Acute Symptoms Of Hiv Infection

When person with HIV virus do not get proper treatment, the infection of HIV virus in body can severe. This advanced stage is where the body’s immune system has already become diminish thus allowing infections or diseases to easily attack on to the body making the symptoms of HIV worsen.

As the infection progresses, people with HIV sicker and grow increasingly susceptible to illnesses and infection that do not normally affect the healthy one. In the crucial stages of HIV, signs of HIV infection can involve more severe symptoms before it progresses to full blown AIDS.

These acute symptoms of HIV include chronic yeast infections or thrush of the mouth, fever, night sweats, easy bruising and bleeding, extreme exhaustion, unexplained body rashes, appearance of purplish lesions on the skin and inside mouth, unexplained rapid weight loss, and chronic diarrhea that lasting for long period of time, a month or more.

HIV virus can make opportunistic infections because they take advantage of your weakened immune system. This opportunistic infection becomes severe along the progress of the virus in body. Those illnesses that are deemed to be opportunistic infections and lead to an AIDS diagnosis includes Kaposi’s sarcoma, pulmonary tuberculosis, candidiasis of the esophagus, trachea, bronchi or lungs, toxoplasmosis of the brain, severe bacterial infections, invasive cervical cancer, lymphoma, recurrent pneumonia

Vision loss, nerve damage and brain impairment can also occur as result of acute symptoms of HIV. Signs of brain infection like troubles thinking, loss of co-ordination and balance and behavioral changes also present. Those with HIV often have such weakened immune systems that typical cures fail even though many of these illnesses can easily be treated.

People infected with HIV can expect to develop AIDS eight to ten years after HIV infection without immediate treatment. You can take HIV medications that can slow down this progression also reduce several symptoms of HIV.

Belly Bloat – How to Get Rid of Bloating Fast

What causes bloating?

Mostly overeating, eating foods which do not agree with you thus producing excess gas, and constipation. Other causes include menstruation, food allergy/food intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.

Suffering from belly bloat is a common but annoying disorder. You feel uncomfortable, lethargic, unmotivated, embarrassed because of your bulging belly and the rumble it makes, and are sometimes in pain.

Let us look at how to stop bloating and the basic lifestyle changes you can implement which are especially effective if you feel bloated after eating.

Stop overeating

Eat smaller, more frequent meals for better health and a bloat-free waistline.

Change your eating habits

Eating quickly increases pressure on your stomach and produces more gas. Sit down, chew your food well, and eat your meals in a leisurely manner, giving the food plenty of time to digest.

Drinking tea or coffee on the run is equally bad with excess air accompanying each sip and gulp. Savor your beverages by drinking them slowly.

Limit sugar substitutes

Sodas, sweets and chewing gum contain huge quantities of artificial sweeteners, especially sorbitol and xylitol which many people find difficult to digest, resulting in bloating, gas and diarrhea. Rather have real sugar than substitutes.

Cut out sodas

The bubbles in fizzy drinks cause bloating. Also refrain from drinking excessively hot or cold beverages.

Stop eating junk and processed food

Fried, oily food and high salt content cause bloating.

Abstain from carbohydrates at night

Bread and pasta cause you to retain water. Avoid eating them at night to be puff-free the next morning.

Early morning water and lemon juice

Start your day by drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon; it speeds up waste elimination and removes toxins.

Eat potassium rich foods

Bananas, cantaloupe, mangoes, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, asparagus and fresh chopped parsley regulate the fluid balance in your body and stop bloating.

If you suffer from constipation, eating sufficient fruit, vegetables and high fiber, such as oatmeal, will improve your digestion and remedy your bloating problem.

Drink water

Water flushes out your system and aids digestion. Instead of alcohol, caffeine and colas, drink plain water and natural teas.

Limit excess air

Do not eat and talk at the same time, drink out of a straw, chew gum nor smoke because the surplus air accompanying these activities causes you to bloat.

Eat foods easily digested by your body

Bland foods, such as fish, chicken, soya based foods, yogurt and rice do not tax your digestive system.

Limit gas producing foods

Notice which raw vegetables cause you to bloat, then either boil them or do not eat them at all. The cellulose in cabbage, peas and beans is hard to digest and may cause you to puff up.

Other common gas producing foods are cruciferous vegetables, root vegetables, lentils, prunes and garlic.


Bloating, together with water weight gain and mood swings, are associated with premenstrual tension. Ensure you get 1200 milligrams calcium and 200 to 400 milligrams magnesium daily. Both nutrients help relieve PMS symptoms, including bloating. If you wish, take Midol which contains a mild diuretic.

Natural remedies

Add turmeric, coriander, caraway and cumin when cooking.

Naturists claim teas made of ginger, savory from the mint family, lime from a linden tree, peppermint, rosemary, and caraway are effective for bloating relief.

They may be right because ginger tea helps with stomach upsets and peppermint oil in tea or warm water after a big meal aids digestion.


Walking for 15 to 20 minutes a day moves food through your digestive tract, thereby reducing bloating and combating constipation. Other benefits include less severe menstrual cramps, eliminating toxins by perspiring, and shedding body fat.

Apply pressure

Massaging your abdomen helps evacuate gas and reduces bloating. Start by pressing your fingers near your right hip, slide up towards the ribs, move across and down in a circular motion.

Supplements and home remedies

Taking a digestive enzyme with each meal provides relief, especially when bloating results from a problem with your digestive tract, such as diverticulosis. Obtain digestive enzymes with the active ingredients lipase, protease and amylase, from any health store. Restaurant owners should actually hand out digestive enzymes instead of after-dinner mints to all patrons who selected anything other than raw foods from their menus.

Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ which help keep you regular and bloat-free. Your intestinal tract has loads of bacteria, some beneficial, some harmful, which play an important role in the functioning of your digestive and immune systems.

Probiotics encourage the growth and replenishment of healthy microflora. They crowd out the bad bacteria which cause disease, yeasts and parasites in your intestines, they help digest and absorb your food, eliminate wastes and toxins by restoring normal and regular bowel function, and maintain a healthy intestinal function.

Ideally 85% of your bacteria should be friendly with 15% unfriendly. Probiotic supplements can be found in capsule, powder or liquid form, or in foods such as kefir and yogurt.

If you do not consume enough fruit and vegetables, take nutritional supplements that contain dietary fibers especially during the holidays or when celebrating to better handle the foods that cause you to swell up.

Apple cider vinegar helps ease digestive symptoms and gets rid of bloating and gas pain.

Lactobacillus supplements also help maintain intestinal health.

Bismuth, the active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol, is an element on the periodic table. 100% natural, taken before or directly after a meal reduces swelling caused by food allergies and neutralizes the odor of your flatulence.


If you take antibiotics, which destroy your friendly bacteria, take B complex vitamins too.

Some oral contraceptive pills cause your stomach to distend, in which case ask your physician to prescribe a different one.

Once you incorporate these lifestyle changes, they should cure you or at least relieve bloating.

If your condition persists, let us look at what else it might be and what you can do about it.

Food allergy

If you bloat after eating certain foods, keep a food journal where you write down everything you eat, together with any symptoms which appear. Rotate foods until you identify which foods trigger bloating and avoid them.

Although you may not test positive for food allergies, you may have a food intolerance. Common culprits include yeast, wheat, where the gluten causes excess gas to be produced, and milk.

Lactose intolerance

This means your body does not produce the enzyme lactase and your digestive system cannot digest the lactose in dairy foods. It then ferments and forms gases which overstretch your bowel.

How do you know if you are lactose intolerant? Drink a glass of milk. If you experience gas, bloating or diarrhea, avoid dairy products or drink lactose free milk.

Yogurt’s active bacteria cultures produce lactase, so if you want to eat cheese without bloating afterwards, add a bowl of yogurt to your morning ritual.

Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS, characterized by abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhea, may be the cause of your bloating.

Eat more fiber and give up coffee, cigarettes and spicy foods which irritate your colon.

Some people swear by going on a detoxification diet two or three times a year to give your body a chance to cleanse itself of accumulated toxins.


Diabetics often have problems with bloating and diarrhea, especially if they take large doses of metformin or glucophage.

Diabetics with nerve damage in their stomach may find food collects but does not empty properly, resulting in excessive belching. Medication eases this problem.


Although over-the-counter products offer quick relief by suppressing the symptoms, the benefits will be short-lived because they do not eliminate the cause.

Common effective medications such as Gas-X, Beano, Phazyme and Flatulex, when taken with each meal, help break up gas pockets in the stomach, thereby relieving bloating and gas pain.

The pain is not actually caused by your swollen stomach but by abdominal contractions not synchronizing properly. When your intestinal wall pulls in different directions it feels like stomach cramps.

Most bloating medication contain enzymes like alpha-galactosidase which help digest the sugars in carbohydrates, the main culprit of your indigestion problems.

Pink Pepto-Bismol type products have a salicylate ingredient which is like aspirin. It will alleviate some of your abdominal pain but if it disagrees with you, try Gas-X or Phazyme which contain simethicone.

Activated charcoal

Consider using this over-the-counter supplement. When taken with meals, it prevents or at least reduces the amount of gas produced.

It sometimes causes irregular looking stools and constipation so do not be alarmed, and in case it affects the absorption of prescription medicine, take it an hour or two after any scheduled medication.

Tips and warning

Bloating and gas pain should dissipate quite quickly. If not, if it becomes more than a slight annoyance, or if accompanied by bloody or tarry stools, fever, night sweats or weight loss, consult your doctor.

He might suggest a colonoscopy to help him diagnose your problem. Endure it because your colon plays a major role in your life and until it is sorted out, you will feel unwell. Once he determines the medical cause, he will treat and cure you of your suffering.

Bloating is also one of the primary symptoms of ovarian cancer, a ‘silent’ disease difficult to detect early.

Although the remote possibility exists of it being something serious, bloating is much more likely to be a minor inconvenience which you can get rid of fast by making simple lifestyle changes.

Angioma – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

An angioma is a benign tumor that consists of small blood vessels. They usually appear at or near the surface of the skin. Angiomas may appear anywhere on the body, and aren’t considered dangerous. However, they may be present as symptoms of another more serious disorder, such as cirrhosis. Some of the different types include: spider angiomas, cherry angiomas, and senile angiomas. A spider angioma is a type of angioma found slightly below the skin’s surface, often containing a central red spot and reddish extensions which radiate outwards like a spider’s web.

Causes of Angioma

The cause is unknown. Although painless and harmless, cherry angiomas may bleed profusely if injured. Angiomas are due to aging and do not have any known significance. Spider angiomas are more common in childhood and during pregnancy, and a few can appear on anyone. A spider angioma can be seen in a healthy person without any apparent cause. But it is more common in individuals with liver disease or altered hormone levels. A spider angioma is formed when a group of blood vessels dilates in a characteristic “spider leg” pattern.

