How to Get Rid of an Eczema Skin Rash and Stop the Itch!

Knowing how to get rid of an eczema skin rash is not always easy.

Most people will opt for medicinal eczema treatments, and will have to go through a few of these types of treatments before they are fortunate enough to find one that is able to control their symptoms of eczema.

Any doctor will tell you that eczema cannot be cured but only treated. This means you are in a constant battle to try and reduce and contain the symptoms. Because of these reasons a lot of people have turned away from the many ineffective prescription eczema treatments, and are switching to more natural remedies for eczema to try and get rid of their eczema skin rash and symptoms.

The most basic step for reducing an eczema rash is to ensure that your skin is properly hydrated.

Dehydrated skin is a breeding ground for the symptoms of eczema, and dry skin also becomes itchy skin. Scratching at your skin will make your eczema symptoms even worse, so hydration is very important. So start drinking more water on a daily basis.

Take care when you wash your skin. Many soaps contain alcohol and other chemicals which dry out your skin. So change your soap to one that is going to be kinder to your skin. You can get soaps which are specifically designed to keep the moisture in your skin.

Use moisturizing creams that contain ingredients which are known for keeping skin healthy. Aloe Vera and Blueberry are two such ingredients. Also make sure that you moisturize regularly to keep eczema at bay.

Many people use corticosteroids to try and get rid of an eczema skin rash. Corticosteroid creams contain low levels of steroids and can be helpful in reducing an eczema rash.

However many people do not use corticosteroids in the right way. They should not be applied directly onto dry eczema skin. You should first moisturize your skin and then use the corticosteroid cream on top afterwards.

I am not saying that medicines cannot help, they can up to a point. The problem is that long term use of many medicines can lead to side effects and skin damage because of the harsh chemicals that they contain. So you should always try to opt for a more natural eczema treatment if you want to get rid of your eczema rash and other eczema symptoms.

The other problem is that your body can quickly build up a tolerance to many drugs and medicines.

means that you will have to use more powerful treatments, which means the risk of more severe side effects. This will continue until you run out of options.

There are plenty of natural eczema cures which can greatly help to reduce eczema symptoms. So really the best and safest way to get rid of an eczema skin rash is to use more natural methods.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Cold sores can be pesky little things. They always occur at the wrong time, like right before a date or an important job interview. Cold sores occur on the lips or in the area surrounding the mouth. Cold sores are also referred to as "fever blisters".

Cold sores or "fever blisters" are caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus. Type 1 refers to herpetic lesions of the upper body. Genital herpes do not fall into this category. Since cold sores are caused by a virus, they are treatable but not curable. Also, cold sores are highly contagious. Even slight contact with a lesion can transmit virus particles from one person to another. Treatments exist both over the counter and prescription to keep cold sores under control and get rid of those unsightly lip lesions.

1. Over the counter treatments. Cold sores can be treated with creams and ointments purchased from your local pharmacy. Abreva® is a cold sore treatment that speeds healing as well as any prescription medication. The treatment should be used during the first couple of days of the infection which is called the "tingle stage". During this stage of the infection, outward signs are not yet visible on the skin. An infected person may feel burning, tingling, or itching around the mouth where the cold sore is preparing to form. Abreva® works best at this stage to shorten what could be a two week ordeal from start to finish. Other products that can be used include Herpecin-L®, Zilactin®, and Anbesol Cold Sore Therapy®. Carmex®, Neosporin (TM), and Chapstick® are used to prevent cracking, itching, and redness during the later stages of the infection when the sore is drying out and scabbing over.

2. Prescription medications. If over the counter remedies are not resolving the cold sore problem to your satisfaction, then see a doctor about prescription treatments. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two medications for the treatment of cold sores: Denavir® cream 1% and Zovirax® cream 5%. These creams are best applied during the "tingle stage" of cold sore formation. The logic is that if the treatment is applied early enough before the herpes virus has time to replicate itself the duration of the outbreak will decrease. An important point to note is that even with treatment, a person experiencing a cold sore is still considered contagious until the sore completely disappears.

While cold sores are not a major health problem, they are a form of herpes simplex virus and should be treated appropriately. Steps should be taken to avoid re-infection and transmittance of the virus. Treatment does not cure, but does keep cold sore symptoms under control.

