Organization Structure: Function Follows Form!

Does your organization's structure impede performance?

When was the last time you took a hard look at your organization chart? Structure is a key element in defining any organization's effectiveness. We are not referring to the physical structure of the space it occupations. We are talking about the reporting relationships that exist among people, functions, and departments as reflected in the organization chart.

There are a few fundamental elements to consider when evaluating your organization's structure:

– Authority can be delegated. Responsibility can not.

– To optimize effectiveness, decisions should be made at the lowest reasonable level in the organizational hierarchy consistent with capacity and accountability.

– Authority to perform management cycle functions (planning, organizing, directing and controlling) and performance expectations should be clearly and appropriately defined at each management level.

– Overspecialization is the enemy of organizational effectiveness.

– The "Span of Control" principle should be observed:

  • Ideally, a manager should be responsible for six to eight key result areas. This does NOT mean that a manager should only have six to eight direct reports. One manager can supervise many people if they share the same responsibilities or work to perform the same service.
  • A key result area may not involve the direct supervision of people. Instead, critical functions are the key result areas. For example, assuring that regulatory requirements are met can be a key result area.

– As a general rule, flatter is better when it comes to organizational structure. However, care should be taken to insure that there are either too few nor too many management layers. Too few layers of management can create span of control issues. Too many layers will limit organizational responsiveness, complicate communication, and facilitate information silo development. Two layers of management between the organization's CEO and working staff is ideal. Four layers between top and bottom is almost always too many.

If significant time has passed since your organization chart has been evaluated, there is no time like the present. Developing a structure that observes these principles can have a substantial impact on organizational effectiveness.

The Online Bipolar Test – What’s It All About?

The online world of the Internet has many helpful web sites to aid you in a search for answers to any health problems you may feel have become a problem in your life. If you are looking for an online bipolar test, there are sure to be several available to assist you in determining whether or not you, or perhaps a family member or friend, might have symptoms of this illness.

An online bipolar test should not be used as your sole means of diagnosis! You will be doing yourself or your loved ones a great disservice if you try to self-diagnose. Only a trained and qualified medical professional has the ability to evaluate you for any type of mental illness.

A Learning Tool

Use any test you might find online as a learning tool to familiarize yourself on the highs and lows of bipolar disorder. If you feel that you need to see a doctor to discuss any symptoms the bipolar test reveals, you can print the results of your test and take them with you in order to show them to your doctor.

A good online bipolar test will ask questions about how you have felt in the past and how you are feeling at this time. You will be quizzed on your moods, your eating and sleeping habits, whether or not you feel restless or completely exhausted, your speech patterns, any unusual anger problems you or your family and friends may have noticed, or if you have ever seemed to do things without any thought of the consequences your actions might have.

Unable To Focus?

Your doctor will want to know if your spending habits have ever suddenly spun out of control, if you have ever felt the need to, and/or practiced sexual promiscuity, or if there have been times when you have had problems keeping up with or focusing on your thoughts. Affirmative answers to these questions might indicate a phase of bipolar disorder known as mania.

An online bipolar test will also want to know if there have been times in your life, past or present, when you have been severely depressed. You’ll be asked if you had sleeping problems, as in wanting too much sleep, if you have lost any enjoyment for the things you used to love to do, if you feel mad at the world, or if you feel that you’ve been upset or afraid for no reason.

There will be questions concerning whether or not you like yourself, if you feel as if you do not want anything to do with other people, or if you feel as if there is nothing to live for. You will be asked if you have been thinking about death and/or suicide. If you answer yes to some or all of these, there is a good chance you have in the past, or are now experiencing a bipolar mood swing known as depression.

Make Sure To Discuss With Your Doctor

An online bipolar test will also want to know if you have ever experienced a mixture of some of the listed manic and depressive symptoms. If you have, there is a chance that you had a mixed bipolar episode, which consists of rapidly cycling highs and lows in succession.

If you feel the need to take an online bipolar test, please share the results with your doctor. Bipolar disorder is not curable, but can be controlled with medications. Your physician is the best judge as to your condition.

Pregnant Water Retention

If you are pregnant, water retention or edema is something that you most likely have to deal with. This can be an irritating, debilitating condition, but it is one you may very well have to try to manage until you carry your baby to term. Despite that, however, there are many things that you can do to alleviate your condition, and in addition edema due to pregnancy may very well go away all on its own.

