Accurately Code for Hematuria with the New ICD-9 Codes

Hematuria is the presence of red blood cells in the urine. It is one of the most frequent conditions warranting referral to urology. The more specific the coding is, the better for you. But, when you code for hematuria, you’ll encounter very few codes which are specific and this can get confusing at times. The chances were, so far, not so bright to get your reimbursement, but with the updates, it’ll get easy for you to code for specific conditions.

The new ICD-9 codes replace the only code for hematuria – 599.7. These new ICD-9 codes for hematuria, or blood in the urine that will provide more specificity than the current code, are:

  • 599.70 – hematuria, unspecified
  • 599.71 – Gross hematuria. A patient has gross hematuria when blood is visible to the naked eye on urination. The urine is red or brownish-red when a patient has gross hematuria.
  • 599.72 – Microscopic hematuria. A patient has microscopic hematuria when there is no blood visible to the naked eye on urination but blood appears on a urinalysis.

    Urology coders will frequently use these new diagnostic codes to properly characterize the degree or severity of the hematuria. The biggest diagnosis change for the group will be gross hematuria versus microscopic. These new additions will ease the way you code for hematuria.

    The new ICD-9 changes are very good for you, because the words ‘benign’ and ‘essential’ have been deleted. Usually, you’ll be unable to understand if the hematuria is benign and/or essential until after the complete workup, so ‘hematuria, unspecified’ is much better. The changes will ensure you get your reimbursement – every time.

  • Diseases Spread By Mosquitoes And Their Symptoms

    Mosquitoes are common flying insects that are closely related to the flies; that is they belong to the family Culicidae. They are mostly known for transmitting malaria but they also transmit a variety of other diseases too.

    This is a vector borne disease that is infectious, it is caused by the parasites, and the parasites are the protozoan and are of the species of plasmodium. There are four species of the plasmodium that are responsible for the malaria in human, Plasmodium vivax, plasmodium malariae, plasmodium ovale and there is the plasmodium falciparum which causes cerebral malaria.

    Symptoms- chills, sweating and high fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, headache, vomiting and back ache. In the case of cerebral malaria, death is likely to occur within 24 hours.

    Dengue Fever/Breakbone/Dandy Fever
    This is a disease that is caused by viruses that are transmitted. This disease usually attacks people that have low levels of immunity, since this disease is caused by one of the for serotype virus, it is possible that one can contract the disease multiple times. However after a dengue fever (pronounced deng-gay) attack it has been known that if you are infected with the virus, your system can develop an immunity that lasts a lifetime.

    Symptoms- Head aches, fever, rash, bleeding gums or nose, black stools, joint and muscle pains. In severe cases that result from dengue hemorrhagic fever, there is evidence of hemorrhage in the body.

    West Nile Fever.

    This is an infection of the brain caused by a virus known as the West Nile Virus and was first detected in Uganda in 1937. This disease is also known as West Nile Encephalitis. Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain.
    Another cause of this fever is bacterial infections. This virus is closely related to the Japanese encephalitis virus or the Saint Louis encephalitis. This virus is mainly transmitted to human by mosquitoes that have been infected as they bite other infected people or animals.

    Symptoms- fever, head aches, skin rash. In severe cases very high fever, stiffness of the neck, sleepiness, paralysis, coma, convulsions and rarely death (3%-15%).

    Yellow Fever

    It also is referred to as American plague, black vomit or yellow jack. This disease is an acute viral infection. The reason why it was branded yellow fever is because of the jaundice in its symptoms, simply that means that a person affected turn yellowish. This disease is a source of several epidemics in the past. In 1700, France, England and Spain had over 300,000 people killed. Over half the Army died during the Haitian Revolution as a result of this disease.

    Symptoms- arrhythmias (heart dysfunction), bleeding which may result in hemorrhage, headache, jaundice, muscles ache, red eyes face or tongue, vomiting or even vomiting blood, seizures, decreased urination. A person that has advanced yellow fever will show signs of shock, renal failure and even liver failure.

    The above mentioned diseases cannot be transmitted if the person was bitten by a mosquito that was not itself infected. The only mode of preventing mosquito bites is getting rid of source that they are breeding at, for instance stagnant water and even long grass.

    Here’s How Football Chiropractors Can Help You Perform Better

    On-field sports like football, lacrosse and track can take a tool on the athlete’s body. Athletes are expected to be fit and game-ready all the time, which can be a lot of pressure. If you are someone who plays football professionally or just enjoys the game over the weekend, you might want to see a chiropractor. When most people hear the term “chiropractic care”, they often associate it with chronic back and neck pain. However, there are many other things chiropractic has treated successfully.

