Diabetes At A Glance

Before knowing diabetes, we should have some ideas about insulin and blood glucose.

Insulin is a kind of hormone, secreted by pancreas; which helps reduce our blood glucose level. As soon as we have food, our blood glucose level increases and as our blood glucose level increases, our pancreas secretes this hormone ie insulin, which helps normalize and neutralize such high glucose level.

Blood glucose is one of the very essential body nutrients which is responsible for supply of energy and stamina for the proper functioning of the body cells. Blood stream carries the glucose to all our body cells, wherein it gets utilized; however, this glucose can not enter the cells without the insulin support. In other words, it can be said that insulin works as an aid in transportation of blood glucose to the cells.

So from the above, it can rightly be commented that insulin is a body hormone, which has got a two fold function – on the one hand, it works as a blood glucose neutralizer and on the other, it facilitates it's smooth carriage to the cells .

Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disease, which can be characterized by increased level of blood sugar / glucose, resulting from defects and anomalies in the process of insulin secretion by pancreas or by the incapacity of the cells to utilize insulin effectively.

Generally speaking, diabetes can broadly be categorized under two heads, ie type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is also famously known as insulin-dependent diabetes – the main cause of this kind of diabetes is an auto-immune reaction within the body, whereby our insulin producing cells are attacked by the defense mechanism of our body. People having this kind of diabetes produce very lesser amount of insulin or no insulin at all.

Type 2 diabetes is also famously known as non-insulin dependent diabetes – the main cause of this kind of diabetes can be said to be a rapid and steady decline of beta cells which facilitates the production of the blood sugar.

In present days, diabetes is one of the very common diseases which we are often very inclined to ignore, but the fact is that; diabetes is neither an insignificant disease nor does it ever cures; so ignorance in this regard can be described as nothing less than foolishness.

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous threats to human race and may cause various ill effects on human health. Diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure as well as nerve damage. Diabetes may also be responsible for blockage of arteries, leading to strokes and coronary heart diseases.

So whenever you are diagnosed with diabetes, never ignore it – follow your doctor's suggestions and prescriptions to avoid any further complications.

Obesity – A Major Cause of Health Problems

Obesity is a condition that is spreading at fast pace. It can lead to many other health related conditions, which can be debilitating. It can be said that there are myriad of health problems associated with obesity. The researches show that there are large numbers of health problems associated with over weight condition.

Experts say that it is must for every individual, who is over weight by 20%, to lose some weight in order to live healthy. If they do not, they are at high risk of falling victim to any of the below mentioned diseases.

Some common health problems

  • High blood pressure- there are large numbers of health problems associated with this condition. It can lead to stroke or any other major issue, which can be harmful for your body.
  • Stroke or heat disease- it is a deadly disease, which can lead to heart attack or any other cardio vascular problem.
  • Diabetes- it is one of the major health problems, which has brought much harms to individuals but it can be regulated with the precautions and maintained diet.
  • Osteoarthritis – it restrict a person's movement . It is a condition in which one has to bear prolonged pain in his joints and body appendages.
  • Blood clot – many obese people commonly face this problem. The blood clot can occur due to various reasons and can gradually spread in the entire body.
  • Gall bladder diseases- it can cause problem of kidney stone or gall bladder stone. These are the painful problems, which can engender some other health problems.
  • Breathing issues- sleep apnoea is one of the diseases under this heading. A person suffering form this disease stops breathing for a short period while sleeping.
  • Cancer – there are different forms of cancers and obese people are more likely to develop them as compared to a healthy individual.

Apart from it, there are many more diseases, related to obesity. Your obese body is more susceptible to health risks. It does not mean that you need to look for different measures to deal with disease; you have faced, but instead need to deal with your body and its weight.

Though everybody knows that exercise has its own advantages and healing remedies, but these obese people are less energetic to follow it in their daily schedule. This is what you need to work at! Yes, you need to work at your daily schedule to find time and strict adoption of the rule of walking and exercising in order to stay away from these problems.

Health workers believe that many of these diseases can be avoided with mere working. Cholesterol level can be reduced. Risk of heart disease and stroke can be decreased. High blood pressure can be lowered and same is the case with many other health problems. Hence, walking and exercise need to be the part and parcel of our daily life. Adopt this golden rule in our life and resist against obesity, the cause of myriad of diseases n your life.

Major depression causes

Major depression is unlike the normal feelings of sadness, loss, or passing mood states that most people have. The condition is more persistent and because of that persistence, it could significantly interfere with your thoughts, behavior, mood, activity, and even physical health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), major depression is set to become the second leading cause of disability in the world, after heart illness.

