Coma and Semi-Coma – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Coma refers to a state of unarousable psychological unresponsiveness in which the subject lies with eyes closed and shows no response to external stimuli or inner need. Involuntary functions like heart-beat and respiration continue, though they may be irregular due to some concurring or causative disease. Deep coma refers to a state where corneal, pupillary, pharyngeal, tendon and plantar reflexes are all absent. Reflex eye movements are usually preserved in lesser degrees of coma. Semi-coma refers to that state where an individual responds to a painful stimuli by groaning, opening the eyes or with irregular respiration. The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to quantify the severity of coma by measuring eye -opening, motor response and verbal response. Coma may be caused by brain lesions, trauma, metabolic abnormalities, infections and drugs or physical agents.

The modern management of coma consists of removal of the cause; ensuring proper respiration and circulation; care of skin, bowels and bladder; control of infection; and surgical intervention if required. Ayurvedic medicines can be given as additional supportive therapy in order to reduce the duration of coma, facilitate early recovery and prevent long term disability. The Ayurvedic treatment of coma consists of giving supportive therapy to preserve and maintain life and treating the known cause. Medicines like Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), Pippali (Piper longum), Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Kutaj (Holarrhina antidysentrica), Bhumiamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri), Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) and Triphala (Three fruits) are used to maintain adequate functioning of important organs like the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Medicines like Nardiya-Laxmi-Vilas-Ras, Maha-Laxmi-Vilas-Ras, Siddha-Makardhwaj-Ras and Hem-Garbha-Ras are used to maintain adequate body circulation of blood.

Medicines like Panchamrut-Parpati, Kutaj-Parpati and Suvarna-Parpati are used to prevent the formation of harmful toxins in the gastro-intestinal tract. Medicines like Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Saarivasav, Punarnavadi-Qadha, Gokshuradi-Qadha, Punarnavadi-Guggulu and Gokshuradi-Guggulu are used to help excrete toxins from the blood through the urine. Triphala, Sukshma-Triphala, Triphala-Guggulu, Chandraprabha-Vati, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu and Ras-Manikya can be used to treat and eliminate infection.

Brain lesions can be treated using medicines like Kanchnaar-Guggulu, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Pathyadi-Qadha, Panchamrut-Parpati, Shallaki (Boswelia serrata), Abhrak-Bhasma, Raupya-Bhasma, Trivang-Bhasma, Suvarna-Bhasma and Heerak-Bhasma. Metabolic disorders can be treated using medicines like Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daru-Haridra (Berberis aristata), Yashtimadhuk (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Patol (Tricosanthe dioica) and Patha (Cissampelos pareira). Drug toxicity can be treated using medicines like Sutshekhar-Ras, Bhunimbadi-Qadha, Arogya-Vardhini, Gokshuradi-Qadha and Punarnavadi-Qadha.

Lastly, Ayurvedic medicines can be given to actually strengthen and activate the nervous system tissue. Medicines like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Yashtimadhuk, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Mandukparni (Centella asiatica) and Haridra are also very useful for this. Other medicines like Tapyadi-Loh, Ekang-Veer-Ras, Sameer-Pannag-Ras, Maha-Vat-Vidhwans-Ras, Vish-Tinduk-Vati and Maha-Yograj-Guggulu can also be used for this purpose. Ayurvedic medicines can thus play a very important and useful role in the successful management and treatment of coma and semi-coma.

Vitamin Creams for Penis Health – For Best Results Rub Vitamins and Minerals Gently Into Penis Skin

Maintaining a healthy penis doesn’t have to be a large investment or a complicated process. In fact, keeping your penis healthy has never been easier. There are penis specific vitamins and minerals that will keep a penis looking and feeling healthy – while simultaneously helping to prevent a variety of common penis problems.

Which Vitamins and Minerals Are Necessary for Penis Health

Certain vitamins and minerals are essential for penis health. Vitamins B and E contribute to penis skin health and can help keep the penis looking and feeling young and healthy, Vitamin E increases blood circulation to the penis by relaxing the veins and capillaries that carry blood into and out of the penis. Increased circulation provides nutrients and additional oxygen exchange to penis and will also decreases the possibility of developing Erectile Dysfunction or loss of penile sensitivity.

Other vitamins and minerals, including L-Arginine and Acetyl L Carnitine help promote healing and cell regeneration which is particularly necessary following prolonged intercourse or aggressive masturbation. These minerals also prevent build up of scar tissue that may lead to a slight curve of bend in erect penis which may develop into Peyronie’s Disease.

How To Know if a Penis Is Healthy

A healthy penis not only functions well, but looks well. The skin of the penis should be smooth and supple, and should be free of odor and irritation such as dry, red or chafed skin. Vitamins, such as C and D plus minerals, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, help contribute to the overall appearance of the penis. A healthy penis functions at optimum performance – without pain or aching. If you experience odor, dry skin, irritated skin, loss of sensation, or problems having or maintaining an erection you should apply a penis health crème daily. Penis specific vitamins and minerals will help alleviate common penis health symptoms.