    Experts believe that 90% of all professional football players seek chiropractic care at some point in their career. The job of a football chiropractor is a mix of diverse things, which offers multiple benefits to the concerned athlete. In this post, we will talk about the ways in which a chiropractor can improve your performance.

    1. Reduce Impact of Training

    Known athletes like Dan O’Brien and Lance Armstrong have credited their respective chiropractors for their fitness and on-field performance. Football is a demanding sport, where you need training and regular exercise to keep up with, learn and master different skills. The extensive training can often take a toll on your body and cause vertebral subluxations. This is where your spinal alignment is off and can create nerve distortion, which can impact your motor skills and performance. Regular chiropractic care can reduce the effects of training.

    2. Relief from Injuries

    Football players know that injuries are not always external. Even a simple collision with one of the other players on the field can cause sudden pain, and it is advisable to seek chiropractic care as early as possible. Studies have revealed that chiropractic adjustments can help with athletic performance and reduce common injuries. Chiropractic care can help in reducing the irritation of the nerve roots, which enhances the healing process. Depending on your injury, relief can be immediate.

    3. Choice of Drug-Free Treatment

    As a football player, you cannot always rely on meds for different aches and pain. In fact, drugs avoidance is best. In many cases, chiropractors have helped athletes in avoiding invasive surgeries, including the use of procedures like ARP therapy and cold laser therapy. Ignoring smaller pains can often lead to bigger, chronic conditions, which might require further medical intervention. Instead of waiting for something dire to happen, visiting a chiropractor is recommended.

    Chiropractors work with athletes like their fitness coach, offering advice and suggestions on improving performance. If you already sustained an injury, your chiropractor will help in understanding the ways of healing better and faster. You might notice a favorable difference even after one visit with your chiropractor. Make an appointment with a local clinic today to feel the difference!

    Do You Want to Cut Loan Lease Payments in Half – These Six Steps Will Control Your Costs

    What is a balloon payment?

    You take out a loan for goods or equipment. Your monthly loan payment is half of what they should because the last loan payment of the loan, called a loan balloon payment, is a large portion of the total loan.

    A loan Balloon payment is a deferred payment. Handled correctly, a very smart thing to do. Mishandled, real headaches. 6 steps to keep it smart

    The following is what should not happen.

    • You want to buy goods and equipment with loan financing the purchase.
    • You are quoted a loan monthly payment and it seems high to you.
    • You are then told the loan payment can be halved and you can have a loan balloon payment at the end.
    • So you enter the loan agreement thinking you are getting what you want, at a very low monthly payment.
    • Sadly, many buy like this and set themselves up for a financial nightmare at the end of the lease.

    Here is why.

    The lease they have signed could be as follows.

    • Value of loan $30,000,
    • 36 months,
    • Interest and principle payments on $15,000
    • One last payment to completion the loan of $15,000.

    Assume that you have worked the goods very hard and they are about three quarters through their life span and have been significantly depreciated. You check the market and you can buy your goods for $7,000 in the second hand market.

    You have to come up with $15,000 last loan payment. Take the situation that you do not have the $15,000 to make the last loan payment. You will be confronted by two options

    Option One

    What is a value of the goods? $7,000. You do not have the $15,000 so you take out a $15,000 loan to pay for goods of $7,000?

    Option two

    You sell the goods at $7,000 and take out a loan to pay the $8,000 off the Balloon payment. Now you are paying for goods you do not own!

    How do you avoid these traps? So how do you avoid getting caught? It is quite easy.

    Step One

    Look at the goods that you want to buy. Now take a same type of goods that were being sold three years ago. The model may be superseded but try and find out what you would have paid for it then. There is a value in keeping old catalogues.

    Step two

    Look at the second hand market for that model of goods. Divide the goods into three categories.

    • Light use.
    • Medium use.
    • Heavy use

    How much is each category currently selling for today?

    Step three

    Work out the value it has depreciated by in the period. If it was sold for $10,000 and is now $5,000 it can be assumed that it will lose its value by 50% in three years. The numbers may change but the general percentaged value should not. It may be that the value rises in which case there would be a benefit to you.

    Step four.

    Now look at the goods you want to buy today. Assume that the value of the goods in three years time would be based on past performances. The price for purchasing new goods for $15,000, you then estimate the selling price for them in three years to be $7,000.

    Step five

    In the loan lease agreement you allow for the loan lease of the goods to be $15000. You have a loan balloon payment of $7000. Remember this is the final loan payment of the loan. You have much lower monthly payment than if you were paying off the $15,000 in three years. At the end of three years, you sell the goods, and pay out the loan balloon payment of $7000

    Step six

    You now repeat the loan process and purchase the latest goods by repeating the same process.

    You are getting the goods at a lower monthly cost than your competitors and you are always maintaining your competitive edge because you are using the latest technology.

