LCD Advertising Display For Effective Digital Advertising

Unique, electronic advertising is the quickest growing promotional industry and is not set to stop growing, this is due to the countless varieties of solutions out there. If you are a large company you could have enough money to get a video wall and install it the side of a construction near a major road getting the greatest number of audience. Reality is we just do not have the money for this type of solution so the likes of nail salons, hair dressers and even high street clothing companies are looking at digital posters to publicize their items.

A digital poster is a rather general term and covers both free-standing LCD marketing monitors as well as wall hanging screens, the most cost-effective are the wall hanging units and these can easily be fitted in any salon making it an instantaneous talking point with customers and staff alike.

LCD advertising display.

This type of technology combines a LCD display with an inbuilt campaign player that hosts the ads locally on a storage card, in a lockable, safe partition. What makes these unique is that they can be used in either panorama or upright position, so if you plan on using a lot of film clips to sell your goods landscape orientation would be best for this, on the other hand if you are advertising hair products portrait could be your option of how the images are displayed.

Using this equipment it is easy to use promotional videos and pictures to use on your dynamic advertising, for case in point if you are a tanning salon you could offer and advertise skin enhancers so tan's last longer etc and use the manufacturers marketing products to do this , (all you would have to do is drag-n-drop it from the DVD to the memory card, then select how the media is displayed.)

Self-supporting LCD advertising displays.

Related to a digital poster, but floor standing, these have a LCD screen built-in to the body and are only available with the TV in upright mode. The content is stored just as on a digital poster, using a storage card. These do take up lots of floor space in contrast to the digital advertising poster that can be hung in shop windows and perfect for retailers in shopping centers and malls when consumers pass by they can see the full range of services and goods you offer.

One of the benefits of floor standing advertising screens is that the body can be customized with the corporate decals, this will add to your brand and your consumers will then link you with the leaders in your business industry.

One of the options built into the on-screen menu for either equipment is the facility to have scrolling text at the bottom of the display and this is easily achieved by creating a xml file using notepad and adding it to the memory card and using the menu call up the file and then pick the size of the text, the color of the setting and the color of the wording.

Parvo – What Do I Do If My Puppy Has Symptoms?

First, be aware that there are other health issues that can cause some of the same symptoms as Parvo. Not all cases of bloody diarrea with or without vomiting are caused by Parvo. In fact, worms and other parasites can cause bloody stool and diarrhea. Many people label these symptoms automatically as Parvo without having the puppy tested. If your puppy displays these symptoms, make an appointment with your veterinarian right away for a Parvo test. Your veterinarian can run a simple ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test and have an answer for you in about 10 minutes. Although it is not foolproof, these tests are highly accurate. It's based on the same type of technology used in home pregnancy test kits. Recent vaccination can interfere with the test results giving a false positive reading. A false negative test is actually pretty rare. A white cell count can be used to confirm or dispute a false positive test in a recently vaccinated puppy.

What if my Puppy Tests Positive?

Treatment of Parvo disease basically becomes a race against time. There is no cure for Parvo itself. Instead you support your puppy's system until it is able to build up antibodies and recover from the disease. The antibodies can bind and inactivate the virus. Every day that your puppy lives, its chances of survival increase. The key is to keep your puppy alive long enough for its immune response to kick in.

If your puppy is infected with Parvo, it probably has a 50-50 chance of survival. If it lives through the first three to four days after becoming symptomatic, it will probably make a rapid recovery, and be back on its feet within a week. But, without medical treatment, most puppies die. Some puppies will die from Parvo permanent prompt and adequate treatment.

How will my Puppy be treated?

Again, supportive therapy is the only treatment. The most important treatment is making sure your puppy receives sufficient fluids to replace those being lost by diarrhea and vomiting. This is the single most important treatment in fighting Parvo. IV fluids are preferred, but in less severe cases, subcutaneous and oral fluid replacement can also be used. It is difficult to adequately replace lost fluids in this manner, and it is incredibly labor intensive. If you work outside of your home, quite honestly, you do not have the time required to devote to support a severely infected puppy adequately to enable it to recover. Your best bet, in that case, is to have your puppy hospitalized so that it can receive the necessary care. But, be prepared, it will likely cost $ 2,000 or more, and require several days hospital stay. Even with the best available care, the mortality of severely infected animals is high. Without the correct amount of properly balanced intravenous fluids, the chance of recovery in a severely stricken animal is very small.

The next important treatment is antibiotic therapy. The antibiotics will not cure Parvo, but are given to fight secondary conditions and bacterial infections caused by the attack on the puppy's intestinal system.

Other treatments can include anti-emetics to prevent vomiting and fluid loss. Products such as Metoclopramide or Chlorpromazine are frequently prescribed. Controlling body temperature is also very important. You want to make sure your puppy does not get chilled.

What if I Can not Afford Hospital Treatment?

