Lose Weight Fast – Lose Half Stone In a Week With a Healthy Diet

A lot has been written about many diets, and many are fads. However, what you will see below is an effective, week diet to lose weight fast (up to half a stone in weight) in a healthy manner.

The rules

Are simple. You follow the diet as written.

No substitutions, no cheating, and no starting this diet wihout consulting your doctor first.

You will lose weight fast, and a lot of it, so make sure your body is ready for it.

There is nothing listed in the diet menus that cannot be found anywhere.

Use salt sparingly. During the week do not eat fats except as listed.

If there is a food you dislike, then this diet is not for you. No substitutions are allowed, but follow as written and you will lose weight fast and in a healthy manner

Three meals a day are allowed Breakfast, Lunch and dinner and they listed in that order below against each day.

SO here you go the lose weight fast diet follow it as written and watch the pounds fall off.


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Sliced cold chicken. No skin. 1 tomato

Water or diet drink

I can Tuna

Mixed Green salad no oil, or dressing

1 slice brown bread

1 piece of fruit in season


1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Mixed Fresh Fruit Salad Water or diet drink

Grilled ground meat steak. 350 grams only

Tomato, cucumber and olives. No oil

Tea or Coffee


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

1 can of Tuna fish1 grapefruit

Water of diet drink

Any Roast meat

Mixed Green Salad, no oil

1 tomato



1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

2 hard boiled eggs

Cottage Cheese


I slice of brown bread

Water or diet drink

Boiled chicken (as much as you want)

Mixed Green Salad, no oil

Tea or coffee


1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Large bowl of cottage cheese

Green salad, no oil 1 slice of brown bread

Water or diet drink Grilled fish of any kind

Large mixed salad or vegetables

1 slice of brown bread



1 piece of fruit in season 1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Large Mixed Fruit salad Water or diet drink

Oven roasted chicken Tomato salad with lettuce and fresh onion

1 grapefruit Coffee or Tea


1 piece of fruit in season

1 slice of brown bread without butter or honey

Coffee or Tea

Sliced Cold Cuts

Mixed cooked vegetables

1 Grapefruit

Water or diet drink

2 hard boiled eggs

I slice of brown bread

Mixed salad no oil


Coffee or tea

Remember, no cheating. Drink also water in between meals if you are hungry. Drink water in any case, between meals. Eat early. Do not have your diner after 19:00 hours under any occasion.

You will lose weight fast where other diets have failed you in the past.

Reye’s Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Reye’s Syndrome is a disease which affects all organs of the body, but most lethally the liver and the brain. RS is defined as a two-phase illness because it generally occurs in conjunction with a previous viral infection, such as the flu or chicken pox. Children with Reye’s syndrome get sick very suddenly. It predominantly affects children between 4 and 16 years of age, and occurs more frequently when viral diseases are epidemic, such as during the winter months or following an outbreak of chickenpox or influenza B. The disorder commonly occurs during recovery from a viral infection, although it can also develop 3 to 5 days after the onset of the viral illness. The use of ASA (Acetylsalicylic Acid) has been strongly linked with the development of RS. Symptoms usually develop 1-14 days after a viral infection. In Reye’s syndrome, the level of ammonia and acidity in the blood typically rises while the level of blood sugar drops. At the same time, the liver may swell and develop fat deposits. It affects mostly children and teenagers and appears soon after flu-like infection or chicken pox.

Reye’s syndrome is a rare disorder. The symptoms of RS in infants do not follow a typical pattern; for example, vomiting does not always occur. The cause of RS remains a mystery. The use of salicylates like aspirin during viral disease appears to be statistically linked to the incidence of Reye syndrome, even though there is no conclusive proof. A person’s life depends upon early diagnosis. Statistics indicate an excellent chance of recovery when Reye’s Syndrome is diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages. Reye’s Syndrome is often misdiagnosed as encephalitis, meningitis, diabetes, drug overdose, poisoning, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or psychiatric illness. Better tests can diagnose metabolic conditions formerly thought to be Reye’s syndrome. Because of it’s rarity, it is often misdiagnosed as encephalitis, meningitis, diabetes, or poisoning, and the true incidence may be higher than the number of reported cases indicates. Some of the clinical and laboratory features of the syndrome can mimic those disorders found in metabolic disorders, making it difficult to establish an exact diagnosis.

Causes of Reye’s syndrome

The common causes and risk factor’s of Reye’s syndrome include the following:

The exect cause of Reye’s syndrome is unknown.

Influenza (the Flu).

Use of aspirin and other salicylates during a viral illness.

Toxins – Insecticides, herbicides, aflatoxins.

Upper respiratory infection.

Drugs such as- Salicylates, paracetamol, outdated tetracycline

It can also develop after an ordinary upper respiratory infection such as a cold.

Symptoms of Reye’s syndrome

Some sign and symptoms related to Reye’s syndrome are as follows:





Loss of consciousness.

Combative behavior.

Recent upper respiratory infection or chickenpox.

Unusual sleepiness or lethargy.

Disoriented behavior.

Treatment of Reye’s syndrome

Here is list of the methods for treating Reye’s syndrome:

Intravenous fluids: These may include glucose to increase low blood sugar; electrolyte solutions containing sodium, potassium and chloride to correct blood chemistry values; and basic solutions to treat acidity.

