How long do diabetics usually live?

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How key is it for a 21 year old-fashioned diabetic to quit cigarettes?
my best friend discovered he’s got diabetes (type 1) yesterday. he’s 6’3 tall and wieghs 115 kilos. he’s be an avid cigarette smoker for the last 4 years and as of today, he smokes anything between 7 to 10 cigarettes a day

How long a diabetic patient(Type-2) can help yourself to multivitamin?
As long as your endocrinologist says it’s ok. Personally I take an extra B-12 as my acupuncturist told me it is certain to help prevent diabetic neuropathy. Been 9 years now and no issues so far Source(s): Nurse / diabetic JD it…

How long a diabetic tolerant can survive beside dialysis?
dialysis is a manufacture shift kidney, aslong as they get it when suppose to they can survive a long time. not everyone is eligible for a donation Diabetics can survive moderately sometime on dialysis, but the quicker a donor is found the better, going…

How long a type 1 diabetic taking insulin for 19 years(2 times daily) will live..??
depends. my friend takes exactness of herself, shes had it for 3 years. if u take safekeeping, and watch ur sugar u cld live 2 b 100 My mom passed away at age 80. She was a type 1…

How long after a 6 process bypass uncap heart surgery on a diabetic lenient earlier you own to do it adjectives again?
how long after a 6 way bypass open heart surgery since you have to have to surgery again if you are an insulin dependent diabetic? I hold heard 7 to 10 years for…

How long after a blood try-out can you find out if you are diabetic?
Do they tell you while you are at the doctor’s office? Or does it pocket a few days? takes a daytime or so, they have to send it out to the lab. hope that it comes subsidise negative… i have diabetes…

How long beforehand technology advance to the point where on earth Diabetics do not requirement to use needles to return with Insulin?
There have been abundant advancements in medical technology that might soon allow Diabetics to get their insulin without injecting next to needles.What sort of methods might be used? And when will these…

How long can a 60 year behind the times diabetic mannish survive in need diabetic medication (type 2)?
just wondering for a science extension work, thanks! This can rise and fall because if he eats a heathy diet it will control the diabetes and he will live a longer life, however, if he doesn’t keep…

How long can a 76 year aged diabetic manly be expected to live beside congestive heart end?
Assuming that everything is controlled, and I know a lot of factors weigh surrounded by, but just on average my dad is impossible to tell apart chf and diabetic he got worse about 77 and is still doing…

How long can a diabetic party beside type one live in need insulin?
My grandmother is 90 years old and has congestive heart washout. She also is a diabetic that takes three insulin shots per day. In the end week she had two heart attacks, and the doctors have said nearby is little more that…

Depends on the personality. Maybe six to eight hours. That is if they aren’t doing anything,,like just sleeping. pre-diabetes is like being pre-pregnant. pre-diabetes is not a real diagnosis, it is a off-putting that you may eventually develop diabetes.You can fast for as long…

How long can a type 1 diabetic ending minus insulin?
I’m 17, and i take insulin for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime (Novolog and Lantus). I ALWAYS take my insulin. But I’m merely curious- how long would a diabetic last without it? Say, for example, a dreadful natural disaster happened. How long would i closing…

How long can alcohol stay surrounded by your system if you are a diabetic?
How long would your body take to show high level of alcohol if you are a diabetic on metformin and take high blood pressure meds? How long would the alcohol stay surrounded by your blood? A lot depends on how much…

How long can someone survive untreated surrounded by a diabetic (hypoglycemic) coma?
It sounds really terrible, and trust me, I’m not planning on trying it. I’m writing a novel, and one of the characters is a Type-1, juvenile-onset diabetic. He misses a banquet and so his blood sugar levels tank… He get disoriented,…

How long can you be diabetic and not be on medication?
I was recently diagnosed as diabetic, but of late over the borderline point. Right now, just going on diet and exercise to control. How long do I hold before I have to shift on medication? If you control it . Who know. you are…

How long do diabetics usually live?
i want a straight out answer. It depends on how they take attention of themselves and keep their diabetes under tight control. My mother be diagnosed with type 1 when she was 10 years weak, she is 84 now, has taken insulin her entire live. Her brother…

How long do type one diabetic usaully live?
like what age do they die,dont give me any crap just about AHHH TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF i want a strait up answer Hi…Please answer my question for other symptoms like:Do you feel tiredness- eyes : dry/tears/tired- mouth : dry/watery/bitter-taste- skin : dry/itchy- anger- sleeping — disturbed…

How long does a 91 year infirm diabetic wear a boot after a double fracture?
My ninety one diabetic mother broke her ankle in 2 spots, one on each side of the ankle. After losing the die and wearing a boot for 6 weeks, the Dr says to wear the boot for 8 more…

How long does agave nectar later contained by the fridge and is agave nectar or stevia better for diabetics?
Stevia tastes disgusting and it has be shown to have reproductive and cancerous side effects, it needs more study. Agave nectar is full of carbs, not a well-mannered choice for diabetics. Best to stick…

How long does diabetic neuropathy final?
history: after having uncontrolled blood sugar for around 2 years (blood sugar was around 200), an insulin pump is presently installed and the blood sugar is tightly under controland now I enjoy neuropathy: a pain in the leg and gastroparesis for these former 2 months, I have lost weight…

How long does diabetic neuropathy purloin to develop?
How long would your blood sugar have to be out of control previously symptoms started to develop?Also, is it possible for it to start in the hands, fairly than the feet?Thanks 🙂 There are many cause of nueropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is only one cause – due to…

How long does it appropriate for diabetic shock to put to death a individual?
My Dr once told me that it would take hours beforehand any damage or harm could be done from sever hypo or insulin shock. There really is no set time. It depends on how low the blood sugar drops,…

