is maintained.

But what is wrong with that picture?

For one, there is the central planning problem. Growth and development are free market forces, with signature markings of trial and error. Successful cities are built from the ground up, not decreed by bureaucrat stamp. So how does the government know where a new metropolis should go, or what its optimal size should be?

Then you have the accounting problems. Should the promise of tomorrow be so readily reflected on balance sheets today?

Imagine if a public corporation said, “We are going to grow 20% per year by building idle factories in the middle of nowhere, that no one is going to use for quite some time. Don’t worry though, the demand for these factories will show up. We’ll make a profit on them eventually. Just don’t ask when.”

Such a plan would be brutalized by the market, because public companies are held accountable for profits and return on investment (ROI). (At least most of the time — in bubble times investors will happily suspend their rational faculties.)

The Chinese government, of course, does not have to seek profit in its actions. Or it can measure results in some entirely non-traditional way, via “how many jobs did we create” or “how do the GDP numbers look.”

At the end of the day, the “ghost city” mandate is directly channeling John Maynard Keynes, who once suggested digging holes, then filling them up again as a way to put men to work.

China is being more sophisticated. Rather than digging holes, it is putting up buildings. The effect is the same though. “Some day” the empty skyscrapers will have value — if they are not condemned as worn-out structures first — but until then they are just holes.

China bulls are not bothered by the ghost cities for at least three reasons.

First, they have convinced themselves (with more than a bit of faith) that the empty metropoli will one day (sooner rather than later) be full.

Second, they figure China has a lot of money to burn even if the ghost cities don’t work out.

And third, as the old saying goes, “a rolling loan gathers no loss.” As long as the speculative music is playing, the property developers can keep dancing.

The trouble, as always, comes when the music stops. If China turns out to have built, say, 20 years of excess capacity by the time that happens, then hundreds of billions’ worth of stagnant projects will have to be written off.

Tougher still is the idea that China’s “economic miracle” is actually a heavily leveraged bet on mercantilism… propped up by runaway construction… with the tail end of the boom pulled recklessly from pie-in-the-sky projections for future growth.

That is another favorite tactic of investment manias: Along with the embrace of forever skyward growth curves, mortgaging tomorrow (and borrowing against it) for the sake of today.

Even if China can write checks to cover the write-off costs of all those cities, there is a big multiple built in to the global economy right now on the assumption that China growth is the real deal. When it sinks in that much of that growth is actually “ghost” or “phantom” growth — in keeping with these empty monuments to nowhere — the collapse of that multiple could hurt.

Cure Thrush Naturally – 3 Great Remedy Tips To Get Rid of Thrush

Thrush is a vaginal yeast infection that affects over 75% of women at some stage in their lives. It is brought on by fungus (Candidas albicans) and is also known as Candida infection or candidosis. Thrush occurs when yeast which normally resides in our body gets out of control causing an infection.

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You’ll know if you have thrush if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
-a thick, white, cheese-like vaginal discharge
-burning or itching of the vagina
-redness or swelling of the vulva
-burning sensation during urination
-pain during sexual intercourse

But what exactly causes thrush?
Thrush can be brought on by a number of reasons:
-birth control pills
-a weak immune system.

SO, how can I cure thrush naturally?

Thrush Natural Cure #1 – Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a powerful substance that has been widely used throughout the world for centuries as a home remedy for many illnesses. Use a drop or two of concentrated tea tree oil in warm water as a healing douche to treat thrush.

Thrush Natural Cure#2 – Apple Cedar Vinegar

Apple Cedar Vinegar is an excellent way to restore the natural pH and cure thrush. Add about 3 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar to a bathtub filled with a small amount of warm water. Immerse your lower body and sit in the bath so that the diluted vinegar can enter your vagina and cure thrush.

Thrush Natural Cure #3 – Garlic

Garlic is a magic herb and used to treat a number of illnesses. Garlic is also an excellent natural cure for a yeast infection as it is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Insert a clove of garlic into the vagina for just a few hours and you will notice your symptoms clearing away in just a few days.

