Toe Nail Fungus Remedies That Works!

Do you suffer from an embarrassing toenail fungus worry about fungus ridden body nail fungus?

It is so easy to get toe nail fungus, and so very difficult to get rid of them! Almost everyone who has every contacted this fungus will tell you the same thing. What is toenail fungus? Well, in short, it is basically a fungi that grows right under your nail plate. The fungus prefers an environment that is moist, dark and warm, which is why it affects the toenails much more often than fingernails. Despite the commonly used term “fungal toenails”, onychomycosis describes both fungus and yeast infections in the nail.

Unfortunately toenail fungus is difficult to treat because your feet are warm, in a dark environment and moist. If you work in a hot, humid and dirty environment, toenail fungus will be a common problem.


There are many highly successful non-surgical treatments for fungus toenails that give long term relief by treating the abnormal infection. To treat toenail fungus apply tea tree oil to all areas of the toenail and toe that are affected by the fungus. Garlic has also been shown over the years to be a great way to fight even the most persistent cases of toenail fungus. Griseofulvin too has been shown to eliminate toenail fungus after continued use for one year. This safe non-toxic all natural formula helps eliminate toenail fungus or fingernal fungus while the nail grows. You can also try soaking your nails in band-aid in oregano oil.

Potassium iodide (SSKI) in combination with DMSO is quite effective in getting rid of toenail fungus. Saprox has not been proven to eliminate toenail fungus but if mixed with DMSO, it just may.

A pedicurist is not a doctor and toenail fungus is a medical condition, so don’t even consider that. Some people consider toenail fungus just a cosmetic problem and don’t bother seeking treatment. To determine if you have a fungus infection of your toenails you should see a podiatrist who can take a culture of the nails.

Milk Allergy Symptoms

Milk allergies are a reality for millions of people. One major problem is that milk products and derivatives of milk are in so many of the food products we consume. It is very difficult to completely avoid milk products and byproducts as we go about or day to day life as food consumers. It is a very real problem for parents of children. Once they are out their sight treats like a caramel apple or milk chocolate can bring on an allergic reaction.

Symptoms can manifest themselves in a variety of maladies. Vomiting, diarrhea, hives are three of the most common. Bloating, gas, watery eyes, skin rashes that can also include acne are among others. An asthmatic who also suffers from milk allergy can have complications with their asthma condition as a result or his or her allergy to milk. Another reaction is ear infections and hyperactivity, particularly in children. Minor milk allergy symptoms can go undiagnosed for years.

As a result of ongoing research more information is being made available for those who suffer from milk allergies. Also more and better alternatives to milk are being made available. Milk allergy sufferers are denied this valuable source of calcium in their diet and more palatable alternatives are important in replacing milk and milk productes for the allergy sufferers.

Soy products that were once ghastly are now quite delicious and soy milk itself is now do to improvements quite delicious and resemble milk quite well. Tofu is a great alternative to cheese. With products like these, milk allergy symptoms can easily be avoided. Take a short trip to your supermarket and you’ll find plenty of alternative dairy products. No longer will you have to avoid the common foods that you like the most, easy alternatives can be used.

One ingredient in milk is lactose, or milk sugar. Lactose intolerance is a type of milk allergy where the person experiencing the allergy is intolerant to the lactose in the milk itself An enzyme called lactase is responsible for breaking down lactose in the digestive process. It is estimated that up to seventy percent of the worlds population is lacking in this enzyme and some have none at all. This has caused problems in the past when international care packages of food relief were taken to countries on the African continent to fend off starvation and the milk products in the food was consumed by lactose intolerant people there.

Avoidance is the most common treatment for milk allergies. But as I stated previously that can be difficult. Anything containing the word casein should be avoided. Careful screening of preprocessed food labels is a must. Beyond that there has been some buzz about energy based allergy treatments. Many people have claimed to have been completely cured of all symptoms of milk allergy after undergoing an energy based allergy treatment. Energy based allergy treatments are quick and are not long and ongoing. They are an entire topic in themselves so I can only brief you on the topic here.

Autism Help For Mothers With Autistic Children Likely to Develop PTSD

Whether we admit it or not, there is often initially a sense of resentment when our child is diagnosed as autistic. For parents who have readily accepted this fact it’s a good thing, but not every parent in the world is so willing to accept this fact. This is the reason why, according to Jean Genet, there are chances that parents may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Further, women are more likely to develop this disorder.

What Exactly Is PTSD?

PTSD is a stress-related disorder wherein the body experiences extreme body fatigue that can lead to irritability, inability to adapt to surroundings, and in the worst cases depression. The symptoms take several months before they manifest, so it’s difficult to distinguish at first if a person is experiencing this condition or not.

As previously mentioned, mothers are more susceptible to developing PTSD compared to fathers. It is still really not scientifically explained why moms are more likely to develop the disorder, but it may be because of the mother’s role in the development of the baby. Because it is the mother who typically provides the bulk of the nurturing of the child until the offspring is born, there is a well-established connection between the two of them.

The lack of ability to accept an autism diagnosis can lead to frustration and later develop into more serious reactions like anger — which itself may lead to physical abuse of both others and themselves as well.

PTSD Should Not Be Taken Lightly

If this continues the child becomes a stressor, which leads the mother to more serious side effects like helplessness, guilt, despair, and in worst cases suicidal thoughts. This is one of the main reasons PTSD should never be taken lightly. If it is not addressed properly, it can lead to more serious ramifications until it ends in death.

