Does Ginseng Cure Cancer?

Ginseng is an herb that is extensively used in oriental medicine to treat all kinds of diseases. Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax or Chinese Ginseng, is considered the most efficacious among the different types of ginseng available. It contains a group of compounds called ginsenoids which are said to be responsible for the preventative and curative effects of ginseng.

Because of the potency of the herbs in combating many different conditions like diabetes, cancer, fatigue and stress, and others, several studies are performed the world over to understand the secret behind the efficacy of this herb. A group of researchers studied the effects of ginseng, especially its potential to cure cancer, and published their findings in the Chinese Medicine Journal. They opined that ginsenoids act as functional ligands to activate different steroid hormone receptors. Through such mechanisms, ginseng acts on the body in a similar way as steroid hormones.

Ginseng has demonstrated therapeutic effects on the cardio vascular system, central nervous system, immunity, metabolism, endocrine functions, stress and aging. Ginseng has also been extensively used in oriental medicine to treat cancer.

Studies reveal that the pharmacological effects of ginseng are due to its bioactive constituents like ginsenoids, saponins, peptides, polysaccharides, polyacetylenes, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. According to a report published in the Chinese Medicine Journal, ginsenoids have anti-tumor effects and has the ability to induce apoptosis or death of the tumor cells, anti-proliferation, anti-invasion and metastasis, as well as anti-angiogenesis.

Metastasis is the process by which cancer spreads from the place where it first formed as a primary tumor to other parts of the body. Metastasis is caused due to the cancer cells acquiring two distinct abilities – increased motility and invasiveness. It involves a complex process of angiogenesis (the process of developing new blood vessels) and cell interactions. By inhibiting tumor induced angiogenesis, ginsenoids control metastasis. Ginsenoids are also useful in inhibiting invasiveness of cancer. They have been shown to inhibit lung metastasis, and reduce the bulk of tumors in melanoma, breast, gastric and lung cancers. The only way to cure cancer is to control metastasis and destroy the tumor cells.

Ginseng contains several compounds that have been found useful in inducing cell death in ovarian cancer cells, prostrate cancer cells and lung adenocarcinoma cells. The researchers say that the way in which ginsenoids help in elimination of tumor cells may be by inducing cell death.

Ginsenoids also demonstrate preventative effects. They inhibit the cell cycle progression and have been known to stop the cell growth in tumor cell lines of lung tumor, prostrate cancer, leukemia and liver cancer.

Researchers say that ginsenoids called Rg3 and Rh2 have emerged in China ad Taiwan as anti cancer drugs. Rg3 suppresses tumor angiogenesis, prevents adhesion, invasion and metastasis of tumor cells. It was also found that chemotherapy supplemented with Rh2 was 60% more effective than chemotherapy alone. Rh2 also showed promise to mitigate adverse effects of chemo like hair loss, nausea, anemia and poor appetite.

Both Rg3 and Rh2 are extracted from Korean red ginseng. This magical herb continues to astound scientists all over the world and provide people with daily miracles.

How to Identify the Right Chest of Drawers For You

Some chest of drawers are just too big for your house. Others may not fit your design aesthetic. Whatever the reason may be, you need some guidelines and tips to live by when choosing the right set of drawers for you.

It is not difficult to choose as there are so many selections these days. From the original wood chest of drawers, to the sophisticated black ones and the classic design of the white pieces, you will definitely have a variety to choose from. You would just have to know exactly what you have in mind and make a list of what you are looking for.

For example, some people are looking for narrow but tall drawers that would fit a small room but have as many drawers and storage place as they can possibly have. Others may be looking for a big set of drawers that their place can actually accommodate. It would really depend on your living space and it is important to keep a note of the measurements inside your home when shopping for the best chest of drawers for you.

It is also good to look for several available pieces online. That way, you will have an idea of ​​what it looks like, in what color is the piece available for, and if this fits your budget. The budget is a very important consideration when buying these pieces because this will tell you to keep looking if the price does not match your budget.

Choosing a chest of drawers will be a little less of a challenge and more of a joy if you follow these guidelines.

Chlamydial Infections – Causes, Symptoms, Complications and Treatment

Chlamydia is a common transmitted disease (STD). It caused by the bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis, which can damage a woman’s reproductive organs. Name “chlamydia” is derived from the Greek word “chlamys,” which was a kind of cloak worn by men in ancient Greece. Even though symptoms of chlamydia are usually mild or absent, serious complications that cause irreversible damage, including infertility, can occur “silently” before a woman ever recognizes a problem.