Firstly, water retention is defined quite simply as an increased level of fluid held within the confines of the body. It is hardly exclusive to pregnant women; it has a very wide range of potential causes, from exceedingly serious and life-threatening ones like heart trouble to organ failure, to relatively simpler and less harmful causes like sedentary lifestyles and so on. Whatever the cause, it is almost always characterized by a bloated, swollen feeling that may be confined to just a few body parts, or in extreme cases one’s body in its entirety may be affected by this condition. And that said, if and when pregnant women are edematous, it is most likely that they are suffering from nothing more serious than pregnancy-related water retention.

Secondly, what can be done about it if you are pregnant? Well, the good thing about pregnancy-related edemas is that many of them simply go away over time. This is mostly due to the fact that edemas in women mostly have to do with the amount of estrogen and progesterone their bodies secrete; if the levels are not optimal, water retention can result. The mechanism is quite simple. These hormones regulate the amount of water, fat and salt a woman’s body contains; should their amounts go haywire, as they do very often during pregnancy, a woman may have no choice but to manage.

For those cases that do not go away, or seem to be taking too long to do so, there are a whole slew of options available. Unfortunately not all of them are advisable for pregnant women – most especially the ones that involve over-the-counter medicines and/or powerful herbs. Those might be dangerous for the baby, even though they may well be effective for humans.

Fortunately there are other things that can be done to help improve the condition of pregnant edematous women. The first is an age-old practice and recommendation – exercise more. Get yourself to sweat more, improve your circulation, boost your metabolism, tone your muscles – those will bring about not only weight loss but will drastically improve your health as well, and that of your baby too, of course. Next, you can try eating or drinking more plant products for health. There are some, like cucumbers, lemons and watermelons, which can really have a diuretic effect or one that increases urination. Next, those experiencing swollen feet and ankles can simply put their feet up for a few minutes several times a day to make sure that, thanks to gravity, they can find some relief for their condition.

The Best Way to Remove a Fishing Hook From Your Body

If you have the inexhaustible experience of getting a fishing hook impaled into your hand (or other part of your body) it's a good idea to know how to remove said hook. This article will save you a trip to the emergency room as long as you can deal with a little bit of pain and blood. Not to long ago this exact scene happened to me and I found myself with a # 10 fishing hook stuck completely into my index finger while on the river fishing.

To be honest, once the initial pain from the hook going into your body is over, it's really not that painful. Until you touch the hook of course. The problem with this happening is of course the barb on the hook. The bar keeps keeps the hook in your body, just as it does in a fish's mouth. To remove the hook the only piece of equipment that you need is a piece of strong string of some sort. I personally sacrificed my retractor to get the string to remove the hook from my finger.

When a hook is stuck in your body (this has happened to me more than once) the only part that is visible is half of the curve and the shank of the hook. To remove the hook you want to place the string around the visible part of the curve in the hook. The key in this scenario is releasing the barb and pulling quickly and steadily on the string, so "backing the hook out" the same way it went in.

To release the barb you need to use your hand (in my case the other hand) and push straight down on the visible part of the shank of the hook (yep, this a bit painful). As you push down you need to pull quickly and steadily on the string that's around the curve of the hook. Pushing down releases the barb and the hook will pop right out.

I held the string in my teeth and straightened my arms to pull on the string. This scenario is obviously easier if you have another person to pull the string as you push on the shank of the hook to release the barb. When you can, just clean the hole left by the hook with some peroxide, and you're good to go. This little tip could easily save you the hundreds of dollars an emergency room would charge to remove an impaled fishing hook.

As I said, the only piece of equipment that's needed to remove a fishing hook from your body is a strong piece of string and I personally used the string from my retractor. This is yet another reason to use and have access to a retractor . While searching for a piece of string in my fishing vest, I was happy when I remembered I had a retractor on my vest holding a pair of nail clippers. The string in the retractor was perfect for removing the hook from my index finger.

Grow Your Penis Fast – 4 Inch Gains Possible Using These Natural Techniques

Is it important to you that you increase your penis size in the quickest time possible? For most men, time is of the essence and that's why products such as extenders are just no good – they take far too long. Did you know that when you use an extender you are looking at having to wear it for around 6 – 8 hours a day for a minimum of 6 months. Even when you do all of this, you are still only going to get yourself an extra inch (and that's if you're lucky!). Who of us has the time to waste on that? If you want to learn how to achieve much better results is a much quicker time frame then you should learn a little about natural enhancement.

The clue to how it works is already in it's name – it allows you to produce growth in a very natural way because it actually works in harmony with your body. It is a method that is being championed by leading health professionals because they know that the best way to achieve growth is by reverting your body back to the time of puberty. This is the principle that underpins natural enhancement.