How long does it nick for a non-diabetic to die of insulin overdose?
this is a purely hypothetical hour?till then, will the person be drowsy/ anything? show signs of individual weak, unable to think/see clearly? Depends on the type, at hand are slow acting and fast acting types. Overdoing doesn’t just variety you…

How long does it thieve to be in motion blind near Macular Degeneration if you’re lone 39 years old-fashioned and diabetic 35 years.
Hi.. I am an optometrist w/ 31 years experience in Massachusetts and the answer to your question is not smooth.. It depends on a number of factors. Yoy are a…

How long is the usual pregnancy for a type 1 diabetic mother expecting twins?
My girlfriend is expecting twins. She is healthy with flawless glucose control just ur average insulin dependant girl. If any of u out there hold experiance of this etc be good to chat. i think its still 9 months!! Although I…

Chemistry in the Service of Mankind

Chemistry is defined as the science of atoms and molecules as it deals with the composition, structure and properties of matter which can be best described and understood in terms of these basic constituents of matter. Chemistry is the science not of the only about one hundred elements but of the infinite variety of molecules and related species that may be built from them.
Our body is made up of tissues, which are all composed of chemicals. We need an adequate supply of chemicals in the form of food, vitamins, hormones, and enzymes, which are all chemicals. For taking care of our health we need medicines. We find that chemicals and chemistry penetrate into every aspect of our lives as essential items of our daily needs such as: Paper, sugar, starch, vegetable oils, ghee, essential oils, tannery, distillery, soap, cosmetics, rubber, dyes, plastics, petroleum etc are all the valuable gifts of chemistry. The materials with which one comes into contact in everyday life are polymers, rubber, plastics, textiles and many of the constituents of living things, such as cellulose and proteins. Infact there is almost nothing that we use in our daily life and it is not a chemical. Hence study of chemistry is important atleast for the simple reason that besides being ourselves an assemblage of chemicals, we use many chemicals in almost all aspects of our daily lives.
The service of chemistry of medicine represents as one of the most fascinating facts of the story of the application of scientific knowledge to the welfare of mankind. These are substances which provide the necessary elements like Nitrogen, Phosphorus Potassium, and Calcium etc. to humans and plants. It is no longer a mystery for the informed farmers that the chief nitrogenous fertilizers are ammonium sulphate and Calcium ammonium Phosphate and. Super phosphates multiply the yield of crops many times.
While we are well posted with the hard fact that Arsenic and many of its compounds are deadly toxic, it is worth mentioning that Arsenic has also been used as a life saver. In the nineteenth century, physicians had no means of combating infection and patients usually had no fate but to die. The whole nature of medicine, however, changed in 1863, when French scientists, Bechamps, noticed that an arsenic compound was toxic to some micro-organisms whose report encouraged Paul Erhlich, a German scientist, to synthesize new arsenic compounds, testing each one for its organism killing ability and finally with his 606th compound of arsenic, Erhlich found a substance in 1909, that selectively killed the syphilis microorganism. At the time, syphilis was a feared and wide spread disease for which there was no cure; only suffering, dementia, and ultimately death were the obvious consequences. Erhlich’s arsenic compound, what he dubbed as a “Magic Bullet” provided miraculous cures, and a search for other chemical compounds that could be used in the treatment of diseases was launched.
In 1935, Gerhard Domagk, administered a dose of a dye called prontosil (that inhibits the growth of streptococci bacteria) to cure his daughter’s fever. This not only laid the foundation for modern chemotherapy but also grabbed a Nobel Prize for medicine for Domagk in 1939. This field, now known as Chemotherapy has produced one of the most effective tools of controlling bacterial infections and those of many other micro-organisms. Chemotherapy also provides one of the lines of attack against cancerous tissues. And it all started with an arsenic compound. In chemotherapy which is as indispensable and desirable now for cancer patients, many of whom have no hopes and options but to count the remaining days of their lives, as Radiation therapy, chemicals or drugs are used to selectively destroy infectious micro-organisms without destroying the live tissues or the host, though both chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy carry harsh side effects too. Ernest Fourneau, a French scientist in 1936 proved that in the human body, prontosil breaks down to give sulphanilamide. Sulphanilamide is the actual active agent that inhibits streptococci. This study led to the discovery of sulpha drugs and from there on growth of chemotherapy has reached amazing heights.
Analgesics such as morphine, codeine and heroin are mainly opium and its products that are effective analgesics but cause addictions too. Moreover their over- dosage can cause sleep and unconsciousness. Tranquillizers which reduce anxiety and tension being either sedatives or antidepressants (mood elevators) are also chemicals. Similarly sterilization, the process of complete elimination of micro-organisms includes chemicals that are known as antiseptics and disinfectants. It is a matter of immense pleasure and great satisfaction that now it has become not only widely known but has also been generally accepted atleast by a sizeable majority of sensible masses that with global population growing less by the days and more by the nights, birth control has become essential. Fortunately, there are drugs that control ovulation and if regularly consumed, function as effective contraceptives.
It has been established that Tension and Mental stress escalate the level of acid in bile juice causing hyperacidity that can be combated using antacids mostly bases like calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide or aluminium hydroxide in the form of tablets or aqueous suspensions. These react with hydrochloric acid in the stomach and neutralize it partially and bring relief to the sufferers from consequences of hyperacidity.
Histamine is naturally present in almost all body tissues and is released when the human body meets substances that cause allergies. For example, when a person is suffering from hay fever, histamine is released. Antihistamines that are used as drugs to control the allergy caused by histamines are nothing more than the chemicals, known as amines. It is worth noting that Alexander Fleming in 1920 found that bacteria do not flourish in nutrient agar surrounded by the fungus Penicillium notatum westling. He found that this fungus produces antibiotic called penicillin. Antibiotics are produced by micro-organisms that are toxic to other micro organisms.