Mechanical ventilation (a breathing machine or respirator) may be necessary if breathing becomes too sluggish.

Steroids are given to reduce swelling in the brain.

Diuretics: A diuretic, such as mannitol, can increase fluid loss through urination and help reduce brain swelling.

Some evidence suggests that treatment in the end stages of Reyes Syndrome with hypertonic IV glucose solutions may prevent progression of the syndrome.

When this illness was more common, high-technology treatments such as charcoal hemoperfusion (to filter out blood toxins) were used with some success.

A Weight Loss Proposal Plan

You don’t need to buy a gym membership or expensive diet program to lose weight. All you need to do is have a plan and stick to it. First off, make the decision that you are going to exercise every day. You can combine cardiovascular and weight training into one exercise, or you can do cardio on one day and weight training on the next day. For cardiovascular exercise, you can go bike riding, power walking, running, roller skating, or get involved in a very physical sport. Good sports for cardio exercise would be basketball, racquetball, tennis or soccer. Swimming is also a great exercise for both cardiovascular and weight training since it tones your muscles.

For your weight training exercises, you once again do not need to spend a lot of money. You can buy a set of hand weights for less than twenty dollars to get you started. They will probably be sufficient for quite a while since it does take time to build both strength and endurance. It is important not to skip the weight training because it will put you at risk of losing muscle weight, which will make you weaker. A common misconception is that weight training will lead to visible muscle mass. Trust me; you will not turn into a body builder over night.

Learn what foods you should avoid eating, and avoid them. Generally speaking, you should avoid eating deep-fried foods, processed foods, foods containing refined sugar like baked sweets, chocolate, white bread, and anything that comes smothered in cheese (i.e. smothered cheese fries). Focus on eating healthy foods like fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables, whole grains breads, brown rice, lean meats and fish. Make sure you eat a mix of proteins (meat) and carbohydrates (pasta and breads).

For the best weight loss results, you should stop eating two or three meals a day, and try to eat six meals a day. Eating more often will help stop you from overeating because you won’t feel extremely hungry when you sit down. You should also make a conscience effort to drink at least 8 – 8 oz. glasses of water each day. The water will help prevent bloating and keep all your systems running smoothly. Now this plan won’t work over night. You should stick to the plan for at least eight weeks before making a decision on its effectiveness. Remember the basics and keep it simple. Weight loss does not need to be overly complicated.

Are You Making It Hard To Be A Well-Paid Health & Fitness Professional? 3 Gut Checks Inside

You have your license to teach Zumba® and/or your certifications to teach all the hottest fitness formats. Sprinkle in that group ex certification, CPR/First Aid and maybe personal trainer, nutrition as well.

You work your ass off learning everything there is to know to teach an amazing class… and you’ve taught one amazing class after another. But some of your classes have been whomp whomp too.

You can’t stop thinking about all those little things you need to do in order to keep your fitness business going… marketing, advertising, practicing, the details with maintaining your space, how to get more peeps in the door, the latest thing you’re going to do, am I good enough to be successful?…

These thoughts of yours are running through your head while you are driving your kids to school (what did you say honey?), or making dinner (at the kitchen counter with your mind a million miles away), or washing your hair in the shower.. or putting veggies in your cart at the grocery store.

But there is something missing.

You are doing everything “right”.

You are following the advice that was given to you in all your different certification and continuing education courses.

You believe in what you are doing and you’re super passionate about it.

You’re a good person and you work hard.

So, why does it feel like such a struggle?

You are so busy, trying to juggle your fitness business with your personal life and the other paying jobs you have.

Being a full-time health & fitness professional is not happening, which is why you are pulled in so many directions.

You want a never ending stream of happy clients who are getting crazy results and who schedule their life around working with you (sorry Doctor, that’s my Zumba® day!).

You want to solely do health & fitness as your job, which really is your passion and purpose.

You want to use your expertise and passion for health & fitness to create a better life for yourself – have more control and freedom over your schedule and your lifestyle.

You CAN have those things. But let’s do a GUT CHECK first so you can get real with yourself.


Many fitness instructors feel like frauds – we call it “fitness fraud”. Feeling like a fraud can be described as “a high-achieving individual marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.”

What do I mean by that? In our industry, a health & fitness professional who feels like a fraud is overweight, underweight because of body image issues, battling food addictions and unhealthy eating habits, not practicing the healthy lifestyle that you preach, and not feeling like you are a modeling a good example of a healthy person with a healthy lifestyle (not walking the walk or talking the talk).

In other words, you are hitting the drive-through in a frazzled mess after you teach your fitness classes and preach to your peeps about drinking water and taking care of their bodies, yet you’re sucking down the sugary drinks and cocktail bevvies.

First of all, we are all human. Just because we look at someone who seems “big” doesn’t mean they weren’t over 300 pounds the year before and have actually lost a ton of weight!

Embrace the journey you are on and share your milestones along the way. You are not going to be perfect all the time.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are feeling like a health & fitness fraud it’s time for you to stop and go within. Ask yourself WHY this is happening to you. WHAT are you really looking for when you self sabotage? WHAT are you really needing?

Then, take action. Purchase that health & fitness program you’ve been eyeing. Hire a coach. Put yourself first.