    This article is a very high level explanation. Be sure that you get the correct investment and taxation advice before proceeding. A Mortgage Broker can introduce you to lenders who can arrange finance for you.

    Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Treatment For Jaundice

    “Jaundice” is a yellowish discoloration caused by bile salts depositing in the tissues of the whites of the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. It is a normal process for the body to break down red blood cells creating bilirubin. However, a premature baby will develop jaundice when their bilirubin level is too high, and the immature liver of a preemie is not efficient enough to remove the bilirubin from the bloodstream.

    SOME CAUSES OF JAUNDICE IN BABIES Jaundice in babies can be caused by any of the following.

    • Pre-maturity

    • G6PD [glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency, a permanent condition where red blood cells break down too easily when exposed to certain trigger agents.

    • Sepsis infection where the baby becomes infected


    Phototherapy is a safe and effective way of treating mild jaundice.

    This treatment is administered as a special micro-blue wavelength light condensed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. It is emitted from a fluorescent light tube.

    The following are the main precipitating factors for people with different doshas:-

    1.Vata type of Hypertension – This is caused by extreme emotions such as worry, anxiety and stress.

    2.Pitta type of Hypertension – This is caused by negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy and feeling for revenge.

    Other main causes of jaundice

    Excessive bruising from a traumatic birth causes more than the usual amount of red blood cells to be broken down, leading to higher levels of bilirubin to be conjugated.

    The preterm baby is more likely to become jaundiced because of an immature liver which cannot cope with the high load of bilirubin.

    Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Jaundice

    1.Berberis (Berberis vulgaris)

    Berberis is a very effective herb for all kinds of liver ailments, especially jaundice. So effective is the herb that it is nicknamed ‘jaundice berry’.

    2.Chicory (Chichorium intybus)

    All parts of the chicory plant are useful in the treatment of liver ailments. The flowers, seeds and roots are the most often used.

    3.Indian Sorrel (Oxalis corniculata)

    The herb is useful in treatment of jaundice. It is taken with buttermilk that is prepared from cow’s milk.

    4.Picrorrhiza (Picrorrhiza kurroa)

    Picrorrhiza is one of the two best Ayurvedic remedies for jaundice. It is known as kutki in Ayurveda. Powder of this herb is mixed with hot water and taken twice a day.

    5.Garlic (Allium sativum)

    Garlic is an antispasmodic agent. Hence it reduces the pressure in the arteries caused due to the pumping action of the heart during blood circulation. Garlic creates a rhythm in the pumping of the heart, which eases the pulse.

    6.Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)

    The effects of rauwolfia on the arteries and veins of the human system have been investigated in detail, and immensely positive results have been obtained.

    The liver is the master organ of the body, and most people consider the liver to be more important in the normal functioning of the body than even the brain and the heart. If there is any damage to the liver, then there could be serious complications, such as constipation, chronic gastritis, morning sickness, etc.

    Some symptoms which indicate something is wrong with the liver are:-

    1 Loss of appetite

    2 Diarrhea

    3 Flatulence

    4 Pain in the abdomen

    Restorative Yoga – A Low Impact Solution For Middle-Aged Spread

    Does Yoga have solutions for middle-aged spread? Are your knees, back, hips and shoulders begging for mercy? Restorative Yoga is a complete health maintenance system, and a low impact form of cross training, that will not cause premature wear in your joints.

    Let’s be honest, have you noticed a spare tire around your mid-section? You could justify it by looking at teenagers. After all, it took you nearly 50 years to become overweight. Then, one day, you saw that spare tire in the mirror or a photograph.

    Walking is a wonderful form of cross training, but if you carry a pedometer, you know that 10,000 steps per day is a “mission.” If your knees, ankles, plantar fascia, and Achilles tendons are fine, then an aggressive walking program will probably suit your body.

    We have to do something, but this is not the time to abuse body parts. Walking is still a great form of exercise, but not to the point of pain. Luckily, Restorative Yoga is great for aches and pains. This is not a pass to abuse oneself with high impact exercise or over do it with excessive amounts of low impact exercise.

    At middle age and beyond, everything is about moderation. In fact, moderation is a lifestyle for longevity. Restorative Yoga, walking, and a moderate diet are good additions for a complete health maintenance program.

    “I don’t eat that much,” you say to yourself. The truth is – most people in middle age, often eat less than they ever did because we are much more aware of what we eat. An additional factor is that over eating is very uncomfortable.

    Granted, there is always the exception to the rule. For instance: The “skinny guy,” who could always eat because of a quick burning metabolism, never seems to gain weight. The vast majority of us will notice our metabolism has slowed down.

