Accelerate Your Financial Growth With SIP

We all have one common desire, ie, 'to become financially strong.' But only thinking about it will not fulfill it; we will have to work hard for achieving the same. So, before moving towards it, we need to know what can help us to reach there, so as to make the path easier. Everyone is aware that only money has the power of creating monies. Here, the savings that we owe are the sources of reaching the financial goals and SIP is the route for the same.

What is SIP?

The SIP, which stands for the Systematic Investment Plan, is a way of investing in the mutual fund schemes. Under this, one is required to put the amount of money at regular intervals which is automatically debited from the bank accounts and put into various investment schemes. It possesses a bundle of benefits, and provides the following advantages to an investor:

  1. Small Amount of Payment: One can start putting his money into diversified projects with just Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000, via SIP, which does not cause trouble.
  2. Periodical Remittance: As per the nature of SIP and its functioning, it requires the amount to be payable on a recurrent basis say monthly and then, the investor to plan his per month expenditure accordingly.
  3. Debits the Money Automatically: Once the investor is enrolled with the AMC to invest in the SIP, s (he) associates his / her bank account with the same and the amount of investment money is debited from there accordingly in a hassle-free manner.
  4. The Power of Compounding: In investment, we receive the interest on some specific rate. It may be a simple or a compound interest rate. In SIP, investments fetch the return on the compound basis. According to which, the interest earned on the principle amount also recognizes yield, ie, 'interest on interest'. For example, you invest Rs. 20000 @ 10% simple interest for 5 years. At the date of maturity, you will receive an amount equal to Rs. 30000. While, in the case of compound interest, the value of the investment on the due date shall be, Rs. 32210.20. Correspondingly, it is more beneficial for the investor.
  5. Rupee-Cost Averaging: Every scheme under the SIP has a net asset value (NAV), which is basically the unit price of that scheme, on the basis of which the units are alloted to the investor. Lower NAV means more units and vice versa. As it keeps changing regularly, every time the money of the investor is put into the plan, s (he) gets a different number of units. Thus, the average cost of investment reduces. Here, the investment in SIP is low-cost in comparison with others.

Apart from the above major benefits, SIP also provides the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Tax Savings
  • Diversification
  • Wide Selection

Accordingly, if one is desirous of achieving the financial growth and experience the riches, the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is one of the best choices to make. It is capable of fulfilling every investor's requirement and is beneficial for all.

In the study of economics, we come to know about the power of savings and its relationship with the investments. For the growth of the economy of a country, investment plays a crucial role which leads to the overall development of its citizens. Here, we can conclude here that by investing our savings in the SIP mutual fund schemes, we can achieve our objective of experiencing the financial freedom.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

My father recently was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and he exhibited some of normal Brain Tumor Symptoms. However he did not have all the typical symptoms of a brain tumor, this is quite common for someone to only exhibit a selection of the normal brain tumor symptoms.

So what are the brain tumor symptoms you should look out for?

Brain Tumor Symptoms are very much related to where in the brain the tumor is located.

This is a short summary of what symptoms are related to which part of the brain.

Frontal lobe – Tumors in the Frontal lobe can cause the following: changes in personality or intellect, unco-ordination especially in walking, some weakness typically in one side of the body, some speech difficulties.

Parietal lobe – Tumors in the Parietal lobe can cause the following: difficulty in understanding words reading and writing, problems with movements especially co-ordination of movements, disorientation
numbers and calculations, weakness on one side of the body.

Occipital lobe – Tumors in the Occipital lobe can cause the following: vision impirement especially on one side.

Temporal lobe – Tumors in the Temporal lobe can cause the following: Fits, strange feelings like fear or familiarity like dé jà vu, unusual smells, blackouts, difficulties with speech, memory problems.

Cerebellum – Tumors in the Cerebellum can cause the following: Co-ordination affecting walking and speech, unsteadiness, involuntary movement of the eyes – flickering, vomiting and nausea, neck stiffness.