Vitamin Crèmes Yield Better Results Than Vitamin Pills

Vitamins can be ingested in pill or liquid form but for penis well being it is recommended to use a penis vitamin creme so that vitamins and minerals are applied directly to the skin of the penis. Vitamin crèmes are preferred over vitamin pills since all vitamin pills or liquids ingested orally can be absorbed by the body’s organs and thus do not provide maximum benefit to the penis. Vitamins taken in pill form may not be fully processed by the body as they can pass, whole or partially, through the body without being completely absorbed. Cremes allow you to target penis health by direct absorption of one hundred percent of essential vitamins and minerals necessary to promote overall penile well being..

What Kind of Penis Health Crèmes Are Best?

What kind of penile crèmes are best? A good penis crème provides all of the vitamins and minerals that are necessary in order to optimize the health and functioning of a penis. The primary ingredients should include vitamins, A, B5, C D and E; as well as minerals such as L-Arginine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine. In addition, natural moisturizers such as Shea Butter can help promote skin health by keeping your penis skin smooth and supple. Look for penile cremes that contain essential vitamins and minerals that can help your penis be at its healthiest. Health professionals often recommend Man1 Man Oil but any penis specific crème containing the necessary ingredients should provide the health benefits you’ll need for a healthy penis and enjoyable sex life.

Three Good Hospitals in Baku

The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the previous constituent republics that made up the United Soviet Socialist Republic or the USSR. The country is located in Transcaucasia, on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It has Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Iran, as its neighbors. Azerbaijan underwent a lot of political assaults and disputes. However, as of late, it has come out of its past and is gradually developing an independent economy, by banking on its oil and gas resources. The healthcare industry is not very well developed, but it has come a long way from the past.

The country has Baku as its capital city. Baku is a top tourist spot and draws huge numbers of visitors, from all corners of the world. The medical facilities are among the best available in all of Azerbaijan. There are both public hospitals as well as privately run clinics in Baku. The public hospitals house ample beds but suffer from lack of adequate practitioners or related staff. However, for basic treatment tourists can seek the aid of these public hospitals.

The private clinics are a better option for more specialized treatment and complications. These clinics along with few international hospitals offer up to date, quality treatment to their visitors. There are separate wards for accidents and emergencies as well. The doctors are well qualified. The hospitals have labs attached that give accurate test results. The nurses are well trained and extremely caring as well. The hospitals have a sufficient number of beds. However, patients are recommended to bring their own basic toiletries as Baku clinics often fall short in that area.

Language seems to be the main concern of foreign patients of Baku hospitals. As of late it has been observed that many Baku doctor are comfortable conversing with their patients in English. It is, however, always safe to get in touch with your respective embassies, in order to obtain a list of doctors who speak your language.

The most popular hospitals and clinics among tourists visiting Baku are Western Medical, Turkish-American Medical Centre, Oil Workers Hospital, Mediclub Centre, Mediclub Paedriatic, German Medical Hospital, and Central Clinical Hospital.

MediClub Centre:

More than a traditional Hospital, the MediClub Centre can be branded as a complete medical assistance organization. Tourists can receive excellent treatment at MediClub Centre. The doctors and staff are very conversant in English, the wards are clean and there are specialized departments to treat various types of illnesses. The food served at this center is of great quality and the help lines to the clinics are open round the clock. The ambulance service is very active and will be able to provide emergency transportation easily. The doctors and nurses take proper care to ensure the satisfaction of all of their patients. All that expats need to receive care from this center is a card that allows them to access the quality services on offer by the MediClub group.

German Medical Hospital:

Set up under German authority, the German Medical hospital is one of the leading medical service providers in Baku. The staff members are well qualified and trained in the western methods of medicine. The facilities are up to date as is the equipment which is state of art. Tourists may also come across staff who possess a working knowledge of English.

Turkish-American Medical Centre:

Dating back to 1998, the Turkish-American Medical Centre is one of the most modernized medical centers that caters to tourists and residents alike. The treatment methods, labs and facilities are all at the latest standards. The staff and doctors are committed and well qualified. The hospital has departments for almost all aspects of medicine and diseases.

How Lasers Are Used in Medicine?

One common and incorrect belief is that basic high power green lasers can be used to heal or treat small cuts and nicks. If a laser is powerful enough, it will not heal a wound it will just burn it and in the process cauterize it. Cauterizing a wound with a laser may reduce the likelihood of infection but the burn will do much more damage.

Infrared laser pointers are commonly used to treat soft tissue injuries such as bruises and strains. Using a process known as bio-stimulation, infrared lasers can penetrate below the skin and vitalize cells. This in turn improves microcirculation, immune response, inflammation and reduces pain

Laser acupuncture: Is basically a non invasive method that uses infrared lasers to stimulate acupuncture pressure points and is ideal for people who have a fear or needles or can’t tolerate the sensation of needles entering their body. Laser acupuncture is an ideal method for treating soft tissue injuries and giving pain relief for both acute and chronic illnesses. Lasers of 500mW or more are likely to cause skin burns.