Chlamydophila psittaci infection is spread by bird droppings and aerosols and causes psittacosis. These infections are not discussed in this article. Symptoms usually appear within 1 to 3 weeks after you are infected. Those who do have symptoms may have an abnormal discharge (mucus or pus) from the experience pain while urinating.

Causes of Chlamydial Infections

1.Chlamydia trachomatis.

2.Chlamydia pneumonia.

3.Chlamydia psittaci.

In many cases, chlamydia causes only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. So an infection can last for weeks or months before it is discovered.
In females, chlamydia symptoms can include:
vaginal irritation
vaginal discharge
lower abdominal pain
Women who have chlamydia may experience lower abdominal pain or pain during intercourse, bleeding during intercourse and bleeding between menstrual periods. Men may experience burning and itching around the opening of the penis and/or pain and swelling in the testicles. Symptoms of chlamydia may appear within one to three weeks after being infected.


There are several different reliable tests for chlamydia. Newer tests, called NAATs (short for nucleic acid amplification tests), are very accurate and easy to take. It may be helpful to speak to your health care provider about what testing options are available (urine or swab tests, for example).

People infected with chlamydia are often also infected with gonorrhea. Therefore, patients with chlamydia are often treated for gonorrhea at the same time, since the cost of treatment is generally less than the cost of testing.

Treatment of Chlamydia
There are several very safe, effective and inexpensive treatments for chlamydia. Antibiotics may include doxycycline, azithromycin, ofloxacin, or erythromycin. Antibiotics to eradicate both chlamydia and gonorrhea are usually given to high-risk populations since both types of bacteria commonly coexist.

Having multiple infections additions a adult female’s jeopardy of serious reproductive wellness complications, including infertility. Retesting should be viewed for women, especially teenagers, three to four months after treatment. Latex male rubbers, when employed consistently and correctly, can trim back the jeopardy of transmission of chlamydia.

If a patient is allergic to any antibiotics, or if there is any possibility that they may be pregnant, it is important that the doctor is informed as this may affect which antibiotics are prescribed. Treatment must not be interrupted once a course of antibiotics has been started; otherwise it may be necessary to start again from the beginning.


An untreated chlamydia infection may spread to the uterus or the fallopian tubes, causing salpingitis or pelvic inflammatory disease. These conditions can lead to infertility and increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
If a women is infected with chlamydia while pregnant, the infection can cause premature labor and delivery. In addition, the infant may develop chlamydia-related conjunctivitis (eye infection) and pneumonia.

Bronchitis Vs Pneumonia

What is the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia?


It is an inflammation of the bronchi,which are the large air way passages that lead from the mouth to the lungs.
It is caused by virus, is self limited and needs no treatment at all.
It is divided in to two types namely acute and chronic. In acute it lasts for four to ten days accompanied by flu or cold while when chronic, it lasts for three months and above and the symptoms are recurrent and can be a threat to life. It is cached by dirty air and heavy fumes.


It is an infection in the lung tissue itself. The vast majority of patients who have bronchitis have it because they are exposed to virus, most often the common cold.
It is caused by virus as well as bacteria and requires treatment with antibiotics.
It can also be caused by micro organisms.
It is divided into four types:
-Walking one which is mild and causes a dry cough.
-Aspiration one where bacteria is present and it is harmless.
-Opportunistic one it is harmless as long as immune system is healthy.
-Regional and occupational caused by exposure to chemicals.

Incubation period is four to six days in influenza it takes 18 to72 hours.
Viral one lasts long to cure.
Bacterial is cured between one to two weeks.

A good balanced diet will make sure that your immune system is at its peak and fighting off infections for your body will be easy. You can also take food supplements when neccesary just to fill in the gaps that your diet might have left.

Selling Catering and Event Services by Phone – Converting Inquiries Into Sales

Phone Skills That Book More Events

I got this question from a new marketing client of mine who founded of a new catering and event company after years of working for someone else.

I’m finally getting leads from the website! This week I got more job inquiries than I ever did before. Now my problem is selling them once they call me. How do you handle an incoming call from a prospective client who is thinking about hiring you? Thanks, L.T.   Here are a few tips I passed on to L.T. He reported back that he’s much more relaxed and so far he’s booked a $9,000 job using these ideas. I hope you have the same luck!

First and foremost you want to build rapport quickly. You want the caller to get a good feeling about you and your business. No, this isn’t about “brown-nosing” or “sucking up” or “schmoozing.” It’s about attitude.

