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Stop Sexual Performance Anxiety

Everyone knows about anxiety, but have you ever heard of sexual performance anxiety? In this article you understand and learn how to overcome this sexual nervousness. This can happen to just about anyone of any age, ethnicity, gender, or personality type. When you get your chance at that magic moment you want it to be special, and have great satisfaction.

With low self esteem, you can affect other areas of performance, and this will cause problems during sexual activity. The more nervous you become the worse the situation becomes, until you panic and are at the point of no return. You start to think what if I’m too small, what if I ejaculate too quick, what if I don’t satisfy her? When your body has an attack it believes that there is a threat or danger. Thinking that you are a sexual failure sends a message in your brain that triggers fear. This fear then blocks an erection.

There are other reasons for performance anxiety. Say a male is taking a blood pressure medication. This may affect the blood flow making the penis not as hard or large as the male is use to. Not knowing it is the medication continues with this problem and then starts worrying about his sexual performance. When this happens time after time he is prone to not getting a full erection he will then have this imprinted in his head that he cannot get an erection. Say he stops taking that medication, his brain will mentally tell him that he cannot become erect.

So far everything has been mental issues, its not that you can’t get erect, or have great sexual activity. You are mentally blocking out any kind of positive sexual thinking. Once you start thinking positively and cut off those negative thoughts you should see improvement. It takes time to build confidence. This is why sexual enhancement supplements are a good idea if you want to get the right kick start on amazing intimacy.

There are also other methods of overcoming this issue. Hypnosis has been proven to cure any mental blockage you may have associated with sexual activity. This system works because it is talking to your inner and primitive areas of thinking.

Also handling sexual performance anxiety takes some sort of planning, you must first alter how you think and then come up with a strategy. Studies show that having a plan and following through calms your brain. After you have calmed yourself, and stopped thinking about failure your brain should allow your body to function properly.

There are a few other things you can do.  One is to avoid masturbation because when you masturbate it will reduce libido. Before attempting to have sex the next time, don’t masturbate and see if this will help enhance your performance. Also you can try to take enhancers, try Bomba by Premier Marketing. It’s formulated to enhance sexual activity to the fullest extent, as well as heightens a climax, and promotes a higher level of performance.

Cats And Feline Sick

Cats are one of the most popular pets in North America.  They are loving pets, capable of providing you years of companionship.  Like other pets, cats can sometimes get sick.  There are several different types of ailments that cats can get, one of which is feline diabetes.  Feline diabetes is a serious disease, although it can be treated by a veterinarian.

Diabetes is more common with humans than with cats or other animals. The cause of diabetes is actually quite simple.  Sugar, or glucose, is found in the blood.  The level of blood sugar in the body or the animal is kept under control by hormone insulin, which the pancreas produces.  When the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, diabetes is to blame.

The symptoms of feline diabetes will vary.  The most common symptoms include an increase in urine and an increase in thirst.  Other symptoms of feline diabetes include a loss of appetite, weight loss, and a poor coat.  An increase in thirst is easy to detect, as you can easily notice the water dish empty throughout the day.

If you don’t get your cat treated for feline diabetes immediately, the cat will eventually become inactive, vomit on a regular basis, and eventually fall into a coma.  On the other hand, if you get the diabetes treated in time, the cat will more than likely lead a normal and healthy life.  Keep in mind that treatment doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time and dedication.

Cats that have feline diabetes will need to be given food at the same time every day. They should be prevented from going outside as well.  If your cat has diabetes, you’ll need to give him insulin shots once or twice or a day.  Once your veterinarian checks your cat, he will tell you how many shots and how much insulin you need to give your cat.  

Before you give your cat his insulin shot, you should always make sure that he has some food first.  If he hasn’t eaten and you give him a shot anyway, he could end up with a hypoglycemic shock.  This can also occur from too much insulin as well.  A hypo can be really dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs.  If your cat gets a hypoglycemic shock and you aren’t around, he may end up dying.  