Tattoo removal: Pulsed lasers are used that fire short and intense burst of light through the skin into the tattoo pigment. The pigment is broken down and then naturally removed over time by the body’s immune system. Gone are the days when tattoo removal involved scaring and the loss of skin. Now using laser tattoo removal, a tattoo can be completely removed leaving the skin healthy, intact and completely tattoo free.

Surgery: For many types of surgery, the traditional scalpel has now been replaced by lasers. The advantages of laser surgery are is it is comparatively bloodless and the heat of the laser keeps the wound germ free and reduces the risk of infection. Laser surgery is also faster and therefore cheaper.

Sperm mobility: Research indicates that low level laser therapy improves sperm motility when applied in doses. The laser frees up chemical pathways in the sperm which releases energy from the mitochondria, causing the mitochondria to work better and faster.

Acne: Roughly 30% of acne consists of fat so the removal of fat will reduce acne. The fat in acne contains specific chemical bonds that are broken down by lasers, allowing the body to absorb the fat.

Cancer: This is one area where there is a lot of controversy and the benefits of lasers are unproven. Many doctors claim that they have used lasers to make significant progress in the treatment of cancer where conventional methods failed. Currently there is not enough research to prove the benefits of lasers in cancer and at least one prominent doctor has been taken too caught for fraud, charged with false claims in the use of lasers to treat cancer.

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Causes Of Bad Breath In Young Children

While it’s not a life-or-death problem, bad breath (halitosis) causes embarrassment and self-consciousness for many people. When certain bacteria in the mouth eat, they release airborne compounds that cause bad breath. The bacteria prefer anaerobic, or oxygen-free, conditions.

One reason most of us wake up with bad breath is that our mouths have been closed and sealed off from a fresh supply of oxygen. For the same reason, you may have bad breath if you haven’t talked or eaten in a while. Low salivary flow is same like that in people with Xerostomia, or dry mouth that can also be a factor.

Sluggish saliva gives bacteria a chance to feed on peptides and proteins. One thing that can help prevent bad breath is acidic saliva, because the bacteria responsible for bad breath prefer alkaline saliva. So, while eating sweets is bad for your teeth, it might be good for bad breath because glucose makes saliva acidic.

Emergence of bad breath among infants
About 90% of bad breath comes from oral bacteria, but there are other causes. Tonsillitis and sinusitis are occasional culprits. On rare occasions, respiratory tract tumors can be a source. Just how often-gastrointestinal problems cause bad breath is up for question.

Some experts say that the thin, tube-like esophagus that carries food from the mouth to the stomach is normally collapsed. So smelly gas from a bad stomach couldn’t escape. That doesn’t preclude foul-smelling belches, however. Fetor hepaticus, or liver breath, is the term for bad breath peculiar to people with cirrhosis, a kind of liver disease. If bad breath persists, the culprit may be certain foods, tobacco, a sinus infection, or gum disease.

If one thinks that the problem may be a sinus infection, see a doctor. And if it’s gum disease, a periodontist can help recommend a course of action. Diuretics, antihistamines, and some antidepressants can cause bad breath. If one takes these drugs, keep breath mints on hand.

Rinsing, flossing, and brushing your teeth, gums, inside cheeks, and hard palate can eliminate morning breath. One should use a soft-bristle toothbrush and fine, unwaxed floss. Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS) occurs when the muscle surrounding the outlet from the stomach becomes overgrown and obstructs the passage of food into the intestines.

The condition, which generally arises in the first three to five weeks of life, causes projectile vomiting. This can lead to dehydration, weight loss, and electrolyte imbalances that affect kidney function. In most cases, good professional oral care combined with a daily regimen of oral hygiene including interdentally cleaning, deep tongue cleaning and optional use of an efficacious mouth rinse, will lead to improvement.

Abortion Methods – Learn 7 Different Types Of Abortion

Spontaneous, Herbal and Induced are the three general methods of abortion. Although it is not that popular or necessary in this modern era but there is a method known as self-inflicted abortion also. Most of the people do not consider self-inflicted abortion to be among the major methods.

In self-inflicted abortion a a sharp object such as a coat hanger is inserted into the cervix of the expecting mother. This method is known to be extremely dangerous or deadly and is not at all reliable.

One of the oldest method of abortion is herbal abortion which is also not considered very safe. The result of Herbal abortion is sometimes only a sick pregnant woman. It is not much different from the worse self-inflicted abortion. Over hundreds of years, several herbs are used to carry on herbal abortion. These herbs use to be silphium, birthwort, black cohosh, pennyroyal, tansy etc. of which some are now extinct. It also include modern day herbs that some people use daily such as juniper, lavender, parsley, thyme, marjoram and dill. Such herbs are termed as abortifacient or simply the herbs that can cause abortion.

However, surgical methods are the most commonly used abortion methods these days. Doctor may initiate one of the three surgical procedures to initiate abortion at an early term. The three surgical procedures followed for abortion are:

1) Manual Vacuum Aspiration or MVA- In MVA method a syringe is used to suction out tissue which causes abortion

2) Electric Vacuum Aspiration or EVA- In an EVA method an electric pump is used to suction the tissue out.

