Anxiety Panic Attack Relief – Shocking Way to Stop Anxiety Panic Attacks

Searching for anxiety panic attack relief? You are not alone. Very many sufferers wanting to get their life back are usually prescribed drugs and other non-drug therapies. But these either ‘dull’ the senses, or, just help you to cope. They don’t address the real problem, which is your ‘fear’ of having an attack. If you can ditch that fear then you definitely can get anxiety panic attack relief…

People who have suffered an anxiety panic attack often go around with a fear that it is about to happen again. And they’ll do anything to prevent that happening because the symptoms of an anxiety attack are just so horrible. This includes changing their everyday behaviour in order not to do anything that might cause another attack.

In doing this their levels of daily general anxiety are heightened way beyond what they would normally experience. And any stressful event or situation that they come across whilst in this condition adds to the already overly high anxiety levels and causes an attack. It’s a vicious cycle, where the very ‘fear’ of having an anxiety attack is the trigger for one.

The drugs that are normally prescribed for anxiety panic relief try to manage the chemicals in the brain, whilst, things such as counselling and support groups etc., are really just coping mechanisms. But they tend to miss the most important aspect; that of your ‘fear’ of having an anxiety attack. You have to get rid of that fear.

The starting point for achieving anxiety panic relief is to understand that an attack cannot harm you. That is a medical fact. Think about your last attack. The symptoms during it were terrifying weren’t they? But then you got through them. Did you sufferer any physical damage? No. The symptoms were horrible, but that’s all they were, symptoms. The only lasting effect is the fear that you now have of another one.

So here’s the key to getting anxiety panic relief without drugs: try to have an attack! Go on try it now. It’s not going to happen because by facing your fear and seeking an attack, you have diffused your fear of having an anxiety panic attack. The main reason why some people get cured of panic attacks and others don’t is that those who are successful aren’t afraid of panic attacks anymore. So they don’t have them. You have to lose your fear too.

John Cielo researches and writes on anxiety and panic attacks to help keep you fully informed. To discover the simple techniques that will break your vicious cycle of anxiety and so give you anxiety panic attack relief at last, go here now and prepare to get your old self back again.

The Holmes HAP 706U HEPA Air Purifier: One Of Your Best Options For Purifying Smaller Rooms

Intended for use in smaller rooms, up to 80 sq. feet, there is a true HEPA filter featured in this model. This means that 99.7% of particles.3 microns and larger are being trapped by the filter. This of course includes many of the most common and most irritating allergens and air contaminants. Always a huge plus in my book, this purifier comes with a washable prefilter. Not only do I love that it is washable, meaning reusable, but it does a good job at prolonging the life of the HEPA filter and letting it work efficiently. The optional ionization feature allows it to emit negative ions which bind positively charged particles in the air. This creates larger particles which are more easily trapped by the filter or precipitate out of the air. The ozone produced by this purifier passes what are considered safe levels, but it is still probably not a good idea to continually run the ionizer in small spaces. Use this feature on occasion in small spurts for quick cleaning and added “freshness” of the air.

The CADR is 55 on this model which is pretty good considering its size. On the highest setting there is obviously detectable noise as with any ‘fan” product. More times than not people put air purifiers on this setting when they are not in the room and/or for only short periods of time. On the lower two settings the fan noise is very acceptable.

The replacement filters are very reasonably priced at around $30 for a 2 pack and are said to last about a year a piece give or take. I realize the filters are smaller than they are on larger purifiers, but this is still a very fair deal as far as the replacement filter market goes. At roughly 11″ by 8″ by 15″ this little thing fits easily on the corner of a desk, nightstand or floor space. Tag on a 5 year warranty and the fact that this is made by a company as reputable as Holmes and I would say this is not a bad little mini-tower. Considering the reasonable price tag, if you have a small space that’s needing some purifying, what do you have to lose.

Some Effective Ways to Cure Insomnia

There are various ways to cure insomnia You just have to be aware of the nature of this sleeping disorder. Having insomnia or not getting enough quality sleep for a long period of time, may make you always feel tired and may cause you to have health problems. Stress, depression or change in your routines may be just some of the reasons why you are suffering from this disorder. Insomnia can be occasional, a temporary occurrence or chronic. But whatever your condition is, you definitely need to get adequate sleep. That’s why you have to consider ways to cure insomnia.

Most adults are required to have 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. As we all get older, we tend to need a lesser amount of sleep. The elderly who are over 70’s may only need to have 5 hours a night, which may be a shallow sleep. Most of these people think that since they don’t get the required 7-8 hours of sleep, they are suffering from insomnia when in fact, even if they only get 5 hours but they feel refreshed when they wake up, they are actually getting enough sleep.

