Funny Team Names

Coming up with a team name is all about being yourself. Think of something and put your own comedic twist on it. Be random. The Gold Fish Bowlers for a bowling league is a perfect example and that just came right of the top of my head. I was looking around the room, saw the goldfish bowl and wala. The next part is being creative. Do not do one that you have seen before because that mean someone else has seen it before as well. Like who has not seen some of those most common ones like the master batters. Besides that being common try to be clean. Your team name represents yourselves so do not do something dirty, but something that will represent yourself in the way you want it to.

Now here is a list to help you get some ideas. I know that you have seen some of these before. They may have caught your eye and made you glance back at that basketball team name and ask, are you serious. Yes, here is going to be a list of those funny basketball names that add excitement to the game we all love to play. But this isn’t going to be just any list. The is going to be the biggest, largest, hugest, gigantic, massive, mammoth, colossal, titanic, vast, gargantuan, giant, very big list you might every see, or maybe not. I have to see it is a decent size, but what would make it that substantial sized list is if you would leave a comment of name you have heard over the years.

Unleash The Furry

The School Bus Drivers

The Four Skins

Technical Knockout.

Players of Talent Players out of Talent

Wonderful Excellent Enormous Dudes

The Intentional Foulers

The Technical Foulders…

Basket Brawlers

The Wet Wedgies

Super Heroes in Training…..

The Extrema

Already Lost

We Lose

Control Freaks

Foodoo Doctors

Wii Not Fit

Smoking Tress and Stroking 3’s

Winged Beavers

Snapping Turtles

King Salmons

Wampus Cats

Wii Fat

The Three Basketeers

The Boston Three Party

The Three Amigos

Cunning Stunts

The Baseball Team

The Monkey Yummies

Lightning Zappers


The Cereal Killers

Staying Yummy

The Fugitive Mangoes

Dazzling Stars

The Hot Dawgz

The Razzle Dazzle of Fantazzmanglers

Mighty Morphin Ginyu Force

Mischievous Polar Bears

The Flying Monkeys

Athletic Hippies

The Flying Apes

The Bankers

Flying Bacons

Crazy Catz

Lunch Ladies

You Lead And Afflalo

P.S. You are best of in tournaments trying to get a sponsor and using them as your team name. It is all about the money, isn’t it.

P.S.S. It should not be about the money. Play just to play the game. Enjoy it because you do not know when your playing will come to an end for some reason you do not see coming.

Increased Interest in Natural Skin Care Products

In the past several years there has been an increased interest in natural products, and natural skin care products are no exception. It's the simplest, most basic ingredients that have been the most effective in healing and maintaining healthy skin through the ages.

The public is better informed than ever before and are searching for natural ingredients that will help bring about natural solutions to skin care needs. They know that when natural skin care products are being developed, ingredients used should be carefully selected by experienced dermatologists and herbalists. The secret lies in the combination of these ingredients. Some of these natural ingredients may include:

-grape seed extract

-green tea extract

-natural vitamins

-natural beeswax

-virgin coconut oils

-lavender oil


-sea buckthorn

-rose hips

The secret to great products is in the combination of the ingredients. Products can be formulated for a wide variety of uses including certain skin types:

O -extra-sensitive
O-mature and specific skin problems:
O -cellulite
O-diaper rash
O-jock itch
O-foot fungus
O -dermatitis
O -eczema

Skin that has been damaged by the effects of stress, toxins, unhealthy diet, over-exposure to sun and wind can be effectively treated with natural skin care products. More people are concerned with the health of their skin and are doing something about it.

With the expert opinions of dermatologists who specialize in skin care treatment, and the valuable expertise of herbalists who are well-versed in the healing properties of plant materials; These products can heal and nourish the skin, and keep it glowing and radiant. Damaged skin can begin to look and feel better. Healthy skin can be nourished to stay that way.

Unwanted Hair Removal – What Should I Expect To Find In A Great Hair Removal Product?

Having an unusual amount of body hair is an issue that so many people face on a daily basis. Having extra body hair can be downright embarrassing. It's just not sexy to have a mustache when you are a woman.

Having hair on your legs, arms and even sometimes on your face can be a hassle to deal with. Women are naturally self conscious so having this problem to deal with can be awful. There are so many different techniques and tricks that you can use to remove the extra hair from your body that make promises that they just can not keep. Things like, sugaring, lotions, waxing along with so many others; Just do not live up to their promises. Even if they do, they're only very temporary. Not to mention that these methods for removing unwanted body hair can be painful. You have to find a solution that not only removes the hair, but one that will also remove the need for these expensive products that you might have been trying without success.