When suffering from clinical depression, people have different ways of confronting it. Some acknowledge it, face it just like any problem, and seek help. Some ignore it as if it doesn’t exist. And others simply accept that it’s there but they don’t do anything about it. In fact, they don’t even ask for help. Those who ignore and don’t do anything run the risk of developing the serious complications of depression. Like any medical disorder, untreated clinical depression has its hazards.

Chronic Depression

According to the landmark “Global Burden of Disease” study, mental disorders are the second leading source of disease burden in established market economies and major depression alone ranked as the leading causes of disability. Major depression takes an enormous toll on functional status, productivity, and quality of life, and is associated with elevated risk of heart disease and suicide.


The onset of major depression may be gradual so the symptoms are not immediately obvious. However, some of the signs to look out for to determine whether you are suffering from major depression or not include the following:

* Persistently sad mood, or high irritability

* Marked changes in normal habits, including sleep and appetite

* Pronounced changes in energy; often low energy almost daily

* Feelings of being “slowed down” or agitation

* Loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities

* Persistent feelings of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness, and emptiness


The causes of major depression are varied and the events that led to the development of the condition are sometimes too numerous to pinpoint a single one as the definitive cause. There are usually many factors involved – physical, biological, and even environmental factors all play a role.

According to scientific research, however, major depression is primarily a brain disorder. The problem could be traced back to three chemicals or neurotransmitters, which serve as messengers that transmit electric signals between brain cells. These are nor epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.

A person suffering from major depression often exhibits a chemical imbalance between these three neurotransmitters, thus producing a clinical state where depression occurs. It is not enough however to treat major depression through psychotherapeutic drugs alone.

Fishing and Sunglasses

For many years I did not understand the roll that sunglasses played in fishing. I thought that they were simply some sort of fashion statement or something and had little to due with the actual act of fishing. Although it's true that sunglasses do not turn the reel or bait the hook, in many aspects your sunglasses are just as important as your bait. Especially if you like to catch fish as I do, while standing in the middle of a flowing river.

A good pair of polarized sunglasses cuts through the glare created by the sun, which enables the angler to see under the water. That's right, with a good pair of glasses you can actually see into the water. How does this work to the anglers' advantage? In two ways. Number one it allows the angler to see underwater structure such as rocks and logs. And secondly, it actually allows the angler to see some of the fish that are trying to be caught. As you can imagine both aspects have wonderful advantages to the angler.

The integral part to this entire article is the word "good". I'm referring to a good pair of polarized sun glasses, which means a quality pair of glasses, which in turn means that they cost a little bit of money. Spending your money on a cheap pair of glasses is like spending your money on cheap hat. Sure it will fit on your head, but it will not look good, last very long, or work properly! The cost of good polarized sun glasses used to scare me too, and then I learned something. 10 years ago, I spent $ 100 on a good pair of polarized sun glasses. Spending that $ 100 was a tough pill to swallow, but do you know what? I still have those glasses and they work great. If the cost of those glasses is amortized, it comes out to ten bucks a year. Those glasses actually cost me less than any cheap pair of glasses that I've ever wasted my money on!

Bottom line is The That by sun glasses and fishing go The hand in hand. Especially if you like fishing in the moving water that rivers provide. The cost of a good pair of glasses may seem like a lot, but you have to remember how the cost is relative compared to the amount of time you will own them and the positive effect that they will have on your fishing.

Poison Ivy – How to Kill It

Poison Ivy is certainly one of the plants found mostly in the eastern and mid western part of America. It is very poisonous. You will certainly find out that the poison Ivy can be very harmful. You neither burn it nor even touch it. If you will burn it then its smoke will harm you and if you will touch it then your skin will suffer from the rashes. This can be very harmful for you. In this article we will be talking about the method through which we can kill this plant.

Do you feel that we can kill this plant? This certainly can not happen. We will certainly find out that the poison ivy is one of the very tricky kinds of plant. What does this mean? Just try to burn it. What will happen? Do you really know what will happen? If not then keep one thing in your mind that you will be stunned by the outcome. Your whole body will be filled with rashes. This certainly means that we can not burn it. Then what can we do? There is one way and do not get frightened.

Suppose you want to remove this plant then you will have to scratch it out of the soil from the root and then place it some where. This is certainly a very big ask for you. You will be able to dispose it to some other place and you can not burn it.

