Electric Shavers – Enjoy Cut and Bruise Free Shaving

If once a week, you get unwanted cuts and bruises while shaving then there is a good news for you. The experts have come with an electronic shaver, so that the users can enjoy the smooth shaving process without any displeasing experience. With the help of electric shaver, one can get away from any sort of unwanted irritations. Nowadays, these widgets have become choice of men, all over the world.

While using the electric shavers, one can experience close and fine shave with a great comfort. As a matter of fact, these shavers comprise of an oscillating and moving blades. Furthermore, the moving blades help to trim and cut facial hairs on the men skin. In the shaving process, users are free from basic requirements such as shaving soaps, creams or foams. The basic necessity in the electric shaver is the electricity, which could be either batteries or main power. Usually, these electric devices come with a DC powered motor.

The electric shavers can categorised as–rotary and foil. The rotary shavers are good for cleaning or trimming the longer hairs and are sometimes preferred over foil shavers. The rotary shavers are easier to use even around difficult areas of body such as a chin and neck. Importantly, in power failure circumstances, the users need not have to be worried about the process, as built-in battery gives tremendous support. The power storage system of this widget is great, as it enables storage of emergency power in the battery.

While buying an electric shaver, one must consider some important things. The most important of all is that this device should have a battery indicator. The battery indicator makes it possible for the people to manage their shaving, properly. Moreover, one should also check whether it adjusts to the power rating norms of residing country.

To conclude, the people have started accepting the electric shavers, as t it eliminates all chances of getting cuts and bruises. As a matter of fact there are some special covers over the shavers that helps the gadget to avoid unwanted cuts.

Be Alert If Your Child Says Mommy, My Back Hurts!

People of all ages and sizes have at some time along the way experienced back pain. This frequently goes unnoticed in children and teens, but should not be. It is not normal for young children and teens to have these issues, but any painful situation ought to be considered serious.

In most instances, when a child frets of back discomfort, the pediatrician instantly does an entire work-up. If anything looks questionable, an MRI or X-ray is arranged. Contingent on the results from these tests, a specialist may be referred. If issues are handled early, additional damage to the area may be prevented.

The cause of your child's ache may be varied because of his or her age.

Usually older children do activities that are more strenuous and may cause strain and stress on their back, most times this is not serious.

However, most younger kids are not as physically active, so if he or she complains of back pain a doctor's visit is in order, right away. Ruling out any serious conditions is important. Especially if there were no recent injuries or signs of an old injury causing pain.

Sometimes we as parents do not consider the fact that the problem may be our child's backpack.

Most children carry and pack it improperly, in addition to making it entirely too heavy. This can certainly lead to discomfort.

We never considered that an item designed to help make carrying items for students would in fact be the source of lower back pain in children. If it is too heavy it compromises how the student walks and causes incorrect posture which also results in neck, back and shoulder pain.

Here are a few backpack tips …

It should distribute weight evenly and not be too heavy for your
child's weight. The straps should be large enough with padding to give ample support.

There are varying sizes of backpacks available. Select the proper size for your child's weight and stature.

Learn how to pack it correctly and teach your child. There is a method to doing this.

So if your child, no matter what age expresses distress, make an appointment with your doctor to determine just what is going on. Back pain is very debilitating and can interfere with concentration during school.

So stay on the safe side by knowing how to fit your child properly with the correct type of backpack, pack it correctly and take your child's comments seriously if he or she complains of pain.

Female Infertility: Cervical Related Problems

There are different reasons why a woman may become infertile, and cervical related problems is one of them. Cervical related problems are also considered cervical incompetence. There are a number of cervical related problems that could arise. Here are some of them.

One of these problems could be caused by the occurrence of a double uterus. This occurs when the uterus has two inner cavities, and each of the cavities could lead to its own cervix and vagina. In other words, the woman could, then, have two cervixes and two vaginas. Although this is a possibility, it is a very rare occurrence but it could lead to fertility issues.

Intrauterine adhesions such as Asherman’s Syndrome also affect the cervix. This is an acquired uterine disease which is characterised by scar tissue in the uterus. The front and the back walls of the uterus tend to stick together. In a case where the patient has Asherman’s Syndrome they may have intermittent or absent periods. Also some women may experience the pain associated with periods, but have no periods. The pain may indicate that menstruation is occurring but because the cervix is blocked the blood cannot exit the uterus. The cervix could be blocked by the adhesions. The symptoms of this disease could also include pregnancy loss and placenta accreta.