Some thoughts to consider before you pick up that phone ….

Attitude of Gratitude. Be happy that somebody is giving you the opportunity to serve them in a way that allows you to use your gifts and talents and make a profit. Don’t act grateful … BE grateful.

Attitude of Service. Be ready to help the caller in whatever way you can – even if that means sending the caller to your competition.

Attitude of Enthusiasm. When I coached L.T. we recorded some of his phone conversations (you can record your side of the call without getting permission) and he was shocked. He was trying to sound like a “business professional.” He sounded as enthusiastic as a Department of Motor Vehicles employee on a Friday afternoon.

Unless you only cater at funerals and bankruptcy hearings most customers are enthusiastic about the event they’re planning. They want to deal with a relaxed, confident and happy event professional.

The Most Important Person in the World.

Dale Carnegie taught us to “Make other people feel important – and do it sincerely.” How do you do that? Ask questions that you really want the answers to and listen carefully to the answers. When was the last time you spoke to someone who really cared about your opinion? Didn’t that make you feel great? Really try to understand what the client is saying – so few people do.

Care. Don’t ask about a client’s fishing trophy if you really don’t care. That’s cheap, insincere and transparent. My style of selling is strictly business – I don’t talk about sports, the weather or how nice your tie is. When I meet you as a prospective client I always get right down to business – not my business – your business.

Prepare. I go into every meeting prepared – I don’t ask questions that a professional should already know. If I’m trying to get a trade show account I know everything I can about the industry, the company, competition and their latest products. If I’m pursuing a sales incentive meeting I know the names and territories of the Sales Managers, the size of the sales force and the demographics of the attendees before I approach the buyer. Knowing what you’re talking about goes much further than unctuous glad-handing.

How do you prepare for an unexpected telephone inquiry? Stop winging it!

Intake Form. Type up an intake form to capture all the information you’ll need … and include questions that your competition isn’t asking.

High Value Questions. Make a list of smart questions that increase your understanding and improve your professional image. List questions that make the client say, “Wow, I’m so glad you asked me that – I didn’t think of that!”

Major Sales Tip! Always ask the caller if they’ve ever hired or experienced a service like yours before. Then ask, “What did you like about it?” and “What didn’t you like about it.” Get the answers to these two questions and your callers will have told you exactly how to sell to them.

When L.T. asked a client what she didn’t like about a previous caterer, the client said she didn’t like the servers – they didn’t look professional. L.T. emailed over photos and testimonials about of his wait staff . He got the job!

Objections. Start keeping track of all the objections you get on the phone … and then prepare a presentation that preempts them. The best way to handle an objection is to structure your presentation so that they never become an issue – but be careful about preventing clients from voicing their legitimate concerns.

L.T. thought that by saying to callers, “Our prices aren’t cheap – because we don’t do cheap work and our clients only want the best,” eliminated the price objection. It didn’t – it made the caller feel too embarrassed from sharing price concerns – and made L.T. sound like a jerk!

Sales Script. No, you never want to read a sales script to a caller and end up sounding like a phony telemarketer … but you do want to make sure you give the caller a great sounding presentation.

Here’s how to write a great telephone sales script: Don’t write it – speak it.

Record and transcribe yourself talking to clients. Listen to your recording with a colleague or coach and pick out the parts you feel do a great job selling your services. Transcribe those phrases – exactly as you spoke them – and create your “pitch.” It will sound like you – but your best you!

Rock Hard Erections – 4 Herbs to Give You a Rock Hard Erection Naturally!

If you want a rock hard erection without the possible side affects of synthetic drugs then you can have one. The 4 Herbs below combine to have the same affect but there natural and they also improve your overall sex drive and health as well…

So what are the causes of erection problems? There are 4 main ones and here they are:

1. A lack of the key male hormone testosterone

2. Fatigue, stress and low energy levels

3. Poor blood circulation which leads to not enough blood being pumped to the genitals

4. A lack of nitric oxide. This chemical is key to a rock hard erection, if fact it’s the key to getting an erection in the first place.

You probably already knew you need testosterone and that stress and low energy levels kill sex drive and sap erections but the importance of blood and nitric oxide is not so well known and needs some more explanation.

If you have erection problems, chances are you have sluggish blood circulation. The blood needs to arrive in the genital area in increased volume and when it gets there it needs to enter the penis and this is where nitric oxide plays it’s key role. It allows the blood vessels to relax and expand which feed the penis. When the vessels widen, an increased flow of blood enters and the end result is an erection.

So what can we do about these 4 problems?