Having a big heart and loving to serve people is a pre-requisite if you want to be a successful health & fitness professional. However, if you want to have a thriving health & fitness business, you need to set your Mother Teresa avatar aside and get real with that it’s going to take for you to make some money.

You need to love business. Embrace the fact that you have to have smart and savvy marketing and advertising skills. Sharpen your leadership and your people skills, because business is no longer “just about business”, it’s very personal too.

At the end of the day, your bottom line that is going to make you money is if you are leading a vibe tribe – this is my term for your “niche” or your clients and future clients.

#bossqueen Advice: Sit down and answer these questions honestly.

Are you serving your vibe tribe in ways they can’t get from other health & fitness professionals that may be your competition?

Are you managing your day well enough to be a #bossqueen or are you just treading water, responding to the needs of everyone and everything around you and never getting ahead?

If your answers are no, then you need to get someone else’s perspective, such as a professional or coach who knows how to help you focus and create an intelligent, highly strategic plan of action.


Limiting beliefs are beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind which constrain our lives and have far reaching consequences. They are toxic to your life and your business causing self sabotage and negative thinking which results into negative decisions, bad behaviours, and feelings of sadness, anger, and depression.

All of us are programmed with negative beliefs which run our lives. They began from the moment we were born (some people even believe that programming started pre-conception and during gestation) and continued on during our childhood based on the experiences we had and the relationships we formed.

By the time you completed about 7 years old, all of your subconscious beliefs about who you are, the world, your relationship with yourself, others, money, success, food, safety, sex, love, spirituality, work, etc. were programmed.

Unfortunately, many of us still operate from that negative, primitive programming.

#bossqueen Advice: If you are working your butt off, doing everything “they” tell you to do and still not experiencing the success you deserve and desire, then negative subconscious programming could be at play and you need an operating system update!

Some people have success with meditation, affirmations, positive thinking, and/or reading personal development. Those are all great forms of helping you create self awareness and become a better, more successful person in life and in business.

Personally, my method of choice is PSYCH-K®. It’s a technique to access your subconscious mind and transform negative beliefs that are controlling your life into positive, self enhancing beliefs.

Finding the Best Hospitals in Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá is the capital and most populous city of Colombia, a major country in Latin America. As the 30th largest city in the world, Bogotá features many green parks, famous landmarks and amusement parks. The city is a major tourist destination and is one of the major industrial centers in Latin America. There are many good hospitals and eminent doctors in Bogotá. Some of the leading hospitals offer health care that is compatible with global standards. These centers have a much greater nurse to patient ratio than most and provide warm accommodation in a friendly environment.

The Hospital Universitario San Ignacio (HUSI) situated at Carrera 7 No. 40-62, Bogota is a premier health care facility with wide in country recognition. The Ministry of Social Protection and the National University recently announced that this hospital is among the top three Colombian hospitals. This 304 bedded four level hospital has a 22 bed pediatrics ward, ten operating rooms and two delivery rooms. The HUSI offers the best medical and surgical service for a variety of specialties and subspecialties. The departments of radiology, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and plastic are fully equipped. The hospital has sophisticated CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging. The emergency department and intensive care units are adequately furnished for intensive care patients, children and infants. The internationally reputed center for oncology treatment and research: The Javeriana Oncology Center is a part of the Hospital Universitario San Ignacio. HUSI is a major teaching school in the country and more than 80% of the staff doctors are bilingual. It has special section for international patients with English speaking staff and offers comfortable accommodation in 17 suite rooms. Contact: +57 316-466-0399

Hospital Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota located at Calle 119 No. 7 – 75. Bogotá is an important hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. This service-oriented hospital was established in 1983 by the famous non-profit health care organization, Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá. It is a private University Hospital with 13 departments, 6 advisory committees and 2 institutes. The hospital employs 1,500 staff and imparts health care to about 150,000 clients every year. The hospital employs outstanding doctors and has full-fledged departments in all branches of medicine. The surgery department has units in cardiovascular surgery, hepatobiliary and neurosurgery. The operating rooms all have facilities for laparoscopy, microsurgery, laser surgery, argon coagulation, auto transfusion, extracorporeal circulation and laminar flow systems. This hospital exhibits the lowest surgical site infection rates in Colombia. The hospital possesses all newest technological devices including Philips IE 33 scanner to display 2D, 3D and 4D images, the SPECT-CT Gamma Chamber for sophisticated tests, the Clinac iX with modular radiotherapy for cancer therapy, and the PET/CT and holmium laser for minimally invasive treatments. The hospital has modern ICUs, emergency department and various laboratories. Phone: (571) 6030303

Clínica El Bosque located at Calle 134 No. 12 – 55; northern Bogota DC is another popular hospital in the city. A group of eminent doctors established this hospital in 1977. The hospital currently offers complete and cost effective medical service in all major medical specialties. Its well known surgery department features eight operating rooms and specialized units in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and microsurgery. Clínica El Bosque has a pharmacy and laboratories all of which are accredited by international agencies. The intensive care unit has 14 beds and the emergency department as a whole is equipped with modern devices to offer the excellent services of specialized doctors and nurses. The hospital has established a nonprofit teaching institution named the Forest Colombian School of Medicine. Phone: 1-2740577

5 Reasons that Blood Tests are Done

If you have had a doctor’s appointment recently for anything other than a cold, then you probably had a blood test done. This is a very common procedure and can yield some very important information for the doctor as to your health and wellbeing. There are a multitude of reasons for a blood sample to be taken and for the subsequent tests to be run, we will discuss a few of the more common reasons here.

