Avoid These Mistakes When You Try Home Remedies For Insomnia

You're not alone when it comes to sleepless nights. In fact, many people do. They also try home remedies for insomnia to get sleep at night. However, some of them do not do them properly and do not get the results they want. In this article, I will discuss some common mistakes people make when trying to cure their insomnia with home remedies.

1. They are very much on prescription or over the counter sleep medications.

When people try home remedies for insomnia, there is always a plan they must follow. However, they feel it may take a long time for the home remedy to work. So they use over the counter sleep medications to help them out initially. While this helps you get some sleep right away, they do not work for the long run. Then people tend to steer themselves away from the home remedy. Worse yet they then became dependent on the over counter sleep products and can also experience side effects. So if you're going to try a home remedy for insomnia, go full force into it and stay away from the over the counter stuff until you give the other natural methods for insomnia a try.

2. They do not acknowledge the changes they need to make in their diets.

OK. I know this is a tough one because coffee is involved of one of those diet changes. Truth be told, it is the one vice that many people use to get through their day. Why would they want to banish coffee from their lives? Well, the caffeine can keep you awake at night. If you're a morning coffee drinker and follow up with an afternoon boost, then consider trying decaf or eliminating the afternoon trip to the local coffee shop.

3. They do not deal with the problems that are stressing them out.

Bottom line is there are many people in our country who are working very hard and still having challenges making ends meet. It's understandable that they obsess thinking about their responsibilities. The problem is people do not learn to take a break from their thoughts and they lay in bed at night thinking about them. These thoughts keep them from falling asleep. The best thing you can do with obsessive thoughts is tack them head on. If you're living with someone and trust that person, try talking to them in the evening before bed so you can let go of these thoughts before bed time.

After you've chosen to use one of the home remedies for insomnia, you need to try it with a full effort. This way you're on the right path for getting a good night of sleep.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and reflects an opinion. This article is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should consult a physician for any and all medical advisement.

Information On How to Become a Chiropractor Professionnal

Medical professional are always skeptical about Chiropractic profession. Early Insurance companies would not recognize chiropractic as a viable health care profession. The situation has changed after 1970 once the medically owned and operated insurance companies started to allow chiropractors to panel with their companies.

The most appealing thing is that chiropractors do not use any drugs. Chiropractor practitioners also do not perform surgery; They try to fix the problem in non-intrusive techniques.

Today, there are over 84,000 licensed chiropractors in USA and more than 10,000 students currently enrolled in chiropractic school; Chiropractor practice is the fastest growing health care profession. Here, number of Chiropractor School is also growing in USA and Canada.

Eligibility criteria of student entry into one of several chiropractor schools varies from school to school; However, in most cases, prospective candidates should have accumulated college credits in biology, physics, chemistry, social sciences and humanities. Most chiropractor schools made it prerequisite to have 90 credit hours in the above-mentioned courses.

Most of the students aspire to acquire their Doctor of Chiropractic degree even though chiropractor schools offer a variety of undergraduate studies.

What students learn in chiropractor schools?

Curriculums of first year course in chiropractor schools. Students typically studies philosophy and principles of Chiropractic; Human anatomy; Physiology; Cell biology and histology; Biomechanics; Radiographic anatomy.

Curriculums of second year course in chiropractor schools

Chiropractor schools have more detailed and advanced course on the first year syllabus. New topics like clinical research, laboratory, toxicology, pharmacology, and physical diagnosis are part of second year course.

The third and fourth year's syllabus covers more detailed aspect of previous years courses. In-depth pathology classes, patient / practice management are some additional topics in these years.

In final year, students typically work in a clinical setting, where they will practice under the direct supervision of a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. It is necessary that a student should complete all theoretical courses and internship before they are awarded with Doctor of Chiropractic Degree.

Licensed graduations of chiropractor schools can work in a broad assortment of healthcare services including but not limited to personal health and wellness offices, athletic, occupational, massage parlors and physical therapy training centers, massage therapy centers, primary health care clinics and other medical facilities.

Alcoholism – What It Is And How It Can Be Treated?

Many people have the image that alcoholics are old men that live a rough life and drink cheap high alcohol spirits, this view could be no more more from the truth. Most people that are alcoholics today are young men and women that live reasonable lives hold a reasonable job and in some cases are supporting a family. Alcoholism is one of the major health hazards of society today and is responsible for a lot of diseases that end up causing death.