Remember wear loose cotton underwear, change your tampons frequently, avoid antibiotics and birth control pills if at all possible until your infection is cured and avoid bubble baths and shower gels.

Powerful Spiritual Healer in Mexico

I went to see someone called El Maestro, or El Maestro Constantino, this past week in the wine valley close to my home in Baja. People think very highly of this spiritual healer. Much publicity went out to let everyone know locally about his arrival. He had been here one day in January, but I could not go at that time. I figured it would be an all day affair, which indeed it was. Constantino came back for another three days in February due to popular demand. It was his calling, he was called to come back. Some people go to see him every chance they get. Some of my friends are volunteers as they believe in him so much. One friend told of people who could now see, or get up and walk after years of being in a wheelchair. One of the volunteers follows him all around Mexico as she was one of his major successes. She had been in a wheelchair for fourteen years. She had tried many treatments to no avail until seeing El Maestro.

One of the volunteers is my friend Jo Ann who relates these stories to me via email:

“A friend of Janet’s went to see the Maestro. She recently had a 10 hour operation to remove a tumor at the top of her spine. The doctors could not remove it all and recommended chemotherapy. After seeing the Maestro she experienced pain on her left side and went to the emergency room. They performed an MRI and the tumor is gone.

Or the one about Judie. She was one of the Friday wine group and makes jewelry. She’s been a bunch of times now. She had tinnitus, ringing of the ears… gone. She took her 90 some year old husband in a wheelchair and he no longer has pain in his legs and is walking…. don’t know what else. Took Margo and the pain in her shoulder (it was dislocated) is gone and she was walking. (Margo has suffered horribly for years from fibromyalgia. She has fear of falling. She can’t wait to go back again. The stories go on.

A sister of her close friend, Coleen, named Barbara who was legally blind can now thread a needle.”

I talked one of my close friends into going, even though I had a ride from someone in La Mision where I live. The van would have been a bit too full with my friend. Rocky had three different friends of his try to convince him this might be a good idea. As he is an open minded and curious sort, this appealed to him. Most people have medical or emotional issues with which they would like some assistance. So off we went at ten thirty in the morning on a Wednesday to go see a spiritual healer at La Casa Viejas in the wine valley.

It was a pleasant enough day for a trip and we made it to the event in about a half hour or so. The healer was supposed to arrive between twelve and one, but many people got there early to get into the first group. We were seated by arrival for the most part. Given slips of paper to fill out with our concerns and basic information like where we lived and our contact numbers and email addresses.

It was a well organized event with just the right amount of volunteers. Taken into the first room in a group of thirty seven people, we were treated to some testimonials by prior participants. We also got to hear about the beliefs of El Maestro such as a simple diet, no alcohol and no drugs of any kind. No eating of any meat was emphasized. He only owns two sets of clothes, simple white pants and a shirt, with a long poncho of soft beige material over his clothes. It was a somewhat chilly day in the shade. He stays with people so he does not have to own anything other than the clothing. I saw a rather simple gold ring on one hand. His hair was tied back with headbands that were embroidered in dark colors. I could not tell how long his hair might have been, but I would guess it to be of medium length and black. He wore a white scarf tied around his mouth and head.

We were sent into a nearby palapa that could seat two circles of thirty seven people. We were instructed to be patient and center ourselves around peaceful thoughts. Some talking went on before the arrival of the healer. When he appeared all went very silent. We were told he was going to come see us one by one. We were instructed to all rise and hold hands. Told to look into his eyes when he stood in front of us, but not to touch him. Our chairs were still behind us when we all arose in greeting. A spotter would stand behind each chair as he approached so we could not fall. I could not wait to be touched with his quite powerful presence of healing. I feel that his personal being is a channel to a higher power. El Maestro would look into your eyes and then most often touch the center of your chest with a somewhat forceful motion with one finger. This is to open the heart. Most people fell into their seats from the contact. If your ailment pertained to walking, then you were instructed to walk around the circle after being touched. One man came in on crutches and walked around the circle very stiffly without them. Everyone paid him the most respectful attention.