But how do we know if someone suffers from PTSD?

Here are a few telltale signs:

* Insomnia

* Poor Concentration

* Poor Memory

* Anger

* Blackouts

* Aggressive Behavior

* Suicidal Thoughts (Worst Cases)

The good news is that this condition can be addressed non-invasively. According to Genet, mothers with PTSD are, in principle, actually experiencing the same thing with their autistic children because PTSD also disrupts the brain’s switches

That’s the reason why the same thing that repairs developmental switches in children could also be used to treat PTSD for parents. The technology used to repair developmental switches is called Byonetics.

Byonetics has already provided the autism help for many children to live a normal life. Experts hope that Byonetics will also renew life for those parents who experience PTSD.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a state in which an affected person becomes physically and emotionally dependent upon alcohol to the extent that it starts adversely affecting his or her physical, emotional and mental health and disruptions social life. An individual may resort to excessive intake of alcohol for various reasons: as a social habit; To relate physical and mental stress; As an escape from reality; To overcome depression and other illnesses; And as a result of severe dependence. Irrespective of the cause of alcoholism, chronic intake gradually results in a downward spiral in the form of physical disease, emotional dependence, social stigmatization, and problems in care.

While alcoholism can adversely affect the entire body, its main effects can be seen on the heart, nervous system, skin, gastrointestinal system, and most importantly, the liver. Excessive alcohol intake typically destroys the liver and causes cirrhosis, which is an irreversible destruction causing both structural as well as functional damage, which in the long run can serious consequences and severe morbidity and mortality. The very causes of alcoholism continue to propagate this state and the affected individual finds it very difficult to discontinue this habit. In addition, abstinence or reduced intake of alcohol causes withdrawal symptoms like tremors, loss of appetite, depression, and other symptoms like convulsions. These withdrawal symptoms too create a severe hindrance in stopping alcohol consumption.

The modern management of alcoholism includes counseling, treatment for depression and other physical and emotional problems, medication to stop alcohol consumption, and in severe cases, admission to hospital for de-addiction and rehabilitation. Most of these measures are quite expensive and beyond the reach of the average middle-class or lower middle-class individual. Ayurvedic herbal treatment can provide a cost-effective solution for alcoholism which is within the reach of almost all individuals affected with this condition.

Ayurvedic treatment for alcoholism is aimed at treating the dependence, treating the adverse effects of excessive alcohol intake, and preventing or reducing withdrawal symptoms. Herbal medicines act on the nervous system and reduce the craving for alcohol while at the same time reducing anxiety, depression and boosting confidence and vitality. Ayurvedic treatment helps the affected individual to become alert and responsive to the surroundings and to face real-life situations.

Ayurvedic medicines also help to reverse the damage that alcohol causes to the gastrointestinal mucosa, arteries and veins, nerve cells, heart, and especially the liver. The affected individual notices a significant change in digestion and appetite, and experiences a feeling of well-being and vigor. Timely treatment with herbal medicines completely reverses the effects of cirrhosis and helps bring the liver back to optimum functioning.

Ayurvedic treatment also helps in reducing anxiety, depression and tremors and helps in preventing withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing alcohol intake. Regular treatment with Ayurvedic herbal medicines completely reduces the craving for alcohol as well as helps the individual adjust so as to remove the causes for alcohol dependence.

Most individuals suffering from alcoholism require Ayurvedic treatment for periods ranging from one to six months, depending upon the severity of alcoholism and its after effects on the affected individual. A majority of such individuals can carry on life in a normal manner with very little possibility of a relapse. It is however, important to avoid aggravating factors which may cause the individual to revert to alcoholism.


Dr. Horace Dobbs is renowned around the world for his amusing, yet thought provoking talks and film shows on his work and experiences with dolphins.

Horace’s enthusiasm and ability to transmit his ideas at all levels so endeared him to big audiences at the National Geographic Society in Washington, that he was awarded a Silver Bowl (the equivalent to an Oscar in the film world) by the International Platform Association for his presentation ‘Follow a Wild Dolphin’ about Donald the dolphin.

Dolphins are one of the most amazing creatures in the world.  Because of their smart and cheery characteristics, they are considered our cousins in the sea. They also have this distinct feature that whenever we see them it makes us smile like nothing will ever go wrong. It’s a fact. Dolphins are adorable. What most people don’t know is that dolphins can be a help to fight depression. It can also improve people with clinical depression and special needs.

This is what Dr.  Dobbs is spreading. He is speaking to different audiences about the magic of dolphins and the books that he wrote. In his presentation Horace will take his audience on an enthralling journey into the joy filled world of the dolphins. Along the way he reveals how he left orthodox medical research to find out why dolphins have such a special place in our hearts.

His speeches and presentations have touched the hearts and lives of many and I find it helpful to those who are suffering from problems and loneliness. It’s kind of unorthodox but I don’t see anything wrong with it. What I want is to let those presentations reach many. My idea is to put Dr. Horace Dobbs’ presentation in a DVD format so it can reach people all throughout the globe.

If Dr. Dobbs and the dolphins have reached their audience’s lives, this DVD will be able to reach a wider range of lives. Another idea . Save time and money.

