Valkyrie – The Tale of Two Themes

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side, my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” – Abraham Lincoln

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” – Matthew 6:24 (King James Version)

Today, I saw “Valkyrie.” It was a good film in spite of its 2 ½ Stars rating. The low rating may be attributed to Tom Cruise’s currently bruised (due to his religion or for jumping on Oprah’s couch) reputation or misplaced political correctness (hypersensitivity to the historical treatment of Nazism). Beside Tom Cruise, the film utilized a team of very good German actors – who appeared in Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “Der Untergang” (the most historically accurate WWII film – foreign or domestic) and Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St. Anna” (based on African Americans’ underappreciated contribution to the Allied effort in WWII). Anyway, I wish to explore the film’s two main themes (both related): being on the right side and choosing between two masters.

The film’s former theme is based on the fence sitters and coup plotters making sure they’re on the right side. What is the right side? In the film, the right side is the political (feel free to substitute it with economic or religious as per current affairs) ideology maintaining or gaining power via might. The film’s latter theme is based on when the main characters were forced (by circumstance or compulsion) to choose between two masters. The film proved the Biblical adage – “You cannot serve two masters.”

Taken together, the two themes forced us to ask ourselves – do we sacrifice our soul for our body? Do we sacrifice our honor for instant gratification? Do we sacrifice the long term goals for the short term goals? Do we sacrifice our soul for the whole world? Do we sacrifice eternal Heavenly Paradise for a temporary earthly paradise? Like Peter, do we deny an intimate relationship with our Master for self preservation? Like Judas, do we betray our Master for nationalistic (including economic and religious) patriotism? Do we serve money or do we serve God? Do we worship Caesar or do we worship God? In spite of the economy and the interesting times (in Chinese, interesting times mean serious times or a time of calamity or tribulation) we are experiencing, do we sacrifice worshiping God in Spirit and in truth for conducting commerce with the Holy Temple’s money changers?

Again, what is the right side?

In Abraham Lincoln’s words – The right side is on God’s side because God is always right. Better yet, this author states that the right side is on God’s side – His Son’s side. Yeah, it is always best for us to be by His pierced side – left or right. After all, why do we celebrate Christmas?

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight…”

Bile Reflux Or Acid Reflux?

Although carbonated beverages cause acid reflux, this isn’t the only problem that some acid reflux sufferers are faced with. Bile reflux is another uncomfortable backflow of fluid that often accompanies acid reflux. However, instead of thrusting stomach acid back into the esophagus as is the case with acid reflux, bile reflux throws bile (a digested fluid that is made by the liver) up from the small intestine into the stomach and esophagus, causing inflammation to both.

Due to the fact that bile reflux and acid reflux can occur together, this means that the esophagus is doubly assaulted, which causes more inflammation to its lining, and puts a person at a higher risk for developing complications.

What are the symptoms of bile reflux?

The signs and symptoms associated with bile reflux are similar to acid reflux, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other, especially when both conditions tend to occur simultaneously. That being said, unlike acid reflux, bile reflux causes inflammation within the stomach, which creates a biting, or burning pain in the upper part of the abdomen.

Other symptoms that are characterized by the condition can include:

– Frequent heartburn
– Nausea
– Vomiting bile
– An occasional cough or croakiness in the throat

Along with symptoms, bile reflux teamed with acid reflux can eventually create complications including:

– Gastritis – This is a complication that is caused by bile reflux alone. Gastritis is characterized by irritation and inflammation within the stomach. Although this isn’t typically a serious condition, in some cases it can cause stomach ulcers, bleeding, and chronic gastritis increases the risk of stomach cancer.

– GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) – Frequent attacks of heartburn may be a sign of GERD. This is when a person suffers from chronic acid reflux which can be a potentially serious issue as it may lead to a condition known as esophagitis – the inflammation of esophageal tissue.

– Barrett’s esophagus – This is a condition that occurs after long term exposure to stomach acid and/or bile and results in a change of color and tissue composition in the lower esophagus. The new cells are resistant to stomach acid but they have an increased risk of becoming cancerous.

– Esophageal stricture – Scar tissue can form in the lower esophagus, which results from frequent exposure to stomach acid and/or bile. The scar tissue can cause a stricture (a narrowing in the tube) which can lead to trouble swallowing and increase the risk of choking.

– Esophageal cancer – When the esophagus has been exposed to prolonged repetitive stomach acid and/or bile, cancer has the potential to form practically anywhere along the length of the esophagus. This is a serious and difficult form of cancer to treat.

How do you treat bile reflux and acid reflux together?

Proton Pump inhibitors – The best way to treat these conditions, especially for those who suffer from GERD and Barrett’s esophagus, is proton pump inhibitors. These are medications that are designed to block acid production. These meds can sometimes also help reduce the effects of bile reflux.

Ursodexycholic acid – This is the most common medication for treating bile reflux. Ursodexycholic acid helps to encourage bile flow.

Other medications – If bile reflux is the result of the stomach taking too long to empty, other drugs may be prescribed to improve the flow of food through the stomach.

The real trouble with bile reflux is that it is hard to control. Unlike acid reflux which can be managed through diet and lifestyle changes, bile reflux can really only be controlled through specific medications or by surgery in severe cases. Unfortunately, sometimes even after treatment, bile reflux continues to plague sufferers. Thus, bile reflux may need to be treated separately from acid reflux.

Treating Cervical Cancer the Natural Way

Cervical Cancer.

A cervical cancer is described as a cancer that is formed in the tissue of the cervix. A cervix is an organ that connects the uterus and the vaginal in the female reproductive system. Cervical cancer is a slow growing cancer and may not show any early symptoms, it may however be detected through a regular Pap test. This is a medical test that involves scraping of cells from the cervix to be tested by looking through with a high powered microscope.

It is known that almost all cervical cancers are caused by a HPV (human papilloma virus). The HPV is a virus that is commonly spread by sexual intercourse.

Other risk factors of cervical cancer include:

1. Having sex at early age

2. Multiple sex partners

3. Weak immune system

4. Birth control pills

5. Smoking

6. Having many children

The good news is that when cervical cancer is detected early, it is most of the time treatable. What then are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer symptoms may include all of the following

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

2. Bleeding that occur between menstrual periods

3. Bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching or pelvic exams

4. Bleeding after going through menopause

5. Longer, heavier and more painful menstrual periods

6. Increased vaginal discharge

7. Abnormal pain during sexual intercourse

8. Pelvic pain

Stages in cervical cancer

There are five stages in cervical cancer. The stages are measure of the spread of the cancerous cells.