1- Perhaps the most common reason what a blood test is performed is to validate, or not, the suspicion of a pregnancy. While there are over the counter early pregnancy tests that will give you a result, most doctors to not take this information at face value, preferring instead to get their result via blood. If in fact you are pregnant, this will be the first of many blood tests over the course of the next nine months or so.

2- A sample of blood can also prove or disprove the presence of many diseases, such as HIV, diabetes and prostate cancer to name a few. The early detection of these and other diseases is only possible through routine blood tests. The sooner they are detected, the sooner an effective treatment for them can be implemented.

3- Most states still require that at blood test be performed before a couple is allowed to be married. This type of blood test generally looks for certain vaccinations, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases that can be cured. In some cases, this information is helpful with future decisions that they couple may make.

4- A common blood issue is also detected via the use of a blood sample test; anemia is a condition that is caused by low iron in the blood. The symptoms are tiredness and pale skin. The blood test is utilized to track the iron levels to be sure they are appropriate for each individual patient.

5- As you can see, a blood test is a helpful tool that the doctor has as his or her disposal and often on that they use. So, instead of staying a way from the doctor like a baby, the next time you are in for a physical, suck it up, stick out your arm and give the doctor your blessing. Oh, it might help you to look away while the blood is being drawn, the doctor won’t call you a sissy for this, I promise.

Childhood Obesity – Lindsey

Mandatory Nutrition and Exercise Classes

Look out on an elementary school playground. What do you see? I see kids running around playing basketball, dodge ball or on the swing set having a good time. Among those groups of kids are the athletes, the ballerinas, as well as the kids who enjoy lunch more than they do recess. Children seem to enjoy lunch/snack time more than they do going outside for recess and playing a game of kickball. Sure everyone participates and tries to have fun, but there is always going to be the one boy or girl that is embarrassed to play because of their weight. “Results from the 2007-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), using measured heights and weights, indicate that an estimated 17 percent of children and adolescents ages 2-19 years are obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, first paragraph).” There are many causes for this increase in childhood obesity. To lower the percent of children that are obese all schools should have mandatory nutritional snacks and gym classes five days a week.

“Snacks can play an important role in managing kids’ hunger and boosting nutrition (Kids Health second paragraph).” Parents your kids spend on average forty hours a week in school. Throughout the day they only get one meal and that is lunch. Some kids have it earlier than others. Those who have earlier lunches are more likely to go home and over eat before dinner because they are hungry. If a healthy snack is being provided once or twice during the day your child would be more satisfied and less likely to over eat. A snack low in fat and sugar is perfect.

Who really wants to say their kid is fat, no one! So why aren’t more parents taking steps to provide healthier habits for their children? A factor of obesity is behavior. Your kids watch you as you do things around the house like the way you eat, what you eat, and how much exercise you are getting. If you eat unhealthy and never exercise your child is going to do the same. Kids need examples set for them, they are our future and should be taught to be healthy. Tammy a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant said, there needs to be more educations for kids because they are very impressionable at such a young age and could help their parents learn the step to healthier lives. Children growing up in an unhealthy environment are more likely to continue living that way because that is what they know.

Schools should make physical education mandatory everyday of the week. If parents are not going to set the right examples for their children, then school personnel need to do so. When kids attend school they are in the hands of the district. They should be doing more to help stop the increasing rate of childhood obesity. Kids should be getting thirty to sixty minutes a day of physical activity. “I feel it is imperative that children have mandatory exercise early on to develop good life style habits (Tammy Haselhoff).” So in the 7 hours kids spend at school at least thirty minutes of that can be spent outside of the classroom and in the gym burning calories.

Schools should offer healthy snacks during the school day and have mandatory gym class five days a week. Kids are spending forty hours a week in school and these schools are doing the bare minimum to teach and keep these kids healthy. With healthy snacks and mandatory exercise class the percent of obese children could be reduced.

Work Cited

“Obesity and Overweight for Professionals: Childhood | DNPAO | CDC.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Web. 29 Apr. 2010. .

Gavin, Mary L. Smart Snacking. Kids Health. Nemours, reviewed February 2009. Web. 2 Nov.


Tammy Haselhoff. Interviewed by Lindsey Haselhoff. 4 Nov. 2010.

E-Lybra Bio-Resonance Energy Healing Effects On Multiple Sclerosis

Over a period of around three months I have been giving e-Lybra bio-resonance re-balancing sessions to a client who has Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Gill (not her real name) is in her early thirties and has been suffering from difficulties walking due to uncertain balance and a weakness in her left pelvic region and leg. The vision in her left eye could be poor sometimes and her right arm was often subject to tremors. Her bladder was also affected by the condition and she would sometimes need to urinate several times in a very short space of time, badly affecting her work and life style. Understandably at times her mood her suffered through the MS, essentially she is a feisty young woman who has a positive and optimistic attitude to her health and views herself as someone who is prepared to think outside of the box. I truly believe that this is what brought her to me. She was willing to try something new and outside of conventional help.

