Radio Frequency Techniques In Pain Management

Different radio frequency lesioning procedures are proving invaluable in pain management day by day. It is the best form of treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, different cancer pain and different kinds of spinal pain including low back pain and neck pain.

Radio Frequency (RF) lesioning involves passage of a very high frequency current through a 27 G thermocouple probe. This probe is passed through a 20 / 22G cannula (a kind of needle), which is insulated except at its tip. When a high frequency alternating current is passed (at 300 kHz) through the RF thermocouple probe the charged ions in the human tissue around the exposed tip of RF cannula moves to & fro. This produces electro-mechanical friction heat is generated. The thermocouple probe is not heated itself, it actually dissipates the heat generated at the surrounded tissue. Thus the heat is totally controlled by the operator. The lesion generated is shaped like a matchstick head with a diameter of 2-4mm. Beyond this distance; electrical field is weaker as it is dispersed, so no lesion is produced.

The temperature & therefore the heat lesion is maximum around the shaft and minimum at its tip. On the other hand the electrical field generated is maximum at its tip and minimum around the shaft. In the conventional RF rhizotomy type we are producing heat lesion. In the pulsed RF electrical field is producing the lesion. In pulsed RF temperature is not raised beyond 42-degree C. Electrical field produces some punch in the capacitor of small diameter nociceptive (pain transmitting) fibers. Thereby signal transmission through this fibre is stopped.

In the conventional type the nerves are regenerated in future & average pain-free period varies for type of nerve. In a properly performed lesion pain free period is 3-4 years. In the pulsed RF the average pain free period is 4-24 months.

The conventional RF rhizotomy is done at sympathetic ganglions, and at purely / predominantly sensory nerves. It is always avoided in mixed or predominantly motor nerves. Before doing actual lesioning radiological and electrical tests are done to keep the probe away from these nerves in conventional RF lesioning. The commonly performed conventional RF rhizotomy procedures are at following nerves.

1. Trigeminal (Gasserian) ganglion and its divisions ie mandibular nerve & maxillary nerve.

2. Stellate ganglion

3. Cervical facet joint medial branch

4. Thoracic facet joint medial branch

5. Splanchnic nerves

6. Lumber sympathetic plexus

7. Superior Hypogastric plexus

8. Lumber facet joint medial branch

9. Sacro-Iliac joint supplying nerves

In Pulsed RF as there is no heat lesioning it is safe to perform it in most kinds of nerves. It is mostly effective in nerve ganglions but also effective trunks. It may be performed in all the above procedures except trigeminal ganglion. It is mainly indicated in Dorsal root ganglionostomy. It is also done in mixed peripheral nerves like suprascapular nerve.

Rash Vest: Shunning Wetsuit Rashes

The rash vest provides you with utmost comfort and keeps you away with rashes caused by wearing a wetsuit. Do away with your troubles at the seashore or sailing events. Wearing a rash vest inside your wetsuit will evade you from the itchiness caused by a wetsuit. You can also wear this vest during the sporting events at the beach or in the water.

The rash vest is an efficient clothing to sustain the weather conditions. The weather at the seashore is quite rainy and windy. It also consists of cold sea breeze, which is quite difficult to sustain. This vest comes in handy when you wear it all through your water sports activities. It is an effective clothing to put up with the windy weather.

Another advantage about the rash vest is the high UPF (ultra violet ray’s protection factor). The UPF of rash vest gives it an edge over other type of clothing. This unique feature enables you to make the most out of your water adventure without bothering about skin burn or skin tan. Wearing this vest will avoid direct penetration of these rays. In this way, you skip away the chances of harmful effects on your skin.

The clothing during the water sports activities needs to be very comfortable to enable active movement. The rash vest supports free movement and maximum protection from weather. You may be fond of steam boating, water gliding and other water adventures. This time you go for such exciting activities, wear rash vest under your wetsuit. Remember that Neoprene of your wetsuit can cause a feeling of itchiness due to the elasticity of material. The material is harsh on the skin.

The matchless features of the rash vest make it an essential protective gear. After all, it provides you with ultra violet ray protection, weather protection and comfort. What else can one ask for.

The Three Ways of Cheap International Calls

There are three ways you can talk to you near and dear ones living off shores. And, those three ways are, from computers, fixed line phones and mobiles. Now, all the three channels can be used for making free or cheap calls. All this has become possible with the help of the breakthrough technology called voice over Internet protocol. In this technology all the calls are made using the World Wide Web.