Thus you will find out that the poison ivy can not be burnt. Then what is the way through which you can get rid of the poison Ivy? This is certainly a very big question probably in US. The people are quite afraid of this plant and you will definitely be astonished by this fact.

There is one special kind of mower which is used for this purpose. You will have to just move the mower over this plant and in this way you will be able to safe guard yourself from this poisonous plant. The plant will be blown out of the soil and it will be collected in the bag which is attached to the mower. You can then move the bag and then dispose it to some place where no body comes. This is the only way through which you can kill this plant. But do make sure that you do not come in contact with this plant. If you will do this then you will definitely be the sufferer.

Use The Gradual Exposure Technique To Beat Phobias and Panic Attacks

Phobias about needles, heights, elevators and others can be overcome with a cognitive-behavioral technique known as “gradual exposure.” This is a cognitive-behavior therapy technique that may give you relief quickly.

The gradual exposure technique requires that you construct a fear hierarchy about your phobia. So if you are afraid of elevators, think of situations that involve elevators, and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is low fright and 10 is the most frightening.

For example, level 1 could be thinking about having to go to an appointment where you know you have to take an elevator.

Level 2 could be recalling a time when you were on an elevator and were totally frightened. Write a detailed description of the experience

Level 3 might be to look at a photograph of an elevator.

Level 4 could be visiting a building with an elevator.

Level 5 could be standing in front of the elevator.

Level 6 may be touching the elevator controls.

Level 7 might be to step into and then out of the elevator before the doors close. You could have someone with you for support, but should try not to suppress any feelings you have.

On up to Level 10 which would be to ride an elevator.

Once you have outlined the levels of fear, your fear hierarchy, you can begin to overcome your fear.

Begin by imagining your level 1 situation, until you can imagine it without feeling anxious. Take a few minutes, several times a day, until you can imagine the situation without anxiety.

Next you can go to work on the level 2 situation. Write out a detailed description of a situation where you experienced anxiety. Notice your feelings, and keep writing until you have completely described it.

Continue working up your fear hierarchy until you have completed it. Give yourself a few days between each level. Don’t move to the next level until you can experience the level you are working on with complete comfort and ease.

This is just one example of how to create a fear hierarchy. You can create your own. If you are not sure how to do it, you may want to consult with a qualified professional who practices cognitive-behavior therapeutic techniques.

Get Rid of Herpes – What You Need to Do

The first thing you need to know and understand is that having herpes is a disease that shows you have an immune deficiency. If your immunity is low then you will not only have outbreaks frequently but you may even suffer more than the next person. There are many people that have been exposed hence having a positive blood test for the antibodies, but they may never have an outbreak. If you are struggling with outbreaks then you must build up your immune system or you will continue to suffer for a very long time.

A Diet That Herpes Loves

If you eat junk food then you will continue to have many herpes outbreaks. You will have severe herpes outbreaks and often. Junk food suppresses your immunity. The herpes virus loves that you eat bad. Therefore, what you need to do is avoid the foods that weaken your immunity. You also need to avoid the foods that herpes loves. There are many foods that activate the herpes virus. They make the virus grow and multiply more than it would if you did not eat those foods. If you eat a diet that herpes hates and boosts your immune system then you can go a long way to help yourself live a herpes free life.

Get Rid Of Herpes – Step One

Once your diet is healthy, then you need to start taking herbs and supplements that help your body kill the virus and boost your immune system. If you are taking the right herbs, herbs that suppress the herpes virus from replicating itself, then you will give your body lots of help. And, taking the right supplements that boost your immunity will help you get rid of herpes.

Psoriasis Diagnosis and Treatment

If you suffer from Psoriasis, you are not alone. Approximately 2-3% of the United States population suffers from this common skin ailment. That is almost 8 million people! Whether you are newly diagnosed with the condition, or have been suffering for a few years, there is relief out there. The key is to research all of your options and find a knowledgeable doctor that can help you explore your options.

Psoriasis has been known to afflict individuals of all races, sex, and age groups, though the majority of sufferers are adults. The condition begins when skin cells quickly rise from below the surface and begin to pile up on the surface before they have a chance to fully mature. While in a normal adult, the process takes about a month, a person suffering from Psoriasis can have this occur within a week. This excess growth of cells can lead to patches of thick inflamed skin, covered with silvery scales. They often itch and are very sore to the touch. Most sufferers have these patches on their elbows, knees, legs, lower back, etc.

Psoriasis can also affect fingernails, toenails, and the genitals. It is said that approximately 1 million people suffer from a condition called psoriatic arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints.