If you have to give insulin shots to your cat due to feline diabetes, you should always keep a watchful eye on him after you have administered the shot.  After your cat has been on insulin for a period of time, your vet may reduce the amount of insulin.  Even though he may have to stay on insulin the rest of his life, he will lead an otherwise healthy life.

The Sexy Hormones – Testosterone in Women

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "A doctor would rather treat 10 men than 1 woman." This validates the idea that women are very intricate creatures. At the heart of this intricacy are life hormones that include testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, and of course estrogen.

When a woman's hormones are balanced she feels fabulous, her skin radiates, and she exudes confidence, energy and vitality.

Not only that, but their sex drive is completely hormone driven. In a study from the University of Chicago, 43% of women have NO sex drive, and 51% experience pain during intercourse.

You will be surprised to hear that women in their '30s experience the biggest decline in libido. This is often due to stress, working, a young family, and lack of time. There are several factors that go into sexual dissatisfaction in women, but Testosterone Deficiency is at the top of the list. Some factors that contribute to insufficient hormone levels include: Hypothyroidism, birth control meds, excessive prolactin, prescription medications (especially anti-depressants), stress, and disrupting estrogen like chemicals in our environments.

If you experience any of the following you need to get your hormones tested, and take the necessary steps to take back control of your body and health:

– Increasing weight or excess fat that you can not seem to stop or get rid of

– Increasing feelings of depression, or irritability

– Low / diminishing Energy Levels

– Trouble Sleeping or insomnia

– Constipation

– Sensitivity to heat / cold

– Hair loss

– Drop in libido

Make sure you find a qualified Anti-Aging Doctor who will test for all of the appropriate hormones. You can also start increasing your Sexy Hormones, right now by picking up a copy of our 12 Week Rejuvenation-Program designed specifically to increase your Life Hormone levels enabling you to take back control of your health.

Remember, aging is inevitable, but looking and feeling old is optional.

A Must Read For Metal Detecting Newbies

Metal detecting is an excellent hobby and pastime for the whole family. But before you proceed any further, selecting the right detector is probably the most important thing to do. But now you ask, how would I know which one is the right one?

Ok, this is what the article is catering for. Before we dig deep into the issue, lets us talk about the types of metal detectors available. There are many different types of detectors; some are more complicated than others. The basic ones are easy to get used to, with less features and buttons. Turn it on and off you go! You can’t get around practice though, and the more complicated the detector, the more practice you will need.

Firstly, land or relic detectors are used mainly on land or in the woods, playgrounds, parks, etc. They can be used at the water edge and even in the water a couple of inches, most coils are waterproof, but don’t drop your whole detector in the water, you wouldn’t want to know what would happen after that.

Ok, maybe you’re close to the ocean or lakes, and are thinking of jumping in the water with your of metal detectors to find out what was lost there? If finding jewelery is your thing then a waterproof detector is a must. To make it simple, there are two basic categories of underwater detectors: A VLF – that can discriminate against iron and unwanted junk, and there is a PI – that can detect deeper then a VLF but you’ll be digging every nail and bottle cap without knowing it. Test them out, some people just prefer VLF, but some rather go for PI, there is no fine line for this.

After deciding whether you are land hunters, beach hunters, or sea diving hunters, now it is time to decide your detector. For land and relic detecting beginners, here are the most popular and affordable metal detectors. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Minelab Musketeer, Whites Prizm II, and the Garret Ace 250.

For beach hunting beginners, I would recommend Minelab Excalibur 1000, Fisher CZ 20 for VLF’s . For PI’s : take Whites Surf Master PI Pro, or Headhunter Pules. For diving detecting beginners, I would say a Hookah unit or Tesoro Stingray.

Oh wait, another valuable tip for you guys is: take some time to surf the net for detectors reviews, detectors review are extremely beneficial and helpful towards your decision.