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Get Rid of Acid Reflux Without Drugs

You want to eat but then again you don’t, because “IT” will come for you. The heartburn that happens with GERD is a life interrupting annoyance that makes you want to scream, “I NEED to get rid of acid reflux!!”

Can you feel it? The heartburn, the bloating, the throbbing gut, the constant burping (sometimes accompanied by vomit—vurps), the discomfort seems to never quit. You worry about the long term effects on your body. You feel depressed because it is affecting everything in your life.

You eat antacids like candy; sometimes it helps a little but it is only treating the symptoms. You go to the doctors but they only want to prescribe drugs; an answer with its own set of problems.

Make The Burning Stop!

The burning vurp. . . you just dread it. You try to concentrate on work or listen to your child’s problem but you are distracted because of the acid reflux indigestion.

You are even concerned about having a sexual encounter because “what if . . . ?” those darn vurps come at anytime. You begin coughing and your throat is burning and the romantic mood is ruined.

Oh, My Aching Gut

Many people who suffer from GERD experience the upset stomach and that uncomfortable fullness. An aching gut ruins just about any event in life; just try to have fun and laugh when your stomach is throbbing. This is a disorder of the body that can ruin your whole life, and run it into the ditch!

How Can You Get Rid of Acid Reflux?

You can choose drugs . . . but to win my battle with GERD I wasn’t thrilled about being an experimental animal for the medical industry to try out its new guesses on. Many of those drugs are pulled from the market 2-5 years later because they caused more problems than what they were supposed to cure.

The Answer Is In Your Mouth

You know the saying, you are what you eat, right? GERD got so bad in my life that I was almost completely shut down. I finally went to a holistic doctor—maybe an acid reflux alternative treatment would work.

I was in such pain sometimes I didn’t know whether to cry or put my fist through a wall. The doc made it simple. He said that there is some evidence that GERD and Celiac Disease (intolerance to gluten, a protein found in most grains) are connected.

He explained that to get rid of acid reflux I could go on a gluten free diet for 3 weeks and see how I felt. I couldn’t imagine a life with no bread or pasta!! I fretted on the way home. That night after another episode I decided to try it.

I thought, “What could it hurt?” Maybe I wouldn’t hurt anymore! That thought motivated me greatly. I am not saying it was easy—no—that was 3 years ago and now my life is grreat! Well, as long as I stay gluten free.

If you are tired of being sick and tired, and you are very eager to get rid of acid reflux, this is just one option to consider.

Scalp Psoriasis – The Answers to Your Questions

I can see you sitting at your computer scratching your head. No, your webcam is not on but I know because you are reading this article. You are on a search for information and you have come to the right place.

I can say this from experience, you are not only scratching your head because you have scalp psoriasis, but because you have so many questions about this disease. Well, scratch no more as this article delves into the most frequently asked questions about this condition, and gives you the answers as well.

Who is prone to develop scalp psoriasis?

This condition occurs in people of all ages and of all races. People who have already developed plaque psoriasis are more prone to develop scalp psoriasis, so a history of the disease does play a role.

How common is this condition?

Studies have shown that almost four million Americans have it. The rate per year for the new cases is 95,000. Those are quite astonishing numbers.

What are the known causes?

The real cause of the scalp psoriasis is not yet known. However, there are some contributing factors which are increase the likelihood of getting the disease, most notably genetics and environmental factors.

Is scalp psoriasis curable?

This skin condition is not curable however it is controllable with proper diagnosis and treatment. The key is to get it diagnosed and under the appropriate treatment to minimize the discomfort.

Is a person suffering from psoriasis at increased risk for developing scalp infections than a person with normal skin?

Studies clearly show that a person with scalp psoriasis has higher bacteria counts on their scalp than a person with normal and healthy head. So, it is only normal to see an increase in scalp infections occurring to those that have the skin condition.

What contributing factors worsen the symptoms of this skin disease?

The main factors, as mention previously, relate to the environment. Specifically,

– Winter season

– Changing climate

– Decreased exposure to sunlight

Does psoriasis on the scalp result in hair loss?

It can result in hair loss but that is of a temporary nature. The underlying cause of the hair loss is not the scalp psoriasis but rather the intense and frequent scratching it produces.

Can diet control outbreaks?

It has been shown that diet supplements like flaxseeds are effective in controlling scalp psoriasis outbreaks.

What skin application is most effective in treating this skin condition?

The skin applications which are more effective are the shampoos available in drug stores. The shampoos which are recommended for the treatment should contain salicylic acid or tar.

