Chocolate Gift Baskets – Heart Healthy and Delicious

Gift baskets with chocolate, wine, balloons, flowers, baby items, or even cookies, are a great way to remember someone or to help them celebrate a great event. I love sending gift baskets because it is convenient way to send a personalized gift. I can just look at one of my favorites on line, pick what I want, and have it delivered. It's as simple as that.

When you send a gift basket, you are telling the recipient that you care enough to take the time to select something just for them. There are so many choices of baskets you can send. I think about what the person I am sending it to might like, and then select among the various baskets that are available with that theme in mind.

Chocolate gift baskets are always a great hit! Various gourmet chocolates, cocoas, or chocolate theme items are arranged in a unique and appropriate basket, bucket or other container. Dark chocolate, or chocolate covered nuts or hot fudge sauce or even seasonal chocolates such as hearts for Valentines Day or bunnies for Easter are some of the choices you have.

Remember, 99% of women love chocolate. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine the "fall in love" chemical; So chocolate is a good Valentine or Anniversary gift. Chocolate also causes the release of dopamine and endorphins, both of which affect the "feel good" portion of the brain. Choosing a chocolate gift basket is definitely going to make someone happy. And it is true, even men like chocolate.

Dark chocolate has been found to be heart healthy taken in small daily portions. Chocolate can decrease hypertension and improve cardiovascular health. There are a lot of good reasons to send a chocolate gift basket. Most of all, when you send a chocolate gift basket you will feel good, and the recipient will be excited to receive it.

Next time you are trying to think of a quick, easy way to treat someone considering sending a chocolate gift basket, I guarantee they will love it!

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms – are you Sure you are not Diabetic

It does not always take a long time for the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. This type of diabetes can form in only a matter of weeks, so it is important that you know the symptoms that will alert you to the need of a checkup by your physician. Since Type 1 Diabetes is a long-term illness, it is imperative in the successful management of the disease to get an early diagnosis.

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

The initial Type 1 Diabetes symptoms can come on strongly and suddenly, and include:

•    An increase in the production of urine caused as the body tries to rid itself of excess glucose in the urine

•    Excessive thirst

•    Weight loss

•    Increased appetite

•    Fatigue caused by the inability of the body to convert glucose into energy

•    Blurred vision

•    Nausea and vomiting

•    Irritability and mood changes

Early Diagnosis and Management of Type 1 Diabetes

The importance of early diagnosis and management of Type 1 Diabetes symptoms is due to the fact that other complications can arise from diabetes that is not treated. Some of these complications can be life threatening, thus the need to quickly seek a medical diagnosis if more than one of the above Type 1 Diabetes symptoms becomes present. Some of these complications include:

•    Retinopathy -this is a disorder of the eyes that occurs when the tiny blood vessels at the back of the eye become damaged by high blood sugar. Early detection and treatment, as well as managing your blood sugar is essential in order to avoid blindness, which can result if this disorder is left untreated.

•    Neuropathy – nerve damage caused by high blood sugar that can lead to pain and numbness in certain areas. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common form and affects the nerves in the legs, feet, and hands. Autonomic neuropathy is less common and involves the nerves that control such body functions as digestion and urination.

•    Nephropathy – damage to the kidneys that is caused by high blood sugar. If diabetes and nephropathy is left untreated, it can lead to kidney failure.

•    Diabetic ketoacidosis – This occurs when the body produces acidic substances called ketones to as a substitute energy fuel that is usually derived from glucose. The symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis include abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, lethargy, fatigue, and if left untreated can result in coma or death.

•    Hypoglycemia – This condition can be caused when too much insulin is taken and not enough carbohydrates are consumed to balance out the extra insulin. The symptoms of this condition can include irritability, blurry vision, trembling, headache, sudden sweating, dizziness and weakness, and confusion. If not treated, hypoglycemia can lead to a coma.

•    Atherosclerosis – this condition involves heart and blood vessel problems that result from unmanaged high blood sugar. People who have Type 1 Diabetes are at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and other problems associated with poor circulation.

•    Foot problems – foot problems are often associated with diabetes. People who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which can cause numbness in the feet, often do not notice sores on their feet, which can lead to infection. Sores that are left untreated for a long period of time are at risk for gangrene, which is the death of soft tissue because of a lack of blood flow. This can lead to the need for amputation of the foot, and even the leg or part of the leg.

The Importance of Management

The complications above demonstrate the importance of recognizing Type 1 Diabetes symptoms as quickly as possible. Once a physician has diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes, it is imperative that you find a plan of management that is suitable to you as an individual and treat the disease as a long-term illness that can cause adverse complications if left untreated. Managing your Type 1 Diabetes involves more than just cutting down on the sweets – proper management of your diabetes will include an entire lifestyle change as well as medications in some cases. A healthy lifestyle should always include, first and foremost, a healthy diet along with a regular exercise routine. 

What Causes Brain Cancer?

There is no known cause of brain cancer. Extensive research has been conducted to pinpoint a cause to help prevent the cancer from occurring. Although there has not been very much conclusive evidence leading to a cause of brain cancer, the one thing that doctors do know is that brain cancer is not contagious and it does not occur due to head injury. There are known instances where cancer has spread to the brain from other parts of the body.(Lung cancer,Breast cancer,Liver cancer and so on.)

Brain cancer can occur at any age. Studies have shown that two major age groups are affected. From ages 3 to 12 and 40 to 70 are the age groups when brain cancer is formed. Since researchers have been able to gather this data, it has led to the discovery of some risk factors. Workers in certain industries are at a higher risk for brain cancer than workers in other industries. These include, rubber manufacturing, drug manufacturing, and oil refining. Since brain cancer often occurs with members of the same family, heredity is believed to be another cause of brain cancer.