Free calls can be made from computer to computer by using programs such as Skype.It can be downloaded free from there site and if the other person is also using Skype on his / her computer than the call will be free no matter how long you talk and no matter where in the world other person is. However, if you want to call on somebody's mobile or landline phone using this technology then you will have to buy 'credits' means you need to buy calling cards from these service providers. For example, if you are using Skype on your PC or on your VOIP enabled phone and you want to make calls to some mobile or fix line phone then you have to buy 'credits' to place that call.

There are various calling card service providers in the market offering various plans. The companies like Skype, NodelCom, SpeedyPin, ComFi etc. are some of the main players dealing in this market. The main advantage of using these online refilling phone cards is that you can recharge it according to your need at any point of time provided you have PC at your home having Internet access.

An international calling card can be used effectively on both landline and mobile phones by dialing 10 digits key available with the card.

There is a cut throat competition between service providers to gain the more market share of cheap international calling cards it has created the favorable atmosphere for the customers to choose from different offers. And, if you are not satisfied with your service provider you can always choose the other one.

Cold Sore Treatments – Get Rid of Cold Sore With 3 Simple Effective Tips

Herpes Simplex type I (HSV-1) is the virus that most responsible for cold sores. Cold sore infection of the mouth is very common and the appearance may cause concern but it presents no serious risks to your general health.

A cold sore is highly contagious, especially in the initial stages. The main danger involved in cold sore is spreading the infection to the eye. Seriously, you should avoid touching your eye after you touch the sore. It may cause you blindness if you are not careful with this. Touching a cold sore and then touching other places can cause spreading of the virus. Avoid kissing, sharing eating utensils or cups, towels or other such items with other person if you have cold sore.

Though it can heal within a week to 10 days without any treatment, the fact remains that the duration can be so painful and irritating to sufferers. Cold sore treatments are normally categorized into two groups: over-the-counter (OTC) medications and home remedies for cold sore.
In this article we will discuss more on home remedies for cold sore because I found that home remedies are inexpensive, easy to prepare and effective to treat it. There are several cold sore treatments that have been known to work quite well.

1. Ice is the most common treatment for cold sore. You will be surprised that this simple treatment offers much pain relief. You may send the virus back into hibernation. Ice the area 2-3 times a day for about 15 minutes a time.

2. Build your immune system against cold sores. Increase multi-vitamins and proteins intake. Infection can decrease along with the proper diet, exercise and adequate amount of sleep. Proper diet can help to shield you from the viruses and take sufficient of sleep, our body will naturally heal when well-rested.

3. Apply tea bags on your cold sores. This is because of the tannin properties found in tea which is believed that it can effectively treating a cold sore. You can consider pressing a warm tea bag on the blisters for around 30 minutes.

Clearing Throat Phlegm & Tonsil Stones – Sore Throat Phlegm Symptoms, Causes & Home Remedies

Tonsillitis is one among the common ailments that you might come across. In some cases it shows up the form of tonsil tones and white spots on the neckline. Sore throat is an issue that is directly linked with the tonsil & phlegm stones. In fact it is one of the important symptoms of this problem.

Here are some of the essential points that would help you in understanding more about phlegm throat clearing.

The symptoms:

* Fever and chills

* Pain in throat

* Irritation in the affected area

* Swelling of the lymph glands

* Inflammation

* Difficulty in swallowing

* Constant & mild headache

* Nausea

* Blood in the saliva & phlegm

* Problem in breathing

* Inability to swallow the food

* Can’t open the mouth properly

* Lump in the neck

* Hoarse voice, etc.

The causes:

* The allergies with some food or due to environmental changes

* Sharing drinks with some one or kissing the one who has a sore throat

* Infection caught due to a person coughing, blowing nose or sneezing near you

* Severe tonsillitis

* Measles

* Excess of smoking

* Sinus, etc.

The natural remedies:

* Avoid eating fish, bone of the chicken bone, etc.

* Strictly avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

* Avoid over hot & too cold food and water. Have them mild.

* Gargle with warm water and salt at least 4 to 5 times in a day.

* Make use of garlic and cayenne pepper in your daily meals.

* Avoid taking too hot spices.

* Add 1 – 2 tea spoons of dried chamomile blossoms in water. Leave it for some while and then strain the liquid. Have half or full cup of this water in every 1 hour.

* Have lots of fresh vegetable smoothies, juices and soups. Taking a liquid diet helps in this case.

* Add honey in place of sugar. It helps in clearing away the mucus stuck in the throat.