What vitamins can aid in the controlling of the scalp psoriasis?

Vitamin A and vitamin D are recommended as vitamin supplements to minimize outbreaks. They can be taken orally in shape of capsules. Vitamin D can be taken directly from the sunlight by exposing your skin to it. There you go…find some sun and soak it up!

Can scalp psoriasis be controlled by exposing it to sunlight?

It can be controlled by exposing it to the sunlight. Sunlight contains UV radiations that help body in producing vitamin D. It can’t be understated the benefit vitamin D plays in controlling and treating scalp psoriasis.

Since the winter season worsens scalp psoriasis, what special care should be taken?

The winter season is notable for sufferers because it does worsen the skin condition. It is very important to take great care during winter as well as during the changing of the seasons. Make sure your skin care regiment ensures a way to keep the skin moist and clean.

What home remedies are recommended?

The following home remedies can help relief the skin condition

  • Application of oil over the scalp; The oils that can be used are olive oil, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and clove oil.
  • Aleo vera gel can also be applied over the skin
  • Tar and turmeric are also very effective

Ultimately you’ll want to try the treatment that best works for you. If you’re not sure what the condition looks like, there are plenty of places to see scalp psoriasis pictures on the net to confirm if you have it.

I hope this article answered some of the lingering questions you may have had about this common, but irritating skin condition. I wish you the best of luck in your quest for relief.

Fungus Lawns – Treatment

Beautiful lawns are not always the simplest to maintain. There are so many different aspects to remember in the regular maintenance program that is used both for preventative measures as well as treatment of different problems if and when needed. Most of us do the norm, which is water, mow and fertilize. Of course, there might be added tasks such as an occasional weeding, edging or reseeding. One of the worst problems that one wants to encounter in their lawn is fungus. Fungus Lawns can be nasty to deal with, but there is treatment.

Thank goodness fungi comes in a variety of species; this will help keep us on our toes about the health of our lawns. Fungi grow in a variety of environments and usually we notice it when it's too late. The Brown Patch can be found in Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and tall fescue; the patch can be from approximately 6 to twenty inches in diameter and the grass blades have a light brown edge. The Leaf Spot attacks when it is cold and wet; vegetation can turn dark brown or purplish then to a light brown. The Dollar Spot occurs in humid areas which has low moisture level in the soil. One easy sign to know that you have a fungi problem is if you see a mushroom. This is the time you need to address the issue.

Fungi can either begin life in your yard or be brought into your yard by the wind, rain or from animals or humans walking on a yard with fungus then walking on yours. Not always can you control all elements of your yard, even though I know you do your best. Knowing what type of fungus has entered your yard, is the best way to treat it. For Fungus Lawns, treatment varies from species to species and the simplest way to prevent it is a good lawn maintenance program.

Prevention is the key. When mowing, keep the mower blade sharp and collect the grass clippings. Some clippings are okay for mulch purposes, but not too much as this can begin a thatch and fungi problems which you definitely want to avoid at all costs. Watering is another key. We prefer to water in the evening but not always does the ground dry sufficiently, leaving behind moist soil that can easily accept fungi spores and of course do not over water as this will let water sit and create a perfect spot for fungi to inhabit.

The treatment of Fungus Lawns can vary from simply raking and removing the debris on a regular basis, mowing with a sharp blade and collect the grass clippings, have your soil tested and / or identify the exact fungi to apply the correct fungicidal treatment, use a automated sprinkler system to provide enough water and water in the morning only.

Make sure that you clean your tools when done so that the fungi does not transfer back into the lawn next time. If you are unsure about the process or what type of fungi your lawn has, access the knowledge of your local lawn company to help you be rid of Fungus Lawns.

Lake Water Allergies – Beware of Those Summer Swims

If you live in the country, you are probably familiar with the idea of ​​swim in a lake. Most people think that it's safer to swim in a natural lake, compared to a public swimming pool. This is because most public swimming pools contain chemicals that are designed to keep the water clean. What many people do not know is that lake water can be just as contaminated. It's important to note that these chemicals are usually not manmade. They are generally created by parasites that are from birds or mammals.

It's important to recognize the symptoms as soon as they appear. This will allow you to take measures to stay away from the lake water that's giving you the allergic reaction. These symptoms can include tingling, burning, and itching all over your skin. Reddish pimples and lesions can also appear. More severe symptoms are fever or shortness of breath. If either of these symptoms happens to you, see a doctor as soon as possible.