The ideal product should remove the hair and keep it away for months on end. It should also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. The best type of product should utilize some sort of thermodynamic technology to destroy hair follicles through the use of heat. This is a safe and proven process for removing unwanted hair. The ideal product should take care of the issues surrounding extra body hair and all of the embarrassing things that come with this issue. When searching for the solution, you must keep these things in mind. I hope that you can rid yourself of an embarrassing situation and all of the undesirable hair.

Becoming a Hairdresser – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any other kinds of types of jobs, profession and career in the world, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a hairdresser. Yet despite the pros and cons, as long as you have the motivation, inspiration and the love for what you do, nothing will hinder you from succeeding as a hair dresser or any other career you choose to pursue.

Hairdresser Pros: What makes the profession enjoyable?

  • Interaction with different types of people. A hairdresser always has this opportunity with various types of clients, young or old, male or female. As a matter of fact, it is this dealing with different personalities that add challenge and reward to the job. A hairdresser is prevented from boredom as each client requires specific hair care needs.
  • Work Flexibility. If you are a hairdresser, you may choose to work for a salon or for yourself. You may opt to work in an 8-hour shift or by appointment only. You may also establish your own salon or offer home service.
  • Variety of services. These days, clients prefer a convenient on-stop salon where they could get different services like hair styling, facials and nail care. If you are a hairdresser working for a salon such as this, you would need to know how to perform other beauty services. Expect that every day, you might be performing a different service and not just the basic hair trimming.
  • Options for training. If you want to become a hairdresser, you may choose to attend a training course from a technical school. You may also choose to become an apprentice in a work environment where you would likely be absorbed once the apprenticeship is completed.

Hairdresser Cons: What makes the profession taxing?

  • People interaction. Although this may also be considered as an advantage, if you are a type of person who has less interest and patience in dealing with people, you may consider this as one advantage. Not all clients are easy to deal with. As a hairdresser there will be times when you will be working for difficult to please clients. Some will take note on how you would handle your scissors, some will not like the way you shampoo their hair and others will even mind the way you speak and talk to them. So you must be careful and gentle with your technical hair styling and communication skills.
  • Hair and Beauty responsibility. As a hairdresser, your clients expect you to enhance their appearance and not ruin it. There will be accidents and though it is not your fault, most clients will consider this as your flaw and they will likely not come back for your service.
  • Physical strain. A hairdresser’s job involves standing for long straight hours resulting to inflamed feet and ankles, growth of varicose veins, back and joint pains.
  • Competition among other hairdressers. There are many other hairdressers out there, each with his or her own skills. If you will not think of an effective marketing strategy, you will be left with just a few clients. You may pursue additional training on the recent hair dressing techniques; you may offer a light massage or any freebie that will make your service extraordinary and special to your clients.

Do You Think You Have Chronic Ankle Instability? Use an Ankle Brace For Relief!

Do you feel like your ankle is becoming too weak to be reliable even when walking, much less when doing strenuous activities?

Do you feel like your ankle will give way when you are on rough or uneven terrain?

If you said yes to the above questions, then chances are high that you are suffering from ankle instability.

Ankle Instability and Its Causes

Chronic ankle instability does not only happen to athletes. Even if you are not engaged in sports and rigorous physical activity, you or any ordinary person may also suffer from this.

This medical problem develops mostly from ankle sprain that has not adequately healed or rehabilitated completely. Your ability to balance is affected if you are suffering from this. If you repeatedly get an ankle sprain, it could put you at risk for suffering from chronic ankle instability.

Another cause is the repeated turning of the ankle, especially on uneven surfaces or when participating in sports.

Symptoms of Ankle Instability

Following are the symptoms of a chronically unstable ankle:

  • Persistent (chronic) discomfort and bargaining of the ankle
  • Pain or tenderness in the area
  • The ankle feeling wobbly or unstable

Treatment and the Use of Ankle Braces

Now what do you have to do to correct ankle instability and to relate the pain it causes?

Beside resting and putting ice on your ankle you may consider using an ankle brace for extra support. A lot of people have tried it and took relief from it. Read their testimonials below:

  • Scott: "My ankle pain reduced dramatically and I had more confidence in walking with the braces on."
  • Helen: "I do not worry making any awkward ankle movements when I wear ankle braces."
  • Andy: "I get even more active in doing sports than I used to be after having ankle support. These braces really changed my life."

To sum it all, it is really you who have the choice. It is your choice to either have or do not have ankle support. We just do not want you to look back with regret because what seemed to be a little ankle problem turned out to be a chronic problem when you hurt your ankle again.