If you simply are not in the financial position to hospitalize your puppy, home care may be the only chance for survival. You will need to force feed fluids, and have subcutaneous fluids administrated as well. There are some natural and homeopathic treatments for Parvo on the retail market. I would personally recommend Amber Technology ( They offer natural herbal formulas for the treatment of Parvo. Minimally, you would want to obtain Parvaid and Vibactra to support your puppy's immune system. They have quite a few success stories and I have personally treated Parvo puppies successfully with their products. They have a very good informational document available on their website.

Other anecdotal success stories include treating with Tamiflu and colloidal silver. However, I would highly recommend involving your veterinarian in whatever course of treatment you decide to take to ensure the best possible exit for your puppy.

If your puppy does not show obvious signs of improvement within four days, it is illegally it will survive.

How to Rehab a Sprained Ankle

Everyone always hears the same old advice when they sprain an ankle. Ice it and rest. This is known as the RICE system which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While this is an okay approach in the immediate short term, there are a lot of significant shortcomings to this system of rehab. They include:

Drawbacks of RICE

* Usually takes at least 2-8 weeks to heal.

* Does not increase range of motion.

* Does not repair neural damage.

* Does not strengthen ankle.

* Increases risk of ankle injury in the future.

* Increases risk of knee (ACL – Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and hip injuries.

I have sprained my own ankle a number of times in the past, because I play a lot of basketball. I have personally been through all the frustration and pain that is involved with this kind of injury. Occasionally, I surprised if there was a better way to rehab myself then the old version of RICE Since I am a certified trainer from one of the most prestigious fitness programs in the United States, (NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine), I already knew that there had to be a better way. I just had to discover it.

I did a great deal of research and learned that there is indeed a much more effective way to treat a sprained ankle. One of the biggest drawbacks of RICE is that it tells you to just rest and ice. But, you actually need to get moving just as quickly as possible. Beside, ice is only effective for a short while and that only contains the swapping, it does not decrease it. So, I set about developing a program that anyone could use to heal a sprained ankle in a matter of days instead of weeks.

When you sprain an ankle, a lot of things happen. Beyond the obvious spelling, stiffness, and bruising, there are three main issues that must be addressed to heal the ankle quickly and correctly:

1) The body tends to heal very slowly. Left to itself, an ankle injury usually takes about 2-8 weeks to heal, depending on the severity of the injury. But, when you actively rehabilitate it with specific exercises that strengthen it and increase range of motion, the ankle responds very quickly and swelling goes down quickly. My clients recover from a sprained ankle in days not weeks. They are usually walking normally within 3-5 days after an ankle sprain injury.

2) The ankle joint is weakened by the injury. If it is not properly rehabilitated, it will remain weak and will be very slow to heal. It will also be at such greater risk of re-injury. You have to strengthen the ligaments and muscles around the ankle joint. Since they have been damaged, they need to be stretched and strengthened in order to heal properly. Further, by stretching and strengthening the ankle, we keep the blood moving in and out of that area which helps the ankle heal significantly faster.

3) After an ankle injury, there is a neural injury. In other words, the communication between the nervous system and the ankle joint will be decreed. If this is not addressed, healing will naturally take much longer. Also, after you think your ankle is better, the neural injury will continue, putting you at risk for injury in the future.

My system works to reduce swelling, bruising and pain while at the same time strengthening the muscles around the ankle joint and increasing flexibility. These are not contradictory things. You may think you just need rest and ice, but that will insure your recovery process is slow and incomplete. The ligaments need to be stretched and worked in such a way that the body will trigger the healing process. In other words, the more flexible and strong your ankle becomes, the quicker your body will work through the healing process. But, you have to be very careful to not over-work the muscles by doing exercises that may overwork the muscles and possible cause more damage.

But, the best part about my program is that it's not just about speed. One of the unique things about my system is that it also repairs the neuromuscular damage from the injury. When you do damage to ligaments as in an ankle sprain, the nervous system and muscles in the ankle joint to communicate as well anymore. If that's not addressed, then you will always have weaker, less flexible ankles that are at risk for future injury. In order to properly heal the ankle joint, we must first correct the impaired neural communication between the muscles and nervous system. This is completely addressed in my system with a few surprisingly simple and easy to do exercises.

Here are the main benefits of the system:

* Pain free walking in days.

* Back to sports in about a week.

* Significantly increases strength and flexibility.

* Heals neuromuscular damage from the injury.

* Dramatically reduces your risk of future injury.

* Helps correct posture and muscle imbalances.

* May help dramatically reduce knee, hip, back pain.

* Anyone can do it.

* It's simple and only takes minutes a day.

* Filled with high quality images to insure ease of use.

The Causes of Paper Thin Skin, and What You Can Do to Make Skin Thicker and More Flexible

The causes of paper thin skin are well known. Researchers have understood for many years what causes the problem. However, they aren’t quick to offer solutions. Sometimes they seem to be saying it’s a necessary part of aging and you just have to live with it.

Not true!

Here is a guide to what works when your skin is paper thin.