Brain stem – Tumors in the Brain Stem can cause the following: Unsteadiness typically un-coordinated walking, Facial weakness can be one-sided smile or eyelid that droops, vision issues typically double vision, speaking and swallowing difficulties.

As you can see the different tumors exhibit different symptoms.
You need to look out for any brain tumor symptoms and if there appears to be a problem get it checked by a qualified medical person immediately.

3 Quick And Easy World Of Warcraft Gold Cheats

If you are looking for the Cheat to get Gold in World of Warcraft then this article will radically help you. You will learn a couple of secrets of World of Warcraft Gold Cheat by reviewing this article.

The best way to obtain gold in World of Warcraft is to find an informative guide on that issue as if you are looking for WoW Gold Cheat which really does not exist and you probably will face the risk of having your account black out.

A few tips are given below to a World of Warcraft Gold Cheat inside the game:

First of all you should aim the North Western Plaugelands and try to get to Scarlet City in order to gather lots of gold. You will have to pass a tower during you form your way to Scarlet City and when the tower is discovered you are too close to the area where you can get plenty of gold from the spellbinders.

In that location you will find some mobs who will throw off a formula intended for a weapon named 'Enchant Weapon Crusader' which will get you above 200 gold if you deal it.

Actually it is not a WoW Gold Cheat. However, you can see the amount of gold is possible to make as the mobs will respawn again and again.

Another excellent way to achieve gold in World of Warcraft is to attack the Priests of Scarlet in place where they are privileged but quite easy to break. They will present you the run cloths as an epic token which are very difficult to get. You can trade the run cloth for huge amount of money.

After finishing northern Plaugelands, you should head to the Eastern part of the Plaugelands to attain similar benefits. You will see the mobs there will radiate a formula that is generated for 'Greater Protection Potion'. It is one of the finest WoW gold cheats you are looking for as they cast this item off quite a lot which will give you 1 gold for each potion.

Asthma – Cause and Treatment

There are various forms of and causes for this disturbing problem, one of these causes, giving rise to a comparatively simple form, is cramp of the ring-muscle of the windpipe so contracting the windpipe that breathing is rendered difficult. A "wheeze" is heard in breathing, though there is no bronchitis or lung trouble present. The cause of this cramp is an irritation of the ring-muscle's nerve. It can be relieved by pressing cold cloths gently along the spine, from the back of the head to between the shoulders, taking care that the patient remains generally warm during the treatment, and attending to the feet and skin as directed below in this article.

Sometimes the cause seems to lie in the air of the place where the sufferer resides. A change either to high ground or the seaside will often completely remove asthma, especially in the young. In any such case a trial should be made of several places, if that be at all possible, and that place fixed upon where the asthma is least felt.

Another cause of asthma is lack of power in the breathing muscles. In such a case the patient clings to a particular attitude, in which alone he can breathe. This is in most cases due to a lack of vitality in the root nerves which supply the breathing muscles.

An attack of this may often be relieved by rubbing, with the points of the fingers chiefly, gently yet firmly up and down each side of the spine, close to the bone. Even rubbing above the clothing will frequently relate. The roots of the nerves supplying power to the breathing muscles lie just on each side of the spine, and this kind of rubbing stimulates these roots. It is not rubbing of skin or backbone which is wanted, but such gentle treatment of the nerve roots on either side of the bone as makes them glow with genial warmth. This rubbing is of course better done on the surface of the skin. See that the patient is warm, then dip the fingers in cold water, and rub as directed. When the water cools too much, or the patient tires of it, use fresh olive oil, warm if necessary. In such cases avoid all brandy, rum, and alcoholic drinks which simply rob the nerves of the very power you need for cure, Temporary relief may be given by such drinks, but it is at the expense of reduced life and reduced chances of cure.

A tablespoonful of hot water every five minutes is the best curative drink. It may be given for several hours if required. To give this rubbing treatment and drinking hot water fair play, however, attention must be paid most carefully to the feet and skin of the patient, The feet frequently are cold, and in bad cases swell, the skin at and above the swelling being pale and soft, In minor cases this state of the feet may be valued by rubbing with hot olive oil. In serious cases rubbing is to be alternated with bathing the feet in hot water, until the feet and limb glow with heat. This may be done two or three times a day, for half an hour, or even an hour. It increases very greatly the vital power of breathing.