The best treatment is to avoid lake water. While this may seem to put a downer on your summer, it is a necessity. Most people think it's better to avoid the substance that's causing the allergy then take medications that will only treat the symptoms and not the allergy itself. Most medicines have side effects that can be worse than the allergy symptoms themselves.

While avoiding those refreshing summer swims can be a bummer, there are many other activities that can be enjoyed during the dog days of summer.

Hypopnea Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Hypopnea is a breathing disorder which can be characterized as shallow breathing at a very slow rate of respiration. Among other breathing disorders are: orthopnea, a condition in which a person experiences shortness of breathing time while lying down; dyspnea, a feeling of respiratory failure and breathlessness; trepopnea or difficulty to respire while lying down on one side; apnea or inability to breath.

Hypopnea is not simply absence or shortness of breathing, but rather abnormal respiration when one is unable to get enough oxygen into his lungs. There’s a periodic break in the upper airway and decreases in blood oxygen levels in course of sleep. A sleeping person gets incapable to respire normally and wakes up with each break. Hypopnea is generally caused by overweight, aging, alcohol abuse and smoking, wrong anatomy of the nasal or respiratory ways and other disorders of the respiratory system.

The most common symptoms of hypopnea are snoring and superfluous drowsiness. A person with hypopnea often snores when sleeping and feels exhausted even after having slept decently. People who suffer from this breathing disorder often feel depressed and experience loss of energy. Other hypopnea symptoms include: headaches in the morning, irritability and mood swings, loss of memory and poor concentration. These symptom may not occur all at once.

Hypopnea can lead to really adverse consequences if there is no timely treatment. Lack and poor quality of sleep causes sleep deprivation, which in its turn may lead to diminished productivity, psychiatric problems, cognitive dysfunction, loss of memory and emotional inadequacy. Hypopnea is harmful to the cardiovascular system, resulting in myocardial infarct, heart attack, impotency, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Therefore, hypopnea treatment must commence as soon as it is diagnosed. It usually include: CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure; regular physical exercises and weight loss; avoiding sleeping on the back; alcohol and smoking abstinence; strengthening of gullet muscles with the help of certain exercises.

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Canker Sores

Canker sores are small ulcers that can appear inside your mouth, on your gums, tongue, throat, or on the insides of your cheeks. When the ulcers burst, they leave behind a painful open sore or lesion. And, sometimes, people with canker sores will suffer from other symptoms, including fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. Canker sores are small ulcers that can appear inside your mouth, on your gums, tongue, throat, or on the insides of your cheeks. When the ulcers burst, they leave behind a painful open sore or lesion. And, sometimes, people with canker sores will suffer from other symptoms, including fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes.

Canker sores easily form due to a lack of these essential nutrients in your body. You can find these vitamin supplements by themselves, or combined together in a single multivitamin.

They are small and out of sight, but painful, persistent and annoying. They may occur on your tongue, inside your cheeks or lips, or at the base of your gums. They are called Aphthous Ulcers, but are more commonly known as canker sores. They are different from the unrelated mouth pest known as a cold sore. The cold sore almost always starts on your lips, and may not even spread into the soft tissue of your mouth, while the canker sore starts from the inside of the mouth. Cold sores are also caused by a form of herpes virus which is extremely contagious.

Baking Soda – Canker sores and baking soda have been a good combination for many years now. Mix in a teaspoon of baking soda with some warm water and rinse in your mouth several times a day. The pain should go away within 24 hours. You can also mix the baking soda and a little water together to form a paste that you can then take and rub onto the sore itself. Canker sores and baking soda is very good remedy for those asking how to get rid of canker sores.

Get any regular salt, like iodized table salt, and mix it with water. Rinse your mouth a few times. It will sooth the pain on the gums. Do this every time it starts to hurt or feel funky. Just rinse often and the stress spot that caused the canker sore will subside.

Avoid those foods and beverages that have the potential to irritate canker sores. Hard or crunchy foods, like potato chips, can easily abrade a canker sore’s surface. Acidic drinks, such as tomato juice or citrus juices, alcoholic beverages, and spicy or salty foods can all produce a stinging response from canker sores.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B. Foods like whole grain and green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin B. Eat easily digestible foods, well cooked soft grains and light cooked vegetables. Eat yogurt daily. Active acidophilus in yogurt helps to heal and prevent the outbreak of canker sores. Avoid foods like coffee, citrus fruits and spices, as they may irritate your mouth. Spicy and acidic foods increase the pain; it is advisable to avoid them. Avoid hard foods like chips, wafers and nuts. Avoid diary products, salty foods, sweet foods, oily foods, and animal protein.