It is important, however, to seek for professional help if you think you have chronic ankle instability. This article is for health information and should not be seen as a substitution for the advice of a medical professional.

Nine Effective Ways to Avoid Stomach Flu

Stomach flu isn’t really a flu. It’s a form of digestive upset which is caused by a virus. It’s very like food poisoning, but that’s caused by a bacteria.

Medically, flu is also considered to be caused by a virus, hence the name of stomach flu.

Symptoms are typically nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea, but really any digestive symptoms can be present.

If you are prone to stomach flu, it shows two things. One is that your immune system is not strong enough to prevent a virus taking hold. The second is that your weakness is your stomach.

Everyone has a weakness. For some it’s their lungs. For others, it’s their joints. Maybe yours is your digestive system.

So to avoid further bouts of stomach flu, you need to address these two aspects. The following lists effective ways to improve these areas:

  1. Raw food. This is all important. Make sure at least 50% (preferably more) is raw fruit and vegetables. Enzymes are destroyed by cooking, but are essential to a healthy gastrointestinal system.
  2. Cut back on the acid making foods. These include processed food (white sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flour, white rice, packets, fast food, etc) and animal protein (meat, chicken, eggs,  dairy).
  3. Digestive problems are telling you your liver is struggling. Medical drugs, vaccines, OTC drugs, recreational drugs all put your liver under strain to a greater or lesser degree. Avoid them as much as you can. Avoid excessive alcohol for the same reason. Try to avoid chemicals in your home.
  4. Practice having a positive, optimistic frame of mind. This will go a long way to improving your overall health. Negative or pessimistic people are more unhealthy. Let go of those friends or colleagues who drag you down.
  5. Get out into nature. Become part of it. Delight in the way the raindrops fall, the sun rises, the buds fill out, the leaves change colour, the aerobatic of the birds…
  6. Exercise in some way. It could be walking your dog regularly, or going to the gym, or taking up yoga. Anything that you will enjoy, so you will do regularly and happily.
  7. Make sure you get enough sleep. You optimum amount may be three hours or eight hours. Only you know how much you need to be alert. Make sure you get it.
  8. Get enough sun. You need at least an hour’s exposure to sunlight every day to keep you healthy. The sun also converts cholesterol into vitamin D. Exposure should be on naked skin (no sun block) and naked eyes. Just don’t frazzle or overdo it in the middle of the day in summer.
  9. Buy yourself a homeopathic home prescribing kit which includes medicines for stomach flu. That way you can nip it in the bud if a bout does come along.

Stomach flu doesn’t have to be a serious illness. But it could be a wake up call for you to take remedial action. Taking proactive action now will bode well for your future health. Allow it to continue, and you can expect your health to deteriorate.

Value Your Worth – The Degree of Awareness Or Consciousness, Reflects Your Level of Self-Worth

Storms of daily life have slashed and bruised your dreams and they have wounded your hearts desire, because you have allowed the agendas and benchmarks of mass consciousness to dampen the worthiness of self. Many of dualities lessons and experiences dull your spirit, because you are brought up with mass consciousness repetitive controls, limitations and hypnotic belief system and overlay structures.

When you are forced to conform to the bureaucratic benchmarks of what you are expected to be, do and have will squash your hidden and unlimited potential. Frustration builds up, rebellion rears its ugly head and you fight with your elders when your expressions are ignored and unnoticed. When you can not express you develop unsociable behaviors and behaviors patterns whilst a crisis and / or health problems occur. When you do express you are punished for voicing or living your truth, for being you, because their fears and perceptions did not like what you have to say and their agendas state that your human skills may not be up to par with their social status . The 'breaking in' when you were a young child to the conditions of society actually is trying to break your spirit. It dampens the worthiness of self and suffocates the birth of your true essence, because you were taught to deny the self and serve others first.

Have you asked why you have relationship issues; It is because you can not love another and have a balanced and harmonious relationship until you can unconditionally love yourself. Have you ever wondered why you can not love yourself, why you can not accept yourself, why you loath and belittle yourself and why you dislike what you look like? It is because humanity has brained washed you to thinking you have to be of a certain appearance, standard and status to be worthy, you have to be well educated, skilled and well-healed to earn your worth.

To address self-worth problems can be broken down into 3 categories.

1. Wise or Foolish
2. Value or Undervalue Yourself
3. Depression or Balance

Let's take a look at each category.