There are many different kinds of cells in the brain, each with a different function. Sometimes the cells inside the brain begin to grow uncontrollably leading to a tumor. A tumor in the brain may or may not be malignant.If benign a tumor stays where it starts, although it can grow very large and put pressure on crucial areas. In the case of a malignant brain tumor however this has the ability to spread and brain cancer occurs. Brain cancer is dangerous and life-threatening as the cancerous cells can interrupt vital brain functions. When brain cancer occurs, the cells continue to grow at a rapid pace. The cells and tissue around these cancerous cells become crowded out and invaded.

Symptoms of brain cancer include headaches that are worse in the morning, changes in personality, abnormal eye movements, and weakness in the arms and legs. Seizures, nausea, and drowsiness are other symptoms of brain cancer.

Surgery is the treatment of choice for primary brain tumors radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are the treatments that are used when cancer has spread to the brain. The doctor will use one or a combination of these treatments depending on the needs of the patient.

Cold Sore Symptoms – How to Identify Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

Cold sore symptoms can be both obvious and difficult to spot if you are looking to prevent cold sores from occurring. If you have the herpes simplex virus then you will experience cold sores at some point in your life. If you don’t and you are merely looking to avoid contracting them from someone else, this information can also apply to you. However, keep in mind the virus can still be passed when you or someone else is NOT suffering from an outbreak. Because of this you should talk with your doctor about a daily medication that will help to suppress the herpes virus in your system and lessen the chance that you will pass it to someone else, as well as decrease the frequency of your outbreaks.

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing are dry, cracked or bleeding skin. Areas that itch, burn and are swollen often around the mouth and lips. You may also feel feverish and run down, as the immune system is affected by the herpes virus as well. In fact, stress and illness are the two biggest triggers for cold sore outbreaks and to avoid an outbreak you should lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your stress levels down. You can use over the counter medications to deal with the pain, itching, burning and swelling, as well as some of the many home remedies to help minimize the appearance of the cold sore.

Ice packs are great for doing this and also help to numb the area, which will help you feel more comfortable. You can also use a tea bag compress for the same results as the caffeine and other ingredients stimulate the skin and stifle the development of the cold sore. Petroleum jelly can be used to protect and moisturize the area to help it heal faster and prevent scarring form occurring. Cold sore symptoms can be difficult to deal with, but the more you know about the virus the better prepared you can be for an outbreak to occur.

Causes of Public Speaking Phobia and Anxiety

Studies show that public speaking phobia, and most phobias, develop in middle or late childhood stage. It usually starts from an unpleasant experience like being humiliated in front of the class; this unpleasant experience gets stored in the child’s memory and is brought up when faced with similar situations. Children who have been exposed to people with public speaking phobia, like their parents or friends, learn the phobia by hearing them. Research also shows that genetics also play an important role in developing phobias. Phobias are mostly likely to occur in identical twins, than in fraternal twins.

Luckily, there are many ways to treat Phobia.
• PERSONAL MOTIVATION. There are many self-help books that can help you overcome your public speaking phobia. Your desire to overcome your fear is the most important factor of treatment.
• PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT. If self-treatment does not work for you, you can seek help from a professional.
•Other kinds of treatment include, Counseling, Hypnosis and Medication. This method is used if the sufferer has other mental conditions that are affected by the phobia. Using medication alone cannot cure the phobia.

Cause of Public Speaking Anxiety

Even the most experienced speaker gets anxious when speaking in public. However, this fear can be controlled so that you can put your fear to your advantage. People are afraid of rejection by their audience. Thus, many are terrified of speaking in public for fear of being criticized by the crowd for how they look or how they deliver their speech. On the contrary, audiences are very understanding about the speaker’s problem with stage fright. You become more nervous when your fear of the audience increases.

Some strategies that can help you overcome your fear of the audience. Choose a topic that you like and you are familiar with. The more comfortable you are about your chosen topic, the more confident you are in facing your audience. Concentrate on your topic. Focus on your topic and not on yourself. When you start to think of your subject matter and not yourself, your fear of speaking will likely decrease, Trust in your capability of delivering your speech. Showing that you are in charge decreases your fear and increases your confidence in facing the situation, Bridge the gap between your audience and yourself. Analyze carefully to establish rapport.

There are two ways to win over your fear of failure, Picture yourself succeeding. If you think that you will stutter in front of many people, chances are you will stutter. But if you visualize yourself delivering your speech well, then, you will, Face your fear. You cannot overcome your fear unless you show it and admit that you are afraid of it.
Take time to write your speech. Review it and rewrite if necessary. If you are confident with your speech, the less terrified you will be about speaking in public. Practice and ask for suggestions on how you can improve your speech. Ask a friend of relative to act as your audience. Once you have delivered your topic, ask for their feedback.

My Ankle is Sore – Treatment, Prevention, Rehabilitation Aids – Brace Yourself For Pain Relief

Is your ankle sore? Do you know how this soreness came on, or are you unsure?

1.) The Purpose of This Article

We are going to cover why your ankle might be sore, and actually help to make some suggestions that might help you in your quest to be pain free. Many at home treatment methods can help and we are going to focus on these options in this particular article.

2.) How Did The Pain Start?