To see more noteworthy ideas, please visit :

Fear Of Dogs – Hypnotherapy Treatment For Dog Phobia

An irrational fear of dogs, or dog phobia is a not uncommon condition that we treat fairly regularly here in our UK hypnotherapy practice. Its clinical name is cynophobia. Like most other phobias, dog phobia is irrational in that the cynophobic person is well aware that the vast majority of dogs pose no real threat. Though they may be fully aware of this, the person is nevertheless powerless to control their fear. For the person experiencing dog phobia, even the smallest and most inoffensive of dogs is threatening and fearsome. In some cases, even the noise of a dog barking in the distance is sufficient to cause fear and apprehension. In common with other phobias and irrational fears, what has happened to the individual suffering from a dog phobia is that at some time in the past, he or she has been frightened by a dog or has been influenced by another person’s fear of dogs. It may even have been the case that they became afraid when watching a television programme or a movie. Or they may have heard frightening stories concerning dogs relayed by a family member, friend or acquaintance. Most often such an experience has taken place at some time in childhood, though in a minority of cases, it may have occurred when the person was considerably older. Quite often the origin of the fear itself has been forgotten by the individual’s conscious, aware mind, and it feels as though the fear has been with them forever. Such, however, is not the case, since the only fears that human beings are born with are the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are learned. A fear of dogs can affect the individual’s life in many ways. Many of the things that most of us take for granted – visiting friends and family, holidaying, going for a walk in the park or even walking down the street, become real ordeals if there is or might be a dog somewhere in the picture. A dog phobia can even affect the individual’s career and ability to work. Postal employees, social workers, nurses, and home carers can all be seriously affected and prevented from performing their duties because of this irrational fear. The good news is that since this fear is learned, it can also be unlearned. While many ‘hypnotherapists’ attempt to resolve this phobia with suggestion therapy, using some kind of ‘one size fits all’ script, such methods are rarely effective in the long term. In order for a genuine dog phobia to be cleared so that the individual is permanently released from their irrational fear, it is necessary that the actual driver for the fear is neutralized. And this means going to its origin. With modern Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy we can reach deep within the subconscious mind, to that place where the fear itself is held. Using modern hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be helped to let go of faulty programming and realign itself with reality. And the reality is that the vast majority of dogs pose absolutely no threat. There is no real reason why you or anyone else need to continue to experience cynophobia or a fear of dogs. Most dog phobias can be effectively treated in as little as 2 or 3 sessions of brief transformational hypnotherapy. Seek out a fully qualified and experienced transformational hypnotherapist and you can free yourself for good of your fear of dogs and get on with your life. You will be really happy that you did!

Panic Attack Relief – Get to Know Them

Panic attacks can be violent and may last for a long period but may subside after a few hours. According to studies, a person who experienced an episode or episodes of anxiety attack felt disconnected. They cannot identify reality but can feel the sudden intense fear. This is accompanied by extreme pounding of the heart depriving them of oxygen and control. The sufferer also feels faint and numb.

These clearly prove that anxiety attack is not a simple condition. But, it can be treated if a person suffering from it undergoes proper medication. Moreover, this may occur when one least expect it. For instance, it may occur in the middle of the night when everyone is already resting. There will be no one to help. Indeed, it is essential to be equipped with knowledge of panic attack relief that one can do alone.

Deep breathing – There is no definite time when a panic attack will occur. When it does, choose a comfortable position. Make sure to loosen clothing to help in the breathing exercise. Second is sit down or lie down comfortably and close the eyes. Closing the eyes helps keep one’s focus. Then, inhale deeply and slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat the process a few times.

Relaxing muscles – It may appear easy. But for people suffering an episode of panic attack, it is difficult. To do this panic attack relief, focus on one body part at a time starting with the hands. Slowly close and open both hands for a few minutes. Then move to the next body part such as the arms. Contract the arms by moving both hands closer to the chest. Next part is tensing the feet muscles. Slowly move the feet upward and downward. Repeat the process a few times if needed.

Changing environment – There are times wherein a person experience anxiety attacks due to its surroundings. Consider transferring to a healthy environment. It may be the neighborhood or the office environment that triggers panic attacks. On the other hand, when experiencing anxiety attack in the bedroom, it may be best to move to another part of the house. The sufferer may perform breathing exercises and relaxing the muscles in the other room.

Engage in different activities – Panic attacks are a sudden fear of something. Engaging in fast walking or jogging can reduce adrenaline rush brought by the sudden fear. This will allow the body to react normally. But if one is not a fan of sports, painting is also a good panic attack relief.

To do so, simply release the negative emotions through drawing, painting, sculpting even writing. Since the main goal is to release all the negativities, undergoing in different activities is a good and positive way to release stress, anger and fear.

Imagining & Remembering – While sitting or lying down comfortably, try to imagine a positive atmosphere perhaps a pristine beach or magical woodland. Make sure that one is able to control the positive imagination. Remembering, on the other hand, is also a great way to calm the nerves. Remember a happy moment with family and friends or a great accomplishment.