Palm Springs San Diego Orange County California Food Poisoning Attorney Sebastian Gibson Discusses the New Country of Origin Labeling Law (cool}

Until now, consumers who suffered food poisoning and the investigators looking for the cause, had no idea from which country the food that was eaten came from. With the new COOL (Country of Origin Labeling) law taking effect after September 30, 2008, all that will change, with a few exceptions.

Now when you get food poisoning, whether it is from food you bought at a grocery in San Diego, California, Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Buena Park, Palm Springs, Temecula, Indian Wells, La Quinta or a restaurant in Ventura, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino, Temecula, or Palm Desert, when the Department of Health investigates what made you sick, they may be able to determine this more accurately and without causing major economic damage to agricultural interests not at fault.

After years of lobbying for delays by grocery lobbying groups who argued the law would be too costly to implement, and who lobbied for delays, COOL has at last taken effect.

Now investigators will have an easier time tracking down the country of source. As it has often been raw food, such as peppers from Mexico most recently, the effect of the law will immediately help investigators. Health conscious consumers may feel more loyalty to a retailer who doesn’t just comply grudgingly with the law but who touts their going an extra step or two to let their shoppers know exactly what came from where.

Other food poisoning outbreaks in recent years have involved spinach, and beef. Now with the milk scare from China, there are calls to extend the law to dairy products.

There are also exceptions in COOL for butchers, fish markets, restaurants, restaurants in hotels, school cafeterias, and small retailers. Additionally if spices, sauce or breading has been added, no labeling is required. Though not exactly food, the law also does not apply to pharmaceuticals, though there are calls to extend the law to them. Produce mixed in displays may simply be labeled as being “from two or more countries of origin.”

Lawmakers and consumer groups are angry that the USDA seems to be attempting to evade congressional intent by allowing steaks and other meat cuts to be labeled with multiple country of origin labels. Congress only intended that exception for ground beef or for animals raised in more than one country. It has been said that there is a chasm of difference between the statutory language that was passed by Congress and the rule allowing multiple of country origin labels drafted by the USDA.

There are other discrepancies with how the law will be applied. Fish caught off the coast of Alaska by a Chinese or Japanese owned ship may be labeled as a product of China or Japan. Beef raised in another country that spends 30 days in a feed lot in the U.S. can be labeled as coming from the U.S.

Retailers are given discretion how they label the food. Meat counters, for instance, may simply list all the countries where the meat is produced, or they can label each cut. Hamburger will still likely give the consumer pause as meat that is ground up may come from numerous countries.

Once compliance goes into effect, businesses may be fined $1,000 per violation. The law is expected to cost at least $2 billion to implement.

Visit our website at http://www.sebastiangibsonlaw.com if you have an agriculture or agricultural, food, wine, drink or regulatory law issue. We have the knowledge and resources to represent you as your <A rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/599271’);” href=”http://www.sebastiangibsonlaw.com”>California Agricultural Lawyer</a> and <A rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/599271’);” href=”http://www.sebastiangibsonlaw.com”>California Food and Drink Attorney </a> or your attorney in the areas surrounding cities such as any of the cities in the Coachella Valley including Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Indian Wells, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Rancho Mirage, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, Coachella, La Quinta, or cities in San Diego, and Orange County, such as La Jolla, Del Mar, Carlsbad, San Clemente, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Riverside, Temecula or Fullerton.

Shower Floor Pans – The Right Way!

Shower floor pans are out of sight and not something you normally think about. But if you have a leaky shower, you may have damage to the entire area around your shower.

A handy person can replace or install a shower pan with the right instruction.

Here are the basic steps.

Repair any damage.

Usually damage will be to the sub floor in and around the shower pan. Remove rotted material and replace it.

Install drain base.

Tile floors are water-resistant but not water-proof. Mortar that’s exposed to water absorbs water. Mix the mortar properly or it will crumble and fail over time. Install the drain at this stage.

Build the sloped mortar base.