Chlamydia or gonorrhoea are infections of the cervix that is known to cause subfertility by ascending through the cervix. It affects the uterus and fallopian tubes in pelvic inflammatory disease.

Abnormal cervical mucus is another cervical related problem that is associated with infertility. For successful impregnation to transpire normal cervical secretions is essential. Cervical mucus tends to change in consistency during the menstrual cycle. It has a watery consistency during ovulation to allow the sperm to easily enter the uterus. It is rare to experience abnormal cervical mucus but there are cases where it can be too thick so the sperm won’t be able to swim through it during ovulation. Other possibilities may be that the cervical glands don’t produce enough mucus. Or in some cases, where surgery or infection has occurred, this could damage the glands that produce cervical secretions. This could cause cervical mucus abnormalities.

If you have noticed that there are any abnormal occurrences in your cervical mucus if you are trying to become pregnant, it is advisable to visit a fertility clinic to run certain tests and give you a more accurate diagnosis. There may be a variety of cervical problems but there could also be a way to resolve it or work around it in order to become pregnant.

About Viral and Bacterial Throat Infections

It is known that if you have a sore throat which does not cause many problems, is not severe, and you also have symptoms caused by a flu , then, you can follow some remedies in order to feel better.
You can drink a lot of fluids, humidify your bedroom by using a steamer, take non-prescription throat lozenges, gargle with warm salt water several times daily, and you can also take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve pain.

In some cases, the sore throat can be severe, and can last more than 5-7 days. In this situation, it is necessary that you seek medical help. There can appear symptoms that should determine you to go to the doctor. We can mention here difficulty opening the mouth, swallowing, breathing, severe and prolonged sore throat, blood in saliva or phlegm, fever, earache, rash, lump in the neck and hoarseness lasting over 2 weeks.

It is important to know if the patient has a viral or a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria, and they are being prescribed when the patient suffers of streptococcal or other bacterial infection. Usually, the doctor prescribes penicillin or erythromycin, but there is a number of bacterial throat infections that do not respond to penicillin. In this case, there is prescribed another antibiotic.
Antibiotics should not be used when we are dealing with a viral infection, because they will have no effect against the virus, they work only against bacterial infections.
The viruses lower the body’s resistance to bacterial infections, so there exists the possibility that a combined infection to appear, situation that requires the use of antibiotics.
It is important to take antibiotics as long as the doctor says it is necessary – usually for ten days- because, otherwise there exists the possibility for the remaining bacteria to cause a worse infection and to develop resistance to the antibiotic.

To find out if a streptococcal infection is present, the doctor will perform a strep culture test. When the test is negative, the doctor will prescribe you a treatment basing on the severity of your symptoms and the appearance of your throat on examination.
When the strep culture test is positive, an antibiotic treatment is started, and some doctors may recommend that the treatment to be followed by the patient’s family members too, because streptococcal infections are very contagious.

You can’t keep a strep infection away, but you can take some measures of precaution. You should avoid close physical contact with infected persons, sharing towels, napkins and utensils with them, and another wise thing to do is to wash your hands as often as possible. It is known that bacterial infections are very contagious, but practicing good sanitary habits helps us to lower the risk of getting an infection.

For more resources on different strep throat subjects check out this link http://www.strep-throat-center.com. You can find great content regarding strep throat in adults, strep throat symptoms, home remedy for strep throat and many more strep throat related issues.

Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Throat cancer usually develops on the mucosal surface of the larynx, pharynx or mouth. The most common symptom of the throat cancer is the lump or the nodule in the neck. The symptoms for the thyroid cancer vary depending on the type of the thyroid cancer. The thyroid cancers are rare. The different symptoms observed in the throat cancer are …

The throat cancer usually begins with the nose and later spread to all the part of the body. This starts with a lump or nodule in the base of the neck and spread to the lymph node in the neck. If the lump persisted for more than a week then it must be consulted with a specialist. Though all the lumps are not cancer, the lump in the nose is the first stage for a throat cancer. The lump is the main symptom in the case of the thyroid gland cancer. Though the lumps are not painless, they tend to enlarge and result in the throat cancer.