After the very first session, Gill had a big boost of energy. Even the hour plus drive home did not seem as difficult as she would have expected. As can happen with these chronic conditions, the benefits do not always last and more sessions are required until gradually the benefits ‘hold’ and we can work at deeper levels. However after the last session she felt so good that she went out into the garden and sawed up a branch and took it to the tidy tip – all with no ill effects!

Interestingly Gill noticed that her MS symptoms began after she had wisdom teeth extraction under general anesthetic. She had particular problems with her left leg after the operation and has always wondered about the connection. Oddly, during her e-Lybra sessions Gill has been aware of movement in her jaw.

Gill’s sessions have been monthly face to face and in between times, remote sessions once or twice a week, all sessions running for around two hours. Using just a hair sample and an e-capsule it is easy to run effective energetic healing from a distance.

To date Gill feels that she is 80% better and we are working on getting her nearer 100%.

The VA Offers Loan Programs For Fixer Upper Homes

One of the many uniqueness of a VA guaranteed loan is the possibility of buying a house and using some of the proceeds of the loan(s) to fix it up before you move in. The only other type of loan similar to this might be construction permanent financing (also guaranteed by the VA). In other words, the VA will under certain circumstances guaranty loans so you can purchase and rehabilitate (rehab) a house that needs repair and that you and the lender knew required repair before closing. You won’t find that anywhere else.

Basically, you will have two loans, one for the initial purchase and a second or supplemental loan for the rehab work. That first loan will almost certainly require your house to appraise and pass inspection, even in its banged up state. In other words, the sink will need to have running water and the furnace will need to heat the house. You must coordinate the purchase and the rehab carefully with not only your lender but also with a licensed appraiser before you make any commitments. While this adds a level of complexity not normally found in residential mortgage lending, bear in mind that the United States Government is about to back the deal with a guaranty. Go for it!

Some Key Rules

It is important for you to know about some of the key rules established by the VA for this type of deal. The headings below have been changed to assist the reader and not all of the rules are restated here-just the ones that seem high profile.

A. VA may guarantee a loan for alteration and repair

o of a residence already owned by the veteran and occupied as a home, or

o made in conjunction with a purchase loan on the property.

B. The alterations and repairs must be those ordinarily found on similar property of comparable value in the community

C. The cost of alterations and repairs to structures may be included in a loan for the purchase of improved property to the extent that their value supports the loan amount.

D. A supplemental loan is a loan for the alteration, improvement, or repair of a residential property. The residential property must

o secure an existing VA-guaranteed loan, and

o be owned and occupied by the veteran, or the veteran will reoccupy upon completion of major alterations, repairs, or improvements.

E. The alterations, improvements, or repairs must

o be for the purpose of substantially protecting or improving the basic livability or utility of the property, and

o be restricted primarily to the maintenance, replacement, improvement or acquisition of real property, including fixtures.

F. Installation of features such as barbecue pits, swimming pools, etc., does not meet this requirement.

G. No more than 30 percent of the loan proceeds may be used for the maintenance, replacement, improvement, repair or acquisition of nonfixtures or quasi-fixtures such as refrigeration, cooking, washing, and heating equipment, and the equipment must be related to or supplement the principal alteration for which the loan is proposed

H. A supplemental loan will require the prior approval of VA if

o the loan will be made by a lender who is not the holder of the currently guaranteed obligation

o the loan is to be made by a lender that does not have authority to close loans on an automatic basis, or

An oblige liable on the currently outstanding obligation will be released from personal liability by operation of law or otherwise

If this type of deal sounds appealing, submit your application to your loan officer and carefully walk through a dress rehearsal with everyone involved including an appraiser and a home inspector who are licensed and know what they are doing. This is another of many ways to convert your VA loan guaranty to a ticket to higher net worth. It is among the ways to get the most bang for your buck.

Caveat: this is an opinion of the author and not to be relied upon as a substitute for any advice offered by your lender who will be the final arbiter of everything discussed here.

Copyright 2009 © Thomas Kerns McKnight, JD, CMB

Which Multi-Vitamin Should I Buy?

This is a question I get almost daily. The answer isn’t quite as simple as you may think as there are many variables to consider including price, ingredients and dietary needs.

A once daily multi-vitamin is the most important nutritional product that one can use and I can not stress that enough. Everyone, regardless of age, should be taking a vitamin supplement daily. The average person does not get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in their diet. Most people have diets consisting of overly processed foods and/or “fast foods” that have very minimal nutritional value. The body is being robbed of essential vitamins necessary to function properly. Even if you do have a proper diet, you may still not be getting everything you need through food and a multi-vitamin is a simple way to supplement.

There are a wide variety of multi-vitamins available in the marketplace and it can be confusing. Most important is that the supplement is a “once daily” muti-vitamin. That means the product has everything necessary included in one dose. Some brand names (Centrum) will add other herbs, vitamins, etc. and market the vitamin as a “specialty’ vitamin, ex. Centrum Silver, Centrum Performance, Centrum Men, Centrum Women, etc. These additional vitamins, herbs, etc. are usually un-necessary for the average person and serve no real purpose. No need to spend the extra money. I also highly recommend vitamins for children as, again, their diets may not be sufficient for proper health. However, parents need to be aware that vitamins are not candy and that children are especially susceptible to vitamin overdose. Many children’s vitamins come as gummies or chewables and kids may want more than the recommended dose. Keep them away from the kids and dose them as detailed on the label.