1. Wise or Foolish – Can you be wise and clever to be able to love yourself so that you can inspire and expand your consciousness or are you stupid and foolish to follow the group masses, like sheep being herded into a controlled cold room? You can be clever at a physical skill or talent, you can be a brainstorm at analytical facts and figures, yet you can be foolish, dumb or unintelligent when making life's choices and decisions, you can be ignorant and unaware of what is going on behind The scenes. Many of these choices are made from the head and not the heart, many of them come from the influence of the masses, which is not your truth, but you act it out and live it as your truth. Consciousness can be high or low and it has nothing to do with being clever, intelligent or stupid or foolish – consciousness is awareness. It just reflects the stage of evolutionary growth you are at.

2. Value or Undervalue Yourself – Whatever you do in your life, do not sell yourself short, do not undervalue yourself because whatever you are aware of, you level of consciousness will dictate your level of worth. Avoid thinking too little of yourself by failing to appreciate who you are or by allowing another to carry your baggage just to suit their agendas – that appeasement, obligation and compromise will enslave and disempower you. Know that you are unique and that you have everything within you to attain anything that you desire. What you are within is reflected in the outer – to be recalled back to you. If you feel unworthy or undeserving that is what you will experience in your reality.

3. Depression or Balance – The way out of a stupid low depressive cycle is to accept it. Accept that you have been in a low unworthy state. Do not put your depressive unworthy fears and baggage under the carpet, because that will put yourself into overwhelm, before you go into hiding by following the leaders of a group into the social controlled cold room. When you close the door on any unworthy, unloving energy it leads to a frustrated angry depressed state and when you close the door on any fearful and unpleasant energy you also close the door on joy, love and hope. Balance is to accept all, the light and the dark.

As difficult as it may sound, if you can accept your unworthy depressed state, without medication, perhaps you will be willing to discover the joy in your past depressed experiences. If you are willing to embody that energy through the deep conscious breath, to go into that low energy and accept all things as they are, to have compassion for yourself without trying to control, change, force, fight or manipulate that energy, you will Break open your cocoon to see the wisdom, the joy and the gift within your journey. You save yourself the breaking in lessons to the agendas of social conditions in order to force you to turn within, by learning to love and accept the worthiness of self, as you are and for who you are and for all your experiences. That is the wisdom and the gift within each experience – to travel down the dark tunnel of unworthiness and to come out the other side to the light of awareness and worthiness.

Herbal Remedies for Biliary Dyskinesia – 5 Herbal Remedies That Work Effectively

Treatments for biliary dyskinesia usually involve relaxing or toning the gallbladder and improving the secretion of bile from the liver. Several herbs have properties which promote choleretic and cholagogue action which means that it stimulates the liver cells to produce bile and also improves the gallbladder contractions to help the duodenum eliminate bile efficiently.

1. Globe artichoke: Globe artichoke or cynara scolymus tea has a bitter taste due to which people usually avoid it but it is a very good cholecystokinetic.trans.gif

Drink the unsweetened tea in small sips before you eat anything in the morning and then lie down for 30 minutes on your right side for maximum effect. You can drink the tea at any time but it is most effective when taken in the morning. You can take Artichokes capsules, a half hour before every meal, if you really can’t take the bitterness of the tea.

2.  An infusion of yarrow or achillea millefolium is bitter for some while for others the taste is both sweet and bitter. Bile elimination can be stimulated by drinking this tea 30 minutes before the main meals.

The infusion is prepared by adding a tablespoon of the herb in boiling water, about a cup. Let the herb steep for at least 5 minutes after covering the cup. Take 1 or 2 cups of the warm drink before meals. The tea has can treat nausea, loss of appetite, duodenal and gastric ulcers, abdominal bloating, hepatitis and hyperacidity gastritis.

3. Dandelion or taraxacum officinale is a powerful herb which can aid in draining the liver and bile flow into the digestive system. It stimulates the liver activities.

An infusion can be made with 2 teaspoons of the whole dandelion plant in water, a cup. You will need to take 2-3 cups daily. You can also use dandelion stem, 10 to 15 stems daily, to cure biliary dyskinesia or hepatitis.

4. An infusion of St. John’s Wort or hypericum perforatum can provide biliary dyskinesia relief for some people and for others the St. John’s Wort oil works effectively.

The infusion is prepared in boiling water, a cup, with a teaspoon of minced herb. Cover the water and let it steep for atleast 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the water. 2-3 cups of this unsweetened tea taken daily or a teaspoon of the oil after each meal can treat hypotonic biliary dyskinesia or “lazy gallbladder”. The plant stimulates the liver and can also be used to treat gastric hyperacidity and gastritis.

5.  Celandine or Herba Chelidoni can provide pain relief for patients suffering from hypertonic biliary dyskinesia or bladder contractions. Celandine infusion is made from 3 grams of dried leaves in a cup of water. You will need to gradually drink a cup of this infusion during the day.

