Men and Depression – How to Help a Depressed Man and Keep Your Relationship Strong

What? Men don’t get depressed? Of course we do, but we tend to hide it well.

Men tend to deal with depression differently than women and may show different signs that they are depressed. Depression is often a hidden problem with men, since many men tend to suffer in silence, rather than talking about their feelings.

And that can lead to relationship problems.

Historically, depression has been thought of as mostly a problem for women, but now we know that depression is a problem for men, too. Depression in men may go undetected. In fact, men may not realize they are depressed, although they may recognize they are feeling stressed. And their health care providers often miss the telltale signs.

Depression is a normal part of life. Yet, if it goes unresolved, it can have a disastrous affect on personal functioning, relationships and careers. It can result in temporary personality changes, uncharacteristic bouts of anger and moodiness, create communication problems, spur conflict, and lead to relationship problems or marital distress. Thus, depression is a condition that must be recognized and treated for men to function on their highest level.

What Are The Signs?

1. Men who are depressed may suddenly become irritable and quick to anger. Non-aggressive men may become more aggressive and hostile.

2. Some may abuse alcohol or drugs, or turn to food for comfort, although some may eat less. It really depends on the person and his circumstances.

3. Some men may over-exercise, while others may stop.

4. One man may throw himself into a favorite hobby whereas a workaholic may become more dependent upon work …while ignoring his relationships.

5. Men may show typical signs of depression, too, such as, feelings of fatigue and burn-out, sleep disturbances and decreased libido. Thought patterns may change; men may think more negatively and perceive the world in darker, more threatening ways. This can be a subtle change. Depressed men may start feeling anxious and worried, and respond poorly to daily problems or stress at work or home, either over-reacting or under-reacting.

Men may not discuss the way they are feeling with anyone, and may not recognize the changes themselves. As a result of societal conditioning, they tend not to talk about their stress with their friends, unlike women, who tend to get support from other women.

And the impact their depression can have on their family life and primary relationships is often nothing short of devastating.

Strategies for Helping A Depressed Man

First, if you notice that a man you care about is depressed, don’t beat him over the head with your observations; be careful how you approach the subject, or you may make your relationship problems worse. You might try sharing your concern with him, mentioning that you have noticed one or two of his symptoms. Go gently …and see if you can get him to open up about how he’s feeling. Express your concern. Avoid being critical. Don’t blame. Just listen and tell him how concerned you are.

Second, if you know someone the depressed man knows and respects, such as his father, pastor or best friend, suggest that he talk to that person. Or, you may enlist the help of a family member or close friend who has his ear.

Third, try to get him to see his doctor (or yours), and encourage him to talk to his doctor about his depressed feelings (maybe he needs to go for other reasons, too). The physician can make a referral for counseling or prescribe helpful anti-depressant medication, if needed.

Fourth, sometimes we men need a little prodding (and pampering). Be persistent and don’t give up, as long as you proceed in a non-threatening manner. Remember, you want the man to view your efforts to help him as a sign of your deep-felt concern, rather than an attempt to nag or harass him. He won’t end up feeling pressured by you if you always state your concern in non-demanding ways.

The way you say something is as important as what you say. Some sensitive men are hard to approach, but they tend to respond favorably when you talk to them in a direct, caring and gentle manner. Avoid allowing your body language or tone of voice to express anger or contempt.

Consider the impact depression can have on relationships, especially intimate ones. A man’s marriage can suffer because of his depression, and he may not realize what’s wrong. His wife will feel the impact, as well; so, his biggest support system may be compromised, which only compounds the problem.


If you are in an intimate relationship with a depressed partner, it is often best to seek counseling. It is much easier and more effective to sit down with a trained relationship professional to discuss your relationship problems.

Counseling is one of the best ways to face and deal with depression. It can be just as effective as medication, if not more so. The combination of the two can be even more effective.

Sometimes depression can become quite serious and lead to other mental health issues. It is best to take it seriously.

Depression and Your Relationship

Without a doubt, the depression of one spouse can injure the other. And it can have a derogatory impact upon the relationship in general, giving both partners a sense of despair, and causing them to view the relationship in pessimistic terms.

Also, long-term depression can keep a relationship down. It is difficult for the non-depressed spouse to keep a positive attitude when he/she has to deal with an unhappy, sad or anxious spouse who has been depressed for a long time. Frequently, the spouse of the depressed person will blame himself/herself or interpret the depressed spouse’s actions as a rejection.