Alcoholism typically occurs in response to people starting to drink to reduce their stress levels. When a person starts to drink to reduce their stress levels they end up finding that their drinking ends up being a habit, this ever leads to the point where the person feels that they have to drink to reduce any disappointment that they have in themselves. The change from social drinking to alcoholism can often take many years or it can be quick, however the signs and symptoms of it will usually go unnoticed by family and friends. Common signs and symptoms are as follows

Repeat Withdrawal Symptoms
Drinking To Relieve Withdrawal Symptoms
Craving Alcohol
Developing and Increasing Tolerance For Alcohol

Developing Uncharacteristic Behavior

Drink heavy alcohol for a long period of time can cause not only your body damage but it can also lead to server illness; This includes gastric ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver and many other digestive and brain diseases. If a pregnant woman drinks heavily, that is 5 to 6 drinks per day they can run a high risk (1 in 3 chances) that their baby will be physically or mentally handicapped. Also since the body will have alcohol in it for a high percentage of time the alcoholic will often suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

Treating alcoholism can not always be easy; It is not something that a doctor can simply fix with drugs or quick treatment. The best way for an alcoholic to treat their alcoholism is to recognize that they have a problem and make sure that they are highly motivated to change that. Most people however that are alcoholics will never get ever been a alcoholic, they have to settle for control of their drinking habits and make sure that they do not drink much or nothing at all. From the doctor's side of the story, they will have to provide the alcoholic with treatments based on psychological and psychiatric counseling, detoxification programs and social recognition programs to help them with their quest to suppress their alcoholism and help them rejoin society as a health person. Although I have said here that doctors help out with patients a lot of the successful treatment of a alcoholic is dependent upon when he / she is determined enough to over come it.

Remember if you know of anyone who or yourself suffers from alcoholism please make sure that you consult a doctor immediately and seek treatment so that you can get your life back onto the right tracks.

Symptoms of Denture Cream Poisoning

Denture Cream Poisoning , the dangerous condition that may arise from the use of denture creams such as Super PoliGrip and Fixodent, is caused by ingesting abnormally high amounts of zinc, a heavy metal. As has been noted in studies, denture creams can contain large quantities of zinc in every tube. With the frequent use of large amounts of these creams over time, the user may ingest excessive, and possibly dangerous levels of his heavy metal. 

The Departments of Neurology and Clinical Sciences at the University of Texas have found zinc poisoning in patients who use large amounts of denture cream.  Zinc poisoning has been proven to have severe and dangerous side effects, and can lead to a serious condition called neuropathy.

A small amount of zinc is necessary for a balanced human diet. However, being exposed to more than 10 times the amount of recommended zinc can result in zinc poisoning. Zinc poisoning can be deadly if not caught and treated quickly.

For healthy adults, the daily recommended amount of zinc ranges between 12 and 15 milligrams. Most people are able to get the necessary amount of zinc naturally, through eating foods which have absorbed zinc. Dietary zinc appears in most multivitamins and also as a plain pill. Doctors are now learning that certain denture creams appear to have high levels of zinc, which can be absorbed through the mouth, possibly leading to zinc poisoning.

Zinc which is found in Denture Creams like Fixodent and Polgrip is considered a heavy metal, which means that it is dense and that relatively low concentrations of zinc in the body may lead to heavy metal poisoning. The symptoms of zinc poisoning are similar to other types of heavy metal poisoning. If left untreated, or if a high level of exposure continues, zinc poisoning can be deadly. Exposure to unhealthy levels of zinc should be limited for all ages. 

            Some symptoms include:

·        Loss of feeling in the extremities, such as fingers, hands, toes, or feet

·        Difficulty walking

·        Fatigue

·        Edema

·        Hair loss

·        Anorexia

·        Diarrhea

·        Lack of balance and general instability

·        Sudden or long lasting pain

·        Weakness in the muscles

·        Skin sores

·        Difficulty moving arms, legs, or hand

·        Numbness

·        slowed growth

·        Dermatitis

·        Paralysis

·        Anemia

·        Paleness

·        Bone marrow failure

Everyday numerous victims are joining in the “Denture Cream Lawsuit” . If you have used denture cream and show the Symptoms of Zinc poisoning, we suggest that you contact your Doctor, and a Lawyer familiar with the Denture Cream Lawsuit. 