Most insomniacs try over-the-counter medications that contain diphenhydramine. Most people are not aware that there are natural ways to cure insomnia If you have emotional problems that cause trouble in sleeping it may be best to consult a behavioral therapist or a psychologist. This may benefit you more than taking in medications that may tend to get you addicted in the end.

Altering your sleeping environment may also help in curing your insomnia By doing this, you can have an undisturbed sleep in a peaceful place. You may also have a comfortable bed and turn off all the lights. If you are easily disturbed with sounds, a padded sound-proof room may benefit you a lot in getting rid of those unwanted noises outside. Avoid taking a nap in the afternoon. Use relaxation techniques that can help you unwind. Avoid stimulants like beverages like tea and coffee that contain caffeine. Avoid medications that have ephedra and pseudoephedrine that are dieting and cold pills. Do not smoke and drink alcohol just before bedtime. Also do not eat rich food and avoid exercising before trying to get to sleep in the night.

Having a snack that is high in carbohydrates like a lettuce sandwich may help you sleep easily. This snack may help you produce more serotonin, which is a hormone known to help you control sleep as well as reduce anxiety. It may also help if you take a hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts in it, a few minutes before going to bed. Exercising, if done earlier in the day, may help you go to sleep at night. You may also try putting drops of lavender essential oil near where you sleep or on your pillow because this oil has sedative properties. Some people also have themselves treated with acupuncture as this can help them with their insomnia.

These are just some of the natural ways to cure insomnia It is of course very important for an insomniac to understand what causes his sleeping problems. If you are faced with a personal or professional problem, which may be the reason why you cannot sleep at night, it is best to do something about it, rather than take in medications that don’t guarantee you a quality sleep every night.

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Depression Keeps 19 Million Adults From Being Productive

Approximately 19 million American adult workers allow depression to limit their productivity. According to the American Medical Women's Association, this includes 5 million women, many of whom will quit or lose their jobs directly due to the depression.

Symptoms of depression include emotional elements such as restlessness or loss of pleasure, or physical elements like headaches, aches, and pains. These symptoms result in a reduced ability to work, sleep, eat, study, or enjoy pleasurable activities.

Internally known motivational speaker, Connie Podesta, feels there is a link between depression and the blend of one's home life and work life. "One major reason for depression is the feeling of guilt in having to choose between family and work", points out Podesta. By taking control of your life, you reduce the tension from having to make excuses to your boss, friends, and family for spending excess time from one to the other.

There are six keys to balancing your life:

  • People need a healthy, functional environment. People need a place that is safe, a place where they can go to escape the negatives of a bad day. They need a sanctuary to rebuild their spirit for the next day. Fair rules and boundaries are a key to creating this environment.
  • People need positive relationships. You must seek out positive relationships and repair, constrain, or eliminate negative relationships. But it must be done right, keeping important relationships.
  • Dealing with negative experiences. We choose how to react to every situation. By dealing positively with negative life experiences, we can keep our lives in perspective.
  • Building positive self-esteem. Thinking positively about yourself is not easy. Do not expect people to pour compliments over you. Seek ways to build your self esteem on a continue basis.
  • Making timely decisions. Too many people have a problem making either the little decisions or they struggle with big decisions. Some people have problems with both. Failure to make timely decisions affects mental and physical health, throwing life into imbalance.
  • Learning how to handle personal problems. Being able to identify the magnitude of personal problems and resolving the problems quickly and positively eliminates their impact on longer-term happiness.

Although you may have mastered one or more of these aspects already, true balance will elude you until you reach the point that you have had moderate success in all six areas.

Step Three to Changing Your Internal Representations – Close the Distances

Now that you have distanced yourself and learned how to edit images internally, it's time close the distance to the image you fear to see how you did.

This should be done one step at a time.

First, move from the third to the second position. Go down from the blimp to the bleachers or from the living room to the Houston control center.

Become the observer. View the events from there.

How do they appear to you? How do you feel?

If you are still uncomfortable, go back to the third position and change the image even more.

If, however, you feel comfortable observing the events from a distance, then move down on the playing field and see how it is from there.

You should just be fine. If not, you can always go back and change your internal imagery even more.

You can add beautiful scents, delicious flavors, sights, sounds, and senses.

This process can reliably remove most phobias in just 10 to 15 minutes time.

Mixed Connections
Another way to change a phobia is through mixed connections.

Because a phobia is a total connection to pain, with no pleasurable connections attached, any pleasurable connections we make to the object of our phobia will have the effect of removing the phobia as a debilitating force in our lives.