The first step to getting treatment is to get diagnosed. Many physicians overlook Psoriasis because it appears similar to other skin diseases. There are many different forms of Psoriasis, which can range from smooth red patches to oozing lesions. The most reliable method of diagnosis involves a small skin sample. The doctor will look at it under a microscope to confirm.

Once you are diagnosed with Psoriasis, you can begin treatment. There are several different options, and depending on the severity of the condition, you may need several different mediations or treatments at a time. There are basically three different kinds of treatments available. These include topical creams, light therapy, and oral medications:

o Corticosteroids

o Calcipotriene

o Retinoid

o Coal tar

o Anthralin

o Salicylic acid

o Clobetasol propionate

o Bath solutions

o Moisturizers

o Light therapy- natural and artificial

o Immune suppressing treatments taken orally

While there is no known cure, there have been some major breakthroughs in the field of study. New medications and treatment options are popping up every day, and a cure is just right around the corner. Laser therapy has become extremely popular, and you can expect to see them integrated into your treatment plan in the near future.

The key is to find out what works for you. Many Psoriasis sufferers can benefit from group therapy. They can discuss their thoughts and feelings about having the condition, and form a support group of others going through the same problems. Online research and support groups are also very popular. The more you know about your condition, the better prepared you are for what lies ahead. So do a search on your favorite search engine and discuss your options with your doctor.

The Vicious Circle Of Smoking And Anxiety Disorders

Have you ever noticed that people who are nervous and/or depressive often seem to smoke? This might not be a coincidence since there is scientific research that shows that there is definitely a correlation between smoking and anxiety disorders . Therefore if you smoke and you also feel anxious and depressed much of the time, your mood disorder might be the result of your bad habit.

It’s The Cause Not The Solution

Many smokers claim that they smoke to calm their nerves and cigarettes have helped them to get through some of life’s most trying challenges. Well, there certainly is a link between smoking and anxiety disorders , but cigarettes do nothing at all to calm frazzled nerves. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is an addictive drug. Nicotine is a stimulant which is known to cause excitement. It will also intensify your worries and make them seem bigger than they are which can lead to an anxiety disorder. Smoking causes major depressive disorder too. While a smoker is not smoking the excitement and anxiety is followed by depression because the amount of nicotine in the bloodstream decreases. When the nicotine level decreases to a certain level your body asks for more of it, which is why smoking is so addictive.

Harder To Quit

There is a second link between smoking and anxiety disorders . Not only does nicotine cause anxiety, but people who have the disorder find it more difficult to quit smoking. If you have ever been around smokers perhaps you have heard them say that they really wanted to quit but the time just wasn’t right because they were way too stressed out.

Ironically many people who have anxiety disorder and actually managed to successfully quit smoking have reported feeling much less anxious and depressed not long after they managed to stop the habit. When smoking has caused anxiety disorder and depression in an individual they may feel that they are incapable of quitting because of the stress when in fact giving up the cigarettes is the single most beneficial thing they could do to calm their nerves.

Getting Help

If you are a smoker the links between smoking and anxiety disorder described in this article may have you thinking that you are stuck in a hopeless situation, but that is not true. Medical professionals know a great deal about the correlation between smoking and anxiety disorders and health care providers are trained to help people in such situations. If you smoke and you are worried about the correlation between smoking and anxiety disorders then it is a good idea to make an appointment to speak with your doctor. They can help you to decide on the best course of action to help you quit the habit permanently in order to improve your psychological and physical health.

Original article source: Smoking And Anxiety Disorders

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What Kills Fungus of the Nail

What kills fungus of the nail is a question asked by millions of people every day who are suffering from annoying toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus is something that can impact you both physically and mentally. Once you have the disease, your toenails become yellow, brittle, and cracked. Often, they will either raise from the nail bed or become dead nails and fall off.

The good news is there are ways to get rid of nail fungus.

The first thing that you should do is check with your doctor to make sure that you are in fact suffering from nail fungus and not some other skin disease that just looks like fungus. You could also have had some kind of trauma to your nail, like stubbing your toe, that may create symptoms that mimic toenail fungus.

If you are sure that you have fungus one of the first things that you want to do is to take care of your feet on a daily basis by washing them with some kind of antifungal soap and ensuring that they are kept dry. Nail fungi thrive in dark and damp places so wetness between your toes can help exacerbate the problem.

Obviously, you could elect to go for some kind of prescription per your doctor's orders. There are several that are used like creams and pills. However, a few of the prescription pills are known to be quite harsh and at least one being known to create liver damage in some users. So, make sure to discuss all options with your doctor.