Sometimes people know out right that they rolled their ankle and sprained it. Sometimes that answer is just starring you in the face. Sometimes the pain is less obvious in origin. As we get older it is obvious that our bodies do not respond like they used to and you could be suffering from arthritis and over use type of problems. Typically, people will suffer from ankle pain due to some level of sprain, but fractures are possible as well. – At home treatment methods are not ideal for a fracture and it is important, of course to visit with your physician about this issue.

3.) Treatment Options – Rest, Ice, Elevation & Braces

Often times when you hurt yourself, one of your immediate responses will be to look for some ice and rest. Take it easy! We are sure you have heard of these treatment options to help reduce your swelling and pain in the short term. However, what are you going to do in the long term? We also know that we would love to sit around and constantly rest our ankle, nursing it back to perfect health. This, however is not always easy to do! Especially as we get older and our responsibilities begin to call you into action.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to use a well made ankle brace for support. The use of one of these kinds of supports can do many things for you. It can help you to reduce your ankle pain, and it can also help to reduce painful movements that are really bringing you down! The other good thing about ankle braces is that you can use them just about anytime you want to. This is very important because people can not always just sit around trying to rest and ice their ankle problems. Braces are very effective in that they can be used at almost any time during the day!

Dealing With Excessive Anxiety In Your Life

It can happen to anyone: one minute you’re sipping your coffee and reading the morning paper when you’re suddenly beset by an unusual twinge in your chest, or perhaps you get a strange twitch in your finger. You begin to worry about what is causing the strange feeling, and the worry grows until it becomes fear of some terminal condition or illness. Suddenly the room seems to spin as you’re racked by a panic attack.

People who suffer from panic attacks for the first time often check themselves into a hospital, convinced they are having a heart attack. However, panic attacks are simply a physical manifestation of stress and anxiety. The physical symptoms grow out of proportion because your fear triggers the fight or flight response.

Anxiety can have an incredible number of symptoms, ranging from simple excessive worry to full blown sensations of pain or blurred vision.

If you suddenly have new or strange symptoms, you should of course get them checked out by a doctor. This is the first step. However once you have a full checkup you should definitely consider anxiety to be a cause of your issues.

Understanding Anxiety

The first step in conquering excessive anxiety and panic is to understand the symptoms of excess stress that leads to anxiety. Trouble sleeping, a racing mind, tension headaches, difficulty concentrating, and irritability are just a few. These can be early warning signs.

Once stress passes into the phase of anxiety you tend to have stronger bouts of worry, more than the normal “stress” that everyone experiences. Symptoms of anxiety include excessive worry about certain things, irrational fears, the inability to do things that were once easy such as drive to work, and other similar things.

Defeating Anxiety

Once you learn that anxiety is nothing more than your body’s response to the mental exhaustion caused by stress you can begin the healing process.

There are a few things you can do to help break the cycle of tension and fear.

Talk to someone about your anxiety. Sometimes the simple act of confiding in someone can make your problems seem smaller and less daunting. It helps put things in perspective. Make sure that you confide in someone you can trust, and who will not berate you for being irrational.

Take time for yourself. Try to give yourself at least 45 minutes a day to do something by yourself, for yourself. Get a coffee and read a book. Draw. Take a bath. Time to yourself will give your mind a chance to recover its resources and slow down.

Invest in a self help program. There are several great programs available that will help you learn more about what you’re going through and how to regain control of your life. Do some research and get a program that you think you will stick with.

How to Find the Best Muscle Building Foods at Restaurants

One thing that used to always kill my diet was going out to eat at a restaurant. No matter how careful I was about eating the best muscle building foods all week, there always seemed to be some reason that I would find myself at a restaurant on the weekend, and I always left ashamed of myself for not keeping it together.

Instead of ordering the foods that help lose fat and build muscle, I would have a personal-goal breakdown and order stuff that sounded amazing but was unhealthy. Not to mention that all of the little “bites” of food that people share with each other at restaurants really adds up.

Here are some of my best tips for ordering the best muscle building foods at restaurants, as well as some of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

1. Chew Your Foods Slowly

When you inhale your foods instead of slowly chewing them, you allow yourself to eat way too many calories before you’re body let’s you know you’re full. What your mom always told you is true… it takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to realize that you’re full. If you slow down and take the time to chew your foods well, you’ll eat less, and you’ll also get a lot more nutrients and benefits from your food than when you eat too fast.

2. Baked-Broiled-Fried-Steamed?

Always avoid foods that are fried. That’s a no-brainer if you’re trying to lose fat and put on muscle. Go for things that are baked or steamed, and you’ll consume far less calories than things that are fried.

3. Avoid Appetizers and the Free Bread

Both of these things are just going to ruin your goal of getting ripped. The bread is flat out bad for you, and appetizers are usually fatty foods that just add unnecessary calories to your meal.

4. Don’t Add Salt to Anything

The bottom line is that you’ll get plenty of salt just eating what you ordered. Too much salt can lead to heart and kidney disease. Just avoid it.

5. Do Not Order Soda

If you’re already dieting, this should go without saying. You can easily cure yourself from wanting soda if you just think about eating 6 spoonfuls of straight sugar, which is what you do every time you drink a soda. Soda is one of the worst foods you can consume when you’re trying to add muscle and lose body fat.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Customize Your Order

If you’re looking for the boiled chicken breast with steamed broccoli, you won’t find it. Most restaurants don’t carry menu items that 100% healthy. But, you can definitely ask for certain things. Almost any restaurant will give you a grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables if you just ask. Don’t be afraid to give your waiter your special requests, because most of them will be no problem.

If you follow these tips when you’re eating out, you’ll find it much easier to stick to your diet and you’ll keep adding muscle while losing body fat.