Bipolar Disorder and Extreme Happiness

It makes me smile when I see a list of symptoms for bipolar disorder that include "extreme happiness" or "euphoria". Of course, I do not smile too much because I do not want someone that may pass by to think I might be "extremely happy" or "euphoric". However, secretly my life goals are to be extremely healthy, extremely abundant, and "extremely happy". Therefore, I'm a little embarrassed to share that one of my life goals is to achieve a symptom of bipolar disorder.

In all fairness, I suppose if a person went to a doctor and said, "Doctor, I'm extremely happy", they would not automatically receive a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and prescribed medication for that. (Or, would they?) I'm sure a lot of other bipolar disorder symptoms are taken into consideration like: 1) overly talkative, 2) have lots of energy, and 3) need little sleep. (Hmmm, I just described myself!) Other symptoms include: 1) depression and 2) feeling sad or empty. Good, I'm not sad or depressed.

I was treated for bipolar disorder for many years. Of course, like most people who are treated for bipolar disorder, I would go to the doctor when I was depressed. The mania felt good. Therefore, I was less inclined to see a doctor during this phase. I think mania feels good because many times it is accompanied by "extreme happiness" – and extreme happiness feels good.

Granted, many times when I was experiencing what is defined as mania, I did what some considered irrational things. However, being extremely happy did not cause me to do any harmful or hurtful things. Mostly, my extreme happiness would irritate others. I suppose they felt like I do when I'm at a social gathering and everybody has had too much to drink except me (I do not drink), therefore, I have a hard time connecting with them because my perception is different than theirs .

This world would be a great place if everybody were extremely happy. If we were all extremely happy there would be no wars. We would help each other. The color of a person's skin or race would not matter. Material things would not be so important because each of us would find happiness with and within ourselves.

Extreme happiness. Now, that's a bipolar disorder symptom that I am extremely happy to embrace.

Ayurveda Treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema

Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis lasts for 21 to 28 days and effectively cures psoriasis. All types of psoriasis and skin diseases have effective treatment in Ayurveda.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that takes a toll on the confidence of a person. It is characterized by silvery scales or plaques on skin. Skin cells are easily lost. Skin will also be dry.

According to Ayurveda psoriasis occurs due to vitiation of vata and kapha doshas. The reasons can be incompatible food taking, accumulation of toxins etc.

Panchakarma, the basic body purification method is used in the treatment of psoriasis. Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis goes through several stages viz. lepanam (application of ointments), abhayangam (oil massage), snehapanam (taking medicated ghee), pizhichil (full body massage), avisnanam (medicated steam bath), sirovasti (keeping oil on head) and other bastis (enema). A psoriasis patient is also given a strict diet regime called pathyam.

Guggul is an Ayurvedic herb useful in treating difficult conditions of psoriasis and eczema.

Neem has enormous potential of purifying blood. It is one among the best blood purifier and detoxifier known to Ayurveda. Neem enhances immune system. Neem oil is an antiseptic in itself. Neem leaf extracts are used in antiseptics and can be effectively used in treating dryness of skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema. It destroys fungus and bacteria and is best for almost all kinds of skin diseases including redness of skin and itching.

Ayurvedic treatment of psoriasis and eczema utilizes a three-pronged strategy taking into account the ahara (diet), vihara (lifestyle) and aushada (medicines). Along with the application of medicines, the person also needs to control his diet and lifestyle to attain maximum results of psoriasis/eczema treatment.

Can Medications Help Control My Diabetes?

The most important factor in preventing and treating diabetes is a healthy diet and lifestyle. Healthy habits like diabetes-friendly menus, exercising regularly and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and drinking can also reduce the number of complications associated with diabetes.

For some people, however, these changes are not enough to control insulin and blood sugar levels to the point of maintaining good health. In these cases, diabetes medications are used to control the effects of diabetes on the body.

Types of Diabetes and Medication Choices

There are three main types of diabetes – Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational. Each form of diabetes carries a different set of commonly used medications. Type 1 diabetes requires the use of insulin because the body does not produce it. Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent. Medications can be used to control the illness, but insulin is not always needed. Gestational diabetes is treated with diet and exercise first. If blood sugar levels are not controlled with these changes, the doctor may prescribe medications.

Blood Sugar Control

The most widely used diabetes medication controls blood sugar levels in the body. These medications are referred to as antiperson with diabetes. Common antiperson with diabetes include insulin, melitinides, thiazolidinediones and sulfonylureas. person with diabetes often take one or more of these medications to keep blood sugar levels within a normal range.