Overcoming Depression: A Lesson From The Life Of Elijah

One of my favorite Old Testament stories is about Elijah. The story starts in 1 Kings 18 where we read about Elijah challenging the Israelites to decide whether they would serve God or Baal. To help them make their decision, he challenged the 450 prophets of Baal to a little contest. They were both going to prepare a sacrifice, and whichever god answered by fire, that god would really be God.

The prophets of Baal tried all day, and nothing happened. But when Elijah prayed, God caused His fire to come down and burn up the sacrifice, the wood, the water that Elijah had poured on the sacrifice, the stones, and the dirt around the altar.

When the people saw what God did, they fell down and worshipped Him. It was a powerful sign, and a great victory for God and Elijah, who then ordered the people to kill all the prophets of Baal.

And if that was not a great enough victory, the story goes on to tell us that Elijah prayed that rain would come to end a three-and-a-half year drought, and God answered his prayer with a deluge.

You might think that after experiencing such a great victory, and seeing God answer his prayer, that Elijah would be feeling pretty good. And he probably was, until he got some bad news.

When Jezebel, the queen, heard about Elijah killing all the prophets of Baal, she sent a message to him that said, "May the gods deal with me, be it ever so severely, if by this time tomorrow I do not make your life like that of one of them. " And when Elijah got her message, being the mighty man of God that he was, he got scared and ran away.

I can not really blame him. There have been times in my life when I've gotten news that was not half as bad as "I'm going to kill you," and I've gotten scared and run away. The Bible says that, as he was running, he left his servant behind, went out into the desert, sat down under a tree, and prayed that God would kill him.

Have you ever had bad days like that? Days when nothing seems to be going right and you just want to curl up in some quiet corner and die? I know that I have had times like that, and the bad news that I got was not a death threat. There have been times in my life when I've wanted to die and the only problem I was facing was a little discouragement.

In 1 Kings 19 we read that Elijah ends up going to the mountain of God and spends a night in a cave. In the morning the word of the Lord came to him, and God said, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" (1 Kings 19: 9)

Elijah answered, "I have been very zealous for the LORD God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, broken down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too. " (1 Kings 19:10)

We read that God called Elijah out of the cave and that He brought a wind, an earthquake, and a fire to test Elijah.

When I see Elijah standing on the mountain, with a powerful wind howling around him, rocks falling and breaking into pieces near him, the dust from the rocks being blown into his face and eyes, I imagine that he must have been thinking that God was going to destroy him.

I'm sure that Elijah breathed a sigh of relief when the wind stopped, but then the earthquake came and he feared that God was going to open the ground, drag him down into the darkness of the earth, and crush him. And after barely surviving the earthquake, the fire came, and I'm sure that he knew this was it, God was going to consume him in a His wrath and his life would be over.

And all during this frightening show of God's power, God was not speaking to Elijah. Throughout this entire ordeal, after each potentially devastating event, the Bible says that "The Lord was not in" the wind, the earthquake, or the fire.

In times when I've felt depressed, and I've experienced a lot of times like that, I find that something happens that I can not explain. I may not be standing precariously on some mountain, but I have felt like my thoughts were destructive winds that tried to sweep me away in a torrent of negative words and feelings. Or my mind has raced on to imagining my life being shaken to the core and everything either falling apart or being completely destroyed, burned up by my own actions or God's wrath.

As I read this story I realize that most of the times when I have felt that way, God was not the one that was "in" the shaking. It was the anxious thoughts in my own mind that God was revealing to me. His voice was yet to come, and it came to me just like it came to Elijah, as that still, small voice, that asked me a very important question, "What are you doing here?"

When I look at how God dealt with Elijah in his fear and depression, I see that God is telling me something very important. For one, I need to be careful not to get off alone and allow my feelings to overwhelm me. I do not have to feel like I want to die just because something did not work out the way that I had wanted.

The next thing that is important for me to do when I'm feeling like I'm stuck in a dark cave, is to put my focus on God. There are things that He wants to say to me, and most of the time, He will start off by asking me a question that will get me thinking about how I came to feel so depressed.