Some people cried, though not very many. I was one of those who did. I get emotional at these kind of things, even getting teary eyed in church some times. He looked into my eyes with his intense green ones. He asked me what my concerns were, and they got translated into Spanish. I wanted assistance with some uterine fibroid tumors which I have had for about ten years. Conventional medicine would have me get a hysterectomy. I also have a small lesion on the left hand side of my nose. It has been going away slowly for about four months now. He spent a good amount of time with me, even putting his hands on the front of my lower belly and chanting. I was asked by the volunteer if there was anything else and I replied that yes, I am without an income at the moment which causes a lot of stress.

We were told the healing is not always instant, that it can be a process that is now ongoing as we have encountered such a powerful healing force in the spiritual presence of Constantino. A white box was passed around the circles before we left for donations to help El Maestro with his traveling expenses and favorite charities. No suggested amount. Then we were each given a sheet of paper with simple instructions to detox our bodies for the next fifteen days. Mostly vegetables and fruit. No caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugar or refined pastas or white rice. No drugs of any kind. The kind of diet that not very many people can handle as it is so restrictive. No meat as it is aggressively procured. He lives this way all the time himself and recommends that everyone take up his principles for a less aggressive and healthier world. He is most probably correct, but the only people I know of who can follow this regime live in monasteries or spend a week at a spa to get cleansed. My point here being that when you see other people eat what they want it is much more difficult to stay on such a regime without a very strong will.

As for myself, thus far the lesion on my nose is almost completely gone. I am attributing this to the power of El Maestro as the rapidity of the healing has increased. I am going to continue to believe the fibroids are gone until I can get an ultrasound for verification. As for the lack of income, that was taken care of quite nicely the next day.

What can I say but that I am truly a believer in Constantino, El Maestro, the powerful spiritual healer. The man who has the mysterious reputation of being from nowhere.

Kawasaki Syndrome – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Kawasaki syndrome, also called mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, is a potentially fatal inflammatory disorder which occurs mostly in infants and children, and affects several organ systems in the body including the skin, mucous membranes, circulatory system, heart and the immune system. Males are affected more than females, and this condition is more common in persons of Asian descent. This condition is believed to be an allergic reaction or an unusual response to certain types of infections. Common signs and symptoms include an abrupt onset; high fever; skin rash followed by peeling; redness and swelling of mucous membranes; a strawberry appearance of the tongue; lymph node enlargement; arthritis; pneumonia; diarrhea; meningitis; myocarditis, arrhythmias, and arteritis; and occasionally, gangrene.

The Ayurvedic treatment of Kawasaki syndrome is aimed at treating the symptoms and preventing or minimizing the complications. Medicines like Chandrakala-Ras, Kamdudha-Ras and Maha-Sudarshan-Churna are used to treat fever. Skin rash, redness, swelling and peeling of skin and mucous membranes can be treated using medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Gandhak-Rasayan, Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Saarivadi-Churna, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Khadeer (Acacia catechu), Bhrungraj (Eclipta alba), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Mandukparni (Centella asiatica), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra) and Karanj (Pongamia pinnata).

Local application on the skin is equally important in preventing the rash, redness, swelling and peeling. An ointment containing Mandukparni, Yashtimadhuk, Manjishtha, Saariva, Haridra and Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) can be used for this purpose. Other medicines like Shatadhout-Ghrut, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut and Yashtimadhuk-Ghrut are also quite useful in this condition.