Say Goodnight to Insomnia

Do you sometimes feel that you have sleep deprivation? Is the quality of your sleep what it should be or do you wake up feeling tired and lacking energy? In addition, do you have trouble concentrating and just not feeling up to par the rest of the day?

According to the World Health Organization, one third of the world’s population experience insomnia at some point in their life. Of that one third, about five per cent need medical treatment.

Below are natural techniques and remedies that can help you sleep without the aid of medical intervention.

Before going to bed, take the time to just sit and relax. Listed to some soft music, and do some deep breathing exercises. It is also best to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.

Developing a bedtime routine every evening will eventually associate the routine with sleep. For instance, you could start with a cup of hot milk every evening and a warm bath. Milk contains a protein called tryptophan, which helps to promote sleep. A warm bath or shower will lower your internal body temperature again telling your body that it is time for sleep. If hot milk is not for you, try chamomile tea, which is known to calm the nerves.

Watching TV, reading and eating in your bedroom does not promote sleep, thus your body will not associate your bedroom with sleep. Your bedroom should be dark and cozy room that makes you feel secure and comfortable. The bedroom should make you crave sleep.

It is difficult to sleep when you mind is full of things that you have to do tomorrow. In order to alleviate this, write a to-do list for the next day. Organize your clothes for the morning and prepare lunches the night before. Consider making your appointments a little later in the day if you have a tendency to worry about getting up in the morning.

Many of us have anxieties and regrets or events from the past that may still haunt us. Issues such as these affect are sleeping patterns. Whatever the issues are, today might be a good time to finally set things straight; forgive that person, forgive yourself, give back that item, start talking to that family member again (or even make that appointment to see a psychologist if necessary).

In addition, you can organize your life and chores, thus making the time for a good nights sleep. For instance, make one large supper and freeze half for another day, spot clean the house and pick up daily before it becomes a large task, plan a menu for the week thus alleviating the frustration of what to cook for supper every night. You owe it to your health and those around you to get a good night sleep. With a little bit of planning and routine, you will get to bed earlier and get the sleep you need.

As always, a balanced diet makes a balanced mind. While you are planning your menus for the week take into account that the meals you are preparing have the essential vitamins and minerals. Next, throw away all the junk food, pop and other foods that are loaded with calories but offer no nutritional value. Throw in a little exercise and your insomnia will gradually fade away with an improved mind and body.

If you cannot sleep, then get up. Laying in bed worrying that you cannot fall asleep will only make it worse. Get up, go into a different room, and do something to distract yourself until you feel sleepy.

Many medications will interfere with your sleep. Check with your doctor if you are experiencing insomnia and are also taking any of these medications – amphetamines (diet pills), antidepressants, beta blockers (heart and blood pressure), cimetidine (ulcers), clonidine (blood pressure), cortisone, diuretics (fluid), levodopa (parkinsons), methyldopa (blood pressure) and ventolin (asthma).

Stress is above all the worst cause of insomnia. By using the techniques above you can reduce stress and say goodbye to insomnia.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Spinal cord injuries are common injuries presented in personal injury lawsuits. One of the reasons that these types of injuries so frequently result in lawsuits is that they often end in paralysis and can completely take away the ability for the victim to function on his or her own.

In order to win a personal injury lawsuit a number of things must be proven. Two of the main things that must be proven are that the victim was seriously injured and that the injury was caused by another person's negligence. Negligence can often be proven in spinal cord injury cases as many of these injuries occur during organized sports, on the job site, or in car wrecks where another person can be cited as contributing to or causing the injury.

The scale of the personal injury lawsuit often depends on the severity of the spinal injury. Spinal injuries are put into two different categories:

  • Complete – a complete injury is one where there is no motor or sensory function preserved in the sacral segments. These injuries typically result in near to completely paralysis.
  • Incomplete-incomplete injures are those where there is a certain degree of either motor or sensory function. Of these types of injuries, there are three varying degrees including:
  1. Type B – this is an incomplete injury where sensory but not motor function is preserved.
  2. Type C – this incomplete form of injury indicates that motor function is preserved and more than half of key muscles have a muscle grade of less than 3. There is typically active movement with full range of motion.
  3. Type D – this injury is when motor function is preserved and more than half of key muscles have a muscle grade of 3 or more.
  4. Type E – indicates "normal" function

The find out more To about spinal cord injuries and personal injury Lawsuits, visit the website of the Iowa personal injury lawyers of LaMarca & Landry, PC

100 Great Romantic Ideas

1. Bury a “Time Capsule” together with trinkets, love letters or other romantic sentimental items. Then, draw up a simple map and store it in your safe deposit box. Date the map and decide together when you’ll dig up your romantic treasure.

2. Create a special music disk together of love or fun songs. Have them ready for those special times together.

3. Plant a romantic note in a book your love is reading. It can be as simple as: “I love you,” “I want you” or just XOXOXOXO.

4. Next time you’re at the mall together, jump into a photo booth and take some fun pictures. Keep in your car or in your desk for a quick pick-me-up during the day.

5. Plant a tree together and plan to carve your names in it when it grows big. This can be a fun place to have a picnic or just hang out together; watching the clouds or stars.

6. Stop at a local coffee shop and spend some “two-gether” time there, or take a long walk or scenic drive in the county.

7. Send your love a letter at work. You can disguise it in a regular business envelope and it can be funny or/and romantic. Or even a little naughty if you’re planning a special evening together.

8. Use heart-shaped sticky notes, one or a bunch to post little messages throughout the house or garage to add a little thrill to your love’s life.

9. Pick up some dipping chocolate and fresh strawberries, cherries or bananas and make tonight’s dessert incredibly romantic.