Why was puberty such an important time? Well as you may remember, it was at this time that that your body grew by quite substantial amounts. This proves that nothing else is needed to create this growth again because your body managed it perfectly well back during puberty. The growth was all down to the fact that your body produced record levels of certain biochemicals – and these are absolutely vital for growth. The reason that no other method of enhancement stands a chance is because they do nothing to increase your biochemicals levels. Until you do this, you are just wasting your time.

How can you ensure that your body produces these biochemicals again? The easiest way is by using a natural enhancement plan – you can learn the best techniques in the quickest amount of time. This is one of the reasons that the growth is so fast. Another reason is because your body actually thinks it is back in puberty again, so what you experience are short bursts of growth (growth spurts), just like you did first time around.

Black and Grey Vs Color Tattoos

There are many things to consider when getting a tattoo. One major decision you will have to make is whether you want a full color or black and grey tattoo. There are pros and cons to each. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your own gut instinct. But if you really can’t figure out which style to go with, here’s a guide to help you decide.

Black and grey tattoos go back centuries. They are the oldest forms of tattooing and were considered as luxuries back in they day. Only the richest people could afford tattoos. The standard for tattoos has fallen, obviously, since then. A way to decide if a black and grey tattoo design is right for you is to ask yourself what you are looking for in a tattoo. Some designs simply look better in black and grey.

A pro for black and grey tattoos is that they hold up better than color tats over time. Sunlight is a killer for tattoos. It can damage the integrity of the overall tat and breaks down the pigments. Since less ink is used with black and grey tats, sunlight has less of an effect on the overall design. Also, it takes much longer for dark inks to fade. This is not the case for color tats.

If you do decide to get a black and grey tattoo, there are a few things you should expect from your artist and the overall experience. Since black and grey only use one to two colors of ink, picking the right artist is very important. Color tattoos can hide imperfections and don’t need to be as detailed. The inks used with black and grey tattoos are black and sometimes white. The white is used when highlighting a specific part of the tattoo as well as for dramatic effect. For example, in portraits white ink is used to highlight the white of the eyes and the teeth.

Now, on to color tattoos. These tattoos are bigger attention grabbers, so keep that in mind. A con for color tats is the fact that some people have allergies to the ingredients in the inks. However, this is pretty rare and the allergy commonly only applies to one color. The reason why people have these allergies is because of the ingredients that go into making the ink. Finding exact ingredients for each ink is nearly impossible as companies that make ink guard the recipes fiercely. Think of the “secret family recipes” your grandmother has stashed away.

The idea of having a bad reaction to the ink can be kind of scary, but don’t let it frighten you away. Color tattoos are overall the most visually appealing! However, if you want your tattoos to stay as lustrous as the day you got them, you need to take proper care of them. Yes, I’m going to talk about sunlight again. That’s because it only takes one bad sunburn can permanently damage your tattoos. However, using sunscreen whenever you spend an extended period outside can prevent sun damage!

For the best selection both black and grey and color tattoo designs, go to Chopper Tattoos by clicking here!

Your Heart Health and Gum Disease

Written by practitioner Dr. Kevin Boehm —

Gum disease is caused by a number of things. There are always bacteria present in the mouth with the potential to create the gum disease state, but how the body reacts to their presence may be the most important thing.

In a healthy mouth, the gum disease causing anaerobic bacteria are generally present but in far fewer numbers than in an unhealthy mouth. The normal aerobic bacteria are present in abundance which helps our immune system with a check and balance system synergistically limiting the harmful pathogens from rapid population growth. Normal brushing and flossing daily and maintaining a healthy diet of as many organic, non-processed foods all aid the immune system in maintaining this healthy state.

Gum disease worsens through many factors. If improper or insufficient daily care is negligent, the normal highly aerobic bacterial balance shifts to higher anaerobic gum disease producing numbers of bacteria. Our immune system becomes challenged to fight the problematic anaerobes. Our white blood cells release chemical mediators and cell to cell messages to bring reinforcements in to gain the upper hand in this fight. Some of these anaerobes, once killed by the white blood cell response, release what are known as endotoxins, a normal bacterial cell component which when released damages our own healthy cells causing cell death. In essence, it is a friendly fire-like circumstance. In our killing of the harmful pathogens, the bacteria release their chemical time bombs that kill our healthy gum and or bone cells, thereby increasing the amount of collateral damage caused. Certain men and women lack certain chemical safeguards that would protect themselves from their own enzymes’ killing of their own healthy tissues. For example, if endotoxins kill off osteoclast cells (our normal bone remodeling cells), they can release large quantities of the collagenase enzyme. Collagenase is a normal body enzyme that in a controlled setting by our healthy cells is enormously useful, but in this instance, lethal to a lot of surrounding tissue if that enzyme can’t be neutralized quickly enough.