    According to Madelyn H. Fernstrom, Ph.D., the director of the Weight Management Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, “Your metabolism slows by 5 percent each decade. Compared to age 25, you’ll burn about 100 fewer calories a day at 35, and 200 fewer at 45. Do nothing and you could gain eight to 12 pounds a year.”

    For most of us, this is a “warning bell.” We have to burn additional calories, but our joints must be treated like gold. Again, a gentle and restorative form of Yoga is a logical solution.

    In general, everyone burns calories at a different rate from an identical activity. The most common reason cited for the difference in calories burned is body weight, but there are many factors to be considered, such as metabolism and body fat.

    For the sake of comparison, let’s look at a gentle Restorative Yoga session and the calories burned over the course of one hour. You could do this, without breaking a sweat, on your living room floor – about an hour or two before bedtime. You could also walk to a local Yoga studio depending on its location.

    A person who is 150 pounds would burn an average of 178 calories in one hour of Restorative Yoga practice. A larger person, who is 200 pounds, would burn an average of 238 calories in one hour. Generally speaking, the larger you are, the more calories burned. Lastly, keep in mind – this is a very gentle style of Yoga.

    © Copyright 2008 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

    Pros and Cons of Wild Animals As Pets

    Many people find the idea of having wildlife as pet as exotic and exciting. However, if you want a wild animal as a pet, you should have thorough understanding of the animal and its behavior and needs. The people who have these animals as pets are invariably trained to handle them, but even they will tell how unpredictable these animals can be. You may have read stories in the newspaper of zoo keepers being mauled by their wards.

    So, having wild animals as pets has become quite a sensitive and controversial issue. Some people like to highlight the pros, while others just point out the cons. However, both should be weighed equally and only then a decision should be taken to keep a wild animal as a pet.

    Here are some pros and cons of wildlife as pets.

    Sometimes, conventional pets like dogs and cats cannot be kept due to lack of space. In such circumstances, one can keep a wildlife like a hedgehog or gecko as a pet as they do not require that much space. Some wild animals have their own benefits. Like a hedgehog can be used to keep insects and others pests at bay in a house.

    Often it has been seen purchasing a wild animal can be cheaper than purchasing a pet that is popular and has a pedigree.

    Also, many proponents of wild animals feel that some species have a better chance of survival if they are adopted. It has been seen that the dart frog is facing a problem in the wild as its natural habitat is diminishing. Hence, if this animal is adopted, it will have a better chance of survival.

    However, there are sufficient cons and disadvantages of owning wild animals as pets. First of all, one has to take into consideration the welfare of the animal. Having a wildlife means giving due consideration to its diet, exercise and social interactions. Often, the animal will not have any interaction with other animals of its own species and will be left to leading a lonely and solitary life. Also, the owners will not be equipped to provide proper care to the animals as they may not be well-versed in these things. Many wild animals look cute and cuddly when they are small. However, as they reach adulthood or sexual maturity, their wild side takes over and the animal becomes aggressive. This is the time many owners abandon their pets or give them away to zoos.

    Wild animals are carriers of many diseases that are lethal to humans. For instance, reptiles and amphibians are carriers of salmonella infection and each year thousand of people in the US contract this disease due to their pets. Also, rats imported from Africa are known to carriers of monkey pox. An outbreak of this disease occurred in the US in 2003 when Gambian rats brought in the monkey pox into the country.

    Above all, the demand for wildlife as pet is increasing. So, many illegal traders are taking advantage of this demand. Most of the wild animals are captured and then transported in cruel and inhuman manner to reach their owners. In addition, majority of the owners do not know to take care of the animals and this causes them to fall sick or even die.

    So, weigh the pros and cons of having wild animals as pets before jumping to adopt one. Make sure that you are properly equipped to handle the care of the animal. Do not adopt one if you have any doubts.

    All You Need to Know About Diabetes Causes

    Diabetes is considered as a killer disease if not treated. Symptoms of diabetes are showing signs after the person have suffered health issues. It is a condition of excess glucose that is produced by the body. The pancreas could not able to generate enough insulin that controls the sugar level of the body.

    When the insulin levels decrease, sugar levels of the body also increases. This situation can cause several damages to the body and possibly may lead to fatality. Glucose has the important part in the performance for the proper functions of the human body by producing the energy needed for routine activities.

    Possible causes of diabetes

    Type 1 diabetes – cells that are producing insulin in the pancreas were destroyed that causes insulin deficiency. This happens because the body is aggressive in destroying its own cells within the pancreas known to be the autoimmune reaction.

    Autoimmune process falls out during the circulation of the antibodies that can cause beta-cells death. When it is initiated that antibodies causes beta-cells damage, the body's reaction to Type 1 diabetes can be less in severity with the treatment. Trough this, the income is then a lack of the available insulin. While the beginning is said to be unexpected, alterations resulting for the reduced insulin availability will occur over to a longer episode of time.