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks can happen at anytime. You need to know as much as possible about the possible symptoms so you will have a clearer idea on the steps you may need to take. Anytime you feel distressed or overly concern about the possibilities of what may happen, this could be a light form of an anxiety attack. Normally an attack comes in the form of a extreme feeling of concern and fear over a situation. These attacks can be reversible and successfully controlled by a number of different natural treatments. There is always a precise reason that causes an anxiety attack for each individual. To confirm that you have had an anxiety attack, you need to know most of the Physical symptoms. The symptoms for each person vary, based on their chemical makeup. Some of the symptoms are: Body: A feeling of passing out Overpowering feeling of fatigue Cannot relax. High energy A change in your sex drive Sensing cold Muscle movement Tightness in different areas of the body Numbness in different parts of the body Unable to stand Weakness in the body or legs Frequent urination Emotions: Strong mood swings Uncontrollable crying Chest: Chest pains and tightness Problems with your hearing Irregular heart beats Head: Lightheadedness Tightness in the head or neck Problems with breathing Frequent headaches Grinding of the teeth Mind: Concern of going crazy A feeling of being overwhelmed Lack of concentration Eye Sight: Seeing spots Sensitivity to light Mood: Depression A feeling of being in a dream state of mind Seeing blinking lights when eyes are closed These are just some of the more common physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. All of them can be successfully treated with a number of different natural treatments. If you feel that you have had an anxiety attack, go online to try to find the best treatment for your symptoms. Most websites will list the most common symptoms that their program should be able to treat. There are hundreds of different treatments online. Some are products you will have to order and some are information products. The good thing about information products is that you can get started immediately. You can download the information immediately once you have made your payment. Get the information that you need today. Don’t wait another day, living in fear of more attacks. Stop the next anxiety attack before it happens!

Aged Garlic Clove Extract and Blood Pressure

Searching for natural high bloodstream pressure remedies has become more pronounced mainly due to the dreaded negative effects of a few of the hypertension medications. Another reason has additionally been the price of purchasing hypertension medications much more within the developing countries asia and Africa.

Aside from these 4 elements, doctors generally encourage changes in lifestyle in working with hypertension issues. People are likely to drastically reduce their daily sodium intake from the a lot of 5400mg to some low of 1500mg if at all possible or at best 2300mg. People are also asked to stay healthy via activities and cardio. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can also be essential in getting high bloodstream pressure in check.

Herbs that lower BP have consequently gain popularity poor an increasing need for patients to locate these alternative natural treatments for hypertension. Among various herbs under pursuit is Garlic clove. Garlic clove continues to be discusses and regarded for some time to be advantageous to hypertensive conditions. Research conducted recently brought by Dr Karin Ried in the College of Adelaide went one step further by particularly isolating aged garlic extract like a considerable means to fix hypertension.

They spent three several weeks inside a trial involving 50 people. The research during this time period established that individuals with a systolic BP studying above 140 who administered garlic clove extract capsules enjoyed a typical stop by systolic BP of 10.2 mmHg less than the control group which required fake capsules. The study noted that aged garlic extract was more efficient than raw or cooked aged garlic or perhaps powder garlic clove.

These results connected with garlic clove extract are particularly significant just because a fall in systolic BP by 5 mmHg eliminates the chance of coronary disease which could trigger stroke, heart failure and cardiac arrest by a few 8 to twenty percent. The actual scientific mechanisms behind the potency of garlic clove lays behind caffeine substance nitric oxide supplement (NO) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which are recognized to aid the relaxing of bloodstream vessels. When bloodstream vessels are stiff and hardened, BP is within turn elevated.

The capacity of herbs, vegetables and general changes in way of life can’t be underestimated inside the mission to control circulatory system weight. Garlic clove extricate containers are situated in many driving disconnected a web based drug stores including Amazon. com. As more patients search for means and the approaches to lessen BP without progressing on medications herbs for instance garlic clove concentrate is just going to have more well known.

Insomnia 101: How to Face This Problem Head on

Everybody may have encountered sleep problems at least once in his or her life. In fact, according to experts, insomnia is very common. However, the sleep problems that most people experience is often temporary and due to stress or emotional problems. In general, temporary insomnia is relieved or eased after the underlying crisis has been resolved and stress is no longer an issue.

If you experience insomnia every now and then, do not be afraid. There are a lot of things that can cause your sleep problems. However, if you think that your sleep woes have been prevalent for weeks and months and the lack of restful sleep is already taking its toll on your physical and mental health, then it may be a good idea to visit the doctor and have your case examined. For all you know, your sleep problems may be a symptom of a more serious illness.

It is worth noting that inability to sleep is not the only form of insomnia. There are actually three main types of this sleep condition. The first is failure to fall asleep. Sufferers of this type of insomnia are unable to catch a snooze no matter what they do. The second type is when sufferers are able to sleep but end up waking after a few hours. Although people with this kind of sleep problem can find sleep, they do not usually achieve deep sleep because they wake up intermittently. The last major type is when sufferers only remain asleep for three hours or less. In contrast with the second type, sufferers of the third kind of insomnia find sleep but once they have awoken after only three hours of sleep, they are no longer able to snooze.

Effects Of Insomnia

Lack Of Concentration

Another problem that comes from not having enough restful slumber is lack of concentration. In fact, just one or two nights of lack of sleep can impair your focus and motor skills. Many traffic accidents are actually due to motorists falling asleep while driving or insomniac pedestrians crossing the street inattentively. If your work requires the operation of machinery, you need to be very careful at work if you feel sleepy and tired. You do not want to lose a limb or two because of your lack of concentration due to nights of unrestful sleep.

Increase Risk of Diabetes And Other Serious Illnesses

Studies have shown that people who are having trouble achieving restful sleep regularly are at a higher risk of getting diabetes. Furthermore, lack of sleep can also wreak havoc to the hormones that are responsible for controlling the appetite, so people who are sleep deprived are also at an increased risk of being overweight and obese. Lastly, some experts also link lack of sleep to certain types of cancer.

So what do you need to do if you are sleep deprived? First, you need to stay away from sleeping pills. For all you know, your sleeping problems may be temporary so you do not need to take pills. Moreover, sleeping pills can be habit forming too.