The next noticeable symptom in the throat cancer is the change in the voice. The hoarseness or the change in the voice lasting for more than a week must be consulted with the appropriate physician. The change in the voice must be consulted with an otolaryngologist. An otolaryngologist is a specialist in the field of head and neck who can examine for the possibility of the vocal cord or other type of cancer. The examination can be done without much pain. Not all the voice change cause from the cancer. Although the voice change that persists for more than a week must be consulted with an otolaryngologist.

The next type of symptom causes from the tumors that occurs in the nose, throat and in lungs. The tumors may result in bleeding in regions like nose, throat or in mouth. If the bleeding occurs in mouth saliva and if it occurs frequently, then the physician must be consulted to examine the possible reason for the bleeding.

The next type of the symptom is the swallowing problems that arise due to this type of cancer that occur in throat or the esophagus. This makes the swallowing of any solid food difficult and harmful. Even liquid food may be found difficult to swallow in this condition. This condition will cause the food to stick at one point in the mouth and eventually make it either to go in or come out. If the trouble at swallowing the food persists for more than a week, then a physician must be consulted to diagnose the problem. In general a barium swallow x-ray or an esophagoscopy will be done to examine the causes.

The next type is too with the swallowing problem. When there is a constant pain in the ear while swallowing the food, this maybe the sign for the tumor in the throat. Usually this symptom occurs along with any of the other symptoms of the throat cancer. If it occurs with any lump or pain in the throat, then the seriousness of the problem is high. This type of symptom can be examined by an otolaryngologist.

Inspirational Grieving Quotes – Using Inspirational Grieving Quotes to Deal With Loss

Everyone at some point in their lives will deal with the death of a loved one, be it a family member, lover, friend, or pet. Using inspirational grieving quotes in art and art journaling is a healthy way to work through the grief and loss of a loved one.

When someone dies that you love dearly, there are so many stages of grieving you must go through. I don’t think anyone really understands how complex grieving a death is. Death is not something that is talked about much in the U.S. culture. In movies it is usually depicted as something that doesn’t really affect us emotionally, or something that the deceased one can come back from.

Inspirational grieving quotes can and do help lots of people move through the grieving process, especially if they are combined with journaling and/or artwork creation. Below I’ve provided a couple of art ideas that you can use with inspirational grieving quotes.

But first, here are my top ten favorite quotes on death:

  • “For what is it to die, But to stand in the sun and melt into the wind? And when the Earth has claimed our limbs, Then we shall truly dance.” – Kahlil Gibran
  • ” Death is the most beautiful adventure in life.” – Charles Frohman
  • “Life is eternal and love is immortal; And death is only a horizon, And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.” – Rossiter W. Raymond
  • “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.” – Unknown
  • “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come.” – Rabindranath Tagore
  • “Our earthly loss is always a heavenly gain.” – Antonio Talbert
  • “Perhaps they are not stars, but openings in the Heaven, Where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us, To let us know they are happy.” – Author Unknown
  • “Death is not the end. Death can never be the end. Death is the road. Life is the traveller. The Soul is the Guide.” – Sri Chinmoy
  • “I think of death as some delightful journey that I shall take when all my tasks are done.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • “Death— the last sleep? No the final awakening.” – Walter Scott

Art Ideas For Use With Inspirational Grieving Quotes:

Letters to Heaven Mail Box

It doesn’t need to be “Heaven”, it can be The Universe, The After Life, etc. Find a shoe box (or other type of box) and decorate it in a way that you think a “mail box in heaven” would look like. Use your imagination. Write letters, create drawings, or write out quotes and poems to your loved one. Put your letters and drawings in envelopes and address them to departed one. Or find inspirational grieving quotes that move you and write them on postcards (these can be homemade). Put your letters and postcards in the mail box and visualize then being picked up by an angel or spirit and delivered directly to the addressee. Imagine how happy they will be to receive your letters.