Sporadic Cavernous Angioma A solitary cavernous angioma may be present at birth or may develop later in life. If no other family members are affected, the condition is often not inheritable and is considered sporadic. This means that children of those with sporadic cavernous angioma may have no greater chance of having cavernous angioma than anyone else in the general public.

Symptoms of Angioma

A angioma may have no symptoms. When symptoms are present, they often depend on the location of the angioma and on the strength of the angioma walls. Large angiomas can bleed profusely when they are injured. The symptoms associated with angioma include birthmarks as many of them are actually angiomas, stork bites which is a common type of strawberry birthmark, portwine stains which are also referred to as nevus flammeus and strawberry marks which are caused by capillary hemangiomas.


Angiomas can be treated with electrodesiccation. This is done in the doctors office. It consists of touching the skin with an electric needle and destroying the blood vessels that make up the tumor.

Cryotherapy – Use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the Angioma and thus remove it.

Laser vaporization – In this method an intense beam of light is used to remove the angioma. This technique involves minimal harm to surrounding skin tissue.

While surgery is still an option it is risky depending on the location of the lesion and the basic health of the individual. In all cases it is not the best option and is usually only done in cases where the lesions continues to bleed and the individual is put at great risk. The use of stereo tactic radio surgery is another option. This is a precise way of delivering radiation to the lesion without causing any affect to the surrounding area of the brain. In treating venous angiomas this technique has been highly successful, but the doctors need to find the exact location of the lesion in order to eradicate it with a single treatment.

Spinal Cord Injury Alternative Medicine Treatment : Medical Intuition & Energy Healing

Spinal cord injury (herniated discs, pinched nerves, collapsed vertebrae) is one of the most devastating catastrophic injuries that one can endure. The spinal cord is the gateway for all nerve paths. The location of the injury and the severity of the damage determine the complications involved and the dysfunction. Science is discovering that the sooner the spinal cord injury is addressed and treatment begins, there is a direct correlation to recovery of the affected areas.

As a medical intuitive and “human MRI”, when assessing a spinal cord injury, I look at the 360 degree view of the traumatized area. Failing to “see” the entire injured area can produce further injury, and create neglect in areas that need to be immediately addressed. It is best to look at each segment of the spine (discs and vertebrae) and spinal cord nerves in 4 equal quadrants. When helping to diagnose and evaluate the damaged area, reevaluating every 3 hours for the first 24 hours until the client is stabilized produces more accurate readings and beneficial results, as inflammation, further compression and damage can progress after the initial injury has occurred.

Although the initial site of the catastrophic injury is your primary source of dehabilitation, the damaged neural pathways can extend beyond that original area and days later create problems of their own. To counter this problem, “tracking” the energy of the affected neural pathways will give you further information of possible deterioration and additional side effects. If you do not have extending neural circumstances, containing the affected areas in a bubble of Healing energy will usually suspend further exacerbation of future problems.

While the allopathic physicians are providing their treatments, you can effectively use energy healing to complement and integrate with their procedures.

Removing pain is usually the first consideration, unless the client is rendered “numb” by his experience. Secondly, work on inflammation to help minimize current damage and to alleviate possible secondary symptoms.

In my experience in healing the spinal cord nerves, vertebrae and herniated discs of a paralyzed dog in 90 days, it is best to work on each issue separately so as not to overload the client’s health response system during a time of great stress. Use energy healing to build a solid foundation step by step to rebuild the molecular structure of the cells and in turn the bodily systems. It is also best to work in increments and intermittently, so the molecular structures can recalibrate, and regenerate without stressing the physical structures.

First, regenerate the vertebrae’s cellular structure in order to provide a foundation that is capable of holding the disc. Secondly, reestablish the health of each disc, leaving the neural pathways as your last concern. Once the spine is stabilized, then revitalize the neural pathways. If you reactivate the nerves before you have a solid base in the spinal column, you might create more inflammation and pain than necessary. Rebuilding a system, inch by inch produces a stronger foundation that will allow the client to rebuild his muscular system with physical therapy without causing extra pain.

Although stem cell research is providing a gateway of hope for Spinal cord injuries,electromagnetic bio molecular energy healing can and will be a beneficial healing modality.

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Contact Information:

Brent Atwater, Alternative & Integrative Medical Specialist

Medical Intuitive, Distance Energy Healing

ATL, GA Phone: 404.242.9022 USA

NC Phone: 910.692.5206 USA

Disclaimer: Brent Atwater is not a medical doctor or associated with any branch of medicine. Brent works in Alternative Medicine. She offers her opinions based on her intuition, and her personal energy healing work, which is not a substitute for medical procedures or treatments. Always consult a physician or trained health care professional concerning any medical problem or condition before undertaking any diet, health related or lifestyle change programs. There are no guarantees with the Energy work.



The History of Identification Cards

Identification tags have become very common place in our world today. They are utilized in all aspects of our daily lives. These identification tags are used for different reasons depending on the needs of the organization. In general, identification tags are worn so that a customer, a patient or a fellow employee can identify you by name or department.

Identification tags are also worn for security purposes. Security has become a major issue over the years. Our high tech world has led to many advances in identification card production and utilization. These tags can now be used for many situations. Through the use of computer chips, bar codes and magnetic strips ID cards can now carry a lot of information. They can limit your access to certain locations depending on your status. Identification is simply more improved and getting better everyday. But this was not always the case.

We are faced each and everyday of our lives with the need for identification for the living. But how often do we think about the identification of the dead? In this case I am referring to the “Unknown Soldier”. Military cemeteries are full of grave stones that are etched with that extremely sad word, ‘Unknown’. The fallen soldier who bravely gave his most precious commodity, his life, in defense of liberty and freedom forever rests as unidentified.