These stages include

1. Stage 0: this stage is normally referred to as carcinoma situ. It is an indication of a non-invasive cervical cancer.

At this stage, the cells are only found on the surface of the cervix, and because the cells have not spread, it is known to be highly treatable.

2. Stage 1: Here cancerous cells have spread beyond the surface of the cervix and have invaded the whole cervix, but they are yet to spread beyond the cervix. At the stage, the cancer may or may not be visible to naked eyes depending on the size of the tumor.

3. Stage 2: This is the stage when the cells have spread beyond the cervix but are still confined within the pelvic area. At the stage, the cancerous cells may have spread to the two thirds of the vagina but may or may not cover the tissue around the uterus.

4. Stage 3: At this stage, the cancerous cells have spread to the lower third of the vagina, may also have spread to the pelvic wall and may have caused kidney damage. At this stage, the tumor may have become large enough to block the flow of urine from kidneys to the bladder, causing damage to the kidneys.

5. Stage 5: This is the most dangerous and final stage of cervical cancer. Here, the cancerous cells have spread to all other parts of the body. They cells may have spread to organs around cervix such as bladder and rectum; the cells may have also spread to distant organs like lungs.

What you must know when you are diagnosed of cervical cancer

There are about seven questions you need an answer to when you are diagnosed of cervical cancer. These questions are

1. What stage is the cancer? The question explains how far the cancer has spread.

2. What treatment options are available? These options vary with the stage of the cancer, the patients and so on.

3. What treatment options are suitable for me? And what are the success rates of the recommended treatment options.

4. Is there any side effect to the recommended treatments?

5. How soon can the treatments begin?

6. Am I permitted to seek other expert’s opinion?

7. What will be the cost of the treatment?

Treatments of cervical cancer

There are four common treatments for cervical cervix. These are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and alternative therapy. However, before any treatment options are considered, many factors must be put in place. These include the type and stage of the cervical cancer, health condition, age and marital status of the patient.

Surgery: this process involves a surgical removal of lymph nodes, cervix and its surrounding tissue, or removal of uterus, cervix and some part of the vagina. In some cases however, ovaries and fallopian tubes are also removed.

This treatment is however suitable for women who have passed child bearing age or those that has made up their minds to stop child bearing. The side effect is that many women find it psychologically difficult to cope with sexual advances from their husband after this surgery because of hormonal and body changes.

Chemotherapy: This involves the treating of cancerous cells with drugs.

These drugs are made to kill the cancer cells but most of the time they also destroy the good cells in the body resulting to more harm than good.

Radiation therapy: This is a process whereby high energy x-rays or other types of radiations are used to reduce tumor size or to kill cancer cells. However, the side effects of this is exactly like that of the chemotherapy treatments as the rays kills bad an d cancerous cells, it also kills good cells in the body causing great havoc to the whole system in the long run.

Alternative therapy: This involves the treatment of cervical cancer through herbs and other means apart from the normal orthodox approach.

This method has been proved to be the most safe and effective method of combating this deadly disease. The reason is simple, while other methods attempts to either cut off the cells or the part of the body already infected, or use drugs in an attempt to destroy the cells; alternative therapy does something strangely different and effective.

Why is cancer a terminal disease?

Medical science has so far been able to find two approaches to the treatment of cancer. The first is to destroy the source of the disease by cutting off part or the entire affected organ, and the second approach is by increasing the body’s ability to fight the disease.

The irony of the fact is that when a drug is used to kill the cancerous cells, good cells are destroyed first. When food supplements are used to nourish the body to increase the immunity, cancerous cells are also nurtured and they become stronger. Both ways, the cancerous cells wins and thereby result into the death of its victims.

What then is the way out? Recent studies have shown that cancer cell thrives in purely acidic environment. About 85% of cancer patients are acidic in their blood system. Healthy body condition should have a PH of about 7.35 to 7.45.

Cancerous cell cannot survive in a purely alkaline environment. This explains why babies don’t have cancer; their PH is known to be purely alkaline. As people grows into adulthood, what they eat and the lifestyle they live gradually affects their body PH and they end up become acidic. This helps cancer cells to grow and blossoms.

A renowned American nutritionist Professor Ragnar Berg said our daily diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food to maintain a healthy body. Acidic foods are meat, sea food, rice, sugar, cheese, canned foods. These formed the larger part of every adult daily diet even though they are supposed to be only 20% of our daily diets. Alkaline foods on the other hands are vegetables, fruits, and root crops. These supposed to make about 80% of our daily diets to have a healthy body. The food of an average adult in this contemporary world contains 100% acidic and no alkaline. This is a good breeding ground for cancer.

The alternative therapy uses a proven method to turn the acidic nature of the body to alkalinity. This helps to weaken the cancer cells and restore sound health to the body. How does Alternative therapy achieve this?

Edmark international has introduced a product called Splina Liquid Chlorophyll.

Chief among the functions of Splina liquid chlorophyll is the conversion of the body PH from acid to alkalinity. This product when used in conjunction with Shake off phyto fiber and MRT complex will not only convert change the acidic content of the body to alkaline, it will also see to the elimination of the deadly cells from the system.

An inside view of kidney failure

An inside view of kidney failure

Each and every human being has two kidneys and they are called the vital organs not just because they remove the waste product from our body but they also perform a crucial function namely the maintenance of the electrolyte balance. They also control the blood pressure and help in production of RBC by secreting erythropoietin from the adrenal cortex. Such is the magnitude of their importance. Both of them are presented in the abdominal cavity in the right and left lumber region. They receive blood supply through right and left renal artery, branches of the abdominal aorta and send back the blood to the heart by renal veins.

Causes of renal failure:

There are numerous causes and factors of kidney failure. For the purpose of the study they are divided into three types- Pre-renal, renal and post renal causes. All of them are described below.

Pre-renal causes:

1. Hypovolemia because of blood loss

2. Vomiting, diarrhea, sweating

3. Inadequate intake of fluids

4. Certain drugs such as diuretics

5. Obstruction of renal vessels

6. Abnormal blood flow

Renal causes:

1. Due to sepsis the immune system of the body fails to react in the proper manner and as a result shut down of those kidneys occur

2. Some drugs are also held responsible for kidney failure such as the NSAID and some antibiotics.

3. Rhabdomyolysis: because of the muscle breakdown, the normal function of the kidney is impaired and as a consequence kidney failure occurs. This can be caused by trauma or burns.