10. Take a long drive and stop at a new restaurant, or a deli to pick up a picnic lunch. Spend this time really listening to each other.

11. Name a star together and when you’re apart; you can look at it and know that your love is waiting for your safe return.

12. Use glow-in-the-dark stars and black lights to create a romantic night sky inside.

13. Create a spa atmosphere at home with candles, essential oils, incense burners, mood music, massagers or other relaxation products.

14. Chocolate, the flavor of romance! Serve chocolate liquor in small glassware as dessert to vamp up a romantic dinner.

15. On a special night, dim the lights and put on some soft music. Then undress leaving a trail of your clothes from the front door to the bedroom.

16. Spend a quiet evening by the fire together. Roast marshmallows or have drinks available.

17. While your love is showering, sneak in and write, “I love you” on the steamed mirror.

18. Take a love letter or romantic vacation brochure and cut it into a puzzle. Mail a piece of the puzzle to your love every day or place each puzzle piece on table or dresser.

19. Make a romantic tape recording asking your love to meet you somewhere. You’ll need confirmation that they can make it so be sure to leave a return number.

20. Next time you’re walking together, grab your love’s hand or walk arm-and-arm.

21. Make a “Prescription for Love” form on the computer. Then hand write each prescription using words like…take two doses of love and come see me now, make it more creative and intimate. Re-label an empty prescription bottle with heart stickers and set the blank prescriptions next to the bottle with a pen so you can both play doctor.

22. Create a romantic slideshow using old photos of you and your love. Sort pictures by years and events starting from when you first met until present. Add some romantic music then set a date for both of you to enjoy.

23. Don’t put those photos away just yet! Pick out the best ones and frame as many as you want to display on the mantel, coffee table or dresser. This grouping will bring back wonderful memories every day.

24. Email greetings. They can surprise, create fun, show affection or entice your love. Send a free greeting anytime; why not send one right now!

25. Purchase an inexpensive romance calendar. Keep track of upcoming romantic dates and events; don’t use it as your everyday calendar. You can, however, mark a black “x” on days that there’s a family or other event so you don’t overbook days. Likewise mark your regular calendar with a red “x” for romance days. Keep this calendar as a special keepsake when the year is done.

26. Sometimes changing your normal routine can spark romance. Like using candles or mood lighting or bringing home a bouquet of flowers to set the stage for romance.

27. Date night is a must! Maybe a picnic for two or tickets to a ballgame, movie or play. Consider mutual interests so you both have fun or take turns picking the entertainment. Remember, a date doesn’t have to be expensive; get creative. The idea is to have fun and talk. Schedule a month in advance and don’t cancel, as it’s the most important appointment of the month.

28. Each one makes a list of romantic fantasies to share during a upcoming romantic evening.

29. Happy Birthday Banner. You don’t have to buy one; it’ll be better when you’ve created it.

30. A candlelight dinner for two is very romantic.

31. Splurge on some new, sexy lingerie which could be just the thing to give your love the urge.

32. You’re the star. Have a personalized romance novel created where you star and he’s the hero.

33. Alone away from home. Send a small gift or flowers to your love’s destination to be received upon arrival.

34. For a personalized keepsake, consign a local artist to sketch you and your love doing something fun or romantic together.

35. Keep some coins handy so when you pass a fountain, you can both make an impromptu wish.

36. Slip a love note in your love’s pants or coat pocket.

37. Acknowledge your love’s interests. Get tickets to an event, i.e., game, opera or concert, you know your love is interested in. Keep the location a secret, however, mark your romance calendar so you both keep this date open.

38. Be extra understanding when you’re love has a down-in-the-dumps day.

39. Cut small, heart shapes from colored paper and jot down a romantic message on each. Then, take them to a party store and ask the clerk to put one in each balloon before it’s inflated. Tell your love to pop them as they deflate to find a surprise.

40. Buy a box of Lucky Charms and remove all the marshmallows except the heart-shaped ones.

41. At the mall, split $20 and plan a time and place to meet later. Then split to find secret romantic or seductive items for a special evening.

42. Fill a scrapbook with souvenirs and special mementos of your times together, such as concert ticket stubs, a napkin from a restaurant where you had a special evening together, romantic photos, etc.

43. Take your camera or use the picture option of your cell phone to record your special dates. Lots of people will take your picture if you ask and many times, they are looking for someone to take their picture.

44. Get a hammock, make some lemonade and spend a warm sunny date being lazy together.

45. Design and install a small sitting area at home where you can both enjoy the day and each other.

46. Take a trip to a winery. Don’t forget to take the tour and buy a bottle for reminiscing at a later date.

47. Buy two disposable cameras and take pictures of each other being silly, loving and romantic. Have them developed in an hour and then talk about them over iced tea, wine or dessert.

48. Rent a funny movie.

49. Create a romantic bedroom. Spare no expense and splurge on a new romantic-style bed, soft fluffy pillows, sheets, bedspread and curtains that ooze romance. Soft, sensual throw rugs and mood lighting will complete the transformation from dull to soothing and sexy.

50. Pamper your love by warming bath towels in the dryer for a few minutes.

51. Move those candles into the bathroom for a candlelit shower.

52. Put a note on the remote. “Come, turn me on,” may be the start of a special evening.

53. Pamper her and go to a chick flick; hold hands and let her cry if she wants to.

54. Plan a romantic trip and you’ll find that half the fun is in the planning.

55. Spend a day at the beach….at home. Decorate an area with a beach or Hawaiian theme. Get some coconuts, lounge chairs, beach towels and maybe even some sand. Don’t forget the tropical drinks and food.