Back during the American Civil War identification tags were not issued or required. However, the thought of identification was undoubtedly on the minds of the soldiers. Prior to the battle many soldiers would write their name on a piece of paper and attach it too their shirt or etch their names in a piece of wood, bore a hole through it and then put it on a string around their neck. In those days soldiers that fell on the battlefield were buried almost where they fell. Many soldiers did not want to fall into that ‘Unknown’ category.

Although the government had yet to implement a plan for identification those in the commercial industry were well a head of the curve. They offered ‘soldier identification tags’ in their magazines and sent their representatives into the field to sell them. Even though there was a conscious effort by soldiers to ensure identification; when the war ended in 1865 around 42% of the fallen soldiers were buried as ‘Unknown’.

No official government identification proposal would be implemented until 1899. It was then that a round identification disc was suggested to be worn around the neck. By 1913 the military finally made it mandatory that all soldiers in combat wore identification tags. By 1917 the procedure was well in place. It would not be until 1941 that the round identity disc transformed into the oblong ID tags commonly worn by soldiers today. The ‘dog tags’, as they have come to be known had come a long way in eliminating the word ‘Unknown’ from ever being etched on a soldiers tombstone again.

Tiger Balm – What is Tiger Balm?

Need something to ease your muscle aches and pains? Tiger Balm is the product for you! This traditional Chinese medication is one of the leading topical analgesics worldwide. It has been used for many years as a form of treatment for painful and sore muscles.

Tiger Balm is an ointment that functions as a heat rub. It was initially developed back in the late 1800s by an herbalist, who marketed these products to the Chinese Imperial Court. The products were used by many Chinese emperors who experienced body aches. Since then, Tiger Balm has been used for a variety of medical purposes. This product is currently manufactured by Haw Par Healthcare, which is based in Singapore.

Tiger Balm is made up of a combination of ingredients in a special formulation. These ingredients include menthol, camphor, cajaput oil, mint oil, clove bud oil, paraffin and petroleum jelly. The composition varies, depending on the kind of Tiger Balm ointment.

Tiger Balm works by producing a feeling of heat on the area where it is applied. The muscles in the area are then encouraged to relax, thus alleviating the pain. The heat can also enhance the flow of blood to the specific part of the body. The ingredients used in Tiger Balm are also believed to help encourage rapid healing of damaged tissues. Finally, Tiger Balm has a distinct smell that many people find therapeutic.

Tiger Balm is used for several conditions. It is used as an analgesic rub, relieving pains in your muscles and joints. It has also been used in the management of headaches and migraine attacks, usually those of a mild to a moderate intensity. Using Tiger Balm also brings relief to itchiness brought about by insect bites. Also, when applied to the chest area and the back, Tiger Balm has been known to relieve chest discomfort and cough.

There are different varieties of Tiger Balm available nowadays. The most popular varieties are Tiger Balm White and Tiger Balm Red. Tiger Balm White is used to treat itching and muscle pain. Tiger Balm Red is a stronger version of Tiger Balm White, and contains an additional ingredient known as cassia oil. Tiger Balm Red is usually warmer when applied to the skin. A milder variety of the Tiger Balm White is known as Tiger Balm Soft. This uses mild essential oils, making the scent lighter and more pleasing to the nose.

Aside from these varieties, there are a number of other Tiger Balm products. These include Tiger Balm Joint Rub, Tiger Balm Muscle Rub, Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulders Rub, Tiger Balm Liniment, Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster, and Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellant Spray.

Tiger Balm is readily available from most health stores and even on the Internet. It is very easy to use, and only needs to be applied to the affected body part. Make sure that you don’t put too much, as excess Tiger Balm can result in skin irritation. For all your body aches and pains, simply use Tiger Balm!

Discover What Causes Inflammation

Ever wondered what causes inflammation? Well, there are really two answers to this.

The first and most simple answer is that inflammation is caused by when we injure our body, resulting in swelling, redness and soreness. This is our body’ defence mechanisms at work and is often visible after surgery.

The second answer to what causes inflammation is that our diets mainly consist of way too much omega 6s and way too few omega 3s.

Excessive Omega 6 Fats

The processed and junky food that we are so partial to doesn’t just affect our weight; it has silent consequences too. They are rich in omega 6s which can result in arthritis, asthma, psoriasis, gout and heart conditions.

Inflammation is one of the conditions which hasn’t got better the more we have advanced as a species. We used to better off because we ate a lot of pure and unpolluted fish which were naturally rich in omega 3.

It’s harder to do this in today’s world because our waters are so polluted, contaminating our fish with harmful substances like mercury, lead and PCBs which can in turn harm us when we eat them.

So here we are really our own executioner. Inflammation is caused when we have too much omega 6 and too few omega 3, and yet that is what most of our diet’s consist of.

There is meant to be more omega 6, but just not as much as we have now. That is why it’s essential that we begin to supplement our diet with omega 3s in order to remain healthy.

How do we do this? Well, there is a process called molecular distillation which removes many kinds of harmful contaminants from fish oil.

This can only be performed on supplements, not fish on our dinner plate. Thus to get the goodness of fish but in a safe manner we must use an omega 3 fish oil supplement.

Now you know what causes inflammation. Your next step? Find a supplement to balance your internal ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 in order to substantially benefit your health.