Using Grieving Quotes in Art Journaling

Find a quote that really say what you’re feeling. Print or write them out in big letters on pretty paper and cut them up into individual words. Next look for images in magazines or draw your own images. Paste the images onto a piece of paper or into a journaling book. Place the words that form the quote on the page. Move them around until you like the way they look on the page, but still keeping them in a reading order. Glue them onto the page. If you’re using a journal, consider naming this journal as a “grieving journal or naming it after your loved one. If its on a piece of paper, decorate a large envlope or box to keep all of your grieving artwork in.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe they will ever see or read these inspirational grieving quotes or your artwork. What is important is doing these things will help you move thro your feelings and help you move through the grieving process.

Can You Become Addicted to Antibiotics?

Cephalosporins are most frequently prescribed form of antibiotics which treat a wide variety of bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, strep throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis etc but sometimes it become very difficult and confusing for clinician, when more than six Cephalosporins with somewhat similar properties are available in the market, to choose the best one. It will become even more confusing when four-five more will enter into market soon.

If look at the origin of Cephalosporin antibiotics, Italian scientist Giuseppe was the first who isolated the compounds from cultures of Cephalosporium acremonium from a sewer in Sardinia in 1948 by Brotzu. Eli Lilly launched the the first agent cephalothin (cefalotin) in 1964. If we see the generation wise indications first-generations Cephalosporins antibiotics are predominantly active against Gram-positive bacteria, but the successive generations have increased activity against Gram-negative bacteria. Indications of Cephalosporins are indicated for the prophylaxis and treatment of infections caused by bacteria susceptible to this particular form of antibiotic.

There are very less chances to become Addicted to Antibiotics but yes you can. Cephalosporins are considered as safer antibiotics as usually don’t cause many problems for a patient. Like all other antibiotics, they can cause mild side effects like diarrhea or less common side effects include and hives .The rarest side effect is “anaphylactic” allergy, in which patient’s airway swells up when he takes a dose of the medicine, sometimes to the point where he can’t breathe. Although the reaction can be treated if he is close to help, the safest thing if he is that allergic to the medicine is never to take it at all. There could be cases where patient have an anaphylactic allergy to cephalosporins and must have it to treat an infection, doctors can “desensitize” him temporarily, using very small doses that are given frequently and in increasing amounts. That is almost always done in a hospital.

In this era of sky-rocketing pricing, galloping inflations and economies busted with never ending many recessionary shocks, we looks forward to buy life-saving thing on affordable prices. We can buy cheap antibiotics online, online buying is not only a cheap but an relaxing activity with saves time and efforts. We can buy cheap antibiotics online by using following methods.

1. If you buy antibiotics online- save your precious time and of course money.

2. Place Bulk Order- placing bulk order of medicines allow discount, so place bulk orders and save money and finally

3. Shipment Charge- See if you company is bearing shipment charges, if so you can save lots of money.

6 Powerful Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That Really Work

Stretch marks are linear scars that occur on the body when the skin is stretched past its flexibility capacities. This normally happens due to sudden weight gain caused by pregnancy, a burst of growth during puberty or bulking up for body building. The hormonal surges that can accompany pregnancy and puberty also contribute to the development of these scars. The stretch marks are red or purple in color when they are new but fade to white or silver as they age.

It is recommended to treat the scars when they first appear as they are harder to get rid of when they are older. It is best to try to prevent them in the first place and there are a lot of home remedies for stretch marks that can help both in preventing the scars and treating them once they have appeared.

1. Dieting: One of the most simple of the home remedies for stretch marks involves eating a healthy and nutritional diet as well as keeping the body well hydrated. A healthy body has healthier skin that can resist stretch mark scarring and also repair damage more efficiently. Good foods for healthy skin include products made from whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cold water fish.

2. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements: The skin needs many vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay healthy, flexible and supple. These include vitamins A, E, C and K as well as the mineral zinc. Taking a vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement every day will ensure the body has these essential ingredients and is better equipped to defend and heal itself.

3. Exercising Daily: A regular routine of exercise that emphasizes stretching can help to break down scar tissue as well as increase circulation and blood flow for improved nutrient delivery to the skin.

4. Exfoliation Techniques: Exfoliation removes a thin layer of surface skin to help remove scar tissue as well as dead skin cells. It is accomplished by using a cleanser that has exfoliating ingredients like tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acid or is mildly abrasive like oatmeal or baking soda. The applicator that is used apply the cleanser should also be mildly abrasive such as a loofah, coarse sponge or soft bristled brush.