3) Dilation and Curettage or D&C- Once the cervix of the pregnant woman has been opened, sharp curette is used to clean the uterus walls.

4) Dilation and Evacuation or D&E- In this method the uterus is cleaned by the use of instruments and suction once the cervix of the pregnant woman has been opened.

5) Hysterectomy Abortion- Hysterectomy Abortion is related to the cesarean section to terminate a pregnancy.

6) Controversial Intact Dilation and Extraction or IDX- IDX is also known as Partial Birth Abortion. In this method the cervix is diated by use of forceps to grasp and turn fetus in breech position. Then the fetus is withdrawn and only head of the fetus is left inside cervix. Then the head is collapsed by suction of brain matter from the skull. This is done through the small incision which is made at the base of the skull. IDX or Partial Birth Abortion is a banned abortion method under Partial Birth Abortion Ban law. This law was passed by Congress and came into effect when President George W Bush signed it in 2003. But this law does not provide any information in cases where abortion is necessary for woman’s health and is therefore examined by US Supreme Court for its legal validity.

7) Chemical Methods- Combination of drugs can effectively terminate or end pregnancy. Drugs such as mifepristone or methotrexate are used for abortion which is followed by prostaglandin. Prostaglandin comes in two types and its usage depends on the place where abortion is done. Gemeprost is used in Sweden, UK whereas in US misoprostol is used commonly for abortion.

I’ve Been Cut, But I Didn’t Bleed

One day, I decided to go purchase some dungeness crabs to prepare at home. When I was eating the crabs, I felt as if I cut myself. However, when I glanced at my finger, I saw no blood. I then assumed, I had not actually been cut. When I went to wash my hands, I pressed against my thumb and realized I had been cut, but didn’t bleed.

I became curious…how can someone be cut and not bleed? I found that cuts that don’t bleed, do so because no blood vessel ruptured. God began to minister unto me about the many cuts I have had in my life that did not bleed. When we are hurt in life, we think we are not wounded because we do not necessarily respond the way we are expected to respond.

Cuts are considered to be a form of wound. People say time heals all wounds, but Rick Warren says it best, “Wounds that are left untended fester and spread infection throughout your entire body. Time only extends the pain if the problem isn’t dealt with.”

Cuts that don’t bleed in a spiritual sense are representation of those things in our lives that we cover up instead of allow God to heal us from. To avoid the pain, we find ourselves in a web of denial.
Cuts that don’t bleed in our lives display themselves in number of forms. It could be that little girl or boy who was molested as a child. They continued to walk through life like everything was okay. Years later, they find themselves being very promiscuous, because they covered up the very thing they needed to heal from. It may even be that adult that’s bitter and oftentimes seek to tear others down, when you look in their past, you see they were emotionally abused and were never delivered from the pain.

It may be the person who lost a loved one and everyone is talking about how strong they have been. Deep down inside, they are ready to explode from trying so hard to hold back the tears. It may be the person who was in a relationship and you knew they were “the one.” You soon found out they were a counterfeit and now you’ve shut yourself off from all relationships. One thing I love about this Christian journey is that there is no problem God can not solve. If we were never hurt, we would never know God could heal us.

What do we do when we have been cut, but didn’t bleed? Psalm 147:1-6 says “Praise ye the LORD: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comely. The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel. He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground.”

This psalmist first says to praise God. We praise him because he is good. Psalm 34:1 says “I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” This means that we are to never stop praising God even in the midst of our hurts and disappointments. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Paul tells us “For my strength is made perfect in weakness. I will glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” We should praise God in the midst of our wounding so that God’s power will rest upon us. In his power resting upon us, it will restore our joy, peace, and cause us do the next step.

Praise will prepare your heart to forgive. We cannot heal until we forgive. Matthew 6:14-15 says “For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” We must forgive. We do not have an option if we want to effectively move forward in life-if we want to please God. It is unacceptable for us to expect God to forgive our sins when we will not forgive others. The harm cause God far outweighs what others have done towards us.

We must also allow God to heal. The psalmist says that God heals the broken heart and binds up their wounds. Bind means to secure which assures us that the wounds will no longer be able to spread. If the passage says that he knows the stars by name, do you honestly think God does not know your name or your pain? He knows and understands better than we do. TD Jakes once said “when I look over my life, I realize, it was good that I was afflicted.” Someone afflicted is someone who has had physical or mental suffering. Even though it does not feel good, our affliction always works out for our good and for God’s glory.

After we praise God, forgive, and heal, we must expect God to restore. Joel 2:25 says “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar (baby locust), and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” The locust is a form of grasshopper. The type of locust referred to in this verse invaded agricultural areas in great numbers. They covered the surface of the land so that no one would be able to see it. The cankerworm is known to plague the crops. Overall, they are all viewed as having a destructive nature.

This is a symbol in Joel’s prophecy of being overwhelmed by a large and powerful army. When there is a strong and powerful army, they come in numbers so great that you can’t see the land. Just like these locusts and a powerful army would, so does wounds. They begin to spread so greatly in us through time that it takes over our spirits like a disease.