The best thing to do is to determine what is causing your insomnia. Is it a work related problem or a recent fight you had with your girlfriend? Once you have determined the cause of your tensions and stress, it would be easier to resolve or stay away from it.

Lastly, you can also rely on natural sleep supplements to help you achieve better sleep. Unlike sleeping pills, sleep supplements such as Somulin are not habit forming and are made from natural ingredients. For more information about Somulin, just visit

12 Important Safety Features On Our Cars We Don’t Think About

Well ok, this is kind of a different subject, and probably not the most obvious to some. But I’ll guarantee some of us will be a little bit more informed, folks might even feel safer when they drive to work tomorrow. Whether you’re the consumer or an automotive sales consultant, this article will list a dozen important safety features found on every car on the road. The consumer can benefit knowing what’s on today’s automobiles, just in case he/she meets the salesman who is not the most educated on their product knowledge. And lastly, sales consultants can enhance their presentations with these tasty tid-bits and increase potential commissions. So without fail, here are the main safety features found on the exterior of those cars.

#1-crumple zones-A mainstay in today’s automobiles, this is the harmonic flow of numerous body panels and brackets that absorb the energy normally associated with a crash. Parts like the hood, bumper and fenders are engineered to crumple like an accordion, therefore taking the brunt in any accidental situations.

#2-Wraparound Headlights-Just like its name implies, it’s a one piece headlight design that integrates the low beam, high beam, and turn signals. The headlights wrap around from the front or back of the car to the sides. Not only are the halogen headlights brighter and wider with the use of reflective cuts in the chamber, but folks driving along our blind spots can easily know our lane changing intentions. As a result, causing less accidents.

#3-Breakaway Motor Mounts-These mounts attach the engine to the frame of the car. They’re not noticeable, but the life saving impact is huge. In a front impact collision, they’re specifically designed to break the engine away from the frame and with the forward motion, will make the engine slide underneath the car at a 45 degree angle. Making it less likely to have an engine sitting in your lap when the crash comes to a halt.

#4-steel belted radials-It’s pretty obvious, our tires are very important safety features, it is what keeps the car on the road. Tires are built with steel fibers built right in, how do they help? Well, motorists will have the peace of mind that their tires will hold up in even the most extreme conditions. Those belts will also give these tires a longer lasting life span. Less maintenance in the long run.

#5-ventilated disc brakes-Equally important as the tires are, disc brakes stop the car. Brakes are constructed of a rotor, pads, and calipers for short. The rotors are engineered with internal vanes, to help vent out the heat. And this will help defend against fade and making it less likely to repair the brakes often.

#6-Side Impact Door Beams-Like the crumple zones, this aids in absorbing energy in a side impact collision. They are steel intrusion beams built inside the door for extra reinforcement. Every car and truck have these.

#7-Laminated Windshield-This might be important, it is the very object that keeps bugs out of our teeth, and the rain out of our hair. The windshield is made up of two pieces of tempered glass with a laminate sheet in between. This is a glass sandwich that holds together well when sharp or heavy objects smash into it. There’s no shattering or large pieces of glass flying about.

#8-Tempered Safety Glass-The other glass that gives us 360 degrees of protection is also designed with safety in mind. Automotive glass is heat tempered, so that when it breaks, it shatters into a multitude of small cubes. The small cubes won’t cut or injure the occupants.

#9-Child Safety Door Locks-As this name indicates, they are small locks in the inside door jams of the rear two doors(4 door sedan or suv only). Lock them up and the little guys in the back seat can’t unlock and pull the inside door handles while we are driving.

#10-5 mph bumpers-I would classify this as a safety item for the car itself. In the event a driver lightly hits a lightpole, grocery cart, etc. at 5mph or under, it is unlikely there will be any major structural damage. These days, the government mandated limit to follow is 2.5 mph, most automakers have the 5 mph variety.

#11-Center High Mounted Brake Light-It’s actually just a 3rd brake light mounted higher than the two main brake lights, and most autos have them. They’re main purpose is to make drivers behind the motorist aware of their braking intentions, normally cars 6-10 back can see this clearly.

#12-Safety Cage Construction-Think of a built in rollcage, it’s the main exo-skeletal feature that provides the most protection. In every accidental situation, this protects 360 degrees. We can even literally turn a car or truck upside down on its roof, the cage will support 1.5x it’s own weight. There’s nothing more important.

Hence, there is our short list of safety features, hopefully you readers have a use for this information. And maybe, this will put more awareness at just how safe our cars really are. No longer will we pinpoint safety as just airbags and alarm systems, our daily drivers have been designed as intricately as the human body. All this for making our commutes, a safer one.

Low Back Pain – Ayurvedic Management

Low back pain is one of the most common pain disorders today. It is a chronic condition characterized by a persistent dull or sharp pain per the lower back. It may also be associated with burning, stiffness, numbness or tingling with the pain shooting down the buttocks and the legs.

When we stand, the lower back functions to hold most of the weight of the body. When we bend, extend or rotate at the waist, the lower back is involved in the movement. Low back ache is often precipitated by moving, lifting objects or twisting of the waist. Severe pain in the low back can be quite debilitating to patients. Pain in the lower back restricts activity and reduces work capacity and quality of enjoyment of everyday living and turns daily life into a misery.