Lymph node enlargement can be treated using medicines like Punarnavadi-Guggulu and Kachnaar-Guggulu. Arthritis can be treated using Triphala-Guggulu, Yograj-Guggulu and Kaishor-Guggulu. Meningitis can be treated using medicines like Maha-Yograj-Guggulu, Saraswatarishta, Chandrakala-Ras and Punarnavadi-Qadha. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels can be treated using medicines like Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Gokshuradi-Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Arjunarishta, Dashmoolarishta and Drakshasav. Long term complications of this disease, like coronary thrombosis and aneurysm, can be prevented by using medicines like Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Laxadi-Guggulu, Medohar-Guggulu, Draksha (Vitis vinifera), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), Lashuna (Allium sativum) Psyllium (Plantago ovata), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) and Arjun (Terminalia arjuna).

While most patients with Kawasaki syndrome recover completely, complications account for death in about 1 to 2% of those affected, with 95% of fatalities occurring within 6 months of infection. Deaths are sudden and unpredictable. Intensive hospital care in the acute stages and regular, long term follow up by qualified and experienced physicians is therefore, very important. Ayurvedic medicines can be given as additional therapy to bring about a faster therapeutic response, speed up the recovery process and prevent death from complications.

Using Kettlebell Advanced Workout Routines for Mind Blowing Sex!

Whatever type of workout routines you use they should be developed to achieve certain goals. These goals might include for example, improving your general health, increasing your fitness, losing a certain amount of weight and preparing for a sports competition. What many people do not realise is that you can also make a big improvement to your sex life without drugs like Viagra or any of the other expensive supplements that marketers try to sell you. There are no negative side effects and only positive health benefits.

Any improvement that you make to your general fitness will improve your sex life. However, if this is your primary goal there are specific fitness for sex exercises that you can concentrate on. More on those later but first you might be asking how can improved fitness improve my sex life? Improved fitness and sex exercises can do the following:

1. Make you feel fantastic.

a) Moderate to intense exercise leads to the release of brain hormones that give you a feeling of euphoria. This will increase your sense of wellbeing and your natural libido.

b) An improved body shape (e.g. more toned) will give you more self confidence.

c) Finding tasks easier to do and less stressful will increase your self worth.

d) Health improvements in a whole host of areas (e.g. less colds, avoid or cure diseases like type 2 diabetes, more energy, clearer thinking and more positive) will make it easier for you to concentrate on and enjoy a more intense sex life.

2. Make you look fantastic

a) For men e.g. improve posture and body symmetry, enlarge the shoulders/arms/chest, tone the abs/buttocks/legs.

b) For women e.g. improve posture and body symmetry, tone the abs/buttocks/thighs/arms/legs.

b) To improve your self worth.

c) To increase your partners (or potential partners) attraction to you.

3. Make you better at the physical side of sex.

a) In general being able to have sex for longer and more athletically without becoming too tired or out of breath.

b) For men; improved ejaculatory control, larger stronger erections and more intense orgasms.

c) For women; improved vagina control and more intense orgasms.

The main muscle groups to focus on include the Glutes (buttocks), Hamstrings and Quads (upper legs and thighs), Abs and Obliques (stomach), Triceps and Biceps (upper arms), Deltoids (shoulders), Pecs (chest) and Lats (the wing like back muscle groups) and the Core (muscles within the pelvis that retain the internal organs in a hammock like structure).

The following is an advanced workout routine and not recommended for either beginners in general or someone fit that has never used kettlebells. On the assumption that you are an experienced kettlebell user I am not going to suggest how you should warm up and warm down because I am sure that you have developed your own methods that best suit you.

Obviously the choice of weight depends on your stage of fitness and you should know your own limits to be able to correctly perform around 1 or 2 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise. This is a short workout routine that can be used to supplement your general one or completely replace it if you do not have much time to train. You can increase the intensity by minimising your rest in between each exercise but make sure that you do not compromise your exercise form or simply run out of steam before you complete the whole routine.

1. Legs apart single arm overhead swing. This is one of the basic kettlebell exercises but it is also a great exercise for an advanced routine. The asymmetrical movement puts a high load on your upper body, your core, buttocks and upper legs. As a very dynamic exercise it also great for cardio and explosive power.