    There are several factors that cause type 1 diabetes and that include infections or diseases, removal of the pancreas by surgery or alcohol consumptions. This type of diabetes occurs with the children because of the genetic reasons, along with the juveniles because of stress or hereditary reasoning. Persons that are suffering from type 1 diabetes were obliged in taking insulin every day for them to survive.

    Type 2 diabetes – with this condition, the pancreas produces insulin. However, the cells that are receiving insulin fail to stimulate it and that it is known to be the insulin resistance. In response with this reaction, more insulin had been produced, and the over production weakens the insulin-manufacturing cells of the pancreas.

    Diabetes with type 2 commonly affects the adults. The possible causes of this diabetes type include aging, physically inactive and obesity. This condition of diabetes does not depend on the insulin treatment. However, it requires a proper diet, exercises and oral medication, to be able to keep you under the long term control.

    Gestational diabetes – is a type of diabetes that usually happens for the period of pregnancy and stops after the child birth. Pregnant mother who has gestational diabetes has lots of insulin into their body, but certain hormones that are produced for the duration of pregnancy blocks the utilization of insulin, in that way, it creates an imbalanced sugar levels.

    Juvenile Diabetes – it is a diabetes condition from which the pancreas generates too little or zero insulin in the child. The causes of these juveniles were generally hereditary.

    Heredity- it is one of the major causes of diabetes. When both parents are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, it is possible that nearly every child they have will inherit diabetes. When both of the parents have Type 1 diabetes, less than 20% of the children they have will develop the Type 1 diabetes.

    The Hyperactive Child – Four Tips For Parents

    Blame the media! All this TV, PlayStations, cell phones, Internet and DVDs are the cause of ADHD, obesity and will negatively affect your child's health. A sweeping generalization, as my father was so fond of saying! Before we examine the hyperactive child and the other problem areas associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), let us look at some common symptoms and some solutions for children with rather special needs.

    It will probably be the child's teacher who will first notice that there may be a problem as the child (if indeed s / he has ADHD). Non-stop motion, fidgeting and failure to focus are going to impact negatively on the child's grades. Disruptive children may also affect negatively on their brothers and sisters' academic achievements purely by the disturbance and noise they make. Not to mention putting a strain on the parents' marriage. Once properly diagnosed, you will have to make an informed choice about ADHD medications but here are four tips to help you cope with the hyperactivity.

    1st – Reduce Media Use. All media is not bad. It may be educational or just for fun. The main thing you can do as a parent is to find out what your kids are watching and doing with this stuff. Even soft porn TV programs can lead to kids imitating what they see on the screen, leading to a rather too early experimentation with sex. Much better to control the use of the media and explain that sex and violence are a no-no and why! Then, make sure that there is lots of active outdoor stuff you can do with them – hiking, biking and skating, just to mention a few.

    2nd – Plan Your Kids' Day. Just a bit of planning and telling your child what is going to happen during the day makes a great difference to you and him or her. First your child knows what is coming and so do you! This helps to reduce stress and chaos all round.

    3rd- The Teacher Is Your Ally. You need to have a really good relationship with their teacher.
    You can check with her about how your child is behaving in the classroom. It is a good way of keeping an eye on their progress because a lot of the hyperactivity may occur in the classroom setting – answering out of turn, relationships with classmates, interfering and accessibility to focus.

    4th – Avoid Shopping Malls. If you have shopping to do, try to make sure that you do not drag your kid along. Research has shown that this type of outing is adjusting for children with ADHD. Much better to make sure that the child stays with a friend at home, while you get a break and can do your shopping in peace!

    Are you worried about conventional ADHD medication for your child? You may know that the child's development (weight and height) is negatively affected compared with other children.

    If you want more information on ADHD alternative therapy, the link below will give you all the information you need.

    How to Solve Panic Attacks – 5 New Steps to Overcome Avoidance and Solve Panic Attacks

    Previously I discussed what panic attacks are and talked about symptoms and ways to cope with them. I also mentioned that avoiding places where you feel panic is not a good idea as doing this stimulates the development of panic. If you are a panic sufferer, you might notice that you often try to avoid places or situations. But you might also, perhaps unknowingly, be using some more subtle forms of avoidance. In order to solve panic attacks, you need to learn about these.

    So what are the more subtle avoidance behaviours? They are anything you do or don’t do, knowingly or unknowingly, that prevents you from facing your fears. Psychologists sometimes call them safety behaviours, which makes sense: they keep you “safe”. So if you suffer from panic or anxiety, you might have several safety behaviours that probably make you feel more comfortable or safer in the short-term.