There are 4 herbs which we can combine, that will treat all of the above problems naturally.

Horny Goat Weed

You can gather from the name this one is a libido enhancer!

It increase testosterone, nitric oxide, increases overall energy and vitality and helps to fight stress and fatigue.


Not as well known as the above in the west but legendary in China where it is prescribed frequently in traditional Chinese medicine for erectile dysfunction. It is a great nitric oxide booster and also helps blood to circulate to the extremities, while nourishing the blood at the same time.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and increases blood flow to the genitals when needed. It also helps to keep the blood vessels healthy and free of obstructions. In its role as an anti-oxidant herb, helps increase the half-life of the endothelium relaxation factor, which is crucial for a long erection with strong blood flow.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tibulus improves desire, performance, and increases overall sexual energy.

Tribulus acts as a circulatory system tonic and helps build muscle and strength, as well as reduce muscle recovery time. The herb to contain protodioscin, which is a saponin constituent, which acts to increase libido in men with erection problems, while at the same time, assisting sperm motility in infertile and sub-fertile men.

In a controlled test, Tribulus was used three times daily to help men with erection problems and an increase of sexual desire, as well as sexual confidence, was reported by over 80% of the participants.

Get them All for a Rock Hard Erection

Today, you can get these and other powerful herbs all in one convenient serving in super strength blended sex pills. Take them for a week or two and you will not only on the way to getting a rock hard erection – but also, increased desire and sex drive and better overall health.

How to Repair Broken Denture?

Anyone who’s dropped their dentures onto the floor or into the sink has felt their heart skip a beat as it slipped out of their hands.  Dentures are a significant investment of money and damaging them can be a pricey affair.  Luckily, for most types of damage, denture repair can be completed in 24 hours by simply visiting , where we can repair full denture, partial denture, flexible partial, Valplast partial and etc.

The most common types of damage are chipping and cracking.  These are obvious signs of damage that will reveal the fact that you have false teeth rather quickly.  Damage to the pink base can also cause tissue damage to your soft gums and surrounding oral tissue.  That’s why you should always care for your dentures and handle them over a towel or sink full of water.  ranked #1 in United States for most reliable quality denture repair service.  is most experienced with all kinds of damage that your dentures are likely to receive, such as:denture fracture, chipped denture, cracked denture, broken teeth, missing teeth, denture glue removal. Also we provide duplicate denture, professional cleaning and polishing service, denture care kits. We provide the most cost effective and time effective service in the United States, using the best and reliable ADA approved materials on the market.  At  we ensure that the form and function of the dentures will not be altered during the repair process.

The do-it-yourself repair kits that are available in most drug stores are simply too problematic for the average user.  Unless great care is taken, a self-repair can do more harm than good.  Most kits use a resin that is below the standards of medical-grade material.  The color is usually different than the source material, and a poor repair job can cause tissue damage if improperly applied.

So please keep any broken pieces of your denture on hand and send everything to .  We can carefully reconstruct and reinforce your denture.

At  we provide a same day denture repair service.  Now denture wearers no longer need to go to the dentist for a denture repair. The  gets denture repairs done fast and with high quality.

Don’t waste your time and money with a self-repair.  has more expertise, and best materials to deal with every kind of damage you could conceivably do.

Coconut Oil – Why Is It the Ultimate Skin Essential?

With an inexhaustible list of benefits linked to its use, coconut oil may just be the new ‘superfood’ on the block. Several research studies have confirmed the efficiency of this oil in enhancing skin and hair health, and in improving overall health as well.

Top 5 Uses of Coconut Oil

Enhanced Energy Levels

Coconut oil, unlike other oils, is built by medium-chain triglycerides, which explains why, it gets transformed instantly into energy. Quickly gulping down 2 tablespoons of this oil each morning could boost your energy levels by up to 5%.

Stronger Immunity

It is surprising how the simple coconut oil could improve immunity and also protect your body against many disease-causing agents. It contains impressive amounts of lauric acid, which is an effective agent that kills bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi, thereby reducing your chances of getting infected by them significantly.

Improved Brain Function

When digested, the compounds contained in coconut oil get synthesized into ketone bodies, which have a positive effect on the brain and help protect the brain against several disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Better Heart Health

It may sound surprising, but indeed, this oil can actually help reinforce the heart as well as protect you against heart problems. The consumption of this oil has been found to increase the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce the amounts of LDL (bad) cholesterol, thus reducing triglyceride levels and the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.