We are hindered spiritually because we have been infected by cuts that didn’t bleed. Our lives become centered around the wound within us to where we begin to feel hopeless and it wears on us in every form-mentally, physically, and spiritually. In spite of what may have occurred in our lives, God will restore everything we have lost and beyond. You will then have more joy and peace. You will be stronger than you were before.

We like to use the band aid treatment. We give our issues a quick fix. Every physical wound doesn’t need a bandage. Some need to be left uncovered in order to heal. The more you feel the pain, the more you will cry out to God and be made new. Are there some things in your life that you have ignored because it’s easier to avoid the pain? If so, I encourage you to allow God to take you through the process of your healing and restoration. It is God’s desire for you to be made whole again.

Water Fasting – An Effective Way for Detoxification and Weight Loss

One of the most effective and natural way of detoxification is water fasting. In fact, it has been a popular and powerful health recovery treatment since ancient times. It is a procedure wherein the body is allowed to heal by itself. With the absence of food, the body is left to exhaust all of its natural resources in order to harvest sufficient fuel for its functioning. Consequently, it tends to consume everything that it can, even those that are not essential to its functioning including wastes produced by the blood, bacteria, viruses, stored fats, and fibroid tumors. In short, through fasting the body naturally cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and as a result heals itself.

The period of fasting depends on the person. It may take several days, several weeks, up to a month or even more than a month. It basically depends on the person’s health condition and what he intends to achieve. The primary beneficial effect of water fasting is detoxification, and second is weight loss.

Many of the most notable physiological changes in the body during fasting take place during the first three days. Generally, the body’s main source of energy comes from glucose, a type of sugar harvested from the food we eat. The liver is capable of storing excess sugar or glycogen. Normally, the stored glycogen is enough to fuel the body for half a day. But while fasting, the stored glycogen is exhausted within the first 24 hours.

At that point, since glucose is no longer sufficient, the body improvises. The body starts to undergo ketone production or use fatty acids for fuel. This shift usually starts on the second day as the body begins to convert glycerol and amino acids into glucose. However, the body’s protein must be tightly conserved in order to protect muscle tissue and vital organs from being damaged during times when not enough food is taken in by the body. Thus for the rest of the period of water fasting, the body uses fatty tissues for energy due to protein sparing.

And since the body is solely taking in water during fasting, the bowel is also given a good cleansing. Moreover, the digestive system is given ample time to recuperate, strengthening the mucosal lining of the intestines, keeping toxins from entering the bloodstream.

So for the entire fasting process, not only do the organs of the body undergo repair and strengthening, the body is also undergoes detoxifications and weight loss. However, it must be noted that water fasting is not a cure all treatment and must be performed with precaution. Distilled water is most advised for cleansing due to the water’s natural magnetic properties and ability to absorb more toxins to be flushed out of the body. Spring and filtered water are also good to use.

Virtually any one person can fast. However, exceptions are those people with inherent metabolic disorder as well as those having a rare genetic disease characterized by the lack of essential enzyme needed to process fatty acids. Also, people who are malnourished and in a state of starvation are excluded from this treatment for it will not give the desired healthful effects. People who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, severe anemia, or diabetes are also not advised to fast. Furthermore, pregnant

The Importance of Apology Letters in Business

If you’ve made a mistake in your business, a verbal apology is much more difficult than a written one. In a written apology, time can be taken to chose and pick words appropriate for the situation. A written apology gives time to the recipient as well to think about the situation and respond accordingly.

If the business relationship is intimate, the approach has to be more romantic. References to the good times spent working or venturing in a project together may be included to suggest that it would be very foolish to terminate a relationship that both parties cherish.

“I am sorry” letter in business preferably should be written by the owner of the company and best accompanied by small gifts. Even if the letter is a brief one, it must specify what the apology is for. The feeling of regret and repentance must be put across very clearly.

Handwritten letters are said to work wonders in such cases. At times apologies need to be put across in a customer relationship as well. A grave mistake may be been made to a loyal customer. A smart business owner should recognize this situation and quickly write an apology letter to the customer. Failing to do so, you may not see the said customer ever again.

How about writing an apology letter for your own employee? In such cases the tone of the letter must be sympathetic as “I am sorry” might be used to communicate a termination, or rejection of a business proposal or failure to deliver a promotion.

In such cases the cause of the action has to be clearly defined to the recipient. The extent, to which letters would be effective entirely depends on the extent to which the damage has been caused. However, a note of sorry definitely reduces the discomfort caused by some offending act or behavior.

Dangerous Prayers to Get Your Husband Back From the Other Woman – Restore Your Marriage Now

This is your chance to restore your marriage into right standing by engaging in some dangerous prayers that will help you to get your husband back from the other woman. This is not the time to cry, this is the time for action. But if you are looking for a faint-hearted or timid fix then this is definitely not for you. Prepare yourself for the shocking truth…..