Points to look out for include making sure that you squat deeply as if you are about to sit down and let your arm swing freely and straight with the power pulse coming from the legs being straightened (not your shoulders).

2. Forward leg lunge with the kettlebells on your shoulders. This is another basic but effective exercise. Not only does it strengthen your buttocks and upper legs but also your core, stomach and shoulders. It can be made for difficult and more effective for the core and stomach by twisting your body to one at the bottom of the lunge but be careful not to fall over if the kettelebells are heavy!

Make sure that your squat both legs to almost 90 degree and force your shoulder blades together to keep a good upright posture throughout.

3. The final leg focused exercise is a legs together squat with both arms swung forward to counterbalance. As well as loading your legs and buttocks this is a very good exercise for your shoulders, arms, upper back and as with the others your core.

Spend some time learning how to swing your arms smoothly and coordinating a deep squat at the same time. Make sure that there is very little forward movement of your knees so that you sit further back when squatting.

4. Press ups with kettlebells wide apart. Trying to balance your grip on the kettlebell handles forces you to stabilise your whole body more strongly. The main muscles worked include the chest, shoulders, lower back, stomach and core.

You need to concentrate, tense your whole body and push vertically downwards with your hands to keep the kettlebells stable. Only dip down until your elbows are more or less at right angles.

5. Press ups with one kettlebell. This shifts the loading emphasise to your arms, lower back, stomach and core.

Hold one kettlebell with both hands on the metal ball and not the handle. Dip down as far as you can and smoothly come up.

6. Chest press with a constant hip lift. Not only does this work your chest, shoulders and arms but with the hips held high you are simultaneously loading your lower back, core and stomach.

Try to lock your hips in place and keep them high throughout the whole set whilst pushing the kettlebells slowly up in line with your nipples.

7. Overhead pull with a constant hip lift. Adopting the same body position as the chest press this time hold your arms out straight with one or two kettlebells and slowly swing the arms overhead until they almost touch the ground behind your head. You should feel your chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, back and core being worked.

As previously lock your hips but this time ensure that your arms are almost fully extended.

8. Partial Turkish get up. Instead of doing the full get up just raise your body from a lying down position with one arm vertically extended and holding a kettlebell above your head. This is great for your core, stomach and arms.

Initially it may be very difficult to sit up at all. Try keeping your eyes focused on the kettlebell as you rise up. Keep the kettlebell above your head with your arm straight up at all times. Initially you may need to swing your other arm to provide a little momentum.

9. The final exercise is a single arm lat pull from the lunge position. This works your back, core, stomach and arms.

Concentrate on keeping your shoulders absolutely still and bringing the kettlebell up to your shoulder. A more complex version of this involves lifting your shoulders as well to allow the body to twist with the lift.

You may have noticed that many of these whole body exercises place a lot of emphasise on your core and stomach through asymmetric loading. This is why additional sit ups or crunches are not necessary.

In men the core muscles contribute to the strength of an erection, ejaculatory control and ultimately the intensity of an orgasm. Strong core muscles in a woman lead to a tighter vagina, greater control of contractions and ultimately more intense orgasms. There are also a wide range of sex exercises that don’t involve kettlebells! These include male erectile enhancement methods such as the penis jelq (that is also effective at penis enlargement) and Kugel exercises for women.

Relieve Respiratory Problems With a Simple Salt Solution

It can be difficult to breathe easy when the air today is filled with pollutants of all kinds, from dust and allergens to toxic chemicals. If you have any kind of respiratory problem–such as asthma, bronchitis, or hay fever-you know the best remedy is good, clean air.

In nature, pure unpolluted air contains an abundance of negative ions, more than 1000 ions per cubic centimeter. In our homes, electrostatic charges created by plastic and other synthetic surfaces, electric fields, and lack of ventilation create an atmosphere with few ions.