Irresistible Skin Benefits

The fact that coconut oil is the most suitable tonic for the skin could be what makes it the most loved natural beauty product these days. You’ll find it in lots of moisturizers as well as skin creams, and why not? This oil is an abundant source of vitamin E, which plays a huge role in healing damaged skin, minimizing the appearance of stretch-marks, safeguarding the skin against the harmful UV rays as well as preventing microbial and fungal diseases of your skin.

What Makes Coconut Oil an All-Rounder?

This oil is often identified as the healthiest oil on earth; but what exactly is it that makes this oil so loved?

• It makes for a quick moisturizer- it mildly nourishes the skin and makes it feeling smooth and soft.

• It functions as an efficient diaper rash cream- minus the chemical compounds that you would usually find in a standard rash lotion.

• It makes for an excellent makeup remover.

• It can be used as a supplement for energy.

• Its MCFA and lauric acid content help increase metabolic rate naturally.

• It works the best in keeping the hair in place and also reducing frizziness

• When mixed with granulated sugar, it makes for an excellent body scrub.

• It can repair damaged skin faster, and is most effective in reducing fungal and bacterial infections when applied topically.

• It possesses a high smoke point, which is great for most stir-frys and baked meals.

• It could help improve insulin levels.

• When applied directly onto the skin, it can reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

• It acts as an efficient lubricant without disturbing the normal bacteria of the vagina.

• It might help clear away persistent acne and also reduce the appearance of acne-related marks.

• It can speed up weight loss.

• Consuming this oil may possibly improve sleep.

• When rubbed onto the scalp, it can also encourage hair growth.

• It helps increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium by the body.

How Can I Utilize Coconut Oil?

The best method to utilize this oil would be to attempt to add more of it to your meals. Switch to coconut oil while cooking your food and try replacing simple skincare products with this pure oil.

Following a very simple routine of applying coconut oil on your face right before you go to bed can certainly help keep the skin moisturized and nourished, which will give you that healthy radiance you’ve always coveted.

You can even try creating your own coconut oil beauty products at home.

There are tons of reasons why you should be choosing coconut oil and making it an integral part of your skin care regimen.

So go ahead and use the best of nature for your skin and body and don’t forget to check out these impressive coconut oil beauty products recipes you can re-create in just a few minutes.

Pain Relief From Diabetes

Of all the diseases in the world diabetes is the most predominant in Americans. Millions of people suffer from this illness and many more people acquire it everyday. This article will explain how to achieve pain relief from diabetes. This is a life changing illness and once you acquire it you must learn how to live more carefully; To help you control the symptoms.

Diabetes is one of the most common disorders in which either the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of the hormone insulin or the body cells becoming resident to the hormones effects. Learning how to control or manage this illness is not very tough if you are quite sincere to your health. If you can learn how to plan your routine and diet you can learn how to achieve pain relief from diabetes and will discover how easy it is to tackle the illness.

Anyone who is suffering from diabetes understands that their feet can be very painful due from the condition. The feet of a diabetic are more susceptible to foot pains as well as increasing risk of cuts and bruises. You should have your feet studied at least once a year; Or more if they are giving you constant pain. As a diabetic you could find yourself suffering from pain in different parts in your body.

If you are unsure what types of foods that you should consume so you can learn how to achieve pain relief from diabetes; You should visit a physician so they can prescribe you some medication to help you feel better. You can also visit a dietitian to help you set up a diet that you will help you acquire the proper nutrition that you require. Another way to get a hold of a diabetes diet plan is to look for one online; Everywhere you look you can find all kinds of them everywhere.

To avoid more pain you should first and foremost you must begin avoiding sweet food such as cakes, pastries, ice cream and anything else that has an excess of sugar. These foods are not good to consume because of your condition; And will do more harm. The food that you choose to eat will play a different role in your life now that you have the illness; Than when you were healthy.

You must understand that eating a quality diet will not be sufficient enough. There are certain rules you must follow while eating the correct types of meals and instilling an exercise plan. If you want to discover what steps you can take to help get pain relief from diabetes; Visit the website below. If you suffer from this condition you can learn how to acquire relief and learn the truth about it and the proper steps to take to help overcome the symptoms. Even if you have tried several things in the past to help get relief from the pain; You can find something that will help you improve your life with diabetes and learn how to live with it without suffering.

Types of Traumatic Birth Injuries

Birth injury is considered rare, 6-8 injuries per every thousand live births. The concern is that when they do happen, they are extremely traumatizing and can often be prevented. Typically, the responsible persons involved include:

• Doctors
• Nurses
• Other healthcare workers

Any individual who is directly responsible for the health and safety of you and your baby may have caused a traumatic birth injury.