Looking at this from a vascular standpoint here’s what happens to blood vessels in the immediately affected areas of gum disease. Our immune system has used chemical messengers, cytokines and prostaglandins to not only call more white blood cells to fight the ever growing infection, but also these chemicals tell our capillaries (small blood vessels) to open up gaps within their walls to allow the newly arriving white blood cells access in fighting the infection. More bacteria are killed, more endotoxins are released, and now we have blood vessels wide open allowing the invading bacteria and their toxic by-products access to anywhere they would like to go within our body through our blood delivery system. You now have a bigger problem.

The same endotoxin, among other things, has the same lethal effects on muscle, lymphatic, heart, brain and every other differentiated human cell type. Turning this potent killer loose on your heart or brain tissue can certainly cause havoc to be frank. If tunica intima cells (cells that line the inside of your arteries) are damaged, this can certainly lead to scar tissue formation, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension over time. This puts added burden on the kidneys and the heart muscle itself. Over a couple decades if the vascular damage cannot be corrected, renal failure, stroke, heart attack, and quite possibly death can be the result. Heart disease is among the top three causes of morbidity and mortality today, as it has been for a number of years. As we in the holistic field know full well, this is looking at the bigger picture. Proper oral care performed daily limits these risk factors. Failing to do so can have catastrophic effects if left unchecked and untreated. Brushing and flossing is not just about teeth and gums anymore. It’s about raising awareness of the potential for bacterial penetration of our vascular system and allowing a localized infection to spread systematically with the above mentioned outcomes as a partial list of possibilities to the unsuspecting host.

The age adjusted death rates for coronary heart disease and stroke have each reduced about 30% since 1999, according to the latest data in the American Heart Association’s heart disease and stroke statistics (2009 update published online in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association). These reflect the latest data for 2006. “The American Heart Association is proud of the progress this country has made against America’s number one single cause of death and the number three killer,” said Association President Timothy Gardner, M.D. (News release, American Heart Association, Dallas December 15, 2008)

If heart disease is 30% better and still the number 3 killer of Americans, it certainly seems like we have a long way to go.

Okay, heart disease runs in your family and you have been diagnosed with gum disease. What do you do? Unfortunately, we can’t get into everything that it would be wise to do in prevention, supplementation, or nutrition, but here are a few of each that are easy to do and remember.

On the hygiene front, brush 2-3 minutes at least twice daily, and preferably with an electric toothbrush (Oral-B, Sonicare, Rotodent, Crest, etc.) These are proven superior to hand brushing. Floss daily going lightly in an up/down direction making sure to get under the gum line to break up the anaerobes where they love to hide. For those with bridgework, use floss threaders, proxybrushes and/or super floss wherever you are able without causing damage. I prefer non-alcohol containing mouth rinses as another adjunct, and there are a lot from which to choose. For gum disease sufferers, a waterpik on low pressure can be a great thing to flush out problem areas and place medicaments where they can be of best benefit. And by all means, see your dentist at least twice annually.

With respect to nutrition and supplementation, let’s keep it simple. Eating a diet of as much organic whole, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds with small amounts of meat, fish, and poultry, and limiting processed foods is as simple as it gets. You often will derive most of the vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and anti-oxidants you need just by doing this. If supplements are needed, and often times are, try these for starters: vitamin C, vitamin E, and CoQ10 are all powerful anti-oxidants that are very useful in our cardiovascular system and in gingival tissue, either diseased or healthy. They are able to neutralize toxins on a cellular level, which is what makes them so useful. There are large numbers of more obscure, or less well known, anti-oxidants, but almost everyone knows about these three.

Just because heart disease runs in your family and gum disease is found, doesn’t mean the executioner’s song is playing. You can alter things over time and effect positive change. But this often takes discipline in diet, hygiene and supplementation, which most individuals choose not to do as they should. Hiding from the problem won’t help. Look hard in the mirror and choose wisely. Accept that hard choices must be made, and do what’s necessary. Gum disease tends to be cyclical in nature and with the proper attention to all phases of health and hygiene, you can certainly do your best to limit your own risks and repair past damage in many instances. mission is the education and advocacy of natural medicine and a holistic lifestyle.