Reasons Why You Should Go Fishing

Of all the fishing spots in the world, Sitka in Alaska is considered one of the best destinations for saltwater fishing. There are so many kinds of fish that you could catch here in Sitka, and all of them offer good weight. When you are fishing in Sitka, you would also be treated to the magnificent sights and splendid views that the place has. Your fishing trip in Sitka would surely be enjoyable and fun.

Sports fishermen always want to come back to Sitka because they could find the best catches of fishes here. There are so many varieties of fishes here including salmon and halibut. Many of them are even big enough that they could be considered as prize fishes. Many of these fishes weigh over 50 pounds, so if you want to catch some heavyweight fish, Sitka is definitely the place to go.

You could have a very good catch of King Salmon here in Sitka. Typically, you could catch specimens of these fish that weigh from 20 pounds to over 70 pounds. If you find yourself lucky when you are fishing in Sitka, you might also be able to catch specimens that weigh near 100 pounds.

If you are looking for other types of salmon, you could also get silver salmon here in Sitka. They are smaller than the King Salmon variety, with a weight ranging from 8 to 14 pounds. Even though they are quite small, catching them is never easy. They fight back really hard once you have them on your line. If you want to have more action when catching your fish, you should really look for this variety of salmon.

One of the heaviest fish that you could catch here in Sitka is halibut. This fish is fairly common in the waters of Sitka. On usual trips, you could normally catch halibut that weigh around 50 to 60 pounds. If you are lucky, you could even catch halibut that would weigh more than 100 pounds. Many sports fishermen come back fishing in Sitka because they can get the fishes that they want here.

If you are really lucky when fishing for halibut here, you could even get one that weighs more than 300 pounds. This is surely a great prize fish for you to take home and enjoy preparing. If you are not lucky enough to catch the bigger fish though, there are many other smaller fish that you could catch. They may weigh no more than one pound, but they are still good for you to practice your fishing skills on.

While you are fishing, you could also get to enjoy the magnificent views all around Sitka. You could enjoy the fresh cool air and the great outdoors. You could even explore the many islands when you are done with your fishing trips.

Fishing in Sitka can let you enjoy your fishing trips more. Sitka is the best place where you could have a great catch and enjoy the magnificent views.

Penis Enlargement For Christian Men

There are a few concerns regarding penis enlargement for Christian men. Is it okay to try? What methods would be allowable?

Penis enlargement for Christian men may be okay given the man chooses the correct method. Something that is going to enhance your intimacy can be positive if it is done safely. This eliminates a few male enhancement methods right away.

Penis pumps – This is too risky a method for the Christian male to try. It can cause damage and thus will negatively affect your intimacy. You are also bringing in a device which lessens the natural nature of safe enlargement.

Pills – These also pose somewhat of a risk since many people simply don’t know what ingredients are actually contained in male enhancement pills. But moreover, the pill method is generally considered a method that simply does not work. Many times the pills will contain harmless herbs, yet at the same time will provide no benefit in increasing size.

Exercises – Perhaps the best method for penis enlargement for Christian men are exercises. This is an all natural method, utilizing no machines or contraptions. You only use your hands to perform the exercises. This is considered the safest form of male enhancement, and it can actually work very well if you stick with the routine.

Enlarging in this manner, through exercises, shouldn’t pose a problem within Christianity. You can look at it as working out another part of your body. Many Christian men workout parts of their body for increased confidence, satisfaction, and for intimacy and attraction reasons. Exercising for enlargement can be seen as just another form of improving in all these areas as well.

Acne And Your Blood Type Diet

Getting To Know More About Acne And The Blood Type Diet

Did you know that Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s revolutionary Blood Type Diet (also known as the genotype Diet) is being tried out by a large number of people suffering from acne? The idea behind this naturopathic cure for acne is based on a number of sensible reasons.

The first one is that the ancients knew all about diets, which would keep their body fit and healthy. That means that they knew all about proper diet regimes which would not only detoxify the body, but also keep the body physiological functions working perfectly.

What is The Blood Type Diet?

According to Dr. A’damo, -who has been following dietary and nutritional methods used by experienced dietitians down the ages-the adage of “we are what we eat” is as relevant today as it was millenniums ago.

Human beings have been modifying their diets according to circumstances, and availability of food down the ages. 20,000 years ago human beings started to farm, instead of being hunters. That is why these farmers began to eat a diet which was richer in cereals, fruit and vegetables, while their hunter ancestors had focused more on meat, fish and a high-protein diet.

These hunters were supposedly of “O” blood group whereas the farmers supposedly belonged to the A blood group. They flourished on a vegetarian diet.

There was another blood group evolving in Asia and Africa where people were farmers and their diet included a large amount of dairy products. This was blood group “B.” People belonging to this blood group tolerate dairy products more easily than people belonging to other blood groups.

How Does Your Diet And Your Blood Type Affect Your Health?

Now just imagine that a Type “O.” You belong to the high-protein meat eaters diet profile. Your body will only tolerate legumes, grains and beans in lesser quantities. So if you find yourself on a vegetarian diet, your body is going to react negatively. This reaction is caused by some proteins found in your food.

These proteins are called lectins. Your genetic makeup as an O blood type means that these lectins are going to keep you healthy only if you eat lots of meat. The moment you start eating a vegetarian diet and cut down on the meat the lectins are going to have a negative effect on your blood, on a particular organ in your body or on your general system.

However, you do not have to worry about these lectins being very dangerous; the body’s natural immunity system is capable of protecting your body against their potentially harmful agglutinating effect on your blood cells. 98% of these lectins are removed from your body during its natural elimination processes.