Did you find those tips on Asthma Treatment useful? You can learn a lot more about health and other useful tips at Asthma Treatment

Causes of Hip Pain and Potential Treatment Methods

The hip is quite stable and requires a major force to cause a dislocation. The hip is more prone to bone and joint damage. As a weight-bearing joint it is commonly affected by degenerative changes and fracture in senior patients. The causes of pain in the hip are probably more age related than any other joint (ie congenital disorders in the infant, growth plate and vascular problems in the adolescent, trauma in the young adult and fracture or arthritis in the elderly).

Patients often complain of hip pain when, in fact, the pain is in either the low back or buttocks. The pain felt in the hip may be due to an internal pathology of the hip joint or referred from a number of other structures. A common traumatic history for hip pain is a fall onto the hip. This often results in soft tissue injury such as a contusion or a trochanteric bursitis. Very often with this condition, the pain is worse during activity and relieved by rest.

Strategies for relief of this painful condition in the hip include:

1. Regular appointments with a local chiropractor
2. Reduce your stress- studies have shown that stress can exacerbate pain
3. Do not overdo it- rest is one of the best treatments for acute pain
4. Get into an exercise routine – muscle fatigue can contribute to injury, which in turn can cause pain
5. Have a positive attitude – focus on the activities that you enjoy and look forward to activities you can do when you are pain free.

If you visit a chiropractor to treat this condition, he or she will perform a thorough history and examination including orthopedic, neurological testing and diagnostic radiography to determine the true cause of your hip pain. Then they will develop a specific plan of management tailor to your case.

Forceps Delivery Birth Injuries

Complications during childbirth, such as a large baby, a breech position, or prolonged labor, sometimes require the use of forceps to safely deliver the baby. However, if proper medical procedures are not followed while using forceps, birth defects such as nerve or brain damage can result. Forceps use in childbirth is permitted when the baby appears to be in fetal distress, when the mother is having trouble pushing, or when the positioning of the baby in the birth canal is incorrect. The structure of the forceps allow them to clamp on the sides of the baby's head, giving the doctor a steady grip but also putting the baby at risk for damage if the procedure is performed improperly.

If done correctly, a forceps delivery can save the baby's life or prevent it becoming severely hypoxic, or oxygen depleted. If an infant goes without oxygen for too long, severe and permanent brain damage can occur. Likewise, use of forceps might be the only way to deliver the child or protect its head because of improper positioning. Because of the vulnerability of a baby's skull, it is extremely important to care for the head. If a doctor does not take necessary steps to shell the skull, brain damage can result.

Conversely, forceps delivery can also hurt the baby, sometimes permanently. Some degree of force is always employed in forceps delivery so risk is inherent in the procedure. Specific dangers include facial nerve damage, skull fractures, and cerebral palsy. Babies are not the only parties at risk for complications during forceps births. Mothers face increased risks for lacerations, urinary tract infections, and rectum injuries.

The most severe risks of forceps deliveries to babies include facial nerve damage and cerebral palsy. With facial nerve damage, permanent facial asymmetry may occur, especially evident when the child laughs or cries. Cerebral Palsy develops when damage to the cerebrum of the brain occurs, resulting in motor control difficulties. Although it is a non-progressive disorder, meaning the brain damage does worsen with age, there is no known cure. Cerebral Palsy is considered the second most expensive developmental disability to manage over the course of a lifetime, with the average lifetime cost approximately about $ 921,000. Its exact cause is not known but it is almost always linked with birth trauma, including improper forceps delivery, as well as hypoxia, premature birth, multiple births, and certain infections in the mother both before and after birth.

If you are interested in learning more about forceps deliveries, this site about traumatic birth injuries can help.

Sleep Panic Attacks – Ever Heard of Night Terror Or Sleep Paralysis?