The most natural way to restore healthful ions to indoor air is with a fog ionizer.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer vaporizes a one-percent crystal salt solution into a magical mist, full of negative ions. This refreshing air is similar to the air in the mountains or at the seashore. This alone creates a healthful environment.

But negative ion therapy is also specifically used to relieve common respiratory problems, including allergic bronchitis and sinusitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

It is widely known that exposure to negative ions have many other health benefits which can support the body in dealing with respiratory problems. Negative ions:

– strengthen the functions of the nervous system

– increase the efficiency of body metabolism, the process of obtaining nutrients from the blood and excreting waste

– strengthen the body’s immune system

In addition, the negatively-charged ions in the mist molecules attract and bind positively-charged pollution particles–including dust, pollen, smoke, and bacteria–thus cleansing the air of the very pollutants that are most irritating to your lungs.

Particulate pollutants in the air can also be carriers for smaller and lighter toxic gasses. These gasses attach themselves “piggyback” to particles, making the particles even more irritating and harmful to health.

Removing pollutants from the air you breathe is the single most important factor in relieving respiratory symptoms. The American Lung Association website says, “The best way to protect your family at home [from lung problems] is to avoid air pollution in the first place.” As particulate pollutants come in from outside as well as being generated indoors (from sources such as gas heaters and stoves, carpeting, and upholstered furniture), it is necessary in virtually all homes to take some steps to control indoor air quality.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer also adds humidity to a dry room, again, making it easier to breathe. Both winter heating and summer air conditioning remove moisture from the air. Moist air has the added benefit of making your skin soft and smooth.

Just two hours of “sea-air” therapy with the Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer on a daily basis has been reported to alleviate and improve respiratory problems.

Part of the benefit of the Himalayan Crystal Salt Fog Ionizer is its utilization of Himalayan Crystal Salt. Biophysical research has shown that the electromagnetic frequencies Himalayan Crystal Salt correspond in wavelengths with those of a human body in its original healthy state. By using this salt to create the negative ions, you not only get the benefits of negative ions, but the benefits of the crystal salt as well.

Kamalahar – Ayurvedic treatment for Jaundice, Hepatitis and Cirrhosis

I live in the eastern part of India. It is a small town in the state of Jharkhand. The flora and fauna of the state is great. The mountains of the state and the great forests provide great opportunities for the makers of the herbal medicines.

I would like to share my experience with an Ayurvedic product with you. Kamalahar had played a major role as a life saver after the corporate hospitals had given up treatment when my friend’s mother was suffering from Jaundice with Ascitis. Currently there is no western or allopathic medicine for Jaundice. The doctors mostly ask for rest and control of diet. They hope that with proper diet control and rests things will be taken care. But many times this is not enough. This is a big issue if the patient is undergoing malaria treatment or some other treatment whereby the patient is required to take medicines which affect the liver. In those cases the patient is sometimes left at the mercy of luck.

My friend’s mom who is an old lady was suffering from Jaundice for quite some time. The serum bilirubin level went up to as high as 22. The bilirubin after six months of rest diet and allopathic treatment was around 16 (sixteen) and she had become a mere skeleton of her old self. They came to know about Kamalahar through a family friend. They found out the details about the medicine and if there is any side effects of it. Once they found out that Kamalahar is a unique Ayurvedic/herbal product which is very effective in the treatment of liver disorders especially Jaundice, Hepatitis and Cirrhosis. The medicine is purely herbal and it does not have any side effects. My friend’s mom started the medication and after taking the medicines for 7 days she started seeing positive results. Her bilirubin level which had been high for past 6 months started going down dramatically. We become very happy and she continued her medication. After 1 month of treatment, her serum bilirubin was a bit above 1 and within 3 months 0.65 which was in normal healthy range.They have been very thankful to Khatore Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited for the medicine. Since then they have been in constant touch with them and introduced me to the company. 