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Harry Vardon’s Golf Swing Secret

Note: This is a 16 part series. If you want to be sure to get access to all 16 reports, please register your email address at Also, by registering today, you will receive a FREE 73 page Ebook of Golf Jokes.

Harry Vardon is one of the greatest golfers of all time. 6 time British Open Champion, Vardon (Overlapping Grip), debut of the vertical swing, etc. etc. etc.

BUT there is something that is still a very very well kept secret that almost no one understands. The secret to his DISTANCE.
Harry was considered a long ball hitter of his day but also a weakling. He suffered from tuberculosis and had repeated attacks.
In fact, he had to cancel a promotional tournament tour in America sponsoring the newest golf ball from Dunlop due to a bout of tuberculosis, which also forced him to cancel his ticket on the Titanic!

So how could he be a long hitter and suffer from tuberculosis at the same time? The answer is in his bent left elbow.
Yes, I know your Pro has told you many times to keep a straight left elbow. And that is the classic thinking even today.
But is a difference between the problem the Pros are trying to prevent and what Vardon did. Many amateurs will over-swing at the top and let their left elbow bend.
On the start down, they will again straighten out the elbow causing extra movement and swing plane variations. What Vardon did was something else. He HELD the bent left elbow until just before impact with the ball.
John Jacobs, in his book – The 50 Greatest Golf Lessons of the Century (HarperAcademic), described Vardon’s swing LIKE THROWING A FRISBEE!!
Theodore Jorgensen in his book – The Physics of Golf – devotes 1 separate chapter to Vardon’s swing and comes to the conclusion that by using his left elbow as an additional hinge a power increase of up to 50% is theoretically possible.
Another description of Vardon’s bent left elbow is that he made his left arm into a whip with an additional bending point in it. And then threw his left arm down the target line similar to an athlete throwing a discus but in a more vertical plane. How can you try this out?
Think – throw the Frisbee down the target line.
Keep your left elbow bent on the way down to the ball and unfurl it, like throwing a discus, down thru the ball.

Until the next report.

Best regards,

John Matherly

Broccoli-tomato combo reduces prostate tumors

A report published in the January 15, 2007 issue of the journal Cancer Research concluded that a diet enhanced with tomato and broccoli powder was better than one containing either nutrient alone at shrinking prostate tumors in rats.

Food science and human nutrition professor John Erdman and colleagues at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University conducted the current research on rats with implanted prostate cancer tumors. The animals were divided to receive diets containing 10 percent broccoli powder, 10 percent tomato powder, or both. Other rats received lycopene (the red pigment in tomatoes and other red fruits) or finasteride (a drug used to treat prostate enlargement), or were surgically castrated.

After 22 weeks of treatment, rats who received the combination of broccoli and tomato powder experienced greater shrinkage of their tumors as determined by tumor weight than animals in any other group. Biopsies confirmed the reduction in proliferation in this group compared to the others, with the exception of the castrated rats whose tumor shrinkage approached that of the broccoli-tomato group.

“As nutritionists, it was very exciting to compare this drastic surgery to diet and see that tumor reduction was similar,” stated research team member and report coauthor Kirstie Canene-Adams. “Older men with slow-growing prostate cancer who have chosen watchful waiting over chemotherapy and radiation should seriously consider altering their diets to include more tomatoes and broccoli.”

“When tomatoes and broccoli are eaten together, we see an additive effect, Dr Erdman explained. “We think it’s because different bioactive compounds in each food work on different anticancer pathways.”

“To get these effects, men should consume daily 1.4 cups of raw broccoli and 2.5 cups of fresh tomato, or 1 cup of tomato sauce, or ½ cup of tomato paste,” Canene-Adams suggested.

Other research conducted at the University of Illinois by Dr Erdman’s colleague Elizabeth Jeffrey discovered that sulfur compounds in broccoli enhance enzymes in the body that degrade cancer-causing substances. “For ten years, I’ve been learning how the phytochemicals in tomatoes affect the progression of prostate cancer,” Dr Erdman stated. “Meanwhile Dr Jeffery has been investigating the ways in which the healthful effects of broccoli are produced. Teaming up to see how these vegetables worked together just made sense and certainly contributes to our knowledge about dietary treatments for prostate cancer.”

Prostate Cancer and Its Dangers

Prostate cancer is a malignant (cancerous) tumor (growth) that is made up of cells from the prostate gland. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men and the second highest cause of deaths from cancer, after lung cancer. It is a complex disease that predominately affects older men and is normally one of the more slowly growing cancers.