Does this sound familiar? You are starting to fall sleep, but you're not quite fully there-more like a daze. Suddenly, you feel your heart rate dramatically increase and then you start having problems getting your next breath. Perhaps you even feel like you can not move-your body is paralyzed. All this is very terrifying and for lack of a better term you call it a sleep panic attack.

You are probably suffering from one of two conditions. One is called night terrors and the other sleep paralysis.

Here is the good news-if there can be anything good about waking up in horror-regardless condition is a serious health threat. However, it is always good to check in with your doctor concerning your sleep issues. For example, sometimes thyroid conditions can cause symptoms similar to what we have described.

Night terrors typically develops within the first hour or so of sleep and is more common in children than adults. A person suffering from night terror will yell, scream or moan while sleeping, but will probably not fully wake during their episode. Even if someone tries to wake them it will be difficult to do so. One very distinguishing feature of night terror is that the person suffering from it will rarely be able to remember exactly what happened to them and what they did during their sleep terror. However, they will be able to remember the fear they felt when their heart was racing and breathing was difficult.

Children suffering from night terrors will have very similar symptoms as adults, but they generally only affect children under the age of six. While not real common, approximately 1 in seven children will suffer from night terror sometimes in their childhood.

Night terrors are generally related to anxiety issues, improper sleeping patterns and bad diet choices. Reducing stress, establishing plans to assure consistent and quality sleep and improving diet choices will go far in reducing night terror in both children and adults.

Sleep paralysis occurs when a person is unable to move their bodies either as they fall to sleep or as they start to wake up. It is a very frightening experience and is also accommodated by difficulty in breathing and a feeling of tightness in their chest area. They are often fearful they will die because of these breathing problems.

There is not a medical explanation for the cause of sleep paralysis; however, there is some indication it can be related to genetics and a family history of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis will pass after a few minutes and the person will either quickly regain the use of their limbs or will progressively improve.

People with sleep paralysis often suffer from panic attacks during their waking hours, so there is definitely a correlation. Like most panic related issues, getting proper exercise, improving eating habits and establishing sleep routines to assure more and higher quality sleep will assist in reducing sleep paralysis.

While night terrors and sleep paralysis can be extremely frightening and distressing, they usually do not involve serious health issues. Hopefully, their symptoms can be avoided or reduced by making relatively simple changes in life-styles choices.

How to Cure a Hernia Without Surgery?

Once you have read the statistics that up to 30 per cent of men suffer lifetime pain after groin hernia surgery, it kind of makes you a bit concerned. As my friend Brian put it, 'I decided against the op because two of my friends had it and have been in pain ever since'.

Luckily Brian had a small hernia and was under no pressure from his doctors to get the surgery straight away, though they did insure him it would get worse and need an operation ever.

Brian decided he would try to prove them wrong. He embarked on a non-surgical hernia treatment program which had been found on the Internet, changed his diet, started an exercise program and began wearing an industrial-strength hernia support garment. How long did his hernia take to heal without surgery? Five years? Two years? In fact it was gone in less than six months.

So why do doctors insist that this is not possible when it is clearly? There are growing numbers of case reports on the Net, from people who hernia healed without surgery. It's not even a new concept. Back in the 19th century hernia cures were considered commonplace before the days of surgery.

The Herniabible Program
The program that Brian found on the Net is called the Herniabible system. It's quite simple and is based on eating the right foods, doing the right exercises and keeping the hernia firmly at all times. However you can not just wear any old truss to keep it in. Some versions, though cheap and cheerful, have rounded pads that press into the gap in your abdomen and keep it open. You do not want that because the edges of the gap need to come together in order to heal. Some trusses / belts also slip around and do not always keep the hernia in very well. You have to use a hernia support that has flat pads and is also guaranteed to keep the hernia at all times (even when cycling or playing football).

Foods to Eat for a Hernia
The Herniabible diet is all about controlling your hernia pain and swelling by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and fiber-rich foods, and not overloading your digestive system. It's also important to get enough vitamin C, zinc and other vitamins and minerals that are needed to make collagen – the protein from which skin and muscles are made. (Weak collagen is one of the reasons why hernias can occur in the first place.)