Another issue to consider is quality and price. Many people are not aware that there are grades of vitamins that vary in quality. The FDA does not regulate “nutritional supplements” i.e, vitamins, herbs, etc. and these products can vary greatly in the amount of active ingredients and the quality of the ingredients. “Pharmaceutical grade” (A grade) vitamins will be the most expensive but the most beneficial and are usually not available in the general marketplace. They will be manufactured under strict guidelines and use higher quality ingredients. Other vitamins (B, C, D, F grade) will decrease in price and quality accordingly, however, the majority of what you will find on the shelves of your local pharmacy are safe and effective. Liquid vitamins are widely considered to be “better” because of quicker and more complete absorption but there is limited research to actually prove this to be true 100% of the time. Furthermore, adult liquid vitamins (Geritol, Centrum, etc.) can be extremely unpleasant to the taste buds. Capsules incorporate the best of both worlds as they are easy to swallow and may have better and quicker absorption than hard-pressed tablets.

Still another consideration is one’s dietary and health needs. Some people may find themselves lacking in certain vitamins and/or minerals because of a poor diet or medical condition. Iron is frequently added to vitamins for those who may be lacking as well as folic acid which is important for pregnant woman. Fluoride is a common additive, along with iron, to children’s vitamins to promote healthy tooth enamel. One must be aware that you can overdose on vitamins although it is extremely rare and improbable. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are fat soluble vitamins meaning that your body holds them in fat cells where they can build up to toxic levels over time, while the other common vitamins, (the multiple B vits., C, etc.) and trace minerals are water soluble and excreted through urine, sweat, and feces. One cannot overdose on water soluble vitamins. Therefor, you must be aware of any medical issues that may limit the body’s need for certain vitamins as well as being aware of the amount of individual vitamins (vit. D is a good example as many people take high, once weekly doses) that you may be using.

A multi-vitamin is of the utmost importance for a healthy lifestyle. Choose a quality product at a comfortable price point while taking into account your nutritional needs.

Medicare & Medicaid Doctor Directory – How to Find Doctors Who Accept Medicare and Medicaid

If you are receiving Medicare and/or Medicaid, it can often be difficult to find a doctor, be it a general practitioner or specialist, who will accept your insurance. Unfortunately the payment schedules set up by the government have resulted in many doctors opting out of the system because they simply cannot afford the substantially lower payments for Medicaid/Medicare services as well as afford to pay for the substantially greater paperwork involved in taking such patients.

Sadly, government has had a tendency to reduce reimbursement payments, not increase them, and do not seem to be interested in covering the actual cost of providing services.

Not only that, but private insurers are not longer willing to “subsidize” public patients by paying higher rates, so doctors cannot shift the ever-increasing costs to them.

As a result, at a time when more and more doctors are opting out of the system, those doctors who still take Medicare and Medicaid patients generally limit the number they will serve, so finding a doctor who will take your Medicare or Medicaid insurance is not as easy as simply opening the phone book and making a phone call. Indeed, it probably will take some real time and effort on your part.

There is not, and never has been, any requirement that doctors treat patients insured by Medicare or Medicaid. Therefore, people with Medicare or Medicaid are increasingly turning to federally funded clinics, or even to emergency rooms that cannot, by law, turn them away. Sadly, using emergency rooms for non-emergency health care is unbelievably expensive, making the lower reimbursement Medicare/Medicaid rates not financially wise in the long run.

So, how do you find a doctor that will take new Medicare/Medicaid patients?

Well, first of all, do not expect to find a doctor or, should you find one or a clinic taking Medicare/Medicaid patients, do not plan on getting an appointment quickly. Sadly, that will not happen very often. Indeed, if you need quick care, the emergency room is likely to be your only recourse.

To track down Medicare/Medicaid providers, you can contact your local health department or social service agencies to find out more information and there are a number of Medicare and Medicaid doctor directories online. While they cannot guarantee you an appointment, they do have access to information about current providers.

You can also go to the Medicare website at Medicare.gov or call them at 800-633-4227 (TTY 877-486-2048) to find Medicare providers in your area, although there is no guarantee they will be accepting new patients. It is worth a try, though.

Also, managed care is probably a better bet than private practice. HMOs organized by private insurers have a practical interest in having HMO doctors taking government-insured patients, while Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs) are generally run by hospitals or medical schools, and often only accept Medicaid patients.

How Can I Relieve My Vaginal Soreness?


Following a course of antibiotics (metronidazole) for bacterial vaginosis I developed soreness, stinging and a burning sensation in and around my vaginal, with red, wrinkled skin on the inner lips. I’m prone to skin irritation around this area and also have had thrush after antibiotics in the past. The doctor at my local GU clinic diagnosed vulvdynia and advised two weeks of washing and applying aqueous cream, but it hasn’t helped. It’s so bad that I have gone off sex.