Nevertheless, your diet is going to affect your health. That in turn is going to have an adverse affect on your skin. That is why you might see your skin breaking out in acne.

How does Your Blood Type Affect An Acne Outbreak?

Each blood type has a number of foods which are helpful, beneficial and medicinal for it. These are the foods which are best suited to a person’s genetic inheritance and which are best tolerated by his body. On the other hand, there are a number of foods which are definitely going to harm one’s body, depending on his blood type.

Also, each blood type has a tolerance level for a number of foods which have a neutral effect on the blood type.

Now just imagine that you are a type A which has a vegetarian and seafood genetic inheritance. You thrive on grains, legumes, seafood, vegetables and fruit. Meat, wheat and dairy products are not beneficial for you. Now, suppose you find yourself eating a diet with plenty of meat in it.

This is going to have an adverse affect on your body’s bio- physiological processes. You may find yourself suffering a lot from acne. So you need to clear your system by switching to a fruit and vegetable diet as well as increase the amount of grains and legumes in your daily meals.

A type B is omnivorous and can eat meat without any chicken, beans, cereals, fruit and vegetables, which are healing and beneficial foods. However, if they begin to eat a diet rich in seeds, chicken, tomatoes, and shellfish, they are going to find themselves suffering from ill health. They are also going to find themselves suffering from potential acne outbreaks.

So if you are suffering from acne it is a good idea to find out your blood type. After that, start eating the foods which are best suited to your genetic makeup and inheritance. This is going to keep you healthy. This is also going to give you a glowing skin free of acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Blood Type And Diet – Logical Acne Control Tips

A number of people are skeptic about Dr. D’Adamo’s ideas about blood type and your diet because it does not have any scientific proof behind it. However, let us go back to ancient naturopathic diets and common sense, and understand the basic factors which can improve your acne condition.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables are always good for everyone, regardless of blood type. Meat products are good to give you protein which is necessary to keep you in a state of high energy. The same proteins can also be obtained through lentils and beans.

Dr. D’Adamo’s dietary plan and theory of not eating so many wheat-based food items is also based on simple logic. Wheat and corn has gluten in it. Gluten sticks to the intestinal lining and thus prevents your digestive system from working perfectly. So what do you do under such circumstances? Avoid breads and noodles made of items with a high gluten composition.

Here are some suggestions which can come in useful to control your acne outbreak.

Do not interfere with your acne outbreak by touching the infected area. This is going to spread the infection to other parts of your body. Instead, wash it with a mild antiseptic soap. Try this idea of washing it with a glycerin soap and a little bit of ordinary sugar. This “dries” the skin and soaks up the oil.

Try a vegetarian diet with more fruit and vegetables instead of meat and fish. Meat takes longer to digest. That means that it is going to produce toxins in your stomach. These toxins are going to have a harmful effect on your skin. So you may find yourself suffering from a possible pimple outbreak. Prevention is always better than cure. So the cure is in your hands!

Hopefully, this information is useful in helping you control, prevent and cure your acne problem.

Psoriatic Arthritis – The Skin Condition That Leaves You Aching For Relief

While there are well over 100 different types of arthritis in existence, unfortunately many people do not even realize that there are other types of arthritis besides rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. But guess what my friend, there are many other types of arthritis that can invade your life.

One of those little known types of arthritis is known as psoriatic arthritis and it can be as debilitating as some of the more well known varieties of arthritis. So exactly what is psoriatic arthritis and just how does this variety present itself?

Just like the name sounds, psoriatic arthritis is associated with psoriasis. This rather common skin condition is characterized by redness, swelling, inflammation and scaly patches all along the skin. Yes, psoriasis can be found in all populations, but most commonly it is seen most often in the United States among those of Caucasian decent.

The skin condition psoriasis most often affects the scalp, face, navel, tips of the elbows, knees, and areas surrounding the genitals and anus. Health professionals estimate that 10 per cent of all psoriasis patients concurrently develop some form of inflammation in the affected joints. These patients are thus classified as suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

Here’s one of the important things to remember about psoriatic arthritis, if you have already been diagnosed with psoriasis, then you are at a much higher risk for developing psoriatic arthritis. This is particularly true if your arthritis has also impacted your joints. This condition can be quite painful and debilitating without active and aggressive treatment. It seems almost cruel in its onset since it doesn’t seem to strike until later in life, sometimes not striking until you are in your 40s or 50s. And sorry ladies, you don’t get off easy here, psoriatic arthritis is an equal opportunity invader and affects both men and women equally.

The majority of patients experience onset of the diseases at different times. It is common that patients develop psoriasis before experiencing symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. Approximately 80 per cent of psoriatic arthritis patients develop psoriasis before the arthritis.

But of course everything in life cannot follow a definite pattern, since in some patients, they actually get a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis before actually developing a skin condition. This can make diagnosing the condition a bit more difficult. Unfortunately far too many patients suffer with either the arthritis or the psoriasis for way too long before figuring out that they two go together.

Psoriatic arthritis is a systematic disease just like other forms of arthritis. With any systemic disease, other areas of the body can be attacked as well. So this simply means that you best be on the look out for problems with other body parts. For example, psoriatic arthritis patients can also be at risk for other problems with the kidneys and lungs. Patients may also experience problems with the heart, the eyes and the mouth. Systemic … affecting other areas as well. The whole body is at risk.

In severe forms of the disease, other vital organs may also be affected. Like other forms of arthritis (especially reactive arthritis and spondylitis), psoriatic arthritis patients are more prone to experiencing inflammation in the spine.