    The problem is that safety behaviours only strengthen your opinion that you actually need them. You might think “If I don’t use them, something bad is going to happen to me” (e.g. collapse, fainting, or even death). But this idea is incorrect. Let me show you a list of safety behaviours (SB) and their possible reasons (R).

    SB: Walking very slowly  R: “A slow heart rate means I cannot have a heart attack”

    SB:  Holding on tightly to the supermarket trolley  R: “This way I cannot collapse or faint if I panic”

    SB:  Sitting down or stiffen the legs while standing  R:  “I won’t fall or collapse this way if I panic”

    SB:  Avoiding physical exercise/exertion  R: “My heart might not take it”

    SB:  Scanning the body for unusual feelings  R: “My body isn’t right, I need to be alert all the time”

    You can probably think of others. The thing is that those reasons are usually false and an important part of solving panic attacks is to realise this fully. So if you truly want to know how to get rid of panic attacks, then try to give up those safety behaviours as much as you can and learn the truth: you are in fact okay! So knowing that, here is my programme:

    5 step programme for solving panic attacks by dealing with avoidance

    1. Make a list of all the safety behaviours you can think of and reasons for why you do them, or what you fear if you didn’t do them.

    2. Rate each of those behaviours 1 to 10, where 1 means “I do this occasionally but am almost ready to totally give it up” and 10 means “I will never be able to give this up” (get the idea?)

    3. Make a new list and write all the items down in order of severity, the one(s) with the lowest score on top, followed by the second lowest score etc.

    4. Look at your reasons one by one and write down more rational alternatives (e.g. my heart is fine so I can easily walk a bit faster)

    5. Decide to change! Take the first behaviour on your list and try your hardest to stop it. By doing this you will give yourself a chance to realise that things are okay!

    I look forward to sharing more information on anxiety with you soon. However, if you would like to know immediately how to solve panic attacks fast, without needing medication, then click this link: how to stop panic attacks

    You can also get a free report on dealing with panic attacks here: Overcoming Panic Attacks

    Choosing Alternatives To Toxic Skincare

    If you are using a simple over the counter facial moisturizer you may actually be doing your skin a major disservice. Not only, do many brand name products contain harmful chemicals called Parabens, but should really be considered toxic. Parabens are chemical compounds that are widely used to preserve cosmetics and sometimes they appear as food additives as well.

    The safety of these chemicals are highly questionable and some research suggests that Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen, which has been known to be a major component in increasing breast cancer risk. Personally, it is a wonder why so many consumers take that risk. Many people are simply ill-informed about parabens and the incredible amount of toxic skincare products on the market today.

    If you are a concerned consumer, it is best to just avoid products that contain parabens. When looking for better natural choices, a simple search of the internet can lead you in the right direction. Not only do these products do what they purport to do, but they are not harmful in the process. Some wholesome ingredients that can be found in many of these alternative skincare products are derived straight from nature. Some beneficial natural skincare ingredients are grapeseed oil, natural vitamin E, babassu oil, and Japanese sea kelp (phytessence wakame), just to name a few.

    By refusing to support toxic skincare you are not only making a statement to the companies producing them, but you are protecting your skin from harmful chemicals as well. If you are interested in learning more about some excellent skincare alternatives great resource is my website … check it out today!

    3 Acne Home Remedies I Highly Recommend

    Acne home remedies are the cheapest ways to treat your skin problem. There are three major ways to improve your skin condition using home ingredients. On the other hand, it is equally important that you take note of each ingredient. It is then vital that you choose the treatment that would not pose further irritation to your skin. Otherwise, your allergies may be triggered leading to worsening your acne.

    # 1 – Herbal treatment and medicinal plants

    Almost all types of diseases and illnesses can be treated with these ingredients. Do not be scared to explore these medicinal plants as these have been used over hundreds of years since the earliest civilizations begin to treat other wounds and skin problems. Acne home remedies with the use of different herbs do not only prevent further pimple breakouts but save your money as well. Some plants could even come right from your own garden or kitchen. Here are some herbal treatments:

    Among the hundreds of aloe varieties, the aloe barbadensis and aloe arborescens are most effective in treating acne. They both have natural cooling gel inside their leaves but the former puts out better results. This is easy to apply. Cut down a whole leaf and slit it down the middle until yellow latex oozes. Use the juice. You can also remove the skin of the leaf and gel will come out. Rinse the gel under cold water. Apply generously on affected areas.

    Peppermint and spearmint are effective acne home remedies too due to their menthol content that serves as anti-inflammatory. Crush several leaves until an amount amount of juice comes out. Apply this onto affected area and leave for 5-10 minutes.