For those that want to avoid taking drugs, there are several holistic formulas that have been used to help kill the fungus. Some of these formulas include natural ingredients like lavendar oil, tea tree oil, or undecylenic acid. Undecyclenic acid sounds like a chemical but is actually derived from cracking castor oil.

In terms of natural products to fight toenail fungus, there are some that are applied topically, and there are some that can be taken orally.

Ultimately, getting rid of toenail fungus takes a certain amount of diligence because the fungus is under the nail and not easy to reach. But, if you find a treatment that works, and you stick to doing it for several weeks, you will eventually see results and clear nails.

The Harmful Effects Of Crystal Meth On Your Body

Crystal meth is a powerful stimulant that can wreak havoc in your body. It’s so addictive; it’s difficult for people to stop using it once they get addicted. People use it to make them feel good. What they may or may not realize is that this drug has some serious effects, especially if you get hooked on it. This article will explain the effects from using crystal meth.

When crystal meth is taken in small quantities, it can keep you up at all hours of the day and night. You will be so restless you won’t know what to do with yourself. Taking this drug can keep you high as a kite and you’ll be in another world. As far as food is concerned, you won’t think much about eating anything. Forget about having an appetite; the only appetite you’ll have is for the drug.

Smoking or injecting crystal meth can give a rush through your body. If you take it through you mouth or snort it up your nose, the effects from it can leave you high for at least twelve hours. These feelings can come from a high concentrate of dopamine. This element is used to transmit impulses to your nerves and stir up pleasurable feelings.

Crystal meth has been tested in animals. When given a high amount of the drug, it can damage the nerves in their body. The dopamine is known to add to the adverse effects of the nervous system. If continued to be taken in high amounts, your temperature can increase and sometimes it can cause seizures or worse, become fatal.

If you continue to use crystal meth, you can get seriously addicted to this drug. When you get to that stage, it becomes a chronic habit. You become desperate and do anything you need to do to get the drug. Crystal meth can affect your brain to the point where you have an adverse personality change.

Signs of the personality change include irritability, anxiety, intense anger, violent state of mind, and having a hard time sleeping. They also feel as though someone is out to get them, and they’re always moody. You can’t tell how they’re going to act from one moment to the next.

The more you use crystal meth, the more chance you’ll get addicted to the drug. When you get addicted, you are faced with constantly having that need to have crystal meth. By this time, if has affected your brain.

It keeps telling your mind that you have to have it in order to survive. In order to get that next high, that next great feeling, you have to have it. Then, when you feel like you want to quit, you try to do so. Either you succeed or you relapse, depending on your willpower.

Once you have become loyal to crystal meth, you will start to feel as though everyone is after you. You start to hallucinate and think you’re seeing or hearing strange voices. You feel delusional and begin to have thoughts of suicide.

Since you have already deprived yourself of much needed sleep, all you can think about is binging every few hours to keep yourself awake. You end up looking and acting like a zombie and you could care less about anything else, including eating. The longer you are hooked, the harder it is for you to want to recover. Unfortunately, most users wait until it’s almost too late to get help. By that time, they’ve either lost their mind, or a serious medical condition has befallen them where they’ll have to take medication for the rest of their life.

Depression in Black Men

Depression is a disorder that is treatable. That is an important thing to keep in mind. People can bounce back from it. One of the biggest issues with depression is the lack of talking about it. Around 16 million people deal with depression in America. Studies suggest that an equal percentage – 12 percent – of black males and white males suffer from depression. The real difference is in treatment. Fewer blacks are being treated. While only one-third of all Americans with a mental illness receive care, less than half that number of African-Americans receive mental health treatment.

Depression can bring on feelings of worthlessness, sadness and hopelessness that tends a way to get clogged his brain. Some think, in comparison, death seems soothing.

Men who suffer from depression may think suicide is the answer. It is not. Men that become suicidal don’t realise that they are repeating the cycle, burdening their children with the same loneliness the father had endured. Their kids would grow up with the knowledge that their father had taken his life. Depression can be very paralyzing to African Americans.

This vile illness affects men from all walks of life, and as I’ve said before depression strikes everyone – from the black executive to the young street hustler. In many documented cases, several socially advanced black men suffered from depression for many year and refused to receive treatment. There is a very disturbing undercurrent: If an accomplished, highly informed black man refused to seek treatment for depression, how difficult is it for uneducated or poor black men to seek help?