Hernia Exercises
To help heal a hernia without surgery it is definitely beneficial to do the right exercises. These exercises must target the right muscles, ie the core muscles such as the transverse abdominal muscles which lie underneath the six-pack. The Pilates system is ideal for this. Most abdominal exercises are designed to develop the six-pack, and will not be of any use to help heal a hernia.

Is that all there is to it? Yes, more or less. You can find other advice on the Net about using herbs like hawthorn, which also helps to control pain and swelling, or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, which helps to strengthen collagen, but these will not work on their own. You have to do the other stuff too. There are also some scams out there to beware of. I found a couple of scam sites that looked extremely professional and medical, and that their herbs were proved to completely cure any hernia. Do not fall for it!

How to Determine If a Side Air Bag Contributed to an Injury

While all new vehicles sold today must have frontal air bags that deploy from the steering wheel and dash to protect you in a frontal crash, many also have side air bags to shield you during side impact collisions.

This article explains how they work, the different types of side air bags, and how to identify possible defects and the injuries they cause.

How Side Air Bags Work

Side air bags are sometimes called side impact air bags and are abbreviated as SAB or SIAB. They are designed to protect you when your car is stuck on the side, such as during an intersection (T-bone) accident or if your car slides off the road and its side hits a tree or utility pole.

Crash sensors for SABs are usually installed inside the bottom of the "B-pillar," which is the post behind the front door that helps hold up the roof. In some vehicles, these crash sensors are inside the front door or near the back seat area.

Your car, truck, van or SUV usually has at least one crash sensor on each side of the vehicle. During a side impact crash, one of your SAB sensors should detect the sideways (lateral) deceleration and send an electrical signal to the air bags to begin inflating.

SABs are most commonly installed inside your seat, attached to the upper part of the seat frame near the door. In a few vehicles, they are installed inside your door, benefit the plastic trim cover. These are designed to provide a protective cushion between you and the side of your car.

Types of Side Air Bags

There are three primary types of side air bags. The first is known as a "torso" air bag since it protects only the torso or upper body. Rectangular and fairly small in size, it's often less than 18 inches tall when fully inflated.

This type was used in many of the first vehicles equipped with SABs. Unfortunately, these air bags usually provide very little protection to your head and neck.

The second type is known as a "head and torso" bag. Taller than a regular torso bag, it extends forward to protect the head and neck, as well as the chest and upper torso during side impact accidents.

Generally, this type of air bag protects you much better in an accident by protecting your head, neck and chest from the side of your car and the vehicle that hit you. This is particularly true when you are hit in the side of your vehicle by a taller vehicle, such as a pickup truck, van or SUV.
A more recent type of SAB is the "curtain" air bag. A curtain air bag deploys down from the edge of the roof and is intended to cover most of the window. That way it can protect your head and neck, even when they would otherwise move outside the window during the accident.

For maximum protection, curtain air bags are sometimes combined with torso air bags that deploy from the seat or door trim to protect your chest. In many cases, such curtain air bags extend from the front seat toward the back, and can so also protect back seat passengers.

In prior years, other types of SABs were sometimes used, but on a much smaller scale. For example, a few cars used a tubular protection system consisting of an air bag shaped like a tube that ran from the front to the back of the door, extending across the window. These systems need a separate torso air bag to adequately protect your chest. Often, there were significant disadvantages associated with such side air bags that sent in limited use.

Many people do not realize there are a lot of SABs that do not deploy during a rollover accident, even when the vehicle rolls onto its side. That is because those SABs do not include an appropriate crash sensor that can detect rollover crashes.

We have received reports of salespeople at car dealerships telling consumers that their SABs will deploy in rollover accidents, even when that is not true. Such statements can cause the salespeople and the dealer to be held responsible for misrepresentation or fraud when the air bags fail to deploy in a rollover.