I remember teaching a seminar once, when a man in the audience stood up and said, "I have a phobia of flying."

I looked over at him in front of hundreds of other participants and asked, "Do you like sex?"

"What ?!"

"Do you like sex?"

"Huh …?"

He was a bit stunned by the question.

"I'm asking, do you like sex? Yes? Or no?"

"Yes …"

"OK, when do you have sex, are you on the top or on the bottom?"

"What ?!"

"When do you have sex, are you on the top or on the bottom?"

"I guess both."

"Airplanes are a lot like that," I said. "When we get into turbulence, it's up and down, up and down."

His phobia was immediately cured!

He had begun to link up flying with sex, which was something that he enjoyed.

It really is that simple and in most cases can be handled in a matter of minutes.

Change the representations or change the connections and its goodbye phobia!

Toenail Fungus – Tips For Treatment

The medical term for toenail fungus is “onychomycosis,” pronounced on * EE * ko * my * ko * sis. Despite the commonly used term “fungal toenails”, onychomycosis describes both fungus and yeast infections in the nail. The prevalence in America is about 2-3%, but some have reported it as high as 13%. Even at a low estimate of 2%, this accounts for 6 million Americans with toenail fungus. Toenail fungus affects men twice as often as it affects women.

The prevalence among elderly individuals and diabetics is 25%. In the 1800s, fungal toenails were very rare. The increased prevalence is linked to the increased exposure to fungus through the use of showering facilities in gyms, the use of hot tubs, saunas and public pool areas. There is an increase in occlusive footwear, an increase in sporting activities, an increase in diabetes and increase in age of the general population.

The risk factors for developing toenail fungus are increasing age, male gender, nail trauma, sweaty feet, poor circulation, poor hygeine, foot fungus and a compromised immune system.

Athlete’s tend to have a higher rate of fungus infection than non-athletes. The moisture in the shoe combined with repeated nail trauma increases the chance of infection. Hikers, runners, backpackers, soccer, basketball and tennis players, athletes wearing loose fitting shoes that allow jamming of the nails against the shoe and any individual wearing shoes that toe tight are at risk for developing toenail fungus.

There are a number of treatments for onychomycosis. The most aggressive and effective way to treat the fungus is with oral anti-fungal medications. The most common oral anti-fungal medications are Itraconazole (Sporonox ®) and Terbinafine (Lamisil ®). Both medications can be quite expensive as they need to be taken once daily for 3 months. The effectiveness of the medications ranges from 60 to 80%, with a recurrence rate of 15%. Lamisil® appears to be more effective and has fewer drug interactions than Sporonox®.

With both medications there is a long list of benign side effects including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, headache, taste disturbances and dizziness. Serious adverse events are very rare, less than 0.5%, but do include hepatitis and acute hepatic necrosis.

There are many other options besides oral anti-fungal medications. Unfortunately, they are not very effective. The most effective topical medication is Ciclopirox (Penlac ®) lacquer. Some studies have shown cure rates up to 60%, but in my experience the effectiveness is about 10-15%. Side effects occur in less than 2% of patients and include burning and redness around the nail.

This medication is only available by prescription and is also quite expensive. A few other prescription medications that help decrease the thickness of the fungal nails are Carmol® 40 and Keralac® Nail Gel. I would not expect to see complete cures with these products, but they can decrease the thickness and discoloration of the nail in some cases.

There are many home remedies and over the counter products that you can purchase. Some home remedies that can be used include bleach, tea tree oil, grapeseed extract, and Vics VapoRub®. With any home remedy or non-prescription topical, you must understand that the effectiveness of the treatment is fairly low, less than 10%. If you do try one of these therapies make sure to use it every day. Roughen up the nail surface with a file and apply the medication with a q-tip. Bleach can cause skin irritation and some individuals have had skin reactions to the Vics VapoRub®. In general these treatments are considered very safe.

Combination therapy can help increase the effectiveness of the treatment. If you choose to take an oral medication, make sure you use a topical anti-fungal agent as well. Nail removal is also an option. Once the nail is removed, the topicals can reach the nail bed and they become more effective. The nail will grow back in over a period of 8-10 months. Permanent nail removal is reserved for those with chronic ingrown nails, ulceration under the nails or pain from the fungal nails.

The best form of treatment is prevention and preventing the fungus from spreading to other toenails may be the best treatment option. I recommend choosing a topical that you feel comfortable with and use it once a week. No matter which treatment option you choose, you should take the following steps to avoid re-infection.