Cancer is most frequently caused by injury to one or more of a cell's genes. Cancer cells that get to be very abnormal can break off a tumor and spread (also known as metastasize). Cancer cells that spread to other areas of the body can create tumors that can grow and squeeze other body parts. Cancer that develops in the prostate may stay localized (solely contained within the prostate) for years and cause few noticeable symptoms.

Prostate cancer does not occur overnight but slowly emerges over time as a result of progressive changes in cell structure and behavior. It is found more in some racial and ethnic groups than in others, though medical experts do not understand why. Prostate cancer is more commonplace among African American men than among white men. Men with a family link to prostate cancer through brothers or fathers also are at a greater risk of getting the disease under 50.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treatment is individual to every case and some types of prostatitis can be harder to treat, especially if symptoms have been ignored over a long period of time. Treatments vary and can including antibiotics, non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents, muscle relaxants and often medications for chronic pain.

Treatment can bestow extra years of life for the patients and stop the agony of the disease, but can not ordinarily cure them. Prostate problems can usually be treated without affecting sexual performance. Treatment for prostate cancer works best as long as the disease is found early. Treatment is painless, though some men may experience diarrhea, urinary problems and dry skin. It will be up to your attending physician to choose which treatment options will work best.

Prostate Cancer Detective work

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, have found that the hormone estrogen plays a major part in about half of all prostate cancers. They have isolated the first mutant gene known to raise the risk of prostate cancer, possibly by so much as three times. Research continues to better comprehend the link between genetic mutations and prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms caused by enlarged prostate growth can embody:

  • Difficulty when passing urine
  • The need to urinate more often, especially at night
  • Blood in the urine
  • Painful sensations when passing urine
  • Pain in the back and / or pelvis linked with urinary problems.
  • Symptoms of prostate cancer do not normally appear until the cancer is in it's advanced stages.

Prostate cancer is not always an aggressive disease and is very rare in men under 50. Prostate cancer is unlike any other cancer because it is relatively slow-growing and though it can kill, it often is not lethal.

Chronic Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis is as a result of inflammation of he medium sized airways.  These are the large bronchi.  The causes can either be bacteria or virus pathogens.  Chronic bronchitis can adversely affect the quality of one’s life. The most causes of bronchitis are viral pathogens.  These usually disappear within a few days.  The symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, fever, pain in the chest and fatigue.  One may have some or all of the symptoms.

Chronic bronchitis treatment can involve a number of things. This depends on the cause of the disease. A condition caused by smoking cannot be treated fully by drugs.  One needs to quit the habit. Tar smoked in attaches itself in the inside walls of the bronchi causing inflammation.  This can lead to bronchitis.  Drugs can be taken to lead off the symptoms but one needs to quit the habit.

Chronic bronchitis treatment for those conditions caused by bacteria can be treated using antibiotics.  Antihistamines should not be used.  This is because they  thicken the phlegm making it hard to be expelled out of the chest.  Phlegm expulsion is necessary for one to recover from bronchitis.  An expectorant cough syrup can be used to expel all the harmful bacteria in chronic bronchitis treatment.

Self medication is not advised in treating bronchitis.  You might not know the exact cause of the disease.  In most cases, one may not even know that they have chronic bronchitis.  It may just seem like a cold or flu.  The medication given by the doctor should be taken in the correct dose and dosage completed.  This ensures that one recovers from the condition fully.

The Truth About Treating Athletes' Achilles Tendonitis

Do I Have Achilles Tendonitis?

Swelling of the Achilles tendon is known as Achilles Tendonitis. The Achilles tendon is a significant tendon connecting two major calf muscles, gastrocnemius and soleus, to the back of the heel bone. Achilles Tendonitis is one of many physical activity-related injuries that results from repeated strain of any type (such as excessive exercising and jumping).