Blood Pressure Control

A healthy blood pressure reading is 130/80 mmHg. person with diabetes patients with blood pressure readings at or below this number are within the sage zone regarding blood pressure control and should not need additional medication. If blood pressure levels are higher, however, serious health risks could evolve so many physicians will prescribe medications to lower the reading. Diuretics, calcium channel blockers and angiotensin receptor blockers are three common types of medications to lower blood pressure in person with diabetes.

Daily Aspirin

Patients with diabetes are often as higher risk of cardiovascular disease and illness. The health prognosis after a heart attack or stroke is often better when the patient is taking a low daily dose of aspirin. While the aspirin does not affect the diabetes, it can be used as a precautionary tactic in many cases.

Cholesterol Control

Along the same cardiovascular lines, cholesterol control is essential to a healthy heart. In patients who are predetermined to be at higher risk, doctors may choose to prescribe medications to maintain cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Changes in diet and exercise can also affect good and bad cholesterol levels.

Alternative Medications

Some patients with diabetes may feel they can control their blood sugar and insulin levels with natural, alternative medications. This is at the sole discretion of the patient, but a doctor’s care should always be sought in case the alternative treatments are not a viable solution. Bitter melon, gymnema sylvestre, onion and garlic all claim to have a positive effect on diabetes control. Herbal supplements should never be taken in addition to prescription medications without the guidance of a physician as some herbs interfere with the effectiveness of prescription medications.

Obesity – Is There A Cure?

The causes of obesity seem to be as varied as the different drugs designed to try to cure it. Over 40% of the American population is now considered to be obese. This is an alarming fact that is only getting worse! But who is to wonder when on every major street you find some sort of fast food restaurant.

"Super size it please" is perhaps one of the most spoken phrases in the English language. It almost seems like you gain a couple of pounds just walking into one of those fast food joints.

There are entire societies set up to combat this "Disease." But, what if you are part of the 40%? Is there anything you can do? Now the answer is yes. There is a new breakthrough weight loss secret being discussed across the Internet even now as you read this article.

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst claims to have come upon a break through in her many years of clinical tests and trials. It seems that she has found a link between obesity and the colon. The colon can get backed up with years of mucus that becomes almost a tar like substance. Once your colon is coated with this substance your over all health and energy decline because many of the nutrients from the foods you eat never make it through into your body.

But, worse than that, your body can actually become toxic producing many ailments including obesity. There has been speculation that perhaps there is a natural cure for obesity. If what we put in our body causes obesity then it stands to reason that maybe there is something that we could put in our body to cure obesity.

Obviously a change in your diet and eating habit can and will help you lose a little weight. But, to lose weight and keep it off is a bit harder to accomplish. It seems that the plaque and mucus build up in our body and in your colon play a big part in your ability to metabolize your food intake and therefore your ability to lose weight. Because of this, if you get this junk out of your body your body will do naturally what it was designed to do and losing weight will be a by product of these natural processes.

Curing Toenail Fungus – 3 Treatments to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Quickly

Did you know that there are three treatments that you can use for curing toenail fungus? Although your nail fungus seems to be hard and very difficult to get rid of, there is a solution to your problem.

Today we will look at three treatments you can try. But beware, not all treatments for nail fungus will work for each individual person. People have tried many different home remedies that simply do not work.

Medicines prescribed by your doctor: these oral medications that are prescribed by doctors have been known to work but there are other health issues involved. One of the main concerns when it comes to taking these medications is heart failure. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to take a medication for one thing and then it turns round and caused me to have other problems.

Home remedies for toenail fungus: some people swear by these remedies and claim that they really work. But who has the time to sit around and soak their feet for 45 minutes to an hour and hydrogen peroxide or Apple cider. In most cases after using this treatment their nail fungus came back.

All natural treatments: this is considered to be the best treatment for getting rid of toenail fungus and eliminating the problem for good. Make sure the solution has to best ingredients that are made from natural plants. Most of these products if not all are safe for you to use and they are guaranteed to work. These treatments should be applied directly to the infected area making sure the solution gets up under the nail where the fungus lives.

10 Best Stress Herbs

Herbs are natural stress relievers with little or no side effects and are a popular option to synthetic medications …

Kava Kava – is a herb of the Indonesian and Polynesian islands and is a hot favourite for its anxiety relieving effects. Kava, when drunk, gives a sense of well-being but does not affect mental alertness. Use Kava to relax muscles and get a good night's sleep.