Depressed men may not know they are depressed and may not recognize the signs, and often choose not to talk about the problem. Yet depression can have a derogatory affect on relationships, careers and all areas of life.

To help a depressed man, look for signs of depression, such as behavioral changes, and talk to the depressed man in a sympathetic way. Avoid allowing depression to remain in the closet. Give the man in your life, whether it be your husband, father, brother or friend, lots of support and encouragement. Establish communication about your concerns.

Depression can have a serious impact on your marriage, and can cause serious relationship problems.  Deal with it as a couple. Help your spouse get the help he needs. If there are problems in your relationship that are contributing to the depression, it is wise to address them. Don’t allow depression to rob you of joy and happiness. Face it, find solutions and move on!

Negative Effects of Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder limits the individual's lifestyle and activities, and thus hinders the person from experiencing the most of what life has to offer. This fact already gives valuable insight into the negative effects of social anxiety disorder; but there are more context-specific effects that have been discovered and established by research. One of the more common concerns is the context of adolescence and employment.

Social anxiety disorder in adolescents

Social anxiety disorder strikes hard during adolescence. Especially because this stage is associated with forming one's identity, the effects that take place during the period largely shape the person's future. Some of the negative effects of social anxiety disorder in adolescents are:

1. Loneliness and depression: Because of the adolescent's fear of being scrutinized and humiliated, he would rather keep to himself than be with others. This is to protect himself from any possibility of embarrassment. As such, he avoids not only people, but also places and situations that provide the possibility of being scrutinized such as parties and proms, contests, discussions, group meetings, etc. As a result, the adolescent is prone to become depressed due to the limits that he has set on his lifestyle and of the company that he enjoys.

2. Alcohol and drug use: The adolescent who suffers from depression and social anxiety disorder commonly turn to the temporary relief provided by certain substances, such as alcohol and illegal drugs. These temporarily help the adolescent relieve his pessimism and chronic fear. Such substances largely aid them in coping with their disorders, but also render them prone to addiction. It is not surprising that alcoholism and anxiety are closely linked.

3. School-related: The adolescent may even quit going to school so as to avoid the possibilities of being scrutinized in class. Also, chronic alcohol and drug use are likely to condition the person to perform poorly in school, or to ultimately stop studying.

On Employment

The negative effects of social anxiety disorder extend to the context of employment. Studies show that social anxiety disorder hampers a person from attaining the type of work, or work conditions, that give justice to his skills and abilities. In a particular study affiliated with the University of Michigan, researchers discovered people with the said disorder worked for shorter periods of time than others. Furthermore, the particular study shows that the negative effects of social anxiety disorder on these people prove to be "more striking" than those of depression.

Why suffer from social phobia?

Nobody necessarily has to, or deserves to, suffer from the said disorder. As such, people who experience the negative effects of social anxiety disorder should compel themselves to avail treatment.

This does not have to be as costly as taking medications, nor as possibly dangerous because of side effects that medications can induce. There are natural methods that can prove to be more beneficial; and these are both easily available and relatively more affordable. Furthermore, there are very powerful and effective techniques that an anxiety-ridden person must employ if he wants to finally rid himself of his irrational fears, in order to lead a more quality-filled life.

Itchy Skin Rash Treatment

One of the most problematic disease in dermatology today is eczema, that annoying itchy skin rash. The trouble is that year after year more people get affected by it and year after year medical science just don’t get it! The so-called cures they’ve been giving to people differ from one another by being completely useless to being utterly dangerous. It is quite embarrassing that today in the 21st Century when modern medicine treat heart transplantation as routine procedure, they cannot think of a treatment for a simple dermatological illness like eczema!

Don’t despair – there IS a natural treatment for eczema.

You’re probably on this page right now because you don’t want to put up with dry skin rash anymore. Most probably, you’ve been having that condition ever since you were a child and no matter how many doctors you had been to, the diagnosis were always the same — eczema, there’s no treatment for it, sorry, next please!

All the steroids and antihistamines and hydrating creams did you no good — that stubborn frustrating itchy skin rash would always return. Rash on ankles, on hands, on the bending sides of knees and elbows, rash on legs, groins, arms… burning your skin, making you itch like crazy.. In time, scars would appear and you would have to wait for days just to be able to look at your body in the mirror again, let alone going outside wearing shorts and t-shirts. People would stare at you and ask you myriads of nonsense questions about “not taking care enough of your skin” or “using the wrong soap” or even “not washing enough”!