You can prevent biliary dyskinesia with changes to your diet. Eat regularly and lie down on your right after meals for at least 30 minutes so that the bile flow is proper. You can also avoid heavy food and fats.

Pancreatitis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process in which the pancreatic enzymes auto-digest the gland. Recurrent, acute attacks of this condition can lead to chronic pancreatitis. Common signs and symptoms include severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, fast heart rate, mild jaundice and abdominal rigidity. Long-standing alcohol consumption and biliary stone disease are the major causes for this condition.

An acute attack of pancreatitis is a medical emergency with potentially serious complications. All such patients should be hospitalized and treated accordingly. Ayurvedic treatment may be started once the acute condition has stabilized, in order to prevent a recurrence, and to prevent or reduce permanent damage to the pancreas. Medicines like Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Behada (Terminalia bellerica) and Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra) form the main stay of treatment for this condition. Other medicines which can be used effectively are: Sutshekhar-Ras, Praval-Panchamrut-Ras, Bhunimbadi-Qadha, Shankh-Bhasma, Shankh-Vati, Praval-Bhasma and Kamdudha-Ras.

Medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Punarnavadi-Qadha, Rohitakarishta, Tamra-Bhasma, Medohar-Guggulu, Trikatu (Three pungent herbs), Maha-Shankh-Vati, Swarjika-Kshar, Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Rohitak (Tecoma undulata) and Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea) are used to treat impacted gall stones, which can result in pancreatitis. Medicines like Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Saarivadi-Churna, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Patha (Cissampelos pareira), Musta (Cyperus rotundus) and Kutaj (Holarrhina antidysentrica) can be used to heal the pancreas and prevent permanent damage to the gland. Medicines like Sukshma-Triphala, Triphala-Guggulu, Laxadi-Guggulu and Punarnavadi-Guggulu can be used to prevent bleeding in the pancreas and the surrounding areas, and possible infection in the peritoneal cavity.

Because of the serious nature of this condition, prevention is highly desirable, and people at risk should be advised to avoid alcohol in binge amounts and to discontinue risk factors like fatty meals.

Cyber-Attacks And The Supply Chain

Headlines that the two largest UK intelligence agencies, GCHQ and MI5, have reported that the UK is under "disturbing" and "astonishing" levels of cyber-attack may come as a shock to many people.

But the truth of the matter is that corporate and international espionage is rife, with foreign nations, corporations and organized crime syndicates looking to infiltrate the corporate networks and access data, systems and information of the UK's leading companies.

The reason for that is quite simple; They want access to corporate secrets, designs and business plans. They want to compromise the security of our companies for their own profit, to gain competitive or financial advantage.

The problem encountered by these attackers is that most large organizations implement measures to prevent such attacks. They spend lots of money on technical infrastructure designed to counter requests to access internal systems, they implement information security policies and processes which reduce the risks associated with a security breach, and sometimes they even implement programs to educate their staff on how to protect sensitive information .

They have the financial ability, the know-how and the skills to do this.

But that is not true for many of their supply chain companies.

Supply chain businesses – those that provide design, manufacturing and other services to larger corporations – are coming under increasing attack. That's because they do not have the resources and understanding that their larger clients have, and the attackers know this.

The fact is that many supply chain businesses still deal with the same sensitive information on behalf of their larger clients. This in itself makes them an inviting target but also, because of their reduced levels of security, awareness and capability, it also means that they are an easier target to penetrate.

So what should such businesses do to improve security?

There are a number of steps any sensible business can take to improve security:

1. Engender a "Culture of Security" – take a top-down view with full management buy-in, showing your commitment to security and encouraging it at every level of the business;

2. Implement Security Policies – security policies formalize your approach to security, define acceptable use and technical standards which enhance security and help to make your requirements clear to all staff;

3. Employ appropriate technologies – make use of appropriate technologies for your organization. This does not have to be expensive but it can drastically reduce your risks;

4. Educate your staff – employees are your first and last line of defense, as well as often the weakest link. Educate them to protect your business interests and safeguard their own information;

5. Test your security – without testing you have no idea if your controls are working. In the context of the current topic you should at least test your internet facing infrastructure, but it is also worth implementing a program of spot-checks to ensure your staff are maintaining security and understand their roles and responsibilities.

6. Report your findings – make sure whatever the output of your security program that the results and test results are reported back to the right people and teams. This ensures that issues are dealt with correctly and risks are properly handled.

Analysis undertaken on behalf of the Information Commissioner's Office revealed that when it comes to information security, SME's are the "soft underbelly" of the UK economy and critical national infrastructure.