We know that colored substances used for dyeing fabrics are called dyes. A true dye must have a suitable color; be able to attach itself to the material from solution or be capable of being fixed on it, and be fast to light and washing when fixed. For this it must be resistant to water, acid and alkali. Chromophores are unsaturated groups or groups with multiple bonds that impart color to the organic compounds. Examples are the nitro, the nitroso and the azo groups. Auxochromes (salt forming groups like hydroxyl, and amino) do not impart color to the chromogens in the absence of chromophores. However, when the chromogen has a chormophore, the auxochrome deepens the color of the chromogen.
Substantive dyes can be directly applied by immersing the cloth in a hot solution of the dye in water. They can be again classified into acidic and basic dyes. Acid dyes are sodium salts of sulphonic acid and nitro phenols. They are used for dyeing animal fibers (wool and silk) but not vegetable fibers (cotton). The dye solution is acidified with sulphuric or acetic acid. Basic dyes are generally salts of hydrochloric acid and colored bases. They can directly dye animal fibers but need a fixing agent called mordant (tannin) to dye vegetable fibers. These are used for dyeing silk and cotton. Methyl orange, an azodyes, is prepared by coupling diazotized sulphanilic acid with dimethylaniline. Aniline Yellow is another azodye but has little value as a dye because of its sensitivity to acids. This is the simplest basic azo dye and can be obtained by coupling benzene diazomium chloride with aniline. Malachite belongs to the triphenyl methane dyes, prepared by condensing 1 molecule of benzaldehyde with 2 molecules of dimethylaniline in presence of concentrated Sulphuric acid, H2SO4. Dyes can also be classified as natural and synthetic dyes. Compounds extracted from plants are called natural dyes. These were used in olden days to color fabrics. Alizarin (red) and indigo (blue) are two examples. Synthetic dyes came into being to provide more varieties of colors.
It needs no mention that there are many chemicals which find great use in cosmetics too. Creams like cleansing creams, cold creams, bleaching and vanishing creams are prepared synthetically from chemicals. Perfumes, talcum powders and deodorants are also some other cosmetic substances that are obtained from chemicals. Lipsticks, nail polish and hair dyes also are chemical substances. Perfumes have pleasant smell due to the esters used in their synthesis.
We also know that carbon fibers are made of long chains of carbon atoms. They are got from synthetic or regenerated fibers by heating them in the absence of oxygen. These fibers on heating decompose to produce carbon fibers. Besides being useful, chemicals find use in artifacts as well. Ceramics, paints, varnishes, glass, cement and likes are various other useful substances that contain various chemicals as their main components. Construction industry is the major beneficiary of such substances.
A passing reference may be given about the fact that micro alloyed steels that are tougher than higher alloys are intermediate carbon steel alloys with 0.3 to 0.6% carbon content. They also include vanadium, niobium (columbium), and titanium and so on. Their enhanced strength is due to the precipitation-hardening reaction where nitrides or carbonitrides are formed in steel. Therefore, nitrogen level control is a key factor for their strength.
It may not be exaggeration to say that whereas we are used to talk of chemicals in food, in actuality, natural food substances are various forms of chemicals. For example, rice is a carbohydrate. Fruits contain carbohydrates and organic acids like citric, benzoic, malic, and ascorbic acids. Vegetables contain proteins (amino acid blocks) and vitamins. Besides these, chemicals are used as preservatives too for canned or bottled food items. Preservatives are chemicals that are added to food materials to prevent the growth of micro organisms or prevent spoilage and increase their shelf life. Chemicals also find use as edible colors and artificial sweetening agents. Since sugar cannot be used as a sweetening agent for diabetic patients, artificial sweetening agents that are non-nutritive in nature are used as substituents for sugar (especially in soft drinks). Examples are saccharin which is 500 times sweeter than sucrose, and cyclamates. Food colors are used in ice creams, dairy products, sweet meat, soft drinks, confectionery, etc. These colors are also used in oral medicines like capsules, tablets, syrups and liquids to improve their appearance. Some of the primary colors are water soluble.
A common problems of the daily routine in homes and laboratory is that of removal of unwanted materials like oils, grease dirt, etc. from the surface of clothes, utensils, apparatus, machines and our skin. Soaps and detergents are best chemical used for this purpose. It may not be known to many of us that soaps are sodium or potassium salts of higher fatty acids like stearic, palmitic and oleic acids. Fatty acids are organic acids that have more than sixteen carbon atoms in their molecular structure. The sodium soaps are called hard soaps and the potassium soaps are known as soft soaps. Soaps are obtained from oils and fats. For example, tristearin is got from beef and mutton tallow, tripalmitin from palm oil and triolein from lard (pig fat), olive oil and cotton seed oil. In India, soap is commonly got from Coconut, groundnut, Til and Mahua oils. They possess the desirable properties of ordinary soaps and can be used with hard water and in acidic solutions as well. Synthetic detergents are sodium salts of long chain benzene sulphonic acids or sodium salt of long chain alkyl hydrogen sulphates. Their calcium or magnesium salts are soluble in water.
Finally it may not be out of context to add that propellants, insect-repellants and pheromones, are also chemicals. Propellants are the fuels such as alcohol, liquid hydrogen, liquid ammonia, kerosene, hydrazine and paraffin etc that are used in rockets for propulsion. Chemicals like dimethyl phthalate, N, N-diethyl- meta- toulamide, N – N – diethyl benzamide are used as effective repellents against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. These are widely used in insect repellant body creams. Another way to get rid of insects is to use pheromones or insect sex attractants. Chemicals used as Pheromones help induce the mating urge and attract insects of opposite sex. When coated on poisonous baits, they prove fatal for insects.