If you have been diagnosed with high levels of Zinc and have any of the symptoms zinc poisoning and you believe it was caused by Denture Cream  such a Fixident  or Poligrip you may have legal rights entitling you to compensation.

I am not an Attorney or Medical Expert but have love ones who have the symptoms and have recently learned about the potential Fixodent Lawsuit.

Aciphex is a potent drug for gastric ulcer

Aciphex contains rabeprazole, which diminishes the acid production in the stomach. The primary use of the product is in the cases of gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as GERD and several other conditions with stomach acid problem like in Zollinger -Ellison disorder. Aciphex is also beneficially used to accelerate healing of ulcers in esophagitis. It is recommended in combined therapy with antibiotics to treat gastric ulcer patients due to H.pylori.

While prescribing Aciphex, you should be sanguine that the patient should not be allergic to rabeprazole or similar drug elements like lansoprazole, esomeprazole, omeprazole or pantoprazole.

Hence your doctor will be the best person to recommend the drug for your GERD problems with or without antibiotic drug. You should read the guide and follow the doctor’s advice regarding dosage schedule of the drug. You should continue to complete the course of medication with Aciphex as prescribed by your doctor. It is very much likely that your health will improve before the completion of the course of the drug. Tell your doctor if you have any disease other than the gastric problem and also disclose if you are pregnant or a lactating mother. Normally, the drug seems to have no adverse effect on the fetus nor any adverse effects on breast milk have been reported. Still you should take the advice of the doctor in this respect to continue the medication with Aciphex.

Aciphex is rabeprazole and is used orally as a medication for the treatment of symptoms prompted by acid in stomach, which has the mechanism to stop the production of acid in stomach. Patients with duodenal ulcers are correctly treated with Aciphex medication, which helps in the healing process of ulcers in the stomach. It is available as tablets of 20 mg and should always be taken under the prescription of a qualified doctor.

Aciphex is a well known drug and at the same time it is widely considered as the best option for most of the strange diseases that you might come along. It is always advised to buy these drugs at a Canadian pharmacy, as you can save a lot of time and money. You can click here to buy Aciphex

Learn How to Rid Yourself of Anxiety Attacks

Heart pounding, shortness of breath, feeling faint, shakiness. If you recognize these symptoms then you might be one of the millions of people around the world who suffer from anxiety attacks. Every day people visit emergency rooms because they think they are having heart attacks when in actuality they are suffering from panic attacks. Anxiety co-exists with many other disorders from depression to OCD. It also goes by many names, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and agoraphobia are just a few of the names.

One way that people treat anxiety attacks is to take anti-anxiety medicines. These drugs are generally taken when a person feet an attack coming on. Not everyone realizes that they are in a full-blown attack until it's too late, so they take their medicine then. It can take up to 20 minutes for any of those medicines to kick in. When a person is having a major panic episode 20 minutes can feel like a lifetime. While medication can help, many of the medications have addictive qualities, making it hard to take them for a long time. There are natural alternatives to medication and therapy that can stop these attacks in their tracks. Not only that, they can totally cure anxiety disorder.

Some people may look at all natural alternatives and say they do not work. But over 136,000 people can not be wrong. Using certain programs that have been developed by people who suffer from anxiety disorders themselves, those 136,000 people have learned how they can stop their anxiety and stop having anxiety attacks. They are no long controlled by their post traumatic stress disorder or agoraphobia and are able to control their own lives instead. They see the quality of their lives drastically improve. All it takes a just a little work on their part, and they have a whole new life. Everyone who suffers from any panic disorder wants to have that.

Not only will they be able to cure their anxiety problems and stop having anxiety attacks or panic attacks, they will also learn to stop searching themselves for symptoms of panic disorder. That in itself can feed into attacks. The more a person searches for any symptoms and signs of panic attacks, the more they are going to have attacks. Panic is a vicious cycle. It feeds on itself. The more panic a person feels the more they panic. Part of this is because the hormones and neuro-chemicals that are produced reset a part of the brain called the amygdala. This causes the brain to be more susceptible to panic and makes it easier to have panic attacks.

If you have anxiety attacks and are willing to do anything you can get rid of them and stop being dependent on medication and therapy look into a natural treatment. You can stop having any symptoms of panic disorder and anxiety attacks with just a little work. You can get one with your real life, in control of yourself. Everyone desires to have that great life with no panic.