1. Make sure you rotate your shoes often and keep them in a cool dry place.

2. Change your insoles frequently, and make sure they dry out between use.

3. Place an anti-fungal powder or spray in the shoes to help fight off the fungus.

4. Bleach out the shower on a weekly basis and wash your shower mat regularly in hot water.

5. Make sure your athletic shoes fit well to prevent jamming at the toes. Jamming at the toes leads to microtrauma at the nails and increases the chance for fungal infection.

6. If you belong to a gym or health club, wear sandals in the locker room and don’t walk around barefoot.

7. Don’t keep your shoes in the gym locker where they cannot dry out.

8. If your feet sweat excessively, try using an antiperspirant spray on your feet before your workout.

9. Cut your toenails straight across. Don’t cut too short and cause breaks in the skin. This will increase the chance for fungal infection. Don’t let the toenails grow too long or they will jam against the shoe and cause bleeding under the nail, again increasing the chance for fungal infection.

The bottom line is that treating onychomycosis is very difficult. If you have fungal toenails that cause pressure, pain or infection, consider talking to your doctor about prescription medications or nail removal. Make sure you take precautions to prevent re-infection and take multiple approaches to eradicate the problem. If your fungal toenails are only unsightly and don’t cause any discomfort, try a weekly application of an over the counter topical along with methods to prevent re-infection.

Toe Nail Fungus Symptoms – Toe Nail Fungus, Toenail Fungus Causes, and Toe Nail Fungus Complications

Toe Nail Fungus

You may have a infected toe nail if you have these toe nail fungus symptoms. When fungi infect your toes it is called nail infection or nail fungus You will notice yellow or white spots under the tip of your nails. When it spreads under your nails, it will cause your nails to turn colors, get thicker, it will cause them to flake and cause you pain.

The reason why you have a fungus is, your feet tend to sweat in the shoes you are wearing and because you have walk on a public shower room floor bare foot. Your toes become infected if they are exposed to warm and moist environments. An infected nail may be hard to treat, but you can use a over the counter treatment for this fungus.

Toe Nail Fungus Causes

Fungi does not need any sunlight to live. Some fungi can be used for good, and some can cause bad infections and illness. Yeast and mold can cause a fungal infection. But, the most common fungi belongs to in a group called dermatophytes. These fungi lives in warm places such as swimming pools, public showers and even your shower at home, because there could be someone in your family with the infection.

They enter you skin through tiny cuts on your skin which could be a small cut between your toe nail and the bed of your toe. If your nails are exposed to moist places this can cause you problems sooner or later. It is much easier for your toe nails to become infected than it is for your finger nails, because your shoe causes your toes to sweat, therefor creating a moist and warm place for the fungus to live. It is harder for your immune system to fight against the infection because of the blood circulation is diminished because of the shoes you wear.

Toe Nail Fungus Complications

Having an infection can be painful and if left untreated it will cause permanent damage to your nails. This needs to treated as soon as possible because the infection can spread through out your body and have an effect on you immune system. People with diabetes are at serious risk if they have an infection because their immune system is weak.

This also goes for people with leukemia and people who have had a organ transplant. If you or someone you know have diabetes, having a nail infection can cause your blood circulation to become impaired. If you think you have an infection, see your doctor as soon as possible, so you can find a treatment for toe nail fungus.

If you know you have some of these toe nail fungus symptoms, there are plenty of remedies for nail infection you can try. Just take some time out to do some research for the products. On the Internet you will find a lot of treatments. Be sure you check with your doctor.

Safe, or Not? What You Need to Know About Children’s Outdoor Toys

With the recent spate of playground related injuries, parents are starting to become more aware of what is and isn’t safe in an outdoor child toy. The sad thing is, hundreds of thousands of children are still injured each year in toy related incidents. So how can you make sure that your child is safe when he or she plays?

First of all, it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to keep a child completely safe during play, or any time, for that matter. Some bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts have to be expected on the rocky road to growing up, and little injuries like that are good for children; they give them an idea of the world around them, and teach them what the laws of physics will and will not allow them to do. But with that said, no child should ever be hurt so badly while playing that he or she had to go to the emergency room. And the best way to keep that from happening is to know what’s going on with your child, at all times.

However, it’s equally important, especially with very young or very small children, that they play with toys that are suitable for their age unless you’re right with them. It’s one thing to hold a toddler on a bicycle seat and let him pretend he’s riding it; it’s quite another to let the same toddler clamber over the bicycle while it’s lying on the ground and you’re at the other end of the yard. Just as toast always lands butter side up when it falls, a child left on his own will get hurt if he possibly can. Check for small parts or sharp edges on any toy before you allow your child to play with it without you right over them. Mind you, I’m not saying that you should become a second shadow; if you have more than one kid, you won’t be able to, anyway. I am saying that you should always be close by when your children are playing, and always make sure that the toys they’re playing with won’t be able to hurt them if you should turn your back for a few minutes.