    Lastly, the nettle leaves can be used two ways – as tea or in pill form. Remember to use gloves when handling fresh leaves as these have natural inflammatory properties. Pour boiling water over a competent of leaves. Let it soak for 5 minutes then drink it with honey or lemon. There are also available tea bags but are less effective. When you purchase dried nettle pills, be sure to drink lots of water when taking them.

    # 2 – Natural concoctions

    You can mix your own acne home remedies using fruits, spices and ready foods. Some of the popular mixtures are:

    1. equal parts of lemon juice and rose water; 15-30 minute application
    2. Pre-cooked single serving of plain oatmeal and c cup honey; 10-20 minute application
    3. honey and cinnamon powder paste; Overnight application
    4. unboiled milk and gram flour; Daily wash
    5. fresh fenugreek leaves and water; Overnight application

    # 3 – Vitamin and mineral supplements

    Among the acne home remedies, this last suggestion is the easiest to maintain. All you have to do is to include regular intake of vitamins C and E, and mineral zinc with your daily diet. Antioxidants in these help skin rejuvenation.

    Combine these suggestions with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and fresh juice. Exclude oily and fatty foods that could trigger sebaceous glands to secret more skin oil. In no time at all, you can see your skin improved a lot better.

    Is Contaminated Food a Worrying Factor for You and Your Pet’s Health?

    Food contamination is one of the major problems faced by pets and so it becomes the duty of pet owners to ensure that the pet’s food and water bowls are cleaned properly with hot soapy water and drying them before refilling them everyday. It is often advised to keep raw meat separate from fresh food, wash your hands after handling the pet food and many other precautions to minimise the chances of illness in pets.

    But have you ever thought that the contamination that you are worried about is actually hiding in the dog or cat’s food? Pet food is one of the major reasons for the contamination. Hence, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself and your furry companion from potential contamination.

    Let us now look at different types of contamination:


    This bacteria is responsible for food-borne illnesses. There are different types of bacteria that can cause food poisoning in people as well as pets. Young children, infants, elderly and people with suppressed immune systems are more prone to Salmonella.

    Some of the symptoms of this disease in people include:

    • Cramping
    • Diarrhoea
    • Fever
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting

    Symptoms of Salmonella in pets include:

    • Constant diarrhoea
    • Dehydration
    • Drinking water excessively
    • Fever
    • Lethargy (sluggishness or lack of energy)
    • Loss of appetite
    • Vomiting


    Listeria monocytogenes is another type of bacteria in contaminated food that causes infection. It puts pregnant women at significant risk, as there is a huge probability of miscarriage or transfer of infection to the foetus. Newborns, elderly and people with suppressed immune systems are at risk.

    Symptoms of this disease in humans include:

    • Complications in the intestinal tract
    • Diarrhoea
    • Fever
    • Muscle aches

    Symptoms of Listeria in dogs include:

    • Abortions
    • Septicaemia
    • Sudden death.
    • Uterine infections

    Mould & Fungus

    This contamination does not require the contact of the pet with the food. Pets can suffer from pneumonia due to fungi in the environment. It is not always the result of bacteria.

    Symptoms include:

    • Coughing
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Lethargy
    • Loss of appetite
    • Skin and respiratory infections

    If you have any type of mould in your house and your pet is having a veterinary procedure performed, inform your veterinarian that your pet might have been exposed to mould. This is extremely crucial if your pet will be given anaesthesia.

    How Contamination Spreads Between Humans & Pets?

    Contamination can be spread between humans & pets through:

    • Food
    • Other areas of discharge
    • Saliva
    • Surfaces that have come in contact with an infected pet or person
    • Touching faeces

    Pet food that has been contaminated is most likely to incept from an infected worker, an additive applied after the cooking process in the manufacturing the dog food or equipment used to package the product. Even wet dog food bag can be a place where mould and fungi can be found. The problem is that most testing of the suspected contaminated materials happens in the laboratory and can take a maximum of 24 hours to complete. There are other forms of tests that are being investigated like an application that employs light to detect the signature pattern by bacteria in the food and be completed in half an hour.

    If you see contaminated food in your household follow these steps:

    • First of all check whether anyone in the household is showing symptoms of illness. If so, take the person to the doctor or the pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.
    • Seal the food in an airtight container and isolate it. Take a small sample if needed later for identification or further testing. Take the photograph of the packaging and UPC code before disposing it off.
    • Empty all pet dishes and wash them properly with hot soapy water.
    • Clean all items, kitchen surfaces and floor with hot soapy water.
    • Inform other members in the household about the contaminated item and tell them to take care when handling pet’s items, food or toys. Wash your hands properly before and after using the restroom or handling food.
    • If you want to return the food to the store for refund seal the food by cutting the identifying label and place it on the outside of the package. Cover it up properly with a tape and wash your hands properly.
    • Monitor people and other pets for illness.