You are going to get your husband back from the other woman by applying a two-pronged approach – spiritual warfare and dirty psychological approach. When trouble walks into your marriage, do these three things: Get alone with God. The Psalmist wrote ” In the time of trouble He shall hide me in His Pavillion.” Are you allowing things to overwhelm you that really do not make a difference? Are you upset over things that should be dismissed with your inner strength? Get alone with God with these dangerous prayers to get your husband back. No matter the dark powers possessed by the other woman, you will conquer.

Exactly 12 midnight, start the following dangerous prayers and you will surely get your husband back from the other woman:

  1. By fire and by thunder, every power troubling my marriage, what are you waiting for? Die, in the name of Jesus
  2. Every evil power buried in the foundation of my house and marriage, die, in the name of Jesus (pray 3 times)
  3. Every power contesting for my husband, die, in the name of Jesus
  4. Arrows of the day, arrows of the night, assigned against my marriage, backfire, in the name of Jesus
  5. My husband stolen from my life by this other woman, come back, in the name of Jesus
  6. Spirit of the strange woman, I cast you down, I set you ablaze, in the name of Jesus

God is an expert at making impossibility to become major testimony.

Refuse to live beyond help because you have an image to uphold. You need help from God and from man because you can’t help yourself all the time. God has provided help, reach for it!

Be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit for He will constantly remind you of God’s plan and show you how to carry it out to get your husband back from the other woman. Now listen carefully! What has the Lord said to you right now? Have you done it? Obedience is your doorway out of trouble. Do not take the law into your hands. Do not kill. Just approach this woman with these dangerous prayers and you will surely get your husband back from the other woman.

Feline Diabetes: Three Ways To Prevent Diabetes In Cats

You may be shocked to learn that the rate of feline diabetes is skyrocketing.  You may be even more shocked to find out that diabetes in cats can often be prevented.  Preventing your kitty from becoming a feline diabetic is much easier than treating the disease once it’s developed.  Here are three ways to prevent this illness.

Feline Obesity Is The Number Reason For A Diabetic Cat

We feed our pets too much of the wrong kinds of foods.  Some experts go so far as to say that feline diabetes is a man-made disease, and that it’s completely preventable by feeding the proper diet.

Here’s what you need to know about the problems associated with dry cat food:

1. The protein is plant-based, not animal-based.
2. The carbohydrate levels are too high for kitties, which leads to weight gain.
3. The water content is too low.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means most of their protein must come from animal-based sources.  They aren’t meant to eat large amounts of carbs.  Plus they have evolved to get most of their water from their food.  You can see that feeding dry food for years on end can lead to a health disaster for your pet.

Feeding your pet a high-quality canned food now is the best way to prevent a feline diabetic in the future.

Daily Exercise Is Essential

Like us, cats tend to be too sedentary.  Regular exercise, in the form of rousing games, is essential for burning calories and keeping your companion in top shape.  Exercise also helps to keep blood sugar levels normal, too.

Natural Remedies For Cats Can Help Prevent Diabetes In Cats

Research has shown that certain herbs and supplements can help to regulate blood sugar levels in pets.  Interest in natural remedies for pets is rising as more and more people are turning to natural and alternative medicine for their own health issues.

Goat’s rue has been used in Europe for centuries to support pancreatic health.  Studies have confirmed that this herb helps the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek was used both in ancient Egypt and in traditional Chinese medicine for many ailments.  Now modern research agrees that it’s another herb that helps to keep glucose blood levels normal.  It’s also a kidney tonic, and promotes urinary tract health, preventing infections.

Astragalus was called huang qi in traditional Chinese medicine.  It’s been shown to prevent cardiomyopathy in diabetic rats.  Again, it also helps to promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Bilberry is an antioxidant that promotes eye health.

Chromium picolinate is a form of chromium that’s easily absorbed by the body.  This mineral is essential to metabolize sugars and fats, but most diets are very deficient in it.  Taking this supplement daily can reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

You’ll be happy to learn that these five ingredients have already been combined into a safe and effective remedy formulated especially for pets.  It’s reassuring to know that the company producing this remedy has an excellent reputation for producing only the highest quality remedies for companion animals. 

Some food for thought:  it’s much easier to prevent feline diabetes than it is to treat it once it’s developed.  Take steps today to protect your beloved pet from this dread disease.

What Does it Mean to Be a Cancer, Scorpio Or Pisces?

The astrological signs associated with the element of water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water relates to the human function of emotion. Air relates to thought, earth to physical touch, and fire, to intuition. People born in water signs are talented at therapy, cooking, creativity and accommodation. Read below about the classic traits of the water signs, and see if you recognize yourself in yours.

Cancer–Soft on the Inside, June 21 – July 22

Cancers are among the most sensitive people of the zodiac. They generally don’t show their compassionate nature, which is sometimes perceived as vulnerability. Cancers like to appear strong, and are inclined to be secretive about their tenderness and concern for others. Cancers make decisions carefully through emotion and intuition, rather than reason and logic.