Thin skin problems can be severe

You may consider thin skin a minor issue. You might feel that you simply cut and bruise too easily, and take longer than most people to heal. But thin skin can be treated, and should be. Especially if you feel that your skin is really “paper thin.”

Here is why. You know your own body. If feel your skin is “paper thin,” that is probably close to the truth. And that can be a very bad thing.

You may be easily wounded and exposing yourself to bigger health issues. It may take weeks for your body to heal a minor bruise or cut that disappears in a couple of days for most people. A severe bruise, or scraping your skin badly from a fall, for example, might very well put you in the hospital.

The causes of thin skin

If you have a history of long-term illness, you may have taken steroid medications like Predisone. These anti-inflammatory drugs can be life savers. But they have terrible side effects — especially if they are used over a long period. A weak immune system, cataracts, weakened bones — and yes, thin, fragile skin — are some of them.

For most people, the problem is not so much illness and over-use of prescription drugs, but lack of skin nutrition. Your skin loses collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid — and you need an abundance of all of these to build youthful, healthy skin. As skin ages, it loses strength and elasticity, begins to sag and wrinkle, and gets much thinner.

The answer to the problem

You can reverse all the most important causes of skin aging and thinning. A couple of strategies will help, and I’ll tell you the specific ingredients to look for in a skin care product.

1. Your diet matters. If you’re more likely to grab a cookie and a bottle of soda pop than a meal when you get hungry, that’s bad news for your skin. Sugar has many nasty habits, and one of them is to cause something called glycation. The process of glycation underlies the destruction of collagen and other proteins in the skin. The answer is to cut back hard on added sugar in your food and drinks.

2. Supplements can help, too. Take one containing at least 50 mg a day of Carnosine, which both prevents glycation and stops it once it has begun.

3. Skin care products can actually help your skin rebuild itself — if they contain the right ingredients. You need plenty of collagen to thicken and strengthen your skin. You can’t rub it in — collagen is too big a molecule to be absorbed through the skin.

But you can stimulate the skin to boost its own production of collagen and elastin, and to grow new cells faster. An ingredient called Cynergy TK has shown in clinical trials that it does all of these things.

The problem with hyaluronic acid (or hyaluronan) is that it gets used up fast. You have to replace a third of it every day. You can give your skin a break by using an extract of seaweed called Phytessence Wakame. It blocks the action of a skin enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid. Phytessence Wakame blocked the enzyme’s action by 52 percent in trials. This allows the skin to rebuild its hyaluronic acid levels.

See my website for more on the causes and treatment of paper thin skin.

The Disadvantages and Risks Behind Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Devices

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices had gained popularity over the years among men who have problems achieving erection. The truth is that there is much to learn about these devices. Aside from having side effects and causing a great deal of discomfort, these devices do not really improve sexual performance.

Indeed, they can help men achieve erection and orgasm but do they satisfy their partners? Does it improve their sexual relations? The answer to these questions is a simple no. 

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices cause skin breakdown and bruising around the penis. This causes a major discomfort. Also, these devices are associated with pain. Aside from these side effects, they also affect the appearance and texture of the penis because of large amounts of superficial vein swelling.

This is one of the reasons why most men have second thoughts about vacuum devices. Sexual pleasure does not justify the negative side effects and other disadvantages. 

Another negative thing about erection pumps or vacuum devices is that they interfere with the sexual act. Imagine you and your partner having foreplay. Your partner gets fully aroused and then you reach out to your vacuum device and pump your way towards erection.

An average man usually needs 10-20 minutes to achieve significant hardness with the use of the erection pump. So you can more or less imagine how hard it is to integrate pumping to your sexual relations. You may end up disappointing your partner.

Another thing is that the tightness of the band can result to zero or very minimal ejaculation. Orgasm on the other hand is unaffected but then it makes the whole sexual encounter incomplete. 

Another disadvantage is that erection pumps do not guarantee optimum erection. In fact, the erection may present a hinge at the point of application of the pump’s constriction ring.

This means that the part of the penis beyond the ring is hard while the part behind the ring remains soft making the penis look floppy. These are just some of the major disadvantages of erectile dysfunction vacuum devices. 

There are now many male enhancement products that can replace the use of the dangerous erectile dysfunction vacuum devices that have been clinically evaluated to be safe and effective.

Colon Cancer – Is It Lurking Inside You?

Are you suffering from persistent constipation or diarrhea? Have you noticed a tinge of blood in your stool lately? Are you always tired and feeling fatigued? Are you experiencing weight loss, but have not been dieting or engaging in exercise routine? These and many other symptoms should necessitate a visit to a doctor.

Colon cancer is regarded as the second leading cause of most cancer deaths in the United States. Colon cancer is a long-standing disease, which starts as a polyp or a small non-cancerous growth. This small non-cancerous growth will slowly transforms itself into a malignant tumor over a period of 5 to 10 years. People in their thirties and forties are most often predisposed to colon cancer, amounting to about one-quarter of all colon cancer patients.