Catnip – acts on both the nervous system and the digestive system. It calms by acting on the brain and also relieves symptoms of peptic ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome which are associated with stress.

Valerian – is said to be the oldest among the stress relieving herbs; it is mentioned in Ayurvedic literature. It has been likened to Diazepam, the sleeping pill. It reduces tension and anxiety and is a good pain reliever for tension headaches and migraines. Also has antispasmodic properties and can be used to ease tight muscles.

Chamomile – promotes feelings of relaxation and settles digestion. It boosts the immune system, which is often depressed during stress, and prevents infections. Chamomile contains glycine, a nerve relaxant … We all know about the soothing effects of Chamomile tea!

Passion Flower – has a long history as a folk remedy for anxiety. The flower is believed to contain naturally occurring serotonin. It is very soothing and used in herbal tea preparations. Use this herbal remedy for insomnia.

Skullcap – makes an effective nerve tonic that reduces anxiety and restlessness. It acts on the nervous system and stabilises the mood. Make skullcap into a tincture.

St John's Wort – a well- known anti-depressant without any side effects. It inhibits the enzyme, mono amino oxidase, and helps in relieving stress.

Lavender – lifts moods and relieves indigestion and headaches. It also encourages natural sleep, so necessary to cope with stress. Besides being one of the most effective stress herbs, it has so many other uses.

Vervain or Verbena – strengthens the nervous system and relieves anxiety and stress. It makes a good sedative nerve tonic (make a tincture) and is also a gentle stimulant for the digestive system.

Rose – has been praised for many reasons , and for many centuries. But its herbal properties have been neglected. Rose balances the hormonal functions, encourages a regular menstrual cycle and is a soothing remedy for emotional difficulties around menopause. It also calms and soothes anger and irritability.

Please remember to seek medical advice before taking herbal medicine if you are pregnant, or if you have a long-standing medical condition such as heart condition or high blood pressure. herbs may be plants but their medicinal effects are potent and very real.

And, remember to deal with herbs with a heart of gratitude … the earth provides everything we need for our well-being and wholeness.

Men Skin Care Tips

Pretty boys, call them what you want, but when a girl has to choose between the clean, well dressed guy or the dirty, acne face dude, she'll go for the first. It's not girly at all for a guy to take care of his personal appearance. Whether you're looking for a girl or already tied the not, taking care of your appearance affects various aspects of your life.

Take for example at work; you can loose a lot of friends for having BO And when you get up close and personal with that hottie, she'll notice your sand paper beard and pimples. Keeping your clothes clean and up to date is also important, whether you it's a suite for work or something cool and attractive for going out to the clubs.

So how can we keep looking good? Easy, keep your body healthy! Of course it's more than just saying it, but when you break it down it is not that difficult at all.

Men skin care is a piece of cake. With some lotion and moisturizer you can improve the look and feel of your skin dramatically. There are tons of men skin care products on the market to choose from. Find a moisturizer with UV protection and vitamin E. A little tip, man skin care products that have retinol in their ingredients are great because retinol helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Pimples or zits, whatever you call them, acne is something almost all men have to deal with. Since we shave, it only gets worse because we irritate our skin. No need to worry. Times have changes and there are a bunch of creams, cleansers, soaps and even acne medications for men. If you have normal acne, try some medicated soap, and you can even use some concealer for men. Yes, that's cosmetics FOR MEN. Nothing girly here. If you have more severe acne you MUST see a dermatologist, a doctor will give you the best solution. With some antibiotics and special creams your skin will improve and so will your confidence.

Do you smell that? Body Oder can be a real big turn off not only for girls but the guy's will not want hang out with someone that smells like trash. Shower. It's that simple, oh yeah and DEODORANT! There seem to be some guys that do not realize this life saver exist. Men tend to sweat more and have a stronger BO then woman, so deodorant is crucial to keep yourself fresh all day long. Put some money in body wash and a good soap, she'll notice.

Have you seen those Chia Pets? If your hair looks like that and you're wondering why you can not get a date, then pay attention to this next tip: Get a GOOD hair cut. Now do not go to extremes, remember just because Johnny Depp can pull off his hitch hiker haircut, does not mean you can too. Go to a professional salon, or at least something that's a little more expensive. The people there are more up to date on new styles and can recommend what suits your face shape and size. Oh and to all the guys going bald … just cut it short! You think that combing it to the side or growing it longer and covering the bald spot does the job … but it does not! Everyone can see that you're going bald. Accept it, cut it short and move on like a man!