Here are Some Methods on How Males Can Lower Their Cholesterol

Bringing blood glucose, blood pressure, and low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol levels down is the best way to combat diabetes-related cardiovascular complications.

For individuals with a poor cholesterol profile, dietary adjustments, such as lowering intake of saturated fat, and increased exercise are recommended.

If these do not provide sufficient improvement, or of LDL cholesterol levels are significantly elevated to begin with, some drugs may be prescribed. However, the side effects that these drugs may bring can be very risky.

Consequently, statistical reports prove that with the fast-paced lifestyle that most people engage into, the prevalence rate of high LDL cholesterol levels is approximately 37.13% out of the current population in the United States.

Moreover, an increasingly alarming statistic finding show that men are most likely to have higher levels of LDL or bad cholesterol compared to women within the childbearing age. One of the greatest factor that can bring about such event is the lifestyle of most men in the society.

Here, to avoid further health complications caused by high LDL, men should learn how to lower their bad cholesterol levels. Here is how:

1. Stop smoking

There are more men who smoke than women, that is why more and more men experience the grave complications of high LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

Studies show that cigarette smoking oxidizes LDL cholesterol, making it more likely to form artery-clogging plaque. For men who stopped smoking, within two years, their risk of a heart attack decreases to that of someone who has never smoked.

So if you are a man and a heavy smoker, have a head-to-heart talk with yourself and decide to quit.

2. Beat the stress

Men are known to cope less with stress. Here, men should learn how to beat the stress first before they can combat high levels of bad cholesterol.

Although there have been no direct report that can attest the link between stress and cholesterol levels, health experts say that due to the prevalent cases of men eating more fatty foods whenever they are stressed, the development of high blood cholesterol is most likely to take place .

Here, it is best to eliminate stress first in order to get rid of high cholesterol levels.

3. Exercise

There is no better way to lower down bad cholesterol levels than exercise. The best thing about it is that exercise may not only lower your LDL cholesterol, but it can also boost high-density lipoproteins or good cholesterol in your body.

Through exercise, your body's metabolism rate increases. Exercise has a definite effect on how much fats is in the blood.

In one recent report in the medical literature, doctors compared the LDL cholesterol levels of marathon runners, joggers, and inactive people, especially men. The long-distance runners had lower LDL levels than joggers, who had more than the sedentary men. Only regular exercise can keep down the levels of this harmful blood fat.

4. Counterattack

Prevention is always the best medicine, but what can exercise do after damage has been done to your body? There is no evidence that it can cure or reverse the effects of a heart attack or of severe atherosclerosis. However, it can relieve the symptoms of heart disease and other cholesterol-related health problems.

Some researchers say that the best defense after a serious health problem associated with high LDL cholesterol levels is indemnity.

Indeed, men do not have to suffer long before they can get rid of high LDL cholesterol levels. With these proven effective tips, men can now live a healthy life without the bad cholesterol.

The Aflatoxin Scare In Peanut Butter

What can go wrong with peanut butter? First, peanut oil can become rancid quickly after the jar is opened. This gives the product a bad taste. Slight rancidity can make the gooey stuff taste like cardboard while a terribly rancid brand has a fishy or painty taste.

Rancidity is usually caused by storage problems. Under normal conditions, peanut butter has a long shelf life provided it is kept in a cool, dry place. But if the peanuts used in filling a jar are bad to begin with, especially when exposed to air, heat or light, you can expect a lousy product.

Still, eating rotten peanuts every now and then is no cause for alarm. Not all peanuts that look bad are actually bad. Those withered, bitter-tasting nuts you chance upon are not always hallmarks of rancidity. This usually occurs when peanuts are harvested before their time.

One troubling aspect of peanut butter, however, is the aflatoxin scare that first affected the United States and spread to some Asian countries. Several local brands of peanut butter were confiscated by the health authorities after they were found to have high levels of aflatoxin which has been linked to cancer, changes in gene structure and birth defects among others.

Almost overnight, peanut butter's tasty image was tarnished. This highly nutritious and cheap source of cholesterol-free protein suddenly joined the ranks of other cancer-causing substances. And although new stocks of peanut butter were eventually cleared by health authorities, the specter of aflatoxin remains in our mid. Can we still trust peanut butter?