Treat Sore Throat – Remedies Right From Your Kitchen

Treating sore throat is not so complicated. There are antibiotics available in drug stores even without the doctor’s prescription. But if the budget is tight, then you can still stick to home remedies that are not only effective but very cheap as well. Most of these natural methods can be easily obtain right from your own kitchen. In this article you will find easy ways to help you find relief from your itchy and painful throat.

Here are your natural remedies to help you treat your sore throat in no time.

1. Drink citrus tea. You can drink a mixture of lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey dissolve on one glass of warm water every day and night. You can also substitute lime for lemon.

2. You can take analgesic to help relieve the pain. But if you are pregnant or suspects that you are, then it would be better if you check it with your doctor before you start taking analgesics.

3. Eat some fruit ice bars. To help you get relief from the burning sensation on your throat, you can eat some cold fruit bars. But make sure not to suck it as this will only irritate your throat more. Just let it melt into your mouth and let the cold liquid flow down your throat.

4. Drink marjoram tea. Drink this herbal tea every night to help you get relief and to help you get a good night sleep as well.

These are just some of the simple home remedies you can try to help you treat your sore throat but if nothing works then it is wise to seek professional help as soon as possible.

5 Helpful Tips on How to Manage Tonsil Crypts and Tonsil Stones That May Cause Bad Breath

Do you often get a sore throat? Do you feel that you may have bad breath? If so, chances are you may could suffer from cryptic tonsils. Your tonsils are situated on either side of your throat towards the back. They act as part of your immune system, filtering harmful microorganisms and stopping them enter your body. If your tonsils get inflamed they may develop small hidden pockets (crypts) in which food particles and other debris can get trapped. Many cases of chronic cryptic tonsillitis are often mild and do not require surgery.

Tonsil crypts are small pockets on the tonsils that will trap food particles, dead cells and bacteria and in time will form into small white-colored growths called tonsillitis (also known as tonsil stones). Cryptic tonsils are a common cause of bad breath. Quite often, if you have tonsil crypts your bad breath will be accompanied by a persistent sore throat.

5 tips to help prevent tonsil crypts and stones and how to treat them.

1 – Try to eliminate dairy from your diet or limit its intake. It encourages the buildup of mucous and calcium which can cause tonsil stones.
2 – Avoid eating before going to bed. Food particles lying around your mouth while you're sleeping can buildup in the tonsils.
3 – Use a tongue scraper daily or brush your tongue regularly with a toothbrush.
4 – Gargle with salt water or mouthwash for at least three minutes morning and evening.
5 – Limit your intake of caffeine

Here's an effective 3 step method to make a mouthwash to help deal with tonsil stones.

1 – Mix one part water, one part mouth rinse (any brand / flavor), and one part hydrogen peroxide in a cup. (Make sure its only one part)
2 – Gargle, making sure to allow the mixture to cover the entire tonsil area.
3 – Rinse mouth out thoroughly with water.

Tonsils stones can be an annoying condition and if left can cause bad breath. The above advice will help keep your tonsils clean and fresh and will make sure that any tonsil crypts you do develop are cleansed regularly. If you are concerned about tonsil stones then make an appointment to see your ENT specialist or doctor.

What Foods Should You Avoid When You Have Gastroenteritis?

When you have viral gastroenteritis, which is frequently called a stomach virus or stomach flu, you have a condition in which a virus infects your gastrointestinal tract. The two most prominent symptoms of gastroenteritis are vomiting and diarrhea, so the first question many individuals ask their health care provider is, what do you eat when they have a stomach virus.

Depending on the severity of your sickness it probably won’t be easy to keep any food down. But foods that are easy for the system to process have a higher chance to stay with you. Foods of this type could be applesauce, bananas, eggs, gelatin, soda crackers and toast. For the most part, you should refrain from eating foods that are acidic, spicy or greasy. Also avoid vegetables that are high in fiber. Course cereal and meat should be avoided, as should dairy products.

If you have gastroenteritis, it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. Vomiting and diarrhea greatly deplete fluids, and if proper fluid levels are not maintained, there is a possibility of dehydration. Dehydration is particularly dangerous for children and seniors. Water should be your first choice, but a variety of other clear liquids are all right. Weak tea and apple juice are among your other options. Stay away from drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and certain soft drinks. Non-caffeinated carbonated drinks are fine but make sure you let them go flat before you drink them. That is, let them sit until all the fizz is gone.. Orange juice and other acidic beverages should be avoided. Milk is not a good choice when you have diarrhea. Chilled fluids seem easier for your system to handle than warm ones.

Take small, frequent sips when you’re taking in liquids. Keeping up your fluid levels is important, but when you drink too fast or too much, you risk more vomiting.

Make sure to ask your physician about aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Keep in mind that antibiotics don’t work on a virus, so don’t take them unless your doctor tells you to do it. As for diarrhea, there are many non-prescription anti-diarrhea formulas on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets that can help. Make sure you never take more than the recommended dose.

When your symptoms are gone, you can start eating normally again.

A stomach virus is a sickness that goes away in a day or two, although certain viruses can keep you under the weather for a week or so. Time and rest are the best cures for a stomach bug. But knowing the best food for stomach flu will definitely help you get through it with the least possible discomfort and disruption.

Antidepressants For The Treatment Of Binge Eating

Binge eating is considered an eating disorder when you can not stop yourself from eating a large amount of food in a short amount of time, even when you are not hungry.

Most people who have this problem feel very unhappy with themselves after a binging episode, and many binge eaters also suffer from depression.