Colon cancer doesn’t show any visible symptoms during the early stages. During the later stages however, a person suffering with colon cancer may exhibit any or all of the following symptoms:

1. Diarrhea or constipation that persists for a long time.

2. Unusual abdominal gas, or cramping.

3. Episodes of physical fatigue without known reasons.

4. Apparent loss weight and appetite.

5. Stools that are narrow, almost the diameter of a pencil.

6. Bloody stools.

7. There is pain and tenderness felt in the lower abdomen.

8. Changes in fecal diameter, color and frequency of movement lasting more than two weeks.

Although colon cancer claims to be second among the causes of cancer deaths, the frequency rate can be lowered if only its detection is done early. The polyps and early stage cancer that are discovered before any symptoms are produced most often offer a cure rate as high as 100 percent.

Your doctor should annually test your stool for hidden blood. A procedure called sigmoidoscopy can also be done to diagnose colon cancer. Sigmoidoscopy utilizes a flexible lighted tube with a camera that sits on its tip. This instrument is then inserted into the lower third of the colon. Observations reveal that almost half of all cancers in this area are found in the lower third portion of the colon. Another procedure called colonoscopy is done to check for growths throughout the entire length of the large intestine. An x-ray can also be an alternative diagnostic procedure. A barium enema is given to a patient. An opaque liquid fills the colon, which then becomes visible on X-ray film.

Colon cancer treatments may include chemotherapy and surgery. Those suffering from the advanced form of colon cancer may require chemotherapy. If surgery is the form of treatment, your surgeon will usually remove any polyps found during colonoscopy. If the detection of the tumor is done early, part of the colon affected with the tumor is removed surgically, the colon is restored back to its normal function, and complete healing is expected. However, if the cancer has already reached a wide area including the colon wall, lymph and blood vessels, chemotherapy is thus required. If the cancer involves a large tumor, temporary or permanent colostomy may be required. Re-routing the colon through an opening in the abdomen does this. The wastes pass through the opening and into a pouch outside the patient’s body.

Can Stress Cause Ovarian Cysts?

With stress being seen as a major cause of sickness and bad health in our society those suffering from painful cysts are now asking can stress cause ovarian cysts? Can the pressures of modern life make a direct impact on the formation and enlargement of cysts in the ovaries?

The answer can be a complex one but in my opinion the answer is yes and no. No they are not the root cause of ovarian cysts but yes they play a major part in the complex processes that lead to enlarged and painful cysts. Let's look a bit closer:

Stress has a major effect on our bodies and mental outlook. IT has been linked to lower immune system response and of course it psychologically saps your motivation and positive outlook.

However there is a more direct link between ovarian cysts and stress because of a hormone called pregnenolone. This is a hormone that is produced in large amounts when the body is under a large amount of stress for prolonged periods of time. This is a needed hormone because it helps the body and mind deal with stress but when too much of it is produced it leads to problems.

When the female body is flooded with pregnenolone it clogs up the pathways used by your other hormones that are used to control your menstrual cycle. Too much or too little estrogen and other hormones lead to cysts forming and continuing to grow as the delicate balance of your internal systems are messed around.

What Causes Oral Thrush in Adults?

A fungal organism called Candida albicans is what causes oral thrush in adults. This problem is easy enough to develop as the Candida lives on our bodies in small numbers all the time, but when the opportunity arises, it will take advantage of any imbalances in the body in order to develop in numbers and rapidly form a thrush infection. By understanding what causes the infection, you will be able to manage it more successfully and get rid of the problem with the minimum of fuss.

Symptoms of oral thrush

The symptoms of a thrush infection in the mouth can include:

o Raised or lumpy areas
o Patches of white, yellow or cream infection
o Swelling along the membranes in the mouth
o A burning sensation in the mouth or throat

The causes of oral thrush infections

The Candida albicans fungus is what causes oral thrush in adults. When this happens, it is generally as a result of an imbalance in the body. While you are healthy and your body is working in balance, the natural environment and balance between the immune system and the body's 'good bacteria' keeps the level of Candida low. It is when you suffer some form of stress, if you have been ill, after taking a course of antibiotics and if problems have put your body under pressure that you develop thrush.

In particular terms, what causes oral thrush in adults can include an imbalance as a result of smoking, having dentures that are not fitted correctly, taking oral contraceptive pills, having a viral or bacterial infection or having diabetes. To best treat these problems, you should incorporate remedies that target the Candida fungus and also the underlying causes. This will help to rid the infection now and limit the likelihood of occurrence in the future.

To get rid of oral thrush you could consider the following options:

Antifungal medication – Treatment with antifungal medication generally takes between 10 days and 2 weeks. As well as oral medication such as a tablet, lozenges or liquid treatments may also be used and are particularly useful with oral thrush.

Good Oral Hygiene – Through understanding what causes oral thrush in adults, it is also understandable because this is an important step towards treating this problem. Warm, moist areas are the perfect place for Candida to grow, but with good oral hygiene it is harder for oral thrush infection organizations to become a problem.