Cancers are primarily interested in establishing security at home and defending their family life. Because of their protective and nurturing tendencies, Cancers can come across as smothering or possessive. They prefer to be straightforward and will shun unnecessary things. If a Cancer speaks about a difficult subject with someone, you will notice him or her to be tactful and sympathetic about it. Honesty and equality, as well as reputation and hard work are important to Cancers. Cancers make judgments carefully through emotion and intuition, rather than reason and logic.

Cancers are passionate about food, cooking and restaurants. Interestingly, this sign rules the stomach. Because of their sensitivity, they are prone to stomach upset or diet related issues. Cancers typically enjoy the public. If so, they will be fun, witty and approachable at a party. They will also be inclusive and recognize common emotional bonds. If opposed to others Cancers will start off with a strategy of passive resistance, but if pushed will become combative. Cancers can be moody and easily hurt but also easily consoled.

As one of the Cardinal signs, Cancers have an outward focus. They are impulsive, expressive and like to start things. In the astrological progression of the zodiac, Cancer takes the self discovery of Aries, the determination of Taurus and the split-experience of Gemini and strives to merge those elements into a harmonic unified whole. Because they are so idealistic, Cancers may have difficulty facing ideals which can’t be realized.

Cancers are devoted, patient, and forgiving. They will often lament about the past, old friends, and good times.

Scorpio- The Sign of Desire, October 23 – November 21

Scorpio is a water sign associated with the ocean. People born under the Scorpio sign are deep and unfathomable. The sign is concerned with healing and the desire to be pure. Scorpios make excellent doctors. Many Scorpios wrestle with an unwanted or inescapable aspect of their lives. They usually have to go through changes that are forced upon them in life. They have a never-give-up attitude and can be resourceful when it comes to getting out of a bind. People of this sign are often obsessive in their search to find the parts themselves that are unknown or unlived. In this process, they can be fatalistic, sinking into modes of despair, struggle and sacrifice.

Scorpios are known for the way they celebrate living. They have high-spirited, dynamic personalities. They usually are highly sexual and have a great deal of will power when it comes to overcoming emotional issues. Brave and generous, they are devoted romantic seducers, even while being uncertain in relationships.

As Scorpios grow older, the spiritual path they must follow becomes important. They focus on their inner qualities as they seek their ideals. They are driven to let old parts of themselves die off as they embrace a new state of aliveness and responsibility. The challenge for Scorpio is to see the beauty, love and power of life on the other side of letting go.

Scorpios can be secretive and can be trusted to keep a secret. They love time alone. Don’t expect them to be terribly revealing of themselves. Unique and brilliant, they are less talkative than most, but amiable. Scorpios are quietly powerful. They’re not too responsive to praise. They only get angry when provoked, and then they might be vindictive. Scorpios can be also described as intense, sarcastic, suspicious, inquisitive and unpredictable. Scorpios have a strong sense of integrity. They are hardworking, honest, patient and difficult to fathom because they think so differently from others.

The nose, bladder and sex organs are sensitive areas for Scorpios.

Pisces–The Sign of Integrity, Feb. 20 – March 20

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a planet concerned with social obligation. Pisces often feel the pressures of cultural demands. They have high expectations of others. They are compelled to serve the ethnic, religious or social groups to which they belong. Sometimes they take on the guilt of the group’s failings or play the role of the martyr. Some Pisces deal with social pressure or conditioning through unhealthy ways of escape. Pisces are notoriously involved with institutions and charitable causes.

Pisces are sensitive and psychic. They delve deeply into spiritual growth. They are sympathetic and responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. They are bothered if members of a group don’t get along or a party isn’t going well. Pisces prefer not to engage in strenuous activity or aggressive sports.

Pisces represents the water of a river, fluid and moving. Pisces fluctuates– shallow then deep, slow then quick, pessimistic one day, optimistic the next. Emotionally, Pisces are known to be shy, vulnerable, secretive, moody and reserved. Once they are comfortable with you, they want attention.

Pisces insist upon honesty and generosity in relationships. They have little tolerance for self deception or lack of integrity. Pisces always want to do the right thing.

They are affectionate, understanding, and apologetic. Generally they will surrender in an argument. They like peace and serenity. Often they are musically talented or artistic, and enjoy being involved with home decor. Pisces love to fantasize and travel.

In the body, Pisces rules the feet and the glands.

Obesity and Health Care

Although everybody knows that it is very important to take proper care of health but most people often neglect to take care of their health.  It’s so hard to use the time that we have to focus on making our bodies healthy and for the most part, it’s something that we want to get to as a well shaped body but never have the time for. A person with BMI of 30 may considered obese. Any people who have 10 pounds over weight are considered morbid obese people.

After all, our health is usually so sturdy, but this is where people make such a big mistake. The time that they finally address their body’s health condition is at a time where they have to. Obesity is one of the most common problems faced by the people today. About 30 million people are obese and one out of three people are living their life with this disorder.Obesity is defined as a body weight consisting of 20% or more above the standard ideal weight.

Obesity means having too much fat on the body. This sometimes confused with overweight which means weighing too much fat on the body. Obesity occurs at that time when you eat more calories than you use. The balance between calories-in and calories-out differs for each person and obesity in people also depends on it. Factors that might tip the balance include your genetic makeup, overeating, eating high-fat foods and not being physically active.