As we come to the end of Black History Month, some mental health experts who work with black males suggest that these questions deserve greater study and discussion.

Some experts believe that depression is likely a key factor in a 233 percent increase in suicide in black males ages 10-14 from 1980 to 1995.

“Black men feel that they have to be twice as good as other people, that you can’t be weak because other people will take advantage of you,” said Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. surgeon general in a phone interview last week. Satcher oversaw the 1999 surgeon general’s report on mental health in the United States. “Those [pressures] work powerfully against a black male seeking treatment for depression and other mental illnesses.”

And about one in four African-Americans is uninsured, compared with about 16 percent of the U.S. population overall. African-Americans are less likely to receive antidepressants, and when they do, they are more likely than whites to stop taking them.

Particularly troubling to those who study and treat mental illness in black men is their disproportionately higher rates of incarceration than other racial groups. Nearly half the male U.S. prison population is black, and about 40 percent of those in the juvenile justice system are black. About 12 percent of the U.S. population is black.

It’s a very difficult and very serious situation for these young men and for society. Psychiatrists who work with Atlanta’s homeless and black youth said they see dozens of black males each year head to jail or juvenile justice when they should be in treatment centers. They blame in some form or another, depression.

“It happens all the time, and it’s very alarming,” said Dr. Raymond J. Kotwicki, medical director of community outreach programs, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, at Emory University School of Medicine.

While all mental illnesses come wrapped in stigma, mental illnesses in black men are even more entangled. Historical racism and current cultural biases and expectations all play a part, mental health advocates said.

Nearly two-thirds of African-Americans believe mental illness is a shortcoming that can be overcome through prayer and faith, according to a studyby the National Alliance for the Mentally Il.

The neglect of emotional disorders among men in the black community is nothing less than racial suicide. Many experts argues that the problem of depression in black America can be traced back to the time of slavery, when it was believed that blacks were unable to feel inner pain because they had no psyche. This myth has damaged generations of African American men and their families, creating a society that blames black men for being violent and aggressive without considering that depression might be a root cause

If you have any thoughts on the subject, I’d love to hear them.

Foot Info You Should be Aware of

What is Podiatry and what do Podiatrists do?
Podiatry or podiatric medicine is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and the knee, leg and hip (collectively known as the lower extremity). The range of disorders podiatry can address largely depends on the scope of practice laid down in national, state, and/or provincial jurisdiction.

Some podiatrists limit their practices to the non-(hospital) surgical treatment of patients. Because much work in podiatric medicine and surgery involves cutting of some kind, many procedures are considered surgical by insurance companies including tasks such as the cutting of nails, removing of corns or callus, which the generic public would not commonly consider to be surgery. These podiatrists use their skills in handling arthritic, diabetic, and other medical problems associated with the feet and lower extremities. Some use devices fitted in shoes (orthotics) or modify the shoe itself to make walking better or easier. Some practices focus on sports medicine and treat a few runners, dancers, sports players, and other athletes.

Within the scope of practice, podiatrists are the experts at foot, ankle & related leg structures surgery. Some podiatrists have primarily surgical practices. Some specialists complete additional fellowship training in reconstruction of the foot, ankle and leg. A number podiatric surgeons specialize in minimally invasive percutaneous surgery. Most podiatrists utilize medical, orthopedic, biomechanical and surgical practices. Most assuredly, surgical podiatric principles rest on a base of orthopedic and kinesthetic expertise.

Some of the typical reason to visit a local podiatrists are: Cracked heels, Heel pain, Ingrown toe nail, Neuroma , Heel pain in children, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Foot Corns & callus, Burning foot, Arch pain, Diabetes foot care, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankle sprains, Dry skin, Sweaty feet, Flat foot , High arch foot, Foot orthotics, Hammer toe , Sever’s Disease, Calcaneal apophysitis, Calf muscle stretch, Bunion, Runners knee, Shin splints, Children’s foot problems, Fungal infection, Children’s footwear, Running shoes, Fitting footwear , Ingrown toenail, Heel spurs, Plantar fasciitis , Smelly feet, Cold feet, Pronated foot , Arch support, Poor circulation, Do I need orthotics? , Clubfoot, Charcot’s foot, Ski boot problems , Chilblains, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma , Foot pain, Sprained ankle, Flat feet , Bunion surgery, Footcare products, Growing pains , Gout, Peripheral neuropathy and more.