Build your floor slope in here. The slope moves all the water to the drain which prevents mold, fungus and odors. Build a roughly two inch thick base that slopes to the drain.

Install the shower floor pan liner membrane and drain top.

A flexible waterproof membrane goes above the mortar base. The membrane goes up the sides of the wall a few inches. One of the tricks is how to fold the liner in the corner.

Install the second mortar bed.

A second mortar bed is installed over the liner and reinforced with wire.

Build the curb.

Build any threshold forms and pour mortar mix to establish the correct shape.

Install tile.

After the second coat of mortar cures, install a coat of thinset. Thinset is a special mortar used to stick the tile to the base. Then install tile. Let thinset cure and then grout.

Want more details on shower floor pans and shower repairs?

The Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

The line between martial arts and professional cardio workout routines is kind of blurry; the difference between learning how to do a high kick and learning how to do a knee pull to an aerobic exercise tape is not that wide. That said, there are a lot of reasons to take up martial arts, ranging from self confidence building to general exercise and working on balance. One kind of exercise program that's sweeping the gym set is the cardio kickboxing workout.

The original cardio kickboxing program was called Tae Bo, and popularized by martial artist Billy Blanks. Tae Bo combines aerobic dance routines with short, sharp punches and kicks pulled from tae kwon do and boxing to create a high energy, high performance workout. Tae Bo itself has been trademarked, so the generic term 'cardio kickboxing' has been used instead for similar workouts and similar styles of exercise.

The line between martial arts and professional cardio workout routines is kind of blurry; the difference between learning how to do a high kick and learning how to do a knee pull to an aerobic exercise tape is not that wide. That said, there are a lot of reasons to take up martial arts, ranging from self confidence building to general exercise and working on balance. One kind of exercise program that's sweeping the gym set is the cardio kickboxing workout.

What's important to understand about cardio kickboxing as an exercise program is that it's got elements of a martial art, but it is not adequate self defense training on its own. It does not teach good blocking form, it does not teach throws or ground movements, or anything you might actually need for self defense, other than how to throw a punch or kick. People who learn cardio kickboxing routines have a head start in learning how to take up muay thai or tae kwon do, because a lot of the motions are very similar, and they'll have the fitness benefits to build on as a foundation.

Cardio kickboxing has some significant fitness benefits. It's a very high intensity aerobic workout; your heart will be beating fast, you will be sweating and you will be burning calories while doing it. It's also a lot more fun – and enjoyable – than most aerobic routines, and if you've spent too much time on a stair climber or a treadmill, you know exactly how much fun matters in keeping you at your workout routine.

Cardio kickboxing emphasizes balance and mobility; you may start out feeling like a klutz doing cardio kickboxing, because the motions feel strange, but you will rapidly improve your balance and coordination while doing it. It's also a great way to build on flexibility, because it requires that your body move in ways that are challenging to it. A typical workout of one hour is good for about 500 calories burned off in a session, about twice what a step aerobics class will do.

One thing you should be aware of is that kickboxing is not low impact in any way, shape or form. If you've got back stiffness or bad knees, this is not the right workout for you. It's also not the right workout for a couch potato; get into step aerobics first, while maintaining a targeted heart rate, then get into cardio kickboxing. Muscle strains and sprains are fairly common at first.

Cardio kickboxing is also a great 'alternate day' program to do when doing weight training; it's a great overall body workout that helps reinforce the muscle building you're doing, while maintaining flexibility and building up an aerobic wind.



Nursing home abuse and neglect are often the cause of decubitis ulcers. When a nursing home facility provides a sub-standard level of care by  failing to prevent decubitis ulcers, or neglecting to avoid the causes, patients can suffer serious and life threatening injuries. At least 60,000 people die from the complications and causes of decubitis ulcers each year in the United States. People who are vulnerable to developing decubitis ulcers must be frequently moved to avoid development of these sores, and adequately cared for in order to avoid serious injury.  That means keeping the areas where pressure occurs (wherever the body rests with the most pressure in a bed – anything from heels and elbows to buttocks, shoulders, the back of the neck, the hips, even the side of the foot or leg.  If a person can’t move, they need a way to BE moved.