This area medically called the vaginal mucosa is very sensitive. Any inflammation here causes burning, stinging discharge and even ulceration. Researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA, describe vulvodynia as a severe, debilitating vulvo-vaginal pain disorder. However, k is chronic and occurs in the absence of infection vaginal disease, and it sounds as if your problem is an acute inflammation, probably as a result of an infection such as thrush (which is the most common cause of vaginal and  vulval pain, in my experience). The wrinkles you describe have formed, I suspect, because of the general inflammation and dryness.

Thrush (also known as vaginal candidiasis) is an infection where a fungus (candida) settles, and thrives, in the moist, warm lining of the vagina and causes a thick white curdy discharge. You should have a swab to make certain. It’s important that your partner is also checked out and that he takes great care over hygiene to prevent further infection.

* Frequently, a vaginal infection is passed on from the stools. Constipation doesn’t help because it can cause sticky stools, which carry the infection. So use wet tissues or a bidet to wash afterwards. Ensure that you don’t get constipated by eating Plenty, of non-citrus fruits and vegetables, particularly papaya, figs, prunes, spinach, beetroot and okra. Drink 1.5 to 2litres of water daily. For mild constipation, take two tablets of Herbolax or for chronic constipation, one tablet of Qurs Mullyan, at bedtime for two months.

* Increased acidity in the stomach changes the nature of urine. Excess consumption of citrus fruit and juice, garlic or: chillies may cause the urine to irritate the urethra and vulna. In traditional medicine, ‘hot’ food stuff are thought to cause a burning sensation on passing urine. These foods include ginger, red met, offal, game, alcohol and excess honey.

* Another common but overlooked cause is an allergic reaction to synthetic underwear or condoms (you can get hypoallergenic condoms) or the  chemicals applied to them. Avoiding contact with these can ease the situation. Bubble bath and bath salts should also be avoided.

* Vaginal irritation, discharge and dryness are also listed on a US government website as ‘less common’ side effects of the antibiotic you have taken, so check this with your doctor. ince external remedies have not helped you, the integrated treatment for your problem is to improve your immune system.

* Chew food thoroughly and eat slowly to control stomach acid.

* Juice fresh organic carrot and mint leaves and drink one glass daily for one month.

* Avoid citrus fruit and acidic foods such as pineapples, tomatoes, rhubarb, mangoes, kiwi fruit, pickles, chillies, garlic, ginger. nuts, canned products and vineqar; also yeast and fungal products, including bread, cakes, biscuits, pastry, pasta, Bovril, blue cheese and mushrooms.


* Soak three twigs of kadu in a cup of hot water at night, then strain and drink in the mornings for one month. This will help to control the overgrowth of candida.

* Take two tablets of Stomach formula, twice daily for one month, to aid digestion.

* To reduce the burning sensation, take two tablets of homoeopathic

Cantharis 3Q three times daily for seven days.

* Take one tablet of Banshil twice daily for one month. This herbal remedy alleviates urinary infections.

* Take one capsule of aloe vera  twice daily for two months, to heal the intestinal and vaginal tract.

* Take one multivitamin/mineral tablet daily for two months.

* Ask your partner to massage your neck and shoulders twice a week for ten minutes at bedtime. This increases blood flow to the lower part of the brain, boosts pituitary function and assists the body’s healing process. For massage instructions, visit my website www.drmali.com .

Disease and the Conquest of the Americas

In his book, Born To Die, Cook explores the role that disease played in the European conquest of the Americas. Cook maintains that contrary to the Black Legend, so popular during colonial times and ever since, Old World diseases were immensely more successful than Spanish cruelty and atrocities in the conquering and subjugation of the indigenous peoples in the Americas.

While not denying that there were atrocities committed by Spaniards, Cook insists that the deaths of so many native peoples cannot be attributed to the atrocities exclusively, since “there were too few Spaniards to have killed the millions who were reported to have died” (Cook 9). Cook also points out that native peoples died wherever they came into contact with Europeans, be they Portuguese, English, French, or Dutch. The popularity of the Black Death was due, in large part, to what was occurring in Europe at the time. This was the period of the Spanish Armada and the Inquisition. Other nations used the Black Legend to justify taking actions against the Spaniards “in Europe or within their overseas territories” (Cook 8).

Cook begins his discussion where contact was first made: the island of Hispaniola. Within fifty years after contact, the native people were “virtually extinct” (Cook 16). According to Cook, this extinction of the Caribbean peoples “set a pattern that was repeated time and time again” in the Americas (Cook 16). Cook goes into much detail, in subsequent chapters, tracing the spread of diseases throughout the Latin American continent and North America. Numerous diseases afflicted the native peoples who had no immunity to them; smallpox, measles, influenza, typhus, bubonic plaque, yellow fever, and malaria spread quickly among the native peoples throughout the continents. These outbreaks of diseases were usually intensified through malnutrition and lack of medicines, and they were most often followed by pestilence, famine, and starvation. He draws his evidence concerning the disease epidemics mostly through missionaries’ and crown officials’ letters to the Spanish king.

Cook also refutes the accuracy of the Black Legend by insisting the Spaniards would not have committed indiscriminate slaughter of entire indigenous populations. Indeed, it was in the Spaniards’ best interests to protect the natives, since they needed the natives’ labor in the fields and mines. Cook contends that the Spaniards did take measures to protect the natives. They established quarantines to limit the spread of disease, but which were rarely successful. Spaniards also established laws to protect the natives from abuses by their employers or overseers, which the natives took full advantage in seeking justice from Spanish courts. These measures were undertaken to protect the Spaniards’ economic interests, no doubt, but they were undertaken, which disproves that Spaniards were indiscriminately murdering entire populations.