Compulsive overeating is usually considered a psychological problem, so it's fairly common for antidepressants to be prescribed. This eating disorder is thought to be caused by a combination of genetics, social and family interaction and psychological factors.

Oddly enough, nutrition and diet is not usually considered when binge eating is being treated, but perhaps it should be.

Here's why:

A number of chronic illnesses are clustered together under the term "metabolic syndrome", including obesity, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and depression.

According to a scholarly paper published in the September 2006 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the metabolic syndrome "was associated with a current diagnosis of major depression and overeating."

So, what is the metabolic syndrome all about? A syndrome is defined as a A set of symptoms that often occur together, and which are believed to stem from the same cause.

In the case of the metabolic syndrome, the basic cause is thought to be a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism.

In the past the connection between heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, among other illnesses, was called "saccharine disease", "insulin resistance syndrome", and "Syndrome X", but they're all talking about the same problem.

In the past, all these illnesses were called "diseases of civilization", because they begin to appear in a population when Western-style refined foods become available.

Before white sugar and white flour could be cheaply produced, diabetes, heart disease and depression were almost completely unknown.

It could be said that these illnesses are caused by a change in the environment. One thing that has been recently discovered is that some people are more likely than others to developing insulin resistance when they eat refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, flour and high-fructose corn syrup.

These folks, gain weight much faster on a diet based on refined foods than people whose genetic makeup makes them relatively immune to insulin resistance.

This is why some people talk about a genetic tendency to become obese. This is really a tendency to develop insulin resistance, which never happens to people who do not eat refined carbohydrate foods.

Unfortunately, the people who are most likely to have a sweet tooth, and who tend to have cravings for sugar, candies, cakes, breads and pastas, are the same people who are most likely to develop insulin resistance, the underlying cause of the metabolic syndrome.

These cravings can often take the form of uncontrollable binge eating. The underlying cause of this compulsive need to eat, even when you are not hungry, may be an underlying metabolic disorder that locks up many of the most important vitamins, minerals and fuel sources in the fat cells.

When this happens, the other cells in the body are starved of nutrients. Starvation causes food cravings and obsessions, even when a person is carrying excess fat on their body. People who overeat often have the same psychological symptoms as people on a low-calorie diet, which can include food obsessions, binge eating, and mood swings.

When you continue eating long after you're full, even when you do not want to, the natural psychological response is to blame yourself for a lack of control, and this self-blaming response is even more probable since depression is one of the illnesses associated with the metabolic syndrome.

Although these illnesses often occur together, they are usually treated separately by medical professionals and counselors who are not trained in nutrition. This is especially true of the illnesses that are usually thought to be "psychological" in nature – including depression and binge eating.

However, more and more patients are taking steps to learn more about their own illnesses, and one of the most important steps is to improve their diets in order to reverse the damage done by refined carbohydrates and the resulting insulin resistance.

It would never be advisable to stop taking medication without consulting with your doctor, but eating a more nutritious and less dangerous diet could help improve your overall health, and may even reduce your food cravings.

Eating a healthy diet that is based on natural, unrefined foods can stop the metabolic damage caused by refined carbohydrates. Many people have found that their symptoms of high blood pressure, depression, diabetes and even some kinds of arthritis are greatly reduced on a natural diet. And eating disorders, like binge eating, either go away entirely or are much easier to control.

African Tea – The Diabetes Killer

In Nigerian’s traditional medicine, a simple tea has shown huge effects in treatment of diabetes (type 2). This tea is created from the the fruits of citrus aurantium, which is the bitter orange, and from the extract of Rauvolfia Vomitoria otherwise known as poison devil’s pepper. Recently this tea was tested with type 2 diabetes patients and was found effective.

There are more to Rauvolfia Vomitoria than just a treatment for type 2 diabetes; it can also be used for treatment of hyper tension, decreasing heart rate and also to stop bleeding and so on. It is called as poison devil’s pepper because it also comes with some side effects when taken in larger doses.

Just as the Rauvolfia Vomitoria, Citrus Aurantium can also be used in other treatments like nausea, insomnia, indigestion, nasal congestion and even for weight loss. The bitter orange present in the Citrus Aurantium has a similar structure to ephedra. Its peel oil has the most medicinal compounds. The tea ingredients are being harvested by the researchers and are now being used as medicine.

The tea was initially tested on diabetic mice by the researchers, after about 6 weeks of daily treatment to the mice and taking notes on the changes of the amount of fat, it is found that the tea works effective on mice. After this trial with the mice, the researchers started 4 months long tests on humans and the result turned out to be effective, a significant glucose tolerance increase was noticed.

Another change on the patients that is noted compared with the placebo group is the changes in fatty acid. The amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid was considerably increased for the patients, which is good since it makes the cell membranes of the body to be permeable. The result of this experiment is found that the cells started to absorb glucose much better from the blood than usual. The researchers believe that this may lead to a new method of medical treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Causes of Morbid Obesity

How does obesity occur? The reasons are complex. Despite popular opinion, morbid obesity is not purely the result of eating too much. According to recent studies, it has been found that cases of morbid obesity are often rooted in genetic causes. If this holds true in an individual's case, then dieting and exercise will have limited effects on the problem.

Scientific research in to the causes and cure for morbid obesity continues to be conducted all over the world. But until we gain a firmer grasp on all the implications of the disease, it is something that patients simply have to deal with and work on, oftentimes for their entire lives. Medical science has come up with numerous interventions, including surgery, but these are not cures for obesity – rather they provide relief for the physical strain and consequences that come from being excessively overweight.

We do not know what extreme obesity is caused by. Instead of there being one cause, it usually comes about as the result of several different factors, including diet, environment, genetics, heredity, and metabolism. Hypothyroidism and steroid intake are two medical conditions that might result in excessive weight gain or obesity.