It was after Elijah had experienced the wind, the earthquake, and the fire, while feeling alone and without God, that he was able to hear God's voice. And when God spoke, He let Elijah know that he was wrong about many things. He was not the only prophet left and there were thousands of Israelites that still worshipped Him.

God will bring us out of our depression when we are open to hear the truth. The truth will most likely be very different from the thoughts we've been having, but it will encourage us and give us hope. And then God will give us our marching orders, just like he did for Elijah.

The way that God deals with depression in our lives may seem hard to understand, but what He is trying to do is to get us to hear Him more clearly than ever. What we have to do is to not allow the negative thoughts and emotions to so overwhelm us that we stop listening. And when we hear His voice, He will correct the wrong information that we have, give us hope, and ask us to obey Him and start taking action again.

When we do that, we will rise above depression and find victory in Him.

Social Phobia

Imagine going through your whole life in the constant fear of worrying about the others’ opinion for you, saying only such things which might approve you in the peer group and scared to go out in the public to escape the scrutinizing eyes of the people.

There are people who would rather prefer to stay at home for an endless time period than going out of their homes. Such people give importance to the thoughts of others so much that they tend to react accordingly and forget their natural behavior or attitude. There are people who constantly fear the prying eyes of the people when moving out in a public place.

Do you avoid parties and social get-togethers just because you don’t want to interact with the people? If you experience something like this then you should be careful since you must be gripped with social anxiety disorder. Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is a neurotic disorder where a person may feel uncomfortable to interact more often with people socially. According to a survey out of the total number of people detected with social anxiety disorder there are just 25% of them who really go ahead for the treatment of the disease.

Social anxiety disorder although appears to be a very harmless looking disorder but actually it is a serious kind of nervous disorder that affects the behavioral pattern of a person to a great extent. Social anxiety disorder is a kind of social phobia in which a person has acute fear of eating, drinking, talking or being watched out in a public place like a gathering. People who suffer from social phobia encounter difficulties when speaking in public, eating and drinking in public, writing in front of others, meeting new people, being the centre of attention, being watched doing something, using the telephone or even when having to speak to authority figures.

Many times people who are suffering from social anxiety disorder tend to experience the clinical symptoms of anxiety like sweating, blushing, tense muscles or headaches when they confront their most dreaded social situations, for e.g. while giving a public speech.

People whose conditions have become worse can definitely seek medical help. But the thing is, though social anxiety disorder is a treatable disease, it is not a completely curable disease. Once the disorder is under control cognitive behavioral therapy must be tried by a qualified psychiatrist who can reduce this disorder by his psychological counseling too.

The social phobia should never be left untreated otherwise the sufferer becomes a person of low self esteem, low confidence, emotionally more dependent and financially poor too. So if you know any such person suffering from social anxiety disorder then help that person out by enlightening him on his condition, by providing him proper information about his condition, trying to give him medical care and most importantly make him realize that his condition is not just simply a state but a disease which needs treatment like any other form of disease, and therefore he would surely need the help of medications as well as the psychological counseling of a psychiatrist.

Physical Causes of Anxiety

If you experience Anxiety & Panic Attacks it may very well be a "secondary" condition to another physical illness.

Of course, the only way to know for sure is to be as open and honest with your doctor about your symptoms and your lifestyle as possible (even if it is embarrassing).

There are so many things that can contribute or have caused your anxiety disorder and panic attacks that the list is just incredibly long.

Here are just a few possible physical causes of anxiety disorder and panic attacks:

Low potassium levels

High potassium levels



Cigarette smoking

Alcohol consumption

Recreational Drugs

Medications (including the one's that are prescribed for anxiety & panic)




Kidney Disease

Work place stress

Marriage breakdown

Witnessing or being a part of a traumatic event



Heart conditions

If your anxiety & panic attacks have become a disorder then you're not only going to have to treat the primary cause (which could be anything from the list above and more), but also treat the anxiety & panic disorder as you have developed a new response to fear and stress.

Note: Never self diagnose. Make sure you visit your local GP first. All material provided is for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your doctor regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

Teen Depression: Is There A Hopeful Outlook?