Quit smoking – Not only are you going to improve your whole body health and decrease future risk, you'll find that you can reduce the stress that smoking places upon your body and there before reduce the likelihood of such an imbalance contributing to a yeast infection. Quitting smoking is one of the best steps you can take to limit the occurrence of yeast infection.

Knowing what causes oral thrush in adults will mean that you can both target the causes directly and improve the long term outlook by limiting your chances of future infection. When you remove the major contributing factors, you not only give your body the best possible chance of fighting the infection, you remove the things that allowed it to develop in the first place.

The Hepatitis Epidemic

Today, an estimated 5 million Americans are infected with Hepatitis C – and most of them do not know it. That is 1 out of every 50 people ….. and some will be people you know. One out of every 10 Veterans is infected, 62% of Vietnam Vets have it. Three people with Hep C die every day, two of them are Veterans.

Hepatitis C is considered an epidemic and is now killing more people than AIDS / HIV … 30,000 a year and it's going to get much worse. The number of adults seeking liver transplants for hepatitis C infection will skyrocket in the next 20 years. An estimated 10,000 to 30,000 Americans die from this disease each year. Deaths are estimated to increase because of the increasing risk of infection, and the resulting cirrhosis, portal hypertension, thrombocytopenia, bleeding from varices, and liver cancer. Five years ago, 20% of hepatitis C patients were qualified for liver transplantation and today the number has increased to about 50%.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), by the year 2008, the cases of decompensation will increase 279%, liver-related deaths 223% and the need for liver transplantation 528%. Considering that we do not have enough orgs now and people die on transplant lists, far too many of those precious lives will be lost. For those fortunately enough to find a donor, the process costs roughly $ 300,000 during the first 3 months, and can be painful and incapacitating. Add to this the thousands of dollars for anti-rejection drugs and the costs of aftercare more frequent visits to health care facilities. The other option, debilitating and woefully ineffective chemo, runs into the tens of thousands of dollars and more and has success rates in the mere single digits.

Hepatitis C is called the dragon, because it sleeps for many years and one day, suddenly, it wakes up and ends your life (people who got infected 20-30 years ago may just now find out). The Hepatitis C virus is very old and very smart ….. it does not kill quickly like the old HIV virus or like the Ebola virus. Hepatitis C has resulted to infect the liver. The ONLY organ capable of regeneration. It simmers for many years, keeping its host alive. It is so smart it uses our own immune system against us.

Nobody knows exactly where it came from. During World War II, an unlicensed yellow fever vaccine was released to immunize our troops who were going to the South Pacific. To stabilize the vaccine, scientists used serum from Australian Aboregenese, hoping they were immune to endemic illnesses and that immunity would then be passed to our troops. Years later, it was discovered that 50% of the Aboregenese had Hepatitis B and C. A study done by the Veteran's Administration later PROVED that over 320,000 of our troops were infected. Thousands of them fell ill with hepatitis and hospitalized or quarantined in their barracks. When they came back home, they were encouraged to donate blood. A monster, with the power to mutate, had just been unleashed.

Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood only. That means blood transfusions with contaminated blood before 1992 (because blood was not screened), tatoos, body piercing, needle sticks, IV drugs with contaminated needles, manicures that made you bleed (instruments are not sterilized), sharing razors, toothbrushes, anything that could pass infected blood to your blood. Even doing IV drugs once could have given you the virus or sharing straws with someone that had nasal sores or bleeding.

A mutating virus for which there is no vaccine. It has many strains and substrains. By the time they figure something about it, it's already mutated into something stronger. 70-75% of people have genotype 1, the strain most difficult to treat. 95% of Veterans who have Hep C have genotype 1. The success rate with traditional modern medicine treatment is only about 50% and treatment is a whole year and side effects from the medications are cruel. For Veterans, success rate is only 19% …. and sadly, even that treatment is approved for only 11.8% of them.

The Hepatitis C virus causes diabetes (40% of genotype 1 have diabetes), it affects the brain causing depression, it causes lung problems, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Sjogren's, cardiac problems, skin problems, arthritis, stomach problems, anemia, fatigue, and of course, cirrhosis. After cirrhosis comes DECOMPENSATION. The liver stops working, the skin and sclera become yellow, your belly looks like you're pregnant, you're unable to process protein, you get anemic, confused, the kidneys stop working and many bleed to death.

Many of the people that are infected already have severe liver damage and do not know it …. and they are going to be looking at herbal products to treat the symptoms that they are having. What many people do not know is that there are at least three excellent inexpensive supplements that can be used for hepatitis. First of all, an aqueous extract of the oleander plant commonly called "oleander soup" made according to the directions in the book "Cancer's Natural Enemy" has had excellent results in treating hepatitis-C.

Secondly, colloidal silver has been used by a great many people who testify that it is second to none in treating hepatitis.