Check labels. Most toys will come with warnings that say “3+” or “Not for children under four”. Pay attention to those labels. Heed them. But don’t just assume that because a label says “For ages three and up” and your child is four that the toy is automatically safe. Check for sharp edges. Check for places where curious little hands might get stuck. (The chain and gears on bicycles are particularly bad about that, for example.) Above all, be aware, and use common sense!

Rashes on Neck – Types of Skin Diseases

Whenever any sign occurs at the area of neck this is known as neck rash. The rashes on neck can be occurred with some reasons and these can be diseases or any skin problem. Some of the common problems that can cause are mentioned below.

Measles-This is a viral infection and is a very common disease in United States. Now a day this is getting less common as with the uses of vaccination. This disease is more common in adults as compare to children. This is an acute and highly contagious viral disease that is marked by distinct red spots followed by a rash. The rashes start from face and reaches to neck. This problem also causes sore throat and sometimes fever.

Lupus- This is an ulcerative kind of skin disease in which linings and different organs are affected. This may come with rashes on cheeks and pain in joints. This is an autoimmune disease, which is more common in women. It affects different parts of body.

Sunburns- The environment around us contains very harmful elements and sunrays supply some problems as sun contains harmful ultraviolet rays, which are bad for skin. The symptoms of sunburns vary from patient to patient but some of the common symptoms include fever, swelling, pain, blisters and shock.

Rosacea– This is a type of skin disease, which is caused more often in adults as compare to children. In this disease blood vessels of the face expand and that results in a flushed appearance with reddishness around the cheeks, forehead, nose or chin.

Boil- Boils are skin problems and it generally occurs due to infection on skin. This results to a painful red bump on the skin. Many a times even a cluster of such bumps is formed which is called Carbuncle.

Acne-Acne is a disorder, which results from the actions of hormones on the oil glands of the skin. The problem leads to plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions commonly called pimples or zits. Acne lesions usually occur on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Most of youngsters and teenagers complain of having acne on their face. Around 17 million United States people are caused by acne in their teenager or after.

Biliary Dyskinesia – 3 Easy Herbal Remedies

Discover how to relieve bloating, nausea or cramps caused by biliary dyskinesia with herbal remedies.

Biliary dyskinesia is a functional disorder of the mechanism to eliminate bile in the absence of visible inflammation of the gallbladder or lithiasis.

In a high-fat meal, the gallbladder empties completely within an hour. Biliary dyskinesia occurs when the gallbladder response is inadequate – hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (“lazy gallbladder”, when the gallbladder is emptied too slow) or hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts to strong and the bile is evacuated too rapidly).

Hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) is treated either by stimulating bile secretion in the liver cell (choleretic action) or by stimulating gallbladder contraction to evacuate the bile in the duodenum (cholagogue action).

Ones of the most used herbal remedies for biliary dyskinesia with choleretic and / or cholagogue action are:

1. Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) tea is a good cholecystokinetic, but has a very bitter taste, which is why many people hesitate to drink it.

Drink it in small sips, unsweetened, in the morning on an empty stomach, after which lie down on the right side for about 30 minutes to have maximum effect.

You can drink at any time during the day, but it hasn’t the same effect. Although the tea is the best way, you can dodge the bitter taste and take Artichokes capsules instead of the tea, half an hour before each meal.

2. Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is an excellent herbal remedy for both hypotonic biliary dyskinesia (lazy gallbladder) and hypertonic biliary dyskinesia.

It helps if you suffer from lazy gallbladder (the bile isn’t evacuated fast enough in the duodenum). With its sedative, calming, and antispasmodic action is also effective in hypertonic biliary dyskinesia (the gallbladder contracts too much and the bile is evacuated to fast)

As an added bonus, Lemon balm prevents gallstones formation and stimulates the secretion of bile in the liver cells.

Drink 1 cup of concentrated combined infusion per day.

3. Another herb you can use for hypertonic biliary dyskinesia is Peppermint (Mentha piperita).

It relieves the gallbladder muscle spasms and has a general muscle relaxation action. Its active ingredients stimulate the functioning of the gallbladder and have a decongestant and calming action.

To avoid biliary dyskinesia crisis try to eat at fixed hours, and lie down on the right side for half an hour after lunch for an effective bile drainage.

Biliary dyskinesia diet isn’t an exact science so, although some foods can be recommended, avoid them if they are not right for you.