Side Air Bag Defects and Injuries

Common defects in SAB systems include failure to install a side air bag, or installing only a torso air bag that fails to protect the head and neck. Perhaps the most common defect reported to us is the failure of the SAB to deploy during a side impact crash. Often, this results from defective sensor placement or defective software algorithms in electronic sensors that fail to detect the crash severity. This can stem from negligent testing programs that do not address real-world crashes.

Some SABs can hang up on the seat or trim panels, causing them to deploy incompletely or improperly. Also, a few SAB systems were defectively designed to be so forceful that they can inflict serious personal injuries or even catastrophic injuries when they inflate. Such "aggressive" side air bags are particularly dangerous for children and infants.

These defects can cause sever personal injuries, including head trauma; traumatic brain injuries (TBI); skull fractures; facial injuries; spinal cord injuries; cervical spine fractures or dislocations; paralysis (paraplegia, quadriplegia); arm and hand injuries, including traumatic amputation; chest injuries; heart injuries; pelvic injuries; bone fractures / orthopedic injections; flail chest; as well as numerous other injuries. In some cases, defects in your side air bags can cause your death.

Cure Bulged Disc In Back

If you suffer from back pain that will not go away, a visit to the doctor is warranted. If a filled disc is diagnosed, there are different treatment options to cure bulged disc in lower back with overall favorable outcomes.

A variety of additional terms such as ruptured, collapsed, or torn disc can be named for boiled disc. Slipped disc, disc protrusion, disc disease are others. The name is not as important as the pain, which can be extreme and you want it resolved.

There are two basic types of pain; pinched nerve and disc pain. With a herniated disc, the disc is pinching a nerve located within the spine. This is referred to as nerve root pain which extends to other parts of the body such as the legs, back, buttocks, legs, calves, and feet. A pinched nerve in the lower back is often referred to as sciatica. Disc pain is when the disc space is the source of pain. This type of pain is also referred to as axial pain. Bulging disc and headaches are usually associated with the neck.

Slipped Disc Diagnosis

A visit to the physician will start with a medical history followed by an examination. The physician will try to determine the causes of pain through a physical exam which may include nerve function testing, sensory tests, and muscle strength testing by a neurological exam.

Diagnostic testing may be performed to confirm the diagnosis, determine the location of the disc and nerves. A CT scan, MRI, or discipline may be ordered. Discograms are typically ordered when a patient is leaning towards surgery. This study is used to help determine if there are any irregularities in the shape of the disks.

Slipped Disc Symptoms and Signs

Trauma, genetics, or age can be contributing factors to a boiled disc. When the space between the vertebrae is damaged, decreases, or collapses the disks move closer together. This shift of the joints in the spine reduce the cushion needed to move properly. The lack of cushion is what creates the pain requiring slim disc treatment.

Blocked disc treatment normally starts with rest and anti-inflammatories followed by physical therapy. Rest is extremely important to give the back complete rest and time to heal. While this is important, sticking to the bed is not recommended. Physical therapy may be added to correct the condition, reduce pain, and teach good posture. Epidural injections may be ordered if the symptoms do not subside.

If surgery is a consideration, the pros and cons should be well thought through. Recovery from back surgery can take some time. There are risks with any type of surgery, so this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Back pain of any kind is bothersome, but pain due to disc problems can be unbearing sometimes leaving individuals unable to function. An appointment with your medical doctor is the first step and most important step.

Know the Facts to Safeguard Impotence

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Viagra and the passionate man

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Jump afar from ED

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How To Get Prompt Relief From Hemorrhoids?

So before we go into what you can use for prompt relief from hemorrhoid symptoms, we will first get to know what they are; how to prevent them; understanding your medication; recent treatment for hemorrhoids and then look at natural herbal remedies for hemorrhoids. So we will start off by looking at whether hemorrhoids are common or not.

How common are hemorrhoids?

Estimates vary, but it looks like hemorrhoids or piles affects up to a third of the population of most western societies. I live in the UK and the number of anti-hemorrhoid medications being advertised on TV is testimony to number of people needing this kind of medication.

What are hemorrhoids?