Children whose parents are obese have a much greater chance of becoming obese themselves. Perhaps this has to do with genetic factors, but more often than not, it has to do with the family's sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. If parents do not take proper care of themselves, then their children can be born obese.

There are additional, environmental, factors that cause and maintain obesity.

Lighting Categories Defined

What's the point? Lighting is lighting, after all. This brief article is a straightforward attempt to get you to think about lighting from a functional point of view. That is: What is it supposed to accomplish? Start with one room or outside area and think about what the lighting in that area should be like to make the area as useful, functional, attractive and safe as possible.

What do you want to be able to see? Do you want attention focused on certain areas or objects in the room or in the area? Do you want the visitor to this area impressed with the entire area so that they pause a moment before walking in? Or, do you want the area to have a taste of mystery that may invite the visitor to discover "treasures" located there? Is your primary goal to keep visitors safe as they travel through the area?

I believe too many homeowners think about lighting as an afterthought and consequently miss what will really bring a room or an area alive.

So, when you are planning your lighting scheme, use the following four general categories as a guideline to help you decide how much of each type of lighting would best serve the purposes you are trying to achieve.


This is just a fancy term that means the light that is naturally available. The most typical ambient light is from windows or other openings to the outside world. It is also known as available light and is to be considered the "base" lighting for a room or an area. This type of lighting comes from a variety of directions as opposed to the other types of lighting. Ambient lighting (or general lighting) is typically seen as the starting point for lighting a space or a room.

In addition to natural light, ambient light can also include any other types of lighting that gives an area overall, more or less, even lighting. This includes built-in fireplaces, recessed ceiling lights, surface-mounted ceiling fixtures or even floor lamps and table lamps. The basic function of ambient lighting is to diffuse lighting throughout a room or an area, eliminating shadows and reducing lighting contrasts throughout.

In larger areas such as garages and utility rooms, ambient lighting can be provided by strategically placed fluorescents. Fluorescents can also be used in kitchens as a substitute for the natural ambient lighting provided by windows during the daylight hours.

Not to confuse the issue, but ambient lighting can, in some cases, be achieved by the combination of the other types or categories of lighting mentioned in this article.


Accent lighting is really a subset of decorative lighting. Its function is to focus attention to the special features of your home such as plants, statuary, other artwork such as paintings, collectibles and anything else you want visitors to pay special attention to.

This is directional lighting, which highlights an object or attracts attention to a particular area. The job, in using this type of lighting, is to create a sense of separation from other areas in the room. Fixtures that serve this purpose are spotlights, floodlights, sconces or any type of fixture that can be adjusted and focused. Small collectibles or high-quality books can be highlighted with a strategically placed table lamp with a shade that is narrow enough to keep the light directed where you want it directed.

If you have a "trophy" kitchen and you want to highlight special features, accent lighting will fill the bill.


Just as it implies, task lighting should be designed to make certain things you routinely do around the house easier. Food preparation is a task that can usually benefit from task lighting. The eating area (s) are also good locations to consider task lighting (perhaps on dimmer switches). Reading, doing homework and working in a home-office also need specially directed task lighting to make the various jobs easier to do and to avoid eyestrain. Desk lamps, special appliance lights and ceiling pendants are all examples of lighting fixtures that are frequently used as task lights. Again, dimmer switches are often useful, allowing task areas to be turned back into ambient-lighted areas when not in use.

It's important to position task lights, particular those used for reading, in such a way that glare is avoided. This can sometimes be accomplished by using dual light sources that provide cross lighting that will minimize or eliminate glare and shadows.


When the functional lighting has been completed, it's time to get to the fun stuff: Decorative Lighting. Although this is where you can really put character in your home, you have to be careful not to overdo it. If you have an entryway or foyer that is large enough to accommodate a chandelier, by all means, use one. Consider wall sconces in hallways and on stairways.

You do need to keep in mind that decorative lighting can, if not done with care, overpower the other lighting sources that you've worked so hard to develop. A word to the wise is to use a few very high quality decorative pieces rather than a large number of "nice" pieces.

In closing, please remember that careful planning in your lighting design will provide a very functional and comfortable living environment as well as showing off the features in your home that you are particularly proud of.

Cellulitis Antibiotics Not Working – Cellulitis Lymphedema Patients

Cellulitis Antibiotics Not Working

People suffering from lymphedema may experience cellulitis at some point in their lives and many would say that it is the worst nightmare that any lymphedema patient can face. Numerous causes could prompt an attack of cellulitis, ranging from a small cut or bruise to an insect bite or sunburn. The treatment may involve a strong dosage of antibiotics and even a stay in the hospital for 8-10 days. Almost all patients make a full recovery with the proper treatment, but if the problem is ignored, it could have serious consequences.

Cellulitis is a skin infection that is caused by a pathogen and lymphedema patients are prone to the infection because their immune system has slowed down. The initial signs that the person notices are redness, increased body temperature, chills, pain and swelling. Generally, the patient describes ‘flu-like’ symptoms. Red patches and streaks on the skin are known as erythema and the warm skin sensations are described as hyperthermia. The person may have a high fever with chills. Loss of appetite, irritability, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, nausea and vomiting are some of the other indications of cellulitis lymphedema patients. Cellulitis Antibiotics Not Working

The symptoms of cellulitis must not be ignored, especially by people suffering from lymphedema. The doctor must be consulted and treatment started immediately. A 10-day course of antibiotics usually helps to clear up the infection. Till the cellulitis clears up, the patient is required to avoid the lymphoedema therapy like manual lymph drainage or massage. The compression garment should not be worn, but the affected limb should be kept elevated for fluid movement in the right direction.