Well, the time to change all this is NOW!

Heal this itchy skin rash once and for all! Start using natural products, simple to use home remedies that will take care of your skin disease predicament like only Nature can — promptly and efficiently. All sorts of pills and creams that you used to use for years without seeing any result will become the thing of the past.Use the ultimate cure, the true treatment and get rid of eczema forever.So, if you really got tired of your itchy skin rash, do this:

1) go through these easy-to-follow instructions (see bellow)
2) prepare the remedy yourself using the precise quantities as instructed
3) apply it to your skin
4) use the remedy for the next couple of weeks (for as long as the skin symptoms disappear)
5) go shopping for some summer clothes and get some sun lotion

Honestly, it is that simple! Did you ever heard about the best ideas in life being the simplest ones? Well, this is one of those situations. Still, the problem why they wouldn’t want you to know about this still remains, that is another story.

Here are the easy-to-follow instructions to cure itchy skin rash.

Anxiety Panic Attacks

You often hear the phrases – anxiety attack and panic attack – used interchangeably. Which would be okay, if the goal is to NOT understand anxiety and panic.

Just bundle them up together. Keep them a mystery. Keep them 'out there' somewhere. Nebulous and undefined.

In other words, if you're seeking to give your power away to anxiety and panic, then do not look at the difference between them. Pretend they're two words for the same situation.

OR …. you could learn about the differences, and realize – I can actually DO something about this!

Anxiety does not 'attack' you. It's more like a suffocating fog – a suffocating web – that you create by very precise actions, habits, and patterns. Anxiety is not REALLY an invisible invading army … like endless columns of marching ants, with their little walkie-talkies, and their cannons and their infantrymen. Marching in their little helmets.

When you think about it, even panic does not really attack. Although the term does more aptly apply to panic than to anxiety.

Panic is more like a landmine that you've placed in the path ahead of you. You throw it out ahead of you, again by engaging in very precise actions, habits and patterns. And then you walk along and step in it – and panic explodes in your face. Or rather, in your body.

Which seems like an attack.

The problems with viewing either anxiety or panic as 'attacking' you:

1. It keeps them mysterious and unknown

2. It makes them the enemy

3. creates separation

4. fosters irresponsibility

5. creates self-condemnation

6. It makes it harder to DO something about it

7. It keeps you in a state of impotence

In other words, it locks the problem in place, and keeps you helpless … powerless … to actually do something to end it.

Sadly, ironically, anxiety and panic 'attacks' are not that difficult to end. If you believe that, you can create them ending with relative ease.

On the other hand, if you hold tightly to the belief that you ARE helplessly under attack, then you most likely WILL NOT be ending them anytime soon.

Basically, it comes down to OWNERSHIP. Am I willing to OWN these so-called attacks? Or is some 'outside force' responsible? Am I willing to even look at these questions? Am I willing to explore the issue?

Or am I only willing to avoid thinking and feeling about it as much as possible?

The closer I'm willing to get – the easier it will be to see them as they really are. The more I run away, the more they'll chase me.

Right now, at this point, maybe I can not stop the attacks. Maybe I still feel helpless. But I can choose which direction to face.

1. Move closer to the problem; seeking to understand; seeking to engage; seeking greater responsibility.

2. Or, run away. Let them dictate the terms of your relationship.

I'd suggest you seek them out. Study their movements. Track them down. Find their lair. Face them head-on. Embrace them. Own them. Your anxiety and your panic are a part of you.

You always have the power to choose which direction to face. By seeking out your anxiety and your panic, you are taking your power back from them and making it harder for them to attack you.

The Depression Identity Factor

When is managing anxiety, stress and depression a nearly impossible case? When the depressed person does not want help. Believe it or not it is true in many cases. There are actually people out there with severe depression that do not want help. (I'll use depression for the sake of this post, because anxiety and stress can 2 be totally different topics, although closely associated.)

Many people reading this will say "Terry, you are full of it; no one wants to be depressed." The fact is there are many depressed people clinging to their depression, whether consciously or subconsciously, because it is their identity. It is their sense of control whether they realize it or not.

Some depressed people will resort to things such as self mutilation or drug overdose, to grab the attention of family and friends, because this is their controlling factor, again it could be conscious of subconsciously, but it is who they are. I witnessed much of this when I was hospitalized and got know many of these people.

I have known others to explain their depression as being individuals possessed by demons, and have gone on to identify with the demon, and thus they do not want to lose contact with them, because it is part of who they are, their sense of control , their identity. They may say they are happy with their depression and to leave them alone, but that is not what they really want.