First of all, condemning peanut butter just because it has aflatoxin is not right. After all, this powerful poison naturally occurs in corn, rice and other foods. While most peanut butter including those cleared by food authorities contain aflatoxin, they are harmless because this poison is present only in small amounts. Here, aflatoxin has long been a part of our daily fare.

How much aflatoxin can we take? The permitted levels vary from country to country and are regulated by government agencies. In the United States, the Department of Agriculture limits levels in peanut products to 15 parts per billion (ppb). Actual levels, however, are much lower.

A study made by Consumer Reports showed that the average level of aflatoxin in several products was only 0.85 ppb. In some Asian countries, the level set by health authorities is 20 ppb. Confiscated products had higher aflatoxin levels and some even reached 100 ppb. Does this mean that those who purchased these products are in danger of dying from liver cancer later?

Not really. For one, the link between aflatoxin and liver cancer has not been fully established yet. Initial studies made in the 1960s appear to support this connection but the chances of contracting liver cancer from peanut butter remain very slim.

"According to the nation's scientists, the risk is insignificant. Although lab rats fed small doses of aflatoxin grievous liver tumors, mice given small or even large doses did not do. Much the same way that mouse livers do. If mice can eat aflatoxin without growing tumors it's reassuring news for us, "revealed Mary Roach in Hippocrates magazine.

With that in mind, you can safely eat peanut butter and enjoy the magic it brings. Indeed, in taste and nutrition, nothing compares to this gooey and sticky delight.

To keep your weight down to a healthy level, take Zyroxin, a safe and natural supplement that will maximize your weight loss through its unique fat-burning ingredients. For details, visit http://www.zyroxin.com .

How Is The Procedure For An Angioplasty?

For those in whom clot-busters and stents have not worked, there is the Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG), or ‘cabbage’ – although doing a cabbage in an acute situation is pretty much the last resort of last resorts. Or TOTS, which stands for Tatties Over The Side (a tatty is a potato), a reference to the point in a storm when the crew has to ditch the very last bit of cargo to save the ship.

Ergo, a CABG in an acute MI, when clot-busters or angioplasty has not worked, is TOTS time. You see, the jargon is quite simple once you get the hang of it. Quite how much impact all of this cleverness has had on overall mortality rates from having a heart attack is a moot point. Around fifty per cent of people die before reaching hospital, so they can not be saved.

Another forty per cent, or so, were always going to survive no matter how badly the hospital cocked up. So, at very best, these techniques can improve survival after a heart attack by about ten per cent, and we are nowhere near achieving this yet. Perhaps two or three per cent more people survive a heart attack now than about ten or twenty years ago. Do not get me wrong.

If I had a heart attack I would want a cardiologist warming up the cath lab, ready to stick a stent right up the old femoral artery. No question about it. Nothing but the best for me, thank you very much. But when it comes to heart attacks, cure is always going to be very much less impressive than prevention.

Even if it is much less sexy. Before we move on, I need to provide a little more information about ‘infarctions’ elsewhere in the body. Because although plaques most often develop in the arteries supplying blood to the heart (coronary arteries), plaques are perfectly capable of developing elsewhere in the body too. Quite often, big plaques form in the arteries in the neck (carotid arteries).

As these arteries supply blood to the brain, this is clearly a danger spot. However, the carotid arteries very rarely block completely. What most often happens is that a clot forms over the carotid plaque, then a bit breaks off and travels up into the brain through ever-smaller arteries. Once the clot reaches an artery that is too narrow for it it gets stuck. and this dams up blood supply to an area of the brain, leading to a cerebral (brain) infarction.

This is the commonest version of a stroke: The other type of stroke occurs when an artery in the brain bursts, causing a bleed into the brain tissue. This is called a cerebral haemorrhage.

Life-Threatening Rickettsial Infections

Rickettsial Infections

The Rickettsiae are minute infectious agents, smaller than most germs and larger than most viruses. Most classifications put them midway between the bacteria and the viruses. Rickettsia are too large to pass through a bacterial filter and are visible with an ordinary microscope.

Like the viruses, they multiply only in the presence of living cells and many of them live inside living cells. They usually are transferred from animals to men by ticks, mites, fleas, or lice. Many of the rickettsial diseases of men have been identified as such only during the last fifty years. The word “Rickettsia” comes from the name of Howard Taylor Ricketts, a physician in Chicago who was one of the first to observe these organisms and determine their nature.