Lymphedema patients must essentially avoid contracting cellulitis so as not to overload an already weakened system. Contracting cellulitis for lymphedema patients is like an invitation to disaster. If the infection is not treated in time, it could lead to severe complications like spreading of the infection to other parts of the body, resulting in gangrene, sepsis, limb amputation or even death. Cellulitis could start from any part of the body, not necessarily in the lymphedema affected limb. The best preventive measures involve taking care not to injure yourself. Using gloves while working, protecting the skin at all times, avoiding injuries and abrasions to the skin are some common forms of protection. Even if there is an injury, the wound must be cleaned well and antibiotic cream applied.

Till today, there is no known cure for lymphedema, it can only be controlled. An attack of cellulitis may cause irreversible damage the patient’s lymphatic system. Hence, it is desirable to take all possible care to avoid such a situation.  The skin must be protected at all times and injuries avoided. However, if the patient does catch cellulitis, quick treatment might help to prevent serious complications. Cellulitis Antibiotics Not Working

Skin Rash Type – Itching To Tell You…

Rashes are usually symptoms of something else, and these rashes come in many types, shapes, and yes, even colors. Well, okay, there’s really basically only red and white.

Your skin rash type might be a rash in its simplest form: dry, flakey skin or slightly raised areas of skin with reddening around it.

There are also many other types of rashes caused by allergies, insect bites, or rubbing from poorly fitted clothing or a fabric that is rough.

Some other skin rash types are the ever present from adolescence onward acne, or rosacea, boils, cellulitus, infected hair follicles, hives, or even inflammation of your sweat glands.

Skin rashes often develop from allergies to foods, or preservatives. Several forms of dermatitis are allergic reactions or sensitivity to gluten.

Sometimes allergies to some odd things can cause different types of skin rashes. Some people are allergic to certain medications. Others are allergic to different types of perfumes and strange as it may seem, some people get a type of rash caused by an allergy even to jewelry.

Also, wearing jewelry may irritate the skin just from the contact. Dangling necklaces and chains, or a ring that has a rough edge or spot on it can cause a rash from coming into contact with your skin.

Whatever the type of your skin rash, it’s always best to treat it early rather than later. Persistent rashes can cause scarring from the constant itching, and only worsen the problem and continue the cycle.

So that old saying about ‘scratch where it itches’ might be one to swear off at least for a while. Hopefully though, you’ll find that you’re not allergic to diamonds or gold!

Cold Sores Treatment

As there is no cure for cold sores (strictly, herpes simplex virus, type 1), treatment serves mainly to moderate the symptoms, which can include mouth blisters, fevers, mouth pain and a sore throat.

Creams or ointments which you can buy over-the-counter can be applied to the cold sore and help to soothe the blisters and encourage healing. Antiviral medicine (such as Acyclovir or Famciclovir) may lessen the pain or reduce the time the cold sore takes to heal over. These antivirals are prescription-only.

For people who get frequent and debilitating attacks of cold sores, oral antiviral medicine may be prescribed to be taken every day, to reduce the number of cold sore episodes (they won’t stop them entirely). Your physician or pharmacist will be able to advise you about this kind of cold sores treatment.

There are also many natural or complementary medicines which are on offer now as cold sores treatment. Because cold sores usually heal on their own after a few days anyway, it is difficult to assess these in the normal way. With this in mind, traditionally many people have used the herb lemon balm (applied as an ointment, or as a liquid made from boiling up the leaves) to ease the symptoms of cold sores, while more recently vitamin C tablets or creams have been used to speed up healing.

Cold sores treatment can also involve other methods. It helps many people if they avoid eating acidic foods while they have cold sores. This includes things like oranges and tomatoes. Very salty or spicy foods should also be avoided.

Protecting the lips from the sun (by wearing a hat, or simply staying out of the sun) can help; using lip balm at all times to cover the areas of your mouth which are prone to cold sores may help to prevent them happening. You should also protect your lips and mouth from cold winds. Cold sores got their name because it was formerly believed they came with cold weather.

Placing something cool on the cold sore itself, such as a damp towel or a cloth-wrapped ice pack may reduce the pain and swelling.

Natural antiseptics like tea tree oil may help to heal the blisters.

Many people take lysine, as a dietary supplement, to help with prevention or as a cold sore treatment to help with recovery. Lysine is an amino acid found in cereals and pulses.

As cold sore outbreaks usually occur when your immune system is overtaxed, for example when you are under a lot of stress, it will help if you can avoid or limit stressful episodes in your life. This of course may not be subject to your control. Many people find that after the active and mobile years of their teens and twenties are over, and they settle down to have a family, cold sore attacks become much less frequent.

What Causes Panic Attacks Symptoms? – 6 Causes of Panic Attacks You Need to Know About

There is no hard scientific evidence of what causes panic attacks symptoms. But there has to be underlying issues or conditions that can help trigger the symptoms of a panic attack. And there are several potential causes that many professionals seem to agree on. You’ll discover what these are here.

Panic Attacks Causes

1. Life Experiences / Upbringing

Any traumatic event or situation in a person’s upbringing or later life, may lead to anxiety and panic attacks at some point in the future. This is especially true where the person hasn’t been able to confront the event and accept the change that such an event brings about. This could be things like a death of a loved one, parents’ divorce, etc. In these circumstances the person who is unable to accept these changes retains their angst, fears, stress, and anxiety over a period of time, so that it can take over their lives. When this occurs they are often diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, which is an ideal platform for causing panic attacks.

2. Your Gender

Studies have shown that the female population is 50% more likely to suffer anxiety and panic attacks than men. There is no obvious reason for this, but one could argue that, because of their more nurturing nature, they react to events more deeply and in a different way. In other words, the basic primeval differences between men’s and women’s psyche come into play.