Once you have the cool haircut, you need some stuff to keep it in style. Once again, products for men come to the rescue. There are great waxes, gels and sprays for men that keep your hair looking good and in place.

Eating pizza and drinking beer with the boys is great, but having that beer belly and not being able to go up a flight of stairs with out stopping … well you get the picture. It's important for a man to keep healthy. I myself am not much of writing down how many calories I eat or how much carbs this or that has. Frankly I do not care if that chocolate bar is filled with sugar and fatty contents. But nonetheless, I keep a balanced diet. It's just common sense, if you know you're going to be drinking beer all night, then eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. Taking some supplements is even better, but these do not replace meals. Just keep a healthy diet, get in some fruits, veggies and lots of water everyday. When you look in the mirror and see your healthy body, you'll know all the work was worth it.

Of course aside from eating healthy, you have to exercise! If your into sports, play with your buddies, and working out will turn into play. Put in some money for an exercise machine or even cheaper some dumbbells. Did you know you can do a whole body workout with just a pair of dumbbells? Read some information on keeping your body in shape, magazines like Men's Health are great help. Join a gym or use walking as an alternative to getting around.

Keep your clothes clean and stylish. No, this does not mean you can by that Miami Vice suit. Take a look at some men's magazines or watch TV and check out the latest trends for men today. You do not have to waist thousands of dollars on clothes. It's all about color combination and size. You can even ask for some girl help here, this is great because she knows what clothes other girls think make guys attractive or maybe even what she's looking to see on you!

Wash your teeth, cut your nails and please, change your socks and underwear daily!

ADD-ADHD Kid? Think Again…

If you are heading to the doctor to find out whether your child has ADHD, bring this list with you and ask questions before making a final decision.

While doing the research for my books, Learning vs Testing, What’s Food Got To Do With It?, and Instant Learning For Amazing Grades, I discovered nearly 20 things that can mimic the symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

According to Frank Barnhill, M.D., and many other of the world’s top medical doctors, ADD, now officially referred to as ADHD, is a diagnosis of exclusion first.

Dr. Barnhill and I created this list so you can get a thorough and high quality diagnosis for your child. You may be surprised to discover that your child’s ADD symptoms are actually something else in disguise.

1. Thyroid Disease. An underactive thyroid can make a child lethargic or too sleepy to pay attention. An overactive thyroid can make a child appear hyperactive. Either one mimics many of the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Dr. Barnhill says to ask your doctor to rule this out first.

2. Anemia. Low hemoglobin can cause fatigue, irritability, mood swings, and of course, the poor attention span that goes along with ADD – ADHD symptoms.

3. Hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar in a child looks and acts just like low blood sugar in an adult. Sometimes the symptoms of fatigue, lethargy and poor concentration are even more pronounced. Unfortunately, this often goes undiagnosed in children, because they will bounce back fast and lead parents to believe they were just being lazy.

4. Diabetes mellitus. When your blood sugar is high, you will be on edge and others will perceive you as hyperactive. Sometimes ADHD can be cured by changing a diet, or adding blood sugar lowering medicines.

Check the amount of sugar your child eats and see if his or her behavior changes. Also, there is a type II epidemic in young people these days, so make sure your doctor checks your child thoroughly for any signs of it.

5.Seizure disorders. This is a new topic in behavioral science. Some children labeled ADHD actually suffer from mild seizures and it can make your child appear inattentive or spacey when they occur many times an hour. If your child becomes confused or scared, then periods of hyperactivity may follow.

6. Post- concussion syndrome. Mild cases of trauma to the brain that leave no physical evidence of having occurred, can lead to symptoms of ADHD. Brain cell pathways may have been damaged leading to inadequate higher brain cognitive and executive level thought processing abilities. PET Scans will give you this information.

7. Effects of other drugs. Prescription, over the counter, and legal-illegal drugs can cause symptoms that mimic ADHD.

For example, pseudoephedrine found in cold and cough medicines can cause irritability, difficulty sleeping, inability to focus and concentrate and the appearance of being hyper. It is well known that some children actually self-medicate with amphetamines or speed to slow themselves down. Stimulants used to treat ADHD, such as Ritalin, are a form of amphetamine.

8. Effects of certain foods. Everyone knows how some children get hyper when they eat a lot of sugar. But, have you ever wondered whether too much caffeine causing hyperactive states? Each and every child has a different metabolism.