4. Multiple myeloma

5. Acute glomerulonephritis

6. SLE

Post renal causes:

1.       Bladder and uterus obstruction as they act like dams and produce kidney failure

2.       Prostate cancer can block the urethra that prevents the kidney from emptying its contents

3.       Abdominal lumps

4.       Kidney stones in case there is single kidney

Other causes may be listed as:

1.       Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

2.       High blood pressure

3.       Chronic glomerulonephritis

4.       Reflux nephropathy

5.       Prostate disease

Kidney failure: signs and symptoms:

In the preliminary stages of the disease the kidney shows no mention worthy signs or symptoms. But as the day progresses, the kidneys also start to exhibit those symptoms and the work rate of each kidney decreases to certain extent. Those symptoms are listed below

1.       Poor regulation of electrolyte and water balance

2.       Inability to clear those waste products from our body

3.       Decreased RBC production

4.       Weakness and lethargy

5.       Shortness of breath

6.       Generalized swelling

7.       Metabolic acidosis may occur as a result of kidney failure and lack of production of bicarbonates to neutralize the acidic condition

8.       Rising potassium level that can cause neuromuscular weakness

9.       Ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation

10.   High urea level in blood can cause encephalitis, pericarditis and decreased muscle function just because of decreased calcium level

11.   In case of kidney failure there is a shortage of erythropoietin production which in turn causes low RBC production. As a result anemia occurs that is held responsible for generalized weakness

12.   Loss of appetite and fatigue

13.   Decreased mental function

14.   Congestive cardiac failure

15.   Increased breathing due to

Clinical Diagnosis of kidney failure:

Diagnosis of it is not a tough ask as there are numerous tests to find out the disease. Diagnosis is basically done by examining the blood. Routine blood test is done to find out the amount of waste materials in the blood. GFR, BUN and creatinine are namely some of those waste products that are found in the blood.

Urine tests are also done to calculate amount of protein, presence of cells that aren’t found normally, concentration of serum electrolytes. Normally protein is not found in urine and the presence of protein in urine indicates towards the impairment of the kidney functions. Cell casts of RBC and WBC are also found in the urine in case of kidney failure. There may be also a difference between concentration of electrolytes in urine and blood. Other notable tests that are done in case of kidney failure are abdominal ultrasound and kidney biopsy


Medical treatment is not much of importance in case of kidney failure rather one should put emphasis on prevention. Hypertension and diabetes mellitus are two diseases that can easily aggravate the disease process. If you can control those aforementioned diseases you can easily prevent kidney failure. But if there is kidney failure then you should concentrate on minimizing the magnitude of the disease and prevent extensive deterioration of the affected kidney. If you fail to do so then no treatment plan on earth can save the patient as it can be one of the most fatal diseases if it remains untreated. So there needs to be perfect attention towards the impacts and prevention of kidney failure.

Remedies For a Yeast Infection – Here Are Some of the Best Remedies

Are you in the process of searching for some beneficial remedies for a yeast infection? You have a variety of options available to you, but some of the best remedies are identified in herbal remedies. Check out some of the following remedies if you seek immediate relief:

  • Goldenrod
  • Hedera Helix
  • Sage Tea


Goldenrod is an herbal remedy that contains ester saponins that are capable of slowing the growth of Candida cells and destroying them. This herb also offers you anti-inflammatory agents so skin areas and mucous membranes that are irritated experience relief. Goldenrod can be consumed as a tea as an internal defense against Candida. You can use the cooled tea to gargle with in order to treat oral thrush, and it can also be used as a douche to treat vaginal infections.

Hedera Helix

Hedera Helix is derived from the ivy plant. This treatment can be consumed orally to deal with Candida infections and to treat infections of the skin, the mouth, and the genitals. You can brew .3 grams of Hedera Helix in 15 milliliters of water and consume the beverage one time per day as an excellent Candida remedy.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is an excellent treatment for yeast infections of the vagina. You can brew sage tea, allow it to cool, and use it as a douche one time a day until your symptoms subside. You can also put sage extract into bathwater or take a sitz bath with sage extract in order to experience vaginal yeast infection relief.

Prison Tattoos and Their Meaning

Prison tattooing is the practice of creating and displaying tattoos in a prison environment. They are often used to portray gang membership, prison status, family bonds, spiritual beliefs and are often used as a form of code and have hidden meanings. Tattooing is forbidden in most prisons and therefore is done in secret, with makeshift tattoo equipment. Within the expanding prison system, tattoos are taken seriously by the inmates and their guards alike. Tattoos obtained while locked up in prison have special significance both to the prisoners themselves as well as back on the streets.

Methods of Tattooing in Prison

There are two standard type of prison tattoo pistols, the spinner and the relay. The relay pistol is much better than the spinner rig-up and is now more widely used. An inmate breaks down his most prized possession, a radio, and removes the transistor. The thin copper wire is then removed which is wrapped around a screw which provides an automatic relay when powered up. The inmate must then somehow acquire bristles from a wire brush from maintenance, and sharpen them to provide the needle. The cylinder is made from a quality mechanical pencil and the armature bar is made with a piece of flexible pallet band and dime size magnet. The tattoo gun is then powered by the transistor of another radio. So owning one of these tattoo “pistols” is quite costly and in prison, “money” can be hard to come by.

Obviously without this equipment, the ole pick and poke method with some type of pin works too.

Prison tattoo ink recipe

Get a metal container, a cut in half soda can is best, and put baby oil and cotton into the can. You then will need a flat piece of metal that can be put over the opening of the can, without covering it. Burn the baby oil and cotton allowing the smoke to hit the metal sheet and blacken it as darkly as possible. You will then scrape all of the black powder off, and repeat. You want to use a credit card or something similar to do this, as razors and other metal scrapers might leave shards in the powder. Put your tattoo powder in a small container, a toothpaste cap is what I recommend, and fill the cap about halfway. Then add a couple drops of clear, scentless, shampoo. Stir thoroughly. Your completed ink should have a pen’s inks consistency, or maybe slightly thicker. To thin your ink, add shampoo, and to thicken it up, add more powder.

Some inmates will simply use the ink out of a pen. There are various methods of concocting an ink recipe and they have all probably been used at one time or another.

Due to the lack of proper equipment and sterile environments in prison, the tattooing in prison poses health risks, such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. However, prisoners are ominously aware of this and take as many precautions as are possible given the conditions under which they are operating.