Survey indicates that 70 per cent of the people suffer from low back pain at some time in their lives. The highest rate of back pain occurs among the 45 to 64 year age group. The incidence of low back pain is greater among women. In 90 per cent of the patients, low back pain resolves within six weeks, ie self limited. In another 5 per cent the pain resolves by 12 weeks. Less than 5 per cent of back paid account for true nerve root pain.


One of the common causes for the backache is poor posture habit. Balanced posture decreases stress on your back by keeping the muscles, bones and other supporting parts in their natural position. Any change from normal spinal curve can stress or pull muscles. This leads to increased muscle contraction, which causes pain. Low back pain can result due to health problems like osteoporosis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis. Sprain or strain of muscles or ligaments in the area can also manifest in low back pain. Other possible causes include fibromyalgia and benign or malignant tumors. A fall or blow to the back can strain or tear tissues around the spine, or even break a bone leading to back pain. Lack of exercise or incorrect exercise can also lead to low back pain. Too much weight or overweight also is a cause of low back pain.


Conservative therapy is the most likely course of action for most patients. Treatment options include rest, Traction, Short wave diathermy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, weight control, steroid injections in step by step order.

If a patients does not get relief after 8 to 12 weeks of conservative therapy surgical intervention is considered. The most common surgical procedure is a discectomy, which involves removing the soft gel-like material in the disc. This procedure returns the disc to a more normal shape, relieving the pressure on the nerve. The neurosurgeon can also perform a foraminotomy, which is a procedure designed to expand the opening the nerve travels through.

Drugs and knives do not always work because 60% to 90% of disease is not the result of structural injury, but rather of the mind-body response to stress

Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda holds that low back pain is a result of vitiation of one of the three principal 'doshas'. 'Kateegraham' / 'Prishtasoola' or low back pain is an indication of Vata aggravation and bone and muscle weakness.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Treatment in Ayurveda is to bring the vitiated 'dosha' back to the state of equilibrium and thereby to the state of health. For treating low back pain, internal as well as external treatments are done. Herbal preparations like 'Asthavargam' are administrally administered. Daily purgation is recommended to restore the vitiated 'dosha' to the state of normalcy.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments like Abhyanga (oil massage), Basti (mediated enema) are very helpful in relieving backache and correcting abnormalities. Drugs like Yogarajaguggulu, Lakshadiguggulu, Triphala Guggulu, Maanarayana tailam are useful in this condition.

Yoga and Yogasana

The source of the pain is due most often to pushing oneself beyond physical or emotional capacity. The spell needs stability and, therefore, the mind must first be steady. So, the first step is to learn to relax the mind and focus on the specific areas of back pain. With practice, you can redirect the body's energy and affect the pain.

Among the Yogasanas, when there is pain, start with simple back-bends, such as Locust, Cat, and Sunbird. To keep the spine aligned practice Hero Pose.

Caution- Before trying any of these postures, consult with a yoga teacher or therapist to determine the best postures for your condition.

Does Vick's vapor rub assistance toenail fungus?

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Does anyone one know of a best path to draw from rid of staple fungus?
I have yellow brittle toenails and I don’t know what to do. Help anyone? a really cheap way is walking in the the deep. the salt water works wonders. Yes, believe it or not, if you soak…

Does anyone own a devout experience getting rid of fungus on your toe nail?
I dropped a can onto my big toe several years ago. Now I have fungus on my toe nail. It splits down the middle, breaks past its sell-by date, is yellow with a black spot. My ex had…

Does anyone own a successful remedy for BAD toenail fungus?
Believe it or not.I tried it and it works..Put Vicks Vapor Rub on the toe and underneath the nail with a this several times a year…everytime you think about it.turn barefooted so that your toes get air..Not sure how long this…

Does claripro work to ineradicably do away with toenail fungus infections?
Does it get rid of nail fungus? No. Nothing can permanently exterminate toenail fungus. If you are prone to it and get re-exposed it will come back no business what you use. Claripro is new product so there isn’t any serious…

Does computer-generated nail epoxy resin sort fastener fungus?
because i like fake nail I wouldn’t think so, nail fungus is cause by a bacteria infection It’s not the glue, if you don’t get hold of them filled and you let them raise up then you can. I mean the possibility of anyone getting…

Does exist a drug that really cure toe nail fungus?
I tried with doctors in 3 countries short results… Yes there are a couple anti-fungals. The drs. should be aware of them. They take a long time to work, but they are your solely good option. I don’t remember much since my…

Does Fungisil work for fastener fungus?
I have a mild nail fungus on my toenails. I hold read a lot of info about a product call Fungisil. Has anyone ever used this? Does it really work? I don’t know about Fungisil but I can recommend a home remedy for your problem:

Does going to a regular doctor help when you hold an Ingrown Toenail infection?
I know the better choice is to see a Podiatrist but you’ve to make an appointment with one, and the hang about would take about a week or more. And i don’t enjoy more time to waste cause i’ve missed out…

Does mentholatum assassinate toe staple fungus?
And how long does it take? no it does not!! but you definitely inevitability to get rid of fungus! for me worked very capably ZetaClear! I think it is the fastest way to take rid of fungus! Nail fungus is tough to treat. The extracts in Zetaclear provide…

Does MEPS check your toes for ingrown toenails or fungus toes??
nope. Source(s): i be there a month ago. yes, but don’t verbs the army encourages that kind of hygene No they don’t because I had a toenail fungus when I was surrounded by MEPS and they didn’t say anything to me about…