5. Massage Therapy Treatments: Massage is one of the home remedies for stretch marks that has been used for many years with good success by numerous people. Massage improves circulation and blood flow in the body so that more nutrients are delivered to the skin and the pressure involved in the technique helps to break down scar tissue.

6. Creams for Stretch Marks: There are a lot of natural and holistic creams and lotions that can be used to prevent stretch marks from happening, reduce the visibility of existing scars or even remove them all together. Cocoa butter has long been used as a folk remedy for stretch marks but the list of holistic products that work on the scars is a long one. Some of the more effective include shea butter, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mink oil, castor oil, almond oil and liquid vitamin E. Each of these natural home remedies for stretch marks works in slightly different ways so it is possible to mix them together in order to get even better results.

Causes of Oral Thrush in Men and How to Cure Thrush Naturally

Oral thrush in men is the same as in women, a yeast infection of the mouth and throat. It is caused by a fungi called Candida Albicans that naturally occurs in our bodies, especially in the dark, moist, warm areas that it loves to grow in. Hence the mouth and throat.

But although the Candida Albicans fungi cause the symptoms of oral thrush in men and women, there has to be an underlying reason or trigger for its overgrowth into a proper infection.

The five major causes of a Candida overgrowth, and so the five causes of oral thrush in men, are lowered friendly bacteria levels in the body, a lowered immune system, hormonal imbalance, too high blood sugar levels, and, some drugs therapies.

The symptoms to look out for are, white / cream raised spots on the tongue and mucus membranes, a thick white coating all over the tongue which when scraped off can reveal bleeding underneath, difficulty swallowing, bad breath, etc.

Your normal treatment for oral thrush in men and women is through prescription or over-the-counter medications in the form of lozenges, liquid suspensions (swish and swallow), and sprays, etc. The problem is that these only target the local symptoms not the underlying cause (s) of thrush.

So that even if your thrush symptoms went away, there is nothing to stop them returning time and time again. And, repeated use of these drug-based medications means that the thrush fungus can become drug-resistant.

But, there's no need to worry, because more and more men and women are discovering the effectiveness of natural home remedies for thrush. These can address not just the thrush symptoms but the underlying causes as well.

These are home remedies such as natural yogurt to help build-up your friendly bacteria, probiotics to do the same, apple cider vinegar to rebalance your body pH, the use of garlic for its natural antifungal properties, and tons more, including important dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

These dietary and lifestyle issues are critical in preventing recurring oral thrush spreading back down into your gut and causing serious complications.

What you Need to Know about Fioricet

Fioricet is a prescription drug which is used to relieve headaches that are caused by contraction of muscles in the neck, head and areas around the shoulder. This relaxant and pain reliever is a strong, non-narcotic drug that contains butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine. The acetaminophen relieves pain and reduces fever; the butalbital relaxes contracting muscles that can cause headaches while the caffeine which stimulates the nervous system also relaxes the contracting muscles that are in the blood vessels to enhance the flow of blood.

Users can get mentally or physically dependent on this drug because of its butalbital component. This is common in instances where the drug is taken in doses that are higher than the recommended ones after a long period of time.

When taking fioricet you should avoid taking more than what the doctor prescribes for you. When you forget to take a dose, you should make sure that you take it immediately you remember. A missed dose can be skipped if you remember when it is time for your next one. Two doses of this drug should never be taken at the same time. Fioricet should be stored in a container that is light resistant at room temperature.

It is not possible to anticipate side effects therefore if you get any while taking fioricet or they become intense, you should inform your physician immediately. This is important so that the doctor can determine whether you should continue taking the prescription. Some of the common side effects that are associated with fioricet include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath, drowsiness, dizziness, abdominal pain and a feeling of intoxication.

If you are allergic to caffeine, acetaminophen or barbiturates, it is advisable that you avoid this medication. Inform the doctor about any reactions that you have before you get the prescription. Those who have porphyria which is a metabolic disorder that is inherited and affects the liver or the bone marrow should avoid fioricet unless advised to take it by a doctor.

This drug should not be taken if you are going to participate in activities that require you to be fully alert mentally. This is because this drug can make you drowsy or less alert when driving or when you are operating heavy machinery. If you have severe depression or have a history of this condition you should inform your doctor.  Users who are elderly, weak, have kidney or liver problems or those with severe problems with their abdomens should take caution when using the drug.