What causes psoriatic arthritis? There are many theories, but the cause remains unknown. Most health professionals agree the disease is probably caused by a combination of various environmental factors. Immunity and genetic factors are probably involved as well. There is a gene marker-HLA-B27-that appears in many patients diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. However, it is not present in all cases.

With psoriatic arthritis, not only does the genetic marker HLA-B27 often show up with these patients, there are also other genetic alterations that may appear. Of course, this just continues to feed into the researchers belief that this variety of arthritis is based in the genes. Another one of the common denominators in the case of psoriatic arthritis is the changes that are seen in the immune system. While we don’t know the exact basis of this, those changes are often seen. Also, remember that simple environmental factors may also be a key component behind the reason why people develop this health condition.

Psoriatic arthritis is a battle that many face each and every day. It really does not matter the reason why you developed this version of arthritis in the first place, what does matter is that you are ready to work cooperatively with your doctor in order to build a treatment plan that you can work with and one that is designed to give you the best level of health that you can enjoy. Psoriatic arthritis does not have to be a harness around your neck, but it certainly will become one if you are passive about it. Get to it and educate yourself about your own health condition.

Nail Fungus – Causes and Symptoms

Fungus infection is a very common problem faced by people around the world. Its scientific name is onychomycosis and it is a condition related to nails especially the toe nails. Nail fungus is a problem which occurs amongst men more than women. In the initial stage the symptoms of this nail infection is not noticeable. However, with time your nail looks ugly and discolored. The nail usually turns yellow, green, brown or black. You can also face other problems like difficulty in trimming your nails; your nail turns brittle and sometimes its lifts from the end of the toe. These kinds of problems are quite common and people facing them usually come across embarrassing situations which can lead to consciousness and decreased confidence level. However, nail fungus treatment is available which can help you with this problem.

People usually like to wear stylish shoes and footwear. However, it is not possible when you are facing the problem of nail infection as it is a painful condition which does not allow you to wear tight fitting shoes. You will also face difficulty in cutting your nails as they become very hard. People usually come across this situation when they turn older. You must be wondering what causes this situation. Nail fungus is usually caused due to any kind of damage on the nail plate or the seal. It is also caused due to problems like skin infection and athletes foot which eventually results in the formation of infection.

People who are suffering from nail infections also suffer from skin infections. Fungal growth mostly increases due to increased moisture level because people wear shoes the whole day which causes sweating leading to growth of fungi. Dermatophyte Tricophytum Rubrum is the main cause of these kinds of nail infections and causes almost 90% of the problems. There are many factors which can cause this condition apart from nail damage. Smoking, poor health, sharing washing and bathing tools, improper footwear and medical conditions like diabetes, psoriasis and weak immunity and resistance power.

One should be very careful if he notices any kind of symptoms related to this infection. Avoid walking bare feet on unclean flooring. Using damp towels or wearing closed shoes all day long can worsen the situation. Always use clean nail cutting tools to maintain proper hygiene. Serious medical conditions like diabetes can also increase the infection. If you notice symptoms like changed nail color or nail thickening consult a specialist for the proper nail fungus treatment. He will usually take your nail sample and test it to check whether you are really facing this problem. There are many ways to prevent this situation. The most basic prevention measure is hygiene. A person should always keep his nails clean and trimmed to avoid further growth of bacteria. If you are facing a mild problem then use an antibacterial twice a day. Wear socks made out of light and breathable material. Cotton is the best material which can be used. Keep your feet dry and moisture free. Take special care in public places like changing rooms and swimming pools. Thus, this was some important information about nail fungus.

Leg Cramps – Tips on How to Deal With Shooting Pain During Menopause

Menopause occurs when the levels of estrogen and progesterone become less in a woman’s body and menstruation stops completely for a period of over a year. Among the common symptoms of menopause are irregular periods and hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and urinary tract problems. Menopausal women may also suffer stomach pains and leg cramps and some may suffer more, as compared to others, in terms of sleeplessness.

Leg cramp pain during menopause can come on suddenly. It can be a shooting, sharp pain that can disturb your sleep, or wake you up. This pain may linger and make the area sore for almost 24 hours.

How They Occur

Women going through menopause have to deal with other symptoms as well. There are some pointers to keep in mind for avoiding and treating leg cramps so that you can tackle this problem. If you get leg cramps and feel a sudden pain in your leg, often at night, it can be attributed to a muscle or group of muscles suddenly tightening.

Most cramps occur in calf muscles, but cramps in your thigh or in your foot are also possible. Older women are more prone to this kind of pain and other contributing factors can be lack of physical exercise, an imbalance of minerals, problems with blood circulation apart from menopause.

For those of you that experience the problem of leg cramps only on certain occasions during menopause, you should consult with your doctor regarding the medications you are taking, as leg cramps may be a side effect of certain medicines.

Cramps in your legs during menopause do not cause any serious damage, so are not an alarming issue. However, they can disturb your sleep. For most women, leg cramps occur for a short while and usually go away quite suddenly.


Many women report that massaging or stretching the leg helps when they get a cramp. It is good to consult with your doctor, check your bone density and bring yourself up to date with your daily calcium supplements. Leg cramps can also be treated with continuous intake of calcium/magnesium supplements. Other complimentary therapies include drinking a couple of glasses of tonic water and soaking in a peppermint oil bath. A tincture of St. John’s wort is reported to also be helpful.


These kinds of cramps in the legs have further been linked with sleep disorders like the Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). The RLS and PLMD can disturb sleep in menopausal women and result in more problems like insomnia. RLS usually occurs before sleep sets in and causes calf discomfort and restlessness in the legs, which gets relief in a short time if you move around a bit.