Teen depression strikes one in five children. This is a very frightening number. Depression is anything but a good thing. It happens to anyone, in any lifestyle, in any income range. Most of the time, it will not be noticed until it becomes a large problem. This should be the most sobering of all news about this epidemic. Yet, one thing that is hopeful about teen depression is that more and more individuals are learning about it and in this area of ​​health, knowledge is power.

Tips To Noticing Depression In Teens

Typically quite are On Teens unpredictable, but when it comes to health hwy parents color : as well color : as friends Friends shouldnt KEEP an eye out for these things and That : other things you will the find at Http:// .

* Sudden changes in their mood, appetite or weight can be indications of depression. While these things can also be something that is attributed to just being an adolescent, when it is coupled with other conditions, it should be taken note of.

* A loss of interest in doing the things that they used to love to do can be depression. Now, this is not necessarily something from their childhood, but something within the past few months. Perhaps they enjoyed horseback riding and just stopped doing it within the last months.

* Traumatic situations can cause teen depression to come on fast. For example, divorce or separation of their parents, death, economic changes, or even just friendship and significant other changes. Often, teens blame themselves for these conditions.

* A lack of emotion is a sign that something is definitely wrong. If they do not seem happy any more, for any reason, there may or may not be something bothering them. Depression does not have to be brought on by something, it can just be there.

* Pulling away from family, friends and from school is something many teens with depression find themselves doing. They just withdraw into their own world. This is not normal teen behavior but a serious condition.

One thing that must be said about teen depression is that this is a serious, life threatening condition and one in which help should be sought for as soon as possible. There are many tragic stories of young teens harming themselves because they are suffering from depression and no one took notice.

Finally, on the good note, those teens that do get treatment for the depression that they are experiencing can actually recover quickly and completely from it and get back into doing the things they love to do. Talk to your doctor if you feel that you have been in any of these conditions or you know someone that is. They can determine what is happening and get life back on track for you.

More about teen Learn depression and depression in general at Http:// Tweet Get help now or help a friend in need.

Biliary Dyskinesia – 3 Easy Herbal Remedies

Discover how to relieve bloating, nausea or cramps caused by biliary dyskinesia with herbal remedies.

Biliary dyskinesia is a functional disorder of the mechanism to eliminate bile in the absence of visible inflammation of the gallbladder or lithiasis.

In a high-fat meal, the gallbladder empties completely within an hour. Biliary dyskinesia occurs when the gallbladder response is inadequate – hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (“lazy gallbladder”, when the gallbladder is emptied too slow) or hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts to strong and the bile is evacuated too rapidly).

Hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) is treated either by stimulating bile secretion in the liver cell (choleretic action) or by stimulating gallbladder contraction to evacuate the bile in the duodenum (cholagogue action).

Ones of the most used herbal remedies for biliary dyskinesia with choleretic and / or cholagogue action are:

1. Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) tea is a good cholecystokinetic, but has a very bitter taste, which is why many people hesitate to drink it.

Drink it in small sips, unsweetened, in the morning on an empty stomach, after which lie down on the right side for about 30 minutes to have maximum effect.

You can drink at any time during the day, but it hasn’t the same effect. Although the tea is the best way, you can dodge the bitter taste and take Artichokes capsules instead of the tea, half an hour before each meal.

2. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is an excellent herbal remedy for both hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) and hypertonic biliary dyskinesia.

It helps if you suffer from lazy gallbladder (the bile isn’t evacuated fast enough in the duodenum). With its sedative, calming, and antispasmodic action is also effective in hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts too much and the bile is evacuated to fast)

As an added bonus, Lemon balm prevents gallstones formation and stimulates the secretion of bile in the liver cells.

Drink 1 cup of concentrated combined infusion per day.

3. Another herb you can use for hypertonic biliary dyskinesia is Peppermint (Mentha piperita).

It relieves the gallbladder muscle spasms and has a general muscle relaxation action. Its active ingredients stimulate the functioning of the gallbladder and have a decongestant and calming action.

To avoid biliary dyskinesia crisis try to eat at fixed hours, and lie down on the right side for half an hour after lunch for an effective bile drainage.

Biliary dyskinesia diet isn’t an exact science so, although some foods can be recommended, avoid them if they are not right for you.

Dark Toenails

Dark toenails are obviously not soothing to the eyes. If your toenails are darker than others, then the embarrassment you have to cope up with causes pain as well. It is always important to take proper care, as in general, such toenails are symptoms of toenail fungus. The nails generally get thickened and crumbly or brittle in nature. The shape of the nails gets distorted and intolerable pain starts around your nail bed. The infected nails generally have scaly and flaky skin around it. Sometimes, it is also possible that your infected nail gets discolored and develops brown, white or yellow patches around it.