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Fact Sheet for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is one of the worst liver diseases, it affects more that 30.000 people each year, and millions are carrying the hepatitis C virus in their bodies. Unfortunately it also causes quite a large number of deaths.
There are 6 types of hepatitis viruses, and all of them affect the liver in one way or another. Hepatitis C is the most dangerous type.

The hepatitis C virus causes the liver to inflammate, and if it is not treated it can lead to liver cancer. It is transmitted by blood to blood contact with an infected person – if you share the same needle in an injection, have sex with a virus carrier, or if you were born from a mother that has the virus. You can not get the hepatitis C virus if you touch, hug or kiss someone that has it.

There are two main types of hepatitis C – acute and chronic.

The acute hepatitis C virus becomes active 6 months after the infection with it. It can be detected if a blood analysis is performed but surprisingly it has almost no signs and symptoms. Only a few patients with hepatitis C experience abdominal pain, fatigue and loss of appetite.
Aproximately a quarter of the acute hepatitis C patients naturally eliminate the virus from their bodies, but the remaining three quarters develop chronic hepatitis C. A few years ago doctors did nothing against acute hepatitis C and waited to see if the virus is eliminated, but recent research has shown that if it is treated the chances that the virus disappears increases.

Chronic hepatitis C appears if the virus is not eliminated in the first 6 months. It has almost no detectable symptoms and in most cases it is discovered accidentally during tests on the patient. But when the liver gets seriously damaged some symptoms do occur. The most common ones are fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, headache, nausea, low appetite, muscle and joint pain.

The next phase of hepatitis C is called cirrhosis, and its symptoms are related to the fact that the liver is not functioning properly anymore. Patients with cirrhosis are bruised and bleed easily, experience jaundice, bone pain, and other symptoms that vary from one patient to another.

It is very hard to cure hepatitis C. If it is discovered while it's in the acute phase then the chances increase, but in its chronic phase only few are cured.
The most common hepatitis C treatment is a number of injections with a drug called pegylated interferon alfa, which is combined with ribavirin pills. These two substances help the body clear the virus, but they are not always effective and they have several side effects among which you can find anemia and fatigue.

If the disease has advanced too much and its damage to the liver is irreversible then a liver transplant must be done. The bad thing about this is that it is pretty hard to find a liver that fits because a large number of people need this transplant and there are too few donors.

Since so little can be done against this terrible disease you should always beware getting infected with it. Under no circumstances share the same needle with anyone and stay away from sexual encounters with strangers. We can only hope that the future will come with a cure for hepatitis C.

Who Needs A Liver Transplant?

Study shows that liver is the second most transplanted organ in the human body. Liver diseases are becoming more and more common today. It is important however, to understand the various situations under which a liver transplant may be considered.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a liver transplant:

Chronic Viral Hepatitis B, C, D

Hepatitis is caused by the viral infection that results in inflammation, swelling and cell death. All this leads to liver destruction or scarring. The different types of hepatitis are A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis B is the leading indication of liver cancer worldwide.

Autoimmune Hepatitis

In this type of hepatitis, the body’s immune system is not able to recognize it’s own liver tissue. It thus begins to injure the liver cells and that finally leads to scarring, liver cirrhosis and end stage liver disease. Unlike chronic viral hepatitis, this disease is not caused by a virus.

Laennec Cirrhosis

Laennec cirrhosis is caused by the toxic effects of excessive alcohol. Alcohol abuse can cause great damage to the liver which is one of the leading causes for liver transplants.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Fat accumulation in the liver cells causes this disease. It is said that excessive alcohol is the main cause of a fatty liver. But this condition is also seen in patients with diabetes and obesity. This condition can cause liver cirrhosis.

Cryptogenic Cirrhosis

Sometimes the liver develops cirrhosis for no apparent reason like alcohol abuse or viral infection etc. This is called cryptogenic cirrhosis.

Biliary Cirrhosis

Sometimes there is a blockage in the bile duct. The liver produces bile which flows from the bile duct to the gall bladder. From here it is slowly released to the small intestine and helps in digesting fats. When the bile duct is blocked, all the bile that is produced accumulates in the liver and causes swelling and eventually loss of liver function.