After the Kamalahar experience we used another of their medicine called K-MATIC which is very useful for arthritis. But on that I will write some other day as that was an experience in itself. In this article I want to focus on Kamalahar. My aunt is now more than seventy five years old and she is still healthy and has not complained about the Jaundice problem anymore. Ever since that all the adult members of our family have used Kamalahar for Liver Detoxification to make our liver strong. Hopefully this article will benefit many more suffers of Jaundice, Hepatitis and Cirrhosis for which our modern system of medicine is still struggling to find a cure.

Dog Friendly Loose Leash Training

Many owner struggle with teaching their puppy to walk on a loose leash. When it comes to dog walking many owners may feel like this sis a daunting task and usually give up and by retractable leashes to compensate for the dog pulling and to save their arm from being dislocated by their enthusiastic dog.

Teaching your dog to stop pulling can be an easy task even with in a hurry puppies. Here are some tricks that I recommend to teach your dog to keep the leash loose during walks.

For this lessons do not use retractable leashes. also be sure that everyone in your household is going to follow these quick instructions so that you have success and that the dog is not selective with whom he/she pulls and does not pull. Invest in a nice 6′ leash for your dog.

Tie the dog to your waist, you can ether hook the leash through the hand hole or tie it. You can also purchase a waist leash for running with your dog. If you loop then be prepared to have your waist tightened by the dog until he/she learns how to walk on loose leash. Arm yourself with lots of treats. I recommend dried liver treats, no dog can resist them even when full.

Green Light/Read Light Game:

The green light means that the dog gets to walk and red light means that the handler stops and so does the walk. Green light is signalled by a loose and dangling leash and red light is signalled by a tight leash. This works great on eager puppies who are always in a hurry. The catch is never to give into the dog pulling.

Start walking with your dog. If your dog puts tension on the leash stop walking. The dog will wonder why the walk all of a sudden stopped and most likely try to pull harder. Be patient and stay immovable until the dog puts slack in the leash even a little then start walking.

If your dog tightens the leash again stop and wait again. Patience here is very important, if you get impatient and you give in and start walking or release the tension yourself the dog will be reinforced and will continue to pull.

You might not be able to take more then a step or two before the dog tightens the leash again in the beginning. But keep firm the dog will figure out that when the leash is loose walk continues when the leash is tight walking stops.

Your dog will require some repetition here. It will not learn to walk on loose leash in one shot. What you will notice is a gradual decrease in attempts at pulling.

Keep it up and you’ll reap the rewards of a dog that chooses not to pull. Timing is very important in this game so be sure you stop the second the leash gets tight and never give in to the dog pulling. This is where tying the leash around your waist helps as opposed to just holding the leash in your hand where the dog is more likely to pull you.

If at any time the dog is walking on loose leash and by your side give your dog treats…lots of treats! Be very generous here. This will teach the dog that good things happen when your dog walks besides you, treats are dispensed. He will learn that the walk stops when the leash is tight.

How long this will take depends on how long your dog has been pulling. Also if you at any time reinforce the dog for pulling or someone in the family reinforces the pulling the dog could regress to pulling and lengthen the time it will take for you to train your dog to walk on a loose leash,

Always reward your dog when he/she is walking close to you and keeping the leash loose. Only deliver the treats from the side of your leg and never reach out to give your dog treat.

This way the dog will eventually come to the conclusion to keep its head right by your leg since that’s where the goodies dispensed. Even when your dog is a top notch loose leash walker it is good to give treats once in a while to make reinforce and make this behavior stronger.

Exercises To Grow Taller – Grow Taller Through Kicking

When it comes down to growing taller exercises people always wonder if kicking actually works on the journey to increasing your height and the answer is yes. Kicking is a very effective method that you can work through daily that is not only fun but also keeps you fit and by going through it will also reap the growth benefits. Read on for more about exercises to grow taller.

So when it comes down to kicking there is a specific method that you should follow to do this. If you have a punch bag then you are already going to get better results than those that don’t as you are going to be working the shin and the thighs even more than you would when without.