We all need to take responsibility for security, particularly if we want our businesses to thrive both nationally and internationally.

Heart Health and Cardiovascular Health Shakes

Cardiovascular health is the key to long life. It’s simple, really; keep your heart pumping, keep the blood flowing freely throughout your body, stay healthy and full of life. However, staying heart healthy is not as easy as it should be. With so many temptations, poor diets, lack of exercise, and a sedentary lifestyle, heart disease can sneak up an attack without warning. Men and women are susceptible, though both show different symptoms.

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

You can keep your heart healthy by following a few simply steps. Of course, a healthy lifestyle involves eating right, drinking nutritional shakes such as Cardio Juvenate, and staying active. There are specific nutrients that have been clinically proven to improve heart health, such as nitric oxide and arginine, both of which can be found in healthy heart supplements.

Maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle involves maintaining an active lifestyle. Regular exercise will strengthen your heart in improve cardiovascular health. As you exercise, your body will utilize oxygen better and overall circulation will improve.  Consider the following steps for improving heart health.

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase your endurance
  • Your muscle tone and strength will improve
  • You will strengthen your bones (great for women who may be facing osteoporosis)
  • Reduce body fat
  • Reach a healthy weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Lower your tension, anxiety and help alleviate depression
  • Bump up your self esteem
  • Improve your sleep patterns

Signs of Heart Disease

If you’re not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, get exercise, eat right, and digest the proper heart healthy nutritional supplements, the end result might be heart disease. While symptoms of heart disease are well known in men, women face a whole different array of signs, and many that can be easily missed. Women are also more likely to face higher stress levels and higher obesity levels.

Women usually don’t show the tell-tale signs associated with heart attacks. The signs are literally so subtle that they can be easily overlooked, even by health professionals themselves. One of the most overlooked, and yet frequent signs of a heart attack for a woman are extreme fatigue. Although, due to the busy life of a mother and wife, fatigue is also a common occurrence that most women deal with every day. However, if that fatigue is combined with shortness of breath, get to the hospital immediately.

Chest pain, another tell-tale sign for a heart attack in men, only affects less than 50% of women who have heart attacks. Women might feel a chest pain this is a sharp, burning pain that radiates down their back, jaw or neck. The pain can also radiate down both arms, into the stomach or just the upper back.

If you’re looking for symptoms of a heart attack, in addition to the shortness of breath, fatigue or the burning pain, you want to be aware of these changes in your body:

  • Breaking into a cold sweat
  • Inability to sleep
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Clammy skin
  • Increased anxiety

Whether you’re concerned about heart health, or just curious about how to improve your overall cardiovascular health, speak to your physician about how you can take these suggestions and put them into practice. (

The Cancer Prevention Diet: Lower Your Risks Today

Fighting cancer is hard, so why not do something to prevent it from occurring in the first place? More and more people are finding out that simple changes in diet and lifestyle are enough to drastically reduce their chances of getting all types of cancer. This can also work for those who have already been diagnosed by the disease and are seeking help from a naturopathic doctor.

In this case, the physician will tell you to remove foods that feed cancer and consume foods that boost your immune system and cleanse your body. This way, you can enhance your health and your ability to combat cancer.

The Ties Between Cancer and Your Diet

There’s plenty of evidence that links together what you eat with the development of cancer. This is great news for people who don’t mind exercising their free will to pick and choose better foods and drinks to consume. Your lifestyle choices also greatly affect your risks of getting cancer. Obviously, drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes can also increase your chances of getting cancer.

If you don’t workout, this is inviting cancer to take over. You need to exercise to keep your vital organs doing what they do best – keeping you alive. Sedentary lifestyles lead to obesity, heart disease and diabetes, among other illnesses.

Eating organic foods is essential to keeping away harmful chemicals that can contribute to cancerous growths. Pesticides and herbicides are dangerous and accumulate in your body. This toxic buildup is what eventually allows cancer to form. Once it does, you will need to start eating and living better. You can also get help from one of the qualified alternative cancer treatment centers near you.

Do GMOs Cause Cancer?

There’s a lot of talk in the conventional and naturopathic doctor community regarding the dangers of genetically modified foods. This consists of plants and animals that have had their DNA altered to allow it to withstand droughts, cold weather and grow larger. They are also are designed to produce an insecticide to keep bugs from eating them.

The FDA insists that GMOs are safe for human consumption, however, these foods have only been placed in short-term studies. Animal tests have been done by independent scientists that reveal otherwise. It shows that GMOs can cause certain types of cancer. It also showed that even small amounts of pesticide can increase your risks of certain cancers, like breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, lymphoma, prostate cancer and brain tumors.