Types of Birth Injuries

Difficult or traumatic births can increase the chances of a birthing injury. Mistakes are much more likely to be made when the birth is already a difficult one. Larger babies and premature babies are more susceptible to injuries. A breech birth is also a complicating factor due to extra instruments being needed to perform the delivery. Misuse of any birthing tools can easily harm a fragile baby.

Some traumatic birth injuries include:

• Brain damage – This can be caused by a number of conditions before, during and after birth. One of the most common causes is lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain, or fetal hypoxia. This can cause lifelong disabilities.
• Spinal cord injury – Injury to a baby’s spinal cord can occur as the result of excessive force or misuse of instruments by the doctor during delivery.
• Cerebral palsy – This condition is also caused by oxygen deprivation or some other injury which effects brain function. The result is delays in child development, abnormal body movements, vision and hearing problems and lack of muscle control.
• Shoulder Dystocia – This injury occurs when the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone during delivery. The doctor uses excessive force trying to dislodge the baby and injury results.
• Erb’s Palsy – Caused by shoulder dystocia, this injury is the damaging of the nerves in the baby’s arm. It can lead to permanent limited movement or paralysis of the shoulder, arm and hand muscles.

Medical Malpractice

It is the medical staff’s responsibility to be sure the baby has enough blood flow and oxygen to the brain during times of distress. If this does not happen, long-term and sometimes fatal injuries can occur. Prevention of further injury may also require a cesarean section. Delaying this decision can cause still further complication and injury.

If the use of vacuum extractors or forceps is required during the birth, improper use of these instruments can cause further injury. In these cases, the doctor may be guilty of medical malpractice.

Common errors for which doctors or other medical staff may be responsible for include:

• Difficult or prolonged labor. This is often due to a large baby.
• Failure to detect the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck
• Unreasonable delay in performing an emergency cesarean section
• Failure to test and treat health conditions during pregnancy
• Misdiagnosis of pre-delivery conditions
• Failure to recognize negative fetal signs

If your baby has suffered traumatic birth injury at the hands of a careless medical staff, you should contact a lawyer immediately to find out what your rights are. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or those of your baby.

Can Bee Pollen Cause Headache?

It has been said so many times that bee pollen can possibly be a remedy for headache however, it is not often enough that we ask, can bee pollen cause headache. It is an often-overlooked issue because people assume that if it is a headache cure, it definitely shouldn’t be the case of “bee pollen cause headache”. However, the facts are that bee pollen headaches is a frequent occurrence in people with bee pollen allergies.

Bee pollen cause headache is not very common although it has been known to happen. The experts attribute this to a common allergy of bee pollen. Some other allergic reactions can include heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, as well as swelling. These are quite severe reactions for bee pollen cause headache and they are very rare. There are very few documented cases of the above said reactions when taking bee pollen therapy.

More likely allergic reactions include experiencing a laxative effect as well as gastro-intestinal problems. These have both been seen as minor allergic reactions as well as being seen as a common response to adding such a rich substance to the body. Bee pollen cause headache is also seen occasionally as a reaction to the nutrient rich food.

The human body today is conditioned for toxins and chemicals that are planted in our food as well as constant pollution from the air. The pollutions in the air come from industrialized areas as well as airplane travel. Our bodies are so accustomed to eating poor nutrient value food, that when we introduce a product such as bee pollen, our bodies seem to react in a way that displays slight discomfort in the stomach as well as light laxative effects. Bee pollen cause headache is one of the symptoms to watch for and immediately seek advice from your medical professional or doctor.

When selecting bee pollen products, be sure that you check with the supplier to inquire about the harvesting, collecting, and storing of the bee pollen. Bee pollen that is of low grade can cause ill effects from the toxins and contaminants known to be found in them. If you are considering bee pollen therapy, be choosy and don’t’ just assume that because a product is on a shelf means that it is safe for human consumption.

7 Simple Ways To Decrease Stress

Stress is often the end result when people react to certain events. In fact, it’s the way of the body to handle challenges and meet tough situations with stamina, heightened alertness, strength, and focus.

Enough amount of stress can be good. But, stress overloads are not good. For example, small amount of stress regarding an upcoming examination can inspire you to study but too much stress can entirely make your concentration poor. Too intense or chronic pressures or troubles that are handled alone can result to stress overloads.