Bedsores (Pressure sores) cause great pain and suffering and are expensive to treat and prevent

 (Photos in this article are graphic and are accessible to all on the internet)


If bedridden or immobile with diabetes, circulation problems, incontinence, spinal problems, bone fractures, or mental disabilities, in addition to intensive care of the skin and keeping areas free from pressure – less than two hours  in any given position for any part of the body–the patient should also be checked for pressure sores daily, especially every morning. Look for reddened areas that, when pressed, do not turn white. Also look for blisters, sores, or craters. In addition, take the following steps:

Change position at least every two hours to relieve pressure.

Use items that can help reduce pressure — pillows, sheepskin, foam padding, and powders from medical supply stores.  

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals with extra vitamin C, if possible. Vitamin C helps build tissues..

Exercise daily, including range-of-motion exercises for immobile patients.

Keep skin clean and dry. Persons with incontinence need to take extra steps to limit moisture



Chronic wounds remain inflamed and may take an inordinate amunt of time to heal – if at all.. These wounds are a major health problem in the United States and throughout the world. 
The most common chronic wounds are diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and pressure ulcers, although other wounds, such as surgical wounds, can also become a source of chronic non-healing.

Diabetic foot ulcers

Painful foot ulcers originally caused by too much pressure....that refuse to heal (common among diabetics)

Diabetics are prone to foot ulcers due to peripheral neuropathy: decreased sensation caused by this condition can result in a cut and trauma to the foot going unnoticed or can result in unusual pressures placed on the foot that are ignored. Diabetic foot ulcers are the most common chronic wound problem in the United States and the world. Some 25% of the 60 million diabetic patients in the United States develop foot ulcers – that’s 15 million people—and approximately 100,000 limb amputations are performed in diabetic patients each year in the United States alone.  It’s an epidemic that has gone virtually unnoticed. It can happen to you.!

Venous leg ulcers a venous leg lcer
Venous leg ulcers are caused by a failure of valves  in the veins of the legs, resulting in congestion and  slowing of blood flow. Rubbing the legs downward increases the risk of vein failure in diabetics. Such ulcers occur spontaneously or in association with minor trauma to the leg. Venous leg ulcers can be  very painful and can persist for more than a year.  The older the patient, the more likely that venous  leg ulcers will develop.

    Pressure Ulcers       (shown in the first photo)

 Pressure ulcers (decubitis ulcers or bed sores) result from pressure on skin, soft tissue, muscle, and bone that cuts off the ability of the capillaries to circulate blood for an extended period of time. The wounds that then develop occur in individuals unable to sense the pressure or who cannot change their body position to relieve the pressure. Pressure ulcers are a common and expensive problem in acute care, nursing home, and home care populations.  In hospital settings the incidence of pressure ulcers has reached as high as 30% among those at risk.



Contact Judyth Vary Baker (former cancer researcher)

at judythvarybaler@gmail.com.  The material in this article has been adapted from current online Internet sources.

How to Choose, Store and Prepare Rutabagas

How To Choose Rutabagas:

Choose those rutabagas with medium size, fleshy and heavy roots. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell through the wax if the outside is flawed, but you should avoid any rutabagas that have clear cuts, bruises, cracks, or soft spots. You should feel the shiny wax rutabaga firmly by touching the skin. Do not choose any that feel squishy. You can find rutabagas in the market throughout the whole year. However, for those rutabagas which are newly harvested, they starting to be sold in the market during early winter. Like most other vegetables, the flavor and texture suffers with long storage. Count on at least 1/2 pound per person. One medium size rutabaga should serve 3 to 4 person.

How To Store and Prepare Rutabagas:

Rutabagas can keep well in different methods. Before storing, make sure you do not wash or peel them.