Despite the fact that these people are miserable, they are afraid of what would happen if they lost this identity. It is who they are and they are afraid of the unknown, or what could be. It is unfortunate, but until they get to a point that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired and finally make a conscious effort, if at all possibly, to let someone help them, there is not anything anyone can do. These types of depressed people are an opportunistic psychiatrist's dream.

As family members and friends that have grown weary from hours of worrying and offering support that seems to offer no benefit to your loved one, take solace in the fact that you are vital to this person. They need you for two reasons. Either to be there to grab their attention so that they may maintain their identity, their sense of control, or to be there when they are finally open to accepting your help. Hopefully it is the latter.
You are needed, do not give up hope.

Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags in the Genital Area

Before you start conducting any search about the possible remedies for moles, warts, and skin tags in the genital area, you should first know if you really have the skin lesions. You see, among these three skin lesions, genital warts can be transmitted sexually. As with the moles and skin tags, these skin lesions usually appear without any known cause. Some individuals are even surprised when they discover that they have skin tags and moles in their genital area.

Moles and skin tags are harmless but if frequent pain occurs because of rubbing or twisting, there may be a need to remove them. On the other hand, the genital warts very unsightly to look at because they appear like tiny cauliflowers and when it gets worse, they appear in clusters. If you have a partner, you will surely feel uncomfortable to have the genital warts and you will want to remove them immediately, but how?

Firstly, you need to identify if you have moles, warts, or skin tags in your genital area. Moles and skin tags are not very sensitive cases as compared to warts. You can easily tell if you have genital warts if you have swollen bumps in the anal and genital region. The bumps may be red, pink, or gray in color. Warts are itchy and you will often feel burning sensations. The warts are often found in clusters and you will likely feel uncomfortable during sexual intercourse. There are even times when bleeding occurs.

It’s really difficult to tell if you have genital warts because they are unnoticeable and there are no symptoms. Some genital warts appear flat and small and so it’s hard to tell if you have them unless you seek medical assistance. Only your doctor can diagnose appropriately if you have the genital warts. However, if the warts are noticeable and you know you have them already, you can use treatments for genital warts and in a couple of days, the warts will disappear. You need to keep an eye on the genital warts and keep on treating them until all the warts disappear.

Don’t even try to cut or rip the genital warts. Since the warts are located in a very sensitive area, you have to employ only the safe ways to remove them because infection can occur. If there is infection, your condition might get worse. You must visit your gynecologist at once to receive proper treatment.

As with the moles and skin tags, you don’t need to remove them unless you find them unsightly or if you feel pain when the moles or skin tags get twisted or rubbed. Again, you will need the appropriate medical assistance because the moles and skin tags are located in a very sensitive area. Removing the moles and skin tags will only take a couple of hours in the clinic or hospital. After that, you can already go home and do your usual activities. For those who are embarrassed to seek medical help, search the internet for possible treatment options for genital moles and skin tags.

Genital warts are more embarrassing and uncomfortable so you must seek medical help at once. For safety, seek medical help for moles, warts, and skin tags located in the genital area. That way, you won’t compromise your health. Schedule an appointment with your doctor now.  

Treatment For Toenail Pain

Injury to the toenail, toenail fungus, or ingrown toenails can lead to toenail pain. Generally, ingrown toenails are often the source of toenail pain. It is caused because the nail has been clipped incorrectly.

In order to treat toenail pain, there are several different methods for treating pain in the toenail. A visit to doctor is suggested if the toenail appears to be infected, appears very swollen, or pus is present. In rare cases, toenail infection may develop cysts or other growths around the toenail, which can be painful. The doctor may prescribe you antibiotics. Once the infection clears up, the toenail starts to grow out and the pain should be relieved. In some situation, surgery is required.

The pain can be treated at home. An ingrown toenail occurs when the toenail is clipped with a rounded edge, and as it grows, the nail grows into the skin along the side of the toenail. Soaking your foot in a bath of warm water and epsom salts for approximately ten to twenty minutes is suggested in such situation. It can soften the skin around the toenail. Once the skin is soft, gently push it away from the nail until the ingrown nail separates from the skin.

It is very essential to catch ingrown toenails early before they become too deeply embedded. Apply a bit of antiseptic ointment after removing ingrown nail. It should be continued every day until the nail grows out enough. Be cautious, not to cut toenails straight across, not with a rounded edge or into a "V" shape.