3. Medical Conditions

The American Heart Foundation have found that there is a link between panic attacks and mitral valve prolapse. MVP is a disease of the heart whose symptoms are similar to a panic attack (see ‘Panic Attack Symptoms’ below). So although the symptoms of the condition are similar to a panic attack, someone with MVP can have an actual panic attack. Other medical conditions are things such as, using stimulants, suddenly stopping certain medications, hyperthyroidism, and hypoglycemia.

4. Medications

Some medications contain chemicals that can provide the underlying conditions in the patient to make it more likely that a panic attack can occur. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder patients, for example, who are prescribed Ritalin, can suffer panic attacks as a result of their medication

5. Fears and Phobias

People with fears and phobias seem to be more likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, because they already have increased levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. In other words it only takes a relatively small increase in stress (e.g. caught in an elevator, stuck in traffic, etc.) to trigger a full-blown panic attack.

6. Family History (Genetics)

As with many other conditions, it seems that your family history may have an influence on your predisposition to anxiety and panic attacks. For example, if someone in your family had anxiety disorder and panic attacks, you are more likely to have the same, compared with somebody who hadn’t had such a history. Some numbers seem to suggest that, where it ‘runs in the family,’ you are twice as likely to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. On the other hand, there are many people who fall into this category who never suffer panic attacks.

At the heart of most, if not all, of the above is that, whatever the underlying condition, the person concerned is likely to have higher-than-normal levels of anxiety. And it usually only takes a relatively small increase in stress to trigger a panic attack.

Panic Attack Symptoms and the Fear of Panic Attacks

But let’s look at someone who already has had a panic attack. The symptoms; tightness in chest / throat, hyperventilation, sweating, palpitations, dizziness, tingling fingers, the real feeling of impending doom, are just so terrifying that they don’t want to experience those symptoms again. Perhaps this is you.

So this ‘fear’ of having another attack is imprinted on the psyche. The fear is then built on an already increased level of anxiety, so that all it takes is a relatively small increase in stress to trigger a panic attack.

Basically you are in a vicious cycle of anxiety that goes something like this: anxiety > fear > panic attack > anxiety > fear > panic attack, etc. And as long as this psychological fear of another attack persists, you are more likely to have such an attack and keep on having them.

You need to break the cycle of anxiety to prevent further attacks and to then cure your general anxiety.

To discover just how you can break the vicious cycle of anxiety in order to stop panic attacks and cure your anxiety, please go to and get your life back on track once more.

How to Treat Psoriasis Naturally – The Power of Colostrum

Although Psoriasis is not a contagious skin condition, the red, scaly patches developed on the skin it not something pretty to look at. The symptom can appear on the elbows, scalp, knees, and any areas of the body. More sufferers are looking for an alternative on how to treat psoriasis naturally and Colostrum is one such key ingredient.

Colostrum is a first milk produced by the mother during the first days when the baby is born. This special milk is yellow to orange in color and is thick and sticky. The fluid is considered as vital for the survival of a newborn baby because it is low in fat, high in carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies to help keep the baby healthy.

Several benefits of Colostrum are that it fight bacteria and viruses, speed up the healing process after injuries, helps skin rejuvenation, makes the intestine healthier, keeps the joints to function properly and help reduce anxiety. These are all the benefits you should look if you are looking for ways how to treat psoriasis naturally.

You can get Colostrum in health food stores or online. Make sure that the labels have the words "first milk" or "first milking" and that they were made using low heating process to protect all the vital nutrients.

If you are determine to treat psoriasis naturally, you can not simply ignore the importance of Colostrum because it provides wide range of benefits for your symptom. It helps normalize, regulate and maintain all body functions for any age.

Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus – Getting Rid of Onychomycosis

Toenail fungus, known in medical jargon as onychomycosis, is the most common disease of the toenail. The term onychomycosis though is also sometimes loosely used to describe other infections of the nail that are not caused by fungi. There are many home remedies for toenail fungus which will be discussed later on.

It is estimated that men are two times more susceptible to toenail fungus than women. Good hygiene maybe one of the determining factors here since women are considered to adhere more to good hygiene than men. Older individuals are also more vulnerable to toenail fungus but this is probably because of the weakened state of their immune system. People with psoriasis, diabetes and leukemia should also be extra careful because they are several times more likely to contract toenail fungus than the rest of the population.

It is important that toenail fungus be treated immediately because once the infection gets deeper into the nail, it will be more difficult to eliminate it. And if it is left untreated, there's a possibility that it will lead into more serious complications. Prevention is better than cure. So if you do not have toenail fungus, you should protect yourself from it by guarding yourself from factors that could cause such an infection. Toenail fungus is caused by a type of fungus called dermatophytes which thrives in wet and warm places. Public bathrooms and swimming pools are some of the most common places where dermatophytes are believed to be abundant.

Proper hygiene is also one of the best defense against toenail fungus. Always wash your feet with soap and water especially if you have been into a public place. Avoid walking barefoot when you are in a damp public place. Always put on washed dry socks and make sure that your shoes are clean and dry before you keep them in a cabinet. If you must, put disinfectant in your shoes and in your socks drawer or cabinet.

If you've already been diagnosed with toenail fungus, then you should try home remedies that are proven to be effective in eliminating fungus infections. Among these remedies, tea tree oil that is indigenous in Australia is probably the best home remedy against toenail fungus. You can use it undiluted and put them directly on the infection or you can dilute them in water and use the solution as a soak.

Toenail fungus may be a nasty disease but it is highly treatable. With patience and the help of effective home remedies for toenail fungus, your condition will be eliminated in no time.