Risk factors- Being obese mean a person having increased risk of diabetes, heart stroke, arthritis, heart attack and some cancers. An obese person if loss 5-10% of its weight may have lower risk of health problems. The problem is considered a problem only in high income countries and on the other hand, overweight and obesity are now dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings.

Being overweight can also affect a person’s joints, breathing, sleep, mood, and energy levels. So being overweight or obese can impact a person’s entire quality of life. A person, who has obesity, may increases the risk of type 2 diabetes with the degree and duration of obesity. Type 2 diabetes is associated with central obesity and a person who has central obesity has excess fat around his/her waist, so that the body is shaped like an apple.

What Does A Shingles Rash Look Like?

A shingles rash is a painful manifestation of the virus which causes shingles. This is a condition wherein the skin develops painful rashes which turn into blisters which have fluid in them. Caused by the same virus which causes chickenpox, it is a condition which is not easily transmitted from one person to another, but is rather developed by the body as the dormant chickenpox virus reactivates and goes from the body’s nerves to the skin.

Shingles rashes normally turn up on one side of the body only. However, the rashes do not turn up immediately, so the patient would most likely feel pain even without the manifestation on the skin. As the rashes start to show up, they will be shown as small blisters that are reddish in appearance. The blisters will increase in number and will be more evident from three to five days.

The rashes follow a linear path which may appear as dots on a single line. This is because the infection follows nerve paths. They can also create rays and bands as patterns on the skin, again following the patterns of the nerves. Shingles commonly occur on a single nerve level, but in rare cases manifest in more than a single nerve.

As the infection matures, the blisters will pop and ooze liquid. A scab would then be formed on the wounds, enabling the infection to heal. Shingles can manifest in a person’s body from three weeks up to a month since the reactivation of the infection. In some cases, the rashes and the blisters do not appear, but the pain is present.

It is therefore important to see a doctor and consult about pains of which causes are not easily identified. You might already have developed shingles and have not known it yet. It is important to take utmost care, especially when dealing with other people, since it is contagious to people who haven’t had chickenpox yet. 
On the other hand, it cannot be passed to a person and immediately develop as shingles as well.

If a person who hasn’t had chickenpox catches the infection, he or she will develop chickenpox and not shingles. They will be at risk to developing the condition only after the virus has become dormant, meaning the chickenpox is already cured.

People who already had chickenpox are immune to the virus already, but they can develop the infection since they already have the virus in their bodies. To prevent shingles, vaccines are available and are given as a one-time dosage.

Elderly Mobility Challenges – Falling Out of Bed – Why Bed Rails Are Not Mobility Aids

Mobility issues in general are misunderstood and lack appropriate solutions to address the problem. One issue is why, do people fall out of bed and why is it such a healthcare mystery. You may wonder how beds and bed rails equal a mobility issue until you understand a century old misconception.

Many bed falls are mobility related. The most common solutions were to confine the person or restrain them with bed rails, sometimes both. Today’s focus is on individual needs and keeping people mobile without confining or restraining them.

One myth is that the elderly fall out of bed because the bed rails are not raised. Yet we never hear what caused them to “fall out of bed” so informed decisions are rare. Exploring the reasons why the elderly and others fall out of bed will help us make better mobility decisions now, and in the future. Bed fall examples:

1. Accidental, rolled off the bed while reaching for a TV remote or glass of water on a night stand, usually an accident. Is this a balance or mobility issue, both or just an accident?

2. Fell off the edge of the bed. If the person was properly placed in bed they may not fall off the edge. This person could have a mobility issue and needs various mobility aids or more assistance. Proper in-bed placement could be important.

3. Rolled off the edge of the bed attempting to roll on ones side and got too much momentum. Could proper in-bed placement alleviate the issue or would a restraint free mobility tool be beneficial.

4. Another type of bed fall is transferring out of bed or getting into bed. Common mistakes and mobility gaps are the improper use of walkers and canes. Often people need a helping hand to complete a task but lack the additional mobility aid needed to complete it safely and with less stress.

Rolling into bed rails is painful and an entrapment risk. They are confining and restrictive causing the user to constantly bump into the rails creating bruising and possibly skins tear issues. The user often blames themselves for injuries not understanding it’s the confining and restrictive device causing the problem not them. This is an example of using or recommending the wrong tool.

We are also realizing many mobility aids like walkers and canes are poorly designed creating risks and that bed rails are not mobility aids. We cannot address needs without understanding the cause and circumstances prior to recommending a solution. We should also understand mobility aids and the effects they have on the user.

This is a new way of thinking about the mobility needs of seniors, the disabled, and the elderly. We cannot continue to throw inappropriate mobility aids and partial solutions at the problem and expect positive outcomes. Each person has individual needs based on their own set of conditions that we need to understand before we make life changing choices. We are just beginning to understand mobility issues and falls. New ideas, new knowledge and new actions can have positive outcomes.

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