By wearing properly fitting shoes, you can avoid the pain to some extend. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause damage over time to the toenail, which can be painful. If the reason behind the toenail pain is nail fungus, then there are several ways to treat the fungus, including oral medications or soaking the feet in a mixture of water and vinegar. If the nail pain is caused from a stubbed toe or dropping something heavy on your foot, then make sure that fracture did not occur in one of the bones of the toe. In such situation, treat the pain with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Herbal Remedies for Natural Healing

The use of herbal remedies focuses on long-term health and treating the underlying cause of illness rather than the symptoms. Generally speaking, herbal remedies are a form of alternative medicine.

From ancient medicine men to modern holistic healers, people from every culture have recognized the potent healing properties of plants and herbs. Chinese herbs have been used by the Chinese for over 4,000 years to promote health and as healing agents.

As modern medicine evolved around pharmaceutical concepts, it neglected herbal remedies for years. However now, in many nations, herbal remedies are being re-integrated into mainstream medicine and the Western approach to herbs for healing follows the conventional model of Western medicine. Herbalists are knowledgeable about specific remedies for specific diseases. You may consider finding a local herbalist or naturopath to augment your conventional health care.

Public interest in herbal healing has renewed, with more people exploring herbs and supplements as alternatives to conventional medicine.

You may want to begin to incorporate the benefits of natural health into your everyday life by stocking your medicine cabinet with herbal remedies, replacing non-natural brand-name products.

Beyond everyday herbal remedies, herbal medicine can treat many health problems and diseases such as high cholesterol, arthritis pain, weight loss, colds and flu, sexual dysfunction and more than seventy other common health concerns.

Herbs and herbal remedies are known to build, strengthen and heal the body. Harness the healing power of natural herbs to treat common health disorders and to live a healthier life. Herbal remedies are used with a focus on the natural healing abilities of the body.

Learn about herbs. Increase your knowledge. Experience the benefits.

Remember that the potency of herbal remedies can vary greatly depending on the source of the herb. Realize that the choices available to you are numerous … and not all are adequate, or even safe. For instance, most of the popular herbal drinks sold in convenience stores and supermarkets do not have enough of the healing herbs to have any effect on your body. Teas are the weakest form of herbal treatments and tinctures are the strongest.

Also keep in mind that until the industry adopts better quality standards, doctors and patients should be (and are often) cautious when prescribing and using herbal remedies. Regulations, quality assurance, safety and efficacy of herbal remedies in general, is what we need. These guidelines should outline standards for quality, quantity, and production of herbal remedies and provide labeling requirements that member countries must meet.

Due to this, it is important to always use herbs and formulas from reputable companies only, as well as the fact that the potency of herbal remedies can vary greatly.

Guidelines for good health including diet, exercise, stress reduction, and herbal remedies.

The power and potency of the healing herbs are very real.

Nourish body, mind, and soul, using food, herbs, and healing arts.


A New Lease on Life from Psoriatic Arthritis

Jeff Westrom is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his advertising company, J.W. Morton & Associates this month… and he’s doing it with a whole new lease on life.

He describes himself as a sculptor at heart, a woodworker at home, and someone who would rather be on his feet than sitting at a computer. He says the further a project gets from 8 1/2 x 11, the happier he is. But just over a year ago, sitting at a computer was about all Jeff could do without feeling the pain. He was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, a condition that many times comes hand in hand with psoriasis. He had incredible pain in his feet, angles, wrists and hand joints. He says on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) his pain was consistently at a 7 or 8 everyday with no relief. He couldn’t open a can of pickles by himself. It hurt just to get up and let the dog out. He was miserable.

Like many Flexcin customers, Jeff wanted to find an all-natural solution for his pain before trying prescription drugs. He didn’t want to deal with the side effects that can come hand-in-hand with many pharmaceuticals. He came across Flexcin with CM8 on the internet as he read blog after blog that compared it with other arthritis and joint pain supplements on the market. Jeff is a man who does his research. After a great deal of reading up on Flexcin and the main ingredients like CM8 and glucosamine, he decided to give it a shot. Jeff says he’ll never forget the day he started taking Flexcin, a day many people will remember what they were doing when they heard the news…the day Michael Jackson passed away, June 25th of this year.