The stress overload signs are panic or anxiety attacks, constant feeling of being pressured, hurried, and hassled, moodiness and irritability, physical symptoms including chest pain, headaches, or stomach problems, sleeping problems, allergic reaction like asthma or eczema, depression or sadness, and too much drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or overeating.

What are some ways to decrease stress?

1. Be realistic. Nobody is perfect. Never expect other people to be perfect. It will just heighten your stress. For example; you are doing a difficult school project, it is much better if you ask help from other people to lessen your stress.

2. Decide properly on excessive scheduling. Cut down some activities which are not very important to you.

3. Never forget to relax. Relaxation response is one of be the best and natural stress antidotes. Try doing simple breathing exercises in stressful situations.

4. Always have a good night’s sleep. This can keep your mind and body in good shape and prepare to handle negative stressors.

5. Always maintain a positive outlook, thoughts, and attitude. A healthy dosage of optimism helps in making the most of stressful circumstances.

6. Good body treatment. Regular exercise and proper diet helps in proper stress management instead of running or eating fast food or junk food, and turning to substance abuse.

7. Solve little problems. This can build your self-confidence and control.

These ways are simple yet can help you manage stress successfully. But, skills on stress-management work best if regularly used.

No More Herniated Spinal Disc! Learn How to Say Goodbye to Your Back Pain With Spinal Decompression

A Herniated Spinal Disc is such an extreme form of back pain that only a TV show sit-com, like “Friends” could make it funny.  When Joey had his hernia, he was in such great physical distress; the jokes about his situation were way funnier because of our sensitivity towards him.  Joey, of course, was not real. When we, or our loved ones are the ones experiencing the pain, laughter may lighten the situation, but it is not the right fix. Medical treament is the right cure.

What Is Herniated Spinal Disc And Its Treatment Options?

A Herniated Spinal Disc occurs when two vertebrae in the spine exert pressure on the cushiony disc that sets them apart. The effect is that the liquid center of the disc bulges out. It affects nerves and it causes a lot of pain, which can spread all the way to the other parts of the body. One might, as Dr. Luis Crespo MD says on the US Spine Care website, compare a herniated disc to the oozing jelly in a donut. But, I prefer to keep my appetite.

At the end of the day, (and before another night filled with back pains) a herniated back needs to be dealth with quickly because living with back pain should not be an option. It’s just unbearable! However, for some, the treatment measures seem just as awful.  The “S” word is especially frightening. Patients who go in for open back surgery take a long time to recover. So why not cure back pain with a soothing and much less painful treatment instead of a treatment that makes the pain worse before it gets better?

How Can Spinal Decompression Relieve Back Pain?

Spinal Decompression helps treat Cervical Herniated Discs in the neck and lower back area. In each treatment, the Spinal Decompression Machine pulls lightly on a very specific part of the spine, separating the two vertebrae that are putting too much pressure on the disc. This separation gives more space for the bulge to repair itself over time with every treatment.

I think it’s great news whenever fighting pain with more pain can be avoided. If a one shot surgery has a long and painful recovery period, using the same amount of time for a painless treatment might be a relieving option. Spinal Decompression has changed thousands of back pain woes, and those who suffer from back pain has a reason to smile again. Don’t be like Joey and tough it out. Instead, make treatment something more pleasant. Why not make it more desirable.

Owning a Pet Iguana

Owning a pet iguana can be really fun and interesting. They are not like your typical pet and they are exotic reptiles. Young iguanas come in bright colors and they are small and cute. Since iguanas are readily available in practically all pet stores and they are relatively cheap, many individuals do consider owning a pet iguana. There are plenty of popular topics you should read through if you are considering buying a new pet iguana.

Size Potential of Iguanas and Cage Size

Baby iguanas are cute and small but iguanas actually have great potential for growth. Green iguanas, the most popular type of pet iguanas, actually can grow to be around five to six feet long from the snout to the end of their tail. That’s pretty long considering that baby iguanas are usually only around seven to ten inches long.

They can grow at a rate of two inches per month. Now, it is not that common to find a six-foot iguana but it’s great to know that they have the potential. Iguanas can also weight up to 15 pounds. Have you ever seen an overweight cat? That’s how much an overweight cat can weigh. Again, this is the max and this is the potential; not all iguanas end up weighing this much. If your iguana is growing unusually fast, it could be because of its diet. If you are not feeding your iguana the right foods, like protein rich foods for example, it’ll grow to fast, catch a kidney failure and die. Make sure you feed them the right greens and leaves because iguanas are herbivores. Sometimes if the iguana is not receiving the right amount of calcium, its back legs can stop working.