A form of typhus fever called “murine typhus” is an acute infectious disease caused by an organism of the rickettsia. The disease usually begins with a sudden fever that lasts two or three weeks; the rash is located mostly on the trunk. The disease was first described in the United States by James Paullin of Georgia in 1913. The chief mammalian carrier of murine typhus is the rat. The infection is transmitted from rat to rat by fleas. The rat louse will not feed on man but the flea will if given opportunity. The flea bite is not infectious but when the flea bites a man, the flea may deposit its excretions; then the human being scratches himself and thus may force these excretions of the flea into his skin.

About six to fourteen days after such infection has taken place, illness begins with a chill and muscular aching, headache, fever, loss of appetite, r and cough; with this comes a feeling of severe illness. A skin eruption helps make the diagnosis. This eruption is present in 90 per cent of white patients, but of course is difficult to see on patients with a colored skin. The lesions of the skin are not hemorrhagic. In many patients the spleen is enlarged. Usually after eight to ten days the symptoms lessen and diminish-the condition clearing up in about three weeks.

Fortunately, two of the new antibiotic drugs-aureomycin and chloromycetin-have been established as valuable in controlling the symptoms of this virus infection. Most of those with murine typhus need lots of fluids while they are ill; if they cannot drink water, it is put into the body in other ways. About one out of every one hundred people with the disease may be so severely sick as to die of it. The ones who die are usually the very old or sick people.

The extremely severe epidemic typhus that is seen in Russia is exceedingly rare in the United States. A form of typhus which occurred to our soldiers in the Far East is called “scrub typhus” and known to the Japanese as tsutsugamushi disease. In these conditions modem treatment involves the use of aureomycin, chloromycetin and sometimes para-amino benzoic acid which is effective in interfering with the nutrition of the virus in the body.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a severe infectious disease with , chills, fever, prostration, and a hemorrhagic rash. It is caused by a Rickettsial organism and is transmitted by wood ticks. A disease called Brazilian typhus is identical, as are Mediterranean fever, South African tick-bite fever and Kenya fever.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is largely a rural disease; it has been I found in every state in the United States except Maine and Vermont. It occurs chiefly during the warm months of the year when the ticks are active. Indeed the only insects known to spread the disease are the ticks. These include the wood tick, the dog tick, the lone star tick, and the rabbit tick. The tick attaches itself to an infected animal and transfers the infection to man.

Two to fourteen days after being bitten, the illness comes on abruptly with chills, fever, severe frontal, or occipital headache, pains in the I muscles and joints and sensitivity of the eyes to pressure and to light. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, nosebleed, a mild cough and similar symptoms appear, along with a fever which will rise rapidly from 103 to 105 degrees.

A rash is characteristic. It develops two to six days after the onset of the illness, usually first around the wrists and ankles and then spreading to involve the entire body surface. Several crops of the rash may I appear, one after the other. Sometimes the rashes become hemorrhagic. The damage may be so great that gangrenous changes occur in the skin on the tips of the fingers, the toes, the earlobes and even on the soft palate. Secondary to these infections may be pneumonias, hemorrhages of the stomach and intestines and kidneys and serious inflammations of the eyes.

Vaccines have been prepared which are used to immunize people against Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fortunately, chloromycetin, aureomycin, terramycin and para-amino benzoic acid have proved to be beneficial in Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The condition was formerly much more severe than since the new antibiotics have been developed. Once from 12 to 25 per cent of those infected died of the condition but it seems likely that with the new antibiotic drugs something less than 5 per cent of deaths will occur.

Q Fever

Q fever is an acute illness often accompanied by pneumonia which results from infection with a form of Rickettsia. The first human cases of the disease were observed in Australia in 1~33. Since they originated in Queensland, the infection was named “Q fever.” Now a similar organism has been isolated from ticks captured in Montana and cases have been found in other areas of the United States.

Human beings are highly susceptible to Q fever; from 25 to 40 per cent of those exposed may be attacked by the disease. The condition was found much more often in Australia among people exposed to cattle. Before 1946 the disease was rare in the United States but has now been found particularly in epidemics in stockyards such as the one in Amarillo, Texas, in Chicago, and among dairymen in Los Angeles county. Workers in research institutes have frequently been infected.