Within weeks Jeff’s pain started to disappear. He says he first noticed a difference in his feet and angles, and soon the pain began to subside in his hands and wrists as well. His initial goal was to eliminate the four Ibuprofen he was taking each day from his diet. Today he’s down to only one and says his pain level has dropped to a 1 out of 10! Before Flexcin he was unable to do some of the things he likes most such as home remodeling and finishing work. Today, he’s back to enjoying his remodeling projects around the house and using his hands to complete intricate woodworking projects.

Jeff tells us that the supplements have not only improved his physical wellbeing but his mental wellbeing as well. Emotionally he is much happier and enjoying life again now that it doesn’t hurt to walk or use his hands.

Ankle Injuries and How to Effectively Prevent Sprains

Ankle sprains are so common as the ankle muscle is one of the weakest in the entire human body. It is vital that you prevent weak ankles via strengthening exercises, even if you’re not into serious sports.

Stronger ankles simply means that you will be a lot less likely to encounter injuries down the road, and even if you do the damage will be less severe. This would result in faster recovery times also.

Certain types of sports are more prone to ankle sprains, volleyball, soccer, tennis and basketball are all high up on that list. These sports require either jumping or very quick directional changes, and if your ankles are not strong enough to handle the body’s momentum, you might end up tearing a ligament in your lower leg.

Studies have shown that using ankle supports such as tape, can drastically reduce the occurrences of ankle sprains. However, it’s not as simple as just getting some tape and mummifying your foot, there is a proper way to wrap your ankles in tape and if you are interested you should do some research or buy a book on how to bandage your foot the correct way.

Although ankle tape is used widely {these days|nowadays} by amateurs as well as professional athletes, sporting and rehabilitation {aids|products} have been coming out in the market that will soon phase it out. The problem with tape is that it can come undone or loosen as you move about. How well it holds depends on how vigorous your movements are as well as how well the tape was applied.

Enter the age of the ankle brace. There are many professional grade braces available in the market that will prevent ankle sprains and that are very comfortable to wear. They can be slipped on in seconds and will never loosen up during a sporting match.

One of the best ankle supports available on the market is the ASO ankle brace. It’s light and strong and allows you to wear your sports shoes right over it without any discomfort. Another couple of brands to have a look at are McDavid and AirCast, if you’re into serious sports or have suffered from an ankle injury in the past.

Ankle braces do provide you with the confidence and strength in your lower leg but remember that you cannot solely depend on this alone, as warm up, stretching and muscle strengthening have a big part to play in injury prevention as well.

Arnica Gel For Bruising – A Simple, Effective and Safe Cure

Arnica gel is a homeopathic medicine when use in bruising leads to ease and healing. An Individuals having admiration and interest in herbal remedy can have idea that how superior is this. It is too marvelous in its performance that all discussions on natural healing medications are vacant without arnica gel. It is excessively popular natural healer that almost all of us are familiar that Arnica Gel as topical medication that can easily handle household minor bruises to severe injuries.

The effectiveness of arnica gel for bruising is miraculous. It is famous as the bruising is recurrent problem that one comes across in daily routine activities. Bruising is very common that frequently and commonly near once in a day or more I, you and all of us encounter with mild to moderate injuries, bruising or trauma either from fall off from bike, when working the kitchen or while exercising etc. ALAS! Any one of us can be a victim of this unfortunate collision or bruising. For all these types of bruising or contusion we have Arnica Gel, which is ready to serve and appeared as An Easy, Simple, Safe and Effective Cure of Bruising.

Use of it for bruising is not a new entry in herbal remedy, it is dated back to 1500s. In history Arnica Montana was said to be a useful herb by Greek and German mountain dwellers and they had understood Arnica as a therapeutic agent. People in his older time were used to chew Arnica to reduce the severity of internal injury, muscle soreness as well as fastest healing after bruising. But recently modern researches declare that Arnica is poisonous in raw form, so shouldn’t take orally. Recently, use of arnica cream, liniment, ointment, or tincture is common. Native Americans and Europeans are also using it for bruising as well as to soothe muscle aches, to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

Today the topical application of it is a real cornerstone in homeopathic medicine. Just because of the efficacy of arnica gel, it is taken as a representative in homeopathy and also is adorned by all. Arnica gel is an approved first aid remedy not only for bruising but also for injuries such as sprains and bruises. Researchers also approved the marvelous efficacy of it as a great pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agent.

Tea Oil Toenail Treatment – What is Tea Tree Oil Nail Fungus Solution?