Many inmates in prison who do tattooing are very talented artists. Having quality tattooing skills is prison is a very lucrative skill to possess. Seasoned tattoo artists in prison stand a far better chance of making “money” than say the inmate who is trying to sling drugs behind the scenes. They also gain the admirable respect of other prisoners as well as the correctional officers themselves. Unlike other mind bending activities such as gossip or gang related stimuli the tattoo artist occupies his mind with skin and art.

Some Prison Tattoo Meanings in North America

Three dots arranged as a triangle – this design is most commonly found between the prisoner’s forefinger and thumb. The design stands for “mi vida loca,” which means “my crazy life.”

Teardrop tattoo – this design is worn by the eye. It indicates the wearer has killed someone or that the person had a friend killed in prison.

Shamrock – this design is worn anywhere on the body and is often found on those belonging to the Aryan Brotherhood. In this case, the shamrock often also includes the number 12, with the 1 standing for “A” and the 2 standing for “B.”

Ace of spades – Worn anywhere on the body, this design is mostly worn by those belonging to either the Aco Town or Asian Boyz gang. The A, which is often placed in the middle of the spade, is meant to symbolize Asian while the spade symbolizes thievery.

The number 13 – this tattoo indicates membership with the Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang.

The number 14 – this tattoo indicates membership with the Nuestra Familia, which is a prison gang. This gang is affiliated with the Nortenos, a street gang.

Area codes – many gang members use the area code to their neighborhood as a tattoo, though this can become outdated as area codes are changed.

Clock with no hands – most commonly placed on the upper arm, this tattoo symbolizes “doing time.”

Spider web – generally found on the elbow, this tattoo is used by white supremacists to demonstrate that they have severely injured or killed one of their “opponents.” The design is also commonly found on people that have been in prison.

Clock faces without hands – doing time

Tombstones with numbers – the years they were inside

Tombstones with numbers and RIP – mourning the death of a friend

Face of female crying – has someone on the outside waiting

SWP – supreme white power

100 % pure – pure white or anglo

Cell window with sun or bird showing – waiting to get out

Other countries such as Russia, Australia, France, UK, China and others all have prisons with inmates who bear tattoos with significant meanings. As a matter of fact, Russia and it’s former republics have a very elaborate array of tattoo meanings.

One very major point inmates consider while getting tattooed is getting caught. If an inmate gets caught getting a tattoo they are subject to a penalty of 15 days of solitary confinement. Being suspected of getting a tattoo as perhaps is indicated by the reddening of the skin where a fresh tattoo has been inked can still bring repercussions, such as being charged. But hey, if your doing life without the possibility of parole does this really concern you a whole lot?

The concept of prison tattoos is hardly a modern one. There is evidence to suggest that prisoners were tattooed as early as Egyptian times. As with many of the tattoos worn by prisoners today, these tattoos also had significant meaning. For example king or pyramid tattoos were worn by those that were very dangerous, such as assassins, head bosses, and masterminds.

How To Reduce Swelling

Medically referred to as Edema, swelling is characterized by an excessive build up of fluids within body tissues which leads to growth of your body parts to twice the size of what they used to be. Injury, infection, eczema, allergic reaction, insect bite, pregnancy, and poor kidney and liver conditions are some of the major causes of swelling. Legs and feet, organs, skin, glands, breasts, and ankles are the areas commonly affected by swelling. Although it is a not a condition to go insane about, however, if the swelling is abrupt and severe, immediate medical attention is called for. A prolonged swelling that doesn’t go away even after proper rest and treatment calls for expert medical advise. A number of home based remedies are available to provide you instant relief. However, if the condition and pain still persists, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Continue reading to know about the ways to reduce swelling. Ways To Reduce Swelling Apply Ice
Good old chilly way to ease pain — ice. Applying ice pack to the swollen area will kick that pain right out of you. Take some cubes from the freezer and put them in a towel and rub it on the affected area, if you don’t have an ice pack. Drink Water Aplenty
Have lots of water bottles stocked in your refrigerator? Drink them all. Although it’ll have you make hourly visits to the washroom, consuming lots of water would help you get rid of those toxins and bad fluids from your body and will lessen the impact of the swollen area and the pain. For A Change, Rest!
Yes, you heard it right. Nobody will call you a sloth. Put your feet up if you have a swollen ankle, knee, or foot and rest them. Take the weight off that leg and rest. Balanced Diet
Consume balanced and proportionate diet. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. A healthy you will function more effectively than an unhealthy you. Decrease the intake of salt, as it can absorb quite an amount of fluids inside you and leave you dehydrated. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine as all of them aggravate swelling. Hot Cold Therapy
Immediately after the injury, a combination of cold and hot substances rubbed into the affected area is a sure shot technique to lessen the impact of injury and constrain the pain from getting severe. Both hot and cold therapies work in tandem to move that blood out of the affected area and reduce the pain. Always start and end with cold therapy. This is how it goes – cold hot cold hot cold – with 3-5 minutes for each session. Exercise Regularly
After you’ve got rid of the swelling, make way for regular exercising in your daily routine. Join a gym which has a qualified trainer and a physician. Tell them about your weak muscle areas and your medical history. Regular exercising will open up those muscles and make them immune to severe injuries or swelling in the future. Have your body massaged every fortnight or month and get that soreness in your muscles and stress kicked out of you.

Beauty tips in urdu

Hair removal tips

Lips Care tips

Follow these home remedies to reduce swelling and make your body pain free. Run! Run like the wind!

Treating Bloating In Cats

Bloating in your cat is a physical condition in which your kitty has air in her stomach. This article examines some of the causes of cat bloating, one of the most common cat health problems today.

Apart from the presence of gas, which can be caused due to indigestion in the stomach, your cat may experience a bloated feeling if there is a blockage in her stomach. If your kitty eats more than it can easily digest, it is possible that it will get bloated.

The major symptoms of bloating include a swollen belly, excess gas, and flatulence. The cat may also belch or pass wind. However in more severe cases, the cat may also vomit or at least attempt to do so. Often cats may collapse or you may find it salivating too much. In all such cases, take it to the nearest vet immediately.

Though a diagnosis will help your vet in prescribing the exact medication, there are a few things that you can do in order to give your cat some relief. You will find a few natural substances quite helpful in treating this cat health problem. Believe it or not, giving your kitty marshmallows and slippery elms may help. The former strengthens the digestive system, while the latter is known to work wonders against bloating and gas. Another good natural substance is licorice as it keeps the intestine healthy and also assists in digestion.