Infected dark toenails can lead to serious problems as well. Sometimes, the nail gets separated from its bed. It results into immense pain and sometimes, in advanced stages, an unpleasant odor may come out of the infected nail. This is particularly pretty embarrassing as you can hide your infected nails but the odor cannot be hidden (Usage of perfumes is strictly prohibited as the situation gets only worse with it). Severe infections can make it difficult for you to even walk as not only the pain gets to a higher level but it can lead to an ingrown toenail. Leave walking; you may not be able to even wear shoes under such circumstances.

According to Dermatologists, yeast, dermatophytes and a fungus called “tinea” are primarily responsible for dark toenails. People already suffering from athlete’s foot have a 35% higher chance of developing nail fungus infection. These “tinea” fungi generally find a way into the nails and stay there to develop the infection. Dermatophytes thrive on keratin which is a protein found in nails, hairs or skin. These dermatophytes consume keratin from the nail and thus it becomes necessary to supply additional keratin to the infected nails. These causes other diseases like crotch rot, ringworm etc.

If you leave your dark toenails untreated, things can get even worse. You may lose your nail and in addition develop paronychia (It is kind of a surface infection around your nails causing pus-filled blisters, swelling and redness). So, it is particularly important to take care at the early stages. Plenty of affordable products are out in the market providing money back guarantees. These are proper mix of some ingredients useful to eradicate toenail fungus; thus particularly useful.

Caring For An Ill Child

Children who are ill at home or in hospital don’t always feel well enough to read or play games. Story tapes are an ideal way to entertain your child while they recuperate. Keeping a sick child’s mind off their illness may actually help them to recuperate faster.

Parents of babies and children often worry about their children becoming ill and how to spot the tell tale signs of the more serious illnesses. When your child is in the bath or getting ready for bed it is a good idea to check for any swellings, marks or rashes which might indicate the onset of an illness.

If your child is ill in bed the following guidelines will help to keep them comfortable and safe:

1. Room – the child’s room should be well-ventilated and uncluttered. It needs to be airy but not draughty.

2. Blankets/Duvets – make sure that they are lightweight. The child’s temperature might fluctuate so it is better to have two thin covers to put on instead of one thick one as they can be put on the bed or removed as required.

3. Sheets – use cotton sheets as they are more comfortable for a child with a temperature. Change the sheets every day if possible. This will help the child to feel better.

4. Tissues – make sure that the child has a box of tissues within reach.

5. Vomiting – If the child is vomiting frequently make sure that they have a container within reach, next to the tissues. Protect pillows and top sheet with towels so that these can be easily changed if the child is sick. Disinfect the container after use.

6. Plastic mattress cover – Children who are ill are more likely to wet or soil their beds so protect with plastic mattress cover.

7. Potty – If the child is feeling very ill provide a potty so that they don’t have to trail to the toilet.

8. Hygiene – A daily bath or shower is important. If the child is too ill then give them a bed bath instead. Clean their teeth at least in the morning and evening and brush their hair. Keeping clean will make the child feel more comfortable.

9. Nails – Keep the child’s nails short and clean especially if they have a tendency to scratch any spots they might have.

10. Clothing – dress the child in cool cotton clothing which is comfortable and not too tight.

11. Drinks – drinks should be offered at frequent intervals to prevent dehydration. Don’t wait for the child to ask for a drink. Any fluid can be offered to encourage the child to drink, e.g. fresh fruit juices (except if a child has mumps as the acid causes pain to the parotid glands), milk, light soup, milk shake, whatever drink they usually enjoy. Try to vary the drinks as much as possible. Use anything which might make the drinks more interesting such as coloured straws. Offer small quantities at a time.

12. Food – Offer food but never force a sick child to eat. (Follow the doctor’s advice about children with sickness and diarrhoea – they may be kept on ‘fluids only’ for a while). Allow children to choose their favourite food. Give them smaller but more frequent meals. If the child has a sore throat they might prefer some ice-cream or yoghurt. Foods like soups, milky puddings and ice-cream might be easier for sick children to eat and digest. Always supervise children who are ill whilst they are eating.

Always seek professional help if you are worried about your child.