And thirdly, there is an excellent herbal supplement treatment regimen for hepatitis that is all natural, inexpensive and extraordinarily effective. Most people in the United States are not familiar with the Berkson Clinical Study on Hepatitis-C, a study that was never published in the United States, please Berkson's impressive credentials that include Rutgers, the Max Planck Institute and the Center for Disease Control (CDS) in Atlanta.

It has been suggested that the real reason the study has never been published in the states is due to the fact that liver transplants are highly profitable for mainstream medicines, costing over $ 300,000 in the first three months alone, plus many thousands of dollars after for anti -rejection drugs and aftercare.

In Doctor Berksons study, which was 100% effective in a limited study on advanced hepatitis-C patients who were facing either transplants or chemo, he used a combination of three commonly available and inexpensive natural supplements, along with healthy modificatioins in diet, exercise and lifestyle.

And what are the supplements? Milk thistle (silymarin), alpha-lipoic acid and selenium – all commonly available and inexpensive. I have used milk thistle for years, after reading long ago that it was deemed effective at not only protecting the liver but also in regenerating damaged livers by the German E Commission (their equivalent of the FDA). Now I take all three supplements to help offset a fondness for another natural substance – blue agave (smile).

In treating any disease or illness, it is usually an excellent idea to cleanse the body of toxins (toxins help promote disease and retard healing). A liver cleanse is a very good procedure to use to help treat hepatitis as well as a good one for anyone to use as part of a healthy anti-disease lifestyle. And, since good health begins in the gut, the same holds true for cleansing the colon. Liver and colon cleanses are readily available online and at retail natural health product outlets.

The Road to a Happy Healthy Liver

The first thing you should know about your liver is where its located. Your liver is just under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen and it weighs about 3 to 4 pounds. Your liver helps you to absorb nutrients from food as well as digest it. It also helps you to get rid of any harmful toxins that are in your body. Your metabolism is also controlled by your liver and when you need energy your liver reserves sugar to use.

Your liver is like a starfish, it can regenerate itself within a few weeks. It can still regenerate even after you've lost most of it to disease or most of has been removed in surgery. This does not mean that your liver is invincible by any means. There are many problems that can arise in your liver. Cirrhosis and liver disease are just two of the many things that can go wrong in your liver. Liver disease can be caused by alcoholism. Excessive alcohol abuse can make the liver swell with a layer of fat around it. It the fat becomes irritated it can cause alcoholic hepatitis, this damage can be reversible, unlike the damage of cirrhosis. Alcohol lowers the antioxidant levels in the liver. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it, alcoholics tend to take in more calories as alcohol rather than food that has nutrients, this causes malnutrition. So when in treatment for hepatitis or liver disease the amount of nutrient rich calories that they take in can be life or death. They need at least 3000 good calories during treatment.

Fatty liver disease can be caused by obesity, diabetes, as well as alcoholism. One third of patients with fatty liver disease have high cholesterol levels or type 2 diabetes. These are majors for a heart attack. Biliary cirrhosis is from an injury to the biliary system. the livers job is to emit bile, the body uses it in the intestines for breakdown of fats from foods. Cardiac cirrhosis is when severe congestive heart failure results in a chronic liver injury that becomes inflated and creates scar tissue. This causes the heart to have a blood back up in the major veins because it can not handle the pressure.

Cirrhosis takes a long time to develop. Usually the only way it can be deteced is through routine blood tests, if it is used early enough it can be treated with no guarantees of recovery. If the liver is beyond repair the only treatment that can be served is a transplant. This can only happen if the patient has been clean from alcohol in the past 6 months.

Some of the signs that there are problems with your liver are yellowish skin and eyes, abdominal pain and swelling, itching skin, dark urine, pale bowel color, chronic fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite. If you have a few of these symptoms seeing a specialist is recommended.

To prevent and help protect your liver from problems you can drink alcohol in low amounts. More than two drinks a day for men and one for women can be enough to cause liver cirrhosis.

Keeping your liver healthy and your body health is very important by trying, Liver Aid, it can really help you! It's a formula to protect and improve liver health and function by helping it manage toxins. It provides excellent liver support and increases energy.

Get Rid of Frequent Urine Infections With Homeopathy

In many countries, homeopathy is a super-specialty and is learnt after the initial medical training is complete. Only people who feel special interest for this alternative system of medicine opt for it and seek specialization in it. But in some countries like India, Homeopathy is a graduation course and many

Symptoms of urinary tract infection:

1) Burning urination

2) Increased frequency of urination

3) Pain while passing urine

4) Pain in abdomen while passing urine or otherwise

5) Bloody artery, chills, and fever

Yes, whenever you suffer from above mentioned symptoms and signs, you should contemplate the possibility of urinary tract infection. Many patents do not consult a physician when the symptoms are mild. But they consult when the symptoms are pretty severe and require active intervention.


Routine urine examination should be done in order to understand the severity of infection. In case if the patient is suffering from severe abdominal pain along with burning urination, an abdominal ultrasonography should be done to exclude renal calculus (kidney stone). In routine set ups and conditions, clinical examination and good history taking is sufficient to diagnose a patient with urinary tract infection.