What is tea tree oil nail fungus solution?- Tea tree oil is the ultimate solution for treating and curing nail fungus. Researchers have found solid proof that the trees’ oil effectively treats skin conditions so severe that prescription medicines in the form of antibiotics are unable to relieve or permanently cure.

What is the secret to success- The all natural remedies’ success can be attributed to the oils’ powerful anti-fungal and bacterial properties, boasting with no known side-effects. The often painful and embarrassing infection is significantly relieved and cleared up in the wink of an eye with regular application of tea oil to affected areas. The oil is used topically to treat a range of bacterial and fungal infections.

Origin- Tea Tree bushes are predominantly grown in the region of the South Pacific and Australia. These plants are dark green in colour with soft white flowers blooming in summer. The plants reach heights of between 7 and 8 feet upon maturity. The oil derives from a process of steaming the bushes’ leaves until oil is produced. It is mainly the Terpenoids contained in the oil that gives it the fantastic medicinal qualities.

What is toenail fungus exactly and what are the symptoms?- Toenail fungus also referred to as Onychomycosis occurs when unseen fungal organisms enter the toe nail or even fingernail area through a break in the skin surrounding the nail or the nail self. Symptoms of the infection include thickening, crumbling and brittleness of affected nail, nail separation from bed and discoloration varying from yellow to black. An awful smelling debris may also be found underneath the nail. The little and big toes have a greater tendency to develop the infection.

How can the infection be prevented?- Toenail fungus is very easy to prevent by just following a couple of essential hygiene steps including washing your feet regularly and drying them off properly, wearing shoes, socks and hosiery that allows the feet to breath. The fungus loves damp, warm environments to breed, multiply and spread in. When using public facilities such as spa’s, sauna’s, showers and locker rooms wear suitable apparel. Don’t ever borrow or wear someone else’s shoes. Trim nails regularly with disinfected tools. Steer clear from nail varnish during infection.

Treatment duration- Tea tree treatment duration ranges between one and six months with twice daily application, depending on the severity of the condition.

Thoracic Spine Surgery in India by Trained Medical Experts

Because of advancement in medical field and availability of trained medical experts of spine surgery in India, it is now possible to treat back spine injuries successfully. Many new advanced surgical techniques are now available for the treatment of spine disorders. Thoracic spine surgery in India is one of the advanced surgical procedures available for treatment of spine disorders. With thoracic spine surgery in India you can get rid of all spine problems related to thoracic cage. Spine surgery hospitals in India are at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. The cost of treatment provided by these spine surgery hospitals in India is very less compared to the cost of treatment in abroad spine surgery hospitals.

Thoracic spine is located in the chest area and contains 12 vertebrae. The ribs connect to the thoracic spine and protect many vital organs. Next is the lumbar spine. Most people have five lumbar vertebrae although it is not unusual to have six. The lumbar vertebrae are larger than the cervical or thoracic as this spinal region carries most of the body weight. Thoracic spine is the second most commonly injured area in rowers after lumbar spine. It is considered to be the least mobile area of ​​all vertebral column. This is due to the length of the transverse processes, the costovertebral joints, decrease in disc height when compared to the lumbar spine and the rib cage. Movements that occur in the thoracic spine are mostly rotation and flexion and extension. Rowers inherently become limited into extension with all of us. This is because of the amount of time that rowers are in a seated position and the tendency for rowers to fall into thoracic spine flexion. This is especially when fatigued. It is essential that rowers do regular flexibility exercises to maintain their thoracic extension and rotation, to avoid such a thoracic spine problems. Otherwise, they place themselves at risk of rib stress fractures, facet and costovertebral joint irritation. This can often refer pain to the chest wall or muscle trigger points in the erector spine, rhomboids, levator scapulae or upper trapezius that we report as thoracic spine problems.

Thoracic spine surgery is a surgical procedure used for the treatment of back injuries. As the surgical procedure is most advanced, time required for surgery and recovery after surgery is very less. Medical tourism in India takes care of all the required facilities to abroad patients after their arrival in India for treatment. Also, you can enjoy medical tourism through a holiday vacation at Indian resorts with your treatment in India. The success rate of thoracic spine surgery in India is very good as the surgery is performed by most experienced spine surgeons of India. Spine surgeons of India are experts in their field as they are in this field for last fifteen years.

What are the Causes Of Heartburn

They say prevention is better than cure, but information is sometimes much better. When it comes to heartburn, this seems to hold true. There are several causes of heartburn, and knowing what these are can help prevent you from ever experiencing it.