Does my toe nail hold fungus?
My toe seems to always take this stinky black stuff under taht seems to be from socks. The pink fragment doesnt’ seem to want to grow out, even though I gave it a while. It does look a bit pale compared to my finger nails. Do I have fungus?…

Does nature sunshine eczema psoriasis cure the fastener fungus?
I just started taking this, but not sure if it will really work on my toe nail’s fungus. no it doesn’t. although i can’t narrate you what would cure the fungus i can advise you to go see a physician. two cups hot…

Does pin fungus own seed, resembling wart?
Ive been treating a nail for a while, its nothin really gross, but as ive be treating it, ive noticed little black things under the pin occassionally (picture a little splinter under the staple. thats what they kinda look like). But im wondering if nail fungus has seed…

Does Salicylic sour work on toenail fungus infection and why be my results denial?
A week ago my Doctor prescribed me Salicylic acid 10% for my fungus toenail infection. The other thing is that the Doctor told me to book an appointment beside the Nurse so she can take a few nail clipping and…

Does tea tree grease works on pin fungus? and where on earth do you gain it?
I don’t know about tea tree oil, but i do know that Vick’s Vapor rub works really resourcefully. Hey, i see the people under me [ or over me, where on earth ever my answer goes] said that…

Does Tea Tree Oil and soaking your foot surrounded by bleach really work for toenail fungus?
I can’t believe I’m asking this because I see all the rude comments that people will to these types of questions, but I’m a very infantile female and I already have toenail fungus on 4 of my toes. For…

Does Tea Tree Oil sustain against staple fungus?
The tip of my index nailis kinda yellow and cracked. Even if I cut it, the yellowness comes back. Should I apply tea tree grease on it? No I think nouns tree oil is a bunch of crap Yes Tea Tree Oil is an excellent solution. …

Does toenail fungus ever travel away? I know…gross.?
It just keeps getting worse, but I don’t want to be in motion to the doctor. Is there ANYTHING that will cure it? a podiatrist told me that NO topical treatments will work, it must be treated internally via prescription pills (lamisil, i think)…i have…

Does toenail fungus live surrounded by shoes and socks?
My daughter has a toenail fungus and I’m wondering if I should throw away her old shoes and socks? I close to to hand me down her clothes to my younger daughter, but I’m afraid if this fungus lives in her socks and shoes that…

Does Vick’s vapor rub assistance toenail fungus?
I am an alternative medicinal psychotherapist and an ex nurse and i can you that Vick does not heal anything except a blocked nose and bronchial tubes.If you hold a fungus the best thing you can do is go to your local vigour store or…

How To Overcome Muscle Soreness

I get asked this question often – how can I minimize soreness after exercise, especially after aerobic activities like jogging?

First, let’s understand a little bit about exercise intensity. The intensity at which you exercise will determine what you get out of it. If your goal is to lose body fat, then you need to exercise at a different intensity compared to someone who trains to build muscle / tone up. More importantly, should you feel pain in your muscles the day after you exercise? What about the type of pain that is felt 2, or even days following exercise? The answers to these questions hold the key to help determine whether or not you get the right results from exercise

Unlike bones and joints, muscles have a profuse blood supply, and can regenerate and respond faster to the overload of exercise. Therefore, the goal of exercise should be to strengthen muscles (which can cause soreness) and not to overload bones and joints (which can cause pain and injuries). Typically, weight training causes soreness (which means muscles recover from the strain of the exercise and become stronger) and aerobic exercise like walking, cycling and swimming does not cause soreness (since the muscles are not strained to the same extent).


Soreness usually occurs the day after exercise, due to injury to the muscle fibers. Stored chemicals are released when the muscle is damaged, generating further pain. Thats why the soreness sometimes tends to get worse 1 to 3 days after a workout. This is a phenomenon called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).It usually happens if you try new exercises, or overstrain yourself lifting weights. It is completely normal.

Also, the pain of soreness is usually a dull, aching pain, in the muscles that were challenged. Generally, soreness is a feeling of mild discomfort and not necessarily pain. It is important to note that soreness subsides with rest. Here is the most important part – Over a period of time, the same exercise causes less and less soreness, as the muscles adapt to it. This means that it is important to change exercise every 3-4 weeks.

Pain, on the other hand, generally occurs after the exercise and tends to persist. As things get worse, some exercises begin to hurt. You might find that you start avoiding certain movements altogether. Every fitness enthusiast should recognize pain, and avoid training inspite of pain . This is a common mistake, which invariably leads to injuries. Unlike soreness, pain gets progressively worse if it is ignored. Do not be tough and try to work through it.


Improper technique, equipment, and training are major causes of pain and consequently injury. When you feel pain, use RICE (instead of paying the price.)

RICE is an acronym for the following.

Avoid any painful exercise for a short while. For example, avoid walking if you have an ankle sprain.

Use an ice pack, crushed ice in a towel, to reduce swelling and pain. Do not use for more than 10-15 minutes. Post workout icing is effective in reducing soreness.

Tie a crepe bandage / handkerchief around the injured part, firm but not too tight, to minimize swelling.

Keeping the body part elevated also helps to minimize swelling.


Seek immediate diagnosis from a physician if the pain :-

Persists after 12 to 48 hours of ice and rest.
Is sharp and limits movement.
Is accompanied by numbness, weakness or swelling in the joint.
Pain indicates distress to the body – listen and take action. RICE or a timely trip to the doctor may lead to a few short days of rest. This is a lot better than getting hurt due to ignorance.