  • The perfect temperature to store rutabagas is around 50 Fahrenheit with dry atmosphere. By having this storage area, they will keep up to 2 weeks.
  • At room temperature they will keep up to 7 days
  • If unwrapped in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator they will last around 2 weeks.
  • You can divide rutabagas into 2 different portions and cook them separately only when you need it. Just cut off the amount required and refrigerate the rest in plastic wrap. Make sure you tightly wrap it. Use the rest of the rutabagas within a day or two.

Remember to peel rutabagas only just before cooking. There is usually no waste except for the peel. You can cut rutabagas into your preferable size and shape.

You might find it a bit difficult to peel rutabagas with thick coating wax. A tip to ease this process is to cut a slice off the stem and root ends. Lay the rutabaga on the cut side, and cut off sections of the peel from top to bottom and around the root, just like how you would peel a grapefruit. Or cut the root into quarters and then take out the peel.

Friendship Quotes to Understand the Symptoms of Friendship and Learn How to Move Ahead

Friendship is the need of our life. We often read lots of friendship quotes and proverbs, but do not follow rules of friendship. This relation starts with same liking, same interests and the feeling of care for each others. Let's share about the symptoms of friendship and learn how to move further.

We meet lots of people but some of them attract us. Their qualities, their way of speaking and their views impress us. We feel like talking to them. If it happens with you than consider that you are going to fall in a lovely relationship of friendship. Friendship is something which is not planned but it is something which can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Many friendship quotes have been written to understand the symptoms of friendship. I would like to share some of them:

1. You feel good in your prospected friend's company.
2. You feel satisfied while in touch with that person.
3. You wish to share your views with him / her.
4. You like his / her body language.
5. You want to find a reason for conversation.

If you are facing same indications, that means you are going to make a new friend. But now you should know how to make him / her your friend. You need to learn how to move ahead in making new friend. I would like to tell you some points to move further:

1. If you have any common friend than take his / her help to start.
2. Find out a topic of common interest to start your conversation.
3. Try to know about his / her background.
4. Share your views about him / her.
5. Exchange your contact numbers.
6. Find out some reason to meet again.

By doing all these steps, you will know more about that person and you can see the compatibility. Now you can offer him / her your friendship. If the feeling of friendship is arising from both side than no doubt you both can be good friends. Friendship is all about caring and sharing. So follow this rule of friendship and make your life better. By finding one true friend, you can enjoy many happy moments.

Cucumber Health Benefits – Keeps You Healthy

Cucumber is a native plant of India and other tropical regions; it is used as a popular fresh vegetable in a variety of salads and sandwiches and is a mainstay of many of today’s lunches. Whether it’s cucumber wedges tossed in a garden salad, slices on a sandwich, or used as an appetizer for parties, the cucumber is a nutritious and healthful pick.

Cucumber is an important health food. It provides a very healthy juice beneficial for increasing the flow of urine. For rheumatic conditions, it complements the effects of celery and carrot juice. Its juice is a soothing skin lotion. In fact, it is the best skin lotion. The peel, like lemon peel, is good to be used on the hands most especially after it’s been in a strong detergent or in a very hot water.

Wash cucumbers just before using. Unless the skin is waxed, the cucumber doesn’t require peeling; for more flavor, score the skin with the tines of a fork before slicing. The seeds become bitter as the cucumber ages, so remove the seeds from larger cucumbers. Add cucumbers to any tossed salad, or combine cucumber slices with thinly sliced red onion, fat-free yogurt, and fresh dill. For a fresh pickle, slice and combine with water, vinegar, and a little salt.

Cucumber has cleaning properties that removes accumulated waste and toxins from our body. It may improve arthritis since it eliminates uric acid.

Cucumber juice is certainly beneficial the treatment of rheumatic conditions. It does not matter too much that the reason for this effect is not clear. What is important is that it helps many sufferers.