56. Spray a heart shape in the grass so your love knows you care. Or use your lawn mower to cut one out.

57. Stargazing is fun, so buy an easy-to-follow book so you can both enjoy the sparkling sky.

58. Buy a smoothie maker and make a couple Pina Coladas or Daiquiris (alcohol or non), then pick a spot in the yard, throw down a blanket and enjoy your very own deserted island.

59. Drive to a nearby town and walk hand-in-hand to enjoy the sights, shops, restaurants or nightlife.

60. A moonlight picnic for two might be just what you need to set the stage for romance.

61. Plant some favorite flowers and when they bloom, you can pick them for your love.

62. Plan a midnight rendezvous on a hot summer night. Don’t forget the blanket and cold drinks.

63. Sidewalk chalk is handy for creating a special message to your love.

64. Spend time just spending time together. Activities such as croquet, horseshoes, golf and cards are fun.

65. Stock up on hot cocoa, tea and popcorn for the cooler months when you just want to snuggle up together.

66. Instead of springing for a fancy dinner, have dinner at home and go out for the dessert.

67. Gently blindfold your love and lead into the bedroom for some soft, sensual pleasure.

68. Resolve to become more romantic and you will.

69. Get a small box and decorate with hearts and flowers. Then start throwing in your small bills and change so you will have lots of “fun money” to spend when the mood is right.

70. Jot down those romantic ideas as you think of them for future reference.

71. Light up the fire pit or patio stove for a cuddly evening.

72. Spend an evening together making up love coupons and then have fun redeeming them.

73. For the gals – Dress in layers of lingerie and ask him if he wants to play strip poker.

74. Take a nature walk together. Breath in the fresh air, feel the sunshine and enjoy the walk.

75. When you notice your love is looking your way, smile.

76. Write a love note and place in plastic bottle to slip into her bubble bath.

77. Spice up your notes and love letters by referencing a Thesaurus. For example, other words for “love” could be devotion, passion and affection.

78. Mail a postcard to your love with a hand-drawn “I Love You” heart.

79. On those cold nights when you want to cuddle, warm your hands under water before hopping into bed.

80. Assemble a pizza, putting the toppings in a “heart-shaped” design.

81. No matter how bad your day was, always give a smile or kiss to your love.

82. Have some fun at Halloween and dress up to complement each other’s costume, i.e., Sonny & Cher, Biker Dude and Biker Babe, Cowboy and Cowgirl, etc.

83. Give your love a compliment when you can. Some example; that was a great dinner, you’re really good at balancing the checkbook, I couldn’t have done it without you or you look good in that outfit.

84. If you aren’t, get healthy together. Take that evening walk together, find out what healthy foods you both like and plan some healthy meals together.

85. Spend some time in the kitchen together preparing a meal or cleaning up.

86. When your love talks, listen.

87. Surprise your love with a kiss when least expected. Say, “I Love You.”

88. When using massage oil, pour on hands and rub them together to warm up the oil before applying.

89. If you’re not sure of what romantic things your love would like to do, start off with some things you would find romantic.

90. Take your love dancing and ask the DJ to dedicate a slow romantic song to your love from you. Then dance the night away. Or, call in to the radio station to dedicate a special love song to your love.

91. Leave a love note in your love’s car where it will be readily seen.

92. If you have a “Honey Do List,” add some “special” things you would like your honey to do with you.

93. If possible, offer to help your love when it comes to home repairs or general fix-it projects that might have been a one-person job before. This is quality time spent together and will reduce the time it takes to get the job done.

94. Make a “Why I Love You” list of your love’s best qualities and jot down in a simple, handmade birthday, anniversary or other card.

95. Spend a few minutes daydreaming about your love and the romantic things you want to do together.

96. Invite your love to join you for a drink and talk about a romantic vacation that you would both like to take if money was no objective. Be as detailed as possible and maybe you will find that you could enjoy some of those dreamy plans without spending big bucks.

97. Don’t forget to say, “Thank You” when your love does those little things for you.

98. Start each day by thinking about all the good things in your life. Then keep that positive feeling flowing throughout the day by staying upbeat and helpful.

99. Always be considerate of your love when at a social or other type of event. Plan to spend some time together during the event.

100. When your love is sick, take some extra time to make things as comfortable as possible. If a doctor appointment is made, offer to drive and to stop at the pharmacy if a drug is required. Make sure there are plenty of liquids available and offer to put together a simple meal, like toast and soup.

2 Warts Varieties That Can Be Painful

A wart is a small, rough growth, occurring somewhere on the skin. Warts are caused by viral infection, the virus in question being the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are many different types of warts, as classified according to their appearance, their causative agent (the type of human pappiloma virus responsible for them), and the part of the body they occur.

Some types of warts tend to be quite painless, whereas others have a tendency to be painful.

Examples of warts that don’t tend to be painful include the so-called common wart (scientifically identified as the verruca vulgrais), the flat wart (scientifically identified as the veruca plana), and the genital warts. Of course, there are instances where even these types of warts can be painful (depending on where exactly they grow), but their general tendency is to be quite painless.

The typically painful types of warts

But there are certain types of warts whose typical nature is to be painful.

1) One of these of these typically painful types of warts is plantar warts. The plantar wart is scientifically known as the verucca pedis. Indeed, this is the only thing many people know as a ‘wart,’ as the previously mentioned types of warts are rarely identified as such by many people outside the medical establishment.