Unlike the Spaniards who tried to prevent the spread of disease, the English in the New England area of North America deliberately encouraged it. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, New England Puritans, deliberately and knowingly, gave the indigenous peoples “blankets infected with the smallpox virus” (Cook 213). Their motivation for these actions were to clear the land of people, who, they felt, stood in the way of their establishing “God’s City on a Hill” (Cook 213).

Cook contends that the “natural flow of epidemics followed normal trade and communications routes between groups of peoples” (Cook 209). This would explain how some communities fell victim to Old World diseases even before coming into contact with Europeans. It also would explain how many communities were not affected by diseases concurrently, but in many cases, it was years later before the epidemics showed up among their peoples.

Cook’s most convincing evidence to refute the Black Legend comes from his contention that it was not in the Spaniards’ best economic interest to wipe out entire communities of indigenous peoples from the area. The Spaniards needed their labor and, moreover, sincerely desired to convert them to Christianity. The laws passed by Spaniards to protect the natives from cruelty and exploitation, and the establishment of quarantines, further testify that the Black Legend is fundamentally untrue.

Cook offers compelling evidence in support of his refutation of the Black Legend, but the manner he presents the evidence is, on the whole, rather disjointed and confusing. His tendency to lump many different epidemics in different regions and at different time periods invariably forces the reader to continuously search for the particular time and place.

His writing style reads more like a collection of statistics, except for Chapter Two, which was rather lively and interesting. The reason it is more interesting is because Cook provides personal insights of the natives’ responses (e.g. running away to evade infection) and the effects of the epidemics (e.g. the struggle for power between Atahualpa and his brother Huascar after the prior Inca ruler succumbed to disease).

Despite the text being dry and hard to follow, it is very beneficial in refuting the common belief of the Black Legend. Although I have long known that disease played a role in the conquest of the Americas, I also believed that the Black Legend was the primary factor that brought conquest to fruition (so strongly was this belief that my personal name for Columbus Day is Mass Murder Day). While I still believe that European cruelties were excessive, I now see that disease, propagated by pestilence and malnutrition, was the cause of the majority of the deaths in the Americas.

Cook, Noble David. Born to Die: Disease and New World Conquest, 1492-1650. Cambridge University Press, 1998.

Value of Good health

Good health is the secret of happy life. Good health can be defined as the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease. It is the most precious possession of a man. If a man losses his health, he loose the charms of happy living. Ask the man who has lost his health. He will tell you the value of good health. Health is real wealth of man.

‘Sound mind in sound body’ is an old saying. Healthy mind can be found only in healthy bodies. Sickly men have sickly minds. Their attitude toward life is gloomy. On the other hand, if the man has good health, his outlook to life is also healthy. He can work for long hours without feeling tired. If a student has good health, his memory is good and his mind is sharp.

Good health cannot be had on demand. There are certain things which are essential for good health. Nutritious food comes first. We should take only that food which is nutritious value. Fresh air is also important for good health. People living in the open air usually enjoy good health. Exercise plays a great role in making a man healthy and fit. Balancing one’s hour of sleep and rest also contribute to good health.

There are certain things which are bad for health. We should guard ourselves against them. Smoking is injurious to health. Eating too much spoils ones digestive system. If a man is irregular in his habits, he is likely to lose his health. Lack of energy also results ill-health. So, one must stay fit to lead a happy and healthy life.

Psoriasis – Freedom From Creams And Lotions

If you are one of the many millions of people who suffer from psoriasis, then you too, like me, have to endure a constant regime of creams and lotions in an attempt to lessen the impact of the dry, flakey skin that the psoriasis causes.

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me – it’s a constant drag. Every day having to put on a cocktail of psoriasis creams and lotions, some with ingredients that can have unpleasant side effects and all costing a small fortune that creates a hole in the weekly budget.

This was a situation that I was convinced would be normal for the rest of my life, until a good friend told me about the Dead Sea and some psoriasis research he had heard about. Apparently, a course of treatments involving the salt water, mineral mud packs and sun baths produce results that are, to say the least, miraculous. According to the research (I looked it up in our local library), after only a short course of treatments, psoriasis scared skin clears up and the disease goes into remission for up to nine months!

At first, I was, to say the least, skeptical. But my wife said that we had nothing to lose. We booked a hotel for two weeks and flew off to the Dead Sea – that was six months ago.

Without a doubt, the best decision of my life! After just four days of spa treatments, my skin already looked fresher than it had for years. Within a week, there were no signs of the psoriasis and by the end of our vacation – I was a new man, literally. Fresh, clear skin, relaxed after a great vacation and ready to fight the world!

As I said, that was six months ago. Since then, the psoriasis has shown no signs of returning. I no longer have to pay regular trips to the drug store and spend a fortune on creams and lotions. I can go to the beach or the pool without having to suffer the stare of people looking at the signs of my psoriasis. I am, really and truly, a new person.

My suggestion – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Try it and see.