Simply put, they are varicose veins of the anus. Anal veins drain blood away from the area. They expand (dilate) during defecation and shrink back to the normal size afterwards.

However, repeated straining during defecation, which is common as a result of constipation, can interfere with the normal functioning of these veins. They become permanently swollen, causing pain and itching.

In addition, defecation can rupture the swollen blood vessels, causing bleeding. This can progressively become a problem during pregnancy. This is because, as the foetus develops, it places pressure on all the veins of the lower abdomen.

How to you prevent hemorrhoids?

The best way to deal with hemorrhoids is to prevent them, and the best way to do this is to prevent constipation. You will find several herbs that are good for relieving chronic constipation but staying regular boils down to fibre-rich diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of non-alcoholic fluids.

It is true to say that anyone who regularly eats five fibrous fruits and five fibrous vegetables a day will not suffer constipation. That is to say a preventative ounce of carrots or apples – not forgetting prunes – with more than a laxative later.

Treatment for hemorrhoids – Understanding your medication

Over-The Counter or Prescribed Anti-hemorrhoid medication

Most prescribed or over the counter products for hemorrhoids will typically include anaesthetic and analgesics to deal with the pain of hemorrhoids. This will include:

  • Vasoconstrictors – help tighten the distended veins that lead to hemorrhoids.
  • Lubricants – help relieve constipation, the underlying cause of hemorrhoids.
  • Astringents – help tighten anal tissue distended by hemorrhoids
  • Keratolytics – help remove which help remove excess hemorrhoid tissue.

New treatment

Monopolar direct Current Therapy

This is purely an outpatient procedure and only local anaesthetic is used. This is a painless treatment for all grades of hemorrhoids is reportedly effective and safe.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Natural bulking compounds can also be used to reduce faecal straining. These fibrous substances, particularly psyllium seed and guar gum, possess mild laxative action due to their ability to attract water and form a gelatinous mass

Natural herbal remedies for hemorrhoids include Butcher’s broom or Ruscus aculeatus and Witch hazel or Hamamelis virginiana.

Tonsils Can Cause Bad Breath

Americans are obsessed with odors. We worry about how we smell, and advertisers have perfected ways to reinforce our fears. They sell products for virtually every indication and orifice on the body. There are even genital deodorants, euphemistically known as feminine hygiene sprays.

The mouthwash business is huge because we seem especially concerned about bad breath. The commercials warn us about "morning mouth" and "dragon breath," and we buy into the nonsense. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on gargles, rinses, and breath mints, and much of that money is wasted.

Although it is true that often everyone wakes up with a stale taste in the mouth, this is natural. It's the result of bacteria building up overnight due toactivity of the saliva. This generally clears up with brushing your teeth, sipping your morning juice, or talking.

For most people, dietary discretion and good dental hygiene forestall any problem with bad breath. But there are those who troubles persist.

Stories have been told of people bad breath being cured by getting their tonsils removed, or by an anti-biotic program for the stomach.

There are lots of possible causes of true bad breath, but some people suffer from a misplaced conviction that they have halitosis. They became obsessed with the problem although no one can smell an odor. For those with detectable bad breath, life can be miserable. They may become social outcasts.

Health professionals are not always helpful. Specialists to consult include a dentist, a perodontist, or an ear, nose, and surgeon specialist. A thorough diagnostic work is essential to rule out diabetes, liver disease, tonsillitis, sinus infection, or a lung problem may all contribute.

The tonsils may also trap food that could decay, causing an unpleaser odor. And there is now a blood test for Helicobacter pylori to see if this infection is lurking in your digestive tract. Chronic halitosis is usually a signal that all is not well. It may take persistence and determination to find its cause and treat it effectively.

Metabolic Typing

We are all familiar with the never ending controversies of foods being good one minute then bad the next. we see every day different people contradict each other with nutritional advice and research. The question is why is there no consensus?

The reason is that no one allows for the fact we are each unique and handle food very differently. The one theory that has accounted for this and developed over the last 50 years is metabolic typing.