The term pedis in their scientific name (verucca pedis) implies that they tend to affect the feet, on the soles. The specific part of the foot-sole where you will tend to find a plantar wart is at the pressure spots. What sets the plantar wart aside is the fact that it tends to have black specks in it, and it tends to manifest as some sort of a lump on the afflicted part.

The plantar wart can indeed be rather painful. The situation is made worse by the fact that, as mentioned earlier, it tends to afflict the pressure spots on the foot soles; making walking a pain in the realest sense of the word.
Another type of wart that can be painful is the mosaic wart. The mosaic wart is in fact a compounded form of the plantar wart, previously explored. In other words, the mosaic wart is in fact a cluster of the plantar warts. You will tend to find the mosaic wart on the soles of feet. Another common location for the mosaic wart is on the hands.

2) Like the plantar wart, the mosaic wart can be rather painful – seeing that in it, we just have a multiplicity of the plantar warts.

While many people are able to let the other types of warts be, and await for the body’s immunity to eventually assert itself over them, the painful types of warts – like the plantar wart and the mosaic wart are quite intolerable. These tend to get people rushing to get treatment for them. Thankfully, treatments for these painful warts tend to be quite successful, so that the people afflicted of them don’t have to live in agony.

Natural Nail Fungus Cure – Get Rid of Your Nail Fungus For Good

Nail fungus is an infection caused when fungus infects your fingernails or toenails. The infection usually begins as a yellow or white spot beneath the tip of the nail. As the infection spreads deeper inside the nail, it is known to thicken and discolor the nail. The cuticle is also affected by this infection, and you may feel pain and discomfort.

The symptoms of the fungal infection include the following:

  • Thickened nails
  • Crumbly, brittle nails
  • Distortion in shape of nails
  • Lack of shine in your nails
  • Dark nail color due to debris that builds up under the nail

In another condition, the infection separates the nails from nail bed. This condition is very painful, and your finger and toe tips will release a foul odor.

If left untreated, the nail infection can persist for an indefinite period after it has begun. You should consult your physician if you observe any signs of the infection, which may include a slight yellow or white spot beneath the nail tip.

Fungi are organisms that can survive without sunlight. While most fungi cause infections and illnesses, there are a few beneficial uses of these microorganisms as well.

The fungal infection occurring in nails is caused by the fungus that belongs to the group of dermatophytes. Moreover, molds and yeasts can also cause fungal infection in nails.

All these organisms dwell in moist, warm habitats such as showers and swimming pools. They invade the human skin via tiny cuts that are invisible to the naked eye or through small openings between the nail bed and the nail. These organisms cause problems only if you constantly expose your nails to moisture and warmth – conditions that promote the development of fungi.

A very popular home remedy for nail fungus is soaking the infected nail in a solution that kills the fungus causing the infection. The solutions commonly used for this purpose include bleaching powder, mild vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

The soaking should be continued until the infection is totally cleared. This may even consume several months. If you’re looking for quicker results, you should try to cut your fingernails short, facilitating greater absorption of the anti-fungal solution.

Another home remedy used for treating fungal infection is tea tree oil. The leaves and stems of tea trees in Australia are used to extract this oil. The oil has been proven to have a number of strong anti-fungal properties. You may apply the oil directly over the infected nail. It penetrates your fingernail and destroys the fungus. The oil is available both in pure as well as blended versions.

Another home remedy for your infected nail is the anti-fungal mud. This mud originates in Czech Republic. The mud is applied directly over your nail.

It is important to stick to any natural remedy that you choose for a time period long enough to completely treat all the fungi that has infected the nail.

Nail Fungus Treatments are plenty, and most of them take time to work properly. There are many options out there, so simply learning about them will help you decide which solution is best for you. Solutions can range from at home remedies to medication, to even laser treatment. Here are the best Nail Fungus Treatments on the market.

Hierarchy of Soul Mates and Twin Souls

There are basic categories of soul-connections that can be identified. We recognize them because of the role the souls play in each others lives and the energy underlying the connection.

Even as I write this, I do so for the purpose of helping you understand that not all soul-relationships are supposed to last an earth life of forever nor are they meant to be a feel good experience in many cases. We experience soul-mates for the primary purpose of helping us remember who WE are and to further our spiritual awakening while in these human bodies. There are numerous soul-encounters that can happen in our lives; this is simply an attempt to clarify the major categories.

Kindred Spirit:

While not actually related at the soul-level, we feel warm, comfortable and quickly at ease with these people. We share a profound mutual understanding of people and situations based on our similar soul age, spiritual values, and most likely metaphysical abilities. We energetically vibrate at a similar level, yet do not have the familial ties as with a member of our soul-family.

Primary: Parent, child, relative, friend

Primary soul-mates stay the course with us for years, often a lifetime. We experience the ebb and flow of life together. While these relationships have ups and downs they are about teaching us how to forgive, to love in a sustainable way- not for what someone can give us but for exactly who they are; faults and all (parents and siblings for example). These souls teach us about acceptance in a universal way. Over time we realize that we have chosen each other for lessons that could have come no other way. It is essential that you forgive these souls for any trauma they caused you. It is critical for your own health, but in terms of hierarchy of soul mates, you will never draw to you a high level soul mate until you have completely forgiven all primary soul mates.

Junior Soul Mate: Teacher, friend, person in line at the store, pal you meet on vacation

These souls might fulfill their role in an instant, or can be with you for a period of time. They won’t stay with you long, but you will probably never forget them. These souls may say something to you that changes the course of your life. Their impact is powerful and there is no ability to ignore the prompt they bring you. If what they teach you “stings” at first, it will become one of those lessons you are most grateful for after you reach a certain level of spiritual awareness.