All You Need to Know About Pharmacy Programs

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative and numerous fields such that people decide to start a career in this field every single day, and for good reasons. If you want to find out more about this topic and see if a pharmaceutical career would be suitable for you, read below for all you need to know about pharmacy programs.

• You can enroll in a college that offers pharmacy programs immediately after finishing high school. You also have the option of transferring from another college, provided that you have completed a few prerequisites courses with a curriculum similar to the ones followed at the college offering the pharmacy programs. The preliminary courses revolve around topics such as chemistry, biology, calculus, and physics.

• The application form for pharmacy programs can be easily downloaded online. Students interested in applying have to fill it out and send it via mail post to the college offering the program, before a predetermined a deadline. Each institution that offers pharmacy programs establishes its own requirements for admission, so make sure you study them thoroughly before applying. The most common requirement is having a certain GPA (Grade Point Average), usually above 2.5. Additionally, most colleges will also require students to pass an exam called the Pharmacy College Admissions Test, or PCAT for short, before they are allowed to enroll in the program.

• A professional pharmacy program will award you the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D) upon successful completion of the courses. The program lasts for six years and it is divided in two sections: the first two years include pre pharmacy training course, while the remaining four years focus on professional pharmaceutical training. Transfer students from other teaching institutions will be able to enroll directly in the second section of the program.

• Through the six years of pharmacy programs, students will gain expertise on topics such as prescription and over-the-counter drugs, uses of medications, doses and times of administration, adverse reactions and side effects, as well as various mixtures of medicines. Pharmacy professionals will be able to work in drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals, medical facilities, department stores, or general merchandise stores.

• After completing the program and receiving the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, students will be able to schedule their examination with the pharmacy licensing board in order to obtain their license and to be able to practice as a pharmacist. Passing this exam is an absolute requirement in all states of the US and it is called the North American Pharmacist License Examination (NAPLEX).

• Some pharmacy programs allow students in their sixth and final year multiple specialization options. Students can choose between Pharmacy Care, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Health Service Research.

These are the most important things anyone wishing to attend pharmacy programs should know about. Becoming a professional pharmacist can be a very rewarding career choice. So if you are not sure what path you want to take in life, make sure you give this option some consideration; It might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Women’s Health Solutions to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Are you tired of those days of the months where you can not zip up your jeans without having to lay down on the bed, breathing in, or jumping up and down to get into one leg? Then you get irritable to top it off? You are not alone. Ninety percent of all women suffer from different degrees of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Marilyn Glenville, PhD, wrote in her book Natural Solutions to PMS that there exists up to 150 possible symptoms that can make you feel terrible and that there are ways to treat some of the most common premenstrual problems.

  • Mood Swings
    The idea here is to gain control of your blood sugar by eating small meals regularly. Failure to heed this advice allows your blood-sugar level to decrease and adrenalin levels to increase. The hormone, adrenalin, screws up your normal hormone balance resulting in mood swings. Eliminating caffeine and sugar from your diet will also help prevent irritability. After three menstrual cycles, you will notice a real difference. Keep a stash of health snacks such as nuts, oatcakes, and fresh fruit to minimize your craving for foods that will make you feel worse. Definitely, cut out potato chips and chocolate from your diet.

    To combat a mood swing, take a multivitamin containing large amounts of B vitamins. This helps to reduce stress and give you more energy.

  • Bloating
    You need to stay hydrated. Not taking in enough fluids makes your body retain any existing fluid you have. This results in swelling, which makes it difficult to fit into your clothes. Minimize or eliminate your salt intake in the weeks prior to your menstruation to help reduce PMS bloating. Eat lots of watery foods, and cut down on your caffeine intake because it can dehydrate you thus worsening your problem.

    To deal with bloating, drink herbal teas containing natural diuretics like dandelion, watercress, and celery to minimize your body’s water retention.

  • Fatigue
    Maintain your blood sugar. This is tantamount to ensuring there is enough gasoline in your car to keep it going. Eat snacks often so that you do not “crash” in the late afternoon. If you consistently feel fatigue, check with your health care provider to eliminate the possibility of anemia or thyroid disorders.

    To help eliminate fatigue, consider taking coenzyme Q10 (coQ10). Coenzyme Q10 helps to release energy by burning fat. It is a great vitaminomimetic (vitamin-like substance) in case PMS causes you to feel excessively sleepy or tired late in the day.

  • Headaches and breakouts
    The liver is responsible for detoxifying all hormones your body makes when you are in the premenstrual mode. When the liver does not function as it should, symptoms manifest themselves in the form of skin breakouts or PMS-related migraines and/or headaches. Do not overwork your liver by drinking alcoholic beverages since alcohol will take priority in the liver’s metabolic functions over the hormones.