In more extreme cases of bloating, a vet may choose to relieve your cat by injecting a needle. However, if the diagnosis shows something more serious, then he may have to perform an operation. Apart from gas and air, bloating can also be caused by tumors or kidney and spleen enlargement. That is why it is very important to consult a vet as soon as you see any bloating signs in your cat as any delay may make the situation worse. If it is a swollen spleen or a tumor, the vet may have to operate it and remove the diseased organ, if possible.

There are some preventive measures that you might want to take. You should know the right amount of food that your cat needs each day as this will help you prevent it from over eating. Cat owners should also make an attempt to stop feeding the cat too much leftovers from their tables.

Treating cat health problems is one of the things that all kitty owners should expect to do. Remember that prevention is better than cure and it might be a good idea to bring your cat for regular medical checkups.

Is it Really Morning Sickness? Health Conditions With Similar Symptoms

You get nauseous. Well, you’re pregnant.

And now you have morning sickness.

Well, it makes sense, yes. But are you sure it’s what you really have? Well, just to be safe, here are a few health conditions that you need to know about that may be masquerading as morning sickness.

Just what could some of these health issues be? Well, for starters the symptoms of hyperemesis gravidarum are similar to the side effects when an individual takes too much of some medications. Naturally, then, he’ll look to see if you have any of those types of medications in your symptoms.

But the symptoms may also mimic those indicating problems with liver and gastrointestinal disorders as well, including ulcers, appendicitis and food poisoning.

But wait. Those are not the only potential serious health conditions he needs to rule out. He will want to make sure your problems aren’t caused by migraine headaches or any type of metabolic disorders, including hyperthyroidism, diabetic ketoacidosis, or Addison disease.

And then, he’ll make sure that you don’t have preeclampsia. This condition, which is extremely toxic, develops late in a woman’s pregnancy. Causing a sudden spike in your blood pressure, preeclampsia, also carries with it the symptoms of fluid build-up, albumin in your urine, severe headaches as well as disturbances in your sight.

Once these other health issues have been eliminated — and only then — will your health care provider be able to say with any certainty your symptoms are due to hyperemesis gravidarum.

As part of the diagnosis, your doctor will have you, undoubtedly, provide a urine sample. From this, he’ll have the laboratory examine it for the presence of what are known as ketones. This is a chemical that will be present if your system is experiencing dehydration.

In addition, he’ll check for a possible imbalance in your electrolyte levels — another indicator that you may be dehydrated — as well as examining the functioning of your liver and your blood sugar.

Similarly, depending on how many weeks into your pregnancy you are, your physician may also check on your baby’s heartbeat using either a Doppler instrument or an ultrasound.

Once the diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum is made, then your health care provider can begin to treat you. But, this may surprise you. His range of treatment is limited as you’re about to see.

If you’re severely dehydrated at the time of the diagnosis — or at any time throughout the course of the condition — your physician may opt to place you on intravenous fluids. This will hydrate your body and hopefully you then have a chance at keeping it at this level for a while.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms & Associated Conditions

Fibromyalgia (FM) has a wide range of symptoms and overlapping conditions!  It is easy to mistake one condition or symptom for another.  FM, along with these other relating factors, is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

FM is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and weakness.  The American College of Rheumatology established a guideline for diagnosis in 1990.  It is defined by 11 to 18 tender points located throughout the body.  When your doctor examines you for FM, he/she will locate these painful little points by touch and reaction to pain.  These tender points are mainly found in the muscles around the neck, shoulders, chest, knees, the region around the elbow, and hips.

I was diagnosed in 1995, but lived with FM for many years before I could finally put a name on it.  It was a relief, in a way, because my pain and fatigue was finally validated, but I didn’t know what I was in for.  Later on, I realized many other conditions I had were related to FM.  The list just kept growing!

FM patients’ symptoms can vary in quantity and degree.  It is never exactly the same as the next person.  You may have one or you may have all (I hope it’s the former), but all of the information below pertains to Fibromyalgia.

Aside from the obvious muscle pain and weakness, symptoms of Fibromyalgia include:  allergies, disequilibrium (trouble with balance), dizziness, clumsiness, extreme fatigue, sleep starts (falling sensation), insomnia, sleep disturbances like apnea, headaches, increased menstrual pain, sensory sensitivity, sensitive skin, itching, histamine reactions like dermographia,  morning stiffness, stiffness when walking, mottled skin, carbohydrate cravings (sweets, too), yeast infections (Candida), tissue overgrowth, nail ridges, curved nails, ingrown hairs, easy scarring, anxiety, stress, cry easily, panic attacks, mood swings, sudden irritability, extreme sweating, more than average infections, shakes or tremors, bruising (more than the average person), weight gain or loss, bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding), numbness & tingling (Parasthesia), sinusitis, runny nose (frequent), ear pain, trouble swallowing, eye pain, sensitivity to certain materials (clothing, bed linens), heartburn, indigestion, weak grasp, shortness of breath, chest tightness, rapid heartbeat, painful intercourse, impotence, low-back pain, burning feet, dry eyes & mouth, hormonal fluctuations, delayed reactions to over exertion or stress, muscle twitches, swelling, mold & yeast sensitivity, pelvic pain, urinary frequency, abdominal cramps, bloating and nausea.

FM patients are probably familiar with the phrase “fibro fog”.  It refers to symptoms of FM that relate to cognitive dysfunction: memory problems, difficulty concentrating, words that come out jumbled, trouble making decisions, trouble spelling words you know, scattered thoughts.

If that’s not enough, we can add other debilitating disorders, syndromes or illnesses:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP) (formally known as Myofascial Pain Syndrome), Migraines (in all forms), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or painful bladder, Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP), Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ), Insulin Resistance (IR), Acid Reflux – GERD, Reactive Hypoglycemia (RHG), Depression and Anxiety.

That’s enough to make anyone want to go to bed and stay there!   I have had my moments – believe me!  Sometimes, it seems unbearable and that I can’t take one more second, but I HAVE TO and so do you!  Take it day-by-day and make the most of your good days.  At the end of a bad one – you can say you made it through another day and tomorrow might be better!

I will continue this article series and will explore all the aspects of Fibromyalgia and all the issues, etc. that come with it.  You can learn more now by going to my website where you’ll find valuable resources, tips and tools for managing FM.