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

In this disease, the bile duct becomes progressively damaged by inflammation. This results in scarring that narrows the bile duct and causes obstruction to the flow of bile.

Caroli’s Disease

The bile ducts become dilated and results in the formation of cysts or sacks. This causes infection and obstruction of the bile ducts.

Choledochal Cyst

This is a congenital disorder. A choledochal cyst is formed due to a structurally flawed bile duct.

Active Liver Failure

People suffering from acute liver failure caused by other reasons such as viral infection, fatty liver, etc. can undergo liver transplant surgery.

Toxic Exposures

Exposure to certain pesticides, herbicides, lead, asbestos and other hazardous pollutants can be the cause of a potentially life threatening liver disease.

Hepatic tumors

Tumors that spread either from other parts of the body or those that develop in the liver itself can cause serious damage to this organ.

Well, this was a broad discussion of all the conditions that could lead to a liver transplant. Not limited to these, there are several conditions that can be treated at the right center for a liver transplant. Other reasons could include injury from accidents, glycogen storage disease and lots more.

Pre Diabetic Diet-The Diabetes Meal Plan

The pre diabetes diet reduced amount of carbohydrates, calories, fat and sugar greatly help in reducing the possibility of pre diabetes to development into type 2 diabetes. Add in as much as fruits and vegetables in your meals. There is for you to have non-starchy vegetables like carrots, green beans, spinach, broccoli or cauliflower and high fiber. Maybe you don’t know that green leafy vegetables are ideal food items for pre diabetes diet. On the other hand, to have a variation in your diet then go for other vegetables as well. You have to avoid simple carbohydrates in the pre diabetic diet, since they lead to weight gain and food cravings in most people. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are high fiber foods. They improve digestion and in addition maintain the blood glucose level at a stabilized status. These carbohydrates provide an even energy level to the body and help feel being full, long after meals.

Some common examples of complex carbohydrates are:

asparagus, spinach, turnip, cabbage, greens, artichokes, lettuce, cauliflower, water cress, eggplant, broccoli, cucumber, onion, zucchini, celery, radish, brussels, tomato, dill pickles, sprouts etc.

Other sources of complex carbohydrates includes multi-grain bread, oat bran bread, oatmeal, navy beans, whole barley, muesli, low fat yogurt, buckwheat, uckwheat bread, oat bran cereal, soy milk, wild rice, skim milk, brown rice, pinto beans etc

you can as well add in beans like kidney or pinto beans, garbanzo beans, soybeans, split peas, etc. In your pre diabetes diet. Like diabetic diet, some fruits can as well be included in a pre diabetes diet, since they are also high in complex carbohydrates. They are strawberries, apples, grapefruits, dried apricots, plums, oranges, prunes, pears etc.

Not only vegetables but your pre diabetes diet need to have enough proportions of non-veg foods. Fish, lean cuts of beef and pork (pork loin and sirloin), turkey and chicken can as well be included in the diet. Keep in mind you should not cook chicken and turkey with their skins. And for cooking, make use of liquid oils like coconut oil and olive oil and stay away from any kind of solid fats. These fats are high in saturated and trans fat and hence promote weight gain.

It is very important that you refrain from ‘junk foods’ and high calorie snack foods and desserts. You need to try and have boiled foods as far as possible and trim down the amount of fried foods. Boiled foods reduce levels of cholesterol and accumulation of fat in the body. It has been known that, chances of diabetes and other heart-related problems are low in people who restrict their diet mostly to boiled foods. These kinds of foods maintain their nutrition not like foods that are fried. However, it becomes hard to get used to such foods since they are less tastier than fried foods.

For somebody to be diagnosed as diabetes, the blood sugar levels in the body must be higher than the normal average. Why pre diabetes is not regarded as pure diabetes, is as a result of the fact that in this state of health condition, the blood sugar levels are higher than normal average blood sugar levels, but not enough to be regarded as diabetes. Therefore, once a person is diagnosed with pre diabetes, there is enough grace period to prevent the type 2 diabetes. A research in the united states has shown a result of a colossal number of 57 million of people suffering from this medical state of health. As mentioned, pre diabetes diet combined with regular exercises is an efficient means for pre diabetes treatment. We before we talk about the pre diabetes diet, let’s see an overview of some of the pre diabetes symptoms.