From twelve to twenty-six days after exposure, the disease comes on with symptoms like those seen in other Rickettsial diseases. The two striking features that make Q fever different from other infections with Rickettsia is the absence of any characteristic rash and the almost invariable presence of pneumonia. However, pulmonary symptoms are often mild or absent. About one-half the patients have aches in the X-ray of the chest shows that the lungs have been infected in at least!11. 90 per cent of the cases.

Q fever may be confused with primary virus pneumonia, with tuberculosis, with psittacosis or infected bird fever, and must also be distinguished from ordinary influenza, sinusitis, undulant fever, dengue, and other Rickettsial infections. Here again aureomycin, chloromycetin, and terramycin have been found useful in treatment. Relapses are rare. Most of the patients recover. Thus far only some eight or ten deaths have occurred among perhaps 1,000 cases that have been reported in medical writings.

Adding Youtube Videos To Your Myspace Profile

Everyone has seen MySpace profiles with loaded with so many pictures, glitter graphics, and colors that their heads spin. While there are many sites that allow you to edit your profile BACKGROUND, it’s not always clear how to add videos from YouTube on your MySpace profile. This article aims to teach very novice MySpace users how to get the videos on to their profiles.

There are 2 ways this can be done: either automated or manually.


The easiest way to get that pesky YouTube video on your MySpace is to get a site to do all the legwork for you!!! Yes, there are sites that automate the process. The most well-known is MyTuber ([http://www.mytuber.com]). Basically, you can browse any YouTube video on MyTuber (it pulls directly from YouTube’s database), put in your MySpace information, and it posts it to whatever section you specify. 1-2-3, easy as can be!

Positives: easy, quick, absolutely zero knowledge needed

Negatives: not as customizable as the manual method


Browse YouTube, copy the “embed code” on the page. After you have copied the embed code, log on to MySpace. Once you are logged on to MySpace, edit your profile, and place the video in whatever section you want. Make sure you save your changes. By using the manual method, you’ll have some more control over certain aspects of how the video displays, but you’ll also have to know html to tweak them.

Positives: accomplishes goal, customizable if you know html

Negatives: tedious

Whatever method you chose, your MySpace profile will be happier because of it!

Dog Bone Cancer – Can Osteosarcoma Be Cured?

Osteosarcoma accounts for well over eighty percent involving all dog bone cancers. Despite the fact that these particular tumors can occur in any bone, they are more inclined to develop in the long bones of the legs. The most frequent areas for osteosarcomas to develop are typically in the areas of the shoulder, the wrist along with the knee joints.

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This disease takes place most often in larger breeds of dogs that include Rottweilers, Great Danes and Greyhounds. It seems that the elevated threat is often connected with fast growth as a puppy, in addition to increased leg length.

Dog bone cancer can occur in dogs of any age, but the average age at diagnosis is 8 years. It has even been reported in dogs as young as 6 months old.


Most dogs with osteosarcoma are taken to the veterinarian because they have developed a limp, or because their owner has noticed a hard swelling on their leg, which is growing larger.

Your veterinarian will probably suspect dog bone cancer based on your dog’s breed, age, and the location of the swelling. They will suggest further tests to make sure that they are on the right track. This particular type of tumor has some characteristic features on x-ray and that is often enough to confirm the diagnosis. If there is any doubt or confusion, it will be necessary for your dog to undergo a bone biopsy. A small piece of bone is removed under a general anesthetic and sent to the pathology lab for examination. This is the best way to be 100% confident that you are in fact dealing with an osteosarcoma.

It is also likely that your dog will undergo blood tests and also chest x-rays to check for spread of the cancer.


There is no doubt about it: osteosarcoma has a very poor prognosis. In over 90% of cases, this dog bone cancer has spread to the lungs at the time of diagnosis, and secondary lung cancer is the usual cause of death. Even with aggressive treatment, the average survival time is only 1 year.

Given the likely outcome of treatment, should you put your dog through the stress of treatment of osteosarcoma? This is a decision for you to make in conjunction with your veterinarian, and should be based on your dog’s age and general health. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s important to remember that this type of cancer is extremely painful, and good pain relief is essential to give your dog a good quality of life for the time they have left.

Has your dog been diagnosed with cancer? Do you suspect that he might have this dreaded disease?