What about Orthotics?
Sophisticated custom orthotics to more rigidly support compromised joints, weak muscles, and other medical conditions are in many instances provided by orthotists. Plastic vs. metal and leather fitting, complex mechanical hinges, and fasteners to keep the orthosis affixed well to the portion of the body that the orthosis supports are a part of the process in delivering orthotic support.

In addition to providing relief for painful foot problems or an injury, those who may benefit from orthotics include people who must walk or stand excessively on the job. For those who are active in sports, orthotics will commonly improve endurance, performance and strength. For overweight individuals, orthotics can help to counteract the extra stress on the feet, as minor problems are ordinarily magnified due to the increased weight.

Orthotics are particularly effective in relieving foot fatigue and discomfort experienced by older adults, who may have developed arthritis in their feet. Orthotics may also be prescribed for children who have a foot deformity.

In athletic individuals, sports activities result in a lovely deal of movement and pressure on the foot. Slight imbalances in the foot that are not harmful or even detectable under usual circumstances may make one more vulnerable to injury with the extra stress of sports activity. By releasing the need for one’s muscles to compensate for imperceptible imbalances, orthotics can reduce fatigue and promote efficient muscle function to enhance performance. With enough functional correction, the foot structure can be aligned to give more propulsion, making walking, running and cycling more mechanically efficient.

Rigid orthotic devices are designed to control foot function, and may be made from a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber. These types of orthotics are mainly designed to control motion in two major foot joints, which lie directly below the ankle joint. This type of orthotic is in many instances used to improve or eliminate pain in the legs, thighs and lower back due to abnormal function of the foot.

Soft orthotic devices help to attenuate shock, increase balance and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots. They are as a rule made of soft, compressible materials. This type of orthotic is effective for arthritis or deformities where there is a loss of protective fatty tissue on the side of the foot. They are also helpful for people with diabetes.
Semirigid orthotic devices are often used to treat athletes. It allows for dynamic balance of the foot while running or participating in sports. By guiding the foot through proper functions, it allows the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently. It is constructed of layers of soft materials, reinforced with more rigid materials.

Calibrated orthotic devices are those based on the correction model and manufacturing technique advocated by Glaser (MASS position). It factors in the individual’s weight, foot flexibility and activity equal to deliver a custom calibrated without distinction of support that delivers firm but comfortable functional control while maintaining the properties of an accommodative device.

What Should I do if I belive I need to see a Podiatrist?
Make an appointment! Yes, this is somehow the most difficult thing for people to do. They suffer from symptoms like foot pain, heel pain, corns, bunions and more but they won’t effortlessly choose up the phone to get help. The costs are often covered by health insurance companies – check with your doctor for more mental capacity. Take some time today to get started and your feet will make the rest of your month that much better for you. The longer you wait, the worse it could get.

The Fear Factor of Having a Small Penis – Men, Don’t Be Afraid

It’s not uncommon for men who have a small penis to let it take control of their lives through fear.

The fear of having a small penis usually becomes apparent in what is called, “Locker Room Syndrome.” It’s typically at this point in a man’s life that he compares his penis size to his classmates and may realize that he is smaller than they are. It also might be a time when he gets laughed at by his peers. Situations like this make a man very self-conscious about his penis size and the fear starts to creep in.

Sometimes the fear is unsubstantiated. There are two types of penises from a flaccid-erective standpoint. One being the Grow-er and the second being the Show-er. The Grow-er penis can be quite tiny and small when it is flaccid, yet gain enormous size when it becomes erect. The Show-er is typically about as big as it gets when flaccid. When the Show-er gets erect, their isn’t much gain in size.

For men that may be Grow-ers, being in the locker room and noticing Show-ers may seem a bit unnerving and make the man feel he is smaller. Keep that in mind if you ever went through the Locker Room Syndrome experience.

With the advent of the Internet more and more people have access to erotica that was not available twenty years ago. A man today may watch erotic films on the Internet and realize that his penis size is much smaller than the men who are acting in these movies. This is something else to not get too worried about. Typically such actors are hired for their large penis size. The “average” penis size of these men is typically much larger than the norm.

If fear has infiltrated a man because of the size of his penis, the most important thing is to try and release that fear and get on with your life. Men and women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall and some are short. Some have dark hair and some have blonde hair. Some women have large breasts and some women have small breasts. Penises are the same way. Some are crooked; some are fat; some are skinny; some are long; and some are short.

It takes all kinds of everything to make the world dynamic and interesting. Truly, it would be boring if all women were born with large breasts. Boring, because they would all seem the same. Many of my friends prefer women with smaller breasts than larger breasts. Everyone has their preferences, of course, but in the end it really is the person (and their personality) that is most important.