Karmic Partner:

Romantic partner, friend, fling

Ready set go with these. There is instant recognition. If it is a romantic relationship, the physical chemistry is intense. It is intense enough that the souls may choose to enjoy the physical expression while ignoring the little voice that says “there are issues here”. These relationships burn intensely and typically end on terms that are unpleasant. These relationships are designed to teach major lessons that can only be taught by someone we love. When these relationships end, it’s often one sided or out of anger rather than a slow fizzle. The person being “left” learns resiliency amongst other things and there could be many reasons why the leaver leaves; but they must learn how to end a relationship with mutual respect rather than an unexplained departure. If they don’t learn this (either party), they will continue these kinds of relationships in this lifetime & the next until they learn the valuable lessons that ONLY these connections can teach. The sting of these breakups whether romantic or from someone you felt certain would be your friend forever can be devastating. This category of soul-mate bond is designed to teach you more about yourself than anything in your life to date. If you learn what is intended, you are preparing at the soul level for a High Level Soul Mate.

Karmic Companion: Friend, romantic partner, parent/child

There is not a lot of drama in these relationships. You’ve worked through most of your karma with these souls in prior lives. These relationships feel like a break from the intensity of other kinds of soul relationships. That can be a welcome change! They are based on friendship rather than passion. Certainly you will have some ups and downs and disagreements, but the overall purpose is that of companionship. The lessons in these relationships progress over time rather than being shoved down your throat. Karmic Companions can share any length of physical time together. A romantic or friendship Karmic Companion can last a lifetime; however if you separate things generally fizzle out rather than end suddenly. You will sense it’s time to move on. There is a sense of maturity – “It is time we go our separate ways” and you will wish the best for your partner. It’s a very “mature feeling” soul-mate bond.

Senior or High-Level Soul Mate

Romantic partner

Like meeting a Karmic Soul-Mate there is usually instant recognition- through the energy field or through the eyes. The desire to be with and truly know the other person at the soul level is intense. Partners at this level feel such joy to have discovered each other. It is often said there is a feeling of “coming home”. There is deep and abiding friendship. The partners are willing to sacrifice something for themselves to benefit their mate. They discover that their mates completeness seems to mean as much as their own… yet they experience that without dismissing their own growth or happiness. There is a perfect and easy balance of “Me/You/Us”. When problems to arise- and they will because we’re human- the partners have the soul/mind tools to quickly rectify the situation and return to a place of harmony. These are ways in which you’ll recognize the difference between a Senior Soul-Mate and a Karmic Soul-Mate. Partners at this level have learned to balance the need to remain self with the skills necessary to be a soul-based team.

Twin Flame- Two Souls Created From the Same Energetic Unit- Your Souls Most Complementary Partner

There is not always instant recognition. Twin Flame recognition occurs at the energetic/soul level rather than at the physical, although physical attraction typically follows. There is a compulsion toward each other that exceeds anything either has experienced in the past. It defies logic or rational thought. The Twins have trouble making eye contact at the beginning. That is because they have knowledge of everything about the other simply by looking into the eyes. This is a major responsibility and it is sensed by both parties. While a Senior Soul Mate can be recognized through the eyes, a Twin Flame perceives everything about their Twin through the eyes. There are elements unique to a Twin Flame pair that do not exist in other soul-connections. While all soul-mate relationships serve to further the spiritual growth of the individuals, Twin Flames meet for a purpose beyond the individual.

They must join their energy/souls to bring light, love and healing to the planet and its inhabitants. When these two unite, there is an exponential explosion of energy that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Being presented your Twin Flame is the ultimate spiritual responsibility and should not be belittled by romanticizing the nature of the work to be done by the Twins.

Ankle and Foot Exercises

The feet and the ankle are the most easily fractured parts of the body. Most of our daily activities involve walking or running and it could be a sudden stamp of your feet that might cause it to sprain especially in this activity-driven society.

The following are some of the ankle and foot exercises that could be useful in developing strong muscles.

1.Ankle pump up. This exercise increases ankle dorsiflexion and helps in strengthening the muscles in the front of your lower leg. To perform this exercise, you have to pull your foot up just like you are trying to touch your toes to the front of your lower leg. You stay in this position for about 10 seconds. You can try doing the exercises three times a day.

2. Ankle pump down. This exercise increases ankle plantarflexion and helps in strengthening the muscles at the back of your lower leg. To perform this exercise, push your foot down like you are trying to point your toes toward the floor. You stay in this position for about 10 seconds. You can try doing the exercises three times a day.

3. Bent knee stretch. This exercise stretches the soleus, one of muscles of your calf. To perform this exercise, place yourself in front of a solid wall. Then you stretch out your arms to lean against the wall. Move your one foot forward while the other foot stays back. Bend your knees farther back slightly until you a get feeling of it being stretched. You stay in this position for about 30 seconds. You can try these exercises three times a day.

4. Straight knee stretch. This exercise stretches the gastrocnemius, one of the muscles of your calf. To perform this exercise, you place yourself in front of a solid wall. Then you stretch out your arms and lean against the wall. You move your one foot forward while the other foot stays back. You straighten the knee further back slightly until you get a feeling of it being stretched in the back of your calf. You stay in this position for about 30 seconds. You can try doing the exercises three times a day.

5. Toe pick ups. This exercise strengthens and improves the flexibility of your toes. To perform this exercise, you place some objects on the floor and pick them up using your toes and move them to another place. You can do 3 sets of this exercise three times a day.

These exercises are just simple yet benefit you so much. So, keep those feet and ankle’s muscles strong.