Heartburn can be triggered by a lot of everyday things. The most prominent causes include being overweight and other lifestyle factors, such as smoking or eating certain foods. Foods such as citrus fruits, chocolates, spicy foods, caffeine and tomato-based dishes are commonly associated with heartburn attacks.

Lifestyle habits can also lead to an experience of heartburn. Apart from smoking, the most commonly noted causes of heartburn include drinking alcohol, being overweight and being pregnant. There are also activities that can trigger heartburn attacks. Among these is putting pressure on the full abdomen after eating huge meals and lying down after eating. A quick cure to this is eating smaller meals more frequently, and refraining from lying down for an hour or two after eating. Other activities that can bring about heartburn are lifting heavy things, bending and excessive movements or rigorous physical activities shortly after eating.

An important thing to note in diagnosing heartburn is distinguishing between esophageal pain (reflux) and cardiac pain (angina). Acid reflux occurs when we eat and food, liquids and saliva travels through the esophagus to the stomach. A small amount of stomach content can be regurgitated back up into the esophagus and then retreat back to the stomach. While normally, this does not cause any pain or side effects, when some of the digestive system's apparatus does not work properly, acid reflux occurs. The pain that is generated can manifest as heartburn, and can even lead to esophageal injury.

Heartburn can also point to an underlying disease, like peptic ulcer. Ulcers are lesions on the stomach or duodenum that appear when the stomach lining or duodenum wall is irritated or wounded. Stomach ulcers are also known as gastric ulcers, while those in the duodenum are called duodenal ulcers. Collectively, they are both referred to as peptic ulcers. Ulcers, while they can cause discomfort, are rarely life-threatening. Medications are available and can help decrease the pain caused by ulcers.

Also among the list of the causes of heartburn are hiatial hernias. A hiatial hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach pushes into a diaphragm opening and goes up to the chest. The possibility that a hiatial hernia weaken the LES or the lower esophageal sphincter increases the risk of stomach acid reflux.

Indeed, some of the causes of heartburn can in fact be symptoms for another disease. To avoid heartburn, the first step is acquiring knowledge. Truly, information can be powerful, not to mention helpful.

Dealing With a Bleeding Parrot

Blood can be well, disgusting to deal with. Nothing is more heart wrenching or perhaps nerve wracking to find your bird suddenly has an injury that is bleeding and needs to be dealt with immediately. If your bird started bleeding right now, would you know what to do? Because birds are small, a seemingly low amount of blood loss to us can mean a major loss to them.

When handling a bird to control bleeding, a good restraint technique is important to ensure that the bird is being immobilized, while not getting overheated. Holding the bird in a towel or small blanket will help immobilize and calm the bird.

Bleeding from broken blood feathers:

Breaking a blood feather is not uncommon, especially in the species that tend to be rough, like caiques. Feathers are delicate when growing in, and because a new feather does have a blood supply, can bleed quite badly. When trying to stop bleeding on a blood feather, do not apply silver nitrate or commercial aids like kwik stop, as these products can actually damage the feather follicle. Apply pressure to the area and wait. If the bleeding stops, observe the bird carefully. Depending on the location of the feather, you may want to pull the feather to prevent future issues. If you are not comfortable with pulling the feather yourself, take the bird to your local avian vet so they can show you the proper procedure.

Bleeding from nails:

You can apply a commercial aid such as silver nitrate stick, or kwik stop to the area with pressure until bleeding has subsides. Silver nitrate and kwik stop are clotting agents that will help slow the blood flow. If you do not have these products on hand, you can also apply corn starch or flour to the area, as these home remedies also will help clot.

Bleeding from beak

It does happen. On more than one occasion my clumsy caique has bonked his beak on something, cracked the very tip, and caused some blood flow. In this case, you want to apply pressure, corn starch, or flour. Avoid agents like kwik stop, as they will cause a burning sensation, and a bird's beak is very sensitive. Once the bleeding has stopped, apply something like Nu Skin, or another form of liquid bandage over the area to help protect and seal the wound.

Once the bleeding has stopped and the bird is stable, the bird should be assessed by your avian vet to see if other precautionary measures need to be taken. Beak injuries are painful, so offer your bird a soft diet alternative until the injury has healed and the bird is able to resume a normal diet.

Bleeding from the vent:

In the situation that your bird is bleeding from the vent, rush to your local vent immediately. Bleeding from the vent can stem from a number of causes including egg binding, polyp, and ulcer. Keep your bird warm and quiet until you can see your local veterinarian.