Now, let’s review what you can do to improve your diet to lower your risk of cancer.

Eat More Cancer-Fighting Fruits and Veggies

There’s no particular food you should be eating, but an assortment of fruits and veggies that help to combat cancerous growths is recommended. Eating a well-balanced whole food diet is still crucial. However, the following should definitely be implemented into your daily meals:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Beans
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Guava
  • Watermelon
  • Peas
  • Oranges
  • Berries

Eat Plenty of Fiber

Keeping a clean colon is essential for maintaining a healthy body. One way to do this is to consume lots of fiber. There are a variety of foods you can add to your breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner to increase your intake of fiber, which can stem from whole grains, fruit, legumes and vegetables, such as the following:

  • Bran muffins
  • Brown rice
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Bell peppers
  • Beans

Water should also be added – drink plenty of this to keep your body flushed of toxins and waste.

Cut Back On Processed and Red Meat

The number one issue with meat is that it processes through the body very slowly. This is because it lacks fiber, which as we see is essential for fighting cancer. Those who consume a lot of processed meats tend to have a higher risk of colon cancer. Then most processed meats are contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and hormonal injections, which further increase your chances of developing cancer. Naturopathic doctors recommend choosing non-processed meat that is organic, grass-fed and contains no injected hormones or antibiotics.

Determining Hiv Symptoms

It varies for each person who experience the symptoms of HIV but it often take months to years before the signs and symptoms of HIV infection appear. When the infection get worse and do not treated well, HIV can lead to AIDS.

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a type that attacks human immune system. HIV can cause death because this virus weakens the immune system through infection. This virus is categorized as one of the deadliest pathological condition because the early symptoms of HIV infection can be tough to diagnose.

People must increase their knowledge about HIV since it is becoming one of the most lethal diseases in the world. At least, you should have an idea of the primary symptoms of HIV. Primary HIV infection is the stage when a person has been infected with HIV for a few weeks or months. Persons infected with HIV may have symptoms that are similar to the flu or mononucleosis during this time. Throughout primary HIV infection, a person will not get clear test result to settle on if they are infected or not using standard HIV antibody tests.

In many cases, those who do show early HIV symptoms will develop a flu-like symptom. These flu-like symptoms are comprised of fever, rash, muscles aches and swollen lymph nodes and glands. But in other cases, they may not demonstrate the symptoms of HIV at all and keep silent for years. Most people with primary HIV infection have symptoms of that occur usually two to six weeks after becoming infected. Acute retroviral syndrome is constantly experienced by people with these symptoms; primary HIV infection can have different symptoms on different people. Some scientists consider rash and fever are the main symptoms of primary HIV infection especially when it present in combination with one or more of the symptoms.

Those who do have symptoms usually experience fever, loss of appetite and joint pain. Other general symptoms include sore throat, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, oral or genital ulcers, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms can occur within days or weeks of the early contact to the virus during primary or acute HIV infection period. In other cases, people with HIV show no symptoms at all, however, most people always present some symptoms and others may only show mild symptoms. When the primary or acute HIV infection is over, the symptoms decrease and patients will look better for a while. Most people do not exhibit any visible symptoms for longer period of time; it is about 8-10 years.

If these conditions are left untreated, the immune system will become rapidly weak and the disease progresses to AIDS. The next symptoms experienced by person infected with HIV are often related with the opportunistic infections that attack patients with AIDS symptoms contain pneumonia, tuberculosis, and toxoplasmosis. Primary HIV infection or primary symptoms of HIV are a stage that needs instant medical treatments. You should explore for prompt treatment from a STD testing site to know if you have the disease.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Friends Step on Your Back

You’ve seen it many times. One friend lies on their stomach and the other friend walks all over their back. Or, you’re sitting in class, and the kid across from you takes his chin and pushes it back towards his shoulder, resulting in a bunch of pops and cracks. People crack their knuckles. They have friends give them a bear hug from behind and lift them off the ground to crack their back. Some people even stick their knee in a friend’s spine and pull their shoulders back to crack their back. These things may feel better temporarily, but they are not good for you in the long run.

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, you notice that he cracks your back and neck as well during an adjustment. Common sense would tell you that if a chiropractor goes through extensive education and training to do this for money that you shouldn’t let your friends do it. Bones pop and crack when they shift in certain ways, and the sound you hear is a result of gases released in the synovial fluid of your joint. Once you’ve cracked your neck, back, fingers, etc., you can’t crack them again right away because you have to wait for the gases to return to the synovial fluid.