Wound Dressings – Hydrofibers

Hydrofiber dressings are a relatively new concept in dressings, and can be very cost effective because they can be worn for several days at a time. In this article, we will explore how and when these dressings can be used.

Product Overview

Hydrofiber dressings gel upon contact with moisture, locking in fluid that is absorbed by the dressing. In this manner, they help to maintain a moisture balance in the wound bed that is not too wet or too dry, protecting the edges of wounds from becoming macerated. They provide a passive method of wound control by filling in dead spaces where bacteria tend to proliferate. The addition of silver to some of these dressings can provide antimicrobial protection for infected wounds. The main component of these dressings is sodium carboxymethylcellulose. These dressings may come in a sterile, soft non-woven pad or as a ribbon dressing.


  • Partial thickness burns
  • Diabetic foot/leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Surgical wounds left to heal by secondary intention


  • Hydrofiber dressings containing silver should not be used on those patients sensitive to silver
  • Not compatible with oil-based products, such as petrolatum jelly


  • Can be used with compression bandages
  • Can be used on dry wounds (wet with sterile normal saline)
  • Conforms to irregularly shaped wounds easily
  • Comfortable for the patient to wear
  • Easy to remove; painless and does not damage granulating wound tissue
  • Can be worn for several days, therefore these dressings can be quite cost-effective
  • Helps to balance the inflammatory response
  • The addition of silver provides sustained antimicrobial response over time


  • Secondary dressing may be needed for wound that are highly exudative i.e. oncologic wounds

Hydrofiber dressings have been shown to be effective in the management of both acute and chronic wounds, as well as wounds that are infected.

For dry wounds, the dressing should be moistened with sterile normal saline, and then an occlusive dressing that traps moisture should be applied as a secondary dressing, such as a transparent film. For wounds that are extremely moist, a secondary dressing to “catch” any excess fluid should be applied.


Bowler, P., Jones, S., Parsons, D. & Walker, M. (2004). Microbial properties of a silver-containing hydrofiber dressing against a variety of burn wound pathogens. Burn Care Rehabilitation, Mar-Apr; 25(2), pg. 192-196.

This article on the use of hydrofiber dressings continues our series on dressings types and use. We hope that you find these articles informative. Perhaps, as you read these articles, you will discover that you have an interest in becoming certified as a wound care specialist. If so, please visit to find out more about how you can take the next step in becoming an expert in wound care management.

Prepare by Learning Early Heart Attack Symptoms

A heart attack occurs when there is a blockage in one of the heart’s arteries. When an artery is blocked, blood cannot flow to the chambers of the heart which results in a heart attack also known as myocardial infarction. If medical attention is not received immediately the heart can become permanently damaged so it is important that you are able to recognize the signs that you may be experiencing a heart attack.

According to the American Heart Association, the following are possible symptoms of a heart attack:

Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or that goes away and comes back. The pain can feel like pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

Pain in the upper body: There could be pain or discomfort in either or both of your arms, the back, the neck, jaw or stomach.

Shortness of breath with or without the chest pain can be a warning sign.

Other possibilities include cold sweat, nausea, lightheadedness, paleness, or an irregular heart rate. Some patients say that they have experienced an unexplainable feeling of impending doom prior to their heart attack.

As you can see from these possible symptoms there are a lot of things to look for. Not every heart attack patient has had these symptoms prior to their heart attack, so the presence of all, some and none of these are possible.

If you feel that you have these symptoms, it is best to seek medical attention right away, especially if you or someone in your family has a history of heart trouble. Doctors would much rather have you tested and find out that you didn’t have a heart attack than have you ignore the symptoms and possibly die because you did not go for help. Learning what to look for can save your life.

Larry Silverstein and the Bernard Mendik-Vornado Realty Connection

It’s difficult for many to see the wood for the trees when it comes to 9/11. So much horror, so much information, so many conspiracy theories, so much fear by those that don’t want to be seen to buy into the theories, or even look at the evidence presented in case they are seen as a “traitor” and we all know that famous Bushwellian comment, that has been drilled into the American psyche, to the point it has been as affective as a national lobotomy; ”you are either with us or with the terrorists”. It doesn’t give one much room to move or make an informed opinion does it?

So, with all the fear and paranoia of being seen as a ”traitor” or even “‘terrorist” by taser toting Home Land Security, most prefer to just ignore the evidence. Muslim goes hand in hand with terrorism, Jew goes hand in hand with Israel, or does it? Much has been said about the use of the term “‘Jewish” with regard to the 9/11 insurance article about Mr Laurence Silverstein, multi Billionaire owner of the 99 year lease to the second biggest crime scene of all time, The World trade centre. (the first being Auschwitz-Birkenau). Some even say using the term ‘Jewish’ in context, is somehow anti-Semitic! Yet why are people so much less sensitive when the term “‘Muslim” is used whenever speaking of ‘the terrorists’?

But in all fairness to be clear, one needs to be specific and include ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ to the Muslim in the case of Jihadists and Zionist to the Jew or other, that is intent on the total control of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of those lands of the Palestinian peoples. After all, one can’t really be a Jihadist unless a Muslim but one can be a Zionist without necessarily being a Jew. But the chances are, if you are a very wealthy American Jew, you are more than likely to be Zionist. But one needs to remember the Zionist plot to monopolize the holy land is only part of the Endgame to a One World Government controlled by the Bankster elite, with a pretext that the Jews are the chosen people and that Palestine or Israel, as the Zionists prefer to call it, is exclusively home to the lost tribe of Israel the Jews. I should add here, before I return to the core of this commentary on Laurence Silverstein and gang, that Jews and Muslims have lived in peace for hundreds of years before the Zionist plot to dominate Palestine and the endless propaganda created to create hatred between the two communities is merely that, propaganda. But what is the objective of this propaganda? What is it’s purpose? and how does one plan this New World Order Endgame with the complete support of the western world?