Pre diabetes is generally asymptomatic, meaning that it has no definite signs or symptoms of its own. The symptoms which turn up are the ones that are well-known in the case of type 2 diabetes. Excessive thirst and frequent urination are the most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes. There are other type 2 diabetes symptoms which may appear during pre diabetes, like unexplained weight loss or weight gain and feeling hungry at all times. The person may show symptoms of weakness and tiredness;similar to having influenza. The person’s visual perception may as well be affected thus making the vision blurred. Cuts or bruises take a longer time to heal and there is low sensitivity in the limbs. Infections of gum and skin infections are as well common and these may continue recurring. Aside from these infections, bladder or vaginal infections may in addition be noticed in pre diabetes.

Prevention of Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is the outcome of a chemical reaction that happens when the urine gets concentrated and when certain essences compound together to make an object that's too big to pass in the urine.

Individuals who have had more than one kidney stone are probable to constitute another. Hence, prevention is really crucial. There are two cases of preventive measures that aid in preventing other kidney stones from building up – lifestyle alterations and medical intervention.

Lifestyle alterations include:

  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Limit supplementary consumption of vitamin D and C. Refer the physician prior to taking vitamin supplements.
  • Limit salt intake.
  • Limit the amount of animal protein consumed.
  • Limit the amount of calcium and oxalate-based nutrients consumed. These include yogurt, vitamin C, ice cream, grapes, cheese, coffee, chocolate, black pepper, apples, oranges and tomatoes, to name a few.
  • Drink eight to 13 glasses of water (or at least two quarts) a day.

Medical interventions include:

For calcium stones, the physician may order thiazide diuretics or phosphate-containing preparations. In addition, in hyperparathyroid patients, remotion of all or part of the parathyroid glands situated in the neck aids forestall further stone developing.

For uric stones, the doctor may prescribe allopurinol and a medication to maintain the urine alkalic.

For struvite stones, the physician will supervise the urine for bacterium regularly. In addition, if struvite stones can not be removed, the physician may prescribe acetohydroamic acid (AHA). AHA is employed with long-run antibiotics to preclude the infection that extends to stone growth.

For cystine stones, the physician may prescribe Thiola. This medicament aids bring down the amount of cystine in the urine.

Best Home Remedies for the Flu

The term flu is used to refer a common viral infection, influenza, which affects the nose, throat, lungs, including the complete upper respiratory system. The common symptoms are high temperature, headache, chills and sweats, runny nose, and a complete loss of appetite. Some people have symptoms like back aches, fatigue, and feeling of being washed out, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting in young children. There is no cause for worry as there are simple home remedies for flu which can lessen the symptoms of flu and help in early recovery.

Elderburry in any form for example, as juice, tea or syrup is a potent home remedy that can help to knock out the symptoms of flu. Elderburry juice can be mixed with lemon juice and honey or it can be brewed as a tea and taken to purify the lungs and skin. It also has the capacity to generate perspiration to reduce fever. It has calming properties and acts as a detoxifier to reduce congestion caused in respiratory organs.

Home made chicken soup takes care of the symptoms of flu and it is also one of the age old home remedies for flu. Rest is also the most simple and effective home remedy because it helps the body to relax and the immune system to ward off the virus. The intake of fruits which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, mango, papaya, guava, etc helps to boost the immune system and provides relief from the symptoms of flu.

Dry cough which is a symptom of flu tires the body and prevents the patients from getting enough sleep. Therefore, to prevent cough it is better to chew few cloves of ginger root or take a mixture of the age -old home remedy that is a mixture of ginger and honey. To prevent cough, honey can also be mixed with a cup of hot water and taken. Garlic, the kitchen queen, when taken initially, lessens the severity of the symptoms of flu.

Flu is always accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, etc so the body suffers from dehydration. So the herbal remedy to counter dehydration is to have a good intake of liquids. The patients should have plenty of water, fruit juices, warm soups, herbal teas, electrolytic beverages etc to keep the body well hydrated. An important thing that the patient should avoid is caffeinated drinks and also alcohol. Keeping indoors humidified is another effective home remedy because the moist air helps to prevent the spread of flu and also relieve nasal congestion.