Metabolic typing

Metabolic typing is the science of personalized nutrition. It is a highly accurate system of determining the foods your body needs. Discovering your metabolic type is the single largest health measure you can take. Metabolic typing answers the fundamental questions of nutrition by telling you:

o What to eat

o How much to eat

o What foods to specifically avoid

o All other aspects of nutrition including supplements, food quality etc

To make these recommendations the science of metabolic typing has been rapidly developing from the pioneering work of many scientists through the last fifty years. Metabolic typing recognizes that there are ten fundamental control systems within the human body. Each of these systems determines the way the chemical reactions occur within the body. To achieve and maintain true health the control systems must be brought into balance. Failure to do this leads to faulty metabolism within the cells which is the cause of all poor health complaints.

Addressing more of the ten fundamental control systems will lead to higher and higher levels of true health. This is especially important for people who are suffering with serious health problems at the moment.

What to eat?

It is the influence of the main two control systems that determines which foods your body needs. All my clients undergo a metabolic typing test which reveals where their body lies upon these two systems. This directs us to the nutrition plan that will give you the exact nutrients you require. The results of the test means one person can be eating the opposite foods to the next person. So for you red meat may be a precaution food while for the next person it may greatly help them. The same can be applied to fruits, grains and every other food including different vegetables.

How much to eat?

We all have a unique and specific amount of food to eat that allow the body to effectively utilize energy. When you eat the right foods in the right ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fat you will experience a sense of high energy and mental focus while avoiding food cravings, energy drops or loss of concentration. To discover the right amounts I coach my clients to tune into their bodies and find the answer out for themselves.

What should I avoid eating?

It is essential we ensure any food intolerances are removed from your diet until the body can handle such sources again. Food intolerances are very common and undermine all efforts to be healthy.

The metabolic typing test also looks at the pattern of how you store fat on your body. I am sure you have noticed how some people have fat all over, on their hands, face etc while other just on their stomach. There are other characteristic patterns and these are signs of differences within the glands inside the body, eg thyroid, adrenal etc. This then relates to certain foods that if ate in excess over a prolonged period can exhaust your glands causing fat storage and poor health.

Finally, metabolic typing allows you to use the effects of your blood type to avoid certain foods that can cause problems for each type. Please note that metabolic typing is far in advance of the well known eat right for your blood type book.

Other issues

The research has also covered the effect of all the other issues surrounding nutrition and lifestyle upon the 10 systems within the body, so allowing us to give even further recommendations to safeguard your health

Metabolic typing is the most advanced nutrition system in the world as it is the only one that effectively and accurately classifies the differences seen between people to answer what, how much and what not to eat. It is the most important and big health measure you can take. I am a metabolic typing advisor and specialist. To learn more visit my website and sign up for my metabolic typing, health and fitness newsletter .

Diabetes – Keep A Log

There are many adjustments that you will make after you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The first adjustment will be your diet, since eating a healthy diet is the main factor in controlling blood sugar. It is important, however, to know how the food you eat affects your blood sugar.

Your doctor will most likely advise you to keep a log. Some diabetics only keep a log of their blood sugar tests, but you should keep a more detailed log. This log should be bought with you when you visit your doctor. He may want to make a copy of it for your records. The log will give him valuable information that will help him to treat your diabetes in a more efficient way.

Your log should record the time you tested your blood sugar, what the result was, the foods you eat and the time you eat them, and the physical activities that you participate in, as well as the time and duration. All of this information should also be dated. A one-day log will include information on your testing, your food, and your activities.

At first, it may be hard to remember to write everything down in your log – but it takes 21 days to make a habit, and if you do it for 21 days, you will find that if you do not write this information in , you will actually know that you are forgetting to do something.

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic, you may even resent having to "record your life." Just realize that this log is in your best interest, and serves to help you manage your diabetes, so that you actually can live a "normal" life.

You can find numerous logs online, get one from your doctor, or create one yourself. If you keep a log on your computer, you still need a notebook in which to write things down – unless you carry and use your computer everywhere you go. Do not rely on your memory! Write it down as soon as it occurs.