Cucumber is also good to reduce heat and inflammation. It is very useful to treat tired eyes and remove the eye bags under your eyes by placing a slice of cucumber over closed eyes. It also helps lung, stomach and chest problems, gout, and tapeworm. Fresh cucumber juice is good to reduce heartburn or sooth stomach acid, also for those suffering from gastritis or ulcer.

If your cucumbers are organic and unwaxed, you can eat them unpeeled. Just wash them thoroughly under running water. Serve them sliced or diced in a salad or by themselves with a vinaigrette, garlic, mint or sesame seeds.You can add a few slices in a sandwich or you can even juice it along with other vegetables. You can cook the cucumber like you would do for a squash: steaming, boiling, braising… but you would lose its vitamins and minerals.

If you want a happy skin, then cucumber is the answer. As cucumber and the skin share the same level of hydrogen, it becomes easier for cucumber to mask all the problem areas. It helps in soothing and softening your skin which can get you relaxed in no time.

With so many useful ingredients in cucumber it can help you in treating so many skin problems. It has become part of daily beauty product into face packs, facials, juice and many other things which can affect your skin. Due to its cooling effect it can be termed as a magic wand for all your skin problems.

How to Protect Yourself From Contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease

It is extremely important that you know how to protect yourself from contracting a sexually transmitted disease, especially if you are not experienced sexually. There are far too many people who don’t know enough about these infections and how they are transmitted, so they end up being very surprised when they find out that they have one. With the proper information, you can keep from contracting one, saving yourself a lot of pain and frustration.

There are a lot of different STDs out there, some more serious than others, but we’ll be discussing some of the different ways to protect yourself from them. It is critical that whenever you are having sex, whether it is oral, anal, or vaginal, to protect your with a condom. For women, you can use vaginal rings which serve the same purpose. Staying safe during sex is everyone’s responsibility, so make sure that you are well stocked in that area.

Stores sell a wide variety of condoms, with many different shapes, sizes, and styles, so you have a choice as to which kind to get. The more you know about them the better, so make sure that you learn all you can in terms of how to put one on, so you can avoid having a break during sex. Remember that they are only effective if used properly.

Other ways to avoid contracting an STD include not sharing any needles with anyone, knowing the people you have sex with, and not having multiple sexual partners. All of these things will help you to avoid all of the pain and frustration that comes along with contracting one of these. While many of them are curable, some are only treatable, and you will have to live with and manage them for the rest of your life. This is why it is important to take all the necessary precautions before you decide to have sex with any person at all.

Diagnose and Treat Congestive Heart Failure

What is heart failure?

Heart failure means your heart muscle does not pump as much blood as your body needs. Failure does not mean that your heart has stopped. It means that your heart is not pumping as well as it should. Congestive heart failure can be caused by:

1. Diseases that weaken the heart muscle,

2. Diseases that cause stiffening of the heart muscles, or

3. Diseases that increase oxygen demand by the body tissue beyond the capability of the heart to deliver.

CHF is summarized best as an imbalance in Starling forces or an imbalance in the degree of end-diastolic fiber stretch proportional to the systolic mechanical work expended in an ensuing contraction. This imbalance may be characterized as a malfunction between the mechanisms that keep the interstitium and alveoli dry and the opposing forces that are responsible for fluid transfer to the interstitium.

How is CHF diagnosed?

Most doctors can make a tentative diagnosis of CHF from the presence of edema and shortness of breath.

With a stethoscope, a doctor can listen to your chest for the crackling sounds of fluid in the lungs, the distinct sound of faulty valves (heart murmur), or the presence of a very quick heartbeat. By tapping on your chest, doctors can find out if fluid has built up in your chest.

Various drugs are used to treat congestive heart failure. They perform different functions. ACE inhibitors and vasodilators expand blood vessels and decrease resistance. This allows blood to flow more easily and makes the heart’s work easier or more efficient. Beta blockers can improve how well the heart’s left lower chamber (left ventricle) pumps. Digitalis increases the pumping action of the heart, while diuretics help the body eliminate excess salt and water.