    To minimize headaches and skin breakouts, consider taking milk thistle which enhances liver function. Zinc supplements are optimal for the skin and general menstrual hormonal imbalances.

  • Breast tenderness
    Water retention is primarily the cause of breast tenderness. In addition, there is a molecule found in coffee and chocolate called methyl-xanthines that can make the breasts feel very tender and uncomfortable to the touch. Get rid of these from your diet and concentrate on being properly hydrated.

    To help get rid of breast tenderness, vitamin E has been shown to be beneficial for premenstrual breast pain and swelling.

  • Cramps
    Get regular exercise to relieve cramps. The endorphins released are naturally occurring opiates. You do not have to engage in strenuous exercise, but consider doing something mild like yoga or cycling to help increase blood flow to the pelvic area and relieve cramps in the abdomino-pelvic region. Exercise also helps with any vomiting, diarrhea, and/or constipation that are many times associated with menstrual cramps.

For supplemental solutions to cramps, try magnesium to help relax the blood vessels and muscles. Magnesium helps to open up blood vessels and promote blood flow to the pelvic region. A lack of magnesium in the diet can cause blood vessels to become spastic allowing PMS symptoms to get worse.

Jaw Cysts

Jaw cyst arises usually as a complication of disease of a tooth as a result of which chronic inflammatory process at a top of tooth’s root with formation of a cyst develops. In more rare cases it arises from an environment of the follicle surrounding crownwork of a tooth, at infringement of its process dentition. Therefore such a cyst refers to follicular.

Unlike it root meets much more often as disease of a teeth repeatedly exceeds number of their cases complicated dentition. Root cyst develops on a background of a chronic inflammation, grows slowly, but steadily. Increasing in volume, constantly presses on a bone fabric surrounding it which forcedly “recedes”, releasing a place for growing cyst.

It is not enough, or absolutely of itself not showing, cyst it is visible, only when appears bulge of a jaw with thinning its external dense bone scuts, on what the patient or its associates pays attention. Often at x-ray of jaw in this or that occasion cyst is found out as a casual find.

Its growth sometimes attracts so significant destruction of a bone of a jaw that leads to its spontaneous crisis. Besides penetration into a cyst’s cavity pus-producing microbes can cause heavy inflammatory process with involving in it of a bone brain of a jaw and development of an osteomyelitis. Regeneration root cyst is possible as is long current process in a cancer tumor.

Surgical. At the small sizes carrying out of operation in out-patient conditions is admissible. The recommendation: the periodic control (once a year) tooth-maxillary system by means of x-ray.

How I Lost Weight and Still Ate Junk Food

Sound too good to be true? Well think again! It's true, eat what you want whenever you want, and still lose weight. How do I know this? I've worked the program! This is not a diet. It is a program. If you stick with the program I guarantee, you will lose weight.

I usually do not have a problem with my weight, but when I quit smoking, I certainly did. Two weeks after I quit smoking I earned three pounds, and the funny thing was, I was still eating the same amount of food as I was before. After I earned this unnecessary baggage, I knew what I needed to do.

Fortunately, I already studied and even participated in a revolutionary new eating program back in the nineties with my husband, and so I knew what to expect and what to do on this program.

I can munch on my Pringles, and savor my coffee ice cream whenever I want and still lose weight while doing this program. And so can you!

Just ask Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, authors of the best selling book FIT FOR LIFE. They co-authored the Fit For Life book back in 1985, and wrote about this revolutionary new way of eating that has helped thousands lose weight, become healthier, and have more energy.

In a nutshell I'm going to tell you about it. If you want more details on this program, buy the book or check out their website.

Here is how it works. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, but do not mix a protein food with a starch food. Eat ten baked potatoes if you want, but do not eat any meat with those ten bake potatoes. Or if you're a meat eater, go ahead and eat five steaks, but do not eat starchy foods with your steaks.

A starchy food is potatoes, bread, corn, chips, rice, pasta, etc. This way of eating really works! Try it! Eat all the pasta you want, but do not mix meat with it. Eat ten hamburger patties, but do not eat the buns with your patties.

Why does this work? Our bodies have a very difficult time assimilating proteins and starches combined. These foods when combined together at a meal take eight to ten hours to fully digest in the stomach. Before the food even has a chance to digest, it begins to rot in the gut.

Improper food combining impeded the digestion and elimination cycles.

Poor assimilation of food makes our bodies tired and constipated. It takes so much energy trying to digest meat combined with a starch, that all we want to do after eating a poorly combined meal is take a nap. And the food still sits in our stomachs for another twenty hours putrefying!