Let’s start by looking at a hypothesis, for example; how could one go about taking away civil power from the people in the west without a fight? Even better, in a way where the public literally hand over that power voluntarily? To start with, if I were mastermind and puppet-master of the ‘Endgame’ I would imagine we need a scapegoat and none better than the muslims, as they have so much to offer. After all, it is mainly within the Arab lands where the greatest riches and largest pools of petroleum resources lie, plus the largest poppy fields. So we have decided the Muslim Arabs are the initial candidates for scapegoats. Then we need to get everyone to mistrust and hate the scapegoat Muslims, not just the crazed ignorant fundamentalist Muslim that truly believes that after they have blown themselves and many innocents up, they will spend the rest of time in paradise drinking honey out of the cleavages of singing virgins. No, for a plan like this to work, we have to hate all muslims, men women and children. We can take some great tips from Hitler; he did exactly this when he made scapegoats of the Jews and Gypsies. A good start is to lock them up in a big concentration camp, we can do that in Gaza and starve and leave them with no sanitary conditions no clean water, no work, no freedom, nothing! And we don’t let them come out unless we say so.

To keep them feeling utterly hopeless, we need to hound, harass and humiliate them, shooting the odd child and woman in the back when going to the shops is good, make them ‘mad’! Make them hate us! Make them so mad they will do anything to get revenge, make them crazy and then we’ll groom and recruit those crazies through our own agents that are infiltrated within the islamic ’cause’. Then we finance and groom our mad crazy Jihadists to pull off false flag ops for us! Wow! This could work. We could pull off shocking murderous operations on civilians and blame it all on the ‘Jihadist terrorists’, just as we did with the 1954 Operation Susannah the 1985 hijacking of The Archille Lauro, the 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, the list is long and truly impressive. Not only that, we need to do some really big scary horrific stuff so everyone hands over their civil liberties in the name of security. Slicing off the head of an American Jewish journalist on camera would be amazingly powerful, that will scare the pants off them! Imagine that on American TV! Fear is the key, the public should be reminded constantly that we are all under ‘threat’ from the nasty ‘terrorists’. Then We’ll set up ‘off shore’ detention camps and invent plots and cells that we can blame on innocent men going about their daily business, till we come in the night, cross- border and kidnap and drag them off to the detention camp.

Here we will use lots of grisly torture and threaten that we will do equally nasty things to their women and children so they confess to something they have never done. Oh, no trial, no access to legal process, of course not, it’s got to be under wraps, can’t have the bastards coming up with alibi’s and evidence of their innocence. Great Plan! We had better do away with Habeas Corpus though! Oh, of course we already did that, great! We could dominate the entire Arab world and loot all the resources and after smashing the place up, we’ll send in our own companies to ‘rebuild’. All our rebuild contracts paid for by the dumb taxpayer! We are clever, yeah, who’s going to stop us? We have the perfect excuse that we have to go in and “get them”. We’ll tell everyone, “we need to stop dictatorships” and “we need to spread democracy” to these murderous unlawful regimes that don’t respect human rights and who give refuge to the terrorists, yeah! that works. If half of the American public are dumb enough to believe that the Federal Reserve is a governmental institution and that Kennedy was shot by a lone gunman they’ll believe anything!, They don’t even know what democracy really means do they? After all, we whacked democracy years ago and buried it with the Patriot Act! But to continue to do this, we need to keep it amongst ourselves, yeah! Just our very close friends and those that do big favours for us. Hmm, what about our friend Larry Silverstein?

Mr Larry Silverstein is a man that can only be well connected. Born in Brooklyn, to poor middle-class Russian-Jewish parents during the depression, Larry still grew up doing all the things boys from better families do. Larry was taught to play the piano by his classical pianist father Harry and read lots and lots of good books. Larry attended the New York High School of Music and Art. But Larry’s father realised that music and books don’t make big bucks in Brooklyn, so he turned his hand to being a property broker, renting scruffy loft spaces in the rag district of Brooklyn. What Larry’s parents lacked in pennies, they more than made up for in ambition. Larry’s family although still relatively poor, surviving on rental commissions, managed to get Larry through NYU. Larry, after graduating from NYU with a new sense of business acumen, went to work full time for his father. Larry though, had bigger plans than his father and told Harry that being a middle man and just taking commission, was not where the money was, to make money letting, one really needed to own the lofts. In 1957, they established Silverstein Properties, as Harry G. Silverstein & Sons, and bought their first building, in Manhattan. Larry set about getting friends and family to invest money in him to buy and renovate scruffy lofts and cheap buildings in run down areas of New York. Now the Silverstein’s could command some decent rents and real income through sales. What Larry lacked in development know how, he made up in zealous salesman traits saying;

“You’ve got to believe it to sell” “You’ve got to sell with a passion.”

In 1956 Larry married Klara, who he had met at Jewish summer camp. The family struggled to start with and Klara used her paltry $3,200 salary as a teacher to help the family get through those early years. The family joke is that Klara was the original Silverstein breadwinner.

Around this time, Larry’s best friend |Bernard Mendik, a later New York law School graduate, married Larry’s sister Annette and became part of the Silverstein family business. The three men Harry, Larry and Bernard then set their sights on becoming the most powerful real estate developers of New York. When Harry Silverstein died in 1966, Bernard Mendik and Silverstein’s son Larry formed Silverstein & Mendik.

Larry and Klara went on to have three children the eldest Sharon, although Harvard educated, then married and became a home-maker but the two younger children, Lisa and Roger went on to work for their father and still work for Silverstein properties today.

Silverstein’s first big break came when he bought 11 west 42nd street near Bryant Park, before it was renovated to what it is today. He then built at 42nd west of Eleventh Avenue, and in lower Manhattan at 120 Broadway, a 1.8 million-square-foot giant occupying a full square block, steps from Wall Street. By the eighty’s, Silverstein was a multi- millionaire and controlled more than 10 million square feet of Manhattan residential and commercial property.

By the time Silverstein set his sights on the WTC, his brother-in-law Bernard Mendik had split from Silverstein after divorcing Larry’s sister. With the divorce, also came the split of the Silverstein Mendik business partnership. Mendik was now running his own property company, The Mendik Company. At the time of the split with Silverstein, Mendik cited disagreements with Silverstein over real estate strategies, with Mendik wanting to buy buildings while Silverstein wanted to build. It is said things were “‘not good” between Larry and Bernard at the time of their split and it was also said that “‘Larry and Bernard had a messy falling-out after Mr. Mendik divorced Mr. Silverstein’s sister Annette” Mendik, who went on to be a very successful lawyer and property developer in his own right after splitting from Silverstein was well liked and did much for charity.

Both men went their own ways till April 1997, when Bernard Mendik, ex brother in law of Silverstein folded his company holdings into the Vornado Realty Trust, a real estate investment trust with shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It was said at the time of the negotiations ”The combination, of Vornado with the Mendik Company’s 40-year experience in the ownership and operation of office properties is expected to create a powerhouse that will be an active player in the city market.”