How homeopathy can help tackle recurrent urinary tract infection?

It is true that homeopathy is an individualistic and holistic mode of treatment that only treats the disease but treats patient as a whole. Urinary tract infections are the maladies that result due to enhanced susceptibility of patients to catch such infections. Homeopathic drugs act positively to alleviate the symptoms of urinary tract infection and also help nullify the tendency to catch such infections in future.

Also wonderful homeopathic remedies are there to tackle urinary calculi or kidney stones or mere oxaluria. As the homeopathy medicines treat the symptoms of the individual, he is free of the suffering pretty early and enjoys health sooner.

Constitutional medicines help tackle the tension to develop urine infections frequently and acute medicines help alleviate the acute symptoms.

Auxiliary treatment for urinary tract infections:

(1) Drink ample amounts of water (at least 8-10 glasses) and liquids in general.

(2) Avoid aerated beverages

(3) Be very keen about cleanliness and sanitation of your bathroom and toilet.

(4) If you are bought to go in sun, drink more fluids and incorporate many of fruits in the diet.

The New Car Delivery Process is Crucial to Customer Satisfaction

Delivering your vehicle to your customer is the last impression they will have of you and your dealership. It is crucial to customer satisfaction to make this part of the process stand out. An excellent delivery with a shiny new car, full of gas can enhance the customer buying experience even if the process was not very smooth from start to finish.

The key to successful customer satisfaction at delivery is great timing. Once the customer exits the business office, have the new vehicle clean, gassed and ready to drive home. In most stores it takes longer to get a new vehicle cleaned up for delivery than it does to complete the paper work process. As soon as the customer agreements to take delivery of the vehicle, get the signature and the buyer's order then get the vehicle to detail for delivery.

I recommend this because it will then allow the salesperson to come back and focus on his paperwork before handing the deal over to the business office. Then the salesperson can start the delivery process, going over the warranty, maintenance recommendations and many of the new owner questions. The business manager comes then can come in to introduce himself and begins the final paper work process. This then allows the salesperson up to go to detail and check on the new vehicle. Where is it in the detail process?

Are there any issues or concerns with the vehicle that need to be addressed? This allows the salesperson to address any issues while the customers are occupied with the business manager – not while the customer is left alone in an office. This process allows for smooth transitions in and out of the business office and anticipates the customer from having to wait unnecessarily at any point in the delivery process. This process is proven to help the salesperson and the dealership receive higher ratings for customer satisfaction.

In most stores I have visited the process is getting the paper work done, get the customer in to the business office and last get the vehicle to detail. When the process happens like this the customer has usually finished their final paper work in 45 minutes, yet it takes the average detail department two hours to clean a vehicle for delivery. This is going to leave the customer and the salesperson with nothing to do an hour or longer. Nothing can ruin a customer's sales experience more or put the salesperson in a bad mood quicker. I have heard many salespeople complain, "Where is my car?" "Why do the wait to do my cars?" – All of this can be avoided by getting the vehicle to detail first.

Food Is Fuel For Your Body, Choose Wisely

With so much junk food readily available for our consumption, it's no surprise that obesity and its related illnesses are on the rise. We as consumers blindly purchase the foods, without knowing exactly what we are eating. While some may read labels to look at calories and macronutrients, they completely ignore the ingredients. This is where the real problem lies. Chemicals, preservatives and synthetic ingredients have taken the place of natural foods and we're allowing them to enter our bodies.

Take a look at the top selling pancake syrup. It is synthesized to taste like maple syrup. Maybe at one point it was actually made from maple syrup. Not anymore. Now, it's made in high fructose corn syrup and caramel coloring with the intent for it to look and taste like maple syrup. Now let's analyze the leading cola soft drinks. We will also find that these ingredients are prominent. They are less expensive than using the real thing, so these companies have found a way to produce lower quality food at a lower rate while the retail prices continue to increase for consumers. This means that the profit margin has drastically increased.

We have been misguided about what is actually healthy and the actual contents and nutrition facts of most foods have not been verified. Believe it or not, large corporations will lie to us about their products, hire their own scientists to perform biased research opinions on their own products. Thanks to the information age, there is so much information available to us. Not all of it is true and this is why we have to conduct our own research and not take everything we hear at face value. With more events coming to light about the food industry, healthy and organic foods are soaring with popularity. It has gotten to the point where it is almost a fad to eat healthy and most people still do not have a full grass on what is healthy and what is not. A healthy food should be one that actually provides sustainable energy to our bodies, without any side effects. In most cases, that would be foods in their most natural state. The abundance of processed foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle equals a larger waist. Combine these foods, with lack of activity, a television and a couch and we have a widespread problem.

The numbers of overweight and obese people is growing in astronomical proportions each year. We get treated by the doctor and prescribed a medication to mask the issue at hand. We are not given advice to change our diet or made aware of what the foods we eat are doing to our bodies. We do not need medications to divert our illnesses, we need to change our lifestyle to prevent them from happening. Exercising can help to keep our hearts healthy, reduce cholesterol levels, help to regulate our blood-sugar and increase our energy levels. Adding a healthy meal plan to an exercise program will prove to be so much more beneficial to the body than any medication on the market. The answer is simple, yet it looks so foreign to so many people.