PLMD, however, can cause excessive sleepiness and both conditions are more common in older women going through menopause. The sensations experienced during RLS are not very painful, but more toward discomfort and akin to being anxious. The subsequent leg cramps and creepy crawly feeling is felt deep in the legs, and often occurs when you lie in bed and may cause stress, if not treated in a timely manner.

Kernicterus – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Kernicterus is a form of brain damage caused by excessive jaundice. The substance which causes jaundice, bilirubin, is so high that it can move out of the blood into brain tissue. When babies begin to be affected by excessive jaundice, when they begin to have brain damage, they become excessively lethargic. They are too sleepy, and they are difficult to arouse – either they don’t wake up from sleep easily like a normal baby, or they don’t wake up fully, or they can’t be kept awake. They have a high-pitched cry, and decreased muscle tone, becoming hypotonic or floppy) with episodes of increased muscle tone (hypertonic) and arching of the head and back backwards.


The most common sign that a baby is at risk for Kernicterus is yellowing of the skin, especially in the first 24 hours after birth. Sometime, the whites of the baby’s eyes may turn yellow too. Other signs are a baby who is not alert or who is difficult to wake up. Babies with Kernicterus often have a shrill, high pitched cry and may appear weak or limp. Sometimes they lie unnaturally in bed with their bodies arched upward when lying on their backs.


Kernicterus is caused by very high levels of bilirubin. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment that is created in the body during the normal recycling of old red blood cells. High levels of bilirubin in the body can cause the skin to look yellow (which is called jaundice).In some cases when there are extremely high levels of bilirubin in the body or the baby is extremely ill, the substance will move out of the blood and collect in the brain tissue.

kernicterus was once the leading cause of athetoid (writhing) cerebral palsy. Because of the largely effective control of newborn jaundice, athetosis is now a relatively rare form of cerebral palsy. The syndrome in term infants is marked by refusal to feed, a high-pitched cry, stiffness, and arching of the back. Survivors usually suffer not only athetoid cerebral palsy, but high-frequency hearing loss, paralysis of upward gaze, and dental enamel malformations.

Kernicterus is caused by a high level of bilirubin in a baby’s blood. If left untreated, the bilirubin can then spread into the brain, where it causes long-term damage. A low-level buildup of bilirubin is normal. This is called mild jaundice, and it gives a newborn a slightly yellowish tint to the skin and sometimes the eyes.


Quick treatment may help prevent further brain damage. Treatment may start with light therapy and fluids given through a needle into a vein (intravenous fluid replacement). Sometimes a baby may also have a tube placed down his or her throat or into the stomach for feeding with a special type of formula. A baby will also have a blood type test so that he or she can quickly get a blood transfusion if it is needed. A blood transfusion may be given to help remove extra bilirubin from the baby’s blood.

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Usually treatment for Kernicterus focuses on decreasing the amount of unconjugated bilirubin in the blood. Once the amount of unconjugated bilirubin in the blood decreases, jaundice should go away.

Depression and Gallbladder Connection

Although depression itself cannot cause gallbladder problems per se, not being able to eat anything can certainly be depressing. Many antidepressant medications are anticholinergic which means they slow down gallbladder contractions, thus contributing to gallbladder troubles. However, beyond that, there is a physiological connection via the thyroid. If you suffer from chronic depression or even bouts of depression now and again, it could possibly be due to a particular condition of low thyroid that is brought on by low serotonin and/or dopamine levels.

Here’s how it works. Low serotonin or dopamine levels affect the functioning of the thyroid gland resulting in low (not high) TSH levels. It is high TSH levels that alert your doctor that your thyroid is working overtime and needs some support. However, these low levels along with other markers, may show that the thyroid is not functioning optimally, even though these markers may be within “normal” laboratory range. Insulin surges and excess cortisol production from, for example, blood sugar highs and lows, are major contributors to this thyroid pattern.

To support this pattern, it is not the thyroid itself that needs support, but the thyroid-pituitary connection, along with proper balancing of blood sugar. Along with blood sugar dysregulation, gut inflammation, a poor diet, and adrenal stress are also factors that contribute to poor thyroid health. Are you seeing the connection to digestion here? Many gallbladder conditions are accompanied by gut inflammation. And gut inflammation has a corresponding inflammation in the brain. Low thyroid function, diagnosed or not, affects brain function which can result in depression and poor memory. “An unsupported thyroid condition guarantees some degree of brain degeneration in time.” (1., 2.) How can we support the brain’s neurotransmitters?

  • physical exercise
  • mental exercise such as Sudoku
  • diet rich in such things as fish oils, and one that balances blood sugar
  • improving digestion of fats which are integral to brain function
  • supplemental brain support that contains the applicable amino acids and specific nutrients

Supporting the brain helps the thyroid; supporting the thyroid helps the brain. It’s a win, win. Reducing gut inflammation also reduces inflammation in the brain. What’s all this got to do with my gallbladder problem? Well, here’s the clincher: Low thyroid function slows down digestion and gallbladder functioning contributing to low HIDA scans and to the formation of gallstones. (3.) And if you are on thyroid replacement and still suffering from low thyroid symptoms, chances are there is something more going on that is not being addressed. So if you are prone to depression, brain fog or poor memory, and if you have gallbladder disease of any kind, read our page dedicated to low thyroid and gallbladder function. There’s a list of other symptoms connected with thyroid function that may surprise you too.


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