    Leishmania Infection

    Leishmaniasis is rare in the United States but has been reported in areas bordering Mexico such as rural southern Texas. Most of the cases found in the United States are acquired elsewhere such as in travelers to Latin America. More recently, more than 500 cases of leishmaniasis were diagnosed over an 18-month period in soldiers returning to the United States from the Middle East, especially from Iraq. A large portion of these was identified as cutaneous leishmaniasis.

    Leishmaniasis is commonly recognized for its cutaneous kind which produces non-fatal, disfiguring injury. Leishmania infection can produce skin disease known as cutaneous leishmaniasis. It can impact on the mucous membranes with a numerous range of occurrence, mostly it cause ulcers . It may produce skin wound that appear like those of other diseases such as hansen’s disease, cutaneous tuberculosis , syphilis , skin cancer and fungal infections.

    This is a disease that is caused as a result of hookworm infection. Infection occurs in humans through skin contact. Characteristic symptoms of this disease include severe itching and a winding rash as a result of the burrowing activity of the hookworm. Treatment is possible through topical application of liquid thiabendazole.

    A yeast infection is a fungal infection that uses its surrounding environment for nourishment. Once inside your system you become its host and environment that it uses to survive. The infection attacks and breaks down your body’s cells to sustain itself.

    The best way to cure the infection is the natural way. One of the most common ways to naturally cure yeast infection is by using plain yogurt. Simply apply the yogurt on the affected are for instant relief. Yogurt contains good bacteria which is perfect to fight the yeast. Plain yogurt does wonders internally, so eat as much as you can to fill your body with good bacteria.

    When there is a change in the atmosphere of your vagina it cause the bacteria to overgrown. That is what is cause a yeast infection. A change in the vagina can be cause by wearing underwear that are not white, stress, a bad diet, lack of sleep, if you are sick, taking medication, being pregnant and taking birth controls.

    In order to prevent your toddlers yeast infection from getting worse, you must also constantly change their diaper. The yeast can stay on the diaper, making the yeast infection get worse and not cure at all. Remember that these infections tend to grow and multiply where there is heat that is trapped.

    Foods As A Cause Of Yeast Infection There are many foods that can be a cause of yeast infections as I have explained below, but antibiotics are the primary cause of yeast infection due to the fact that they kill beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Other foods that can be a cause of yeast infections are grain foods, peanuts, corn, and red apples, which will actually grow mold on them as they grow.

    Some symptoms and discomforts when you have yeast infection include urinary disorder, vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, painful sex or sexual dysfunction, muscle aches, irritability and burning or itching sensation. Symptoms vary from person to person as symptoms may change over time.

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    Preventing Allergy Problems With the Right Vacuum Cleaner

    Have you experience this situation? You try to clean your room to avoid allergy problems. You turn the vacuum on and before long you sneeze like crazy. Can vacuuming the house worsen your allergy symptoms?

    On the other hand, not vacuuming builds up those allergens too. How could you possibly handle this situation? It’s quite straightforward, actually. If your allergy symptoms got worse, chances are your vacuum cleaner uses one of those standard filter. Air expelled from the vacuum, in this case, still contains particles that cause allergy. Unless it is HEPA-certified filter, it is not strong enough that some nasty particles contaminate the whole room.

    Much less allergy and asthma triggers can go through HEPA filter. It works wonder in filtering nasty particles. HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of all types of allergens, including mold, pollen, bacteria and other particles… down to 0.3 microns. No wonder it’s so much different.

    Never choose a vac based on random opinions, because everyone has different requirements. Technical feature list doesn’t matter at all. It may help for people who understand about the technology. One thing that you cannot compromise is that the vacuum has HEPA filtration. Other features are secondary. That’s not all though.

    Let me get this straight upfront. Many cheap vacuum cleaners on the market do include HEPA filtration. The problem is not all of them are created the same. Cheaper machines may not be constructed well enough to filter at true HEPA standard. As the result, particles may still leak out through the cracks and around the filter.

    Precision during construction is necessary. You want to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is actually HEPA certified.

    Vacuum cleaner doesn’t solve all the problems though but it certainly helps in reducing allergens and make the room healthier for allergy sufferers. Wooden floor is also recommended as it doesn’t trap debris.

    With carpets, you should be careful to go through it slowly. Using fresh bag will make sure you get the best suction possible. Buy vacuum cleaner that is appropriate for the type of floor you have. Most modern vacuum cleaners have the option to switch between carpet and hard floor settings.

    Finally, pick a vacuum that is able to get into the corners and small gaps. You don’t want to leave any corners untouched and later set off your allergy.

    While that doesn’t solves allergy problem 100 percent, at least it should prevent sudden recurrence that will ruin your day.