Signals of Tendonitis:

Discomfort anywhere along the back of the tendon Inflammation of the tendon Restricted ankle flexibility

Causes of Tendonitis:

Out of countless tendons dispersed throughout the human body, there are few specific tendons that have poor blood supply. These tendon areas where blood supply is reduced are termed as“watershed zones”. These watershed zones are provided with comparatively lesser volume of oxygen and nutrients, it makes these tendons vulnerable to tissue injury and poor healing response. Sometimes, the tendon does not have a easy path to glide across, which results in inflammation. Other common causes of tendonitis are repeated, minor impact on the affected area, or a sudden severe injury. As it turns out, persons aged between 40-60 years are known to be more susceptible to Achilles Tendonitis. Other known causes of Tendonitis are:

Incorrect posture at work or home Playing sports Body exertion or less recuperation time between physical activities Change of footwear or irregular floor surface Inadequate stretching or conditioning prior to exercise An atypical or dislocated bone or joint that stresses soft-tissue structures Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, thyroid disorders, or unusual medication reactions

Forms of Tendonitis:

Tendonitis can occur in almost any area of the body where a tendon connects a bone to a muscle. Some of the most typical types of Tendonitis are:

Wrist Tendonitis: One of the most common problems, wrist tendonitis occurs due to inflammation of the tendon sheath. Wrist Tendonitis typically causes soreness and swelling around the wrist. Wrist tendonitis rarely demands any surgery.

Achilles Tendonitis: Achilles tendonitis leads to irritation and irritation in the back of heel. If it is diagnosed without delay, one can avoid serious difficulties such as Achilles tendon rupture.

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis: Posterior tibial tendonitis usually affects individuals with signs on the inner side of the ankle. If Posterior Tibial Tendonitis is left unresolved, it may lead to a flat foot.

Patellar (Kneecap) Tendonitis: Patellar Tendonitis (also known as Jumper’s Knee) is caused by the swelling of the patellar tendon. Recuperation and anti-inflammatory medication are common treatment options for Patellar tendonitis.

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis: Rotator cuff tendonitis is caused by the swelling of a particular area within the shoulder joint.

Top 7 ways for athletes to treat Achilles injuries:

Though tendonitis can be a severe problem, you can definitely treat and stop it from returning. Here are the top seven ways in which athletes can take care of tendonitis:

1. Emphasize Rest: The first and most important step to treat tendonitis is to avoid activities that can exacerbate it. Avoid working out for a few days. This will help considerably with the recuperation of the inflamed tendon. You may also try alternative exercise activities, such as swimming.

2. Administer an Ice Pack: One of the best treatments of tendonitis is to apply an ice-pack on the inflamed area. The cold temperature will control the inflammation and swelling of the impacted area. Using an ice-pack will help heal the tendon more quickly.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Medications: Tendonitis may be treated by taking non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naprosyn, Celebrex. These medications will reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area.

4. Cortisone Injections: When tendonitis signs last for a long period of time,some may seek cortisone injections. Injected directly into the inflamed area, cortisone injections aid treating tendonitis that does not respond tomany medicaltherapies.

5. Wear a heel pad: By wearing heel pad, you can lift the heel and take some strain off the Achilles tendon. This is a provisional measure while the Achilles tendon is healing.

6. Running Shoes: Make sure you have the appropriate running shoes for your foot type and the sport in which you are participating.

7. Check with a sports injury professional: Take advice from someone whose profession deals with proper training, or sports injuries specifically, and is experienced with treatment and rehabilitation.

Involvement in Sports is Better

Depending on the kind, there are different kinds in which sports can involve people. When we are going through tough times, we generally pay more attention to it; And when times are good, they still like it! Beside providing people with physical fitness and exercise, it also helps them in building team spirit and becoming fit mentally and socially. When we talk about a team like football and basketball, it teaches the importance of working together and developing communication skills. On the other hand, individual activities such as running and swimming help people with a sense of importance and accomplishment.

It is the joyful activity which reduces stresses, burns calories, makes people healthier and even makes you feel alive and lots more. Also it is a physical activity that is played for fun and enjoyment. Many people get involved in sports because it is competitive and a source of relaxation. Even our life is characterized by many busy schedules which leave very less time to refresh ourselves. So it's highly essential to get involved in different sporting activities. Once there's a passion for it you will have a way to define yourself or something to live for.

Then, you can find sports information which can tell you how you can keep yourself fit and healthy. People have realized the benefits of sporting activities to be mentally and physically fit. They have gradually started including these activities as a daily routine. Yet there are people who are not at all interested in exercising or sporting; They are always involved in a job where there is no physical activity. For such reasons only, sports information plays a crucible role. It not only gives information, but it also motivates people in adopting healthy lifestyles and preparations them mentally and physically.

By getting certain information regarding sports, you are involved in preparing yourself for games physically and mentally. For this it is important to be confident and have a good support structure. Many people believe to have confidence for winning and they visualize a positive result. Sometimes at the time of training they feel isolated and depressed. For this it is very important to set an environment which boosts confidence. Sporting activities are one such thing that involves each member of the family or all the friends together for one particular purpose that is playing games! Still it's hard for some people who do not have good supportive environment. Anyhow, it is good to know that sports help people who have enough support. In fact it helps a person to build up confidence because it is through games that sportsman spirit arises in a person.