If you’re someone who cracks your bones a lot, you may notice that you feel the “need” to crack them in order to feel better. However, the more you crack your bones and joints on your own, the more long term damage you’re doing. Think about how people go about cracking their neck or fingers. They bend them backwards, forwards, or sideways in a way they seem like they shouldn’t be going. This is because getting your joints to pop means pulling them out of their normal scale of mobility.

When you crack or pop your back or neck, you’re pulling your ligaments and muscles out of their normal range of mobility. When your muscles are stretched like this it feels better, which is why you have some relief afterward. Your muscles are what holds your ligaments in place, and when you move your body like that, they are stretched, which means the muscles will soon tense up to hold the ligaments in place again.

When your friends manipulate your body like this, they could cause a sprain or strain. A sprain is an injury to your ligaments, and a strain is an injury to your muscles. One wrong move and they could seriously hurt you.

Chiropractors have to go through years of training to be allowed to manipulate their patients. They learn all the different parts of the spine and how to move them without hurting their patient. If you want your back and neck to be treated properly, you should go get adjusted by a chiropractor. These types of appointments can even be covered by medical insurance.

Basic Science behind Fingernails Rubbing For Hair Re-Growth

Factors responsible for hair problems:

  • Thyroid disorders,
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Smoking
  • Anaemia
  • Heavy medication
  • Using hair dye having high ammonium content
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12
  • Protein deficiency
  • Hereditary and old age

Rubbing fingernails:

  • Rubbing left and right hand nails with each other is a powerful way to cure hair fall and increase hair growth.
  • It is a simple yet very effective technique. It is a powerful hair loss solution.
  • Besides convenient, quick, powerful and pleasant this technique is relaxing as well as free of cost.
  • It is a tried and tested technique and will definitely shows results
  • This is a potent unified solution of all hair problems


  • Fold both your palms inwards and place the fingernails of both hands against each other. Then with regular swift motions, rub them against each other. It is simple and can be done anywhere anytime.
  • Rub it for about 5-10 minutes twice a day.

Benefits of fingernails rubbing:

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Reverse baldness
  • Prevent greying of hair
  • Restore natural colour of hair
  • Usually it takes 3-6 months to get relief from hair loss, 6-9 months to watch new hair growth and 9-12 months to see prominent re-growth and substantial increase in hair volume.

Adult stem cells theory:

  • Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells, found throughout the body after embryonic development they can make identical copies of themselves for long periods of time and multiply by cell division to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues for self-renewal and self-healing.
  • The adult stem cell has unique ability to heal itself. Whenever a tissue is damaged, adult stem cell are activated to produce new cells that will regenerate the damaged tissues and revitalizes the organ.
  • The adult stem cells are mostly found in brain, spinal cord, blood vessel, bone marrow, peripheral blood, dental pulp, skeletal muscles, shin, cornea, digestive system, retina, pancreases and cornea.
  • The stem cells that are located in the bulge of a hair follicle actually cause hair growth.
  • Rubbing fingernails stimulates the brain to send the chemical signal to the adult stem cells located near the damaged/unproductive hair follicles.
  • The adult stem cells migrate to the base of dead/damaged hair follicle and due to their ability of self-renewing they make new hair follicles and revitalized the damaged follicles.
  • Thus by finger rubbing one can manipulate the adult stem cells into becoming new hair follicles and hence accelerate the hair growth and revitalizing the damaged follicles to revere the hair loss or baldness.


  • In reflexology it is believed that stimulation of certain parts of body will directly affect other parts of body.
  • The nerve endings just under your fingernails are directly connected to your hair follicles or scalp.
  • By rubbing your nails together, the blood circulation in your scalp is activated.
  • This rubbing procedure increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps in strengthening the hair follicles, which in turn reduces hair fall and premature greying.


  • Don’t rub your thumbnails because it will accelerate the growth of beard, moustache or facial hairs and hairs will start peeping from ears also.
  • Avoid it during Pregnancy; rubbing nails can cause uterine contractions and elevated blood pressure.
  • Avoid in it in some surgical conditions such as acute appendicitis and angiography etc.
  • Don’t do it on problematic skin/nails or if there are infected sores or lesions on the hands, or on brittle/diseased nails.
  • People with the history of hypertension should avoid vigorous rubbing of finger nails as it may elevate their blood pressure.
  • Avoid long, excessive and vigorous rubbing as it may damage nails permanently.
  • Before rubbing you may apply small quantity of castor oil/almond oil/petroleum jelly on nails, for beautiful and lustrous nails and the extra lubrication will decrease the excessive friction produced during rubbing, which will make the nails stronger and moisturised.
  • Only rub the fingernails gently for 5-10 minutes, twice a day.