So some tolerate large amounts of sugar and caffeine without becoming hyper, while others can consume little of these stimulants and start ‘bouncing off the wall’.

9. Depression. Mild forms of depression can cause irritability, attitude problems and poor concentration. Other symptoms may include sleepiness, insomnia, appetite changes, crying, and lack of energy and poor self-esteem. All of these can mistakenly lead to an incorrect ADHD diagnosis.

10. Manic depression. This disease is called the rollercoaster of life because one day the affected person will be on the highs of life and maybe the next day or two, will be on the lows. These people have wild mood swings and if not treated, will disrupt classrooms, home life and workplaces.

11. Anxiety, GAD. Anxious kids are almost always hyper in one way or another. It appears that Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is very common in young ADHD children and girls with ADHD without hyperactivity. If the anxiety is not treated with ADHD, then therapy is likely to fail.

12. Mild psychosis. Most parents are surprised to discover that children can hallucinate. Usually, these problems have a sudden onset after a very stressful event in the family, such as a death, divorce, job loss or feelings of impending doom.

There are cases where day terrors and night terrors occur very slowly and simply disrupt the sleep pattern making a child very moody. Teachers feel these children are not paying attention in class because they appear spacey.

13. Sleep apnea is a condition where a person stops breathing multiple times during the night. It requires special diagnosis and treatment since it can lead to the same problems as psychosis. It has been associated with night terrors as a child (or even an adult) may awaken abruptly with a feeling of choking, drowning or being suffocated.

14. Hormone problems in many diseases can cause ADHD like symptoms. Thyroid and insulin related diseases are not the only endocrine disorders that can cause symptoms that look or act like ADHD.

The adrenal gland sits on top of the kidneys and is responsible for everything from regulation of energy to how stable blood sugars remain after running the two-minute mile.

When these disorders are present, a child can have symptoms almost identical to ADHD, such as fatigue, restlessness, poor concentration, changes in weight, and mood swings. Ask your doctor to screen for these.

15. Lead poisoning. Lead damages bone marrow’s ability to make red blood cells, resulting in a terrible anemia. These children can be lethargic and have weird hallucinations. Some can have seizures and eventual kidney failure.

16. Inhalation poisoning. Inhalants such as permanent markers, airplane model glue, paint, fingernail polish and other solvents can cause wild mood swings, periods of intense hyperactivity, irritability and irrational combativeness and defiance.

Abusing inhalants may cause paranoia, seizures, and hallucinations. Using even just a little can create symptoms that can mimic many other conditions including ADD or ADHD.

17. Malnutrition including multiple vitamin deficiencies. No child can adequately focus and concentrate when hungry. With prolonged periods of forced fasting, kids become tired, irritable, and unable to process visual-auditory-tactile sensory input correctly. In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, and even depression.

18. Eyesight, vision, hearing and speech and language problems. While these three items may seem obvious, they frequently go unchecked when diagnosing ADHD. Take your child to a developmental optometrist, one who specializes in vision therapy, a speech and language evaluation and full frequency hearing exam.

19. Visual-tactile-auditory integration problems. These are very specialized problems that affect a child or adults ability to interact with one or more aspects of his sensory environment.

20. Other learning disabilities. These include minimal brain damage from birth trauma and low oxygen levels at birth. IQ may actually be affected in these circumstances and special training is usually indicated.

Birth trauma can cause a variety of auditory, visual and sometimes tactile problems. These integration difficulties should be thoroughly assessed to provide a game plan for learning success specific to that child.

21. Pregnancy. Although you may only have a young child right now, teenage pregnancy is so prevalent, yet often never given a second thought when it comes to diagnosing ADHD. The hormonal imbalance alone can make a young woman appear sleepy, agitated and moody.

22. Children learn in many ways, but schools test in one. Check that learning and testing styles match or your child may have a difficult time showing what he or she knows on a written test.

Keep in mind that ADHD is a complex diagnosis to make. Get the best diagnosis possible prior to filling a prescription for a stimulant drug.

Take this list to your doctor and ask if there are any more factors to rule out before deciding that your child has ADD or ADHD. Your family doctor is still the best source of advice for you and you should consult him or her if you have any medical concerns.

No portion of this article is intended to provide medical advice. See your doctor or other health care practitioner for more information.