Sports require commitment and it is a skilful activity that involves every person. It teaches children how to be in teams and feel the importance of being together and playing, for just one aspect. It certainly also teaches other positive points such as planning for a particular strategy, team building and retaining everyone together so as to play towards a sure win.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Much Does Family Medical History Matter?

What you have heard regarding family medical history and the chance of developing particular diseases may or may not be reliable information. It depends on the source, and you have to consider the possibility of bias. Opinions differ, and they may affect the conclusions you are being told.

At the end of the day, though, you know there is a relationship between family history and disease, but the extent is something you still do not likely understand. While this is not medical advice, you could benefit from an informed opinion. More importantly, it is information to help shed light on the relationship existing between family history and disease. Even though medical advice with scientific references will always be irreplaceable, it usually is not the most digestible.

On that note, many prevalent diseases in our society share one common cause: a poor lifestyle which often features an unhealthy diet. Unhealthy food choices are the cause of many preventable health problems, which includes notable complications like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. But if these issues have a primary cause influenced by lifestyle, to what degree does family medical history matter? This is the question that needs answering. Some blame their problems on the genetic factor when the real issue is elsewhere. But are some people predisposed to disease to such a degree, the primary cause becomes family history?

Pinpointing a balance is difficult. It is an undisputed fact an unhealthy body and an unfortunate family history are both causes of disease. But the truth is, determining whether one factor overshadows the other is futile because it is hard to establish a universal rule. In other words, for some people, family history will matter more than for others. Some adults may have had a poor diet for years and still do not have high blood sugar. Others will have prediabetes despite eating relatively well – they may just be more vulnerable due to an uncontrollable genetic factor.

How much does family medical history matter in your case? This is a question you must answer by discovering the necessary information. Determine what you may be at risk for developing and act accordingly. This is a factor affecting each of us differently, so how you are personally affected is all that should matter.

It is not a concrete answer to the central question. But there is a solution to take away here. There will always be factors determining your health within and outside of your control. Focus on the former. Even if you feel you are not given the best odds, you must play the hand you are dealt.

Type 2 diabetes runs in families but this does not mean if one of your parents has diabetes, a similar diagnosis has to be your fate as well. You can change things. If you eat the same kinds of food as say your parent did, you too are very likely heading for the same diagnosis.

Lastly, know when it comes to health and well-being, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the ultimate factors to tip the scales in your favor. The same cannot be said for having a stellar family medical history.

World class Rehabilitation services in India

With the advancement of healthcare services and modernization of technology, the mortality rate of people suffering from fatal diseases has drastically decreased. Patients getting brain insults due to a Cerebrovascular accident or Cerebral palsy or a Head injury are saved in most of the cases, if given timely intervention.

Medical services, no doubt, add years to a person’s life, but a person who is alive needs to live as well! And quality of life is added to these years by rehabilitation experts!

In today’s era, there is an ever increasing number of survivors requiring long term rehabilitation measures. And India is fast emerging as a favored destination for rehabilitation services for people from the world over.

India has excellent rehabilitation schools, which provide world class education to students, which matches the international standards. More so, most of these experts complete their higher studies in best of schools across the globe and practice in India. Besides the excellent quality of rehabilitation facilities, the cost effective healthcare services is what draws patients from all over the world to India.

“Lack of effective services in the African subcontinent and the middle east and very expensive services in the western countries are drawing more and more people to India for their rehabilitative treatment” says Ms Annu Puri, the director of leading patient care management services company Indicure, which provides expert medical advice and complete healthcare facilitation to patients globally.

A multidisciplinary rehabilitation team comprises of physical & occupational therapist, speech & language pathologist, rehab nurses, psychologist, biomedical engineer, orthotist & prosthetist, nutritionist and medical social worker. The team is led by a rehabilitation medicine specialist, a Physiatrist, who specializes in Physical medicine and rehabilitation after his graduation in medicine.

The rehabilitation medicine specialist evaluates and makes a comprehensive management plan, along with the rest of the members, provide continuity of medical care and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The rehab plan provides optimal environment for recovery, functional improvement, reduction in secondary complications, impairments & disability, teaching compensatory strategies, appropriate equipment & modifications and continuity of care.

 For more information about rehabilitative services in India, visit,, or write to