Make sure you buy a large cage for your iguana. It won’t stunt their growth but it won’t be comfortable for them at all if they are in a small cage. They’ll be stressed out and more prone to sickness. If you currently do have small cage for your iguana, take it out from time to time so it could move around and stretch.

If Something Happens to the Tail, Nails or Toes

Iguana tails can grow back over the course of a year. If it breaks off somewhere closer to the body, then the tail might be shorter than it was before. It probably won’t be the same color either but iguana tails do grow back. Just because an iguana’s tail may be short, doesn’t mean it’s young because their tails are always breaking off and growing. These are the only things that grow back though. If the toenails or toes break off, then they won’t grow back. The good news is that the iguana is still able to live and fully function without its toes and nails.

Iguana Breeding Season!

The iguana’s mating season is during the late wintertime. By the time it’s early spring, the eggs are ready to be laid. If you have a female iguana, you’ll notice that it she has a more lumpy body around this time if it is getting ready to lay its eggs. If you get some new baby iguanas, you can either keep them or sell them!

Duck CVA diagnosis coding pitfalls with 438.13, 438.14

However, you will turn to a V code when your neurologist reports.

When your neurologist tends to a patient who had a stroke, either now or in the distant past, he may record a number of different conditions, which makes your job tougher. If you remember a few guidelines, you will choose the right ICD-9 codes for every cerebrovascular accident (CVA) case your neurologist tends to.

Get specific with two CVA diagnosis codes

When your neurologist tends to a patient who has had a stroke, or CVA, he may document multiple deficiencies, both new as well as lingering. When the patient presents with speech and language deficits, you have two diagnosis codes to select from.

To aid both differentiate the etiology of speech and language deficits, and to add specificity to those deficits, ICD-9 2010 covers two cerebrovascular disease late effects codes 438.13 (Late effects of cerebrovascular disease, speech and language deficits, dysarthria) and 438.14 (…, fluency disorder [stuttering]).

If you’re not aware of the “combined” ICD-9 late effects codes often you might misreport the ICD-9 code(s) indicating that the patient has the active or ongoing condition; in this case a CVA rather than going for the compliant late effect code.

Here’s an example: Your neurologist tends to a patient who suffered a stroke three years ago and has subsequent hemiplegia on her right (dominant) side. Here, you may go for 434.91 (Cerebral artery occlusion, unspecified, with cerebral infarction) and 342.91 (Hemiplegia, unspecified, affecting dominant side) in error as if the patient is dynamically being treated for a current occlusion and hemiplegia rather than going for the correct combined late effects code, 438.21 (Late effect of cerebrovascular disease; Hemiplegia affecting dominant side), according to Marvel J. Hammer, RN, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, ACSPM, CHCO, owner of MJH Consulting in Denver.

Alter your late effects code thinking for CVA

Coding for CVA patients is done a bit differently than coding late effects from other conditions like spinal cord injury from an accident.

Important: When reporting late effects of a stroke, you only require to use a single ICD-9 code to describe the late effects or manifestations of the CVA, rather than go for two ICD-9 codes – one for the residual effect while one for the condition’s cause or as sometimes referenced as the etiology of the manifestation.

Codes recounting late effects of stroke appear in a different section of the ICD-9 manual (438). These codes, like 438.11 (Late effects of cerebrovascular disease; aphasia) and 438.21 (… hemiplegia affecting dominant side), explain both the manifestation as well as the etiology of the condition.

Let documentation show you the way on active versus late effects

“A late effect is any residual effect that results from the original injury and/or condition and can be coded as such at any time after the onset of the condition,” Claudia Kernaghan, CPC, coder for Nevada Imaging Centers in Las Vegas says.

Here’s an example: A patient may have a vertebral fracture and continue to suffer from pain years after the fracture heals. While some late effects present early, others might become obvious months or years later.

Watch out: Do not confuse late effects with complications. A complication is normally associated with a difficulty or problem that takes place with a specific procedure (996.xx) and not a condition owing to the original disease or injury.

To find out if a condition is a late effect, you should look in your neurologist’s documentation for keywords like:

Due to – like “pain in right hip due to fracture last year” • Following – like “personality changes following a brain injury in 1996” • As a consequence of – such as “hemiplegia as a result of CVA” • Residual effect — like “arthritis that’s a residual effect of previous hip fracture.” Capture ‘No Effects’ with the help of V12.54 There can be examples where a patient who suffered a CVA doesn’t have any neurologic deficits present.