It was written by Lois Weiss in The Real Estate weekly in March 1997

“In one of the most interesting transactions this year, developer/owner Bernard Mendik has agreed to swap his city real estate portfolio to become part of the Vornado Realty Trust. The transaction is valued at $654 million in a combination of cash, stock and debt,”

Mendik was at the time very close to forming his own REIT when Michael D. Fascitelli the former investment banker from Goldman Sachs who had been lured to Vornado Realty, convinced Mendik to join forces with Vornado. Mendik became Vornado’s co-chairman. But later resigned in October 1998 to “‘look after his personal investments”. Mendik was quoted as saying he was “stifled” by corporate bureaucracy, but he still remained a major stockholder in Vornado after his resignation. Vornado Realty just happens to be the very same company which was Silverstein’s competitor and beat Silverstein in the initial bid to the port authority for the WTC.

Mendik, through his great success and power in the city, become a very close friend to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. So much of a trusted friend, that Mendik was hand-picked by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani to head a business group that provides sanitation, security and other services around Grand Central Terminal. But rifts were caused between the men when Mendik had his own ideas about how to do things and made changes to the board of directors, much to the utter outrage of Giuliani. At the time, Mendik was quoted as saying ” the new group would be free of political interference”

There is no doubt that by the year 2000 Bernard Mendik, former best friend, founding business partner and brother-in-law of Silverstein was now not only a equal major player like Silverstein, but a powerful voice in the property world, in his tenth year as Chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York and certainly Silverstein’s toughest competitor.

On February the 15th 2001 Vornado’s bid for the WTC, outbid Silverstein Properties $3.2billion bid by over 50 million dollars. It has been said that at some point between the end of March and mid April 2001 Vornado “suddenly changed their minds” and “suddenly pulled out” There have been various reasons given for this, but there is nothing to verify either version.

On April the 26th 2001 Larry Silverstein put in his final bid for the WTC, only four weeks later Bernard Mendik was dead! On July the 24th 2001 Silverstein’s offer which was 50 million dollars less than Vornado’s was formally accepted and closed.

Bernard Mendik, major shareholder of Vornado Realty died on the 28th May 2001 after being taken “suddenly” ill. Only weeks after Vornado “suddenly pulled out” after the winning bid that beat Silverstein for the WTC. The official verdict was ‘heart attack’ Although heart attack is often un unpredicted health emergency, many of his friends find this hard to believe, as Mendik was as far as they could tell a ”very fit and health conscious man” in fact, Mendik had even played his regular game of tennis the very day of his death. He had also had regular checkups by the best doctors that money could buy. It was later said that the heart attack was the result of “a blood disorder”. He had just turned 72. Whatever the cause of Mendik’s demise one thing is certain, the withdrawal of Vornado’s bid and the death of Mendik left the way clear for ”Lucky Larry” Silverstein, to accomplish his multi million dollar dream.


Mendik at the time of his death was in his tenth year as Chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York. As chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), Mendik and the organization lobbied successfully to eliminate the onerous “Cuomo” tax on capital gains that took ten cents on each dollar, and obtained the passage of state legislation that reduced the 3 percent transfer taxes on properties that were merely being exchanged for stock and not cash” courtesy.

Legs Feel Heavy? Why This is a Serious Silent Killer

For those whose legs feel heavy many doctors reveal that this is one of the most serious silent killers. The reason is that when you have heavy legs the heart can seriously be failing. This is due to a circulation problem and it sneaks up and causes heart attacks often in those over 40. If you are over 50 years old the legs feel heavy feeling can signal a heart attack. Often people who feel they are in good health have no idea that they are in danger.

Heavy legs can be cause by an artery in the legs that are blocked by plaque and this is where your troubles come in. Others have this condition due to weak veins that cause the blood to not circulate correctly and this can lead to varicose veins which can signal a heart problem. One out of five with the legs feel heavy symptom will have a heart attack within the next 5 years. If you are reading this and this is you it should scare you because it is real and silent.

Only a diet specializing in reversing this condition can help you. A typical diet will not stop this condition. Ask those who have tried to remove bad veins and you will see it has never worked. Surgery is expensive to clear the artery. Never wait or play around with the feeling of heavy legs. The warning is real and it is very serious. This is called a silent killer for a very real reason. There is a diet that has been reversing heavy legs without surgery. Get a specialized diet that can reverse this immediately. Legs feel heavy may be your only warning your heart gives you.

Heart Attacks Info

A Myocardial infarction (MI or AMI for acute myocardial infarction) is more commonly known as a heart attack.Damage to the heart muscle is caused when the blood supply to part of the Heart is interrupted. This is most commonly due to occlusion (blockage) of a coronary artery following the rupture of a vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque.An unstable collection of white blood cells (especially macrophages and lipids (like cholesterol) collectively known as Athersclerotic plaque separate from the wall of an artery.The resulting ischemia (restriction in blood supply) and oxygen shortage, if left untreated for a sufficient period of time, can cause damage and/or death (infarction) of heart muscle tissue (myocardium).

Though symptoms of a Heart Attack do differ there are certain classic symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, pain in the arm, back and neck, and a growing sense of anxiety (also known as impending doom). Women may experience fewer typical symptoms than men, most commonly shortness of breath, weakness, a feeling of indigestion, and fatigue.{Approximately one quarter of all myocardial infarctions are silent, without chest pain or other symptoms.|It does have to be remembered though that 25 percent of all Myocardial Infarctions occur in silence and without classic symptoms such as chest pain.Prompt treatment for a Myocardial infarction is essential if the patients chances of survival are to be maximised. To be quite honest in situations like these, minutes and seconds do matter.

It is not to be taken lightly as death from Heart Disease and attacks is one of the largest causes of death in the world.Important risk factors are previous cardiovascular disease (such as angina, a previous heart attack or stroke), older age (especially men over 40 and women over 50), tobacco smoking, diet and exercise.

As is also imagined there are considerably more factors that are actually taken into consideration such as additional medical conditions of which potential or actual diabetes is one, obesity, high blood pressure or hypertension and/or incidence of kidney disease

Included in amongst immediate treatment for a suspected or acute heart attack is increased oxygen, the introduction of aspirin and also a liquid form of nitroglycerin known as sublingual glyceryl trinitrate.The more classic form of pain relief is administered involving quite often morphione sulphate.