For those without a punch bag you are going to want to just perform a standard snap kick as they call it in karate. If you don’t know what this is, it is the method of lifting your knee up, flicking out your shin and foot (aim it at an imaginary person in the middle of the abdomen) and then bringing it back to the raised knee position and then back down. Repeat this a couple of times on one leg and then continue onto the next leg. Keep repeating this a few times for each leg and then stop and do it the next day (remember to take rest days when you can as they are vital for the recovery and growth).

What this kick does is it targets your thighs and this kick can help gain a little bit of extra height from this kick.

Another kick which is also effective for this is the pendulum kick where you basically jut swing your leg up in the air just like a pendulum and once again this will target your thigh too (adding ankle weights can help increase the difficulty and improve the results for this).

For those of you with a punch bag you can also take a shot at round house kicks. The round house is basically like a sideways snap kick. By doing this on a punch bag you are stretching out the thighs but you are also creating micro fractures in the shins which grow back stronger and longer giving you some more extra height.

These are not the only exercises to grow taller that you can try out. There are many more that apply the same principle such as jump rope and sprinting, these exercises focus on creating micro fractures and after the rest period and recovery they will have grown back stronger and longer giving you some extra height.

Cycling is another exercise that will target the thighs which is a great method to go through if cycling is part of your daily ritual or whether you want to start getting yourself healthy or travel around then slight changes such as increasing the height of the seat and the handle bars can be really effective and by doing this you will be able to fit in growing taller exercises into your day to day plan easily.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are deposits of mineral or organic substances that form in the kidneys. Approximately 10 percent of people develop kidney stones at some time in their lives. You’re most likely to suffer stones if you are male, are 20 to 40 years old, or have gout. Men are four times more likely than women to get kidney stones, the theory being that female hormones prevent kidney stones from forming.

Why Be Concerned About Kidney Stones?
The most obvious reason to learn about kidney stones and modify a person’s behavior accordingly is to avoid the intense pain which they cause. But the most important reason is because kidney stones can quickly lead to failure of the kidneys which is life threatening.

A kidney stone that does not pass on out can block the urinary tract. This blockage will probably cause pain initially. But if medical attention is not received to identify the cause of the pain and remove the blockage, the pain is likely to gradually go away over a few days time. This lack of pain may cause the sufferer to think the crisis has passed when, in fact, the kidney which has been blocked by the stone has shut down. If left untreated in just a few days this shut down can lead to permanent loss of function in that kidney. A kidney stone can even rupture the collection system of the kidney.

How common are kidney stones?
About 3 in 20 men, and 1 in 20 women in the UK develop a kidney stone at some stage in their life. It can occur at any age, but most commonly occurs between the ages of 20 and 40. About half of people who develop a kidney stone will have at least one recurrence at some stage in the future.

Kidney Stones Symptoms

When a tubular structure is blocked in the body, pain is generated in waves as the body tries to unblock the obstruction. These waves of pain are called colic. Renal colic (renal is the medical term for things related to the kidney) has a classic presentation when a kidney stone is being passed.

·    The pain is intense and comes on suddenly.
·     Kidney Stones – Treatment Overview
Your first diagnosis of kidney stones often occurs when you see your doctor or go to an emergency room because you are in great

pain. Your doctor may suggest that you wait for the stone to pass and take pain medicine or have a procedure to remove the stone.
What Every Man & Woman Should Know About Kidney Stones
Ouch!  Throughout my medical career, I have always been impressed with the severe amount of pain and suffering that a kidney stone can cause.  In fact, it is one of the “great pains” in medicine and one that you are unlikely to forget.  Kidney stones (calculi) are solid or semi-solid mineral-like substances occurring in the urinary tract.

Probiotic hope for kidney stones

Treating patients with bacteria may be an effective way of reducing their risk of repeatedly developing painful kidney stones, a study suggests. People naturally carrying the bacterium Oxalobacter formigenes were found to be 70% less likely to have problems.