Good luck with these strategies! Go ahead and apply them. Do not allow aches and pains affect your gains!

Understanding "Foot-Drop" and Peroneal Neuropathy

A “foot-drop” is a medical term which–thankfully–does not mean that the foot suddenly disconnects from the leg. Rather, it means that when the leg is lifted from the ground, the foot droops downward at the ankle. The muscles that are supposed to prop up the foot have become so weakened that they cannot overcome gravity’s downward pull. When people with this problem try to walk, they have to either hike the leg higher to clear their drooping toes or else risk tripping over them.

What is to blame for this inconvenient symptom? In truth, there are multiple possible causes, but one of the most common culprits is injury to a nerve-bundle in the leg known as the peroneal nerve. To understand how this nerve-bundle can get in trouble, a quick review of the bones of the leg is helpful. There is just one bone, a big one, that connects the hip to the knee, and that is the femur. There are two bones that connect the knee to the ankle. The tibia is the larger one and lies more to the inside, while the fibula is the thinner one and lies more to the outside. That’s the extent of the bony anatomy we need to know.

The nerve-fibers constituting the peroneal nerve travel with the huge sciatic nerve that runs behind the femur from the buttock to the lower thigh. That’s where the “common peroneal nerve” splits out from the pack and runs along the outside of the knee, tucking behind the head of the fibular bone (a knobby protrusion just beyond the knee) and then snaking around the neck of the fibula just below its head. The neck of the fibula forms the floor of the fibular tunnel that the common peroneal nerve must pass through. Within this tunnel the common peroneal nerve is particularly vulnerable to injury.

Also within this tunnel the common peroneal nerve splits into two branches, the “deep peroneal nerve” (farther from the leg’s surface) and the “superficial peroneal nerve” (closer to the leg’s surface). Because the two branches have different connections to muscles and skin, injury to one produces different impairments than are produced by injury to the other.

The deep peroneal nerve is responsible for cocking up the ankle and toes, so injury to this branch produces weakness or paralysis of the muscles responsible for these actions. There is just a tiny patch of skin, located between the big toe and the toe next to it, connected to the deep peroneal nerve, so damage to this branch produces numbness limited to this small area.

The superficial peroneal nerve, by contrast, is responsible for skin sensation on most of the outside of the calf and top of the foot, so these areas can become numb when the superficial peroneal nerve is injured. This branch is also responsible for lifting the outside edge of the foot, so this action is gone when the superficial peroneal nerve is not functioning properly.

Impairments due to injury of the common peroneal nerve (the parent of the two branches) are the sum of the impairments associated with each of the branches. So this means that the ankle and toes cannot cock upwards, the outside edge of the foot cannot lift, and there is numbness on the outside of the calf and top of the foot.

“Peroneal neuropathy” means impairment of the peroneal nerve. Peroneal neuropathies are the most common neuropathies (of the kind that affects just one nerve at a time) in the lower extremities. Investigators at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center recently collected a series of 318 patients with peroneal neuropathy who required surgery, while Italian researchers collected another 69 cases that included those who didn’t need surgery. From these two tabulations of cases a good picture emerges of the more common causes of peroneal neuropathy.

Many were due to physical traumas. Some of the traumas were severe enough to break or dislocate bones, while others involved deep cuts in the soft tissues, and still others involved just a stretch or bruise. Another common cause was surgical operations. Some of the surgeries were to the nearby knee, but others were performed on more distant structures, like the hip, the abdomen or even the chest.

Many cases were due to excessive external pressure being applied to the nerve. This occurred in different ways. For example, in prolonged leg-crossing the knee of the bottom leg pushes steadily against the peroneal nerve of the crossing leg. Peroneal neuropathies seen in bedridden patients were presumably due to lying on the fibular tunnel for too long without a shift in position. Other patients had entrapment or pinching of the nerve within the fibular tunnel unrelated to external pressure.

A surprisingly large group of patients had peroneal neuropathy due to weight loss, also known as “slimmer’s paralysis.” More than one factor might have been at play in these cases, including lack of nutrients, pressure on the nerve, or both.

Researchers and clinicians find that in some people an apparently isolated peroneal neuropathy is actually the leading edge of a more widespread polyneuropathy. “Polyneuropathy” means that peripheral nerves are impaired in a more diffuse pattern–not just single nerves in single places. So in some cases of apparent peroneal neuropathy further investigations turn up polyneuropathy due to other causes, for example, diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption or genetic factors.

How are cases evaluated? The physician’s evaluation starts with the time-honored methods of history-taking and physical examination. As part of the physical examination the doctor inventories which muscles are weak (and which are not) and maps out areas of numbness affecting the skin. Additional testing with electromyography and nerve conduction studies, which check on electrical functions of the muscles and nerves, often provides valuable information, including whether additional nerves are affected and how bad the impairments are.

How about treatment? Treatment varies according to what caused the peroneal neuropathy in the first place, but let’s consider a typical case unrelated to severe trauma. Nonsurgical approaches are usually tried first, including avoidance of further pressure on the peroneal nerve, improved nutrition and supplementation of the diet with vitamins. A simple brace applied to the ankle improves walking. In many cases the nerve recovers without anything more drastic being done. But if these conservative treatments fail (and the peroneal neuropathy is not part of a more widespread polyneuropathy) then surgical exploration of the fibular tunnel is often indicated. If the nerve is pinched, then the surgeon frees up the nerve from whatever was pinching it.

(C) 2005 by Gary Cordingley