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Psoriasis and Its Cures

A non-contagious skin disease, resulting in flaky, itchy and swollen skin, Psoriasis is a very prevalent affliction. It can happen for various reasons. It can be hereditary, life-style based, or simply from something that makes the immune system over-active and therefore increases the growth of skin cells. Depending upon the severity and affected area, different types of psoriasis cures can be taken into consideration for relief. Apparently, there is no magic cure and one needs to consult their doctor and discover the psoriasis cure that works.

There are various cures that have been effective for different patients. The challenge however remains to find the cure that works best, that is, benefits fast and has minimal side effects. Some key psoriasis cures are Topical cure, Systemic cure, Phototherapy cure, and Sun/Water therapy.

Topical cures involve applying solution or cream to the affected area. If the severity of affected area is mild then one can buy over-the-counter ointments to treat the skin condition. The medicines come with steroids as well as components that reduce itching, scaling and inflammation. Coal tar, Salicylic acid, calcipotriene, and vitamin D3 are key ingredients in topical medicines. The famous prescribed psoriasis cure medicinesare Anthralin, Dovonex, Taclonex, Tazorac and Corticosteroids.

Systemic psoriasis cures are for patients showing moderate to severe psoriasis condition. Unlike general medicines, systemics are generated from living proteins and are not chemically made. This is a new area in psoriasis that has evoked considerable success and interest. However, the long term side-effects are not completely known. But it is known that these cures impact the whole body and not just the affected area. Recently, US FDA approved some systemic psoriasis cures like Amevive, Remicade, Enbrel, and couple others.

Psoriasis cures like phototherapy involve exposing skin to UV rays. This has to be done under medical supervision or at a place where you have the kit to do it. Phototherapy can treat chronic plaque lesions, clear psoriasis (when used along with psoralen) and also slows abnormal rapid growth of skin cells. UVB (Ultraviolet light B) treatment involves exposing broad-band or narrow-band UV light B to affected areas. Lasers are recommended for patients having less than 10% of their body covered by psoriasis. Side effects of these psoriasis cures include small risk of scarring. PUVA combines psoralen with UV light A and clear psoriasis for most of the patients.

Natural therapies like sun and water therapy can be really effective psoriasis cures. While water helps chronic lesions to soften up; sun therapy when consistently performed can clean up psoriasis. Balneotherapy involves thermal spring treatments, mineral water or seawater treatment is extensively promoted in European spa’s. Climatotherapy combines light and water for its treatment and refers specifically to few areas for treatment like the Dead Sea in Israel.

Psoriasis cures also involve simple therapies like diet control or following a special diet. Other ancient region-specific treatments have increasingly evoked interest in recent times. For example, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Chinese medication have become immensely popular for their natural healing powers.

Athletes Foot Fungus

The athletes foot fungus is the same fungus that causes onychomycosis, or toenail fungal infections. In reality, there is not just one fungus that can do this, though a couple of species account for most infections. A group of fungi, collectively known as dermatophytes, cause fungal infection of the hair, nails, and skin.

It's common for fungus that has invaded the toenails to spread to the skin, or for it to spread in the other direction – from the skin to the nails. Odds are, if you have athlete's foot fungus and fungal toenails, the same fungus is causing the problem in both places. And since it is affecting the skin, it is almost certainly one of the common types of foot fungus – the dermatophytes. There are some other environmental fungi that occasionally infect the nails, but they do not invade the skin.

The good thing about this is that, in many cases, you can treat both athletes foot fungus and nail fungus with the same remedy. In general, the fungus remedies do not distinguish between the different types of foot fungus, operating on the assumption that what kills one will kill them all. With some remedies you may need to make adjustments; for example, applying pure Tea tree oil may be okay for nails, but you could have a problem with skin sensitivity if you do not dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin. Similarly, if you're using hydrogen peroxide for foot fungus, spraying on the skin is probably fine, but to penetrate an infected toenail, you'll need to soak.

The easiest choices will be treatments that will work for both types of foot fungus – the athletes foot fungus and the nail infection, with one application. Penetration of the nail by the remedy is always a problem, so choose a soaking method, which will soften the nail, or an oily topical treatment, and plan to spend some time filing down the nail and removing bits that break off so that there is less thickness for the remedy to get through.

The athletes foot fungus will probably clear up much faster than the nail infection because the skin infection is superficial and the treatment easily contacts the fungus there. To get rid of both types of foot fungus, however, you will have to keep up the treatment until the nails look good as well. Nail fungal infections are notorious for the length of time they take to resolve. If your athletes foot fungus is gone and there is any sign of improvement in the nails, the treatment is working. Keep it up and you will eventually succeed.