If you have been experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, it is essential to seek a medical evaluation. Physicians will obtain a detailed medical history, perform a physical examination to check for signs of lung congestion or abnormal heart rhythms, and check for risk factors including high blood pressure.


Treatment of congestive heart failure consists primarily of treating the symptoms. Vital signs should be taken regularly, and often diuretics will be prescribed to facilitate expulsion of accumulated fluid from the body. While in the hospital fluid intake and output will be measured very carefully. Patients will probably be placed in an upright position to assist in moving fluid from around the heart and lungs, given potassium supplements and prescribed bed rest for a period of time.

It is also your responsibility to carefully monitor yourself and help manage your condition. One important way to do this is to track your weight on a daily basis. Weight gain can be a sign that you are retaining fluid and that the pump function of your heart is worsening. Make sure you weigh yourself at the same time each day and on the same scale, with little to no clothes on.

In some cases, heart failure can be treated by correcting the underlying cause. For example, controlling a fast heart rhythm may reverse structural heart abnormalities. While in many cases structural abnormalities cannot be corrected, treatment can usually markedly decrease symptoms and increase life expectancy and quality of life.

Kidney Stones Dissolve With a Natural Remedy

Have you suffered with kidney stones in the past? All those suffering from kidney stones know what an extremely painful and traumatic experience it can be. Many describe it as the worst pain ever! The constant stabbing pain that comes in wave like spasms in the lower back, blood in the urine and even pus in the urine and nausea are some of the symptoms. Also known as renal calculi, these are actually crystal aggregations of minerals in the kidney that block the urinary passage.

It is believed that stones less than 4mm in size do not need any medical treatment and they pass out on their own in urine. However, larger ones may in fact need medical intervention in the form of ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) a non invasive procedure or urethral stent. These processes can however cause discomfort and in some cases might need a repetition of the treatment. Many people even choose the option to dissolve kidney stones with natural remedy.

Kidney stones in most cases are due to factors such as, improper diet, not drinking enough water and some studies suggest lack of calcium intake as well. Those with a family history of kidney stones are more prone than those without. The "stones" can be of various compositions from cystine, uric acid & calcium phosphate. Approximately 5% of stones are uric acid type but the most common are composed of calcium oxalate crystals.

It is possible to dissolve kidney stones with natural remedy. To get rid of the stones there are broadly two methods either by flushing them out of the system or dissolve them to the extent where they can pass through the kidney passage. Given below are some safe methods to not only dissolve these crystals / stone but to prevent them in the future as well-

1: Water! Water! And more water! Water is by far the best natural healer; in the sense that it flushes out toxins from the body and helps regulate your system. One should have enough water to pass out 2 to 2.5ltrs of urine per day. This naturally helps the body in passing out small stones (so small that you do not even realize that they are there in your urine.)

2: Restrict intake of beverages like colas. Research shows that excessive intake of aerated drinks has various unhealthy effects.

3: It is imperative to maintain a healthy intake of calcium. The low consumption of calcium is associated with a higher overall risk for the development of kidney stones as calcium binds ingested oxalate in the gastrointestinal tract.

4: Foods with high oxalate like spinach, chocolate, nuts, soybeans, rhubarb etc. should be eaten in moderation.

5: Tablets of Potassium citrate are also used in kidney stone prevention.

6: Avoid large doses of vitamin c.

7: Flush unwanted minerals and detoxify the body with fruit juices, such as orange, blackcurrant and cranberry.

8: Certain studies show that citric acid such as found in lemons helps in dissolving uric acid stones.

9: A diet too rich in proteins might also aggravate stone formations. As protein from meat and other animal products is broken down into various acids such as uric acid.

It is possible to dissolve kidney stones with natural remedy and even prevent them. A healthy life style supported by a balanced diet and sufficient amount of water to keep the body hydrated is necessary.