If we only ate the steak with a salad and side of vegetable, it would only take three to four hours to digest. We would not feel tired afterwards, and we could eat all we want of that steak and salad and lose weight!

Unbelievable you say?

Not really. My husband and I have been on this eating program for over ten years, and we both absolutely love the results. It keeps our weight down and we have so much more energy when we properly combine our food groups.

I have been known to come off the program for various reasons; The largest being not having the opportunity to cook my own meals. If you go off this program, changes do take place in the body the very next day; Constipation and lack of energy are the largest culprits.

After several days away from the program major changes take place where it affects the way you look and feel. If you do not feel good you do not look good either. This affects your whole outlook on life, which is detrimental to your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Stick with the program!

Of course the most important part of this program, as with any program is adhering to it no matter what. Do not think that just because you lost 5 pounds in four weeks, and have more energy that you can stop the program.

The most difficult part about this program is not cooking our own meals. Eating out in restaurants or going on vacation can take us out of our eating schedule and we can not always stick to the proper combination of foods.

You might find that you earned a few pounds while enjoying your escape from the daily grind, but hey, you can always go back to the program.

Just remember, to be fit for life we ​​have to continue the program for optimal weight and energy.

Go ahead and try it for a month! And see the results for yourself! If you have any questions, email me.

Liv.52 From Himalaya, Natural Herbal Cure on Liver cirrhosis

What is Liv.52 Himalaya?

Liv.52 Himalaya was introduced in 1955 by Himalaya Herbals. Since then, it has been sold worldwide and is recognized by thousands of health professionals as one of the most effective liver formulas, with beneficial effects reported in over 300 studies on a variety of cases. Liv.52 Himalaya is a unique, all-natural, complex multi-ingredient formula. It is safe and effective in protecting the liver against harmful toxins from drugs, alcohol, food and water.

Liv.52 Himalaya herbal product helps to regulate levels of enzymes and optimizes assimilation. Liv.52 Himalaya herbal medicine has also been found to be associated with an increase in serum albumin, which is another indication of the liver protection it provides. Recent research shows that Liv.52 Himalaya herbal medicine has cholesterol-regulating action. Clinically, it helps maintain healthy levels of serum cholesterol, lipoproteins, phospholipids and triglycerides.

Liv.52 herbal medicine is a unique Ayurvedic health supplement from Himalaya Herbals, Worlds most recognized liver formulas. Liv.52 herbal medicine is a recognized and registered drug over 45 countries and prescribed by number of physicians around the world. Since from the introduction of Liv.52 in 1955, along with the clinical case studies proves Liv.52 is one of the most studied and tested and Best Selling Liver supplement around the world.

Liv.52 Himalaya herbal medicine has proved to be useful to the liver in serious liver diseases including, Hepatitis, alcohol liver disease, pre-cirrhotic and early cirrhosis conditions, elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver conditions, protein energy malnutrition, and radiation or chemotherapy induced liver damage. It is safe and effective in protecting the liver.


* Himsra (Capparis spinosa) 65mg

* Kasani (Cichorium intybus) 65mg

* Mandur bhasma 33mg

* Kakamachi (Solanum nigrum) 32mg

* Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) 32mg

* Kasamarda (Cassia occidentalis) 16mg

* Biranjasipha (Achillea millefolium) 16mg

* Jhavuka (Tamarix gallica) 16mg

How Liv.52 Himalaya works?

Liv.52 restores the functional efficiency of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and promoting hepatocellular regeneration. The antiperoxidative activity of Liv.52 prevents the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane, maintains cytochrome P-450, hastens the recovery period and ensures early restoration of hepatic functions in infective hepatitis. Liv.52 facilitates rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism, and ensures protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage.

Liv.52 herbal product diminishes the lipotropic activity in chronic alcoholism, and prevents fatty infiltration of the liver. In pre-cirrhotic conditions, Liv.52 arrests the progress of the disease and prevents further liver damage. As a daily health supplement, Liv.52 improves appetite, the digestion and assimilation processes, and promotes weight gain.


Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.


* Himalaya Liv.52 herbal medicine is effective in the treatment of viral hepatitis.

* It is also useful in alcoholic liver disease.

* This herbal tablets are useful in the treatment of pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis.

* Liv.52 is useful in the prevention protein energy malnutrition.

* Liv.52 Himalaya herbal tablets acts as herbal supplement in the case of loss of appetite.

* It shows good results in radiation and chemotherapy-induced liver damage.

* It improves the functional effectiveness of the liver.

* Liv.52 herbal product is useful in detoxification and protection from the harmful food and medication toxins

* Very beneficial in the cirrhotic and pre-cirrhotic cases

* Regulate levels of liver enzymes