What can we do to contribute to a healthier lifestyle? We can make better choices about how we spend our time and money. Spend less time on the couch and more time doing physical activities. Educate ourselves about the foods that we're eating. If we keep purchasing these imitation food products, they'll keep making them. We should decide what ingredients we want in our food, not them. Research the ingredients in everything you buy. If you have a question or concern, you can contact these companies directly. If you try calling and they do not respond, contact them through social media. Write on their wall, comment on their public photos. They'll appreciate your feedback. If you make your health a priority, you will find yourself in a much better state.

Gastric Ulcers – An Overview

Gastric ulcers which are also known as stomach ulcers are raw eroded areas on the walls of the stomach. These ulcers can stretch up to 1/8 to 3/4 of an inch. Ulcers are not contagious however it can convert malignant if not taken care of at an early stage.

The causes of ulcer is excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. Excess of hydrochloric acid that is produced to digest the food can give rise to such ulcers.

The main cause of ulcers is unhealthy eating habits. Consumption of unhealthy fatty food leads to excess secretion of hydrochloric acid which in turn leads to ulcers. Skipping meals can also give rise to gastric ulcers. Some people lead a very stressed out life and are heavily dependent on alcohol and medicine which can be an aggravating factor for gastric ulcers.

People suffering from gastric ulcers suffer from pain in the stomach, indigestion, weight loss, hunger cramps and irritation.

Treatment of this disease mainly includes intake of medicines that will significantly reduce the amount of acid secretion in the stomach. In some cases doctors recommend surgery where they suspect malignant tendencies. Some doctors opt for the treatment that eradicates H. pylori which is the causative agent of ulcers in some cases.

Negligence towards an ulcer over a prolonged period of time can lead to serious complications like perforation of the stomach wall, and hemorrhage.

Preventive measure include following a healthy diet and leading a health life style. A fit and healthy body has a very strong immune system which can act as a natural shield against any such disease.

What Are The Benefits Of Triphala Churna?

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is considered as an alternative and complementary medicine in most of the western countries. But then, in India it has been in use for more than several thousand years. It is, at present used extensively. It is a natural method by which one's health can be improved. Ayurveda is used to maintain the balance of the body apart from promoting well-being by eliminating fatigue. Ayurveda medicine makes use of numerous natural methods to meet these goals. Some of the techniques employed by Ayurveda doctors are:

  • Herbal remedies like pain balm
  • Dietary configurations
  • Body messages
  • Breathing exercises

One can cure severe skin disorders such as acne and eczema by applying natural items like herbal beauty products.

What is Triphala Churna?

Triphala Churna is an herbal mixture which is very popular in the field of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a medical system which has its origin in India and has been in practice since the time of the vedas. Triphala Churna is lauded by its users as it provides a number of benefits. The two most important benefits that it provides are:

  • Ease of digestion
  • Balance of humors

What Are The Components Of Triphala Churna?

The main components found in Triphala Churna are derived from 3 Indian fruits, namely amla, harada and baheda. The term "Triphala" signifies "Three fruits", which connotes that the herbal mixture is composed of 3 ingredients and each comes from different Indian fruits.

  • Amla – It is rich in Vitamin C. It helps in increasing gastric emptying and decreasing hemorrhaging. It also cures chronic disorders such as anemia and hyperacidity.
  • Harada – It is a general herb which can be used to heal the heart and brain and promote a longer life.
  • Baheda – It contains high content of vitamin A and is often used to take care of eye problems, coughs and intestinal difficulties.

Blend of Three

As Triphala Churna is a blend of 3 useful ingredients, it is considered immensely beneficial. It is hyped as "Tridoshic Rasayan", a supplement that balances 3 aspects of life. The three aspects are:

  • Vata – monitors the nervous system
  • Kapha – controls the structure of the body
  • Pitta – helps in maintaining a stable metabolism

Key Benefit

Triphala Churna is mainly used to improve the digestive health of a person. Firstly, it acts as a laxative and cleans wastes from the body. Thereafter, it helps in balancing the digestive system of the body which advances indigestion, bowel irregularity, constipation and other digestive problems.

Other Benefits

This Churna is used to cure other physical problems. Bettering weak blood circulation, high blood pressure, severe stress and damaged liver function are to name a few. Apart from these, it can be consumed regularly as it is rich in useful antioxidants, phospholopids and linoleics. It can be viably used to combat viruses, allergies, mutagens and numerous other harmful bacteria's. Due to the plethora of benefits that it offers, Triphala Churna is one of the most popular herbal mixtures that Ayurvada has produced till date.

Other than Triphala Churna, there are many other Ayurveda products that you can utilize for better living. Pain balm and herbal beauty products are two of them.