How to Get Rid of a Cold Sore – Home Remedies For Cold Sores

Approximately 1/4 Americans fight cold sores on a regular basis. So the question arises how to you get rid of a cold sore? Cold sores can be embarrassing, frustrating and depressing yet so many of us deal with this virus. We are all just looking for tips two make less frequent and cope with the outbreaks that do occur. So here are some natural home remedies for cold sores that anyone can use.

Here are five simple tips for how to get rid of a cold sore:

Number one. Tea bags contain tannic acid which can be useful in decreasing pain and aid in the prevention of outbreaks. To use this home remedy simply soak the tea bag in water and then place over the affected area. By doing this for 5 minutes every day you can reduce the pain associated with an outbreak as well as help to prevent additional outbreaks from occurring.

Number two. By applying small quantities of petroleum jelly to your cold sores you prevent them from drying out and cracking. Not only does this help to reduce pain but can also prevent spreading of the cold sore.

Number three. The next of these home remedies for cold sores is simply an ice cube. By using a ice cube on the cold sore not only does it numb the area which helps to control pain but this can also help prevent spreading.

Number four. The same stuff that you use on your sunburn can also be the solution to your question of how to get rid of a cold sore. By rubbing aloe Vera oil on the affected area you allow the aloe Vera to speed the healing process there before taken care of your outbreaks more quickly than normal.

Number five. By eating a well balanced diet you can bolster your immune system and therefore prevent some outbreaks from occurring. Because cold sores are often brought on by periods of stress healthy behaviors such as a balanced diet can be of great benefit.

Prevent Pneumonia by Toothbrushing

Sometimes the answer to a very complex situation lies in a very simple answer and that is what the nurses at the Tel Aviv University have found. Normally patients who are unconscious are put on ventilator and it is very common in such individuals to develop lung infection.

This is something that the patients are at serious risk for. It is also reported that about 15% of the patients who develop lung infection can suffer from serious infections, which is a result of a depressed immune system.

The way to prevent such a serious infection from happening in the patients who are on ventilator lies in brushing their teeth three times a day. It is unbelievable as to how such a serious condition can be prevented through such an easy measure.

Patients on mechanical ventilation are intubated for a long time and the study reported that they can develop pneumonia in a matter of two or three days. The pneumonia can be prevented by in these patients by brushing their teeth three times a day. By doing this, such cases can be prevented by about 50%.

There are patients who are benefiting from this approach whereas there are patients who are still getting pneumonia after being on the ventilator. The nurses who have discovered this new amazing approach have said that by learning more from this there can be better ways devised to help the rest of the 50% of patients who suffer from pneumonia after being on the mechanical ventilators.

Step By Step Directions for Milking the Prostate

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. It is not found in women. Its primary function is the production of seminal fluid, and it also stimulates orgasm in males. The prostate gland can be affected by disease, including infectious inflammation or prostatitis, and prostate cancer, the second most deadly cancer among American males. Many people recommend milking the prostate regularly as a preventative treatment against prostate cancer and prostatitis.

Prostate milking is also referred to as prostate massage. It is a fairly simple procedure and you can do it yourself if you want to. Here are the steps to take in milking the prostate on your own:

1. Perform urination or a bowel movement in order to maximize the relaxation of the area.

2. Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed and have no jagged edges jutting out.

3. Clean your body and your hands thoroughly. Then put on a sterile latex glove on your hand. Dab a little water-based lubricant on your fingers.

4. Carefully insert your finger or fingers into your anus. Move them gradually upwards and to the back, along the area of the rectum towards the front of your body. Your fingers should be moving in roughly the direction of your navel.

5. You will feel the prostate gland, which is like a small, round bulb about the size of a large walnut. Gently massage it with a light waving motion along its sides, taking care not to press hard on the central area, where the sensitive nerves are located. Avoid touching the prostate gland with your fingernails.

6. You may experience a disconcerting sensation that makes you feel like going to the bathroom although you do not have to. Try not to let it affect you, and continue with the procedure.

7. After a few minutes, the prostate gland may be stimulated enough for ejaculation to occur. You are also likely to experience sexual pleasure or orgasm. However, the procedure does not always successfully bring about ejaculation.

Prostate milking when used as a preventative treatment may carry a few risks. It is a technique that is not recommended for men who have a disease of the prostate or acute prostatitis, an acute inflammation of the glandular tissue. The problem in such cases is that the act of milking the prostate may cause the infection to spread to other areas of the body.