I, too, had a small penis at one time and I let it eat away at me. The locker-room syndrome didn’t affect me, but I was with a women who laughed at my size. It was a horrible experience that clouded my social life for a long time. I think back to all of those years that I wasted because I was in fear of what women would say about my penis.

Now that I am older I don’t live in fear any longer, but I was able to enlarge myself, so this kind of helped me get over this phobia. However, I’ve been losing my hair for years and this used to totally freak me out when I was younger. But as I am now older, I don’t even think about hair loss any longer. Surprisingly, many women are attracted to a man who is receding (especially in Europe) as it denotes a man with high levels of testosterone. So, sometimes maturity and time helps us get over our personal hang-ups. Accepting oneself is very important, too. If you can’t accept yourself, no one else will.

If you have a small penis, you have three basic options:

1) Live in abjective-based fear of your penis size and give up on having relationships for fear of being rejected.

2) Get over your size and realize that there is more to a man than the size of his penis. Remember, if a woman won’t go out with you because your penis is small, she’s not worth going out with.

3) Find some mechanism to enlarge the size of your penis. There are plenty of options from Surgery to Herbal Treatments.

For those men interested, we have written a book on penis and sexual enlargement – Iron Man Penis – The Russian System. Good luck to all men in your life and relationships.


Georg von Neumann

Anxiety and Depression – How Anxiety and Depression Are Related

There is a strong connection between anxiety and depression. Discovering the connection between anxiety and depression will help you to understand and overcome your disorder more easily.

Connection Between Anxiety and Depression

The terms anxiety and depression disorders are most often confused and related with each other. But in fact both have different meanings and are in fact the two different states of mental disorder. However, it is also true that sometimes anxiety may lead to depression or vice-versa.

According to a precise definition of anxiety, “It is basically a feeling of nervousness or un easiness, which creates a critical disturbance in the mental state, thus leading to the chronic or generalized anxiety.”

Anxiety disorder is a medical problem that can lead to mental illness. Such a disorder usually creates extreme terror & fear in one’s life. Besides this, it can generate a lot of mental strain on the brain. This stress if not treated well in time can tend to become a chronic stress. The common symptoms of anxiety include extreme pressure on the brain, heart palpitations and sweating. The different types of Anxiety disorders are:

Panic disorder OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) PTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) Social phobia Specific phobia Generalized Anxiety Similarly according to an accurate and precise definition of depression, “Depression is basically a medical disorder usually characterized by hopelessness, extreme feeling of sadness and irritability in temperament along with the lack of interest in life”.

Depression is categorized into three different forms:

Major Depression Dysthymia Bi-polar disease

Depending upon the varying temperaments, the mode of depression may vary from person to person. A depressed person may encounter the feelings of helplessness or he may fail to cope with this state. Thus, ultimately depression may end up with the feelings of anxiety.

Alternatively, it is the feeling of anxiety that is faced initially by a person and that tends to the state of depression. Such a situation mainly arises because a person fails to cope with these anxiety disorders. But, in fact both these disorders can lead to a serious disability factor in the brain.

Inter-Relationship Between Anxiety And Depression:

Both Depression and Anxiety are the serious mental ailments. A depressed person generally experiences low-energy state accompanied with the lack of interest in life. This ultimately results in anxiety disorder and the sufferer might face panic attacks.

Generally, both these disorders are cured in a similar way. To cure anxiety ‘antidepressant drugs’ are mostly used while ‘behavioral therapy’, often aids to overcome both these troubles.

Common Techniques To Overcome Anxiety And Depression

There are certain natural therapies which if followed appropriately will definitely help to overcome depression and anxiety disorders.

Intake of a Rich and Nutritious Diet:

It is always recommended to take a balanced diet in order to overcome depression and anxiety disorders. There are certain food ingredients that hike the anxiety level of a person. It includes sugar and some food additives. In addition to it, there are certain food supplements and herbs that help to calm down the nervous system. Some of such supplements include kava, vitamin B valerian teas and chamomile.

Follow Relaxation Techniques:

Anxiety and depression not only harm the mental state but also the physical well being of a person. Generally, it is recommended that a person should follow proper relaxation tips to overcome these troubles. Some of the significant relaxation tips include deep breathing, bio-feedback and the muscle relaxation. Regular exercising also helps in overcoming depression and anxiety. It minimizes the muscle tension, discharges frustrations & reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood, thus helps to overcome anxiety and depression.